#he mysteriously went missing right after this encounter
Camilo: [sitting on a bench]
Mirabel: Why do you look so sad?
Camilo: Sit down with me so I can tell you.
Mirabel: [sits down]
Camilo: This bench is freshly painted.
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lemonjoonah · 8 months ago
The Garden Thief (M)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader Word Count: 9.3K Genre: Hybrid AU, romance/drama/comedy, enemies to lovers Warnings: Unprotected sex, oral sex (fem. rec.), they get down and dirty outside but no one else is there to see them, cum play? (just a little), there’s also a bit of mud (sorry, but also not sorry, they’re outside what do you want from me?!?!), referenced hybrid neglect and oppression (hybrids are wrongfully deemed as pets by law and the majority of society).  
Summary: Your beloved vegetable patch has once again been victimized by a hungry thief in the night. The prime suspect? Jeon Jungkook, your neighbour's rabbit hybrid. But when you finally confront him, he pleads innocent, and proposes a plan to clear his name.
A/N: I wrote this fic’s premise and opening scene for the ‘A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Game’ that I played oh so long ago and now I’ve finally finished the tale!
“Oh for fuck’s sake, not again!” You swear upon seeing the leafy green remains of several carrots lying in your garden, inches from where they used to be buried. This maddening mystery of the vanishing vegetables has been playing out all summer. You’ve set out deterrents for every possible garden pest, rolling out chicken wire and spraying natural remedies to repel anything from bugs to small rodents. Yet you still wake to find that your garden has been robbed in the night. The only possible suspect you haven’t been able to protect against resides just next door, in fact—
You squint up at the boarded fence, spotting a pair of long dark ears peeking out over the posts. “Jungkook, is that you?”
The ears immediately disappear, ducking down behind the barrier. The sound of his hurried footsteps trailing away are followed only by the slamming of a door.
You rush into and through your own house carrying the wilted carrot greens. Exiting out the front, and over to the house next to yours, where you repeatedly press the bell.
The entry whips open on the fourth ring to reveal Jungkook. His face is flushed, beads of sweat racing down his brow, and a shirt that one would normally use to cover their chest, is instead thrown over his shoulder. “Something wrong neighbour?” He asks with a carrot stick in hand. Bringing it to his mouth, he taunts you with a bite and crooked grin.
“Is-is your caretaker home?” You stutter trying your best to swallow your nerves. Concentrating hard on his face, you plead with your eyes not to wander down. That’s exactly what he wants, a reason to put you off your mission, to make you so flustered that you have to walk away. He’s always trying to use his allure against you, and you hate how often he succeeds doing just that...  
“No, he’s at work.”
“When will he be back?”
“Not sure, maybe a week, or two? He’s on a business trip.”
Your gaze falters in it’s determination for a brief second as a drop of sweat descends from his neck to his chest. Holding your breath you watch it’s path, tracing the valleys between his muscles. When Jungkook finally wipes it away your brain catches up and scolds you for your weakness. “And he left you here, alone?”  You ask, while trying to recollect your dignity, reminding yourself of how much grief he has put you through.
“Of course.” Jungkook’s smile grows. “I’m not just some common pet. I know how to behave myself.”
The statement makes your brow twitch, enraging you enough to overcome his tactics. “I know you haven’t been here long, but you should know, people typically don’t like it when someone steals from their yard.” You lecture him, waving the carrot tops in front of his face. “So stop treating my garden like your own personal snack bar!”
“Now why would I take from you? I have plenty of food here, even got another delivery this morning.”  The hybrid kicks at a box next him filled with a vibrant collection of fresh produce and grains.
“I don’t know why. I just know it was you.”
“Prove it.” He prods, while taking the last bite of the vegetable from his hand.
The loud crunching gnaws on your composure, stripping you of any patience you may have had for the hybrid. “This all started when you moved in, and I’ve ruled everything else out!” You shout, but as good as it might feel to finally vent your anger, you feel as though you’re somehow playing into his hand.
“That doesn’t seem like very good evidence. It’s circumstantial at best. If you want to find out who the real culprit is you should have a stake out.”
“A stake out?”
“Yeah, you know, watch over the garden for the night, catch the criminal in the act. I could even help if you’d like.”
You scoff at the ridiculous notion. “You really think I should invite you over to guard my crops?”
“I do, so I’ll come over tonight? Say around seven?” You open your mouth to object, but the rabbit hybrid jumps from one statement to the next casually inviting himself into your own home. “Perfect. See you then.”
“I didn’t-no wait, that was sar-” The door closes between you before you can finish. Leaving you baffled and alone on the doorstep. You ready to knock but stop just before your knuckles hit the wood. Trying again right now is a lost cause, it’ll just play into his game. So why waste your breath when you know it’ll just end the same way? Tonight then, as he suggested, that’s when you’ll be ready to hit him with some hard evidence that he won’t be able to refute.
Admitting defeat for now, you retreat back to your garden to pick the surviving vegetables and contemplate the encounter. You wish your could have just spoken to Jungkook’s caretaker—fuck what was his name again? You’ve only seen the man a couple times since they took the house, but at least he doesn't give you a nervous knot in your stomach, or leave you confused and speechless like his hybrid does.
It’s been three months since they moved in. You were excited at first, to have new neighbours in your almost vacant cul-de-sac. Buyers don’t seem to be interested in the old houses with large lots in your area. Too much work to maintain, and not enough good job prospects to go around. So when you saw the sold sign go up you were beyond thrilled. Greeting the new residents with a fruit basket and a smile.
The rabbit hybrid you now know as Jungkook appeared rather shy at first, you did your best to welcome him. Always greeting him when he was outside, trying to engage him in small chat, but the first time you caught him during his workout everything changed. Until that point you had not considered him as anything but a prospective friend. You were stunned to see him in such a confident state, throwing around his weights like they were nothing. In that moment, with you too nervous to admit that you found him attractive, you became the anxious and blubbering fool in his presence, and he, unfortunately, took note. The once quiet and cute rabbit, became a flirtatious and bratty bunny.
And since then, whenever you would work in your garden he’d be on the other side of the fence grunting and panting. Staying close to the gap in the divider, a missing panel you had yet to replace. On days like today you would often look up from your radishes and accidentally lock eyes with the hybrid, drenched in sweat and showing off his skills.
Out of respect and self preservation you tried your best to not to pay attention, to keep your nose buried in your garden, but as the weeks went by the vegetables under your care started to disappear. The ample crops you tended to in the evening, lessened by morning, with only the refuse remaining to indicate it’s former presence. You didn’t want to point fingers immediately, but today was the final straw, and tonight no matter how hard he tries to distract you, you will find him guilty.
After harvesting the choice crops for the day and watering the rest. You dust yourself off, settling inside and in front of your computer; opening the visitors page for your place of work, the city's greenhouse conservatory. To help promote the centre in the community the staff all take turns writing articles revolving around their own projects or home gardens, and you’re up next in the rotation. You stare at the blank document for several minutes trying your best to concentrate on the task, but you are unable to think of anything other than the mischievous hybrid next door.
Embracing the topic of your aggravation, you start the post off with a title sure to catch the eye of any reader, ‘Garden Thieves.’
‘We’ve all been there, finding a tomato just about to reach its peak ripeness. We give it another day to grow into perfection, only to find it missing later on. In your absence something else has taken it into its own clutches. I myself have been dealing with a vegetable thief for several weeks, so if you are struggling like I am, here are a few things that might help. ’
You proceed to outline several garden pests uploading photos of their damage, along with quick remedies to deter their presence. Netting to block the sparrows, raised beds and fences to keep out most rodents or mammals, and a caffeine solution to stave off slugs.
‘I hope this may help you all in your efforts to keep your plants safe, but I must add a disclaimer. Unfortunately nothing here is completely foolproof. Even if you do follow all of these steps you still might lose some of your crops to a crafty critter. But I wish you the best of luck on all of your backyard battles. I myself plan to face off with my own long-eared menace tonight.’
You finish your post with a smile. Sending it off to your coworker Namjoon to get his approval before you make it public.
He calls a few minutes later, his laughter carrying through the speaker. “That was easily the best article you’ve written all year. You should definitely post it.”
“Thanks.” You chuckle, hitting the submit button. At the very least feeling a bit relieved to have one less task weighing on your mind. “I really appreciate it.”
“No problem. I take it you’re still having trouble with that hybrid neighbour of yours?”
“Yeah,” you groan. You’ve complained to Namjoon about the issue several times in the past month. It must have been all too easy for him to read between the lines and see what set you off to create this specific entry.  “But he refuses to admit it was him. It’s like he’s trying to make me question my skills as a gardener and I hate it! I went over to talk to his caretaker but he’s away on business for a couple weeks.”
“He left him alone for that long? What about food?”
“He’s been getting deliveries. By the looks of it, he has a healthier diet than I do.”
Namjoon pauses on the line giving you only a simple, “Huh...” in a long break.
“Well it’s just-” A loud buzzing sound erupts through the phone line cutting off his answer. A noise you know to indicate someone is at the back door. “That’s weird. I didn’t think we were supposed to get anything delivered today. No one else is here.... did you have anything scheduled to come in?”
“No.” You double check the calendar sitting on your desk. “I shouldn’t have anything until next Monday.”  
Namjoon puts you on hold while he checks on the reason for the interruption, returning only a minute later. “It’s a delivery all right, but are you sure these aren’t yours? I’m seeing a lot of tropical species on the invoice. Combretum rotundifolium, Heliconia angusta, Myrciaria dubia-”
You mouth a swear as Namjoon carries on with his list. It’s obvious they are indeed the specimens of your expected batch. You're in the process of redesigning one of the tropical habitats. The lead director was adamant that the conservatory host a butterfly exhibition in the next coming year, and in order to support the grandiose endeavour you are required to introduce a vast amount of new flowering species over the next few months. “How many in total?”
“About two dozen. Looking pretty rough from the journey too.”
You’re not surprised by their current state. This summer is already one of the hottest and driest on record, and all the stock you had received this season was excessively wilted and near death because of it. “Do we have any holding houses with humidifiers available?”
“Not at the moment,” There’s a clatter in the background as Namjoon sorts through what must be the slack of clipboards. “But I’ve got the inspection chart here and your last delivery did just finish it’s quarantine. No signs of pests or illness, so they’re clear to plant. That should free up some space for you.”
“That’ll have to do. Thanks for checking.” Standing up from your desk with a sorrowful sigh. You mourn the loss or your afternoon off as you start to dress for a day of hard labour. Throwing on your work-issued overalls over your t-shirt and shorts. Unfortunately you can’t just leave the new stock to sit out under the beating sun. With little humidity outside and no protection they’ll be burnt to a crisp if you delay too long. But the worst part is that your planting staff isn’t scheduled until later in the week, and that volume of work will put you well into the middle of the night before you complete it. “I’ll be in soon to deal with it.”
“That’s a lot of planting to do on your own. I can help if you-”
“I can’t take you away from your trees, isn’t there a bonsai exhibition next week you have to prepare them for?” He’s been agonizing over this showcase for so long you couldn’t possibly inconvenience him now with your own troubles. “It’s fine, really. I’ll call to see if anyone else is willing to come in today.” You hang up letting Namjoon return to his tasks, and work your way down the contacts for the gardening staff as you prepare yourself to leave. Though as expected, all of those who answer have prior commitments and won’t be able to assist.
Grabbing your badge and plans for the updates to the garden you slip back out into the noon-day sun, so strong it’s turned your car into an oven on wheels. You’re just about to pull it into reverse when you spot the blinds shift in your neighbour’s window. Prompting you to recall the plans he had made for tonight.
With all the work you have, it’s doubtful you’ll be back home for seven. You return to Jungkook’s door to give him the news. He has it open before you can even knock, his usual smirk crawling across his face as he greets you.  
“About tonight... something has come up at work and I really don’t know how late I’ll be.”
His ears perk up. “You’re going into the conservatory?”
“Yeah,” you respond, somewhat shocked that he remembered where you work. It’s been a couple months since you mentioned it while introducing yourself to him and his caretaker. “An order came in earlier than expected. I’ll likely be planting all day and night.”
“I can help,” he offers, already stepping out to join you, and locking the door behind him.
“You want to help?”
“Of course, isn’t that the neighbourly thing to do?”
“Yes, but I wouldn’t want it or expect it from someone who terrorizes my own garden.”
“Allegedly,” Jungkook corrects. “And wouldn’t you rather have me with you, under your supervision, than here, all alone with only a measly fence between me and your impressive bell pepper harvest?”
“Stay away from my peppers!” You scold, pointing your finger at him. “Even if I wanted to take you, what about your caretaker? Don’t you need his permission to leave and work?”
“He’s never paid attention to my whereabouts before, and it’s not work if you don’t pay me. I’ll just be a volunteer. You have people volunteer all the time right?”
“Yes but-”  
“I’ll be on my best behaviour.”
“Alright, fine.” You finally agree though with a heavy dose of reluctance. Namjoon often brings his own hybrid in so it shouldn’t be a problem. “But if I see you nibble on even a single leaf, you’re coming straight back here.”
“Deal.” He rushes past you straight to your passenger seat and buckles himself in. Practically bouncing with excitement beside you as you pull out and head towards the conservatory.
The minutes pass and you try your best to focus on the road but you’ve never been so close to Jungkook in such a small space. And with his built frame taking up most of the car, he’s hard for you to ignore. His ears folded against the roof and his shoulders so wide they brush repeatedly against yours.
“Ever been to the conservatory before?” You ask, trying to divert your mind from the battle which builds inside you. A wavering war between frustration and attraction, with the former trying it’s best to pin down the latter, a move which only arouses the latter more...
“No, I’ve wanted to go ever since you mentioned it but my caretaker hasn’t had the time.”
“Oh.” A sense of pity joins the ranks of your emotions, nudging at you as you pull into the lot. “Sorry, I didn’t-”
“Why are you sorry?” Jungkook asks in a low whisper, snapping back to his flirtatious behaviours. His mouth turns up at the corner as he leans into you, so close that his drooping ears graze the top of your head.  “Would you have taken me earlier if I had mentioned it?”
“N-no,” you choke out. Placing your hand on his solid chest, you push him back and away. As tempting as his advance might be to accept, you know his forwardness to be nothing more than an act to make a fool of you. Why else would he try to both seduce you, and steal from right under your nose?  “You’re only here today because I am in desperate need of help, and I can’t trust you to be alone.”
You lead him through the unoccupied greenhouses. The conservation is closed to the public today (as it is every Monday and Tuesday); which usually allows for some time off, but at least now it’ll give you a chance to work unimpeded by visitors. Your own curated section is located in the most humid of all the houses, set in such a way to mimic the tropical environment you are attempting to represent.
The first stop is the holding house where the carts of new stock wait just outside.  Grabbing an empty trolly you enter and start to load up those that are ready to plant. Jungkook following your actions does the same, easily lifting the heavy planters that you yourself struggle with. “Thanks,” you whisper as he relieves you of a particularly burdensome tree. To which he smiles in return.
After making the switch, by placing the recent delivery in the house for it’s quarantine, you lead him to the supply closet. Where you collect a couple shovels, trowels, and two pairs of gloves. As you continue to scan for anything else you might require, Jungkook pops in behind looking at the shelves with a sense of curiosity. He reaches up and over you to a spray bottle labeled ‘slug repellent.’
“We won’t need that, it’s for the outdoor gardens,” You explain. “It’s just a mixture of ca-”
“Caffeine and water?”
You snap your gaze to him. “How do you know that?”
He bites his lip as a snicker starts to escape. “Just a bit of morning reading. I found an interesting article with that particular tidbit. One which also happened to reference the exploits of a long-eared menace.”
“Y-you read the conservatory blog? You read my post? No one reads that, there can’t have been more than ten views!”
“Which is such a shame.” He goads you. “I’ve found your work to be both informative and comical. You really have me rooting for you in your quest to catch your thief.”
You groan in utter fury. “Why must you be so-so-”
“Handsome? Funny? Caring?”
“Because you seem to take more notice when I am.” Jungkook answers, with a turn of his heel, his tail poking out from under his shirt as he starts to walk away with the cart. “And I like seeing that perplexed look of yours. Your nose is cute when you scrunch it up like that.”
You remain in the shed, your traitorous heart beating erratically over the fact that he called a part of you cute. While your more sensible side grabs your nose and smooths out the wrinkles he referenced.
“Should we get to work?” He calls out after you. “The sooner we finish, the sooner we can go home and expose that bandit of yours.”
You roll your eyes and follow him out, before taking the lead to your tropical glasshouse. The air sticks to your skin the moment you enter. Jungkook lets out a long exhale behind you tugging on the collar of his shirt. “Is it always like this in here?”
“It’s a bit warmer today, but not by much. Are you already regretting your decision to help?” You tease him.
“Nope,” he answers, slinging a shovel over his shoulder. “Show me where to dig, and I’ll get to it.”
Pulling out your plans for the new exhibit arrangement, you select a couple species placing them on the empty plots of garden as directed, careful to allow for future growth. Jungkook follows behind digging out their new homes faster than at least three of your staff members combined.
You stare at him for a second, unable to believe the pace at which he’s going. “Something wrong?” He asks, pausing to lock eyes with you.
“No, I just didn’t think you’d be so quick at digging.”
“I’m part rabbit, what did you expect?” Jungkook boasts with a chuckle and a raised brow. “I share their strengths. Especially when it comes to burrowing and fu-”      
His words are cut short when a fresh breeze from the outside washes over the both of you, a  sure sign that someone must have entered the greenhouse. Your neighbour goes rigid, his nose lifts into the air and his ears fall back flat against his head. “Jungkook what’s-” Leaping up he closes the gap and grabs you. Tucking you into him with his chin resting on your head, where a  warm and earthy scent envelopes you.  His breaths are quick and deep, causing his chest to rapidly rise and fall against your back.
Namjoon’s voice calls out to you. “... are you in here?”
“Over here!” You yell out in reply, before turning back to the hybrid who still has you locked in his clutches. “What the hell Jungkook? Let me go! Now’s not the time for your games.” Sure it might feel nice to be wrapped in his arms, to get lost amidst his aroma. At any other time you might even consider taking a moment before chastising his boldness. But here? Now? And with Namjoon coming to greet you? No, this is too much.
You try to push him away like you have before, but this time it’s as if he’s set in stone, and not registering you at all. He focuses only on the direction your coworker's voice hailed from. “That scent, he smells like-”
“There you are.” Namjoon interrupts stepping around a flowering bush and into view, looking surprised by your guest. “Oh, hello there.”
The point of Jungkook's chin rubs against your head as he grips you even tighter. Embarrassed and confused by the hybrids embrace. “Jungkook, this is Namjoon.” You introduce your coworker while delivering an elbow to Jungkook’s gut. He finally snaps out of his trace and lets you go though he continues to hover behind. “He works with the bonsai of the conservatory.”
“You must be the neighbour I’ve heard so much about, it’s nice to finally meet you.” Namjoon extends his hand to the hybrid, but Jungkook ignores the gesture, choosing to glare instead, with his nostrils flared and his ears pinned back.
“Jungkook?” You whisper trying to chase him from his mood.
Namjoon gives him a nervous smile. “You probably smell my hybrid, on me don’t you?”
“A hybrid?” Jungkook confirms, his eyes narrowed at Namjoon.
“Yeah, sorry, I didn’t intend to scare you. I’m sure the scent of a predator, especially a tiger, is a bit of a shock. He’s harmless, I promise.”
“Is Taehyung here?” You ask, hoping to see his affectionate part-feline companion.  
“Nah, he’s with a friend today. I needed to get some work done and he’d be more of a distraction than a help... but it would seem that didn’t stop him from scenting my shirt before I left.” Namjoon explains, and then turns to your neighbour again. “Jungkook would you mind if I borrow her for a second? I need help with one of my tropical species.”
Jungkook gives a solemn nod. For the first time since you’ve known him, he looks frightened, and somewhat hesitant to release you over to your coworker.
Worried by his current disposition, you reassure him with a squeeze on his arm. “Just keep digging where I’ve placed those pots and I’ll be right back.”
Namjoon leads you into the adjacent greenhouse where you can continue to keep watch of Jungkook through the pains of glass. But the instant the doors close between you, Namjoon starts bombarding you with questions. “Why didn’t you tell me? How long has it been going on? ”
You take a step back having been caught off guard. “Tell you what?”
“About you and Jungkook! Is the feuding neighbours just a cover story?” Namjoon’s eyes are wide and hopeful as he carries on, not letting you fit a single word in. “Don’t worry, I won’t inform anyone you're together. I know it’s not easy having a human-hybrid relationship out in the open. But I think you should be careful about going out into public because he’s far too obvious about it.”
“We’re not- we’re not a couple. Why would you think such a thing?”
“Because the way held you, he looked like he was marking you with his own scent. That’s what rabbits do isn’t it? They rub their chins on what they want to claim as their own.”
“They do what?” You ask, stunned by the possibility, before the realism settles back in. It must just be Jungkook’s idea of a joke. “No, that’s not what he’s doing, our connection is nothing remotely like that. Don’t get me wrong he’s very attractive, and he knows it.” You mutter the last part under your breath. “But-”
“But you really are having trouble with him. It's not a cover?”
“You think I would keep something like that from you?” Namjoon over the years has come to be your closest confidant. A good friend and coworker, you would never dream of hiding something like that from him.
“I suppose not.”
“Is that why you brought me back here, to question my relationship status?”
“Not entirely.” Namjoon shakes his head with a small dimpled smile and changes the subject. “I do actually want to get your help with one of my new acquisitions.” He points out an unusual tree on his work bench, much too big for the pot it’s currently situated in. It’s extensive roots spill out over the top and threaten to swallow the pot whole. “A Ficus microcarpa, far from the most sought after species when it comes to reputable bonsai, but I couldn’t pass this one up. It has such good character.”
“What made it grow in such a way?” You examine the plant and it’s container with care, prying between the roots and taking note of cracks starting to form in the terracotta.
“The last owner neglected it for far too long. It sat hidden in the back of a commercial greenhouse, still under the watering and fertilizing system, but since it was confined to such a small space it tried to root it’s way out. If I were to guess, it probably hasn’t seen a new pot for at least five years.”
“It’s a miracle it survived.” You nod impressed by the tree’s determination. “What’s your plan for it?”
“Give it what it wants, let it leach out. I doubt I would be able to pry it out entirely without causing significant damage to the roots that are gripping the sides, so instead I want to put another bellow to catch it and give it the fresh soil and room it needs.” Namjoon lays the tree and pot down on the table, and asks you to hold and support the trunk, while he taps and pokes at the bottom of the vessel with a metal trowel.  Enlarging the cracks, but not breaking the pot fully. It’s a tedious process. The small chunks of clay are removed piece by piece, giving him access to see and free some of the tightly bound roots inside.
While your coworker continues his task, your eyes are free to wonder. You check on Jungkook through the glass, as he kneels in front of the garden bed digging even faster than before.
Namjoon appears to notice your distracted state. “How's he doing?”
“Fine I guess.” You whisper. “He’s acting stranger than usual today though. He stole from my garden again. Invited himself over to my house, then here, and you saw what he did back there.”
“Huh...” Namjoon mutters, trailing off the same way he did on the phone.
“What is this ‘huh’ you keep giving me? You know I don’t like games Namjoon. If you have something you want to say, say it.”
“It’s about what you said earlier, how his caretaker leaves for extended periods of time. Usually if an animal is alone for too long they look for ways to stimulate themselves and resort to their natural instincts, scavenging and such. But he’s a hybrid and therefore part human, so if you were isolated and restricted to your house what would you do?”
“Probably look for the closest person I could find. So he’s acting out in my garden and teasing me, because he’s lonely?”
“I think so.” Namjoon responds as he extracts another root, freeing it from its confines.
“But why?” You ask, worried for the answer to come. “Why wouldn’t he just say something?”
“There could be a number of reasons. He might not understand what he’s doing on a conscious level, or he might be afraid to show any sign of weakness to you or anyone else. Jungkook is part prey animal, and humans are all too often predators.”
“If that’s the case...” You curse yourself for not realizing it sooner. The fury you held for him slowly fades away as you replay every encounter in your mind. He was literally jumping at the chance to spend time with you, to help you with your work, and you were to blind to see it. Your anger over your missing vegetables is so trivial in comparison to what he must have been going through. The loneliness he must have felt, and the inability to admit it, you can’t imagine how he suffered through it alone. “What can I do to help him? I have no legal claim to him Namjoon. What can I do within such limitations?”
He looks down at his work in progress. “The way I see it  you and he, like this small tree, have three options. You could maintain the status quo, leave him be, but how long will he be able to survive like he is? Creeping over the edge but grasping on to nothingness?”
You shake your head vehemently rejecting the idea while Namjoon continues.
“You could report his caretaker for neglect, breaking the container entirely, but that too could be very damaging to him, tearing him away entirely could put him in a state of shock, and in a home that is no better for him, while the legal battle is decided. Or...” Namjoon grabs another container, slightly wider than the one in which the plant is seated. Filling it with substrate he takes the tree clinging to it’s partial pot and places it on top. Pressing the newly freed roots down into the soil.
“You could support him, give him a better home just outside of his own where he can be himself and access what he needs. I personally think it’s your safest option for now.” Namjoon leads over inspecting the bonsai and lowers his voice to an almost inaudible whisper. “Until the day, when it is possible to fully cast the pot aside.”
You nod, though now left to grapple with what you could possibly have to offer the hybrid.  “I’m not sure I would be the best person to care for him.”
“I think Jungkook would disagree. He was already trying to scent you. That to me, implies his desire for something more in the realm of an intimate relationship.” You choke on your breath as Namjoon comes to an additional conclusion. Upon seeing your distress he makes a suggestion. “Of course you could keep it strictly to friendship between the two of you and I’m sure that will improve his situation, but his other needs will need to be met for him to feel completely at home...”
“His other needs? You think he wants to be with me? Intimately?! No! Surely he would have acted differently if that was his intent! He’s done nothing but tease me when he catches me even remotely looking in his direction.”
“So you have been looking at him!” Namjoon taunts you with a massive grin. Apologizing a second later when you proceed to glare at him. “But to answer your question, no, not necessarily. You have to remember most of society deems him a lesser being. He could be feeling a lot of guilt and pressure not to engage with you in that way. Though he might not outright say it, I bet his instincts will continue to shine through. I’ll even prove it to you.” Namjoon takes off a glove and rubs your head. “I bet this rabbit of yours will take less than a minute before he tries to replace the smell of my hand with his own again... trust me.”
You shake your head in disbelief. “I should probably get back to him.” You are just about to step away when your thoughts return to the long neglected plant. “Where do you plan to house that when you’re finished? Ficuses naturally belong in a more tropical location don’t they?”
“They do, especially if I want to give it a better chance. It’s going to need a place far more humid than this space.”
“Was this all your calculated way of guilting me to store it in my greenhouse too?”
“The thought might have crossed my mind.” Namjoon gives you a sly grin.  “But my logic is still sound in regards to Jungkook. He needs someone, he needs a better home... and it would seem he’s chosen you.”
You wander back to your greenhouse, still full of doubt. Finding Jungkook to have finished most of the required digging.
“Sorry for leaving you.”
“You-you okay?” He asks, upon seeing the dazed look on your face and then scowling in the direction that Namjoon led you.
“Fine, he just needed help with one of his plants. Sorry about earlier, I didn’t think you’d be affected by the scent of his hybrid, Taehyung is rather sweet though, you’d like him.”
“You trust him then?” Jungkook grumbles as he pierces his shovel into the ground. “You trust Namjoon and his hybrid?”
“Of course, why shouldn’t I?”
“Because it wasn’t just a tiger that I smelled. He’s been around a lot of hybrids. Every scent on him told me to run, all of them put there by dangerous predators.”
“Oh,” you shoot back in surprise. “I’m sure it’s nothing. Taehyung is rather popular, he has a lot of friends and Namjoon often caters them at his place. You don’t need to worry, you're safe here.”
“It’s not myself I’m worried about.”
Jungkook inches closer as you crouch to place the plants in the holes he dug. His nose twitches as he takes a deep breath, his eyes watching while you bury the root ball in the warm soil, firmly securing the trunk of the young tree.
While you are leaning down, Jungkook reaches across to the other side of you. Grabbing the trowel to your right despite the fact that the same tool can be found on his left. The bottom of his chin grazes the top of your head and lingers for a spell. Your heart stops in that moment while questioning his motives. Though Namjoon said he’d do just this, you still can’t be entirely sure that it proves him correct; Jungkook might just not have seen the other option available to him, and he’s never bothered about invading your space. This could be nothing, though there’s a small growing part of you that wants it more and more to be something.
“He’s a good guy,” you promise, returning to the conversation so as to not dwell on his actions. “He even suggested that I should bring you along more often, if you’re interested in spending some of your days here.”
“He did?”
You nod.  A small white lie, but not entirely incorrect, and if it gets him to accept Namjoon easier you’ll all be better for it. “I wouldn’t expect you to work, but you're more than welcome to just hang around. The staff here could always use some company and I’m sure it would beat staying at home alone all day.”
“I would like that. I would like that a lot, but would you want me to keep you company too?”
“If that’s what you want to do.”
“No, I need to know if that’s what you want.” He looks over to you pinning you down in his line of sight.  
“I suppose I would....” You answer and turn your head, unable to bear the nerves that his gaze brings. The both of you fall quiet. Knowing what you know now, being free of your anger for him leaves you vulnerable, open to his persuasion, and now you are no longer certain of how to act. So you start to rely on what has made him comfortable in the past, and interject with a new condition to bring an end to the awkward silence. “As long as you treat this garden better than mine back home.”
Jungkook lets out a long laugh. “I have nothing but the highest respect for your garden.”
When planting is finished your clothes are entirely saturated in sweat and your muscles aching from use. It’s hard to believe how much you’ve both done in such a short amount of time. While carting up the supplies, Jungkook’s eyes catch on something behind you. You look around spotting the newly potted bonsai on a back table. Namjoon must have dropped it off while you both were busy.
Looking at it now you can’t help but notice how even the shape of its leaves remind you of the hybrid’s ears, long, pointed, and reaching up to the sky. You consider your friend's words one more time and while Jungkook leans over to inspect the tree. Reaching out to his back, your hand shakes with hesitation before setting down on a spot just below his shoulder. He softens under your touch, a low hum leaving his lips. His attention turns from the plant to you. With your hand still in place, your arm is now wrapped around him, leaving only an inch between the two of you. You stand there fixed and unmoving, but content in the knowledge, that you seem to have left him speechless this time. His eyes darting away from yours, to your lips, your neck, and finally the hand you place upon his chest.  
Only to have the moment broken when you can hear and feel the rumble from his stomach. His nervous laugh follows as he reaches up to scratch behind his ear.
He nods in response, his eyes wide as he remains unusually silent.
“Come on, I’ll buy you dinner.” You offer as you turn him around to head to the car.
You both settle on a take out spot, and return home to wash up and eat.
After finishing your meal and tearing off your overalls, you both settle down on the hammock in your yard. With Jungkook’s legs long enough to touch the ground, he slowly rocks the seat back and forth.  He’s been near silent since that close moment together. He’s never had a problem with banter and flirtation, but now you’ve come to notice that any attention which can’t be passed off as a joke causes him to flounder.
Laying back in the hammock, both full and content, your eyes threaten to close after the long day as Jungkook continues to sit beside you. The sound of crickets lulling you to sleep. “Keep an eye out for that thief of mine will you?” You may not like games but if it makes him comfortable, and keeps him talking, you’ll continue to play this ruse with him.
“You trust me to keep watch without your supervision?”
“Are you suggesting I shouldn’t?”
“No, it’s just a lot more credit than you usually give me.”
“I think you’ve earned it.” You whisper as you finally drift off.
It feels like only a few minutes of rest before the sun sets and the air turns cool. Jungkook’s chin comes to rest on the top of your head like it did back in the greenhouse. He shifts his weight, burrowing his arms around and behind to cover you as he takes deep breaths. You lean into him seeking the warmth of his chest. No longer restricted by your childish anger to enjoy his company is a welcome relief, you only wish you could relinquish him of any of his own troubles and doubts.  And then, you feel it, a drop of cold rain hitting your neck. The hammock moves again as he adjusts, the back of his fingers running across the damp spot. Another finds your cheek and he wipes that away too, your skin shivering in response.
