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cryptidscythetv · 2 days ago
Shitpost about genshin men and their weird ass kinks:
(No kink shaming just a headcannon cuz I was bored)
I am CONVINCED that tartaglia a.k.a childe a.k.a wallet has a piss kink. No one can tell me otherwise :) also masochist.
Ok zhongli? ZhOnGli?! He has to have a kink about object insertion AND THATS (head) CANNON, you can NOT tell me that man doesn't like mora up his ass-
Scaramouuche short ass mf. He has that discord mod energy that's why I am CONVINCED he has a SEX MAGHINE inside his room. The woman was too stunned to speak.
Albedo this mf has a fucking imposter and stabbed him you can't tell me he wouldn't try to FUCK the cinnabar spindle (the handle of course or? 😏 no.)
Diluuc diluuuc, red head has exhibitionism for a kink but like not being caught but being railed in front of someone, maybe in the tavern. Makes you think.
Keaya had a piss kink too and sounding kink, absolutely. :) fight me (jk pls dont)
Kazuhaaaaa he cums in his pants with his s/o around people also steals his s/o undergarments and jacks off to them.
Gorou would hump everything he's half dog... atleast I think he's a dog nevermind, orgasm denial take it or leave it :)
Thoma likes temperature play or having sex in hot springs/ocean mostly under kamisato estate, you know in the cave.
Venti would fuck with his s/o on a tree don't argue with me I am mihoyo. Also would use wind to you know spice things up 😏 *lip bite
Fucking emo boy xiao a fuck boy, gamer boy, would jerk off on camera and enjoy it, also bandage anyone? I can see him being sensitive and using a cock ring.
Big dick itto has a food kink. DONT TELL ME HE WOULDN'T EAT OFF HIS S/O NOODLES. Yes I am weird :)
Aight I am done for now bye :]
Tumblr media
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isadora-larkspur · 2 days ago
𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐱𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐹𝐩𝐩đČ đ°đšđźđ„đ đąđ§đœđ„đźđđž... | 𝔠𝔠!đ”±đ”Źđ”Șđ”Șđ”¶đ”Šđ”«đ”«đ”Šđ”± đ”” 𝔯𝔱𝔞𝔡𝔱𝔯
fluff <3
❄ summary : dating tommyinnit would include hcs
❄ A/N : anotherr hc ! hope you enjoy this one :D if any of you guys want me to turn one of the bullet points in this hc to be a fic, send a request !
Tumblr media
â€ąâ”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â‹…â˜Ÿ â˜œâ‹…â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â€ą
Ok first off
Lots of hugging
I feel like tommy is touch starved, so he would be touching you a lot, whether it be holding hands, cuddling, having his arm around you, or even just sitting close to each other
You both probably would be sitting on the sofa watching a tv show or a movie, and he would pull you close to him and keep his arm around you.
Lots of back hugs
Bcs tommy is clingy asf, especially after he just finished a tiring stream
You could be standing in front of your wardrobe, picking out an outfit and you feel arms wrap around you and a chin resting on the top of your head
You giggled and looked up at the boy, he would press a light peck on your nose before swaying you both back and forth, tommy burying his face in your hair skjdhfksdkh
Wearing. His. JUMPERS.
You all know the iconic teal jumper
You would just walk around his house when you were staying over, wearing his jumper
When he saw you wearing it, he’d flustered
You both would just be talking and his eyes would keep trailing down to what you were wearing, because you were wearing his jumper
You could be mid conversation and he would just bring it up all of a sudden, saying “my jumper looks really good on you” or he would just hug out of nowhere, his arms wrapping around your waist
Him constantly bringing you up on stream
“You know chat, the other day Y/N and I-”
“Chat Y/N showed me this cool song-”
And chat would love you
I don't think he would bring you to stream unless you are a content creator yourself, because tommy’s pretty closed off about his private life
Maybe he would just make a few TikToks with you, recording you on his phone without you knowing.
Like you would be at a store and you were looking at all the stuff, he would record you on his phone and zoom in on you from at the end of the isle
“Hello TikTok, this is my girlfriend and she is very pretty”
Overall just really really freaking cute and tommy would be soft boyℱ
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Alrighty,hear me out
Tumblr media
I haven’t seen it yet but love the man so much!
