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pesiko · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
⇨ ongoing | ✔ completed |✖hiatus
A+taboy {2} ⇨
Monotonous café waitress Y/N ends up getting mixed in the world of Seoul’s illegal street racing. There against her will, something seems to bring her deeper and deeper into that terrifying world; maybe it’s the dangerous people that she had learned to know, or maybe it’s Mark Lee himself. Either way, she should have listened to Irene’s words, she would’ve ended up hurt — and not because of a car crash. @nctream
Connected (sns AU) {18} ✔
Mark and y/n, two clumsy people, bump into one another in the airport. they brush it off and apologize and collect their falling belongings, only to realize they grabbed the wrong phone. @treerachas
Game Over (sns AU) {12} ✔
YouTuber!y/n and YouTuber!mark become friends after continuously battling with each other in games, before falling in love and making their end goal to meet each other at a convention. @kettlewrites
Hide and Seek (sns AU) {10}✖
SM School of Arts is a prestigious academy notorious for its summer festival held every year, showcasing the best of the best performances of it’s highly skilled students. y/n and her friends are students at the elite school, and like every other student there, quickly become invested in the festival, turning into slaves of their work. It’s only when two of the group suddenly go missing when they are reminded to live a little and have fun, as they decide to balance rehearsal with a search for their missing friends, led only by a trail of weird and wonderful clues left behind to find them. @iridesuhnce
How to Get the Boy (sns AU) {40} ⇨
When Sijoon who feels like the world is against her, meets Mark Lee who keeps being nice to her - she feels as if she’s instantly in love with him. When she asks her group of friends to help, she didn’t count on Mark to fall for her hyperaware friend y/n who, like him as well, falls for his charms. Through the course of their bickering build-up friendship, he finds himself to adore her duality from an angle to both Yangyang and Haechan’s rival in ranking most evil. @yojeongin
Love, Again (sns AU) {14} ⇨
When Mark finds himself knocking on your door, drunk and emotional, he stirs a feeling in your heart that you’ve been trying hard to suppress for the past year. @cupofjae
Love Bot (sns AU) {7} ✔
Mark Lee was never good with words— except when it came to talking about you. Hidden behind the sanctuary of anonymity, he uses the Love Bot to express his feelings about you. @dreamloveclub
Love Game (sns AU) {28} ✔
Your quiet life as a full time business student part time gamer is disrupted when you have to tutor Mark Lee. @jenoptimist
Naughty & Nice (sns AU) {11} ⇨
An au in which god-fearing, college freshman Mark Lee is tired of being innocent and meets y/n - the sexy, pothead, college sophomore who wants to help him. @markftmingi
Solitude {5} ✔
In which two people who live messy, turbulent lives find solitude in one another in ways they’d never imagined. @celestialmark
To Me It’s Only You (sns AU) {2}✖
When I asked you what you wanted to order, you said “you” and now I’m kinda blushing?? And you look mildly horrified. @markleeh
Vintage (sns AU) {40} ✔
On your roaring success to stardom, your entertainment company has found an opportunity for you to collaborate on a track with mark lee — a much more established rapper in the music industry and unfortunately, your ex-boyfriend. @yongtxt
Yours (sns AU) {15} ✔
Yeah, so maybe he just realized that he does in fact have feelings for y/n. And maybe they’re not that new. @wereseoyoung
2 Fast (sns AU) {14} ✔
An au in which the sweet girl who volunteers at an animal shelter gets angry at the boy who works across the street because the sound of his motorcycle scares the animals. @markftmingi
[main masterlist] [nct masterlist] updated 7-23-21
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possiblyimbiassed · 5 months ago
The lying liars who lie
Years and years late to the party, I’ve finally gotten my hands on all the DVDs of BBC Sherlock, and I thought it would be fun to watch the extra material carefully, one piece after another, and also listen to at least some of the show makers’ commentary of the episodes. But at this point, after S4 where DVDs seemed to be a constant lying device in general, I tend to look at them with a bit more suspicious eyes...
Tumblr media
I still love the show of course, but now that I’ve taken this deep dive into all the special features, I find them a truly hard thing to try to wrap my head around. Even this long after the fact, I’m amazed by the amount of shameless, self-congratulatory BS in the DVDs, where the people involved can’t have enough of complimenting each other and their show, while they skillfully avoid to discuss anything actually meaningful about the plot line. ;) For example, Moffat claims in the S2 DVD that “In fact, you’ll never see a more obsessively authentic version of Sherlock Holmes than this one”. But if we follow their light-hearted commentary, which basically takes the show at face value, I’d call that not just hyperbole, but an outright lie. If you want to see the ‘authentic’ stories from ACD’s work in this show, you’ll definitely need to go much deeper into the subtext and meta levels - neither of which are mentioned on these DVDs of course. Here’s my own (rather subjective) ‘review’ of the whole thing, trying to pinpoint why I view most of the commentary of the show from its own makers as an advanced art of deception. 
(My musings under the cut)
Series 1 - a wealth of extra material
First of all - as many of you probably knew already - the whole of the Unaired Pilot is added to the DVD of S1. In the extra material about the making of the series, they (Sue Vertue, Mofftiss and others) talk about what things they changed between the Pilot and ASiP, claiming that many changes were necessary improvements once they knew that they had a whole series and a lot more time at their disposal. 
Which I can perfectly understand and agree with in general. But I think what’s missing in their discussions is more interesting than what’s actually there (”Mind the gap” ;) ). Things that I would expect from the show makers when they go to the trouble of comparing the pilot version with the aired product. There’s not a word, for example, about the fact that they added both Mycroft and Moriarty to the story in ASiP - two characters who later turn out to play major roles and appear in almost every other episode until the end of TFP. Or about the choice that one of the screenwriters would play Mycroft. 
Neither do they discuss why they chose to relocate the place where Sherlock was challenged by the cabbie from 221B to Roland Kerr’s School of Further Education. Instead they focus on the details, like for example the new design of the interior of 221B.
Not to mention the fact that almost every scene in the Pilot is mirrored in ASiP (as pointed out long ago by @kateis-cakeis X), but at Angelo’s in the Pilot Sherlock follows the events with the cabbie while looking in an actual mirror. I even noticed that in the Pilot the cabbie is offering Sherlock dark-coloured bottles with the pills in them, while in ASiP those bottles are transparent, as if the cabbie is offering Sherlock to play Black or White in the chess game that he is simulating. What’s with all these mirrors, though? Not a word on the DVD... ;)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now, even though these rather remarkable choices are neglected together with a great bunch of minor ones, I still think that the most interesting fact about all this is that they actually included the whole pilot version within this DVD, which is sold by the franchise. Why even do this, when it raises far more questions than it answers? The only logical reason I can come up with is that they’re laying out a track of little hints that anyone with a deep enough interest in the show to actually buy the DVDs can try to follow. And it seems to me that lying by omission is one of the first steps in the long line of cryptic and misleading author comments on this show. But at the same time, they clearly want the fans to have access to it all, even the abandoned version.
Moving on to Series 2, time for bigger lies 
In the extra material of this DVD Benedict himself describes how his character "faces one of his deadliest enemies in the shape of Love, and it comes in the form of Irene Adler, who is this extraordinary dominatrix [insert here a bunch of superlatives regarding Adler]...”. And then we see how Adler whips Sherlock with a riding crop (without any kind of consent, I have to add) while he’s lying on the floor, and we have Lara Pulver telling us how it was to have a go at Benedict on set. So Holmes whips dead bodies and Adler whips living; seems like a match made in hell! :))
Gatiss claims, grinning with his whole face, that “they’re clearly, absolutely made for each other”. OK, so I think we can see Sherlock being intellectually impressed by Adler, and even trying to protect her from Mycroft, and we can see John acting jealously. We can also see her being dressed and styled as a perfect, female mirror of Sherlock. But I’m still at a loss what all this has to do with love on Sherlock’s part? Especially since he’s not even responding in any fashion to her various attempts at seducing him. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And there’s more: Paul McGuigan, the director of ASiB, claims that the scene where Sherlock has a conversation with Adler inside his Mind Palace about the crime case with the car that backfires "is a part of a kind of love story, if you like...” No, I don’t. Maybe it’s just me, but if their aim really was to convey to their audience a love story between Sherlock and The Woman, I think they failed miserably. All I see is a guy ’mansplaining’ to a clever woman how to use her brain, while she’s trying to flirt with him by expressing her admiration (to no avail, though) and make deductions at the same time. Nothing new under the sun, really. John did the same thing repeatedly in ASiP (without making own deductions) and got far more attention from Sherlock, but I’ve never heard any of the show makers call that ”a love story”. But by ’lie-splaining’ the scene with Irene to the audience, they try to manipulate us all to see it as such...
In all the direct commentary of this episode, where Steven, Mark, Sue, Benedict and Lara are present, I get the impression that every time they even touch on the relationship between Sherlock and John, they hurry to add the term “friendship” or “man love” or similar words in case they forgot them at first, avoiding even the tiniest possibility that there could be anything more going on between them. They even explain that when Irene calls them “a couple” she does not mean anything romantic. This whole approach feels almost paranoic in the midst of all the laid-back jokes and light-hearted talk about the filming. It’s as if a sort of restrictive, heteronormative filter or blanket is being constantly applied, to teach the audience the ‘no homo’ lesson of it all. And the more I listen to this, the more tiresome it becomes.
In the commentary Moffat does reveal an interesting detail, though: that the ‘Flight of the Dead’ in ASiB was inspired by a cut out scene in the Bond movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service. To me this is just one more reason to question the ‘authentic’ quality of this scene, as opposed to possibly taking place in Sherlock’s Mind Palace. But I digress... 
Listening to the commentary in general, it’s like it’s aimed to distract the attention from what’s going on at the screen rather than highlight it and try to explain their intentions. They do mention that Irene didn’t actually ‘beat’ Sherlock in the end of ASiB, but there’s no explanation of this obvious deviation from canon, where Adler does indeed fool Holmes, taking advantage of his prejudices.
The rest of the extra material of S2 is mostly about technical stuff, special effects and such, and also about filming techniques and Benedict’s delivery of fast deductions. But the part I really do love is the one where Andrew Scott talks about how much he enjoyed playing the scene where Moriarty dances before breaking into the Crown Jewels. That’s one of my favorite scenes of he whole show. :) Also, the takeaway message from this DVD is Moffat’s words at the end: 
“These are still the formative years of Sherlock Holmes, and the most important thing about this series is not that it’s updated; it’s the fact that those two men are still young and they’re still at the beginning of what they don’t yet know is gonna be a lifelong partnership”. 
And then comes Series 3... 
...and its extra material, with the most blatant attempts at deception so far, I believe. At this point Sherlock is called a “psychopath” by both the show’s characters, John’s blog, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as if it were true, which is a big deviation from ACD canon. That simply doesn’t happen there; while Holmes is sometimes described as eccentric, no one in the books is ever claiming that Sherlock Holmes has some kind of mental illness leaning towards cruelty and egotism - not even his enemies say this about him. In the show, however, they begin in ASiP with making him torture a dying man for information (something that is not included in the Pilot). And in S3, where they avoid discussing the reason why they turned Mary Morstan into a ruthless assassin, this major shift is glossed over by the fact that in the same episode (HLV) they also turn Sherlock into a murderer, who cold-bloodedly blows the brains out of a blackmailer for threatening to make said assassin’s crimes public. 
But without ever getting into the “why” of it all, the cast and crew seem overly happy and smiling describing these rather morbid choices as something positive; “fantastic”, "fresh and new” and "amazing” are their choice of words. Benedict claims that Mary, who has literally shot and almost killed Sherlock in HLV, is now "a new best friend of Sherlock’s”. Amanda claims that Mary “is protecting John” when she shoots Sherlock in the chest. Now they’re both psychopaths, and poor little John is forced to stomach them both because he’s addicted to danger. In Amanda’s words, Mary also “kind of gets in between the two of them, but she wants them to be together as well”.  Which is a load of BS considering that Mary tries to kill the protagonist of the story.
Tumblr media
Lars Mikkelsen thinks it’s “such a good script” because “you’re mislead as an audience”. But he never gets the chance to expand on what the misleading actually contains, because then Mofftiss cut in to express how much they love playing with “what ifs”. As if this whole mega-budget project of a show were just a big experimental playground without any actual story to tell. 
Benedict repeats his line from HLV that Magnussen “preys on people who are different” and Moffat also says he “exploits people who are different”. Which is really confusing, considering what we can see Magnussen actually do in the show. Lady Smallwood and John Garvie are two well-established, powerful governmental politicians whom Magnussen blackmails by finding their respective pressure points. In Garvie’s case his pressure point seems to be alcohol problems in his past, but according to media he’s later arrested on charges of corruption. Lady Smallwood is blackmailed on the basis of her husband having sent compromising letters to a minor many years ago, in spite of later claiming that he thought she was older and stopped when he found out the truth. And then Magnussen is blackmailing an assassin who recently threatened to execute him but shot Sherlock Holmes instead, in order to try to get at Sherlock’s brother Mycroft, another powerful governmental figure. 
But what does media seeking out dirt on certain people in power and their families have to do with “people who are different”? Despicable as the method may be, isn’t this unfortunately how political power play usually works in our society? Or are TPTB somehow a repressed minority group now? Unless this whole “people who are different” accusation is actually about something entirely different, something that none of the show makers even cares to mention... ;)
In these DVDs, none of the involved persons is ever discussing the change of roles with regards to canon, though, or the (lack of) logics in this turn of events, or even a hint about the narrative motivation behind them. It’s all about the great Drama, the extraordinary visual effects and the aim to endlessly “surprise the audience”. Which is fine by me to a certain extent, but when this is all that’s being said, it feels extremely superficial, as if the audience is merely seen as a bunch of consumers that have to be triggered more and more by horror, special effects and cliff hangers to be able to appreciate the show. (“Warm paste” indeed, like Gatiss has later criticized some viewers of wanting...) While the "why”; the idea behind this surrealistic adaptation, made by self-proclaimed fanboys of ACD, is not even touched upon. Around this, the silence is total and therefore totally confusing.
Maybe I shouldn’t even go into Series 4...
...but why not, since I’ve already started? :) 
First of all, there’s a lot of extra material on this DVD and I particularly love the parts about the music and composing and Arwel Wyn Jones’ work with the design and build-up of John’s and Mary’s flat and the interior of 221B. Those bits are truly enjoyable. What I could live without, though, is the leading commentary that kind of instructs us, the audience, how we should interpret the show. 
Benedict is on it again on this DVD, telling us that in TST they picked up where they left off in S3 and “It’s a very happy unit of three people that then become four.” Why does he feel the need to make this statement, considering how S3 ended? Actually, if there’s anything I totally fail to see in S4, it’s happiness. The banter between the three  of them may seem entertaining for a while, but who could have a relaxed, warm relationship with someone who tried and almost succeeded to kill you less than a year ago? Without any sign of remorse? Now there’s a dark tone of discomfort and mean jokes that feels forced and not even a bit happy to me. 
But Martin tells us how excited John and Mary are about starting a family and Amanda mentions how much they’re looking forward to the baby. Again and again it’s repeated, as though trying to rub it in: “they’re in a good place, they’re a loving, married couple”. Yeah, right - a child that (judging by TSoT) wasn’t at all planned and now with an assassin for a mother... Twice we see the new parents complain that their daughter has the mark of Satan on her forehead and debate which horror movie she’s from. The clichéd hypocrisy of it all is sickening, and I’m willing to bet that it’s really meant to be. ;) 
Tumblr media
But Gatiss chimes in, deciding for us all that the christening of Rosie is “a funny scene” and “they’re enjoying each other, enjoying being on adventures as a three”.
An interesting detail is that Gatiss also tells us that the working name of this episode was “The Adventure of the Melting power Ranger”. So this little blue guy was that important? :) And - even more interesting - is when he says: “Cake is now the code for violent death”. So how should we interpret Sherlock, John and Molly going out to have cake in TLD then, on Sherlock’s (supposed) birthday? 
These might be jokes, though, but when they tell us that Sue cries every time she sees Mary’s death I strongly believe they must be joking. How could anyone feel truly moved by this overly sentimental long monologue where far more efforts are put into reacting to Mary’s speech than saving her life? And John’s mooing like a cow, is that also moving? :)
One thing Martin says about TLD that actually disgusts me is regarding the morgue scene where John assaults Sherlock and Sherlock lets it happen: “From there, really, their relationship can only sort of rebuild, that’s the absolute worst it can get”. As if outright physical abuse would be something that makes you want to rebuild a relationship? Wow - just wow... How far can they go with this crap?
Anyway, when we finally arrive at the absurdity of TFP and Sherlock’s ‘secret sister’, everything is of course discussed as if she actually does exist on the given premises, and everything she does is ‘real’, no matter how impossible it would be in real life. The abandonment of any attempt to have the story line make logical sense is skillfully covered up by more distraction with fascinating technicalities of the film making process. This is where Gatiss makes his now almost classic statement that after Sherlock and John jump out of the window at 221B when a grenade explodes there, it’s just “Boop! And they’re fine.” 
Tumblr media
Of course there’s no serious attempt at explaining this logically. Except perhaps Gatiss claiming that they both landed on Speedy’s awning - whatever good that would do to them, since the awning is leaning downwards, but never mind... But we never even saw that happen, did we? A great deal of time is then dedicated to show all the precautions to have Martin and Ben jumping safely at low level onto a madras supported by empty cardboard boxes.
Sian Brooke did say something interesting about Sherrinford, however, that got me thinking. She said that Eurus “wants revenge for the years and years that she has been held captive” there, isolated, and that in TFP the Holmes children are now “lab rats” and “it’s an experiment”. On a meta level, I think we can indeed see this episode - and maybe the whole show - as a kind of experiment, but maybe we, the audience, are also lab rats? Since Sherrinford is slightly shaped like a film camera (not commented in the extra material, of course), it leads my thought to all the adaptations through the years and years where Holmes and Watson have not been allowed to be together. A whole century when Sherlock Holmes has been held captive, restricted by the very same sort of heteronormative filter that all this extra material imposes; it’s like Sherrinford, isn’t it? Which gives all the more meaning to Moriarty’s arrival to the island, accompanied by Freddy Mercury’s “I want to break free”...
Tumblr media
I think I’ll let the final words in this little exposé come from Mark Gatiss in The Writers’ Chat (my bolding):
“Moriarty is a fascinating thing in that in our sea of ongoing lies, one thing we’ve genuinely been completely consistent about is telling people he’s dead. But no-one believes it! And it’s a rather brilliant thing.”  Again - self-congratulatory statements. But instead of providing some actual evidence of the death of this character, who has kept popping up in almost every episode since his supposed demise, they think that the more a confirmed liar repeats something, the truer it gets? And the more we’re supposed to believe them? Well, all we can do is wait and see. :)
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My earlier meta on a similar topic (X)
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filterjeons · 11 months ago
only you | kth
Tumblr media
✦ pairing: kim taehyung x reader
✦ summary: you didn’t like getting jealous but it was hard not to, especially since taehyung is the man of every girl’s dreams. luckily, he convinces you that he has his eyes for only you
✦ rating: M, not suitable for minors
✦ genre: smut
✦ word count: 10.4k
✦ warnings: hard dom!tae, dirty talk, rough sex, degradation, spanking w paddle, orgasm denial, usage of toys (vibrator and anal beads), oral (m and f receiving), handcuffs, daddy kink, sadism/masochism, cumplay??, hand kink, aftercare 🥰, poor y/n acting bratty 😔, slight slight angst (nearly non-existent), yeri and joy being my spirit animals, and cute ending <3 (tf was that warnings list….n e ways)
Tumblr media
You scoff at your boyfriend talking excitedly with your co-worker Irene about an art museum that opened up downtown. As you swirl your straw into the whipped cream of your strawberry milkshake, you mentally kick yourself at your look for a hang-out with your friends. The light blue dress was no match for Irene’s more mature pantsuit which suited her body well. What’s worse was you wore your iconic pigtails, instantly making you look like a child compared to everyone else’s more sophisticated clothes. Even Taehyung, who was just wearing a black T-shirt that fits his form well and beige pants, looked ten times better than you. 
You typically have a lot of self-confidence because after years of being bullied for looking like an elementary schooler, you didn’t have time to mope about yourself and you slowly started to not care anymore but today you feel it all goes down the drain.
“I think Van Gogh’s art is one of my favorites because…” you drown out their conversation and place your head on your hands with annoyance etched all over your face.
“What’s wrong, Y/N~?” Yeri teases, shaking you affectionately. You only grunt in response, which made your close friend giggle. “Is it that time of the month again?” You nod (although it was a lie) as you keep staring at Taehyung and Irene, feeling your stomach do somersaults whenever you see them laugh. Although Taehyung had an intimidating demeanor, he was very sweet and made friends easily. Good for him, since he could make friends with the entire town if he tried. Unfortunately for you, he was prone to many girls being drawn to him like a moth to light and constantly asking for his number, only to give you looks of disgust once they found out that you were his girlfriend. 
Why is he dating some girl who looks like a high school freshman?
Are you sure she’s 20? She looks like a 14 year old!
You absolutely hated that you were treated as a child. The looks you received whenever you walked down the street with Tae already made you feel uncomfortable. You knew you were never good enough and you were terrified that he’ll leave you for someone else, causing your jealous tendencies to kick in. There were plenty of fish in the sea and yet he chose you. You were surprised that he hasn’t broken up with you for your much hotter senior Irene.
Irene and you just strictly had a professional relationship, especially since she was above you in the workplace, and the only person she had a crush on is Kang Seulgi, the founder of a local dance studio near the building where you work. After your work shifts, you would sometimes stop by and watch kids train to be artists, reminding you of the dreams you once had when you were young.
Although you would give anything to be on a stage performing for millions of fans, you were content with your job as a fashion designer and be with your boyfriend who’s such a big flirt. 
“Did anyone tell you that you look like a 6th grader because you’re short and have no boobs?” your other friend Joy cackles, finding your annoyed reactions a source of comedy. Yeri chimes in with the harassment as they continuously made fun of your stature. You immediately throw French fries from Taehyung’s plate at them, embarrassment and anger bubbling inside you from the all-too-familiar teasing. It was different because you were close to Joy and Yeri but it still hurts as they were much more beautiful than you. You couldn’t compare to any of the sexier and mature girls and you didn’t like that way. 
“Aww, don’t say that! She’s still very gorgeous to me and trust me, her boobs are nice,” Taehyung smiled, placing your head on your shoulder. You relished in his praise before realizing that you were mad at him as you immediately pull your head up and look away from him. He looks back at you with confusion on why you were acting that way. Maybe something happened at work or you’re just having a bad day, but he wants to help you in the best way that he can. 
“TMI, man!” Yeri gagged dramatically, Joy following suit as they started to goof around. You would join them but you were still upset. Irene liked girls and Taehyung only had eyes for you so why were you so jealous? Despite your constant second-guessing, your heart was set that you were mad at him, even though the reason was extremely childish. Irene softly chuckled at you three before turning Taehyung’s attention back on her. 
“So, would you like to go to the museum with me sometime?” Irene asked calmly, somehow acting like nothing’s going on. Your insides were fuming, knowing that he’ll say yes because of how sweet he was. You grip Taehyung’s hand, trying to signal him to refuse but when his head bobbed up and down, you knew it was no use. 
“Yeah sure, let me know what time you’d like to go!” he smiled politely to which Irene returned the same
Oh no he didn’t. Not only will the town gossip think that your boyfriend dumped you for Irene but what if he starts to have feelings for her and throw you away? If there was one thing you loved the most in the world, it was Taehyung and you just weren’t ready to let him go.
You’re acting so stupid. It’s just a normal friendly hangout- Despite your head’s protest, you got up dramatically and glared at the two of them.
“Uh y’know what, I’m going to go home now. Irene, I’ll email you the designs for the future lineup and Taehyung, I hope you have fun hanging out at the museum or whatever. If you ever need me, I’ll be in my room by myself and I don’t want you near me,” you spat, immediately getting up and storming out of the diner. You knew you were acting extremely immature and some part of you regret it but how come he doesn’t like it when you interact with your guy friends but it doesn’t work the other way around? 
“Y/N sweetie-” he tried to go after you but you were already out of the door. He sighed with frustration, annoyed that he didn’t get to explain his side. 
“I think we should cancel since your girlfriend’s upset. I’m sorry, it was wrong for me to ask you to hang out and I know that we see each other as friends only. I just wanted to ask you because I was thinking about taking Seulgi there and she really likes art plus I figured Y/N would enjoy that kind of date,” Irene sighed, regret forming in her eyes.
“It’s okay, it’s not your fault. I’ll talk to her, she’ll understand once she hears the full story.” Taehyung bids the girls farewell and runs after you. Irene gives him a nod as Joy and Yeri sit uncomfortably. 
“Well, who’s gonna pay the bill?” Yeri shrugged and all eyes were immediately on Irene, who only replied with an eye roll. 
Tumblr media
You refused to come out of your room for the rest of the day, still holding onto that grudge. Taehyung was getting annoyed at your lack of communication, he initially tried to get in by baking your favorite cookies but you didn't budge. You didn’t like ignoring Taehyung as well and you would rather be in his arms instead of sewing dresses for work but your petty heart didn’t want to let go.
You tried reasoning with yourself but once you’re set on something, you can’t get yourself to go the other way. As you stitch pieces of fabric together, the temptation grows even more.
Eventually, you couldn’t be cooped up in your room forever so as you sneakily made your way down to your kitchen to get some of Taehyung’s cookies (although he didn’t know how to put on an apron, he was an amazing baker), you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist and his body behind yours. You gasped at the shock as his low chuckle vibrated against your back.
“Got you baby!” he grinned, hugging you tightly. You wanted to melt yourself into his embrace and beg for his forgiveness but a part of you wanted to prolong the chase and continue to be a brat because inside that sweetheart is a scary hard dom, and you wanted to see him turn aggressive. His duality always kills you and as much as you love being sweet and soft with him, his dominant aura is always your favorite. 
“Leave me alone,” you grumbled, trying to push him off but he still kept on, even when you’re trying to go back to your room. 
“I’m not going to let you go~,” he said in a sing-song voice, clinging onto your back like a koala. You debated to yourself if you wanted to do this and on a whim, you did what would be one of the scariest things in your life.
“Leave me the fuck alone! Go away, I-” you growled, using your force to push him out and that’s when you immediately knew you fucked up. 
“Go on, repeat those fucking words,” Taehyung’s voice suddenly dropped extremely low, thanks to him being a baritone as he turned your shoulders around to face him. His eyes were now filled with anger and lust and you felt sweat dripping down your back, you knew you were in trouble. 
“I-I-” you couldn’t find the courage to talk, your heart was pounding against your chest and you knew that you can’t make a comeback so you immediately got into your submissive position on your knees, fear evident in your face. 
“I’m sorry, Daddy! I-I didn’t mean it-” you blubbered, knowing that he’s not going to go easy on you tonight and you were terrified of what was to come. 
Taehyung only scoffed and pulled you up, dragging you into your shared bedroom by your hair and manhandling you onto your bed on all fours. You felt your heartbeat a billion times faster and you tried sticking your ass out to feel him but to your dismay, there wasn’t his familiar warmth. He was on the other side of the room, going through the black box in his closet that kept all of your toys. You tried decorating it to at least make the outside look cute but it still looks intimidating inside and out. 
“You’ve been such a brat today and it made Daddy so fucking angry. Now tell me baby girl, why am I mad at you?” 
“U-um, I was jealous towards Irene, I was overreacting, I didn’t talk to you about it, and I was a meanie bitch and ignoring you.” “Do you wanna know why Irene asked me out that time? She wanted to go because she was thinking about taking Seulgi on her first date there and she asked me to visit it with her to see if you might be interested in going with me sometime. I assume you already know that Irene liked girls but you were jealous for what? Do you not believe me when I say I love you everyday?” You felt your heart drop to your chest as you started to cry with embarrassment and shame on how you acted. You definitely shouldn’t have stormed out without an explanation and here you are paying the price for it. 
“I-I’m sor-” “I’m not accepting any apology from you tonight because it’s my turn to be mad. Don’t think you’re getting a break tonight because the only way to make up for what you did today is to take everything that I give you. Are you going to obey or be the naughty slut that you’re always are?” he suddenly appeared next to you and growled deep into your ear, nibbling your earlobe. You nodded quickly, your panties slowly becoming wet as butterflies started to fill your stomach. 
He felt your panties underneath your dress and scoffed at the slick coming out. “Stupid fuckslut likes that? Of course she does because she’ll do anything just to get a cock stuffed inside her. What a shame, I thought you were a good girl but I guess I was wrong. You’re just a dumb little baby.” You mewled quietly at his degradation, his voice was cold and cruel but it was such a turn on. 
“What’s the safe word, honey?” “S-star-” “Alright then, fifty slaps with no exceptions. Don’t think you can bargain with me baby because I’m not going any lower,” he snarled, tearing your flimsy panties off and massaging your ass cheeks to prepare you for what’s going to come, a small act of kindness in comparison to his terrifying aura. “Count bitch.” 
You braced yourself for the sharp hit but instead of his familiar calloused hand, your ass was met with a harder sting that immediately turned your flesh red. You widen your eyes as you piece together what’s happening. Although Taehyung bought a paddle long ago, he never had any reason to use it but today was the day because of your bratty behavior. 
After that slap, it was hard for you to talk due to how sudden the hit was. Tears were threatening to fall down your face as you tried to take in the spank. 
“Did I fucking stutter? I said count,” he said sternly, hitting you again and snapping you out of your daze. 
“O-oh, one!” you cried, your ass hurting from the force of the paddle. What’s worse is that it’s a wooden one, leaving your marks and bruises for the next day. Although it’s the weekend, you were sure that you’re not going to sit properly for a whole week. Then again, have you ever sat normally whenever Taehyung fucks you? Meanwhile, Taehyung is completely enjoying the red and purple bruises that are forming in your skin as he hits all of his frustration at your behavior to your ass. It sounds completely wrong but the way your body reacts to the paddle and your choked moans and whimpers of pain is just a turn on to him. He never knew he liked having you act like this until he put you in this position, giving him all of the control. His pants started to tighten as he thinks about you attempting to walk or sit down after he’s done with you. 