But when a speck lands your mouth he stops. You wait, a second, then two. Your anticipation grows with face heating up and your chest tightening as you continue to crave his touch. You want him to wipe it away, to touch you, to act on whatever desires he might be keeping. You part your lips with the desperate hope that he will take the hint. Rejoicing when the warm pad of his thumb spreads the drop across the delicate skin.
He comes down on to you, his mouth catching any and all remains of the droplet as he encases your lips. Jungkook places a hand on your neck while the other grabs the ropes of the hammock, his legs straddle your hips. The scattered rain turns to a downpour as he remains fixed to your mouth, even his form isn’t enough to shield you from the current washing down from the sky.
As your hands reach up to his own damp and curling locks entwining your fingers in the strands he moans and nips. But as quickly as it started, so too does it end. When Jungkook snaps up as though jolted from a dream. His ears point back as an apology flows from him. “I-I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”
“Jungkook,” you call out to him but he ignores you as he tries to detangle himself. When one foot hits the ground. You grab his waist and try again. “Jungkook, you don’t have to be sorry.” But instead of stopping he merely pulls you off and along with him, sending you both to the muddy ground, but this time with you on top of him.
“Are you okay?” He asks the loud pouring of the rain forcing him to raise the volume of his voice.
You chuckle at his concern considering he’s the one flat on his back. “I think I should be asking you that question instead.” You pause as he mirrors your grin. “Why did you stop? Did I do something wrong?”
“No.” He looks up at you, his brow furrowing. “You did nothing wrong. It was me. I was the one acting on my instincts. I shouldn’t have done that when I know how much you hate me.”
“I don’t hate you...” You explain, trying your best not to be drowned out by the water cascading down. “The things you did might have annoyed me, but I get it now. I’m just sorry it took me so long to notice.”
“Notice what?”
“How fucked up your situation is. For not realizing how alone you must have been. How caged you must have felt. I’ve been so focused on my own little world that I didn’t realize what was happening or why you were acting the way you were. I like you, a lot, but I was too wrapped up in my frustration to say how I felt...”
“It’s not your fault.”
You shake your head. “I am not innocent in this. I should have been paying more attention.”
“Then pay attention to me now.” He begs with his round eyes shining up at you.  
“But in what way? As a neighbour, as a friend, or maybe something more?" Your voice cracks in desperation, trying to find his needs while also hoping they are the same as yours. “Is that why you were always teasing me the way you did? You wanted something more?”
“You really want to know?” Jungkook’s tone is low as it grips on to his every word. “I did it because it was the only thing that could distract me from my incessant need for you. Seeing your reactions and having your attention kept me in check. I’m very different from you and I’m aware it could cause a problem. I wasn’t sure if you could ever fully want me because of that.” He reaches to rub around the base of his ears. “But every day that I looked over I wanted to hold you, to claim you, to take you right here on this very spot. So often I dreamed of jumping the fence and coming for you instead of...”
You smile down at him, noting his near admission. “Instead of?”
“Instead of watching from a distance.” He smirks, catching and narrowly fixing his statement. Pleading guilty only to his longing for you.
“Then do it.” You demand of him.
He groans from his position beneath you. “Don’t tease me like that.”
“I’m not. You weren’t the only one peeking through the fence Jungkook.” Reaching up to your collar you tug off your shirt. He follows your lead with his own to reveal his sculpted chest he’s taunted you with so many times. “I don’t care if we’re different from each other. I don’t care if it causes a problem.” You shift back on his body traveling from your seat near his stomach down to his hips, his clothed dick firm and pressing against you. A moan escapes his lips, confirming that you’ve made your point. “There’s no one else nearby, so if you want me so much that you’re willing to fuck me out here, in the rain and mud-”  
His hands come to grip your waist, and in one swift motion, he lifts you off, maneuvering out from underneath, to fall into place behind you. From there he pushes you down to your hands and knees, his body bent over yours. “You have no idea how much I want to.” He whispers with a kiss to your bare shoulder damp from the rain that continues to pour.
He takes off your bra before his face moves down your back, nose trailing against your skin and pausing at your shorts. Unfastening the button he pulls them down, freeing you of your underwear too before they are both cast aside. “I want to smell you, and taste you.” Jungkook takes in a deep breath, wrapping an arm around your legs, and barring your thighs. He buries his face between your legs, his tongue reaching out to deliver a long lick to your folds pausing after every lap.
Your palms dig into the ground, the cool mud coming to the surface to meet them. You buck against his tongue but the forearm holding you remains firm, sending your squirming downward to bury your elbows in the soggy grass too.
Jungkook chuckles as you inadvertently give him a better angle. From behind you can hear the zipper of his own shorts. Rubbing the head of his cock against your damp folds, he covers it with the slick of your slit, and with a long groan he eases it inside. He’s slow at first, letting you savor the girth and warmth of him. So you start to edge back and forward on his cock. Taking the time to enjoy every inch, along with the sounds that leave him. But when he returns to take control, the first thrust is so powerful, his thighs hit your ass with a loud clap, and every jolt of his hips after, drives you further down each time.
A stuttering groan escapes him as he fills you. Thinking he’s finished you lean forwards and until his cock pulls out, but in response he grabs your waist. Turning you over, back to the ground on top of the discarded clothes and facing him.
He lowers himself pressing his chest against yours. His fingers reach to grab your chin and take a kiss. His cock, despite having come only moments before, is hard once more and poised to enter once again.
“How are you-” You manage to squeeze a few words in the gaps between his kisses as he draws breath. “Ready for more-” Another pass of his tongue. “Already?”
“You have my hybrid traits to thank for that.” He moves to nibble on the side of your throat. “I have more to give you, if you want it.”
You nod unable to emit any noise other than a gasp as his mouth finds a sensitive spot on your neck. His dick forges in again, your slick and his cum dripping out of you as he fills you with himself instead.
You’ve avoided touching him with your own hands as they are patched with mud, but as his thrusts grow more powerful than even before, you’re forced to grab on his arms and chest. Leaving behind streaks of dirt which display the path of your grip. Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind though, in fact looks rather encouraged by your touch, and the marks you leave him.
“What a dirty woman you are, and getting me all messy too.” He scoffs while admiring your handiwork. “Can I return the favour?”
“Help me come first and you can do whatever the fuck you want.” You gasp on the brink of your climax.  
His ears perk up and a grin streaks across his face. “Close are you?” He grabs your calf and wraps your leg around his back, the other follows suit and his hand comes to rest on your lower back pushing you up and into him effectively grinding your mount against him.
You gasp and flinch with the sudden pressure, but he holds you firm as your back arches to meet him.
His hips beat on at a rapid pace, a small whimper escapes him as you reach the peak, tipping you over the edge. The chilling rain can in no way can douse the searing heat that spreads through you. You're still gasping when his jaw clamps down hard, his teeth poised upon your skin. The first pulse of his cock comes inside, but on the second he pulls out to splatter your chest and stomach with the rest. His hand comes to clutch his shaft, spilling more out and on to you with each stroke.
After every remaining drop has been cast on you he smiles, dragging his fingers across the rain drenched mess of mud and cum on your skin. “Never thought I’d ever see you so thoroughly soiled.”
You giggle at his remarks through your deep breaths. “And now that you do, what do you think?”
“I think it suits you, the dirt, the rain, and me...” He lowers himself down onto you, with his head now resting upon your shoulder. “It’s too bad though. Now I just want more, but we’re both far too filthy to carry on like this.”  
You turn to whisper at the base of his ear. “Who says we can’t continue in the shower...”
You wake early the next morning with the sun spilling into the room, lighting up your bed, and the hybrid sleeping next to you. His ears and nose twitching as he continues to rest. Slipping out from the covers, and into a set of clean gardening clothes, you exit the room with as little sound as possible.
On the tile floor of your hall, muddy footprints trail from your backdoor to your bathroom.  A smile pulls at your lips as you recall the events which brought them there. Jungkook had been so excited to keep going he picked you up and rushed you inside.
The feeling from the warm water and hands in contrast to the cool rain was enough to bring back the waves of pleasure. He was so thorough in washing you down, you might have to ask him to join you for another this morning and repay the favour.  
Outside in the garden you find all your harvest from the day before present and untouched. You’re pleased by this new development, but it’s not the fact that your crops are intact which makes you happy, it’s the comfort in knowing that Jungkook didn’t feel the need to take them.
A few minutes later the hybrid in question comes up behind you wrapping his arms around your waist pulling with him a blanket he took from the bed to cover the both of you. “Morning.” He mumbles, as his nose finds the crook of your neck where he exhales with a deep and relaxed sigh.
“Morning.” You respond, enjoying the tickle of his breath before you turn around to better see him. “It seems the thief didn’t strike last night. ”
“I guess they found a new garden to plunder and devour?” Jungkook suggests, giving you a sly grin, before he opens his mouth again. It’s easy to see that he’s getting ready to confess, his face shifts to a stern expression as he looks down at the ground, the guilt weighing heavily upon his brow. Placing your index to his lips you stop him. No longer needing to hear those words of admission, you offer a new proposal instead.
“Maybe, but that was just one night. The thief might still come back. So if it’s alright with you I would like you to stay here. Until we can be sure they won’t return.”
Jungkook lets out a satisfied chuckle, pushing aside your finger and pulling you tighter into his warm embrace. “You’re right, I suppose it would be safer if I stayed.” His lips plant a kiss on the top of your head where he then rests his chin. “A temptation as enticing as this, shouldn’t be left alone and unattended.”
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𝐋𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐭 | PUNZ
Pairing: incubus!punz x afab!reader
Warnings: NSFW +18 ONLY, minors DNI, slight masturbation, unprotected sex, mention of the name sir, name calling (slut). Let me know if i'm missing something.
A/N: pt. 2 of this fic —> day 11
Also, a big thank you to Ace for helping me with my grammar mistakes<3
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The word was taunting you, almost mocking the hesitant expression on your face, deep frown showing up with a pair of very confused eyes. The brightness of your computer's screen blinding you. It was one in the morning and the desperation coursing through your veins was enough to get you up and start a research that you never thought you would do.
It’s been months since your encounter with that mysterious guy. The blue eyed man was all you could think of, you were sure what happened that night was real. There was a red handprint on your leg that took days to go away to prove you right. But your friends didn’t believe you, at least not all of them. They thought it was only a wet dream, caused by your lack of sexual interactions. And after days of not being able to get in contact with the boy again, you started to believe them. Days after days wishing that you could dream about him again, that your imagination could help you to picture his tall figure fucking you until you cry.
Sadly, there was no success.
And you were left with a very wet problem between your legs every night.
But that's when Dan made an appearance, your closest friend being intrigued by your narrative of that night.
"Deep black eyes," He said, "Appearing out of nowhere just to fuck you? It sounds familiar."
Oddly enough, it was familiar. You were not the first person to experience that type of dream, especially because it wasn't exactly a dream. It was a vivid sexual experience that you go through in your sleep. An incubus it’s what they call it, a sex demon that possesses women's bodies in the darkest of night, using them whenever they want. Roaming your life bringing nothing but disaster and chaos, decreasing your health and making death be near you.
It sounded terrifying in theory, but in practice it was a whole nother story. The best sex you’ve had so far and you wanted more of it. The problem is that you didn’t know how to exactly summon him.
People on the internet suggested not to do it, claiming it’s dangerous, but there were other people giving advice and techniques to have a successful ritual.
Apparently, the easiest way to get an incubus in your life was to deprive yourself from sexual interactions. No sex, no touching yourself, no nothing. And sleeping bare butt naked.
You did exactly that for days, fighting your arousal and urge to dive at least one finger inside your wet pussy, or use any of your toys hidden in the depths of your closet. Even turning down the offer of hooking up with someone when you went out with your friends. No one understood what you were doing, only Dan. And he only smiled at you with a knowing look.
Tonight was no different, looking at yourself in the mirror, your eyes checking your body up and down, stopping at your tits for a few seconds before sighing and going to bed.
Your whole body felt hot, like a fire running within you. Opening the window a cold breeze hit your face, a refreshing change from the heat inside your room. Out of nowhere you heard the noise of a branch breaking, and felt like someone was watching you, giving you goosebumps.
Turning away from the window, you hop into bed, throwing the soft blanket over you, warming up your body even more. You close your eyes, wishing that tonight could be the night you've been waiting for so long, and that tall blonde demon would finally pay you a visit. But sleep didn't want to take over your body, instead a stream of horny thoughts were invading your mind, making you squirm and whine in frustration.
Your left hand drifts down to slightly brush over your desperate pussy. It made you shudder, a light moan escaping your lips.
Fuck it, it was just a dream, it's not gonna happen again. Was what you thought.
Your middle finger started to rub your clit, letting out a sigh of relief after so many days of not touching yourself. This felt like being kissed by an angel, although you were looking for the opposite thing. You wanted to be rip in half by a sexy blue eyed demon.
You were about to insert one finger, wanting to feel more, but a low chuckle made you freeze in your place. A tall, dark silhouette standing up in the corner of the room, just watching your small body shrink and hide under the sheets.
"Who... Who are you?"
It was no secret that there were an immense amount of creeps walking this earth, but you've never had to come face to face with one, let alone in your own house, and the fear that was running through your veins in that moment was about to make you cry.
"After putting so much effort into summoning me, are you really gonna give up now?"
That raspy voice... You've heard it before, it sounds so familiar.
"What happened to being a good girl and not touching yourself, hm?" Just now you noticed the intense pair of blue eyes watching you, shining in the dark. "Are you really that desperate to have something inside your little cunt, is that so?"
Finally, appearing from the dark corner, a 6'0 tall blonde man with a sadistic smile adorning his face, looking at your exposed skin like you were his prey. And maybe you were, because in the moment you tried to get up from bed he flew to you, pinning both of your arms against the mattress, his devil blue eyes staring right into your soul.
"Pu-Punz..." you stuttered out, surprised by having him this close.
"Did you miss me?" you didn't need to answer him, your body already did.
"So much."
His nose was brushing against your cheek, humming. "How cute."
"I... I was waiting for you to come back but... um, you never did." You admitted, heat makes your face feel warm.
"Oh, I didn't know you were gonna be so desperate to have my cock inside you again." Teeth biting your ear lobe. "Do you want that, sweetheart?"
You nodded, closing your eyes to enjoy his touch.
"Tell me then, tell me how much you want my dick."
Staring at him, blue eyes meeting your e/c, you said, "Please sir, I need you inside of me, I want it so bad."
"Well, when you ask so nicely."
In a matter of seconds his clothes were gone, his bare cold skin pressing against yours, a good contrast to your hot flesh. His lips meet yours in an urgent kiss.
"Stay still." He ordered you, letting go of your hands but with a look you knew you weren't allowed to move them
His lips started a trail of wet kisses from your neck down to your chest, biting your nipples and massaging your breasts. A soft moaning erupting from you when his dick brushed against your aching core.
"Please sir, I need you." You breathed out, desperate to have him in you, fucking you until you couldn't take it.
"Fine, if my slut can't fucking wait, then I'll give here what she wants." In a harsh motion his cock was stretching you out, tears pricking your eyes by how deep he was. "What? Is it too much now? But you wanted this love, isn't that right?"
You could hear the laugh in his words, the way he was making fun of you for being so eager to be fucked by him.
The words couldn't come out of you, a loud gasp passing through your lips when Punz started to move, thrusting deep and hard. Your nails were digging in the soft pillow, legs wrapping around his waist and your heels were pushing him closer to you.
"Does it feel good?" You nodded. "Mmm, you're taking me so well, baby. Like you were made for me." Punz groaned, "My fucktoy, only mine."
"O-Only yours!" You moaned.
Sadly you didn't understand what those words entailed. It wasn't just a phrase you say when you're fucked out of this world, when you're getting dicked down. No, it was a claim, a promise. You were given yourself in a silver plate to a supernatural creature. Letting him have control over you, letting Punz own you.
"Say it again," at this point he was pounding into you relentlessly, "say that you're mine. Let your neighbours know who you belong to. Come for me and say it."
With a loud scream you came all over his dick, coating both of you with your juices.
"I'm yours, only yours, Punz!"
His cold hands holding your hips to drive himself deeper, hitting your sweet spot over and over again.
"That's fucking right." You could see the outline of his cock, poking your stomach and you almost passed out seeing that. "Feel that? It's all me, doll. I'm too big in your tiny body." He laughed at you. "Now I'm gonna fill you up, nice and warm. Gonna claim you as mine, and no one else would be able to fuck you this good."
You didn't care, men were ruined for you after having him. You wouldn't want to be fucked by anyone else but Punz.
With a few hard thrusts, the blond boy finally spilled his seed inside your swollen cunt. Filling you up to the brim, groaning and moaning your name, his eyes showing that jet black color, not an ounce of the bright blue you were looking at seconds before.
Crashing over you once the very last drop of his cum was out of him. His big body covering yours and his face was buried in the crook of your neck. You were trying to recover from the intense orgasm you just had. It was so overwhelming but so good at the same time. Nothing you've experienced before.
After a while he pulled out, ready to stand up and leave you feeling empty once again.
"Wait!" You exclaimed, grabbing his wrist, "please stay the night? I just... I don't want you to go yet."
The blond man stared at you, looking down at your hand touching his skin. He knew he shouldn't get too involved with you, that's now how this worked, but seeing your wrecked state and how fragile you were in that moment, Punz couldn't say no.
"Alright," He started, "I'm not going anywhere."
Tumblr media
Main taglist: @jeffreybezzos @arsinlette @maskedmochiii @skarlletthepig @askforimagineoroneshot @megnotfound @au0rraa @chaoticotaku @theclockhitzero @ghvstkiss @nillwrites @ninkieminjaj @lovesicktozier @mightymegamoo @hodgesgirl17 @moralofwalls @satans11angel @chaotic-strange
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Quench your Thirst, I Beg You (1) | JJK
Tumblr media
♡ Pairing: Vampire! Jungkook x fem reader
♡ Word count: 1,6k
♡ Genre: vampire! au, mature, mentions of smut, not for minors.
♡ summary: after years y/n meets face to face with the boy that she took his virginity from, just to encounter that he is a grown men now and he wants her back, this time forever.
♡ a/n: it's going to be 2 parts, i hope you enjoy! *:・゚✧ all rights reserved©
You looked at you half way drink saddened, your friend decided that she rather past the time with her new conquest which she now was somewhere on the dance floor, neon lights shined too brightly an the crowd was increasing, the promising Saturday night was now tainted with solitude and boredom, now you were drunk and sleepy, your only option was going home, annoyed at your friend you quickly texted her, emptied your glass and started to move towards the dance floor to make your way to the exit.
While you were walking through the crowd of drunk people your eyes noticed a masculine figure a few meters away, it was very hard not to notice, since his presence was quite enchanting, the muscular tatted figure was dancing seductively with a girl, his clothes black and tight, the subtle silver jewelry that twinkled when the lights touched it, his face somewhat hidden in the shadows and his movements that made difficult see his features, but you didn’t miss his eyebrow piercing that shined quickly, such presence was worthy of admiration, but you couldn’t stay just there staring so you move towards the exit until you are out of the club, what you saw there was not human, he was more like a sensual demon that will only live in your memory, apparently.
That night drunk and alone, you pull out your trustworthy vibrator out of the drawer and turned it on, you pleasured yourself with that mysterious stranger in mind, trying to imagine how handsome his face must look like, his hand with ringed fingers tracing your silhouette just to pinch your nipples with lust while the other hand pleasured your clit, your orgasm arrived quickly, now satisfied you went to sleep unknowing of the observant look of two red eyes that watched you the entire time, the voyeur smiled widely at the sight of your sleeping figure.
*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧
Sunday morning was lazy as usual, you didn’t want to leave bed but the buzzing sound of your phone was getting on your nerves, you quickly saw the multiple notifications of your friend, you sighted while scrolling through the texts:
[9:13 a.m] Bora: hey let’s hang out in the park today by the river
[9:20 a.m] Bora: don’t ignore meeee
[10:04 a.m] Bora: I better see you there otherwise I will reconsider our entire friendship.
You whined even though nobody was there to comfort you, kicking the air with frustration you got out of bed, took a shower and got ready with something comfortable and nice to wear, by the time you arrived her phone wasn’t picking up any of your calls, you wanted to cry, now that you are actually there you would at least look out for her so you leaving the bed in a Sunday morning wasn’t in vain, you started to walk after a few minutes you gave up and left angry texts before turning around and find on a close distance that particular stranger that you fantasized the night before.
You recognized him immediately, even though he was using a different more sporty clothes his essence was the same, now in broad daylight you could fill the gaps of the every detail of his person, his big thighs, his somewhat small waist, his strong built, his tatted arm and hand, his sculpted neck and his…familiar face.
You, in fact, could not believe your eyes, the man that you are seeing turns out to be Jungkook, that junior in college that could not even look at your eyes, that had difficulty to talk to you informally not matter how many times you told him that it was okay, the boy that looked at you intensely but quickly blushed, very soft and innocent, but also the one that begged you to take his virginity one intense night of drinking after you both ended a project and started to make out.
For you it was just the natural course after drinking some and having someone in your company, for him though…, he was on beyond elated, permanent blush on his cheeks, his big eyes closed in a bliss, his hands trembling on your waist, his soft lips kissed you sweet and delicately, you were not used to that of course, and even though that wasn’t your preference you still enjoyed it, it was quite refreshing the fervor and dedication that Jungkook was giving you.
After long passionate minutes of making out, both were panting, sweating and needy.
And he looked at you in the eye, this time he seamed more decided that ever.
His swollen lips, his pleading eyes, his quite pronounce erection, he was ready to be devoured..
‘’Nuna, please…’’ he begged ‘’let me make you mine, for tonight if you want, I will die if you not touch me’’ he managed to say, you honestly were glad that you were on the same page.
‘’Jungkook, whatever your strategy is, it worked perfectly, I need you all over me right now’’ you said unbuttoning your blouse, he was amused but with a confused look on his face he said:
‘’Nuna… you are the only want that I ever wanted to be with, it was worth it, all those years of waiting’’
‘’waiting for what?’’ you asked not ready for his sincere response.
‘’waiting to make love, nuna’’ he said blushed again ‘’I haven’t done it yet, but knowing that is going to be with you, I don’t regret it one minute’’ he said softspoken.
‘’Jungkook are you a virgin?’’ you asked amazed, no guy this cute at the age of 23 was a virgin, you always thought that Jungkook was one of those quiet guys that was secretly a freak in bed, turns out he was innocent all this time just as he presented himself.
Jungkook embarrassedly nodded.
‘’ Is that bad?’’ he asked with fear.
‘’No!’’ you quickly responded, I mean, this by all means was so different from what you are used to, but nevertheless you were turn on by his sincerity and his dedication ’’No, Jungkook, that’s the opposite of bad, I just want to be with you tonight’’ Jungkook smiled victorious.
‘’then nuna, I beg you, touch me now’’ he said closing the space between you and him, starting an experience that he would never forget.
Jungkook…changed… a lot.
He looked more mature, of course, but it was more than the obvious, it was his whole self, his attitude, his energy, not only, the tattoos or his new style, the cute soft spoken boy in college was replaced for this attractive and dominant man that could destroy all your defenses with a crook of his eyebrows or a seductive smile.
You felt embarrassed to fantasized that way of him, mainly because how the things ended with him, after the night that two spend together, you sporadically saw each other, but you graduated and he was transferred to a university in Europe, he was constantly seeking out for you trying to make things work but you ghosted him, and you to this day felt bad for doing that.
Having him a few meters away its making you fight the impulses of running in the opposite direction, but you needed to stay calm and walk away discretely, but sadly for you he noticed you seconds later, making his way just right in front of you.
He took a look into your eyes, something about him was drastically different but you couldn’t pinpoint what exactly, his black doe eyes expanded while he raised his eyebrows.
‘’nuna?’’ he smiled ‘’it’s me Jungkook!’’ he said confident.
‘’oh Jungkook, it’s been a while’’ you said trying to not sound awkward, but before you could do anything else, a pair of strong arms embraced you and tightly carried you through the air spinning in excitement.
‘’oh god, I can’t believe this’’ he said, the excitement was noticeable in his voice, he quickly put you down just to seconds later process the fact that he spined you around in the air ‘’nuna, so sorry, I’m just happy to see you again’’
‘’you are changed’’ you said to him also processing the strength that Jungkook possessed.
‘’and you haven’t changed a bit since the last time I saw you’’ he responded ‘’you are still the prettiest’’
You couldn’t help to blush.
‘’we have so much stuff to catch up, nuna, let’s exchange numbers’’
And that’s how it begin, your friend was long forgotten the next hours, as you went to a café spending time with Jungkook talking about how your lives had changed for the past two years, he finished his degree in Rome, then he spent other year in London to settle down in Korea for good, he was so knowledgeable in a lot of things, he was well travelled and he didn’t lose time in getting fit, he didn’t mentioned any girlfriend which you had to embarrassingly admit you got happy about, he was confident as never before, he didn’t hesitated to make contact with you every time he could, his hands casually fixing your hair, his knees making contact with yours, his little touches.
You were enchanted by him.
In a few hours you craved his attention, his touch, his sweet voice, you wanted him, carnal as you saw him in the club, passionate just like you two used to make love.
You needed him to satisfy that necessity.
It was intentional.
Jungkook surprised himself in how quickly the things were flowing in his favor, he knew about that inherit charm that could get any human intoxicated with his essence.
He was attracting the fly to his spiderweb, tensing the threads, designing the perfect trap, he just needed to press the right buttons.
The gods know how much he waited, how much he suffers, how much thirst he has.
His instincts were hard to control, his will power is strong, but he could not resist for much longer.
And when he finally has his prize, he won’t let go.
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andreafmn · 8 months ago
Collision - Chapter 4
Tumblr media
Word Count: 3,821
Characters: Female Reader Uley Character, Sam Uley, Allison Uley, Charlie Swan, Bella Swan, Seth Clearwater, Billy Black, Jacob Black, Emily Young, Paul Lahote, Harry and Sue Clearwater, Leah Clearwater
Story Description: (Y/N) Uley is back home after being away for four years. Her life at its first standstill and she is taking this time to find out who she is without school. But she never thought that coming back to the reservation would turn her whole life around. In the midst of secrets and mystery, a man crashes into (Y/N)’s and her life will never be the same.
*DISCLAIMER* I do not own in any way Twilight, all credits of the pre-established characters, script, and storyline belong to Stephanie Meyer and Summit Entertainment. The only thing I own is Uley Reader insert, any upcoming characters, and her storyline, as well as her effects in the others’ story line.
Chapter: 4/?
A/N: Don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but the story takes place before New Moon but after Twilight. It starts at the end of May after the dance, so it’d be the summer before Bella’s birthday in September. If you enjoy my writing I’ll also be posting them in AO3 and Wattpad along with other stories (I also hope to start taking requests if ya’ll want) Hope you enjoy and all constructive criticism is encouraged.
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Chapter 4
The next time she awoke she was back in sight of the blinding hospital lights. Her head was heavily pounding and the clothes on her body felt alien to her. Her eyes struggled to adjust to the white lights of the sanitized room, but they were suddenly off.
“Back again, Miss Uley?” She recognized the voice, Dr. Cullen. “I’ve already turned the lights off so don’t worry about that.”
Her eyes finally opened to reveal the smooth pale face of the doctor. A wave of calmness rushed over her as soon as her eyes connected with his golden ones.
“What can I say?” She chuckled. “I just couldn’t stay away.”
“Well, it seems you’ve been having a recurring headache, insomnia, memory lapses, and a lack of appetite. It looks like post-concussive syndrome. Your mom told us you were feeling like this for a few days, why didn’t you come back?” Carlisle questioned. He was trying his best to look like he was breathing but if he took even a single breath all his years of self-control would be over in an instant.
“I thought if I could just make it to at least seven days it could clear me from coming back to the hospital, at least as a patient.”
“What do you mean?” This comment had perked the interest of the man. Thoughts raced through his head faster than he could analyze them.
“I was thinking of applying for a medical assistant job here in the hospital. I recently got my degree in biology, and I’ve been thinking of going to medical school after.”
“That sounds like a plan, but let’s work on getting you better first.” It did sound like a good plan to Carlisle. He wanted to be as close as possible to her every single day, but it also meant he would have to work triple as hard to control his thirst. “We’d like to keep you for the next few days and make sure you’re in good health before you can go back to business as usual.”
“How long would a few days be?”
“About four to five days, just to make sure that the symptoms don’t worsen, and we can give you an all-clear.” It would also give him a few days to grow accustomed to her smell. “We can work over that application for medical assistant, make sure it’s something you want to do.”
“Yeah, that’d be great.” She smiled at the man in front of her, her heart fluttering with every breath she took. “Thank you, Dr. Cullen.”
“Please, call me Carlisle,” he smiled. “Now, why don’t you continue resting, and whatever you need just call. My office is right down the hall, I’ll be here in no time.”
The girl stared at the retreating form of his body and covered the heat that was rising to her face with her pillow. The butterflies in her stomach had made her uneasy and had her hands shaking. She didn’t understand why she was feeling this way. It had only been a week since her first encounter with the doctor, but those few seconds were enough to have her drooling over the man like a lovesick schoolgirl.
A few days had come and gone quickly. (Y/N) had grown attached to Carlisle, seeing and talking to him every day had felt like a dream. In his free time, she would go over to his office and pick a book to read, which they talked about the next day. They spent hours talking about nothing and everything.
It had been a long time since Carlisle had felt this way, centuries. Being around her had gotten easier each day that passed. Her smell becoming comforting instead of a trigger to the endless hunger for human blood – he’d never had a simple drop of it, but nothing could explain how much he wanted to have hers. Getting to know her had been a welcomed activity by the young doctor. He could spend days upon days listening to the sweet sound of her voice, admiring her curious-filled face when she started a new book – which she read swiftly, taking only a couple of hours to finish most of them.
“Can’t believe you have so many first editions, and you leave them at work.” She ran her hand across the spine of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. “I would keep them in a well-preserved chamber, and no one would be able to even breathe on them.”
Carlisle smiled as the girl gawked once again at his book collection. It wasn’t hard to acquire first edition novels when you were alive when they were published. “If you’re impressed by this collection, you’d be completely astonished by the one I have back home.”
“You have more?!” He nodded. The girl shined like a kid on Christmas, her eyes gleaming at the thought of a big library. “Oh, that sounds like a dream.”
“You’re more than welcome to come over any time. It’s always refreshing to meet a literature aficionado such as myself.”
“Really? That’d be amazing!” She grinned brightly. “I could spend all day reading, forget about work.”
The duo laughed. “Too late to withdraw the application but you’re always welcome to pass your downtime in my office.”
“Sounds like a plan,’’ she smiled. “Now, doctor, what will you ever do now that I’m not going to be here every day?”
“Oh, how will I ever go on?” He chuckled. “But if you ever need help during that time, just come by. My office is always open. And hopefully, you’ll visit from time to time on personal time.”
“I’m sure it’s something that can be arranged.”
If there was still blood rushing through his veins, the capillaries in his face would have widened. He felt like he now understood Edward; how being with her made him feel human again. And there was nothing more that he wanted than to take their friendship to another level, but he wasn’t sure if she would ever feel the same. Carlisle knew that she was unaware of the supernatural since (Y/N) had allowed him to be in her life. But what would happen once she knew everything? How could he ever come between her and her family?
“Miss Uley, your mother is here,” a nurse spoke up, peeking her head through the office door. “Discharge papers have already been filed.”
“Thank you, Nurse Dalen. She’ll be out in a moment.” Carlisle smiled.
“Well, the time has come.” (Y/N) took her phone out of her back pocket and handed it to the doctor. He looked at her with a question-ridden gaze. “I’m gonna need your phone number so we can arrange any future endeavors.”
“Right,” he laughed, typing his number into her directory. “I’ll be waiting for that call.”
