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#he might forget Dowoon’s voice
kaasjee · 6 months ago
When Taehoon plays “Spot The Difference”
Tumblr media
In the arcade where I used to frequent there are quiz games in which you have to spot the difference between two pictures in the shortest time. I bet Taehoon is the expert in that game.
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chiveburger · 10 months ago
this might just be my own opinion, but I really don’t see why anytime day6 members release a song people ask "where is dowoon’s part?” dowoon is part of every single day6 song whether he sings or not. do people even listen to the way dowoon speaks about the drums... the way he monitors his own performances and adjusts his facial expressions, his movements, his intensity just so he can bring out the best of their songs? dowoon watches drum videos every single day, uploads his own and criticizes his younger self on his posture and mindset. he never stops playing the drums, because he’s scared that once he does he’ll lose touch with it. that he’ll forget how it’ll feel. sure? It’s a pleasant surprise to hear dowoon’s voice in their tracks, but he joined and auditioned for day6 as a drummer. he’s a musician at heart, and he brings a lot to their music during their making and production than what’s seen on the surface. people feel like because dowoon isn’t singing routinely in every album they’re neglecting him when that’s never been the case. he’s an infinitely big part of day6 just like every other member, and they’re well in tuned with each other to know who should sing what and who is suitable for which part... just because you can’t hear dowoon’s voice doesn’t mean he’s not there.
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smolbeanieee · 7 months ago
Once Upon a Time | Seven
Tumblr media
strangers to lovers au
pairing: Younghyun x fem!reader  
genre: fluff, angst
After few days gone missing, Dahee had to brace herself to meet with Younghyun again. After having a deep and long thought, isn’t Younghyun fault to bring Dowoon—she just nervous meeting with her little brother, afraid her past will hurts herself.  She had her feelings mixed up, she felt helpless as part of her is mad at herself for running away instead of solving the problem with Dowoon. But, she can’t throw away the fact that Younghyun broke their promise—the one Dahee believes in. Now Dahee realize—she shouldn’t ever get herself involved with Younghyun at the first place. Her train of thoughts stops when she felt sharp pain in her head, feeling dizzy with the overwhelming feelings—her lips dried out as Dahee take out water bottle from her bag and quickly take a sip to cool down. Dahee been feeling major headache ever since she stumble upon Dowoon and since then, she been pushing herself to work hard for her final presentation in hoping forget about the small encounter between them. “you good?” a familiar male voice ringing in her ear as she felt he took a sit beside her. Dahee couldn’t look at his face without disappointment plastered on her face. She took a glance on her phone to look at current time—feeling uneasy if she staying longer with him. “it’s time for presentation, i don’t want to be late” Dahee said, ignoring his question.
Younghyun watch Dahee walked away from him without waiting a reply from him.  He felt wronged for bringing Dowoon to her but as the same time it’s felt unfair to him as Dahee didn’t want to listen to their explanation at all. ——— “Overall, I’m satisfied with your project paper and final presentation on this topic, it’s well explained and detailed too.  I’m glad you get to work well together on this subject” With then, Younghyun and Dahee thanked their professor for the compliments and bid farewell as they exited the hall together. Dahee felt a throbbing pain in her head again as all she wants to do is go home and rest but Younghyun stop her from walking. “Dahee, wait" he grabbed her arm from behind, making the girl stop in her tracks “What?” Dahee hissed in annoyance, turning her heels to face with Younghyun as the throbbing keeps on pound in her head as someone knocking her head nonstop. “We need to talk.  Dowoon keep on loo-” “I don’t want to talk about that now” Dahee said as she massaging her temples to soothe her dizziness. “Then when? The problem won’t solve if you keeps on running, it won’t do anything good for you, Dowoon or....” Younghyun trails his words as Dahee waits for him to complete his sentence “or for both of us” Younghyun spoke up, hinting on their relationship status.  They just started to get along and knowing each other but things happened. “There’s no us when you broke our promise” With that, Dahee walked past him, slightly brushed their shoulders. Younghyun sighs in defeat upon hearing her words as his fingers runs through his soft brown locks in clueless but then he heard a small thud behind him. His eyes bulge in shocked as he saw Dahee collapse on the floor. “Yoon Dahee!!” Younghyun exclaimed as he runs to her. ———
“Dowoon, wait!” Younghyun tried to calm the maknae and prevent him from going to meet with his sister as the other members also tries to help.
“But my noona needs me” Dowoon whines feeling as if the members didn’t understand him at all
Younghyun looks at the youngest with empathy plastered on his face, arms guarding the boy from going out from the apartment—his mind trying to find suitable words to explain to him.
“I totally understand how worried you are right now. You had the right to worry but let her calm down first, okay? She might not be ready to meet you again. She’s been struggling so much" Younghyun carefully explained but the worried expression on Dowoon’s face won’t easily go away.
“That’s right Dowoon-ah. She might need some time to recovery from all this sudden news.” Sungjin who sitting quietly at the couch the whole time spokes up, earning sighs from the drummer upon hearing the leader’s words as Dowoon already had his running through his hair in frustration while pacing back and forth across the living room and stop his track as he thinks deeply while watching the busy roads across their apartment.
“How many days she will be in the hospital?" Dowoon’s deep voice echoed after couple of minutes he’s in silence.
“Taeyong said maybe two more days because the doctor needs her to be really destress from everything" Younghyun said, carefully eyeing the youngest expression and only soften when Dowoon finally calms down and sat between Jae and Wonpil at the couch.
“Have you tried to talk to her?” Jae, the eldest asked as he giving a bro pat on Dowoon
“Not even a chance at all. I don’t think I should push her anymore. Maybe I...” Younghyun trails his words, trying to make up his mind properly as he relief a defeat sighs.
“You what?” Wonpil couldn’t help but curiously asked him.
“Maybe I should stop looking for her after this” Younghyun confess, earning gasps from his members as they knew Younghyun really cares for Dahee and deeply in love with her. She is Younghyun’s world even though they just met for couples of month but the members knew Younghyun finally gets to be loved by someone he truly cares.
——— Dahee’s eyes felt heavy as she softly open her eyes—too bright to her liking and hissed in pain she felt a sharp on her hands, a drip tube to be exact taped on it. She tried to get up from the bed but then someone prevent her from doing so. “hey hey you should rest more” Taeyong’s voice echoed through her ears as he pushed her back down to the bed. "where am I?" Dahee asked, trying to recognize the faces near her which are Taeyong and Wendy, her closest friends. "In hospital you dummy.  You scared me when Youn—" Taeyong stopped Wendy eventually, feeling this isn't appropriate time to mention the name. "You collapse right after your presentation.  The doctor said you're exhausted and dehydrated.  Your stress level are also high.  Why aren't you telling us that you're stress? We were worried about you" Taeyong said, softly patting her head as he's giving his big doe eyes to her Dahee smiles weakly to both of them in response as she muttering small sorry with pouts visible on her lips.   "Thank god you're stable now.  Hey, eat your porridge.  Taeil made some for you when he heard about your condition.  Here, let me feed you" Wendy said, scooting closer next to Dahee, taking a bowl of porridge in her hand along with a spoon.  "Say ah, our little Dahee" Wendy tease, playing airplane with the spoon before feeding her. "I'm not a little girl, Seungwan-ah" Dahee whined, earning chuckles from them as Taeyong smiles brightly looking at the two girls infront him. 'Keep on smiling Dahee, it suits you well' Taeyong thought, hoping that Dahee would find her happiness soon. As they keep on talking with each other and Wendy keep on feeding her, Dahee couldn't help but to think hard about what happened before she collapsed—barely remember what happened. "How did I get here? Who brings me here?" Dahee sudden question makes Wendy and Taeyong flustered.  Isn't that they don't want to tell Dahee, but they scared that Dahee would fall sick again or even get angry at mention of Younghyun's name. "You know, some rand—" "It's Younghyun, am I right?" Dahee cut Wendy's word before she could finish her sentences.  Even though Dahee couldn't remember properly on his what happened, but she knew Younghyun at her side when she collapse at the hallway.
Wendy just nods her head in response as Taeyong throws his attention to the windows, try not to involve with Dahee’s business—letting her dealing with her own feelings.
Dahee couldn’t stop her tears from falling down as she felt horrible with herself, feeling useless and so selfish as Younghyun did nothing wrong to her but she keep on pushing Dowoon and blame Younghyun for it.  Dahee lowered her head as tears keep on streaming down her cheeks as hiccups followed.
Upon seeing Dahee cried so hard, Wendy rushed to her side, giving her hugs in hoping she would calm down.
“Oh honey, you gonna be alright, trust me okay?” Wendy assured her, fixing her strands of hair from Dahee’s face—taking a good look on the her face as she wipes off the tears from Dahee’s cheeks.
“I need to fix this, Wendy.  I can’t lose Dowoon again, or worse, losing Younghyun.” Dahee said after bawling her eyes out for couples of minutes , feeling determined, holding Wendy’s hands as she flashed her supporting smiles and feeling proud with her best friend.
Taeyong softly smiles “That’s our girl Yoon Dahee!!” His shouts echo through the room, making the girls lets out a soft chuckles.
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kjwoes · a year ago
in ruins | kyh
title: in ruins pairing: kang younghyun (youngk of day6) & you genre: heavy angst, not a happy ending i’m warning you, small caps words: 4.0k
author’s note: i love hurting myself this way. 
any requests? check my pinned post if i’m accepting any at the moment, thanks!
you thought upon knocking on the door, you’d be greeted by the one person you have been looking forward to seeing all week. instead, an unexpecting friend of his unlocks it ajar, eyes peering over to your figure before realizing who you were. 
“wonpil, hey,” you greet him amidst the confused expression on his face. it brings him back to his senses, shaking his head slightly before fully letting the door open. he gulps slightly yet you catch it, but don’t question why he looks.. so nervous.
“is this a bad time?” you hesitate, taking one small step forward as you crane your neck to look around the apartment. wonpil immediately shakes his head again, sidestepping and gesturing his hand over. “no, no! please, come in. make yourself at home.” 
“okay, thanks…” you trail off, a small smile on your lips but a certain emotion tugging at your heart. with a better sight of the inside, you notice dowoon lying down on the couch with his phone on hand, seemingly focused on a game that requires both of his hands to control. wonpil closes the door behind you, and excuses himself to the kitchen before asking, “did you want anything to drink? water, tea?”
“i’m okay, wonpil. thank you, though,” you tell him, nodding your head to let him be. as he makes his way to get a glass of water for himself, you walk into the place further, taking in the minimal decorations and a few picture frames hanging on the walls. it’s been a while since you’ve set foot in the dorm, and taking in its unique scent and interior gives you some comfort from the anxiety building up from your stomach. 
you tell yourself that’s just how wonpil acts around you when younghyun isn’t around: a little shy, polite, and a smidgen bit careful not to say anything weird. you wish, at this point, he can get used to your presence. then again, you only get to see most of them whenever the bassist invites you over.
“hey, dowoon, what’cha playing?” you attempt to start a conversation, standing next to the edge of the couch where dowoon’s head rested. his sight is obstructed by the screen of his phone, so you bend down to check what has gotten most of his attention: genshin impact. 
“ah, jae had told me you rolled a keqing yesterday, that’s pretty cool,” you comment, and dowoon jumps from the sound of your voice so close to his ear. you get up, stepping back while apologizing. “sorry, sorry! didn’t mean to be nosy.” 
“no, you’re good—” he starts to say, sitting up from his comfortable position while pausing his game, haphazardly placing his phone on the side. a scratch on the back of his neck, he glances over to you. similarly to wonpil, he looks surprised to see you here. “oh! how’s it going?”
“it’s going,” you reply quickly, realizing more and more it doesn’t seem like you were expected to come. weird, you wander in the back of your mind, younghyun usually gives them a heads up when you’re coming over to hang out or just pick him up to leave. 
“did younghyun not say anything today?” an air of silence is felt, and now you’re more concerned when turning to look at his bedroom door— he’s not in there. 
“he probably forgot,” wonpil chimes in, approaching the living room as he sets down his glass. “hyung has been really busy lately, so it might have slipped his mind.”
“yeah, yeah. it’s no big deal. you’re always welcome here,” dowoon adds, an encouraging smile appearing on his lips. you reciprocate, albeit a little forced, feeling less sure of the fact that the plans you and younghyun had made and promised to pursue are starting to crumble beneath your feet. 
sighing deeply, you grip onto your purse and interrogate further: “he’s not in his room, is he?” 
the drummer and pianist steal a glance at each other for a split second, but every detail of their silent conversation is not lost on you. that’s a look of panic, worrying what you’d feel if they told the truth, rapidly forming excuses in their heads they can use to white lie their way out of the situation. 
“he’s…” wonpil begins, and dowoon’s ears have warmed up to the tense air looming all over you three. a door to the left creaks open, and for a moment you’re relieved. maybe you were overreacting, already affected by the many times something similar has happened to you, but there was no reason not to forgive younghyun.
 however, this time, it’s different. if that’s not him coming out of the door right now…
“hey, i’m gonna go on a run—” sungjin informs his roommates, locking the door in his wake. he finally looks towards the three of you in the living room, and given his certain sense of maturity— and analyzing what’s going on by the awkward expressions painted on your faces, he gives you a wave of his hand. 
“hi. you’re looking for younghyun?” 
“sungjin, i… yeah. where is he?” you let your breaths stabilize, not wanting to break down in the middle of what once was a familiar space, and is now becoming more and more foreign to you. as wonpil and dowoon remain quiet, pretending to busy themselves with his almost empty glass of water and overheating phone respectively, you keep your eyes on sungjin. begging him to tell the truth. 
he delivers, but his stare is hard, almost as if he’s hiding something behind the glassiness of his eyes. “he’s been out for the whole day. he said to not wait up on him since he still has another work schedule tonight.” 
as you stand there, knuckles turning pale with the way it holds onto your purse for dear life, you scoff sarcastically. leaving sungjin’s gaze, the anxiety had reached the base of your throat, restricting words of profanities to come out of you like a broken dam. 
“you can wait for him in his room. did you text him?” sungjin continues to console you, walking closer but allowing personal space between you. “i can call him while i run, he’s going to get annoyed eventually and pick up.” 
“yeah, i’ll do the same as hyung. we’ll blow up his phone so he can come back home,” dowoon joins with a perk to his voice, seemingly anticipating their master plan to succeed. wonpil nods along, but doesn’t meet your gaze, only swirling the remaining liquid in his glass. 
“you don’t have to do that,” you let them know as much as your voice can muster before breaking. “i’ll take you up on your offer of waiting for him, if you don’t mind. i’ll call him myself.” 
sungjin brings his fingers in between the bridge of his nose, contemplating on accepting the compromise. to hurry things up, you bring a hand to his shoulder and squeeze it gently. he seems to understand as he nods firmly, patting your hand before you let it go. 
“okay. let me know if he doesn’t come back in an hour, yeah?” 
“yes, sir.” 
“do you want some snacks? leftovers? are you hungry?” wonpil goes off with his questions, and it’s an endearing sight to watch him treat you so politely in his humble abode. honestly, at this point you’d rather leave and forget this day even existed— but you needed answers, and you know you’re not getting it from them. 
you don’t want to, anyway, because they shouldn’t be involved in this. they don’t need to be. this is between you and younghyun, and if you were to wait for him again, for the longest time— and maybe the last time, then so be it.
you’re not going to leave until you get what you wanted. 
“don’t worry about me, wonpil. i’m sorry for intruding on your night,” you apologize, bowing down before him as you make your way to younghyun’s bedroom. thankfully, he left it unlocked, and you swung the door open and close in an instant. with your back on the door, your labored breathing comes back— it took a lot from you to stay calm, collected, and unbothered by what’s going on. you didn’t want to make it a big deal, they’ve seen this before, and it usually gets resolved.
like you said, forgiveness was not an uncommon concept with you and younghyun. you believe it’s essential with how… complicated your relationship is with each other. you’ve fucked up a couple of times, said things that weren’t within your best intentions to, and younghyun didn’t hold grudges because of them. 
he would be upset, justifiably so, but after a day or two, you were both back to normal. he reassures you there wasn’t any bad blood, and he understand the frustration himself. 
from then on, you tried— really hard not to fuck things up anymore because it’s scary. it’s terrifying to think about the consequences of unwanted words, uncalled for actions with a person whose schedule is jam packed everyday, and his thoughts never ending. 
younghyun is always on the run, whether that be hopping from studio to studio or collecting ideas for a new song and another. 
it’s not like you aren’t busy yourself, but the degree to which he pushes himself further into his career is miles ahead from yours. and it’s not your place to complain about, it’s your choice to be supportive, though. which you promised. from day one, and he kissed you like it was the one answer he needed to hear.
you miss it. you miss him, his lips, his touch; everything that screamed younghyun, it’s right here. in his room. the only thing missing is the person himself, him. 
you walk over to his bed, kept clean and sheets folded. always organized, rarely leaving miscellaneous crap in random places. sometimes it’s intimidating, to visualize the kind of person who inhabits this room, but knowing who he is, you feel safer than insecure here. 
walking over to his desk, a black notebook sits atop with a pen to the side. ah, you notice the cap is missing, and you look for the miniscule thing all over the place. you find it on top of his dresser, and quickly put it back in its place. 
you guess, there are some things that younghyun forgets, that he misses, but never the big picture. 
you’re tempted to turn the pages over, but respect his privacy nonetheless. it might be lyrics he’s not ready to show anyone yet, and you of all people know what it’s like to write something new, a genre you haven’t dipped your pen in yet. it’s quite the daunting experience to bring it into the world, for other inquisitive eyes to read. 
most of the time, younghyun’s words are never amiss. in fact, they always fall in the category of perfect, for you. you don’t like to admit that because he will never believe you, so it’s best to keep it a secret for yourself. 
you enjoy his new releases better that way, making you feel more special in a sense that you’ve heard his melodies first. you’ve heard the stories behind these metaphors face to face. 
you wish you could see him face to face right now. 
before you forget, you pull out your phone and pull up younghyun’s messages with you. your text was sent three hours ago, and it was read which made you think okay, he’s seen it and acknowledged the fact that you’re coming over, maybe he’ll reply once he gets a break soon. 
he never did. 
you scroll up to the previous messages, a lot of back and forth short phrased responses that don’t mean as much as the way you guys would constantly bombard each other with long conversations. 
have you eaten? yeah, a lot. you? yup, out with a friend rn. ight, stay safe. u too. 
r u asleep? no, in the studio. oh, it’s super late. yeah, working on stuff. alright, text me when u’re home? i’ll try. 
he never did. 
feeling a tear fall down to your cheek, you wipe it away roughly and begin to type another text. 
i’m at the dorm. the boys didn’t know i’d be here. do you remember our promise? please respond.
your hand hovers on the send button for longer than you thought, and you bite your lip in anticipation for a decision so foggy in your brain. should you? should you be this upfront and accusatory? it’s not that bad, right, because he did promise. and now you’re here, the only one taking care of that promise— what’s his excuse?
i’m at the dorm. the boys didn’t know i’d be here. are you coming back soon? is what you sent instead, feeling the lump on your throat getting bigger and your eyes welling up hot, salty tears. you try to compose yourself. sitting on the edge of his bed, hands going over his white sheets as a way to ground yourself. 
you can’t cry, the walls are too thin and dowoon or wonpil will know. and wonpil will be too polite to leave you alone, and dowoon wouldn’t know how to confront the situation and just run to his room leaving wonpil by himself. 
it felt like forever that you wake up uncomfortable lying down on younghyun’s bed. you blink a few times before sitting up straight, your side hurting from the way you fell asleep on the mattress. you straighten out the right half of your hair that had been messed up having plopped down on the pillow, and look for your phone in your purse. 
it has been an hour since you got here, and no new notifications on your phone. 
you have had a fair share of getting stood up on blind dates before meeting younghyun, and at one point you stopped caring. boys don’t deserve your tears, you’ve never even met them and if they thought you were fooled by their persona online, then they were dead wrong.
but this is younghyun, the guy who proved himself different. the guy who came to your first date spot prim and proper, an hour earlier than the designated time. to think you were actually going to cancel this one because it was too tiring, too predictable at this point. 
but seeing his selfie that day, a table already reserved for the two of you and you haven’t even gotten ready yet, you felt guilty for assuming so wrongly of him. 
two years later, you’re thinking you should have listened to your gut all this time. 
as you are about to leave and practice what you have to say to the boys in the living room, the door opens and in comes a disheveled looking younghyun. his coat hangs on his arm, his hair a little haggard but his smile soon disappears upon seeing you invading his space. 
“oh, you’re here.”
oh? you’re here?
you stand up from the bed, eyes directly staring at him just five feet away from you even though he feels like a galaxy away with that kind of answer. 
“did you look at the texts i sent you?” you deadpan, trying your hardest not to seem fragile. 
younghyun shakes his head, plops the coat on his dresser and shrugs. “i’ve been busy, did you need something?” 
“you don’t remember?” 
he stands rigidly, his own fox like eyes avoiding your burning stare. they focus on the wall, with his lips in a tight line. 
he looks different to you. 
there’s something about the younghyun in front of you that makes you question your presence in his room. and how unwanted he’s making you feel. 
“younghyun, what’s going on?” 
“what do you mean by that?”
“don’t play dumb with me. you promised, hell, we promised we would see each other tonight,” you remind him, your voice rising a pitch higher and it strains your throat. you drop your purse on his bed, and cross your arms defensively. 
anything to make you feel safer in the cold that has entered the room once he got in. 
“something came up, i’m sorry. you know how work has been,” younghyun explains nonchalantly, still refusing to see you. refusing to tell you the truth with his eyes. 
it’s not enough anymore. 
“you could have texted? you could have let wonpil or dowoon or even sungjin tell me that , you’re busy, you can’t even do that?” 
“i don’t want to bother them.”
