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#he's also a precious boy
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[Image ID: Damian Wayne in his Robin costume, yelling something. He stands in front of a doorway for scale he looks like he's 3ft tall or shorter. End ID]
Nightwing (2016) #15
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bowsertheprick · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Been having a wonderful hyperfixation on The Expanse (books and the show) lately and I would like to offer you this emotional support himbo.
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nevertheless-moving · 7 months ago
Lost Luke Part Two
Continued from here
Star Wars Time Travel AU #19
“Master Owen, may I present two most important visitors?“ C3PO said self-importantly (C3PO! His Mom kept him! His Mom finished Threepio!).
“I'm Anakin Skywalker.”
Anakin was practically vibrating with frustrated uncertainty. He could sense his mother inside- weak, but not so much as his visions had led him to fear. And something else... a powerful but diffuse presence of light somewhere nearby. The man in front of him didn’t feel like a threat but he could practically hear his mother’s screams...
“Oh. Oh! It’s good to meet you. I’m Owen Lars. This is my girlfriend, Beru.”
“Hello.” Beru smiled welcomingly at them both.
“I’m Padme.” This...wasn’t quite what she had expecting. Anakin had been so tense, but the couple in front of them seemed honestly glad to see them, and at the moment Anakin seemed to be more confused than angry or scared.
“Well... I guess I'm your stepbrother. We thought you might show up someday. Luke was convinced you would show up soon but the more time passed, the less sure-”
"My mother is here. I’d like to see her.” Anakin said, mostly managing to make it sound like a request, and not a threat. 
Owen nodded. “Of course, come inside. She’s still taking it easy after her ordeal.”
“What ordeal?” Anakin demanded. But before Owen could answer, they had reached the resting alcove and a woman was raising herself from the sofa, eyes lighting up.
“Mom.” Anakin choked out. “You’re- you’re really here. I thought- Are you ok?”
“Oh Ani. I knew I would see you again.” Shmi whispered, eyes brimming with tears.
In their rush to embrace each other, Anakin almost missed a young man slip away from the room, but something caught his eye; he tracked the blonde head as it disappeared around a corner.
“Now that your here, I’m more than ok.” She tried to pull him to take a seat but he stood rigidly, face growing hard.
“So I have a step brother now, huh?” he asked tightly, a million questions passing silently between them.
“Lars is a good man, and a good husband.” She said, cutting to the heart of the matter. He freed me because he loved me, but he did so without any expectations or promises from me. I moved in with him because I cared about him, and because I wanted to. I married him because I loved him. It would mean a lot to me if you would give him a chance. You have... more family here than you were expecting, but they are all your family, not just mine.”
Anakin nodded, swallowing something hard that had caught in his throat. 
He pulled back to nod at Padme, who had been quietly waiting in the corner. “You remember the...Queen’s handmaiden, of course.”
“Padme!” Shmi cried, delighted. How wonderful to see you again. Oh, you look even more radiant than I remember. They embraced, and Padme smiled, blinking back tears. 
“’s so good to see you again. I’ve never forgotten your kindness. I’m sorry, I should have returned earlier-”
“Nevermind that right now, I didn’t let you into my home because I expected something in return. And I’m sure you’ve been busy the last few years-"
She shepherded them both into a seat, and retrieved a pitcher of water to share. “I admit, I assumed when Anakin left to join the Jedi he would be forbidden from maintaining contact with anyone outside the order...” She threw Anakin a questioning look, and he blushed in reply.
“Padme’s a senator. As a Jedi, as I was assigned to protect her against- some recent threats.”
“I consider Obi-Wan and Anakin to be friends of mine. The Jedi might be forbidden attachment, but the people of Naboo owe both of them a great debt of gratitude.” She laid a hand a hand on Anakin’s arm and smiled.
“Obi-Wan?” Shmi asked, stiffening.
