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#he’s such a nerd I cannot believe
bubmyg · 23 days ago
i forgot im following this account on twt who does yfotd (yoongi fact of the day) and this fact made me DEVASTATED
the link didn’t open in the app it opened on safari so it showed me like recommended tweets under it so i had to perceive this again at the same so sad
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typically-untypical · 17 hours ago
May Flowers - Sun Flowers
AU: Canon
TW: Possible character fading, it’s vague
WC: 1336
Date: 5/11/2021
“The door is grey.”
“Yes Remus, thank you for pointing out the obvious.” Roman was pacing in the common room, trying to control the swell of emotions that cascaded through him, fighting against the ebb and flow of misery and fear. Patton had been missing since after their conversation. He hadn’t noticed it at first, too wrapped up in his own misery to care about the well being of the most personable side. It wasn’t until his own despair had faded, replaced with the excitement of a new love, that Roman realized he couldn’t find the parental side. What was worse, when he made it to Patton’s door, the color had already begun to fade.
“Well maybe if we paint it we can get him back. And if he’s back maybe you’ll go back to normal. You’re boring when you are like this.”
He ignored his brother, trying to think of a way that they could get access into Patton’s room. The last time they were all in that room it had not worked out well for anyone, but they might have to resort to that. Unfortunately, that also meant explaining everything to Thomas.
“Sides change with time, it is…” Logan looked up from his book, the one he was pretending to read despite not having changed the page in over an hour, “It is possible that Patton will not return to us.” There was a waver in his voice, barely noticeable by the others in the room, but noticeable nonetheless. No one pointed it out.
“I refuse to believe that.” Roman threw his hands in the air. “Patton is the oldest of us all, and he has always been here. If anyone is going to continue to be the same it will be him.”
“And yet, Thomas is going through a strenuous time as he re-evaluates his morality. Don’t you believe it is possible that could be quite literal since we are all metaphysical beings? It is also possible he is being split.”
Roman froze and Virgil spoke up.
“Specs, you aren’t helping.” It was typical for him to be anxious over changes, but the thought of losing Patton had never even been a possibility. Now it was, and he wasn’t sure how to handle it. His leg was bouncing up and down as he cast his eyes up towards the hallway of rooms. He could tell that Logan was just as worried as the rest of them, but the damn nerd was trying to seem calm and collected.
Logan’s calmness made him feel like this wasn’t a big deal; like his anxiety was magnifying the situation. He needed Logan to break down. He needed the reassurance that this was as serious as his mind was telling him it was. Patton might be gone for good!
The logical side finally abandoned his book, letting out a deep and heavy sigh. “We can’t fix this. Not without potentially hurting Thomas more. This is a growing moment.”
“You act as if you don’t care!” Roman was ready to let out some steam, storming towards Logan.
“Of course I care! I am the second oldest, Patton has been a constant, but we can’t fix this. Do you think I didn’t try while you wallowed in self-pity?”
At that moment the weight of his actions all fell on him. He had been sulking in his room, Virgil keeping him company as he tried to come to terms with not being Thomas’ hero. Remus and Janus would have been off in their own domain, which meant that Logan had been alone. Logan had seen all of this happening.
“Why didn’t you come get us?”
“I tried, but none of you ever listen to logic.” He sounded defeated, rubbing his eyes as he sat back down. “I am merely trying to stay true to my function here. We cannot fix this, but that doesn’t mean we will completely lose him. Honestly, it might be better if we did.”
“What do you mean?” Roman felt like he was on a rollercoaster of emotions, jumping from despair to anger so quickly it left his stomach churning.
“Even if we lose Patton, he has made a lasting impact on all of our lives. His disappearance would not cause this impact to fade. No matter what happens, we will always carry a figurative piece of him. However, if we do not lose Patton, he may be changed beyond recognition. That could be… more devastating, don’t you think?” Logan could feel the build up of pain in his throat.
Patton had been the first to greet Logan when he formed, curious about the world around him and all of its wonders and mysteries. He had been the one to push Roman towards the things he loved and dreamed about. He had been the first one to accept Virgil as a part of the famILY. He had provided Janus a foil to fight against, always pushing him to improve. He had been the reason that Remus split off from Roman. He had had an impact on all of them, and even if he faded, his impact would not.
“Then what do you suggest, Specs?”
“All we can do is offer encouragement through his door, hope it makes it through to him, and prepare for the worst.” Logan picked up his book and started to try to read again. He had been doing the best he could to not break down all week.
Virgil bit at his lip, making his ways upstairs and looking down at Remus who was still sitting at the door. Remus backed up so that Virgil could get to the door. The anxious side began to whisper something, hoping to remind Patton of all of the reasons he was loved. When he exhausted himself he left to go to his room, wanting to be alone.
Roman was the next to go up to the room, declaring his admiration for Patton and reminding him of all of the times that Patton had been a guiding light for him. He spent an hour speaking at the door, never bothering to lower his voice. He eventually left as well. By that point Logan had returned to his room, leaving only Janus and Remus.
“You really did break him double d.”
“That was not my intention, but if he can’t take the heat then it might be best that he go through a revival.”
Remus frowned, making his way to the door again, leaning against it. “Hey daddio, just so you know, I don’t blame you.” He said softly to the door. Remus left as well, leaving just Janus and Patton’s greying door.
The deceptive side closed his eyes, sighing as he made his way up. “You really shouldn’t do this Patton, you are scaring your family.” He leaned forward, resting his head on the door. “I know you are going through a crisis. I know that this is difficult for you, but being wrong does not mean that you have to lock yourself away. Take a deep breath, we will all be here when you are ready.”
Janus could feel warmth from the door, a sense of nostalgia filling him. It was sad and sweet, and all together heart breaking. “Do you remember what Logan said about nostalgia? It’s proof that things can be okay again, and they will be okay. Now, I have no intention of forcing you out of your room, take all of the time you need, rest, take care of yourself. It will be okay.” Janus pulled away, looking at the door that seemed to have gained more color. He knew that this wasn’t the end, Patton was too stubborn for that. A smile graced his face and he pulled away, gently tapping on the door.
He was self-preservation, he would make sure all of the sides had a certain longevity to them. Thomas was a wonderful human, he wasn’t going to risk that by losing such an important side.
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goldengoddess · 17 hours ago
dating inej as kaz’s sister
pairing: inej ghafa x brekker!reader 
request: hi ok this request might be a lot for one headcanon post thing so if it is i’m sorry and feel free to discard anything. i was wondering if u might do headcanons on crushing on/dating inej while being kaz’s sister + jesper’s best friend
a/n: omg my first inej x reader,,,, kinda nervous not gonna lie I LOVE INEJ and this is really bad my apologizes but i hope you like it anyways 
warnings: none i think? pretty fluffy
you and inej had been dating in secret for a couple of months
it’s not that you didn’t want everyone to know
you wanted to stand on the rooftops of ketterdam and scream about your amazing girlfriend
and brag about her to all of the other idiots in the barrel
she was perfect and meant to be appreciated
but it was easier said than done
considering you were kaz’s younger sister
and jesper fahey was your best friend
jesper being your friend didn’t really matter
except that if jesper knew he would tell kaz
because jesper fahey cannot keep a secret 
and kaz would freak the fuck out
because when you and jesper started hanging out at friends
he got super angry and worried that your friendship would interfere with what he called “crow business”
fucking nerd
so you and inej were together in secret and in the privacy of the rooftops of the city
considering one of them was a scheming crime lord
and the other had enough energy to catch every detail
you and inej were pretty surprised jesper and kaz hadn’t found out already
and you and inej werent exactly the best at keeping secrets
you always wanted to be touching inej
she seemed to slip away so easily from everyone else
so if you were touching her it was like an anchor to her body
she couldn’t slip away from you and you wouldn’t lose her to the shadows
it was sweet and it made inej blush
a lot
but this wasn’t normal behavior between friends in the dregs
so one day
as the two of you sat on the coach, you put your hand on her thigh out of habit
neither of you realized the big mistake till you saw jesper standing in front of you with his face drawn up in confusion
“y/n, why is your hand on inej’s thigh”
the two of you shared and look and tried to contain your giggles
“um it’s actually a form of showing deep friendship for the suli! you should try it jesper” inej lied beautifully
he had looked so pleased with himself when he put his hand on matthias’ thigh the next day
only to get a strong right hook to the eye
you and inej had felt bad but only for a second before the two of you burst out laughing 
jesper caught on eventually though 
by caught on i mean he walked into a room as you were giving inej a goodbye kiss 
you had blushed more than ever in your life 
and you sat down with jesper and told him everything from start to finish 
“i cannot believe you didn’t tell me y/n, you left me out of all the juicy gossip and i’ll never forgive you for that.”
he was making ship names for the two of you ten minutes later 
having jesper know was fantastic 
you loved being able to tell your best friend about every cute thing inej did 
after that, you and inej agreed that kaz should know 
it was better he didn’t find out by accident 
and go on like a murdering spree or something 
you took him out for coffee and told him about how in love you were with inej 
you finished talking and waited for his reprimand 
“y/n, really? this is what you needed to talk about? i already knew this”
you were shocked to say the freaking least
he explained how it was really painfully obvious 
“y/n, you literally make heart eyes at her. it doesn’t take a rocket science to figure it out.”
you had blushed and rolled your eyes lightly
because !!! ur brother knew !!! and he wasn’t mad !!!
