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#he served idc
dinah-lance · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lil Nas X attends The 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2021 in New York City (Source: Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America)
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transanakinskywalker · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
anidalaweek2021: Day 3 - May 6th: Mythology/Fairy Tales OR Favorite Touches
The Lady and Knight is a chivalric image that many of us probably know very well [...] While it is very common in works set in a Medieval era or equivalent fantasy version, they can pop up anywhere but even in modern settings, they are usually meant to invoke that era's ideal image of a Lady and her Knight. The iconic portrayal is of the Lady as a beautiful, admirable woman with dignity and nobility and The Knight as a strong, brave man of virtue sworn to protect her. The Lady and Knight, while originally female and male respectively, aren't always nowadays and either role can be played by any gender.
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maybebi47 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i have been crying about this tweet for the last 10 mins
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lovesigilss · 2 months ago
i am actually ok w zee being objectified in art and being objectified in general bc i think its a very very important part of her own sexuality and sensuality. let me elaborate: i think zee is a very giving partner and a very kind and empathetic person...and since she knows that john has basically never had anything in his life, especially anything good she looves to please him and have him use her for his pleasure basically. and give him everything. she loves to be made into a complete object that he can do nothing but use for his own pleasure.
this is not demeaning to her, this is an arrangement they have w their BDSM and s/m shit and its also so he can finally have something and someone in his life thats good and pleasurable and its something that zee very very much enjoys. she essentially has a "i'll heal you w my pussy and all of my holes" kink
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mayalopez · 3 months ago
Me @ Me: Is this Tommy outfit really actually a good design, or do I just love Tommy?
Me @ Me: Yes.
ITS SO GOOD THOUGH. like look at the CAPE magneto would be so proud and the eyeliner and earrings are sexy and the actual outfit ... i mean the sheer top with the layering on top and the white/silver detailing ITS LITERALLY SO GOOD
Tumblr media
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suspiciouspopsicle · 2 months ago
Why do people think wwx got away with murder???
The sects tried and sentenced him to death? They took away his most important and powerful allies?? They got the shit kicked out of them and still came back to attack the Burial Mounds where they slaughtered the remaining Wens??? Wei Wuxian died during that attack????
He was punished! He died!! You can’t punish any more than that without torture, and that would make the sects all war criminals* instead of whatever hero of justice story they told themselves while running Granny Wen through and dumping her corpse into a blood pool.
It’s not Wei Ying’s fault death didn’t take.
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etherealpaper · 9 months ago
i’m almost finishing hannibal and... i have this huge crush on hannibal and i don’t know what to say i just needed to share this lmao... like is there something wrong with me??? he’s so hot i- i can’t lol bye.
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ars0nism · 6 months ago
SURE big hats looks dumb but the way that scaramouche's head moves. it just. idk i like watching him look around literally just bc the movement of the hat is satisfying. like when he turns his head and the whole hat spins a bit or when he looks up idk its just. so satisfying for some reason
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luciilferss · 8 months ago
You made me wanna start mha and I would just like to say. I've known Eraser Head for one episode and I just know he was made for the girls and the gays with daddy issues. I'm not big into the whole sir kink thing but for this man I might just be. Yes sir, make me work for your approval and earn your praise uwu
YES DFGMKSLDKFMDKLF HE FUCKING WASSSS 📣📣📣📢📢📢🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🎙️🎙️🎙️📣📣📣📢📢📢🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🎙️🎙️🎙️📣📣📣📢📢📢🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🎙️🎙️🎙️📣📣📣📢📢📢🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🎙️🎙️🎙️ girl just u wait until you see him with his mf hair tied up i actually had to stop myself from barking
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femmebergara · 9 months ago
palli.... paAalliii..... paallii..... pAaAAalliiii.....................