I personally think he would be an puppy love obsessive stalker yandere,he just gives me that vibe
Bruno a hundred percent will die for you
He doesn’t infer with any relationship you have unless it’s romantic then yes he will
If you ask him anything about his well being he will melt because you care for him,and worry for his well being
Let’s say someone will try and hurt you they be bitten by a rat then hit with a book by Bruno. Idk he just gives me the vibe he would
Bruno will be scared to met your family because first impression matter
I feel like Bruno swings ALL WAYS,like he gives me pansexual or panromantic asexual vibes Idk he just does.
The rat likes you (Remember I haven’t seen the movie yet so that’s why I didn’t add it’s name if it has one)
Bruno will stalk you. He just feels the need to follow and protect you even if it’s from the shadows
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themilkybarkid · a day ago
Villain Bruno AU Ideas-
- It’s kinda obvious but his life being so awful due to his gift would lead him to want to get rid of the magic. He might also see the negative ways magic effects the other family members like Pepa who can’t controll her gift, Mirabel who gets mocked because she doesn’t have one and Delores who sometimes doesnt want to hear every couple in the neighbourhood doing it or every secret. 
- Because of this he really can’t see why those people would want to keep the magic and thinks they would be better off without it. 
- Though i think evil Bruno could be capable of killing someone if it got to extreemes i don’t think his main plan would be to kill Alma or anyone in his way, i mean he wants to save the family and that definatly wouldn’t help. Instead, i think he would be intent on blowing out the candle/destroying the casita. 
- I like the idea that, esspecially in a villain AU he can also controll sand and that his visions are a bit more destructive,
-but i don’t think he would ever fight the family in any battle. That doesn’t feel tonally right and he feels like the sort of villain who could more, controll from the shadows.
- He could try and convince Delores to help him and, as she is probably most fed up with her gift, less worried about morals and more easily swayed than the rest of the family. She could find out stuff and have a struggle over if what she is doing is the right thing. 
- Bruno’s eyes are more green. Idk why but that’s how it’s gonna be. Oh and his rats have green eyes and hourglass paterns on their backs aswell. 
-Personality changes wise, he is probably more unstable and has a few more outbursts but i don’t think he would be a big  ‘MWHAHAHAHA’ villain at all. 
- Instead he becomes more violent and determined as things go on which is what makes it so heartbreaking, that he feels like he’s forced into this by lack of other options and goes more and more crazy throughout. 
The End. 
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michaelmyersgf · 8 hours ago
thank you for 700 enjoy a some short peepaw content !
Old Man
No trigger warnings provided
Sexual content
Gender not specified
How did you find yourself in this situation? Well, you called Michael an old man. A total grandpa. You tried to make him feel better by calling him a GILF but he didn’t even know what that meant, and took it as another insult. So now here you are, having your back blown out by the old man. “Y’know
 I don’t know what you’re trying to— Oh god
 P-Prove here, but you’re not getting— Any
” You gasped, hands grabbing the sheets as you cried out in pleasure. Michael saw you as a brat who needed to be tamed. You were disrespectful, just as you were doing in this moment.
Michael was breathing rather heavily as he pounded into you, low grunts rumbling through his throat. “I didn’t know an old man could have so much—“ Michael shoved your head down into the mattress, tired of hearing you speak. You pushed against his hand with no luck, stuck with a mouthful of covers. You bit into them, containing yourself. Michael’s thighs clapped against yours, his sweat coating your skin. Your muffled screams for him edged him on, giving him reason to continue.
Michael huffed as he flipped you over, pulling your legs over his shoulders, positioning himself to get deeper inside of you. Your head shot back as you moaned out, hands clasping around his wrists. His hand wrapped around your delicate throat, squeezing it ever so gently. His hand moved away as he leaned down closer to you, his chest pressing against yours. You looked up at him with a smile, pulling his face to yours, kissing his chapped lips. His scruff pricked your skin, rubbing against you with each thrust. “I love you so much, Michael
” You whispered against his lips, pressing your forehead against his. He didn’t respond, continuing to thrust himself inside of you at a rapid pace.
Michael wasn’t going to speak. You upset him. Sure, he’s an old man, but his stamina sure wasn’t. He was going to make you cum more than three times before he finished. Your hands ran through his white wisps of hair on his chest, hips shuddering against him as you came. Michael felt bad, you poor thing. Couldn’t even last more than two minutes with his cock. He could go all night.
