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#he’s also just v ~calming~
aro-aizawa · a month ago
on one hand, i love my writing style because for me, one of my favourite things about the fictional world is in the details. if canon brushes over how a character’s armor protects and aides the specifically, you bet im gonna go all out the second i can feesibly manage it.
but on the other hand, it means that my writing progresses so slowly. and i usually run out of steam for that specific project by the time i head into the end of the first short arc. but i can’t just. stop w the details bc then what’s the point of writing it? i might as well just write the planning for it and move on.
one day im gonna find a balance and that’ll be the day that it’s over for ppl in my fandoms. the work i’ll post then would blow you away.
#shut up danni#also like. i know this problem would maybe be fixed if i worked on original stuff#but that doesn’t interest me! my mind is boring and all my universes i make are flat no matter how hard i try not to make it so#it’s just a quirk of my brain im not a v original creative but if you guve me a base i’ll run w it#which is why i love writing fanfic smth bc i can stick so much of my ideas on subtle ways the universe works#do other creators think abt how the voltron helmets would work efficiently?#bc its bulky and yeah it pritects your head but how’re you gonna hear ppl not on comms?#my theory is it records and projects it into build in headphone speakers that are separate but near the comms#do other authors detail how recovery girl could be a hero with an inoffensive quirk? not that i’ve seen!#(my hc that syringe cane she uses used to be a sword in a sheathe and she’s swordfight villains. she medalled a lot in competitions)#do— wait yeah they do that fandom is just Like That#was gonna detail on if dp writers talk abt their hcs to how danny’s biology is but uhhhh its a common trope lmao#one day im gonna write my version for it#just struggling to think of a premise i’d want to write for it w/o my style dragging it out to 20k rip#my hc tho is body temp of 30c blood that’s not quite red but not quite green but definitely not a mix of the two#and danny doesn’t technically need to breathe but he feels more mentally stable when he does.#deep breaths being optimal to keep him at normal levels of calm but it’s hard to hide that way so he doesn’t much#also he does have a pulse it’s just so slow that if he was unconscious medical professionals would freak#one day im gonna write that in a fic but still that lack of premise that just grabs me hasn’t yet#but yeah. love my writing style would love to write it sometime :D
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bubmyg · a month ago
the ask thing...... how about conmfy.........
literally namjoon i would like to use ur boobs as a pillow sir
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pxppinmolly · a month ago
Tumblr media
I know for a FACT Molly has had PLENTY of interactions of just like.
Sb: Why are you yelling?
Molly: I’m not yelling?
Italians be fucking loud as shit all the time and I have had plenty of these moments with my dad and other people with me telling me I need to calm down because I get. So loud. All the time.
MOLLY HAS NO VOLUME CONTROL/AWARENESS. So when you say she’s yelling she’s like. Pauses. Am I?
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wonderlandtraveler · 3 months ago
For the most part I really don't mind taking care of my brother like I do but it's so beyond frustrating when other people want him over for visits and things but then have no patience for him, and then I have to stress the whole time he's there and deal with helping him pick up the pieces and being the outlet afterwards.
Like any child he's a lot to "deal with"? Particularly on the days he comes back from our dad's house, but it's literally like... Why even ask for time with him when you don't have to? When you're just going to want him to be perfect? It's so self serving, and obnoxious. It's also irritating because I'm not the one in complete control of this and told my mom I didn't think it was a good idea in the first place because I could imagine my sister's mood- and she insisted that she thinks it's best, so on top of it I have to figure out a strong enough case to take more control of this aspect with him too
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wired-heartbeats · 3 months ago
RHM eventually goes “There no way you’re actually this good I’m coming with you on one of your self-appointed solo missions” and I don’t argue too much bc 1) he’s higher on the chain of command, 2) I hold respect for him, 3) I can’t use the excuse of transportation cause he can fly too, and most importantly 4) I know damn well he’s gonna set off all of the metal detectors nigh IMMEDIATELY and making a timed challenge out of it seems hella fun (it was)
He later tags along on a team heist to give Reginald some space and is infinitely confused as to how DIFFERENT I act on a team, joking and throwing banter around and fucking with the team channel on our headsets and yet????? Everyone listens to me??? No questions asked??? Even Sven and Reginald get some back talk or side snarks when they’re on missions (everyones too nervous to do it to RHM directly but he hears it) and there isn’t any of that with me, just some playful teasing as they do what I say and it’s BAFFLING to him
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riel-precious · 4 months ago
I hope the anti stay is happy with the just posted apology of an already broken guy for what he did when he was a kid. Thr apology was sincere and he is visible hurt and broken and sorry
Gg for the anti stay for attacking the boys in the past months like the 13yo at the bar with the minho, attacking felix for telling the fans abojt his own feelings and insecurities, and now an insecure introverted young man who is still a child/teen is attacked for his child behaviour. Like personally i treat everyone the same, but this agressive force on the humanity for everything and everyone just makes everyone scared and you cant say anything without being attacked, when i was a child it was rude to say such things and im glad that when im a grown up people can and they voice that some things are not okay but more often than not i see that these things are went overboard...
