emp-echoes · 17 hours ago
Malon: Fairy boy. Polish my horse's saddle. I want to see my face shining in it by morning.
Time: *Quietly, watching her* As you wish. *As the days goes by on the Ranch, Time is outside, chopping wood. Malon drops two large buckets near him.*
Malon: Fairy Boy. Fill these with water -- *She pauses as Time gazes into her eyes.* --please.
Time: As you wish. *As Malon leaves; his eyes stay on her. She stops, turns -- Time manages to look away as now her eyes stay on him.*
Tumblr media
That day, Malon was amazed to discover that when Time was saying, "As you wish," what he meant was, "I love you."
Artist Credit
Tumblr media
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pate-de-rolo · a day ago
just saw someone theorize that FCG is a flat-earther because they were alive pre-calamity on one of the floating cities, therefore earth was flat for him.
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shigerussato · a day ago
Tumblr media
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panpridebutialsowannadie · 2 days ago
I like to think that Eddie gives his uncle a mug for every birthday/fathers day/ holiday and that’s why Wayne Munson has all those fuckin mugs.
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a-todd-illustration · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Zuko and his little sisters
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bnhastanning · 5 months ago
Headcannon that you and everyone else will probably think Aizawa always plays the bad cop in the crime fighting duo but then you meet Mic and then it's really over for you
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we-stan-byler · 3 days ago
my stranger things headcannons: Steve = bisexual, eddie = gay, El = pansexual (and demi girl), Max = bisexual, mike = extremely repressed gay, Nancy = bisexual, will = [tender, emotional music playing]
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mayawastaken · 5 months ago
*Y/n Jeff and Slenderman standing in front of the mansion that's on fire*
Y/n: in my defense I was left unsupervised.
Slenderman: I left you with Jeff?
Jeff: In my defense I was also left unsupervised.
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voidsteffy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Imagine when Dolores first got her gift. A child who can hear EVERYTHING. Poor thing would have been confused and scared out of her mind. Her room was big and beautiful and people were singing and dancing but Dolores would have been on the verge of tears and no one would have really understood because "it's your gift mi vida, it's a power not a hindrance"
And imagine Tio Bruno picking up little Dolores, and covering her ears with his slender big ones. He would slowly sneak her out of the room, presenting to her the empty casita. He would calm her down and wipe her tears.
"My head hurts Tio" she'd have cried
Bruno would have wiped her tears and slowly offered her to tie something over her ears.
"I know Dolores."
"Does your head hurt too?"
She had asked that question and though she could hear tens of people's screaming in her ears, the little girl had been interested in only one's answer.
Bruno would have hesitated. But slowly, he'd have nodded. "Sometimes, bearing power means bearing its pain. The gift wouldn't have chosen you if it didn't believe in you. And it's okay to feel hurt sometimes. Kinda reminds us we're human too."
And from that day, Dolores thinks back to her Tio's whispered words everytime she got a headache from hearing all of her world.
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imgoingcrazyrn · 8 days ago
Eddie Munson Headcanons ‧₊˚✩彡
Eddie headcanons that fuel my unhealthy obsession with him <3
Switch! Eddie x Switch! Fem! Reader
Warnings: drug abuse, BDSM, sub/dom, bruising, handcuffs and rope play, edging and overstimming. No mentions of ‘Y/N’ !THIS IS NOT A PROPER EXAMPLE OF REAL SEX, DON’T BASE EXPECTATIONS ABOUT SEX ON ANYTHING MENTIONED HERE! (Sorry for killing the mood lmao).
·:*¨༺ ★ ༻¨*:·.
Eddie secretly loves musicals. He tries to act like a cool, dark, weed-fuelled badass but in reality he sings ‘it’s a hard-knock life’ as loud as possible in the shower.
He always passes you little notes in class from a simple ‘ I love you ;)’ to ‘I really need to shit right now’. Depends on how he’s feeling.
Friday movie-nights are always his favourite. Right after school you two zoom over to family video and pick out your favourite movies to cuddle to later.
Wearing his jewelry drives him crazy. Something about Seeing you in his chains and big rings makes him bright red and shakey.
Before you two formally met, he was seriously crushing on you. He was so obvious and somehow you were completely oblivious to it. You started picking up on it when you heard mike say. ”hey Eddie, check it out it’s your future wife.” Followed by Dustin’s giggles and a bright red Eddie trying to avoid your stare, spoilers, he couldn’t.
On your first date you wore this adorable lace top with a denim jacket over it, to this day whenever Eddie sees you in that outfit combo he becomes a melting, stuttering, mumbling mess.
The first time you two got high together, you laid in the grass fields of Hawkins, staring up at the stars together, just listening to each other’s weird mumbles and bursting out laughing every few minutes, all stupid and high and shit.
Eddie loves when you play with his hair. It gives him this sort of comfort, like feeling the gentle tug of his curly locks gives him a sense of belonging, a form of soft, genuine affection he hasn’t felt in a very long time. :( this one hurt to write ngl
Baking with Eddie always ends in a mess. Wether it’s flour all over eachother, him forgetting to set a timer and burning whatever monsterous concoction he shoved in the oven or the egg yolks you have to wash out of his hair, it’s never a smooth process, i guess thats what makes it so fun.
He has a hard time with physical affection because he never really got any growing up, but whenever he’s with you, something comes out of him and he becomes the clingiest, most cuddly little dude ever.
He’s always getting you little gifts, like weirdly shaped rocks he found, little trinkets that reminded him of you, weed, his favorite shirts etc..
He loves the way you smell, not in a weird fetish way but whenever he bear hugs you he just takes a big ol’ SNIFF.
He’s always been to most outgoing, loud weirdo in Hawkins, but whenever talking to you he goes quiet and soft-spoken, always being gentle and kind with you.
All in all, he’s just a big old softie disguised behind his flamboyance and gorgeous hair <3.
·:*¨༺ ★ ༻¨*:·.