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stabbershank · 2 days ago
hello there đŸ‘ïž i dont know if these Existed in the 80s but could i request the lost boys getting badgered into trying a period pain simulator. i am in Great Pain and i am taking them all down with me đŸ‘č
BAHAHA, this is hilarious. I hope their pain and suffering makes you feel better <3
For this prompt, I’m gonna say that Y/N can get periods and does not enjoy them. Before we get into the simulator stuff, let’s just talk about their reactions to Y/N being on their cycle.
Tumblr media
David is pretty mature, though his bedside manner is questionable at best. He has no problem buying you pads/tampons/whateverthehellyouneed but he will make snarky jokes the entire time. Never the less, he treats you a little bit kinder than usual, and seems to have a lot more patience. He even wakes up in the middle of the day, careful to avoid the sunlight, in order to check on you.
Pain Simulator Reaction:
He thinks the idea of trying this is dumb, but after you say something like “so you don’t think you can take it?” he gives in. The meter goes from 1-10, and he’s chillin pretty well until 5. Still, he’s like “wow, that’s it? I can’t believe you compared this to dying.” Don’t worry, he breaks at level 7, and buys you a shit ton of chocolate. He has been humbled. 
I have always believed that Dwayne is secretly a cuddle bug and I hold firm to that theory. He can tell, without asking, when you just want to be left alone, but he can also tell when you want someone to rub your lower back and help the aching go away. He carries you literally everywhere, and tries extra careful to not push your buttons. 
Pain Simulator Reaction:
I'm convinced that Dwayne could hold out the longest. Even though he shouts more cusswords than David, he stays pretty tame until level 5.6, and caves at 8.4. By that time, he’s dug his nails into the wood of a chair and literally looks like he just went into labor. He buys you a whole stash of Advil because “jesus, Y/N, I didn’t know it was that bad, you should have said something.”
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Pauly is a himbo to the highest degree.  He brings you so many blankets because “losing blood makes you cold, right?” He’s one of those people who has no idea how tampons work or what pads do, and will innocently ask you to explain them. Listen, he barely passed health class.
Pain Simulator Reaction:
He freaks out at 3 and tries to act tough until 6. He nervously giggles the entire time, laughing every time you up the meter, but you can tell when he’s had enough. He takes a couple deep breaths and claims that he can’t walk anymore so “you’ll have to carry me, Y/N!” Dwayne throws him over his shoulder instead. 
Food, you’ve never gotten so much food in your life. He just assumes that it’ll make you better because that’s what always makes him better. After day 3 of you going through cramps he assumes that you’re dying of some sort of illness, so you have to very patiently explain to him that this is something you have to deal with once a month. He then declares how “That’s stupid” and starts asking David if they could turn you into a vampire, just so you wouldn’t have to deal with this. 
Pain Simulator Reaction:
He is such a baby. You’ve killed him, Y/N, he’s dead now. He started wining at 2 and was ready to throw a chair by 4.7. You will 100% have to give him a hug afterwards, and the both of you get ice cream to celebrate your survival. 
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dirtytransmasc · 2 days ago
Random comfort Hc's that either A. Barely line up with canon or B. Don't line up with canon at all but make me happy, so we're going to ignore it; if we're completely honest, these are almost all about Viktor
{This is coming from a queer, chronically ill (ironically in many of the same ways as Viktor), mentally ill, transmasc}
- Viktor has stomach issues [that range anywhere from food sensitivities to extreme stomach upsets], joint issues [all throughout his body], and minor respiratory issues [asthma or pleurisy type stuff, that worsen with time. Unlike in the show, where they only show up when he starts getting really sick] that force him into bed rest for days at a time
- Jayce is his caretaker, no ifs ands or buts about it. He actually refuses to not dote on him. He always says something along the lines of 'im your partner, and more importantly, I'm your friend, so I'm sticking to my promise that I will always be there for you even when you don't want me to' because I'm my chemically unbalanced brain Jayce does not disappoint his boyfriend a would make promises like that
- Viktor has bad pain days, bad pain as in he is left a half-there version of himself and can barely sit up, let alone move around. Those are the days he stays home and waits for Jayce to find him. When Jayce eventually does, he takes the day off and spends it doting after Viktor.
- Jayce has a sort of 6th sense when it comes to Viktor. They are so codependent they can communicate without talking. He can gauge Viktor's pain or how sick he feels with a simple look and can tell when he needs help getting out of a situation just by his body language.