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britneyshakespeare · 2 years ago
you ppl talkin shit about kamala harris by saying “she’s just as bad as trump” or “she’ll lose and we’ll deserve it”
look where that got us last time.
like i get there are substantive critiques to be made towards the senator about her record and her policy proposals,
but at the same time, if you’re acting like anything about her is comparable to the current administration, i’m not entitled to take your own political talking points very seriously. you can talk a big game about laissez-faire capitalism and the problems with our voting system, but if you can’t see how even the most moderate democrat is infinitely more acceptable than any republican (but especially trump), i don’t believe that. for a second. 
put these things in context. you can get lost in the weeds of the plans that you, at least in principle, marginally agree with, and lose sight of the bigger picture. i know it’s discouraging how much closer to the center the dems have gotten in recent decades, but when republicans consolidate more and more power, they’re only going to keep moving to the right. do you think bill clinton would’ve happened without ronald reagan’s popularity? do you think the obama administration stopped being at all productive after dems lost the house in 2010, for just no reason? 
vote for someone. take what you get. fuck your “lesser of two evils” platitude; there are real, material differences at stake every minute that donald trump and his cohorts are in office.
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kitashinsvks · 5 months ago
he gets his wisdom teeth removed
characters: osamu, iwaizumi, sakusa
a/n: sometimes i wonder where the hell my imagination is taking me for me to write this nonsense-- 
warning: none!
Tumblr media
osamu was hesitant to take you with him when he had to go to the dentist to get his wisdom teeth removed
he heard some of his teammates’ experiences and he was scared on how he would act
especially knowing he isn’t conscious of his surroundings and will have zero control of his body 
you took the chance as soon as he mentioned getting his wisdom teeth removed because you've always wanted to see what’ll happen to the calmer twin, your boyfriend when he was under the anaesthetic
you were recording as you go, the dentist’s assistant was guiding you to where you boyfriend was. it’s been an hour since the operation and the assistant warned you that osamu might still be loopy from the anaesthetic. you laughed before reassuring the assistant that it was exactly what you wanted to see. the assistant laughed, before giving another warning and opening the door. to reveal your boyfriend.
once osamu caught sight of you, your heart fluttered when you saw him look at you as if you were the most precious thing to ever walk this universe. and to osamu, you are. 
“hey there, baby. how’re you feeling?” osamu’s eyes widened and a blush overtook his features. 
“‘yer talking to me?” his voice was muffled from the cotton that was wedged in his mouth, he was pointing to himself as if you accused him of a crime. you nodded, a big smile on his face as he stood up and jumped around, cheering about how he got such a pretty girl to be his. 
as much as it was cute, it was more amusing to see your boyfriend jump like a 5 year old who got what he wanted. you were shocked when he grabbed your hand and pulled you outside the room.
you didn’t know what was happening, your phone that was video recording the whole thing is bound to be shaky at how osamu was pulling you.
“hey - you!” he tapped a random stranger on the shoulder, you were alarmed at his actions. 
“look at my girlfriend!” he states proudly, a dopey smile on his face as he began oversharing your relationship to a mere stranger. 
before he could overshare even more, you pulled him back to your car, not before apologizing profusely to the stranger who only shook his head and laughed. 
“if you don’t act like this when your surgery is over, we’re breaking up.” you hear the stranger’s girlfriend say as you walked away, pulling your heavy 6 foot boyfriend to the backseat. 
“noooo, why are you so far away?” osamu whined, making grabby hands at the driver’s seat. 
“i have to drive, bub.” you say, pulling out from the parking and driving home. 
osamu was quiet for a few seconds before he screamed out of nowhere, effectively causing you to sway on the road. 
“it’s too quiet!” osamu said, sighing loudly before opening the window and sticking his head out. 
“osamu, what the hell do you think you’re doing!” you say loudly, both amused and concerned for your boyfriend’s head. 
“i’m free! whee!!!” he was saying nonsense at this point, you were glad to be in private because you had no idea how to control this side of your boyfriend. 