You stifle in sobs as you called out numbers following the hits you received. Despite the absolute pain you felt, you could feel even more slick coming down your thighs as he continues to smack the back of your thighs and your ass. Even though a part of you is chiding you for finding some pleasure in being hurt like this, you liked the pain nonetheless. 
Apparently, your arousal couldn’t be more obvious because as he reached the halfway point of his 50 spanks, he started to notice how wet your pussy was.
“Wow, you fucking slut, you seem to be enjoying this huh? Does it turn you on? Does being in pain get you off?” he mocked, your heart taking his words sensitively. You let out a shaky moan, nodding with pleasure flowing through your body. 
“Well lucky for you because I like this as well. Honestly, I like it too much if I’m being completely honest.” You were shocked at his confession, trying to consume the fact that your sweetheart boyfriend actually liked hurting you. It was definitely a surprise but for some sick reason, it was such a turn on. Hey, maybe you two were truly meant for each other because you liked the pain that he gave you. However, that statement was a distraction from your current situation at hand. He started to slam the paddle faster, the pain hurting 10 times more and you swore that there will be splinters by tomorrow. You let out screams and higher-pitched moans from the impact, covering your face with your pillow to somehow relieve you from his actions. 
“Did you want to piss me off? Were you that much of a horny bitch that you’ll do anything to have my big cock stuffed inside you? No, I don’t have to ask that because I know you do. You’re aching in that tight little pussy from my words, huh? Even though you’re lowkey scared of it, you’re getting wet from the spanking. Stupid little cockwhore.” You could nearly cum from his cruel words, his deep and raspy voice talking to you as if you’re inferior to him. You could barely form words now as you just drooled and babbled on the pillow. 
He landed the last two hits on the back of your thighs and the top of your ass respectively. Just for the fun and pleasure for him, he gave you an additional slap with his hand and giggled at your sobs from the surprise. 
“Jesus, that was so hot. I nearly jizzed in my pants thanks to you. Seeing you in pain is such a turn on,” Taehyung muttered, sitting next to you on the bed and facing you towards him. He mockingly pouted at your sniffling face, wiping away the tears that were splattered around your cheeks.
“Are you okay? Did I go too hard?” he asked with concern, a complete 180 from what he was before as he gave you small kisses on your face. You found it so sweet how as much as he likes punishing you, he still cares so much about your safety because he is your boyfriend after all. Although the spanking was intense, you weren’t in danger and everything was consented. 
“Daddy...I’m okay,” you croaked, trying to nuzzle your face in the crook of your neck and although his eyes showed some warmth, his face turned expressionless after a minute of checking up on you.
“Did you learn your lesson yet?” 
You knew that this was like child’s play to him and he can go longer. Even though you were kind of nervous, you wanted him to snap and show his scarier side. You shook your head in response to his question, starting to revert back to your bratty self. “Well, that was nothing. I don’t know if you can handle me but it didn’t work.” Taehyung obviously didn't believe you, judging from the look in your eyes and your quick movements that you were clearly affected by the spanking. He also knew that you were lying right out of your teeth and you want him to put you in your place. Obviously, it’s what he’s going to do. He’s going to make you learn your lesson no matter how much you’re going to act up because a fact that Kim Taehyung knows is that there’s no better brat-tamer than him. 
“Hmm, I don’t think I can forgive you yet because you’re still lying like dumb little girls do when they want something. How sad, I guess you’re going to need more punishments until I get that attitude out of you,” he says, feigning disappointment in his tone. 
You felt your heart dance at his words before realizing that he has more in mind than the spanking. You whimper at his words and he rolled his eyes at you, knowing how much you’re enjoying this. 
All of a sudden, he ripped off your dress like it was nothing, the now ruined fabric fluttering lifelessly towards the ground. How was he able to tear it apart like that? Has he been working out?, you thought, especially since you swore that the dress was hard to tear. You whined at what he did, especially since it was a staple part of your wardrobe and one of your favorites. However, he didn’t care about your reactions as he easily snapped your bra into two pieces, throwing the destroyed material in some corner of the room. 
A wave of embarrassment ran through your body at the fact that you were completely bare and he was still clothed. You tried to cover your chest but it was no use as he forcefully pulled your arms away, exposing your breasts to him. 
“Your body is so beautiful, don’t be shy,” he crooned, playing with your nipples and flicking the sensitive bud. Taehyung’s face went up to your neck, kissing your sensitive spots and sucking on it to make hickeys. “But they’d look more gorgeous with my marks, huh?” You let out a shaky moan, already turned on by his ministrations and the ache between your legs growing worse but to your dismay, he ended there and got off of the bed. Disappointed at his sudden stop, you started to whine and thrash among the sheets but a sharp glare from him had you obey instantly. 
“Stay there baby girl, you’re definitely not off the hook,” he sighed, walking back to the black box to retrieve some of the toys. You inhaled a shaky breath, nervous on what’s going to happen. You tried to peer behind his broad back to see what he picked up but you could only hear his sinister chuckle instead. 
“D-daddy, what are we gonna be using?” you squeaked, hating the obvious fear in your voice because he knows that you’re nervous about what he’s going to do and use it to your advantage. Your boyfriend comes back and throws a bunch of toys on the bed, each one somehow being more intense than the previous. The handcuffs and vibrator were easily familiar to you as you’ve used them before but the last toy was what caught your attention the most. 
Anal beads?! He’s absolutely insane!, you internally screamed, staring at him with wide eyes while he brought a bottle of strawberry lube on the nightstand. It wasn’t like you were scared of it or anything, it was just so surprising that he’s going to use it on you now. You’ve heard about them from Joy who said that although the feeling was strange at first, it felt good later on and you took her word in mind. Now that the toy was out in the open, it reminded you of when you saw it in the box while you were searching for your sewing kit and talked to Taehyung about it. While you both decided that you’ll wait a bit until there was a time where it’ll be used, you never thought it would happen now (but you sort of understand as you are getting punished now).
“Are you ready honey? Is this okay?” he asked gently, rubbing your back to calm you down. You nodded, slowly feeling your nerves go away after some reassurance. 
“What about you? Do you think you’re ready?” you sassed back, the all-too familiar bratty attitude showing. “Oh, you wanna play that game? I’m just worried because you can barely take my dick but since you’ve been too naughty, you’re gonna take it like a good girl,” he teased, a blush forming in your cheeks as he settled you down on all fours. Compared to your height and Taehyung’s, he was obviously huge under his pants and although you liked getting dicked down until the next day, the aftermath is definitely not that pleasurable. 
You instructed yourself to take deep breaths, bracing yourself for the toy. 
“You ready, kitten?” he called out from behind and you nodded rapidly, wanting to get it over with as soon as possible. All of a sudden you felt the first bead ram inside you, making you feel sparks of pleasure. “That’s my good girl.”
Luckily, there were a total of three beads for a start since it was your first time but the first one already felt huge. Maybe it’s due to your inability to take big stuff well but you were terrified on the other two that are twice as big.
“O-oh my god...I-“ you gasped out, trying to accommodate the small sphere into your hole. 
“Why are you acting like it’s too much for you? Come on, I know you can take more than that,” he chided playfully, lubing the second bead to insert it inside you.
“I-I- don’t know if I can!”
“Shh, you want Daddy to forgive you right? You’re my big girl, it’ll be alright.”
You let out a whine as the second was inserted, making you feel full already. Taehyung thumbs at your hole soothingly to try to make you less worried and to make the bead more comfortable in you.
He observes your state right now: your face red from the stimulation and smothered on the plush pillows, your body was bent to display your gaping hole, and your walls fluttering around the pink bead to accommodate the intrusion. Your position was just enough to make his pants feel increasingly tight and uncomfortable.
“Damn, you look so sexy,” he murmured, his praise making you feel good and embarrassed at the same time.
“One more sweetie, one more.” That was the sentence that had you in fear. Surely two beads was enough for you, it’s gonna be hard for you to take the full thing!
“Daddy, i-it’s too much! I don’t think I can handle it!” you cried but the pillow muffled your words.
“You got this, you’ve been a good girl so far,” Taehyung coos, tapping the end of the bead that was currently in you to tease you. With his praise in mind, you decided to go through it as you tried to spread your legs and push your ass out even more to make the last bead more comfortable in you.
Luckily, he was kind enough to add a large amount of lube to make it less painful while toying with the end of the previous one inside you. 
You focused on relaxing yourself so that you’re not tense and reveled in his gentle motions against you. After one more, it’ll all be over, right?
“Good girl, you’ve been such a good girl for me. One more, okay?” 
He slowly inserted the last bead, watching your hole attempt to expand and take it in. You let out a squeal, trying to fit it inside. Your boyfriend watches your fluttering walls straining around the pink toy as it stretches to fit it in alongside the other beads. Eventually, you made it fit with the aftermath of being completely plugged up in your behind.
“Hah~ oh, s-so big,” you moaned, trying so hard to fit the beads inside you. Your nerves were on fire, the toy giving you new sensations you never knew you could feel. It didn’t hurt but you felt full despite only being three spheres.
“That’s my good girl,” Taehyung sighed with content, tapping the end of the last bead to slowly push it inside you by centimeter.
“Daddy, it’s too much! I-I-I don’t think I can do it, it’s too big-“
With one quick motion, Taehyung flipped you on your back and you felt the beads push deeper in your hole, hitting your spots.
“Aww, my little slut can’t take it? Is she too sensitive? Such a little baby, you look so cute in this position, especially since you’re so sensitive!” Taehyung cooed as you let out broken moans due to the overwhelming pleasure. “You’re lucky that I’m not that mad as I was before. Keep those beads in you until I decide when I want to take them out.”
You nodded blankly, his words barely registering in your hazy mind. You didn’t know how much longer you can to, especially since Taehyung sounds like he wants to fuck you stupid. 
“Hey, you okay?” he asked softly, waving a hand over your face. Quickly snapping out of your daze, you nodded and tried to snuggle up towards him. He laughed at the cute action, playing along with the simple moment until he brought out a pair of handcuffs in front of your face. Yup, you’re still in trouble, you sighed to yourself, forgetting about why he’s acting that way.
“It’s not the furry ones?” you pouted, blatantly swallowing at the hard metal.
“You’ve done too much to even think about getting the soft ones. It’s okay, you won’t feel the pain once I make you feel good.” Obediently, you brought out your wrists without him asking and he attached the cuffs within a second. Surprisingly, he gave you a kiss on the cheek and patted your head affectionately, your all-too familiar kind boyfriend emerging for a split-second.
“You’ve been a good girl so far, keep it up and maybe your punishment will end quickly,” he murmured, massaging your sides and spreading your legs apart. You felt him kiss the inside of your thighs and kitty-licking your slit, the teasing immediately turning you on even more.
“T-tae,” Although he was barely doing anything, you already felt even more sensitive especially with the anal beads inside you. You wanted to tug on his dark black locks, at least clutching onto a part of his body, but the handcuffs made it impossible to. It wasn’t even chained to the bed but it was no use fighting against it.
Taehyung could sense how impatient you were, your hips thrusting up uncontrollably to try to at least have some more movement inside your aching pussy. He chuckled to himself at how he made you instantly want him but since he’s in charge, he gets to decide whether or not to pleasure you.
“Shh, only patient little girls get what they want. What’s the magic word?”
Is he seriously doing this right now?, you thought but you immediately answered the question, desperate to at least have something. It must’ve been obvious how needy you’ve gotten because Taehyung’s long slender fingers were inserted in you with no warning.
You let out a shaky moan, your cunt immediately clenching around his fingers as he pushed them in and out at a quick pace. Your brain was completely fried as you couldn’t think or say anything except the feeling of euphoria you were in. Despite having his fingers inside you before, it felt more sensitive and pleasurable this time and you were ready to cum.
Unfortunately for you, he pulled his hand away from your needy pussy despite your attempts to trap it with your thighs. You started to whine and kick from the denial, upset that you didn’t get to finish.
“Calm down, we haven’t gotten to the real fun yet. You’ll be my good girl, right?” he said calmly, reaching over for the vibrator and inserting the batteries in. Normally, the pink toy didn’t have an effect on you because you used it numerous times while Tae was gone but for some reason, you felt nervous as if it was your first time using toys. You absolutely knew he was going to edge the hell out of you and although it was not that pleasurable for you, the build-up to your orgasm only for it to be cut away is a source of entertainment for him. 
But since you’ve been consistently good ever since he put in the anal beads, you were hoping that he’d let you come this time. 
You felt the head of the vibrator rub against your folds, the moisture slowly gathering onto the tip and the sheets. It was currently at the lowest speed and you were aching for it to be filled inside you. The buzzing of the toy was the only sound that rang out in the room and Taehyung didn’t say a word but his expression told you about what he’s going to do. 
All of a sudden, he suddenly inserted the vibrator inside you, the sudden intrusion igniting a small fire inside your body as it tries to take in the sensation. Even though the feeling shouldn’t be completely new to you, you felt overly sensitive like it was your first time. 
“T-tae, oh my god. I-i, oh...” you moaned lightly, wanting to feel a part of him but he prevented that from happening. Knowing the effect that he had on you, Taehyung slowly started to peel off his shirt due to the increasing temperature in the bedroom. With his tanned skin and toned stomach on display, the temptation of wanting to break free from the handcuffs was just too much. 
“Yeah? Does it feel good? Are you glad you finally had something in that slutty cunt?” he taunted, turning the vibration up to the highest. The switch in level made you clench around the toy tightly, slick coming out of your system rapidly. He aimed the head to your clit, making the sensation feeling even better and getting you near your orgasm. 
Your body felt like it was on fire as you didn’t know where to focus yourself on. Since Taehyung restricted you from grabbing onto something to settle yourself, it just felt like you were in a different headspace. The amount of pullings you did onto the handcuffs are going to leave marks on your wrists but honestly, it was the least of your concerns at this point. 
He suddenly removes the wand from your clenching pussy, hovering it around your folds as you leave more slick from the slight movement the vibrator had on you despite not completely being inside you. Your juices were drenching onto the bedsheets and his hand and a part of you felt embarrassed but if Taehyung had no shame, neither then you. 
“Do you want something inside you? Does your cute little pussy want to be filled up?” he said darkly, waving his long and slender fingers in front of your face. He absolutely knows how much you love his fingers, at least 3 of them filling you up well. 
“Y-yes daddy, mmph, p-please fill me up with your long, oh god, fingers…” you purred, your eyes drooping from how much pleasure you’re receiving. 
“Keep your eyes up babygirl, I want you to stare at me while I make you feel good.” Taehyung aligns the head against your clit again as he inserted one of his fingers inside. The action caused you to let out a small scream, your body starting to shake on how much he’s doing to you. 
“T-Taehyung-” “Is that my name?” “I’m sorry, D-daddy! I-i-it’s so much, I don’t know if I can take it!” you whimpered, your juices coming out of you at an increasingly fast rate and your hands pathetically thrashing onto the restrains. 
“Yeah? My little baby can take it, this is nothing isn’t it?” he smirks, adding two more fingers to completely stretch your walls out. You felt yourself jolt from the increased action, tears starting to form at the corner of your eyes. 
“Da..daddy, shit, shit, oh, it’s so much, I, I,” you mewled, your body in cloud nine as you try to form sentences in your brain. Although you didn’t talk much, your moans and whimpers were music to his ears as Taehyung was satisfied with himself that he got you in this way. 
“Aww, it’s too much? Too bad, you know you want more than a vibrator. I know you’re dying for me to pound this tiny little pussy with my big fat cock. You want to feel my dick deep inside your stomach and try to keep my cum inside you, huh? Do you want that, you little fucktoy?” 
You didn’t know how he could read you like a book but it was what you wanted nonetheless. A flash of pink flew across the room before hitting against the wall, the identity being the vibrator that Taehyung was using on you a few minutes ago. Although you could still feel his fingers pump inside you, your clit was instead covered by his mouth. 
“Ahh! Oh my god, oh my god! Daddy!” you shrieked, your attention being directed on him. He swirls the bud with the flat of his tongue and occasionally flicked it to help send you off. Surprisingly, his fingers were still moving as well and you felt them hit the spongy texture of your g-spot, your body reacting to the sensation sensitively. 
You felt the all-too familiar knot in your stomach, signalling your orgasm. With the insane amount of pleasure, he would be too cruel to deny it. With your mind becoming absolutely hazy, the last thought you had was to finally release. 
Unfortunately, your thoughts weren’t answered because after a few more pumps, he immediately pulled his fingers out and his mouth was nowhere to be found on your clit. 
“Do you think I’m gonna let you cum? I don’t think so,” he mocked, sucking off the liquids and watching your body thrash against the bed from the denial. 
“Wh-what? Why? Why?” you whined loudly, the build-up fading away and your mind was back to the present. Of course he wasn’t going to let you cum right away despite how good you were because it was still a punishment. 
“Because I said so,” he stated in a matter-of-fact way, mesmerized at your body’s reactions. 
“But I’ve been good! I obeyed when you put in the anal beads-” “That’s not enough though.” 
“What the actual hell? You’re such a dick!” you muttered angrily, trying to catch yourself from the denial. Although it was pretty quiet, Taehyung’s ears picked it up and he was definitely not happy with what you said. 
“What the fuck did you say?” he growled, placing himself next to you and choking your throat with just enough force that was typical whenever you were acting up. You gasped at the lack of oxygen as you tried to form an excuse. 
“I-I’m sorry-” “Shut up. I thought I fucked the attitude out of you but I guess you still need to be taught a lesson. You’ve been using your bratty mouth too much, perhaps you’ll learn how to silence yourself with my cock inside it,” he snarled, standing up to remove his pants and boxers, the outline of his dick already making you hot and bothered. 
Although you’ve been living with your boyfriend for a long time now, his dick size never fails to impress you. Unfortunately, it means that he’s not going to have mercy on you, especially since you pissed him off. 
“I thought you were going to be a good girl but you just love acting up, do you? Do you like being a stupid slut? Did my little girl grow up to be a dumb brat?” he scoffed, pulling down his undergarments to reveal his huge cock, the tip hitting his belly button area before standing up proudly. You felt your mouth water at his size, wanting to take the whole thing inside you. 
“Well, what are you waiting for? Are you going to obey like a good baby or are you going to keep on talking with that bratty little voice?” he snapped, taking you out of your gazing. You nodded obediently, not saying a word otherwise you would get in even more trouble. Taehyung stroked his cock for a bit, the pre-cum acting as lube to make it easier for you to swallow. 
Once his tip was placed in front of your lips, you immediately opened and took his length inside you, trying to fit as much as you can. Normally, you could suck a good half but since you’re on thin ice from your behavior, he’s definitely going to make you take the whole thing. Hearing his low husky moans made you feel better, knowing that you’re at least doing it right. 
You could feel him inch deeper inside you until you were nose deep between his balls. Taehyung’s head was thrown back and sweat was dripping down his face as his tip went past your gag reflex, the warm and wet sensation making the feeling extremely sensational. 
“D-addy, do you want me to-” you garbled, trying to form words but they came out as mostly gibberish due to the amount in your throat. 
“Choke on it, slut.” He starts to thrust forwards and backwards at a fast pace, one that you’re not accustomed to. Due to his length being too much for you to handle, you felt a long stream of tears flow down your cheeks as you try to hollow your throat to accommodate him.
“God, that feels so good. Finally my little baby is using her mouth for something good,” he grunts, placing his hands on your shoulders to thrust quicker. The low moans and growls he makes while you suck his dick turns you on, the all-too familiar ache between your legs building up again. “Do you like gagging on my cock baby girl?” You let out a nod which only made your breathing harder so you instructed yourself to breathe through your nose. Taehyung wasn’t looking empathetic for now as he smiled sadistically while chasing his own high. 
With your face being near the base of his cock and your jaw slacked to attempt to take him and make it easier for you, you truly thought he was cruel for making you take him whole. Hearing your little gags and garbles starts to make him go faster as he thrusts in and out of your mouth at an inhuman-like pace while you try to suck on him better to get more of his reactions. 
“God, you look so fucking hot like this. Your mouth feels so so good, I’m gonna cum,” he gasps, your little whimpers vibrating against the underside of his shaft. You felt a line of saliva flow down the corner of your mouth as your throat starts to close around his dick. 
“Gonna cum, yeah fuck baby, I’m gonna cum,” he chants, his thrusts slowing down and after a loud moan of your name, his hot and sticky liquid spurted down your throat. You decided to take it down your throat, slowly sucking on it to clean his seed from his dick as he gently took it out from your mouth. With the length removed, you let out a deep gasp of breath as you struggled to breathe properly. 
“Whoa, baby, are you okay?” he asked, patting your back gently in an attempt to help you breathe. After a few minutes of clearing your throat, you nodded while wincing from the ache from the back of your throat. 
“Y-yeah, I’m fine. I’ll be okay,” you gasped, slowly breathing in and out. 
“Good,” he beamed before turning back into his dominant self. However, instead of the coldness that he showed you before, his eyes are more playful and loving. “Did you learn your lesson?” You nodded weakly, cuddling your face against his chest. “I did, I’m extremely sorry Daddy! I didn’t mean to say that.” He pretended to think deeply as if he wanted to accept your apology or not. You prayed that he does because you’ve already been punished enough. 
“It’s okay baby, I forgive you,” he smiled, his iconic box smile popping up on his sunshine-like face. “But know that I’ll always be yours, no matter what and I hope the same for you.” “Duh, now shut up and kiss me,” you snarked and although he rolled his eyes at your abrasive personality, he complied anyways.
“Hold on, let me take your toys off,” he sighed, unlocking the handcuffs and bending you over to remove the anal beads. You moan from the movement as you’ve gotten accustomed to the toy inside you. You watch intently as he carefully places them on the nightstand to disinfect later and carries you to the bed. “You ready for my dick, baby girl?” His tip was placed against your folds, teasing you slowly. You let out a shaky moan, wanting this just as much as he does. Taehyung took it as a yes as he slowly entered inside you, grunting from the inclusion. “Damn, you’ve gotten so much tighter, huh?” You just let out shaky moans and whimpers in response as you feel him completely enter you and fill you up. Your walls were fluttering around his length as you tried to take as much as him in, causing him to let out a low groan. 
“Jesus fuck…” he grunted, as he immediately took his cock out, hovered it above your cunt, and slammed it inside you with such force. You let out a scream from the action, catching you off guard as you try to match up with his quick pace. 
Like it was nothing, Taehyung snapped his hips quickly like it was child’s play as he fucks you deeper and harder, more intense than all of your previous rounds. He touches his bulge that’s deep inside your stomach, causing you to let out a whimper from his smirking face upon you. 
“Yeah, does my little baby like being filled up and having my cock be deep inside her?” he asks while fucking you like no tomorrow. 
“O-oh my god, yea, yes Daddy,” you purred, your half-droopy eyes interlocking with his, a simple but cherished action he likes during sex. It can be intense and a bit awkward at times, especially since he has a look that could make anyone fall on their knees on a normal day, but his dark starry eyes were to die for. After a minute, you look away with embarrassment but Taehyung cups your cheek and continues to stare for a moment longer. 
“Don’t look away from me baby, I wish you can see how much your cute face looks while you’re getting your pussy pounded.” You were getting close to your orgasm again, your pussy clenching and fluttering around his dick. He could sense it too as he starts to pick up the pace and hit against your g-spot more often. “Shit, kitten, are you going to cum now? F-fuck yeah, cum for me now. I wanna see your cute face while you cream around my big dick.” His words were like the tipping point for you to orgasm as the knot that was building up finally lets out. You let out a scream as you felt your liquids gush around him, your mind having no thoughts in the world other than the feeling you have right now and your body is shaking violently from the pleasure. But instead of your usual intensity of an orgasm, you felt yourself squirt everywhere. Not only were your juices splattered onto your boyfriend’s cock but you felt the area around you feel drenched and some of them got onto Taehyung’s stomach and arms. 
He stared at you with wide eyes and an open mouth as he started to thrust sloppily, chasing after his high as well due to the sight. “Fucking shit, you squirted all over me baby. Damn that was so hot.” You whimpered from the sensitivity as he continued, his grunts and moans increasing in volume. “Jesus fuck, holy shit, the things you do to me baby girl.” After letting out a guttural grunt, his dick started to inflate and shoot out thick loads of his seed into your battered cunt. Taehyung slowly exited himself out of you and flopped down on the bed next to you while pushing his long fingers inside to keep his cum in there. You let out a squeal from the intrusion as he slowly brought some of his load in front of your face and tapped on your lips, slightly coating them.
“Can I have them Daddy?” you whispered and he gave you a nod in response. Like there was no tomorrow, you immediately inserted his fingers into your mouth and wantonly sucked on them, savoring the salty taste of his cum. He raised an eyebrow at your behavior and pushed them deeper, the flat of his fingers feeling the back of your mouth. This caused you to gag, the action reminding you when you were sucking on his dick a while ago. 
“O-okay baby that’s enough unless you want to go for another round, but I assume you’re too tired from that,” Taehyung laughed softly, slowly pulling them out to which you whined from the loss. “Are you okay, did I go too far? You did so well.” “Y-yeah, I’m okay,” you mumbled but he still wasn’t completely convinced. His duality always kills you but you were here for it anyways. 
“No, I must’ve gone too far. At any moment, did you feel like you wanted to use the safe word? Remember that if-” “Taehyungie, you were okay! I’m okay and I didn’t want to use it. Besides, you were really hot dominating me like that,” you tried to assure him, rubbing his arms (which have gotten buffer) gently. “You took care of me well too.” “I’m glad to hear that! Hold on babe, I’m going to clean you up and get you some clothes.” He already left to go to the bathroom and during that, it gave you some time to think over your thoughts. Taehyung was truly a marvelous person: his looks were to die for, his personality was sweeter than honey but he can truly dominate someone the next second. You truly were thankful that he appeared in your life but a part of you didn’t understand why. 
He comes out dressed in his old vintage T-shirts and shorts with another oversized T-shirt and a damp towel in his hands. 
“Alright honey, can you lay down on your back for me? I must’ve made a mess.” “Dude, I literally squirted on not only you but the bed as well,” you dead-panned, causing him to laugh. He gently wiped the excess seed that laid on your inner thighs and the top of your private area before slipping a pair of your comfortable panties onto you. You quickly pulled on the shirt, the hem reaching the middle of your thighs and shyly gave him a hug (which was considerably rare for you to start them but with Taehyung, you would do it no matter what). He returned the hug back and laid you down on the bed with him cuddling you, being the big spoon within your relationship. 
You like how his bigger body can easily make you feel warm and you could hear the sound of his heartbeat, the soft feeling making you drowsy. 
“Do you want to sleep now, baby?” he rasps, rubbing the back of your neck and finding the particular spot where it was relieving for you. You nodded back in return as you turned over to face him, completely relishing his warm embrace. 
“Can I ask you something, Y/N? I hope you don’t feel uncomfortable,” he asked slowly, breaking the silence that lingered around the room. 
You nodded, slowly breaking out of his cuddle to face him with wide eyes. Although he didn’t want to break the hug either, he sat up to look at you as well. 
“Y/N, you know that I’m dating you and when I date someone, my attention is on them and because I’m with you, I only see you. My eyes will always be looking at you, I breathe and bathe in your presence daily, and I’ll even shout out to the world that I love you if you ever asked me. I’m completely yours honey and I’m curious on why do you get so jealous whenever a woman talks to me? It might sound insensitive but today you acted different when I talked to Irene. Why is that?” You let out a ragged sigh, unsure if you truly want to tell Taehyung. Of course you knew that Taehyung loved you until the end of time and you obviously feel the same way, but that was the problem. You would completely drop everything just to be with him forever but is it possible for a man like him to agree to that? Taehyung was an obvious romantic and if he had to choose between the world and you, he would choose you but why? Why were you so special that he’s dating you? There were plenty of other fish in the sea but his eyes were set on you. 
You were just another girl who’s trying to survive in the cutthroat fashion world, constantly thinking to yourself on how much of a disappointment you were. Being an idol was a dream you were dead-set on ever since you were a child but you were too chicken to go to an actual audition and spent the early stages of your adult life fighting with your mom to go on a fashion major: a second choice you didn’t really care for but it was a second choice nonetheless. 
Taehyung was a successful photographer with many deals and collaborations from multiple people, some even for famous magazines. His visuals were good enough to even be a Gucci model! He’s good with children and elderly people, he’s an amazing baker, he can play the saxophone, and he could even sing! He shouldn’t be dating some girl who acts like a little kid and has a personality that is absolutely intolerable to most people. 
“Taehyung, why are you dating me? If Irene asked you out on a date, would you go on it while you’re in a relationship with me?” “Of course not, I only have-” “But Irene’s ten times more gorgeous than me, it’s like comparing a swan to a baby duck! What kind of man would turn down a sexier woman for a toddler look alike?” you cried, your emotions showing out as you sobbed onto the comforter. He looked at you with sad eyes, rubbing your arms in an attempt to soothe you but your tears didn’t stop running. 
“Taehyung, you’re literally every girl’s dream boyfriend! Yet you chose me out of all of those girls who I can’t compare to! Why?! I’m literally nothing compared to them; all of my life I’ve been bullied by my stature, my dreams didn’t come true, everyone thinks I’m annoying, and it fucking hurts to hear gossip from the people in this town on why I’m dating you! I’m just not good enough and I’ll never be-” Your ranting was stopped by a kiss, a romantic and passionate one. You started to whimper inside his mouth as he didn’t break away. His lips were quickly detached from yours to kiss away the tears that were slowly dripping down your face. 
“Don’t say another word. I don’t understand why you don’t see yourself the same way I see you,” he said sternly, cupping your face gently. 
“Wh-what? I’m not-” “Never say you’re not something because you’re such a beautiful, smart, funny, creative, and witty person. I know it’s hard to not compare yourself to other women but out of all of them, I only see you. Even though you hate that you’re short and you look young, I promise you it’s one of the things I love the most about you. You’re so cute and it makes me so happy whenever I’m cuddling you and I love taking care of you. And it’s okay if your dreams didn’t come true, everything happens for a reason and if you were an idol, would you’ve met me?” “Not really-” “Exactly, it’s like fate did something and we were always meant to be with each other! Besides, I have some friends who are idols and they absolutely hate it.” “Wow, Taehyung, way to make me feel better,” you said sarcastically, a low chuckle vibrating against you. 
“Plus, I don’t find your personality annoying. It highlights you really well and I think it’s okay to have that kind of humor but if you act too bratty, I’m always there to punish you-” “God, you’re so perverted and this was supposed to be wholesome!” you barked, pushing him off while watching him with disgust as he tries to catch his breath from laughing too hard. 