Besides the actual sex part, eddie loves aftercare. Cleaning you up, getting you comfy and having a nice, long talk before cuddling up and falling asleep in each other’s (semi naked) arms.
Although hes not the most sexually experienced, he’s definitely an experimentalist. Always trying to find ways to spice it up, wether it be handcuffs or ropes, ice play, gags and toys or just the filthiest sex in his van, there’s always something.
As much as he hates to admit it, he’s usually a sub. He loves getting edged, overstimulated and dominated by you. He watches you with these big brown doe eyes while you completely ruin him.
The 2% time when Eddie is a dom, he goes absolutely feral. Hand cuffing and edging you, praising you, fucking you until your a mushy mess, wiping your tears and runny eyeliner from your cheeks, you name it.
After those nights, you often wake up with bruises or accidental scratches. It destroys him knowing that he hurt you, especially because all he wanted was to make you feel good. You have to constantly reassure him that it’s fine and that he doesn’t have to feel bad.
He loves giving head. Gripping your thighs, feeling his ice cold rings on your warm skin, swirling his tongue around your clit while looking up at you, watching you shift under his touch. Every time, he devours you like it’s his last meal, he can’t help but find you delicious.
He’s definitely a rope bunny. He loves being restrained and toyed with, putting himself in the ultimate position of vulnerability, watching himself getting touched while on display for you. He also loves tying you up, watching you squirm under him. He watches you with a devilish stare, you arch your back every time he hits your spot, your hands tugging at the cuffs wanting him so badly. He melts just thinking about it.
A/N: leave suggestions and tips! I love you!
·:*¨༺ ★ ༻¨*:·.
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ay4kshalatus · 27 days ago
spoilers from the interlude chapter: act II of the perilous trail!!
part two - edited
Tumblr media
"don't blame me, love makes me crazy" but xiao version!!
you're an adeptus and morax entrusted you to conquer the evil that lies on the chasm and guard it. the darkness of the chasm was not for you all to ignore.
you sometimes roam around liyue when trouble is not present at the moment.
then when the qixings decided to involve themselves in the chasm for business, you welcome them in silent and protect them to a distance.
once morax stepped down of his throne, you join the fun of your fellow adeptus to travel. of course you still guard the chasm from time to time.
then in the present where yanfei, yelan and the others fall on the predicament without your notice but then fate seem to have it's own plan. you crossed paths with the conqueror of demons and then you noticed the familiar aura on the male that wasn't involved with his karmic dept.
so you followed him.
and he lead you to the depths.
however when you arrived in the chasm's bed, no one's there. you're quite late though but you can sense their presence. especially xiao's.
dear archon, you have a job to do.
and it wasn't that easy as you thought.
you decided to follow xiao first so you'll regroup with others later and get them out but the darkness are playing tricks with you too.
you're one of a seasoned adeptus and you're experienced with the illusions of the chasm. but the space is so desperate on separating you from xiao.
so you decided to go for the group.
after tries of getting contact with them, you finally made it when they're on the middle of solving a puzzle.
you help them and while assembling the mechanics, you can't help but to worry xiao's well being. the chaos was hard to bare for anyone especially to you too even you know how to cut through the illusions.
what you didn't expect was there's some sort of a telegram that you all able to talk to xiao.
but you know that's your cue to move.
before the fissure disappeared, you quickly entered and expected to meet him there but you were landed on the different area.
you didn't know that danger awaits for your arrival.
"a lot's happened here. But this wasn't just for our own safety. you're injured, we can't just leave you alone." yanfei stated. "yeah. y/n seriously went to find you and help them to get us all out." then the traveler added. xiao widen his eyes in fright.
"y/n's here too? and it's just a flesh wound. i am fine. i shouldn't let myself burden you and i have to find them before--" the traveler held his arm to stop him.
"y/n went to the spacial rift when we're communicating with you first. i guess they landed somewhere. and you're not a burden. don't think that for one second. we need you. for y/n and our sake, please stay here." the lawyer pleaded.
oh no. how tables turned. you're now in trouble as xiao made back safe to the group.
xiao knows you're competent of handling the situations in the chasm. and you're an adeptus! still, there's a constant of anxious pit on his stomach.
normally he doesn't mind with other adeptus managing the problem but he hesitate to let you burden your duties. was it because that the dangers on chasm are unavoidable? or maybe he is worried on other way around.
oh how many years you spent with him, imprinting a lot of memories. you leave a big mark to his heart with morax and the traveler. he have a desire to protect you from afar.
then there's another spacial rift, surprising them again with your figure was shown.
"i won't... let you kill them.." you huffed heavily. you sound like you're fighting with someone.
"seeing you in pain like this is amusing. even you're an experienced adeptus, you won't get out to this void. plus aren't you tired jumping around to find your little yaksha?" there's a familiar voice added. xiao isn't happy to know you fighting him alone.
"you're assigned the responsibility of the chasm by morax himself and yet you failed.." then the rift suddenly disappeared. equipping his mask, xiao was about to follow but once again stopped him.
"xiao wait! if you wander off again, they might lure you to a trap once more. we'll get them don't worry. just get some rest first." yanfei and yelan convinced him again.
"y/n will be able to get out from there. have faith on them." and the traveler joined.
xiao could only look at the direction where your form was showed on the rift earlier. you don't like him do anything recklessly here anyway so right now, he'll do whatever other wish. you better make it out alive.
Tumblr media
how is your pulls on the current banners? congrats getting one of them or two!! but if you're one of the unfortunates, don't give up and farm for more primos! manifesting for you guys~
and don't be afraid correcting my mistakes!!
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henry-and-the-seven-lords · 6 months ago
I am not a genshin writer! yet...
But here are some
Things That I Think the Genshin Boys Do that Give Me Butterflies
Fluffy content ahead!
Genshin Masterlist
🍷Diluc -
Him brushing your hand to give you your drink!! And then acting like it was nothing while he is internally trying to plan how to do it again to feel your skin against his own.
Diluc saving you from an enemy as the dark knight and you hug him and thank him and he blushes and holds on for just a second too long...