“(y/n), i love you !!!” osamu screamed outside, you laughed, knowing all of this is recorded and would serve as great blackmail material. 
as soon as he said that, his head went back inside the car and there was a few seconds of his nonsensical mumbles before silence enveloped the car. 
you looked at the rearview mirror and saw that osamu’s cheek was pressed against the window and loud snores were escaping his mouth. 
you bit back a smile and anticipated the next day when you’ll show him the video (not before making numerous copies on your devices)
safe to say osamu almost wrestled you just to delete the videos. 
Tumblr media
he thinks the anaesthetic is just plain cap and wasn’t scared at all 
the trainer rolled his eyes at you as you giggled on possibilities when he’s under the anaesthetic. 
he really does not believe the videos you showed him beforehand and thinks it’s all exaggeration for views
you looked forward to his personality once the operation was done. 
before you entered the room, there was a sound that resembled a groan and a scream. you bit your tongue before entering, not wanting to alert him of your presence yet. 
“where did you take her?!” iwaizumi yelled, as if he were in a drama, he was slumped against the dental chair, arms sagging to the sides as he yelled out nonsense about how he would avenge you. 
you stifled a laugh, unfortunately, iwaizumi heard and flung his head to the side as quick as he could. “(y/n)!!” he screamed out in happiness, a dopey smile on his face as he fell out of the dental chair to pull you to his arms. 
“haji, calm down!” you laughed, the phone in your right hand trying to find a good angle, your phone was taken by a smirking assistant who held it for you. you nodded in thanks before using your two arms to push your boyfriend away. 
by now your shoulder was covered with his slobber. iwaizumi pouted, his cheeks puffing up due to the cotton in his mouth as tears filled up his eyes. “why did you pull away, do you not love me anymore?! after i slaughtered godzilla for you!” 
you tried your very best not to laugh, but seeing your normally composed boyfriend ramble on, confusing fantasy and reality was very funny to see. 
“come on you big baby. let’s get you home.” iwaizumi pouted as you took your phone from the assistant who laughed and wished you good luck as you hauled out your brute of a boyfriend to your car. 
he was awfully quiet, had the anaesthetic run off that quickly? you looked at him who was not looking at you, but looking outside the window with a pout on his face. 
you tilted your head, not starting the car yet and tried to catch his attention. 
“haji, are you okay?” “go ask your other boyfriend!” he huffed, a pout overtaking his features. you were confused, but then remembered the split second interaction you had with the assistant who held your phone. 
“haji-” “no! i’m your baby!” he whined, you blinked, not knowing where the sudden attitude shift came from. 
“baby-” “no!” “iwaizumi.” he was suddenly quiet, a pout on his face as you called him by his last name. 
“you’re my baby, okay?” iwaizumi nodded, a pout still on his face. you leaned forward and placed a peck on his forehead. iwaizumi suddenly smiled and rambled on how lucky he was that you were his and he was yours. 
the whole drive home was like listening to a podcast, but that podcast was him professing his love for you. 
it was endearing, but it got annoying 30 minutes in. safe to say, iwaizumi denied all accusations of him doing such despite all the video recordings. 
Tumblr media
he has been pushing this appointment back for as long as he could
idc what you say, this man is afraid of the dentist
he hates the feeling of not being in control of his own body 
you have to drag him by the curls (and promise to do whatever he says for the next two weeks) just to have him willingly go 
“you doing okay there, baby?” you asked as soon as you entered the room, sakusa was quiet for the most part. you think it was because of the anesthetic, but he was looking at you with a sneer on his face. 
“why are you looking at me like that?” sakusa huffed at your words, “where’s the cotton in your mouth?” you blinked in response. 
“the what?” you were confused, looking at the assistant who looked guilty. “we had to tell him that having some sort of cotton in your mouth is the highest form of sanitation because he doesn’t want anything touching his mouth once he woke up.”
.. sounds about right. 
with a sigh, you looked over to the container or cotton pads before plopping one in your mouth, pushing it to the side of your gums. 
“can we go now, your highne-” you didn’t even get to finish your sentence before sakusa rammed his whole body weight to you. you barely had time to let yourself recover before your boyfriend pressed slobbery kisses all over your cheeks. 
“ew, omi! stop!” sakusa stilled, he pulled away with a pout on his features. 