“Sorry, sorry, the main point is that I love you no matter what and I’ll always think, dream, and bathe in you. You’re my girl and it’s always going to be that way,” he said, giving you another kiss before pulling you back down on the bed and cuddling you again. 
“Th-thank you Taehyung,” you said softly, wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling yourself closer to his chest. It’s so warm and familiar, just the way you like it. You shift around until you’re more comfortable as you melt yourself into him. It was hard to not feel jealous of other girls but you felt better after talking it out and hearing his words. 
“I love you,” he mumbled softly, slowly starting to fall asleep. 
“I love you too.” You moved around for a bit but a sudden pain in your lower area stopped you from wiggling too much. Of course you forgot that you were getting railed a while ago and it’s now the aftermath. 
“Yo Taehyung, why the fuck did you go hard on me? Now it hurts and I don’t think I can walk normally. Hell, I don’t think I can sit down because you spanked me as well!” you snapped, the all too familiar tsundere personality coming out. 
He only had a smirk etched out on his face, pulling you close to stuff your face within his chest. “Sorry, I guess,” he replied sarcastically, chuckling on how you grumbled and complained in response. 
“What does that mean, ‘I guess’? It’s always the doms with the biggest dicks.”
Tumblr media
Your ringtone blasted across the room, waking you up from your comfortable and warm sleep with Taehyung. You grumbled to yourself as you groggily stared at the caller ID. Sure enough, it was Irene. Your heart dropped to your stomach as there was no other reason why she was calling you unless to fire you for your behavior at the diner yesterday. 
“Hello?” you answer timidly, praying that you won’t get kicked out today. 
“Hello, Y/N. I hope you’re having a lovely morning today.” “You too. Listen Irene, I’m really sorry on how I acted during the diner that time. It was extremely immature of me to have that attitude and not listen to your side of the story, I guess jealousy got the better of me. I-I promise there won’t be any more instances like this and I’m sorry for causing such inconvenience,” you rambled, sweat dripping down your back as your fate was determined on the other line. 
Silence filled the room and you waited impatiently, tapping your fingers along the headboard of your bed. Suddenly, laughter rang out from Irene’s side and you sighed in a breath of relief that you’re off the hook. 
“It’s okay, I completely understand why you acted that way and I apologize if it may seem like I’m making moves on your boyfriend. Although I would like it if you listened to my side, I’m hoping he did at least.” You stared at his sleeping figure and softly rubbed his bread-like cheeks with affection. “Y-yeah, he did. So, what did you want to call me about?” “Oh, do you know the dress designs that you submitted to me a few months ago?” Your mind went back to you staying overnight at the studio, scrapping pages and pages of different designs to find the perfect one to turn in. Although you were extremely proud, at that time Irene didn’t spend a second to even look at them which lowered your spirits. 
“Yeah, what about them? Did I do something wrong?” “No, you didn’t. In fact they were really lovely and I’m sorry it took me a long time to review them. Actually, I really liked it so much that I turned it into some big name fashion companies and they are deciding to feature them in their latest runway for a fashion week.” Your eyes widened, shock filling your brain as you tried to comprehend what was going on. There was no way, the design that you spent hours perfecting was able to go on the runway?! You let out a high-pitched shriek, instantly waking up Taehyung as he slowly opened his eyes. 
“Oh my god, thank you thank you thank you! I-I can’t believe this is happening!” you squealed, your excitement radiating the room like sunshine on a bright morning. 
“You’re welcome honey, I hope you’re coming up with more designs to possibly submit in the future.” “Of course! Thank you so much, have a great day!” you grinned as the call ended. You started babbling to yourself while Taehyung watched you with admiration surrounding his face. 
“Congratulations baby,” he grinned, giving you a kiss on your lips. 
“Hey, how did you know?” “I heard you screaming ever since the phone rang.” “I mean, I guess you would’ve found out that way. Anyways I’m so excited and happy since this is such a huge opportunity for me! Also, thank you for the support and love you gave me last night,” you said, pecking his cheeks. 
“Anytime baby girl. How about I make some of those fluffy pancakes you like for celebration,” he smiled, walking out of the bed and into the brown slippers you got him for his birthday once. 
“Alright, I’ll be-” Unfortunately for you, your legs stopped working and you tumbled out of the bed. Taehyung only laughed at your fall before carrying you bridal style, much to your embarrassment. 
“Thanks a lot Tae, you really ruined me last night,” you pouted as you made yourself comfortable in his arms. 
“You know you love me right,” he cooed, flicking your cheeks which turned into an embarrassingly bright red. As much as you don’t show it that much, you’re definitely in love with him no matter what. 
Tumblr media
Just as Taehyung was about to head off for his photoshoot consisting of a beauty model, he slipped his hand underneath his drawer and beneath the ties hides a velvet red box. And inside the box was a wedding ring that was passed onto from generations of his family. 
You have been dating him for a few years now and although you never admitted it, you were hoping that one day he’ll propose to you. 
Taehyung smiled at the box before closing the drawer to head out his way. There was a legend throughout the Kim family that the ring fits the person who's the perfect wife for the son. The ring was quite small which meant most girls couldn’t fit it but since you have small hands, he checked the size of your fingers and it fit perfectly. 
Many people would ask him why he would choose a short abrasive girl like you as his girlfriend and some may judge but frankly, he didn’t care about what everyone else thought. 
Because he was lucky that destiny allowed him to be with you and the person that he set his mind and future on was only you. 
a/n: this was initially a drabble but i liked the idea sm that i decided to write a whole ff on it lol. thanks for reading, i hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! <3
taglist: @cherrykocho​, @knjkitten​
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Mr. President
Tumblr media
Chapter 23
TW: Brief smut
Words Count: 2.5k
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Tumblr media
“I can’t believe I’m engaged now. Can you believe it? A whole week before he kept annoying me and all of a sudden he brought me a ring.” Irene rolls her eyes. The two of you met for lunch nearby the company. You haven’t seen her in a while and it feels nice to catch up with everything. Irene is one of the few of the very little friends you have.
Her longtime boyfriend had finally proposed to her. You almost scream finally when Irene broke the news to you. You genuinely feel happy for her.
“So, guess that’s it for today’s catch up session.” She grins at you.
“Um.. actually do you mind if I come up for a moment?”
“Uh duh~ of course not! You miss him already?” She teases.
You try to stifle a smile. “A little bit.” You do miss him a little.
When you reach your old desk, Irene excuses herself to the restroom. Feeling excited, you head towards Jimin’s room. But that feeling dampens quickly when he’s nowhere to be seen. Pouting, you head back to your old station.
You’re about to text him about his whereabouts when you see him comes with a woman next to him. They stand not far from where you are but you don’t think they notice since you’re slightly hidden behind the wall.
They stand there for a moment as they talk and you wonder who the woman is. You don’t think you’ve encountered her before back when you’re still working here.
They laugh about something and she briefly touches your husband’s arm. If Jimin’s somehow uncomfortable with that, he’d done a perfect job hiding it. You feel your inside boiling, perhaps just a little.
While they’re still talking, you head into Jimin’s office. Storming into the room, you huff, feeling furious.
But then something catches your eye.
Taking a few step towards Jimin’s table, you notice the name plaque with his name written on it, the one you made. Drawn to it, you move closer and reaches for it, heart fluttering a little.
And then you notice the picture frame next to it. It looks strangely familiar so you move around the table and there’s no mistaking that it’s the portrait you made. The portrait looks so out of place in his sleek and modern office that you suddenly feel like laughing.
The picture next to it does a little something to your heart. It’s your wedding picture but it’s just you, smiling brightly.
How are you supposed to be mad at him when he does this?
You pout.
And then suddenly the door opens. Jimin enters and immediately sees you but he only frowns for a moment before gesturing the woman in.
Your eyes narrow slightly.
It would all be fine, really, because you’re a professional, only if she keeps her hands off your husband.
Jimin then gestures her to sit across him. She bows, her neck a tad bit too exposed. You notice Jimin looking away for a split second, working hard to hide his uncomfortable expression.
The way her skirt is too short and the way she crosses her legs, you can see through it all.
Well, Mrs. Park to the rescue.
Biting your lips, you walk over. She finally notices your presence when you come near. You hold a hand out to her.
“You are..?” She asks.
“I’m Mrs. Park.”
For a fleeting second, you see her face registers surprise as she shakes your hand. “Nice meeting you, Mrs. Park. I’m Jinah.”
Jimin’s arm snakes around your waist as you take your place beside him.
“And you’re here for..?” You ask.
“Oh, I’m here to discuss about a new publishing project that us as Glory Publishing is currently positively reviewing. You might be aware that Mr. Park is planning to acquire Glory Publishing.”
Oh, you knew about this one. Jimin told you this before. His company had been looking for potential publishing companies to branch out and Glory Publishing is one of them. But they didn't make the cut. Yet here they are trying to convince Jimin that they're looking at the next big project.
Your husband has made it clear that their company didn't make the cut but they're very persistent. You briefly wonder why he still accepts appointments with their party. Perhaps out of goodwill.
You clear your throat. "I thought our representatives had made it clear on this issue. Your company has issues with ethical problems and we’re doing our best to avoid future problems.” Perhaps your confidence is boosted a little with Jimin playing with your hair behind you.
Jinah seems flustered, perhaps not expecting you to address the issue. She tries to have a look at your husband but you immediately covered him.
And he just grins behind you, lips caressing your hair because he swears he loves you so much when you’re protecting him like this.
“If you don’t have anything else,” you look at your watch, “unfortunately the time is up. I have to ask you to leave because my husband is very booked and busy. If there’s any further issue, I hope you can contact our representatives instead.” You hold a hand out to her and she takes it, although her expression is furious. Without another word, she storms out.
As soon as she left, you let out a relieved sigh, suddenly not believing you just did that. Jimin tries to stifle a smile at your reaction. You got up and move towards Jimin’s desk and he follows you from behind.
“I have a very good secretary it seems.” He whispers to your ears, making you gasp. He then stands in front of you.
You gulp. Too close, too close.
He sits on the edge of his desk. “And how should I reward you for that?” He smiles.
Suddenly, he pulls you onto his lap and you let out a squeak.
His eyes fell to your lips and it looks so, so dangerous.
Oh no. “Jimin, it’s the office.”
“You can’t do anything to me.” You try to run.
“It’s my company.” He catches your wrist effortlessly.
Your eyes widen. “It’s gross.”
He quirks one eyebrow. And you catch his off guard moment to run away. Pretty sure your husband’s laughing at you now.
A grin appears on your lips when you’re reminded of that evening’s event. Jimin really has a gift of making your heart rate spike up. You have no idea how to handle when your husband’s being flirty. You’re in the kitchen, having just finished washing the dishes. You set to make a cup of coffee for Jimin and then heads to his study. You softly knock before entering to see him talking through a phone call. He glances up upon your entrance and mouths a thank you as you put the cup down in front of him.
You look around his study for several moments, briefly remembering the first time you’re in here and your husband has just come up with the marriage contract with you. You smile fondly at the memory. It feels so long since then. And look at where the two of you are now.
You’re just about to dismiss yourself when something catches your attention.
Something’s weird.
You think as you stop and stare at the vast painting before you. It looks strangely familiar. You think hard for a while but is still unable to remember the source so you resolve to thinking that perhaps it’s been hung there from the start.
“You remember this painting?” Jimin suddenly asks as he comes to stand beside you.
And suddenly it all clicks in your head. It’s the painting you both saw at the art exhibition. The Isle of Sorrow.
You feel like you’re in a sort of treasure hunt today with everything that you found.
“I bought it the day we saw..” he says carefully.
Your heart starts to race. “I didn’t wanna scare you.. so I kept it hidden.. I didn’t know why I bought it back then.” He laughs at himself then smiles sheepishly. “Perhaps I was already in love..”
You don’t think you can control the pace of your heart anymore.
Especially not when his face is inching closer and closer to you, closing the proximity between the two of you.
And then he takes your lips by surprise although you’ve been anticipating it. It’s slow and languid but it’s enough to suck the air out of you. You think you’ll always marvel by how soft his lips are against yours. When he pulls back, you’re all sorts of breathless.
“Y/N.” He says firmly.
You look up at him expectantly.
He takes a deep breath and looks at you straight in the eye.
“I love you.”
It takes a moment for your brain to process and to make sure you didn’t mishear it. And your eyes water immediately.
“I think I’ve fallen for you since back then.. even before.. you said you love me. But I wasn’t sure what it was back then and I tried so hard to deny what I was feeling.. you were constantly on my mind.. I keep on worrying when you’re not in front of me, I feel so angry even at the thought of another guy touching you, I want to destroy anything or everything that hurts you the slightest.. including me.. because I know I’m the one that hurts you the most.. and it almost cost your life.. for me to realize that I burn for you.. my day and my nights.. that I’m actually in love with you.”
And the tears run down your cheeks. It’s all so overwhelming and something that you can’t describe because you’ve been waiting for so long for him to reciprocate your feelings and then he finally says the words but you both had been through so much and it just somehows feels like a very long journey.
A tear escapes Jimin’s eyes too but he’s quick to inhale a breath and recomposes himself. He then wipes your tears and gives you a moment to recompose.
“There’s something I want to do.” he says, eyes staring at you seriously. “I.. I know I’m a lot to put up with.. and I know I’ve done.. worse things. But I want to do this.. I want to be.. with you.”
And suddenly he takes out something from his right pocket and kneels down in front of you. You gasp as you watch him with widening eyes.
“I promise to love you, cherish you, honor you, and to hold your hands always in times of good and bad. I vow to stay faithful, loyal and honest till we both grow old. Will you... start this marriage anew.. with me?”
Your heart beats even faster, tears almost threatening again when you realize he’s reciting the wedding vow six months ago, except that this time it is full of sincerity.
And your heart continues to thunder against your chest when he opens the small velvet box, a ring with a simple crystal centrepiece encased in it.
And it suddenly dawns to you that he’s the only man that you’ll ever love in your life.
So you nod. With your eyes glistening in tears.
Jimin gives you a full smile. And then he takes the ring out and gently put it on your fourth finger. That’s when you realize he already puts his on, one that matches yours on his finger too.
When he raises to his feet, you don’t waste another second to pull him into a hug.
You love him.. with all your heart. Is all you could think.
When you both pull back, he looks at you fondly.
“I just thought that you deserve a proper proposal..” he grabs your hand and guides you to his study desk. You watch in confusion for a second as he bents down to pick up something from behind the desk and your eyes widen when you see a bouquet of red roses. “Hearts..” he says as his finger points to his heart, “and flowers.” He hands you the bouquet.
He smiles as you remain speechless.
“I.. honestly I’ve had this for a long time, ever since you’re still in the hospital.. and I tried to find the right time but I don’t know.. I gave up trying to find the right time because I think there’s no such thing as the right time.. but I want to do this..”
You raise your fingers to cup his chin tenderly. “It’s.. perfect.”
You watch as his eyes lit up from your words. And then his face inches closer. You know he’s about to kiss you again but this time, you’re ready.
Your eyes flutter close as his lips finally meet yours and it’s as if your lips are made for him when they moulded perfectly against his.
He tilts his head slightly and this time he pulls you even closer. His lips presses against yours more deeply, drawing a whimper from your throat, a sound that causes him to grunt.
The kiss escalates quickly, growing more and more intense, making your feet curl against the plush carpet.
His hands move downwards from your neck towards your shoulder. And when one of his hand brushes against your breast, you let out a squeak in surprise.
Jimin pulls away immediately, eyes finding yours. His expression concerned, perhaps wondering if he’s gone too far from your comfort zone.
“I’m sorry.” He says quickly, still a little out of breath.
You bite your bottom lip. You don’t want him to stop. “No, I’m sorry. It’s just.. I’m not used.. I’m.. I’ve never.. I’ve never done this before..”
He looks at you softly. “I know. And I promised you to take it slow. So I’m not gonna do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Okay?”
You nod. He smiles and releases you and suddenly you’re afraid he’ll go away so you grab his shirt quickly.
He raises his brow at you.
“We.. we can.. we can continue.. to kiss..” you say and you feel like you’re going to die from embarassment.
Jimin smiles wickedly, almost wanting to clutch his heart physically because he finds you too adorable. “Wow okay. Kiss me then.” He says playfully.
You look up at him, eyes round in determination and he finds it so adorable it takes everything in him not to initiate the kiss first.
Closing the proximity, you tiptoe slightly and press your lips firmly against his.
You feel him smiling against your lips and you can’t help but smile too. This time, you try to take control.
Your fingers card his hair as you pull him tight against you, deepening the kiss. A moan escapes his mouth and you’ve never heard something sound so sinful before.
It almost kind of sparks something carnal deep inside you.
And then your hands are on his chest, deftly unbuttoning his shirt. His hands are on each side of your waist, palms flat against your skin, not making any move to explore anymore and you want to change that.
You want him to know that you’re ready.
So you press yourself against him and practically grinds against him, making him groan.
“Baby-” he says but you cut him by taking his lips again. Tongue fervently exploring his mouth.
“Jimin-” you call him, breathless. “Take me to bed, please.”
Tumblr media
A/N: *fanning myself* im actually blushing aaaaaa yall know what's coming in the next chapter ;)))
on the side note, I am having mixed feeling right now. I can’t wait for this story to end and show it to you guys but at the same time I’m sad that it’s coming to an end because there’s really not much chapter left 🥺
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Hey Beautiful: Jennie x Reader
Request: Hii :) i have a request for jennie x femreader, where the reader is a famous idol and Jennie has a crush on her. They attend the same award show and at the end when they are backstage the reader asks Jennie for her number. Then they go on a date or something just cute stuff (fluff i guess😅)
A/N: I’ll write a continuation of this if you’d like for the date part :D
Tumblr media
Awards show season was in full swing and you were to attend the MAMAs tonight. It was your first time attending without a date, usually your best friend tagged along but she was working the night shift at her job so she couldn’t make it. 
You were already in your dress and your glam team was getting your hair and makeup done before you were to leave. This had been going on for hours and you were simply exhausted and hungry, the only thing keeping you going was knowing that you’d be seeing some friends of yours later in the evening. 
It took two hours but eventually your hair and makeup were finished and you were cleared to leave. Your manager sat across from you in the car, a smile on his face as she teasingly asked, “so anyone you’re excited to meet in particular?” 
You knew exactly what he meant, there was one person that had showed an interest in meeting you for months, Kim Jennie. To be honest when she said she was your fan in an interview, you were a little surprised. Despite being one of the most popular female soloists at the time, you were still shocked when you heard artists you looked up to liked you. 
Jennie in particular had mentioned on many occasions that you were her ideal type and she’d date you if she had the chance. Blinks and your fans shipped the two of you heavily as well. Most of the time you hated when you were shipped with people you never met because it made for uncomfortable times when you actually did happen to meet them. It’d happened in the past when people shipped you with a popular member of a boy group, he was to produce a song with you. However with all of the shipping flying around, you didn’t want to risk you or him getting involved in a scandal that would just add fuel to the fire. But with Jennie you entertained it, saying you’d date her too and she was your ideal type as well. Fans had been praying for an interaction for the longest and you knew you two were probably going to cross paths tonight. 
Once you’d walked the red carpet and avoided falling on your face, you were escorted inside to find your seat. The idols on the plus couch across from you were TWICE, the girls greeted you warmly, especially Nayeon who happened to be a close friend of yours. 
She scooted closer to you, and started catching you up on everything that had happened in the past month because you two hadn’t talked in a bit. You were both performing tonight, she wasn’t nervous whereas you were for the first time. 
Before Nayeon got up she nudged you gently, using her head to point you towards a familiar idol. You squinted, having forgotten your contacts at home, you realized it was Jennie, sitting with her members and talking to them. Nayeon stated, “I’m gonna call her over.” 
You panicked, “No no, not yet. Don’t call her over- Nayeon I sweat to god-” YOur friend only laughed, waving the girl down and mouthing to her from afar. You froze, trying to look everywhere but at Jennie, this was not how you wanted to meet her for the first time. Giving up, you hid your face in Nayeon’s shoulder, your face beet red as you laughed, the rest of Twice laughing and teasing you playfully. 
Nayeon patted your head, “she’s gone.” 
You peeked from her shoulder to make sure she was serious and not playing a prank, and she was. Jennie was now talking to Irene, facing the other direction and not paying you any mind. 
Nayeon told you, “you’re gonna need to work on that. She also said you’re missed it while you were hiding.” 
You smacked her shoulder and said, “I wouldn’t have had to hide if you just left her alone in the first place Nay. That was so embarrassing please never put me through that traumatizing experience again.” She sighed and said “okay fine, but you should talk to her before the night ends. She really does like you.” 
Nayeon scooted back towards her members and you focused straight ahead for the stage. As performances went on and awards were given out, you felt your heart race knowing that your big performance was coming up. 
A staff came and got you from your seat to escort you backstage during a break. Your manager was already in your dressing room with your stylist, both of them getting everything you need for your performance. Your dancers were warming up as well in a corner. 
You changed and start to warm up your vocals as well as your body, it was a new song and a new choreography which you’d never performed in front of such a large audience. The dance break was what you were most worried about because you hadn’t had a lot to time to practice in your shoes so you were afraid of messing up and hurting yourself. 
Your manager noticed the look on your face, “Hey don’t be nervous. Everyone in that crowd is your fan. You could go out there and just breathe into the mic and everyone would still lose their shit. So go out there and do your thing, I’ll be watching from in here. You’ll do great, stop worrying babe.” He always knew the right thing to say, he was like your best friend and soulmate all at the same time. 
You hugged him, “Thank you, I’ll meet you back in here when I’m done.” 
The dancers pulled you into a huddle, putting your hands together you all yelled, “1-2-lets get it.” You all broke and made your way towards the stage where a staff last minute checked your IEMs and mic to make sure they were working. 
You took a deep breath before making your way to the stage, the lights dimmed before the song started. Looking at your dancer they gave you a subtle nod, and smile giving you the last bit of confidence that you needed. 
During your performance all of your nerves melted away. You hit every note and move perfectly, gaining a huge reaction for the audience. The deafening sound of fans and other idols cheering you on only made your confidence rise, and it showed throughout your performance. When you were done almost everyone was standing up, even the idols as they cheered for you. 
After you were off of the stage you pulled your IEMs and mic pack off, handing them to your manager so you could go and change once more. Your second outfit was different, more elegant yet subtle. You changed your shoes to a pair of sneakers, relived that you could finally get out of heels. 
As your stylist touched up your makeup and hair you remembered that Blackpink was preforming in a bit. You wondered if you’d see Jennie back here, Nayeon did mention that she would probably be here when you got off the stage. 
Your questions were answered on the way back out to the audience because you ran into Jennie. The woman was passing you, looking down at her phone as she was walking. 
She looked up from the device to bow as she walked by, “Oh! Y/N hey!” she beamed as she tucked her phone in her back pocket. Although she knew she had to be somewhere she didn’t care, she wasn’t going to miss her opportunity
You looked her over and tried to not let your eyes linger on her very toned abs for a second too long. She told you sweetly, “you did amazing earlier, you looked stunning.” 
Heat rushed to your cheeks the longer she looked into your eyes, you stuttered out, “’re going to kill it out there, more than me definitely.” 
Just as she was about to respond Jisoo called down the hall for her, waving her over with a clearly impatient manager. 
Jennie quickly turned to you and asked, “hey, I know this is the first time we met but can I have your number? Maybe we could go out sometime?” Her hand rested comfortably on your arm, a subtle touch that still made your heart burst inside. 
You nodded, “yeah, sure. I’d really like that.” Quickly she whipped out her phone and you put in your number, saving your name with a red heart emoji. 
Jennie smiled, “I’ll text you later.” 
You told her with a shy smile, “okay, good luck out there.” 
Jennie kissed your cheek, “thanks beautiful, i’ll see you out there.” She walked past you and to her members and managers who were waiting for her. 
You touched your cheek and smiled before following a staff member that was to take you back to your seat. When you got back Nayeon took one look at you before bursting out laughing. You frowned, “what?” 
Your friend replied, “run into Jennie did you?” 
You asked, shocked at how she already knew, “wha- how did you know?” 
Nayeon swiped her thumb over your cheek a few times before pulling away, showing you the faint lipstick stained on her skin, “She isn’t exactly the most subtle.” 
You poked Nayeon’s neck with a smirk, “Well turns out you and Jeongyeon aren’t either, Nay.” Her face flushed red as she pulled the collar of her top up and brushed her hair around her neck, you let out a laugh earning a slap on the arm from her. The two of you went back and forth playfully until the lights dimmed indicating Blackpink coming on to perform. 
You watched intently as the girls performed Lovesick Girls, Jennie staring at you as she sang that last part, winking in your direction as she made the heart gesture with her hands. You couldn’t help but smile back at her, trying to hold back how flustered the simple gesture. 
At the end of the night you were finally home and able to check your phone and as promised, Jennie did reach out to you. The message read: 
Unknown Number: Hey beautiful, I’m sorry I couldn’t see you more tonight. But I can make it up to you by taking you to that new art exhibition downtown. Are you free next Saturday?
You typed back quickly, not caring if it made you look desperate or like you were watching your phone: Don’t apologize, nights like these are hectic and unpredictable. I am free and I’m more than happy to go, thank you <3
You quickly updated her contact to Jennie and broke into a happy dance when she told you what time she’d come pick you up. You’d been dying to check out the art exhibition since you found out it was coming to town but tickets sold out before you could get the chance. So not only were you going on a date with your crush, but also to check out what you’d been dying to see for weeks. 
You flopped onto your bed and sighed, relieved that the day was finally over and that you were able to end it on a positive note. 
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writing-in-april · 9 months ago
The Big Bluff
Spencer Reid x Female Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Spencer goes up against a professional poker player.
A/N: This is almost a purely self indulgent fic, once I had this idea I really really wanted to write it for myself. I wrote all of this today while sick so I’m proud of myself lmao. Also ‘the woman’ Is definitely inspired by Irene Adler. Thanks for letting me have the third person today @zhuzhubii (inside joke thanks to)and thanks to @imagining-in-the-margins who helped me figure out where the story was gonna go. Last day of my 500 follower celebration!! I did 7 fics in 7 days!! Thanks y’all so much for supporting me!!
Warnings: Smut, Fighting for dominance, Hand job, Spitting, Fingering, Choking - uhh should be it.
Masterlist Word count: 2.3k
The casino lights were bright as she walked in through the main entrance of the casino that was dripping in finery. She was a vision in red, dressed to the nines in a red dress that left little to the imagination. She was here to blow off some steam, though not in the way people would assume. The woman in red was a professional poker player, normally playing high stakes games that were also televised for people’s enjoyment. Usually people would try to escape what they did at work on the weekends, but not her as she rather enjoyed the adrenaline that pumped through her veins just as she was about to win.
A man sat across from her at the table she chose with fluffy brown hair that curled slightly and wearing clothes that didn’t fit with the overall aesthetic of everyone else there. She would have assumed normally that he was an amateur player, only here to blow off steam (Plus his money) for the weekend by playing poker and laying in bed with someone. There was something about his demeanor however the way he acted just subtly arrogant as he waited for the dealer to start, that told her that he was the one to watch during the game.
Sure enough after the first round he had won, the woman lost nothing in the hand as she had folded right when she realized she’d gotten a bad hand. Worry still had creeped up on her as she gazed at the man who looked more like a teacher’s assistant rather than a poker player, she couldn’t be seen to lose even if this wasn’t a high stakes game, she had a reputation to uphold. She could’ve left the table, gone to find some easier people to swindle, but the challenge to bring the mystery man down was too hard to ignore.
During the next round her eyes almost never left the stranger only looking down every so often at the cards she had been dealt. It got to the point in the game where everyone had folded besides her and the man, she had been raising the stakes too high for everyone else to be comfortable with participating even if they thought they had a good hand. The whole table sucked in a breath as she went all in with her bet, no one at the table seemed to be able to get a read on her, including the man who thought he was unbeatable.
“I fold.” A triumphant smirk came across her face while taking a celebratory gulp of the wine she had ordered as the man had finally admitted defeat, this was exactly the kind of adrenaline rush she had been searching for. The look on his face was pure rage, she got the sense that he hardly got angry probably because he hardly lost.
She raked in all the chips she had earned, but then decided to not show her winning hand. It was far more satisfying to her to see the frustration on everyone’s faces, to see them try to figure out her game. Was she bluffing or not?
Once she had cashed them in she left to go to her hotel in a cab that she had called until she saw the man waiting by the entrance waiting and stopped. He looked like he was waiting for someone rather impatiently by the way he was tapping his foot.
“Are you waiting for someone?”
“Yeah you.” He remarked rather simply, his foot still tapped impatiently clearly fed up with her even though the amount of words they had spoken to each other could be counted on two hands.
“Why are you looking for me?” She played the part of a coy woman perfectly, she knew exactly why he was looking for her. His cocky demeanor at the table had quickly given away to her that he rarely lost any hand that he was dealt, whether it was a bad one or not.
“How did you win? Were you bluffing? You must have been bluffing...Or you just got lucky...” His ranting would’ve been cute in any other circumstance, the fact that he had assumed what had gone down, that she was in fact only lucky or bluffing made her blood boil.
“How did you get away with card counting?” She countered back a little irritated that he had assumed that the only way she could win was if she was bluffing or getting lucky. He seemed caught off guard by her question, unable to comprehend how someone had caught him after mastering the subtle art of card counting over the years. Though she was irritated at him, she still wanted to know more about the man who looked more like a teacher's assistant than a poker player, even if she had beaten him it was still obvious that he was good at the game. “What’s your name?”
“Spencer.” His impatience was even worse now looking almost frantic at her slow pace in the conversation, he was more focused on her skills rather than her name.
“Well- Spencer it was nice to meet you, but I have to get going, better luck next time.” She wasn’t dumb, she knew he was going to follow her out to her cab, her real aim was to hopefully get him to come back to the hotel with her. She may have been looking for a poker game to release some tension, that had somewhat worked, however this game seemed far more fun.
“Please- I need to know.” His shouted out words had attracted the attention of a few casino goers who were not happy with the fact that a man was yelling right outside the doors of the casino. The little wave he gave as an apology before sprinting a little to get closer to her was cute, deepening her desire to take the man for a ride, maybe he wasn’t as much of a hot arrogant asshole that she thought.