- Viktor is trans. I dare you to try and rip that idea from my cold, gay hands.
- Jayce is an 'I like both dogs and cats' person who has a special place in his heart for cats but says he only likes dogs. I don't know why but he has that vibe. Considering most of this fandom compares Viktor to cats, it's twice as funny.
- Viktor is almost the opposite. He just says he prefers cats over dogs. Which is sorta true, but not entirely. Considering he loves Jayce, who is basically a golden retriever.
- Jayce is really good at manipulating old wealthy people and delivering groundbreaking speeches but sucks at one-on-one conversations and comforting people* (I'm gonna come back to his one, but I need to show one other headcanon to make the one that started this one make sense, just stick with me)
- Viktor really doesn't like when people see him sick, not only cause he hates being pitied but because he feels like a major burden, and he feels like it will push people away. He's worried Jayce will eventually get tired of him and his declining health
- Now for the love child of the two previous headcanons. When Viktor was having a horrible day, he ended up breaking down, apologizing to Jayce over and over for being sick and getting the way of their work, etc. So Jayce attempts to comfort him by saying, 'you deserve to be sick' he meant it with good intentions and a completely different meaning. He had meant to say that Viktor was allowed to feel sick without feeling like a burden to anyone, but in a fantastic example of how bad at communicating Jayce is, he fucked up. Viktor had to stare at him for a good minute before he realized his mistake. He apologized profusely and rephrased, which gave Viktor a laugh, but he never let Jayce live that down.
- This is based partially off of another headcanon by (@Xialaix). Jayce needs to take frequent ice baths due to working in the forge, and Viktor is so clingy codependent that he follows Jayce and tinker with something while chatting in the bathroom. On to my continued headcanon, they have an exceptional bath now that they're basically rich. First, the tub itself is huge and is a top-of-the-art jet bath with plenty of unnecessary and, quite frankly, bougie features, but that's beside the point. The best part is the huge window and accompanying window loft for Viktor. It's basically a huge heating pad that is good for Viktor's various ailments and is nice and comfy. They both deserve a nice way to decompress. This totally didn't come from the idea that Viktor is basically a cat who lives to sunbathe. And he totally doesn't dip his hand in the water just to flick it in Jayce's face, not at all.
- Viktor is always fucking cold, and half the time, he doesn't even notice, and Jayce will brush up against him and will yell at him cause his skin feels like ice. But, there are other times when Viktor knows he's cold and will steal Jayce's jacket or go sit in the forge with him cause what else do you expect from him? Other times he just hugs Jayce cause I can tell just by looking at him, that man is warm as hell but in a nice way. That and he isn't like sweaty warm. He's just warm and soft. Perfect for hugging.
- Viktor has a really good poker face. He likes to steal things from Jayce and make him think he's lost them. It brings him joy. He does return the stuff eventually... Most of the time.
- Jayce took Viktor on dates before they actually started dating. They'd be super simple, little picnics or going to see whatever entertainment they have in piltover. He just wanted to spend time with his partner cause he was desperate for attention.
- they actually started dating around the first release of hextech (a few months are they became partners). Jayce was all excited and caught up in the moment he ended up kissing Viktor. It was all sweet and innocent, but it defiantly sparked something. That something was quickly acted upon.
- Even though Viktor insists he can't dance, Jayce still forces him into it. It is more like Viktor leaning on him and Jayce rocking them side to side, maybe even giving Viktor a twirl, but it's still cute. Viktor adores it, but he would never admit it. It's one of those things that reminds Viktor just how much Jayce loves him, even if it's stupid.
- Mel is literally Jayce and Viktor's best friend and biggest supporter, and I think that goes for both in and out of my personal comfort au type thing. She never once did anything with Jayce knowing about the close relationship between him and Viktor. if any of them saw you talking shit about her, they'd probably find a way to have hextech kick your teeth in (aka, stop villainizing Mel, she's amazing, and I love her)
- Jayce proposed to Viktor but has yet to get him to agree to anything more than a promise ring. Viktor doesn't want to marry Jayce and leave him behind.
that's all I have at the moment, but I do plan to do a part two eventually and maybe I'll do other characters next time... but no promises. hope you enjoy these.
if you see typos, no you don't. If you point them out you're homophobic.