Diluc offering you free drinks because he loves to know what you think about the new wines and mix drinks (he also loves the little blush that sits on your face when you're drunk)
"Try this one. I made it according to the specifications you mentioned last week."
👹 Xiao -
Xiao puffing out his chest, crossing his arm, turning his head, blush on his cheeks. When you insist to be with him, but he doesn't make you leave...
"You can stay if you wish."
You bringing him almond tofu everyday just to see his eyes light up (and they aren't lighting up because of the tofu *wink wonk*)
Him watching over you as you sleep to make sure you are safe. He also likes to gaze at your somber sleeping face, hoping one day he could lie next to you during cold Liyue nights.
🫕 Thoma -
Him insisting to help you with every chore, because it is the right thing to do. (He really just wants to be able to talk to you alone and walk next to you)
"No. No. It's fine! I am more than strong enough to carry everything back to the tea house. Besides I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself on the way back."
Eating hotpot and laughing at Thoma's misfortune, but he starts to blush and laugh with you because your laugh is so contagious and perfect.
You falling asleep on him while waiting for your meal and he doesn't want to wake you because he knows you need the rest and you look adorable. (He burned your food btw)
🐶 Gorou -
You walk into a meeting, his tail starts wagging. He tries to stop with a serious frown, but it won't as a blush creeps up his cheeks and kokomi giggles.
One of his ears following your sounds to make sure your okay and that you are always in running hearing distance.
Ok, but you brushing his tail and his ears, and he is so happy that he starts wagging his tail and it flies out of your hand and starts tickling your face causing you to laugh and him to be worried.
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! I won't do it again. I promise."
🌬 Venti -
Him writing songs about you and all your amazing features in such stunning detail that it makes others swoon at the thought of you.
Him picking you up on the wind so you can join him in sitting in the windrise tree.
"I can't let my windflower stay on the ground while I am having fun in the air. Did you enjoy the ride, though?"
Him practicing his songs and stories in front of you to perfect them and whenever you give him a compliment he stops before kissing you and continuing.
🖌 Albedo -
Him telling you to sit down to help him with an experiment and it ends up as him painting you for hours as you both talk about nothing and everything.
Gently braiding his hair away from his face as he finishes experiments. Only to have him notice hours later when he goes to push a strand away and nothing is there. (He was in the zone)
"Where did my hair go...? When did this happen? Did you have something to do with this?"
Taking lunch up the mountain so you two can have a picnic at the top and cuddle to stay warm.
I don't really like the emojis I picked, so if you have an recommendations to change them to, let me know!
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frostbittenbucky · 11 months ago
Bruce sleeps like a rock when he’s at home
Everywhere else he’s on high alert
He’s tried and tried to be more vigilant when sleeping at home but he can’t get himself to do so
Batman: [asleep in a chair]
JLA member: [breathes]
Batman: [eyes snap open and stands up]
Bruce: [passed out on the couch, snoring like a lawn mower]
Loud crash
His kids stampeding by him
A literal gunshot
Bruce: [sits up, groggy] “what was that?
Alfred: “nothing, master Bruce”
Bruce: “ok” [falls back down]
More chaos
Fire alarm goes off
Titus barking
Damian: [is thrown onto Bruce]
Bruce: “oof” [finally gets up]
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xstarrydawnx · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Did a gay alignment chart with some encanto characters ft my headcannons for them.
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ye-local-simp · 2 months ago
Just a scenario in my head. Sorry if it it is bad though 😅.
[Hard-working S/O catches a bad fever]
[Fyodor, Sigma, Chuuya, Dazai]
Tumblr media
-This was when you were working on a project. -
- For some reason he found out before you even realised it yourself.
-"Y/N, I think you will get a fever soon. Do you want to stop now?" He says as you he lowers the book he was reading.
-You would brush it off by saying that you weren't going to be ill or at least have a strong fever.
-However 5 minutes later, his suspicion was proved correct as you started to groan due the symptoms being strong and an aching head.
-Fyodor already knew what to expect and sighed as he helped you to the room where he gave you the medicine and a hot water bottle. " I told you."
-He then sat on the other side of the bed and continued reading as his hand was massaging your head gently until you fell asleep.
Tumblr media
-Usually, you would help around the casino by doing customer service related-work or clean up after shifts.
- However, today was the day where you had a slight cold but you go to work anyway thinking it wouldn't get worse.
-Sigma didn't realise the small sniffles and coughs due to him doing his own work and only realised you were ill till later when it was more visible.
-(Like slouching over, flushed face, pale skin and tired eyes.)
-Once he was finished greeting one of the customers, he walked over to you and put his hand onto your head.
-"Y/N? Are you feeling alright, I think you may have a fever."
-Before you can insist you can keep working, he drags you to your shared room and tucks you into bed.
-Sigma made sure you took your medicine and would bring you soup from time to time and would check up on you as he was working. "Y/N, how are you feeling now?" Is the question he would ask every time he sees you.
-When it was time for him to sleep after a long day of work, he had his legs tangled in yours so that way he would have some physical contact with getting poorly too.
Tumblr media
-You woke up and groaned at the pain you were feeling.
-Chuuya saw that you looked a bit unwell and decided to take the day off to look after you even though you tried to convince him that you would be fine. "No Y/N, I need to take care of you and nothing is going to change that.
-Chuuya then proceeded to go to buy some medicine and soup for you while you rested at home.
-When he came back he was at your side 24/7, he caressed you while you slept and chatted with you when you couldn't sleep.
Tumblr media
-You also worked at the agency and sometimes you would have a lot of workload and dazai would try to persuade you to go to the park instead. "Let's go to the coffee shop now " or "Let's go somewhere else."
- However you always told him it should be after the work was done so you wouldn't have to deal with an angry Kunikida.
-However you were at the agency and felt yourself increasingly becoming unwell and Dazai thought that was a good enough excuse to leave. Surprisingly, he is quieter and more caring when it comes to you feeling ill or when it comes to you needing his protection.