“if you’re happy, i’m happy.”
you had grinned and given him a quick kiss on the cheek 
“but let the Wraith know that if she hurts you, i won’t hesitate to go after her. investment be damned.”
when you told this to inej 
she had only laughed and put her head on your shoulder 
“i’d like to see him try. but it’s a good thing i don’t plan on hurting you love”
inej ghafa please be my girlfriend challenge 
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savedbythegirl · a day ago
So I think my mom is “neuro-divergent” which I understand as people who are unable to cope with their anxiety so they just start living a lie and being really triggered by people who disagree with them, and, I heard that Elon Musk came out as being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and I just want to say that I don’t think that’s true. My mom is thrilled to disagree, because she loves to think that nobody is capable of having manners and every successful person is gifted and better than anybody else and the oppressed eat shit because it’s all we know, it’s all we can understand - you know? Sometimes she has coming-to-Jesus moments, but overall she’s just been really out of it and this is really what I’ve been dealing with for the last year and half. She’s extremely oppressive and basically conspiring against me because she is an ableist pig who doesn’t believe in gender expression. 
Anyway, I knew someone with Asperger’s in high school and in reality they are just really immature and annoying and they can laugh about it if they’re depressed but they shouldn’t be depressed because it’s like they literally learn emotions. Like if you were bullying an autistic person you’d be teaching them self hate and they would think that way forever, so, lots of reasons not to be toxic, everybody is affected by bullying. Gender and sexual orientation is a human reality and denying it is confusing for everyone. You’re just embarrassed so don’t attack people just because they’re different because everybody deserves to feel confident on their own terms. Not everyone can or wants to contribute to your system of beliefs. I told my mom SNL was a late night show for mature audiences and it was not likely that Elon had a mental disability, not that there would be something wrong with a person diagnosed with Asperger’s being on SNL, but Elon has been around on social media for a couple years now and a responsible billionaire would have mentioned it already. 
I don’t think he could do what he’s doing for a living if he was diagnosed. If he wasn’t diagnosed that’s really irresponsible because there would be no way for him to get help and how does he take care of himself without it? I don’t have a disability. How do you think I get out of bed every morning these days? EQ. Elon has too many responsibilities. He would have to have people who do everything for him. That’s a little cringe. Let me at least say that.
I don’t think that Claire (Boucher of Grimes) would be bearing the child of a man whose idea of fun is limited to physical, literal children’s games and therapy. I don’t think that Elon could consent, to be honest. Or if he were using his money just to get someone pregnant or have sex, I’m not sure Claire would have been considered a consenting adult. A person with a mental disability usually cannot conceptualize discrimination unless they have been doted on with a ton of resources since they were born. Claire wouldn’t be with someone who couldn’t navigate politics and I don’t think Elon completely lacks social awareness. Elon said he inherited an emerald mine in Africa. He’s either not the owner of Tesla, or the direct descendants of Nikola Tesla were idiots and/or sold out to very weird people. Disabled kids and adults alike can read, just don’t tell them what to think. I’m not discriminating, but in my experience there is no way that this is possible because these are totally inappropriate circumstances!!! It doesn’t add up. Claire is a huge nerd. I actually don’t think it’s funny if she got a mentally disabled person to impregnate her so she could raise her child as a single parent. Money doesn’t change people. She is either using him for his money or they really care about each other and I honestly doubt Elon has Asperger’s syndrome because he’s never mentioned it before. And he smoked a huge joint on a video podcast interview on YouTube and just kept talking.
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i-write-boop-spoops · a day ago
Boom boom,how was your day? Anything new or hard?
Judging from my leon headcanon it's obvious I would like to be held 😔
[Daily reminder to everyone that you are amazing,great,worth it and royalty 😌]
-he gives me vibes of a person who collected whatever the equivalent of pokemon cards there. In his old room he still has some of those old cards in one of those fancy little books that you could put them in
-he was the one who caught hops wooloo!
-Teases hop about his crushes, but in the nice brotherly way and not the annoying one. Supportive but also very "sooo hop,you and them ayeeeeee?" Personally I'm a gloria and hop shipper, but that could work for anyone
-for hops birthday he has a special birthday snap back. He also wears this to your birthday, its colorful and has a party hat ontop of it. This was actually a little crafty thing hop made but he cherishes it (even if hop is like nOoO-) idk I just like to think he has special occasion snap backs like a Christmas one with dangly lights or it looks like santas hat.
-even though hes a very happy and confident person, alot of his years come up to him as more of a serious kind of dude like at the battle tower. Sometimes I cant help but think he looks at the window of his house and just thinks if this is really what life might be. As much as he loves being champion, sponsors and all- even that can get suffocating sometimes. But you're like a bright light to him, hes probably just amazing at cuddling with how big he is and hes just UGHH so great at comforting.
-Thinks hes sOo great at cooking until he somehow fails at BOILING WATER. Hes trying his best but sometimes your beat is not enough 😔 you probably will have to save him alot, oh well hes good at being champion so just keep it at that
-good singing voice, singing you to sleep? Gotcha! Singing at a party where he was being pushed to do so? Great. I can imagine he follows more on deeper tones, but hes good at high notes too. (Also somebody made Steven's theme with LYRICS I'm in love)
-when he was younger, Joseph always had to keep an eye on him if they visited the mines together because yes this little rock loving maniac is running around EVERYWHERE to get that fancy rock. Pls save Joseph. On other notes he'll bring his kids with him to mining too! But only on the places he knows are safe, he dosent want to risk his family getting harmed afterhismotherdiED
-more childhood headcanons is that hes good at science, especially earth science but not as great at math. He isnt terrible, definitely not but he cant compete at a competition. ALSO I agree that he wouldnt be super cool and suave, hes starting to be but man hes mostly a little bit of a nerd who carries around a book of rocks. He wasnt exactly popular with people wanting to date him until he grew up 😔 though he loves you alot so too bad you're stuck with a rock nerd your entire life.
Explosion my love, my MONARCH, my SOULMATE. Thank for these literally amazing headcanons! Legit grinning from ear to ear from these!
I had genetics today (my fave) and idk if I did something wrong (or too right), because I had way too much extra time left. Like I’m disabled so I get extra time on exams, and I didn’t even come close to using it. So I’m a bit spooked tbh lol. I got one more exam in a couple days and then I’m done!
Hope your day is as EPIC as you explosion!
I too want to be held by Leon, I just wanna be scooped up like a lil ball of ice cream into his arms. Legendary
Leon and Hop have such a wholesome relationship OML. It’s obvious they really care and admire each other. Their smiles are so precious!
Also Leon wearing tacky caps? I think it’s illegal for him not too lol
Bruh, Steven can make cold sandwiches and that’s it. Literally. He can assemble, he may even be able to chop, but you cannot rely on this man to even use a microwave. Good thing he;s rich, otherwise he would literally starve
I CANNOT believe we just thought of the same headcanon about Steven’s voice and being able to sing!! Legit just thinking about this. He’s perfect for lullabies! And drunk karaoke!
Lol I just imagine lil five y/o Steven pestering his dad about all the cool pebbles in the garden, and Joseph wanting to be a good dad and foster his son’s curiosity, so he takes him to local cave that does tours and baby Steven is literally acting as if he was in a sweet shop. He kept asking the tour guide questions about the rocks and every answer made him go “Wow! That’s so cool!”.
Bab steven is precious! Protect at all costs!
As a science lover who is not great at maths, I FEEL that deep within my soul. Personally I headcanon Steven has a bachelor’s in geology (with a minor in business because his dad begged him to), so he probably did a lot of science in college, and did only the easiest math bits to get by lol.
Steven was definitely bullied a bit in school, he was a really big nerd and hadn’t grown into the dreamboat we know and love yet. I think that’s how he met and became friends with Wallace, because they were classmates, and Wallace was also bullied, for being super flamboyant (and queer). They bonded over being outcasts and battling.
And when they grew up, got hot, and became fabulous superstars, it’s safe to say a lot of the people who wronged them were suddenly very interested in being friends with Hoenn’s champions.
Moral of the story? Don’t be a dick!
Ugh, thanks again for these fantastic headcanons! They are so good!
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Obviously losing her mom was/is painful and it is the hardest thing she's gone through. BUT do you think she posted this for Henry to feel bad for her - that other reading anon posted stated that he was distant and she was scared she lost him - Was this a kill 2 birds with 1 stone type of thing...
1) 1st time posting since the chess pic and leaving the comments open ((henry possibly knew beforehand and obviously he's not a dick; so he'll feel bad and show empathy + commented to keep up the front (support bf/in love/going strong)) to get empathy and people to feel bad for her and leave her alone? etc
2) anyone who questions her post or actually comments bad things looks like a prick - a girl who done nOtHiNg but be a brilliant and beautiful nerd who loves her dog and who's a successful VP that happens to be dating HC and she's been quiet and her 1st post is about the death her mother (which wasn't very emotional or empathetic tbh - but stated her physical appearance.) and technically she hasn't done anything to warrent such 'hate
3) everyone feels bad for her, comments, attention - people who say mean things on the post look awful - 'leave her alone. she's having a hard time and I know how painful death is and losing someone and cancer is horrible' type of effect?..
