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#he still can't do it
penandinkprincess · 24 days ago
i have no idea if it’s a part of witcher lore canon (please let me know if it is!), but i’ve seen a few fics now in which a story that gets passed down among the witchers from the time they’re small is a tale of when a human woman fell in love with a witcher and her village killed her for it, for loving a “monster”
and let me tell ya, that’s some good narrative for the implications it carries for witchers that this is a part of their lore. some baked-in extra fear of “even if you find a human who loves you, you can never ever let anything happen because the world will kill them for loving you” 
and that idea? that tension? that’s some chef’s kiss reason for geralt remaining gruff with jaskier in front of other people. he’s let jaskier travel with him for DECADES. he obviously enjoys his company. but the grumpiness? the pretence in front of people that jaskier’s the one who chooses geralt, not the other way around? that it doesn’t matter to geralt if jaskier travels with him or not? 
that’s fear-based behavior, baby.
because somewhere inside, geralt will always be hearing the warning, “people would kill him for loving you. people would take him away for the crime of being precious to you.” and thus he feels like he HAS to pretend. because he does love jaskier. jaskier is so precious to him. and geralt can’t bear the idea that he could be hurt, or worse, because of it. 
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redrobin-detective · 9 months ago
It would be interesting if Danny was just, blissfully unaware of how powerful he was and how he absolutely terrified most of the ghosts he interacted with. Danny’s looking at himself, a fairly young teenager and an even younger ghost whereas some of his enemies have been around for decades if not centuries. He gains his confidence, knows his rogues gallery, knows he can usually come out on top. But he’d always consider himself the underdog.
After awhile, new ghosts just stop coming through the portal to ravage Amity Park. “Hmm the whole ‘terror and pillage must be getting old by now,” Danny muses not realizing most of the more sane ghosts are staying the hell away from Phantom and his chosen haunt. 
Ghosts approach tentatively, reverently, seeking alliances and servitude because it’s much better to be on good terms with such a powerful figure. Danny just grins and welcomes his new spectral friends and completely misses their blatant relief at his generosity. 
His regular rogues, who have known for a while that Phantom is terrifyingly powerful but they also remember when he couldn’t shoot and ectoblast so the effect is lessened somewhat, as always coming up with new ways to mess with him. And Danny rises to every challenge and sends them packing, the ghosts bitterly fix themselves up lamenting on how such a little shrimp could hold so much power. Which of course scares the (un)living daylights out of other ghosts.
One ghost gets lost in Amity and is confronted by Danny and promptly just starts squeaking and crying out of abject fear. Danny has to spend 10 minutes shushing the poor ghost before showing them the way home. He shakes his head, the real world can be scary for ghosts but he just can’t understand what frightens them so.
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panharmonium · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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okay, let’s just recap.
three years ago, little kakashi came to the third hokage and said “your second-in-command is plotting to assassinate you.  i know this because he encouraged me to steal confidential documents about your whereabouts so he could ambush you on your next journey.”  danzo made the predicted attempt on sarutobi’s life; it failed because of kakashi’s intel; and then when sarutobi got back to his office and saw danzo sitting in his chair prematurely celebrating his supposed death, sarutobi did...nothing.  the most powerful man in the village looked away, and danzo retained all of his power and suffered no consequences.
three years after that, teenage kakashi comes to the third hokage again - beaten, bleeding, poisoned - and says “your second-in-command just tried to kill me.  i’m afraid he’s going to retaliate against the child who refused to finish the job.”  when he begs the most powerful man in the village to do something about this, sarutobi is almost...TAKEN ABACK at being asked to act.  he hesitates, sighs, and eventually, finally, sends yugao to the foundation with a note for danzo to come see him.
a note.
so kakashi - who knows that danzo got away with this shit before, who knows that the foundation’s sentries are just going to brush yugao off, who knows that a note is not going to save yamato in time - takes matters into his own hands.  the third hokage tells him to go to the hospital, and kakashi lies to him, saying that he will.  “yes, sir,” he says, and then he goes straight to the foundation, where he breaks into the forbidden facility, incapacitates danzo’s guards, rescues yamato from the lab where he’s lying shackled to an examination chair, and attempts to fight all of danzo’s forces AND danzo himself on his way out the door.  he literally confronts konoha’s equivalent of the vice president (a man who just tried to have kakashi killed), after lying to the actual president, while trespassing in bowels of the cia.  he commits TREASON.  he breaks every rule on the books, because THOSE WHO BREAK THE RULES ARE SCUM, BUT THOSE WHO ABANDON THEIR FRIENDS ARE WORSE THAN SCUM.