“ew?” your eyes widened, your boyfriend looked like a kicked puppy. motoya was having a fun time as he recorded what was happening to his usually stoic cousin. 
“no- baby, wait-” “hmp.” sakusa huffed, stomping one of his feet on the ground. 
you snorted, not taking the whole situation seriously. 
“i said, hmp!” 
you had a hard time pulling him to the backseat of his mom’s car. 
motoya sat in the front, noting that he did not want to deal with whatever demon possessed his cousin. 
you rolled your eyes, before getting inside the car. you wish you got inside later as sakusa basically flung himself to you. 
half the weight of your boyfriend was pressed onto your side as sakusa nuzzled lovingly on your neck, spit mixed with blood was escaping his mouth and seeping through the fabric of your shirt. 
“how are you holding there, (y/n)?” motoya laughed, as he angled the phone to where sakusa was basically hissing at his cousin. “we don’t talk to losers, (y/n).” sakusa huffed. 
motoya looked so offended, you snorted out a laugh before playing with his curls and sticking a tongue out to motoya. 
“yeah, we don’t talk to losers!” motoya rolled his eyes but continued on recording, knowing all of these will seem like fiction unless there was videographic evidence.
“(y/nnn)-” sakusa drawed out, you hummed, scrolling through your phone and caressing his dark locks. 
“i love youuuuu” sakusa said with a loopy smile, his cheeks puffed up and his eyes were out of focus. 
“i love you too, omi.” you say, bending down to peck a quick kiss to his forehead, you hear motoya let out a small ‘gross’ and sakusa’s mom scolds him for ruining the moment. 
“you’re the only one i want to marryyyyy” he dragged out, laughing at the shocked look on your face. 
“you’re going to say yes, right??”  you laughed softly, hands caressing his face as you smiled. “of course i will, omi.” 
“yayyy” sakusa cheered softly, the next thing you heard was him snoring softly. you looked at motoya who has stopped recording and looked at you with a knowing smile. 
once he was back to normal, sakusa brushed off his proclamation in the video. 
two months later, sakusa knelt down in one knee right in front of you, his loopy self giving him the needed encouragement to finally ask for your hand.
Tumblr media
taglist (bold cannot be tagged): @xedspirits,@nikiniki743, @channiechanchan, @ilovecheese08, @venusrae, @a-book-lover-things, @kakiwrites, @ijustwantfreenetflix, @kiyoomissoulmate, @candyyrushh, @animated-moon, @uglystupidbxtch, @porcolie, @nikkacutiepie, @bucinhajime, @breannaburghardt, @blueowl51, @Charyeety, @empreads , @kellesvt  @tsumushima, @lolgojo, @lollypop-lam, @dree-dreems @vianca99-blog
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charnelhouse · 2 months ago
you learnt my love, you hit the target
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x F!Reader Wordcount: 2.4K Warnings: mentions of toxic/abusive relationship. bathroom sex. oral. protective loki. enemies 2 lovahs. maybe unhealthy sex? Request: After Ragnarok, Loki seeks shelter at the Avengers Compound. He finds himself interfering with your relationship. A/N: i know this gif is big as fuck. idc. title from Castles by Freya Ridings
He remembers her.
She’s older now - a little more grown in. Big eyes flashing colors like the Rainbow Bridge. The bridge now snuffed out by apocalyptic flames and Surtur.
All of his home shattered to exploding glass fragments - twinkling like hot little stars as they fell and fell and disappeared into the maw of the galaxy below the ship.
He would never go home again and Loki feels his gut twist at the thought.
He had loved Asgard too late. Appreciated it too late. A thousand plus years of memories gone like ash in the wind and now there was just bleak-blue space.
He must have faded out because Thor kicks at his feet, pushing him forward and towards her and the rest of them.
Thor doesn’t introduce him. They all know. They all recall exactly who he was and what he did. It appears they love his brother enough to allow him safe passage - allow him to live with them at this compound.
The Barton fellow leaves almost immediately.