So again thanks for the “anti stay” who keeps attacking the guys lately with literally everything👏🏻 i m looking forward the next step, like whats coming? Forcing Chan to apologise for always wearing black? Attacking Hyunjin for speaking with like any of his mc partners? Seungmin for reading up something for the radio?
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thelilliellama · 4 months ago
i discovered recently that sleep paralysis can happen more frequently to people who sleep on their backs, discovered just now that this means Me Every Time I Sleep On My Back (i usually sleep on my side)
so in case any of you ever find me sleeping on my back please either wake me up or, failing that, just kinda gently roll me over like im a benevolent beetle or smth
#talkyllama#im fine just a lil anxious mostly annoyed and my arms are sore#last time this happened my gf said best thing to do is relax and calm down but apparently i forgot#cus i always tryna snap out of sleep paralysis via brute force#which works because i am very strong. but then my arms are sore#also i think i bit my thumb but im not sure if i really did or not cus it still kinda feels like i bit it but theres also no visible mark#anyways im v grateful that ive yet to experience a Sleep Paralysis Demon per se#but i still deeply deeply hate sleep paralysis#usually its not really accompanied by a dream of any kind but this time i was like. laying in a place neal had said was kinda haunted#(i guess by michael distortion tma i dont really remember but i do remember being anxious about hands and yelling 'MICHAEL GO AWAY'#michael! michael go on git! git outta here!#)#and neal was also shooting a bb gun at the wall directly behind me and i did not wanna get hit so i was yelling at him too#maybe he was tryna shoot michael????#i probably feel like he was just tryna show off Hehe I Got A Bb Gun#anyways that was happening i couldnt move i got mad i yelled i bit my thumb i woke up. laid there all ticked. realized i was on my back#rolled onto my side turned bedside lamp on make tumblr post#never gonna forgive michael distortion for what he did to that lady in Fatigue#frickin hate the spiral. thats the one of my Actual Real Life fears that i can reliably categorize tma style and it makes me so mad#1. dinosaurs 2. freezing to death esp. trapped in a walk-in freezer 3. not being able to distinguish dreams n reality#getting stuck in a dream i guess#or realizing something i was so sure was real is actually a dream#either way. spiral. hate it. unhappy with it. gonna be fine though. just gotta vent jsdjfgh#tbh im really only making this post cus i was amused by the idea of someone seeing me on my back and bein like 'oop! gotta flip that over!#like a turtle. like a ladybug#cant flip mself without significant mental and emotional labor#wont you be a kind soul............
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paradife-loft · 4 months ago
while doing some various Ghost Research™ for fic purposes over the past week, one piece of information I’ve seen mentioned or implied in a couple of places* is that, while generally mourning & veneration for the dead is only performed for ancestors, people older than you - that rule doesn’t necessarily hold for Zhongyuan Jie/the Hungry Ghost festival, since part of the deal there is making offerings for any visiting ghosts that might show up to cause trouble, particularly those that were forgotten/not buried right/otherwise have reasons to be displeased and out to Cause Problems?
anyway, what I’m thinking about here because of that specific detail is. yearly visits from small unmourned violently killed toddler ghost Jin Rusong.
hot, late summer visits to Jinlintai, and a private corner in one of Jin Guangyao’s half-enclosed gardens, set up with a few plates of offerings in the style he grew up setting out, for the child he cannot publicly perform his grief for, for the child poisoned before he was even given life by his father’s failings. folk religion generally disdained by the cultivator elite, but - these customs his mother taught him are still a part of him, and his son still crosses over into the living, sad and bewildered and looking for all of what he was cut short from. how can he deny him?