-Dazai carried you home as you kept refusing to leave your work for others to deal with.
-"What am I going to do with you, belladonna? I am sure that the people at the agency will understand since they also have sick days"
-You eventually stop arguing due to the lack of energy and collapsed into a deep sleep whilst Dazai was carrying you home. He tucked you into bed as he was preparing you some medicine.
-"Dazai , I'm dying here"
"You mean, you are finally going to double suicide with me?"
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wellensittich01 · 2 months ago
Siren!Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson cannot sing. Ask Annabeth, Grover, the seven or a member of the Apollo cabin for a more professional opinion. He’s loud, brash, certainly enthusiastic, but will have most campers covering their ears and laughing along with his completely toneless attempt at the art.
And that’s what he needs them to think.
Being the child of prophecy left Percy ridiculously overpowered, to the point people fear him and that’s important. Percy doesn’t want this. Not only is he an inherently friendly guy, he’s already on thin ice with a good majority of the gods and finding out he’s got powers they don’t know about is one step away from immediate death or forced immortality, neither a viable option. He hunches and lowers his voice, purposely throws fights and rarely even considers going all out on the use of his powers. He tones down tales of his accomplishments, never drawing attention, always blending in.
He doesn’t sing.
The first time he did it he was a child. A kid who shouldn’t be showing any demigod traits for at least another half decade. He just wanted his juicebox. And his mother gave it to him. But her eyes were clouded over with a milky blue colour and her arm swayed where she stood, holding the juice out for him to take. He was humming and he didn’t know why but she was scaring him and he stopped and so did she. Percy didn’t understand it. Sally did, and it was the first secret he ever learnt to keep.
The thing with being a siren, is it’s not how it’s shown on tv. Sure it sounds nice to those who hear it, but in the same way a poisonous insect might show itself in pretty pink. It’s dangerous, more so than charmspeak, because while Percy keeps singing he has full, unbreakable control over anyone in hearing range and it’s terrifying. He understands just why it’s so dangerous years later, when he’s first described as a weapon. If someone can control him, control his power…he’s not being boastful when he says they could control anyone, he’s being honest, and he’s sure there’s gods that would try.
He comes clean to his father after the wars, the first person he’s ever actually told, because he’s terrified. Sure it’s easy enough to pretend to sing badly every now and then, but the gods are always watching and there’s been times he’s been forced to use it or die. A kid at camp saw him once. He had to manipulate him into forgetting. It haunts him the way he just smiled and nodded and walked away, agreeing complete with Percy’s will. Surprisingly, Poseidon understands the exact threat of having this power almost immediately, all too aware of the power hungry nature of his family, what that could mean for Percy, but there’s little he can do other than offer his protection if found out. There’s no way to remove a siren voice this strong, no way to prevent it.
So Percy Jackson cannot sing. Ask Annabeth, Grover, the seven or a member of the Apollo cabin for a more professional opinion. He is loud and brash and certainly enthusiastic, but you’ll never hear his true voice, or at least won’t remember you did.
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unknownunidentified101 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦 : suggestive content. Not proof red
𝗖𝗛𝗔𝗥𝗔𝗖𝗧𝗘𝗥𝗦 : Childe. Aether. Diluc. Thoma. Zhongli. Xiao. Kazuha.
𝗜𝗡𝗙𝗢 : couple headcannons
Tumblr media
Childe is known for the inability to use chopsticks ( and you happen to know how to use chopsticks ) and you offer to help me. The idiot man actually pays attention also while teasing you and smiling like an idiot while you guide him
He would then flex his new fond skills to his friends ( Zhongli )
“ oh my god Zhongli, aren’t they great? Look! I know how to use chopsticks” Childe smiled and waved his sticks to the man
Zhongli chuckled “ yes it appears”
“ god what would I do without them? Oh look! It’s them, say hello to my beautiful and amazing girlfriend” Childe waved at you, showing everyone his prize
He would always talk about his family to you and tell you to visit his homeland which to you always excitingly agree and perhaps in the future you two also start a family of your own.
When his not working he rather go shopping and gets anything that has the smallest of relation to you and mostly would buy himself shirts and later would pester you to wear it
And so so so clingy
“ come onnn babe~ I literally went miles to get you this to wear!” Childe clinged on to you
“ Childe it’s oversized and it’s for you, you said it yourself !” You complained
“ that’s the thing babeee! I went to buy this for you to wear! Come onn for me? Please?” Childe pleaded with what seemed to be puppy eyes
You sighed and took the shirt and wore it
“ oh my god thank you! You look so pretty and beautiful my dear” Childe said as he rubbed his face against yours
Also the slightest hint of sickness would make him cancel work to be with you <3 he would be extra clingy and whiny
“ [y/n] I’m sick and since your my caretaker and girlfriend I want you to take care of your helpless boyfriend” Childe whined to you once again
You sighed and looked at him “ Childe you don’t look sick” you pouted and felt his temperature
Before you can feel it Childe softly grabbed your wrist and placed it on his cheek
“ trust me I can really feel it” he lied.
Very competitive for everything. Literally.
“ I wanna cook today” you argued with the harbinger once again
“ ah ah ah! Not if I get it first!” Childe put his fingers to your lips as he cheekily smiled
“ but you did it yesterday” you said feeling extremely guilty
“ heh fine! first one there gets to cook” Childe said quickly and started to sprint to the kitchen out of nowhere, leaving you to chase him down in a never ending chase
Pick up lines? Always flirty ✔️ pet names ✔️
“ okay let me tie your shoelaces honey” Childe bent down to tie them after you tried to convince him out of it
After he tied it he looked up at you and smirked
“ oh hey beautiful” he smiled
Your cheeks instantly flushed at his remark
“ sorry babe I got lost in your eyes again-”
“ oh shut up”
“ aww why :( “
At most times he likes to prove to you how strong he is but it always turns quite the opposite way
“ an horror attraction? Pfffttt, trust me love I would fend off the scary stuff” Childe said all confident like to which you could on giggle
[ it turned out you were the one that was protecting him, at every jumpscare he was scatter behind you all scared while you stood there unfazed, you had to later comfort him and tell him it’s okay to be scared sometimes. His actions to you were rather cute ]
Always coming home with an Injury, it doesn’t matter what his doing he loves to come home to have you nag him and fix his wounds, he finds it adorable
“ injured again?” You sighed while being worried
“ yeah, I still won tho!” Childe flexed as you examined him
“ okay where’s the injury?” You asked
“ injury? here” Childe pointed at a tiny bruise on his leg
You death stared him
“ seriously? I’m leaving”
“ aww come on I’m kidding babe- wait where are going?”
