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#he'd totally yell i need healing all night
kittyymew · 26 days ago
Threesome- Part 1 (Levi x Reader x Eren)
Tumblr media
The content of this story might be uncomfortable for some readers.
Read at your own discretion
Levi asked you to meet him in his bedroom after dinner. You and Levi haven't had sex for almost three weeks now. He was out on a mission while your sprained ankle was healing. He specifically asked you, more like commanded you to wear his favourite pair of black lacey lingerie, with a garter belt, stockings, and all. You were so excited to see what he had in store for you as you changed into them, pulling a long coat before heading out towards his room.
You pause for a moment, nervously fixing your hair, and before knocking on his door. Levi swings open the door, smiling at you as he eyes you up and down, almost like he can see you naked even with your coat on.
"Hello..." you say blushing under his gaze. "Hello, sexy!" Levi says as he continues to stare at me.
"Are you just gonna eye-fuck me or are you gonna let me inside too?" You ask as you push past him, starting to unbutton your coat. "Urgh please let's just skip foreplay tonight, I just need you inside me so ba-..." you say turning around while you're slowly removing your coat, you stop dead in your tracks when you see Eren standing beside Levi. You scream, immediately pulling the coat back on and holding onto it tightly.
"WHAT THE FUCK? YOU COULDN'T HAVE WARNED ME?!" you yell, turning red.
"Y/N...." Levi says stepping closer to you as he pulls your hands away from your coat. You hesitate for a moment but let him. "Remember, about two months ago, you said you have fantasised about experiencing a threesome...?" Levi asks, slowly pushing the coat off your shoulder. You blush as the coat falls down your shoulders, although Levi's body covering your almost naked self from Eren's view.
You gulp looking up at Levi, your throat going dry. You glance over his shoulder to look at Eren, he was just intently staring at the both of you. "Y-yeah..." you manage to breathe out.
"So, after a lot of thinking, I thought why not? And I know you and Eren were close at one point, and he respects you enough to still be unbiased towards you no matter what happens... so I thought he'd be the best option for us to try this out..." You just stare up at Levi, not believing that that was his only reason to think of involving Eren.
"And also, if anything goes sideways, not only Captain Levi would kill me, but Mikasa would kill my already dead body too..." Eren adds and you cannot help but laugh. Levi just glares at him over his shoulder. "Don't make me kick you out right now Yeager!" Levi says. You laugh, "Yeah that's more like the actual reason..." you say giggling.
"Well, but it's totally up to you Y/N. If you want, Eren can join us this once, or I'll kick him out and then have my way with you all night long" Levi states as he holds your hands. You look between Levi and Eren, turning redder at all the thoughts of what might happen if you say yes.
"Use your words Y/N," Levi says, breaking your train of thoughts. "No pressure!" Eren chimes in from behind, smiling awkwardly.
"I-... wouldn't mind Levi...." You whisper as you look down at your feet blushing.
"I can't hear you Y/N," Levi says smirking. "Louder so even he can hear you..." Levi says as he moves sideways, Eren now being able to see you completely, a grin forming on his lips as he figures out your answer before you could even speak up.
"Y-yes... I want it..." You say a little louder, looking down at your feet, fiddling with your fingers.
Levi makes you look up at him, leaning down and whispering in your ear, "I want you to be just as freaky as you are when you are with me alone... understood?" Levi asks as he nips your earlobe teasingly. You gulp nodding. "Good girl," Levi says and motions Eren to come over.
"You're free to do whatever you want with Y/N tonight, but you're still going to listen to me if I give any sort of order. After that, if you even look at her with wrong intentions, I'm gonna kill you." Levi threatens him, Eren just nods and steps closer to you, "You look... uh- pretty Y/N" he says, grabbing the back of your neck and pulling you in for a kiss. You're taken by surprise but kiss him back, Eren's other hand caressing your back and your butt.