“well, younghyun, guess what? you’re bothering me!” your sudden outburst causes him to turn towards you, eyes wide and brows furrowed. 
they definitely heard that, and they’re definitely listening from the outside. but any worries about your image towards his friends had gone out the window by now, only to be left with an ounce of desperation for an explanation. an answer. an apology, even. 
he doesn’t say anything for a few seconds, and you’re scared to break off the eye contact at this point. you’re determined to tell him you’re not really mad, just frustrated. you’re not holding a grudge, you just want to hear it from him that he didn’t mean to do this to you. that he didn’t mean to hurt you this way.
your vision gets blurry, but you force the tears to pool over your eyes and not fall down. not right now, not when his gaze is steel and intimidating. 
“i’m leaving, stay as much as you’d like but i’m not going to be back until midnight,” he dismisses  you, grabbing his coat to bring it with him. 
a scorn burns on your mouth, words tasting like lead when you say: “leave, that’s all you know how to do.”
this stops him from his tracks. a pin can drop in the middle of the room, and you still can’t hear it. your thoughts are screaming, a headache forming on your temples not understanding how it’s come to this so suddenly. 
you didn’t mean that, but now your tears are saying sorry for you. you sob standing up, arms on either side and hands shaking from the pent up frustration popping out of your veins. 
you’re tired, so tired of being the one to adjust. of being the one to stay when he leaves, and foolishly wait for him to come back. only that he doesn’t, and this time he probably never will anymore.
“pull yourself together,” younghyun tells you, tone hinting pity which aggravates you further. he doesn’t look as mad anymore, but his shoulders are tense and his eyes fierce. “we can talk later. i have dinner with heejin and i still need to record kiss the radio later—”
“dinner? with who?” you snap, tears momentarily stopping with the mention of a name you’re unfamiliar of. “when did you schedule this? could it not have waited after tonight when i have been asking you for some time together for this very day?” 
younghyun rakes his fingers through already unkempt hair forcefully, distaste in his mouth as he shoots back at you, “i told you i’ve been busy, heejin and i have a song together and it’s supposed to come out in two days so we’re meeting up as much as we can—”
“yeah, okay. over dinner, at a fancy restaurant away from a recording studio, am i right?”
“you don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“younghyun, it’s my fucking birthday,” you talk over him, your voice speaking over the loud beating of your heart. sweat drips down your temple, the headache hammering itself on your skull as the tears escape down the surface of warm cheeks. suddenly, you hear yourself laughing. monotonous, without emotion, as you see younghyun’s scowl snap into a look of confusion, then of realization. 
“i know what the fuck i’m talking about, brian. and from the looks of it, you don’t. you never did.” 
“you should have told me—”
“and i need to remind you of that? after knowing each other for years?” you snap back. the walls vibrate with the volume of your cries, and you hear a knock on the door and a person asking if everything is alright. 
younghyun looks back, but doesn’t respond and turns to you with pained eyes, a fine line between guilt and feeling bitter. he knows he should have remembered. besides, your first date with him was on your birthday too. 
“enjoy your fucking evening, brian. i’ll see myself out,” you mutter under hot breath, breathing hard and eyes red. grabbing your purse, you walk past the man you thought you knew. and now he just feels cold. 
it stings when he grabs you, and he loosens his grip when you exclaim loudly. “brian, stop.”
“i’m sorry. i’m sorry i fucked up.”
“it doesn’t matter anymore.”
“yes, yes it does,” he pleads, pulling you closer to his body. you shiver, not liking the way he presses into you with a desperate attempt to forgive him. maybe if it wasn’t today, you’d drown yourself in his needy touches, inhale the scent you miss having all over your skin, kiss younghyun on the lips and understand he’s human too. 
not anymore, not when all the chances you have given him were taken for granted, and there’s nothing left inside of you to give him another one. you’re all out, exhausted from the waiting, the forgiving, the crying. exhausted from it all. 
“younghyun, let me go. please. i’m tired.” 
he hesitates, but once you pull yourself off him he releases his stone cold grip. your eyes hover downward, face sticky from the tears you have shed. 
no more. 
coming out of his room, wonpil and dowoon are nowhere to be found anymore. it was only sungjin, sitting by the island counter, scrolling on his phone absent-mindedly. he notices your presence, looks up and offers you that warm smile of his even if his eyes sympathize with your heartbroken gaze.
“i’m so sorry,” he whispers. 
you close your eyes, shake your head and offer a grateful smile. for him. “not your fault. i’m sorry you had to hear that. please let the others know i’m deeply sorry.” 
“text me when you get home, okay?” sungjin hops off the barstool and places his hand on your shoulder this time, transferring the kind of warmth you have been needing all day, all week. 
you know he’s just being kind, roped into the tail end of your disastrous break up with younghyun so you nod once. he doesn’t take it and adds, “i’m serious. if i don’t hear from you, i will text you. multiple times. you’ve seen me do it.” 
with no escape from his compromise, you emit a small laugh and firmly nod this time. “okay, sungjin. thank you.”
“happy birthday, by the way,” he consoles you, and you do your best to keep another wave of pain locked up. you thank him, accepting the side hug he offers you, and make your way out the door. 
as the breeze outside doesn’t do well in vanishing the evident sadness on your expression. you walk the streets of the city holding in a breath, careful not to attract too much attention to your lonely self.
you get home barely alive, shoes left on the doorstep and your clothes slithered off on the hallway. you text sungjin what he wanted to hear, and once you’ve landed on your bed, you let it all out again. 
birthdays were never really a favorite “holiday” of yours before you met younghyun on this very same day two years ago. 
it was as if being alive on this earth for another year was a favor given to you by fate, having to know younghyun even more as the days go by past it. as much as he created meaning to your birthday for the past two years, this time, younghyun had destroyed everything you built together. 
the pieces are too small, much too fragile to make your heart whole again.
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yeongfil · a year ago
DAY6 HC - making out
Requested: “making out w day6 headcanons?”
omg this was such a good idea, thank you for requesting! A big thanks to @lynnthevirgo​ for the help on this, it gave me big brain power
Tumblr media
Takes in your features before kissing you
fingers through your hair
moving a strand out of the way before cupping your face
Slow and gentle
might escalate as you get into it but
he likes to take his time with you
Only you get to see this side of him
I can imagine it being on the couch where you straddle him
he likes the warmth of you being on his lap
actions can be louder than words, right?
like I think you probably ended up being a couple from some spontaneous kiss you had as friends and you just sorta ended up being together without the whole ‘asking someone out’ thing
and my dude if it was a sit-com rom-com series (think friends, how i met your mother) with a live studio audience, they’d be cheering no matter how many takes they saw
but there’s only one take because it’s just right
just cover me in syrup and call me the waffler
Perhaps likes little talks in between making out
because he enjoys getting that emotional bond with you in various ways
probably a little flustered at times, running his fingers through his hair
you know that thing where boys push their fringe out the way
I low key am convinced it’s a Busan thing but anyway
and then back to smooching
Big softie
shh don’t tell his band mates that though
he loves all the little things about you when you’re making out
like if you’re one of those people who do a little hum into it
or if you like to rest you hands on his shoulders
that sort of thing 
Privacy is nice
because as much as sometimes he’d love to give you a big smooch in public if you’re being cute
it’s just nicer alone
pda’s aren’t really his thing
loves just having you at his side after making out
like your head on his shoulder watching a movie together
Making out relaxes him after a long day
but you will need to suggest or initiate it
he doesn’t want to some across as bossy or demanding or something
Loves when you remind him you love him mid make out
that makes him smile
dude I really wanna kiss him wtf
he smile into the kiss
“I love you too”
Tumblr media
The biggest fan of making out
probably hums a little to show he likes it
his favourite thing to do is kiss you, n’awh
Smooth talking gentleman
just all round smooth...
until he like hits his head on the headboard rip bless
aww bby
but of course kissing him will make it better
I don’t mean like kiss the ouchie
I mean just kiss him to take his mind off it
probably you can kiss him to help him forget most things
he loves getting lost in his own little world that you and he share
smiling into kisses
getting to hear his soft voice
okay istg do I have a soft voice kink for Jae or something
probably cups your boob 
no sexual intentions or anything
it’s just sort of... natural to put his hand there
nice to squeeze, ya know
and also I like to feed content to any possible male readers out there
(like I’m not sure if I have any I just like to in case)
he likes to have his hand on a chest in general
his hand firmly pressed on your chest for long periods of time
just shows he’s settled and into it
Definitely has a funny side
sometimes says something dorky in between kisses
just to make you laugh
because he likes when you smile into kisses too
Likes lots of different positions
which sorry I know sounds weird but I mean
he likes a bit of making out with you on his lap
but then also a bit where he can hover above you laying on the couch
that kind of thing
“this is nice”
says that a lot hehe and probably also things like
“have I ever told you what a good kisser you are?”
yes Jae
lots of times
kind of feel like he would be the hopeless romantic type
well I don’t mean he is hopeless
but he’s very big on love
making out in the rain
especially if it’s super cold
and like you guys are waiting for a taxi or something
no better way to feel warm
or like feeding you strawberries
just so he can ask for a taste
just hehe
hehe squishy vibes
Tumblr media
Young K
Mr. Fire
i n t e n s e
pulling you closer
heavy kissing
dude you will feel it I can promise that
but you were probably expecting this
(I’m thinking like a scenario in which you got together because he got too jealous of another guy being around you, couldn’t take it anymore, pushes you up against the wall for the best kiss ever)
(so yeah that’s what I mean by you were expecting this)
Butt grabber
Moaning into some of the kisses
definitely finds you at your most pretty up against a wall
boy likes to go for the neck too
like I say, making out with Young K is intense
It’s all about you
godammit now I have that mcfly song in my head
and this hc is definitely not as soft as that song
damn he loves you
and if you are in disbelief of that
then a making out sesh you will get
and like if he’s working too hard
just do this one thing for him
because when you kiss his neck
he just wants to kiss you back
on the lips
Will make out with you literally anywhere in the house
picking you up to sit on the kitchen counter
and if you have a balcony in your house together then almost definitely this is his favourite way to wake up
and probably likes to make out in some sneaky public places too
he just goes as the mood takes him
movie theatre
little jitty outside the coffee shop
Accidentally sometimes gets you more worked up than he intended
a very touchy feely has to explore your body type of kisser
so he might just have 100% innocent intentions of just wanting to kiss and make out
but then you’re like 🥵
and he’s like oops
sorry not sorry
open a window
it’s about to get smug in here
smug git
seriously everything about his presence offends me
how does one dude emit so much fire
He has so much love though
that’s why he’s so goddamn passionate
Tumblr media
Lots of little kisses
big big smiles behind each one
cupping your face with both hands
just overall super affectionate
dude just hug him
your arms around his neck
as he holds you tightly round the waist
Making out with Wonpil is one of the best ways to show your love for him
I reckon he’s very into seeing you to your door after a date
and then staying there for like half an hour just to make out
and there’s no wrong way to kiss him
especially if you’re new to it all
he doesn’t mind
he’ll guide you
omg he’d be the best kissing teacher ever I reckon I’d want to pretend I’ve never kissed before just to get a lesson from him
like this is lame but I can imagine you both getting so carried away
whether either of you is experienced or not
and he just cutely wipes his chin afterwards 
and you’re like o m g  I  a m  s o  s o r r y
*like slobber shame rip but*
he just smiles back at you
as long as it’s passionate, loving, etc, it’s gooood
just ahhhh so much love love love from your Wonpillie
Perhaps he gets a little easily distracted from other things
like he needs to get some stuff done
but not until he’s had a make out sesh with you
and until he knows it’s an option to have the same afterwards too 
Loves any excuse to kiss you
almost 100% of the time gets carried away 
so almost 100% of the time escalates into making out
christmas under the mistletoe
he digs that
I mean guess who bought the mistletoe?
every year 
the mistletoe ends up being forgotten about
because he just slings it after a couple of kisses
pulls you in closer by the waist
mmm yes
sorry writing out loud again
Just a cute lil bun that loves to kiss a lot
Tumblr media
any little sound he makes
he gets embarrassed bless him
he’ll just shy away with a chuckle
I guess I keep saying this a lot it’s my first few day6 posts so lemme live plz and also this is just a concept 
like a satisfied “hmmm” slips out 
and you’re like omg he’s into it yes
but then he turns his face away all shy
and you’re like awwwww :(
was enjoying that
so you cup his face and tilt it back towards you
and you give him a reassuring smile
and then he’s happy to carry on
maybe at some point tell him you like it when he makes noise
and please remember how special you are to him
because I still think he’d hold out for the right girl even just to kiss
also like he’s trying really hard to impress you
has read up on all the making out tips articles
I think you might have to initiate it though
he doesn’t wanna come across as too bold
Begins with cute lil kisses
cute lil kisses for a while actually
he’s kisses you like you’re the most delicate thing
makes your heart flutter
because you could just pepper his face with lil kisses all day
but also he’s your boyfriend soooo
you kind of want to devour him too
so you gently run your tongue across his mouth to show him you want to get more intense
and he suddenly just cups your face and really gets into it
like really really gets into it
where did this power come from
he’s a natural
his actions are so smooth
his mouth is gentle and not at all rigid 
like he’s running his fingers through your hair
sending nice tingles down your spine
just duuuuude
but of course he never acknowledges he’s this good
possibly feels a bit awkward again if the making out gets him in a certain way
I mean idk about you but I’d be happy to accomodate
I need to stop with the running commentary but can’t help myself apologies
So yeah at first he’s a bit doubtful of himself and afraid to initiate it
but then he finds there’s nothing he wants to do more
and if he wants to kiss you
he’ll let it be know
and you’re like omg my Dowoonie became so confident
Yes, definitely the student has become the master
Tumblr media
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prettywordsyouleft · a year ago
Band Sessions: Sungjin
Tumblr media
Pairing: Park Sungjin x reader
Genre: band au / fluff
Warnings: none
Word count: 2425
Index: Jae | Sungjin | Young K | Wonpil | Dowoon
Tumblr media
You paused before you approached the door, quickly checking yourself over. Once you were satisfied with how one could look whilst in their work uniform and inhaled deeply, you marched the three remaining steps towards the studio door. Knocking, you waited for someone to answer it, mentally hoping it was who you had checked yourself over for.
Your smile deflated a little when it was Wonpil. However, the brunette grinned and gestured you inside. “Guys, Y/N is here. Break time!”
Entering the studio always made your heart race a little. Normally because some of the members of Day6 were still hovering over their instruments, music blaring around the room until everyone realised or smelt your arrival. You smiled politely as you set down the bags of food, holding yourself rigidly as they all came in above you like swooping birds pecking away at their orders.
“Oh yeah, this burger is going to be great! Thanks, Y/N!” Dowoon enthused, Brian tipping his pack of fries towards you in gratitude as he stuffed a few into his mouth. Wonpil was busy handing out drinks and Jae was complaining that he spilled the overflowed one on his shirt again.
And then finally, there was Sungjin.
He grinned. “You’re a lifesaver you know.”
“I don’t know about that,” you replied, chewing on your lip in hopes you wouldn’t come across too giddy.
All he had to do was speak and you were mush for this man.
“No seriously, I think if you hadn’t of stopped by right now, Jae might have lost it at Wonpil for missing his cue to sing one more time.”
“Ah, well, I’ll accept my life-saving skills with pride.”
“You should,” he confirmed with a hearty laugh and then frowned at the remaining food. Sungjin looked up at you. “Not staying?”
“Boss is in tonight, there’s no break time for me,” you explained, smiling politely when Brian pointed in your direction.
“You know, that’s illegal.”
“Kind of want to keep my job, all the same,” you replied, darting your focus towards Sungjin.
Because if you didn’t work at their usual delivery store, then you wouldn’t get to cross paths with Sungjin as much as you did now.
Nodding your head lightly in farewell, you backed off towards the door, going to close it behind you when Sungjin followed you over. You blinked curiously. “Did I forget something?”
“No, I uh… you will eat when your shift ends, right?”
You nodded happily. “Of course!”
“Okay good, because eating is important,” he announced, rubbing his neck before chuckling. “Hey, uh thanks again for the delivery. I know we’re only down the street but still, you go above and beyond for us.”
“It’s what I do!” you enthused and Sungjin nodded.
“Well, I guess you better get back to what you do, Y/N. See you next time!”
Your smile dropped as soon as the door shut, slumping in posture.
Today’s visit was far too short.
Tumblr media
Thankfully, it wasn’t long until you received another order for a studio drop-off, and like always, you ensured you looked your best, smiling graciously upon arrival. Several more drop-offs happened in this fashion, and sometimes you’d have a quick bite to eat with them and others you would head off early. Either way, you were seeing Sungjin at least twice a week off-campus, which was more than the times you saw him on it. Your timetables, so you had gathered from observation and casual conversations, showed that when you were both at university during the day, you were in opposite directions. Even if you had enough time to cross paths with him, it would take you fifteen minutes to walk over to his department, and by that time, the chance to meet up would be lost.
So the odd occasion when you did match up always startled you more than it should. Sungjin chuckled softly. “Oh hey, I’m sorry, did I interrupt you?”
“No!” you whispered hastily, shaking your hands to dismiss his claim, your lips curling up into a giddy grin. “Not at all.”
“That looks like quite the textbook,” he murmured, and you nodded gently. “Got a long study session ahead of you then?”
“Thankfully, I only need to read a few chapters out of it for my assignment.”
“That’s a relief,” he mentioned and then tapped you on the shoulder. “Well, I’ll let you get back to it.”
“Are you not here to study?” you wondered, your voice a little loud for library etiquette. Blushing, you bowed your head apologetically to those you had disturbed before darting your attention back to Sungjin.
“I uh, came to find a place to relax,” he admitted, rubbing his neck. He looked at the empty chair beside you and you yanked it out, Sungjin slipping into it, placing his bag on the tabletop to rest his head onto. He gave you a quick smile. “Jae and our manager have started using the studio for extra-curricular activities so I figured I can’t go nap there in between lectures.”
“I’ll make sure to wake you before your next class,” you told him and he nodded, pulling out his phone and earbuds.
Sungjin hesitated before thrusting one towards you. “I recorded one of our new songs. Want to hear it?”
Nodding eagerly, you took the earbud and placed it into your ear. Sungjin hit play on the music and then closed his eyes.
There would be no more study for you now. At least, not from the textbook before you. As the music fed your soul, you shifted in your seat so you could have a better angle to gaze at him. Sungjin was so peaceful, instantly relaxed in his position. Placing your elbow up on the table to support your head that fell into your hand, you watched as he rested, imprinting every part of his face into your mind.
God, he was so handsome. You loved the strong arch to his eyebrows, the light forehead crinkles he had as he dreamed. His eyelashes were longer than you had noticed before, and his nose made you smile. Your eyes then transfixed on his lips, wondering if they were soft or not.
You knew it was foolish but you were certain you were in love with Sungjin.
There was nothing to dislike about him, and your crush had dragged out for over a year now. Still, you were aware that it was an unrequited love. Sungjin just was friendly with you, happy to talk about the weather or good recipes. There were no signs that he felt the same as you did, and instead of dwelling on this thought, you simply enjoyed the unreserved moment where you could admire the man before you. You allowed yourself to fantasise that this could be something you did as a couple, Sungjin seeking you out to nap whilst you studied before going off to your respective classes and then meeting back up for dinner. You thought about how supportive you could be to his band on the weekends when they had a booked gig and he could come to your debates. Hand-holding whilst on campus and gentle, soft kisses that warmed you like the summer wind.
It was beautiful and you sighed in content, lowering your head onto the textbook, still staring at Sungjin.
How you yearned for all you had just envisioned.
It was quiet when you eventually sat back up, blinking away your disorientation. You realised you were still in the library and after checking your watch, it was several hours later. Gasping, you then looked over at the empty space beside you, your gaze shifting all around you until you found a note over your pencil case.
Looks like you needed a nap too. I left my phone here with you so the music could keep you company. I’ll be at the studio tonight if you want to return it.
- Sungjin.
Glancing down at your arm, you snapped up his phone that was still playing through the catalogue of Day6’s songs on repeat. You were surprised by the gesture, smiling when you wondered how hard it was to leave his device behind with you. Holding it fondly within your hand, you tidied up your space with the other, slinging your bag over your shoulder and then headed for the exit. Checking the time on Sungjin’s phone again, you hoped he was still where he said he’d be.
Tumblr media
“Y/N,” Sungjin greeted when he opened the studio door half an hour later, frowning when he noticed all that you carried. “You went to your work?”
“I didn’t know if you had eaten dinner or not so I got some food,” you confessed, peering around the studio. It was otherwise unoccupied, which strangely made you feel more at ease.
Besides, you had only gotten enough food for two.
“You didn’t have to,” he murmured and you looked up at Sungjin who quickly grinned. “But I was kind of hungry, so thanks.”
“I don’t know what else you eat so I got something I knew you enjoyed,” you replied happily, settling everything down on the table. And then you pulled his phone out of your pocket. “To say thanks for letting me borrow this.”
“Hey, it’s no problem. I didn’t want to disturb you.”
“I hadn’t realised I fell asleep staring-” Your eyes widened momentarily as you caught yourself. Sungjin watched you curiously. “Staring at that textbook ha-ha!”
“Right, no, I feel you,” he agreed with his signature chuckle, gesturing you to take a seat.
Unlike you, Sungjin seemed more awkward with it just being the two of you. As you chewed on your food, the silence now stifling any of your attempts to converse with him, you wondered if you had gone too far getting food just now. Maybe it would have been better to just hand him the phone and go.
Except, you were kind of living out your daydream right now. You had both fallen asleep together and met back up to eat dinner. You would humour yourself this one time and then never step over the boundaries again.
“So uh-” “You know-”
Both staring at each other, you giggled and then motioned for Sungjin to go first. He smiled. “So what did you think of the song?”
“The first one?” you asked and he nodded. You grinned. “I loved it. I think it’ll be a great hit at the show next weekend.”
“Oh, you know about that?” he asked and you pointed to the board where the schedule had been written on in detail. Sungjin laughed airily. “Right, of course. What would we do without our manager’s organisational skills?”
“So you are playing it at that show?”
“I dunno, will you be coming?”
You tilted your head to the side, watching as Sungjin’s gaze darted all around the place, flickering towards you every moment or so to gauge your expression. It hit you then that this wasn’t so one-sided after all. You smiled, which soon grew into a grin and for once you didn’t check yourself over it.