Having to lose his sister to the abyss was not a good thing, it took a mental troll on him so whenever he returns from a adventure he would always go to the spot where you would meet him and if you weren’t there he would be so worried and ask the whole of teyat for you and when he finds you, his relieved and ready for you to embrace him in your arms
“ [y/n]..?” Aether searched desperately around
“ I’m right here” you came back
Aether looked at you, his eyes glossy. He smiled as he ran to you to embrace you in his loving and needy hug <3
Would always bring something back from each region to you that always reminds him of you
“ Aether your back wheres paimon?” you questioned confused to why Aether was alone
“ oh she went to get food, we’ll met later but here I got this from my adventure” Aether smiled as he handed you a flower banquet
Your eyes sparkled in happiness
“ wow…Aether thank you” you smiled as you invited him in a hug
Even if it’s a little task, Aether is always willing to help you like packing the fallen books, his love language is always acts of services
“ really its no big deal Aether” you said as Aether carried the boxes
“ oh it’s no problem dear” Aether smiled as he set the last box down
You pouted, “ what would I do without you” you said as you hugged him from behind
Aether smiled to himself and turned around when your arms released and kissed you
After that you two both realised something
“ oh my god Paimon!” You said as you two giggled and ran back to her
Quality time. Aether knows what it’s like to lose someone so with the time he has he would always use his precious time with you
“ the stars look so nice” you smiled as Aethers head sat on your lap
“ it does…” Aether sighed having to finally rest even if it was short lasted
“ I wish we could stay like this forever” you pouted to which Aether giggled
“ do you want to head back?” He asked after a moment of silence
“ never.” You simply replied
“ the moon just looks so beautiful isn’t it?” You looked down at Aether to which he smiled
“ it’s always been”
Also as a bonus I feel as if Aether would gossip to you about what happens and paimon would occasionally expose Aether
“ she really did that?” You said as Aether nodded
“ wow I can’t believe she could predict her dreams” you said stunned
Paimon nods “ yeah and you know that reminds me of someone” she gestured
Aether turns to her and tries to gesture her to stop talking but she doesn’t
“ oh that’s it! You know [y/n], Aether has dreams of you and always talks about it everydayy “ Paimon said smirking at Aether
Aether hides his face as you blush and tease him
It was very embarrassing for him and he would never hear the end of it
He knows you are a capable fighter and would let you help him with commissions he usually does alone and when he gets hurt you would always camp somewhere nearby and patch him up which is always a peaceful moment
“ hurry it’s raining!” You two went in a cave
You were giggling as you two made it safely in the cave and lit a fire
Aether sits on a rock as you patch him up
No words were exchanged but it meant so much
Also a great cook so every time you meet he would have some sort of food ready for just the two of you and Paimon of course
“ thank you for cooking me this” you smiled at Aether
“ oh no problem love!” Aether smiled
“ hey! Say why do I get less food!” Paimon comes out of nowhere
You both giggle
“ you know Paimon your a lot smaller soo…”
“ so what?!?”
you two first met at the tavern and since then he was enchanted by you, he would always wait for you to go to the tavern and when you do he would get so happy as you would always keep him company and his brother Kaeya caught on and let’s just say he wouldn’t stop teasing him about it
“ say [y/n] did you know when you first came here Diluc wouldn’t stop ranting about you?” Kaeya teased to you
You blushed and looked at Diluc
“ knock it off Kaeya” Diluc said as he wiped the glass cup, having blush evident on his face
When Diluc is not in the tavern I could imagine he would be in his office doing paperwork, now you would always arrive there with food or a book to accompany him and it would mostly end with you on his lap as he writes, both you and him enjoying one’s company
“ thank you for coming [y/n]” Diluc rested his head on your shoulder
“ no problem at all Diluc” you smiled
“ thank you for keeping me company” he whispered once more before dropping his pen and wrapping his hands around your waist
The two of you sat there and enjoyed the moment
Diluc being the dark night hero would always come late at night and when he does he adjusts to you as you patch him up, the feeling of your skin with his is enough to make him have butterflies
“ there really is no need-“ Diluc tried to protest
“ Diluc I have too” you said firmly
Diluc looked at you and smiled inside as you focus on his slight wounds
“ thank you love”
On rare occasions you would celebrate you would drink while Diluc watched over you, he is very protective and if he sees one finger on you, you won’t be seeing anyone any time soon
you were almost black out drunk
you were on the verge of passing out when someone approached you while Diluc was serving someone else
The person was checking you out and blathering disgusting comments and when he reached out for you he felt his head bash on the table
You were stunned by the sudden loud sound and by the time you realised Diluc had pushed the person out and went to you
“ are you okay [y/n]?!?” Diluc said as he observed you, ignoring everyone
You looked at him and too tired you rested your head on his shoulder
“ come on, let’s go home I’ll get someone to cover my shift”
Diluc is not a man of words but action, he always does the little things for you whether it be to make you breakfast or tuck you in when you fall asleep on him, it’s the little things that make him so precious
You had sat on Dilucs lap and appear to have fallen asleep and upon noticing this Diluc chuckled and carried you to the bed
he put you in your shared bed and smiled as he tucked you in and kissed your forehead and before he could leave, you unknowingly grabbed his wrist and pulled him in the bed
Diluc was flustered at first but seeing your innocent face he mumbled
“ very well, 5 more minutes”
Before accidentally falling asleep with you
One of the little things he always do is take care of your hair, for whatever reason Diluc feels attracted to it so in the morning he was always take your hair, tying and washing it and you would always do the same for him
“ [y/n] can you stay still?” Diluc complained
You smiled and swayed
“ aww why not? I’m just playing” you chuckled as Dilucs fingers drove through your hair 
You melted in his touch, he was gentle and ever so soft
“ done” Diluc said as he brushed your hair
“ what? already?”