“I’ll be making it soon enough,” she grinned. “I’m gonna go now. I’ll see you around, Cullen.”
“I’ll see you, Uley.”
She left the office with a huge smile on her face, holding her phone close to her chest. For the first time, she was experiencing something she had heard of most of her teenage years. Once she had met Carlisle all she wanted to do was get to know him better, spend her time with him, just being near him would suffice. It was the first time she was learning what falling for someone was, and even though it was scary, she was jumping in headfirst.
“Hi, honey. Ready to go home?” Allison hugged her daughter for the first time in five days. (Y/N) nodded, truly ready to finally sleep on her own bed.
“So, how are you liking Dr. Cullen?”
“MOM!” Allison laughed at her daughter’s reaction. It was easy to see that (Y/N) had taken a liking to Carlisle Cullen, and vice versa.
“What, darling? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.”
“It’s not like that, mom.”
“But you’d like it to be like that.”
“I’m not talking about that with my mother.” (Y/N) placed her cold hands on her cheeks, trying to cool down the warm blood that had rushed onto her cheeks. The cool air of the car’s A/C was only helping her so much.
“I just want you to be careful with that, honey. He’s older than you, technically has kids, and rumor has it he is married.”
A breath hitched in her throat. Married? She knew he had adopted five kids, most of them her age, but not that he was married. Had she read the situation wrong? He didn’t wear a ring, he didn’t mention any relationship, he had no pictures of a woman in his office. Then again, they had only spent five days together at the hospital. She didn’t know what he did when he went home at night, who he went home to at night. (Y/N) shouldn’t feel betrayed—they weren’t anything, and they weren’t on track to become anything.
“Don’t worry, mom. I’ve just been picking his brain about working in the hospital, and he’s been helping me with what I’m gonna be doing this summer.”
“Oh, have you decided what you want to do?”
“I’m gonna get my medical assistant certification. It’s a three-month course then I can work at the hospital.”
“That’s great, honey.” Allison smiled at her daughter from the driver’s side. “Is that where you’d see yourself making a career?”
“Not sure. I want to take this time to see if life in a hospital is truly where I’d like to work – see if medical school would be it for me.”
(Y/N) hadn’t taken the time to focus on her future. In her high school career, she spent her time focusing on the present and piling on as much as she could, and now she had no sense of direction. She would take every day as it came, hoping one day she would find her purpose.
Finally, back home, she hopped off the truck and stretched out her limbs, stiff from the days on a hospital bed. Taking a deep breath of fresh air and basking in the afternoon sun. The cold that had seeped into her bones from the hospital melted off, and she smiled feeling the warmth surround her.
“Why don’t you go upstairs, honey?” Allison told her daughter. “There’s a surprise waiting for you in your room.”
(Y/N) smiled and quickly made her way up the stairs to see what her mom meant. Opening the door, tears forming in her eyes. Her room had done a 180-degree turn. The walls had been painted a light beige color, and plants hung from the walls bringing warmth to the room. The bed was adorned with a white cover, and a fluffy duvet to keep her warm at night. A wooden frame sat atop the bed dressed in white linen and ivy vines. A bookcase lived in the corner of her room, filled to the brim with her collection of hardbacks and peppered with potted plants. Opposite the bed was a small desk with a dark green suede chair, her laptop set up in the workspace. Her room finally felt like hers.
“Do you like it, honey?”
“Mom, did you do this?”
“I wish I could take credit, but your brother and your friend Paul came over when I was at work and redecorated. I was actually surprised that they even came over.”
“I’ll have to thank them,” (Y/N) grinned. Even though their relationship was strained at the moment, and she had yet to see Paul since coming back, she was glad that they had taken time out of their days to do this for her. “I’ll go over to Sam’s house for a bit, maybe now he’ll have time to see me.”
“Why don’t you go tomorrow, honey? You should take it easy.”
“I feel a lot better, mom. You don’t have to worry too much.”
“I’m your mother, I’ll always worry. If you’re gonna go out, go see Jacob. He was really worried about you.”
“I will.”
(Y/N) kissed her mother’s cheek and grabbed her bag to head out. Her first stop was to the Black residence. Jacob saw her coming down the street and ran out to wrap her in a hug. When she collapsed last week, he had been very concerned when she collapsed in his garage. Jacob was glad that she had made a full recovery and was now back home, with minimum side effects showing. The visit was short, only a quick hello to ensure the boy that she was okay.
After spending some time with Jacob, she walked towards Sam’s house – she hoped to catch Paul there too since she had heard he now spent his time there alongside Jared Cameron. It hadn’t clicked in her head why Paul would ever hang out with her brother and Jared. Even when they were back in middle school, he never paid them any mind, having a separate friend group. She had only become his friend by spending time with him away from school, and her brother had always disliked them together, claiming he was a bad influence.
Outside of the small house, (Y/N) could hear the low chatter of manly voices, a higher-pitched one joining after. There was no mistaking that Sam was home. She started feeling nervous as she raised her hand to knock on the door. The shaky limb was able to make contact with the blue door twice before it opened wide open, revealing a shirtless Paul Lahote.
“(Y/N)?” He questioned. Paul knew she was back, but Sam had given him clear instructions to stay away from her due to their situation.
“Hey, Paul. Long time no see, huh?” The girl smiled at her friend that now towered over her. A few years ago, they were still of the same stature, but too much time had passed since then. She went in for a hug, and Paul cut it short – worried she might note his burning temperature. “Is Sam home?”
“Uh, yeah.” He scratched the back of his neck, turning towards the kitchen. “Sam! (Y/N)’s here.”
The older male appeared in front of them, a soft smile playing on his lips. “Hey, (Y/N). Good to see you’re doing better. What brings you around?”
“I just wanted to thank you both for what you did in my room. Mom told me you worked on it while we were away. It’s a dream.” Sam smiled at his younger sister and shared a hug with the smaller girl.
“I’m glad you liked it, (Y/N). We wanted to give you a place where you could rest better after the accident. It’s the least we could do.” The alpha could hear the duo that was left in the kitchen had grown curious about who was at the door. “Do you want to come in for a bit?”
“Are you really inviting me in?” (Y/N) was taken aback – the last thing she thought was that she would get that invitation.
“Yeah, there’s someone I want you to meet,” Sam responded, keeping his doubts of the encounter to himself.
(Y/N) walked through the threshold and instantly felt the warm aura that emanated from inside of the house. It was a welcoming environment that she had grown to love from her own mother’s house. She walked behind Sam, Paul following behind them. `There was nothing that could prepare her to the sight she was met with.
In front of her stood a beautiful woman. She had tan skin, long black hair, and a beautiful smile. But there was something that stood out to her, something she was sure stood out to everyone – three long gashes ran through the front of her face. Yet, they didn’t distract from the alluring atmosphere that surrounded her. Sam moved to her side, and (Y/N) quickly connected the dots and figured that was Emily Young. The Uley girl wanted to be indifferent to her presence, knowing how one of her friends had been hurt by the union in front of her, she couldn’t help but note the love that radiated from the pair. It had been a long time since she had seen her brother as happy as he looked as he stared at his fiancé.
“(Y/N), it’s an honor to finally meet you.” Emily stretched out her hand towards the girl, which (Y/N) gladly took. “Sam has told me so much about you.”
“I wish I could say the same,” (Y/N) joked. “Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to get to know each other more. I’d love to get to know the woman my brother is set to marry.”
“I’m sure we’ll have enough time now that you’re back.” Emily smiled and grabbed a basket filled with muffins, offering them to the girl. (Y/N) gladly took the baked good in her hand, picking at it and placing the piece in her mouth – a wonderful taste that quickly melted in her mouth. “You’re welcome over any time. Any family of Sam is family to me.”
“Thank you, Emily. I’ll be sure to take you up on that.”
Not much time passed before Sam had cut the meeting short, claiming there was something important the duo had to do. “We should do this another time, (Y/N). Paul and I have to go.”
“Go where?” (Y/N) questioned. “It’s already night, not much to do.”
“I can’t really tell you, sis. But it’s important.”
“So still guarding secrets?” Sam shrugged. “It’s fine, Sam. I’m growing used to it.”
“I can take a hint, Sam. I know when I’m not wanted,” (Y/N) smiled. “Thank you for the muffins, Emily. They were divine. I’ll be sure to take you up on that offer and visit sometime soon.”
“Of course, (Y/N). I’m sorry we had to cut this short.”
“It’s okay. I’ll see you guys.” (Y/N) took her bag and exited the house. She was confused on why Sam had welcomed her in only to have her leave soon after – there was something big he was hiding, and she needed to find out what it was.
“(Y/N), wait up!” Paul jogged up to her, turning her around. “Look, I hope you understand that we’re not trying to push you away on purpose. There are things that Sam is protecting you from.”
“Like what, Paul? What danger could possibly be surrounding us that he would stray from his family?”
“I’m sorry, but it’s not my place to tell you, (Y/N). As much as I hate keeping this from you, Sam would not allow it to come from anyone but himself.”
“Are you serious? What kind of power does he have over you?”
“PAUL!” Sam shouted, gaining the attention of his beta. “Let’s go.”
“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I hope one day you’ll forgive us.” Paul kissed her forehead and went to meet up with his alpha.
(Y/N) stood still as she watched their bodies disappear into the woods. She debated whether to follow them for a brief second, but she was exhausted. She left back home with a million questions running through her head. The pair of Sam and Paul was a strange view, and she was determined to get to the bottom of things.
When she got home, (Y/N) noticed her mother asleep on the couch, the tv in front of her still playing. The years that passed were clear on her face, the worry that she carried for both her children plastered in the lines of her face. She could see the exhaustion that she held, years of caring for two kids by herself taking a toll on her. (Y/N) grabbed a blanket and laid it on top of her mother’s body, making sure that she was warm during the night. She left a kiss on her cheek, thankful for everything her mother had sacrificed for her.
After showering the day off, (Y/N) changed into her pajamas and laid in bed staring at her phone’s screen. She thought if she stared at it long enough a message would magically pop up. Minutes passed and her phone kept silent, not a single notification appearing on the screen. She scrolled through her directory until it landed on the newest listing. Carlisle Cullen, it read. Her finger clicked on it and selected new message.
Her fingers danced atop the keyboard of her phone, no words coming to her mind to send to the doctor. Should she even send him a message? What if he truly was married? She would never want to come between a couple. But her fingers did not follow her thought train. Unconsciously, they started typing away a message and before she could analyze her actions, she sent the message.
Hi, Carlisle. It’s (Y/N). I made it home okay and don’t have any symptoms, seems like you fixed me up! Anyways, wanted to know if you possibly had some free time this weekend to join me for some dinner at La Bella Italia. Hope you had a good rest of the day at work!
Her jaw fell when her screen read message sent. There was no way to delete it now. It was out there, and it would make its way to his phone. (Y/N)’s head fell onto her pillow and muffled a scream that escaped from her throat. This feeling was alien to her, and she was learning what steps to take to grow closer to the astonishing man. Minutes felt like an eternity to (Y/N), thinking that she had imploded the friendship she had built with the man over the past week.
The sound from her phone caught her attention. She scrambled for her phone and quietly shrieked at the words on her screen.
Hello, (Y/N). I’m glad you’re feeling better, hopefully, no symptoms will arise once more. And I did have a good day at work, although I missed our afternoon book chats. I have a free day on Sunday. Tell me a time and I can meet you in Port Angeles. Hope that day is good for you.
“He said yes. If he were actually married, he wouldn’t have said yes,” she thought.
So, she typed back.
I’m glad you had a good day, and the book chats have an easy fix. I’m just a phone call away. As for Sunday, it’s a perfect day. I think around 5:30 would be a good time for dinner. Let me know if it works.
Seconds later, another beep.
I’ll make sure to schedule those calls then. 5:30 sounds perfect. I’ll see you there. Have a good night, (Y/N).
See you then, Carlisle. Good night. 😊
(Y/N) smiled at her phone, joy wanting to burst from her body. She was reveling in this new feeling and the happiness it brought her. If it was Carlisle, it was worth it, she believed.
That night she went to sleep with the biggest smile she had experienced in her life. Unbeknownst to the life-changing moments that were to follow this meeting.
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yostresswritinggirl · 11 months ago
Stages of Grief
Detailed accounts of how the Genshin Boys deal with a break up... (masterlist)
Tumblr media
Childe and Silent Acceptance
It depends on who initiated the breakup and if the reason behind it was actually valid in his eyes. He's not going to stop or be stubborn if it was the right way to go, he won't reach for your hand as you walk away, instead he'll stare at the ground until he can finally move himself.
Childe in all of his life after the Abyss struggled with his emotions more than any other normal human being. The essence of relationships was something he struggled to conform to until he met you, and then you left.
For a long time, his grip on his bow and arrow would tremble a lot to the point that he barely hits his target. Bows require precision yet everytime he grips, it just won't stop shivering. Hence his fights would mostly consist with his Hydro blades packed with the mightiest force he can bring in his frustration.
He will cry to the God of Love about it once in a state of absolute vulnerability, but the Tsaritsa would stay silent yet consoling. In the end of that quiet encounter Childe would have his resolve changed and his heart more hardened,
"The Fatui isn't made to love, but to conquer."
Tumblr media
Zhongli's Desperate Bargaining
What does it mean to break up? To have space? To remove yourself from love? To be able to? These questions invade his mind every second after the break up, as Zhongli is but a man of logic, of black and white methodology. Is it really possible to leave from a contract of love? Is this a violation?
He will ask for reconciliation, for a talk to see what he has done wrong as well as a fortification of an actual contract between you two. It was horrible in your eyes, but it was something akin to him to do so. In the end there was no salvation in the wet ink that lays in front of him.
He will wander a lot with his thoughts, missing most of the time from work and observing humans in their natural habitat. He was still confused of the ordeal and will continue his ministrations of trying to understand what had gone wrong when he was sure he did things correctly to the dot.
He might try and sway you back but it's all a lost cause already. Zhongli might be intrusive, but if his advances make you uncomfortable, he will respectfully stand back and disappear once and for all.
You know for sure that he will think back to the times when he was still with Guizhong, with his fellow archons, with everyone. And he weeps at another loss, at another failure of himself,
"Guizhong, even now I still cannot understand them."
Tumblr media
Anger in Albedo's Teal Eyes
Humans and their many facets concerning different types of relationships had always been a pure mystery to him. And with how he finally managed to grasp one that seemed everlasting was an accomplishment he boasts so nonchalantly. Where did it go wrong?
He questions you in every aspect that contains one, interviewing with a commanding tone as the coldness he brings to others now comes to you and it held with it a piercing glare, packed with a tightness to his crossed arms. He was filled with disappointment for many things, and that includes you and him. Once you are gone, he locks himself back to his work.
Where did he go wrong? His focus on his research for the meaning of life changes to that not written in paper but canvassed in his mind, his vials of chemicals no longer produce the results he wanted, and his frustration grows. At one point, Sucrose was witness to one of his only breakdowns. Which procured a lot of broken glass.
He was a disappointment, a disgrace, not just to himself but to his master he has no clue where. Abandoned to be the greatest, abandoned to his lowest. If Master Rhinedottir was there, would she still call him a genius?
Many nights would be restless to Albedo and most of the time he ventures far and beyond what Mondstadtians can see. He can't keep himself cooped up in a world that reminds him of you, and so he leaves, together with his frustration,
"The meaning of life won't come anytime soon."
Tumblr media
Xiao's Mask of Depression
Without the aid of the distant flute to constantly grapple with the demons within him, he has found solace in the comfort of you. But it came to an end faster than he expected, it ended when he thought it would never. And you were gone before you knew exactly what you did. You left an after image of yourself in every part of his life and it became the hardest thing to work around.
The Almond Tofu in his mouth carry no more sweetness and the softness that reminded him of dreams turned into pitiful nightmares of a reality taken away from him. Goldett stopped serving after the third plate rotted in the balcony.
The Inn was no home to him anymore, Xiao had seen too much of your past visages, hallucinations to even begin to comprehend what is real or not. He disappears to wherever and only comes by when there's a major need to do so.
Verr sees it in him and on him. Xiao's battles became more drastic and obsessive, and a lot of times he ventures back dripping with blood that she knows isn't his, but some of those may not. He stands with a downtrodden gaze without a care for the mess that he is.
The voices in his head changed their assault from manifesting rage to hitting at his most vulnerable core: the loss of you. The very thing that kept him together and he did something wrong to make you leave, something even he himself does not know. And they were getting louder and louder—
"The Liyue Qixing can handle the new world, maybe now is the best time... to properly retire."
Tumblr media
Make the fifth one!
My brain went into Denial cuz I lost the prompts in my head for a fifth lmao- New Xiao banner yay :)
(Zhongli preparing Xiao's funeral hehe-)
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The Nanny Pt. 2
Lee Bodecker x Nanny!F!Reader
Word Count: 2.5k
Warnings: mentions of alcohol/drinking, corrupt cop, mentions of prostitution/smut, implied age gap (reader is in her 20s), cursing, murder (dead body- not describes in much detail), mutual pining 
Based on this Request: The reader moves to Meade/Knockemstiff while answering an advertisement for a nanny in the paper. We learn that the ad was posted by Sandy, who has the reader watch her child whenever she and Carl leave to do their secret thing. After one of these trips, Sandy and her husband never return, so the reader is left caring for their baby. With the new investigation into these events, she meets Sandy’s brother Lee, the older, out of shape, alcoholic bachelor, and they are suddenly thrown into each others lives as he begins looking into his sister’s disappearance. Through it all, Lee starts to fall for her, and they slowly become a family.
A/N: Sorry this took so long to get out! I feel like I’m so behind on here updating fics, and I am also trying to play catch up with all my courses this semester too!
If I missed anything I should include as a warning that I missed please let me know! This is also unedited!
Taglist Form is in my bio!
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Tumblr media
gif is by @pedropcl (if you’d like me to remove your gif from this, please let me know! I tried to find on your blog any specifications for using your work and couldn’t find anything!)
Lee was doing his best to ignore the deputy in the passenger seat that was droning on about his date the past weekend. Lee couldn’t care less about the man’s personal escapades up the skirt of some new woman he was seeing, and it rubbed him the wrong way the man decided to disclose the information to Lee. He kept his eyes ahead, and sipped on his coffee even though it was still scorching hot. He pulled off the lid to cool it down a little, and leaned back a little in the seat.
They had been watching the bank, some nervous employee convinced someone was trying to rob the place. What the hell was in there to take? Lee had thought to himself while jotting down notes on the phone with the scared teller. Lee was sure nothing was going to happen and the man on the other end was just paranoid, but nonetheless he wanted to get out of his office. Taking a drive down there to sit in his cruiser with a coffee seemed like a nice way to spend the afternoon. That was until someone else invited themselves as backup.
“You seeing anybody, Sheriff?” the trainee asked. Lee already forgotten the young guy’s name.
“Not right now,” he answered shortly, letting out a heavy sigh. He had wanted nothing more than to get out of his office, and now he wanted nothing more to find any excuse to get out of the car.
“I’ve had a date every night off since I joined the force,” the kid continues and Lee rolls his eyes. The gesture went unnoticed. “I think it’s the uniform.”
Lee scoffs and the boy continues to talk himself up completely oblivious to Lee’s obvious disgust. There’s a tap on the door.
“Afternoon, Sheriff,” the elderly man says, with a tip of his scally cap. “Benny,” he nods to the recruit. Ah, that’s his name, Lee thinks, relieved to have heard it again before he needed it.
“Officer Wilson, Ed,” Benny smiles, flashing his perfect teeth.
“What can we do for you, Ed?” Lee asks, directing his attention back to the man on the sidewalk.
“My knees,” the old man says, leaning his weight on his cane. “I walked into town to get some stuff from the market, but now I need to rest them. I was hoping if you all weren’t busy, you could run over and get a few things for me while I wait for the bus-.”
“We’re on a stakeout, Ed-.” Benny tries to say, but Lee interjects.
“I’d be more than happy to take care of that for you, Ed,” Lee says quickly. “Take a seat, rest your knees and next time you need groceries, call Annie up yeah? She can deliver you know.”
Ed waves his fragile hand dismissively and then gives Lee a piece of paper torn from a legal pad that had his short shopping list. He also gives Lee a small amount of cash and then heads over to take a seat on the bench neat the bus stop. He says thank you once more and then opens the newspaper he had tucked under his arm.
“Sheriff, do you think I’m ready to handle this on my own?” the kid asked, wide eyes.
“I have all the faith in the world in you,” Lee smirks, closing the car door. He walks across the street to the small market, and grabs a basket from the pile that was neatly arranged at the entrance.
The aisles were small, and cramped, but Lee managed. He’s just so relieved to have a few minutes to himself, he lets himself peruse the aisles even though the store hasn’t changed since he was a teen. He selfishly takes his time to avoid returning to the cruiser for as long as he can put it off. He strains his eyes to read the man’s messy chicken scratch, but starts putting the items from the list into the basket. Bread, cornflakes, instant coffee, denture cream…
“You’re older than I thought Sheriff,” he hears someone behind him say playfully. It’s you with Valerie sleeping soundly in her stroller, while you balance a basket on the handlebar as you shop. You have a grin on your face, teasing him. He’s a little flustered, not expecting to see you here. He feels his face redden and he stumbles over his words.
“I’m shopping for someone else,” he explains, and you nod, biting your lip to hold back your mischievous smile, and he feels like his heart might leap out of his chest and onto the tiled floor.
“Sure,” you chuckle, pretending you’re unconvinced. “Diapers are in aisle four.”
“Very funny,” he retorts, but he can’t help but grin.
“I did hear from Sandy,” you inform him and he nods.
“They’re somewhere right over the border in Michigan,” you inform him. He crouches down to look at the baby and he adjusts her blanket that has moved down out of place.
“Good to hear,” he says, and you nod in agreement. It’s silent for a few moments between the two of you, as he desperately tries to think of something else to say.
“Well,” you say with a grin, cutting across the silence, “It was good to see you, Sheriff.” You turn to go down the next aisle and continue your shopping, Valerie’s small snores fading out of ear shot as you walk. He curses under his breath, chastising himself for not being able to talk to you. He pulls the list out of his pocket again, checking it over once more to make sure he has everything. He heads over to the register, and makes small talk with the cashier while he waits for the bag boy to finish up. Passing over the cash, he tips his hat to them both and then heads out, catching you one more time out of the corner of his eye as you pick out produce.
Lee knew everyone in this town, and you were the one mystery. He hadn’t seen you around before and now you were popping up everywhere when he least expected it. He regretted not talking to you at the bar, but he missed his window of opportunity. He hadn’t expected you to show up at his sister’s house of all places, but he thought he handled that encounter well. Smooth, a little rough around the edges, but overall a good encounter. Now, he felt like a fool, fumbling over his words and thrown off his rhythm. He strangely liked the feeling.
He jaywalks across the street back over to the cruiser. He knocks loudly on the glass to wake up a sleeping Benny and then chuckles to himself that he caught the kid asleep. He smirks, shaking his head as Benny’s face loses color. He carries the brown paper bag over to Ed and the old man thanks him.
“Sorry about that boss,” Benny says, obviously flustered. Lee just exhales a heavy sigh, and starts the car, getting ready to drive back to the station. As he pulls off from the curb, he sees you walking down the sidewalk, in the opposite direction, pushing a still sleeping Valerie in her stroller. He steals another look at you for as long as he can before having to direct his eyes to the road.
The walk back to the Henderson place wasn’t too bad. Getting back home, you carefully put Valerie into her crib to not wake her up as you put away the groceries you picked up. Your mind was fuzzy thinking about the two- well technically three, interactions with the Sheriff that have transpired the past two weeks. Valerie was for the most part so well behaved that your job here was fairly easy, and you oftentimes found yourself with lots of free time. You set up your room to how you like it, you read some of Sandy’s romance novels that cluttered the small shelf under their television, and oftentimes you found yourself thinking about the Sherriff. Every time you had left the house, taking the baby to the park or on any outing, you wondered if you’d run into him.
He was so handsome, and it made you weak in the knees, thinking back to when he showed up at the doorstep, and now again how he looked when you ran into him at the market. The way he carries himself, and his confidence- even though you also enjoyed seeing him flustered, and it stroked your ego a tad knowing it was because of you. You thought a lot about those eyes. Steel blue, piercing through you, and how much they contrasted with the softer parts of him. He was intimidating, but the way he was so nonchalant at how good he was with the baby was also fiercely attractive.
Sandy and Carl returned home exactly as planned, and it was very odd leaving to head back to your apartment. It’s funny how that seems to happen. You’re on edge to make yourself comfortable in a new place and as soon as you secure a routine it’s time to leave. Sandy paid you handsomely and said she’d call in about a week when they are ready to head out again, and she said the next trip they take will be longer.
“How was it?” Julie asks from here seat on the sofa in your shared apartment when you walk in.
“Great,” you answer honestly, “Their daughter is the sweetest thing, so easy to take care of. Plus, Sandy is really nice- Carl is, well, a little off but they are nice enough.”
“Isn’t she the Sheriff’s sister?” she asks, flipping through the catalogue in her hands.
“Yeah, she is,” you confirm, heading to your bedroom and dropping off your stuff. “He came by when I was there.”
“Really?” she asks skeptically.
“He didn’t realize the Henderson’s were away,” you clarify.
“He’s a little scary,” she states, not looking up. Her eyes scan the pictures on the page she’s opened to and you tilt your head in confusion.
“Why’s that?” you ask, taking a seat on the other side of the couch.
“He’s a cop, first of all,” Julie says and you hum in agreement, “He’s an alcoholic too I hear, and that he’s corrupt as hell, all the seven deadly sins wrapped up and packaged with a shiny badge.”
“You’re just believing rumors,” you chuckle and she shakes her head.
“Maybe,” she shrugs, “But he has a reputation for being no good, but he’s completely untouchable which makes it even worse.”
“What do people say?” you ask, trying to not sound as interested as you were.
“He’s in the pocket of everybody,” she continues, ripping out a picture she wants to save from the book. “Bookies, Bootleggers, Pimps…”
“No there’s no way.”
“Apparently, everyone knows about it, but no one says anything,” she says with a shrug.
“How come?”
“He’s the law.”
The phrase made a shiver run up your spine. It was haunting. The man whose been occupying your mind has this double life no one acknowledges. Part of you still was hoping it wasn’t true, but you needed to take Julie’s word for it. She grew up here and you’re still new to this town. You couldn’t let your picture of him you’ve created in your mind cloud your judgement, as tempting as it was.
Lee strode into the bar like he owned the place, and he definitely liked the feeling of people’s eyes on him when he walked in. No matter how much he might feel inwardly, the position he outwardly was able to project always elicited the reaction he wanted that fueled his ego, even if it was based on a delusion, one he was creating for himself.
He didn’t usually come in to the seedy place for more than a drink and to talk shop. However, the rooms behind the velvety red curtain were growing more and more tempting. The man behind the bar had Lee’s usual for him by the time he took a seat on one of the tattered stools. Lee felt all the eyes in the room on his back, but it wasn’t anything he wasn’t used to. He liked it, a lot. It made him feel powerful. He liked when his presence affected the atmosphere in a room.
He didn’t make conversation with anyone except the bartender usually. Sometimes a woman would emerge from the back, walking a satisfied customer out and to the front to pay. They were gorgeous, and Lee was often tempted to take them up on their offers, promises of pleasure and euphoria. It was appealing, but it was not enough for him to say yes. It bothered him, knowing that for them it was a job, to succumb to him and to tell him anything he wanted to hear. He couldn’t let himself slip into another delusion. When he was with a woman, he wanted that reaction and praise to be real.
And he couldn’t help but think of you. Any temptation that lingered died out when you entered his life. He didn’t understand why you kept creeping into his mind, and clouding his thoughts. The sting of the alcohol wasn’t enough to keep the thoughts of you at bay. He hadn’t spoken to you for much longer than five minutes both times he’s encountered you and suddenly the thoughts of you in his mind were insatiable. Maybe it was just the mystery of you, a new figure in town who didn’t know of him or his reputation. He’s sure soon enough the image of him in your mind will be tainted, but for now he thinks about how seamless each of your few interactions have been, and when he’s drunk, and the only soul left in the bar, he’s angry, telling the bartender how he wants a girl he can’t have.
Lee doesn’t remember getting home, or falling asleep on his couch but he wakes up to his phone ringing at around three in the morning. He can barely open his eyes when he reaches for the receiver.
“Bodecker,” he manages to mutter out, trying his best to sit up. He’s still in his uniform, and he realizes how uncomfortable he was, working out a crick in his neck.
“Sheriff, there’s been a body found,” he recognizes the voice as Benny, the same recruit he was with today. Must have signed up for double shifts. Lee remembers when he had the ambition to do that. “A body washed up by the lake, a couple of teenagers were parking I guess when the body washed up and they called and reported it,” he explains.
“I’m on my way,” he mumbles, rubbing his temple, trying to ease the splitting headache. “Do you have an ID on the body yet?”
“Roy Laferty,” the kid says, sounding like he’s reading it off of an initial report he’s filling out, “apparently a preacher who went missing about two weeks ago. Trying to find next of kin.”
“On my way,” Lee says and hangs up without waiting for a response. He looks in the mirror he has hanging in his front entryway as he grabs his hat and jacket. His eyes are reddened, and his face is puffy. He also has heavy undereye bags. He’s looked worse, he tries to tell himself. This isn’t anything new for him. He tries his best to ignore the side affects of his very apparent hangover, but he feels sick the whole drive to the scene.
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Snap Out of It!
Pietro Maximoff X Reader
Summary: You grew up with the Maximoff twins, even agreed to be experimented on at HYDRA with them. You and Pietro were clearly falling for each other the older you got, but HYDRA sent you away and told the Maximoff’s you were dead. So what happens when you show up at the Avengers compound with no memory of your past?
Warnings: a little bit of angst I think?? Mentions of bombs, HYDRA experiments, some fluff and kissing ;)
Word Count: 3.69K
You were born during the start of a terrible war in your home country, and about two months later your parents introduced you to a new set of twins who lived just a few doors down from you. Of course you don’t actually remember meeting them, but your earliest memories were all filled with the Maximoff twins. You practically grew up right alongside them, you three did everything together. Birthdays, playdates, dinner when your parents weren’t home, all of it. It was also nice to grow up alongside others who were your age, especially when your country was at such a low place; it was a good distraction.
You were 10 years old when your apartment complex was bombed, your father had just walked in the door coming home from work. He and your mom fell into the hole in the floor immediately, that was the last time you ever saw them. You sat curled up in a ball in the far left corner of what used to be your kitchen. Frozen with fear and trauma for two days, until you were rescued. You were brought down to a large police van, the doors were opened for you and you saw two other children huddled together under a blanket, both of them immediately turned to see you and screamed with joy. It was your best friends, the Maximoffs. You ran into the van and hugged them immediately, all of you breaking down into tears. You sat in the back of the van together and chatted about the bombing. The main question on your mind was “are there any survivors?” but as it turned out, not only were you and the Maximoff twins the only children that survived. You three ended up being the three lone survivors of the entire apartment complex. Newspapers printed out articles on “the miracle trio” for weeks to come.
From that day on you three jumped from homeless shelter to homeless shelter, never once being allowed to stay in once place for too long. You even agreed to volunteer for HYDRA’s experiments with Wanda and Pietro when you were all 17. You tried to stay in communication with your friends but HYDRA made that near impossible with their constant experiments and isolations. The time you did get to spend with the Maximoffs was cherished, especially your time with Pietro. You two were definitely drawn to each other as you grew into your mid teens, but you never truly allowed anything serious to happen in fear of how Wanda might react.
About a year into your experiments at HYDRA, you gained healing like abilities along with some telepathy as well. After learning and controlling these powers you were excited for when you got to see Wanda and Pietro next to see what powers they had gained. But you never got the chance. HYDRA saw more use in you than petty armed fights, and shipped you off to god knows where and gave you the improved and experimental “super-soldier” serum. HYDRA informed Wanda and Pietro that the experiments became too much for you, that you were weak and had passed on. Pietro cried for days on end, and Wanda could hear him every night from her neighboring cell. Thinking you were dead killed his spirit, his soul. He never even got to tell you how he really felt. That you were so much more than just a fling to him. Meanwhile you trained for months on end and every week and were forced to have shock therapy to erase your past memories. HYDRA was making you into nothing more than a weapon, a shell of a person. After a few successful missions, that's all you were good for. So if you weren’t out on business, you were put under cryo-sleep. This went on for years.