I do believe she can see all sides - do this and/to get that - and be that calculating to get things to work in her favour.
And if I was talking about my mother who passed away I would've closed the comments but she wanted HC to comment.
Whether this was super calculated or this just happened to have a 'positive' effect in her favour. This is just my POV and Intuition.
What do you think?
First of all, it’s a very sensitive topic. I think she has every right to post about her mom. But I won’t lie I raised my eyebrow a little bit when someone send an ask to me and said she hasn’t posted anything in the last 3-4 years and that she left open her comments. I am 100% sure she was broken and she misses her mom, but I won’t say you cannot suspect any underlying motive. Because you can, I do too. It’s important to be respectful and not commenting shit on her site or Henry’s but I think there are lots of truths in your comment and in the possibilities. 
I also think their fans who don’t like her should be careful because reverse psychology works. Knowing how stubborn Henry, I think more someone is commenting how awful she is and making up theories ( photoshop, body double etc) he will more likely stick because “ I do whatever I want” and “ fans are not dictating to me” etc. 
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Tumblr media
Back to drawing Willow! Sorry dude. Notes for each design and the rewrite in general UNDER THE CUT
Starting out with just. A normal, average dude. “Former” theater nerd, Jackson Arvad is the sort of scientist who does really interesting science but just cannot explain it in a interesting way. Overworked and underpaid by his boss at Raxon, he hasn’t slept in... ok he’s not actually sure when he last slept. Going to pass out.
Surprise! He passed out. Now his whole body is trying to go cubist. Really, really freaked out.
Ok so first big story change, this is the form Spider’s man first meets him in. Peter Parker happens to meet Jack’s now desperate roommate trying to explain to a Daily Bugle reporter that he thinks something fishy is going on. He’s been missing for months at this point, but no one believes him that he wouldn’t just disappear. So, Peter takes advantage of Raxon’s intern program to get in and figure out what really happened. Sneaking around as Spider-Man, he finds Willow. His form has pretty thoroughly disintegrated, and the boss has made it very clear that now that they’ve run out of test to preform on him he’s not going to be kept around (or alive) much longer. So, Spider-Man lets him out. Willow, understandably angry, tries to kill his boss but is talked down. He doesn’t have long, though, before he dissipates fully. So he leaves to find a solution on his own. Spider-Man uses the files he got from sneaking around to write an expose on Raxon, getting them a little bit of justice in the end.
His forth look brings us back to where he starts in the comics. Unfortunately the doctor he finds to fix him instead gives himself complete control over Willow’s form and forces Willow to rob using his powers or be dissipated. Reluctantly agreeing, he comes into conflict with Spider-Man once again. Spider-Man stops his theft, but when Harrow learns Spider-Man is now involved he orders Willow kill him. When it comes to the moment of truth though, he refuses to kill and instead tries to attack Harrow. Harrow turns the switch before Willow comes close, and he’s no more.
Or so we thought. Despite all signs, his mind still lives. Again stealing from the comics, he manages to take control of the battlesuit of Killer Shrike, kidnapping scientist Dr. Marla Madison through his suit. Taking her to the laboratory where he was first transformed, he convinces her to restore him. She agrees, so they set to work. Finally returned and factory reset to right after the accident, he tells Spider-Man and the good doctor to escape before he burns down the factory and all his old research to end this, one and for all.
After that... I honestly haven’t thought that far? I’d probably just have him take back his old Dr Harrow suit, destroy the external controls for it, and go off to do his own thing. Maybe not even as a superhero, but as a particularly weird looking scientist.
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asiantransformations · 6 days ago
Curse or Miracle?
Before (Left) / / After (Right)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I never thought I would get a second chance at life and in such a buff, muscular body as well. I was born with an incurable heart disease that theoretically should have taken my life by 24. Somehow I survived until my 25th birthday. I knew one day, it will hit me by surprise and I won't know when exactly I'll die. Life was not the best for me. I was not exactly super good-looking, but I was quite decent. Being gay did not help me in the love department, but I had to live my life to the fullest as each day could be my last.
One day, one of my neighbors, Luke came knocking on the door. He seemed all secretive and such, like he was trying to not be seen. Luke stays with Richard, his roommate and best friend.
"Jaden, how would like a second chance at life?" Luke asked me.
"I would love to, but I don't see how that is possible" I replied.
"Let me explain." he exclaimed "A month ago, while on vacation in the East, Richard was fooling around and broke a sacred artifact. The witch of the village casted a curse on his soul which will slowly cause him to die. We didn't believe it, but Richard is starting to show the effects a month later. You can tell that his soul was weakening."
"I don't see how this relates to me though" I questioned Luke.
"Richard has spent so much time and money to build his body. He truly is the best roommateI can ask for. He is strong and very well endowed. I cannot bear to see all the efforts go to waste. I have always loved him, but the feelings weren't mutual as he was straight. I may not have enough powers to reverse the curse, but assuming I swap your soul for his, I can solve both our problems. Your personality is great, and I'm sure you will give Richard's body a whole new boost!"
"I know I am going to die soon, and I would love to take this chance, but I don't know how Richard will feel about it." as I went along with it. I didn't know to believe him or not. "Let's give a try and do it." I hesitantly agreed.
Luke was filled with glee and enthusiasm as I unexpectedly agreed to his plea.
The next day, Luke came by to invite me for dinner. He told me to get ready for the time of my life. As I stepped inside, Richard greeted me, he was a bit pale. You could tell something was not right.
We ate dinner and talked about life. Richard was a big fan of comics and anime. It was amazing to know he was a big of a nerd as me. His body was glistening under the dining room light. All his muscle well bulging and defined. I was mentally drooling over him.
Tumblr media
It was dessert time and as Richard ate his dessert, he fell asleep. Luke gave him a slight sleep spell. Not long after, Luke's eyes glowed as he reached into his heart and pulled out a glowing sphere of essence. I was in shock and didn't realized as he walked towards me and did the same thing. He pulled my soul out while inserting Richard's in. I was an odd feeling as I could not feel a thing, or rather taking on a different form. When she pushed my soul into Richard's body. I felt everything.
I could feel power surging in my size 11 feet to my bulging biceps. I felt strong and confident. Color regained in my skin that Richard's body didn't originally have. My 10" and thick cock tented my shorts and filled my body with testosterone. The surge of energy awoke my body from the sleep spell. I could feel all the effort put into making this adonis bod of Richard's. I stood up and I felt like a god, I did not feel sick at all.
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, my body woke up. The questioning look on my old face. Richard had realized he wasn't in his body anymore as he realized what has happened. He went berserk and started crying. Too much stress caused his body to overload. He was so emotional that it was not long that his heart couldn't handle it, tragically causing him to die. At least now we know the curse had died with my heart disease.
I felt bad about what happened, but I soon got over it as I realized how strong I am. I did not care that I was suddenly 30, but grateful at this second chance given. I didn't expect a miracle of this sort to happen, but only one thing is on my mind at the moment. And that is to release all this pent up pressure in my balls.
I rushed and picked up Luke. Passionately kissing him as I brought him to my new bed. The monster is my pants and my libido could not take it any longer. Luke played along as I dominated him. He has been waiting for this for a long time. I was not used to my newfound strength and accidentally ripped off his clothes. My cock was leaking with enough precum that allowed me to slide it in. I thrusted and thrusted. It didn't take much, but both Luke and I climaxed together. I kept shooting streams and streams of warm Richard essence into him, so much that it started to leak out... We were both drenched in each other's milk.
Using the last of his magic, he transported my old body out of this world. I am not too sure where it is anymore, but that's not my problem anymore. Jaden is gone...
Luke and I have been inseparable. We have hot steamy sex each night. My sex drive is through the roof especially when I'm around my boyfriend, Luke. His dream of being with Richard is fulfilled and I get to live the best life I could have only imagined. Richard set a legacy for himself and I am here to carry it on. I'm getting hard just thinking about my new body. Time to find Luke cause I'm ready for round 2!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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marswritings · 7 days ago
No one asked for this but I JUST finished all of Seb Stans movies that I could find to watch. So here are my rating and thoughts:
The Covenant(2006): (7/10) I don’t know, I really like those campy, mid-2000s movies that are so pointless and cheesy. And Seb was super cute in this.
Rachel Getting Married(2008): (10/10) I didn’t actually watch the full movie, I only saw his part on YouTube because he’s in it for like, 2 minutes. But his scene was AMAZING, so 10/10.
Spread(2009): (3/10) Horrible movie, absolutely hated every second of it. Seb was obviously looking cute in it, but the script and plot were just awful I couldn’t believe I sat through it.
Kings(2009): (8/10) I really liked this show, it was a bit weak and I can see why there is only one season. The acting was great and Seb was so, so good in this and I just enjoyed it.