“Why don’t you come with me if you want to find out.” She flashed him a coy smirk before ducking into the cab. The man she now knew as Spencer may be arrogant when it comes to his poker skills, but underneath it all she could tell there was a man that was intriguing. She wanted to get to know him beyond his card counting skills and possibly jump his bones. The fact that he was gorgeous did nothing but stoke the fire that he ignited during their heated conversation.
Spencer did take up her offer and got into the back seat with her. Though, whether he had caught onto the other game that they had started to play was still a mystery to her.
They had made it up to her room in the swanky hotel on the strip, being a professional did bring her in big money. The look in his eyes as he stood waiting near the door told her that he had definitely caught onto the game she had carefully set up for them. There was still a way to back out, to exit through the door where he came from, there was no chance in hell he was backing away from the woman he found infuriating but extremely gorgeous.
“You still haven’t given me your name.” The one thing that was holding him back, the fact that he still didn’t know her name. The name fell from her lips dripping with seduction, she was irresistible to him almost nothing could make him leave the room.
He surged forward to capture her lips with his own, he expected to gain dominance over the kiss swiftly though it was more difficult than he first expected. He was met with a pair of lips that wouldn’t let him gain access that he wanted, he tried to slip his tongue into her mouth but was quickly barred from entering.
She would not be giving up dominance easily.
“Condom?” He said breathlessly into my lips while she worked on the buttons of his shirt after I had hastily pushed his cardigan off and tossed it somewhere in the room.
“In my purse.” She released him to rummage through the purse that had dropped onto the floor in their haste. Once she had found what she was looking for she stood up to find Spencer sitting at the edge of the bed, belt now discarded with his slacks undone.
She moved to stand just slightly in front of him then pulled the straps of her red dress down until it pooled onto the floor. Their eyes were both blown with lust only focused on each other. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath besides a lace red thong to match the dress. Spencer was practically salivating at the sight of her only in heels and a thong, he was so distracted by it that he was caught off guard when she moved to straddle him while also pushing him to lay flat on his back.
Pulling his boxers down just enough she pulled his cock out, he was half hard at this point, she was already impressed with his size though she masked it with her practiced poker face.
“Now you’re going to sit back and look pretty while I have my way with you.” The anger on his face was prevalent in response to her words, the fight was taken away from him when she spit into her hand and started to jerk his length. Her hand moved up and down in a teasing manner not getting him even close to the edge, his moans caught up in his throat though one did escape in frustration after she had almost completely pulled away from him. Finally he had enough of her teasing, batting away her hand and flipping her over.
“Now it’s your turn to look pretty.” He pinned both of her hands above her head holding them together with one hand while the other dipped down to the apex of her thighs. At first he didn’t let her have anything she wanted, only running his fingers on her inner thighs and dancing his fingers right above her hole that was now absolutely dripping.
“Beg.” His voice was now harsh and biting, that did little to intimidate her and all it did was make her even wetter. She fought his grip with vigor not wanting to give into his demand.
“No, I won’t beg.” She said through gritted teeth, it had become much harder to finish her sentence when Spencer had unexpectedly curled his fingers inside of her, finding that perfect spot inside her faster than she had expected.
“You don’t want to beg fine, but don’t expect to cum.” The growl in frustration that came from her made Spencer pause just a little, long enough that she could retake control and flip him back over. A squeak fell from him clearly not expecting her to be able to take back control again and another noise came out from him, this time a broken moan, after she quickly put the condom down and she sunk down onto his length.
“I don’t beg for anyone.” She started at a rough pace, her anger came out in her movements as she undulated her hips with fury that Spencer had never experienced before in the bedroom. The moans falling from each of their lips would surely get her a complaint from her neighbors, neither of them could really care less as they both chased their release.
Spencer may have been on the bottom at this point, but he still had not submitted completely to her. His hands sat firmly on her hips, tight enough to create finger shaped bruises that she hoped would remain for the days after this tryst while he also thrusted with the same vigor as her bounces.
She wrapped her hands around his jaw pulling him up slightly to envelope him into a kiss full of teeth and tongue. As her hand slowly pulled away from him it made contact with the hollow of his throat, his breath hitched at the light contact and he gripped her hips a little harder. She hesitantly moved her hand to connect with his throat to lightly choke him, she may have wanted to dominate him, but she didn’t want to scare him off. He gave an approving grunt at her actions, starting to meet her thrusts even harder than he had before and moved his thumb to rub circles into her clit.
“Cum.” She ordered as soon as she sensed their coming releases. He wanted to fight her on the order, not wanting to give up what little dominance he still held, but his release was so close that he didn’t want to give it up. Their releases washed over them, Spencer first and then her not long after being shoved over the ledge after seeing how pretty he looked while cumming. She fell on top of him, limbs quite tired from her vigorous work.
As soon as she had caught her breath she enveloped Spencer in a long languid kiss that was much slower than any of their previous ones then getting up to meander with shaky legs her way to the bathroom in her hotel room to clean up. She slipped into a pair of her sexier pajamas, just in case Spencer was going to stay the night like she wanted.
“So will you tell me now if you were bluffing?” He quickly pounced the question onto me as soon as I emerged from the bathroom, he did seem a little less frustrated about the fact that he had lost, more like he genuinely wanted to know my process.
“Guess you’ll never know. It could take a long time to figure out our tells.” She feigned exhaustion with a sigh though the smirk on her face told Spencer what she really wanted. He was an expert on behavior after all.
“I've got time.”
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needahugfromesme · 3 months ago
Ok, since your last art just killed me (in a good way), do you have headcanons for Calisle and Esme's children in a human AU?
ohohoh thanks for asking me🥺 I love this question! 💕
1. Carlisle and Esme have three children, Irene and twin sons Luke and Anthony.
2. Esme did not adopt the "twilight sleep" (By the summer of 1915, twilight sleep sharply declined in popularity due to the inappropriate use of the drug by physicians had frequently led to accidents). She preferred to give birth in a familiar environment with the help of midwives and doctors than in a hospital.
Unlike most husbands waiting in their bedrooms or outside the hospital doors, Carlisle participated in the birth, which included rubbing her back and singing songs to ease her discomfort. Carlisle shed tears when he saw Esme in pain.
3. Esme came up with the name Irene, and Carlisle named the twins after St. Luke and St. Anthony. Irene has Esme's hair and Carlisle's blue eyes. The twins have flaxen hair and Esme's brown eyes.
4. Irene is the naughtiest one who always wants to chase a sparrow or climb a tree, destroyed countless dresses Esme made for her. Twins are also restless little monkeys. But when they were babies, they didn’t cry a lot, they entertained themselves by playing with their feet or writhing on the bed.
5. Esme sometimes takes the children to see Carlisle during his lunch break. Carlisle always enjoys the envy look from his colleagues.
6. Carlisle is the one who spoils the children. Irene is a picky eater and Carlisle indulges that. Irene inherits Carlisle's dislike of green beans. Often to Esme's annoyance, they would secretly pick them out of their meals and bury them in the backyard. Carlisle is also Irene's real size doll and let Irene braid his hair or treat him as a doctor.
7. They have a family garden, Esme teaches the children how to plant seeds and pull weeds.
8. Kissing with kids before work and snuggling after work.
9. When the children were little babies, Carlisle sometimes read medical papers in the tones of a bedtime story, and it had the same effect.
10. Esme's studio and Carlisle's office walls are covered with the children's paintings.
11. One of Carlisle's most frequent said was "No. She (Esme) is mine."
12. Four-year-old Luke and Anthony sometimes sleep on either side of Esme when Carlisle works the night shift because they believe they should guard their mama.
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asmywhimseytakesme · 11 months ago
Ok.... if you haven’t read Return of the Thief yet, I sure hope you’ve blacklisted the relevant tags. Because I have some art to share!
I’ve been wanting to get more art that would be appropriate for interior illustrations into my portfolio, and I kinda had that on the brain while I was reading. I started with the first couple and was having such fun I just.... kept going. It’s been a good way to slow myself down on the re-read, having to stop and think about each chapter before rushing on.
Here, I have an illustration for every chapter in The Book of Pheris Volume 1.
Yes, I shared a few of these last week and said there wouldn’t be any more for awhile.
I lied.
Tumblr media
I looked up tube bee hives and from what I saw, there was huge variation in the size of the tubes used?? So I just drew what I wanted basically. (I CAN DRAW ANYTHING I WANT.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I should say here that since Pheris’ condition is not actually named, I wasn’t really sure how to draw it. Based on the text I decided he would have one twisted foot, and one smaller/weaker hand that he would be in the habit of protecting/hiding against his body. Not being disabled myself, I don’t know the best or most respectful way to approach drawing this character. I am open to comments and correction if anything I draw has unintentionally offended someone, or perpetuated a stereotype.
Tumblr media
This was a moment where when I read it I immidiately said I HAVE TO DRAW THAT.
Tumblr media
Yeah, @emilybeemartin and @shebsart have already shared their awesome versions of this scene, and mine doesn’t feel as cool as theirs to me. I find it interesting that we each chose a different view point though—Emily did a cutaway so we could see either side of the wall, Sheb did a view from inside, and mine is from outside. In my sketch I had Irene and Pheris in the background, but it required too much vertical space for the horizontal format I had been using for these chapter heading styled illustrations, so I ended up cropping them out. So, so, so. Maybe I will do a taller version.... later.
Tumblr media
Gen is SCARY in this chapter. I had to find a less scary moment.... fortunately there was a very cool visual moment of a scared, not scary Gen.
Tumblr media
I made myself cry drawing this. 😭
Tumblr media
I think this is the firs time I’ve ever tried drawing Relius? I wasn’t sure what to do with his hands. I love the limitations of black and white, but it does mean I can’t show things like bruises very well. 🤷‍♀️
That’s it! All of volume one
But I thought I would throw in a little Costis. As a treat.
Tumblr media
I’ve always imagined Costis with a. Very square jaw/nose/chin/face. It seemed to fit his very honorable personality. I also always drew him with shorter hair, but I figured he’s been letting his curls grow a bit, and as soon as I drew the dark curl down across his forehead I said, “...why hello there, Clark Kent.” And then I just went with it.
Since I lied last time, you probably shouldn’t believe me when I say I won’t be finishing the rest of chapters anytime soon. I really don’t intend to as my life is actually very full and stressful right now. On the other hand, reading and drawing are some of my best coping strategies, so.... we’ll see.
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ninibears-erigom-fics · 3 months ago
Queen Of Hell
Tumblr media
➳ published: 21.06.21 ➳ lucifer!au || werewolf!au || genre: angst || supernatural || rated: m ➳ pairing: bang chan x bae irene ➳ summary: Irene has been forced back to Hell, leaving behind the life that she has made for herself but Chris doesn't accept the fact that he's lost his girl and will do anything to bring her home. ➳ word count: 1.9k ➳ author's note: this is based off two characters in a rp that me and a friend had created ➳ warnings: violence (mild)
feedback is greatly appreciated and loved. if you want to support me on patreon (no pressure), the link is in my directory
Tumblr media
A sigh leaves painted lips, a cloud of breath showing the evidence as Irene looks around the room, her room. Of course, the walls are unchanged, eons have passed and nobody cared to redecorate the dark granite walls because who would care? The smell of brimstone hangs thick in the air, mixed with damp and stale air, a stench that makes her lungs long for Earth’s fresh air. Screams of the tortured, the lost, and the damned echo through the skies, skies that are starless, without the gentle glow of the moon - how she hates this place with every fibre of her being. This is not home, no matter how long she once resided here, this place will never be here home.
This is Hell. Literally.
How many times has she run away? How many times has he sent demons to steal her away from the life she tries to build for herself? There have been too many times to count and every time she comes back, the punishment is worse than the last time.
The hurried footsteps catch her attention, pulling her from the window that she stares out of, watching the near barren land below her. In a fairytale, Irene would be the Princess that Prince Charming fights dragons to come and rescue but this isn’t a fairytale and she isn’t a dainty Princess. She’s the Queen of Hell, Lucifer’s wife, and most prized possession. A human whose soul had been traded to save the life of another, Irene was dragged to Hell with the Devil after a deal was made and forged into his image.
It wasn’t a pretty process. It took hours, days, weeks of excruciating pain to perfect the art of creating an Angel; the process nearly killed Irene, she is sure it did in a way, rotted her soul in a way that only the Devil could do.
Too bad that death would be a luxury for her now.
“My Queen,” the small, bronze-skinned girl stands in the hallway, bowing her head when Irene’s bored eyes look over at her. “The King requests your presence.”
She can care less about what he wants, but Irene has learnt that her husband doesn’t care for niceties when his direct orders are ignored. Rubbing her wrists as a reminder of lessons learnt convinces her feet to move towards the door, “what does he want this time?” Irene asks as the disdain in her tone causes the poor demon to flinch on the spot. Lucifer is powerful, terrifyingly so, but Irene is a very close second so it is always best to try and toe the line between the two beings - everybody knows that getting on either’s bad side is a death sentence.
“He wants to speak to you,” her timid voice is barely audible as she scurries out of Irene’s way with her head still bowed. “The King said that he has a present for you.”
A present? Irene scoffs, dismissing the demon with a flick of her wrist. Lucifer doesn’t give presents, the self-important ruler of Hell prefers to be given presents, so Irene knows that whatever she is going to be dealing with when she enters his large, black and red decorated, throne room will not be something she will enjoy. A sickening feeling starts to churn in her stomach as she walks down the hall with her head held high, heels clicking on the marble floor, and face void of emotion even if her heart is racing in her chest. She’s not scared for her life, that is not what is causing the strangling grip of anxiety to squeeze her lungs, it’s who Lucifer may have dragged into their game that causes such feelings to arise.
He’s meant to be safe, she told him to run, hide, never look back - but when did he ever listen to her?
Irene feels eyes on her the moment she walks in, the air tense and she knows that the moment Lucifer lays his eyes on her, this isn’t going to be good. “There she is.” He sings, lifting a hand towards her as if she would take it. He doesn’t care as her eyes narrow at him, mouth opening to speak but Lucifer cuts her off. “Look who decided to… visit, we’ll call it.”
She looks towards the door that opens when Lucifer speaks, eyes widening and mouth going dry as she sees, hears, the man being dragged in, wrists in cuffs with a crude spiked collar around his neck. Irene runs, not getting far as two demons appear to hold her back and the man snapping his jaws at those holding him prisoner stops when he notices her presence. “Chris…”
“You should be flattered by how many deals this wolf made to come here.” Lucifer stands up from his throne and walks over to his captive, laughing triumphantly at seeing the distraught look on Irene’s face - this is the first real emotion outside of hatred that she’s shown since being brought back. “A love story that would warm the hearts of thousands, if it came to completion.”
Love. In all her years, Irene has never felt a love quite like the one that she has with Chris. The unlikely pair met in a club, the Queen of Hell causing a little trouble while the werewolf was looking for someone to take home; the conversation wasn’t all that interesting, both of them headed their separate way but an impression had been left in their mind. Chris didn’t react like every other creature she had met, they fell to their knees without her needing to try anything but Chris didn’t do anything more than touch her waist, kiss her bare shoulder before pulling away and leaving without achieving his goal. Irene was something he had never met before, sure he’s tangled with demons, saw an Angel in all her glory but the Devil? She wasn’t like anything he had known and that intrigued him.
Curiosity gave way to interest that grew into long nights watching the stars, existing in each other’s space, and learning everything they could. It had begun as simply wanting to know how the other ticked but ended in them creating a bond that many often dream of having. Chris became her home, Irene became his moon, and although neither ever spoke those three precious words, they knew, simply from their actions, that they were in love.
It is like Lucifer has taken the one safe place in her head and shattered it in his hand.
“H-How?” Her voice shakes, body trying to move forward but being stopped by the demons that grip her biceps. Chris knows the risks of coming to Hell, of facing Lucifer. Always the dumb wolf, she would say whenever he came home with bloody knuckles from another fight at a bar during a full moon. Never thinking, only doing, because damn the consequences, but Chris knows that coming to Hell, trying to make a deal with the Devil is signing a death certificate. Irene made sure of that. “Why?”
Chris looks at her, his features softening when his gold eyes meet her soft brown, “I told you I would go to Hell for you.” He simply says, making Irene choke out a laugh in disbelief. Even with his life in the hands of another, he still manages to try and make her smile.
The tender moment is brought to an abrupt end when Lucifer clicks his tongue, bored and annoyed by the wolf still trying to take what is his. That is all Irene is to him, a possession, something to look at while he plays with his demons, toys around with humans, and pisses off every Angel in existence. He doesn’t care about Irene, her feelings, hopes, and dreams, he only cares about the fact that he had her first and isn’t going to share what he, in his mind, owns. “Dogs shouldn’t bark without permission, maybe I should train your pet for you?” His hand raises in the air, fist clenched, and Chris begins to cough, choke, cuffed hands lifting to his throat as he tries to breathe.
Irene screams, shaking the demons off her as she runs towards Chris, “stop! You’ll kill him!” She looks at Lucifer, scared of him for the first time in her existence. He can’t kill her, so she’s never been scared of him but this is the first time she’s been scared of him because he can so easily take away the one person she cares about. “Please…” Lucifer roars in laughter, watching his Queen bow her head as her hands lift to cup the wolf’s cheeks, tears beginning to fall as he continues to turn blue. “Le-let him breathe… I’m begging you.” Oh, yes she is. Irene has never begged, never asked Lucifer for anything because she doesn’t want to owe him anything but here, now, with Chris’s life on the line - Irene will beg for his life.
Lucifer’s fist tightens and Irene hears bones cracking and Chris’s gold eyes flash brighter. He’s being forced to change. “You will never leave,” Lucifer speaks with an eerily calm voice as the wolf chokes out strangled screams, bones breaking and shifting under his skin. “You will stay right here, by my side, where you belong. Do you understand?”
Irene’s watering eyes look up at the man holding all the power in his hand and nods her head. “Yes.”
Chris breathes, deep painful breaths as air rushes into his lungs while he slams a fist on the ground. He is capable of shifting without a full moon, it is more painful and forced but it isn’t impossible but normally Chris can stop a change if he concentrates enough, but this - nothing will stop this one. “Move-” He swipes a hand at Irene, trying to get her away, voice deeper than normal.
“What are you doing?” Irene scrambles away, watching her lover shifting before her eyes. She has never seen Chris shift because he’s always warned her of the risks that can happen during a wolf’s transformation. “I said yes, let him go!”
The Devil watches with amusement as fur grows, legs kicking out as they stretch and become more animalistic. “Werewolves are terrifying beasts, deadly, mindless killers but your pet is highly protective over you, he would tear apart and kill anyone who would dare to harm you. The better part is that you would do absolutely anything to make sure he stays alive so why not use that to my advantage?” That’s when it hits Irene, Lucifer’s plan to keep her here is to use Chris’s life as leverage, make sure that she stays in line while making sure that nobody could ever come near her again. Completely isolate her from everyone other than him. “Yes, my Queen,” Lucifer chuckles as he watches the realisation cross her face, the way her eyes widen, her body flinches at the echoing sounds of the forced change, and finally, the hatred that fuels her every rebellious move filling her entire being.
“I will kill you.” She spits in his direction before moving towards the whining werewolf laying on the ground. Chris is in pain, the change hurt more than anything he has ever experienced - more than any other time and it didn’t help that the spikes from the collar are now digging into his skin, drawing blood. Irene places his large head on her lap as she tries to soothe him, “I promise you, I will kill you.”
Walking back towards his throne, her threat rolling off him like water off a duck’s back, Lucifer sits down, smiling like the victorious king he is. “I can’t wait to see you try.”
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chaoticallybookish · a year ago
Miscellaneous TSC Headcannons
- Catarina, Magnus, and Tessa go on a yearly vacation. Ragnor usually comes, but sometimes, usually in the years following a trip that got unusually crazy, he flat out refuses, claiming that “Bane is determined to get me killed on one of these trips through a combination of his incorrigible daredevil nature and garish accessories.” After Jem is no longer Brother Zachariah, Tessa begs Magnus and Catarina to let him come along. Catarina’s fine with it, but Magnus requires more persuasion. (“Tessa, he’s not immortal! This is an immortals only vacation!” // “But Magnus, he’s nearly immortal! He’s lived for over a century.”). Eventually, Magnus agrees, and they have such a nice time that Jem is forevermore considered a part of the group and is always welcome to tag along, provided that someone can watch Mina, because Jem refuses to let Tessa miss the vacation and let him go while she stays home with their daughter. 
-  One year, Julian and Clary accidentally gave Jem and Tessa the same Christmas gift. They had both painted a picture of Blackfriars Bridge. 
- Julian polishes Cortana for Emma after particularly nasty battles.
- Emma washes his paint brushes for him after he’s spent hours on a painting.
- 90% of Julian and Clary’s text history is them talking about art. 
-90% of Emma and Jace’s text history is them talking about weapons. 9% Is them gushing about their artist partners (It’s so cute when they get pain in their hair and don’t notice!). 1% is Jace making fun of Emma for having a crush on him when she was little.  
- Shortly after Jem was cured, he and Tessa visited the London Institute to visit Jessamine. They wanted to take back Jem’s violin, but the Institute head was confused and belligerent when they said it belonged to Jem, and claimed that it “had always been the property of the London Institute”. She flat out refused to let Jem take it. So, Jessamine helped them sneak it out.
- Kit tries (and fails) to learn the violin. Jem insists that everybody can play an instrument, and tries to teach Kit other instruments, but it soon becomes apparent that Kit has 0 musical talent.
- Kit uploads a video of Jem playing violin to youtube. The video gets a lot of views, and Kit has a lot of explaining to do when Magnus texts Tessa asking why “there are now stalls selling T-shirts with her husband’s face on them at the Shadow Market?”
- When Jem and Tessa got married, the Silent Brotherhood sent them a card. Well, in Tessa’s opinion it isn’t a card, since it’s a scroll of parchment that just says “We acknowledge your marriage. We wish you well. Signed, the Gregori.”Jem is touched, though. 
- Julian almost faints when Ty brings home Irene. Later that night, an interesting text exchange between Jem and Julian takes place, starting with a message from Julian to Jem: “ know how to deal with cats, right?”
- Magnus does Clary’s eyeliner before they go out. (”Hold still, Biscuit! No, you’re still moving!”)
- When Alec was (briefly) the head of the London Institute, Jessamine berated Magnus for allowing Alec to wear “such ghastly sweaters”.
- The modern TSC crew has a game night every time they see each other for holidays. Clary and Alec are really good at monopoly, and they always team up. Kit’s amazing at uno. Jem seems to have really good luck and almost always wins snakes and ladders. Jace sucks at absolutely every board game, much to everybody’s Alec’s entertainment. 
-Ty’s favourite food is Mac & Cheese. Don’t ask me how I came up with that one, because I don’t know, but it’s definitely true.
- Once, all of the inhabitants of the London Institute decided to prank Gideon at Sophie’s request by only serving scones for breakfast for a week. Out of politeness, Gideon eats them, but once they reveal that it was a prank, he plans to get Sophie back. He does this by absolutely covering her room in scones. There are scones under the covers of her bed. There are scones on her table. There are scones in her wardrobe. There are even scones tucked into the pockets of her gear.
- Gabriel asked Will to teach him Welsh, so he could surprise Cecily and propose to her in Welsh. Will, of course, does not teach him properly, and finds it very funny when Gabriel tells Cecily that “she will make a lovely Mrs. Worm”. Cecily assumes that this is just how Gabriel has decided to propose, and accepts anyway. It is only when Cecily tells Sophie that “poorly done marriage proposals run in the Lightwood family” and Gabriel overhears, that they realize what Will has done. 
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bvidzsoo · 7 months ago
Poison (Part 2)
Tumblr media
 Author: bvidzsoo
 Warnings: violence, swearing, blood
 Pairing: Kim Mingyu x female reader
 Word count:  18, 095
 Summary:  It seemed like Kim Mingyu’s words were true, once you enter this life style, you can’t just end it. You are forever in the system, forever being watched, even if you were an innocent by-stander. It seems like no matter how much you want to end things with Kim Mingyu, he just keeps pulling you in more and more danger. After all, he’s made it very clear, he wants you.
 A/N:  Oh my God! It’s finally here! Can you believe it?! This beautiful piece of art has been sitting in my drafts half finished for so long that I’m about to cry that’s how happy I am that I finished it. I really hope you will enjoy it and don’t be shy, leave your feedback! I have to say that my Seventeen phase (not me calling it a phase =))) is back real bad this time, so I don’t want to give you false hope, but damn, I have idea for a third part. I’m not saying a third part is coming, but it could come at some point if my writer’s block goes away. Anyways, I’ve said too much already, have fun reading!
     The days after my kidnapping were quiet and uneventful. I would lie if I said I didn’t double check my apartment before leaving it and when arriving at home or checking if I was being followed around. If they kidnapped me so easily in broad daylight, I don’t even want to imagine what other horrific things they could do. And thanks to me being the ever observant person, it didn’t take me long to realize that, in fact, I was being followed around every day. By none other than...Kim Mingyu. Yes, he was everywhere I went. At late evening in the supermarket when I forgot I had no porridge for breakfast and needed it as fast as possible, on a cold morning when I went out for a run and probably froze my lungs because I was stupid, and then the best part...he just had to be there every day at the bookstore. He never entered, only walked by peeking inside, looking like the creepy dude he is. Irene was quick to pick up on it after the third day he went by our window and I tried to lie to her, persuade her into believing that he probably was a new resident in the neighbourhood and was taking walks but no...she kept saying he looked at me and only me every time he passed by the bookstore. So, I ended up telling her only half of the story, leaving out all the gang related things. She was excited to hear about it and kept telling me to go for it but...that’s not a good idea. I should probably stay away from the gang unless I want to get kidnapped again. Yet, Mingyu’s words would sometimes haunt me late at night when I can’t sleep, echoing in my head. There is no way out once you get involved in something like this, is there? 
And yet, my curiosity got the best of me, and one day I couldn’t help it but speak up about it.
“Seungcheol,” I said lowly, turning towards my best friend. He looked up from his notebook, his brows in between a frown and arch.
“I want to meet Seventeen” I said seriously, looking him in the eyes. His eyebrows shot up and he closed his notebook.
“What?” He asked after blinking twice.
“Seventeen” I said again, narrowing my eyes when he just shrugged, “Are you dumb? Don’t play the idiot with me--I will smack you, you know I’m not afraid!”
“What’s a Seventeen though?” He asked, a chuckle leaving his lips. I raised my fist in warning and he scooted backwards, away from my reach.
“Your gang, you idiot!” I snapped after two minutes of silence and of us just staring at each other.
“Oh” He chuckled before he started giggling loudly, making my eyebrows furrow in irritation, “You mean, SVT”
“No, I mean, Seventeen” I snapped, crossing my arms in front of my chest.
“Who told you that? No one calls us Seventeen, Y/N” He started laughing loudly when I huffed and rolled my eyes.
“Kim Mingyu! He told me!” I exclaimed, offended, wanting him to shut up already. Maybe I can threaten Seungcheol with Mingyu and Mingyu with Seungcheol, I have these boys at my knees.
“He’s an idiot, he was playing around with you, Y/N” He chuckled when I rolled my eyes and raised an eyebrow.
“I’m serious, Seventeen or SVT, I want to meet the guys. Let me know the name of the guy who pointed a gun at your head” I muttered with a glare while gazing out the window.
“You know if I do that there’s no turning back, right?” Seungcheol turned serious as he scooted closer to me.
“I was already kidnapped once...there was no turning back the second I decided to interfere with your business, Cheol” I said as I looked at him, a reassuring smile resting on my lips.
“It’s better for you to not know much, Y/N. When you know more, you’ll be more exposed to the dangers that come with this life” Seungcheol said with a smile and I leaned my head against his shoulder.
“Do you think someone would believe me if I said I didn’t know anything? Those guys didn’t and yet I was saying the truth…” Seungcheol hummed while I pouted, glancing down at our notebooks. We were just some stupid kids who went to college to study something so that they can work somewhere later. No one would say Seungcheol was in a gang nor that a gang leader followed me around, life really is full of surprises.
“Besides…” I grinned involuntarily before quickly turning serious, “Mingyu keeps following me around”
“What?” Seungcheol exclaimed, sitting up straight as I raised my head and giggled.
“Yeah, he’s been doing it for weeks now...I think I saw Wonwoo too once…” My eyes narrowed as I thought back to the rainy day when the red car was going way too slow for someone who was supposed to circulate on a busy street. “Idiot, Kim Mingyu is an idiot” Seungcheol shock his head with a tired sigh and I kissed his cheek before going back to studying.
So that conversation led to the current situation aka Seungcheol parking in some underground parking lot of a fancy building. It was in the heart of the city, a rather expensive part of the city.
“Is this the headquarters or something…?” I raised my eyebrows at him when he led the way to the elevator.
“Bingo” He sent a wink while pushing a button, top floor. I hummed, looking back at him with my eyebrows furrowed.
“Aren’t you supposed to have run down warehouses as your headquarters?”
“Isn’t that too shady and too obvious?” Seungcheol chuckled when I shook my head.
“We are high class infractors, baby” He winked at me and I rolled my eyes while pretending to gag, “Besides, I’m pretty sure Minghao would leave the gang the second he had to place foot in such place”
“ he the diva or something?” I asked with a chuckle while trying to associate a face with the name. Vernon told me but it was long ago and I forgot. Wait, his name was Vernon, wasn’t it?
“No, Y/N, Seungkwan is the one and only diva” Seungcheol said with a shake of his head.
“What does he do?” I asked just as the elevator stopped.
“Gun trafficking” I hummed with a shrug as the doors opened, the elevator leading into a big hallway with a single double door. Seungcheol led the way and went towards the control panel where he blocked my view to not see the password. I scoffed as the door dinged open and he sent me a cheeky grin. 