It wasn't until 3 weeks after the battle of Sokovia when Sam had been questioning Wanda and Pietro about their time with HYDRA, he was able to locate another one of their secret human experiment facilities. Steve was hoping they’d make a break in that missing persons case of his but to no avail. However, they did find one abandoned soldier in cryo-freeze. You.
Now, of course it took months of isolation and small bits of normal human activity and interaction to erase what HYDRA had brainwashed you into. After about 4 1/2 months Tony decided it was time to move you into the new compound, but kept you restricted to your room. Others were allowed to visit you if they’d like, it was encouraged really. Get you the human interaction you needed.
Three days and no visits later, which you didn’t mind. It was nice being isolated somewhere with TV service.
Clint walked over to the kitchen island where Wanda and Pietro were having a conversation over a snack.
“Either of you meet the newest recruit yet? I hear she’s still in isolation.”
“There’s a... new recruit?” Pietro said, his accent thick as he spoke with a questioning tone.
“Yeah, Y/N something. Found her in cryo-freeze at that HYDRA base we raided a few months ago.”
Wanda froze, immediately looking to her brother who looked like a deer caught in headlights.
“Pietro... it can’t be her. You remember how she died in trials” Wanda tried to reason with her still love stricken brother after all these years.
“That’s what they told us, what if they lied? It wouldn’t be the first time.”
She just shook her head “it’s impossible, do you even think she’d still remember you?” Wanda inquired.
“There’s only one way to find out!” Pietro said, speeding off leaving a trail of blue streaks behind him.
He busted through the lab doors and stood about 5 feet from Tony, breathless. “What’s her name? Her full name.”
“Okay speedy, next time knock, yeah? And half of our team here is “her’s” so I haven’t the slightest clue who you’re talking about.” Tony spoke calmly, but frustrated that Pietro bursted in out of nowhere.
“The new recruit, Y/N.”
Tony looked over to the quick man and quirked a brow at him
“Well you’ve already got half her name down. She’s Y/N L/N, an ex HYDRA super soldier. You should go visit her actually, she just moved into the compound a few days ago. No ones even visited her y—“
“Where is she staying? what room is she in?” He asked, cutting Tony off.
“Floor 2, room 315... you know it’s impolite to cut off your—“ but before Tony could finish, Pietro had sped off again.
You sat into your room watching an old sitcom from the 2000s you felt drawn to. But before you could invest yourself any further there was a knock at your door. Something you weren’t used to. You hesitantly spoke, “come in” you said sitting up in your bed, fixing your hair a little in the process.
A silver haired man slowly walked in, he had broad shoulders and a toned body. He was attractive, no doubt. But he almost looked familiar to you. Why?
“Hello dragâ” he spoke with a Eastern Europe accent, but one not one you could exactly pinpoint. But you recognized the foreign word he spoke
“Hello... domnule. How do you know Russian... and why have you come to visit?” You questioned, swinging your legs over the side of your bed. The man at your door, he looked sad now. His face fell, but you didn’t understand why.
“You don’t remember me?” He walked closer to you, as you stood up from your bed.
“Well I don’t remember much after HYDRA brainwashed the hell out of me” you said with a slight chuckle, but he still looked disappointed.
“But maybe if you tell me your name and why I should remember you” you said with a smirk, stepping closer to the handsome man that stood in front of you.
“Can I show you instead?” He said, stepping so close that now your chests were touching. You enjoyed the human interaction but with your past training, this still left you on edge.
“Show me?” You questioned, but he took this rather as the go-ahead and snaked a hand around your waist and leaned down, placing a soft kiss on your lips. You wanted to melt into his touch but it was all too soon, and you didn’t even know his name. You pulled away abruptly and slapped him. Backing away as you sat back down on your bed and stared at your hands.
“Please leave.” You said just as quietly as you said when you allowed him to come in. When you looked up, the mysterious man was gone; your door left a crack open.
No one visited you for five more days after that. It was early into the evening and you sat alone in your room reading a book. There was a knock at your door but you didn’t answer it. The last time you agreed to let someone in they violated your boundaries. But regardless your door was still opened, but a new person you had yet to meet walked through.
She stood a bit taller than you and had long red hair, a kind smile and warm eyes.
“I hope I am not intruding.” She said, with the same accent as the man who invaded on your days before. Which again, put you on edge.
“Who are you?” You said, keeping your eyes on your book— desperately avoiding eye contact.
“Wanda Maximoff, but you can just call me Wanda.” She said sweetly
“Oh how sweet of you” you said dryly, still bitter over your last encounter with someone in the avengers compound.
“All you remember is pain” she said in an as-a-matter-of-fact kind of way. “But that’s not all you know, you just need to remember.” You now dared to look up at her. She was still at the door, keeping her distance from you.
“And how am I supposed to remember what you think I know?” You asked, and she took a step closer to your bed.
“I don’t think, I see. I can see inside your head, they did unspeakable things to you. Made you carry out violent missions that still haunt your dreams. You’ve forgotten what you know, your life before them...” Wanda paused, your eyes welled up gently with tears but you refused to let them fall. But she noticed.
“I think I can help you, if you’d let me” she took another step towards you, waiting for your reaction. But you stayed silent, fighting with yourself internally.
“We used to be friends, you know. You, my brother and I. He came to visit you a few days ago, and he knows what he did was wrong. He just missed you terribly. We have similar pasts. I want to help you, but if you don’t want my help. That is okay too. Regardless of what you choose, I still want to be your friend.”
You took a deep breath and stood up out of your bed. “How will you do it?” You asked, wanting nothing more than to feel normal again.
“A little bit of my magic, a little bit of love, and a lot of stories.” She smiled sweetly, taking your hand in hers. “I’ll be right back, okay?” You nodded quickly as Wanda left your room. You sat back down on your bed and racked your head wondering what you were about to learn about yourself. Wanda came back in with a fairly large box labeled “amintiri” which you knew meant “memories” in Romanian.
“Is everyone here Russian like me?” You questioned, giving Wanda a laugh “no, just my brother and I. Coincidentally, the only two who have visited you since you moved here.” You frowned slightly at her comment
“Why has no one else come to visit me?”
Wanda sighed “no one else knows you like my brother and I do. All they know is what you have done in your past, and that scares them.” She took the lid off the box she brought in and picked up a stack of photos that were tied together with a rubber band.
“But lucky for you, Pietro and I know more.” She said with a smile
“Pietro?” You said, quirking your head to the side a bit.
“He is my twin brother, the one who visited you last week. You two have... a history of sorts together. But we’ll get into that later.”
So with that, for some reason, you felt that everything was going to be okay.
And okay it was. Wanda showed you hundreds of pictures everyday and told the story behind every picture she pulled. Although you didn’t remember any of the memories she retold, it was still nice to hear what your life was like before HYDRA.
A week and a half later, she used her powers on you. At the time you remembered nothing, but later that night when she was showing you more pictures you pulled one picture out of the  box. It was three little kids, all surrounding a brown chest that seemed to be filled with various sitcoms on VHS tape.
“This was on your 9th birthday, your father had bought a chest full of old American sitcoms. Not only did you love comedy but our family saw it as a great way to practice your English. Your favorite was The Dick Van Dyke Show.” You immediately recalled with great memory as you picked up the picture. Wanda jumped with joy and hugged you.
“You remembered!!” You nodded happily and hugged her back. “I remembered...” you said back quietly, almost in shock of yourself.
From then on memories came back to you not only easier but also a lot quicker. Soon enough, you remembered everything HYDRA had tried to erase out of your head. Even your feelings for Pietro. But you kept those memories to yourself, afraid that he would hate you after your first encounter with him when you came to the compound.
The last step Wanda had for you in what she called “Becoming You Again Project” was to have dinner with the rest of the compound, and finally be properly introduced to them.
So a dinner you all had. It was casual, but still felt formal as everyone greeted you so politely. Of course Wanda kept them all updated on your status. Even though they hadn’t met you yet, with her seal of approval they all trusted you now.
The last person to greet you was a face you could never forget now. Pietro Maximoff.
“Y/n... I know you’ve met a thousand times before, but I’d like you to meet my brother, Pietro.” Wanda said, elbowing her brother to stop staring at you and shake your hand. You felt weak at the knees under his gaze, was this how he’s always made you feel?
Pietro bowed down before you like you were some kind of princess and kissed your hand sweetly.
“Hello again, dragoste mia“ you felt hot under his touch and knew you were turning a beet red. You nodded quickly and smiled at him. He looked up and winked at you, walking to his seat. Which almost dreadfully, was directly across from yours.
After that you all sat down for dinner, Pepper had made a nice pasta dish for everyone. You ate quietly as everyone went around and told you stories of all kinds. Of past missions together, of personal life stories, and so much more. Truly it was a very enjoyable time. You loved getting to know everyone more than the files you were left in your room to “get to know the avenger” as Tony called it.
The night was almost perfect, if you hadn’t felt the gaze of a very familiar Sokovian man on you all night. He never even spoke, not that he had many stories to tell that you weren’t there for. The more stories that were told, the more you tuned them out and fell victim to his gaze.
But when the room fell quiet and you realized everyone's eyes were on you, you snapped out of whatever trance Pietro held you captive in and laughed nervously.
“I’m sorry, what did I miss? My mind was... somewhere else.” A few others laughed awkwardly, it was no doubt that everyone else noticed the constant looks you and Pietro were sharing. Tony stood up abruptly taking it upon himself to avoid the awkward silence.
“It was nothing important, Y/n. Anyways I believe this dinner was long overdue and very welcomed. We will be seeing you at training tomorrow?” Tony asked, starting to clear up his place.
“She can start on Monday, Tony. Let the kid have the weekend before she officially becomes an avenger, yeah?” Steve said, also standing up. Tony looked back at you and said “Captain's orders kid, see you Monday.” He said walking off, plate in hand. The others followed suit as you said your thank you’s for the warm welcome and goodnights to everyone.
Even if you didn’t make the dinner, you insisted on cleaning up. It was a nice way for you to feel helpful and to debrief after the dinner. Wanda left you alone and you cleaned the dishes happily while F.R.I.D.A.Y played some tunes for you.
“Mind if I lend you a hand, printsessa?” You heard a thick accent call out. You turned around to see none other than Pietro standing at the kitchen island with a smirk on his face.
“You’re not afraid of me?” You asked in a playful tone, although you weren’t entirely joking.
“Hardly, you could choke the life out of me and I’d say thank you.” He said, cheekiness radiating in his voice.  You only laughed at his comment shaking your head.
“But just so you know, I used to do the choking in this relationship.” He said, daring to step closer to you. Your legs felt like jelly but you challenged him.
“Oh did you now? It’s a shame I don’t remember that.” You said teasingly
“But you remember other things? You remember me? Us? What we were?” His tone remained challenging, but his words were serious. You flirty front dropped at this, a small fear that he didn’t feel the same now coming back to eat you alive. You didn’t answer, rather turning back around to finish off the last of the dishes.
“You do remember me, and the times we shared together... no?” He said, carefully coming beside you.
“How could I forget? Of all the memories I was able to recall, those were the best” you said half-heartedly... not meaning to sound so bitter.
“But surely you’ve moved on...” you said quietly, staring at the dish you scrubbed aggressively in your hand.
“Oh dragâ mea” he said, taking a risk and placing one of his hands at the side of your face, gently forcing you to look at him.
“I never believed them when they told us you had failed your trials and passed on. I knew you were stronger than that, and the memories of what we had, kept me strong enough to escape from those bastards. I always had hope that you were still out there.”  
You smiled brightly and tears brimmed your eyes, only this time you weren’t afraid to let them fall.
“I never stopped loving you, Y/n. Even when I thought you were dead.” And there went your tears, falling down your face as you turned to fully face Pietro as you wrapped your soapy hands around his neck.
“I love you too Pietro, the memories I have with you are the best ones I’ve remembered since I came back.”
He laughed lightly and brought his forehead to yours “so glad to hear you finally snapped out it, my love.”
“How could I have been so blind? I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you when you first visited me.” You admitted shyly
“It’s okay, I waited so patiently for years. A few more weeks wasn’t going to kill me” you laughed as your noses touched. His breath was fanning over your face and you didn’t dare break your eyes away from his.
“If you can promise not to slap me... we could always try that kiss again?” He said slyly, but you only sighed happily.
“I promise.” And that was all he needed. Pietro closed the small space between the two of you and pressed his soft lips to yours. The moment was nothing but pure bliss as you inhaled his sweet scent.
You pulled away somewhat reluctantly and smiled up at the man in front of you.
“Does that mean we’re together again?” He asked kindly
“Oh yeah, and good luck getting rid of me this time speedy.” You joked, tangling your fingers in the ends of his hair at the back of his neck.
“I wouldn’t dream of it, dragosté” he said, leaning down and bringing you in for a much more passionate kiss.
Ahhh hi everyone!! I truly haven't gotten this many imagines out in years and it feels so good. I turned on “The Greatest Showman” and five minutes later was struck with inspiration and somehow came up with this, which is actually kind of based off the song “Snap Out of It” by the Arctic Monkeys. I’ve been so obsessed with Pietro Maximoff/Arron Taylor Johnson lately, honestly it's ridiculous. Anyways I really hope you all enjoyed this imagine and remember, feedback is always welcomed and requests are encouraged!
Much Love,
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shurisneakers · 9 months ago
shut in [12]
Summary: When your high profile mission goes terribly wrong, you’re forced to hide in a safehouse with a man you’ve never met before. With seemingly nowhere else to go, you’re forced to work together to figure out who is trying to have you assassinated before it’s too late. (Sam Wilson x Reader, Hitman AU)
Warnings: anxiety, ptsd, abuse, death
Word count: 2.7k
A/N: two more chapters to go after this + an epilogue i haven’t written yet fdkjghdfkhg. things pick up next chapter don’t worry. i’d love to know your favourite parts so far if you have any!!
i also appreciate feedback so if you would like to, please consider dropping me an ask or comment ly guys!
here’s my ko-fi if you’d like to support my writing <333
Tumblr media
Previous Part || Shut In Masterlist
Your first home, from what you could remember, was the overcrowded hall you shared with kids in and around your age. 
There was too much noise. Always too much noise. 
Even when the children were in their classes, there was always someone whose cries you could hear in the distance when they realised they had nowhere else to go, peals of laughter during lunch breaks, excited whispers when someone came to visit, nervous excuses when belongings went missing.
The orphanage you were brought up in was no place for a child. It was underfunded and an utterly miserable sight. But you made your first friends there. A fiery redhead and a boy who resembled a puppy with his shiny blonde hair and blue eyes. Their names escaped you now. 
Within structured schedules and learning to stow away candy left behind by volunteers so that they weren’t taken away by others, you found relief. You didn’t have a family. Caregivers came and went more than the seasons changed. But maybe what the girl and boy gave you came close. As close as six year olds could get, anyway. 
They were picked before you. The red head left first, and a few months later was the last you saw of the boy. You often wondered where they were, how they were doing. You never truly got answers, but it wasn’t like you went searching. 
You waited another year. They didn’t return. By then a man with a leather jacket who suspiciously wore sunglasses indoors had filled out the paperwork for you and two other kids. You had never interacted with them before until then. A few years down the line you were the only one of the three that remained anyway.
Your second house was in a dark hall. You weren’t allowed to roam around on your own; no one cared if you were 8 or 18. If you needed to be out of the way, you’d be out. 
The man who pulled you out of the orphanage you never saw again. A secret adoption, you found out years later, so that no one would know of your existence. All the paperwork he filled out would have mysteriously been destroyed. To the world, you never existed and outside the organisation you were simply another kid who slipped through the cracks.
He disappeared after you were introduced to another who looked to be in his late twenties. He nicknamed you Buttercup, introducing you as the newest member of his cartel. He told you you were delicate, that he’d give you purpose you didn’t think you could have.
The room was inconceivably small. It barely squeezed in a bed and a small closet with a few changes of clothes. It was dark and congested but it enamoured you. Something to yourself. You didn’t have to fight over it with others who had just as little as you.
The man let you hang around with him. He’d show you the artillery, the large fighting rings with men in them beating each other half to death, the rooms he’d hold meetings with where the lighting was a little darker than the rest. He said it made him look menacing and they needed that where he was working. You giggled.
You found a home with the man who was razor sharp and acidic but insisted it was out of love. You wanted to impress him so badly; begged him to let you in the ring, to wield a gun. He’d only shake his head no, saying that he was waiting for the right time.
For two years you were invited to see what would happen if someone disappointed him. Your first encounter with death was a man who had dared to run away. A bullet in his head later you realised that was the best way to kill someone. His favourite way. And you just wanted to be his favourite.
He didn’t take it easier just because you were ten. He only stopped them from fully killing you. 
“All these broken bones will heal,” he had said, “but you will always remember the pain. The minute you forget, it will happen again.”
So you didn’t forget. You observed and tried, and kicked yourself twice for every one mistake you made. Every time you’d look towards him for approval, he’d shake his head and point out everything wrong. You hated it. You hated it so fucking much. 
The rage you kept building had only one outlet, the one he provided. So it became instinct. It was all you knew.
 You found a home with a man you wanted to impress so bad, you never stopped to ask for what. To him, it was repayment for giving you purpose.
When you were fourteen you realised that no, the feeling in your stomach wasn’t from the previous week’s sparring session. It was butterflies. And for the grumpy new kid nonetheless. 
He was your age, but missing an arm and couldn’t remember how or why. You didn’t ask him many questions. He was silent, and a little grouchy, which you didn’t like. But you did like when he offered his hand to you after a fight and you did like the nice smile he occasionally had. 
You found a new home with his silent company and non-judgemental looks. He always seemed a little sad, like he was searching for something else. He was an excellent marksman and wasn't bad at hand to hand either.
He’d hang around your new room, one that was bigger than your initial place. You’d talk about new techniques you picked up. He talked about how he wished he remembered where he came from. 
He was a friend. You needed one. 
You remembered the night you were roughly shaken awake to the same boy saying he was going to be taken in the morning to the other centre. A permanent shift for reasons he didn’t know.
You didn’t get a chance to ask how or why, but in the flurry of him explaining that he had to go before someone noticed he left his room, he pressed a kiss to your lips in a rushed goodbye and ran back to the darkness. You were dazed for the rest of the night. You didn’t see him in the morning.
When you asked Ransone why he was gone, he mutely said that he was a distraction. You couldn’t afford one. He didn’t explain any further, no matter how much you begged.
Similar friends found themselves entering and exiting your life just as this boy did. You stopped keeping track. It hurt too much to wake up one morning to learn they weren’t there. You wondered why the influx of kids never stopped if you weren’t supposed to be friends with them. 
You realised years later that they were sent there to be ripped away from you as soon as possible. To toughen you up. 
He wouldn’t get rid of something immediately, not if it could be used to hurt you.
Your first mission was when you were fifteen. It was a small time thing; go threaten a man in his house so that he thought twice before crossing Ransone again. You did exactly as you were told, except while you were leaving you heard the cocking of a gun. You spun around and shot him in the shoulder, temporarily disabling him as you left. He cowered on the ground.
You couldn't find anyone as you stumbled back to the centre. There wasn’t a friend who you could vent to. All you had was Ransone. He congratulated you on your first shot, ignoring the trembling of your body and the redness that rimmed your eyes.
You realised that his approval didn’t mean so much to you anymore. If your only purpose was to harm, it wasn’t what you wanted. Not like you had a choice.
Then there was Scott, only brought in for minor things like breaking and entering. He was a funny one and you found yourself spending more and more time with him whenever he did show up. You pulled away when you realised that he was going to end up gone like the rest of the people when Ransone realised that you were paying more attention to him than you should.
He was a sneaky one though; climbed in during nights only to disappear by dawn before anyone saw. He was infectiously light, different from the darkness you were used to seeing. You sought out his brightness, his warmth and he happily gave it to you in unlit corridors and midnight trips that had your adrenaline spiking.
Scott lasted longer than anyone else. They didn’t consider him important enough to pay attention to and he never gave them any chance of doing it. He was, what you wanted to believe, your first love. Or what it felt like anyway, love was scarce and so you clung onto whatever he offered. 
There was a home in Scott that you wanted to keep alive. You found solace in his flustered repetitions and occasional cheesy magic trick. He made you laugh, and it lit up his face when you leaned over and kissed him gently. 
When you got the news that he was killed in a heist gone wrong, you didn’t feel anything for days. The man who broke the news to you looked at you with undertones of pity. 
Everyone knew it wasn’t an accident. 
You didn’t bring it up with Ransone and simply ignored it when he called it a good riddance even though he would be missed. If you listened to everything he said, you were afraid that you would just kill him.
It was excruciating. You didn’t have anyone to talk to. Only Ransone, as he kept reminding you.
“I’m the only one who cares about you, Buttercup,” he cooed and you clenched your eyes shut. “We’re family.”
No more relationships happened after that. Occasional coworkers-with-benefits but nothing that crossed that. You hadn’t had a friend in years, and Ransone was more than pleased to keep it that way. He was the only constant you’d had your entire life, willingly or not. 
People were placed in your way to only inform Ransone of what new updates were in your life. Once they sent whatever information he needed his way, they’d automatically be removed. Everyone had a hidden agenda. Everyone had a specific reason to want to talk to you.
You just let them. What was the point of trying to hide it? You weren’t going to escape any time soon.
“Your only home,” Ransone reminded you, “is here with me.”
You rebelled, many times. Some looked like they would last. In the end you’d return to his dingy office for your next mission because as much as you despised him for the things he had done to you, the guilt over the things he had done for you overshone. Having him as your enemy would be worse than having his convoluted sense of love shoved down your throat until you were forced to accept him. 
And that’s what it had been like until now.
You try and take in as much as you can of the house you’re standing in right now. What you used to find restrictive and a crude form of punishment, you found calming. The mundane nature of everyday life was charming. 
It wasn’t a vacation, you reminded yourself. But the same feeling of emptiness returned every time you thought of your next move.
You didn’t want to leave. You didn’t want to go back to what you once thought was a home. 
You’d eat a thousand dry peanut butter sandwiches over and over again for the rest of your life before even considering going back. You didn’t care for the lack of twenty-first century technology. 
You were feeling things you had shoved away years ago because it wasn’t a life meant for you. Now that you were forced to live it and see what it could be like not living in a fight-or-flight mode every second, you can’t see how you ever survived this long. 
But still, you had told Ransone that you were returning, and it was a promise he would expect you to uphold. 
You tried to remember as much as you can of your time here. The way the sunlight feels against your skin in the morning, the sugariness of the jelly that was basically finished, the worn out tactical clothing from the wardrobe, the leather of the couch clinging to your skin as you rewatch the same three movies time and time again.
You tried to remember the first time you were introduced to the target board, and the range you and Sam had crafted together. The path to the specific tree and back on your runs and the grass that had wilted along it from contant treading.
You sat on the porch stairs for hours, leaning against the pillar for support. The first house you lived in was too loud, the second was too quiet. But this; this was just right. 
Sam joined you eventually in the silence. You were grateful for the company. 
“Have you decided on a day?”
You nod, looking straight ahead into the darkness. “Tomorrow.”
“You sure? Our timing has to be right.”
“Yeah.” Your voice is coarse. “I’ll have to tell him.”
He nodded, leaning his elbows on his knees. He was too tall for the stairs, looking like he was crouching instead of sitting.
His voice dropped to a whisper like it’s a secret only meant for you. “In case Ransone sees me and decides to…” 
He gestured lewdly, sighing when you peer at him in confusion, “...kill me, you need to continue-”
“Stop talking,” you interrupted him quietly. You don’t even want to think about that possibility.
“It can happen. I hope it doesn’t, because it’s a waste of a perfectly good face,” he continues but you just shake your head, trying to drown him out. “Then promise me you’ll do your best to get out. This life isn’t for us, Y/N.”
“I’m not going to let you die,” you muttered. “Not this time.”
“I’m not saying I will, honey,” he continues in a hushed tone, not disturbing the silence built around you, “But it’d make me happy knowin’ that at least one of us gets a shot to live another life. And I know you make good on your promises.”
You were so tired. Of everything. Knowing that you’d be dragged back into it only made the pain sharpen.
“Scout’s honour,” you vowed. He let out a smile at the memory of the last time he used it, lifting his arm to put over your shoulder as you scoot in closer to him.
You sit like that for who knows how long. The night fell hours ago but you don’t want to let go. 
“It’s gettin’ pretty late,” he commented.
“I don’t want to go.”
“You’re gonna need some energy for tomorrow.” He’s right, but you don’t want to admit it.
“It’s your turn at the bed tonight,” you evade it. 
“You can have it,” he debated softly. If it was your last day there, then he’d do anything to make it the best one. 
You’re stuck by an idea but you weren’t sure how he’d react. It wouldn’t be a big deal on the surface but you hadn’t ever done it before.
“Would you maybe-” you trail off.
“We can share,” he finished your thought, pulling you a little closer. You needed comfort. He knew that.
“Thank you,” you whisper. 
He only pressed a kiss to your temple, letting you sit out for as long as you needed.
The woods provided excellent coverage while also giving him a clear sight of the house. The two of you sat on the porch together, speaking quietly to each other, out of earshot. 
It didn’t matter what you were saying now. He had already heard what he needed to hear. 
“Get ready,” the agent said hushedly into the intercom, “they’re leaving tomorrow.”
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your-highnessmarvel · 8 months ago
From Bleak to Bright - Part Fourteen
All other parts on on my masterlist, link provided below.
AN:  okay so this is where the denouement makes everyone extremely mad at me, but oh well, i couldn’t make it easy for you now could i ;)
Warnings: angst, language
It was two days after Loki and you had confirmed that you’d be leaving - more like running away - on Friday. Loki said he’d bring you across the world, wherever you wished, and had offered outer space travel only if you felt safe. Albeit, space travel with Loki sounded fun, you weren’t truly there yet.
He came by, spending a few hours, but leaving in the wee hours of morning to prepare for your departure. Securing flights and drivers and new identities and all. 
How you trusted him so completely without knowing him more than a handful of days, you had no idea. Maybe the two years of agony you’d spent away from him? The sudden reappearance and the way your world seemed to shift into focus when he was around? Whatever it was that made you trust the God of Mischief and Lies, it was sure as hell potent. 
You were all packed now. You had bags full of jeans and underwear and shoes and cosmetics. He’d instructed you only to bring the necessities, but it seemed like you were scared to run out of L’OREAL mascara.  
Loki had mentioned sandy beaches and hot tropics, and you’d mentioned forests and mountain sides. Wherever your haven was, you knew it would be home simply by Loki’s presence. 
The buzzer sounded and it brought you out of your reverie of the future, jarring you back to the reality where you still had to wait a few more days. 
You went to the buzzer. “Who is it”? you asked.
“It’s Bruce!”
Your heart rattled in your chest. 
“I brought fish and chips!” He sounded genuinely happy, the normal brother to come and drop off food when he knows his baby sister is off work. Because he knew you were lonely.
Well, not so lonely anymore, but Bruce didn’t know that. 
You buzzed him up, closing you bedroom door so he wouldn’t see your packed bags. 
You tried to look natural. What was natural for you anyway? Sad. Bored. Monosyllabic. 
Bruce walked in holding two cardboard boxes filled with greasy newspaper, handing it off to you while he took off his jacket. “You look well!” he said, mouth in a wide grin. He saw the effects of you being near your soulmate. He could see the glow of your skin, your eyes wide and awake, your smile real. 
He thought you were just getting over Loki. 
“I’m fine,” you said with a corner smile, bringing the food to the kitchen. 
“I’m just going to use the bathroom real quick,” he said, galloping off. 
You took the food out of the wrapping, settling it in dishes, the smell warm and tasty. You took out two glass bottles of Perrier and put metal straws, topping off your presentation with utensils. 
Bruce came out of the bathroom with a frown. “Why is your bathroom empty?” he asked. 
You could feel your heart dropping, but you schooled your features.
“I did a huge clean up and I put everything in my room,” you said, turning and pretending to store some glasses in the cupboard. “Must have just forgotten to put them all back.”
When you turned to face your brother, he was nodding, but that PhD brain was working; you could practically see the wheels turning in his brain. 
You sat at the counter, your elbow brushing his. “How was your week?” you asked, mostly to distract him. If he pondered too long, he just might come to the right conclusion.
But everyone thought Loki was dead, right? 
You swallowed thickly, suddenly unable to indulge in the food your mouth had watered over just a few seconds ago.
“Yeah,” Bruce said, shaking his head, taking a seat beside you. “It was... intriguing.”
“How so?” You dug into your fries, trying to be as normal as ever, glad the conversation was erring away from your empty bathroom. 
“Tony’s been trying to build this AI,” Bruce started, toying around with his fries. “He’s asked me to join him.”
Your brows raised and you just hoped you weren’t displaying too much emotion to put him off. “That sounds awesome.”
Bruce shrugged. “It’s a project.”
You both ate your food in quiet chitchat. Bruce indulged you in Tony’s new plan, on the ongoings of the Avengers, and how many schools had begged to get Bruce in on the staff. You had nothing as flamboyant as that, but you told him about your work and where you’d stopped to get coffee at a new place around the corner.
You absolutely ignored the nagging, tall and dark presence in the back of your mind.
Bruce left rather quickly, claiming he wanted to get back to Tony. You found it a little strange the way he scurried out of your apartment, barely remembering his jacket. You chalked it up to good old Bruce and his anxiety.
You clean up the place, making sure to put everything back in its place. You didn’t want to leave rotting dishes for whoever it was to find you missing. 
You felt strange, as if your encounter with your brother was more. As if the world was telling you something. Maybe you should have said a sort of goodbye? No. Bruce was way too smart. He would have seen you coming and he’d have asked all the right questions to get you to spill. 
Maybe it was just that you were leaving in a few days, for a long time, and that this was quite possibly the last time you’d ever see your brother. You hadn’t even hugged him. He’d just scurried out like there was a fire in his pants. 
You’d written him a goodbye letter that you’d planned on leaving under your pillow the night you left. It was filled with reasons why he shouldn’t come after you, mainly that you were happy. 
Because you were! Loki settled all the storms raging in your veins. He quieted the winds and soothed the seas. His presence was like slipping into well fitting gloves. It was meant to be. And you’d be damned if they wouldn’t let you be with the only man you wanted to be with. 
Loki walked in as you were staring out the window. The door clicked shut just as his arms encircled your waist, warm and steady. His nose pressed into the curve of your neck, and his scent invaded your senses. He was a solid block at your back, making your heart beat erratic in your chest. 
“You’ve been worrying,” he said, his voice rough. 
The way he knew you so well was sometimes worrisome. 
“Bruce has been here.”
“Ah.” He pulled away, putting his hands on your shoulders and spinning you until he was the one with his back to the window. “Was it goodbye?”
You nodded. “I didn’t say goodbye, like you said,” you answered, feeling the thickness of emotion rising in your throat. “But it was quite possibly the last time I see him.”
Loki smoothed his hands onto your cheeks, using his thumb to wipe the wet corners of your eyes. “For a while,” he said, his voice a whisper. “I promise you will see him again.”
“He was acting to strange too,” you said. “He was talking about his new project with Tony and all, and I just chalked it up to his anxiety, but it was weird the way he left.”
You felt Loki stiffen, his eyes hardening as he bore his stare into yours. “What did he say?” he asked, a muscle in his jaw ticking. 
You looked up at him, frowning, trying to read into his mind, but like always, Loki’s inner monologue was but a mystery to you. 
“Something about an AI,” you answered. “Or whatever. But he left a while ago.”
Loki seemed to ponder for an instant, but his entire body was rigid under your fingers. 
“Did he leave anything behind?” he asked, and he pulled away from you, walking to your kitchen. 