(Lan Xichen watches as he lights paper money and lanterns, and offers a silent hand on his arm. he can feel the cold yin of the spirit lingering faintly nearby. he understands enough not to offer to help release it.)
#look I simply think that jinlintai deserves to be. very very haunted.#(I would really like to find a more detailed and thorough discussion of the festival so I could feel more comfortable stating anything#without approximately eight billion hedges on implications?#but ah well)#'wouldn't JRS have gotten a soul-calming ceremony and not be ghost material tho?' I hear you say and well#yes probably he would have but consider: ghost kiddo#and if he is too young to have done MUCH cultivation practise at all when he dies.... SHRUG SHRUG?#I feel like he has plenty of reason to become a hungry dissatisfied spirit when he dies#(and unless the Nies also do not do those ceremonies... we have canonical evidence that they are not a foolproof thing Either)#anyway sometimes you are hanging out kind of melancholy in a lovely blooming flower garden and it is just#you and your sworn brother/boyfriend and the unrestful ghost of your sworn brother/boyfriend's dead child who nobody talks about#('doesn't it make more sense for him to mourn his kid with qin su rather than lxc' I hear and also: yes however)#(there is simply a xiyao Vibe that is Parts Of Us That Cannot Be Acknowledged Otherwise That We Share With Each Other and so..)#(also yeah I do think it's kind of implied that a lot of superstitious/religious practises are not... taken v seriously by cultivators?)#(and so there's more reasons for why this wouldn't be a Jin Family Affair if none of the rest of them grew up with it)#(meanwhile LXC exists in the liminal space of We Were On The Run Together Outside of Cultivator Society And Normal Rules history)#no good things for the poor sad cultivators#Jin Guangyao#I suppose I will just end up. writing this post instead of fic bc that's very responsible of me
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puppy-the-mask · 5 months ago
*me daydreaming about Rant and Jack*
Its about the constant dynamic shift
One of them is suave and the other is blushing- but who is who at any given time is changing more and more rapidly as they get closer. Beginning? Jack can’t flirt for shit and is a tomato- but once Jack can? Oh it’s ON
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yutadori · 5 months ago
when i was thinking of a va for koi the first person that came to mind was kyo/megumi’s va and i dont know why... i feel like that doesnt fit him Entirely like maybe only when he’s arguing with hana like . you know that . Sharpness and Edge he has to his voice ?? but other than that like when koi’s normally speaking... i dont know
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mrslackles · 10 months ago
ggweek 2020: All About Rio
Thanks for tagging me, @gild-and-fire​ -- I never get to talk about Rio unless I’m denouncing his crunchy jackets!
Tagging @bathroombreaks @bourbon-ontherocks and @magneticflower if you haven’t done it yet :)
Why do I personally like or dislike Rio? 
He was always so light and fun. He turned all the stereotypes inside out since the second he talked about taking Beth’s dog out for a pee, admired backsplashes and got concerned about citrus erosion. There are a thousand reasons I love Rio, but the chief one is that he was the kind of person you just know everyone is drawn towards because they want to be around that energy. If he was on my screen, he was entertaining me, even if it was just because his dumbass doesn’t know how to operate a coffee machine, lol.
What are your headcanons about Rio’s and Mick’s relationship? Did they meet through crime? Are they lifelong friends?
To me, ~Demon (lol) always seemed like his right-hand man who would follow him to the ends of the earth and I think Rio trusts him implicitly -- my headcanon is that that isn’t because of lifelong friendship but rather because Demon did something (possibly life-threatening!) that proved his loyalty to Rio. I think they’ve probably known each other around 10 years or so and Demon sticks by Rio’s side because he trusts his instincts too and knows he will always do either the most right or smartest thing. They’re Best Friends 5Everrrr but would, like, never admit to it even though they are the embodiment of this meme:
Tumblr media
What are Rio’s hobbies outside of work and Marcus? What do you think he’d get up to on a day with absolutely no responsibilities?