"Tch" you hear Levi say as he moves behind you, "She looks sexy and you know it" Levi continues as he presses himself against your back and starts kissing your neck. You let out an involuntary moan, your hands pressing up against Eren's chest. You can feel how ripped he is underneath his shirt. You moan into the kiss and start unbuttoning his shirt hastily removing it.
You can feel both Levi's and Eren's hard-ons press against your lower back and your stomach, and without breaking the kiss you reach down grabbing both of their bulges and plaming it through their pants. Both of them grunt and you feel Levi grab your hips tightly.
Eren starts to sloppily kiss his way down your jaw to your neck and chest. Levi sees him move down to your chest and he reaches up sliding your bra straps off your shoulder. Eren reaches up grabbing your boobs over the fabric and gives them a firm squeeze before pulling your bra down to expose your chest. He doesn't even hesitate and quickly leans in taking your right boob in his mouth, sucking on your nipple. You moan, your hands reach up to grab Eren's hair.
"Tch, brat" Levi says as he grabs one of your hands and brings it back placing your palm on his hard-on again. Eren keeps switching from your right boob to your left, giving both of them equal attention as you moan. You rub your thighs together, getting more and more impatient, you tug on Eren's hair letting out a small whine.
Eren just smirks and gives your nipples one last lick before he trails his kisses down your stomach. He kneels down in front of you, admiring how pretty you look in those panties. He leans down placing a light kiss on your pussy over the thin layer of the fabric. "Already so wet..." Eren says as he pushes your panties to the side and runs a finger up and down your pussy. He lifts one of your legs over his shoulder, leaning in and licking your clit while pushing a finger inside your pussy. Eren's other hand comes up to rest on your ass as he pulls you closer. You lean back on Levi, moaning and Levi wraps his arm around your waist holding you steady.
Levi's other hand comes up to your chin, making you turn your head to the side, kissing you. You moan against Levi's mouth as Eren starts to eat you out and finger you at the same time. Your hands reach up tugging on Eren's hair, pulling his face closer to your pussy. You pull away from Levi's kiss, out of breath, and moan out Levi's name.
Even though you were occupied with Eren's face between your legs, you can guarantee that Levi is gloating at the fact that you moaned his name instead of Eren's. Eren seemed to take offence at that and he pushes in a second finger, starting to finger you more vigorously.
Levi notices the change in your composure and moans. "Tch..." he says as he steps back with his arm still around your waist, pulling you away from Eren's mouth. "Not yet" Levi states and you whine in response. You see Eren, not even a hint of disappointment on his face as he stands up, complying with Levi. "That's not fair!" you say pouting and Levi just raises an eyebrow at you, and you stop whining immediately.
"On your knees brat" Levi commands and you quickly get down on your knees, looking up at him. Eren steps up beside you and Levi removes his shirt. "Do I need to tell you what to do, brat?" Levi says looking down at you caressing your cheek. "N-no!" you say as you reach up and start unbuttoning Levi's pants. "Good girl," Levi says running his fingers through your hair. Eren watches you and starts unbuttoning his own pants when Levi looks up at him and says, "Stop. She'll do it". Eren just nods in response.
You ignore the blush forming on your cheek and quickly undo Levi's pants pulling them down his legs, his cock right in front of your face and you cannot help reach up stroking his length. You stroke him for a few moments before turning to Eren and starting to undo his pants pulling it down, Eren's length right in front of your face. Both of them quickly discard their pants, and both Levi and Eren were almost the same sizes. You reach up grabbing both of their cocks in your hands as you start stroking him.
Eren lets out a grunt and you lean up taking his tip in your mouth sucking on it while continuing to stroke Levi's length. Eren grabs your hair and pushing your head down his shaft, forcing you to take almost all his length in your mouth. You let him and start sucking him harder.
"Did you forget about me?" Levi says with a hint of scoff. Even though Levi agreed to a threesome it was apparent that he is trying his best to not let jealously overtake him and kick Eren out. You pull away from Eren's length, his length covered in your saliva and you replace your mouth with your hand on his shaft.