I’m retired he shouts over his shoulder before he’s gone. Good riddance.
He does scrounge up a smile for her though, taken aback at her prettiness.
“It’s nice to see you,” he drawls - arching a cool eyebrow.
Her expression morphs, verging on incredulous.
“Really?” she growls - crossing her arms over her chest. “You stabbed me!”
Thor winces and Loki startles.
“When?” he snaps - offended.
“New York.”
Loki tries to scour his mind - flip through the memories that have already melded into one entire disaster. Chaos and blood and his head heavy with bruises. The manacles and his brother dragging him back home to be imprisoned.
He honestly doesn’t remember.
He didn’t brood over his failures. It didn’t serve him.
“My apologies?” he offers before she turns on her heel and flees.
Loki spends his time observing. It’s not like he has a plan to take over the Avengers, but he should have one ready.
Just in case.
He also just really enjoys watching her. She loathes him, which is all the more fun. She snaps when he’s near - her jaw twitching - her lips pulled down into a lovely pout.
“You need to stop antagonizing her, Loki,” Thor wraps a firm hand around his arm and yanks him backward. “It’s not nice.”
Loki shoves him off - smoothing his clothes. “I am simply existing, brother! It’s not my fault she’s so ridiculously sensitive.”
“I don’t care. Just don’t go near her.”
Loki sniffs. “She’s being dramatic.”
“She doesn’t forgive as easily as I do.”
It’s really not his fault when he walks in on a fight between her and her boyfriend. He’s yelling in her face, gripping her by the shoulders and Loki can catch the shift of bone - the way she inhales sharply as if in pain.
He doesn’t think before he moves between them - pushing the man off of her hard enough that he crashes to the floor. “We can hear you from down the hall,” he growls as he gently nudges her behind him. “It would be best if you got the fuck out.”
The man's expression is stunned and Loki wonders if he could break something. Perhaps a finger? Perhaps a wrist?
He doesn’t know what the argument was about or if she cares that he’s involved himself. He just didn’t like it. He didn’t like the way her expression crumpled and went far away as the bastard screamed at her.
He feels her hand on his arm - delicate and yielding. “Loki,” she murmurs. “It’s - it’s fine. I’ll handle the rest.”
It’s not his place to stay. It’s not his place to protect her or speak up for her or really do anything. When he turns around, her eyes are wide and wet. They search his face - dancing over his features - making him feel bare and raw like split nerves.
“Thank you,” she says and he can do nothing, but leave.
Loki points to where she’s standing in the kitchen - quietly arguing with the man he’d just seen yell at her two days ago.
“Who’s that weasel-faced prick?”
“I don’t know,” Thor shrugs. “Her boyfriend? Lover?”
“Is he an Avenger?”
“I don’t think so.”
“I don’t like him.”
“Well - it’s a good thing your opinion counts a lick here.”
Loki glares. “I saw him yelling at her.”
Thor lifts his head at that, his brow furrowing in concern. “Really?”
“Yes,” Loki hisses as he moves closer to his brother, he lowers himself into the seat across from him - balancing his elbows on his knees. “I think we could kill him and none would be the wiser.”
“Oh yes,” Thor folds his hands together before looking at him pointedly. “You - a known murderer who had just arrived here - certainly wouldn’t be the first suspect.”
“I don’t appreciate your tone.”
Thor stares at him for a moment, his eyes searching Loki intently enough that he has to avert his gaze. “Why do you care so much?”
Loki’s head snaps back to him. “It’s not - it’s not me caring.” He grits his teeth. “I just find that ugly little shit’s behavior abominable.”
“Really?” Thor raises his eyebrows. “You don’t care?”
Loki scowls.
His brother had become so intuitive the last few years. The old Thor had been too distracted by fighting and tits to even acknowledge anything that wasn’t spelled out for him. It was truly the worst.
“Why aren’t you siding with me on this? I’m...” he trails off - catching a glimpse of her over his shoulder before he drops his voice to a whisper. “I’m just trying to help.”