Your heart felt full.
“Do you want me there? Because I’ll come if you want that.”
“Yeah, that would be cool,” he breathed, clamping his eyes shut a moment later. “Okay, so that would actually be more than cool.”
“True or false,” you stated and Sungjin finally looked at you again, frowning at your statement. You grinned. “Did you stare at me sleeping before leaving?”
“True,” you announced with a giggle. “At least in my case it was before falling asleep. I gave up studying right away and studied your face instead.”
Sungjin laughed. “True as well for me. I was late to my class because I didn’t want to leave you.”
You were certain your heart was going to leap out of your chest with all the realisations you were having. Connecting all the little moments over the past year – the gestures, the haphazard attempts to keep you around just for a moment longer.
Maybe Sungjin was close to loving you as well.
“True or false,” he spoke up next, shifting closer to you on the couch. “You have wanted to kiss me for more than just today.”
“True,” you breathed immediately, sizing up his lips. “It’s been a year, Sungjin.”
“A whole year?” he repeated and you nodded. “Man, what was I thinking?”
“Can you just kiss me now without thinking about it?” you instructed in a voice a little louder than a whisper, leaning in midway to meet him. You had been wrong; his lips weren’t as soft as you thought earlier. But they were real and firmly attached to yours, sending you into delirium.
And that was more than what you could have ever expected when you fantasised about them.
“Come to the gig with me next week,” he said when he was done stealing your breath and you nodded. “Not as the girl who delivers us food. Not just as a fan of our music either.”
“What as then?”
“My girl. Come as my girlfriend,” he suggested and you grinned giddily.
“Does that mean you’ll make time for my debate club match the week after?”
Sungjin nodded. “Of course.”
“But as the guy I deliver food to?” you teased and Sungjin laughed. “Or as my boyfriend?”
“Which would you prefer?”
You nestled into his side and Sungjin instantly wrapped his arms around you. “You know, when I do have to do my job it’s going to be that much harder to just deliver the food and go now.”
“That’s okay, I’ll have to organise that you receive an extra tip.”
“Mm, kissing in the hallway should be more than sufficient, right?”
You leaned in and kissed Sungjin again. “I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to doing that with you so that sounds like a good tip.”
“Yeah,” he agreed, staring at your lips with a hunger that wasn’t over the food he could taste upon them. “But just so we can get accustomed to it, I think we should keep on trying now.”
“It has been a year’s worth of waiting for this.”
“I can see how the studio works for Jae now,” Sungjin murmured, his lips a breath away from yours.
You could tell there would be more opportunity now to see Sungjin. And if it meant he made your heart sing every time you were in the studio with him, you were ready to ensure it sang loud and clear.
You were in love, after all.
Next: Young K
All rights reserved © prettywordsyouleft
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wingsofkpop · a year ago
When You Love Someone - Part One /// Ludus
pairing(s): Yoon Dowoon x Reader, Day6 x Reader
genre: High School!AU, Young Love!AU, brief Angst, some Fluff
warning(s): None, aside from rejection??
word count: 3,1k 
synopsis: There are many paths in life, but the longest of all is the path to the heart. In your eyes, what does it truly mean... to love?... 
chapter directory
Tumblr media
“Do you think Mr. Park will actually give us a pop-quiz today?” Wonpil asks, ferociously flipping through his government textbook. 
“I mean, he never gave any in my class last year… but I can’t be sure.” 
You watch as your best friend peruses through a section about the advantages of a representative democracy, before turning your attention to something actually worth your while—not that the daily routine of the school cafeteria is any more interesting than government. With kids waiting in line to snatch up the last of the desserts, jocks dodging that one obnoxious freshman that doesn’t know how to take a hint, and social butterflies jumping from table to table, unable to go a day without interacting with their many cliques. Oh, and the lunch ladies pretending to do their job when they’re secretly gossiping about the rich students’ parents. 
Only one month until graduation. Better start counting the days. 
“Will you help me go over some of this material?” Wonpil asks. “I want to be prepared just in case.” 
“You know I wasn’t great with gov,” You reply and inhale another sip of your water. “Why don’t you track down Jae? I’m sure he’s in the library hiding from Chaeyoung.” 
“I don’t want to blow his cover.” 
“If he doesn’t want to go out with her, he should just tell her.” You snort, wincing as a group of nearby cheerleaders erupt into a rather loud argument. 
“You know how he is. He just doesn’t want to let people down.” 
Wonpil only receives a hum in response. You were too interested in the drama brewing a couple tables down. Wanting to hear more, you attempt to focus your ears in that direction—even through the typical lunch conversation buzz. Your tries do little, as you can only pick up something about the basketball game on Friday. 
“I guess I could see if Sungjin-hyung could help me.” Wonpil says. 
Another hum. 
...Something about a date… You wonder who the unlucky guy is. 
“(Y/N)-noona... Have you spoken to him?” 
“-What?” You return your gaze to the boy. This time, with features pulled into a blend of confusion and concern. You shake your head, “No. Why? Is everything okay?” 
Wonpil shrugs, “Yeah. I was just wondering is all.” 
Aside from you, Sungjin is Wonpil’s closest friend. The two are as inseparable as you and your favorite food. Sungjin tutors during lunch period which is the only reason he’s not with the two of you. After years of knowing Wonpil, you and Sungjin have grown somewhat close. You’d even consider him a close friend too. 
“Hey, check it out,” You glance to where Wonpil is pointing toward, only to find it to be a whom. You watch the dark-haired boy make his way through the cafeteria, beelining straight for the rooftop entrance. From here, it was pretty obvious he was attempting to get away from something. And you immediately understand once the cheerleaders hop out of their seats and dash after the male. 
Dowoon, the most wealthy and thus, sought after guy in the school has been dealing with these types of girls for as long as you can remember. It’s sad really—especially when you used to be one of those girls. 
Although back then, you admired him for his quiet, withdrawn personality rather than his money like most pursuers. Stuff like that has never mattered to you; money can’t buy happiness after all. But anyway, your sophomore heart was torn apart after you confessed to the boy and found he wanted nothing to do with you. You’re pretty sure you cried for weeks. 
He was your first crush after all. 
“Poor Dowoon.” You murmur to no one in particular as the girls follow him like a hungry pack of wolves. It’s still hard to believe you followed—more like stalked—him like that. Then again, you were naive and practically set on the idea that you and Dowoon were a match made in heaven. That one quiz on the internet never told you otherwise. Nor did those poor flowers you always tore apart. 
“I heard his parents forgot his birthday.” 
“No way.” You can’t help the disbelief that extends through your voice, “What kind of parents forget their own kid’s birthday?” 
He shrugs again, “You’d be surprised.” 
Your thoughts grow clouded at the thought. No one deserves to spend their birthdays alone; feeling unloved and unappreciated. Your eyes drift downward to the brownie you packed this morning. You were going to save the treat for a pick-me-up during world history, but you could endure Ms. Suzy’s lectures without a sugar rush. No matter how boring they’ll likely be. 
Wonpil’s expression shifts to confusion as you begin to gather your belongings. He opens his mouth to say something, but immediately closes it when he notices the determination blazing in your eyes. His lips upturn, but they don’t mirror exactly that of a smile. 
“Good luck on that quiz if you have it,” You say and ruffle your best friend’s hair. “I’ll see you later.” 
“Yeah.” He murmurs, “See you later, noona.” 
With one final wave, you adjust your backpack strap and head for the door where Dowoon and that group of girls disappeared behind just moments ago. You might be a little late to class, but that’s not a huge deal. The material is easy to make up. 
Plus, someone needs you more right now. 
Tumblr media
Anxious sparks snake through your nerves like fire-crackers, kickstarting the time-ticking bomb that is your heart. You wipe your sweaty palms against your jeans, although there’s probably no point since they’ll only moisten again. Maybe you should put on your mittens… then again, that’ll just create more sweat. 
You were never one of those girls that liked Valentine’s Day. Especially considering the fact you were always the single one in your group of friends. Hell, even Jae managed to land himself a girlfriend this year. The whole tradition of sending bouquets of bright, crimson roses and packets of expensive, exotic chocolates to your lover never struck your fancy, considering the flowers would only wither and the candies were bittersweet anyway. The stupid valentines were always something to laugh at too… especially the ones with horrible poetry.
How hypocritical you are now: Stood outside the school with a red envelope in hand.
 Another chilly gust caresses your face, sending more shivers through your already quivering body. There was still time to back out now—he probably hasn’t even been to his locker yet—and flee to the safety of Wonpil’s house. He’s likely waiting for you with a celebratory cup of cocoa… or a pick-me-up cup. 
“(Y/N)-noona? Is that you?” 
“Dowoon!” You exclaim, immediately hiding the letter behind your back. The ‘pity-hot chocolate’ long gone from your thoughts.  “You came!” 
Dowoon gives you a strange look, which you unfortunately mistake for confusion. He shakes his head, “I guess… Why am I here?” 
“I wanted-” You pause to cough, “-I-I wanted to tell you something… something important…” 
“W-well… it’s kind of about us-” You chuckle bashfully, “I-I, um, I-I-” 
The boy sighs impatiently while running a hand down his face. His frustration sends warning bells off in your head, and unfortunately, clears the confession speech you rehearsed over a hundred times in the mirror from your mind. Like an idiot, you stand gaping at Dowoon as his face gradually grows one shade darker after another. 
“-I knew this was a bad idea.” Dowoon harshly mutters. He peers over his shoulder, releases another sigh of indifference, then turns to you with a tired expression strewn across his features. “Look, (Y/N)-noona-'' You can’t help but falter beneath his sharp-ish tone. “-Whatever you think is going on between us… is nothing. In fact, there is no us.” 
“Wh-what are you talking about?...” 
“I’m talking about how you’re just another person who wants to use me for my money, noona.” Dowoon harshly says while beginning to traipse down the front steps, “Nothing is ever going to happen between us, so you need to get this fantasy of you and I out of your head and just leave me alone.” 
“Wait!” You lurch forward to grasp the boy’s arm, “It’s not what you think-!”
Dowoon wrenches his sleeve from your fingers, “Just leave me alone, okay! I don’t want to talk to you ever again!”  
With watery irises, you watch as Dowoon scurries across the white wonderland that is the front courtyard; crunches of snow growing fainter the further away he runs. Your tears freeze against your cheeks as they slip from your eyes, only increasing the harsh shivers attacking your body. You attempt to wipe them away with the sleeve of your jacket, but it only smears and burns your skin even more. 
Your hands are quivering as you bring them forward, revealing the confession letter that now sears at your palms like a cigar. With a sob, you go to tear the package in half when another voice stops you: 
You turn, finding Sungjin stood in the doorway of the school. He takes one look at your tear-stained face and pained stance before lurching forward to take you into his arms. No longer worried about the cold, you release the anguish overcrowding your naive heart, pouring every ounce of rejection into your companion’s shoulder. 
“He doesn’t know what he’s missing, (Y/N).” Sungjin hums, rubbing the expanse of your back. “It’s his loss.” 
“St-still hurts…” Your whimper causes the boy to tighten his hold around your figure. The extra security slows your tears, gently reducing the volume of your gasps. Hugging Sungjin was always like this. Safe and warm. 
You feel his head shake against your shoulder, “‘S not worth it, sweetheart… You deserve so much better… 
“I really wish you could see that…” 
Tumblr media
So hence went the day where Yoon Dowoon ripped the rug out from beneath your feet,  stomped on your poor heart until there was nothing but broken shards remaining, and left you like you were a piece of trash on the ground. Then again, rejection as a 10th grader seemed like the end of the world at the time, so you’re probably overexaggerating a bit… Maybe a lot. 
But as Sungjin told you during then: It really wasn’t worth it. Dowoon was just one of many set-backs in your book of life, one obstacle that you managed to overcome, though it took quite a few cartons of ice-cream and marathons of sad romance movies. 
You push against the heavy metal door to the roof with a heave, barely managing to catch your foot on a loose piece of concrete. The obstacle protests, a high-pitched squeak resonating as it swings open. Not even a step through the doorway, a cringe travels through your body at the nasty glare lasering your direction, belonging to an elegantly-uniformed, and rather pissed off, cheerleader. Dowoon had yet to meet your eyes. 
“What are you doing here?” The Head Cheerleader—Nayeon, if you recall—spits the words as if they are venom. While anyone would be intimidated by her tone, you knew better, considering she dated Sungjin back in the spring of junior year. Why, you still don’t know, since Sungjin isn’t the ‘cheerleader’ type. The guy’s a dork for goodness sake. 
“Just passing through,” You shrug, “and was hoping to talk to Dowoon for a sec.” 
Nayeon narrows her eyes, “I don’t think so-” 
Another cheerleader, Sana, places her hand on the group leader’s shoulder, “-C’mon, unnie, the bell’s about to ring anyway.” 
Her laser-like eyes soften at the younger girl’s warning, a short nod soon following her silence. You move aside as Sana and the other cheerleaders pile their way through the doorway, not without Nayeon sending you one last daggered-glare. She’s probably still pissed about that prank Wonpil and you played on her last year. But in your guys’ defense, it was originally meant for Sungjin. 
It takes a moment for the realization to sink in that it was only you and Dowoon left on the roof. You take a quick peek at the younger boy, who again, would not meet your eyes. Instead, his focus was trained onto his phone, thumb mindlessly scrolling against the screen. An annoyed huff drips past your lips at his apparent indifference, one thing that hasn’t seemed to change since Valentine’s Day of sophomore year. 
Instead of backing down, you narrow the distance between the two of you and shove at Dowoon’s shoulder, effectively snatching his attention in the form of widened eyes and a confused expression. He lowers his phone and plucks the airpods from his ears rather awkwardly—it was almost cute. 
“Hi.” Dowoon returns your greeting with a soft smile, “It’s been awhile, (Y/N)-noona.”
“You could say that,” You shrug. “Do you mind if I join you?” 
“Hm? Oh, no! Not at all! Here,” The boy feverishly slides his backpack away from his side, clearing a place for you to lower right beside him. You make yourself as comfortable as possible against the concrete, before offering the foil-wrapped treat. 
“I heard it was your birthday, so I figured I’d give you this.” 
Dowoon unwraps the brownie, his face contorting to all types of wonder as he stares at the treat. He shyly rubs the back of his neck, “Wow… Thank you, noona.” 
“You’re welcome. Everyone should get something on their birthday.” You move to rise again, having completed your set task. “I hope you have a special day-”
“-Wait, noona.” Dowoon places a hand on your knee, stopping you from climbing to your feet. Surprised by his sudden reluctance for your departure, you lower back onto the ground with a furrowed expression. 
The boy quickly removes his hand, “Sorry… I just… I just wanted to apologize…” 
“Apologize? For what?” 
Dowoon sighs, “For the way I treated you that day… That was so not cool of me.” 
To say you’re surprised by his apology would be an understatement. In the long time since you’ve gotten over Dowoon, you never once thought that he would ever atone for his harsh behavior. Then again, you never thought you’d speak to him ever again after that day either. 
“Oh… It’s okay. I understand why you did.” You send the boy a gentle smile, “If I had a bunch of girls following me around 24/7, I’d be pretty annoyed too.” 
“Yeah, well, it still doesn’t make up for the fact I flat out broke your heart.” Dowoon says remorsefully. 
“I got over it.” 
“I just… feel bad.” For some reason, his words lift an imaginary weight off of your shoulders. One that you hadn’t realized was there. 
You move forward to wrap your arm around the junior’s shoulders. At first, he tenses at your touch, but gradually leans into your friendly embrace. With your other hand, you pat at his bicep with a chuckle, “You’re forgiven, Dowoon. Consider it another birthday present.” 
Dowoon laughs at your retort, but you can tell your pardon of his past actions relieved a weight of his own chest. “Thanks, noona.” 
“Of course. Now eat your brownie before I change my mind and eat it myself.” 
“Yes, ma’am.”
While Dowoon devours his birthday treat, the two of you catch up on each other’s lives like old friends. You tell him about the worst of your senioritis, along with some current plans for the world after high school. In return, he spills some juicy secrets about his time on the basketball team—and by juicy secrets, you mean how the school’s loner, Younghyun, got into a fight with the coach because he wouldn’t let him on the team. How chaotic. 
Gym class was never your favorite subject. Most classes, you and some other friends would pack yourselves in the alcove underneath the bleachers, partly to avoid any sort of participation, and partly out of the fear of being crushed by the actual athletes. This time was spent catching up on the latest drama and juicy gossip…Funnily enough, this was also where  Dowoon caught your eye for the first time. 
He was a freshman at the time, challenging a bunch of seniors to a game of basketball. While your friends drooled over his defined muscles and tight butt, you admired his technique and obvious knowledge of the sport. Whenever an enemy would head his way, Dowoon would mind game them. Whether it be faking a pass, or a particular direction, he always managed to overpower the other and score. Sometimes a two pointer. Most times a three.
He was also clearly passionate about the sport, something that immediately caused your infatuation with him in the first. And by the way he talks about his team and this year’s season, he’s still very, very passionate. You’re happy to know he hasn’t lost that spark. 
“-so are you going to come to the game, Friday?” You backtrack from your thoughts at Dowoon’s question, just realizing his hopeful eyes set on yours. “It’d be nice to have a friend there.” 
“I’ll be there. Sunjin’s one of my best friends, so Wonpil and I kind of have to be.” 
“I know. He talks about you a lot.” 
You laugh, “All good things, I hope.” 
“Definitely. He pretty much worships the ground you walk on.” 
“Oh,” Your laugh falters. “He’s a good friend.” 
Dowoon sends you a strange look, “Right. A good friend.” 
You don’t like the awkward change in the atmosphere, choosing this time to bid the younger boy a farewell and actually go to class before the office phones your parents about your disappearance. On the way down the stairs, your mind drifts back to that Valentine’s Day. More specifically, the moment where Sungjin eased the pain of your first rejection. That’s one thing you’ve always loved about him: He’s always there for you when you need him most. 
Lately things have been… different though. You barely see your friend anymore, even during school hours. While it’s not much of a surprise, considering Sungjin is senior class president, leader of the basketball team, and on his way to being valedictorian of your class, it’s still concerning. Especially Wonpil’s comment earlier about talking to him… He couldn’t be actively avoiding you, could he?...
“Ms. (L/N)?” You snap out of your inner monologue at the call of your name, a wave of embarrassment emerging at the sight of Mr. Park, your principal, standing in the doorway of the lunchroom. “I believe you are aware that class has begun?” Without bothering to answer, you dash out into the hallway toward your Physics classroom. Even beneath the anxiety of receiving a detention—Sungjin still lingered somewhere in the back of your mind. 
And you didn’t like the strange feeling stirring inside your chest.
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fallinnflower · 2 years ago
reaction: Day6 confessing
Tumblr media
a/n: i’ve never done one of these before, but i received a request about day6 confessing and figured that meant you wanted a reaction. anon, if you’re out there, i hope this is what you were looking for...
Tumblr media
JAE You and Jae have been friends ever since he moved it Korean to try his luck at becoming a musician. The two of you met via online gaming before eventually realizing you lived realistically close to one another, and the two of you decided to meet up. Jae’s rise to fame really didn’t make you view him any differently (except that it was a little more difficult to make it to his concerts now that tickets were pricier and in higher demand); he was still the same meme-loving boy you’d always known. 
When you first met Jae, you’d been shocked at how attractive he was in person — the two of you had jokingly flirted online, but you hadn’t actually expected him to be funny and good-looking. However, knowing he wanted to be an idol, you decided to keep your feelings under wraps; you didn’t want to end up jeopardizing the career he’d left his home to pursue, after all. It would break your heart if Jae’s talents went to waste because of you. 
Even though his rise to fame made him busier, he still made time to game with you online (or in person, if he had time). It was less than a week since they’d returned from their most recent tour circuit, and while you’d told Jae to take it easy you had trouble refusing his offer for you to come over for games. So, you donned low-key clothing and made your way to the dorm, where you were met at the door by a pajama-clad Jae. 
“Did you even brush your hair today?” You asked, reaching out to try and brush the wild strands down. Jae shrugged. 
“Nope.” You couldn’t help but laugh as you hung your jacket by the door. “I have everything set up, though.” 
You followed him into the living room, dropping down onto the floor beside him and draping your legs across his lap before he could say anything. He shot you a look, but didn’t make any move to remove your legs — he just passed you your controller as you stuffed some chicken in your mouth, and gaming commenced. 
It had been over half an hour of pure gaming banter before Jae decided to take a chicken break, and as the two of you leaned back and chatted about how your lives had been during Day6’s tour, Jae sighed. 
“Touring is cool, MyDays are always lit,” he said, “But I missed this. I missed you.” You nudged him with your elbow. 
“Are you sure you aren’t sleep deprived? You’re getting all soft.” Jae just laughed. 
“Maybe.” Suddenly, he leaned in close, so that your noses were almost touching, “I like you even when I’m rested though.” After watching you turn shy, Jae leaned back and continued,
“Wanna go out sometime?” You smirked,
“Only if you can win the next game.”
He did, and the rest is history.
Tumblr media
You’ve known Sungjin for a while, having worked at JYP around the time Day6 debuted. Although you had since switched jobs, you kept in contact with a handful of the idols you had met during your time there. At the time, you’d been shocked that Sungjin wanted to keep in contact with you — you’d assumed it was out of sheer politeness, but politeness wouldn’t require him to message you nearly everyday. Even as Day6’s schedules ramped up, he still managed to find the time to at least send you a ‘good morning’ and a ‘good night.’
Somehow, despite a greater physical distance growing between you, you found yourselves getting closer and closer. 
You’d always thought Sungjin was attractive, ever since you’d first found him in a practice room. At the time, of course, you’d opted to do nothing about it for the sake of your job — and because he was an idol, so how would you even stand a chance? — but now it was becoming increasingly hard not to catch feelings for him. 
