#he takes to role seriously
cryingtearsofjamjam · 9 days ago
Felix: I've been your age but you've never been mine so listen to me.
Agustin: I've been your height but you've never been mine so I do what I want.
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hayden-christensen · 4 months ago
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Y: The Last Man (TV Series 2021– ) ➼ Episode #1.4: Karen and Benji
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httpsem · 10 months ago
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kojiro really is singlehandedly piecing them back together huh?
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nbvethbrenatto · 2 months ago
I just love how genuinely and seriously caleb has taken jester from the start
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boyfeminism · 29 days ago
i love fjord more than any character in the world, he is the specialest of special boys, However. its the Funniest fucking thing to me that sailors did not listen to him bc of his "fancy boy" accent
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deus-ex-moshina · 9 months ago
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So. I’ve finished that Shadow and Bone Netflix show
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copperhawkthoughts · a month ago
The party, planning out an ambush: *bickering*
Matt: lemme go get the map of this location so you can plan out your positions
Sam, teasing: you can’t possibly have a map for this we just made up this plan right now
Matt, dead serious: I made five maps
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theregoesmylurkerstatus · 8 months ago
Lucien, beginning his stupid mythical history lesson: Long ago-
Me, instinctively: The four nations lived together in harmony
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blackjacktheboss · 7 months ago
i can't exactly tell you why but i feel if jason had been more wolf-like we would have gotten the jason annabeth greek/roman rivalry we deserved instead of the half assed jason and percy one
The way I see it is this: Jason, who is very intense about His Pack (camp jupiter) and is protective and territorial versus Annabeth who is same way about CHB (and backed up by Percy who is like “I am certainly present currently”) like if RR was going to have them both give up the head of the table to Annabeth I think that makes her a much more natural Greek foil to Jason (childhood abandonment, feral upbringing at the hands of an ancient teacher chosen by the gods to keep demigods going, longest resident of their respective camp) and Percy operating as her muscle who thinks Jason needs to chill tf out is *chef’s kiss*
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worstloki · 7 months ago
i think fandom missed a big change with not analyzing and looking at mobius and loki's dynamic as a father-son kind of relationship instead of romatically shipping them me thinks
i like the father-son dynamic way more even with the grandmaster because. just imagine you're living your life doing your thing in your unchanging timeless realm of existence and everything is great and then this guy shows up and he's very clearly got no clues on what's going on and looks dodgy so you decide he needs to have an eye kept on but it's a trap because now you're emotionally attached to this flamboyant thousand-year-old who clearly lacked a childhood and has issues he refuses to talk about on purpose and who lights up far too much when you tell him you'd love to hear what he thinks the secret to the drink in his hand is
#like??? i have nothing against the ships im just not seeing anything romantic in the canon interactions #loki has intimate personal moments with thor mainly #the grandmaster is a telepath and mobius has watched a lot of loki's life #these are like. ideal parenting dynamics #let loki be a chaotic gremlin child #while the older immortals can't scold him seriously because he was just having fun and no one important really got hurt #it doesn't help that Thor was being given the throne in Thor 1 and both Thor and Loki weren't exactly mature experienced adult role models #and then you get the whole mischief aspect in and the whole thing would be so much funnier with Loki not wanting to be parented #like.......at what point do you realize that someone is actually caring for or trusts you or values your input and expects nothing back #when does it go from 'i need to manage myself to stay safe in this foreign environment' to 'im allowed to cause problems on purpose' #how long does it take for him to realize healthy familial relationships are a thing #probably hits extra hard because loki's shown no romantic interest in the MCU (in my opinion) so far #but his interactions with family are always so... broken? i guess #thor and loki have their whole heartwrenching fractured-forever-entwined-starcrossed-brothers thing going #he still loves frigga and even odin despite every on-screen piece of dialogue he gets with them being tragic #i fully believe he'd be capable of managing on his own around the TVA and on Sakaar #he doesn't NEED someone to be looking out for him #but he looks like and often IS trouble and he's powerful so making sure he isn't up to something and spending time with him? good #and it's a win-win because loki's useful and make up any excuse and offer a reward he wants and BAM ya got him #low bar for family #and then on the other hand you've got people with experience in the environments who can give tips to navigate it if needed #and you'd think things would get boring with the same stuff over and over but loki's spicy and different and keeps things interesting #i bet it helps that loki's decently self destructive bc you just know loki will do something stupit like offer himself as bait or something #''oh loki's going to be bait that'll be interesting lets see how this-- what if. he gets... hurt.'' #''loki don't waste the milk like that'' ''it's not a *waste* it's ragnarok!!!!'' ''don't make me suggest bunking you and B-15 together'' #and with the TVA you've got teams of agents plus JUdge renslayer??? #there's an entire found family here??????? #the Loki show #loki spoilers #loki show spoilers
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uraaniuum · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Another old WIP I’ve had sitting around.  Young Jocasta Nu cannot believe her eyes at the CHEATING happening in this here esteemed Jedi Order. 