“No,” you said, putting your hands in your back pockets. “He left his food but I threw that away. No leftovers for you.” Your weak attempt at humor didn’t even make Loki laugh. 
He went to the counter where you and Bruce had sat, passing his index on the countertop. He was frowning deeply, black curls pushed messily behind his ears. You took a good look at him then, his dark blue sweater and black slacks, the way the colors made him look cold but you, of all people, knew intimately the warmth of his flesh. 
“What is it?” you asked, watching him skim the surface of the stools, brows pulled in concentration.
Then his hand flexed and he stopped. He bent slowly, passing his hand under the counter. When he straightened back up, he was holding what looked to be a little aluminum ball. 
“Dust?” you asked, taking a few steps forward.
“Shit.” His shoulders tensed and he crushed the little ball between his index and his thumb. “Microphone.”
The word seemed to buzz all over your skin, making your heart throb painfully against your throat. “What?” It was a whisper and you froze, watching the way Loki looked back over your shoulder to the window, throwing the crushed device to the floor.
“We must leave at once,” he said, springing into action. He left you standing like a statue in the kitchen as he ran for your room, throwing the door open. You heard him shuffling about, grabbing a few bags and then hurrying back. He shoved a bag strap into your hand. “Y/N.” He shook you slightly, his gaze darting from your face to the window. “We must lave right now. They know.”
You grabbed onto the strap, but your grasp was weak. Your knees felt like jell-o. 
“I don’t have the Tesseract,” Loki said, grabbing your free hand and hauling you towards the door. “So we must get to the plane. Are you listening?”
You nodded, but his words were just that - words. They occupied the space between the both of you, and as he hauled you out into the corridor, the world shifted to a blur.
You both tumbled down the stairs, you gripping onto his hand, him looking back every so often to make sure you were alright. At the bottom of the staircase, he took you by the jaw and kissed you harshly. The wind was knocked from your lungs and you clung to him so desperately. 
“I will never leave you,” he panted against your mouth. “Never again.”
That promise returned the fire to your limbs, the air to your lungs, and you nodded, giving him a determined look. “I’m with you,” you whispered, and he smirked, bringing his mouth back down to yours for another breathtaking kiss. 
“I’m with you,” he uttered, grabbing your hand once more and pushing open the door, daylight seeping in. 
You tumbled onto the sidewalk and halted. 
There was a man standing there, leaning against a car, arms crossed over his chest.
MORE SMEXY TIMES IN THE NEXT CHAPTER! Any ideas where this is going? I’m telling you, this looks hopelessssssss ;)
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fuwushiguro · 9 months ago
The Enemy & The Bet
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hawks x f!reader x Dabi
Characters: Hawks, Dabi
Side Characters: Overhaul, Shigaraki, All For One (mentioned), Hari Kurono (mentioned)
Genre: Smut
Notes: This is the first thing I’ve written in a looooong while, I hope you all like it! Been nervous to post anything for ages but finally worked up the courage to get back into writing and put myself out there again, I’m hoping I’ll have more confidence to start writing more!
Warnings: 18+, dubcon/noncon, manipulation, possessiveness/jealousy, rough sex, degradation, dumbification, brat taming???, threesome, anal, breeding kink, cheating
Words: 6.2k
☆ ☆ ☆
It was never going to go well. It was always going to end up like this, you were basically asking for it. Kai warned you, he warned you about all of the filthy degenerates he’d made enemies out of. Don’t speak to anyone without his permission. There is scum out there and they are not to be trusted.
☆ ☆ ☆
He was meant to protect you. To check over anyone you interacted with, to protect you from harm. Someone like him was always going to make enemies, he’d made it a rule not to get too close to anyone he’d only end up worrying about in the end. But how could he resist you. Gorgeous, oblivious, naïve little you. He’d overheard a conversation you were having with one of your idiot friends. How you’d never leave the house without two bottles of hand sanitizer, and he knew you were his kind of girl. He knew he had to have you. You were surprised when he approached you, donning a black cotton face mask that looked similar to your black leather mask. That was a giveaway to him. You aren’t like the other struggling students around here, he’d later find out you weren’t a student at all. You were a rich girl. The name gave it away, Shigaraki. The daughter of a mysterious businessman who went by the Alias All For One. Where else had he heard that name? Oh yes. Tomura. They had been on bad terms since Kai stole his girlfriend a few years back. In the beginning, you were a conquest for Kai. Another way to one up Tomura. Fucking his baby sisters brains out and gloating about it was a much too delicious opportunity to pass up. But the way your big doe eyes twinkled innocently in the blue stained room that had been illuminated by moonlight, he couldn’t. He couldn’t do it to you. You were sweet, untarnished, pure. You’d peeled a layer from him he didn’t even know existed. He didn’t think he’d be able to feel love or love another person. But that one encounter became two, and two became four. He gave you your own designated drawer in his bedside cabinet. He made space in his wardrobe for some of your clothes. He gave you a spare key.
Move in with me.
How could you resist? You loved him after all. It was now impossible to keep your relationship a secret from your controlling brother, or your father. But All For One didn’t care, he was rarely home anyway. You were your daddy’s girl and could do as you pleased, you had him wrapped around your finger and you utilised this. He sternly told Tomura to mind his business in regard to your love life. He didn’t, not for a while at least. He liked to spy on his little sister, followed you around wherever you went for a while. He purchased a pair of binoculars just for you. A purchase he’d soon come to regret when he saw Kai drilling his baby sister into the mattress of their shared bed. He squeezed them; he squeezed the binoculars so hard the glass shattered. He couldn’t do this; he couldn’t tolerate this. He needed a plan, he needed outside help.
You begged, you pleaded. Please… Don’t leave me. Not for a whole month. But he had too. Kai had to leave you all by yourself. You weren’t to answer the door for anyone. If you needed anything, you were to call Hari Kurono. His number was stuck to the fridge under a dolphin shaped magnet. Overhaul hated that magnet, but his princess wanted it, and princess gets what she wants. Maybe you should go home… You don’t want to be stuck in the apartment by yourself for a whole month. You’re scared of your own shadow. The deafening silence of the empty apartment would be too much for your weak disposition to bare. Who would kill a spider if one got in? But you knew he’d never allow you to return home. You were his girl, his princess. No other man would be looking after you other than him, so you’d stay here. You’d stay in your scary apartment like a good girl until Kai got home.
☆ ☆ ☆
All was going according to his plan. Tomura was getting his baby sister away from that despicable trash you called a boyfriend whether she liked it or not. Step one: create a fake business opportunity to lure Kai out of the country. Step two. Reinforcements. Tomura didn’t trust many people, he didn’t even really trust these two airheads.
Touya ‘Dabi’ Todoroki. He was more or less his first henchman from his early days. Kai wasn’t the only man in your life with a shady history. Dabi was someone who immediately rubbed Tomura the wrong way, claiming the man had no manners. But his annoyance soon dissipated when he realised his potential. Not only was he strong, but sly and cunning too. He knew how to bide his time, keep secrets. These were qualities your dear brother appreciated and valued in his comrades. The issue of his baby sister was a sensitive one, so there was no one else he’d trust more than Dabi to assist.
Keigo ‘Hawks’ Takami. Admittedly, Keigo was an individual Tomura could probably have valued more time in getting to know. Dabi vouched for him, that was good enough for him. They’d met several times; he’d always get the job done that was asked of him. But was he trustworthy? It was yet to be seen. He was a good worker, but it wasn’t enough to prove himself as loyal. This would be the defining request to find out. Will he succeed in his mission? Tomura’s wrath was not something to take lightly, if Keigo failed, his life wouldn’t be worth living.
The mission was simple, break into the apartment and get you back. Nothing more, nothing less. He made it abundantly clear that violence was to be exercised as a last resort. If you wouldn’t come willingly, use force. If force didn’t work, they could do what they needed to do. They teased him about his desperation. Does the incel want to fuck his own sister you sick fuck? Was the tone of the torment. He shrugged it off seamlessly as he knew this wasn’t the case. It was a matter of pride. Kai Chisaki had something that belonged to him. No, he didn’t want to fuck you. He wanted to own you. You were a pawn in the game of revenge. Kai doesn’t really care about you. This is all a tactic to get to him via you. His pathetically simple sister who couldn’t see she was being used. You’d thank him in time, he knows you will. Why wouldn’t you? Kai, in his eyes, is loathsome scourge on society. No, he isn’t bitter about him stealing his girlfriend. This is for you. This is for your benefit. With that, he dismissed his cronies and told them that although they technically had a month, the sooner they get you back, the better. Tomura shooed them out of the front door and the duo began discussing the trial ahead. Talking about sweet, innocent you. What a pretty little thing you are and how lucky Chisaki is for getting to fuck you whenever he wants.
“You thinking what I’m thinking birdbrain?” Dabi spoke.
“If you are… you’re a real piece of shit, man.”
The scarred accomplice of your brother donned a smarmy grin across his face and let out a humoured sigh.
“$100 says I can fuck her first.”
☆ ☆ ☆
Hari came to your apartment first thing this morning to check up on you at the request of your overly protective boyfriend. He dropped you off a few things, including your favourite chocolate. Hari expressed he didn’t know it was your favourite, Kai told him to get it for you. Kai wasn’t a bad man; he couldn’t be so terrible if you loved him. You fell for him more intensely each day before you’d even recognised what was happening. The way he calls you his princess, the way he dotes on you so lovingly, the way he’d quite honestly kill for you. It had been just over twenty-four hours since he left, and your heart ached for him. You weren’t sure you’d be able to make it the whole month alone without him. You missed his presence, of course. But you had other needs you couldn’t satisfy as well as he could. The evening rolled around, you were curled on the sofa in a fluffy blanket with your bar of chocolate watching a random movie that was playing on the TV. You couldn’t focus. You kept checking your phone, all social media to try and get a crumb of information from the outside world. Praying that you’d get a text from Kai to tell you he was okay. More aimless scrolling proceeded, more bite marks into your bar of chocolate emerged. That’s when your concentration was snapped back to the TV. You heard a loud thud and looked up to see a couple kissing with their hands all over each other. You let out a deep sigh, it was almost like it was tormenting you. It knew you were needy and added this scene in especially. They were ravaging each other, the man had his hands all over the woman’s body, kissing her neck and cupping her breasts. You squeezed your thighs together, hoping the tingling sensation at your core would subside. But if anything, it was worse. You needed to be touched, you needed Kai.
Kai: How’s my Princess doing tonight?
Why were you being tormented like this? Any thought that entered your mind seemed to be coming to fruition. You found yourself actualising that Kai’s trip would be ending early and he text to tell you he was on his way home. Should you tell him how worked up you are? Or lie to set his mind at rest. You’re sure he’s got enough going on. He doesn’t need any additional stress right now.
You: Horny ☹ <3 x
But why should you be stressed alone? It’s his fault you’re like this, so needy and desperate for his touch.
Kai: I should have known. Well, I hope you figure something out princess because I won’t be back for a month. Goodnight x
How dare he? As if he doesn’t even care the state he’s gotten you into. So reliant on his magic fingers, delicious tongue and intoxicating cock. Figure something out? Your toys and your own fingers didn’t come close to comparing into what a stupid little mess he turned you into. It was an insatiable need you wouldn’t even contemplate trying to soothe on your own. Opting instead to see yourself off to bed and hope the burning desire for Kai would subside. You picked up your TV remote and began switching off the electronics and the lights before you retired to your room for the evening. Just as you flicked the final switch that launched your apartment into an overwhelming darkness…
Hari? You wondered. Of course not… At this hour? He would have sent you a text to let you know he’d be coming. Wouldn’t he? You decided to ignore it, it was probably someone knocking at the wrong door. Nobody had any business with you at this time of night. Or was somebody looking for Kai? But surely everyone would know he’s out of town…
“We know you’re in there, princess.”
Oh fuck. You carried on ignoring the perpetrators. How could they know you’re definitely home? They’d have to give up eventually. Maybe you should text Hari, or Kai…
“Your boyfriend sent us!” A softer voice spoke. Kai sent them? You were confused, why wouldn’t Kai have mentioned this when you were texting earlier if that was the case. You did your best to quietly approach your front door, hoping to take a sneak peek through the peep hole. You removed your slippers from your feet and crept along the wooden floor, praying to whoever was listening that a creek wouldn’t expose you. No more knocks had occurred, giving you optimism that maybe they had decided to leave after all. Your left eye honed in on the little peep hole.
“Ah, there you are doll.”
“Shit.” You muttered, instantly pulling away and covering your mouth at your blunder.
“We don’t want to hurt you. Let us in.” One of the men requested. You slid the bolt across the door and opened it a crack to get a better view of the men currently hovering at your apartment. “Don’t you look cute in your little jammies.” The darker haired man taunted.
“Kai never mentioned either of you, so I know you’re lying. Please… Just go.”
“Ouch little bird, way to hurt our feelings.” The other man responded.
“I don’t think she recognises us Hawks.”
Why would you recognise them? Unless they truly were associates of Kai’s. He would be angry if you turned away extra protection, he was going to be gone for an entire month after all, maybe he just wanted to make sure you were as safe as possible. Had the best care around you.
“Did Kai really send you?” You wondered, stupidly. What were you expecting them to say? No, we’re here to kidnap you. Or worse?
“Yeah, he sure did birdie, can you let us in?” The man named Hawks asked inquisitively. You shut the door again and heard a grumble from the unnamed raven haired man. Clearly agitated. But the door remained closed for a mere second whilst you removed the bolt and allowed them to enter your home. You were praying with all of your might that they were sent by your boyfriend to protect you, because the punishment for being so gullible wasn’t even something you could bare to think about.
“So, why are you here?” You wondered.
“Uh… Kai wanted us to pick you up and take you somewhere.” Hawks spoke, a little unsure of himself. Clearly, he was lying.
“Yeah, that’s right doll. He asked us to take you somewhere safer.”
“Remind me of your names… And why should I remember you?” You added, still not quite sure where you know either of these men from.
A crooked smile swept across the darker haired mans face, the stitches that held his scarred and unblemished skin together were stretching to maximum capacity. You wondered what you said could have caused such a reaction, but he didn’t enlighten you. Instead making himself comfortable on your couch, picking up the TV remote and instructing you to pack whatever you needed to. You looked to Hawks but he didn’t give you the pleasure of looking back, instead looming over the darker haired mans form, waiting to see what channel would open when the TV finally booted up.
“What’s this?” He spoke, looking for the play button. You’d paused the film you were watching while you were texting Kai. You froze. Realising what was about to happen when he finally found that play button. The pair burst into a cacophony of laughs, and you’d never felt so embarrassed. “Well now, I never took the little princess for a freak.” He spoke over an uproar of pants and moans from the sex scene that was playing in the background. The lewd sounds causing that knot to tighten in your stomach, you tried to turn around to defend yourself. The pair exchanged smirks as they both noted what was happening before their very eyes.
“Aw, is the slut all riled up from the sexy movie?” Hawks teased, “Dabi… I think this will be easier than we thought.” Why did you recognise the name Dabi? Why were you so humiliated by their taunting…? They didn’t know you.
“You missing your little boyfriend, doll?” Dabi wondered. You couldn’t help the tears that were forming on your lash line. You willed them to stay, but they continued to laugh, and you were embarrassed to admit the demeaning way they were talking to you reminded you of Kai. He was so sensitive with you, but when you fucked it was passionate and rough. You loved it, you loved how he man handled you and talked to you like you were less than nothing. You missed Kai, you were desperate for his touch and these two were only reminding you of it.
☆ ☆ ☆
Well, I hope you figure something out princess.
His text was in bold above the heads of these men who had rocked up to your apartment. You couldn’t, you shouldn’t. You won’t. You shoved the thought down and turned away from them as they continued to laugh at your expense. You slammed the bedroom door behind you and let out a repetition of deep exhales in an attempt to regain your composure. When you finally calmed down and began to move around your room in search of things to pack, the slippery sensation between your thighs was unmistakable. You slid two fingers between your folds and quickly removed them to see an obscene amount of slick collected on your fingers. I can’t do this anymore; I need to get it out of my system. You removed your PJs and quickly got comfortable on your bed, surely it wouldn’t take long to make yourself cum. You just needed the tension gone so you could focus. You caressed the bundle of nerves between your folds with two fingers and used your free hand to toy with your breasts, doing your best to let out quiet soft moans as you worked your way up to your orgasm. It was such hard work. You’d became so accustomed to Kai working his magic on you, you knew you’d lost effect on yourself. You needed this to be over quickly, you couldn’t bare how aroused you were and the way you couldn’t focus on anything else. As you continued to work at your clit, you felt a rising level of pleasure come over you. Come on… Come on… Not much longer. You thought to yourself as you kept on rubbing. Just as you felt yourself demolish another wall of pleasure closer to your orgasm, your bedroom door swung open from the force of a kick from Dabi’s boot.
“Well, isn’t this a sight.” He sighed, sounding disappointed… disgusted even. You did your best to quickly cover yourself up in shame and pray they’d leave out of embarrassment of what they caught you doing.
“We came to check if you tried to make a break for it, but what a treat for us to see you like the huh, Dabi?”
“Do you get off on guys treating you like shit? No self-respect?” Dabi continued.
“Please, please stop this just leave me alone.” You spoke.
“Now why would we do a thing like that doll? You want us to help you with your little problem?”
“No!” You shouted, knowing immediately what he was talking about. He grinned and nudged his friend.
“I think she’s lying to us Dabi.”
“So do I, so I’ll ask you again princess. How badly do you want to cum right now?” Dabi spoke, almost sinisterly. You were desperate to cum. You didn’t want to admit it to them, but they must already know. You have to be pretty desperate to masturbate with two strangers in the next room. Kai would never forgive you for this… but…
Well, I hope you figure something out princess.
He’d technically give you the green light.
“I don’t want to cum.” You replied. Dabi quirked and eyebrow and Hawks looked between the two of you in sheer confusion. How could you tell a bare face lie to the two of them when they’d literally caught you in the act?
“Is that so?” Dabi queried.
“No… I don’t want to cum. I need to.” You added. The pair laughing at your statement, and they were more than happy to oblige.
“Well birdie, next question. Pick one of us.” Hawks requested. You shook your head. He told you the other one would go wait in the car downstairs, but you didn’t want to pick. You wanted them both.
“Fill me… Please fill me up. I need it, please.” You begged meekly, crawling over to them atop the bed, looking up at them like an obedient pet.
“Heh… I didn’t know you were a complete whore.” Dabi mocked, but you didn’t care. You rolled onto your back and looked up at the two men with widening eyes, spreading your legs, and slipping your panties to the side so you could continue playing with your pussy and giving them a show as they watched on in awe. How quickly you had gone from hiding in shame to a porn star before their very eyes. Before you could react, Dabi yanked your panties from your body and took in the vision of your bare cunt like it was the prettiest thing he’d ever laid witness to. He beckoned his friend over to take a look too, you continued playing with your glistening slit as the men watched, but Hawks slapped your hand away so they could get a perfect view of what they had planned to ruin. Hawks grabbed a fistful of your hair and pulled you closer to the two of them as Dabi stuffed the balled up white lace panties into your open mouth.
“Only two holes left now dove, perfect since there’s two of us. Which one do you want Dabi?” Hawks queried. Dabi huffed as he plunged two fingers into your throbbing cunt, scissoring you open. Your body writhed under his touch from the pleasure.
“Look at her, she already knows this is mine.” Dabi tormented as he continued abusing your fluttering hole.
“Fine with me.” Hawks smirked as he began unbuckling his trousers. Dabi stood to his feet removing the fingers that felt so at home in your desperate hole, he pulled you up by your wrist as he forced you to face him. You didn’t move, you were utterly encased in awe from the sapphire eyes that were looking down at you. His stone-faced glare turned to a quick chuckle, almost of disbelief.
“I know I’m pretty, doll, but if you don’t take my cock out of my pants, you’re gonna be sorry.” He informed you. You couldn’t apologise due to your panties still being forced into your mouth, you did your best to hum in a tone that said sorry and began fiddling with the man’s belt. You felt saliva pooling on your tongue, with no way to get rid of it. You were begging internally that it wouldn’t spill past your lips. A soft laugh slithered past Dabi’s lips when he noticed your eyes bulge at the size of his rock-hard cock springing free. You instinctively backed away from him, you couldn’t do this anymore… could you? Kai would be so mad; he will be so mad because there’s no way he isn’t going to find out. But before you could back away from Dabi anymore, Keigo pushed you forward, trapping you between the pair of them. You couldn’t control the tears that spilled from between your closed lashes. You expected them to both laugh at how pathetic you were, Keigo did, but Dabi scolded him.
“C’mon patchwork, it’s a little funny.” Keigo told him as he pulled you closer to him, your back resting on his chest, twiddling your erect nipples. You were melting under his touch and you hated it, you didn’t want to be acting like this with someone who was making fun of your sorrow.
“Knock it off, she’s being such a good girl for us. And you’re gonna bully her? Shame on you,” He began as he reached his hand forward to run slow, torturous circles over your clit. You couldn’t help but wonder if the two of them had fucked a girl together before. They seemed like the were pros, like they knew exactly how to touch you and when. Every movement was fluid and synchronized, like they’d completely mastered the art of unravelling women around the pair of them. “I don’t think you deserve to fuck her.” Dabi added.
“Fuck you. You’re the most disrespectful person I’ve ever met, don’t start taking the moral high ground now when we have a bitch in heat to fuck.” Hawks commented as he carried on groping your fleshy mounds.
“Do you think this feather head should get the honour of fucking your little asshole after he’s been so rude?” Dabi spoke, his eyes piercing yours. Was he being sincere? Did he really think Hawks didn’t deserve you? Before you could think anymore on the matter, you felt a calloused hand wrap around your throat. Dabi couldn’t help but smile, of course he didn’t really care about what you thought. This is the proof. The squeeze of your oesophagus became tighter and tighter, you struggled in vain to pull the hand away. You could feel Hawks’ hand veins bulging, the grip on your neck was that tight.
“Careful what you say birdie, I don’t handle rejection very well.” He teased. Fervently you nodded your head, you knew you had no choice. The only other option would result in harm, it wasn’t something you wanted. The situation had gotten out of hand. Why were you such a needy slut? Couldn’t you have just gone a month without sex? You’re cheating on Kai… You do love him, you really do. But the opportunity had presented itself. You couldn’t help yourself.
“Give her here.” Dabi grabbed your wrist once more, Hawks letting go of your tits to allow the man to take you away from him. You were close enough to Dabi to smell him, it was almost as if he wore a special cologne that turned anyone close to him into a primal beast. All you wanted to do was feel his throbbing cock bruise your cervix, to make it his. “Leg.” He commanded, holding out his left hand. You hooked your left thigh over it and let your arms wrap around his neck to support yourself in his hold. You bounced yourself on the balls of your free foot allowing him to catch you in his other arm and guided your legs to hook around his waist. “Good girl.” He soothed, and your face flushed from the praise of his husky voice. He freed a hand from your support and began guiding his aching cock to find your needy entrance, you needed it now. All the guilt you began to feel instantly dissipated from your system. You were going to ride Dabi, you were going to feel him pummel your cunt and you were going to love it. He began toying with your entrance and you gave him a look to say fucking give it to me already.
“She’s showing her true colours huh, you being a little brat for Dabi?”
“Are you really going to embarrass me like this after I’ve just been defending you for being such a good girl?” Dabi spoke as he stilled his movements. You shook your head furiously. You were mumbling best you could through your panties. Please no, I’ll be good. Please let me have your cock. With one swift movement, he plunged himself into your core. An almost animalistic noise leaving your system. Keigo used one hand to spit on, mixing his saliva and the precum he’d formed to lube himself up as he palmed himself a little. And he used his free hand to gather the slick from your cunt to ready your puckered asshole for him. You’d done anal a handful of times; you weren’t in love with it and you didn’t hate it. It was fine, but you couldn’t mask your excitement to experience both of your holes being filled by the two attractive, well hung men you’d been blessed with this evening. You felt Hawks’ tip slide around the rim of your ass and the sensation caused you to smile. It was sensitive and you couldn’t mask it. He was a bit gentler than Dabi had been with his entrance, slowly entering and stretching you out around him. You could almost feel each individual vein of his cock tease your insides. Dabi was thrusting into you with the motions of a man who had a lot of experience. You were being sandwiched between the two of them, you leaned your head back against Hawks’ shoulder and he seized the opportunity to toy with your neck. Leaving gentle kisses, soft bites, and playful licks on you. He was way more delicate with you than you’d anticipated. And certainly, in contrast to his partner. His pace was relentless, you were powerless to resist the moans being dragged out of you as he pounded against your sopping core. The saliva that had been pooling dribbled past your soaked panties and out of your mouth, running down your cheek, and over your neck. Hawks noticed immediately and he lapped it up, making a show of how he was tasting your spit, slurping it up like it was the first drink he’d had in months. You couldn’t focus on it for long because of the ferocious attack on your holes. You could almost feel their cocks nudging each other inside of you, the feeling making your head spin.
“Princess… you’re so – fuck – you’re so fucking tight. I wanna cum in you.” Dabi told you. You shook your head, he can’t, he definitely can’t do that. You use protection with Kai, you weren’t on any birth control, it was completely out of the question.
“I don’t think she wants you too Dabi.” Hawks huffed through his moans, they were both clearly close. You were desperate for the deliverance of your own orgasm, but the fear of Dabi cumming in your unprotected cunt scared you.
“I didn’t take the neat freak for a guy who’d – Jesus fucking christ – for a guy who’d pull out and make a mess. Well doll, I’m definitely gonna breed you now. Show that pretentious prick what a slut his little girlfriend is.” Dabi manically laughed through his moans. You were doing your best to protest, to speak, but you couldn’t. You were helpless, maybe he’s joking. It’s definitely a joke, they’re friends after all, right? He does work for Kai, doesn’t he? You had to believe he did, you had to. Otherwise, you’d made a fatal mistake, you’d let yourself get fucked by Kai’s enemies, that is not something you can accept right now, not when they’re both balls deep inside of you.
“I’m not gonna last birdie,” Hawks informed you. It wasn’t long after that he reached his climax. He rested his forehead against yours, holding the base of your neck with his strong hands forcing you to look into his eyes as he moaned through his high. The sounds were delicious. You could listen to him cum all day long. He stuttered inside you slightly and stilled once he had finished. Delivering one last kiss to your neck before removing himself from your ass and slapping your left cheek. You turned to see what he was doing, he tucked himself back into his pants and lit up a cigarette. Kai will hate that. I’ll never get rid of the smell. You were broken from your thoughts when Dabi grabbed your chin and forced you to face him.
“Why are you looking at him princess? I’m not finished with you yet.” He sternly spoke. You nodded and rested your forehead on his shoulder as he pounded into you. “Look at me doll, I wanna see your pretty face.” He commanded. You rested your forehead against his so you could be pierced by those glistening blue beams once again. You didn’t feel so pretty, you were covered in drool, your eyes were glossy, and your cheeks were stained with tears. “That stupid fuck didn’t care about you, did he? Hawks didn’t wanna help you cum because he’s selfish.” Dabi huffed at you.
“Give it a rest.” Hawks chuckled. He didn’t sound like he genuinely cared; it was just habit to respond to Dabi’s remarks.
“I want to make you cum. Will you do that for me?” He wondered. You nodded, you wanted to cum too, so badly. It’s all you’d wanted all evening and he wanted to be the one to tip you over the edge. “You’re too nervous, just let it happen doll.” He moaned. You closed your eyes and tried to focus on your building pleasure. He did you a kindness and removed the saliva drenched panties from your mouth, allowing you to speak. “What do you need?” He demanded to know. But you didn’t want to say. You turned away from him in embarrassment, but he would not allow that. He left a stinging spank to the same ass cheek as Hawks, snapping your attention back to him. “Don’t ignore me again slut, I’ll kill you.” And with that, your cunt betrayed you. He felt you clench around his cock and he smiled. He shoved the panties back in your mouth, he knew, you knew, there was nothing left to discuss. “I need you to be a good little dirty whore and cream around my cock, okay?” You couldn’t believe the way he’d deciphered what you wanted so quickly. You didn’t know why you were getting off on him calling you names so much, but the more profanities he expressed towards you, the closer your orgasm came. You were almost in awe of how much attention he was putting into you, you could feel the pulsating of his cock and knew how badly he must want to cum himself, but he really was trying to help you. “Baby, I need you to do this for me. I wanna make this stupid little cunt my personal cum dump, so hurry up and cum on my cock.” And so, you came. You tried to pull him closer to you, every inch of your body was clenching as the rising knot in your core had finally come undone. You were almost screaming through the pleasure, Dabi laughed at the response, he was proud of himself. Hawks shook his head; he must have thought you were acting. But you couldn’t help it, you couldn’t help the high-pitched hums of pleasure through your makeshift gag. Dabi was soon to follow, he emptied himself inside of you, he dropped you on the bed and carried on pounding himself up into you. He was making sure every single drop of his seed was inside your cunt, he was serious when he said he wanted to breed you. He pulled out, and you couldn’t help but cringe away when you saw his cock glisten with a mixture of his seed and your juices.
“Now that’s over, pack your shit little dove.” Hawks spoke. You cleared your throat, removed your panties from your mouth and quickly stood up to clothe yourself. You couldn’t have been more embarrassed when white dribbling escaped both of your fucked out holes. You did your best to quickly mop up the mess with your ruined panties and try and find something to wear.
“Hurry up, Shigaraki wants you home as soon as possible.” Dabi commented. Your attention snapped to his gaze, and Hawks let out a noise of disapproval. Clearly this news was not something you were supposed to hear.
“You fucking moron.” Hawks whinged.
“What’s she going to do? Not go with us? Who do you think will be more pissed off about you throwing yourself and your slutty cunt as us, your boyfriend or your brother?” He questioned. Your lip instantly began to quiver, you were fucked three ways from Sunday. If you went with these two right now, Hari would tell Kai that you went back to your family home when he specifically told you not too. If you didn’t go, Shigaraki would find out you fucked his friends, and they’d tell Kai you cheated on him. You were frozen, what was the right thing to do? You figured the lesser of two evils was to go with them, at least Kai wouldn’t know you cheated… He had to forgive you for being lonely and staying with your family while he was away, right?
“Who won the bet?” Hawks questioned.
“Me, obviously, I got the pussy.” Dabi replied.
“We both fucked her!” Hawks protested.
“Give me my fucking $100, I was inside of her pussy first, so I win. And I actually made her cum. I fucked her first, you didn’t fuck her she fucked you.” Dabi teased. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Not only had you cheated on your boyfriend for a quick moment of madness, but they only wanted to fuck you for a bet. You sank to the ground and covered your mouth with your hands, deeply inhaling and exhaling as you tried to comprehend the gravity of your situation. The pair looked at you, annoyance clearly sprawled on both of their faces, their game was done. It was time to finish the job they’d been given.
“Get a move on little girl.” Hawks commanded, looming over your crouched form. You nodded, standing slowly trying to gather your thoughts.
“Princess!” Dabi yelled trying to get you to hasten your actions, “Pack. Your. Shit.”
“Okay… I’ll go with you guys.”
Tumblr media
© 2021 fuwushiguro
Tumblr media
I finally made a tag list!! If you wanna be tagged in my work, feel free to fill out this form, thank you hehe 💞
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28onlythebrave · 9 months ago
{RATING SYSTEM FF.NET: K = 5+, content suitable for most ages, K+ = 9+, some content may not be suitable for young children, T = 13+, contains content not suitable for children, M = 16+, contains content suitable for mature teens and older, MA = 18+, contains mature content for adults only. RATING SYSTEM AO3: G = general audiences, T = teen and up audience, M = mature, E = explicit, only suitable for adults.}
Ache For Us by @serenecalamity [ E | AU | 99k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Jace knows who she is to him the minute he walked into the club. He had known who she was to him since four years ago. Werewolf/Mates AU.
Without A Clue by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 49k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
They were best friends. Room mates. Maybe something more...
Colour Crimson In Her Eyes by @serenecalamity [ E | AU | 3k+ | one-shot ]
The Alpha of Alicante Valley isn't always what people expect. Werewolf AU.
