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#he touched her
Mutturing a curse under his breath, he'd looked up at the girl seeing her fangs and the change of her eyes. "Little fucking downworlder!" Will stood up, gripping her by her arm. The pressure that he was applying on her was enough to break the arm of a mundane, but for her it was enough to cause the level of pain that he desired.// He's pissed, cause he doesn't like to fight. :l

Rock winced, letting out a light whine as the grip on her wrist tightened, but it was then replaced by an angry snarl. “What’s the matter? Not used to someone else winning your game?” She yanked her arm back, taking a moment to let it heal. 

But it was too late..

“I said…. get.. away.. fro-” Her words trailed off, turning into growls as her bones began to snap, her body losing itself in transformation. There was no going back now, no holding back now. 


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@preymend     ▸     Clara’s arms slide around his waist as she presses a kiss to the center of his back before resting her chin against his left shoulder blade. Silence passes between them before she breaks it with soft laugh. “Zeke told me today that he wants to be like daddy when he grows up.” Another bout of quiet ensues when she moves to stand in front of him, now peering up into his face. “I said you’re a superhero. You saved mommy when she was only 7 years old and you’ve been saving her ever since.”

It’s been a long time coming, but that pain is slowly fading. The hold one another now. They steal kisses, curl up together in bed, hold hands. All those little things he hadn’t been able to do for so long, they do it now. And there’s a difference in how they carry themselves. He still holds silent moments, taking time to process and remind himself that she’s real, this is real. But he no longer flinches at her touch. No longer pulls away or ask for space.

He’d been cutting up orange slices     (     the first from the new tree planted outside their apartment!     )     when she approached. He’s careful with his movements when she holds him from behind. And soon the task is put to rest when she moves around to stand before him.

Her words bring a subtle smile to his features and he stares down at her, head slightly angled. Being reminded of their childhood, it almost feels like another life. And in some ways, it kinda is. The lives lived now are nowhere near similar to the ones they’d grown up with.     ❝     Did you tell him that it’s mommy who saved daddy? You haven’t given up on me,     ❞     he murmurs, suddenly reaching up to pinch her chin between his finegrs and leans in to peck her lips.     ❝     Even when you should have, you didn’t. You saved me, Clara. You saved us.     ❞    

Releasing her chin, he reaches past her and brings and orange slice to her lips.     ❝     But I guess Zeke’s not wrong; I am kinda like a superhero. Always having to get on your case and make sure you get that Vitamin C.     ❞     Grin widens a bit and he continues to stare down at her as he shares the fruit, allowing her words to sink in. Truthfully, he doesn’t feel like a hero. But the look in her eyes says it all. Little by little, he’s getting there. Enough for him to whisper,     ❝     And maybe you should consider that Vitamin D later…     ❞    

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Fun fact:

- One way to tell Cass’ level of Done is by her hairdo. Cass always wears at least one braid when she’s out (ever since the village kids braided her hair for the Burning Festival).

- As a consummate professional, she always wears her hair up when at work.

- Only wearing a ponytail means that Cass will not hesitate to talk down certain high-ranking military personnel she usually avoids.

- A messy ponytail with visible strands sticking out? Even Ardyn is temporarily docile in the face of her… irritation.

- (By that point, she is no longer brewing cinnamon coffee but sustaining herself on the sludge of caffeine served in the Palace.)

- (And no, no one knows why Emperor Aldercapt likes the stuff so much he is willing to subject his entire workforce to it. Judging by Prince Icarus’ demeanor, the less said about it, the better.)

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Vravei Azzevi! Another troll in @ludictrolls‘ magic cult! Vravei is the reason Gefgor joined, though she lost touch with him… She studies transformation magics (mostly unsuccessfully) and transferal magic (more successfully)- her goal is to find a way to transfer psiionics away from one troll and to another.

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 ❈ @vinsfari

    WARMED BY THE EMBERS OF CRACKLING FIREWOOD, Arturia resides in a vacant lot of the dense woods. She seems to be busying herself with a fresh catch of game presumably one of those hunted beasts. It roasts over the open flame, basting in its own fat and a conundrum of forest spices. Certainly, countless concerns could be associated with eating this mystery meat, but she’s a craving for substance and the aroma is almost captivating. 

    Hunger does that to people; give them the illusion that something is far grander than it truly is. She thinks ‘people’, despite being a Servant, because her creation has evidently invited a stranger over. …Would you like to sample it? Addressing the presence behind her, she turns, coaxing them over to an empty plot of dirt. I cannot claim to be the most adept at cooking, but I most certainly try.

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