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sxftkxssxs · a day ago
Proposing to Asra ⭐
ugh because proposing to asra can go one of two ways
you get a nice day planned and take him out, having one of the best days of your life. At the end you pop the question and their cheeks are pink and their eyes are glossy with tears
or as you go to propose they pull out their own ring, laughing as he sees you’ve pulled out yours. They mumble something about how it’s super cheesy, but still slips the ring on your finger, and lets you slip his on as well. no matter which way happens you’ll be by their side the whole night.
Aisha and Salim are the first ones to know, and they bring you into a big hug, telling you how they’re happy to officially have you as family <3
They’ll hold you extremely close that night, and listens to your heartbeat. They whisper how happy they are, just before he falls asleep.
and ugh, the morning after you propose! They look so gorgeous, it’s one of the times he's asleep when you wake up. When you give them little kisses all over their face, they smile and the giggle he lets out, god it’s so precious.
faust pops up from under the blankets, booping both of you letting out a little “love asra! love mc!”
tl;dr asra is my favorite and i love him so much
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generalfebruary · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Blue flame Heat Miser. Inspired by @rankinbassheadcanons
Since fire changes its colour with temperature Heat Miser would too.
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kombat-writer · a day ago
Fujin & Jax Headcanons
Tumblr media
- Fujin is a god, but unlike most if not all of the other gods in the kombat universe, Fujin is very humane. He is empathetic, he is understanding, he is patient, and he openly shows his care for the people in his life. When Jax realized that Fujin understands his trauma, it makes him feel less alone, more seen and heard.
- Fujin is very humane but at the end of the day he is still an ancient god and isn’t as familiar with human living as Jax would be. I think Jax would be one of the humans who would help Fujin become more accustomed to modern Earthrealm life.
-Maybe one day Jax will take him out for a night on the town, showing Fujin all the joys mortal life has to offer. In showing Fujin these joys, Jax finds himself remembering the little things in life that make him happy. Good food, scenic areas— Since he was saved from his traumatic life as a revenant, he hasn’t really indulged in these things til now.
- Fujin quickly becomes one of the few friends who Jax can express his emotions to. Being seen as one of the toughest kombatants means people often don’t consider him as someone with feelings, but just like any other person, he does have feelings and it helps to have someone to share them with.
- Jax becomes one of the few people that Fujin feels he doesn’t have to act godly around. As an immortal being who has lived for thousands and thousands of years, his presence demands respect and formality, but often times Fujin just wants to have normal bonds with people. It can be hard for him to have those bonds once people learn he’s actually god. However, Jax is one of the few people who knows he’s a god and still treats him like a friend. Fujin appreciates that warmth deeply.
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reddie-as-ill-ever-be · 2 days ago
Junior played Toby when he was like, twelve in a production of Sweeney Todd
He really liked that he got to sing and act on stage and had a bunch of people that liked him
His mom encouraged him to do more musical theatre and singing but his dad said that “It was to girly” and that “He has to focus on running” so Junior didn’t do it anymore
That being said, he still knows literally all the lyrics and has sung Caroline ‘Not while I’m around’ to get her to sleep when he was babysitting
Caroline absolutely adores him
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alexdough · 12 hours ago
❄ đ…đšđ§đâ€âž·đ˜“đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜°đ˜łđ˜Șđ˜€đ˜Š 𝘊𝘰𝘰𝘬đ˜Ș𝘩
╔═══*.·:·.☜✧ ✩ ✧☟.·:·.*═══╗
╚═══*.·:·.☜✧ ✩ ✧☟.·:·.*═══╝
𝐇𝐞đČ đČ'đšđ„đ„! 𝐈 𝐣𝐼𝐬𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐹 𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐹𝐼𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐈'đ„đ„ 𝐬𝐹𝐹𝐧 𝐛𝐞 đ­đšđ€đąđ§đ  đ«đžđȘ𝐼𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 đĄđžđ«đž 𝐹𝐧 đ­đźđŠđ›đ„đ« 𝐹𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐈 𝐟𝐱𝐧𝐱𝐬𝐡 đźđ© 𝐭𝐡𝐞 đ đźđąđđžđ„đąđ§đžđŹ 𝐚𝐧𝐝 đ«đźđ„đžđŹ đŸđšđ« đ«đžđȘ𝐼𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐱𝐧𝐠! đ…đšđ« 𝐧𝐹𝐰, 𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐹đČ 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐬𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐹𝐧𝐬 đČ𝐹𝐼 đ‹đąđœđšđ«đąđœđž đ‚đšđšđ€đąđž đ„đšđŻđžđ«đŹ <𝟑
♡ 𝘛𝘰 đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜” 𝘰𝘧𝘧, đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 𝘼𝘱𝘯 đ˜źđ˜°đ˜Žđ˜” 𝘭đ˜Ș𝘬𝘩𝘭đ˜ș đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Ž 0 đ˜”đ˜° 𝘯𝘰 đ˜„đ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘩đ˜čđ˜±đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Șđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜Š 𝘮𝘰 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜Ș𝘮 𝘱𝘭𝘭 𝘯𝘩𝘾 đ˜”đ˜° đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼, 𝘮𝘰 đ˜±đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜Š 𝘣𝘩 đ˜±đ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Șđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜” 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼.