Hot Tub Time Machine(2010): (7/10) Once again, a very limited role but he was HILARIOUS in it and the movie itself was actually pretty funny.
Gossip Girl(2007-2012): (8/10) This is one of those things where I didn’t remember Seb being in it even though I watched the show 3 times (yes, I loved this show don’t judge me). So I went back to watch for his parts and I really did enjoy Carter Baizan.
Black Swan(2010): (9/10) for the movie, (2/10) for Sebs part. I loved this movie. This is another one I didn’t know he was in, so I was happy to go back and watch for him. It’s a weird movie to love, but I do because it’s just so, so, so freaking good. But Seb is in it for like 2 minutes, literally.
C.A.T.F.A.(2011): (9/10) Amazing movie, amazing Seb performance! Only reason it’s not 10/10 is because of it breaking my heart, iykyk. Also, I saw this when it came out and I didn’t really care about Sebastian at that time but I was like, “Bucky’s hot, but GOTDAMN STEVEN GRANT ROGERS!”
Gone(2012): (2/10) Another very short appearance from Sebastian. Definitely was not worth the watch to me. I did not like this movie at all.
Political Animals(2012): (8/10) I loved, loved, LOVED this show and Sebastian was phenomenal in it. Everyone was actually, but Seb made me cry and I’m very said there is only one season.
The Apparition(2012): (2/10) Originally watched this when it came out for Tom Felton because I was a major ‘Potter-Head’ and I don’t remember liking it. Rewatched it recently for Seb, literally took me 3 tries because I couldn’t get through the first couple of minutes. Oh god, it’s so bad. The script. Mostly Ashley Greene’s acting. Cute boyfriend Seb, but the movie is trash. 2 points for Seb and Tom.
C.A.T.W.S.(2014): (10/10) This is the blueprint. The start of it all. I watched this movie solely for Chris, because I was on a Chris kick and also forcing myself to watch the marvel movies. I tried to not find Sebastian attractive. I mentally couldn’t take on another man , but his little ‘murder-strut’ broke me damnit. Also this is just an extremely amazing movie.
The Bronze(2015): (8/10) This movie. THIS MOVIE. Is so funny, and so weird and I love it so much. Seb really is incredible in this and everyone else as well. I was so surprised, because I did not expect anything in this movie that I saw. It was completely different then I thought it would be. I will admit though, I have not watched “the scene” all the way through. I have very bad second-hand embarrassment and I just can’t handle it. I started screaming laughing and fast forward through it.
The Martian(2015): (7/10) I cannot believe this movie came out the same year as The Bronze. Seb is super soft and cute in this movie. It’s a good movie but space movies kind of give me anxiety. Just the thought of space is a bit ehhhhh for me. But he was an adorable nerd in this, and we got soft daddy Seb.
C.A.C.W.(2016): (9/10) BEEFY SEB! BEEFY SEB! BEEFY SEB! My mans was showing out all the thickness in this movie. On top of the movie being so good, and everyone looking AHMAZING in it. I would say this is a high rated movie. Very much like.
Logan Lucky(2017): (5/10) Another movie that I watched for a different actor (Adam Driver) and not noticed Seb was in it due to a very small role. He’s in it for maybe a total of 5 minutes, but it’s funny for the time he is and quite frankly, kind of hot. I got a thing for race-car drivers. The movie as a whole is kind of weird and pointless to me, but it’s a funny movie.
I, Tonya(2017): (9/10) This movie is amazing. I very much enjoyed this movie and everyone’s performance in it. I love Margot Robbie with my whole heart, as well as Alison Janney and I’m so happy that I watched the movie just for Seb because I really enjoyed it. Seb was incredible in this movie (and I hate myself that I found him attractive as this real man). He was robbed for any nomination honestly for any supporting actor category. I diminished a point for the fact that I found him attractive and the abuse and the fact that it made me emphatic to the whole situation the movie surrounds.
I’m Not Here(2017): (7/10) I feel that this movie broke something in me. It was a little personal considering how my own father was. Seb was phenomenal in it, everyone was actually. The blond hair is something to write home about honestly. The movie is a bit slow, but it’s beautiful and heartbreaking. I would say, prepare yourself before you watch.
Black Panther(2018): (10/10) This movie is incredible. Amazing. Life changing. I know Seb was only in the credit scene, but I felt the manbun needed its own slot.
Avengers: Infinity War & Engame(2018-2019): (7/10) I was not the biggest fan of these movies. Infinity was was better than Endgame. Most know my opinion on the Endgame ending. Seb is in them for very little, but long-hair, smiling Bucky will always lift my spirits.
Destroyer(2018): (3/10) This is not a very good movie. I was so excited to watch it, because I like Nicole Kidman as well but... wow. This was bad. Seb was good, but the script, the plot, and Kidman’s acting was just... eh. Why did they make her look that way, she looked awful the whole movie and it was just an odd story. Very hard to watch for me, very much simp for Chris though.
We Have Always Lived in The Castle(2018): (7/10) I didn’t know Seb was in this actually, my mom recommended me to watch it with her because she liked the book. It was an okay movie, a bit confusing I guess if you don’t know the story and a bit slow and boring. 100% very much crawl on my hands and knees for Charles Blackwood. The gardening scene. The bath scene. Whew.
Endings, Beginnings(2019): (6/10) I didn’t like this movie very much. It was very boring and the plot was a lost cause to me. Seb was beautiful in it and well, y’all know the rest. Gotdamn. I see those scenes all the time in my head. And also, another movie for me to romanticize toxic relationships.
The Last Full Measure(2019): (8/10) Beautiful movie and story. Amazing actors all throughout and just, wow. I didn’t expect to enjoy this as much as I did, because I don’t usually like Vietnam War type movies. Also, DADDY SEB IN SUITS AND SOFT SWEATERS. My god, he was beautiful in this movie and once again showing his amazing acting.
The Devil All The Time(2020): (8/10) Very much liked this movie. I read the book and this movie is different in most way, but I enjoyed it. It is a dark story but the acting is incredible from everyone (yes, even Robert). Seb being a chunky, candy eating cop who jizzed in a cup just really did it for me. And once again, why am I attracted to this fucking character. I guess it’s just the more ‘cushion for the pushin’ look. Also, chasing Tom Holland through the woods with a shotgun must have been very therapeutic for Seb.
T.F.A.T.W.S.(2021-hopefully): (9/10) I cried when this series was announced, I’m not kidding. I was so excited to get more Sam and Bucky content because they deserved it. I’m not going to say the show is without its flaws. At times it felt very cut together, and oddly edited with a weak script. But that could just be Covid restrictions. Seb was obviously amazing in this. But Anthony shined through, as he should, with Sam. I would also like to thank this show for my new found obsession with Daniel Brühl, because this man is just so beautiful and I’m enjoying watching all these foreign films for his performances.
Monday(2020): (8/10) I’m going to be honest, I went into this movie expecting to hate it. From what I was hearing, it was basically just going to be sex, drugs and toxicity and very much the vibes of Endings, Beginnings and soft-core porn. But I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it so much. The story and the plot are a bit slow at times but it’s so real showing a relationship after the “happy ever-after” airport chase moment. A little bit more sex than I thought there would be, but if it’s gonna portray a real relationship that tries to save itself with sex then I guess that’s what it needs. Who am I to complain haha.
I know I missed a few and before you bring up, “well what about Once Upon a Time”. I will never watch it, no matter what you pay me. I tried to watch that show 5 times and I hate it so no thank you. Jefferson can stay in the drafts.
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supershanzykhan · 12 days ago
Event organizer: the worst or hottesn profession in the world?
This text is for all who are at the beginning of their career and have an interest in organizing events. But also for people with experience – I believe they will recognize themselves in the next lines. I never thought in my life that I would be involved in organizing events, but for the last 10 years I have been building organizations that organize multiple events. I can boldly argue that organizing and holding events is not an ordinary profession, but something on the line between madness and magic. There's something magical, special and captivating. It's not for everyone, but if he grabs you once, you're still infected.
Why madness?
Let's face it. You can't be involved in event organization and think you're perfectly normal. (if you start to despair, by reading the bottom lines, go to the "why is magic" section :)
You communicate with an impossible number of people… Constantly. As a result, you often meet acquaintances you're not sure who they are (abe on the verge of madness, I told you) I don't know if you believe in an energy exchange between people, etc., but any actor or person who organizes events will tell you that there is such a thing. Sometimes you just say hello to 100 people, but you feel drained. It's like you've given each of them a piece of yourself. What in other professions passes for cruel multitasking, with event organizers, is a quiet day. In this profession, you constantly have to consider so many details that you either learn to juggle tasks or you're "out of the game." In DEV.BG for the holding of one event 2 hours (this is only about the period immediately before and during the event) we need to keep an eye out for 97 details. Sometimes you work when others rest You have to deal with freaks on a regular basis. There are several types: 1. The nerds: They usually play hard and try to "pass a meter". They think they're very smart without realizing that there are a few types of tactics in every area that you know very well because you've encountered a lot of people like them. 2. Arrogant: These types believe that their will is the law, treat you with neglect, and command. Bitch, please! 3. The pretentious: the people who have avoided the fact that they are not direct descendants of the Queen of England and the world cannot only comply with them (not to be confused with the constructive feedback that has repeatedly helped me). 4. Inadequate: You will encounter them at all events – educational, entertainment, scientific, etc. I guess I've had a 🙂 Why magic?