Running Among Wolves by @serenecalamity [ E | AU | 50k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Clary was one the only humans in Jace's pack, but she was so much more than a human to the werewolves, especially to the Alpha. Werewolf AU.
Sharing Kisses With A Demon by @serenecalamity [ T | AU | 1k+ | one-shot ]
Clary hadn't been able to stop thinking about Isabelle's biker cousin. She didn't realize he felt the same.
Kiss me better? by @/icantthinkofaname11 [ T  | AU | 43k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Hospital au: Jace punches a wall. He doesn't know how else to deal with the anger inside him. It helps. Not the broken hand he got from punching the wall but who it lead him to. Clary, a doctor who ends up fixing more than just his hand. 
Even Angels Have Their Wicked Schemes by @/CuriousMidnightHeart [ T | AU | 74+ | complete | multi chapter ] 
After Jace Herondale, a self-centered, vain, and arrogant prince is turned into a hideous beast, he has until his 21st birthday to find true love, which he doesn't believe in. Until he meets Clary, a beautiful,fiesty redhead who is just as stubborn as him. But Sebastian Velrac, a ruthless hunter, is determined to marry her as well.
The Cost Of Survival by @/AnikaandAj [ T | AU | 77+ | complete | multi chapter ]
“I figured I either have two options. Shoot you before you have the chance to run or let you go and wake up to find all of my stuff gone. So I chose the third option.” “And that would be?” “Doing a favor to the human race by not letting a pretty girl starve to death, of course.” Jace and Clary are two survivors in the zombie apocalypse. If only zombies were their biggest problem.
The Girl Behind The Pictures by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 79k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Because of Jace's parents, his life was a lot more open to the public than others. Maybe that was how he had found himself falling for a girl that he had never met, and had only been exchanging pictures with.
City of the Unknown by @/Rowen-Bells [ K+ | 178k | complete | multi chapter ]
Jace always knew how to handle things. He always knew where his life was headed and how to react in any situation. That is, until he met Clary Fray at the Pandemonium. He shouldn't have met her, because she shouldn't have been able to see him. But now that she has, he feels compelled to learn more about her. COB in Jace's POV.
City of Heartache by @/Rowen-Bells [ T | 192k | complete | multi chapter ]
Now that Clary and him are siblings, Jace has to hide his feelings for her. But that's only the tip of the demon. Between his father and the Clave, it seems like everyone's out to get him. COA in Jace's POV
City of Lies by @/Rowen-Bells [ T | 214k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Now that Jace got Clary to stay in New York . . . what can go wrong? COG in Jace's POV
Covert Casanova by @/ddpjclaf [ M | AU | 239k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
She's the artsy, outcast daughter of a rich, crooked lawyer. He's the self-absorbed undercover agent assigned to do whatever it takes to get the goods on daddy - even if that means making a play for his feisty daughter.
The Nine Consequences of One Night and a Door by @/ddpjclaaf [ M | AU | 340k+ | complete | multi chapter ] 
The teenaged daughter and son of sworn rivals meet with a bang one drunken night against the bathroom door. Now everyone must come to terms with the 9 consequences of one night, a girl, a boy, and a door.
The Art Of Kissing by @/Whisper-Of-Warning [ T | AU | 53k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Sebastian Verlac is mysterious and tantalizing; any girl would be crazy not to want him and Clary is no exception. So when he asks her on a date she's ecstatic. Problem? She has no idea how to kiss. But don't worry, her brother's best friend is there to help. Problem? She hates him. But she'll need all the help she can get. He'll tutor her in the art of the perfect kiss, and perhaps love?
Breathing Into You by @serenecalamity [ T | AU | 60k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Clary was a carefree university student, who split her time between classes, painting in her cheap apartment, drinking with her friends, and getting high with an older guy named Jace.
Build A Dynasty (That Heaven Couldn’t Shake) by @serenecalamity [ T | AU | 1k+ | one-shot ]
Clary was a new Alpha, but she believed in her pack.
Empire of Shadows by @/cariaudry [ T | AU | 109k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Clary is the daughter of Valentine, King of Alicante, and she views her life as princess as something of an aging joke. She has only one friend, no mother, and a dark secret. It isn't until Jace, a slave, comes along, that Clary's life begins to unravel.
Empire of Darkness by @/cariaudry [ M | AU | 111k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Clary and Jace, having escaped Valentine and Jonathan, are safely hidden in the City of Glass, and are settling into the marriage they have both longed for. Clary, though, is still haunted by her past, not helped by the unwelcome reappearance of her mother, and things soon turn sour in Idris. The Clave is desperate to act and Clary and Jace find themselves in the heart of it all.
Empire of Starlight by @/cariaudry [ M | AU | 121k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
The war against Jonathan is well underway and in the middle of it all, Clary, Jace, Isabelle, and Alec retrieve the Cup, but at a price: Clary and Jace are trapped in Idris. Prisoners in a court full of demons, Clary and Jace soon discover their only hope of survival may rest in Jonathan's dark past, but finding the boy he once was might be more dangerous than they thought.
A Touch Of Lighting by @serenecalamity [ E | AU | 51k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
When Jace's pack encounters an enemy they don't understand, they are forced to call in help from a powerful Spark who seems to know a lot more than what she's saying. Werewolf/Spark AU.
Seeing Red by @/Slytherin Princess Nysa [ M | AU | 47k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Clary Fray and Jace Herondale may not be the most functional roommates. He leaves his used towels on the floor and she leaves wet paint brushes on the coffee table. When an accident results in the perfect situation landing in Jace's lap he has to take it, making a deal with her seems easy, but not all deals can be broken without consequences.
The Boy From The Peaky Blinders by @serenecalamity [ E | AU | 4k+ | one-shot ]
It had been nearly five years since Clary had seen Jace. She hated that she still loved him.
His Little Red by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 56k+ | complete | multi chapter ] Most of the time Clary was good. But there was something about the golden eyed boy that made her want to break the rules.
Sleepy by @/BennieWaffles [ K+ | AU | 1k+ | one-shot ]
She's a weird sleeper. He thinks it's adorable.
Clash by @/BennieWaffles [ T | AU | 4k+ | one-shot ]
She shouldn't be here. She should never have come, it was forbidden. But she did it, anyway. And, as a result, the unthinkable happened. But, oh, it was so good.
Feet First, Don’t Fall by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 69k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Jace and Clary were good friends, and a lot of the time, they were more friends. It was just for fun, nothing exclusive or serious, and that was enough, right?
Another Path by @/junebag19 [ M | AU | 70k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
What would have happened if Clary never went to the Pandemonium and missed that fateful meeting with Jace, Izzy and Alec? Clary is kidnapped by Valentine along with her mother and becomes part of Valentine's plans to take over the Clave. She meets her brother, Jonathan, before ever knowing Jace. Is their love predestined? Will they still find a way into each other's lives?
Happy New Year by @/Wisterian Princess [ T | AU | 7k+ | one-shot ]
Clary and Simon get invited to Isabelle's New Year's Eve party, where Clary gets locked in the bathroom with Jace, Isabelle and Simon start flirting, and Alec comes out of the closet.
5B by @/HidingBehindMyWords [ T | AU | 26k+ | complete | multi chapter ] 
Jace Herondale is a NYC firefighter. He has a great job, a supportive family, and plenty of girls to keep him company. His life seems pretty set until an artsy college dropout moves into the flat next door to his 5th floor walk-up.
Say My Name by @/HidingBehindMyWords [ M | AU | 3k+ | one-shot ]
Jace hooks up with a redheaded vixen at a musical festival and can't get her out of his head.
Battle of the Bands by @simplymoshingintomordor [ T | AU | 187k+ | complete | multi chapter ] 
Jace is an arrogant, spotlight-hogging lead guitarist and Jonathan Morgenstern's best friend. The trouble is, Jon's sister - Clary - can't stand him, and the feeling's mutual. But when the boys enter the Battle of the Bands contest and all but move in with the Morgensterns, the two of them are forced to see a lot more of each other than they would like.
Nowhere to Run by @/Isob3l [ T | AU | 93k+ | complete | multi chapter ] 
Clary Fray is at the end of her rope when Jace finds her and takes her in. He's used to keeping secrets, but this tiny, fiery stranger has a way of getting behind his defenses. Little does he know that her secrets are far more dangerous than he could ever predict.
Chasing the Sun by @/Niknakz93 [ M | AU | 93k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
After a brutal tour in Afghanistan turns his life upside down, Jace is forced to battle a new war. This time, one of his own. Fortunately, he's not alone. Can new next-door neighbor Clary help heal a wounded soldier's heart? Vulgar language and lots of lemonade
Day Late Friend by @/spikeyhairgood [ T | AU | 236k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Jace Herondale and Clarissa Morgenstern grew up together while their parents toured with their successful rock band, The Uprising. Since the band's rocky break up and their sudden separation, Jace and Clary haven't spoken to one another in years. After an arranged reunion set up by their parents, one unexpected offer will turn everyone's lives upside down.
Locked in a Freezer by @/Two Girls One Account [ T | AU | 2k+ | one-shot ]
Isabelle and Magnus are sick of Jace and Clary not getting alone, so they decide to lock them in a freezer so they can work out their problems.
The Pretty Wrecked by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 143k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
They came from two completely different worlds, but they were both as wrecked as each other.
Seven Minutes in Heaven by @/SmileandWaveBoys [ T | AU | 4k+ | one-shot ]
“Two names are called out by the host to go in a barren closet, lights shut off, for seven minutes straight, no interruptions and you can't get out no matter what.” “How do the two people even find each other in the dark?” “With their lips...and other things.” Because who says a make-out party has to be reasonable?
Airplane Mode by @/SmileandWaveBoys [ T | AU | 5k+ | one-shot ]
Being stuck in an airport for four hours sucks, Clary knows especially because she happens to now be familiar with that situation. But when she's got her laptop with her and a hot not-so stranger, how could things not look up?
Midnight Snacks by @/SmileandWaveBoys [ T | AU | 7k+ | one-shot ]
“Just – just tell me what you came here for.” “The reason is pretty stupid.” “I'll be the judge of that.”When Jace Lightwood finds himself unruly woken up by the girl he'd been obsessing about for the longest of time, he doesn't know whether to be annoyed or delighted. “Can you open this box for me?” When he finds out what's inside, he's surprised.
I’m in love with the bartender by @/Yuki Kamea [ M | AU | 143k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Clary is a night club bartender with a dysfunctional family. Jace Herondale is the Rock star heart throb and party boy. What happens when they meet at the club one night? Will it be love at first sight or just a one night stand?
Because You Live by @serenecalamity [ G | AU | 1k+ | one-shot ]
He was completely, head over heels in love with her.
Pour Some Sugar On Me by @serenecalamity [ E | AU | 1k+ | one-shot ]
Clary hated the term 'sugar daddy'. It just so happened that Jace was a couple of years older than her, and liked to buy her nice things.
Safe Heaven by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 54k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Clary's in trouble. And it seems like the best person to help her is the man who broke her heart at seventeen.
Life Unscripted by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 63k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
As teenagers, they played sweethearts on a popular television show. But it's been years now since they've seen each other.
Lonesome Wonderers by @/reader-chic-2 [ T | AU | 68k+ | compelte | multi chapter ]
The idea behind foster siblings never connected in Clary's brain. Two teenagers who had never met once in their life were thrust together in a spectacle of violent yelling and silent sobbing. Sibling love? Why would she? More importantly, why should she love him like a brother? Jace Wayland. She spat on that name. Foster sibling or not, she would do whatever she wanted with him.
And Now I’ve Got You by @saltyfrenchfrys [ T | 5k+ | one-shot ]
Clary has been sick recently and Jace's mind goes straight for the worst case scenario. It takes several weeks and the best Christmas present he could have asked for to make him realize things have never been better.
Clace? by @/Marie_Tomas [ T | AU | 42k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
For as long as she can remember, art student Clary Fray has loved the idea of love and romance, especially the romances and 'ships' of the fictional worlds in the books and TV shows that she and her best friend Simon obsess over. Although she's pretty inexperienced in love and romance herself, Clary has always liked sketching romantic scenes in New York City, as well as sketching pictures and comic strips of her favorite fictional couples to upload to a site dedicated to fan art. One Friday afternoon, she heads to a coffee shop in Brooklyn after class, where two men called Magnus and Alec happen to be having their first date. Although only observing the two of them from a distance, Clary quickly becomes invested in Magnus and Alec's blossoming romance, much to the amusement of one of the coffee shop's baristas, Jace.
love’s far away, but we’re moving closer by @/onesunshinechild [ T | AU | 2k+ | one-shot ]
Clary and Jace as they fall in love without knowing they are soulmates.
Fire And Gold by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 70k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
They weren't looking for any further entanglements. But they just kept on bumping into each other.
Hearts Gone Wrong by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 61k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
They were both raised in the biker lifestyle but they were on opposing sides. They had walked away from each other before, but it wasn't going to be so easy a second time.
Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors by @/hedgehogthewriter [ T | AU | 2k+ | one-shot ]
Clace Historical AU where Clary is a court lady at Versailles in the time of Louis XIV and Jace is a guard in the palace. They meet in the Hall of Mirrors and have a little adventure.
The Stolen Herondale by @upagainstabookcase [ T | AU | 5k+ | one-shot ]
Imagine for a moment a world in which Celine managed to get out a call for help before she died. They were too later to save her but once Tessa Gray was searching, she found out where the stolen baby had been taken. So she stole him back. Jonathan Christopher Herondale was raised by a warlock who for all her strangeness raised him on love and respect and his best friend, his only human friend, was Clary Fray, the other child who was being hidden from Valentine Morgenstern. This story starts with the events of The Last Stand of the New York Institute and runs up to the first events of City of Bones. It's a one shot.
Meet Me Inside by @/literallyhelp [ T | AU | 2k+ | one-shot ]
Jace's main priority is his job, but he still manages to get distracted. How could he not, when his job is his boss's daughter?
(F You) Better by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 3k+ | one-shot ]
She just kept coming up, and Jace couldn't get her out of his head.
Hit Me With A Text by @serenecalamity [ E | AU | 4k+ | one-shot ]
Clary sexts her 'one night stand' but it turns out that she accidentally sent it to her boss.
Drip Drop by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 1k+ | one-shot ]
The view from Jace's window suddenly became a whole lot better.
Pizza Girl by @serenecalamity [ T | AU | 1k+ | one-shot ]
It had been four months, and maybe Jace was low key stalking the gorgeous girl who worked behind the counter at the pizza place.
What’s In A Name by @serenecalamity [ T | 3k+ | one-shot ]
With her due date only weeks away, Jace and Clary are till trying to decide on a name.
Loving You Is Chaos ( But The Fire Is Incredible) by @serenecalamity [ E | AU | 2K+ | one-shot ]
Things could get a bit... heated when they were together.
The Way She Loves Me by @serenecalamity [ T | AU | 2k+ | one-shot ]
Jace had always known that there were going to be some problems when his relationship with Clary became public, but they hadn't quite been prepared for this.
On Your Side by @serenecalamity [ T | AU | 3k+ | one-shot]
On days like this, he just needed his family.
The Girl Backstage by @serenecalamity [ G | AU | 1k+ | one-shot ]
When Jace was sixteen, he was vaulted to superstardom. But even now, years later, there's only one girl that he's on stage for.
I See Fire by @serenecalamity [ T | AU | 7k+ | complete | multi chapter |
In the end, she knew that it was going to come down to a choice. Him or her family.
Sorority Girl by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 3k+ | one-shot ]
Jace really hadn't wanted to ended up in a sorority house on a Friday night. But here he was, with a loud, bubbly redhead that he really hadn't expected to like.
The Ghost Of The Wayland Manor by @beclynn-herondale [ T | | 1k+ | one-shot ]
It was a rainy day at the manor and Jonathan was sitting at the piano playing a song, on days when he felt sad the piano was always a comfort, he chose to learn piano cause he felt called to it in a way. He wondered if the woman would come today, she always did on the days his father was angry, and today was one of those days, whenever he messed up his father got angry, he didn't mean to but he did, and he does need to do better.
You’ve Been Right In Front Of Me (Why Didn’t I See?) by @serenecalamity [ M | AU | 4k+ | one-shot ]
They were a little messy, but both of them were fine with what they had.
Could This Be Love (I’m Feeling Drifting Up) by @serenecalamity [ T | AU | 1k+ | one-shot ]
Jace's has had strong feelings for Clary for a long time now.
Does It Burn You, Like It Burns Me? by @serenecalamity [ E | AU | 33k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Jace had never expected to end up feeling this way.
Fairytale of New York by @/HeadGirl91 [ G | AU | 5k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
“That lovely boy who brought you home. I invited him to dinner, to say thank you,” Jocelyn told her.“But-but-” Clary stammered, putting down her tea. “I can’t see him!” “Why not?” Jocelyn countered. “Because I was knocked unconscious by a five-year-old, threw up in front of him, and then fell asleep in his car! All while being dressed like one on Santa’s Elves!” Clary hid her face with her hands. “It was the most embarrassing day of my entire life.”
Little Bit Of Poison In Me by @serenecalamity [ E | AU | 6k+ | one-shot ]
It's Hallows Eve, and the moon is full as Clary runs through the woods in her torn dress.
The Path Of Butterflies by @serenecalamity [ T | AU | 1k+ | one-shot ]
Jace just needed to get to his fairy.
Enchanted To Meet You by @serenecalamity [ T | AU | 4k+ | complete | multi chapter ]
Jace had always dreamed of singing on stage with Clary.
I’m Cold by @amillionblankpages [ M | AU | 1k+ | one-shot ]
Winter is a rough month, especially for Clary Fray. But her boyfriend, Jace, doesn't mind helping her feel better after a long day of work....
202 notes · View notes
gothhisoka · 9 months ago
𝖂𝖔𝖗𝖘𝖍𝖎𝖕 (𝕮𝖍𝖗𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖔 𝖝 𝕱𝖊𝖒𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖗)
Title: Worship
Pairing: Chrollo x Femreader
Warnings: Smut, minors DNI, 18+, explicit content
Word Count: 3116 (I promise it is worth it. Oh god is it worth it)
Note: This is from my cross-published fanfic called Hunter University! It is available if you click here on Wattpad and AO3. My fanfic is x OC, but I upload x Reader versions of some chapters here on Tumblr. In short, it is a dark academia college AU with Chrollo as the main love interest.
Background: You are an artist in college and Chrollo is your fellow classmate. You just returned from a night out at a ball, drunk. Chrollo appeared at the door to your dorm room as he promised he would after you danced with one another at the ball.
Tumblr media
Chrollo was surprised you looked so intact. He was sure you would come waddling to the door in pajamas as you did the last time he visited your room. Although it had been an hour since the ball ended, your makeup hadn't smudged a bit. Sure, it was faded, and your hair was significantly messier, but overall you looked as remarkable as you did at the start of the ball.
Your tired eyes widened with surprise at the sight of him. He was just as unimpaired as you were. Though now he was missing his suit jacket. His hair had become slightly disheveled, losing its styled waves. He still had on those signature silver rings and little cross earrings.
You attempt to soak in his sight with your intoxicated brain. He looked even more captivating in this particular state.
“Hi…” was all you could utter.
“Can I come in?”
You realized he was waiting for your permission. He didn’t need it.
You stepped aside to let him in and shut the door. Your room was the same as the last time he saw it, with your drawings hung on the walls and lights strung above the desk. Their small bulbs reflected against the night-stained window.
Upon shutting the door, the tension noticeably rose. It was dark in the small space and you were alone. Chrollo took his black dress shoes off near the door, placing them neatly side by side.
So he plans on staying. You tried to hide a smile. The hour of his visit was surely suspicious. There could be only one thing on his mind.
"So what're you doing here?" you spoke nonchalantly, acting like you didn't just fantasize about what could happen in the next few minutes.
Chrollo opened and shut his mouth, his response escaping him. He turned back to you and used his eyes to convey a craving far deeper than any words could admit.
"I said I would come to find you, didn't I?" He said lowly.
He had begun to walk around the room, absentmindedly stopping at a piece of art from time to time. You were too tired to care. The collection included nature scenes, portraits of people he didn't recognize, anatomy studies, and...
He paused, noticing a drawing on the wall behind the place where the door would otherwise be covering.
It was a full-body anatomy study of yourself. To be specific, it would fit further in the category of a glorified nude. It was on a miniature piece of parchment sketched in charcoal. It was obviously you: the woman had your (hair color) hair and distinct mouth and nose. The paper was hardly noticeable amongst the scatter of papers. You wouldn't see it unless you had a careful eye such as that of Chrollo.
You hardly noticed when he reached the particular spot on your wall. Your tiredness had waned significantly with Chrollo's entrance, but it still fogged your mind.
Additionally, you had long forgotten about your secret behind-the-door location for your drawings that were not meant to be seen by a single soul.
Chrollo attempted to hide a mysterious smile. He turned to you, “You draw wonderfully.”
“Thanks?” you reply, with more question in your tone than you hoped to show.
The heat in the room shot through the roof. You were sure if you checked the temperature it would be well above its normal chilly state. Perhaps it was the heat in your cheeks that was causing such a change.
“So…” he began.
“So,” you replied, trying to avoid eye contact. Please, just let it happen already.
You thought you had a good idea of why he had come to your room at one o'clock in the morning after a night of drinking and questionably close dancing. You couldn't be certain, though, because that was just how he was: unpredictable and exceedingly complicated.
You didn’t think him so complicated as to not be able to admit why he was at your room, though.
You waited as he thought about what to say next. This is taking too damn long.
Luckily, you prepared an excuse. You never failed to come ready for something you could expect. And this, the direction in which your encounter is headed, is inevitable. You had been rehearsing the line in your head for the duration of their conversation like reviewing terms for a test.
This was the only way to test if your assumptions are correct.
Blame it on the champagne if I am wrong. But I really hope I'm right.
You look directly at him. Time to be daring.
You took a breath and did your best to look directly at him, "Well, I actually do need some help. You see, this dress is quite difficult to take off by myself..."
Walking towards him, you place a hand at the hem of your dress. Your delicate fingers wrap around its lacy fabric.
Chrollo looked amused. He sizes you up, looking from your hand holding the hem of your dress to your unfazed expression. Unfazed, yet your cheeks were slowly turning a shade of scarlet. Nice try, Chrollo thought.
He gestured, "Turn around."
You obeyed. You desired something far more than the unzipping of your dress, but you were not presumptuous enough to say it. The expression on Chrollo's face told you that he was hoping for the same thing. He hid many emotions well, but being turned on wasn't one of them.
Chrollo brushed your hair away from the zipper, delicately placing it over your shoulder. His fingers purposefully grazed your back as he did this, causing your breath to hitch slightly.
His hands moved to the zipper, carefully pulling it down. It went past the clasp of your bra to your lower back. There was complete silence. Both of you were still. Are we still hesitating?
Chrollo was the first to move. He pulled you close to him so that your back was touching him. His left arm wrapped across your chest possessively, holding you in a tight embrace. With his other hand, he brushed your hair back from your ear. He smelt of sweet alcohol. Clearly, he was slightly drunk as well, for the next words he said couldn't be uttered by a sober man.
His whispered breath tickled your neck, husky with the threat of sleep, "I want you so bad right now."
You tensed with a sudden surge of desire. Your impression had been right. He let his strong arm remain around you, patiently waiting for a response.
You choked out your reply, "The feelings' mutual."
Under his touch, your streak of audacity from earlier dissolved into compliance. You suddenly wanted nothing more than to submit to his words.
With complete control, Chrollo took your shoulder and turned you around. Your dress was now loose on your shoulders. He placed his hands around your hips firmly. He looked at you under his thick eyelashes and slowly leaned in. The pressure was growing to an unbearable level, but he still wouldn't go all the way.
Then his lips crashed against yours with the force of weeks of pent-up desire. This kiss didn't speak of courtesy, of patience. This was raw passion. It was furious and messy. you preferred this to sensitive steps around the intensity they both craved.
"You must still be drunk," you said playfully as you both pulled away to catch your breath. You held your hand to Chrollo's chest. His heart was beating surprisingly fast.
"If I'm drunk, then what are you?" Chrollo said with a lazy smirk.
"I'm drunk as well."
Chrollo threaded his hands through your hair, pulling the long strands through his fingers. He pulled you in close again with his hand at the back of your head.
You opened your mouth to allow for Chrollo's tongue to slip in. He lessened the intensity and slowly moved his tongue against your own tongue and lips. You couldn't help but let out soft moans that made Chrollo weak at the knees.
He pushed you against the wall to deepen your kiss. Drawings fluttered down, becoming detached with the sudden movement. Including that drawing.
Chrollo pulled away, much to your shock. You were left panting with reddened cheeks. Please don't let this end now.
He displayed a shit-eating grin. Even with his ego, in the current moment, his expression made you melt. His face was inches from yours, looking down into your (eye color) eyes.
He shifted his gaze down to the floor and said, "Nice drawing you have there."
You finally noticed what he had been so smug about. Shit. Your face flushed ten different shades of scarlet.
Chrollo leaned in as he did before and murmured in your ear, "I wish I could see the real thing."
You failed to not show your excitement. The way your eyes lit up exposed you. "I can arrange that."
At that, Chrollo leaned in again, this time moving to your neck. His lips fluttered down your throat to your collarbone. You leaned your head back and tried to control your uneven breath.
His lips reached the edge of the neckline on your dress. He raised his eyes to meet yours, asking for permission to go further.
You let out a breathy, "Yes. Please."
What you wanted to say was, Please, take me now.
It could be too soon for him. But based on how this was going, you expected it was leading to something more. Whatever that was, you wished you could know right now. The growing tension between your thighs began to ache.
Chrollo slipped his hand across your skin to the hemline of your dress, moving it completely off of your shoulder and down your arms. Your black see-through bra was now in full view. Your nipples grew hard at the sudden exposure.
At least I went with my fancy bra. You suddenly grew very shy. The last time you went even this far was years ago.
He evidently liked the lingerie for his hands immediately traveled to your breast to caress it as he continued to kiss you.
"You're so beautiful," he whispered against your neck. Your heart fluttered at his words.
Chrollo then moved his lips progressively further down as he slipped your dress off of your body. Soon your underwear came into view, then your feet. He helped your step out of the dress.
"Your turn," you said, unbuttoning his shirt. All the while he continued to distractingly leave lazy kisses upon your face, one on your forehead, your cheek, your lips.
After an agonizingly long time, you pulled off his shirt. Fuck.
You knew he would be defined. But him, this boy standing in front of you, resembled more of a greek statue than an actual human. It looked like his body had been sculpted by the finest stone on earth. He had a six-pack, defined pectoral muscles, and prominent collarbones. His biceps flexed as he leaned his hand against the wall, bracing himself. It was you who needed to brace yourself. Your breath hitched again at the sight of him.
You ran a hand up his firm body as you planted your lips upon his once again. This time Chrollo put his hands beneath your thighs, his fingers pressing into your soft skin. He picked you up easily.
You wrapped your legs around him as he brought you to the bed, kissing him all the while.
He dropped you down gently, releasing his grip off of your thighs. You took this time to look up at him and admire the beauty of his aroused state. He had a dangerous and wild look, with tousled hair and a constant smile playing at his lips. His heavy-lidded eyes were lazily focused upon you.
You continued to make out on the bed, its white silk sheets creating an angelic halo around you. Chrollo couldn't stand looking at you like this, underneath him. It was far too much power for one man to hold.
You reached to your back to undo the clasp of your bra. You threw it to the ground. Chrollo immediately began to touch your naked tits in a way that made you want to dissolve. He moved in circles around your nipples first, watching as they grew harder under his expert touch. Then he moved his mouth to the sensitive area, playing with you and biting slightly. You audibly moaned at the gesture. Damn the neighbors.
Chrollo sensed your desire to take it further. He looked up, grey eyes filled with lust, "Y/n...let me pleasure you."
It wasn't the suggestion you were expecting, but you were satisfied nonetheless. You didn't care about anything in the world besides what he could do to you at this moment, whatever it may be.
"If you say my name like that you can do anything you want to me," you said breathily. It was exactly what he needed to hear.
Chrollo smirked and moved to take off your soaking underwear. Under his pants, his dick grew visibly harder. He threw the underwear onto the floor.
Gently placing his finger at your throbbing core, he began to stroke. Upon receiving his touch your back arched involuntarily. You were beyond eager.
"Fuck... Chrollo..."
This served as encouragement for him to insert his finger deeper into you, curling it slightly. It hit your g-spot repeatedly, eliciting ungodly sounds from you.
As he was doing this, he slowly positioned himself on top of you, grabbing onto the bed frame with his spare hand. He just wanted to look at your face as you opened your mouth in delight.
He inserted one more finger which caused your arousal to heighten. God, he really knows how to do this.
Just as you felt the heat in your core escalating, he slid his finger out. You whimpered in protest.
Chrollo looked down at you with a wicked smile. "Beg for it."
Oh fuck.
You gladly would. It was more your instincts speaking than any coherent thought.
"Please... Chrollo..." you said between breaths.
You wanted to not only plead for him, you wanted to worship him.
This is what you had been missing out on all those weeks. And oh god, did you eat it up.
"FUCK please do that again," you exclaimed.
It was enough to convince him. Chrollo moved his face towards your slickened pussy.
Is he about to...
He pushed his hair back out of his face with his clean hand, his forehead tattoo revealed. For only a second, he raised his eyes to gaze into yours. You fell for him all over again at that simple glance.
Then he entered you. His tongue made you want to weep. He devoured your insides, soaking up the salty juices. You couldn't help but hold his head, pulling it closer to your body. You ran your hand through his soft black hair. There was so much heat between them that you were both perspiring.
You began to shudder." I'm going to... oh... fuck," you gasped.
You felt the sweet release of cum spread below you onto the sheets and Chrollo himself. You felt self-conscious for a moment. That is until Chrollo began to lick up your juices. He ran his tongue up your soft thighs.
"You taste so fucking good, darling."
Chrollo looked at you like he had fallen all over again as well. You grinned back at him. Your cheeks grew even redder, if possible. Your heart screamed to continue but you were too physically exhausted to move. Still, wouldn't Chrollo want his turn?
You laid there, naked and panting on the silk sheets. Chrollo flopped next to you, unaffected beside his flushed cheeks and a wide grin.
The lights were still low in the little room. Looking out the window, you saw that the sun had yet to rise. This was a positive fact because the only thing you needed to do now was to sleep. And preferably, cuddling with the boy next to you. You hoped he would stay. It was more than hope, really. Your body couldn't spend any more time away from him after that.
Damn. He was good. He was really, really fucking good.
He knew his way with words, to begin with. He said exactly what needed to be said to escalate your arousal. You wanted to worship those fingers, the way he so expertly felt around you like he had memorized a map. And his tongue was even more worthy of revere.
You flipped over to your elbows. Your breasts brushed against the bedding, noticeably making Chrollo gulp. You boldly reached to touch the front of his pants.
"You don't want a turn?" you smirked.
"This was more than enough for me."
He stared into your eyes as if he was calculating a complex math problem rather than looking at the person who just received the best head of their life.
You yawned, despite yourself. Your body ached with all the action of the night.
"Go to bed, sweetheart. I'll be here."
Those were the last words you heard before your eyes drifted shut. Exhaustion stilled your naked body. Chrollo reached over you to turn off the bedside lamp.
He wasn't nearly as tired. He could've gone for a couple more rounds, perhaps take it a step further if you so desired. But he knew you needed the sleep. Most of your makeup had rubbed off, displaying the dark circles under your eyes.
He slipped off his pants and threw them onto the floor with the rest of the clothes. He found the soft sheets and pulled them across you and himself. The bed was small but cozy. His strong chest was flush against your back.
Your (hair color) hair smelt of a summer day, like sunlight and wildflowers. He took this opportunity to feel up the rest of your glorious body. He ran his hand lightly from your shoulder to your hips, to your thighs. All of it was angelic to him.
He moved you closer with his arm, protectively wrapping it across your front. Somehow holding you like this felt far more intimate than any sexual activity. The way the moonlight graced your skin was majestic.