When Day6’s first international tour was announced, you were one of the first people to know outside of JYP staff. You’d congratulated Sungjin, but at the same time your heart felt heavy. Surely he’d be too busy to message you every day when he was so far away, seeing so many new things and meeting so many new people. You tried to ignore that feeling, but in the day they were meant to leave the heavy feeling came back tenfold. You hadn’t even been able to see him between the time of the tour’s announcement and their departure, you’d been too busy at work. 
Be sure to send pictures! You sent, and after a bit of hesitation followed it up with, Try not to forget about me on tour~
You expected it to take him a while to respond, but your phone pinged almost instantly. 
I could never forget about you, Y/N. I like you too much, he wrote. And then, before you could reply, Let’s talk when I get back, okay? I want to tell you that in person.
Suddenly, you couldn’t wait for their tour to start — just so it could end.
Tumblr media
You met Brian in college. He wasn’t around often, because of his schedule as an idol, but the two of you had been assigned a project together early in your first year and since then had tried to partner up whenever possible. Since you were in the same degree program and shared multiple classes, it was usually just a matter of convincing the professor that it was easier for you and Brian to work around his schedule than it would be for any student. (It wasn’t really all that easy, but since it was for Brian you were willing to put up with it. You’d been smitten at first sight, as corny as it sounded — but how could you resist a smile like his?)
In exchange for your hard work, Brian usually got you tickets to their shows whenever possible, and you attended each one even if it meant rearranging your schedule to be hellish. You never passed on an opportunity to hear one of your favorite voices in the world, or to support one of your closest friends. 
The two of you not only shared a degree and a passion for music, but also a love of food. The two of you were constantly sending each other links and Instagram posts, adding to an ever-growing list of restaurants to try out. Of course, you had to be discreet if you wanted to go together, but you’d managed to do it before — for as good-looking as he was, Brian was pretty good at blending into crowds. 
After graduation, you’d worried you wouldn’t really be seeing as much of Brian — and while you should have been excited to graduate, it was hard to be when you thought you might be losing touch with someone you had come to care so deeply about. Even during the ceremony your feelings were mixed; however, as all the students went inside to change out of their robes, Brian gently pulled you aside. 
“Since we’re both going to have more free time now, I figured it would be a good time to ask,” he started, smiling that adorable smile. “Y/N, will you go on a date with me?”
That very night, you checked another restaurant off your list — but this time, as a couple.
Tumblr media
Wonpil was full of surprises. You’d known he was destined to do great things from the moment you met him — actually, you’d felt that way about every member of Day6 when you met them during the filming of “Congratulations,” but there was just something extra special about Wonpil. You understood immediately why people referred to him as a happy pill after their debut, and you’d felt honored that he wanted to stay in touch with you despite your relative unimportance in the industry. 
As the both of you worked your way up in the entertainment business, with him in the spotlight and you behind the scenes, you actually managed to work together more often. Day6 liked you and your work, so they were able to request you from time to time. It was after a long day on set that Wonpil pulled you aside and handed you a pastel pink envelope. 
“Don’t open it until you get home, okay?” He said, and despite your confusion (and honestly your concern, because he looked pretty red in the face) you agreed. 
When you finally got home, you immediately opened the envelope and unfolded the note inside. Before you could start reading, you were distracted by a ticket falling into your lap — and not just any ticket, but one to a special exhibit opening gala at a museum you’d been raving to Wonpil about when it was first announced. You’d told him you were concerned you wouldn’t get a ticket to even see the exhibition, let alone go to the opening gala with the artist present, because the artist had had a recent spike in popularity. Already fighting back tears at his gesture, you looked down at the letter. 
Dear Y/N, I’ll be waiting, if you’ll have me. Your (potential) Date, Wonpil
Despite the late hour, you immediately texted Wonpil to find out what color tie he was planning to wear. After all, if this was going to be your first date, you had to be sure you did it right.
Tumblr media
You’ve been friends with Dowoon for as long as you can remember — long before he ever became a part of Day6, he was a part of your life. The two of you were stuck together like glue throughout most of your childhood, and even though you both had gotten significantly busier since then you still dedicated a large amount of time to each other. You were a regular at the dorms; since Dowoon spent most of his free time there, so did you.
Your relationship with Dowoon had never really advanced beyond friendship, though many people assumed it had. The two of you were really two peas in a pod, balancing each other pretty much perfectly. Jae and Brian took every opportunity to not only tease you about your relationship, but also hype you up about it — as far as you knew, they didn’t give Dowoon nearly as hard a time about it as they gave you. As much as you wanted them to stop, it was heartwarming to know that they thought you two were a good match, because you’d thought that for a long time. You were just… too scared to make a move.
So you let the boys tease you, with the promise that they wouldn’t breathe a word of your crush to Dowoon himself. 
The new year rolled around, and you asked Jae about his resolution as you waited for Dowoon to bring snacks back to the living room. 
“Go on a date,” Jae laughed. You snorted in reply and flopped back against the base of the couch. 
“Right? Maybe we should both get on some dating apps or something. We could proofread each other’s profiles,” you snickered, and Jae shrugged. 
“Who knows. You kids have fun.” You stuck your tongue out at him, only proving his point really, and as the door closed behind him Dowoon returned to the living room. However, whereas he’d been smiling when he left for snacks, he now had a deep crease between his brows. 
“Hey,” you said, poking at his furrowed forehead to try and smooth it out. “Turn that frown upside down—”
“Are you really unhappy?” He asked, looking a bit like a kicked puppy. Now both your brows were furrowed, but it seemed to be different emotions you were portraying. 
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“You said to Jae you were going to get on dating apps,” he clarified. “Are you that unhappy with me?” You blinked at Dowoon once, then twice, trying to make sense of his question. His expression didn’t change, his dark, earnest eyes gazing into yours. 
“Dowoon, what...? We’re not dating,” you finally managed to say, feeling your face heating up. Dowoon’s expression went from angry and sad to pure confusion.
“We’re not?” He asked. You felt like you were having a stroke or something. Was this a dream?
“I mean, you never asked me out or anything,” you said, thoroughly confused. Suddenly, Dowoon’s cheeks began turning red, and he let out an awkward laugh as he ruffled his hair. 
“Oh. I thought it was obvious I like you.” You feel as though someone has punched you in the stomach. You dropped your head into your hands. 
“Dowoon, you’re so lucky I like you,” you groaned, feeling thoroughly exhausted by the whole situation. You moved to rest against Dowoon’s side, eyes closed — the need for a nap was suddenly very real. For a while, there was no sound but your breathing and the faint sound of videos playing on Dowoon’s phone as he gently stroked your hair. However, just as you were about to fall asleep—
“So, does this mean we’re dating now?”
“If you let me nap, yes,” you grumbled, muffled by the material of his sweatshirt. 
He let you sleep.
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kbandtrash · a year ago
Who Are You? (Day6 Urban Fantasy AU)(Part 1)
Everything in Dowoon’s life seemed to be falling apart, so he thought he had nothing to lose. His mistake was falling for a demon.
Yoon Dowoon x Reader
Warnings: Family death
Word count: 1.4k
Sometimes Dowoon felt worthless.
One of those times was the night before when he received the call from the police back home. He remembered clearly what they had said, after giving him a small pep talk. 
“Sorry, but your whole family perished in a fire today. Sorry that we couldn’t save them.”
He gripped his pencil tightly as he tried to forget what had happened, because then, maybe, he might wake up and realize it was all a nightmare--not real. He stared at the paper in front of him, forcing his brain to work, but it was no use; he was burned out from all of his sobbing and hoping that they would come back. All he could think about was how they had died so suddenly. 
He knew his family; they were very careful with what they did and were quick to recall anything and everything. Dowoon bit back dry sobs, him being in English class right then. He tried to focus on the task at hand: his vocabulary test. He was angry and tired and didn’t have room for thinking right then, so he put down his pencil and raised his hand. His English teacher, Ms. Lee, was very kind, and she nodded at him. 
“May I go to the bathroom?”
She looked concerned but nodded again. He heard some groans behind him as he left because that meant the other students couldn’t leave unless it was an emergency. He knew he didn’t necessarily have a problem, but he needed to clear his head badly. 
The halls were, for the most part, empty of all students, and hardly anyone sat outside in the chilly autumn weather. Dowoon mostly avoided open doors and headed anywhere. He could hardly think about where he was going, when he ran into another student, looking down at his phone. They both jumped back from each other, the student almost dropping his phone in the process. 
“Ah, sorry,” Dowoon said politely, bowing a little. The student adjusted his glasses and flicked his blonde hair away from his face. 
“It’s no problem,” he offered, his confident voice giving Dowoon some comfort. “We wouldn’t have bumped into each other if I hadn’t been looking at my phone, so don’t be sorry. I should apologize.” They nodded at each other with small, welcoming smiles. Dowoon knew he should be getting back to class, but the student started talking again. “Uh, I’m Jae. I’m new here.”
Dowoon nodded. “Oh, then welcome, Jae. I’m Dowoon.”
Jae threw a grin at him. “The famous Yoon Dowoon? Basketball master?”
“Am I famous, really?” he wondered aloud. Jae chuckled, nodding. “Well, that’s pretty cool. I’m not a ‘basketball master’, though. I just play.”
“Well, I’d like to see you again. Maybe we could play a game together sometime?”
“Uh, I guess we could…” he said, pausing. “I’ve got to get back to class, see you around.” He tried to smile again, but he couldn’t. Instead, he simply gave a nod and then hurried back to English. Jae waved at his retreating figure, smiling. 
Dowoon made it to class within five minutes and quickly sat down in his seat. Almost instantly, three students in front of him raised their hands. Dowoon rolled his eyes at them and was glad to see Ms. Lee ignore all of them. He picked up his pencil again and looked at the words on the paper. His mind was somehow much clearer than it had been before, and he smiled to himself at that thought. Quietly, he copied down what he remembered. When he looked up, the other students were still working, though some seemed to be doodling on their pages or avoiding working at all. 
He watched as a few students stood to hand their papers to Ms. Lee. He followed slowly, hoping he wouldn’t attract too much attention. Those hopes were lost when a leg stuck out in front of him and he toppled to the floor in surprise. Some idiots in the back of the room laughed louder than others, but Dowoon was sure everyone was laughing at least a little. He felt his ears get hot and he stood in embarrassment. 
The girl who had stuck out her leg stood with him. She bowed, her loose hairs not quite returning to their place when she stood straight again. “I am so sorry, Dowoon. I really did not mean to do that!” He scanned her face and could immediately tell she really was sorry. 
“Well, I’m okay, so it’s fine.”
She had turned red in the face, which only made her look cuter than she already was; a slightly chubby face, messy brown hair, and a certain sparkle in her eyes that said she was friendly. 
She sat quickly, but a boy called out. “Mina, how’d you make him fall for you?”
Dowoon ignored him and handed in his paper to Ms. Lee, who had shut the boy up. As he made his way back to his seat, the girl, Mina, lowered her head apologetically again. He only shrugged and sat down again. The rest of the class went quickly because Dowoon was lost in his thoughts again. 
His ears were ringing; all he could hear was the voice of the officer over the phone. Your family has perished. Dowoon tried to remind himself that they were watching him from heaven, but he suddenly felt so hopeless without their support and guidance. He had gotten back to his apartment an hour ago and he was already lonely. He didn’t have any roommates, and he didn’t have many friends. Sure, he had his basketball team, his older friend, Sungjin, and his cat, but he felt empty without getting any call from his sister. 
A ding came from his phone and he reluctantly picked it up. It was just a text from the team, with a picture of the practice schedule. He sighed and chose to ignore it. He turned to his pile of homework on the edge of his bed and sighed, grabbing it slowly. He just didn’t feel like moving at all. 
Another text noise turned Dowoon’s attention back to the phone. This time, it was Sungjin.
Sungjin: Hey, Dowoonie! What’s up?
Dowoon: Not much. You?
Sungjin: I don’t know, man. You sure there isn’t anything up? You haven’t been to the music room since Tuesday. 
Dowoon: Oh, whoops. I got caught up in homework I forgot about…
Dowoon debated on whether or not to tell him, but he had already sent the message. He would just bring it up some other time.
Sungjin: Okay, then… I’ll come over and help you
Dowoon: Thanks, you’re the best :)
He quickly picked up his small room a little, for Sungjin and for himself. He took the time to clean and clear his head. Sungjin was quick to arrive. He was wearing his big gray sweatshirt and his hair had clearly suffered from the cold wind outside. He had a smile on his face anyway and gave Dowoon a high-five immediately. 
“Have you had lunch yet?” Sungjin asked, taking his shoes off and inviting himself onto Dowoon’s bed in the next room. Dowoon shook his head, looking at the time. It was almost one already. “I can make some ramen for us before we work together. Get as much of your work done.”
“Sure thing, Hyung. Thanks for coming.”
“It was no problem. I was at the music room so I was close by.”
Dowoon set to work, his problems already forgotten. Sungjin was in the small kitchen, making the ramen happily. After a few minutes of silence, Dowoon put on some music, making Sungjin jump when the first song that came on was I’m A Loner by CNBlue. But within seconds, they were both rocking out, Sungjin singing along and Dowoon using his pencil to tap a beat. 
After a few more songs, the food was done. Dowoon took a break from the stack of papers he had been slowly working through. Sungjin sat at the small kitchen table and happily began to slurp up the noodles, while Dowoon took out a pair of chopsticks and sat. They ate in silence, except for the sounds of eating. Dowoon normally would’ve enjoyed the quietness, but he felt suffocated in it; he needed to talk to someone badly. 
“Sungjin…” he began warily, unsure if he should ruin his hyung’s joyful mood. 
“Yes, dongsaeng?” he answered immediately, putting down his chopsticks. 
“I’m actually… not fine.”
Part 2
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March 15th
Master List
**Before you read this, I gotta say, this is my favorite story I wrote this year, it was so much fun to write and I really hope you like it!**
“Incoming mail ship.” Wonpil’s head shot up so fast, he smacked it on the duct he was repairing. “Ship docking in port 14. Let’s remain calm this time folks, the captain doesn’t want any more incident reports before we get home.” At the sound of his friend’s voice over the intercom, Wonpil, let go of the screwdriver he was holding, letting it float next to the open duct cover. 
“Chan, I’m expecting a package, and it’s super important.” 
“From your wife, right?” The younger man inquired, kicking off from the wall to propel himself towards his superior. Wonpil can’t help the grin on his face. 
“Yeah, I got a transmission from her a month ago saying she sent me something, so I’m expecting it soon.” Both men grinned at this. “So I’ve gotten the last of the wiring soldered, but I need you to recoat it, troubleshoot and run a final diagnostics, and if I’m not back by the time that’s done, put the panel back in place and send me the reports.” Chan salutes, a cheesy grin on his face. 
“Yes sir, take your time boss.” Wonpil nods, moving to the closed door at the end of the hall. 
“Sector 113, gravity activated.” Both boys boots thump onto the floor, followed by the clank of multiple tools. Wonpil leaves the corridor quickly, turning the gravity back off and gives Chan one more salute before making his way to the ports. 
The I.S.S Moonrise was the first ship of its kind, a high tech, orbital colony floating in the vastness of space, just past the edge of the Milky Way, a months journey from most of the inhabitant’s home planet of Earth. Wonpil was one of the lucky ones, only on the station for 18 months, 20, if you include the 2 months of travel to get there and back. As the current head of engineering, he got a lot more free reign of the station than most of its inhabitants, which were a mix of scientists, farmers, and historians. 
“Paging Kim Wonpil, where are you Pil?” The voice over his comms made him roll his eyes. 
“Why are you using the comms to annoy me, Jae?”
“First of all, it’s hyung.” 
“No one’s used that term in almost 50 years, give it a rest.” 
“Then it’s lieutenant.” The man whined. 
“Then you should be calling me Chief Engineer,” Wonpil retorted, opening the hangar doors. 
“Whatever, look Jihyo won't let me grab your package for you.” Wonpil felt like vibrating as he made his way to the group surrounding the mailing ship. 
“No need, I’m right here.” The crowd opens for him to walk through, most either recognizing Wonpil, or the silver stripes on his uniform. He’s shocked to find Jihyo holding a package, as captain of the Hermes, she usually remained in the cockpit while Chaeyoung and Tsuyu handled the mail. 
“I could have delivered it to him, Jihyo.” Jae whines, flipping through the letters he’d received, no doubt from his parents and sister. 
“No can do, Y/n made me promise this box would go from my hand to his.” She punctuated her sentence by placing the small box in Wonpil’s outstretched hand. 
“She came in person then?” Jihyo nodded, grinning as he signed for the mail.
“And she also wanted me to give you this.” She leaned forward, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek, making his face flush red. 
“Aish,” He huffed, hiding his burning face behind his hands as those around them laughed. 
“Come on kid, the Captain asked us to join him for lunch.” Jae slung his arm over Wonpil’s shoulder, though the smaller man simply knocked it away from him, turning back to Jihyo. 
“I’m actually sending something today,” He told her, pulling a small box from his pocket. “Make sure she gets it okay?” 
“No problem.” Jihyo nodded, “Want me to give her a kiss for you?” Wonpil couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled up. 
“No, we’ll save those for when I get home.” 
“See you in two months, Wonpil.” 
“See you then, Ji.” He saluted the woman, before finally letting Jae lead him to Sungjin’s office. Wonpil decided to open the package during lunch, knowing full well that Brian and Dowoon would want to know what you had sent him. 
“Good afternoon Lieutenant Park, Chief Kim.” The robotic voice greeted as the two entered the spacious room Sungjin and the other two boys were sitting in. 
“Nothing is as beautiful as a sunset on Earth, the west coast of America has the best views,” Brian told the youngest boy, who shook his head. 
“No chance, Olympian sunsets are better,” Dowoon argued. Brian turned to his best friend and eternal roommate. 
“Jae, which is better, West Coast Sunsets or Olympian sunsets?” Jae shrugged, dropping into his seat next to him. 
“Never been to Olympia, so I say West Coast.” 
“What about you, Jin?” The Captain paused mid-bite, to sigh. 
“I didn’t want to be brought into this argument. You argue Earth vs Mars every week.” He grumbled. 
“Then I will end the argument.” Wonpil decided, setting the box on the table. The boys gasped, Dowoon bouncing in his chair. 
“Is that from Y/n?” He asks, earning a nod from Wonpil. “Open it then,” Sungjin ordered, setting down his burger. Wonpil complied happily, and the contents made his heart clench. Resting in the box was a very small pair of shoes, knitted yellow booties, and a small SD card in a plastic case. 
“Oh, she was so little.” Jae cooed, picking up the tiny shoes. 
“They must be the shoes she came home in.” Wonpil realized, “She’s almost a year old.” He sighs, picking up the SD card. “Do you mind, Captain?” He asks, and Sungjin nods, tapping the table to expose the port. 
“Go ahead, I want to see the little one.” He grins. Wonpil inserts the card, and a second later a hologram of his wife, sitting on a bed with a very small child on her lap appears above the table. 
“Oh look at her,” Brian coos. “She’s getting so big.” Wonpil can’t help his smile as he rests his arm on the table, his head following. 
“Hi, babe, and hello boys.” The recording begins. “Since I know the Captain will ask you to play this for him.” She grins, glancing down at the baby on her lap. “Will you say hello to Daddy and your Uncles?” She asks, earning a few baby sounds and a laugh from her daughter. She looks back up, smiling at the camera. “Hyebin says hi.” She giggles. “By the time you get this video, we’ll be celebrating her first birthday. My mom insists on getting her a smash cake.” Wonpil lets out a small laugh, remembering the mess that ensued from his oldest daughter’s first birthday. “And your parents are coming over to celebrate too, they know how much we all miss you.” 
“Is that Daddy?” Another small voice fills the speakers and you look away from the camera, shaking your head. 
“No baby, we’ll call him tomorrow, I’m filming a message for him though, would you like to say hello to him?” A second later, the tiny face of his oldest daughter filled the entire screen, making the boys laugh. “Too close Hyerin, everyone’s gonna be able to see up your nose.” The boys laugh again as the little girl lets out a tiny squeak and darts over to her mother’s legs. 
“Hi, Daddy!” She waves. “I miss you! And uncle Dowoon. Mom says I have to be at least 10 before I can go with you to space.” She pouts the last few words. 
“Why don’t you tell Daddy what you want to be when you grow up?” 
“I wanna be a pilot! My teacher let us play on the simulator at school and I kept the plane up the longest.” You giggled at your daughter's excitement. 
“I told her she had to wait until Sungjin was home for a week before she was allowed to go bother him.” You shifted, bringing Hyebin up to rest on your shoulder. “Rin, do you remember how old Bin is?”
“She’ll be a year old on the 19th next month.” Rin nodded, climbing onto the bed next to her mother. 
“And how old will she be when daddy gets home?” 
“16 months.” 
“So how many months till Daddy gets home?” Rin pauses, counting on her fingers.
“Five!” She finally exclaims, looking to her mom for confirmation. 
“Exactly.” You nod, patting Hyebin’s back as she begins to fuss. “Rin, can you do Mommy a favor and go get Binnie’s pacifier out of her bed?” 
“The elephant, right.”
“That’s right, thank you, baby.” You watch for a moment as the little girl runs out of the room. “Oh, and I forgot to tell you, Lilo had her puppies, most of them have been adopted, but I’m letting Rin keep one so she has her own pet.” You smile, “And don’t worry Dowoon, we saved you a puppy as well, she’s staying with us until you get home.” Dowoon cheers, making the boys laugh. “I’ll be going back to work soon, turns out the mission to the probe is ahead of schedule, they want me there when the repairs begin, oh and babe, the shoes in the box, they’re the shoes Bin was brought home in, my grandmother made them, I thought you might like something from home for your desk, just don’t forget to bring them home with you, or my mom might fly out there and mug Brian for them.” Brian huffs, setting the yellow boots on the table. Rin comes back into the room, hands her mother the pacifier, and climbs back onto the bed. “Do you want to say anything else to daddy?” 
“I miss you! And don’t feel bad that you won’t be here on my birthday. Mommy said you’ll be closer to me then than ever before, and that we’ll be able to see you from the control room.” Her grin falls into an exaggerated glare. “But don’t be late coming home, and don’t get hurt okay?” She points a stern finger at the camera. 