It's hard for me to put it into words. When an event works out well, it's like a dance. Each comes with itsown mood, care, character. And everyone leaves with the "atmosphere of the event". It's magic, I'm telling you!
People: To my great delight, bad "freaks" are the exceptions. Most people enrich you a lot: you meet different points of view; new ideas; large brains; wide hearts; interesting life stories. And you're "stealing" a piece for yourself from all these universes. You create a wide network of contacts. You get up from the connected people who are on two phone calls (two chats about those born after 1990 🙂 from everything and everyone. The action: All action teaches you to deal with contingencies, take matters into your own hands, overcome challenges. And you're bringing that into your life! Pinch Rock-n-Roll: In organizing events there is a special thrill. It acts a little like a drug. The adrenaline, the curiosity, the dynamics pull you to do it over and over again. Contentment: The motto of the first event company I created was "We bring people closer together." At every event (no matter its type) there are many acquaintances, shared experiences, exchanged ideas. In a world where we're increasingly alienated, collecting people is cool. Therefore, at the end of each successful event fatigue is soft and pleasant – like the taste of old cognac. Is this for you?
I don't know. If something flickered you, read the above lines, it's worth a try. If not, apply for that other ad - for the bank 🙂 Actually, if you want to judge for yourself whether this is the hottest or the worst profession, I have something to tell you. In DEV.BG (the largest IT community in Bulgaria) we are looking for a specialist organization of full-time events. We're not looking for experience! When they're organising events, some people think, "Hey, I can do this myself! It can't be that hard. "
They think so until they start planning the event. Then they realize it's not as easy as it looks. There are many things that need to be done when organizing an event. And they can take a lot of time and resources if they are not done in the best way. And here comes the professional event organizer.
If you want to organize an event, be it private (wedding, birthday, anniversary) or business event (team building, company party, promotion), one event organizer will make it as easy as possible because:
First, it will save time. Event scheduling is a full-time job. Most people already work full-time and have many other duties and personal commitments. The event organizer knows how to plan the perfect event for you, saving you a lot of time and effort. From finding a location to finding suitable providers for different products and services, your organizer will take care of the success of the event.
Second, the event organizer will reduce the stress you would otherwise be subjected to. Just tell your organizer what your budget is, what your ideas are, and watch them come to life in front of you. The professional event organizer has the necessary experience and resources to make your idea a reality. For example, instead of wanting a bid from 10 photographers, the event organizer will provide you with the best photographer as you want. You may even get special prices for the service.
Last but not least, the professional event organizer will save you money. While some people may think they will save money by doing everything themselves or dealing directly with suppliers, a professional promoter can help you avoid mistakes that cost you a lot in the long run. The professional event organizer has the necessary contacts and resources to provide you with the best products and services for the event at the best prices.
If you use the services of an event organizer, whether it's a private or company event, feel free to contact us. We can organize any event, the main priority being to make it go according to your wishes. Get rid of the stress that planning an event can bring you and enjoy the event itself.
Courtesy: farmhouse events in lahore
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bubbleteaimagines · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
genre. nsfw
warnings. lol
Tumblr media
You cannot convince me he doesn’t have a private account that follows over 100 nsfw accounts
He likes the privacy of it and the variety
Yes he does follow http_daddyy
Oh and POV is also his favorite
Side note tho — he unironically says no homo before he watches porn or when the guy is getting his dick sucked 😭
Is a sucker for anything school girl related, or college related
Literally loves the nerd/popular girl trope, it’s his biggest fantasy 😩
I peg him as someone that likes to watch cam girls too
He always donates generous amounts and leaves the sweetest comments
Armin really said sex workers rights <3
If it features any one of those then Reiner is all over it
Loves the authenticity of homemade videos
Is also a sucker for couples bc he loves the relationship dynamic between them more than he does with actors
Reiner just wants held okay
Latina! and! Ebony!
What can I say, he likes beautiful women
But more than that Porco absolutely loves those first time porn videos
Just seeing the girls get destroyed for the first time turns him on so much
I hate to do this to him, but he most definitely watches girl on girl cause he’s one of those guys that thinks it’s so hot
We all know this man is hung
That’s exactly why he goes straight to the big dick category
Gets off on imagining him rearranging someone’s guts with that horse cock
For some reason he also likes the brunette and Brazilian category 😭
All B’s for this man Jean
British and masturbation, don’t ask why
Also has a thing for maids or anyone that wears those thigh high stockings
Office sex? Yes
OH! And teacher roleplay too 😼
Listen, I’m a firm believer that this man also loves titties
He’s a titty man okay
So he loves those videos where the girl is getting herself off while playing with her tits and looking into the camera
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brinigi · 18 days ago
Okay im just going to make my own post about this because this bugs the hell out of me
Look i get that botw kind of brought a lot of new people to loz and i think thats great, if botw is the only zelda game you’ve ever played and you loved it thats valid, its an amazing game. But im getting tired of people acting like botw zelda is the only zelda with a compelling personality or backstory because you’re either forgetting entire games?? Or throwing games you never played under the bus to make botw seem like the most indisputably superior zelda game possible? (It isn’t. Its very good but it still has flaws.)
People are like “every other Zelda is lame and boring and is just a pretty wizard with a crown 🙄 but THIS Zelda! She has ANXIETY!”
I get that botw Zelda is arguably one of the more vulnerable and relatable Zeldas, or even the most tragic, but it’s not like this is the first game to humanize Zelda or give her a unique backstory and personality? She’s not even the first Zelda to technically “fail” and then have to work overtime to damage control a situation she “failed” to prevent. OOT Zelda KNEW Ganon was going to kill everyone and fuck up Hyrule and NO ONE BELIEVED HER, so her idiot father just let him take over and reduce Hyrule to a miserable hellscape full of ZOMBIES. She had to go in to hiding for ten years, in which she of course patiently waited for Link to save her like the boring pre-botw princess she was :/ PSYCHE SHE STUDIED THE BLADE AND BECAME A SHEIKAH WARRIOR (and there was no reason she had to pose as a boy to do that because there are loads of female sheikah warriors so arguably a transmasc/nb icon.) Then she sent Da Linky back in time and just resigned herself to rebuild Hyrule by herself in the fucked up hell timeline he left behind?? That’s fucking sad bro she did that. She rebuilt Hyrule and didn’t even have Link to help her. And it’s not like he ditched her she did that to give him back his childhood because she’s a good friend.
Okay, I hear you say, well she was still wasn’t humanized because she is presented as an all powerful mysterious high-priestess type figure. Okay fair enough, you want a relatable Zelda? How about Tetra?? The daughter of a pirate queen, orphaned at a young age, who is an outlaw with a heart of gold, vaguely aware that she has some spooky bloodline shit going on but has no idea she’s a princess OR has magic powers, and has to live up to her mother’s reputation and lead a crew even though she’s way too young? And she struggles to make decisions that befit both a pirate captain and her own innate sense of altruism? I cannot believe the way people sleep on Tetra bro she was so fucking cool. Honestly there are more examples I can think of but I need to go to bed. I didn’t even get to Twilight Princess. OR Skyward Sword Zelda, notable because it was the game where they established “Zelda doesn’t need Link any more than he needs her, they are two sides of a coin that work together rather than a hero and a human mcguffin” as a real lore point and made it the rule rather than the exception. (Although most recent games by this point where working from that angle)
So let me close with this:
Reasons BOTW Zelda is unique among other Zeldas and very cool and awesome:
Has an interesting backstory & humanized personality without it in some way revolving around her pretending not to be/not knowing she is a princess (this isn’t really a plus but it isn’t a drawback, its just Different and therefore unique.)
Technically never gets kidnapped, and is trapped because of a decision SHE made when she was ready, to fight back (even though she really didn’t have any other options it still gives her more agency and agency is good)
Her story actually deals with the pressure of being both a political and religious figure, and the stress and trauma that comes with the “chosen one” narrative, especially when you don’t feel like you fit the mold/struggle to conform.
She is a nature nerd and i love her
Reasons BOTW Zelda is NOT objectively better than other Zeldas:
She is the only one with a personality (this is a lie)
She is the only one with agency (also a lie)
She is the only one who is relatable or likeable (biggest lie of 2021)
BOTW is the only Zelda game to switch up the formula or format of the series or make any progressive changes to the story i know we all know this is horseshit but sometimes ppl really make me wonder if they know other games occurred between Breath Of The Wild and Link To The Past.
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spidernerdsblog · 19 days ago
Hey!! Can I request something with Peter dating a physics nerd and she's going on and on about the theories that she believes and he's just sat there looking at her with puppy eyes, cause he thinks you are just really smart?
I’m a huge science nerd myself lol. Hope you like this...