â™ĄÂ đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Šđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜¶đ˜ąđ˜­đ˜­đ˜ș đ˜„đ˜°đ˜Šđ˜Ž 𝘾𝘱𝘳𝘼 đ˜¶đ˜± đ˜”đ˜° đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜©đ˜Š'𝘭𝘭 𝘣𝘩 đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜ș đ˜€đ˜­đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹đ˜ș đ˜”đ˜°đ˜žđ˜ąđ˜łđ˜„đ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜ș đ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜„đ˜ș 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜­đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Š đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜ąđ˜§đ˜§đ˜Šđ˜€đ˜”đ˜Ș𝘰𝘯.
♡ 𝘐𝘧 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘾𝘰𝘳𝘬 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© 𝘋𝘱𝘳𝘬 đ˜Œđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜Ž 𝘊𝘰𝘰𝘬đ˜Ș𝘩 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜łđ˜Șđ˜­đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜„ đ˜Łđ˜Šđ˜€đ˜ąđ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜Š đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 𝘼𝘩𝘱𝘯𝘮 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜„đ˜°đ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜Ż'đ˜” đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜·đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜° đ˜©đ˜Șđ˜„đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜§đ˜ąđ˜€đ˜” đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Ž đ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜ąđ˜Łđ˜­đ˜Șđ˜Žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜„ 𝘱 đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜­đ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Șđ˜°đ˜Żđ˜Žđ˜©đ˜Șđ˜± 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘱𝘾𝘱đ˜ș 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘼 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 𝘱𝘭𝘭đ˜Ș𝘩𝘮, 𝘯𝘰𝘳 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜źđ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜ł.
♡ 𝘐𝘧 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘾𝘰𝘳𝘬 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© 𝘋𝘱𝘳𝘬 đ˜Œđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜Ž 𝘊𝘰𝘰𝘬đ˜Ș𝘩 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜łđ˜Șđ˜­đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜„ đ˜Łđ˜Šđ˜€đ˜ąđ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜Š đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 𝘼𝘩𝘱𝘯𝘮 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜„đ˜°đ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜Ż'đ˜” đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜·đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜° đ˜©đ˜Șđ˜„đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜§đ˜ąđ˜€đ˜” đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Ž đ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜ąđ˜Łđ˜­đ˜Șđ˜Žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜„ 𝘱 đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜­đ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Șđ˜°đ˜Żđ˜Žđ˜©đ˜Șđ˜± 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘱𝘾𝘱đ˜ș 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘼 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 𝘱𝘭𝘭đ˜Ș𝘩𝘮, 𝘯𝘰𝘳 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜źđ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜ł.
♡ 𝘕𝘰𝘾 đ˜Ș𝘧 𝘾𝘱𝘮 𝘱 đ˜„đ˜Șđ˜§đ˜§đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜” đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜°đ˜łđ˜ș đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Š đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜„đ˜°đ˜Ż'đ˜” 𝘾𝘰𝘳𝘬 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘋𝘱𝘳𝘬 đ˜Œđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜Ž 𝘊𝘰𝘰𝘬đ˜Ș𝘩, đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜„đ˜°đ˜Ż'đ˜” 𝘾𝘰𝘳𝘳đ˜ș đ˜Łđ˜Šđ˜€đ˜ąđ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜Š đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘭𝘭 đ˜­đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘱𝘮 đ˜źđ˜¶đ˜€đ˜© 𝘱𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜žđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜­đ˜„ đ˜Ș𝘧 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜žđ˜°đ˜łđ˜Źđ˜Šđ˜„ 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ł. đ˜›đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘰𝘯𝘭đ˜ș đ˜„đ˜Șđ˜§đ˜§đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜Š đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Ș𝘮 𝘼𝘰𝘳𝘩 đ˜€đ˜ąđ˜¶đ˜”đ˜Șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜Ž đ˜Ș𝘯 𝘮𝘯𝘩𝘱𝘬đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘰𝘧𝘧 𝘱𝘯đ˜ș đ˜€đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜Š đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜šđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜Ž đ˜«đ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜” đ˜”đ˜° 𝘮𝘩𝘩 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶!