"Patience..." you say giggling as you look up at Levi. "I'm not known for my patience..." Levi says and pushes your mouth down his length before you could say anything else. He starts mouth fucking you. You switch between sucking off Eren and Levi and you can feel Levi shift uncomfortably every time Eren moaned your name.
You can feel both of them getting worked up and you start sucking them harder and stroking them faster. When you're sucking off Levi, he grabs your hair and pulls you up to your feet.
"How would you like to fuck this little brat?" Levi asks turning to face Eren. "I- is this a trick question Captain?" Eren asks as he looks over at you, eyeing you up and down. You can only imagine what kind of things are going on inside Eren's head after that question.
"Does it look like I'm in a mood for trick questions? Do you or do you not want to fuck Y/N?" Levi says annoyed. "Tch don't be so mean captain!" You say as you lean in and kiss Levi's neck. Levi sucks in a breath, nothing beats neck kisses for Levi. "Brat" Levi says.
"Uh- I'd like Y/N to ride me, captain," Eren says gulping.
"Very well, you heard him Y/N. Do as he says" Levi says stepping back.
"You better moan my name this time Y/N," Eren says as he steps in closer to you, whispering in your ear. You blush, nodding as Eren gets on the bed, stroking his length.
Welp, it's going to be a long night.
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mggswhorificlover · 6 months ago
holding hands
never stop loving me part 2 :)
summary - after reader and spencer make it home safe and almost sound, spencer decides to show her just how much he loves her touch.
tw - smut, penetrative sex, unprotected sex (yea, ik i do this a lot), teasing?, fingering, oral (female receiving), soft dom!spencer, fluff
wc - 2,671
a/n - you could totally read this as a stand alone piece, just know that spencer is kinda in the doghouse rn bc he said mean things to reader abt her being all touchy and annoying (even tho she isn’t). happy reading 😌
Tumblr media
spencer had said he was going to make it up to you.
did he know how yet? not really. would he figure out how? absolutely.
you had been rather distant after you had solved the case and on the plane ride back home. you still sat beside him, but you didn't make any move to touch him or lay your head on him as you normally would. maybe it was because you just didn't feel like it, but spencer knew better than to think that.
"do you want to order takeout tonight?" you turned towards him to ask the question.
"yea, of course we can," he agreed, his arm reaching around your body to pull you closer to him. he felt you stiffen under his touch. "are you alright?" it was his turn to look at you, you nodded up at him.
"i'm alright," you clarified, giving him a tight-lipped smile that wasn't very convincing. eventually, you settled into his arm, leaning your head on his shoulder and succumbing to the sleep you needed.
when you woke up, it was to spencer swatting away morgan's hand while shushing him.
"morgan, she needs her rest in order to heal properly!" he whisper-yelled while trying to move morgan's hand away but failing. "don't touch her, only i can!" he clarified, morgan threw his hands up in defense as he turned to sit back down.
"y'know you get more protective than i thought you would be," morgan shrugged with a chuckle.
"what's that mean?" spencer argued defensively.
"it means that princess there is well taken care of. you just don't seem like the possessive type of guy," he reiterated as he pulled out his headphones.
"i'm not being possessive," he defended himself. "i'm being a good boyfriend by not letting you wake her up just so you can ask her a ridiculous question," spencer looked down at you in your peaceful sleeping position.
you hadn't slept well in the hospital. spencer knew this because each time he went to sleep you were awake, and you would be awake when he woke back up. the night before you were in the hospital he heard you cry yourself to sleep and you woke up before him. so, in his mind, you needed as much rest as possible if you wanted to heal properly.
that, and he wanted to feel you cuddled against him as you slept for the first time in a week.
"i think it's more than that, genius," the bald man scoffed.
"what do you think it is?" spencer sassed.