Thor’s lips quirk. “I am siding with you on this, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t have any ulterior motives.”
“You stare at her a lot.”
“Bite your tongue.”
Thor chuckles and it unnerves him.
It’s certainly the last situation he thought he’d be in. He’s wedged between her open legs - her ass practically hanging off the sink as he kisses her.
She tugs at his hair - her thumb smoothing over the hinge of his jaw as her mouth parts beneath his tongue. He explores the taste of her - deepening the kiss until he can drink her air - the desperate gasp she gives him when he rocks his cock against her clothed cunt.
“Open up, pet,” he urges - pushing her knees back so he can access her fully. “You want me to be able to touch your desperate little cunt, right?”
She whimpers - nodding as she lets him maneuver her. There’s the clash of music outside the doors - the tumble and roll of laughter. He doesn’t even remember how he got here. She’d been upset and run off and he had followed - a shadow at her heels.
“Did he hurt you?” he had asked - his hands on her shoulders.
She had stared at him in confusion - wary and suspicious, but he repeated himself, and then she’d gone boneless. She’d given up and launched herself at him - wrapping her arms around his waist and crushing her cheek to his chest. He’d stroked her hair - soothed her with comforting words and sounds and anything he knew how to give.
It had been a long time since he’d been kind to anyone.
He doesn’t know why it’s her. She was pretty, of course. But he’d had pretty women before as well as pretty men. He’d had many people and most of the time, he'd been a wretch to each of them.
You were here to warm my bed. Now leave.
It was just a bit of fun. No need to get all morose about it.
I don’t recall saying that, but I can assure you I didn’t mean it.
It was probably the wine, darling. I don’t actually intend to marry anyone in the near future.
I certainly will not meet your parents.
Now - he was here - trying to soothe a girl who had at one time been his enemy. A girl lacking in experience, but too physically powerful for her own good.
Then - it had all sort of blurred together. She'd tilted her face up his and he'd looked down at her and like two colliding stars, it had all exploded. She’d pulled at the lapels of his collar and kissed him. A very erotic kiss that he had felt down to his toes. A good man would probably have pushed her away - told her that she was too sad and that this wouldn’t solve anything.
But - Loki wasn’t a good person and he wanted her in a way that disarmed him. Perhaps - he simply wanted to conquer her. Maybe - he liked a challenge? He didn’t want to dig too deep so he lets her tug at his clothing and suck on his tongue.
“Careful,” he scolds when she rips at his hair brutally enough to actually hurt him. She wanted a fight, then. Loki enjoyed that. He enjoyed blood in the water. He enjoyed sex that felt like it could lead to destruction and perhaps both of them are hurtling towards disaster.
But who could care? Certainly not him.
“Fuck me,” she begs - lashes fluttering and chest heaving and it stuns him momentarily. The panicked edge to her voice. The craving - the want and - well - Loki could do her one better.
“Sit back,” he urges before he slithers down her body. He parts her knees - tears those slick-damp panties off her - the band snapping against her skin. But she doesn’t feel it - she’s too hungry - too blind with it. He spreads her open - his eyes falling to the glistening mess of her sex. It’s parted and bare for him - the hole clenching on nothing and when he notches his thumb against her pert bud, she hisses like a feral cat. He glances up at her. “I’m going to eat your cunt,” he promises flatly. “I’m going to lick it until you scream for me.”
Her lids are heavy, her lower lip tucked between her teeth. He wants her to say it.
He’s on his knees before her - his fingers flexing along her hips and thighs. Him bringing pleasure to an Avenger. It’s almost poetic.
She tilts herself up to him - her expression eager - longing - but he squeezes her waist - pinching the skin above her knee. “Tell me what you want me to do to you?”
Her eyes narrow, but she relents all the same.
“Please what?”
She huffs rather sweetly and he almost dives right in. She had truly softened him, which was incredibly horrifying.
Still - he wants those words. He wants her consent and her acceptance.
“Please,” she whimpers. “Please lick...lick my...”