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accio-victuuri · 26 days ago
Wang Yibo helps out! China Unicom’s "Smart Winter Olympics China Tour" Haikou Station was successfully held.
Tumblr media
On December 26, on the occasion of the 40-day countdown to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the fourth anniversary of China Unicom’s signing as the official partner of the Beijing Winter Olympics, China Unicom’s "Smart Winter Olympics Tour" entered Hainan Province and put the "Winter Olympic Games" Moving to Yecheng Haikou will bring a warm ice and snow carnival, allowing the public to experience the unique charm of the Winter Olympics in advance. Yang Xinli, deputy director of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Sports of Hainan Province, Wen Long, deputy secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Hainan Radio and Television Station, Du Yonghong, director of China Unicom’s Winter Olympics Office, Yin Shaochun, deputy general manager of the Marketing Department, and Xie Hua, general manager of Hainan Unicom, attended the event.
At the event site, China Unicom and brand partner Wang Yibo released a new Winter Olympics-themed product-Winter Olympics Star Card. (...) Wang Yibo also interacted across time and space with Unicom Smart IP Xiaomeng from Smart Winter Olympics Metaverse, and jointly sent out Winter Olympics badge blind boxes, Winter Olympics mascot suits and other surprise benefits to the majority of fans.
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thevalleyisjolly · 7 months ago
Trent: Bren! Bren! Look at me! Look, I'm setting the house on fire! Remember when we did that? Hey, look, big 9th level spell! Are you watching me? Bren!
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bitchfitch · a month ago
Tumblr media
im giving Villain a proper design, mostly because i want to do something high contrast and in that blue/white color pallet he shares with Babylon.
might fuck around and give him an actual name too while im at it
#something something the expectations we put on ourselves to fullfill the desires of others #and the acceptance of low roles under unjust systems and determinations as a form of rebellion and self acceptance #tldr: saying 'I was not the monster you wanted me to be at the start of this story #im not that monster now either #i am now something far worse' #fucks like hell #so does his big monster boyfriend #and his less big less monsterous but way cooler girlfriend #Villain minion and sorceress are the real ot3 because there was never any drama in the three of them becoming an ot3 #theres no 'they love the other one more :(' bullshit with em #the closest thing to it is minion sometimes feeling a bit left out when villain and sorceress go on one of their #unethical magic experimentation tm bends and get a bit distracted by it #like they try to include him! #but minion isnt magically gifted like villain and doesn't have the head to learn it like sorceress #and a lot of the stuff they get up to is too dangerous to have him involved with just because the risk of it going wrong and him getting #seriously injured is way too high #he then takes them camping and immediately feels better about himself. #those two are powerful mages and skilled and fierce leaders #they are both also scared of mud and anything that makes a weird sound at night when they are in the tent #also #i just realized that Babylons blue/white pallet is meant to symbolize his connection to winter and snow and shit #Villains is meant to symbolize fire so hot its gone blue and white #hot and cold being represented by the same colors
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bestbonnist · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Yeah Fushi's a mess.
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dreamnki · 2 months ago
when will dream stop funding sapnaps gambling addiction
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papasmistakeria · 16 days ago
Lore wasn't abandoned by Noonian cause he was mentally unstable. He was abandoned cause he kept playing 'Mask' by Dream on repeat Every. Single. Fucking. Day
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fangedwife · 16 days ago
You know what? Maybe I don’t have that much self respect actually
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ok so i try to not be negative or call Critical Role (or Matt’s writing) out for being ~Problematic~ ...but Matt my dude you can’t name a monster/villain that, EVEN AS A LAST NAME. Like. That’s LEGIT RACIALLY HARMFUL ....i really really really super hope i just seriously misheard Ira’s last name bc its dark out and im jumpy. bc if i heard right i WILL post abt the issue w it and i dont like that Matt would do that.
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animeboyswhump · 4 months ago
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Tokyo Revengers - Ep 20
Matsuno Chifuyu
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