In the morning or any time of day, Diluc would bring [tea/coffee/water] for you
Looking through the books you sighed as you drowned in work
That was until your boyfriend come knocking in the room with a cup of your choice of beverage
“ busy darling? Here” Diluc placed a cup on your desk
You smiled as you stood up and hazily walked to Diluc with your arms open and sinking into his arms as he hugged back tightly
After dinner I can always imagine Diluc playing old songs and offering to dance with you.
As the tavern closes Diluc sighs from work as you observe and smile
Diluc looks at you as you play the gramophone and you give out your hand
He could only chuckle and admire your ideas and hold your hand as you two sway in the tavern with the old tunes accompanying you
Thoma is always busy with chores around the estate and when you come visit him you would always scare him with a hug from the back, although it would always scare him he was always grateful as that action was found adorable
“ surprise Thoma!” You shouted as you hugged him from behind
Thoma flinched and turned around
“ oh [y/n]!” He smiled as he hugged you tightly after dropping the broom stick
“ hahaha still got you” you went on as Thoma smiled, getting lost in your features
No matter how many times he sees you he would always fall in love again
Due to his work he would always want to do all the house work but you have to stop him from doing it, it was only right of course
“ come on honey, its on me” Thoma smiled
“ but you always do it” you whined as you tried to clean and take the cloth off Thomas hands
Being a carer Thoma puts the cloth above his head so you couldn’t reach it but to his dismay you jump and it both knocked you two over
You both fell and giggled as you landed on top of Thoma
“ okay how about we both do it?” Thoma laughed
Thoma usually is very good at hiding his emotions considering everything that is aimed at him and when you come to his aid he will tell you everything
“ Thoma are you okay? You seem down” you pouted as you looked at your boyfriend
“ yeah…just a tough day at work” Thoma awkwardly made out while rubbing his sore neck
“ are you sure?” You said knowing him all too well
“ okay maybe it was just some bad comments” Thoma gave in
“ you wanna talk about it” you said as you instantly gave the man a warm hug
“ maybe I would”
Although his busy most of the time he always has time for cuddles
“ welcome back!” You greeted your boyfriend as he happily gave you a big hug
“ how are you” he overjoyed
“ I’m good, I prepared dinner” you showed the table of reserved food
“ ooo looks delicious but I rather cuddle with you for a bit…if that’s fine with you” Thoma hugged your waist
You giggled and nod before he took you off your feet
Also takes you to visit some puppies near the town that he feeds, also introduces you to them as well
“ say hello to my friends” Thoma showed you the puppies
You stared in awe
“ they are so cute” you said as you played with some
Thoma smiled and poured the treats in the bowl as you stared
“ is this where you always go?” You asked
“ yeah back then this place was my only comfort zone” Thoma smiled as he sat next to you
“ and now I get to share it with you”
Knitting? ✔️ Thoma if he had time would always like to teach you new things, things such as knitting for example
“ [y/n] you have to poke it though there” Thoma looked at your struggling figure
you nodded but somehow did not know what he was talking about
Thoma chuckled and stopped his knitting and helped you, his fingers grasping around yours
the tension and closeness made your cheeks flush with redness
“ haha it’s okay if you can’t knit, your way better in other things!”
His so sweet, no matter what happens Thoma always convinces himself to never be angry at you as you were a blessing to have in the first place
“ I’m so sorry Thoma! Please let me clean it” you plead as Thoma cleanned the broken vase
“ oh it’s no problem dear! It’s my fault for putting it here” Thoma cleaned it and put it in the bin
“ I’m truly sorry” you said as you stood there staring at the ground
“ hey hey, look at me, it wasn’t your fault okay?” Thoma said as he cupped your face in his hands
“ I love you sweetheart” Thoma said as he hugged you
The smallest gestures you do to him drive him crazy and make him so happy for your presence, he thank the archons for you in this world
“ this is for me [y/n]?” Thoma said like an excited puppy
You nodded as gave him the present, Thoma was in awe
“ thank you so much! Aww I don’t deserve you at all [y/n]!” Thoma said as he invited you in a tight hug,
He was really grateful
From a friend to a friend is where you met Zhongli, he was amazed by you, your knowledge and your will to listen to every story he could share
“ the adeptus? I’m familiar with them yes” Zhongli agreed
“ really? Can you tell me more about them?” You said when excitement in your eyes
Zhongli looked at you and smiled
“ of course”
Being with the man, he would take you out on stroll, night, day, dusk, anywhere and needless to say each one was a unforgettable moment to share
“ here is where I am mostly at” Zhongli lead you to the top of the mountain where a stone table sat
You stared in awe and stared at Zhongli quietly enjoying the moment
You stared at the table and view and then him again and decided it was best not to disturb him
Zhongli is not as busy as he is thought to be so most of the time he would accompany you, he rather adores your company
“ [y/n] there you are, I was wondering if you like to accompany me” Zhongli asked as you put down the last note
You turned to him “ now? I’m rather busy-“
“ please? I’d like you to come with me” Zhongli gave you his hand
You smiled as you gave in to his charms
“ very well then, let’s head out”
Everyday Zhongli would make tea for the two of you, whether it be at night or morning, he would always deliver, this, a little gesture that is enough for you to smile
“ here dear” Zhongli gave you the brewing tea
“ thank you darling” you smiled as you hugged him after putting down the tea
it was always your favourite part of the day because it was a time where you could relax
The little stories
As you continue with your life Zhongli would tell you stories of the smallest things, whether it be a sunset or a plant, stories he told lived forever in the town of Liyue
Secretly clingy? ✔️ I could imagine if you were gone one day, Zhongli would greatly miss your touch so when you come home, he would give you a lot of affection
You sighed as you rubbed your neck and enter your home
There you were met with Zhongli
“ dear your home” Zhongli got up and walked to you
“ hello” you said
Zhongli smiled as he tucked a piece of hair behind your ear
“ may I?” He asked as he opened his arms
You nodded as you fell onto him
Zhongli supported you and hugged you a little too tightly then you expected
Very observant, his been around for a little too long, he would know if you were feeling sad or happy and he would always remember the methods to make you better
“ god it’s so frustrating” you ranted to Zhongli
Zhongli wasted no time and got up and got a blanket with tea and gave it to you leaving you confused, then he sat next to you and patted your shoulder
As weird as it sounds it would always calm you down and you melted in his touch and fell asleep on his shoulder
The man has a lot of knowledge and I would imagine him gifting you rare flowers from time to time and when you ask he would mention it was obtained from bargaining but you didn’t know what he meant by that
