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#he will go insane
tubbowithagun9 hours ago
gghgghghghfghfhfbfbf idk how obvious it is but c!clingy duo is my fave duo like EVER n i just watched disc war finale again 馃う馃う馃う idc what they have to go thru LMFAO just interact again . bring back that energy...... ........./hj
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sylph-glow13 hours ago
Negative rant
I鈥檝e temporarily closed my ask box so I can make this post.
I鈥檝e been out and about and living life and doing all my extra curricular things and I鈥檝e come to a solid conclusion. Super super taboo but -
I hate being single.
There I said it. It鈥檚 like a huge level-upblr no no but I really don鈥檛 care at this point.
I鈥檝e always prioritised my friends but I鈥檓 questioning what鈥檚 the point more and more since everyone鈥檚 real priority will become their partners if they aren鈥檛 already. I get about one friends holiday a year (which I鈥檓 grateful for) but my friends and colleagues in relationships get the best of both worlds with lots of trips with partners nestled in with their social life. Weekends aren鈥檛 great for single people nearing mid twenties. There鈥檚 only so much boozy brunching one can do and I miss sex with someone I have an emotional connection with. I want to start building a future with somebody. There鈥檚 little point in knowing I鈥檓 on the right trajectory to earn a lot in the future when I feel so alone. This isn鈥檛 a fuck you to friendship - I can鈥檛 wait to make new memories with my friends and meet new people as life goes on but it鈥檚 a reality that people do couple off and I don鈥檛 want to be going on solo hikes when everyone鈥檚 off on couples trips or buying new handbags when people are buying new homes together. No amount of self love and ballet/golf/figure skating/nature walks/reading/watching great content/girlbossing can fill this romantic void.
Do not reblog
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explorerspack14 hours ago
hm I think cerise is genuinely more mad that elliot didn't listen to her than she is that he killed someone. unfortunate,
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wastelandbabylouis2 years ago
Mr. Hozier, ladies and gentlemen
Tumblr media
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fireortheflood3 months ago
if i see one more person say yeah he was apparently racist :/ when asked what prince philip 鈥渄id鈥 im gonna go insane lmao it鈥檚 not a matter of one-off problematic鈩笍 moments from some random old white man 鈥 this dude presided over the most powerful, brutal, and racist colonial power on earth for decades. thats why we鈥檙e celebrating now and thats why we鈥檒l continue to celebrate every time one of these crusty little british royals finally kicks it. read a book im begging
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inkskinned2 years ago
so often a woman鈥檚 patience is expected and demanded and absolutely taken for granted. be patient in public, with children, with your husband, with being talked over, with being talked down to, with the constant catcalling, with the boys in the class, with the slow change that we are promised will come, with raising the聽鈥渘ext generation right鈥 because we鈥檝e given up on all present ones, with everything from subtle harassment to all-out assault. we are reminded patience is a virtue, and it comes first.
i鈥檝e been noticing it a lot more recently. it looks a lot like silence, that鈥檚 all.聽
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redrobin-detective2 years ago
You know what鈥檚 my favorite part of the Captain Marvel mythos? You have, on the one hand, a godly deity with some of the greatest powers on this earth who radiates such a kind, warm wisdom that he inspires everyone who meets him. And then on the other, you have an 11 year old homeless boy with a big heart and an inability to stay on the side lines who says stuff like聽鈥渉oly moly鈥.聽
And they鈥檙e both the same person. Do you even know what a confusing conundrum Captain Marvel is as a person? Like he interacts with citizens and villains and other Leaguers and he just.... doesn鈥檛 make any sense and says these completely bizarre things and its bloody beautiful.
Cap: Haven鈥檛 you ever starved? Felt hunger so deep it ate away at your bones? Have you never wept because you thirsted for just a drop of water but none was to be found?
Hal: No, holy shit no if I get hungry I go to Taco Bell. Holy fuck man, have you? are you okay? I have $6 lets get some food.
Cap: uh actually I don鈥檛 eat, you know, God thing and all
Hal: But you said-
Cap: Hey look at the time, gotta fly!
Cap: *giving a beautiful speech on growth and humanity and redemption that has his teammates looking at him with awe, Wally is wiping tears from his eyes*
Cap: Gee whiz guys! Look at this rock I just saw on the ground! It looks like a whale! I鈥檓 gonna keep it, anyway, where was I?聽*continues his speech*
Clark: Hmm we need information those orphan kids have but they won鈥檛 talk to us.
Cap: Don鈥檛 worry, I got this *walks away, sudden lightning then again 10 minutes later just before he comes back* They told me everything, just needed someone smaller and less intimidating to talk to them
Clark: What? We are literally the same size
Cap: Ug I hate when you go into a convenience store and the owner calls you names and chases you out with a broom
Diana: It can be difficult living in Mans World sometimes, I was unaware you spent your free hours here.
Cap, sweating: Oh I don鈥檛, because I am the Ancient Gods鈥 vessel I mostly just sit at the Rock of Eternity........ doing Godly Stuff聽
Diana: But you said-
Clark: Okay, wait, wait wait, you hate when you go into a store and they what
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yukipria month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"You should really watch your back around Prime, General."
"Jango? I sense no ill will from him, at least right now?"
"Well I sense 'ill will' from him. Sir."
or, Jango is alive and is a huge pain in Cody's ass and wants to be an even bigger pain in Obi's
(why did I spend so long on this)
PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. To share, please reblog! Reblogs and comments greatly appreciated!!!
鉂 You can see the rest of my art through the Masterpost pinned to the top of my blog!
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grumpyhedgehogs2 months ago
I find there is an APPALLING lack of feral Ethan Winters content in this fandom. How dare you and to think I trusted you all
The man is a rabid animal and we should stan him accordingly no more of this boring-guy-can鈥檛-run-or-keep-track-of-his-family crap. Big Momma Vampire Lady slices the man鈥檚 hand off yelling about how he鈥檇 never see his child again for what he did to her daughters and Ethan went and slaps that sucker back on the end of his arm and said 鈥榶ou wanna bet鈥 before DESTROYING HER ENTIRE BLOODLINE
Like I can just imagine him getting handcuffed by Heisenberg again only to get out once more:
Heisenberg: how did you get out of those I literally welded them to your wrists
Ethan, knowing full well he鈥檚 been saving a lockpick for this specific purpose: You see these scars on my hand?
Heisenberg: yeah
Ethan: I gnawed it off.
Ethan: I chewed my own hand off just so I could come kill you, coward
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watching more old rocko eps and finding out that ed bighead partially hates rocko because he thought rocko slept with his wife is going to drive me insane聽
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itsinjustbeing6 months ago
i don鈥檛 know man i don鈥檛 know something about it having been him and cas in the car when he says to belphegor聽鈥渉e was our kid鈥 like fully referencing them as a unit and not, like, 鈥渉is kid鈥 not聽鈥渕y kid鈥 not聽鈥渉e was family鈥 not聽鈥渨e raised him鈥 not 鈥渃as was his guardian鈥 not聽鈥渋 was supposed to look out for him鈥 not even any kind of iconic dean sharp-tongued retort, just 鈥渉e was our kid鈥 i don鈥檛 know man
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mintbees10 months ago
i wanna share something to all of you who dont share my cringe indulgence in minecraft youtubers which is that most fanart for mc youtubers is pretty tame, just people drawing fanart of their faves. BUT there is this one youtuber that for some reason just awakens something in everyone who draws him that makes them pull out everything theyve got and make the most insane intense art聽and he looks like this
Tumblr media
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communistkenobia month ago
like when a very powerful force user is at the end of a hallway and has to get to the other end of the hallway. that is when star wars is the best
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