“Do you want to say bye?” You prompt. 
“Bye-bye Daddy, I’ll see you soon.” She waves, a grin that makes her look like Wonpil on her face. 
“Bye babe, I love you. Stay safe okay?” You pick up Bin’s tiny hand, waving it to the camera. “Say bye to Daddy Binnie.” You let go of her hand, blowing a kiss to the camera. “Come home soon.” With a final set of waves from you and Rin, the recording ends. 
Wonpil’s face is wet, he knows he’s crying, and he isn’t even ashamed of it as he hides his face in the crook of his arm. 
“I know why Wonpil’s crying, why am I crying?” Dowoon mutters. “Why are you crying?” Wonpil looks up to find the youngest man pointing to Brian, who is wiping his eyes on the cuff of his sleeve. 
“Rin’s gotten so big.” He mutters, earning chuckles from the boys. 
“How do you think I feel?” Wonpil asks, wiping his own eyes. “She’s gonna be seven the day I leave.” 
“I can’t wait to get back to Earth.” Jae sighs, “I miss my friends.” 
“I miss New York Pizza.” Sungjin sighs and all the boys groan in agreement.
“Here’s a deal, when we get home, let’s go out for pizza, bring your families or whatever, we can go to Escape From New York.” Wonpil offers. “Maybe not the first night home, Y/n might kill me if I try leaving the house.” There’s another chorus of laughs. “Oh man, three months till we leave.” Sungjin sighs. “I don’t know if I’m ready.” 
“Not ready to give up command yet?” Brian jokes. Sungjin shakes his head. 
“It’s not that, it’s…” He trails off, unsure of what to say.
“Here, everything we do means something incredible.” Dowoon begins, and the botanist looks away from the older boys, shy as ever. “Grow a plant and its next-gen Astro-terraforming, find a microbe in some nebula get to watch a species be born. Every message sent out to the probes, the colonies, it’s all integral to GASEX and the future of human and Xeno interactions. Back home, Mars, Earth, wherever the hell Jae is from.”
“Literally just the lunar colony.”
“Back home, yeah we’re respected, but the things we do, they aren’t breakthroughs, it’s just humans doing human things.” Dowoon finishes. 
“Unless you’re Wonpil, then you go from repairing a spaceship to building them.” Jae jokes, lightening the mood. Wonpil feels his face heat up as he removes the SD card from the table port. 
“Not for too long.” He confesses. “I’ve worked out a schedule, 11 months on, 11 home until the girls are old enough to join me here.” He tells them, earning cheers. “What about you, coming back anytime soon?” 
“I will be. Come January I’m back on the Artemis.” Sungjin tosses a fry in his mouth. “And then I’m really Captain Sungjin again.” 
“I’ll be on Earth for a few weeks before heading back to Mars.” Dowoon begins, stealing one of Sungjin’s fries. “I think I’ll be back here in 13 Earth months.” He shrugs. 
“Well Jae and I aren’t leaving Earth anytime soon. Not till the coming March, I’m lecturing at Incheon BioCenter for a while and he’s gonna be teaching some languages over at The Seoul Communications Institute.” Brian gestures to Jae who grins, flashing a peace sign. 
“So that puts us all back here, coming March?” Sungjin asks. 
“Following January. I’ll be the last one back.” Wonpil informs him. 
“So three months, technically four, and then we can avoid each other until then.” Brian jokes. “Here’s to avoiding you all until ‘56 then.”
The cabin is filled with the clinking of their glasses and for a moment, everything is normal.
Three months pass quickly, and soon finds Wonpil leaving the ship in the capable hands of Chirs Bang, Im Jaebeom becoming the temporary captain of the Moonrise and Jae successfully shutting up long enough to make his kissing the girl he’d been crushing on goodbye, something out of a romance novel. Wonpil watched his box of belongings, everything he’d collected from different planets and trade ships, being loaded onto the small ship that would carry him home with a heavy heart. This was one of those moments of belonging two places and having to choose between them. 
And then they were setting off, Sungjin expertly piloting them back to the Milky Way, Jae standing as communications, and Jinyoung as navigation. The month passed in the blink of an eye, between rousing card games, basic repairs, and quiet conversations about home, and soon, they were whizzing past Mars, with Dowoon’s face glued to the porthole. 
“This is the S.S. Artemis, we’re just outside Earth’s Atmo, ETA 6 minutes.” Jae’s professional voice barely masked his glee as he watched the sun peek over the planet’s edge. 
“Welcome back to the Milky Way, Artemis. How do we look, Lieutenant Park?”
“Blue, and beautiful.” Jae breathed. “Feels good to be home.” 
“Let’s get through atmo first.” Jinyoung chided. “Then we can celebrate.” 
“Right, ladies and gentlemen, begin reentry preparation.” Sungjin’s command echoed through the small craft’s intercom. “We land in Seoul Spaceport in 6 minutes, let’s not be late.” 
The first person off the ship was Sungjin, who earned a round of applause as he paused at the top of the exit stairs. He was followed quickly by Jae, who flung himself onto the nearest tree, hugging it like a lost lover. Wonpil was among the last to set foot on dry land, and he had the strongest urge to just lay in a flowerbed for a few hours. Instead, he dropped his sunglasses over his eyes and shouldered his bag, following the other engineers towards the flashing cameras. 
“I see them!” The shrill voice of his daughter made Wonpil break into a grin, dropping to his knees and opening his arms for a hug. He watched his daughter fly past him, directly into Dowoon, and before he could react he found himself flat on his ass, a furry body pressed into his chest. 
“Hello Lilo, how’s my girl been?’ He greeted the border collie, accepting the kisses she was planting on his chin. “Oh yes, I missed you too.” Finally dislodging the dog, he turned, finding Hyerin chattering excitedly to Dowoon while Brian laughed at him from a distance. Standing he snuck up to the girl, picking her up unexpectedly, making her shriek and giggle. “What do you think you’re doing?” He asked, spinning her around. “Daddy!” She cried, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek. “I didn’t see you.” 
“Did you really, or did you get distracted by Dr. Yoon?” Your voice made Wonpil turn quickly, grin expanding so much it hurt. There you were, after 20 long months, hair pulled mostly away from your face, sunglasses perched on the crown of your head, and his baby sleeping on your chest. 
“Please, Y/n, just call me Dowoon, you make it so formal,” Dowoon whined, but Wonpil wasn’t really listening. He surged forward, still holding Rin, free hand coming up to your face to pull you in for a long-awaited kiss. 
“I have seen the cosmos, more nebulas than I can count, and the birth of hundreds of stars, and nothing, nothing compares to seeing you again.” He whispered, pressing his forehead to yours. 
“Except maybe Pizza,” Jae whispered, leaning on your shoulder. The group began laughing, and you gave Wonpil one more kiss before turning to the other boys. 
“Welcome home boys.” You grinned, giving each one a hug and introducing them to Hyebin who had just woken up. Rin remained firmly attached to Dowoon’s leg once let on the ground and Wonpil couldn’t even be upset, especially once his arms were quickly filled with Hyebin. 
“Hello, little one.” He grinned, watching the way her eyes grew big as he spoke. “My little Binnie, you have a whole galaxy in your eyes, and the universe at your fingertips.” He cooed and the little girl giggled, her chubby fingers going to grab his cheek. 
“And lucky for us, we have stardust in our veins.” You piped in, arm coming to wrap around your husband’s side as you all walked to your car. 
“For now, let’s just keep our boots on solid ground, sound good?” He asked, and you looked up at him, shooting him a wink and the kind of smile that made him fall for you in the first place. 
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sixdaysoffluffyday6 · a year ago
Blood - Chapter Four
tw - use of knives, blood drinking, swearing.
"Y'know, Jae. There is one thing you can do to make it up to me..." Said Younghyun, his signature smirk seeming to have come back.
"And that is?"
Younghyun pinned Jae against the wall and moved closer to him. He slowly leaned into Jae's neck, licking his lips slightly. He leaned in more, and pierced Jae's neck, taking a taste of Jae's blood.
Younghyun immediately backed away and made a face of disgust, "That's...not pure human blood. Why are you here and what do you want?"
This time, Younghyun wasn't the one smirking. Jae grabbed Younghyun and took his place, pinning Younghyun against the wall. He grabbed his knife from his belt and held it to the young prince's throat.
"Listen here, your majesty," Jae says in a mocking tone, "I don't want to do this. I really don't. But it's not like I have a choice. I'm sorry, Younghyun."
Jae's hands were trembling. He didn't know why, but then again, he did things around Younghyun not knowing why. It was like he couldn't stop himself, he just did. Like he was under some kind of spell.
Younghyun looked up at Jae with what almost looked like fear in his eyes, "No, Jae. Please! We can come to an agreement. I'll do anything, just don't...don't end it here."
Jae knew he shouldn't have, but he takes the knife away from Younghyun's throat and tucks it back into his belt, "Y'know, you're the first one I've ever spared. Make sure that you don't change that. But go ahead, I'm listening."
Younghyun let out a breath he didn't even realize he was holding, he gulped.
"Jae, it was my dad who sent you, right?"
"Yeah. But trust me, I'm not here by choice."
"Whaddya mean?"
"Your bitch of a father, no offense-"
"None taken, he is a bitch."
"True. But yeah, he said he was going to...y'know, kill the only person in my life who I have left. And there's no way in fuck I'm letting that happen."
Younghyun leaned in slightly, looking Jae dead it the eye, "So, if we both hate my dad that much, why don't we go against him?" Jae choked on air, "What? Are you insane?"
"Let's not ask that question. But seriously, I'm the fucking prince of vampires! And you're...a cool killer dude."
"Sure, I'll take that. But I'm half human."
Younghyun raised an eyebrow, "That...makes a lot of sense. You definitely have the taste of human blood, but there's something else, too. That shit's nasty. If ya don't mind me asking, what is that in your blood?"
"Well, um, I'm kinda a demon. Not gonna go into anymore detail because my life is absolutely tragic and I am not proud to be one of bitches. But I do get dark magic, so that's cool."
Younghyun smiles at Jae, "That's great! I'm the fucking vampire prince and you're part demon! We can be the dream team! So, whaddya say? You and me, going up against my dad?"
The excitement in Younghyun's voice gave him a childish look. It was kind of... cute? And it was hard to resist.
Jae couldn't.
Jae sighs, still smiling, at Younghyun's dorkiness, "Okay, fine. But first, I need you to meet some people. They'll be able to help us. You might even recognize one."
Jae walked up to his apartment door, digging in his pocket for his keys, Younghyun standing behind him. Jae unlocked the door, only to be met with Dowoon and Wonpil on the sofa.
Wonpil sleeping on Dowoon's lap.
And Dowoon, using one hand to scroll on his phone, and the other to hold Wonpil's.
Dowoon looks up at the sound of keys jingling, face lighting up upon the sight of Younghyun. Dowoon jumps up, gently placing Wonpil back on the couch, and then running up to Younghyun and hugging him, "Younghyun! I missed you so much!" Younghyun chuckles, hugging Dowoon back, "I missed you too, Dowoonie."
Dowoon smiles up at Younghyun. In return to Dowoon's enthusiasm, Younghyun gives him a look of confusion, "So, Dowoon. Tell me, who's that?" Younghyun gestured towards Wonpil's sleeping form, "And can I ask why you were holding his hand? I would like to make sure he's up to all my personal standards and is completely safe. I will not let anyone hurt my best friend."
"Jesus, Younghyun, he's just...a friend. Actually, maybe a bit more but, um, moving on." Dowoon says, ears turning a bit red.
Jae, who was awkwardly standing in the back, not wanting to interrupt Dowoon and Younghyun's moment, walks up to Wonpil and slaps him with a pillow, "Wake up, you piece of shit! We have a guest!"
Wonpil groans, sitting up in his seat, "Goddamnit, Jae, why are you so mean? Wait...that's the prince. Oh shit. That's the prince." Wonpil says, looking over at Younghyun. Wonpil, in a rush, tries to fix his hair and clothes, "I'm sorry, your majesty." Though Wonpil wasn't a vampire, the prince was respected madly by almost everyone who knew of his existance.
Younghyun ruffles Dowoon's hair, "Ooohh, I like this one, Dowoonie." He says, smiling, "I can understand why you like him so much." Dowoon turns red, looking down at the ground. "And sir," Younghyun continues, "Go ahead and call me Younghyun. If Jae trusts you, I do, too."
"But wait, Jae was supposed to...y'know.." Wonpil says, trailing off.
"Kill me? Yeah, I know. He just couldn't resist this handsome face. Isn't that right, Jae?" Younghyun says, playfully elbowing Jae in the rib.
Soon after, the four boys became rather close, all bonded with a similar goal: Take down the king.
Jae just always hated him.
Younghyun despised his father's dislike for his interests.
Dowoon was sick of being treated as just a mere slave.
And Wonpil... just didn't like the king because no one else did, either.
"So, y'all. How're we going to do this?" Jae asked.
"I think I know someone who can help. He's pretty good with people, and I'm sure he can help. And he definitely knows how to handle himself in a fight." Dowoon replied.
"Well then, Dowoon. I trust you. We'll go meet him tomorrow morning."
The rest of the night was spent with the boys playing video games and then proceeding to scream about them. And Wonpil screaming. As always.
Jae was leaned over in his chair, staring at the tv, smashing the buttons on his controller with no mercy. Overwatch was one intense game.
"YOU FUCKING FUCKS! GET ON THE POINT!" Jae shouted. Thank the gods he didn't plug his mic in. As Jae died once again, Younghyun snatching the controller out of his hands, "Leave this to me. I'll show you the real way to play."
As Younghyun exited the spawn point, it was like something possessed him. He was calm and serious, getting team kill after team kill. Within a matter of a few seconds, Younghyun had his ultimate ready.
Yet another team kill.
And then he got himself play of the game.
Handing the controller back to Jae, Younghyun smiles, "That's how it's done, sweetheart."
Jae took the controller back, not even daring to make eye contact with Younghyun. Mostly because he was an Overwatch god, but also because he just got called sweetheart by a handsome prince and his face was tomato red. Of course, Jae didn't see Younghyun as more than a friend, if he could call him that. He just saw him as a friend. A friend who just-so-happened to be hot as fuck.
Younghyun smiles softly and ruffles Jae's hair, "You look cute when you're all flustered. Am I really that fabulous?" He asked jokingly. But hey, he kind of was.
Wonpil comes running into the room the very next second, "GUYS, IT'S MY BIRTHDAAAAY!"
Jae sighs.
Younghyun smiles.
Dowoon shyly pokes his head into the room, "Can I make him a cake?"
Wonpil lights up, "Yay! I love cakes!"
Jae shakes his head, "Go ahead and make a mess of my kitchen, won't cha?"
Younghyun runs into the kitchen, "WHOOP WHOOP FOR CAKE!"
Soon enough, they had a cake sitting on the counter, waiting to be frosted. But the kitchen was a mess. There was flower everywhere. Mostly in Jae's hair from Younghyun playing throwing some at him and Wonpil tossing the whole bag at him, telling him to "Cheer up!"
Now, they all sat around the table, staring at the cake, having an invisible war with their eyes. Who was going to frost the cake?
Wonpil looked at Dowoon. Younghyun looked at Jae. Dowoon looked at Wonpil. Jae looked down at himself, but then at Younghyun, "Y'all, maybe Younghyun should do it. As an apology for us planning to murder him, a peace offering." 
Younghyun was quick to say no, saying that Dowoon should do it instead.
Eventually, Younghyun frosted the cake, and did a damn amazing job. Jae was just about ready to start calling him Mr. Perfect. What could Younghyun not do? 
He was... pretty much perfect.
Jae was snapped out of his thoughts by everyone sticking a candle into the cake and clapping.
Younghyun started singing, "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!"
Jae was shocked by Younghyun's voice, he could sing, too? But he joined in anyways, harmonizing with Younghyun. Dowoon joins in as well, staying quiet, not wanting to ruin the moment. But Dowoon starting singing a bit louder when Jae gave him a reassuring smile.
"Happy birthday, dear Wonpil! Happy birthday to you!" They said in unison.
All of them clapped and screamed and buried Wonpil in hugs.
Even Jae, who "hated" Wonpil.
Wonpil, who was overjoyed, was feeling especially confident, "So, Dowoon. I know we haven't known each other for too long, but,, fuck it."
He pulled Dowoon closer, forgetting about everyone else in the room. He looked deep into the young wolf's eyes,
And he leaned in,
Closer. And. Closer.
Until there was no space left.
Hi, this is Ash lol. Just wondering, if anyone wants me to tag them every time I post a chapter, please let me know! Send an ask, dm me, reply to this post, whatever you want. See ya! :) 
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Ways to Fall in Love Series
11. In a classroom
Genres: fluff, angst, high school au
Pairing: Reader & Jae (Day6)
Words: 2.4k (00:10)
Note: (Requested) • this took way too long I'm sorry!! If you're not satisfied feel free to say so
Something clicked.
Jae didn't know what, exactly, had shifted in his brain to make him feel this way, but suddenly everything seemed different. He woke up that morning with something curling in his chest; a feeling vaguely familiar yet so new. His eyes needed to blink away the blurriness of the morning, but something never truly got out of the way.
When he went down for breakfast—a variation of eggs his mom made for him every day—he couldn't help but feel that something was wrong. The smile his mom gave him as she served his sunny-side-up eggs had him questioning its authenticity. Was she smiling at him because she loved him? Or because she was his mother?
His backpack felt heavier today. There were no extra books in it or anything, in fact, he even left some at home. Maybe it wasn't the weight making him slouch on his way to school.
As he got closer, more and more students passed him in their uniforms, all seeming to be moving twice as fast as Jae. Or, he should say, he was moving twice as slow as everyone else.
The front doors daunted Jae before he could walk in, staring at him like he shouldn't dare walk through them in the first place. He trudged in anyway. 
He saw none of his friends until second period, which he shared with two; Younghyun and Wonpil. When he walked in, they were already in their unofficial seats, one saved for him, talking cheerfully about who knows what.
"Jae, good morning!" Wonpil greeted, interrupting whatever Younghyun was trying to say. His smile was bright, too happy for a kid about to do calculus. It reminded Jae of his mother's smile.
Was Wonpil really happy to see him? Or had it grown into routine to say good morning?
Jae barely registered that he didn't say good morning back and completely missed the wavering of Wonpil's now unsteady smile. Younghyun nodded a hello, oblivious to the sudden tension between the other two.
Younghyun must have become tired of Jae. Too tired to even say anything at all. That had to be it, right? His friends were getting tired of him, and, eventually, they'll leave him behind. 
Jae let out a sigh as he sat down, letting his forehead fall onto the desk. He didn't bother taking off his backpack even though it made sitting in the stiff plastic chairs uncomfortable.
"Like I was saying," Younghyun continued, "water isn't wet, for something to be wet…"
Jae stopped listening. For days, Younghyun had been trying to convince them all that water isn't wet, and for some odd reason, he had yet to give up. Jae only properly sat up once his math teacher started talking about irrational numbers.
Lunch came by quick enough, and Jae found an inkling in him that hoped food in his belly would make his dreadful morning disappear. The cafeteria swarmed with teenagers, all looking for food or a place to sit just like Jae. Though, he had a place to go. His friends always had a table, as Sungjin always managed to leave class early and claim one. No one knew how he did it, but Dowoon suspected he bribed his teachers with coffee. 
The boisterous chatter of the cafeteria pounded at Jae's head.
“Look, the scientific method states that there has to be a cause and effect, the--”
Sungjin cut in, “The scientific method has no place in your conspiracy theory.”
“It’s not a conspiracy theory!” Younghyun wined. “Conspiracy theories are when people think the earth is flat or that the moon landing never happened. This is different! Water can’t be wet because--”
“Literally no one cares, Younghyun,” Jae said, sitting down with his lunch in hand, “you’ve been at this for days and we’re all sick of it.”
Jae expected a witty quip back from Younghyun or at least a laugh from anyone else, but the table went silent. He looked up from his lunch to see them all eyeing him. "What?"
"Are you okay, man?" Dowoon asked. "You haven't called him Younghyun since like first grade."
"Yeah, what's up with you today? You're all grumbly and sad-looking," Wonpil said, remembering how Jae acted at the beginning of math class.
Younghyun met Jae's eyes. "Why so hostile? Is everything okay?"
Oh god. Oh no. They all hated him. Even Sungjin, who had yet to say anything, Jae knew he hated him too. All this time, they'd been pretending to like him just because he was the scrawny kid in the playground who couldn't defend himself. For years they'd been humoring him and his stupid jokes and weird voices just because they felt they had to. Their worried smiles as they glanced from each other then back to Jae haunted him, mocked him for being so foolish.
Jae knew now — he knew for sure — that everyone hated him.
He stood up, hastily and uncoordinated, leaving the busy cafeteria before anyone could notice the tears about to break through. He ate the rest of his lunch alone on a bench outside, even though the cool wind bit at him through his thin shirt.
At the end of lunch, Jae half-heartedly threw his apple core at a trash can, not looking to see if he missed or not. He walked into third period, history, with a puffy face and red eyes, and sat down with a heavy sigh. Letting his forehead rest on the desk, he hoped no one would notice him, or at least that no one would ask.
It was seven minutes before class would start that you walked in and saw Jae with his head down and his arms wrapped around himself. You sat down in your assigned seat — to the left of his — ready to pull out your notebook, but paused.
"Afternoon, Jae," you said. 
He looked up at you, forgetting for a moment that he wanted to stay hidden. Making eye contact for only a millisecond, he hid himself back in his arms.
For a short while, you stayed quiet, which Jae hoped meant you were going to mind your own business.
He felt his backpack move, which was strange considering it was sitting on the floor next to his leg. Looking up, he saw you standing in front of his desk with your bag on your shoulders and his in your hands.
"What are you doing?"
You nodded your head towards the door. "C'mon, let's go."
"Go where?" Jae stood up from his desk, swiping his hand at his backpack, but you bounced out of his reach. There were only two other people in the classroom, and thankfully they were too absorbed in their phones to notice anything.
