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#he’s also used to my bs
sealdonuts · 3 years ago
Random things I associate with the members of Seventeen
Jeonghan: that makeup mirror thing that’s all over Instagram that’s got the lights all along the sides?? Bc he’s extra yet super useful just like that is. And it also looks really pretty and pretty in the dictionary is just defined with a picture of Jeonghan’s face sorry but that’s just the way it is
Joshua: the entire internet. I feel like he can be taken for granted just like the Internet is (I’m looking at you, Ajit Pai) yet he’s still always there to support his members and save their asses, similar to how the internet saves my ass every time I decide to bs an essay the night before :))) plus everyone loves Joshua like everyone loves the internet. I’ve never heard anyone say they don’t like him and if they do?? They’re wrong
Jun: ballet. His movements are always so fluid and precise, just like those found in ballet, and he comes off as being extremely strong-willed and passionate just like ballerinas are, especially since he’s (and Minghao) left behind his family, his culture, his roots, etc., in China to become a member of this wonderful group and persue his dreams. He reminds me of a friend I have who became homeschooled so she could devote every waking moment to ballet. So when I say he reminds me of ballet, he reminds me of the faith and strength found within it, and he reminds me of a dear friend.
Hoshi: Kirby!! From Mario!! Because like Kirby, our man Soonyoung’s got super chubby cheeks and is an overall fluff ball, but like he’s got a hidden fierce side and is ready to KILL the competition :,,,,)) so proud of him, you go Hoshi!!! :,,,))
Wonwoo: Mac ‘n Cheese - it’s warm and comforting and I think he’d be very good at comforting people through difficult or rough patches in their lives.
Woozi: THE DRAGON FROM SHREK. He seems all fierce and acts like a hardass on the outside, but he’s really just a squish that appreciates affection, just like Dragon when she found Donkey <3
DK: goldfish bc they’re the snack that smiles back and his smile is GOLDEN :)))) and I want every single person on this planet to appreciate that smile!!
Mingyu: a redwood tree for multiple reasons. 1) ok he’s like super tall 2) but I also think he is strong like the tree both physically and mentally/emotionally - like he has an unwavering presence and will always be there to support his members. 3) his bark (aka appearance) is worse than his bite!! (Get it? Bark? Like on a tree? Ahahahaha I’ll go home now)
Minghao (The8): fairy lights because he’s FUCKING MAGICAL and I am ready to fight anyone who says otherwise like have you not seen him dance?? Laugh?? Smile?? Exist?? Fucking magical, I swear.
Seungkwan: HIGH HEELS. He’s obviously super sassy, which I think high heels can represent, but he can also be a badass, independent person, and when I think of heels I think of strong women (or people in general live your life dudes) ruling the world. And I think Seungkwan could be right there with them, helping to lead the way.
Vernon: those roller-skate tennis shoes?? Anyone remember heelys? They’re so meme-able and so is memesol so \(•_•)/ plus he is the epitome of an “inner child” and I think he would appreciate the innocence found in heelys :,,,)
Dino: a fucking garden weed bc he’s GETTING SO BIG and he’s just GROWING UP TOO FAST like where is our maknae going?? And also I realize that a garden weed sounds kind of bad but hear me out - at their core, weeds are survivors. It takes a whole lot of crazy chemicals and stuff to get rid of them, and even then, they can still come back stronger than ever. I feel like Dino has so much dedication and perseverance that he will be able to be successful wherever he goes, whatever he decides to do. :)
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catxsnow · 8 months ago
So slightly inspired by the last ask you answered but what pet names do you think the bat Boys would use in a soft way
Looking at Bruce firstly, He doesn’t really use pet names. He calls Selina Cat but otherwise he doesn’t really use much. So, I think that he would really use a nickname to your name for the most part. I also think ‘Hun’ would catch on because it’s pretty short when he’s in a rush. Something like, “Hey, hun have you seen-” kinda thing. 
