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#he's just so funny i love him so much

My friend, knowing that I have not seen past S1 of The Originals but that I have read the wiki for most of it: Hey so you know how Elijah loses his memory and like goes off to live a new life?

Me: …Yeah, vaguely, why?

Him: I always wondered–I mean–why do you think they didn’t give him a fake name or something?

Me, out loud: Well, if they did that then they’d have to go through the whole process of proving he’s not some kind of Doppelganger, right? Haha, so silly, my dude

Me, internally: My best friend in the whole world, how can you possibly not realize that there is literally no name they could have picked??? He literally will always be Elijah no matter what, my dude, sorry.

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