Boxing. Beth. LOL. 
I don’t think he has that many hobbies -- I think he loves being around his extended family, having a drink on his own or maybe settling with a book (/a TV show if it manages to lure him in) for a while. Otherwise he’s out there hustling, flipping his game; he’ll sleep/hobby when he dies. 
What do you think Rio’s goals for the future are?
Maybe this is with my Do Not Collect $200 lenses on, but retiring. I think, just like Beth, he initially had a plan with a goal -- whether a position or a number -- for when he would get out. He knows his life and job isn’t sustainable and ultimately he wants a good life for his kid and he wants to be there for that life. I also think he’s smart enough to invest what he makes so that eventually he won’t need the money; all he’ll have to figure out is how to get out. 
What do you think Rio is bad at (cooking, dancing, singing, etc.)? How come?
Compromise. Hahahahahahaha. Shopping. Hahahahahahaha. Ok, but seriously now: Who buys 20 of the same sweater in the same colour? Maybe he’s bad at washing so he just throws them out each time? I bet once he turned something pink (from that mahogany shirt of his!) and he was just like fuck it, I can afford a new shirt every day.
Why do you think Rio is drawn to Beth? + Why do you think Rio didn’t kill Beth?
Oof. I could write an essay. To cut it short: I think they’re identical and different in all the right ways. I think he’s different (see answer 1) to the world he inhabits despite being so damn good at it and he sees it’s exactly the same for her. I also think he sees a future in her -- he wants (some part of) that normal life for himself one day. Manny said it best: They want to be each other and they want to be with each other. The implications of that are vast.
What are your headcanons about Rio’s family? Siblings? Parents? Lifestyle growing up?
This is obviously something I’ve had to put some thought into because of all the fics I write. I feel the same as most people seem to that he grew up around a lot of women -- to me that could be up to 3 sisters. I’d say he’s really close with his mom and the apple of her eye -- both because he’s the only boy and he’s him, y’know? Who can resist that lil shit-eating grin? 
I don’t know that he has as great of a relationship with his dad, I don’t think he was present much. BUT I stand by my crack idea about his dad being a huge crime boss who’d been incarcerated for most of his life whom Rio then broke out with Boomer’s help, only to be roasted to death for all his decisions. That would entertain me greatly. I also think he could have a brother, but that’s mainly for selfish reasons because I want Jay Hernandez to play him, hahahaha.
Do you think Rio’s been arrested before Beth got him arrested in 1.10? When, and what for?
Yes, he was way too casual about his arrest in that TV clip, mans had picked out his best outfit and everything. He had the air of someone who’s been put in cuffs many times but always released soon after. He even told Beth that he sees the FBI as a routine part of his job. The police have probably come after him for petty shit before, hoping to turn him on anyone higher than him on the food chain, but within 48 hours he’s strolling right back out of the station with above-mentioned shit-eating grin.
If Rio weren’t a crime boss, what jobs do you think he’d be good at? Why?
Haha, I’ve made so many Accountant Rio jokes in my fics because I do love my Math King, but something that rigid wouldn’t really be for him. I think he’d do something that’s some combination of creative and analytical -- civil or structural engineering, perhaps. Or he’d do something completely creative -- art buyer? photographer? -- with a side hustle in stocks or something. In essence, he’d still be flipping his game and making big money because the man needs a way to fund his addiction to drawers. 
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jackals-ships · 12 months ago
okay idk how magic Actually works in DA bc i don't pay attention To Shit but i like the idea of. there's 2 different things you need to be a mage
Connection to the fade
A pool of mana inside you
plenty of ppl have one or the other but it's only both that can let you use magic
templars aren't considered mages bc they don't have a pool of Mana naturally inside of them, they have to ingest lyrium, but they can do magic aligned things
in this case it'd be silencing (permanently severing the fade connection) imprisonment (severing the connect for up to 3hrs) and smiting (severing the connection for only a few moments, long enough to disorient)
smiting and imprisoning a mage are slightly dangerous however due to the fact that if you sever the fade connection the mage still Has that magic they just can't control it and they will probably still attempt to use it
silencing is less dangerous however bc it. does that™ so the mage won't even think to attempt to tap into the Mana store
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