"well, i think it has something to do with the fact that you and pretty girl there," he nodded towards you, "were in a fight and you missed her."
spencer sighed, "is it that obvious?" he used his free hand to move a piece of hair from your face, his hand lingering there for a second longer.
"look, kid, i may or may not have heard what happened thanks to a little someone. you should let her know how much she means to you, alright? she's probably feeling like you're doubting your relationship because of her, so make sure she knows that she's it for you," he advised his curly-headed friend.
"she's not 'it' for me, derek," spencer sighed once more. "she's my everything."
you stirred in your 'sleep' to alert them of your presence, slowly sitting up in an attempt to not hurt yourself.
"hey, princess," spencer whispered, moving that same annoying strand of hair from your face and tucked it behind your ear.
"mmm... hi," you stretched your arms over spencer so you wouldn't hit him. "how long until we land?"
"about half an hour," he informed you, whispering as the other team members slept. "if you'd like to go back to sleep i'll wake you up before we land."
"i'm alright, thank you," you smiled.
you could be mad at him while being a nice person. you just didn't know if you were ready to get over what he had said to you.
you had gone straight home after landing, permittable by hotch who saw how tired the two of you were.
both of you were laying together on the couch, you slightly on top of spencer because of your still bruised rib that slightly hurt, he angled his head down and started kissing your neck softly. your breathing got heavier, your breaths being few and far between as your hands reached back to grasp spencer's curls.
"spence?" you asked, more like whispered. he continued his actions, the only thing that signified he actually heard you being a small hum against your skin. "i-i... can we...?" you trailed off, not sure how to ask for what you wanted.
"can we what, princess?" he asked his hands reaching around to the front of your body, lightly ghosting over your bare legs.
"you know what, spencer," you huffed in annoyance as you rolled your eyes. he squeezed your thigh firm enough to know he had done it, but gentle enough to know it wouldn't leave any marks that were too bad.
"and you know better than to roll your eyes at me," he whispered in your ear, nipping gently at your lobe. "now... tell me exactly what you want."
"i want whatever you'll give me," you turned your face towards him, giving him your best puppy dog eyes before adding, "please?" you pursed your bottom lip into a pouty position.
that was apparently the magic word because as soon as they had left your mouth, you could have sworn you heard spencer growl in your ear before continuing to kiss and nip at your neck, leaving his marks all over your body. you felt his erection twitch in his pants as you whimpered from the touch of his lips on you which spurred you to grind your ass against his hips. he grabbed your hips to still their movement before sitting up with you, slowly as to make sure he didn't hurt your ribs.
"can you walk to the room by yourself?" he asked in his normal, sweet, non-dominating spencer voice, to which you nodded your head yes as you began to walk where he had asked.
you knelt by the door naked in wait for him, hoping he'd give you something to take your mind off of your injury. when he walked in, he could've sworn he felt his heart grow with even more love for you, something he thought was already impossible.
"princess, why're you on the floor?" he questioned, kneeling down to get eye level with you.
"why isn't your dick in my mouth?" you countered, a smirk growing on your face.
"i was gonna be nice tonight since you're not well so i wouldn't push it, doll," he gave you a stern look that told you to watch it. "i still have some making up to do, i believe?" your smile returned even brighter than before as he helped you back to your feet and into the bed.
once you were comfortable, he was practically worshipping your body with each kiss and hum against your body.
"i can't imagine never touching you again, y/n," he made his way down to your chest, his lips wrapping around your nipple. he gently tugged on it with his teeth before releasing it and doing the same to the other one.
"these tits," he sucked a hickey onto one of them before moving to the other.
"this stomach," he kissed all over your torso, being extremely careful of your bruises as your hands around through his locks once more.
"love the way it feels when i lay on it," he made his way down to your thighs, loving the way you squirmed underneath his touch. he hovered right over the place you wanted most and gently bit down on your thigh, your hips bucking upward subtly from the shock.
"god, these thighs," he huffed as he squeezed them once more. "love the feeling of them wrapping around my head when i'm between them."
