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#head empty
nerviovago · 2 days ago
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Head not empty, head filled with the same song on repeat over and over for like a week
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theluckiestlb · a month ago
Ladybug: Well, what was your childhood dream?
Chat Noir:
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prof-peach · a month ago
You could draw a Pokémon that’s incapable of wearing a top hat wearing a top hat :)
this is all i could think of.
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nerviovago · 5 months ago
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bastardbvby · 2 months ago
tommy: you’re just constantly playing a game of scrabble in your head
george: …scrabble :)
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dammynet15 · 2 months ago
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Caption this...
Seriously, I could stare at this for several minutes straight... wait... I just did... XD
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hughdancykin · 2 months ago
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are we about to kiss rn 😳🥴
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stimmingandstruggling · 4 months ago
if you put vw!ranboo in a room with a lever labeled “END OF THE WORLD DO NOT PULL AT ALL COSTS” he would pull it without a second of hesitation and i love that for him
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