The room was different from what I was expecting. The penthouse was definitely turned into an office-like place just darker and...illegal. There was a small lobby where Seungcheol instructed me to take off my long coat before we’d go further inside. The air smelled of lavender and I tried not to show disgust as it was bothering me, I never liked lavender. The floor was all black and the walls a rather dark brown, my heels clicked against the marble floor. To our left there were three doors and a place that looked like a kitchen with a bar. To our right there was an open space which was equipped like a living room and there were stairs that led upstairs to another three rooms. Then to our right, facing our backs was a huge glass door that led inside a huge room. I could see inside, it was full of guys. Probably all from Seventeen as they were lounging around on the couches or playing video games. Seungcheol nudged me with a chuckle and I sent him a glare as he led the way and opened the door for me, it was a sliding door. No one seemed to notice us, suddenly with the open door the room was noisy as people were chatting loudly, some even screaming from one end of the room to the other, while others were laughing loudly. I spotted Wonwoo in the corner of the room, sitting in a chair with a book in his hands, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. How could he read when everything was so chaotic around him?
Seungcheol cleared his throat rather loudly and suddenly the room went quiet. I felt uncomfortable when all twelve eyes set on me, curious and calculating. I straightened my posture and walked inside the room with Seungcheol right behind me as he closed the door. There was a certain smell in the air, light smoke floating around. It didn’t even take more than a second for me to find whom it was coming from. Mingyu was sitting on a sofa next to Wonwoo’s chair, hands resting behind his head and his legs spread so wide it took up more than half of the sofa, and the sofa looked huge. His eyes raked over my body and a smirk crossed his lips, making me scowl at him. The guys looked from me to Mingyu then back at me with curious looks, making me further uncomfortable.
“How about we stop staring at Y/N like she’s some sort of alien, I’m pretty sure we are making her uncomfortable” Vernon was the first one to speak up with a comforting smile, a beanie covered his light blue hair from the eyes of others.
“She’s only here to meet you guys, so don’t even think of anything else--” Seungcheol’s voice turned threatening and I chuckled amused, “I’m talking to you, Jun”
A taller man with his hair, still, slicked back shrugged amused.
“How are you?” I was startled when an arm was draped around my shoulders. I turned my head only to be met with Vernon’s beautiful face. Wow, he’s truly handsome from up close.
“Had better days...if only they’d stop staring” I pretended to whisper to Vernon, rather loudly of course, making a few guys chuckle.
“Well, seems like you’ve never seen a woman before” I said with a shrug, a blonde haired guy, who I saw already once, starting laughing rather loudly, “My name is Oh Y/N, nice to meet you guys”
“Chwe Hansol Vernon” Vernon beside me extended his hand and I shook it with a chuckle, bowing my head a little.
“Nice to meet you, Vernon...again” I said with a smile and Vernon winked at me playfully.
“That’s too much” Seungcheol muttered from beside me and before I could react, his hands gripped my shoulders and I was turned away from Vernon.
“Let’s do the tour then” He said with a sigh, pushing me towards the first person to our left by my shoulders.
“That’s Seokmin, funny person please don’t hang out with him too much, he might try teaching you how to be cute--I’m being very sarcastic right now, Seokmin” Seungcheol was glaring at the widely smiling boy who didn’t seem to mind my best friend’s words. I chuckled and shook his extended hand.
“Nice to me you, Y/N” He said while blinking rapidly, “I’ll make sure to spend lot’s of quality time with you”
I giggled as Seungcheol whirled me away from Seokmin while grunting nonsense from behind.
“That’s Jihoon but most people call him Woozi” I offered a small smile at the short man, his sharp eyes made him look intimidating. He didn’t extend his hand nor said a thing so I just walked past him, Seungcheol still hanging onto my shoulders.
“That’s Jeonghan” He pointed at a guy with his hair in a man bun, wow he’s really handsome, “And that’s Joshua” The man beside him had a fancy look and his smile was warm.
“ two are my stalkers, I see…” I said playfully and both cracked some grins, while Joshua bowed his head. Seungcheol pushed me towards the blond haired guy who was smiling so widely his eyes disappeared.
“Hoshi, Soonyoung. I’m both, call me whichever you prefer” He said in one breath, taking my hand in his before I could even offer it to him. I shook his hand, his grip rather strong for a skinny looking man like him.
“Hoshi means star in--”
“Japanese!” He exclaimed, interrupting me.
“Yeah” I chuckled a little breathlessly, his energy taking me by surprise. He waved at me cutely when Seungcheol pushed me from behind and we passed by Mingyu, who sent a wink at me and I rolled my eyes at him, and Wonwoo, who I waved at and got a nose scrunched smile back. He was the cutest, I can’t believe he’s part of a gang.
“They are Minghao and Jun, I learned my good Chinese from them,” Seungcheol said proudly and I bowed a little. Minghao’s fur coat was gone but his turtleneck looked just as fancy and Jun bit his lip as his eyes ran over my body. I made eye contact with him and made sure he saw my glare, clearly I didn’t appreciate his openly devouring eyes.
“Junhui” I heard Mingyu call out from behind us, still sitting lazily on the sofa. The four of us glanced back at him and he only raised an eyebrow at Jun, making him roll his eyes with a groan before he turned towards Minghao and muttered something to him in chinese. Seungcheol led me away from the two Chinese men and I turned my head towards him.
“What did he say to Minghao?” I asked quietly and Seungcheol just shrugged.
“Probably just cursed Mingyu, he always does that”
“I’m not Mingyu’s property, can he stop acting like it?” I growled, eyes finding Mingyu who was watching us closely. I sent him a harsher glare than the one Jun got before turning around and towards another blonde haired man. He had full cheeks and he looked like another kind and pleasant person. These guys are so misleading with their appearances.
“Hi, I’m Seungkwan.” He was quick to speak up, his head held rather high and lips forming a tiny pout. He looked funny, I almost burst out laughing.
“Nice to meet you, Seungkwan” I shook his hand with a small smile, “I’ve heard great things about you”
“Really?” His demeanor suddenly changed, his face lit up with excitement before he could contain himself, he still willed his expression to go back to being uncaring.
“Of course” I said with a chuckle as Seungcheol and I walked towards the last person I didn’t know from the room. He was sitting on the floor, playing a video game. I already like this guy, he didn’t even bother looking at me.
“Hi, I’m Chan” He nodded towards me once and I smiled at him.
“Y/N, nice to meet you Chan” He hummed with a small smile as he focused on his game.
“Ah, that’s not right,” Jeonghan said with a sigh, holding the bridge of his nose. I raised my eyebrows at Seungcheol, his chin rested against my shoulder, as a grin spread on his lips.
“Since when are you Chan?” Jeonghan continued and Chan groaned, eyebrows furrowing.
“I told you to stop!” He whined loudly, making Joshua and Jeonghan chuckle to themselves.
“Who’s baby are you, Dino?” My eyebrows furrowed as I looked questioningly at Seungcheol.
“He’s the youngest, we call him Dino too but recently he said he doesn’t like the name anymore...I think you can figure now why” I laughed loudly as I placed a hand against my mouth, Jeonghan sent me an appreciative grin.
“I’ll unplug your game--”
“I’m Jeonghan’s baby” Chan was quick to say and Jeonghan hummed, walking over to pat his head.
“He’s so cute I can’t help it” Jeonghan said with a shrug while Chan groaned. I chuckled and Seungcheol, finally, detached himself from me and walked away with Jeonghan, sending a cute wink at me. I sighed and looked around the room, finally everyone went back to what they were doing. Jun and Minghao were in a corner doing something on their phones while talking. Hoshi was listening to music next to Woozi who seemed to be writing. Seokmin joined Chan in playing the video game and Seungkwan was humming to himself while playing on his phone, glancing at me from time to time and sending me judging looks. He looked truly funny. Seungcheol, Jeonghan and Joshua were sitting on bar stools as they quietly spoke between each other. I felt awkward standing in the middle of the room as I contemplated what to do. I could go over to Seungcheol but they seem like they want to be left alone, Mingyu is not even an option, Wonwoo went back to reading and he’s sitting way too close to Mingyu for my liking and--
“So” Vernon. Right, there’s Vernon, who decided to save me from my misery.
“Yes?” I raised an eyebrow at him and he chuckled.
“I don’t think you want to stand around here for longer”
“No, I don’t, you are right--but, I’m not sitting next to Mingyu!” I said quickly, rather loudly as Chan and Seokmin chuckled. 
“You don’t have to, you see that?” He pointed at the empty spot beside Seungkwan on the black sofa, “That’s my sofa”
“Yours?” I raised my eyebrows at him, “Did you buy it or something?”
“No, but I usually sit there” He said with a shrug and I chuckled.
“You are just a bunch of kids, how are you running a gang?” Seungkwan scoffed while I sat down, placing his phone down.
“We are not kids, I bet we are all older than you” He said sassily and Vernon smirked at him as he sat down on the other end of the sofa.
“I bet I tower over half of you” I said with a shrug while I sat next to Seungkwan, an eyebrow arched. Seungkwan scoffed and stood up, sent me a pointed glare before he stalked off to Hoshi and Woozi.
“He doesn’t like me much, does he?” I asked turning towards Vernon.
“He’s a funny guy” He said with a chuckle while he shook his head, “He needs time to adjust to you. Besides, he’s only playing tough, he’s not me, he’s my closest friend”
“You’ve known each other for long?” I asked curiously, eyes examining the room again. When my eyes fell on Mingyu I narrowed them, wishing he’d stop looking at us. He was directly across from us, in the other corner of the room, and he was watching us closely.
“We grew up together, everyone in this room...I’ve known them for over ten years” Vernon said quietly, his voice holding love and warmness. My eyes widened as I looked back at him, shocked. Seungcheol never bothered to tell me anything about them, scared he’d expose me to more danger.
“That’s a really long time” I breathed out as Vernon smiled at me.
“Yeah, how did you meet Seungcheol? He refused to tell me anything when I asked about you…” Vernon said with an embarrassed chuckle and my eyes widened again.
“You...asked about me?” I grinned when he nodded his head shyly. He looked cute with that beanie and small smile.
“When I moved here, I was looking for a place to stay at and he accidentally spilled his coffee all over me so...that’s when we first met. Then we met at our university and it turns out, before I moved to my current apartment, our flats were next to each other. The Universe really wanted us together” I chuckled and shrugged while Vernon hummed impressed.
“That’s nice, I tend to say...nothing happens without a reason, so…”
“So, I was supposed to meet him in order to meet you guys?” I raised an amused eyebrow and Vernon nodded with a wide grin.
“I still didn’t forget you pointing that gun at my best friend’s head” I raised an eyebrow when Vernon looked away with a frown, “If you’ve known each other for so long...why would you point a gun at his head?”
“We were being watched, no one knew, only Mingyu and I. Our gang is discreet, Y/N, no one from the outside knows anything about us. They don’t know we grew up together, they don’t know our stories...we are invisible to everyone. It’s partly thanks to Jeonghan and Joshua, who are our aces, but we also never make ties with anyone else if it’s possible. We can’t afford to have weaknesses in a world like ours” Vernon explained with a serious expression and I nodded in understanding.
“But then Seungcheol and I--”
“Oh, he hid you really well for five years. We really didn’t know about your existence” Vernon seemed like a genuine guy, honest as he was willing to let me know more about them.
“Well, I didn’t know about you either so I guess he did a good job” I said with a chuckle and Vernon nodded.
“That gang who kidnapped me--”
“Yeah, they were watching us. They probably followed you around after that and gathered all that information about you, which is really dangerous” I frowned but Vernon placed a reassuring hand on my knee, “Don’t worry, Jeonghan took care of it. You are once again invisible to everyone in this world”
“What if it’s too late?” I raised an eyebrow.
“It’s not, we made sure” He smiled at me. Vernon made me feel safe, like an older brother. He gave off the same vibe as Seungcheol. That was the first thing that attracted me towards him, the safety his presence offered me at first and then his personality. Seungcheol and Vernon are good people despite the things they do, which makes it harder for me to understand. Is there even wrong or right?
“Y/N!” Seungcheol called as I looked in his direction, “I hope you had fun but we are leaving”
“So soon?” Vernon asked as he stood up with me.
“Yeah, she’s seen and heard enough, I’m sure” Seungcheol sent a pointed look at Vernon and Wonwoo chuckled as he raised from his seat, placing the book down.
“Hey, I’m not like that,” Vernon said while crossing his arms in front of his chest.
“After spending so much time with Seungkwan…” Wonwoo said as he walked up to us, “There’s no way you aren’t like that”
“Fuck you!” Seungkwan shouted, making most boys laugh. Do they laugh at everything? I looked at Wonwoo with a smile and he sent a wink as he stopped beside me.
“Someone was maybe bothered by your closeness to Vernon” He muttered quietly, so that only I would hear as Vernon and Seungcheol spoke between each other. My eyebrows furrowed as I looked at Wonwoo, but the realization soon hit me. My eyes fell behind him and there was Mingyu, one eyebrow raised. I rolled my eyes and looked back at Wonwoo.
“If he sent you to tell me this, tell him to go and fuck himself” I smiled sweetly at Wonwoo and he chuckled while shaking his head.
“My thoughts, not his” I hummed while narrowing my eyes at Wonwoo who smiled mischievously.
“We are going, Y/N” Seungcheol gripped my arm and I sent him a glare to which he let go of me.
“He was bothered, really? Let’s make him enjoy the show more” I said with an evil grin and Wonwoo looked confused as I leaned closer to him, wrapping my arms around him. Realizing what I did, he returned the hug and chuckled.
“You are playing with fire, be careful not to get burned” He said after we pulled away and I returned the smile.
“Let’s go--”
“Do I not get a hug?” Seungcheol groaned when Vernon stepped between him and I.
“You get one too” I laughed and gave him a quick hug before taking Seungcheol’s hand in mine.
“Let’s go Cheol, before you become too angry” I stuck my tongue out at him as he rolled his eyes and started walking.
“Bye guys!” I called as I turned around to give them a wave. There was a chorus of ‘goodbye’s’ before Seungcheol closed the sliding door and led us out of the apartment.
“Never doing this again” He muttered and I chuckled as I leaned against the elevator wall. It wasn’t even that bad.
Tumblr media
     One month later things didn’t change. Kim Mingyu still followed me around, even after that night I confronted him while going home from the bookstore. I made sure to lure him into an alleyway and snap at him, but he just laughed in my face and said, “Baby, I hold the gun here so you just keep on walking like you are oblivious to it” and like that, I knew I was just wasting my time if I focused on him. However, there’s something positive in every negative aspect and that in this case is my friendship with Vernon. We bonded faster than I thought we would and we found ourselves making movie marathons every Friday. Seungcheol was against it but in the end didn’t have a choice but to accept it. It’s not like I’m replacing him, he is still my best friend but it would be a shame not to spend time with Vernon when we go so well together.
“So how are things with that guy?” One afternoon Irene asked while we were organizing some books.
“Which guy?” I asked absentmindedly as I was trying to find a book.
“Oh my God” She chuckled as she looked at me teasingly, “How many guys are after your ass now?”
“What?” I chuckled as I rolled my eyes, “Zero guys, you know I’m not interested in anyone”
“Three o’clock and fifteen minutes” Irene said loudly as she craned her neck, stepping away from the bookshelf.
“What are you saying?” I laughed, following her actions.
“There he is, your giant who walks by the bookstore every single day at the same time” Irene said with a grin as we watched Mingyu not so subtly glancing inside as he passed in front of the bookstore. I groaned as I went back to organizing the books.
“It’s been two months, Y/N, I’d be scared if I were you but you most certainly know him as you are so calm about it” Irene said as she walked past me.
“Yeah, I know him but I also can’t stand him so it doesn’t matter” I shrugged, placing a book in its place.
“Well he does care apparently--”
“Irene” I interrupted her with a sigh, “Don’t”
“If I wouldn’t know you better Y/N, I’d say you got yourself involved into some kind of trouble and now he is your bodyguard without you wanting him to be” Irene chuckled as I paused and looked at her. If she only knew that she was almost right.
“Yeah, right” I faked a laugh, which definitely sounded fake even to her ears, but my eyebrows furrowed. I’ve never thought of Mingyu like that before. I did indeed get in trouble because of him and well, Seungcheol, but I didn’t think that he might be feeling guilty about it hence why he started acting like my bodyguard. Peaking a bit outside, my eyes settled on the seemingly empty road. Was Mingyu really the bad guy I was making him out to be?
   Irene’s words seemed to have affected me more than necessary and I was prone to speak to Mingyu. I’m not a liar nor an evil person just because I feel like it, yes, I do not like Mingyu but maybe it’s time I give him a chance? I didn’t judge Vernon nor anyone else from SVT. But maybe that was because they didn’t leave a bitter taste in my mouth, after all, my first encounter with Mingyu wasn’t a pleasant one. But then--how was the one with Vernon? He threatened to kill my friend. 
I groaned as I leaned back in the seat and stared up at the ceiling.
“Three o’clock and fifteen minutes” I heard Irene faintly from the back of the bookstore. My eyes went outside the windows but there was no one, at least not Mingyu, that passed in front of the bookstore.
“So, did he pass by?” She asked curiously. My eyebrows furrowed as I looked towards where Irene’s voice was coming from.
“Oh” Irene sounded surprised as she walked back, leaning against the front counter, “But it’s Wednesday and he’s been gone for three days now”
“I know” I rolled my eyes, “You seem more obsessed over this than I am”
“Don’t you think it’s weird?” Irene frowned as she looked at me, “There was rain, strong wind, ice cold weather and he still walked by--but now nothing, and it’s been sunny all week so far”
“Maybe he finally realized how annoying he is and stopped” I grinned at Irene while trying to ignore the worry beginning to take over me, “God finally listened to my prayers”
“You wish,” Irene said with a scoff as she turned around and walked to a sofa and took a book.
He probably has got some business to take care of, he is a gang leader after all. Or maybe he realized he had better things to do, much to my happiness. Before I could think more of it, my phone started ringing. I picked it up with a smile when I saw it was Vernon.
“Hi” I giggled into the phone when he started making weird sounds.
“Is this Oh Y/N?” He asked in a deep raspy voice.
“Well who am I talking to?” I asked amused as I could hear a quiet snort in the background.
“Be quiet Soonyoung!” Vernon hissed quietly before clearing his throat, “I’m Hansol, Vernon’s twin brother”
“Oh, he never told me had a twin brother,” I said amused, leaning back in my chair.
“Whatever, doing this voice is hurting my vocal chords” I snorted at Vernon’s words.
“So what’s up?” I asked with a smile while playing with my pen.
“I was bored and decided to give you a call” 
“Well good, because I am bored too”
“What about we grab dinner tonight?” Vernon asked in a light tone and I hummed as my eyes went once again outside the windows.
“Sounds great, can Seungcheol come with us?” I knew Seungcheol would get petty about not being invited so...I had no choice.
“Yeah, he told me to actually ask you out…” Vernon’s voice turned quieter, “He just wants a free meal”
I scoffed and laughed as I rolled my eyes, “That sounds like Seungcheol, but I have a better idea!”
“I’m all ears,” Vernon said with a chuckle.
“Let’s invite him and before we could pay for it, leave him there. He either pays or washes the dishes, his choice” Vernon started laughing as I grinned to myself, still playing with my pen.
“I like how that sounds” I hummed as my eyes wandered towards the windows once again. Stop it Y/N!
“Vernon, I have a question…” I trailed off as my eyes wandered to Irene. She was reading, eyebrows furrowed as she was probably concentrating, she shouldn’t hear what I’m saying.
“I’ve been wondering just, you Mingyu follows me around and stuff…” I trailed off as I thought how to formulate my question to sound casual.
“Yeah, everyone knows that” Vernon chuckled, “He’s pretty freaky, huh?”
“Yeah” I snorted as I bit my lower lip, “You know...I haven’t seen him this week so far, maybe he’s--”
“You haven’t?” Vernon’s voice wasn’t surprised, it was more happy, “I can pick you up then from the bookstore tonight!”
“Amazing, yeah” My eyebrows furrowed at the lack of worry in his voice, “Where’s Mingyu though?”
I decided to just blurt it out, better than kicking around the bush. Vernon was quiet and even Irene looked at me. What? Was it that weird that I asked about him? Okay, fine, I confess! Thanks to Irene’s words I became worried!
“Honestly…” Vernon trailed off before clearing his throat, “We don’t know”
“What? And you aren’t worried?” My eyebrows furrowed as I sat up straight in the chair.
“Not really, he does that from time to time” Vernon replied casually and I frowned.
“Well if you aren’t worried...anyways, see you tonight” I cleared my throat and Vernon chuckled before biding me goodbye.
I placed my phone on the table and sighed loudly.
“Not worried, huh?” Irene said loudly as the door opened and signaled a customer. My head snapped in her direction as I threw her a warning glare. She’s lucky we have a customer and I can’t curse her.
Tumblr media
   A week passed by and there was no Kim Mingyu. It felt oddly irritating. I got so used to having him in my shadow that now, wherever I went, I kept glancing behind my back, anxious all the time. I didn’t even realize how safe he made me feel by following me around. And then there was the worry I felt for him, what if something happened to him? Vernon said last week he doesn’t know where he is, no one in fact from SVT knows where he is. What if he got injured? What if someone killed him? What if he just went to visit his family? Girlfriend?
I frowned at my last thought as it didn’t sit well with me. Wouldn’t his girlfriend be bothered knowing that his boyfriend was following around another girl? Because it most certainly wouldn’t make me happy to hear.
“Are you even listening to me?” Irene slammed her hands on the front desk and I jumped.
“Sorry, I’m just studying and didn’t hear you…” I muttered as I glanced down at my notebook, which was long forgotten as I was lost in my thoughts.
“Right” Irene narrowed her eyes at me and I only smiled sweetly, “Anyways, I was saying I’d be thankful if you came and helped me unload the box of new books, it’s really heavy”
I huffed as I closed my notebook and rose from the chair, “Coming, stop whining now”
Irene chuckled and started walking to the back as I left the front counter, however, the door opened signaling a new customer. Irene glanced back at me and nodded as I turned around to go back and greet the person.
“Hello, welcome to--” The words caught in my throat when I locked eyes with the giant. His hair was black and in a normal haircut, short bangs framing his forehead. His flaming and wild red hair was gone. It looked weird, he looked weird. I was used to seeing him with that wild look, he looked dangerous and, he kinda looked normal. As normal as a giant can look.
“Mingyu?!” I asked stunned as I took in his body, his shoulders were, unlikely to him, slouched.
“Hello, sugar” Mingyu’s lips pulled up in a smirk, “Missed me?”
I opened my mouth to snap back at him but something felt off. It looked as if he was in pain, the smirk wasn’t sincere like every other time, it looked painful.
“Where were you?” I narrowed my eyes as I walked closer to him. He chuckled amused and leaned down a bit as I caught his wince this time.
“Worried about me already, sugar? Wait until our wedding day at least--”
“I swear to God, Mingyu, if you don’t stop with that bullshit I’ll cut off your balls before you can say wedding day again!” I snapped, ears red as I stared at an amused Mingyu. Every single day, and I mean that, he told me something connected to our wedding day. When I bought milk, when I walked down the street, when I went and shopped for flowers...he always found something he could connect to our ‘wedding day’.
“But come on, sugar” He chuckled taking a step closer, “Soon you’ll be all mine, my beautiful wife--”
With a hiss I punched his stomach, making him double over. Something was definitely wrong as I watched Mingyu inhale sharply and his face twisted into an angry expression. There’s no way in hell my punch was strong enough to make him double over. Mingyu is not fine.
“Look at me” I demanded lowly as I stepped closer to him. Mingyu’s eyes found mine and before he could say a thing I grabbed his jaw and yanked him closer to me. His eyes widened in shock as he was not expecting something like that from me. My eyes ran over his seemingly perfect face until I found the smallest cut in the corner of his lips. I made eye contact with him and the playful and teasing Mingyu was gone as he gazed at me seriously. I felt captivated by his dark eyes and suddenly I realized just how close our faces were to each other, I could feel his breath fanning my nose. I gulped and continued to gaze into his eyes as if trying to find something in there, something he was hiding.
“Did the customer--Oh my God!” That was the loudest I’ve ever heard Irene speaking, and that was saying a lot. I quickly let go of Mingyu and stepped back as he straightened himself, wincing quite visibly.
“Hello” Irene said with a sweet smile, tucking a strand hair behind her ear, “I’m Irene, Y/N’s co-worker”
“Mingyu” He nodded towards Irene with an amused smile as he kept glancing between the two of us. Irene threw me a smirk and I widened my eyes in warning before turning back to Mingyu.
“Come with me” I muttered as I turned to walk by Irene, leading the way to the back where the bathroom was.
“There’s condoms in the cabinet underneath the sink” Irene whispered as I passed by her and I abruptly stopped walking, making Mingyu run into me from behind.
“What?!” I exclaimed loudly, wide eyes staring at an amused Irene.
“Go on now” She chuckled, pushing us away, “Don’t take too long though”
I made sure to throw a killer glare at her as I continued on leading the way to the bathroom. Mingyu chuckled but remained silent for the rest of our walk as he gazed around. I opened the door and let him enter first before turning on the lights.
“Irene is really funny” Mingyu chuckled as I closed the door behind me, “I already like her”
“I’m going to murder her” I snapped as I looked up at an amused looking Mingyu.
“Careful, sugar, you out of all know the weight of those words” He pointed a finger at me and I swatted it away.
“Sit down and strip” I demanded, crossing my arms in front of my chest.
“Oh” Mingyu’s eyes went wide before a smirk crossed his lips once again, “I like it when girls are so straightforward--”
“Mingyu--” I took a deep breath as I stepped closer, “Just stop it and take off your coat and shirt”
His eyes narrowed at me but when I wouldn’t stop glaring at him he sighed and carefully took off his coat. I watched as he winced and took a sharp breath once his coat was off. He looked at me as if he was done but I only raised my eyebrows and he undid the buttons of his shirt slowly. When it was off, my eyes widened at Mingyu’s torso. His ribs were purple and blue and there was a big gash starting from his left collarbone and stopping right where his heart was.
“Oh my God!” I gasped, eyes wide as I closed the distance between us, “What-what happened, I--”
“Nothing serious!” Mingyu shrugged as he sat on the toilet lid.
“Kim Mingyu!” I snapped, before leaning closer to inspect the big cut. It didn’t look deep, thank God, but it did look painful as hell.
“Okay” He rolled his eyes as I went to take a clean rag from the cabinet and some disinfectant, “I had to attend some meetings last week, out of town of course, and I got in a fight today before returning”
“This is what you call a fight?” I exclaimed annoyed as I started cleaning the big cut. Mingyu hissed and gripped my wrist tightly, halting my movements.
“That fucking stings” He snapped, eyebrows furrowed as he pushed away my hand from his chest.
“Well you can fucking die if it gets infected, so let me do my job” I snapped back with a glare and after a second of silence he let go of my wrist, quite reluctantly might I add. 
“Last time Jeonghan and Joshua checked--” I scoffed and rolled my eyes as Mingyu just waited for me to finish my dramatic reaction before continuing, “you weren’t a nurse”
“Still am not, but I know what to do. My father would get in fights with random people on the street and I always treated his wounds” I muttered quietly, trying to be careful while cleaning the cut. 
“No wonder you’re such a violent lady” Mingyu muttered more to himself and an amused smile appeared on my lips.
“Violent lady?” He made eye contact with me and nodded.
“Indeed, violent lady you are, sugar” I rolled my eyes but couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Before the silence could engulf us and make me feel awkward, since I am pretty much standing in front of a half naked Mingyu...with a huge cut and bruised ribs and well, I’m also touching that chest...anyways. I cleared my throat and focused on cleaning the lower part of the wound.
“Vernon told me that they didn’t know where you were and then I--”
“Vernon?!” Mingyu exclaimed, gripping my wrist once again tightly. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised.
“Yes, Vernon”
“Vernon Hansol Chwe?” 
“Yes, Vernon Hansol Chwe” I watched as Mingyu scoffed and let go of my wrist with a shove, “You’ve got a problem with that?”
“I--” Mingyu’s voice was rather high pitched as he looked me in the eyes, but stopped himself before saying anything else. I raised my eyebrows expectantly but he just took my wrist and placed my hand holding the rag against his chest, “You just clean this mess up and shut up, I have a headache”
“Of course, you are very welcome Mingyu” I said sarcastically as I finished up his cut. He couldn’t even be grateful after I cleaned the big ass cut from his chest, without having even any obligations to do it. The things I started doing for Kim Mingyu…
Tumblr media
      Things returned to normal, much to my dismay. Mingyu was healthy again after a week and he took that as an invitation to enter the bookstore every time he passed by now. Irene and him quickly connected and I didn’t know how to feel about that. They both would be throwing me teasing looks when the other wasn’t looking and I would just glare back. Sometime last week Mingyu even started bringing us food, even though I told him many times that I didn’t want to eat on his money. Of course he reassured me that he has lots of it and that it shouldn’t worry me, as if that was even the cause in the first place. But I couldn’t fight back, I realized, Kim Mingyu always got what he wanted. Even if I opposed him all the time and gave him a hard time, he still somehow got what he wanted. And that is very infuriating.
That is why instead of studying for my next exam, I was staring at the wall with my eyebrows furrowed. I couldn’t stop thinking about how two days ago he tricked me into having dinner with him. I closed up the bookstore later than usual as we had inventory to do and he offered to drive me home. Any other time I would have declined his offer, but it was pouring hard outside, I had no umbrella and I was tired...and I didn’t want to call Seungcheol as he was busy with some mysterious plans SVT had. So I accepted his offer, a mistake, I realized once I saw him driving in the opposite direction of my neighborhood and towards the most expensive part of town. I was pissed and I still am actually. I groaned as I ruffled my bangs and threw my notebook off my lap, just for my front door to be kicked open. My heart jumped in my chest and picked up its peaceful rhythm as I thought someone broke in to kidnap me again. I was looking around my living room for anything that I could use as a weapon when I heard the familiar voice of Seungcheol.
“I said no!” He shouted in the hallway and my eyebrows furrowed. Before I could go see what was happening, Seungcheol was already storming inside my living room. His eyes found mine and I realized he was really angry. I walked closer to him to ask what was wrong when a throat was cleared in the doorway. My eyebrows furrowed more as I looked confused at the five men standing in my doorway. What the fuck is happening? Jun smirked and threw a wink as he walked further inside as if this was his place, Minghao had an amused smile on his face when he saw me scowling at Jun. Vernon and Wonwoo were grinning excitedly and I couldn’t help the giggle that left my lips and Mingyu was looking around curiously. Mingyu. Again. Of course. I glared at him as I walked towards him and pushed at his, now healed, chest.