Anakin and Padme exchanged a startled glance. “Oh right you wouldn’t have met him...” Anakin trailed off, looking confused by the idea that his Mother didn’t know Obi-Wan. “He’s my Ma- my teacher. And my friend. He’s looked out for me ever since Qui-Gon passed.”
“Qui-Gon died!” Shmi cried, alarmed. “How? When?”
Anakin shuffled awkwardly. “Um...two days after we left Tatooine. I’ve been with Obi-Wan ever since.”
Shmi looked distraught and Anakin rushed to reassure her, “Obi-Wan’s great, I promise! He’s done a great job of taking care of me! He was Qui-Gon’s apprentice, you never met him because he was guarding the ship when they landed on Tatooine.”
“I- I see. So he’s someone you trust, then.”
“With my life. He’s- the Jedi aren’t supposed to admit to attachments, but he’s, well, he’s my family, just as much as your are,” He said, leaning forward earnestly. 
“I’m sure he feels the same way about you,” Shmi agreed faintly.
“Well, I wouldn’t go that far.” Anakin responded with a wry grin.
She shot him a knowing look. “I would.” Before Anakin could reply, she moved the conversation smoothly forward. 
“Love- I’m so glad to see you, but I must ask, what brings you to Tatooine now? Was it simply hiding the lady or...or did you see something that drew you here.”
Anakin bowed his head. “I saw you- crying out for help. You were in pain, in danger and- it kept getting worse. But now that I’m here” He hesitated, shrinking in on himself, ashamed, “I feel like- the danger’s passed. Owen mentioned you had an ordeal. Did- did someone else already rescue you?”
“Oh Ani- I’m so sorry you had to see that. I’m perfectly fine, now.”
“But you weren’t fine before- and I wasn’t here” he responded, upset.
“I was captured by Tusken raiders.” Shmi said bluntly, and Anakin let out a horrified moan. “Anakin Skywalker, listen to me, this is going to sound strange, but in a way you did rescue me. It’s- I can’t fully explain it- but- I wouldn’t have survived if not for you.”
“What do you mean?” Anakin asked desperately.
She sighed, then called out. “Luke? Luke can you come in please?”
The blonde teen from earlier stumbled in to the room. “Sorry! I wasn’t eavesdropping! I mean- I could barely hear what you were saying anyway.”
Luke glanced around, torn between staring at the three seated at the table. Anakin couldn’t tear his eyes away. He was practically shining with light. Anakin didn’t know why but, for all that the boy before him couldn’t be much younger than Anakin himself, he felt like the force was telling him to protect the person standing before him
“Hello,” Luke said, shyly ducking his head. “It’s...very nice to meet you.”
“It’s nice to meet you, too” Anakin said, smiling. “Are you...also my step-brother?” he guessed.
Luke rubbed a hand on the back of his neck nervously. “No- I’m not...I’m not your brother, exactly, though if its easier to think of me that way, I totally understand.”
“Luke rescued me from the Tuskens,” Shmi said with a fond smile.
“You rescued me,” he corrected. “You came up with the escape plan! If it been just been me at that tent- well, I definitely wouldn’t have made it on my own.”
“We rescued each other,” Shmi agreed, making it sound like an old argument.
Anakin rose from the table, bowing deeply. “Then I owe you a debt of gratitude I can never repay.”
“Oh! You don’t- you really don’t have to do that! Please. If anything its the other way around! But anyway, we’re family, there’s no debts with family.”
Anakin grinned. “I would be honored to consider you my family.”
Luke flushed. “That’s- that’s really nice to hear. But you don’t even know me yet.”
“I know enough.” Anakin declared. “I could sense it in the force before I even saw you, but I didn’t recognize it right away. We are family, I know it.”
“Oh” Luke said, looking starry eyed.
Shmi laughed. “Come on, Luke, both of you sit down before you pass out. I told you he’d be crazy about you. You’re a Skywalker, it’s obvious to anyone with eyes.”