How had he fallen so hard, so fast? It was unlike him to act with such recklessness.
Through it all, he still had his mind. you had no way to tell the extent of his feelings. He made sure of this. His libido could act one way, that was clear from tonight. But he was an expert at controlling his outward emotions. You would never know. If you did, it would be over for him. All the planning will be for naught.
He closed his eyes before he could fall upon any more worries. He had already pondered the issue for many sleepless nights.
He fell into a dreamless slumber with you safe in his arms. You both slept soundly until the sun peeked through the window.
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the-emo-asgardian · 9 months ago
Ever Since We Met
Chapter 5
Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: After making a bet with Odin, Loki finally has a chance to prove he is worthy of being heir to the throne. Under mysterious circumstances, you find yourself stranded on Asgard, left with no option but to team up with Loki and help him win the crown. Now posing as visiting royalty, you must be careful of rumors in court that say you’re not who you claim, all while battling your growing feelings for the raven haired king. But some things are easier said than done because secrets, you’ll soon learn, can be deadly. Chapter Summary: Loki begins to teach you what you’ll need to know to pose as a royal. You get another glimpse of his soft side. Chapter Warnings: none :) A/N: Chapter 5 already! I feel like this is going so fast (and so slow because I can’t wait to share the whole thing with you guys)! Updates every Friday. Happy reading :)
Permanent Tag List: @lucywrites02​ @frostedgiant​ @lunarmoon8​ @twhiddlestonsstuff​ @lokistan​ @lowkeyorlokificrecs​ @gaitwae​ @whatafuckingdumbass​ @castiels-majestic-wings​ @kozkaboi​ @cozy-the-overlord​ @birdgirl90​ @myraiswack​ @mythicalgarlicknot​ @what-a-flammable-heart​ @marvelouslovely​
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⚜︎ Masterlist | << Prev┇Next >> | Beginning ⚜︎
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: Gif not mine  
You wondered if Loki had always been in the habit of making deals or if it was a recent development. First with his father, and now with you. Not that you regretted signing your name on the line or anything, but even after spending a week with the king, he was difficult for you to figure out. Maybe if you’d spent more time getting to know each other instead of sitting in lessons as you were right now, you would have been able to make heads or tails of his mood swings.
“Think, mortal,” he said, pulling you out of your musings. “Alfheim’s main export is?”
You racked your brain trying to remember the answer. The past seven days had been passed on your part by listening to Loki’s lectures, reading him back your notes, studying those notes, and in the very little time that you had left, relaxing. And really, you only got to do the last one when Loki was out completing his kingly duties. Every once in a while you got him to engage in some casual conversation, but he was always reluctant to do so. Though, when you’d reminded him you’d been cooped up in his quarters for a while, he’d relented to having daily conversations.
And that was another thing. You hated being unable to leave his rooms. And having to share them with Loki. Sadly, this wasn’t some wacky sitcom about you and your new alien roommate. At least he’d been courteous enough to offer you his bed. But, even if you wouldn’t have been sharing it with him, you did not want to sleep in Loki’s bed. Just the thought made you feel uncomfortable. So, you’d taken the sizable couch in his private sitting room. And honestly, it was unbelievably comfortable.
“Well? I am waiting,” he reminded you when you still didn’t answer. You tried to look down at your notes, but he was quick to snap the notebook shut. “You will not have any aids when talking to the nobles of Asgard. Now do I need to repeat the question again?”
“Hey, don’t sound so exasperated,” you shot back. “You had thousands of years to learn this stuff, I’ve had a week!”
“Oh, so you can remember my lifespan, but not the answer?”
“Well, yeah. That’s a little more memorable than Alfheim exporting lumber,” you grumbled, leaning back in your chair and crossing your arms.
“That is it, mortal!” he exclaimed. “See, you know it, you are just difficult.”
“I’m not trying to be,” you pouted. “I just don’t even see why this is important.”
“You are going to be posing as an heir to a throne. You need to be well versed in all the goings on of the Nine Realms.” He came and sat beside you. “One slip up could cost us both our heads. Especially you. You do realize that, right mortal?”
“I think that’s a little overdramatic.”
“No, not really. Asgard is more of a punch first, ask questions later kind of society.”
“But you’re not like that,” you pointed out, cocking your head ever so slightly.
“No, I suppose I am not.”
You lapsed into a silence then, both avoiding eye contact with each other. It would have been nice to call Loki a friend, but you supposed he was really just more of an acquaintance. And a begrudging one at that. It also didn’t help that you kinda liked Loki. Not in a crush sort of way, but just as a person. The god was intelligent and witty and, though his jokes were often at your expense, funny. Plus, he’d only gotten more caring since you first met. On your first night, he asked you what your favorite foods were. The next day, he’d had the cooks prepare the closest things they could. To you, it wasn’t quite as good as what you knew back home, but still very tasty.
“I guess we can be done with lessons for the day, as I am sure that is what you wish,” he finally spoke up.
“Yes, please. If we can be,” you replied, eager to give your brain a break.
“I would like to do more, but you are so stubborn I doubt we would make much more progress, anyway.”
“Great, thanks,” you mumbled, pushing your chair out.
You marched to his private sitting room, which you’d really more come to think of as your bedroom, and plopped onto the couch-turned-bed. Knees against your chest and blanket pulled snugly around your shoulders, you closed your eyes and tried to get lost in your thoughts. You imagined you were back home, in your own room, surrounded by your own things. It was a nice way to escape for a little while.
“Are you hoping to have our daily conversation now?” Loki asked from the doorway, bringing you back to your unfortunate reality.
“Don’t act so excited about it,” you wryly laughed.
Despite your harsh reply, he still came and sat next to you, though he kept some distance between you. Sometimes you’d talk during your meals, but more often than not, he had to have dinner in the Great Hall. Otherwise, he usually ate in his office, working through the meals. You’d never thought being king meant so much paper work.
“We do not have to converse if you do not wish to.” He mainly sounded annoyed, but you swore you could hear an undertone of hurt. “I just thought it is what you wanted.”
You sighed. “It is. It just gets kind of boring being in here all the time, you know? Maybe if there was a TV or something, I could at least keep myself entertained that way.”
“Well, you could always read,” he suggested. “That is quite stimulating. You do not need a screen to have fun.”
“I’m fully aware of that,” you huffed, offended. “I would love to read, but all your books are written in ruins.”
“No, they are not. You just have not looked hard enough. I would have thought you had explored my rooms more in my absence.”
“Believe it or not, I’ve been pretty busy studying.”
He made a small hum of acknowledgement and then stood, exiting the room. You wondered if you should follow or if that meant he was done with the conversation. He came back a few minutes later, book in hand. When he offered it to you, you took it and looked at the title. Romeo and Juliet. It was old, too, the edges of the pages worn, but obviously so carefully turned. Still, it was clearly a well-loved book. Nothing like the version you’d so carelessly shoved into your backpack when you read it in school. The little piece of home made tears well in your eyes, a single drop falling onto the back of your hand.
“Mortal, what is wrong?” Loki asked, rushing to your side. “I thought you would like it, but if it has offended you, I am truly sorry.”
“No, Loki,” you said, shaking your head. More wet drops made tracks down your face. “These are happy tears. It’s perfect. Thank you so much.”
“Oh, in that case, you are quite welcome. Please be careful not to get it wet, though.” He cupped your cheek and wiped away a tear with his thumb. His hand lingered for a second longer before he seemed to come back to himself and pulled away. “It is from Shakespeare himself, you know.”
“Seriously?” you gaped in shock. “No way. You knew him?”
“I have been acquainted with many of your Midgardian celebrities. Not too many of the more recent ones, however. I lost interest in visiting sometime around the mid-twentieth century, I believe it was. I honestly lost track, I suppose.”
“Wow, that’s actually pretty cool.” You hesitated before asking what was on your mind. “Do you ever miss them?”    
“Sometimes,” he answered, getting a far away look in his eye. “I always made sure not to get too close, though. You mortals can be so lively, but you are gone so soon.”
His gaze fixed on you. He was almost wistful, you thought, as if he might be sad once you were gone. Gone in any capacity, that is. Even just once you returned to Earth. So long as this unexpected trip didn’t kill you, you planned on living for a while longer.
“Will you tell me about your escapades and encounters?” you asked, genuinely curious and enjoying how pleasant Loki was being.
“I will. Someday. As of right now, I must be on my way to the Great Hall.” He stood to leave again, but turned back to you. “Is there anything you require, mortal? Perhaps a fire?”
You realized he must have mistakenly thought you wrapping yourself in the blanket was a result of you being cold, not seeking comfort. It made you softly smile at the ground, the reminder that deep down he cared for you in some way.
“Yes please,” you responded, deciding you’d accept his kind gesture if only to encourage more in the future. “I’d like that.”
He went to the hearth and placed a log in it. Using his magic, he lit the wood, flames instantly beginning their beautiful dance in front of your eyes. Then he came and squatted before you, gently fixing the blanket around your shoulders. You knew you’d probably be shrugging it off when he left to avoid overheating, but again, the gesture made your heart swell.
“I will have a meeting after dinner,” Loki informed you. “In case you are asleep before I return, I will bid you a goodnight now. Sleep well, my mortal.”
“Thanks, Loki. You too,” you replied. “Have a good meeting.”
Then he left, but not before glancing back at you one final time. Opening the book he’d lent you as you heard the main door shut, you had real hope in your heart for the first time since you’d crash landed on Asgard. Hope that maybe things would be alright, after all.
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vanillafrog · 4 months ago
The Hunt
Pairing: The Thief x Reader (AFAB Reader)
Summary: An encounter with a man you've only ever seen for a moment multiple times.
Word Count: 2,678
Warnings: smut!! unprotected sex (pls wrap before you tap), PinV, public, strangers, rough, f receiving oral, creampie 
A/N: I wrote this in front of my friends because they sent the "you like this?" gif and I went feral.
You didn’t know his name. Truthfully, you didn’t know if you wanted to. It would break the carefully constructed illusion of it all.
Winter was just beginning when you met at the opera house. He was in the box seat watching over everyone when you made eye contact for the first time. Though older than you by a good amount, you found yourself drawn to him. You only looked away for a moment and he was gone. It was as though he was just a figment of your imagination.
That next morning, an article was released that a few precious gems were stolen from the opera safe. Your inner true crime frantic wondered if the mysterious man had anything to do with it. Deciding that it wasn’t your job, you brushed it off.
Then you saw him again. He was at the palace museum in another tour group. The man was wearing a more business casual suit and was trying to appear as though he was a tourist. Something in his eyes told you he wasn’t.
When you made eye contact again, it felt as though you had piqued his interest. Something in them shined with a slightly crazed look. It should’ve scared you more than it did.
That day you ended up being locked in the palace for numerous hours since the crown jewels were stolen. Everyone was a suspect. Everyone but the man who vanished into thin air once again.
After that, you seemed to see him everywhere you went that had involved three dollar signs on Google. Never once did you speak and the moment your eyes left him, he was gone. There was always something missing or stolen after that. If you were a bigger person, you would’ve went to the police but you couldn’t drag yourself to do it. You even had the tip line dialed and ready to ring only to drop it completely. Curiosity could be such a volatile thing at times.
Two years of sightings and there he was at the bougiest party of the year. How he snagged an invite, you’ll never know. The party was for a friend of a friend’s who had married wealthy. Each year they held an extravagant party and this year you went.
Your suspicions were right to assume he would be there.
The man was wearing a three piece suit, his hair unruly but in a way that he seemed to make work. His dark eyes roamed your figure and a small smirk spread across his face as he grabbed a glass of champagne from a wandering waiter. You watched as he gulped the glass down in one go, a drop sliding down his chin that he caught with his thumb, sucking it clean.
Your friend caught your attention and in that split second, he was gone. With a frantic excuse, you scurried about the building to look for him.
He wasn’t in any room with party guests meaning he could only be in one place.
You stood in front of the closed office doors in the empty hallway, hesitating. Yes, you wanted to meet the illusive man but at what cost? Would he be worth it all?
“Are you going to stand there all night or are you going to go in?” You nearly jumped out of your skin. Quickly, you turned around to see him there behind you. He was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.
“How- how long have you been there?” Your voice was more meek than you meant for it to be.
“Long enough, ratoncita.” He straightened up, letting his arms fall to his sides. “I’m interested in what made you think I would be here.” The man walked until he was only a foot away from you. You backed into the door but he only followed.
“I-“ you were tongue tied.
“Don’t be so scared. I don’t plan on eating you.” He brought his hand up to slide a finger down your throat, making your breath hitch. “Though, I know you would be more delicious than any dessert that all the money in the world could afford.”
You licked your lips nervously. “Ratoncita? If I’m a mouse, are you the cat?”
“I would think so. After all, you fell into my trap so easily.” He leaned into you, his body pressing completely against yours, his forearms against the door on either side of your head. You were completely caged by him.
“What do you want from me?” You whispered.
“Whatever it is that you wanted from me.”
“What makes you think I want something from you?” His grin turned feral.
“Of course you want something from me.” He nudged your nose with his. You knotted your hands into the skirt of your dress. “I can see it every time you look at me. That little fire that sparks.” One arm left the wall so his hand could be placed lightly against your throat. Your eyes fluttered slightly as the warmth of his palm traveled down your body to be collected in the ever growing heat of your core. “You are quite the gem.”
The man removed his hand from your neck to play with the hem of your dress that was across your chest.
“Do you plan to steal me too?” His eyes snapped up to yours.
“You would like that, no?”
You stayed silent. The man took a few steps away from you, leaving you much colder than you were originally.
“It is true that I have taken many things but a person against their will is something much too dark, even for me.”
“Why did you come here?”
“I think we both know why, my little mouse.”
“To steal?”
“To be gifted.” He corrected. You didn’t know how to respond. “So I’ll ask you again, are you going to go in or just stand there all night?”
For a moment, you stared at him. You took in the way he was dressed. How his facial hair was scruffy and how you wondered how it would feel against your skin. His body language told you he was calm, collected, but the look in his eyes was dangerous.
You turned the knob behind and he gave you a toothy grin.
“Go on, ratoncita. Give me a chase.”
Much like the game, you ran into the room and went to the other side of the desk as he shut the door behind him. He watched you from across the room. The light fireplace behind you was the only source of light in the room. Your shadow casted onto him making him seem much more of a predator than he did in the lights of the elegant party happening only a few feet away.
“There are so many valuable things in this room,” his voice was more hoarse than before. He took a few steps toward the desk and you stayed planted in your spot. “So many things that would be so easily taken but where is the thrill in that?”
The thump of his hands on the mahogany desk echoed in the otherwise quiet room. Your eyes never left his even as he lifted a fountain pen from the desk to hold in front of you both.
“This is a Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Hadrian fountain pen. It is priced at three thousand and two hundred dollars.” He set the pen back on the desk. “But yet that price just seems too low for my tastes.”
“What price do you prefer?”
The man walks around the desk, you watch him until he is behind you. His fingers coming up to caress the straps of your gown.
“How much did this cost?”
“Much less than what the others are wearing.” He hummed.
“Disappointing. Someone as gorgeous as you should be dripping in diamonds.”
“And what if I don’t want diamonds?” You whispered as his lips came to ghost against your ear.
“Then emeralds instead.” His body pressed against yours and you could feel his arousal against your ass. Unconsciously, you ground into him. He grabbed your hips to stop you.
“As much as I love a game or two, this one is quite dangerous.”
“Isn’t that the thrill of it?” You reached your hand back to knot your fingers into his hand. “The thought of getting caught with something you are not supposed to have.”
“Am I not supposed to have you?”
“Most people don’t like when their cats catch mice to bring home.”
“Good thing I don’t have any owners then.” He pressed his lips against your cheek, letting them slide down your neck. His facial hand scratching at your skin in a way that would rub you raw but you couldn’t want anything more.
Your fingers tightened in his hands making a low moan fall from his lips. He bit in your neck. One of his hands moving until it was just under your chest.
“Please…” you quietly begged.
“You want to be devoured?” He asked smugly. “What a silly ratoncita you are.”
He bit you again with more pressure. “If you want to be eaten, who am I to say no?” He spun your around, your hand in his hair falling to his chest when he backed you in the desk. “Once I start, I can’t promise to stop.”
“Then don’t.”
A small squeak left your lips as he lifted you on the desk. He chuckled to himself before pressing his lips against yours.
The kiss was rough and dominating. He controlled it completely and you happily followed his lead. Your hands ran against his chest, loving how broad he felt. He groaned into your mouth when your nails scratched him through the expensive fabric.
He pulled away from your lips, his hand planting into the middle of your chest and pushing you down onto the desk. Your red lipstick was smeared onto his face much like how you assumed it was on yours. The man, who was still just a stranger to you, grabbed your right leg and began to plant wet kisses up your calf.
All that mattered was the feel of his lips against your skin. Nothing else existed. Not the roaring fire behind him that casted dramatic shadows across his features that you could barely see. Not the muffled music from the party you should be attending. Not even the unlocked door that could cause this to end much sooner than either of you would like.
Once his lips connected to the meat of your thigh, he bit down. He left his marks on you. As he sucked a bruise into your skin, his free hand pushed the dress up on your hips. His eyes zoned in on your lack of underwear and he growled.
“I see I wasn’t the only one with a plan.” He held your leg on his shoulder and lightly ran his fingers against your soaking core. “You are just begging for me.”
“I am!” You bucked your hips into his hand. “I am, I am, please!”
The man crouched down and licked a stripe up your pussy. Your head fell back against the desk with a small thud.
“Just as delicious as I thought,” he seemed to mumble more to himself. With that, he began to work you over with his mouth with vigor. He pressed his tongue deep inside you letting his nose press against your clit. His hands grabbed onto your thighs to hold them open so he can fuck you with his mouth without restriction.
You leaned up to look at him. His eyes were already on you. They were darker, more dangerous, and all consuming. It was as though he was a black hole and you were just a passing starship.
He pulled his tongue out and wrapped his lips around your clit causing you to moan loudly and fall back against the desk. Humming around you, he used his tongue to spell out something that you wouldn’t be able to recognize in your current state of mind. His finger prodded your entrance before he filled you with one. It was so thick, much thicker than your own.
Curling it up, he rubbed at the spot that made you crazy. He pressed another finger into you driving you closer to the edge.
“Come on, ratoncita. Be good and cum for me.”
Like a puppet on a string, you obeyed. Your body stuck as you felt yourself pulse away his fingers. The air in your lungs was caught in your throat. Light danced against your eyelids. He continued to devour you last oversensitivity and onto the verge of another orgasm when he finally pulled away.
“So obedient,” he cooed at you. With your mind fuzzy, you no longer felt as self conscious and nervous as before. You snarled slightly from where you lay boneless. “Maybe not so much. Too much fire to be tamed.”
He ran his fingers through the hand, letting his palm slide down to your cheek. You nuzzled into it. The man hummed.
“May I continue?” You let out a soft ‘yes’ as you cradled his hand to your hand and began to press soft kisses to it. Something about it back his eyes seem to soften even for just a moment.
With him distracted, you sucked his thumb into your mouth and caressed it with your thumb. He groaned as he ripped at his belt with his free hand. You bobbed your head slightly and he pulled his hand away to tear open his pants.
His cock was bigger than you expected. It stood tall and the head of it was blushed near purple from neglect. The man grabbed your legs and placed them onto his shoulders before rubbing his cock against your core.
You whined and he smiled. “You want me again so soon?” He teased. “Such an insatiable little thing you are.”
Before you could reply, he pressed all the way into you with one fluent move of his hips. You were so full. It felt as though all the air got knocked out of you and you were stretched beyond what you should’ve been. But despite that, you wanted more.
The man didn’t bother to wait for you to adjust. He just pulled out and began a brutal pace. You grabbed onto his forearms, nails digging into the suit jacket.
“So wet for me.” His lips were parted as he let out low moans for only you to hear. Sweat began to bead at his forehead and neck, you wished you could sit up to taste but you were paralyzed by how good he felt. The pain of being stretched by him melded into the pleasure of his rubbing against every part of you. You never wanted this to end.
He randomly pulled out of you and you started to beg but he flipped you over and entered you again. His hand tangled into the hair at the base of your neck as he pulled you up. You planted your hands in front of you.
“So naughty letting a stranger fuck you.” He gave you a sharp tug. “I bet you would even let me cum in you.” You clenched around him, a desperate moan leaving your lips. He groaned. “Yeah, you’d like that.” He started to thrust into you even harder.
His hold on your hair was the only thing truly keeping you up. Your arms would crumble under you if he were to let go.
Your shadows danced in the light in front of you. A carnal display hidden in its depths. In them, you could see yourself swallowed by whatever nefarious things had consumed the man. You would let yourself be taken if it meant you could feel this way again.
The man tugged on your hair again, bringing you back to the present. His hand let go but before you could fall, he wrapped his arms around you and hauled you against his chest. He nipped at your jaw before shoving his nose against your cheek.
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thedrarrylibrarian · 9 months ago
Hey! I was wondering if I could get some fics with darker or more ambiguous themes and characters? Thanks so much! Have a great day!
Your holds have arrived!
I do just want to give an extra warning to be mindful of tags on these fics, but I tried to find a good mix of different ratings so hopefully you’ll be able to find what you’re hoping for! Enjoy!
Ever Fixed Mark by @shealwaysreads (1,085 words, rated T)
In which Harry decides to burn the world, and Draco watches on with adoration.
push and pull you down by @bonesliketambourines (5,245 words, rated E)
Harry's resigned himself to petty, inconsequential cases and no real connection to his job at the Auror department—after all, what else would he be doing with his time? He's not happy, not really, but that hardly matters. A chance encounter with a mostly-naked Draco Malfoy exposes him to an entirely different world, one much more colourful than the lonely one he currently occupies—but at what cost?
Not That Kind of Lovers by @alpha-exodus (5,660 words, rated E) 
The only thing Draco knows is that at the end of this, one of them will be dead.
A Memory and a Mystery by @hollyxhawthorn-blog (8,325 words, rated E)
After a night with a mysterious man, Harry Potter hires Draco Malfoy to recover a missing personal item.
Zero for Two (a tease of power) by @xx-thedarklord-xx (8,926 words, rated M)
Draco had always known he was different, special even. He didn’t need his parents to tell him that, because they never did.It was obvious in the way that he could see things that no one else could. He knew things about them that he shouldn’t. The older he got the clearer it became that he was alone in what he could do. Not just in abilities but power, essence, influence. No one could come close. Until...Potter. Draco knew that Potter was different the moment he met him.
What I Do to You by @gracerene09 (9,114 words, rated E)
These days, apathy fogs Harry's mind. Malfoy's the only one who makes Harry feel anything at all. Harry doesn't really care that the feelings aren't good ones. He deserves it.
Violent Delights by @primavera-cerezos (20,402 words, rated E)
Draco Malfoy's life should be going very well. He's engaged to a wonderful man and in line for the Head Auror job. He's been made lead investigator on a serial murder case, trying to figure out who is killing off the scum of the wizarding world, one by one. So what if he's kind of miserable? Things always get better. Right?
Holly and Hawthorn, Thistle and Thyme by @bryoneybrynn​ (31,592 words, rated T)
After the war, Harry can’t shake the feeling that something is very wrong with him and he has a terrible feeling he knows what that “something” might be. He has a terrible feeling Malfoy might know, too.
If an Injury Is to Be Inflicted by @shealwaysreads (44,800 words, rated E)
Harry Potter disappeared a year after the Battle of Hogwarts, and with him went all hope for true change in magical Britain. Three years later, Draco indulges himself and attends his first Dog Fight—the infamous underground fights with no rules, no referee, and no points system bar blood on the floor. The game was simple: you win, or you die. A glint of green amidst the blood-red changes everything.
❤️ As always, if you find a fic you enjoy, please remember to leave the author a kudos or a comment! ❤️
Lots of Love and Happy Reading!
P.S. You can find these fics and the other lists been recommended in my AO3 Sub-collections!
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wolfstarlibrarian · 11 months ago
Hi!!!! I feel like this is a weirdly specific question bc it is but do you know any fics in which wolfstar raised harry but like not together??? i mean together but they are not in a relationship so it’s kinda a getting together fic i guess. i don’t even know how would i search it on ao3 so if you have ANY recs i would be grateful but if you don’t i totally get it
have a nice daay 🥰🥰🥰
Hello friend! This is a great question that helps to narrow down all of the amazing Raising Harry fics out there. Also, you’re so right! They are hard to find, since often times fics lack tags for relationship status/development. However, the Librarian has found some gems for you, and has also listed the a link to some other Raising Harry fics. Happy reading! 
Wolfstar Fathers Masterlist
Raising Harry + Wolfstar Get Together
Honeydew by @quoththethestral Healer Sirius Black feels like his life is going through the motions. He is still recovering from the tragic death of his best friends four years prior while doing his best to parent their five-year-old son. However, when a new patient's encounter with a mysterious creature leads him to contact a person from his past, his life gets shaken up into one giant beautiful mess that he isn't sure he knows how to handle. Or, That magic feeling when you find someone who can see you when you can't even see yourself.
Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers by @poppunkpadfoot The customer standing in front of him is quite possibly the most beautiful man Remus has ever seen. Like, he looks like a model or something. He has long, black hair, flattened by water, and just the slightest amount of scruff on his face, and…And a baby strapped to his chest. Okay.
Lost And Found by rosie_writes
Imagine a universe in which Remus never went to Hogwarts. The Marauders never became Animagi, and so Peter had nowhere to run when Sirius cornered him after the Potters' deaths. Peter was the one who ended up in Azkaban, whilst Sirius was granted custody of Harry. Fast-forward six years or so, to a sunny day in April 1988....
Sugar, Vanilla, and Royal Pine by @goodboylupin
December of 1981, Remus and Sirius were so shell-shocked by the events of Halloween, they very nearly missed Christmas all together. It was only on one of their (at the time, exceedingly rare) visits to the closest village, the evening of the 22nd, when little Harry pointed a chubby finger at the lights strung through the barren branches of an oak tree and spoke one of his first real words in weeks, “Pretty,” that they realized what they had almost robbed him of in the haze of their own grief.
Not If It's You by estas_absentis In 1985, Remus Lupin is getting by, raising Harry, and trying not to think about the past. When Sirius gets a new trial, that past becomes impossible to ignore.
Come Back, Move Forward by NachoDiablo "He’d been dreading this day ever since the start-of-the-year staff meeting last week, when Dumbledore had announced this year’s Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He’d had his suspicions-- Dumbledore always had trouble filling the role, it was only a matter of time before he stooped this low, really-- but to have them confirmed had set a sour tone as the first of September drew nearer." AU where Sirius raised Harry and taught at Hogwarts while that arsehole Remus fucked off to do Merlin-knows-what. Not that Sirius gives one shit about it, of course.
The Maddest House by busaikko After the events of Halloween 1981, Sirius Black finds himself raising Harry, with the assistance of Remus, in a world where Voldemort never disappears for 11 years.
Take a Look Through My Eyes by CiciWeezil It's been six years since Harry was left on the Dursleys' doorstep. Sirius is in prison, Remus is friendless, and Pettigrew is secretly in hiding. But some things are meant to be, and Arthur Weasley bumping into a famous Magizoologist is one of those things. Just what events will this meeting set in motion?
Someone to Watch Over Me by AllThisAndLoveTooWillRuinUs The whole ‘godfather’ thing had meant a lot to Sirius, and he would have never dreamed of saying no. This is unfortunate because ‘no’ was the correct response. To be more specific: ‘No, of course not, dear God, I am in no way equipped for even the mere possibility of parenthood’. In which Sirius realizes he can't raise Harry on his own, so he turns to Remus so they can navigate parenthood, grief, and love together.
Trust the Wolf to Bring You Home by pancake_surprise
Remus Lupin saves 18-month-old Harry from the Dursleys. And comes to the realization that perhaps Sirius Black isn’t as guilty as everyone thinks.
Feel free to share this list with your own recs! 
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choco-exe · a year ago
the one where tsukishima makes up with his s/o after a fight
asked by @shoutosimp​: tsuki angst was so good. could you do a second part where they both come to their senses and want to apologize together. like tsukishima apologizes for “over reacting” swipe his s/o apologizes for seeming distant. asked by anonymous: Istg i need a pt 2 with fluff ending asked by @shoyosbitchh​: Ahhh I really love the tsukishima angst! Could you do a part two? Where like the reader heard what he said and that’s exactly what she tries to do and then tsukishima regrets what he said and try’s to talk to her but she avoids to him to not get him pissed off :( sequel to tsukishima fighting with his s/o genre: fluff type: scenario status: proofread pronouns: female warnings: none author’s note: since some people requested specific endings, i’ll be combining all their ideas for the final draft :>
Tumblr media
𝚝𝚜𝚞𝚔𝚒𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚖𝚊 . . .  🖉 [𝟾𝟼𝟺 𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚍𝚜]
  ☾ it’s been like a week since you last spoke to tsukki   ☾ when you walked off the night you two quarreled, you actually just stopped after you rounded the corner, and you overheard french fry saying he didn’t want to be reminded of you in any way   ☾ so you decided to respect his wishes and avoid him at all costs, which wasn’t that hard since you two weren’t in the same class and you had memorized his entire schedule, so you could just go somewhere earlier or later than usual   ☾ at first tsukishima was relieved that you weren’t bothering him to apologize to you   ☾ but by midweek he started getting a weird feeling in his chest   ☾ eventually he became super desperate to see you and he actually made the effort to try and speak to you, but he was mysteriously always at a place at the wrong time   ☾ the first time he tried finding you was during the morning   ☾ by some voodoo magic (aka you knowing how lamppost is) you knew he would try to visit your classroom to speak to you when he became lonely   ☾ and even though you missed him terribly, for the first time in your 15 years of living, you declined someone’s request (although he didn’t directly ask, but his actions shows it)   ☾ so you just wandered around the campus until a minute before class started   ☾ and because you know tsukki so well, you knew he wouldn’t risk waiting for you and be tardy for class, even if he wanted to see you badly   ☾ although you were kinda disappointed in him because you actually took the time to memorize every little thing about him, and he didn’t seem to know how keen you were   ☾ you didn’t blame him for not noticing, since you were so subtle about it   ☾ after the first few [failed] attempts he decided to play it smart and try to match your schedule with his   ☾ something you didn’t expect him to do because of how his personality was   ☾ you were glad he was making some effort into trying to patch your relationship up   ☾ but you were also upset that he had wanted nothing to do with you, and all of a sudden he wanted things to go back to normal   ☾ so of course you cleanly maneuvered all of his attempts to talk to you   ☾ by present time he was low-key trying to kidnap you   ☾ lol who does he think he is   ☾ you managed to not encounter him at all for another half of the week, but unfortunately (fortunately for tsukki) you were a second too late to take off after exiting your classroom   ☾ in an instant, french fry spotted your head amidst the crowded hall, and grabbed your wrist to prevent you from escaping.. “..please let go, Tsukishima.” You muttered, looking away. “No. We’re going to talk.” You sighed and yanked your arm out of his grip. “What’s there to talk about?” You asked, narrowing your eyes. “Who was the one that stated that they didn’t want to known about my existence?” Surprise flashed across the middle blocker’s face for a split second. “You heard that?” “What do you think?” You said sarcastically, turning around. “Time is precious, four-eyes. I don’t need to spend mine on you.” You walked through the now-empty hallway and was just about to get to the door, when Tsukishima slammed his arm right above your head, pressing it onto the wall beside you. Turning your head, your e/c eyes met his honey-brown ones. “You’re going to leave a bruise on your arm, Tsukishima.” You stated, ducking to not hit the object blocking your path. Said boy gritted his teeth and took hold of your hand. “Dammit, Y/N, just let me talk, and then I’ll get out of your way.” He snapped. Hesitating, you lowered your head. “Five minutes.” You said. “Speak.” “..can we move to an area more private, first?” “Fine, although I wonder what happened to the person who said he didn’t give a crap about everyone staring.” The tips of Tsukishima’s ears blossomed into a deep shade of red as you two walked to a more secluded area. “Shut up.” “Shutting up, now. What did you want to say?” Four-eyes scratched the back of his head awkwardly, looking at everything but you. “I..” He cleared his throat. “I wanted to apologize. For overreacting that night. I was an idiot.” You crossed your arms. “Indeed you were, Kei.” You responded. “But I suppose I also owe you an apology. Although showing emotions isn’t my strong suit, I should’ve tried more. I’m sorry.” You gently rested your forehead on his chest since he’s a bloody giraffe, and he finally glanced down at you. “Can we go back to how things were?” Tsukishima asked hesitantly. You smiled as you wrapped your arms around him. “Of course. I really missed you.” “What’s this? The emotionless Y/N is smiling?” Right away, four eyes went back to his usual self. “I will not hesitate to punch you.” Tsukishima patted your head affectionately. “There she is.” 