“Get out!” I snapped, but my push did little to nothing as Mingyu’s built was almost twice bigger than mine. He looked offended that my first reaction to seeing him was to throw him out of my apartment. He is not welcomed here.
“Seriously?” He asked amused, but the glare didn’t go unnoticed by anyone.
“I don’t remember inviting you inside” I answered him as I crossed my arms in front of my chest. Mingyu scoffed as he looked at the other five men scattered in my living room.
“If they can stay, so can I.” And before I could curse him out, he pushed past me and sat down just where I was sitting seconds before. I scoffed and leaned against my door frame.
“Do you want some drinks?” 
“No.” Seungcheol snapped irritatedly as he ruffled his hair. He was standing next to the big window and drew the curtains together, blocking the view of the city. Something must have happened if he’s so on edge. I opened my mouth to ask once again what was wrong, but Vernon cut me off.
“Don’t I get my hug?” He tried to defuse the tense air in the room, but made it worse when Seungcheol and Mingyu both started glaring at him. I didn’t want to make Seungcheol angrier than he already was, but tormenting Mingyu was always something I enjoyed doing. And Vernon is my friend, I always hug him when we meet. So with a small smile and a shake of my head I walked towards him, he stood up from the ground, and we hugged. He squeezed me into his arms and lifted me up a bit, making me giggle into his neck. Vernon made me feel comfortable and protected. Having him and Seungcheol as my friends felt like having two older brothers and it was a feeling I really enjoyed. Seungcheol was like the stern and over protective older brother and Vernon the funny one and always ready to cause trouble with you kind of older brother. Mingyu scoffed as he looked away and I smirked to myself as I let go of Vernon. Mingyu always acts like a big, bad, tough guy but in moments like this his true self shows. He’s just a jealous, greedy, piece of shit. 
“So…”I spoke up as I walked next to Seungcheol and put an arm around his shoulders, “care to tell me why you six waltzed into my apartment uninvited with a very pissed Seungcheol?”
Seungcheol sighed deeply next to me and took my hand resting on his shoulders in his, giving it a squeeze. He was trying to calm down so I looked at him and offered him a friendly smile.
“Because Mingyu is fucking crazy!” He still couldn’t contain his temper as he looked at Mingyu with the deadliest glare I’ve ever seen coming from him.
“No, Mingyu is just fucking annoying. He can’t take a no, nor a ‘I told you to leave me alone, asshole’, nor a ‘I will fucking put you into jail if you don’t stop--’”
“Shut up, sugar, unless you want to really piss me off” Mingyu spoke lowly, eyes boring into mine as a smirk spread on my lips.
“Oh, I’m just getting started. Or what? Will you put a bullet in my head like you threatened so many times already?” Mingyu’s jaw clenched as he was ready to spring to his feet when Seungcheol chuckled humorlessly.
“Well if he won’t put a bullet in your head, someone else will fucking sure do it.” My eyes went wide as I looked at Seungcheol then at Vernon and Wonwoo. What is he talking about? My heart started beating quickly again as I let go of Seungcheol and straightened my posture. Seungcheol’s eyebrows furrowed as he realized what he said and sighed, shaking his head, “I didn’t mean to make it sound like that--”
“But what you said is right.” Vernon cut off Seungcheol and I looked between the two even more confused. A headache was brewing as I felt a light pressure in my forehead.
“Okay, honestly, what the fuck?” I finally snapped, glaring at everyone in room, especially at Seungcheol, “You have five seconds to explain before I call the cops”
“Yeah, right” Seungcheol muttered underneath his breath and I kicked his shin, earning a hiss from him.
Minghao, however, placed a brown envelope on top of my coffee table and looked at me with a neutral expression. I bit my lower lip, looking at the envelope nervously. What can be in there? Am I a wanted criminal for hanging around with SVT? Or did someone put a prize on my head because of Mingyu? Because he’s always with me and the other gangs probably already think there’s something going on between us? Coming to think of it, Kim Mingyu is a fucking idiot. He couldn’t even keep it on the low that he’s after me 24/7. 
“There’s an auction tomorrow at the Town Hall. We are going to steal a 1.00 carat Diamond ring--
“We are buying it first, Minghao, didn’t I tell you that already?” Mingyu asked with a yawn and Minghao rolled his eyes before he looked back at me.
“It’s not buying if we steal it before we can pay for it, anyways, Y/N, we need you to come with us” I blinked once and then twice as it was quiet in the room. Everyone was looking at me. Oh, now I understand why Seungcheol is so pissed, he doesn’t want to involve me in their business.
“We don’t need you to come, that’s just the bullshit coming out of Mingyu’s brain. We can perfectly do it without you too, we’ve already done it thousands of times.” Seungcheol’s jaw clenched as glared at their leader.
“Watch your fucking mouth, Seungcheol, my tolerance with you is running thin!” Mingyu snapped as he stood up, eyes narrowed at my friend. I sighed and took a step forward in order to stand between these two. I don’t want a gun pointed at Seungcheol again.
“Stop it!” I glared at both before looking down at the envelope, Seungcheol said they’ve done this before so nothing should go wrong. And it’s a Saturday tomorrow, a day I’d rather spend around high class people than study for my crucial exam. A small smirk spread on my lips as I looked up at Mingyu. His eyes were focused on me and when he saw my expression he knew I was in. He took a step back and sat on my couch again as he looked at Seungcheol smugly, who couldn’t see me as I was standing with my back towards him.
“Fine, I’m in” I said loud and clear and Seungcheol grabbed my arm.
“Are you crazy?! This is exposing you into our world so much more! It’s too dangerous, Y/N, please--”
“You think I’m not exposed way too much already?!” I raised my eyebrows with a scoff, “Mingyu’s been following me around daily for months, Seungcheol, you think no one saw him? Saw me? Saw the two of us together and got the wrong idea? Hell, I was exposed by you a long time ago, you just never wanted to admit it because you need me. And because I need you, Seungcheol.” My voice grew soft as Seungcheol looked down at the ground, his grip growing softer on my arm. I placed my other hand on his holding mine and gave it a reassuring squeeze. 
“Trust me, okay?” I whispered as Seungcheol looked me in the eyes defeated and nodded wordlessly.
“Be home tomorrow all day, you’ll have a package sent your way. I’ll pick you up at five in the afternoon.” Mingyu spoke up as he rose from my sofa and patted Minghao on the back.
“I’m only going with you if Seungcheol, Vernon and Wonwoo will be there with me at the auction.” I stepped in front of Mingyu so he couldn’t leave. There were a few inches between our bodies and I tried to ignore his scent and body warmth. He felt really inviting and I hated how easily my body gave in. I got too used to him and that’s bad.
“You don’t get to negotiate with me, Y/N.” Him using my name never meant anything good. He was dead serious. He wasn’t glaring nor speaking in a threatening way, but his words were enough to warn me.
“And you need me, Mingyu, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now. So if you want me to really go, those are my conditions. And...Wonwoo picks me up, not you.” A throat was cleared behind Mingyu as a way to hide the laughter that bubbled up from Wonwoo. He was enjoying this a lot. He always enjoyed me standing up to Mingyu and never was afraid to show it, he really has known Mingyu for the longest.
“If you think…” He leaned down, our noses brushing against each other, “That you’ll be able to avoid me all night, you are very wrong. You are my girl.”
“Fuck you, I am no one’s, especially not yours.” I said pissed but Mingyu just sniffed before straightening up and walking past me. I glared at the wall as the boys one by one left my apartment.
“See you tomorrow!” Wonwoo smiled cutely and I sighed as I nodded. Vernon waved and before Seungcheol could leave, I grabbed his arm.
“Sleep here tonight?” Seungcheol looked past my shoulder and nodded at the person behind me, no doubt Mingyu, before he gave me a small smile.
“I’ve got to take care of a few things, I’ll be back in an hour”
“Cool, I’ll cook us something then” He kissed my forehead before leaving too. I sighed and walked to the coffee table to pick up the envelope. The big diamond ring stared back at me mockingly and I studied it as I made my way to the kitchen. This will be interesting.
Tumblr media
   I stared at the reflection staring back at me in the mirror with a grimace. Of course Mingyu would pick a dress like this one. Red silk, tightly clinging to my body, deep V cut with thin straps and floor length but with a cut so high on my left thigh that I’m afraid my underwear will show if I take big steps. The heels sent with the dress were a dark emerald green, matching my earrings and purse. When I first saw the dress my jaw dropped, I was mesmerized by the fabric and beauty of it but when I finally dressed in it, I realized how provoking it is. I honestly don’t know if Mingyu is doing this for his own twisted mind or because he wants me to distract the important people he’s stealing from tonight. He sent nothing to wear over the dress so I decided to pull on my white fur jacket that I got from Seungcheol two years ago. He showed up to my birthday with the fancy package and at first I thought he was pranking me, but when I opened the box I was left speechless. He refused to tell me where he got the money from to buy such an expensive gift for me but now I know, it all makes sense now. My phone pinged and I glanced down to see a text from Wonwoo informing me that he was downstairs waiting for me. I took a deep breath and tightened the low ponytail before slipping my red lipstick inside my purse and quickly left, after locking the front door.
Wonwoo had a big smile on his lips when he saw me opening the apartment complex’s door, pretending to take off his hat as I walked closer to him. I chuckled and shook my head as I stopped in front of him.
“Didn’t he just overdo himself?” I asked, rolling my eyes as I twirled around slowly. Wonwoo started laughing, his deep voice raising a few octaves.
“Mingyu always had good taste and right now he hit the jackspot,” There was a sly smirk on Wonwoo’s lips as he pushed off the car, “All eyes will be on you tonight.”
“I guess that is his goal?” I asked with a sigh as I sat inside the car after Wonwoo opened the backseat door for me, “I have to distract the important people so that you guys can steal peacefully?”
Wonwoo chuckled and shook his head before closing the door and jogging to the driver’s seat. I buckled up the seatbelt and got comfortable on the leather seat, still not used to the softness of the fabric of my dress.
Wonwoo sat inside and started the car smoothly, slowly taking off, “You being there with us tonight is just Mingyu wanting to show off. He’s not using you as a distraction, although that’s what will happen probably. I know you hate the situation you are in, but Mingyu is never letting go of you. You can hate him until the end of your life but you got him wrapped around your fingers, something he will never admit.”
“I don’t understand what’s so special about me. There’s so many women out there who would willingly be with him, who are, hell, desperate to be with a man like him!” I exclaimed as I looked out the window.
“Trust me, I don’t understand either” Wonwoo started laughing and I rolled my eyes in a playful manner, “It’s mainly how loyal you are to Seungcheol. You really left a deep impression on him when you stood in front of that gun pointed at your friend. Many would have ran away just by seeing the situation that was unfolding when you stepped in. I knew you’d bring trouble upon us when you left Seungcheol’s vehicle--”
“You were in the van!” I exclaimed, leaning forward in my seat gaping. Wonwoo glanced back at me through the rearview mirror with a cheeky grin, “I knew it! I knew someone was inside the van still, I felt it!” 
“Yeah, I’m about to make a bold statement, but I’m one hundred percent sure we even made eye contact!” I gasped and soon we were both laughing. Sometimes I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that these men are part of a dangerous organization, hell, they are even more dangerous. That Seungcheol, the nicest and most caring man I know, is a drug dealer lord and that Vernon, the funny and reliable friend, is a hitman. Even Wonwoo, who always makes me laugh and loves to read in his free time, he’s the designated get away driver who’s caused numerous accidents that killed innocent by-standers. It’s a crazy world I got dragged in accidentally and no matter how much I hate it, Mingyu’s right, there’s no way out for me. So I better woman up and accept my fate of always having someone in my shadow to protect me from unknown dangers.
“Just smile and be nice to everyone Mingyu will introduce you to,” Wonwoo spoke up, bringing me out of my thoughts, “And try to keep your witty remarks to yourself until at least you are alone”
“Great, we are here” I muttered to myself as suddenly my stomach felt like an empty hole. I gulped and undid my seatbelt, about to open my door when someone opened it for me. It was Seungcheol and I took a deep breath before stepping out.
“Have fun, by the way, you look absolutely stunning!” Wonwoo called after me and I offered him a small smile as Seungcheol closed the door for me.
“My God” I breathed out as I looked around at the people swarming the place, all looking fancy and expensive. I’ve never seen so much luxury at one place ever in my life. Rich people really have it all.
“I thought I could do this, but I’m on the verge of throwing up, Cheol!” I whisper-shouted as I gripped onto my friend’s forearm. He sighed and I looked at him, taking in his outfit for the first time. He was wearing a dark red tuxedo, looking really handsome. His black hair was gelled back and the lip piercing was missing, he looked weird without the accessory.
“You have to put that lip piercing back the second we leave this place” I said with furrowed eyebrows as Seungcheol chuckled and pushed me back gently, getting a good look at my outfit.
“I’m going to fucking murder Mingyu, what are you wearing!” Seungcheol’s exclamation earned a few cross eyed looks and I pinched his hand to warn him to keep it down.
“A very expensive designer dress that I picked out myself with great care.” Mingyu seemed to teleport as he spoke up from next to me, eyes locking with Seungcheol, “Why? Do you have a problem?”
“It’s too revealing!” Seungcheol hissed and I sighed as I grabbed his arm.
“It’s fine, it’s just for tonight, Cheol. Let’s not cause a scene, okay?” I spoke softly, trying to calm him as I noticed people looking more frequently over. It could just be because Mingyu is standing next to me, I don’t know, but I don’t want to test our luck tonight. A hand touched my arm and I cringed a little when Mingyu intertwined our arms, but I stayed quiet deciding to follow Wonwoo’s advice. 
“Do your job, S.Coups, it’s why you are here tonight.” Mingyu’s voice was stern as he shot Seungcheol another look before taking off towards the entrance. I remained quiet as I followed his lead, taking in the beauty of the place. The chandeliers hanging low were covered in sparkling crystals and the floor and wall were all marble. The place looked breathtaking. My attention soon turned to the bodyguard standing at the next door, a notebook in his hands.
“Kim Mingyu, Oh Y/N” Mingyu spoke before the guard could even speak up, checking our names on the list. He gave us a nod and Mingyu started leading the way once again. As we walked inside the spacious room, music flooded my ears, nice slow music, and chatter. People were everywhere you looked, holding drinks or nothing in their hands, and laughing and talking with each other. Towards the front of the room was a small stage where the live band was playing and in front of the stage numerous empty chairs, for the auction later. We walked towards the right back of the room, where round tables had name tags on, and as Mingyu found ours we stopped. I shrugged my fur jacket off and hung it on the chair, placing my purse on the table next to the champagne glass. I felt eyes on me so I turned to look at Mingyu. For the first time tonight, I looked at him and took in his outfit. He was wearing all black, dress trousers, a vest without any dress shirt underneath and a sparkly tuxedo jacket with chains on. His black hair was styled in a way that left the impression that he had bangs but with the undercut it looked really nice. My eyes ran over his body once again and I tried to ignore the dryness of my throat when my eyes spotted his naked chest again. A chest on which a fading scar could be seen. He looked jaw dropping and I could see why so many ladies were looking our way. His look screamed danger, excitement and pleasure.
“I see I’m not the only one taken by my partner tonight” Mingyu smiled, genuinely, his sharp canines showing. I was speechless for a second and it made his smile widen. 
“Don’t expect me to obey you after tonight” I tried to scowl while trying to say something logical, off thrown by his smile. 
“I am not” He chuckled and stepped closer, eyes sweeping over my form for the nth time, “I really wasn’t going to choose this dress, but now I’m really glad I did”
“Something revealing not being your first choice? What a shock!” I placed a hand over my mouth mockingly and Mingyu rolled his eyes as he stepped again closer, little to no space between us now.
“We’ve spent so many months together and yet you still don’t know me, I am quite offended,” Mingyu said with a pout and my eyebrows furrowed.
“It’s not like we spent that time getting to know each other” I shrugged as my eyes wandered around the room, “You follow me around all the time while I yell at you to leave me alone...which makes me wonder, do you not have a life that you have to participate in?”
“Very funny” He glared a little as I offered him a sweet smile, “I take care of my business before I decide to stalk you”
“I’m glad you are aware that it’s called stalking what you do”
“Is it still stalking when the other one likes it?” He leaned in and I looked away in an attempt to ignore the closeness. My heart was beating so fast in my chest I was afraid the music wasn’t loud enough to cover it and Mingyu would hear it. I tried to distract myself even more as I furrowed my eyebrows and tried to spot a familiar face in the mass of people present in the room with us.
“Stalking is still stalking, Kim Mingyu, no matter the feelings tied to it” Finally, I answered back as a low humming sound came from the male standing too close in front of me. I made the mistake of glancing at him, our gazes catching each other and eyes locking. 
“When will you admit that you like having me around?” His voice was barely a whisper and I probably wouldn’t have heard him if my senses wouldn’t have been in overdrive. Everything around me felt on fire as I gulped, trying to collect my thoughts. He never stood this close to me before, we were almost pressed up against each other. His body warm drew me in more and more and I found myself staring at his pink lips, tongue poking out to wet them. The action snapped me out of my staring and I quickly looked back up, our eyes once again connecting. Mingyu’s pupils were dilated as his eyes narrowed at me, and I cleared my throat awkwardly. All these feelings were suddenly overwhelming and confusing, since when did I start feeling this way around Mingyu?
“Never” I whispered, barely audible, as Mingyu leaned down. I panicked, eyes searching his face as I didn’t know what to expect from him.
“There you are!” A cheery voice greeted from behind Mingyu and I basically ripped myself away from the tall giant as I raced towards my friend, Vernon, who wasn’t standing far from us. My heart was hammering in my chest as I threw my arms around Vernon, hugging him tightly. He chuckled and hugged me back just as tightly, eyebrows playfully furrowed when I pulled back.
“Jesus, I never thought someone could miss me this much” Vernon laughed and I giggled along, trying to ignore the burning look coming from Mingyu. He was pissed that Vernon interrupted us, was he planning on kissing me? Was Mingyu about to kiss me? No, question, was I about to actually let him kiss me? The answer to that question was scary because I instantly knew the answer, so I smiled tightly at Mingyu before grabbing Vernon’s arm and pulled him towards the bar, far away from Mingyu.
“Why are we in a rush?” Vernon chuckled confused as I took deep breaths, trying to calm myself.
“Just running away from Mingyu, the usual, you know” I muttered as the bartender looked our way and I waved my fingers at him.
“I’d like a Cuba Libre, please” I asked politely as the bartender turned around and started preparing my cocktail, “Vernon, you have to promise me something”
“Uh, alright?” He asked with raised eyebrows as the bartender turned back to us with my drink. I went to grab for money but realized I left my purse on the table, where Mingyu is. I turned to Vernon with puppy eyes as he just grinned and handed the bartender a lot more money than that Cuba Libre cost.
“Thanks, I left my purse at the table”
“You can give it back after we go back and--”
“No!” I snapped, eyes wide, as I grabbed the glass firmly in my hands, “The promise I want to ask you is keep me away from Mingyu, all night.”
“All night?” Vernon’s eyes widened as he gulped and looked past my shoulder, back towards where the round tables were situated.
“All night.” I nodded my head firmly and took my first sip of my cocktail.
“Uh, shit, let’s get moving then!” My eyebrows furrowed when he pulled me after him, I almost spilled a little of the drink on myself, “Mingyu’s headed our way”
“Run!” I screeched quietly as Vernon laughed and started pulling me through the masses of people, doing everything to lose Mingyu.
Tumblr media
   And that’s exactly what Vernon and I did for the past two hours, we ran from Mingyu. We hid in the back garden, we danced on the dance floor to the slow music when we couldn’t see him, we socialized with people Vernon knew and even met some new ones, then went to the bar to get some more drinks when we made eye contact with a very pissed looking Mingyu. I was actually having a lot of fun, the night going a lot better than I was anticipating it to go. Vernon was amazing company and I couldn’t be more thankful for him accepting my little plan, knowing he’d have to suffer the repercussions later on for disobeying direct orders from Mingyu and hiding me from him. 
“See those guys over there?” Vernon nodded subtly towards a couple not far away from us, standing at the end of the bar.
“Yeah, why?” I asked as my eyes swept over the place, trying to act casual, but also to see if I could catch a glimpse of Mingyu. I haven’t seen him in half an hour which was starting to make me uneasy. 
“Undercover cops.” Vernon said lowly, lips barely moving as he steered the olive oil in his drink.
“No shit, are you forreal?” I slammed my third Cuba Libre on the bar a little too hard, eyes widening as I glanced towards the couple, who were looking at us now. Vernon frowned lightly and then suddenly laughed as he looked at the couple.
“She had a little bit too much already!” He called with a friendly smile, nodding towards my drink. I looked at him offended but quickly covered my reaction with a somewhat drunken giggle. The couple laughed along with me, nodding their heads before they walked away.
“You can’t react like that--”
“I’m sorry!” I quickly cut him off, realizing I was putting the reason why we were here at stake if I was reacting like that, “How many of them are here?”
“Are you kidding me?” Vernon laughed, downing his drink in a one shot, “This place is full of cops, Y/N”
“Holy shit” I muttered amazed as I looked out at the crowd on the dance floor then back at Vernon. However, I tensed up when my eyes fell on the man we’ve been avoiding for the past two hours, “Shit, the devil’s here, Vernon--” Vernon gripped my arm as we took off, leaving my drink on the counter as I looked back at it with a pout. We were weaving between people as Vernon headed for the dance floor, until our path was cut. I looked up and swallowed hard at the dark eyes and dark glare directed at us. Vernon just smiled as he nodded at his boss, about to go around him, but another pair of hands caught my other, free, arm.
“She’s staying.” Mingyu’s voice was hard as he didn’t even bother to turn our way. I shook my head as I looked at Vernon, asking for help, but my friend just sighed before letting go of my arm held by him.
“Traitor!” I snapped at him as my eyes widened, feet moving as Mingyu started walking.
“Sorry!” Vernon mouthed before he walked towards the round tables in the back of the room, leaving me alone with Kim Mingyu. I sighed as I followed after him wordlessly, not realizing he was leading us to the middle of the dance floor.
“If you’re about to bring me to a secluded place and blow my brains out, you should know that I’m not afraid and I will cause a scene, scream and--” I gasped as my chest collided with Mingyu’s chest. One hand around my lower back, pulling me flushed against him, and the other holding my right hand in his. I looked ahead, over Mingyu’s shoulder, as I hesitantly placed my other hand around his shoulder. He was holding me too close and suddenly my heart was hammering in my chest again. I wish I could have avoided him for longer, at least until the auction, when it wasn’t possible to dance anymore.
“I don’t appreciate you running around with Vernon” His voice was clear in my ear as he swayed us to the slow music. 
“I don’t appreciate you forcing me into doing things I don’t want to do” I snapped back, referring to us dancing right now. It was a lie, a lie I wasn’t ready to admit yet. His body felt right against mine, our hands made for the other, our bodies knowing the next step of the other.
“I didn’t force you to come here, Y/N” Mingyu sighed and I gulped, making eye contact with a blonde haired woman who was glaring at me. I glared back at her before speaking again.
“Yeah, but you didn’t ask me if I wanted to dance with you” 
“You are my date, Y/N, we are supposed to dance together” His grip on my hand tightened a bit and I hissed, knowing he could hear me. I made eye contact with another person, an older man this time, who was smiling, and smiled back at him.
“Yeah, you know, it’s a little late to say ‘pass’, but...pass.” I muttered as I turned my head a bit towards Mingyu’s, staring at his jawline. Images of him smoking when he took me to his house and cooked Fajitas entered my mind and I clenched my jaw. This really isn’t the time to think of something like that, it happened months ago yet the memory is crystal clear in my mind.
“You really do not understand, do you?” Mingyu snapped, finally letting his anger show. I chuckled as a lady greeted me and I nodded back at her, ignoring the way Mingyu’s fingers dug into my lower back.
“Understand what?” I pulled a bit away to be able to look in his eyes, eyes that held a lot of anger. I gulped and quickly looked away, my hand sneaking up from his shoulder to his neck. He tensed a bit and twirled us around a bit more aggressively as I held onto him.
“These people know who I am, Y/N, so that means they know who you are. What do you think it looks like to them when you are running around all night with a man who works for me, you proceed to hide from me with his help and even dance with him more than once?” His voice grew lower and lower and more pissed by the time he finished his sentence.
“I don’t know?” I answered quietly, not exactly understanding what his words meant.
“You are my girl, Y/N, and everyone knows that here. And running around with a little skanky boy all night long shows how little respect you have for me and how much I let you get away with. This is not the fucking time to parade around and create a shit show, sugar, people here are all from gangs from around the world and the country. One wrong fucking move and they will blow your brains out, not me, sugar.” I grew stiff in Mingyu’s arms upon he finished talking, growing silent as I looked around with wide eyes, seeing this place in a different light for the first time. I didn’t know that, that’s why Seungcheol was so against it and annoyed. I’m exposed to all these people. They now know who I am and know that I am Mingyu’s, or whatever.
“You’re such an asshole” I scoffed as I pulled my head back, making eye contact with the man holding me, “Do you realize you just exposed me to the whole fucking mob world?!”
“You did that to yourself when you interfered with our business, sugar” He said with a smirk, eyes holding less anger but just enough. He pissed me off and I tried to take deep breaths to remain calm, but it was hardly doing anything.
“Maybe if your man didn’t hold a gun against my best friend’s head I wouldn’t have--”
“Not my problem, I’m not in the mood to listen to your pathetic whining, again.” Mingyu snapped, quickly shutting me up but not exactly expecting me to cause a scene knowing where we were and who were around me. But I tried to either way, when was I the one with enough brains to not do anything reckless? I ripped my hand away from his abruptly and raised it, ready to slap Mingyu across the face, but he reacted almost a little too late. Before my palm could connect with his cheek he gripped my wrist and twirled me around in a pirouette, making my blood boil. I was back in his arms again, now in a tight grip as he pressed me against his body fully, restricting me as well in the process as he caged my arms between our bodies, one hand pushing my head next to his neck and the other keeping me tightly against him by my lower back. The thought of fighting back against him flashed quickly in my head but before I could wriggle myself out I made eye contact with a panicked looking Seungcheol. He looked ready to jump in the middle of the dance floor and pull me out of there. At first I thought something bad happened and we had to run, but I soon realized it were my actions that attracted more unwanted eyes on us and Seungcheol was begging me with his eyes to stop and save it for later, just let it go for now. My hands gripped the chains on Mingyu’s vest tightly as I clenched my jaw and stared at the ground, ignoring the quick falling and raising of Mingyu’s chest. I think I really messed up this time, even Mingyu had a limit and I just crossed it. I let out a shaky breath and Mingyu’s grip loosened just a little bit, but he didn’t let go. More and more people took intrigued glances our way and I knew I fucked up, they saw me trying to slap the shit out of him, they could see just how pissed both of us were. I guess it looked really bad if a gang leader’s partner disrespects him continuously, maybe it shows he’s got no power. I don’t know what these people think, but I have to fix my mistake. I closed my eyes for a second and took a deep breath as I tried to pull my head back, but Mingyu didn’t let me.
“Let go, please” I mumbled as I caught the gaze of the glaring blonde again. Mingyu didn’t hesitate before the hand was gone and I was able to pull my head back. The lights dimmed in the back where the tables were and I figured the auction was about to happen, so I acted quickly. I broke eye contact with Mingyu and leaned in quickly, barely pressing my lips against his, hoping to everyone else it looked like a real kiss. But the hand was back on the back of my head and Mingyu’s soft pink lips pressed against mine firmly, making my heart hammer quicker than ever before. The music slowly died down and people started clapping, I pulled away and stared at Mingyu’s stained lips by my red lipstick. I took a deep breath and untangled myself from him and started walking away, knowing he’d follow me. I couldn’t look at him, embarrassed that I had to do that in front of everyone, in front of Seungcheol and probably even Vernon. A hand on the small of my back guided me through the people and back to our seats. When we sat down Mingyu grabbed a napkin and patted his lips, his eyes boring into my profile for the whole time. I shivered and cleared my throat as I took my glass of water from the table and gulped down a big amount. A man walked up onto the scene and I could see the crowd dispersing as people walked towards the chairs and others towards the round tables. A man in a purple expensive fur coat strutted past our table and down the aisle, turning briefly and nodding. Mingyu’s nod back caught my attention and I realized it was Minghao and he was walking towards the front chairs, placed there for the auction. I didn’t realize Mingyu wouldn’t directly participate in it. And so, the auction started and I stayed quiet and slumped in my seat as all the lights were directed at the stage now. 
    Halfway through the auction I felt two hands gripping my shoulders in a reassuring way and I jumped in my seat, taken by surprise. First thought was Mingyu, but he was sitting right beside me, so when I turned around I was met with Vernon smiling reassuringly at me.
“Can we get some air?” I whispered as another painting was sold at an outrageous price. Vernon glanced to my right and I followed his line of vision to be met with Mingyu’s glaring eyes, he raised an eyebrow.
“Can I go out?” I muttered while avoiding eye contact with Mingyu, the taste of his lips ebbed into my mind forever. 
“Don’t stay for long.” He snapped as he looked at Vernon then back towards the auction, a diamond ring being the next object. It must be the ring for which we are here tonight. I took Vernon’s hand and followed after him as he led us towards the garden which was lit up by little fairy lights, a marble bench placed between two beautiful rose bushes. I took a seat on the bench and hugged myself in an attempt to warm myself, I left my fur coat inside.
“Have you seen Seungcheol?” I asked, raising my eyebrows as Vernon strolled around the garden, staying in ear shot distance so he could hear me.
“He’s keeping an eye on the auction, making sure Minghao gets the ring” Vernon answered from somewhere behind me, I couldn’t see him as he was behind a tree.
“Like a bodyguard” I mumbled to myself with a small smile, even here, Seungcheol is protecting someone. Light smoke floated in the air and I turned around, eyebrows furrowed as Vernon finally came into view. A cigarette was between his lips as he inhaled deeply and then blew the smoke out.
“You smoke?!” I asked shocked as I rubbed my arms up and down, cursing Mingyu for choosing a dress with so little coverage when it’s almost winter.
“Just when stressed” Vernon shrugged and threw his cigarette into the bin with a chuckle. I shook my head at him and looked up with a small smile as he stopped in front of me, looking down with a friendly smile.
“Do you do this often?” I asked quietly, looking around the garden.