and then, when sarutobi finally does show up (at which point he witnesses danzo attacking two young teenagers, when he already knows that danzo tried to have kakashi murdered for as-yet-unclear reasons), the most powerful man in the village once again does NOTHING.  he uses the situation to leverage yamato out of the foundation, and once the valuable wood-style user is in his own hands (how convenient for him), he lets everything else go, saying “we’ll consider this settled amicably.”  he doesn’t hold danzo accountable for a single thing.  there are NO consequences to anything danzo did.  sarutobi KNOWS yamato is a product of orochimaru’s experiments, and he doesn’t ask danzo a single thing about that.  he KNOWS danzo ordered a hit on kakashi, and he lets him walk away with all of his power and resources intact - while kakashi is right there watching!  danzo tried to have kakashi killed, and the third hokage knows he did that, and it doesn’t matter.  
what does that tell kakashi about how little his life is worth?  how expendable is he, how insignificant is his suffering, that one of the village’s leaders can just make an attempt on his life without fear of reprisal?  how unimportant is kakashi, ultimately, if the village’s second-in-command can try to have him murdered, and the first-in-command can just handwave it away and tell kakashi to forget it happened?  
the fact that kakashi in the present day continues to suffer for this man’s sins (and the fact that i suspect he’s also going to end up being the person responsible for cleaning up this man’s mess) makes me so frustrated.  kakashi, when he was just a CHILD, gave the hokage everything he needed to put a stop to danzo’s misdeeds long before his crimes culminated in the uchiha massacre.  kakashi came to the third hokage again and again with proof of serious abuses; he sounded the alarm, once, twice; he gave the third hokage all the information necessary to stop this train before danzo drove it off a cliff.  the third hokage knew - because kakashi told him so - that danzo ordered kakashi to steal confidential documents, that he tried to have sarutobi assassinated, that he tried to have teenage kakashi killed, that he was secretly in possession of a wood-style user who had been kidnapped by orochimaru as an infant and experimented upon.  it’s not like sarutobi didn’t believe these accusations - he knew they were true.  he just actively chose to let all of it slide.  he kept danzo at his side, kept looking the other way, until his leniency (his cowardice) led to a genocide.
sarutobi is the hokage.  he’s the most powerful man in the village.  he’s the one with the ability and the authority to stop his subordinates from hurting other people, and when it’s brought to his attention - multiple times, by a child - that danzo is, in fact, hurting other people, it’s sarutobi’s responsibility to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  kakashi is just a teenager, one whose own life is in such a shambles it’s a miracle he’s even functional enough to take this amount of action; and he’s been targeted by danzo specifically because he’s so vulnerable - when a foundation ninja tells danzo that attacking a member of the uchiha to steal the sharingan will be high-risk, danzo responds, “there is one with the sharingan who is not an uchiha, who has neither parents nor teachers” - ie, there’s someone out there who is all alone.  kakashi has no parents to take care of him, no teachers to protect him, no clan to back him up.  he’s targeted because he doesn’t have the power or the connections of the uchiha clan, and because danzo thinks no one will kick up a fuss or ask inconvenient questions when he “accidentally” dies in the field.  kakashi is the injured antelope separated from the herd.  he’s what danzo sees as an easy mark.  it’s easier to murder an orphaned, sensei-less teenager than it is to take on one of the the most powerful clans in the village, and danzo, expecting that sarutobi will avert his eyes from most of his dirty work, is not afraid to attempt to kill a child and loot his body for parts.
it’s infuriating to me, how right danzo is about this.  kakashi begs the third hokage for help, and sarutobi responds with the absolute least amount of assistance possible.  he’s worse than useless.  he’s worse than danzo, even, because he’s so self-deluded.  danzo is evil, but he doesn’t lie to himself about who and what he is - whereas the third hokage, on the other hand, genuinely sees himself as a benevolent patriarch who loves his people and “takes care” of the village’s children, when really he’s a coward who lets orochimaru and danzo get away with murder.  