Pairing : Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings : none, gets slightly pg at the end tho 
Tumblr media
You were at Peter’s apartment sitting on his bed while he was at his desk busy completing your respective assignments. After sometime you sigh audibly, throwing back your head in frustration because you weren’t able to solve a particular problem for the last 20 minutes. You groaned further annoyed catching Peter’s attention as he turned to you with a look of concern in his eyes.
“What happened babe?”
“Uggh! I’m stuck with this stupid problem!” you groaned.
“Where? Let me have a look” he stands up from his desk and sits beside you on the bed.
“Here I just can’t balance this reaction at all!” you complained handing over your notebook to him.
“Oh it’s easy. I got this” he says, taking a quick glance at the chemical equation as he scribbles something on your notebook.
“Here it’s done, you had to take the molar mass instead of the atomic number”
“Wow! Peter you’re such a genius” you looked at him with adoration.
“Oh says the genius herself I’m honored” he says bashfully.
“Shut up! I’m not as good as you” you smack his chest lightly.
“Oh please don’t tell me that if I had to ask you all the theories proposed by Stephen Hawking you wouldn’t recite them in one single breath?” he quips, narrowing his gaze.
“That’s a little exaggeration” you retort 
“I don’t think so. Only I know how much of a big fan you’re of him”
“Fan?!” you gasped visibly offended to what Peter just said “Peter, Hawking’s is my idol. His theories as a physicist are groundbreaking without him who could have imagined that we would get to photograph a black hole?” you gushed “Like before the big bang there were no boundaries in the universe even time didn’t exist” you pupils dilated with excitement as you spoke more and more about it 
“Did you read his last book?”
“No Y/N still haven’t got the chance” Peter replies meekly.
“You should read it!” you exclaim “There he talks about the possibility of time travel. I know Mr Stark has already done that but it required high tech equipment. But sadly we are broke so travelling through wormholes is our only option. Did Mr Stark ever think of a possibility of a wormhole in our dimension?” you ask him with great enthusiasm.
“I don’t know but we can talk to him about it” you didn’t even listen to him as you started to talk about your own assumptions and theories and Peter just sat there listening to you patiently.
“Now if we consider Einstein’s words he said that the force of gravity is a consequence of the way mass warps space and time. The more mass we squeeze into a region of space, the more spacetime is warped and the slower nearby clocks tick. If we squeeze in enough mass, spacetime becomes so warped that even light cannot escape its gravitational pull and a black hole is formed. And if you were to approach the edge of the black hole – its event horizon – your clock would tick infinitely slowly relative to those far away from it” you rambled.
All this while Peter just quietly listened to you occasionally humming to agree to your theories as he looked at his geeky girlfriend with heart eyes. He loved how excited you get when you talk about your interests, how your eyes twinkle automatically and a bright smile adorns your face. He can just listen to you all day every word that comes out of your mouth feels like music to him. Sometimes he wonders how did he get so lucky to have a beauty with brains like you as his girlfriend.
“Peter are you even listening?” you ask him in between breaking his trance.
“Hmm? Yea-yeah carry on” he blinks his eyes stuttering as you carried on.
“So as per his postulates if we discover a wormhole interdimensional travel will be a piece of cake - oh shit…” you paused in the middle all of a sudden. 
“What happened?” Peter asked frowning
“I did again, didn't I?” you squinted embarrassed at how you got carried away.
“I just bored you with my unnecessary physics theories again” you say sheepishly. 
“Hey no it was quite informative to be honest” he tries to cheer you up.
“Don’t lie Peter” you pout.
“I’m not!” he exclaims.
“I’m really sorry Peter this won’t happen again you could have just stopped me you know”
“Hey, hey,hey” he cups your face with his calloused palms “I know Y/N how much you love this subject and I can’t wait to see discovering new things in this field. And then I’ll be the biggest fan of your works” he says, his eyes full of admiration for you.
“Really? You don’t think I’m crazy?” you looked at him questioningly.
“Nope instead I think you look so cute while you explain things. You’re a genius Y/N, never be embarrassed about that” he said making you blush “okay now let’s finish the leftover assignment shall we?” you nodded as he went up to his desk.
“By the way have you read kamasutra?” you ask out of nowhere making Peter choke on his spit as he turned to you bewildered.
“Seriously Y/N??!”
“What? It has some pretty interesting theories which we can apply practically you know” you shrugged with a mischievous smile.
“I’m just gonna pretend you didn’t say that, god you’re crazy” he shakes his head flustered as you let out a carefree giggle.
Tumblr media
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popping-greenbean · 19 days ago
I had so many theories about Kaeya because despite being a character seemingly close to us; we don’t know shit about him. I too once thought he may be immortal, not only that I thought he may be the same being Dainsleif is. see, Dain is a sword from nordic mythology (the nerd within me is shaking) but he’s not the only legendary weapon. therefore, I came up with a theory that guards of Khaenri’ah are based on weapons from nordic mythology. Kaeya could be one of them. but then I realized he grew up with Diluc so that canceled it 
however, I just want to mention, Kaeya’s known for testing others and simply put playing with fire. he gave us a hint that he can speak hilichurlian and I believe it may be because he likes the thrill of revealing such a crucial detail 
thing no 2, I cannot tell you how much time I spent wondering how the hell does Kaeya come from Khaenri’ah if it was destroyed 500 years ago. your theory of his family fleeing is probably the only explanation, but how convenient is that. did they know perhaps? <- I’m going way too far with this one, it’s probably a false lead 
thing no 3, I didn’t mean to sound intimidating IEMSHDHEH I’m just excited and I didn’t get much sleep. that’s also the reason this previous explanation was so messy (this one too)
shkdjs dont worry about it!! kaeya is such a strange little man i cant believe he's given to us for free at the very start oml
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readforchangeproject · 26 days ago
Chapter 15: A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers 15/04/21
Feel free to join in with our read along of The Lightning Thief - here's all the info
I have to say, I love the aesthetic of Iris messages
I cannot believe Ares rides a motorbike with flames painted on the side lmao how 00s can you get?
"The seat was leather- but leather that looked like... well, Caucasian human skin" I'M SORRY WHAT????
Look, again idk how I feel about this representation of Ares
I mean he was never my fave Greek god BUT this interpretation of him does feel a lil one dimensional
However I guess it's not super far off the Greek interpretation of Ares. I mean apart from in Sparta, Athena was always more popular since she embodied the strategic aspects of war whereas Ares was mostly just about destruction
Actually what I think is super interesting is that Ares doesn't really show up much in Greek myth, but he's SUPER important in roman mythology
Do you think the importance of the gods would have changed for the modern world? I wonder who would be important now the gods are based in America?
Probably just Zeus becoming even more powerful tbh. From the youngest sibling to the King of the Gods, that's the American dream right? Oh and I bet Nike's had a bit of a comeback. Americans love to win
And because I'm a nerd who thinks this is super interesting: I reckon when the gods were chilling out in the UK Poseidon would have been super popular, and also probably Athena (not in modern day UK unfortunately but I reckon the Victorians would have loved her)
This feels like when you're playing a video game and really just want to fast forward this point in the narrative- ‘Look Ares, we really do not have time for this side quest please fuck off'
"Maybe you'll only fight when there's a river to dive into, so your daddy can protect you" dude what are you talking about? You are literally sending him on a mission to a waterpark. This does not prove your point at all
Hahaha I love that they're all fully decked out in Waterland merch! How long do they keep these clothes for? (praying it's the rest of the book)
Annabeth getting embarrassed about going on the tunnel of love is exactly how I'd have acted at 12 haha
Ummmm Percy just wondered why Ares and Aphrodite would choose to meet up here and then noticed all the mirrors excUSE ME THIS IS A BOOK FOR KIDS
We're raising money for Save the Children so please head to our justgiving page if you would like to donate- any contribution is appreciated including spreading the word
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sapphic-spirit-writes · a month ago
2021 main wip update
Title: "The Far Side of The Moon"
Chapters: 8/ ?? (I still don't know how long this book is going to be lol)
Word Count: 19,903
Author's Note: I'm diving head first into this story, and I couldn't be at a happier mindset. Because, Terra's just so cool. Link is Best Boy, and Wyatt is the single working brain cell of the group. This book has less main characters that I'm focusing on, so their personalities at an early stage are more fleshed out, and fun to explore. Terra is always fun to describe; she constantly surprises me. Lmk if you're interested in a taglist, I haven't done this in a while.
Excerpt from chapter 6, "The Journey Begins".
“What does Dr. Chandler do all day?” Link asked.
“He’s the glue that keeps Colony Zeta running. If you have any questions about Lumina, the Zurian’s who are native to that planet, or how we’re going to get there, ask him.”
Link nodded, “Have there been any humans like us – that have gone to Lumina?”
“Yes, they were the founders of The Zurian Project, over a hundred years ago. When the year turned 2400. Those humans now refer to themselves as – Luminian’s – I believe. If we, the current humans of New Earth, ever travel there… I have a feeling we’ll bump into them.”
“So Dr. Harlem didn’t create this project?” Link asked.
“No, he inherited it. He was raised here, his grandfather before him passed down the torch. He is qualified to run the project – he is a very smart man, Link. However… I just cannot shake the feeling he has other intentions. Why he suddenly chose me, Wyatt, and you to be the representatives for Colony Zeta is very suspicious.”