“Yeah, like...this.” I made a suggestive face and Vernon frowned before widening his eyes. He realized that I was referring to the auction and them stealing the item they were supposed to pay for.
“Pretty often, yeah” He nodded with a pout and shrugged his suit jacket off, “As often as there’s an auction that can offer us something good”
“Why does Mingyu need a diamond ring anyway?” I asked as I watched Vernon step closer and place his suit jacket around my exposed shoulders. I quickly placed my arms into the sleeves and pulled the suit jacket tightly against my body, the warmness making me sigh.
“Won’t you be cold?” I looked at Vernon as he took a seat next to me, he just shook his head and pointed at his long sleeved black shirt that was made of silk, like my dress.
“Business is business, I can’t tell you all of our secrets, Y/N, Mingyu really will have my head if I do” Vernon chuckled but I didn’t find it funny. I frowned as the kiss flashed in my mind again and I shuddered, side eyeing Vernon to see if he saw my reaction.
“Fuck Mingyu” I muttered finally and Vernon started laughing before placing his arm around my shoulders.
“Enough of Mingyu,” He grinned cheekily as if he knew something was eating me inside, “How’s college going?”
“Honestly?” I raised my eyebrows before groaning loudly, “I’m ready to drop out”
Vernon laughed again and squeezed my shoulders, “Seungcheol hyung did tell me not to mention college too often”
“Yeah, I’m actually close to walking inside and triggering Mingyu enough so that he blows my brains out--”
“Hey, no.” Vernon frowned at me and he turned my head towards him with his free hand, our faces pretty close, “Don’t say stuff like that, it’s never funny”
“Sorry” My lips formed a straight line as I felt as if we were being watched, but ignored it, maybe someone got bored of the auction and is just roaming around, “You know, we always talk so much shit when we are together, but I never asked did you join the gang?”
“Ah” Vernon sealed his lips tightly in a tight lipped smile as I rested my head against his shoulder, “Well, Seungkwan and I have been friends since middle school. He always caused trouble and I always saved his ass. So one day he got into some really serious shit and there really wasn’t much to do but to suck it up and give those men money, they wouldn’t leave us alone. But then we started not being able to gather the money, they also raised the price, and I realized Seungkwan was slowly becoming more and more paranoid and he...developed depression quickly…”
I squeezed Vernon’s knee in a reassuring manner and he sighed before clearing his throat to continue, “I don’t know how much Mingyu told you, but everyone in SVT knows each other since high school. However, I met Mingyu in my last year in middle school and I thought he was really cool. So I tried to befriend him, but one day Seungkwan and I had a massive fight in the restroom, he was in a booth and heard everything so the next day I woke up with money on my desk and a note saying, ‘Meet me on the roof’--”
“Let me guess, Mingyu lent you money so that you could pay those men?” I asked as I raised my head and turned toward Vernon again.
“He did, he gave us more money than we needed, and I took it because we were desperate. In order to show gratefulness I decided to join him”
“No questions asked as to what he did? You just joined him blindly?” I raised my eyebrows as I discovered something new about Vernon.
“Yeah, I have the tendency to jump into things without learning more about them,” He giggled to himself as if he remembered something, “Seungkwan was really pissed, he even gave me a black eye when I told him I joined Mingyu’s gang”
“For once I respect Seungkwan” I mumbled with a chuckle and Vernon laughed loudly. It was pretty obvious that Seungkwan and I didn’t really get on well when we were around each other. He always finds something that he could pick on and I just always have something to fire back at him. 
“Calling it a gang is so weird now” I raised my eyebrows as Vernon grinned, “We grew so much, Mingyu has a whole empire now. You still haven’t realized that you are dealing with the biggest, strongest and most dangerous mob leader of South Korea, Y/N” 
I gulped as I looked away from Vernon then back at him, “Sometimes I wish I didn’t insist on going with Seungcheol to that parking lot, he offered to take me home first but I didn’t want him to waste his time. I really hate Mingyu, you know--”
There was a crashing sound coming from behind us and both Vernon and I jumped as he tensed up. But nothing else happened so maybe it was coming from inside?
“And then there’s times when I really can’t hate him, you know?” I continued as I gazed ahead, feeling Vernon’s eyes on me, “He’s funny sometimes and nice and then there’s times when he acts like a teenage boy with a crush and I think I hate him more for that. If he was always cruel and irritating, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash his way, but he’s just--”
“That sounds a lot like you like him--”
“Hell no!” I snapped and pushed Vernon’s head away from mine, his arm slipping from around my shoulders as he started laughing loudly, “You need to check your hearing if that’s what you got from my rant, honestly, Vernon.”
“Sorry, sorry” He was still laughing as I huffed and stood up from the marble bench, but before I could walk away, arms were around me, hugging me from behind. I rolled my eyes and turned my head so that I could look at Vernon.
“I’m not forgiving you because you hug me, okay?”
“But you love my hugs” Vernon pouted and I rolled my eyes again as I leaned down and kissed his cheek, pulling away with a wide grin.
“I love everything about you, alright?” Vernon grinned back and was about to talk when stomping was heard and someone cleared their throat. Vernon’s expression fell and he was quick to let go of me so I turned my head to see Mingyu glaring at us. Great. I can’t wait to go home and not see Mingyu for two days, I’m about to cry, I swear.
“See you inside” Vernon patted my head before walking past Mingyu, leaving us alone, again. Traitor, I grimaced as I watched Vernon’s back until he was gone.
“It seems like you forgot what I told you not even an hour ago, sugar?” Mingyu stepped closer meanwhile I took a step back and glanced away.
“You told me it was okay--”
“This is an open place, anyone can see you, sugar” I raised my eyebrows as Mingyu kept coming closer.
“Well, no one was here, I made--”
“Maybe Jun was right, you are nothing but a pain in the ass. I should kill you.” Mingyu raised an eyebrow, eyes boring into mine as my mouth dropped open.
“If you can tell me just one occasion when you actually listened to me, I won’t have to debate whether to kill you or not” All emotion disappeared from Mingyu’s face as a smirk was plastered on his lips, a smirk I ached to punch off his soft and pink lips. My heart started beating quickly as I tried to read Mingyu, to understand if he’s fucking with me or if he actually means his words. I gulped as he looked at me expectantly and I started thinking of all the times he told me to do something, but I always...ignored him. 
“You know” I stepped closer to him, deciding to ignore his words, “I could always run inside and tell them you will steal the ring before you have to pay for it. The place is full of undercover cops and well, other gangs. I’m sure neither would appreciate it” 
I shrugged as I smiled at Mingyu, however a painful grip on my upper arm yanked me into him, making me grunt. Mingyu’s jaw was clenched as he looked into my eyes, my heels bringing me to eye level with him, his nose flaring.
“You still provoke me after I told you I’m thinking of killing you?” He looked so pissed that his chuckle was something between frustration and amusement. 
“So then, kill me.” I clenched my jaw as I stared him in the eyes, challenging him to do it, “Let me guess, you can’t?”
Suddenly something hard was pressing into my stomach and I sucked in a sudden breath, wanting badly to glance down at the gun but refusing to give Mingyu the satisfaction of seeing me nervous. There was a click and I knew the safety was off. I could feel my hands shaking as my eyebrows furrowed as I searched Mingyu’s blank face. He wouldn’t do it, right? He can’t kill me, he likes me. Vernon’s words rang through my head and I gulped as Mingyu slowly started smirking, a devilish look crossing his features. I went to pull away from him but he kept me in place and suddenly there was a louder click as I gasped and closed my eyes tightly, waiting for the pain to hit my body. I never said goodbye to Seungcheol or my parents, Vernon. When I felt nothing but numbness and nausea I opened my eyes to see Mingyu still smirking, gun still in his hand but not pointed at me anymore.
“You still think I can’t?” He whispered as he raised his eyebrows. My hands continued to shake as I pulled my arm out of his grip and managed to glare at him.
“I hope you root away in hell.” I whispered shakily as I raised my hand and slapped him across the cheek, the loud sound echoing around us. Mingyu just laughed as he didn’t look at me and caressed his cheek. I stormed off towards the entrance of the building, trying to hide my shaking hands.
Tumblr media
       The rest of the auction was a blur as my mind kept replaying the time when I kissed Mingyu and then it suddenly cut to the gun being pressed into me and the click of the trigger. A light ache crossed my stomach every time my mind wandered back to the memory and all I wanted to do was stand up, run home and throw up. I wanted to throw up and then take a hot shower, hopeful that it would wash away tonight. I feel like tonight’s events will have a big effect on our relationship and it surely won’t be for the best. I crossed every boundary Mingyu had and he proved it to me he wouldn’t hesitate in killing me, even if the gun wasn’t loaded. But before I could register what the host of the auction was saying, I was pulled from my seat, fur coat and purse tossed into my arms, as a firm grip guided me towards the exit and finally towards the parking lot. I wanted to see Seungcheol so badly, I wanted to hug him and just cry in his arms. I just needed comfort from my brother, the man who knows me better than anyone else. But before I could even cry out to him, I was pushed inside a white Mercedes, seatbelt forcefully secured and then the driver sat inside and started the car. I stared ahead, aware of the tension in the car, but unable to function properly anymore. Tonight was a disaster, mainly because of me, and I just want to delete it from my mind. The car glided through the lanes aggressively and suddenly I missed Wonwoo, who is a patient and calm driver. Mingyu was speeding at an ungodly speed, but I couldn’t be bothered to yell at him like I did so many other times. I was actually glad, I would get home faster and even faster away from him. The tires screeched when the Mercedes came to a stop, the force sending me a bit forward in my seat. I sighed as I undid the seatbelt and grabbed my fur coat and purse to open the door. As I pushed it open, the driver’s door was slammed closed and I closed my eyes for a second to prepare myself for another death threat. But my mind just wanted me to get away, so I tried to quickly close the door, without slamming it like the ungrateful little shit Mingyu did, and without a second thought took off towards the front door, thinking I could outrun Mingyu. But I barely took five big steps when I was pulled backwards, a loud groan leaving my lips.
“Tonight was shit, just please let me go up--” The wind got knocked out of my lungs at how aggressively Mingyu’s lips pressed against mine, my eyes widening. I’ve been thinking about doing this again tonight, but a part of me was finally scared of Mingyu. A part of me finally realized who I was dealing with. A dangerous, merciless, handsome mob leader, and he could kill me right now by using this kiss as a distraction and also muffling my lips from screaming--I pushed Mingyu away, eyes still wide as I could feel my hands shaking again.
“You can’t--you can’t just--”I tried to catch my breath and calm my hammering heart, “You can’t just point a gun at me, pull the trigger and then kiss me! I’m not an object you can just push around, bend to your wishes and use for pleasure! I’m sick of it all!”
The last statement came out as a choked up scream as I tried to keep the tears from falling, shaking my head at Mingyu as I slumped against his white car. Tonight really is a fucking nightmare.
“I’m sick of you constantly pushing me away! You’re making me crazy, Y/N!” Mingyu’s usually leveled voice rose octaves as he came uncomfortably close, making me look down.
“What if…” I bit my lower lip, trying to control the trembling in my voice, I was about to tell a lie and I needed to make it sound real, “What if I don’t like you? Will you still force yourself on me? Because then you really are a piece of shit.”
Sometime during these months, when Mingyu was nice and approachable, I discovered a softer side of him, a decent, human, side of him. A side that was immensely attractive, a side I found myself liking and wishing to see more often. He was driving me crazy too, because I didn’t know anymore if I was scared of him or excited to see him. At least, tonight, I had no fucking idea anymore.
“You like me” His answer was more of a let out breath, his lips curled in a simple smile, “I know you do.”
“No, I don’t!” I snapped, looking up at him irritated, “At least not tonight”
“You had to learn the hard way, sugar, it’s not my fault” Mingyu sighed and I huffed as I rolled my eyes.
“Right, point a gun at me and then pull the fucking trigger but surprise! It has no bullets. No. I’m not doing this, I just want to forget this stupid night and ignore you until you get bored and leave me the fuck alone!”
“I told you I will never leave your side” Mingyu whispered, a shit eating grin spread on his lips. It took the little self control I still had to not kick him in the shin as I glared at him.
“I will go to the police, I’ve really had enough of you!”
“Oh, no, I’m so scared!” Mingyu mocked a scared voice as he widened his eyes in fake fright, “As if the police could do anything”
“I’m sure the police can’t wait to get their hands on you and actually lock you up” It was my time to grin smugly at him, his expression instantly becoming pissed, “Oh the things I know…”
“I dare you” He stepped even closer, his body pressed against mine, pressing me into the Mercedes. I gulped as I ignored the shivering of my body and my still shaky hands, trying to keep my eyes glued to his.
“You know I have the guts to actually do it, don’t ask for something you can’t handle, Mingyu” I whispered watching him sigh, his breath hitting my face, before he licked his lips. Without thinking, I licked my lips as well and the action caught his attention making me curse myself. I was trying to avoid this moment, yet here we are, my eyes were closed before Mingyu could even lean in, my chin tilted for him. This time, his lips pressed lightly against mine, like when I tried to fake the kiss on the dance floor, and he waited for me to give my permission. When I pressed back my lips against his, his large palm went to my nape and held it firmly, our lips moving slowly. I felt bad for the expensive, white fur coat when it dropped from my hand as I went to thread my fingers through Mingyu’s hair. I raised my right hand and tried to find the roof of the Mercedes to place my purse on it, the kiss turning a lot needier than before. Finally finding it, I let the purse rest on the roof and quickly circled my right arm around his neck as I pulled Mingyu even closer, our lips parting as Mingyu tried to dominate the kiss. For the first time he didn’t fight back as I took over, our tongues dancing together as I hummed when his hand started to roam my back underneath Vernon’s suit jacket. I tugged on his hair when his grip on my nape became a bit too firm, warning him that I would end this make out if he didn’t stop with his power play. But the tug fueled something in Mingyu as his hand on my back traveled higher and suddenly started tugging Vernon’s jacket off, pressing continuous pecks against my lips. I ran out of air, lungs on fire, as I tried to tell him to stop, but he pressed a hard kiss against my lips and my complaint got swallowed as Vernon’s jacket fell off my shoulders. The coldness covered me in goosebumps as I latched onto Mingyu again, trying to warm myself. He pulled away, chest falling up and down at a quick pace, as he nibbled on my lower lip, his canines sinking into my lip. I opened my eyes and pulled my head back to stop him from kissing me again, but instead his lips started kissing my jaw, making me sigh.
“Do you want me to get pneumonia?” I mumbled as I grabbed his head with both hands, stopping him, “That suit jacket was the only thing keeping me warm.”
“That suit jacket is Vernon’s” Mingyu’s words were airy as he tried to catch his breath still, eyes glaring just slightly.
“So what?” I shrugged and went to pick it up but Mingyu pressed me up against the car again firmly, “Seriously? I’m freezing!”
“You will not wear Vernon’s or any other men’s clothes, yeah?” Mingyu raised his eyebrows as he searched my eyes and I smirked as I made eye contact with him. Little jealous piece of shit, I chuckled as I pushed Mingyu.
“Well, then I’m going up” I picked my fur coat up and reached for my purse, stepping around Mingyu.
“Yeah, we should go up before you get sick--”
“Oh no” I chuckled, turning back to face Mingyu, “You are not coming up with me, Mingyu”
“Why not, sugar?” He asked with a smirk as he bent to pick up Vernon’s suit jacket.
“Because I’m not sleeping with you tonight…” My eyebrows furrowed as the thought wasn’t as repulsive as it was a few months ago, “Or anytime else. Besides, you held an unloaded gun to my stomach and pulled the trigger--”
“Emphasis on unloaded” Mingyu pointed out as I rolled my eyes and started walking again towards the main entrance.
“I really hate you Mingyu”
“Vernon says you like me a lot--”
“You were eavesdropping?!” I squealed as I turned to face him again, “You’re a piece of shit!”
“I know, I know” Mingyu mumbled as he rolled his eyes and walked up to me, “Seems like you still have a thing for this piece of shit though”
“I do not!” I snapped and Mingyu chuckled before leaning down and pecking my lips.
“I will never ever again kiss you, so I hope tonight’s kiss will last you a lifetime of nightmares” Mingyu chuckled before he walked past me and dropped Vernon’s suit jacket into the trash bin.
“Mingyu!” My eyebrows furrowed as I shook my head at him, finally reaching the main entrance to the building.
“What? He can afford to buy another one”
“I really liked that jacket though…” I muttered as I entered the pass code and opened the door, stepping inside. I turned to see Mingyu glaring at me as I held the door open just enough for my head to peek out a bit, “Even though I have to admit that your outfit tonight was really hard to resist. Would love to see the rest of what’s underneath too”
My eyes traveled from Mingyu’s exposed chest down the rest of his body while biting my lower lip, to look up at a frozen Mingyu, jaw clenched. He suddenly started walking towards the door and I quickly closed it before he could reach it. I smirked when he glared at me and showed him my middle finger.
“I know the pass code” He warned, hand reaching to type in the numbers. I showed him my middle finger again before taking off towards the elevator to ride up to my floor. He will never get past my three locks on the door that I had installed yesterday.
Part 3
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serendipityjxmn · 5 months ago
Mr. President
Tumblr media
Chapter 15
TW: None
Words Count: 1.3k
Link to Masterlist
Link to Chapter 16
Tumblr media
It’s awkward with him. Very awkward ever since the little drama in the kitchen and that is two days ago. You sigh, because you know you can’t just let the atmosphere tense and leave it as it is. It’s your fault anyway for bringing Clara Kim into the conversation. You know you have no right to pry into his personal matters. You’re only his wife on papers.
You caring for him doesn’t give you the right as well, it’s all on your part so you just smile bitterly, thinking that you’ve brought this upon yourself.
But he’s still your husband. And you still have another half a year to go with him. So you ought to do anything to fix, whatever relationship you have with him.
That’s how you find yourself pushing the cart in a supermarket. Jimin’s birthday is in another two days and you’ve planned everything out for his birthday. You smile a little, reminding yourself to thank Irene for her ideas.
“You okay?” Irene asked back when you were still working at the company.
“Huh? What? U-um.. yeah.”
“You sure?”
You sighed. “Actually, no. It’s um.. my boyfriend. He- his birthday’s coming and I completely forgot about it.”
She smiled kindly. “That’s understandable.” She laughed. “So you’re worried what to get him.”
You sighed in resign.
“You know.. they say the simplest way to earn a guy’s heart is through their stomach. At least that’s what my mom said. And she’s still happily married with my dad. With us three annoying kids.” She laughed.
Now that hit hard. You smiled bitterly, wondering if you would ever experience that too one day. Starting a real family. You’ve been married for a little more than five months now. There isn’t much time left..
You shake your head. You’ve no time to dwell on such depressing thoughts when you have so much things to do now. As soon as you get home, you quickly start cooking all his favourite dishes, kimchi jigae included as well as seaweed soup, typical for birthdays. You even baked a chocolate cake which you aren’t entirely sure if it’s edible. You don’t have much experience baking a cake but you hope this might do although you almost burnt yourself once in the process.
Judging by the smell of it as well as the texture, it seems fine. So you proceed to decorate and write ‘Happy 25th birthday’ with icing on top of it. Once you’re done, you quickly set the table with all the dishes and the cake. You even make an attempt to hang a balloon on the corner of the dining area. You wipe a sweat beading on your forehead.
This is a tad bit too exhausting to be done alone and under a pressured time frame and constant fear of Jimin walking in in the middle of preparation.
He won’t think this is too much.. right? You suddenly think once you sit down and look around the decorated dining area.
After all you’ve been married for half a year now. Even if you don’t have a real marriage with him, you can still celebrate birthdays as.. friends..? Or a mere housemate..?
You shake your head, trying not to ruin the moment.
It’s almost 8.30PM now. An hour had passed since you’ve finished setting up the table. You keep on glancing at the clock, wondering if your husband would be home late. An hour drags into two. You think the cake is going to melt soon. The dishes are going cold too.
You suddenly feel like laughing at yourself. Wondering what on earth are you doing to yourself. Waiting pathetically when your husband might rather be out celebrating with someone else instead of you. With Clara Kim perhaps. The mere thought makes you smile bitterly.
You’re just about to rise from sitting and throw everything away when you hear the sound of the front door opening. As if you didn’t just wait for two hours, your inside starts to get excited again and you find yourself impatiently waiting for him to appear at the threshold.
When he finally appears, you put on the brightest smile while saying ’Surprise!’ at him.
He looks momentarily frozen as he looks at you and then around the dining area that’s filled with decorations.
You bite your lips unconsciously when he doesn’t say anything even after several moments passed.
Then he takes a few steps forward, closing in the distance between the two of you and you’ve no idea why the large area suddenly looks so small when he approaches you. He stops a few footsteps away from you.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He snaps suddenly and you flinch instantly. Definitely not the kind of reaction you expected.
“I- I thought.. we’ve been married for half a year now..” you begin.
“So you think we’re actual husband and wife now?” He hisses and you recoil at his words. “Do you wanna know why you’re here?”
You look down. “Because I owe you.” You answer quietly.
“Ah yes.. that.” He smiled a smile so sinister you suddenly find yourself very afraid. “But the real reason, baby, is because you’re nothing.”
Looking up, your eyes widen at him. “W-what?”
He smirks. “Six months ago, I had to marry anyway, one of the stupid condition my father set as his so called heir. They had their choices of daughter in law oh- believe me they do. But I convinced them to let me choose on my own. Made up all sorts of bullshit how I’m so in love with you, you with me.. You wanted to know why I’m marrying you.. is because you don’t have a powerful background.. and when the time comes-“
It doesn’t take long for you to understand. “You can just throw me away.” You finish for him.
He smiles, like he’s satisfied with your answer. “A powerful family can be a mess. I prefer it neat and clean.”
He throws the words at you as if you’re a toy that doesn’t have feelings at all.
“So you can stop all this-“ he flaunts his hand around the dining table. “shit. You do realize this isn’t an actual marriage right? And after that, forget me. There’s no point for you to remember me, or us. So there’s no need for us to make, memories.” He says the last word menacingly and storms out the kitchen.
You don’t move for a whole few seconds. And when he’s gone, you sink into the chair.
You smile bitterly. Of course.. that’s your husband.. He wouldn’t know how your back almost hurt preparing all these for him, almost getting yourself burnt, and all just to let him know that there’s someone who wants him to spend his birthday meaningfully. You don’t even ask for anything in return. A simple thank you from him would do.
You tears flow harshly.
Of course Jimin wouldn’t do that…
Because this isn’t a real marriage.
You smile pathetically.
How stupid was you.
After a long while of crying which is something you think you spent a lot of time doing since your marriage with Jimin, you pick up the wrapped gift on the chair beside you. You make your way to Jimin’s study. You hover outside for a while thinking how to give the gift to your husband since he’d so conveniently walk away from you before you even had the chance to. After a moment, you decide to just leave it outside the door.
It’s a painting that you started a few days ago when he gifts you the art set and you only slept for two hours yesterday just to finish it. A painting of his backside, only his side profile appearing smiling brightly in his tux, one that he wore during the wedding, while looking at someone on his left, a girl you don’t draw except her backside, his hands tightly clasping hers. Looking happy.
Definitely not how your wedding photo with him was like.
Because he definitely doesn’t smile that way when he looks at you.
Tumblr media
Link to Chapter 16
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A/N: Kinda a short update because.. my heart breaks writing this and I don’t really wanna put too much angst xD *when you like angst but can’t stand angst too*
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blurb-brain · a year ago
Tumblr media
I was halfway through inking the line art when I realized that this matches the composition of the 2006 King of Attolia cover...well it’s fine. The difference lies in how both Irene and Gen had the agency of choosing to marry each other even though the treaty could have been made without a marriage.
Day 17 - ornament & Day 22 - ghost
  It was her fiancé who gave her the name shadow princess. As quiet and as dull as a shadow he called her, and it was true. Caught in an abrupt adolescence, she was too tall and ungraceful. Her face was long, and as she schooled it carefully to keep it free of expression, she looked plain and not bright. Beside her in the corner the other ladies cast down their eyes demurely and flaunted for her benefit the gold earrings and bracelets her fiancé left with them after his visits. A shadow princess he’d called her, and someday, he’d said, a shadow queen...  She returned to the capital, where she was watched by her fiancé’s spies, but not closely. She was the shadow princess, dull and quiet. She waited with every appearance of passivity as a funeral was arranged for her father and a wedding for herself. Then, at the wedding feast, while the lords and ladies of her court looked on, Attolia poisoned her bridegroom.
- Megan Whalen Turner, The Queen of Attolia
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vyduan · 6 months ago
Our Gray Winter: Chapter 5
Author: vyduan Pairing: Kim Taehyung | Reader , Jeon Jungkook | Reader Genre: angst, exes, post-divorce, aged-up characters, alternate universe - non-idol Rating: Explicit Word Count: 4,093 Warnings: Angst
Chapter Summary: You watched as Taehyung sat across from you. You tried to memorize the lines of his face, the warmth of his eyes, and the hue of his skin.
“I’m glad you’re safe, Y/N,” he said, his voice wavering just enough for you to notice. “I was so worried.”
You nodded a brief acknowledgment of his words, but still, you were mute. You couldn’t bear speaking the inevitable.
He sighed and drew in a shaky breath. “Do you still love him?”
Our Gray Winter Masterlist: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | Epilogue
For more of my fics, here is my Masterlist.
Tumblr media
Chapter 5
The twenty minute walk to Civic Center BART station from the Ferry Building was not enough time for you to calm down. Nor was the fifty-five minute ride back to the station next to your apartment. You had turned off your phone and just stared blankly out the window, watching the scenery zip by in a blur. You wished you could just speed through the next few months or years until the hollowed out space in your heart ached less.
Your mind went through all the least invasive options to divest Taehyung from your life. It would be easy enough to remove yourself from his. You’d never even so much as left a toothbrush at his apartment. You always had a travel bag and a spare set of pajamas and clothes in your car. The one time Taehyung had suggested you leave your toiletries in his bathroom and mentioned that he’d cleared out a drawer for you, you’d recoiled so sharply that you’d hurt his feelings. Or at least, you think you did.
He’d never brought it up again.
You’d told yourself that you hadn’t wanted to hinder his game — in case he brought someone else home. The two of you had never discussed exclusivity but it had been understood that should either of you ever sleep with someone else, that protection would have to be used until you’d cleared your tests. It had yet to happen in the two years since, but you’d always been prepared — you’d stashed a box of condoms in your nightstand. It had never once been opened.
Taehyung, however, was much more careless. Your apartment was a veritable collection of him. All your new work clothes and bits of color in your apartment — even the few plants that had cropped up on your window sills — they were all Taehyung. He would bring home art and knickknacks that reminded him of you during his travels and place them in the perfect spot in your living quarters. It always made you panic a little, but you had asked him to make over your wardrobe and home — so, that’s all he was doing, right?
It didn’t mean more than that.
You refused to examine why Taehyung felt comfortable leaving traces of himself all over your apartment whereas you could never tell you’d been at his. After all, the two of you were at your apartment a lot more — and he clearly couldn’t fit in your clothes whereas in a pinch, you could always drown in his.
Taehyung’s things were stashed all over your place — not from any particular invitation on your part — he’d just started mixing his clothes and toiletries and things with yours and you hadn’t had the heart to tell him no.
You’d been so lonely. If you were honest, it was nice to pretend when he wasn’t there that you weren’t actually alone in your apartment. You could lie to yourself and imagine that he’d just stepped out to run errands or pick something up instead of living an entirely separate life from yours.
You would collect all his things in a box — not his gifts, of course — even you weren’t that cruel — and return it to him with his key via Seokjin. Seokjin would be furious with you. Sometimes you thought he was a little too invested in your non-relationship with Taehyung. But eventually, he would come around to your way of viewing things. Or if not that, he’d at least stop nagging you about it after a few weeks.
You occupied your mind with inventorying all of Taehyung’s belongings in your apartment. You actively refused to think about how devastated Taehyung had seemed back at the Ferry Building. How dare he act as if the two of you were more than what you were. How dare he make you doubt your actions. How dare he make you feel like the asshole.
You adamantly did not think about Jungkook, how he’d seemed happier than he had been in years — and also, because the universe was spiteful, he’d grown even more attractive. You supposed happiness did that to a person. That, and the realization of his dreams. How convenient that Irene provided a ready-made family — kid and all. No, you were not going to think of stupid happily engaged Jungkook. No, you did not care that he’d moved on so thoroughly — that you’d been so effectively erased.
And so, instead, you spent the forty minute long walk home studying the sidewalk and ruminating over how long it took to walk from place to place versus traversing the same distance in a moving vehicle. It was so riveting that at the entrance of your apartment building, instead of stopping, you chose instead to follow the sidewalk to the park around the corner.
You could not bear to return to your empty apartment near to bursting with reminders of Taehyung.
Would you have to move again? Would you have to find a new restaurant to patronize? But why should you have to move? The restaurant was yours first. Seokjin belonged to you before he belonged to Taehyung. Well, technically, Seokjin didn’t even belong to Yoongi — he belonged to himself. But that was semantics.
You didn’t believe in semantics.
Because if you had believed in semantics, you would have realized that you and Taehyung were not just friends and were obviously in a committed relationship — even if neither of you named it such. If you had believed in semantics, you would have acknowledged that you now loved Taehyung even more than you had in college — and that perhaps, Taehyung also loved you back.
If you had believed in semantics, you would have never abandoned Taehyung in front of a tourist trap after humiliating him in public — or if you had still done so, you would have ran back and pleaded for him to forgive you and take you back and to stay even if you didn’t want to have children — not ever — and maybe, maybe he would give up that dream of imaginary children for the reality of you.
You sat at your usual picnic table and stared at all the happy families and couples going about their Saturday, enjoying the winter sun giving way to spring. You sat there so long, that you’d eventually stopped seeing people, lost in your whirling thoughts.
“I thought I’d find you here,” you heard a familiar baritone say. You looked up at Taehyung’s cautious face and hated that you’d made him that way. You had no words. He made a self-deprecating hiccup of a sound. “I take that back. I tried your apartment and The Magic Shop first. But here you are.”
He sounded strangely subdued; you hated it. Taehyung should not be muted — he should be all that was bright and shining. But you supposed you had no right to decide what he should or should not sound like. You still hated it.
You watched as Taehyung sat across from you. You tried to memorize the lines of his face, the warmth of his eyes, and the hue of his skin.