kakashi, as a child, goes far beyond the scope of his own responsibilities in order to stop danzo from hurting people, long before things get to the point where we’re at now.  he does everything within his limited power, and whenever he takes his concerns to the person who’s truly responsible for dealing with the situation, the third hokage is like “thanks for bringing this to my attention; don’t worry; i’ll handle it from here.”  but after the crisis, behind the scenes, sarutobi’s version of “handling it” just looks like letting danzo continue to do whatever he wants, up until the moment when danzo exterminates an entire ethnic group, at which point it’s too late.  AND THEN SARUTOBI COVERS FOR HIM, EVEN THEN.
kakashi has spent his entire life picking up messes that the third hokage made, and i do mean his Entire Life - sarutobi was hokage during the previous generation’s time, too, and he clearly was just as unwilling to intervene when one of his most respected jonin was being publicly harassed and driven to suicide as he is about everything happening in the present day.  sarutobi has spent decades declining to act when the situation called for courage, and his legacy is precisely what kakashi describes to tazuna in the land of waves arc: “to know what is right and choose to ignore it is the act of a coward.”  
i hate the idea that kakashi is probably going to have to spend even more of his life cleaning up after this man, but he’s the only person i trust to do it right.  and that’s a sentiment i suspect will be shared by the “wood-style user” whom kakashi rescues immediately after the end of the above gifset, because - and i say this with full offense intended to sarutobi - sending a NOTE to someone who just tried to murder a child doesn’t cut it.
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mistrelfox · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So…long time ago, in 2016, I did a few illustrations for @cherryviolets’s GF zine which, alas, was never published (which is a real shame because I remember a lot of great artists from the fandom were participating in the project); I only dropped teasers to the works back then, but never got around to post the full pieces after the zine’s cancellation, and then ended up erasing the original files on my PC years later. Thought I lost them for good until yesterday, when I was going through old chat logs with Cherry and realized I sent her the files via e-mail, which meant they could be easily recovered! Good thing I never clean up my sent messages lmfao :D
So yeah, here are all my pieces for the only Gravity Falls zine project I ever took part in that never saw the light of day in the end. Just my luck I guess, but I’m still so happy I managed to recover these works - especially the one with the Stan twins because damn, it’s probably one of the best GF pieces I’ve ever done, and I still love the concept and the symbolism/visual metaphors in it so much?? (and yeah, Ford is supposed to look at their childhood photo, which I’m afraid is hardly noticeable because of the scale and the lighting)
Also, quite coincidentally, today marks 7 years since I watched the show for the first time and joined the fandom…which is absolutely crazy to think about (where did all the time go??), but it’s a hella good reason to finally post these~
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simplepotatofarmer · 8 months ago
technoblade & dehumanization aka a subject i’ve been obsessed with before even joining the fandom
the second thing that made me seek out actual dsmp content was seeing a friend reblog fanart of techno with the ‘i’m a person’ quote. (the first thing was the fact i’m an anarchist For Real). the concept of personhood is super interesting to me, in movies like ‘us’ etc. so i spend a lot of time thinking about it. 
it’s interesting to me that a lot of the ‘angst’ from techno’s character stems from his desire to be seen as a person, as something other than a tool. something other than ‘the blade’. whether or not you agree that that is how people view his character, that’s clearly how his character feels.
techno feels that people only see him as a tool, especially tommy. again i’m not here to say whether or not tommy did see techno that way because that doesn’t change the fact that techno still felt that way. those feelings are still real, it still hurt him. 
and i think it’s interesting that a lot of the discussion around his character tends to dismiss those feelings and that hurt. 
whether or not he was right that tommy betrayed him, he still clearly felt pain at that. feelings aren’t always rational but they’re still there. he felt used and betrayed and reduced down to a weapon.
whether or not the butcher army was justified in hunting him down, he still felt anger, fear (for phil, carl, etc.), he still feels unsafe (freezing at strange noises and phil picking up on it, mentioning he’s jumpy). 
those are the things that he feels. techno feels betrayed and unsafe and reduced down to a weapon and tool. 
so when the discussion around technoblade becomes whether or not he’s justified in his feelings, it strikes me as interesting because feelings and emotions are one of the things we point to as a humanizing trait. 
when those feelings get dismissed and he becomes boiled down to ‘[insert character]’s antagonist’ or the server bad guy or only used in reference to someone else’s feelings, it’s taking away his personhood. 
it’s making him into a blunt tool to be wielded when useful while denying the reality of his feelings - feelings that exist whether or not you agree with them.
just something i noticed.