He spreads his hand across her mound - exhaling cool breath over her searing folds. “Lick what, my darling girl?”
Her pussy visibly clenches. She liked that. His praise - his worship.
“My cunt,” she whispers and he rewards her by stroking the flat of his tongue from hole to clit, making her buck beneath his hands. He feasts on her - messily, but still strategized. He suckles on her swollen nub while sinking his fingers inside her. She tastes like warmth and salt - the kind between creases of skin and the more he licks into her, the more that taste grows into something clearer - different. He wants her completely. He wants to make her burst like a ripe fruit on his tongue.
“Loki,” she cries as she fists her nails into his hair - as she grinds her pelvis into his mouth - his nose buried against the apex of her sex. It makes his chest expand - the brief ache of smugness as her mouth spills his name like a feverish prayer. She’s humming with power and strength - her walls pulsing bright around his fingers and then he removes his finger so he can thrust his tongue inside her soaked channel.
She cries - her pussy milking him - her lower muscles fluttering with each climb and skip of pleasure.
He eases his tongue from her but keeps his fingers in place. He scissors them, stretches them obscenely, and her cunt swells and juices around his knuckles. “Do you like this?” he asks before he nips at her thigh. “Do you like having a God on his knees for you?”
The channel of her sex twitches at his words - slick and tight as her fluids wet her legs and the sink and the entire lower half of his face. “I like it,” she admits - her voice hitching as he uses his thumb to swirl her clit. She climaxes quicker than he thinks she will - and even she seems surprised. Her cunt is dripping and she lurches off the sink - gripping his shoulders as she shivers from the force of it - her power scenting the air like something metallic and furious. She grabs the lapels of his leathers and yanks him upward - hauling him flush against her and he stumbles into it - caught off guard. She finds his mouth and kisses him desperately - kisses him like it’s love that is flooding her veins.
It's passion, though. It's anger at her breakup. It's nothing more, but release.
He’s dizzy - unaware of what is going on or how he is lost in the sensation of her stroking his tongue with her own. She fusses with his belt and digs her knees into his ribs.
“I like that a God who wanted me dead is trembling right now,” she whispers as she circles her fingers around his cock and gives it a firm jerk. “I like that you want to save me - that you get so angry when another man treats me badly.”
He goes rigid.
What? This - this wasn’t what he intended.
She uses her ankles to drag him against her and he hovers at the threshold for a moment - two - fuck it - he shoves himself inside - burrowing to the hilt as she clamps around him. She’s panting into his mouth now - aching at the stretch of him filling her. “I like that you don’t think I notice the way you look at me.” He inches deeper - the head of his cock now pressed up against the softest part of her. He draws himself back before sliding forward with another rough snap of his hips. He crushes her to him until there isn’t a pause or breath between them. Her tits crushed to his chest - her stomach flexing and twisted beneath his own - his pelvic bone perfectly jutting against her clit.
He eases back enough to look down at her upturned face. Her gaze is defiant and Loki realizes that he had underestimated her. He hitches her thighs higher over his hips before he truly begins to fuck her - pounding her into the porcelain sink. The lewd noise of her sopping cunt swallowing the length of him.
“Tell me,” she purrs into his mouth - nipping his lower lip as his pace loses all sense of smooth deliberation. Instead - it’s become frantic and clumsy - he just wants to be inside her again and again - watch her breasts bounce and her head tip back in ecstasy.
For him. For him. All for him.
“Tell you what?” he growls.
“What it’s like to finally fuck an Avenger?”
Cheeky little thing.
He answers with his tongue in her mouth - with his hand encircling her throat to lightly pet the skin above her pulse. He smirks.
“I’ll let you know.”
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catcze · 3 months ago
omg i love your blog, & your writing!!
hear me out— gentle morning sex with childe. both of you woke up so needy but you’re still so tired. his body is moving against yours like a magnet while you both pant and sigh in relief. if you’re on top, he’ll just headlock you on his chest and start to thrust into you to listen to the sweet sounds you’ll make for him. the feeling is overwhelming for both of you, and expect childe to whine a bit from how uncontrollably good it feels to have you on his cock like this. when you guys finish and turn on the shower, expect another round because he’s going to want more 😭
NSFW !! 18+ ONLY !!