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1engele · 9 months ago
daybreak | sal fisher x fem!reader - 7. roof
Previous | Next
[warnings: violence mention, smoking, suicide mention]
"i love this feeling. this feeling of calm." — When you and Sal left the unoccupied classroom, the halls were already bustling again. It was easy to remain unseen, as the both of you gently shut the door behind you and slipped into the crowd.
You'd both missed the entirety of your first class.
The school's faculty was unreliable, though—maybe you'd get away with it.
You knew you looked like a hot mess, so you kept your head down as you walked alongside Sal through the halls. He was silent for the time being—but you knew he was there because he walked closely to you.
"Your lipgloss," you hear him say. You look away from the floor to meet his eyes, gazing up at him curiously. "It's messed up."
You nervously laugh. "I'm sure it is—that's what I get for wearing a colored one. I'm sure you're wearing some too, now."
He chuckles, silent for a moment. You bet he's licking his lips. "Yeah. Tastes nice."
Your face feels tingly all over. You raise your fingers to touch your lips, skim over the skin just around them—and sure enough, the sticky residue is all over. You'd kissed most of it off, but a good amount of it had just smeared.
"I'm gonna go freshen up," you say, gesturing toward the girls' bathroom. "I was just laying on a floor a few moments ago."
Sal follows your line of sight. "Okay. I'm gonna head toward my next class. Text me if anything happens."
You smile and wiggle your fingers in farewell as he turns and walks into the dense crowd of students. You breathe out a shaky sigh as a feeling of complete and utter disbelief washes over your body.
When you entered the bathroom, you avoided locking eyes with anyone else inside of it—instead, you made a beeline for a roll of paper towels, ripping off a sheet and crumbling it up in your palm. You moved toward the sink, turned it on, and passed it beneath the steady stream of cold water running from the faucet. You then raised it to your lips and wiped the stickiness off.
Once you'd done that, dried your lips, and thrown the paper towels away, you allowed yourself a moment to stare into the mirror.
It was kind of hard to look at yourself. Every time you made eye contact with your reflection, all you saw was the sight of a head with blue hair between your legs—and pale hands clad with silver rings holding your thighs open.
Your body began to feel fuzzy, so you whisked the thought away, fixed your hair, and continued to your next class.
When it was time to gather in the cafeteria, you ran into Ashley on your way toward it.
"Hey!" She called, approaching you from one side of the hallway. She tucked a wispy strand of hair behind her ear, blinking down at you with lash-fringed green eyes. "Let's walk together."
You had no problem with that. "Sure."
You absentmindedly watched her pull her sleeves down to make sweater paws as the two of you walked side by side.
Your lips felt dry. You wished you knew where your lipgloss had gone. It had been in your jacket pocket earlier—but had fallen out or gotten lost inside of it. You had no clue, but chalked it up as a mysterious disappearance and accepted the loss.
The both of you found Todd first, then Larry and Sal who were together.
A nervous feeling swirled in your gut. You knew Sal wouldn't, you trust him—but something inside of you feared that he'd told Larry what had happened. Which made no sense, on your part. Sal definitely wasn't the type to get up and tell someone directly after having a sexual encounter.
Your anxiety worsened for a different reason when you'd realized that Sal and Larry weren't interacting like you were used to. Larry's body language was stiff—and his features were drawn into a frustrated expression.
The whites of his eyes weren't red anymore, though, so you guessed his high wore off.
Sal didn't seem to be in the same bitter mood the other boy was, but you'd grown accustomed to reading his body language in a lot of different situations—and he didn't seem as chilled out as he normally would be.
Sal was a laidback person. Seeing him so tense was strange.
On the way into the cafeteria, you and Sal were momentarily separated from the rest of the gang after a group of students cut the two of you from the other three. Even though you had this moment of alone time, you didn't ask Sal about his and Larry's behavior. It wasn't your business.
You felt ringed fingers wrap around yours. Your heart jumps, and you seriously think Sal is going to walk you into this cafeteria by the hand—but instead, he raises your arm and places something in your palm.
You look down. It's that pink tube of cherry-flavored lipgloss.
You laugh and meet his eyes. "Where did you find it?"
"I- uh, went back into that classroom," he replies. "I left a ring in there."
The crowd is thinning out, and you watch your friends settle at a table. You redirect your attention back to Sal, inclining your head toward him. "Why did you take them off, anyway?"
He speaks to you closely, leaning toward the side of your face so he can speak lower. His hand ghosts your waist.
You've quickly begun to understand that a huge part of your.. involvement.. with Sal involved a good amount of touching. You weren't uncomfortable with touching him, and that gave him the confidence to not be scared of doing the same to you.
"I thought I'd be using my fingers," he answers, the tone in which he speaks a bit nervous, as you place the lipgloss tube in your jacket pocket. "But I got carried away, I guess."
Your heart pounds against your ribs, anxiousness rushing through your blood more so than your blood did. You want to reply, continue this conversation—but you know this interaction has been going on for too long and you can practically feel someone's eyes burning holes through your back.
You hadn't realized how close you were to him until you'd stepped back. "Come on, we should sit before-"
Before you can even finish, someone's rested their hand on your shoulder. You jerk, instinctively whirling towards the person and bumping back into Sal. You steady yourself quickly and look up to lock eyes with Travis.
"Holy shit," you breathe, genuinely startled. "What the hell?"
Sal hasn't said anything, yet. But you know he isn't very shy. He isn't really afraid of Travis.
"You're in my way," Travis sneers, not looking at you, but at Sal. "Move."
You look around you before meeting his dark eyes and giving him a deadpan expression. You weren't blocking anyone's way, as countless students were continuing to file around the both of you and head towards their tables. "There's more than enough room for you to walk around us." You reply even when he isn't speaking to you.
Travis's gaze locks with yours, pupils dilated. He looks back to Sal. "Your friend here really loves to involve herself in our business, doesn't she, Fisher?"
Your jaw clenches.
"You involved her whenever you touched her," Sal says lowly. His voice grows deeper as he speaks slower. "If you have something to say to me, talk to me."
Travis's face slowly grows red with rage. He jerks, his cross necklace glistens in the corner of your eye, and suddenly his fingers are gripping your arm. You barely have time to process before you're pulled just a bit and your blood goes cold.
It's not like he's yanked you hard enough to hit the ground—but you stumble, just a bit, and now you're closer to him. His initial grip didn't affect you, but the moment he'd tightened his fingers to pull, it hurt.
You hear the sound of someone abruptly standing off of their seat. You know it's Larry, you saw the mood he was in—and you pray something happens before he can make his way over here and beat Travis to a bloody pulp.
All because of you, everyone would be in trouble.
What happens is not what you expect.
Sal reaches forward, wraps his long fingers around Travis's skinny wrist, and hastily rips the other boy's hand off and away from you. Your mind goes blank and the feeling of your raging heartbeat dissipates when he laces his cool fingers through yours and tightens his grip around you.
He flicks his eyes over Travis' paling face, meets his wide eyes, and leads you off.
It doesn't take very long to reach the table. Just before you've parted through another small crowd of teens, Sal lets go of your hand. You have nothing to complain about—you knew it wouldn't last long.
You assume the number of people bustling through the cafeteria would have obstructed your friends' view a bit, so you doubt they saw the handholding. You knew that they'd seen the altercation, though—because you'd heard Larry jump from his chair.
As soon as you've finished easing into your seat, someone's speaking.
"So?" Larry starts, impatiently flexing his fingers atop the table. He looks you straight in the eyes and continues, "What'd Travis say? Why did he grab you? Do I need to-"
"He was just being Travis, Larry,"  Sal cut in, tone short. You witnessed each and every person at the table's eyes widen. Your heart jumps a bit, too—you've never heard him sound like that. "He'll probably try to find me after school later and beat the shit out of me. I'd let him, at this point."
"He's never done that before, though," Ashley points out warily. "This time won't be any different than any other time, right?"
"Not unless something else happened," Todd speaks up about the matter for the first time, swallowing a bite of his sandwich.
"But it was different," Sal breaks in again. "I touched him."
Larry's dark eyebrows jump. "Did you hit him?"
"No." You assert for Sal, nervously glancing his way. "Nothing like that."
Everyone at the table seemed like they wanted more information—shifting in their seats anxiously (save for Todd) and casting inquisitively wary glances toward Sal—but you guessed no one wanted to make Sal any more uncomfortable than he already seemed to be.
Eventually, Larry dissolved the intensity with a joke and eventually a conversation started back up. You put your input in occasionally, wanting to make an effort and be present.
That was a bit hard, though—considering Sal's current timidity. He hadn't spoken for the rest of lunch and barely acknowledged anyone on the way out of the cafeteria.
When your classes had finished for the day, it was time to attend detention.
That was uneventful as well. Sal was placed on the opposite side of the classroom, so even with the teacher who was nodding off and pounding rain concealing any noise you would have produced, you couldn't have genuinely spoken with him.
On the way home from school, the sound of squeaking wet grass and squelching mud beneath your feet grew very unbearable and you quickly broke the silence.
"I'm sorry, Sal, but-"
"You should just stay away from me."
Your heart jumps. It seems to leap from a cliff because it seems to settle in the pit of your stomach. "What?" Your eyes fly towards his prosthetic face, wishing you could search it for anything—but you can't. "Sal, what do you mean?"
"This'll just keep happening. I shouldn't have involved myself with someone like you in the first place."
"Someone like me?" You echo, feeling a bit faint. "What the hell does that mean?"
"Someone who deserves better than the likes of me," he says lowly. "You don't deserve to be grabbed and made fun of just for associating with someone, Y/N. I don't want that for you."
"I don't give a shit, Sal," you bite, tugging at your backpack straps roughly. "I think I can choose who I hang out with."
Sal's quiet after that. It's torture, listening to the breeze rustle the tree leaves and whistle past your ears for 5 whole minutes. Something that calmed you so greatly now made you feel like punching something. You just wish he'd speak.
He does after that thought. "I just want something good for you. I don't want someone else to be dragged into the mess that's my life. Within a few days, Larry's already gotten you fucking high as a kite, you've had to deal with Travis more than once.."
You wrinkle your nose. "I'm not an angel, Sal. I hadn't gotten high before I met you because I didn't have friends—I wasn't tainted because of you or Larry. And as for Travis, he's just a dick. We've all had to deal with someone like that in our lives."
You're both now stood on the pale concrete of the sidewalk. You watch Sal's blue hair blow a bit, the sky blue shade of the strands blending prettily against the multicolored sunset behind him.
"You don't know me," he tries.
"You don't know me," you reply.
The mask shifts and he looks down at his shoes. You follow his gaze, tracing the color of his cornflower blue sneakers.
"I think we shouldn't do this anymore," Sal mumbles quickly, and you wouldn't have picked it up if you hadn't been straining to hear him so much.
You swallow thickly. "Do what?"
He does the same, Adam's apple moving against his throat. "Whatever.. this is."
Your eyebrows pull down. "For 'my sake' or because you don't want to bother with me anymore?"
Sal doesn't reply, flexing his fingers and standing there helplessly. He avoids your eyes and chooses not to reply.
"You're not supposed to choose what's right for me," you chide. "You can't-"
His head jerks up, and he seems to snap. "I don't want this anymore. There, is that good enough?"
Your heartbeat stutters, and you feel the blood draining from your face. Initial confusion and shock are quickly replaced by vexation and frustration. You turn around and hastily walk away, away from Sal and leaving him behind you.
You walk, and walk, and walk. You continue even when the sun disappears behind the line of Nockfell's horizon and when the stars show themselves in the sky. The night is even colder than the day and continues to grow even more frigid as your legs carry you away.
Eventually, your feet are too numb to continue, and you settle on the sidewalk. You shiver, the night's breeze gusting into your face. You pull the denim jacket you wore closer to your chest.
You try not to think about it too hard, but the thoughts are intrusive. You've never felt stupider than you did at this moment.
He didn't want to deal with you anymore. You should have never involved yourself in Travis and Sal's business. You'd just made it all worse for him. He didn't want to have to protect you—who would?
It was over. Whatever it was—it was gone.
Eventually, you find yourself laying on your side. The concrete is cool against your cheek, and the wind is even cooler.
The cars stop coming. You don't know what time it is, and you don't want to check.
You stare out at the sideways road for a while, and eventually the numbing cold lulls you into a dreamless sleep.
You're not even fully awake when a blinding light is shining into your closed eyelids. You groan, pressing the palm heels of your hands into your eyes before blinking them open. In front of you, a vehicle has pulled to the side of the road, just up against the curb. The headlights are way too bright to tell the make or model, or even the color.
"Holy shit, that's Y/N!"
You pull your body into an upright position, wincing as your stiff joints protest your movements. You're barely on your feet before someone's firm hands are on your shoulders. You blink, your eyes trailing from a male's chest to his face.
It's Larry. And stood not far behind him are both Todd and Ashley.
Well, that's certainly a sight to see. Despite your disorientation and overall confusion, you still find it within yourself to feel embarrassed.
"Are you alright?" Todd asks, adjusting his glasses and stepping to Larry's right. "We were driving by and saw someone sleeping on the sidewalk, and turns out it was you."
Suddenly. Ashley is on Larry's left, her pretty features twisted into an expression of terror. "What are you doing out here? It's one in the morning."
You blink fast, absentmindedly raising your hands and placing them atop Larry's which are on your shoulders. He was the only thing steadying you right now. Your body felt weak and sore and your feet were stinging.
"I'm- I'm fine," you breathe. "I sat down and I fell asleep."
Everyone in front of you exchanges concerned glances before returning their attention to you.
"Y/N," Larry speaks first. "I'm sorry for letting you smoke so much. Maybe you're still high-"
"I'm not high," you scratch the back of your head. "That wore off a while ago. I just.. was walking.. for a while."
That was when you finally realized the proximity Larry's hands were to the bruises on your neck. Nonchalantly you slid his fingers off of your shoulders and pushed your hair to shadow the bruised flesh.
It was too dark to see much out here. You doubted they saw anything.
After answering the same question a few more times over ("You're sure you're okay?") you all climbed back into Ashley's vehicle, Todd in shotgun and Larry in the seat beside you, and began the drive to Addison Apartments.
Soon after the vehicle began to move the volume of the radio had been turned higher. The tranquil sound of an acoustic guitar soothed your aching skull as you watched the streetlights pass by. You leaned your head against the window, the cold glass pressing against your forehead spreading a chill down your face.
You breathed slowly. Every puff of hot air that escaped your lips blurs the glass before the frigidity of the window itself evaporated the fog. This sequence continues until you've arrived at Addison Apartments.
You hadn't even realized Todd had been dropped off already until you looked at him to say goodbye and he wasn't there.
Ashley bid both you and Larry goodbye and drove away. Silence hung between the both of you until you entered the bittersweet interior of Addison Apartments. But, for once—the atmosphere of the ground floor calmed you. The lights were dimmed, and a shaded lamp was the main light source of the lobby. The walls were cast over with a calming golden hue.
It reminded you of home—a home you'd never known.
"Weren't you with Sal?" That's the first thing Larry says to break the newfound silence. "You had detention together."
You hesitate. "Yeah. We went to detention—didn't see him afterward."
Larry searches your face with deep, cryptic eyes. "I'm seriously sorry about the weed," he states, the tone on his tongue sincere. "That was my bad—and I see that now. Sal told me how high you got, dude."
Your heart tumbles in fear. "What else did he say?"
"Nothing—just how you'd ran into each other and you were high."
"Was that the reason things were so tense between you before lunch?" This genuinely made you curious.
"Yeah," he murmured. "I think that's why he was kinda snappy. He's never really like that when it comes to Travis. Sal's a patient guy—he usually just avoids talking about anything at all after a confrontation with Travis."
You didn't want to talk about him or any of it anymore. You wanted to climb in bed and stare up at your ceiling and listen to the dead air and the static in your ears. "I just-" you swallow. "I... never mind. I'm gonna head up and get to bed."
Larry blinks down at you, his inquisitive eyes searching for something. "Alright. Get some shuteye, dude. Okay?"
"Okay," you murmur, nodding tiredly and retreating toward the elevator. Larry walks back outside—you assume to light a cigarette—and you step into the elevator. As soon as those doors close, the light inside shuts off.
You're too tired to jump in surprise or feel fear. Instead, you wait it out and walk to your apartment once you're free.
Once you've unlocked the door and stepped lightly to your room, you fish your flip phone from the depths of the pocket in your denim jacket and open it up.
Sal :) Missed Call (3)
Sal :) just let me know you got home safe
Sal :) i'm on the roof if something's wrong
That message was sent 11 minutes ago.
Maybe he'd still be there.
But why would you want to go after what he'd said to you? Why would you want to see him so soon?
How would he have even got to the roof, anyway?
Despite yourself, and all of your better judgment, you go towards your window and slide it open from the bottom. Sure enough, the stairs of the fire escape sit just below the sill. You swing a leg over it, then the other, and pull yourself onto the metal steps. They rattle a bit, but they're steady.
You pull the majority window closed (leaving just a bit of space so you can get it back open) and head up the steps of the fire escape.
It doesn't take long to reach the top. Whenever you step on the roof, despite the fact your feet are planted on something firm, you sway dizzily.
Maybe you had a fear of heights.
There he is. He's sat on the edge, legs hanging over. His back is to you, but you can make out the fact that he's holding a cigarette by the way smoke trails from in front of him into the sky.
You walk forward, making slow movements. You then step beside him and lower yourself to where you're sitting on the edge with him.
And as you stared out into the night, felt the breeze grow warm, almost like it had done so for you—all that you felt was inner peace. Your feet swung back and forth, nothing below to catch them but a free fall and the concrete.
You looked out at the sleeping town and the golden streetlights that lit it.
"Do you ever think about it?" Sal murmurs, his voice is a bit clearer than it was normally because of the way his prosthetic was halfway unbuckled. You heard the crackle of a cigarette and then smelt smoke.
"Think about what?"
"Jumping," he replies. "What if we jumped together?"
Your chest tightens painfully. "Sal-"
"Think about it," he says. "No one would know what went through our minds when we jumped—they'd never stop talking about it. Nothing ever happens here. Something like that.. you'd feel important."
"You wouldn't feel anything," your voice shook despite your best efforts. "You'd be gone for everyone. All of the people who love you now would only lose you."
Sal stays silent, taking a drag from the cigarette and inhaling.
"I know how it feels to want to be missed. To want to feel appreciated." Your hand grows closer to his. "I know that's how you feel. The difference between us, though—you're loved, you're probably even missed when you skip a day of school," you smiled softly. "I'm not. I know what being unloved looks like, Sal. You're not that."
You turn your head to meet his gaze. Moonlight shines against the white of his prosthetic face. He blinks those blue eyes slowly, tiredly. Instead of saying anything, he closes the distance between your hands and locks your smallest finger with his.
"I didn't mean what I said," he whispers, smoke falling out of the mask. "It's sick but I told you that because I care."
Your shallow breaths are barely audible to yourself beneath your racing heart.
"I want to take it at a pace with you, Y/N," he continues. "I don't want to fuck it all up. I wish I could just get up and leave you here so you wouldn't have to deal with me but I can't do it."
You hesitated. "Why not?"
"I don't know."
"I don't want this to be over," you breathe. "I know you don't want me to involve myself with you because you're scared of what will happen. But this involves me, too. This is about both of us. Let me decide for myself."
Maybe he was right. Maybe you shouldn't be doing this—involving yourself with the mess that is Sal Fisher. There's too much you don't know about who he is.
But you wanted to try.
"We can take it slow," you assured. "I understand you're scared but there's nothing to be afraid of."
Your hand inches over his, interlacing your fingers, your palm on the back of his hand. You squeeze them in comfort, not searching for any reciprocation, but it's given anyways.
Nothing is said after that. You sit with him until you're drifting into sleep while sitting upright. You know you can't leave him here—so you wait until he's ready to go home.
You can wait.
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captains-writing-desk · 9 months ago
From Heaven and Hell
Universe: Harry Potter
Character: Severus Snape
Type: F!Reader insert
Words: 2,724
Prompt: Dude, Dude- I love your Snape works! ❤❤ Could you please do a Snape x Prof Reader where she is the hot new teacher and everyone gossips about her or sum? She's like a major flirt too so she flirts with Snape a lot. Eventually with the gossip and flirting he finally admits he likes her? Can end smutty or fluffy- surprise us! Thank you! Keep being awesome!
Note: I’ve done my best to research locations, layouts etc. But I’ve discovered a lot of contradictory information, so this is all going to go how I want it to go. No nit picking please
Guys. I’ve been gone for so long. I’m in such a rut, I feel so uninspired all the time. Sorry for the LONG wait. 💔
Something was happening and if anyone could find out, it would be one Professor Severus Snape. He had a nose for sniffing out trouble like a bloodhound and boy what a nose it was. He made a sweep of all the corridors on his lunch time stroll but everything seemed to be in relative order until he noticed the regular bustling noise that filled the corridors and the sound of the outdoors seemed to dissipate and compress into whispers. Then he noticed students had started to lean over the sides of the stone bannisters and other students on the grounds were looking in the same direction. How curious. He tried to peer over their heads but he was unsuccessful so headed to one of the sets of steps down to the grounds. He made it precisely 2.3 steps down when his purposeful stride immediately dissipated and the last 0.7 steps was spent holding onto the stone wall to balance himself as his body somewhat stuttered and moved itself to one side.
“Thank you.” You smiled and brushed lightly against him as you ascended the steps he had just taken. Severus’ gaze followed you lazily until you disappeared up the corridor, then his body snapped into action and went to catch up with you which proved more difficult with students blocking his path after they cleared space for you.
When he finally had caught up to you, you were being ushered away by Minerva and he had to leave it at that for now. Though he could not see you anymore, you certainly were fresh in his mind and did a good job occupying it for the rest of the day and apparently most of the students’ too. Severus had to interrupt no end of conversations and gossip about who this mysterious stranger was and how ‘easy on the eyes’ you were.
Severus had lost his train of thought so much that day that it never even crossed his mind that you were the new Arithmancy professor until the headmaster was announcing it to the students. He stared for a moment with his mouth slightly agape and clapped slowly, off beat with anybody else’s applause. He despised the fact that you had him stumbling over himself, well before even knowing your name.
Once dinner was over he watched you leave the hall before making his own move. The eyes that followed you did not go unnoticed by him either as he grit his teeth and walked faster, despite wanting to make sure you left first so he would not encounter you again.
“..No, no. It’s not important to our studies, just a preference but it can’t be helped!” He heard your voice then the headmaster bidding you goodnight as he approached the large doors out to the entrance hall. He peered around the frame and all seemed clear so he confidently strode to the dungeons entrance only he came to pause at the top of the steps and felt the need to look up the stairs, something was different which made his eyes narrow instinctively as he crept quietly to the bottom of the ascending stairs. He almost jumped when your own narrowed eyes appeared from the darkness.
“You.” He stated in no particular manner which amused you a little.
“It is me, yes.” You folded your arms and leant against the wall for a moment, “..and you are?”
“Severus Snape.” He remained fairly neutral in expression and tone until you started descending towards him, then he seemed a little startled as you held your hand out to him, repeating the name he had already committed to memory.
“So, Severus. You’re the reason I can’t have the dungeons for myself.” You resumed your stance leaning on the wall again.
“I suppose I am.” He responded in a more Snape friendly tone as the edge had been taken off.
“I was rather looking forwards to all the devilish little things I could get away with down there. Dancing with the devil perhaps.” Severus was too busy processing what any of that could insinuate to respond. “Well, I’ll try not to bother you too much but I may need some local knowledge from you at some point. Feel free to visit me in heaven sometime.” You winked then laughed at yourself, a terrible joke really but the tease of it worked enough.
“Of course.” He raised his brow, wondering what was with all the biblical crap, though judging by the smirk on your face, his expression had meant something else to.
“I look forward to your visit, Goodnight for now, Severus.” Shit. It meant acceptance of the invitation.
“Good night.” He mumbled back and watched you disappear up the stairs as you lit your way with your wand. He couldn’t help but notice how literal your heaven and hell joke seemed as he watched the white light fade, then glanced down his own set of steps before him, taking in the reddish hue of candles and torches. He shook himself from his thoughts and descended the steps to hell.
The next morning after breakfast, Severus found himself once again stood at the bottom of your stairs just being captivated by you and the conversation you were both having.
“Sir-” one of his students attempted to speak to him as they walked by but was cut off by the famous glare.
“Wait downstairs.” He instructed and returned to you with a softer gaze.
“Have I distracted you?” You laughed at his little interaction.
“I wouldn’t say so. I’ll be on time.” He reassured himself more than anyone.
“I shall try harder next time then.” You raised a brow suggestively then bid him a good morning and left him to go to his class.
Your little chats happened on a daily basis now, making good on your word to try harder to distract him and in the evenings they would run at great lengths and would always end when you asked if he wanted to come up rather than just sit around in the stairwell but he would always decline and retreat to his little cave. You wanted to make it your mission to get him into your room or vice versa, mainly for comfort but also it was just a more intimate setting but you weren’t going to force it. You enjoyed flirting with him and he never told you to stop or that he was uncomfortable but you weren’t just going to push through his boundaries like that.
Unbeknownst to you, he was rather hoping you would push his boundaries, although he didn’t quite realise that himself either, he would soon though. He would tell himself that you initiated everything and he merely listened and tolerated your company but he would now come face to face with the reality of the part he played.
It was after dinner one evening when you both walked back to those fateful stairs and he leant against the wall, preparing for a long conversation but you took a step up the stairs and turned to him.
“I’m afraid I’ve got a student coming in a moment so I can’t stay and chat tonight, you can always come knocking later if you want a late night chat though.” You winked at him, briefly noticing the disappointment in his eyes, then a glint of something like panic before he mumbled that it was alright and that he would speak to you soon then he left. The panic was very odd, but the rest was a sign to you that he enjoyed your company at least.
Once he got back to the dungeons he sat himself at his desk and thought for a moment. He had panicked a little when he had left but it wasn’t necessarily bad but it was certainly new. The reason being was that he realised you had both been speaking for weeks, almost never missing a day but only for things you were both required to attend. As a result he hadn’t given any detentions or anything which was fairly unusual for him. No, it must be that the students finally learned how to behave. That’s what he told himself anyway but his students were going to make him think again the next day.
He was running late after talking to you that morning, not that he would admit to it but he took his time getting to his classroom, especially when he heard the mention of your name from inside so he paused to listen.
“Merlin, what I wouldn’t do for that woman!” He heard one student say.
“Arithmancy is easy-ish right? I could get into that class.” Another asked but was scoffed at and told it wasn’t exactly easy.
“You seen the way she flirts with Snape? Not only is she stunning but she flirts- albeit questionable- with Snape which keeps him out of our hair.”
“You’re right! None of us have had detention in weeks, he’s the late one now AND if you ask me, I think he doesn’t want to give us detention because he wants his evening free for her. I bet you anything that those two are fuc-“ That conversation came to an abrupt end when Severus practically flew into the room which stunned everyone into silence. He had to put an end to what he was hearing for his own sake but he was too embarrassed about it to confront them so went about his lesson but he knew as soon as it was over he had a lot of mulling over to do. In fact, he barely left his room all day which didn’t worry you but it wasn’t half boring without him to talk to all day.
Almost a week it had lasted. His little phase of barely leaving his room and any chats you usually had had come to a stop. Maybe you’d pushed him too far, or perhaps he had come to realise he couldn’t be bothered to put up with your incessant chatting anymore.
You watched one morning as he walked in front of you yet again rather than beside you then disappeared down into his dungeons, You sighed and went to ascend your own staircase.
“Professor.” The voice of a student behind you interrupted your thoughts rather abruptly, he was no student of yours.
“Yes?” You smiled welcomingly, opening yourself up to any conversation this child wanted to have with you as they shifted nervously before you.
“Do you think you could start talking to Professor Snape again? I know I’m out of line here but he isn’t the same and when you did speak to him he was much nicer than before but now he just seems... off. It’s unsettling to tell you the truth.” You almost laughed at the cheek of the child but they said it so innocently and with genuine concern that you stifled a laugh and chuckled lightly instead.
“I’ll do my best. Now hurry along or you’ll be late.” You continued chuckling to yourself as you carried on up the stairs, wondering if you should take his advice.
Later that evening you stood at the top of the stairs, staring down into the darkness before forcing yourself down them. You reached his door and knocked before you could even contemplate doing it. You waited longer than you should have before trying again after there was no response but once again, nothing. You turned to leave and thought perhaps you should wait for him for a few minutes in case he was preoccupied somewhere else for a moment so you made yourself comfortable on the bottom step.
Still, he never returned and you gave up, thinking you would try again tomorrow. Walking back up you were consumed with just how boring everything was without him to help occupy your time. Sure, you had things to get on with but there were little gaps in the day now that felt so empty. Just before you reached the ground between the two staircases, purgatory if you were to run with the biblical themes you had going on for some reason, he came into view. He was coming down from the tower you resided in and for a moment, you both just stared at eachother, frozen.
“Just the man I was looking for.” You broke silence first, opting for your usual flirtatious inflection.
“I am?” He forced in a innocence to his tone.
“Yes. What were you doing up there?” You addressed the elephant in the room.
“I was looking for you. I waited a little while. What were you looking for me for?” He folded his arms and raised his brows, pushing the interrogation back onto you.
“Well,” So he wanted to play that game huh, “I’ve been awfully bored as of recent and you’ve been avoiding me all week. So, I thought why not entertain myself with bothering you for a while.” Alright, that was the real elephant in the room and he knew it.
“Ah,” His eyes were downcast for a moment as he briefly contemplated, “Why don’t you come down with me then and bother me for the evening.” He closed the gap between you and paused just before you with his arm gesturing down the stairs as an invitation.
“I just bloody climbed these stairs.” You groaned but turned around and started walking anyway.
Once inside, he got you both a drink and sat with you to have one of those conversations he was so used to having with you but before that could start, you had to know whether he even wanted to.
“Yes?” He shifted uncomfortably at the seriousness of your tone.
“Don’t misunderstand me when I say I do enjoy bothering you and talking to you but do you tolerate my babbling or do you actually enjoy my company?” You found yourself unable to look at him as he took a moment to think, despite how direct the question was.
“I suppose I tolerate your babbling BECAUSE I enjoy your company. Although I wouldn’t call it babbling really.” That was a start.
“So you’ve just been busy this week and I’ve foolishly thought I’d done something?” You looked at him now, apologetically with what you had insinuated.
“Well, I’ve been busy thinking about something you’ve done.” He put a great deal of thought into what he was saying and it still came out like that? Your eyes narrowed.
“You’re being very cryptic.” You stated plainly and he sighed lightly.
“Truthfully, I’ve been thinking about you. You’ve managed to keep this hold over me which I’m not totally unfamiliar with but it’s still new to me, especially with the way it affects me. It’s been... difficult to come to terms with.” He took a shaky breath and waited for your response as he stared at your hands. He watched them reach out to his own hands before looking you in the eye.
“I know exactly how you feel.” You smiled reassuringly.
“However, I do need to take things slow. In regards to processing what it all is.” He was still on edge.
“It doesn’t have to be anything you know, just see what happens.” You offered.
“I know, but it is something. I’m just in unfamiliar territory.” He had colour in his cheeks now as he waited for your delayed response.
“So no dancing with the devil yet then?” You cocked your brow and he visibly relaxed.
“Well.. I wouldn’t say that.”
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