I think Dick, as said in my previous ask, would use Lovebird as a very soft name as well. With that one, it’s all about the tone of whether it’s teasing or loving. Probably a classic ‘Babe’ if he’s trying to get your attention for something.
Jason 100% princess. It was seen with Artemis and Kori so we know he uses it. I think he’d uses it for both soft and steamy and it all depends on his tone and the context. My love is reserved for meaningful moments but it’s his favourite to use. I think he’d also have a goofy one too like ‘short stuff’ or some bs name that was a total accident and now he can’t stop using it like “my honeybunches of oats’ and no one understands it 
Tim calls you sunshine and you cannot change my mind. He goes on and on about this cheesy little rant on how you’re the light of his life and he can’t live in a void of darkness if you’re around - which resulted in sunshine. I also think he’d be the kinda softy that would call you ‘jellybean’ or some shit and he HATES it because Bart was the one to come up with it and he ironically used it at first and now he can’t stop. 
Damian has the traditional one that everyone knows - beloved. As well (and again please correct me if I’m wrong) habibet albi which means the love of my heart which he got from his mother. I can also see him saying ‘my dream’ because for the longest time he did dream of this kind of mundane - even if he didn’t want to admit it. 
AND DUKE BECAUSE HE DESERVES ALL THE LOVE. I just know in my soul that Duke was a Peter Pan fan as a kid I just KNOW, so I think that would stick with him and he’d call you Tinkerbell. A classic ‘beautiful’ when he’s greeting you. 
Anyways I just think these ones but 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
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yuratchnya · 3 years ago
otayuri headcanons:
yurio is huggy/clingy af it's ridiculous (but otabek likes it so it's great)
they never go out for fancy ass dates, it's always just chilling somewhere and lazing around (talking about life and bitching about viktuuri hAh)
they never kiss or do couple-y things in front of their friends (yurio once gave otabek a quick kiss on the cheek and everyone went cRazY) (esp phichit duh)
they're both REALLY bad at buying gifts for other people but are really on point when it comes to buying each other presents
yurios presents are usually things related to what otabek would like and stuff that he thought looked cute and shit like that (he writes letters to go with the presents and they get REALLY sappy, like you'd seriously vomit if you read them, they're worse than viktor's sappy poetic pick up lines)
otabek's presents are really personal and small. he'd buy a cat themed calendar or tiny sculpture or something (and though most people might be like "wtf that's lame it's just a calendar", yurio really fucking appreciates it :))
yurio can't fucking cook for shit so otabek always has to end up whipping up impromptu meals for his bf (he can cook and bake really well like holy shit)
viktor takes candids of the both of them whenever they're being sappy and mushy with out them knowing and it pisses yurio off (but he's also kinda happy at the same time coz he and otabek hardly take pics together so yeah)
nikolai plisetsky is obsessed with otabek, they've shared tons of inside jokes and their conversations are really casual and chill
yurio loves watching them talk, he finds it incredible that the entire world is in love with his boyfriend (he's also a little protective over his bf coz of that but it's cool coz he seriously trusts otabek)
there’re probably typos but i’m just too lazy to check and edit this heh, hope ya’ll like these! (feel free to add on if ya wanna:))
(most of these headcanons were based on the stuff my gf and i do // shows how alike otayuri and the two of us are ;))
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georgetheblob-art · a year ago
Tumblr media
fsjkfhdjk internally just like...”this is my wife...the wife that I married...” 
also I took this opportunity to put him in one of those suit jackets with neat patterns on em because he’s totally dressed up as well✨
(ask is a response to these posts, reply is using the look from just one of them)
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fullmetel · 3 years ago
fire emblem au? ed’s a dark mage ‘cause he saw the gate/whatever....... also he doesn’t need tomes and he’s a little bitch abt it..... al’s soul is bonded to great knight armour? mustangs either a fire mage or a dark knight who uses fire JUST so i can have him ridin around on a horse (mustang......)
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