“ these flowers bloomed from the day of your birth, I thought I should give it to you” Zhongli smiled as he gave you a flower
You stared in awe and hugged him
“ thank you. It’s beautiful” you whispered
Afterwards you would hang it in your ear, showing it off which made Zhongli more happier
Taking care of you, no matter what state you were in he would always take care of you
You hummed a tune as Zhongli braided your hair
His fingers softly combing through your hair as the soft tones of the outside rang around the home
After he was done he would show you the piece and it would always shock you
But after all, having many years of living he was bound to know a thing or two when it came to braiding or styling hair
When your in a relationship, everything starts off rocky, miscommunication was mostly the problem but everything warmed up with some time and with time Xiao was comfortable enough to hold your hand
You stood there waiting for Xiao, patiently
The months had been hard but you forgave him, you couldn’t blame him after all
After a few seconds of silence you felt a hand grab yours
You turn and see Xiao blushing, you were shocked, more than shocked, it was the first time he did that without you doing it first
“ did I kept you waiting” Xiao muttered to which you smiled brightly
“ no you didn’t.”
When you would go out for your job whether it be commissions, Xiao would always excitedly wait for your return, he would replay beautiful moments and when he sees you, he pretends he hasn’t thought of anything
“ Xiao! Sorry I’m back” you panted as you rested by a tree where Xiao was sitting
“ it’s…okay” Xiao muttered as he hopped down
“ really? I was just finishing some commissions-“
Before you could finish Xiao invited you in a hug
“ you were late by a minute…I missed you” Xiao answered
you were caught of guard and this was enough to bring butterflies in your stomach
Imagine Xiao wanted to make your favourite food but he fails and you come home and still appreciate the effort <3
“ what is that smell!” You coughed as you try to clear off the smoke
You walk further and see Xiao with burnt food in his hands
“ what’s this?” You asked softly
Xiao frustrated and embarrassed looks away
“ I was trying to make food for you…” Xiao said avoiding eye contact
Your heart melted at the thought
“ really?” You said happily to which Xiao nodded
you smile and fall down and hug Xiao which catches him off guard
“ it’s the thought that counts”
Flower crown ✔️ Xiao would always make flower crowns when he missed you dearly as it reminded him of the time you gave him a flower crown
“ here I made this” Xiao gently gave you a crown
“ a flower crown? Aww thank you Xiao!!” You said as you kissed his cheek making him grateful at his hard work
you put it on and looked at him cheekily
“ how about we make matching ones?”
Quality time, Xiao knows what it’s like to not have enough time so whenever you are present he would take you everywhere and always admire your face when you have sparkles in your eyes
“ the view is amazing” you wowed
“ I thought you would say that” Xiao said as you sat next to him
He took you to see the view of Liyue harbour, it was at a sunset and it was amazing
The wind blew your hair softly as you quietly admired and Xiao stared at you
“ you look like a dream”
Xiao is not use to affection so when you cook his favourite food he wouldn’t know to react and end up very flustered at such actions
“ this for…me?” He stuttered
You smiled and nodded
“ for you, I thought of you and wanted to make it” you giggled
Xiao looked at it and took it
“ thank you [y/n].”
Everytime Xiao gets annoyed, thinking of you would calm his nerves, you were the missing puzzle to him, you were his other half
And kisses, hugs make him blush like crazy and after you do those things he would replay that same moment when you are gone, burying his flushed face in his hands
“ Xiao can we cuddle?” You giggled as you went up to him
“ cuddle?” Xiao asked confused
You nodded
“ why do that? What does it do?” He asked like the clueless boy he was
You giggled and hugged him and in his shock state you dragged him to the bed and hugged him tightly on it
Xiao was confused but after seeing you peacefully asleep he hugged back slowly
When you got together, you knew Kazuha was always everywhere so when you joined him on his journey he was more than happy at your statement
“ Kazuha are you going again?” You plead
Kazuha smiles, “ I’ll be back before you know it” Kazuha kisses you to which you pout
“ say what are those?” Kazuha points at your bags
“ well Kazuha I got consent from Beidou and wanted to join you!” You said, staring at the ground, refusing to see his reaction
Kazuha freezes but it wasn’t long before he smiled and hugs you
“ thank you”
Kazuha would always play songs for you and as he plays it, it’s like the whole background is accompanying his music as well
More over Kazuha would adore cats so when he saw one he would always play with them with you there
“ what is this place” you asked Kazuha
Kazuha stopped at a sword and payed his respects while you did the same
“ this is where a old friend wanders” Kazuha explained
You nodded and was careful not to damage anything
That until a cat rubbed against Kazuha
“ hello there old friend” he murmured
You looked as he brought the cat to you
“ let’s go “ Kazuha smiled after a moment of silence
You nodded and the two of you left and back in the ship needless to say you two enjoyed the quiet tension playing with the cat
Since you and him travel the world he would always find the most relaxing spot and lead you there where you would sit in his lap and enjoy the sunset and moon and the time you have left together
“ the moon shines brightly but it can never shine as brightly as you” Kazuha murmurs as he kisses your head
“ thank you Kazuha” you lightly blush at his words
“ although it’s getting late, would you like to go back?” You ask Kazuha to which he shakes his head
“ let’s stay like this for a little while longer”
Adding to his soft personality, Kazuha is also a soft person, the way he holds your hands in his and the way he strokes your cheeks are such gentle gesture
“ Kazuha how does it look?” You showed him the flower crown
Kazuha chuckles, “ beautiful…although you have something on your face” he points out
You raise a brow confused at what it was
Kazuha then smiles and brings out his fingers and softly strokes your cheeks
This made you two have eye contact and you were lost in his eyes and also very flustered at such actions
You fell in love again
During these adventures Kazuha would also bring books for the both of you to read, under a tree in a quiet area with calming skies
When it rains Kazuha is noticed to be more close to you, always wanting to hold you closer even when in a safe area
“ gosh it’s raining” you said as the light sounds of storms awaited near
Kazuha looks at it and grabs you close
“ come on let’s head back” he states
“ already?” You asked to which he nods
He was firm but you wouldn’t question it at all
After he leads you somewhere safe he would hug you close, close enough so you wouldn’t slip away
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behindastraeascurtains · 27 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
thoma would feel so awful once he learns that nobody has made you cum before. even if you're experienced more than he is, thoma wants to lead you to the feeling of a climax.