"then how about you get between them, then?" you sighed sarcastically, your neediness getting the better of you
"so very impatient," he mocked before pressing one final kiss to your inner thigh. "but what the princess wants, the princess gets. for now, at least."
he licked a thick stripe up your slit, tantalizingly slow just to hear the whimpers that left your lips from the feeling. your hands flew to his hair, gripping it tight as he continued to lap at your pussy.
"so good, sir," you moaned out. "please don't stop. don't stop!" you cried as his lips wrapped around your clit. "uh- right there! yes!" you shouted as your thighs strained to remain still. "yes! oh fuck, yes!" you yelled as the high hit you like a train, his hands grasped your hips so they would stay in place, working you through that euphoria. "oh, thank you, thank you so much..." you trailed off, running your hands through his hair once more as he began making his way up your body, peppering kisses all around you.
"mmm, you did so good for me, y/n," he praised before connecting your lips to his in a passionate kiss. you whimpered into his mouth greedily. "someone's eager, yea princess?" he chuckled. you nodded your head as you bit your lip. "what do you want? i need you to tell me," he whispered, his hands trailing down your body once more and connecting with your sensitive center.
"pl-please," you whined, your hips bucking into his hand. "you, i want you," you informed him as if he hadn't already known.
"you have me now," he chuckled.
"no, no. i want you inside me," you pouted, your hands pulling the hair at the nape of his neck for punctuation.
"you want me inside you?" he asked as he pushed his fingers inside you, your mouth widening to form an 'o' from the surprise. "there, i'm inside you," he teased once more as he began thrusting his fingers in and out. you held onto his arm, a way to ground yourself so you could stil talk without sounding like a baby.
"your- i want your... shit... your dick. i want your dick inside me, please," you practically begged as his fingers began curling inside of you in that perfect spot.
"ohh, is that what you meant?" he asked like a smart ass, you couldn't find it in you to be a brat about it, so you just nodded your head as he worked you through your second orgasm of the night.
"yes! ohhh, fuck, yes," your hips rutted up against his hand from the pleasure. "please, please," you asked once more. "can you please just fuck me now? i want your cock..."
"aww, of course, princess," he said with a bright smile.
he got up from the bed only to remove himself of his remaining clothes before adjusting himself, lining his dick up with your center. he ran his dick through your already wet folds before slowly pushing himself inside of you, knowing you'd still need to adjust to his length.
"so beautiful, y/n," he grasped your hands, interlacing your fingers with his as he began to push himself inside you once more.
it might've been the feeling of being in submission for him, but you felt overcome with emotions. the intimacy of the moment you were sharing was more than just the sex you normally had. it was beautiful. the way he looked at you with awe each time he thrust himself back inside of you. the way you held onto his hands tightly in order to tell yourself that it was real... that he was real.
"god, i love you," he groaned as he kissed you fervently, his pace still set relatively slower than usual. "so much, y/n."
"i love- i love you," you moaned, removing your hands from his only so you could wrap your arms around his shoulders, pulling his body closer to yours. "spence, spence i'm so close," you whined in his ear, which only egged him on.
"i've got you, y/n," he pulled back to look at you as you came on his dick. "let go. let go for me," he moved a piece of hair from your face once more as your mouth flew open in pure bliss. your nails dug into his back as your pussy clenched around him, bringing upon his own orgasm, spurts of his releasing covering your walls. "fuck, y/n," he groaned, burying his neck into your shoulder before you pulled it out, wanting to observe him in such a vulnerable state.
"i love you," you whispered, only him able to hear it.
"i love you," he whispered back, pressing your foreheads together as he caught his breath.
when he managed to pull out, he found a new pair of underwear and pulled them on before going to grab you a fresh pair of his clothes to wear to sleep - you liked that they smelled like him, it helped you sleep better.
"where're you goin'?" you whined from the bed, trying to sit up abruptly but only finding a shooting pain going through your abdomen.