“Maybe I should give you some privacy...” Padme said, inclining her head diplomatically. “I can see this is a family affair...” 
“No, Padme stay. You came all this way with me- I’m glad to share something good with you.”
“Padme smiled tentatively and they all squeezed together around the low table.
“A Skywalker!” Anakin said, sounding amazed. “You mean- you said I wasn’t your brother but...”
Luke shifted in his seat anxiously. “Ok, this is going to sound hard to crazy-”
“I believe you” Anakin interrupted. Luke’s joy was leaking out into the force, lighting up the road to an almost visible extent. Between that and the revelation that his mother was safe, Anakin felt practically giddy. 
Luke grinned and a flash of relief leaked off of him into the force. He took a deep breath before blurting out- “I’m a time traveler!”
Padme froze and Anakin’s jaw dropped. “You’re- how?”
“I have no idea! I didn’t even realize at first, I was so confused why Owen and Beru looked young, I thought I was suffering from Sand Madness at first! But- it’s the only thing that makes sense” The explanation came tumbling out of Luke’s mouth. “I still kind-of think I’m sand mad sometimes, but I’ve been here for weeks now and...I um, know stuff that proved it to everyone. I’m from about 23 years in the future, I think. The calender’s kind-of changed...”
He trailed off, looking hopefully at Anakin.
“You are- not my brother” Anakin said, thinking out loud. “I- I am your Father” he gasped.
Padme startled, “That’s impossible.”
 It sounded insane, but when Anakin searched his feelings he knew it to be true.
“That’s what you meant when you said that I did rescue you!” he said, excitedly turning to his Mother. “My son time traveled to save you!”
“I-I really don’t know how it happened” Luke stammered out. “I didn’t do it on-purpose, exactly.”
“It was the will of the force!” Anakin declared, actually meaning it.
“I was so worried you wouldn’t believe me!” Luke confessed. “But I- I really wanted to meet you.”
“Meet me?” Anakin asked, heart sinking. “I didn’t raise you?”
Luke looked down. “You died- when I was little. I don’t know all the details, but I’ll tell you what I do know.” He raised his head, looking fiercely determined. “We can stop it- I’m sure of it. I already helped save my Grandma, and I didn’t even know what was going on then!”
“You- you did, didn’t you?” Anakin said, choked up with pride. “I- Can I hug you? Son?”
They leaped up from their seats to embrace each other. Every Skywalkers’ eye grew damp while Padme watched dumbfounded at the extremely unlikely turn of events.
Time Travel. Well, if anyone could pull it off, it would be Anakin’s son.
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capsiclesteebrogers · 7 months ago
everyone in westview: loosing their minds and sanity
peter maximoff: ✨shining through the city with a little funk and soul✨
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botanicallyinclinednerd · 7 months ago
I think the reason I like Percival so much despite him having very little canon back story and not a lot of lines is him being this giant intimidating muscely man that can and will snap a bitch in half like a twig, but he's also incredibly soft and gentle and caring to those he wishes to protect. The second I saw him carrying three small children at once to safety so they wouldn't be scared or in further danger from the Dorocha, I was sold. I just really love physically intimidating characters that are actually cuddly teddy bears, and that's what Percival is.
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wjoudss · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Save them....