“Maybe because you’re good at your job?” Link suggested. “You’re so cautious of everything, Terra. Why don’t you recognize that?” The boy didn’t finish his sentence, at Terra’s fierce glare. He grew quiet. “Anyway. What are the Luminian humans like?”
“Wyatt will be able to nerd out with you over this.” Terra shrugged. “I… know they’ve evolved extra body parts. You know how we have what’s called a tailbone, but biologically no tail?” Link went to check, and nodded. He comically pouted. “Those beings grew tails, and webbed feet. Records show they are semi-aquatic and two legged.”
Link’s eyes widened, mouth gaping in awe.  “That’s incredible! I want a tail.”
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multiglory18 · a month ago
MacFarlane X Glory (6): The Final Journey - Chapter 36 (1)
Oliver's POV
A few days later…
I was in English, peering my group's work, which consisted of me, Jules, Sienna and Claude. Our class was discussing poetry and how to write it, as well a few other things I don't remember. "Sienna, this is so good. Who knew you were a great writer?" I exclaimed and she laughed.
"Well, my mom was in a newspaper club when she was my age, so that definitely helps." She smiled.
"And it sure does." Jules said as he quietly ate his granola bar. Mr. Bernard came around to check up on our group and see what we have written.
"Olivarez, what's your poem on about?" He asked me.
"Oh, it's on our 45th former president." I told him, reading the poem out loud. He was surprised to hear that as I finished reading it.
"Olivarez, that's quite impressive. Will you like to read it out loud to the class?" He said.
"Sure." I nodded and began reading it out loud again. It went like this something like this:
oranges can be sweet,
they can be rotten.
but sometimes,
they can be cruel
and undeserving at times.
would you like it if someone denies climate change,
mock people if they are disabled,
ban muslims for 90 days
or anything that is heinous and considered to be?!
i don't fucking think so.
goddamn it, america.
you had one job!
i cannot tolerate this kind of bullshitery we had going on...
believe me,
you don't know how much i despise him
and his stupid remarks.
fuck it,
i cannot do this anymore.
-america in a nutshell
The entire class laughed at clapped at how the poem was, which I was surprised to see, given that I'm not that good at writing poetry. But I guess it does make sense in a way for it to happen. I went back to my seat and did nothing much afterwards. The bell rung 30 minutes later and I went straight to my locker. I placed my messenger bag there and began walking to PE, only to find out the class is cancelled due to Mrs. Leblanc is currently in labor and that she will have her baby today.
"So, what should we do?" One of my classmates said, as we all sat down.
"Skip school for the rest of the day?" Another said.
"Wouldn't we get in trouble for that?" I didn't quite understand.
"Come on, MacFarlane. Don't be a nerd." A girl said.
"I'm not." I crossed my arms.
"Nerdddd." Several classmates taunted.
I sighed and we all went to our lockers quietly and I grabbed my messenger bag and followed my classmates out of the building. Once we left, we all decided to go to a mall and hang out there.  I went to a bookstore and went to look for A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I got the book in hardcover and went to pay for it.
"Kid, how old are you?" The cashier asked.
"16. I'm pretty smart for my age." I told him and he looked at me skeptically before handing me back my cash and book. I left the store and went to the food court, reading my book. The reason why I'm reading A Million Little Pieces is because I am very interested in the fact that it's a semi based true story, meaning it's not entirely true.
"Yo, MacFarlane. You hungry?" Lili asked.
"Sure. I'll have a chocolate chip croissant, alongside a mocha espresso." I told her.
"Okay." She and the rest of the class went to each restaurant. That day, I went to the Fox building and remained quiet, watching the scene being filmed. Once it was done, I went to the break room and everyone greeted me.
"Oliver, what are you doing here?" Papi asked.
"Oh, my PE teacher is in labor and class got cancelled." I told him.
"Jesus, they didn't consider getting a substitute teacher?" He scoffed.
"That's what I thought too!" I chuckled, laughing at the obvious. "Either way, it's kind of crazy since she wasn't due yet." I pointed out.
"I hope she and the baby are okay." Aunt Penny said.
"Me too." I nodded.
"I miss my nads." Papi joked and everyone laughed, but Mami.
"Seth! That's not a joke to say to your 16 year old son!" She exclaimed.
"Whoops." He looked down and then laughed like Peter does.
"So, Oliver, whatcha reading there?" Uncle Scott asked. 
"A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. It's a good book." I told him.
"I've read it before! It's my favorite book ever!" He smiled.
"I'm sure we all have at some point." Aunt Halston interjected.
"Beats me, I haven't read it." Uncle Tom said.
"What???" The others glared at him, looking in disproval.
"I've never read A Million Little Pieces." He said.
"How?" Papi raised an eyebrow.
"I just haven't." He told him.
"You're crazy, Hiddleston. I mean, how in gods name did you not find the time for this amazing masterpiece." He explained to him.
"Just stop stressing me out already!" He said and left the room with what appears to be tears.
"Seth, what is the matter with you?" Uncle Chris crossed his arms.
"I don't know what came to me. I need to go and find Tom." He said and left the room. I went to read my book in peace while the adults were talking about whatever. That night, I ate some nachos with olives, tomatoes and cheese, while Mami, Papi and Mason had theirs with cheese and ground beef.
"You know where we should go for our 20th anniversary, Seth?" Mami said to Papi.
"What's that?" He asked.
"France. We never been there in the 20 years we've known each other and I figured it's a great place to visit." She smiled.
"Oh my god, yes! I've been thinking that for years and we never gotten the chance!" He exclaimed, kissing her.
"Get a room, you two." I laughed. It was 10 pm and I fell asleep, putting my book away and taking my glasses off, turning the lamp off afterwards. Tomorrow was Friday and since I don't usually go to school that day, I've decided to go to the library and read my book there.
"Oliver, are you sleeping?" Mami asked, knocking the door.
"Yeah. Come in." I answered, getting my glasses on. She came in and told me that on the 22nd to New Year's Eve, she and Papi are going to Paris that day, while Mason is with a friend and I'll be home alone.
I've decided to invite Lucían over, given that I think I'm ready to lose my virginity to him. We've been dating for three years now and I want us to be more closer to each other.
"So, what do you say?" Mami said.
"That's fine with me." I smiled and went to sleep afterwards.
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shironeko73 · a month ago
The fact that I have to address this is annoying but what can you do with Twitter
Ok, so you all probably heard all the SBI drama (that’s BS as hell and I’m pisse-) and I’m going to talk about it. SO, disclaimer I’m not going to go too in-depth to Will, Tommy and Phil’s drama  So, with Will, Will has actually addressed and apologized for his drama (So, why the hell is people talkin’ about this? Do they have no time? Or just like to see the fandom suffer?) With Tommy, broooooooooooooo....... why? just why? I- Why? First of all, he is A MINOR AKA a CHILD, like brooooo, why?? Second of all, that’s his humor??? like bein’ “vulgar” like watch his streams and y’all understand and as a minor myself and a the gender that’s bein’ actually “hurt” by Tommy, IDAF, ok? With Philza, Philza has said the R word which we all know shouldn’t have been said, now when on earth could Phil has said it? 8 years ago, 8 f’in years AGO, bruhhhhh. At the time, the word is actually normalized and people weren’t educated. Although, I am slightly mad that he said that, it’s like 8 years ago and he hasn’t said anything like that. Don’t y’naw actions speak louder than words? like brooo just.... *sighhhhh Last, about Techno. Now he is probably the one that is getting attacked the most, which is just *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Now, Techno was cancelled before for tweeting “Was Hi*tler a lesbian?”, now I am not part of both minorities, but let me explain this to you, he is not bein’ racist or antisemitism or bein’ LGBTQ+ phobic, nah bro, he’s just bein’ a nerd , A HISTORY NERD. So, lemme explain historians theorized that Hitler is gay, so in response to that he tweeted this as a joke, like that’s it, genuinely that’s it. like he is just bein’ a nerd. (Also, Techno has in multiple times protected the lesbian community) Now, other reasons people want to cancel Techno is because they don’t get his dark humor, literally that’s it. I just wanna say for Techno fans that are new or smth Techno loves his dark humor like literally just look at his twitter bio (I predict they’re gonna use that to cancel him too because they’re sense of humor is gone and twitter doesn’t know what a joke is). Most of the reasons people  wanna cancel him is because he jokes around with the topic of h*tler.  But, I do wanna address another cancel reasons, and that’s on one of Skeppy’s videos Technoblade said something about asians and COVID, sayin’ “Think of how powerful it must be to be Asian rn. Like some guys tries to bother you and you just cough” (That’s the TLDR; of what he said, I’m just too lazy to type it) and as part of the minority, I laughed genuinely (I love dark humor) and what made it funnier is that BBH cannot get the joke and Techno tries to explain it and BBH doesn’t get it, it was very funny. Another reason, for being cancelled is the George Floyd accident and he tweeted, y’might not believe me, he tweeted “Murder is bad”. Yep, that’s why he is gettin’ cancelled (now do y’all understand why I’m pissed?). Idk why people is mad? Do they want him to say it’s good or smth, I don’t get it? Is people mad because the tweet is on jokin’ tone? That’s basically he’s personality tho????? He cannot thrive on too serious on an environment?? Like that’s why he said this on a video “if you see someone commiting murder immediately call him a boomer”, like he puts serious stuff with a more jokin’ tone, like wat??? Anyway, for people who feels addressed in some of this jokes, it’s totally fine to like feel attacked or like feels bad about it, but like you also have to understand that the CC is not actually anti (insert minority). Sometimes, I feel bad for people jokin’ around that address my minority and it’s totally fine. But , this is for fans who might like think that the thing on twitter is actually correct and the CCs are anti (insert minority) or smth/ Also, also twitter F you, we just got a Techno upload now Techno’s gonna delete more stuff and it’s all because of ya F YOU!!