"shhh," he whispered, rushing to the side of the bed to guide you back to laying down. his hands found your shoulders and right before he was going to release them, you grabbed his hands.
"are you leaving me again?" you asked pitifully, tears welling in your eyes.
"no, sweetheart," he furrowed his brows. "i'm never going to leave you," he pressed a kiss to your forehead.
"i know... i know i can be annoying like you said and i'm working on it," you looked down at your hands, which were now in your lap. "just please be patient?"
"you don't need to work on anything," he wiped the tears from your cheeks. "i never should have said those things to you, whether or not i was upset. i'm so sorry i made you doubt yourself," you found yourself wiping his own tears away. "now let's get you into the bathroom, okay?" you nodded as he helped you get up, guiding you to the bathroom to relieve yourself.
while you were doing your business, he went and got you that change of clothes you needed and brought them to you once you were done. he used a damp, warm washcloth to clean up between your legs and made sure to wash your face for you. he helped you get changed, letting you use him as a balancing bar, and then directed you back to the bed. he rest his head on his pillow, looking over and seeing you still on your side of the bed, not curling up into him as you usually do.
"y/n," he whispered. "i know you're probably still mad at me, which is totally fine because just because we had sex doesn't mean i'm done making it up to you. but... it's kind of harder to sleep without you cuddling with me than i thought. so if you're alright with it can we just..." he trailed off.
"spence?" you asked with a giggle.
"i'm not supposed to sleep on my stomach or side," you held back a laugh, knowing it would hurt. "i mean, i'm glad we're on the same page about you still making it up to me, but it's kinda doctor's orders that i don't sleep like that."
"oh..." he bit his lip, trying to keep himself from feeling too embarrassed. "right. can we hold hands while we sleep then?" he asked, acting as if he had found a loophole.
"now who's touchy?" you joked, hurting your stomach from the laughter but finding that it was worth it.
"ha-ha," he mocked. "very funny, y/n," he groaned.
"yes, darling," you joked once more. "of course we can hold hands while we sleep."
and you did.
and for the first night in a week, you slept peacefully.
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taikoturtle · 3 years ago
I think Zack would be genji or Hanzo like you said, genji because he's the naruto character of the game and he can't annoy everyone else by saying "mada mada" and "I need healing". I agree with the Billy ideas, I feel like he'd originally wanna be Reaper so him and Jason could match but he wasn't comfy with the whole idea of reaper and his past so he goes as Lućio or Orisa OR EFI OMG. If tommy was included and I love the idea of he/she being Native American then they'd be Pharah
omg you’re right, Zack would TOTALLY be genji. I picture him in the young Genji skin running around yelling “I need healing!”  It almost makes me want to rethink to have Kimberly be a battle mercy just so she can tell him to shut up. And yeah, Billy would be Efi just for the inventor/techy portion, but I still like the idea of him being maybe a bastion or something because of the peaceful nature. 
You know, I still don’t know what I would headcanon Tommy as. Part of me wants Tommy to be a girl, but like, the child in me still pictures the original Tommy with the ponytail and cheesy necklaces and I still think of a tall dude? I kind of head canon Tommy to be from Spain with hazel/green eyes to complement the fact that they’re the green ranger, but Native American Tommy is chill too!
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stroni-bomb · 2 years ago
Siren!Taeil: Eye of the Beholder {1}
Tumblr media
❃ Taeil didn’t know which was worse: being a male in a family of purely female sirens or being a rare phenomenon in a group of ‘normals’. He never had it easy growing up and going against everything which makes a siren didn’t make it any easier. He would always be thankful for that fateful day when Angel!Taeyong saved him. However when a certain individual puts all of N City on their toes as they’re a risk to another citizen’s life, why can’t Taeil feel nothing except sympathy towards her instead of the hatred the other’s hold? ❃
"Taeil," Taeyong gently shook the older brother and gave him a warm smile as his tired eyelids fluttered open. "You can go to bed now. Y/N's asleep, I've got everything under control."