⠀💌 —;⠀⠀⠀Anonnnn they way i GASPED when i read this omg 💞 💞  Honey, you’re so big brained I could cry. I,,, ended up writing a thing inspired by this, I hope you don’t mind??? This is unedited but idc––
⠀WC:0.6 k Gratitious smut
⠀Feat. gentle morning sex, praise <33, teeny bit of choking & creampie 
Tumblr media
⠀Childe being noisy and whining from the overwhelming pleasure so early in the morning is so delicious, but imagine that he has that raspy, just-woke-up voice and his hair is tousled, and every time he moans and whines in your ear, “Ah– warm, tight–– so good. Do i make you feel good sweetheart? Yeah? You feel like heaven, babe.”
⠀Childe being so needy that he even lets you top, lets you set the pace how you’d like, under the condition that you let him hear all your sounds. You’re so drowsy and just as desperate for any semblance of touch that you agree, and as he sits up you rest your back against his chest, the touch only serving to electrify you. You tilt your head back so that your lips tantalizingly brush his ear, letting every breath and pleasured exhale test him. Each thrust down is done slowly, gently, and you figure you can ignore the tired burn in your thighs for a bit more. At one point you nip his ear, which caused him to jerk his hips as you were coming down. And the way you whined at the contact broke him, made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. 
⠀“Sweetheart,” he’d say as his hands came to still your hips, voice breathless and trembling. At your whine of complaint, he’d ran his thumb in circles on your skin. “Sweetheart, you’re getting tired. Let me, yeah?”
⠀And when you nod your assent, one of his hands goes to wrap around your neck, keeping you in place where he could clearly hear every sound you made, every whine and rise in pitch when his hips met yours. Every gasp when he hit so deep it felt like your insides had been molded to his shape. HIs other hand intertwined with your own, squeezing it and bringing your knuckles to his lips in such a tender, soft way that so juxtaposed the intense pleasure he was giving you.
⠀Childe bounced you slowly on his lap, your satisfied moans adding to his own pleasure. As if to respond to the sweet, needy sounds whined directly into his ear, his gentle hold on your neck tightened minutely. His own moans and whines, still rough from your earlier sleep, intermingled with yours.
⠀“You sound divine.” HIs eyes were hazy, never looking away from you, and his pants and puffs of breath were in-sync with each gentle thrust of his hips. Childe pressed a chaste kiss to the corner of your mouth, nearly swallowing your gasp when your hips connected with his once again. “So ethereal, sweetheart. I could listen to you say my name forever and never grow tired.”
⠀His praise and the needy rasp in his voice is enough to push you over the edge. You cum from his noises and from the pleasure of his cock deep inside you, warm and twitching and stretching. Your arm bent to tangle in his hair and bring his lips down to yours, muffling the loud, pleasured moan that accompanied your orgasm and Childe’s own whine at how tight your walls had gotten. His hips bucked for just a couple seconds more before he followed you, his warm cum flooding your insides and making you full. 
⠀When you pulled away from the kiss and the haze of sleep and of pleasure cleared, you dared not pull off his dick just yet, but you turned so he could feel your smile in the crook of his neck. “We’re going to have to bathe, Childe.”
⠀“A bath, huh? That’s an interesting thing to call round two.”
⠀You playfully swatted him on his chest, eliciting a laugh that travelled between your bodies. “I’m serious–– honestly, I could barely walk after our fuck last night. After this? It’s a miracle if I won’t shake like a newly born foal.”
⠀“Then it seems that I am doing my job well, unless I hear any complaints?” At your silence, Childe let out a louder laugh, scooping you into his arms and finally slipping his dick from inside of you and standing with a balance and strength that you doubted you had post-fuck. 
⠀“Now, if you don’t mind, our ‘bath’ awaits.”
Tumblr media
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