Listen we should all agree that Lefty is Sans Undertale just fnaf edition :)
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antidotefortheawkward · 4 months ago
can we talk about how sweet princess iron fan and demon bull king are on/with each other but specifically that one scene from the season one finale when shes like "you came back to me" aND PRESSES HER FOREHEAD TO HIS BECAUSE I THINK ABOUT THAT A LOT... THAT COMBINED WITH YOUR ONE POST ABOUT HOW RED SON IS JUST ALLOWED TO CALL THEM MOM AND POP/HOW PRINCESS IRON FAN ADDRESSES DEMON BULL KING DIFFERENTLY AROUND RED SON HAS ME REALLY EMOTIONAL, I LOVE THIS FAMILY
Also okay I haven't watched many of the English dub eps so idk how she usually addresses him there but!! A detail I didn't include in the 夫君/老爸 post is how Iron Fan is also very very prone to addressing Bull Demon as 亲爱的,which translates as "beloved" 🥺
Tumblr media
Also another detail- Red Boy does call Bull Demon 父亲 [father (formal/esteemed)] on occasion, but it's literally only when he's talking about Bull Demon to other people and not ever as a form of address to Bull Demon. He defaults to "pop" because he's close with his dad, but he's also super proud of his dad and wants the people around him to treat Bull Demon with due respect 🥺
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themoonandhersun · 8 months ago
one of my personal headcanons for zuko and animals just straight up love zuko and just go up to him randomly all the time.
zuko is going to the market in ba sing se? yes, kids and animals alike go up to him, and follow him around
zuko is just trying to do his job in the teashop? animals wait for him outside (yes, they do try to go inside the teashop but zuko has to get them out) and kids always go up to him and talk to him
when he joins the gaang, appa and momo like him, yes, that’s a given—but what he doesn’t expect is birds and frogs and other wild animals to just.....follow him around and lick him and cling to him???
and when he’s crowned firelord? oh boy, oooh boy—
turtleducks are always on him, always. it would be more surprising to see no turtleducks on zuko, actually!!! (yes, even in important meetings, turtleducks are on zuko. more specifically: on his head, shoulders, lap, arms, torso, etc. turtleducks just love zuko, and who can blame them?)
anytime he goes out as the blue spirit (when being firelord feels like too much) kids always seem to spot him somehow, and go to him and it’s never easy being stealthy when kids follow you around? (they always ask him a bunch of questions, too!!! the questions include, but are not limited to: ‘sir, why are you wearing that mask? can i try it on? sir? why are you being all sneaky? are you committing a crime? are you really a spirit? sir??? sir????? sir why are you not talking??? can you talk? can you answer my questions??’)
#zutara#omg wait#imagine the scene in ba sing se going so differently bc kids and animals love zuko#like katara goes to the teashop and sees zuko right#but instead of just seeing zuko as a waiter she sees zuko taking time to talk to some kids who are following him around#and when she sees zuko being a big ol softie to lil kids she’s like ‘okay....maybe he’s not that bad’ but she still wants to investigate#so she goes in the teashop to Investigate Zuko The Teashop Server Who Is Apparently Nice To Kids™️#and then she asks the customers around her about zuko#and zuko has a reputation/is known for how kids and animals love him and follow him around#and it’s another reason why so many of the locals in ba sing se like him even tho he tends to be grumpy#a customer: ‘yeah lee has a mean demeanor and can seem to be intimidating but when you see the guy be really sweet and caring to the kids#and animals the intimidating aura he once has just goes away. he’s popular among the ladies too—is that why you’re asking about him?’#and katara has to LIE and be like ‘yes actually. i saw him with the kids and the animals outside and i just...wanted to know more about him’#(but also yes she does find him Super Cute in his earth kingdom clothes. but she would never admit that)#and the customer she’s talking to is like: ‘yeah that’s not surprising. half of the customers are here for lee and the other half are here#for the tea. i mean i can’t blame them lee is a handsome guy. he’s too young for me though!’ and shrugs at katara#& katara doesn’t know zuko’s age so she asks ‘oh how old is lee then?’ (she wants to scream that his real name is zuko but she can’t do it)#the customer: ‘oh he’s 16’#katara (who is into older boys with floppy hair who swordfight with two swords): ‘oh really??? you don’t say??’#and then....when our precious lee spots katara?....#it’s basically the biggest ‘Oh Shit’ moment ever#okay i’m gonna stop now#😭😭#!!!!! <3#i love: them#they: are soulmates#they are in love your honor#i really love that zuko being a softie for lil kids is canon 🥺 he’s the best boy i love him sm i truly do
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