“I’m glad you’re safe, Y/N,” he said, his voice wavering just enough for you to notice. “I was so worried.”
You nodded a brief acknowledgment of his words, but still, you were mute. You couldn’t bear speaking the inevitable.
He sighed and drew in a shaky breath. “Do you still love him?”
Of all the questions you thought he’d ask, that was not it. You did not know how to answer.
“I —” You abruptly shut your mouth. It was your turn to draw a deep breath. “No. But also, yes. Of course, I still love him. He’s a good man. He —” By the continued look of distress on Taehyung’s face, you were mangling your explanation. “Part of me will always love him, Taehyung — we were together for ten years. But I don’t love him in the same way as I did when we were married. I’m not in love with him.”
“Do you know that you’ve never talked about why you two divorced?” Taehyung ran a rough hand through his hair. “You never speak of him.”
“There is nothing to speak of.”
“You were with Jungkook for ten years and there is nothing to speak of?” The vein in his temple pulsed. “You expect me to believe that?”
“I don’t expect anything of you.” And there it was — out before you had a chance to rein it in.
Taehyung looked stricken. “I didn’t —” He swallowed audibly. “I didn’t realize you had such a low opinion of me.”
You could not bring yourself to look at him. Your chest tightened. “I didn’t mean it like that.”
“How could it mean anything but that?” Taehyung was furious. “When you’re done with me, are you never going to speak of me to someone else? Throw away these last two years? Throw away all our history?”
“I can’t give you what you want, Taehyung,” you said quietly.
He choked out a bitter laugh. “Been saving that to throw back in my face, have you?”
“No. It is simply the truth.”
All the fire burned out of him. He placed his elbows on the table and bent his head into his interlocking hands. He was silent for a long while. “Do you know how much I regret ever saying those words? How long I stood outside your apartment, hearing you cry through the door?”
“What good does it do to rehash the past like this, Taehyung?” You sighed. “You were clear with me from the start. You didn’t want a relationship, especially not at the cusp of a new chapter in your life. You were right to end it. I knew you didn’t feel the same as I did, and it wasn’t fair of me to expect — ”
“I was in love with you.”
You blanked. “What?”
Taehyung continued as if he hadn’t heard you. “But after my ex — you know she cheated on me with my roommate — I didn’t want to be hurt like that again. So, I made you think I only wanted you for the sex — even though I knew you liked me.”
“I don’t understand.”
“I knew you liked me, and I wish — I wish I had told you,” he said. “I wish I had never lied to you and told you that bullshit. I was stupid and terrified and young.”
Your brain was struggling to catch up.
“Of course, Marie happened. Don’t think I didn’t appreciate the irony.” Taehyung made a dejected sort of sigh. “I used to wonder all the time — particularly right after I found out about Marie — what if — what if I hadn’t lied? What if I had told you that I loved you and wanted to be with you? Would we have made it? Would we be married with kids by now?”
Whatever hope that had foolishly flared in your stupid, stupid heart snuffed out. “No,” you said.
“What was that?”
“No. The answer to your question of whether we’d be married with kids by now would be no.”
“You don’t know that,” protested Taehyung. “We —”
“I do know that,” you ground out tightly. “I don’t want children, Taehyung.”
“It’s okay if you can’t have children, Y/N,” he comforted, “we could have adopted. We —”
“Not ‘can’t,’” you spat. “Won’t. Will not. As in: do not want. Have never wanted. Will never want. Do not pass go. Hard stop. No.”
Taehyung’s eyes widened. “Oh.”
“Yeah. Oh.” It was your turn to sound bitter.
“Maybe —”
“Do not finish that sentence if you ever want me to speak to you again.”
Taehyung snapped his mouth shut. “Ah,” he said after a few delayed moments. “I see.” From the forlorn slump of his shoulders, you knew your words had finally sunk in.
You felt pressure pounding behind your eyes. Your heart raced and you could hear your heart beating. This was why despite Seokjin’s counsel, you had never told Taehyung. You’d selfishly wanted to avoid this very conversation — to snatch what scraps of joy you could before it all came tumbling down.
You had been cruel.
You let the implications of your revelation hang heavy between the two of you.
“Is this why you and Jungkook got a divorce?”
You stared off at some hazy point on the horizon. “Yes,” you replied. “Jungkook — he, uh, he —” Your voice cracked. “He’d always wanted to be a father. We thought love would be enough but we were naive.” You sucked in a breath. “I had underestimated just how badly Jungkook wanted children — and he’d assumed I’d change my mind eventually.” You shut your eyes briefly. “We were wrong. Love was not enough — we loved each other so fucking much — but it wasn’t enough.”
You were crying again.
“Ah,” he huffed once more. He made no move to comfort you and you were glad for it.
“I’m sorry I ruined everything, Tae. I should have told you from the start,” you said as you wiped your face. “I’m sorry to have wasted your time — though to be fair, I hadn’t expected this arrangement to last this long.” You fiddled with the edge of your jacket rather than look at him directly.
“Did you think I would leave you once I knew?” he asked carefully.
You scowled. That was it exactly. But also, what was there to leave? You did not know. Instead, you said, “Friends don’t leave each other because they don’t want to have children.” You did not know why you were being so willfully obstinate.
“Is that what you think we’ve been? Why you told Jungkook we’re just friends?” Taehyung sounded so measured; so tightly controlled.
“I don’t know what we are,” you replied.
Taehyung sighed a deep, heavy thing. “I don’t get you, Y/N. If you only wanted to be friends who fucked, then why wouldn’t you tell me about not wanting to have kids? We’ve definitely — well I suppose only I have — talked about starting a family or what I’d like to do with my future kids.” He sounded so tired. “And if you wanted to be more, then why would you rebuff all my attempts at us getting more serious — unless you thought I’d leave you because of the kid thing?”
“Isn’t that what’s happening?” you asked. “I apologize again for keeping you from the mother of your future children. For being selfish. But again — I really didn’t expect you to stick around so long.”
Taehyung stood abruptly. “You must despise me,” he grated out. “How have you stood being around me for so long?” His voice shook. “I came to tell you that I love you. That I don’t want to be just friends — I want to be with you. That I am sorry for not making that clear.”
He palmed tears off his cheeks.
“Except it doesn’t matter to you, does it? You always get mad at me for saying you haven’t changed — but you do the same to me. You’re still punishing me for what I did in college — when it was the biggest mistake of my life.”
“What does it matter that you love me, Taehyung? Didn’t you hear me? Love isn’t enough — there was only one way for this to end once you knew I didn’t want kids and meant it.”
Taehyung dug around in his pocket. “I’m not Jungkook, Y/N. You never even gave me the chance to find out if not having kids was an actual dealbreaker for me!” He fished out his keys and started removing the one to your apartment.
“It won’t be a dealbreaker for you until it suddenly is — and then what would become of me?”
He slapped the key on the table. “Well, we’ll never know now, will we?”
It briefly occurred to you as Taehyung walked away that all your efforts to hold him loosely only allowed him to slip through your fingers more easily; it had done nothing to actually protect your heart.
You stayed at the park until dusk, wishing you were in deeper winter so that the cold could seep inside and numb you from the outside in. You trudged home, showered, and then crawled into bed. You slept.
You spent the next few weeks in a daze, rousing yourself only to go to work and then come home. You stopped going to The Magic Shop because you couldn’t bear to withstand Seokjin’s vocal disapproval. You ignored his texts and subsisted on terrible grocery store profferings and frozen dinners.
Every weekend, you told yourself that you would finally clear out all of Taehyung’s belongings — as well as his key — into a box and give it to Seokjin. Instead, every weekend found you in bed, unable to move.
It was on one such Sunday evening when your doorbell rang and wouldn’t stop ringing despite your best efforts to ignore it. You hauled yourself to the front door, checked the peephole, and found a man who resembled pictures of Seokjin’s husband standing there with a giant takeout bag from The Magic Shop.
You opened the door.
“Yoongi?” you tentatively asked.
“Seokjin sent me with food. He’s worried.” His deep voice surprised you; his bones seemed too delicate to match him properly.
“Oh, I couldn’t possibly —”
Yoongi cut you off with a wry grin and a snort. “You can and you will. There is no way I’m going back to Seokjin without doing his bidding. You know how he gets. Why would you subject me to his disapproving chaos more than necessary? Do you have any idea how much trouble you’ve caused me?”
“I’m sorry?”
“Can I come in? This is getting heavy.”
You stood aside and let Yoongi in. You directed him to the kitchen where he unpacked the bag and counted out seven takeout containers all labeled with either a poorly drawn chicken or pig. He also brought out two bottles of your favorite wine and an entire blueberry sourcream pie.
“Do you have a wine opener?”
You got yours out along with two glasses. Yoongi grunted his thanks and proceeded to swiftly open the bottle and pour generously.
“Did you want the piccata or the chop?”
“I’m not actually hungry —”
“Jin said I was not to leave until I witnessed with my own two eyes you finishing one entree, a glass of wine, and a slice of pie.” Yoongi sat at your table and took a sizable sip. “So, do you want the piccata or the chop?”
You weighed everything you’d ever gleaned from Seokjin’s casual conversations about Yoongi and decided against thwarting his mission. “Porkchop, please,” you said as you also sat down.
You ate and drank the familiar food in silence and Yoongi scrolled through his phone. When he noticed you were almost done with your dinner, he got up, rummaged around your kitchen and cut you a piece of pie and then cleared your take away box.
You burst into tears.
Yoongi froze. You heard him exhale a tiny sigh and then ask, “Would you like a hug?”
You nodded and so Yoongi crossed your tiny kitchen, bent down to give you easier access, and you threw your arms over him and wept into his shoulder. He mostly just held you loosely, occasionally petting your head and murmuring soothing nothings.
You finally shuddered to a stop and removed yourself from Yoongi’s arms. “Thank you,” you said.
“You’re welcome,” he replied as he glanced around your kitchen, found a tissue box and brought it closer to you.
“You’re really much softer than Seokjin makes you out to be,” you blurted out.
Yoongi burst into a shy laugh, his face lighting up. “Seokjin does what he wants,” he merely said, eyes crinkling in fondness.
You blew your nose a few times and studied Yoongi some more. “I always thought you’d be more…” You gestured your hand vaguely. “... aggressive? Or something?”
A gummy smile revealed itself. “You thought I would come over and what? Intimidate you into eating dinner?”
“Well, that is sort of what happened so I guess that’s on-brand.”
“What? I barely said anything! I just stood there,” he chuckled. “From what Jin’s told me about you, I thought you had more fight than that.”
You shook your head ruefully. “I’m not really that tough.”
Yoongi leaned in. “Want to know a secret?” At your nod, he whispered, “Neither am I.”
The two of you sat in silence for a little more as you ate your pie. In a small voice, you asked, “Is Seokjin so very disappointed in me?”
“He just wants to make sure you’re okay, Y/N. Jin said Taehyung came running into the restaurant — frantic — asking if he’d seen you. When it was clear Jin wasn’t hiding you somewhere, he left. And that was the last Jin saw or heard from either of you.”
“I meant to drop by,” you explained guiltily. “I’m just so tired.”
“You don’t have to justify yourself. You do what you must.”
“That’s just it. I don’t know what I’m doing — and I think I did the wrong thing.”
Yoongi took another sip of wine. “Do you want to talk about it? I’m no Seokjin, but I’ve been told I’m a good listener. Less meddling, too.”
The corner of your mouth lifted just a tad. “I wouldn’t be in this mess if I had just listened to Seokjin in the first place.”
“I won’t tell him you said that. He’ll be insufferable.”
“Isn’t he already?”
“True enough. But I suppose that’s why we love him.”
“Is it? I thought it was because he was easy on the eyes.”
Yoongi laughed. You really liked making him laugh. You could see why Seokjin married him — he was such a calming presence. Seokjin needed all the calming energy he could get.
“I think I need to apologize to Taehyung,” you said quietly, “and explain myself to him.”
“That sounds like a good plan.”
“What if he doesn’t want to hear from me?”
“Are you apologizing to get him to do something? Or are you apologizing because you hurt him and should make amends?”
“The latter, I suppose.”
“Then apologize. Explain yourself. Tell him why you were afraid — and still are.”
“I didn’t say I was afraid.”
Yoongi leveled his dark eyes at you. “Aren’t you though?”
You looked away.
“Don’t you think your Taehyung is also afraid?” Yoongi cleared his throat. “We are all afraid to some extent — but fear of pain in the future robs us of joy in the present. Or so I have been told.” He crooked a wry smile. He got up to go. “You deserve joy, Y/N. The real kind — not the kind you’ve stolen in the shadows.”
You were crying again. “I’m really sick of crying.”
Yoongi nodded as he handed you a tissue. “It can be like that sometimes. Go say your sorries to Taehyung. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you hope, it will make you feel better.”
“And you said you didn’t meddle.”
“No, I said I meddled less,” he returned. He bent down to hug you again. “You’ll be okay. You can always call me, alright? Do you have my number?”
At your headshake, he held out his hand for your phone and you dutifully passed it over for him to input his information.
After Yoongi left, you gathered your courage and went around your apartment collecting Taehyung’s belongings. You sat on your couch, staring at the box. You took out your phone.
[you 9:29 p.m.] I’m sorry, Taehyung. Are you free to talk in person?
You waited, but there was no immediate reply. You supposed you should have expected that. Instead, you got ready for sleep and for the first time in weeks, you didn’t cry yourself to sleep.
The next morning, you checked your phone and tried to quell your racing heart when you saw that Taehyung had texted you back.
[Taehyungie 01:43 a.m.] Okay.
And so, that’s how you found yourself later that evening, stood in front of his door with a box of his stuff. You told yourself that you could be brave and rang the doorbell.
Notes: Please tell me you caught the "Dynamite" reference. It brings me great joy.
Our Gray Winter Masterlist: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | Epilogue
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theslowesthnery · 4 months ago
comic book day! new beta ray bill and manifest destiny chapters!! spoilers for both!
beta ray bill #3:
not too much to say, i enjoyed the one-on-one talk that bill and skuttlebutt had, and am just glad that they were not - at least yet - written to hook up. please let them just be very, very good friends, i’m begging the writer - skuttlebutt’s been bill’s closest friend for ages, please don’t needlessly complicate and mess it up!
art is fuckin’ beautiful as always! i really like the hand-drawn/written sound effects,
Tumblr media
manifest destiny #43:
first things first,
BURTON WAS NOT ON THE BOAT! HOORAY!! i’m glad i only very recently got into this series, because if i’d actually had to wait 14 months for that confirmation i would’ve NOT been happy haha
still, i’m mostly sad about irene. i liked her, and she didn’t deserve to go like that. maybe it was inevitable she wouldn’t survive the expedition, but i’m still sad about her.
moving on. three deaths this chapter, one of whom was fricke, which is pretty sad, even if he did so willingly to save the others, and in a really badass way. and on that note, can someone please PLEASE just kill jensen already? collins looks like he’s just about ready to do it.
that being said, the chapter did end with randolph and russell both still alive (and burton too!) so i’m happy
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raevenlywrites · 6 months ago
The Ties That Bind 19 of ???
I couldn’t sleep this night, and there was little point in trying. So I stayed among my people, hoping my presence would reassure them where my words might have failed. I had never been more grateful for my people’s habit of holding our emotions close; it kept my fury with my mother’s milquetoast words at a manageable distance.
She was better than this. I’d heard her give inspiring speeches all my life, words that inspired hope where it was waning, fervor where it was lost. I could only view tonight as an act of sabotage, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. What would she have to gain from undermining me, and the peace I was trying to build? Was it not what we all were working towards?
On the one hand, I wanted very much to speak with her, to demand an explanation. But on the other... well, I had sort of given up. From the moment the Disa suggested marriage, my mother had been shut down. There was more at work here than the surface negotiations of peace. My mother seemed deeply disturbed at the notion of my life deviating from her plan for it--and that was just too bad. It was my life, my reign, my people. Her ways and her mother’s ways and her mother’s mother’s ways had not led to any resolution. I was willing to try something new.
But I was never alone with my thoughts for too very long. It was rare for the Shardae to mingle nowdays outside of festivals and holy days, so many were eager for my attention. Many offered wishes for my continued good health, simple excuses to engage and be near. More than I wished expressed their condolences for our “wasted trip” out to the Mistari, which I politely redirected back towards the news of Irene’s expectancy. Those that topic did not turn away expressed interest in my singing in the birth, and did that mean that I would be returned to my work with the midwives, now that I would no longer be needed on the battlefields? It was an excellent question, and one I hadn’t considered, but found that my answer was an eager yes. It did much to buoy my spirits to think my family gifts returned to acts of growth rather than simply easing the pain of loss. Perhaps even my mother--
I didn’t care to think on my mother overly much this night.
So I stayed among my people until well after moonset, making note of those faces that stayed, those that seemed cautiously hopeful, and those who’s distrust and disdain I’d had to redirect. There weren’t many who lived directly in and around the Keep; I knew most by family name at least, from the Lyssia tailors to the jewelers who ran the Aurita, to the Silvermead blacksmiths and soldiers.
One I did know by first name, Jeanne Kejamarl, approached me much later in the evening. I remembered her from our shared school days, when I was still learning to shape my letters and reading only the simple sentences chalked on the board. The children of the Keep were all raised and educated together, because there were so few. So while I had little cause to interact with the Kejamarl tanneries directly, I knew Jeanne by name, though I wouldn’t call her a friend now, the way I did Elanor. Which I only considered because of how utterly forward her question was.
“Forgive my asking, Shardae, but why wasn’t Captain Andreios by your side this evening?”
I blinked, long and slow and foolish. My brain felt like thick mud, unwilling to allow my thoughts to rotate and pivot this conversation change with any speed.
“I know it’s not my place to question, but if you’re not going to announce him your alastair....”
Jeanne’s cheeks colored, and I realized with shock and horror the direction this conversation was headed, too late to head it off. She was interested in Rei, and I had dragged my feet so long that others were wondering if they might court him.
It wasn’t entirely uncommon for young adults to pursue one another. Yes, alastairs were often chosen for children in their infancy, but tragically all too often, those alastairs and pairbonds did not live to see adulthood. And while it was traditional for men to take the role of alastair--chivalrous protectors--it wasn’t unheard of for a would be pairbond to express her interest in being pursued. And Rei was handsome, and highly ranked, and courteous and thoughtful and dependable--
The thought of his lips against mine came surging back, filling my own cheeks with heat. Luckily, Jeanne misinterpreted my reaction for embarrassment at the topic--or maybe not so much a misinterpretation--and quickly backed off.
“I’m so sorry, m’lady, I shouldn’t have asked.” She ducked her head, chin all but tucked to her chest as she tried to make herself small. “It’s just after all the rumors of the Arami’s proposal, and with Rei’s absence--“
“He didn’t propose!”
I snapped a too rapid answer in a furious whisper, too caught up in my own snarl of emotions to keep my usual decorum.
“I don’t know who started that stupid rumor but I would really appreciate it if people stopped speculating about my private life!”
Jeanne looked up, horror warring with curiosity. It was utterly unlike me to be so emotional--and if she was a lover of gossip, this was too good to miss. I cursed inwardly and did my best to regain my composure.
“Jeanne, please. It has been an excruciatingly long day, week, all of it, and I am tired of my love life being the topic of so much discussion. It’s unseemly, don’t you think?”
“Yes, m’lady, of course. I shouldn’t--“ “No, you shouldn’t. And I would ask you please to keep others from discussing it as well? I have enough to deal with right now.” I sighed, hoping to use the show of emotion to my advantage. “I hope to start my own family under the light of peace, not in the shadow of my brother’s funeral.”
“Yes, m’lady. Gods above, yes of course. I’m so sorry.”
I reached out, laying the lightest touch on her arm. “Please. I don’t need your apologies, just your consideration. You knew me when I still couldn’t form my S’s front ways.” She smiled at the shared memory, and how ridiculous it was that I couldn’t write out “Shardae”. “Please give me the room to be just Danica where I can. There are so many places where that won’t be possible.”
“Of course, my--Danica.”
I smiled, trying to positively reinforce the behavior. My mother had become distant from our people, and by extension, me. So many of them had expressed a desire to see us out and among them again. If I could befriend my people again, help them see this shift as a positive one, become their darling, golden young queen, perhaps it could help me regain the power our family had lost to the generals. I could sell them an idealistic young family, a vision of the future that was shiny and bright.
Maybe, if I sold it hard enough, I might believe it myself.
“Rei is back with the serpiente, helping keep the Arami safe.” Jeanne’s eyes widen, and I nod, leaning closer as if in confidence. “There’s no one else I would trust with so high a priority. Here among my people, I could not possibly be safer. But I worry for Zane--as my mother said, this is an extremely brave thing for him to be doing. I hope my people will greet him with courtesy and dignity, but I am too pragmatic to trust his safety to anyone less than Rei.”
There. Maybe using his nickname twice will drive the point home. Of course, a part of me whispers that if I just declare my intentions on him here and now that would end all of it. I have no reason not to. Everyone assumes I’m as good as his pairbond. But for some reason I don’t--probably because I worry the story will grow in the telling, much like my “proposal” from Arami Zane. No, when I’m ready for word to spread, it will be through an official announcement, not from wildfire gossip from an old schoolmate. I release her arm and take a step back, letting some of my weariness show on my face.
“Now I think its time I take my leave. We all have a big day tomorrow. I should try to sleep while I can.”
I take another step back and melt into my golden hawk’s form, trusting whoever is on my most personal guard duty to peel off and follow as they always do. Only I don’t fly up to my balcony on the far side of the Keep. Instead, I turn my flight towards the east, and the waiting encampment of serpiente. - I am not so foolish as to have not considered this to be a potential invasion. I have let a score of serpiente warriors within an hour’s flight of the heart of my kingdom. But as I have said, more times than I care to, I refuse to behave as if Zane will betray me. It will either happen or it won’t. If a cobra is destined to slay a hawk again, then I have made peace with it being me. Our people began with one golden queen, if they are to end with simply one, then Fate will have her way no matter what we design. And honestly, they could do worse with a conquering monarch than Zane Cobriana. From what I have seen, he is fair, just, considerate, and generally in favor of art, self-expression, the well-being of his people--
I bank and circle back, realizing  my mental wandering has allowed my wings to wander as well. I am too tired to think, but thinking is all I seem to be able to do. I want to see Rei, to wrap myself in the warmth and comfort of his arms to maybe try another few kisses, softer and gentler this time, to reassure myself that my life has not turned completely upside down. Instead I am circling around the encampment, having flown right over it while thinking of Zane Cobriana’s qualities as a king.
I realize as I circle in to land that partially my mistake was due to the sheer size of the gathering. I don’t know what my distracted mind must have made of the numerous campfires now dotting the fields, a small village perhaps, but it is certainly too many for the two score of soldiers or so that should be out here. This gathering is nearly twice that, centered around a ring of figures--
Zane and Adelina are dancing, with six other serpents besides. They weave in and out of each others’ steps, intricate rings within rings, scales flashing in every color of the rainbow.
Serpiente warriors can grow a scaled demi form, much like the large, angelic wings we avians sprout. While ours are used to give us an aerial advantage in battle, theirs provides a natural amrour that only the keenest arrow can pierce. And much like our wings can be used as an expression of beauty, an elegant backdrop to fine garments and jewelry, so are the serpiente before us using their scales now. Lines of color sparkle like living veins of gemstones, from the iridescent white of Adelina’s viper, to rich reds and greens of dancers I do not know, to the shimmering obsidian of Zane’s cobra.
They are a perfect complement to each other, his dark hair and scales reflecting red in the firelight, hers glinting gold like a low harvest moon. They sway and swirl, moving around each other and through their fellow dancers as if bound by an invisible chord. It is heartbreakingly beautiful, and I understand why every one of my subjects simply stands and stares. It is like nothing any of us have ever seen before, except maybe the soldiers.
I remember the ready pose Zane and Adelina fall into so easily, and thinking how perfectly it would transition to either dance or combat. I am mesmerized by the dance; I can only imagine how impossible they might seem to fight. I am struck with the sudden realizaiton that our survival til now seems nothing short of miraculous. Without the falcon’s am haj to allow us to fight with such lethality from the skies--
I want nothing more to do with this line of thought, so I land, picking a spot far enough away from the dancing serpents so as not to startle anyone. The avians in the crowd all know the silhouette of my hawk’s form, but it is late, and I am trying to be discrete. Still, several soldiers peel away, bowing swiftly as they make a report.
“No trouble yet, your majesty. As you suggested, the serpiente are well able to sense intent. None were allowed past the outer perimeter that were anything other than curious.” Curious. I should have thought of that. Raymond steps up at my side, and I realize he was one of the ravens flanking me. “Erica flew in during your mother’s speech, m’lady, with a message from Zane and Andreios. Neither one of them say any harm in letting a few come and see, but--well, I wished they’d said it was more than just a few. I never would have fielded such a decision for you if I’d thought--“
“It’s alright,” I say, holding up a hand. “If Zane allowed it, and Andreios cleared it, then I trust their judgement. I didn’t even think folks would venture out, so they’re steps ahead of me.” I gave Raymond a tired smile. “In all things security, I don’t mind letting Rei make decisions. It’s matters of battle and war I wish to be consulted on. Allowing a few--okay, more than a few--curious folk out to meet our guests...”
I trailed off, feeling sick at the idea of how poorly this could have gone. We were treading the most precarious line, and I’d barely thought any of it out. And Zane had simply come, trusting.
I should have worked something else out. I never should have asked him to come here--
Rei was suddenly before me, undoubtedly alerted to my presence here. Too tired to care anymore who saw or what they thought, I let myself fall into his arms. This was all I’d been seeking. I hadn’t meant to stumble onto more trouble, more problems--I just wanted to be held, and get some sleep.
“Do you have a tent sent up?” I asked, trying at least to keep my voice between just the pair of us.
“For you? No, but we can--“
I shook my head. “Yours is fine. I’m exhausted, we’re in the field. There’s no where safer for my than by your side, right?”
Rei sighed, but I could see him caving in. “I mean, ostensibly you were safer back at the Keep, but yes.” He tucked his arm over my shoulder, with all the familiarity of an alastair in private. “Come on. Let’s get you to bed.”
The Ties That Bind Tag list: @thehellinsideyourhead @therecouldbecolorsandlove @adventuresofacreesty @writing-with-melon @rainydaydarling @faithfire
Raev’s Gen Tag List (should I tag you guys in this? It IS a thing I wrote. I’m gonna say yes unless you guys are like “no of course not we’re sick of hearing about your stupid fic for a twenty year old book XD)
No one has complained yet so yall gonna keep getting tagged :P
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Really don't want to come back posting with something like this (I'm waiting for Yuumori anime disc to come home so I could post the new art in there but this current issue is taking too far for my liking). Just want to make this clear with no hate feeling for anyone or any couple.
If anyone curious about why ppl hating TFP arc (I will only talk about this arc), it's mostly because:
1. The final plan of William if he thinks some fires can change anything (ppl's mind or a whole country): Look at the whole scene with a psychological view, or just let's yourself be a noble in this series. Even in the modern world, wealthy ppl can help others when in need but they won't give up their privileges that easily. Just take your time and think about it. And I will have to make a long post if I want to talk about other aspects such as economical or political views etc. Put away your emotions with the character and you will see it. I love William (he is still the love of my life) so it's really hard for me to admit that he's not a genius as he is described through the whole series and that his final plan is stupid (if you don't believe me, my older post has a pic of William's merch's shrine. I own almost every William merch so far and I also am waiting for the perfume and a 14000 ¥ ring. And not to mention Sherlock's merch because I like both of them. I don't like bragging about my collection but thats just to show how I devoted to both William and this series and still, I also find it has so many flaws).
2. Fanservice: Don't look at it with a bias shipping view and you will see why many ppl feel really cringe about that arc. I have talked with both SherLiam and non-shipping fans (most of them don't even ship Sherlock with Irene or John) and even some SherLiam fans had admitted the fanservice in it is a little bit too much (And fyi, I don't even know them at all, those are just briefly counterparts on the internet). If you only interact with other fans who share the same mind, you won't understand why because you're just in a shipdom, not the whole fandom. I'm really neutral with every couple and also is a long-time fan of this manga so I have spent a lot of time with both parties to understand each pov. And admitting something you like has flaws is hard but we're human after all and we can both love and criticize something at the same time. That's the beautiful of having a passion for something 🤗
3. The writing of this manga is weak, really weak: If it's not, then both anime and musical staffs didn't have to do the research again to change the details/plotholes or added more inner thoughts for characters in Op.3 to be more convincing if they want to make Op.4. I know many manga readers hate anime becase it cut too many scene (This series is flop so obviously the budget is limited) but if you look on other side, you will see that the staffs had to change many details so anime watchers couldn't find those flaws. It's not perfect, I admit, but I still appreciate their efforts. And I have followed this manga for years, remembered every detail/every line in it and took time to analyze plot holes so I know what I said. I also own both stage and musical disc so you can't say I take this manga lightly. This series has been a part of my heart and soul for years.
=> Everyone has different opinions and there are many ppl out there who agree with what I just said above. I know that because I have seen many posts in my country's M-A community with this topic. One has about 1500 comments and more than 700 shares. Most of them wish they could enjoy the manga but it was hard for them because TFP arc (or the whole manga) can only be excellent and enjoyable if they like the shipping. And all of those opinions are just in one of many similar posts. This is just an example but I just want to say that You might don't see it but those ppl with different pov exist. They don't talk much because they know others in the fandom might attack/criticize them for their beliefs. Judging others for some opinions they think no one agree with is extremely wrong, especially if you only see it from one pov.
Just don't let the emotional feeling you get from the manga clouding your judgment with other ppl opinions.
I know you don't think what I said is true but seriously, I've invested in this manga and the fandom for too long so I just said what I have witnessed. I was there when there was almost no content for this series and how I used to wish this manga could get more regconized. I even remember the name of every account that joined the fandom in the early days when anime first broadcasted because I was too happy for this series. At some points, I even talked with anti-fans but they usually hate it so much that they don't want to mention about it which is also why you see rarely anybody criticze this series. Still, I respect every opinion because it make me look at this manga with more diversified view!
And I'm quite salty about the fact that this manga has lose so many fans because of those issues above. I really wish things could be different and hope the plot would be better than this. Maybe It's just my fault for setting the bar too high haha
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