"C'mon," you said again. Walking out, you looked back one more time to see if Jae would follow.
He did.
The hallway quickly cleared of kids once the bell rang, letting Jae follow you without having to weave in between slow-paced groups of friends. "We're not… skipping, are we?"
He watched as you pulled a gaudy keychain out of your bag and stuck it into a door he'd never thought about before. It was a janitor's closet, he'd assumed.
"That depends," you said, sticking your tongue out as you struggled with the lock, "do you skip often?"
You swung the door open with a triumphant smile and gestured for him to enter. "Then this isn't skipping. Think of it as… a mental health break."
Jae walked in to find a room about half the size of every other classroom in the school yet still filled with desks and even a blackboard at the front. From what he could remember, most if not all of the rooms had whiteboards. He ogled at the room, which seemed too small to fit any sort of class but undeniably meant for teaching. No windows, just artificial light from old sticky fixtures. A formula he remembered from middle school was scratched in chalk on the blackboard.
You shut the door behind you. "This used to be the old special needs classroom, when the principal before the one we have now was still ignorant and racist. They've got a much better place now — with couches and stuff."
You sat on a desk, swinging your legs back and forth, hands braced on the edge of the old wood. Jae stayed standing by the back of the room, and he wondered to himself what he was doing. He should just grab his bag back from you and go.
He sat down on a desk across from you.
"So," you said after a moment of silence, "do you want to talk about it? You don't have to if you don't want to, but I'm not really supposed to leave you alone in here." 
After more silence, you pressed your lips together and looked away, your eyes finding home on the blackboard.
It wasn’t necessarily that Jae didn’t want to talk about it, but that he didn’t know what it was. He’d never felt this way before; with the world on his shoulders, not just resting, but pushing down with all its might. The rest of the world was moving much too fast for him -- he just couldn’t keep up. But in here, in this small, abandoned classroom, he felt… 
Well, he didn’t know.
You’d shown up out of nowhere, really. He remembered you from history but couldn’t put a name to your face. He had to have seen you before, somewhere else, right? Maybe he’d seen you at some sort of ball game, or in the debate club, or maybe in the school play. Something about you felt so familiar, yet… he didn’t have a clue.
“How did you get the keys to this place?” Jae asked instead, tired of the quiet.
You turned back to him, smiling. “You caught me,” you said through giggles, “I’m actually the principal’s kid.”
“Principal Bae?”
“The one and only. Most people have no idea because we’ve got different last names, but of course all of my friends know.” You tossed your keychain up and caught them mid-air, the keys clanging together almost obnoxiously. “And you now, I guess.”
Now Jae knew your last name wasn’t Bae, so he was one step closer, you could say.
“And she just lets you go wherever you want?”
You laughed again. It was one of those laughs Jae read about in books. No, not the kind that sounded like tinkling silver bells or whatever, but the kind that made him want to make you laugh even more.
“Definitely not. All I have is the key to this room, the gender-neutral bathroom -- which anyone can get if they ask for it -- and the photocopy room. Perks, maybe, but I’m still not allowed in the staff lounge. Did you know they have this thing called ‘Donut Friday’?”
Jae smiled for the first time that day. “No, no I didn’t know that.”
“See? There’s that smile we know and love!”
The smile on his lips disappeared, hidden under Jae's quick embarrassment. Then he got to thinking again. (Which was never a good thing.) Do people like his smile? He certainly loved making his friends smile, especially Dowoon. He used to be so emo as a kid, but now when Jae made him smile, it made him feel all warm inside.
Maybe his friends hated his smile… because it meant they'd have to keep it up.
"Hey…" you interrupted softly, "you're crying again."
Jae released his grip on the desk, which had unconsciously made his knuckles go white. His bottom lip quivered,and he bit down on it to keep it still. He didn't want to cry in front of anyone, though it was already too late now.
"Do you… want a hug?" You sounded unsure of your own question, as if you couldn't find the right way to comfort him and settled for a simple hug instead.
Jae wanted to say no. He wanted to refuse because he was strong. He could get over this on his own.
He found himself nodding nonetheless and slowly slipped off the desk as he watched you do the same. You didn't hesitate like he thought you might, quickly circling your arms around his torso and pulling him in not tight, but snug. His arms lay limp, too scared to move, but his forehead fell easily to your shoulder as he finally let himself go.
He openly sobbed into your school uniform, the tears soaking through, but you didn't seem to mind. You said nothing, just held him in your arms.
Jae didn't know how long he stayed like that, his head on your shoulder and his heart on his sleeve, but he knew it was too long. He pulled back, sniffled, and looked away from the embarrassingly wet spot on your uniform. Words of apology sat on the edge of his tongue, but he couldn't seem to push them out.
Your arms fell to your side when he backed away, only to bump into the desk behind him. He and you were still so close together in the small space between the columns of desks.
"You should tell your friends what's going on. They're worried about you," you whispered. There was no need for anything louder with only inches between your face and his.
"You don't know that," he whispered back.
You almost laughed, but instead just smiled. "Of course I do. You don't know, Jae. You'll never know how they smile at you when you're not looking. All you can do is trust them."
When had Jae lost his trust in the people he loved, in the people who loved him?
You twisted slightly and picked up his backpack from behind you. Bringing it forward, you handed it to him, guiding his hand with your own to take hold of it.
"Go find them." Your voice sounded so small, Jae was sure that if he was any farther away, he would have heard nothing at all.
He nodded and turned to the door, determined to right his wrongs and return to his friends— his brothers, but paused when you spoke up again.
"Oh, and Jae?" The sound of his name and the clanging of your keys made him turn his head. "Take this."
You'd taken the key to the room off of your eccentric keychain and tossed it to him. He caught it easily, strange, considering how clumsy he usually was, and turned it over in his hand.
"It's okay," you interrupted, shrugging nonchalantly, "I'll just tell mum I lost it or something. Now go."
With one last encouraging smile, you shooed him off.
It was when he was finished crying and laughing and hugging his best friends that Jae realised he never got your name.
Oh well. There was always tomorrow.
And he would definitely get your name tomorrow.
A/N: I wanted to add a message here to anyone that has ever felt this way: the people in your life love you. It's not always about romantic relationships or what you see in movies and think, "why don't I have that?" Sometimes it's as simple as your family — blood related or not — being there when you wake up or your friends making you laugh. Sometimes it's when you look at yourself in the mirror and tell your reflection that you're going to be okay. Because you are
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daysswithyou · 2 years ago
Fallen Chapter 18: Forget
Tumblr media
previous / next
Characters: DAY6 Young K x OC (Rachel)
Genre: angst, fake dating, high school romance, fluff, romance
Author’s note: I am so very, very, very sorry for the slow updates with Fallen >< but here it is – Chapter 18! Please do enjoy :)
What transpired that night is still a haze in your memory. You woke up with a slight headache, your eyes sore from the crying last night. You think back to last night, and you feel your throat constrict, threatening to push the tears back out again. All you can picture in your mind is the look of delirium on his face and his vice-like grip on you. Even the peaceful tranquillity of the morning threatens to be broken by the memory of his repeated apologies resurfacing. Moving deeper into the memory, you remember frisking him, moving from his face down the entire length of his torso. Yet you found nothing amiss - not even the slightest scratch - and you were sure that this memory was not tainted. Nothing about last night added up to any sort of logical scenario – so what the hell happened? The intense thinking made your head pound more, causing you to furrow your eyebrows. Hoping that a cold shower might wash your thoughts away, you attempt to move out from your bed, only to be alerted to a weight against your stomach, your eyes wandering downwards to find an arm draped across it.
Right – Younghyun – he was here with you ever since last night. You remember not being able to get him to move after his intense sobbing last night, the light literally leaving his eyes as he slumps down onto your bed. You figure he could stay for one night, and you'll question him in the morning – so here you were now. In a bed with his sleeping figure beside yours. Gently prying his fingers off you, you proceed without much success when he immediately fists the fabric of your shirt in his hand, not letting you go at all. He mumbles something incoherent as he pulls you back, and you have to lean down closer to hear his whispers. He sounds like he did last night with the repeated apologies, but this time round, he's chanting another word: Stay. You attempt to leave again, desperate for the cool water to relieve some of the tension in your body but his urgent pleading soon becomes frantic, and you turn to lie back by his side, a hand quickly coming up to smooth his hair. The action quickly placated the troubled boy lying beside you. His tight grip on your shirt releases, his voice quietening down till the only sounds left are of his soft breathing. Still, a small frown etches itself onto his face – even in his sleep, he's troubled. You use your thumb to smooth out the frown, but you know it does nothing to quieten down the storm in his mind. What happened to you Younghyun-ah? What exactly are you apologising for? --- The two questions trouble you but no matter how much you think about it, you don't get any answers. You avoid Younghyun for the rest of the week because seeing him only makes things worse. You try to get the answers discreetly from the team, but none of them give you anything remotely useful to work with. All Wonpil and Jae remember are chugging down drinks and laughing themselves silly afterwards, and Sungjin's last memory of Younghyun was asking him to buy ice cream but he never returned afterwards. "What do you mean he never returned?" "Only Dowoon came back with the things, saying that Kang Bra had rushed off somewhere but without giving him an explanation. Then the next thing I know, you're coming to find me to ask about that night. Like right now." Sungjin then bows his head to go back planning for training sessions and it's clear that your time with him is over. Biting back a sigh of frustration, you straighten up from your hunched position over Sungjin, and your eyes land on the last person you want to see right now. Kang Younghyun is standing right behind Sungjin, just a few feet away from you. His wrinkled school uniform brings back flashbacks of the fateful night and suddenly, you can't bear to look at him anymore. Him, on the other hand, stands unmoving as he continues to stare at you. You throw your bag over your shoulders as fast as you can, bidding goodbye to Sungjin in a hushed breath as he lifts an arm towards you in a noncommittal manner. Brian watches you until he can't anymore before moving up the space to stand beside Sungjin, his captain only registering his presence at this moment. "Oh, you're here? Rachel just left though." is what Sungjin says, blissfully unaware of what just happened between the both of you. For the remaining days, you avoided Younghyun like a plague. He just brought you more questions than answers and it was driving you insane. School was already giving you enough of a headache so the additional pressure was unwelcome. You avoided his usual hangout spots, the basketball court, the locker rooms. You even went so far as to not walk past his classroom if you could; you had his timetable lodged in your memory. Despite your efforts, he still managed to find you. It was like a game of hide and seek that you can never win.
You'd catch sight of him walking towards you in between classes, feel him brush past your shoulders ever so slightly before turning into the next classroom.
You were still seeing him for lunch, but that was a no brainer. Questions will be asked should you suddenly avoid the team now, but what you wanted was less questions, not more. Both of you would sit in silence beside one another, shoulders barely brushing the other. You'd try to make small talk when the team turns their attention to the both of you, but the topic never strayed to that night. It was an unspoken rule that it was strictly off boundaries. Thankfully, the team seemed to buy the act, and for that, you were thankful. 
If seeing him around on school grounds wasn't enough, you had to see him outside of school as well. You started bumping into him at the school bus stop more often, and you had the snaking feeling that not all of it was by pure coincidence. You squirmed on your spot, shifting your weight back and forth on the soles of your feet. You tried to ignore his presence but it was impossible.
With time, you had grown accustomed to him. All he had to do was throw a glance in your direction, and you'd just know that it was him. You hadn't even noticed until now, but your body knew him. Your bus rolled into the bus stop right when you contemplated walking to the other bus stop further down to escape him. You may or may not have rushed onto the bus with too much eagerness, and you kept your gaze straight on the floor, worried that if you risk lifting your head up, you'd make accidental eye contact with him. Even when you've settled into your seat, you felt his gaze on you all the way till the bus was too far away from the bus stop. ---
All you wanted to do is fold yourself inwards and completely collapse every time you're around Kang Younghyun, but the show must go on. Although, it seems, that you're the only one acting now. All that he does seems more genuine, with a lot less frivolous acting that he used to do. You nearly dropped the stack of books in your hands when you caught sight of him, his side profile half hidden by the pillar had made you mistaken him for a ghost. You stared at him wide eyed as he walked over nonchalantly to take the books from your hand, and continued on his way despite your vehement protests. They consequently died out when you entered the bustling hallway, not wanting to make a scene. You opted to follow silently behind him, all the while fixing him with a hard gaze. But Kang Younghyun remains to be Kang Younghyun, clearly remaining unfazed by anything under the sun. The casual, backward glance that he threw you over his shoulder was him making it known that he had won this round. During lunch, you watched with wide eyes as he took your lunch tray from you, switching out the dishes that you didn't like with the ones that you liked from his tray. He then pushes the tray back with the same air of nonchalance that he had with the book incident, as if this was nothing new. Your eyes flit between Kang Younghyun and your tray, unsure of what to make of the situation. On one hand, it was obvious what he was doing, but then again, this is new. When he catches you staring, he merely pushes the tray further towards you, gesturing to you with his spoon to start eating. You nod your head in understanding, and Kang Younghyun’s gaze doesn’t leave you until you take your first bite of food.
Fast forward a little into the afternoon, and you found yourself stuck.
The rain falls in steady, heavy drops upon the concrete pavement, the rebounding droplets splashing against your shoes. You tugged your jacket closer around your face, bracing yourself for the run towards the bus stop. Yet, before you can take a step of the grey concrete step, you feel a familiar weight around your shoulder, and the familiar calloused thumb rubbing your skin through the thin fabric of your uniform and jacket.
Kang Younghyun looks down at smaller self as he brings his umbrella over to shelter the both of you from the rain, mentally chiding you for wanting to run in the rain. Instead, he settles for setting his lips into a thin line, and pulls you closer towards his body wordlessly before pushing both of you forward into the rain. Neither of you say anything throughout the short walk, your body reeling from having him so close to you again. When all you can register is the feeling of his hand on your shoulder and his body pressed against yours, that’s when the feeling comes crashing down on you. You miss him. You miss him so much. Your bones ache as your chest thrums with painful longing – longing to just put your arms around him and hold him close.
Yet you stand rooted at your spot when both of you come to a stop, your mind crippling your ability to move. You are jolted out of your thoughts when Younghyun pulls you to move you out of harm’s way, the e-scooter zooming down the pavement behind you just seconds later, the sudden gush of wind causing your hair to ruffle in the wind.
“Are you ok? What’s wrong? Why didn’t you avoid the scooter?”
Cradling your face in his hands, he shifts your head slightly from left to right before he’s satisfied that you’re not injured. Spotting the stray strands of hair, his fingers move to gently shift your hair away from your face, tucking them neatly behind your ear as his other hand on your waist holds you in place. You almost lean into his touch, but he pulls his hand back before you get a chance to subconsciously do it.
The entire time that he was fixing your hair, you had already gotten lost in his eyes. They’re like a blackhole, sucking you into a wondrous galaxy – but – before you can get too lost in them to find your way out, he breaks the spell by breaking eye contact, eyeing the bus that just rolled into the bus stop.
“Rachel, that’s your bus. You should go.”
“Oh. Oh. I should go.”
“Yes, but take this.”
He places the umbrella into your hands before nudging you in the direction of the bus, and it takes a long time for you to finally turn and leave because a part of you just wants to stay and look at him a little more, but the other part of you is just screaming to go. The latter wins eventually, and you tear your gaze away from your face painfully, feeling the painful thrum turn into a crushing ache in your chest. When you settle into the seat by the window, you turn to look at him, and he raises an arm to wave goodbye.
That’s when you notice it: the entire left half of his body is soaked, the wet fabric clinging onto his well-defined muscles.
At this juncture, you can’t decide if you want to hop off the bus and give him a huge hug, or turn away and pretend that you never saw the sacrifice he made for you.
Most of you, you can’t decide what is it that you wanted with him. You had gone such a long time being able to successfully avoid him and your feelings, but all it took was a simple touch to have you crumbling in his hand.
Then there was him. Gone was all the acting – in its place was acts of genuine kindness that made your heart ache for him more, not less. Right when you wanted to push him away, he manages to squeeze into your heart, barely slipping through the small slit but he still manages to do so anyways.
Kang Younghyun, what is it that you are doing to me…
All you can do is bury your head in your hands as you let out a deep sigh of frustration, hoping that which each shallow exhale you took, you could expel more of his presence out of you, hoping to forget.
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warmau · 2 years ago
kofi request: soulmate!au dowoon
you hold up your forearm and squint, looking at the image that’s appeared on your skin 
it wasn’t there last night. and you don’t remember asking to get tattooed either
which could only mean one thing
“it’s your soulmate tattoo”
“yes jae, we know that mr. obvious. but like what exactly is it?”
youngk tilts his head and you move your arm around
at first you thought it was like,,,,,,,just a circle
then you’d tried more guess,,,,a tambourine? a cake? a container of some sorts?
but no matter how much you looked - you just weren’t sure
jae sticks his tongue out at youngk before turning back to you
“it might be some kind of drum - we should ask dowoon about this.”
you nod, you’d considered it might be a drum - maybe a smaller one than you were used to seeing 
but out of all your friends dowoon was sure to know
it was weird that he still hadn’t responded to your text though - usually he’d be hanging out with you and the other day6 members by now
“ill call him!”
jae volunteers and youngk takes a hold of your hand to look at it again
before shrugging
“well it’s not a bass so at least you know your soulmate isn’t me. tragic huh?”
you roll your eyes and tell youngk that you feel bad for whoever is going to end up with him
the two of burst into laughter until jae frowns
“dowoon isn’t picking up,,,,,,think he might be sick?”
“we should go check on him”
“knowing dowoon, he probably just lost his phone somewhere”
you shake your head
“still,,,let’s go see if he’s ok”
dowoon’s apartment is notoriously known for always being unlocked - mostly because he forgets and also because he just,,,,,,doesnt really care
but when you pull on the doorknob - it wont budge
jae knocks, calling out dowoons name 
and then a series of embarrassing nicknames
till finally the lock clicks and dowoon, still in his pajamas answers
he looks ok - until he spots you
then he’s shutting the door, only for it to be stopped by jae’s hand
“dude! what’s going on with you?”
dowoon casts his eyes away from you and the rest of the group
“nothing, im just - the rooms messy-”
“ive literally seen your room before - let me in”
jae insists, putting his weight on the door
dowoon gives in, standing to the side and putting his arm around his back as you shuffle in behind jae
nothing looks out of the ordinary 
and dowoon doesnt seem to have a fever or anything
but he’s acting weird and -
“oh, that’s why you’re hiding your hand?”
you turn,seeing youngk with a smug look on his face pointing to dowoon
who looks like he’s slowly simmering under intense heat
he stutters, his deep voice not masking his obvious embarrassment
youngk takes a hold of dowoon’s hand and in a flash, his forearm is in front of your face
the same tattoo on your hand
is on his
“you two are soulmates”
youngk says, dryly - much opposite to the yell of shock jae lets out
you stare at the tattoo on dowoon’s skin
it’s exactly like yours
“wh-what -”
“it’s a snare drum, now it makes sense”
youngk click his tongue, letting dowoon go who can’t even look up into your eyes
jae starts asking a million questions, but youngk stops him and disappears out the door before you or dowoon can really let the situation sink in
and then you’re both standing there in front of each other
staring at your 
matching soulmate tattoos
“y-you -”
you start and dowoon suddenly covers up his arm with his sleeve
“im sorry it’s me-”
he starts, looking like a castaway puppy
you know where he’s going with this - and you put your hands out to grab the sides of his face
forcing his gaze back onto you
“don’t say that. i just,,,,i just didn’t expect that you liked me”
he flushes a little and you feel it on your palms
“of course i like you,,,,,you’re,,,,,,you’re,,,,” 
he struggles to find the word and it’s adorable
instead he shakes his head a little, puts his hands over yours and sighs
“i know you deserve someone better - maybe sungjin or -”
you have to stop him again, this time taking his hand and carefully pulling his sleeve up
“dowoon - soulmates aren’t a onesided have this tattoo because you like me and i have it because,,,,,”
you lean in, brushing your lips gently on the skin 
and almost sending poor dowoon to the hospital with a heartattack
“i have it because i like you too.”
it’s a sweet moment - you and dowoon finally get to connect in ways you’ve been hiding in your hearts
but you also put a finger over dowoon’s lips when he leans in to kiss you
because you’re pretty sure jae and youngk are trying to stare through the window 
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jbjsflower · 2 years ago
DAY6 reaction - Their crush being in a relationship
Tumblr media
Pairing: DAY6 x Reader
Genre: Kinda angsty & sad
Warnings: None
Requested: Yes~
A/N: Well even tho it was a little angsty and sad I loved writing this and I hope you guys enjoy it as well. Thanks to the lovely anon for the request! Also, I still take requests so go to my profile to leave yours <3
Tumblr media
"I want to cry for you. I want to hurt instead of you, I don’t want any scars in your heart ever again."
- Hi Y/N, I know you might be very busy these days but I wanted to see you. I have something to tell you and I'd like to do that face to face... Please let me know if you're free later. Sungjin hung up the phone after leaving his voice mail for you, hoping you would listen to it and give him an answer that same day. - Will you see her again?- Jae asked. - I hope so.- he replied. Sungjin and you had been friends for a while and he started liking you some time ago, but couldn't find the courage to tell you about his feelings... until  now. He had finally decided to confess to you. Later that day he received a text from you telling him that you also wanted to see him because you missed being together and also had something to tell him. This made Sungjin smile widely, feeling butterflies in his stomach. You were going to meet at a park that was pretty hidden from the public so that you could forget about people following you or taking pictures. Sungjin arrived early and waited for you to come while sitting on a bench. Soon he saw you entering the park and smiled. - It's been a long time.- he told you. - Yeah, I missed these meetings of ours.- you answered happily. You spent hours talking about everything that happened lately, laughing and joking around. It was pretty late already and you both knew you had to return home soon, so Sungjin thought it was the perfect moment. "It's now or never." - Y/N... I have to tell you something.- Sungjin said. - Oh me too, I almost forgot.- you replied. - Oh okay, you go first. - Okay fine.- you answered.- You know this famous actor, Lee Jongsuk? - Yeah of course.- he said. - Okay well, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you before but I wanted to do it face to face... We've been dating for about three months.- you said with a huge smile. - Oh that's...- he started talking.- I'm really happy for you, Y/N.- he continued with a sad smile. - Right? I'm really happy I could finally tell you that. What did you want to tell me? Sungjin took a deep breath. There goes nothing. He knew you wouldn't feel the same but still wanted to tell you how he felt, hoping it wouldn't affect your friendship. - I really like you.- he said. - Sungjin... I...- you answered after a long silence. - I'm not waiting for a response.- he cut you off.- I just don't want to have any regrets in the future.  Return home safely. Then he made his way outside the park while you sat there, watching him leave. He felt the urge to cry, but didn't allow himself to do so. He wanted you to be happy more than anything, so as long as you were, he would feel happy for you. Even if you didn't feel the same, it was okay.