He quickly checked on your sleeping figure in the infirmary bed. He didn't know how long he was out but he was certain that you were awake the last time he saw you. Slowly he stood up, giving a small thanks to Taeyong before leaving the infirmary room. He wouldn't go to bed, he didn't need to, all he did need was some fresh air and thinking time.
Quietly, avoiding waking up any of the other residents, he made his way through the dimly lit corridors until finding the back door. Sliding it open carefully he tiptoed out, allowing the cool midnight breeze to blow on his face. It was a quick walk to the lake. Well it was more of a stream really.
As he reached the water's edge he finally sat down with the grass underneath him, occasionally the wind would move the grass in such a way that it'd dance in between his fingers, lightly tickling him. He had an urge to shift into his siren form but decided against it, knowing the younger boys they're probably spying on him right now from their bedroom windows.
He brought his head down to the grass and lay there, silently. The grass moulded underneath him, leaving his temporary mark into the land. He could hear the lake gently lapping against the bed, running further and further upstream. There was probably a river somewhere nearby, acting out as a branch into the wide and vast ocean.
Ocean. That word alone reminded him of...home. Could he really call it a home though?
It always surprised him how he even managed to survive. No one had realised he was different until he was six, when sirens get their human form. His once loving family turned on him just like that. Why? He was a young boy, not a girl.
He had loved where he lived. The small, grassy cove reached out onto the beach. The grass had a different feel to the one that grew at N City, it was more...rough. Pretty much summed up his whole childhood. At first it'd start with the girls his age, pushing and shoving. As soon as Taeil retaliated though that's when the older sirens began to torture him.
They left scars but they were easy to hide with clothes, he couldn't say the same for his siren form. That's why he refuses unless necessary, he doesn't need his friends to see him like that.
"Taeil hyung!" A young voice yelled out, his feet flattening the grass beneath each stride. This was someone who didn't care if he woke others. Donghyuck. "What are you doing out here?"
Taeil quickly wiped a stray tear and lifted himself up from the ground. Donghyuck bounded into him, wrapping his arms around his elder brother. He awkwardly returned the affection, he himself wasn't much of a skinship person.
"It's cold out here," Hyuck shivered as he pulled away. Taeil noticed he was barefoot and only wearing shorts with a thin, white shirt.
There was a moment of silence between the two. A chilling breeze blew passed them both, pinching their revealed skin. Hyuck quickly brought his hands to his upper arms and rubbed in a sad attempt to warm himself up.
"You didn't need to come out," Taeil eventually smiled and brought an arm around Hyuck's shoulders. "I was just getting some air before going to bed but let's get inside now. You're right, it's freezing."
Maneuvering back into the mansion Hyuck looked up in awe at Taeil. He didn't say anything, he knew Taeil wouldn't talk about this stuff with him but he had so much hurt in his eyes, so much pain, yet kept it inside and kept being his jokey self. Much like himself. He admired Taeil for that.
After walking Hyuck back up to his room which he shared with Jaemin and Renjun Taeil finally collapsed into his bed. He had to resist the urge not to run back to your infirmary room and go to bed in the chair again, just so he could be there for her when she woke up. Maybe he was being too attentive though so he decided against it, he didn't want to give others the wrong idea.
Settling down under his duvet and forcing his past memories out of his mind Taeil was finally able to sleep. Before he was completely gone a small smile sketched onto his features as a quick image of you fluttered through his mind. You were sleeping, safe and sound in the infirmary two floors below him, a smile which mirrored his own blessing your delicate features.
"TAEIL GET UP WE NEED YOU!" A series of knocks hammered at his door as various voices yelled his name. As of yet he was in no real hurry to get up, usually when this happened -and it tended to happen a lot in a house with the devil himself in it- there ended up being no real threat but instead a cream pie waiting to smack him in the face.
Now he was up. If his fate did end up being a cream pie then he can bet that whoever the pranker was would soon become the prankee.