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hanabliss · a month ago
final moments
Tumblr media
pairing - sukuna x gn! reader
rating - e for hinting at sex and the likes.
warnings - crack, slight domesticity, sukuna slander, allusions to sex, hints at sexual acts, angst ending, flower knowledge might be needed (sorry for being a nerd ;-;).
word count - 841
a/n - this is a birthday gift for someone who is really close to me. so happy birthday to them! i hope you have a great day and spend it with people you love and cherish <3 sorry for the angst tho
Tumblr media
This feels strange.
Lying naked in your bed with the King of Curses sleeping soundly beside you, an arm keeping you in place.
It is obviously awkward to have such bouts of intimacy from someone so ruthless and terrifying – someone who’s most coveted by curses and Jujutsu sorcerers alike.
“You’re thinking too loud. Stop it.”
The man beside you mumbles into the pillow, slowly turning around as he turns around and looks at you hard.
“I’m sorry, did I wake you?” you truly are at your wits’ end, unable to tackle such situations with him.
It almost feels domestic.
And he’s anything but.
“With that much squirming and overthinking, yes. You did in fact wake me”, he gets up so that his back is flush against the headboard. You can see the thin angry red marks you have left earlier and it embarrasses you further.
This is why you don’t do intimacy.
He looks as if he’s in deep thought when he breaks the heavy silence again with a thought considered for many beats of a moment:
“Did I not fuck you hard enough?”
You groan, taking your pillow and hitting his arm as a response. This man….
“Is sex all you can think about?” you ask him, mortifyingly curious about his response.
“Not really”, he replies in a much more sombre tone, sobering you up quickly, “I also think about the damn brat and you.”
You’re surprised to know that his thoughts are far from occupied with gratuitous amounts of violence, finding his lust for shedding blood akin to the innate need one has when one cannot resist consuming media that satiates the need for unwanted violence in the form of a cheap B-rated horror movie filled with classic jump-scares and stupid cliques.
What catches you off guard is the fact that he thinks of you. You didn’t know that Sukuna was capable of doing that.
Your train of thought is broken off when you feel his fingers trace your palm gently, his eyes focused on the lines embedded into them.
“You’re better off without me”, he says out of the blue, making your brow shoot up in what you believe is mild shock.
But what he has suggested is anything but mild.
“You’ll live a good life. A long life. Have a damn good life. Without me, preferably”.
Just as you try to stop him, he continues a bit further:
“But would it be so hard if I wanted to give you that?”
You stare at him, at a loss for words.
“Sukuna, I-“
You fall short, no matter how much you ransack your brain to finish your sentences. He stops you yet again.
“I told you to stop overthinking”, he flicks your forehead, making you jolt in slight pain.
It was annoying sometimes - getting interrupted by him. But nothing you cannot handle.
“I was thinking what to say, asshole”, you retort back, wanting to have the final word.
“With the way you said all those things earlier, one must think you’re all sappy. You’ve gone soft on me or something, huh?” you ask, admiring the multiple black markings adorning his muscular body, the black circles on his shoulders going taut due to the tension of his shoulders.
The moonlight made him easier on the eyes, as you see it touch the soft pink hair that’s been slicked back so naturally and feel your eyes drawn to his swollen lips. Feeling yourself magnetized, you lean into him with closed eyes and you kiss him softly for three exact heartbeats before you pull away.
Only for him to get greedier and greedier still, as he pulls you back and starts nipping at your neck and you cannot help the power he holds over you, only gasping helplessly as his teeth graze your weak spots, marking them up with a need so primal, so animalistic that it scares you sometimes.
Pushing you onto the bed, he hovers over your pliant body as he speaks, “Happy birthday, bunny.”
You wake up from the stupor called Sukuna at that, glancing at the digital clock to see it flicker out red blurs of number that signify that it is a little over two o’ clock in the morning.
Happy birthday, I guess.
“Yeah, uh..thanks?” it comes out more of a question than you’d have liked, to be honest.
“Guess your birthday present is due, huh?” With that being said, his fingers travel down further until he’s submerged under the very sheets that covered you.
And while you cannot complain, you certainly hope that he’d at least help you bake a cake.
Taking a long hard look at the clock again, you notice the red spider lily lying on the dresser.Where did that come from?
While you know he’s greedy, maybe Sukuna isn’t that selfish as you made him out to be.
And so you spend what you believed to be a final moment with him, preserving it in your memories just as you’d preserved the spider lily he left after saying goodbyes.
Tumblr media
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claraofthepen · a month ago
Hey love!! Congrats on 200 that’s so awesome!! You deserve each and every follower! Could i request maybe a headcanon or whatever you feel most comfortable writing about characters proposing to you? (I’m in a romantic mood rn and idk why). Congratulations again!!
Thank you so much! I loved this ask, it was super fun to write!
Proposing by Lotr and The Hobbit characters
Tumblr media
Super Romantic. Like, he’ll have the perfect setting, wonderful words, and will absolutely make you melt. He’s very confident through the whole thing, but when you say yes, he looses composure and starts crying a bit, because he’s so happy that you agreed to spend the rest of your lives together. And you bet he’ll be talking about it for weeks, and will refer to you as his ‘spouse-to-be’ right up until the wedding.
Tumblr media
He’ll propose in a very tender and honest way. Probably will include some love poem or something. He is a nerd, after all. When he gets on his knees, and is looking up at you, he’ll probably start getting teary-eyed asking for your hand. “I love you more than anyone, allow me the privilege of sharing your life.” Who could say no? When you agree, he just starts crying, with the happiest smile ever seen. He’ll probably be on a giddy high for the next week, still not completely believing you said yes.
Tumblr media
Will make sure you’re positively alone. She’ll make her proposal incredibly special and private. You know it’s coming, and it does not disappoint. The most beautiful place you’ve both seen will be the setting, probably under the stars and illuminated by the moon. She’ll be so precious with you, holding your hands throughout the entire time. It’s honestly the most beautiful and soft proposal of all time.
Tumblr media
Dramatic Bitch (affectionate). Will definitely include a shower of flower petals and/or serenade you. Maybe Merry will play the violin. Or he’ll sing kiss the girl. But seriously, he’s super sweet about the whole thing, and most definitely makes sure you’re comfortable with it all. He’ll have this goofy smile on his face the whole time, and when you say yes, the smile turns into a wide grin. “I’ll never let you down, my dear.” And he never does.
The Hobbit:
Tumblr media
Fili is very smooth, and acts super confident. He’ll have a whole date planned, and will be cool and relaxed. Until he actually has to propose. Then he’ll get all blushy and will start stumbling over his words, hardly able to keep it together as he asks for your hand. Once you say yes, he wears the biggest smile, and will braid your hair with slightly trembling hands, relieved beyond belief that you said yes. Then he’ll shower your face with kisses and lift you up, spinning you around until you’re both giggling.
Tumblr media
Dramatic Bitch (also affectionate, but in a different way from Pippin). Like. Bruh. He makes it over-the-top. Not in a bad way, but in a oh-my-mahal-i-cannot-believe-you-put-in-so-much-effort-when-you-know-i’ll-say-yes kinda way. But of course, nothing is too good for his future spouse under the mountain. He’s very calm through the whole thing, and will most definitely serenade you with the harp and his voice. Expect lots of gifts, and especially intricately crafted engagement beads.
Tumblr media
It’s a very heartfelt and intimate when he proposes. He’ll probably do it in a way that leaves you completely alone, so there’s nothing but honesty. He’s been married before, but makes it certain that you are the only one in his life that he loves this deeply. He’s very gentle and affectionate with you. Will hold you close when you say yes. Expect very tender moments to follow after.
Tumblr media
This dumbass will probably have a super detailed scene he plays out in his mind, but will end up proposing in the heat of a moment. His reasoning is that, if he loves you this much, and already has the engagement bead, why wait? It will probably play out like this: he decides he doesn’t want to wait anymore. Solution: takes you for a walk by the lake during sunset or just after it sets. Hides the bead in his sweater pocket. You get cold. Kili gives you his sweater. You shove your hands in the warm pocket and feel the bead, pulling it out. Proposal ensues. He’s probably giving you the teary puppy eyes. Adorable af. He can’t wait to tell everyone about his future spouse.
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