"It’s the only way to make you happy, so I let go, let go, let go."
- Hyung, stop eating ramen!! Leave some food for us.- Wonpil screamed pouting. - It's not my fault that you guys are slow eating.- Jae replied, with his mouth full of noodles. He started paying attention to his phone instead of listening to the guys' complaints about him eating all the food. He scrolled through his twitter timeline, reading some random tweets. Suddenly, a picture caught his attention. Y/N. He had a crush on you ever since you met. You were an extra in one of their videos, an actress from their company. Back in the day you weren't famous, but you got a few good roles in dramas recently that made you gain popularity. You had never talked much to each other, but your bright personality was enough to capture Jae's heart. He had thought several times about how to spend more time next to you, but was never brave enough to make the first step. Despite his awkward self looking like an extroverted guy, he was actually an awkward introverted boy that tried his best to become more social. He clicked the link to the article about you and started reading. "Dispatch confirms that Y/N is now in a relationship with a famous idol." - What the...- Jae said while reading the article. - What's wrong?- Younghyun asked. - Dude... She's dating Mark?- Jae said, looking at the rest of the members. - Who? Who's dating Mark?- Sungjin asked. - Y/N...- he answered, looking at the article again. - What? Y/N? Your crush?- Younghyun asked, noticeably shocked. - Yeah dude... why didn't he tell me? I thought we were friends.- Jae continued. - Maybe they just started dating...- Dowoon replied. - Are you okay?- Wonpil asked. - Yeah... I'm good.- he answered, standing up and walking towards his room. Jae locked himself for a couple of days, working on his music to stop thinking about you. Of course, it was only a crush, but Jae was a sensitive guy and it truly hurt him to hear those news of you dating one of his friends. After a few days of hard work, a new song was ready to come out on their next album, "Letting go". A song that talked about his feelings of struggle, but ended up with him letting you go in order for you to be happy, even if it was with someone else.
"I thought you would be forever in me but gotta let go."
- Ah, why is the convenience store so far from the dorms...- Younghyun sighed. He wanted to cook some noodles but they ran out of it, so he made his way to the closest store, about 20 minutes away from the dorms. Even though it was a little far from there, the walk was enjoyable. It was already dark outside and there was a nice breeze that made the hot summer days less annoying. He walked with his headphones on, listening to some music, when he suddenly noticed you sitting on a restaurant. You were sitting on your own, looking at your phone. Younghyun smiled widely. He had liked you for quite a while, but never had the chance to tell you about his feelings. You were both very busy and barely talked to each other lately. He stood there, looking at you like a fool, wondering if he should walk towards you and at least, say hi. His eyes couldn't stop contemplating you from the distance. Suddenly, a guy sat in front of you and you left your phone aside to pay attention to him. - Who's that?- Younghyun said to himself. He noticed how you smiled brightly and laugh during your conversation. After that, he noticed that the guy sitting in front of you was Chan. He never thought Chan would be interested in you, nor that you would accept to go on a date. Since when did you know each other? He couldn't stop asking these question in his head when suddenly, you turned around, facing him. Younghyun couldn't help but hide his face under his cap and hope for the best. A few seconds later, he looked at you again to check if you were still facing him. Seeing you so focused in your date, he continued walking. When he finally arrived at the convenience store, he bought a couple of bottles of soju as well. Then, he decided to take a different route, just in case you were still in that restaurant. He arrived at the dorms and started drinking. For some reason, he couldn't delete that image of you and Chan. Suddenly, a single tear rolled down his cheek. He didn't usually show this side of him, but seeing you with someone else truly made him feel somewhat sad. Of course, he hadn't planned to interfere in your relationship in any way. He still wished you would be happy with whoever you were, but deep in his heart he also wished he had a chance to be with you.
"I would hold you so you won’t be apart from me for even a moment."
His eyes couldn't help but search for you. It had become his worst habit, looking at you and trying to picture how he would confess to you. It usually made him space out way too much and of course the rest of the members noticed, but he didn't care about that. - When will you tell her?- Jae asked. - I'm waiting for the right moment.- he simply answered. - Dude, there's no right moment, just ask her out already! - Look.- Wonpil said, taking his eyes off you for a second to give Jae a very serious look.- She's not just any girl, okay? I can't just go over there and ask her out. - Why not?? - Because!- he said, almost screaming. His voice made the waiting room go silent all of a sudden, making Wonpil hide his face from the rest of the people who looked at him, including you. - I will do it when the moment comes.- he told Jae after everyone went back to their business. - Alright.- Jae said, getting up from his seat and walking outside the room. Wonpil had liked you for a long time, but he didn't quite know how to approach you. You were an idol as well and you had first met each other during one of their comebacks. Back then, you had perform right before them. You had a conversation that barely lasted more than a couple of minutes, but he had fallen for that smile and sweet personality of yours. He also found really cute how nervous you were and tried to help you calm down a little. After that you had never had a real conversation, apart from greeting each other during awards and shows. - Are you performing today?- you asked Wonpil, sitting by his side, right where Jae had been sitting before. - Oh, yeah.- he answered, suddenly blushing when he noticed how close you were from him.- What about you? You nodded with a smile. - We are having our comeback stage today.- you told him. - Oh I see, good luck.- he said. Wonpil's hands were sweaty and shaking, he always lost it when it came to you and wouldn't even be able to form a sentence. A staff member told you to get ready for stage and Jae's words came back to his mind. How much longer could he wait to ask you out? - Y/N...- he said before you could stand up, his voice completely shaking. - Yes?- you asked, looking him in the eyes. - I was wondering... Maybe we could go out together sometime.- he answered after taking a deep breath.- Like... in a date. - A date?- you asked, your eyes opened in surprise.- Actually I'm... I'm already dating someone else. I'm sorry, I... - Oh, no, it's okay.- he replied smiling. - Are you sure?- you asked, worried that you could hurt his feelings. - Yes.- he answered.- May I know who it is? - Park Jimin.- you said. - I see.- he replied with an awkward laugh.- Well... Even if you love someone else I will still feel the same about you, but of course, I just want you to be happy. - Y/N, we have to go.- a staff member said approaching you. - Oh, okay.- you said, getting up to follow her.- I'm sorry, Wonpil. See you. - Sure. Good luck.- he answered with a warm smile. When it came to you, Wonpil only had pure feelings. He could never wish anything bad to happen to you, neither could he give you any cold or harmful words. He could just offer you a kind smile and nice words, even if he felt hurt or sad. He didn't lie though, Wonpil just wanted you to be happy, even if he wasn't part of that happiness. And his feelings were also genuine. - Hey you still here?- Jae asked him.- Come on, we have to get ready. - Okay.- he said following him. - Is everything fine?- he asked. - Yes, everything's fine.- Wonpil answered, following him outside.
"Actually, I’m lonely. I hate that the night sky that has no answer."
- Having lunch on your own again?- you asked, sitting next to Dowoon in the company cafe. - Oh... yeah I was alone at the dorms today and didn't want to cook.- he answered. - Gosh why are you so lazy?- you asked, rolling your eyes. Dowoon and you had been friends for a very long time and you couldn't spend more than a week without texting or going out somewhere. You had a great relationship but somehow it wasn't enough for him. Dowoon had developed romantic feelings for you some time ago, but he was kinda scared that asking you out would ruin your relationship. - Do you want to go to the arcade later? You might be bored if you're alone at the dorms.- you asked. - Sure. I'll pick you up.- he answered. Going back to the dorms, Dowoon thought about his feelings, about how long he had been supressing them, afraid that if he let all out he might lose you. Thinking about that sounded ridiculous. You both had a great relationship, a strong friendship that couldn't be broken because of something like that. Why didn't he just tell you? He arrived at the dorm and decided to take a shower, change his outfit and finally confess his true feelings to you. What could go wrong? The worst that could happen was that you just saw him as a friend, then things would continue as they were before. He chose a nice shirt and jeans, sprayed some perfume on his clothes and got ready to pick you up. Your dorm was near his, which made it easier for you to see each other often. Dowoon was really nervous. He was finally opening his heart and telling you about his feelings and to be honest it felt... great. You both walked your way to the arcade with your hand grabbing his arm. You were always like that with him, it felt comfortable for both. You spend a couple of hours trying different games before you made a pause to get some food. It was your treat this time, so you got up to make the order while he waited for you. While you were waiting on the queue, your phone screen lit up with a new notification. Dowoon didn't usually look, it was none of his business, but his eyes involuntarily looked at it. Once he saw the picture in your lockscreen, his eyes started tearing up. It was a picture of you and Sungjae kissing. You hadn't told him about your relationship, but you had been dating Sungjae secretely for a couple of months already. Dowoon couldn't help but sob while you weren't there. It had taken him a long while to finally make up his mind, and of course, it didn't go as planned. - I got the food.- you said happily. Dowoon cleaned his tears with the back of his hand while you placed the dishes on the table. - Are you okay?- you asked. - Yeah... I'm okay, I think I got a cold or something.- he answered. - We'll go to the pharmacy later.- you said, giving him a fork. - Okay...- he replied, taking it and ignoring what just happened.
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dawnpil · 2 years ago
first draft
summary: you were raised to be careful with your heart around witches, but one pretty word witch is determined to change that. pairing: young k x reader genre: fluff bc honestly what else do i write notes: a continuation to a series i started literally a year and a half ago, oops (stone witch!wonpil)
you know about the day house boys, of course
you’re starting your junior year and they’re the most popular people on campus, after all
hell, you’ve got one of wonpil’s hematite rings for focus
your favorite scarf is one dowoon knitted warmth into the fabric of
you’ve seen brian around the house, but you’ve never gone to him for his magic
out of the witches his magic can do the widest variety of things, which means he charges the steepest price, and you’re just a broke college kid
your friend, who goes to brian every full moon, tries to explain how his prices work
but you’re not having it; you need your voice too much to lose it for three days, and you’re not sure you have anything else he’d want
here’s the thing: word magic evolves constantly, and word witches always need to know what phrases are going in or out of style
so from what you’ve gathered, brian’s price for his magic is to take a customer’s words for varying durations of time
and you can’t have that, not with your three a.m. spot on the campus radio
besides, you don’t really have a need for his magic: you’re never in enough trouble that dowoon’s woven charms don’t work, or wonpil doesn’t have some sort of stone for your problems
you avoid his magic successfully for two and a half years, but you don’t avoid him
he’s in your fundamentals of linguistics course your second semester, soft black hair falling in his face as he takes diligent notes
when you go to pick up dowoon’s charms at the start of fall sophomore year brian’s curled up untangling thread with nimble fingers, and he throws a soft little smile your way
you’re not sure what makes you proceed to drop your wallet and dowoon’s charm four times before you make it back out the door, but your friend is convinced it was brian’s smile and won’t accept any other answer
you shove their arm, tell them that they shouldn’t be projecting their own infatuation onto you
but it happens again near winter break, when you’re selecting a few pieces of onyx and rose quartz for your friends back home
brian’s wandering wonpil’s shop, inspecting the little baskets of crystals, and when you turn to head to wonpil’s register you nearly run into brian
startled, you start to take a step back, eyes wide, but he reaches out to stop you
it’s a good thing he does, or you’d have knocked over the table of crystals, and you really don’t have the money for that
his hands are warm on your shoulders, his dark eyes apologetic, and this close his chest is a whole lot broader than you’d thought from a distance
“sorry,” he says, and his voice is more musical than you’d remembered from linguistics. “i should have been more careful.”
this time you don’t lose your fine motor skills, but you do forget how to speak
he’s just. beautiful, this close up
so you stare at him and try to remember how to form words and after a moment he laughs gently, the sound honey-sweet
“i didn’t even have to cast seen and not heard to enchant you. interesting.”
is he flirting? you think maybe so. your friend thinks definitely so.
that really kind of terrifies you; it’s not that you don’t trust the day house witches, just that you were raised with tales of enchantments and love potions and falsities, and that kind of cautionary bedtime story is hard to forget
so you take to avoiding him as much as possible; you send your friend to get your hematite and carnelian recharged, and even as the warmth charm in dowoon’s scarf starts to fray you refuse to go get a replacement
if you could never set foot in day house again you’d be perfectly content
despite this you still think about him, about the silk in his voice when you go to karaoke night, about the way you always seem to find him in the library hunched over his textbooks at odd hours with coffee cups littering the table, about the way sometimes you daydream about holding his hand on the way to the coffee shop just off campus
you try to ignore these thoughts, try to ignore him, and bury yourself in your work for the rest of sophomore year
but the thing about junior year is that your classes are getting more serious, and as a creative writing major you’re expected to have new work for two different classes almost every week, and it’s draining
your carnelian is losing its charge quicker than ever, because this far into the semester you’re struggling to find creativity this constantly and on top of all your other work
it completely loses charge a day before a ten-page story is due for workshop and you’re stuck with a blinking cursor and a blank page
your roommate looks over when you slam your head onto your desk and understands immediately
“go to brian,” they say. “he’s got a spell for writer’s block, according to momo.”
if you weren’t so tired, so frustrated, so desperate you would never have considered it
but it only takes a few minutes’ persuasion for you to be lacing your boots and shoving your laptop into your bag and heading for the familiar little house
jae’s the one to open the door for you, feathers in his blond hair, and he grins
“please tell me you’re here for younghyun. he won’t shut up about you, not after the open mic last tuesday.”
you consider turning around and leaving—the poem you’d read at the open mic was much more personal than you’re usually comfortable sharing, and to think brian was so focused on it terrifies you a little
but then you think about how close you were to crying out of frustration, about the days of staring at that blank page and ticking cursor, and you nod at jae
“he’s upstairs,” jae says, “third door on the left.”
brian’s playing guitar when you find his room, sitting on his bed plucking at chords with his black hair falling over his face as he bends over the instrument
you freeze, in the doorway: you had no idea the room jae was sending you to was brian’s bedroom, since wonpil has the shop set up downstairs and sungjin works out of the kitchen. this is oddly intimate, and you almost turn tail and run
before you can brian looks up, his fingers stilling, and he smiles, and your resolve melts
he beckons you in to sit at his desk chair, and he sets the guitar aside to look seriously at you. “what are you here for?”
“writer’s block.” you run your hand through your hair with a sigh of frustration, and he smiles sympathetically
“writer’s block like you don’t have any ideas or writer’s block like you don’t know how to start putting them into words?”
there’s no magic in his voice, not yet, but there might as well be, with the enchanting lilt in every syllable. you could listen to his voice forever, you think
“the—um, the second one,” you say, fidgeting under his dark eyes, and again he nods
“my price is your words for a period of time.” it’s your turn to nod. “with this spell it’s usually a day, but i know you’ve got the radio show in a few hours and i wouldn’t want you to not be able to do your job.”
he pauses, considering, and you tug at your sleeves as you try to find a way around having your words taken away
“why...why do you take people’s words? like, what about them is the reason they’re your price, when you could be making money or something?”
“it’s how my magic works,” brian explains. “the more people use a certain phrase, the more power it’s imbued with, so i take people’s words to see if they can give me new spells.”
this fascinates you—your parents had never let you learn about magic, and as a result hearing the littlest bit about it is making you think of questions you never knew you had, and you want to learn everything about this
it’ll be good for stories, anyway, you think, good world-building and maybe an opportunity for new types of characters and stories
and you might have a way out of this, a way to pay brian fairly while keeping your words
“what about languages other than english?”
he pauses at this. “i have a few korean spells i got from my mom, but i hadn't thought about other languages. which one were you thinking?”
you’ve taken spanish courses for a few years, and you speak it with your roommate and their friend, enough to be reasonably conversational, and when you explain this to brian he nods and you spend another five minutes hashing out a schedule for you to come over and teach him
finally the business has been arranged and you set up your laptop at the little table he keeps in his room for this purpose, and he sets a mug of coffee and a bagel next to your things
“odds are you’ll be writing for a while, and the spell makes it hard to take breaks. if you need anything else let me know and i’ll grab it for you.”
his eyes are soft obsidian, and despite your overall hesitation about magic you wonder if there isn’t some sort of enchantment that’s making your heart beat like this
but a second later he sets his hand on your shoulder and murmurs “use your words”
it’s like a dam bursts: suddenly your fingers are flying over the keys, your mind racing sentences ahead faster than your hands can manage, and the story you’ve had rattling around in your head is taking shape on the formerly blank page
when you resurface a few hours later, a completed draft sitting in front of you, brian smiles as you take a bite of the bagel
“got something finished?” you nod, and return the smile
“it’ll need editing, but i got the draft done for workshop, and that’s what’s important.”
a glance at the clock says you barely have enough time to rush to the dorm basement the radio uses as its studio, so you gather up your things and down the last of the coffee and clamp the bagel between your teeth as you tie your boots
you’ve got one foot out the door when he calls your name and you turn, a question in your eyes since there’s bread in your mouth
“call me younghyun,” he says. “younghyun’s for friends.”
is that what you are now? you debate this with yourself for a week; you’ve only gone to him for one spell, though the first of your spanish sessions goes well
he’s got plans for de nada and de tal palo tal astilla freaked you out a little bit when he used it to perfectly replicate the origami rose you got from a girl in one of your workshops last semester
you think if you aren’t friends yet you’d like to be, now that you’re losing your fear of his magic
on the nights you lie awake staring at the fairy lights strung above your bed thinking of obsidian eyes and nimble fingers and lilting words you let yourself admit maybe you want to be more than friends
it takes another two weeks for anything to happen
it’s the last of your spanish sessions, the last of your payment for the spell, the last of your excuses to spend time with brian
he seems nervous the whole time, too distracted to remember en boca cerrada no entran moscas and as a result he has yet to make the silencing charm work
no matter how much you coach him through the syllables slowly, his attention is elsewhere
to be fair, yours is as well: trying to figure out where his mispronunciations are is giving you an excuse to stare at his lips, and regardless of whether he works magic into his words his voice is ridiculously easy to lose yourself in
before you know it the time is over, and you sigh and remind him of the list of phrases you’ve given him so he can strengthen the spells without your help, and he hesitates with his backpack slung over one shoulder but can’t seem to bring himself to say anything
as you study his now-familiar features you give in, and this time you’re the one to stop him halfway out the door
“one more phrase,” you say, and he turns and you square your shoulders
“tú me gustas.” i like you.
he’s like a deer in headlights, eyes wide, but he recovers fairly quickly and crosses back to you
“i thought you weren’t a witch,” he says, a smile playing on his lips
“i’m not,”you say, though your voice barely makes it above a whisper; his hair is flopping into his eyes and all of your restraint is going into keeping your fingers out of the dark curls
“then how can one sentence be so enchanting?”
he grins when this time you’re the one to get flustered, and he reaches out and takes your hand and your words get stuck in your throat
“what kind of word witch am i if i can’t find the words to confess to the person i like?” he says, then shrugs. “since you confessed first, can dinner be my treat?”
the first time younghyun kisses you he meets you just offstage when you finish a reading of one of your short stories in the little student-run coffee shop: your papers are still clutched in the hands you throw around his neck, and there’s a smile on his lips as they press against yours, and the moment weaves an enchantment you know has nothing to do with younghyun’s magic and everything to do with younghyun and the way the two of you fit against each other like a perfectly-crafted metaphor
dating younghyun is coffee shop dates to people-watch and pick out threads of language, is borrowing his hoodies even when it gets too warm for them, is laughter and falling in love with the way he scrunches his nose when he’s acting cute, is resting your head on his shoulder at a poetry reading and pressing kisses to his jaw between poems
dating younghyun is him waiting outside the studio at 3 a.m. with hot chocolate and that assignment you needed to print, is running your fingers through his hair until he relaxes enough to sleep after getting anxious about a test, is teaching each other the languages you speak and rewarding each other with kisses when you remember vocab, is closing his laptop and pulling him to bed when he refuses to stop working, is coffee and ink-stained hands and switching languages mid-sentence
more than anything dating younghyun is like a story, a draft that gets better the more you pour time and effort and love into it, is the magic of surprising turns of phrase, is a collaboration you couldn’t ask for a better co-author for, and you know for a fact this is going to be your magnum opus.
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noona-clock · 2 years ago
Study: Park Jaehyung
In which we dig deeper under the surface of our favorite KPOP idols.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the gifs used in this post. I am not an astrologer nor am I a professional psychologist. These are my opinions based on the research I have done personally/as a hobby. If you disagree with any of these statements, please do so respectfully.
-Admin B
Tumblr media
Sun Sign: Virgo (Earth)
I have said this before, and I will say it again. Here. Very definitively and very proudly. I love Virgos. I have two favorite signs other than my own sun sign (Aquarius) - Virgo and Libra. My rising sign is Virgo, and my sister’s moon sign is Virgo, so I am surrounded by this lovely Earth sign in my everyday life. 
Virgos are known, probably first and foremost, for their organization. They love to get shit done. While Jae may not be the most organized Virgo (as we’ll see in his MBTI), he does know how to get shit done. He’s probably a better promoter of Day6 than most anyone else, and he will do what he can to get his band’s name out there. Virgos are also known to be dedicated and hard-working, so basically, Jae the Promoter is also Jae the Virgo.
In addition to being organized and dedicated and hard-working, Virgos also tend to be very witty. And... I mean, do I even have to point out that trait in Jae? He definitely has a way with words and hashtags, and if his tweets don’t make you laugh... I don’t know what to tell you. 