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the-busy-ghost · 8 months ago
Certain historical writers, talking about a famous woman from the past: She was power-hungry, conniving, and selfishly desired wealth and influence
Me, internally: Ok and the scheming kings and noblemen we were just talking about... so they weren’t??
#This book about the minority of James V is otherwise quite good and I think overall a fair assessment of why Margaret Tudor failed#But occasionally it will be like 'Her selfishness let her down... she was selfish and ultimately power-hungry'#Meanwhile the earl of Huntly threw a hissy fit two pages earlier and threatened to resign as lieutenant of north unless he got his own way#And the earl of Arran rebelled against the regent Albany possibly for no other reason than he thought he could do better himself#And at another point the supporters of the earls of Arran and Angus have a fight in Edinburgh high street over who got to be provost#Meanwhile Henry VIII is on the other side of the border and can't seem to keep his hands off either Scotland or France for two seconds#And absolutely zilch is said about what that means about their personal characters#the description of the earl of Lennox in 1526 comes closest#But seriously#OF COURSE she wanted power#That's what most political figures of the sixteenth century wanted#Are we to assume from the silence that this is a given for the men? Or do we just need to point it out for the one woman?#This is also slightly aimed at a quote I just saw about Eleanor of Aquitaine about how she was enamoured with power#Because of course that wasn't true for Henry II#All in all I assume both pieces of historical writing are good I just find it funny how we zone in on the motivations for women's activities#Maybe it's because readers are disposed to sympathise with the woman though and the historian needs to remind them they weren't all that#But still if not exactly unfair seems like a bad idea to not mention that the men are just as bad#I mean let's be realistic overall Margaret's attempts at government were a failure#But I didn't see the rest of them doing much better and certainly 80% of them didn't have higher motives#Imagine if the earl of Arran had to face trouble from his wife trying to control his property and being supported by the law to do so#Don't think he'd come out of that too well either
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amonthguessw1 · 4 months ago
You don't need to like Lil Nas X music to aknowledge that what he's doing is HUGE and super important for the black community, the queer community, the industry music, maybe society in gneral?? Idk
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hattalove · a day ago
i'm apparently making a whole post about this scene but. the crumbling house with the dad trapped in the car. i've been thinking about what it does with eddie, who's obviously prominently featured in the scene.
of course the kid asking "is dad dead" is a very direct reference to what's going on in eddie's own life: it's putting eddie face to face with the kind of fear christopher experienced when eddie was in danger. but eddie, through who he is and what he does, is able to erase that fear in about two minutes flat. he saves the kid's father with his own hands, and helps prevent a family tragedy.
in an arc about a character considering leaving their job over the dangers, this is the kind of scene that changes their mind. a scene that reminds them of the very tangible real-world impact they have, with a direct parallel to their own life no less. but eddie looks at all of that, listens to the wife's thank yous, probably feels satisfied with a job well done, and still makes the choice to walk away.
that scene, i think, is him reckoning with the fact that he loves his job and doesn't want to leave it. it's him reckoning with the fact that - in his mind - something he loves doing is hurting christopher, and so there never was a choice other than walking away (because god forbid he gives voice to any of his trauma or actually talks to christopher about what he wants. sigh).
and, even though the way he's going about it is knee-jerk and will almost certainly hurt him in the short term, hopefully it lands him in a place where he realizes that the person he most needs to save is himself, and that he has to do that saving not just for christopher's sake, but for his own.
(and there's also something in the dad being physically safe, but the family being literally displaced because their home is unsafe and crumbling. there's something in the house being wrapped in red, but the red is caution tape: danger, do not enter. physically, eddie may be healed, but everything else is crumbling under his hands. the family is still able to find joy in just being all together, and are given a christmas by the 118; eddie and his immediate family unit - christopher and buck - are more fractured than ever and can't even talk to each other about the things that are breaking them apart, and then eddie makes the choice to also remove himself from the 118.)
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ruubesz-draws · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
So, @kaiju-krew and I were talking about Mothzilla stuff and we both agreed that Godzilla is a big grumpy who’s only soft around Mothra
“He’s such a friggin N E R D”
(PS. They’re married)
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