he takes his time teasing you, making sure you're flustered and stumbling over your words. even if there's company, he would do subtle things to rile you up. thoma would only cave into doing something sexual if you asked him. consent is huge for him!
he'd lay you down, work out any knots in your body by massaging you with fragrant oils. thoma might not be a sex god but he does know how to comfort someone. all we wants to do is please you in the most intimate form!
when he kisses you, it's passionate and full of adoration. he thanks you for allowing him to see your body and kisses every inch of your body. his hands are shaky. . he can't mess this up!
thoma finally kneels at the edge of the bed and nuzzles his nose on your cute little panties, the smell of your arousal making him a little lightheaded. if he wasn't whipped for you before, he is now. hehe.
he peels off your panties, tossing them aside. first thing he does is kiss your pubic bone; "thank you, my love." then he kisses the hood of your clit, pulling it back to take an experimental lick at it. once you huff out with a little whine, he knows that this is the spot that he'll focus on.
thoma will slowly trail his tongue down your labia, tasting the arousal. he hums in delight and peeks up at you. he watches your chest rise and fall, skin glistening from the oils. he ignores the throb in his pants, vowing to make you cum before he even thinks about getting off.
thoma will rub circles on your clit softly, slowly inserting a finger with your permission. he wiggles it around, a little lost on where to go. but, he figures that you'll tell him that it doesn't feel good if he asked. so, he gives an experimental thrust of his finger, curling it. when you lift your hips a little, he knows that where his finger is hitting is another place to pay attention to!
thoma will use his mental notes to hit that spot and rub your clit. he's so patient, following any request you have with no complaints. but when you get close, he doesn't change the pace!! he continues until you've creamed on his fingers.
he licks it up and stands with a cheeky grin. "how did i do, my love?"
Tumblr media
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meetmyothersouls · 3 months ago
A collection of stories in various forms about Timothee Chalamet. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Intimacy with Timothee Chalamet
Arguments with Timothee Chalamet
The Oscar’s with Timothee Chalamet
Clingy Timothee Chalamet
Jealousy & Possessiveness with Timothee Chalamet 
Coachella With Timothee Chalamet
Shower Sex with Timothee Chalamet 
Making Out with Timothee Chalamet 
Ticklish pt. 2
Poolside Secrets
Panic Attack
Where Were You?
Sick Day
Let’s Blow Them Away
3AM (feat. Paul Atredies)
I See You
No More Secrets
Raspberry Almond Shampoo
Loving Him
Timothee’s Nightmare
Sky Full of Stars 
Stuck With Me 
Marlowe (King Hal x y/n)
Let Me Kiss You
Fifteen Shots 
Let Me Be the One
Old Flame
Bruises (Angst)
Promise Me
Without You 
A Moment of Weakness
I’m in Love with You
Sex and Waffles
Late Night Diner Whispers
Take a Break
Into Oblivion
The Dress
One Night Stand (light smut)
Part 2 
Tinted Windows
Mountain Mornings
Rum & Cock
Oscar Winner
Missed Touches
Break It In
Phone Sex
Hate Me Tomorrow, Love Me Tonight
Part 2 
The Icebox
Can I Do More
Inside You
Oscars 2022
Not So Secret
No Sounds
Can’t Get Enough
Birthday Needs
Counter Pleasure 
The Hills Have Eyes (Song Fic)
Morning Desire 
Turn Around 
Claim Me (King Hal x y/n)
Hurt (smut into fluff) 
Breed Me
Timothee’s First 
Please, Touch Me (soft smut)
Sex Toy
Stress Relief 
Broom Closet Blowjob 
Sex and Piano Keys 
It’s Not You, It’s Me - Dark!Timothee
Dark!Timothee Early Stages (headcannon)
Dark!Timothee Stages of Drunkenness (headcannon)
It’s You & Me (Prequel)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7 
The Witch
Series inspired by The King
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Ruin Me (Demon!Timothee Series)
Chapter 1 
Chapter 2 
Stranger in the Woods
Part 2 (contains smut)
Can I Buy You a Coffee
The Blind Date
I’m Here
Blood Promise
So Much It Hurts
Part 2 (contains smut)
The Vacuum 
Thinking About You 
Part 2 (contains smut) 
Part 3 (contains smut) 
The Book Store
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javajuicedraws · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
HC: C!tommy has a lazy eye and partial blindness in that eye, as well as some scarring and numbness on that side of his face. This is due too head trauma and fairly severe nerve damage somewhat caused by the wars and previous deaths but mostly from the nature of his final death and while the he was revived it didn’t have the same healing affect as say, a totem of undying would. Leaving him with permanent damage especially on a physical level
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