Virgos are ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication, so it all really makes sense. He’s great at communicating in just about any form - Twitter, YouTube/vlogs, as an MC, during concerts - so he can thank his Virgo placement for that! But another part of that is using words to be critical. I remember Bernard Park saying he can trust Jae to be honest and give him constructive criticism; I was totally not surprised to hear that because he’s a Virgo. (Remember, I said my sister is a Virgo moon, so I’m around this sign every day of my life! I know it pretty well!)
Each sign is ruled by a planet, but also by a specific body part. Virgos are ruled by the stomach/digestive system. Jae is lactose intolerant. Coincidence? Maybe, but it could also be because he’s a Virgo!
Moon Sign: Taurus (Earth)
Now, I find it very interesting that Jae is a double Earth sign. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was a Gemini moon ONE BIT, but a Taurus moon? I was a little surprised!
Let me talk about the ruling planet and body part of Taurus first because once I realized these, I was NOT surprised. The ruling planet is Venus which is the planet of beauty. The ruling body part is the throat. And... who has an amazingly beautiful singing voice? Yep. Jae. *wipes hands* I’m done here.
Just kidding, I’m not done. Taurus is like Virgo in that they’re known for being organized and dedicated, but they’re also a lot more patient, romantic, and they’re also a little more materialistic than Virgos. They really like to collect things, and they value luxury - they like to spend their money on good quality things. Jae has mentioned several times that he’s broke, but we all know he loves him some lobster. And he does have nice clothes, wouldn’t you say? He likes to wear Jordans and Timberlands and Nike, and while those aren’t necessarily luxury brands, they are to someone who’s broke!
I also want to touch on the romantic part of being a Taurus. To be quite honest, I don’t see Jae being that romantic as a boyfriend. But the first thing that popped into my head was the video of him introducing his instrument. He got super profound and - yes - romantic when he talked about the guitar. He’s not romantic in the traditional sense, but he’s got some romantic bones in that tall, lanky body.
Chinese Astrology: Water Monkey
Monkeys in the Chinese Zodiac, like in life, are known to be intelligent, observant, and hard-working people. They’re curious but also disciplined, especially when it comes to their career. I already discussed how Jae is very devoted to promoting Day6 in whatever way he can. And even though he’s known to have written the worst paper ever in one of his high school classes, he’s obviously very intelligent. 
Water Monkeys, specifically, are a little more sensitive than other Monkeys, though they do tend to hide their emotions. They’re also very original and tend to be innovative problem solvers. They will find ways to work around things instead actually working through them. I remember Jae saying once that he tends to really focus on finding the solution for a problem instead of getting bogged down in the problem itself, and that right there is his Water Monkey talking loud and clear.
Numerology: Life Path 9
In numerology, 9 is seen as the most evolved with the strongest vibrations because it’s basically all of the other numbers wrapped up together. Life path numbers are only single digit, so 9 is seen as kind of like the Top Dog? It’s the highest number possible when it comes to this sort of numerology, so it’s seen to be the oldest and wisest.
Those born with the life path number 9 are, in turn, seen to be old souls. They’re here to really develop spirituality, integrity, and wisdom in every aspect of our lives. 9s also possess a higher purpose to inspire others. I know most people only see Jae as a meme, but if you read through his Twitter, you will definitely see bouts of wisdom. He does seem like he’s pretty spiritual, and I, for one, would feel very comfortable going to him for advice about something.
Probably the most important piece of advice for a 9 is to go with the flow. Don’t get stuck in the past and learn to live in the present and embrace the future. Something I’ve really noticed about Jae is that he gets embarrassed by choices he’s made in the past (see: his reaction to anyone bringing up his KPOP Star days/looks/outfits). If I were to meet Jae and had the chance to tell him just one thing, I’m pretty sure I would tell him to just let go of the past. Own up to all the embarrassing shit and shrug it off. Or, better yet, laugh it off. And worry about the choices you’re making now - try not to make choices you’ll want to forget in the future.
Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving
Jae is Introverted. Apparently. In two of the Every Day6 magazines, the members chose which types they THOUGHT they were before their ACTUAL types were revealed after being professionally tested. Jae typed himself as an E but his result turned out to be an I. It’s my belief that he’s definitely not extremely introverted. Most likely, the balance between I and E for him is pretty close. I do notice that he can be very quiet sometimes, though I do think he’s an outgoing introvert (who borders on being an extrovert). So, while I was surprised to see he typed as an I, I bet you it’s just by a little.
Jae is Intuitive. This means he’s able to see the big picture of situations and imagine the possibilities of the end result. He can think abstractly and doesn’t need to experience something in order to think about how it might turn out.
Jae is Thinking. He trusts his head over his heart, and he uses logic and reason to make decisions rather than what he wants/what he’s feeling. Like his introversion preference, I think Jae probably has a pretty good balance between Thinking/Feeling. When he typed himself, he chose both T and F, so this is kind of a clear sign he’s not totally Thinking. But seeing that he’s a Virgo sun, it’s not really surprising that he is a Thinking individual.
Jae is Perceiving. This preference tells us how he interacts with the outside world, and being a Perceiving individual means he goes with the flow. He’s more spontaneous, and he doesn’t mind living in a little bit of chaos. I was actually a bit surprised to see he was Perceiving, but I feel like this could be his Taurus moon coming through. A Taurus can definitely be organized, but it’s not their main focus like a Virgo.
The INTP is known as the Logician. They pride themselves on being inventive, creative, and having a unique perspective. They are enthusiastic and capable when it comes to spotting problems and coming up with solutions.
Other Studies: Park Sungjin, Kang Younghyun, Kim Wonpil, Yoon Dowoon
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br0ken-writes · 2 years ago
Day6 “They take care of you when you’re sick”
Tumblr media
He’d want to smother you with love and just cuddle with you but he also knew that he needed to stay healthy for his career. He’d make you some of your favorite soup (more so he bought it and reheated it) before bringing it to you in bed. He’d set up one of those little tables over your lap, making you nervous not to move one inch as to not spill the soup. He’d laugh at you when you burnt your tongue on the soup but you’d scold him right back saying he made it too hot, too which he makes a cheesy joke. He’d feed you, blowing on the soup before offering it to you-- he’d also pick up your dirty tissues that’d fall from the bed, he’d hold a tissue you to your nose and tell you to blow like you were a child. Overall, he’d find your sickness really funny but at the same time be really upset for you and just baby you the entire time.
Tumblr media
Sungjin, this sweetheart. He’d try his hardest to make you laugh and forget that you were even sick in the first place. He’d also keep his distance as well though, like Jae, he knew that he needed to stay healthy for his job as well. He’d make sure you were tucked in tight and kept warm and made sure you took your medicine as well. Even though he knew he needed to keep his distance, you’d cuddle you (while you were wrapped in your cacoon blanket) and make sure to feel your forehead from time to time to check your fever.
“Are you feeling any better?” He’d ask, stroking your hair away from your face.
Young K:
Tumblr media
Even more cuddly than normal. He didn’t care that you were sick but he just wanted you to get better and he’d almost start acting like he was your mom in some aspects. “Make sure to drink lots of water; make sure to stay warm; take a warm shower to help clear your sinuses; I’ll make you some tea” He’d be trying his best to nurse you back to health as soon as possible. At one point you’d have to grab him with a death grip from getting up and trying to get you something you didn’t need. You’d grab his hand and he’d look at you confused “What are you going to puke? Do you need a bag?” He’d ask but you shake your head “Just relax and cuddle with me, I’ll be fine with some sleep” You tell him but it’d still take more convincing for him to do so.
“Fine, let me know if you need anything then” He’d say in a small voice, sitting back down on the couch so you could cuddle into him.
Tumblr media
He’d have to call his mom and ask what to do to help you make feel better. He’d follow everything his mom told him to the ‘t’. Making you soup, making sure you were hydrated and warm and checking to see if you had a fever. After making sure you were comfortable and bundled up on the couch with a movie on, he’d run out to the store to buy you some medicine and while he was doing so, he saw a really cute teddy bear that he just had to get for you. When he got home he’d give you the medicine and redo your fit in your blanket and fluff your pillows before finally handing you the teddy bear.
“I thought this might help you feel better too” He’d say shyly, handing you the bear with a light blush on his cheeks and you smiled, taking the bear “Thank you” You whispered and he smiled back.
Tumblr media
He didn’t know you were sick until you actually told him in those exact words that you were. You had been a little more clingy during the day but he didn’t think too much into it and just rolled with the flow. He sat on the couch, playing some video games and you laid your head on his lap, in hopes to get some sleep and feel a little better but he kept moving around, leaning forward when he was getting really into the game, sometimes moving side to side, thinking that if he moved his own body that it’d help him in the game. You couldn’t get the peace you wanted so you sat up and just watched him, you sniffed because of your stuffy nose and he’d take a quick glance at you before quickly looking back at the game to which he paused and looked at you again “Are you okay?” He’d ask and you shake your head “What’s wrong?” He’d ask, brushing some of your hair behind your ear and feeling your hot skin. “I’m sick” You tell him and he pouts a little.
“Come here,” He says, having you lay back down with your head in his lap and he strokes your hair “Try and get some rest, I’ll go out a little while later and get you some medicine and soup” He tells you and you nod, getting comfortable and slowly drifting to sleep as he now played his game while sitting still and rubbing your head from time to time.
A/N: I was v sick when I started writing this and just finished it. I thought the idea was cute.
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who-is-brian · 2 years ago
Dear MyDays~
I’m sure many of you are aware that in our fandom people both on Twitter and Tumblr voiced their opinion about ‘DAYOFF’ and JYPE staff’s mistreatment of MyDays. 
As you probably know, many people decided it would be a good way to raise awareness of the problems by boycotting ‘DAYOFF’, which means not buying the episodes on VLIVE+. 
Please understand that by boycotting the purchase of the episodes that does not mean the only problem is for them being expensive. But to tell you the truth that is also a problem. For years now MyDays begged JYPE for DAY6 to have finally a reality show where they could attract new fans. A good example of that is BTS and GOT7, both having multiple successful mini-series on VLIVE. Most of those were for free and a good way to show more of the members’ personalities. True, there were some that costed money, for example, BTS’s Bon Voyage series, but that’s understandable as those trips were probably costly as they were overseas travels to main tourist destinations that can be expensive. And the episodes for almost an hour long. A lot of international new fans of DAY6 get the idea of the band and how lamecool they are by watching YouTube crack videos done by fans. (those are masterpieces if you ask me)
But what do we get from ‘DAYOFF’ for 900 coins? (that equals to buying coins for more than $20) The first episode is not even 20 minutes long and the trip was only to Jeju Island (mind you, I have no problem with them going to Jeju Island since I always love to learn more about places in South Korea and Jeju is definitely on my bucket list but still compared to like Hawaii it must not be that expensive for a big Korean company). I do believe if not making it entirely free, they could have made it cheaper. However, this shows that JYPE doesn’t trust in the power of DAY6 because they didn’t consider the long term benefits of a reality show, instead, they wanted to get back the production cost quickly. Besides, we only got to know about this reality show properly the day before it got released. No trailer/teaser, no hype for it. Just here, there you have it, but first, pay almost as much as you would pay for an album with shipping fees and all. 
Moving on from ‘DAYOFF’ even before the whole outrage came about the cost of the show, I have seen many posts by fans of how the staff is treating them. They take letters from the fans, not even letting the members read them. They don’t act like as if they are working. They keep on whispering to each other, laughing at the fans, pushing the fans, I read even some harassment incidents. MyDays are not paying tons of money to be treated like this. No one should be treated like this. On top of that, Korean MyDays also want to bring awareness to DAY6′s packed schedule and how they get little to no rest. And you can find even more statements from fans if you search on Twitter. The viewer quest of days gone by was also released AFTER DAY6 finished promotion week, which makes it even harder to get more views and stream. People just forget it if they are not that involved in the fandom. There are tons of unprofessional marketing management going on around DAY6 which means they are not promoting them well. Heck it, Jae does a better job at promoting the band through social media than JYPE ever done. Let’s not even mention Byron who is not even part of JYPE but he constantly promotes the band as if it was his job. (if you don’t know who I’m talking about I suggest you check out his YouTube channel, he is also the editor of Jaesix videos)
So understand that boycotting is not only about the episodes. It’s only the last straw. MyDays are trying hard to get a response from JYPE. The company doesn’t reply to emails, posts on fans are meaningless, a Blue House petition is ridiculous for this matter. We can try to use but God knows how effective is that in South Korea. That is why MyDays thought maybe by boycotting the show they can make JYPE respond to their statements. But unfortunately, many MyDays don’t want to help out. I understand many of you are dying to see DAY6 in a reality show. Heck yes, me too! And I know for some people this amount of money is not a big deal or people share the accounts with each other. Fine, but please then let’s think of other ideas in how we can get JYPE to respond to us and make changes. 
I also understand that Korean MyDays decided to unsubscribe from DAY6′s and JYPE’s YouTube channel until we don’t get a response from the company. Personally, I disagree with that move, as especially we don’t need to unsubscribe from DAY6′s channel and we HAVE TO STREAM. Remember, we have quests to complete! But we do need to come up with other methods ASAP.
So MyDays from all around the world, please be aware of what is happening and instead of judging and attacking Korean MyDays understand that this is a big issue. International MyDays who have never been to a fan sign can’t even imagine what other fans might go through (besides meeting our faves and having a good time with them). Instead of judgments, let’s bring ideas in. 
I’m not sure how many people will actually see this post and will read it until the end but I’m very determined about this so if anyone has an idea or wants to share their opinion let it be for or against mine, please dm me or send an ask. Even if we have opposite opinions it’s important to discuss because that’s how we can move forward. 
Until then, stream days gone by, we really need that Dowoon version. 
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stray-writer-glitch · 3 years ago
What are friends for?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Park Jae (Day6) x reader
Genre: angst to (platonic) fluff {non-idol au}
Word count: 1680
Requested: Hey! i hope the summer drabbles thing is turning out well! i love the passion you seem to have for it its kinda motivational since i wanna do requests like this again (i used to but kinda ghosted all social media for half a year whoops) ANYWAY i have a request!: Day6's Jae + hanahaki disease + platonic fluff = ??? i only recently learned that hanahaki was and honestly i wanna see what people do with the challenge of making it end happy :')
A/n: Thank you so much anon!!! This was an interesting request and I love the idea. I never really thought about how these can have a fluff ending so this was really a fun revelation for me as well! I enjoyed writing this and it really just wrote itself so I hope You enjoy it!
“I’m sorry.” You whispered. “I can’t.”
You’d never forget how the smile disappeared from his face, and color seemed to seep out of the sunset. It left the world dimmer, the refreshing breeze suddenly seeming cold.
“It’s okay.” Jae’s voice came out shakey after, what felt like, an eternity of silence. “I get it.”
“No you don’t. I really-”
“No y/n. It’s fine, okay?” He said forcefully.
You didn’t reply, not trusting your voice anymore.
“I really should have guessed.” Jae turned away from you, leaning on the railing of the bridge looking out across the quickly dimming park. “I felt tugs and pulls in my chest. You know the kind you always hear about from lovebirds? I just assumed it was normal to feel that when you’re in love.” He laughed bitterly. “Stupid huh?” He looked back at you.
You could tell he was trying to hold back his tears, his smile watery and bitter. You moved towards him but he stepped back raising his hand, his head down.
“No, don’t.” His voice was rasped and fragile. Vulnerable. “I don’t think I can handle that right now.”
That was what broke you. You turned away from him and ran. You ran away from the lonely figure of your best friend on the bridge in the middle of the park. You ran away and didn’t look to see him add his tears to the pond. You ran until your lungs screamed for air. You ran until your legs tripped over themselves. You ran until you reached home.
“Y/n? What are you doing here?” Your little brother asked in confusion opening the front door. “Oh my gosh are you okay?”
Wordlessly you hugged him, the tears you were holding back finally streaming down your face, sobs wrecking your body.
Dowoon didn’t say anything, just lead you inside and to the couch, never letting go. He let you cry on his shoulder, this didn’t happen often, he really didn’t know what to do so he just let you cry. Eventually you calmed down enough to explain the situation to him and your mum, who was at home too and came to comfort you as soon as she heard your sobs.
You stayed at your parent’s place for a few days after that. After getting your head cleared those few days you felt a little more ready to talk to your best friend again. However it seemed like Jae needed some more time.
Later that week Jae’s band, which included your brother by the way, had a gig at the park. There was a fair and they wanted a band to play, of course Sungjin agreed. It was a nice place, they had the gazebo with fairy lights set up everywhere and they had a wonderful performance, even getting a few of their older songs remade. You loved it and as usual stayed behind to help clean up the equipment.
“Hey where did Jae go?” You wondered handing Sungjin some wires.
“Don’t know.” Younghyun, slightly preoccupied with loading the sound equipment into the truck, threw over his shoulder.
“I thought I saw him head home.” Wonpil added in.
“Oh, okay, thanks.”
But you didn’t go after him. If Jae needed some time alone after what happened you were going to give it to him. You weren’t stupid, you noticed how tense he was that night. His eyes focused on anything but you, his singing was more strained, the smile that was usually present when he sang was nowhere to be seen that night. You hated seeing him like that, in pain.
It was weeks later that Jae finally contacted you. 
toll string-bean: hey, you up for movie night?
 just like old times
You stared at that message long after replying and agreeing on a time. You stared at it, millions of thoughts racing through your head. You didn’t know how to feel. Happy that he wanted to hang out with you like before? Sad because he was obviously still going to be in pain? Grateful or guilty for his decision to reach out despite the pain? His decision was no doubt influenced by you missing him, and him knowing that from the many texts you sent him. Oh the dozens of texts you left telling him you missed him and that you hoped he was taking care of himself. All the emotions and thoughts mixing and merging into a mess overwhelmed you. You plugged in your earbuds and fell onto your bed, letting the music soothe and block off the unwanted pressure.
    Hours later yo woke up to somebody nudging your foot. You pulled out the earbuds squinting up to see Jae standing above you a disapproving expression on his face.
    “So this is how it is now?” He said accusingly. “I’m being ignored for Schubert?”
    “It’s Bach, actually.” You deadpanned.
    “You are lucky I remember where you keep the spare key! If I had to stand out in that cold hall waiting for you to get your beauty sleep, which didn’t help you any by the way-”
    “Hey!” You grabbed your pillow smacking him.
He ducked away and retreated into the living room.
    That night was a fun one, he was right it was a lot like those before. You and Jae sassing the crap out of movies, stuffing yourselves full of popcorn. Jae’s commentary would make you laugh till your sides hurt, but for some reason, even though it was almost like old times, something hurt. It might have been the wince on Jae’s face every once in a while, or that he’d rub his hand over his chest every once in a while, as if that would ease the pain.
    About a month later he started coughing, soon the petals showed up, and the coughing only got worse. He cleared his throat often weeks beforehand but that was nothing compared to the coughing fits he’d have nowadays. It was a horrible hacking cough that shook his thinning frame, but he always brushed your concerns off, even though you saw him stuff something into his pocket. Jae would still joke around and act just like he had before this nightmare happened, but there was a bitter tinge in his laugh now, and a painful pull in his smile.
    Just like old times, you guys would meet everywhere. Going out with the band, bbq nights at Sungjin’s and dinners at your parent’s place, since the couple had practically adopted the entire crew that was friends with both their kids. There were odd bumping into each other on the streets again. Wonpil would invite both of you over for video games. You’d hang out with the group and partner up with Jae on nagging Brian, till he was ready to throw y’all into the nearest tree.
    It was another movie night. You had started to dread them. Hearing Jae hack up those petals hurt your heart, even though you knew you’d never be able to love him like he did you.
    “Sorry.” He smiled wearly stuffing another petal into his jacket’s pocket. You’ve had enough.
    “Jae we need to talk about this.” You paused the movie and turned to face him.
    “No. No we don’t y/n. Play the movie.” He refused, reaching for the remote.
    You knew you’d be too short to hold it out of his reach so you did the only sensible thing.
    “Y/n.” Jae said in a monotone, face stoic, not a trace of amusement. “Get off the remote.”
    “No Jae, we really need to talk about this.”
    “There’s nothing to talk about!” He erupted, anger and frustration evident in his voice. “You’ll never love me! We both know you physically can’t, that’s why I’m stuck this way! So I don’t know why you insist on bringing it all up again.”
    “Because I care dammit!” You cut his rant short.
    “I might never be able to love you but that doesn’t mean I can calmly watch you die and act as if nothing ever happened.” You lowered your voice. “Just get the surgery. Please Jae. I can’t watch you cough yourself to death because I was stupid enough to fall in love with a douchebag in high school.” There were tears running down your face but you couldn’t bring yourself to care.
    Jae was silent. He didn’t look at you. He just stared at his hands, a petal clenched in one fist.
    “Jae please.” It was barely a whisper.
    “Fine.” There was resolution in his tone. “ But on one condition.” He finally looked up at you. “Marry me.”
    “What?” You almost laughed.
"Marry me." He looked absolutely serious.
"Jae, this isn't a joking matter." You said voice choked by tears.
"And I'm not joking."
"Jae think for just a moment." You looked him dead in the eye. "You will not be able to love me as you do now. Romantic love is out. Permanently. Trust me. I know!"
He looked at you sadly, but you could tell his mind was already made up. "Will I be able to have the feelings you have for me now?"
"I...I guess so."
He smiled. "Then that's good enough for me."
With a sigh of something between pain and relief you let the tears fall. They streamed down your face and silent sobs wrecked your body. You were happy, but the tears wouldn't stop. Months of pent up stress over flowers growing in your best friend's lungs finally released. You felt his arms around you and immediately latched onto him. Wrapping your shaking hands around him.
After your crying subsided Jae pulled back a bit to see your face, gently wiping away the last of your tears.
"So? What do you say? Platonic marriage?"
"Why not?" A hiccup interrupting your giggle. "What are friends for?"
The smile on Jae's face was genuinely happy, for the first time in what seemed like forever. For the first time in months you felt happy and at ease.
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