Dashing into your infirmary room with a sense of urgency he immediately went to your side. You were out cold, pale and seemingly unresponsive.
Taeil's eyes scanned the faces which accompanied him in the room: Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun and ... Mingcheng. Quickly doing a body scan of the latter he released a sigh of relief- she was carrying no weapons and she didn't seem triumphant. Always a good sign.
"Taeyong what happened? How did her vitals drop so drastically you told me she was doing fine!" Taeil questioned, he knew he should have never left your side, screw the attentive nonsense he would've been there for you when you needed him most.
"Her heart and breathing rate dropped after another... episode. We've put her on oxygen but we aren't medics Taeil, this type of healing is beyond my powers. I heal bones. Not curses," Taeyong said sternly, not appreciating Taeil's seemingly ungrateful tone.
He took note of the oxygen mask and evaluated your chest movements, not quite how he'd like it but assumed it was an improvement.
Suddenly a pang of realisation hit him, how he had forgotten the most important piece of information he didn't know. "Episode? Is Nev okay, what happened?"
"About time grandpa. She's fine, shaken up but fine. Your little friend here tried to kill her she's lucky she-"
"She tried to kill her Taeyong? But I thought she was bed ridden," it was more of a observation than a question, although he failed to observe the very obvious glares which Mingcheng was shooting through him.
"Did he just interrupt me?" She hissed to her mate, Jaehyun, evidently pissed off.
"He's on edge babe-" "He'll be on the edge of my foo-"
"Jaehyun. Mingcheng. Please go check on Nev and Leon, shoot I should really check on Leon...Taeil, could you give me a second? Come on you two," Taeil just nodded, not watching the three of them leave and not giving Doyoung much of his attention either. His full focus was on you, this wasn't the secure figure he pictured last night, no this was the exact opposite.
There was a gentle silence which occasionally was interrupted by the sound of the heart monitor. Every time a sharp 'beep' pierced through the air Taeil would look up and check your heart rate, noting down if there was an improvement or not every time mainly for his own sanity. He was so absorbed in...You, that he forgot about Doyoung who was sat on the chair opposite the bed, checking out his older brother's behaviour and gentleness regarding you.
"Why do you like her so much?" He suddenly questioned, cocking on eyebrow in a way which Taeil couldn't stand, as if Doyoung had just figured out his entire life story by watching him for five minutes.
"I have no clue what you're on about," Taeil dismissed by shaking his head. "Who's Leon?"
"Just some Lion girl who's been stabbed or shot can't remember the exact details, brought some half wolf dude with her or something too. Now answer my question." Doyoung leaned back in his chair now, his long legs outstretched across the floor.
"You should really pay attention to the people Taeyong saves. Maybe then people will like you?" Taeil sniped back, mimicking his younger brother's actions as he leant back in his chair. Debating whether to stretch out his legs too he decided against it, he was much smaller than Doyoung and didn't need to prove it.
"What's the point? They looked like a total mad show anyway. I don't waste my breath on obviously crazy people."
"Yet you ended up living with sixteen of them, now more if you count the mates. You should loosen up, you're stressed," Taeil smiled as Doyoung chuckled to himself. He had got him there, the residents at N CITY were far from sane.
"I should say the same for you hyung, you should let us in and not push us away when we ask you stuff," now Doyoung had evened out the score. Taeil couldn't think of a reply and the sharp 'beep' of your machine left him unable to think straight anyway as he quickly noted down the results.
"I'm gonna check on Lion Girl and Wolf Boy, call us if anything happens okay?"
Taeil just nodded in response, "see you wizard boy," he smirked as the door clicked behind Doyoung as he left him by himself with you by his side.
He liked the thought of that, you standing by his side, just the thought of you standing without needing support made him happy.
He wanted you to be happy but this was just the sympathy talking... right?
That's chapter one guys 🤪 hoped you enjoyed and give my boy Taeil some love 💝 -Stroni-
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