♡ 𝘗𝘳𝘱đ˜Ș𝘮𝘩 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼, đ˜±đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜Š! 𝘏𝘩 đ˜šđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜Ž 𝘭đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜”đ˜­đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜° 𝘯𝘰𝘯𝘩 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘼 𝘋𝘱𝘳𝘬 đ˜Œđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜Ž 𝘮𝘰 đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜·đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘮𝘰𝘼𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘩 đ˜žđ˜©đ˜° đ˜ąđ˜€đ˜”đ˜¶đ˜ąđ˜­đ˜­đ˜ș đ˜„đ˜°đ˜Šđ˜Ž đ˜€đ˜°đ˜źđ˜±đ˜­đ˜Șđ˜źđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜” đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜Žđ˜€đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜źđ˜Šđ˜Ž, đ˜±đ˜­đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜Ž, 𝘰𝘳 đ˜žđ˜©đ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜ł đ˜ąđ˜Łđ˜Žđ˜°đ˜­đ˜¶đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜­đ˜ș 𝘼𝘱𝘬𝘩𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 đ˜źđ˜Šđ˜­đ˜” 𝘳đ˜Șđ˜šđ˜©đ˜” 𝘰𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Žđ˜±đ˜°đ˜”.
â™ĄÂ đ˜đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜©đ˜°đ˜­đ˜„đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘼𝘱𝘬𝘩𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘳𝘩𝘱𝘭𝘭đ˜ș đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜±đ˜±đ˜ș 𝘰𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜”đ˜Žđ˜Șđ˜„đ˜Š đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ 𝘹đ˜Șđ˜„đ˜„đ˜ș 𝘰𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Ș𝘯𝘮đ˜Șđ˜„đ˜Š. đ˜đ˜” 𝘼𝘱𝘬𝘩𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘧𝘩𝘩𝘭 đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜€đ˜­đ˜°đ˜Žđ˜Šđ˜ł đ˜”đ˜° đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Ż đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜ąđ˜­đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜„đ˜ș 𝘾𝘱𝘮 đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ 𝘱𝘭𝘾𝘱đ˜ș𝘮 đ˜”đ˜łđ˜Ș𝘩𝘮 đ˜”đ˜° 𝘧đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜„ 𝘩đ˜čđ˜€đ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜Šđ˜Ž đ˜«đ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜” đ˜”đ˜° đ˜©đ˜°đ˜­đ˜„ đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜Žđ˜°đ˜§đ˜”, 𝘾𝘱𝘳𝘼 đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„đ˜Ž đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮.
♡ "𝘞-𝘾𝘩𝘭𝘭 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘮𝘩𝘩- đ˜›đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Š 𝘾𝘱𝘮 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜Łđ˜¶đ˜š 𝘰𝘯 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„! đ˜ˆđ˜Żđ˜„ 𝘐-"
â™ĄÂ đ˜ đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜©, đ˜Žđ˜°đ˜źđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘼𝘩𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘾đ˜Ș𝘭𝘭 đ˜ąđ˜€đ˜€đ˜Șđ˜„đ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜ąđ˜­đ˜­đ˜ș 𝘩𝘼𝘣𝘱𝘳𝘳𝘱𝘮𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼𝘮𝘩𝘭𝘧 đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜§đ˜łđ˜°đ˜Żđ˜” 𝘰𝘧 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜©đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜” 𝘼𝘩𝘱𝘯đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜”đ˜°, đ˜Łđ˜¶đ˜” đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜€đ˜ąđ˜Ż'đ˜” đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜­đ˜± đ˜Șđ˜”! 𝘛𝘰 đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜© đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜±đ˜°đ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜° 𝘣đ˜ș 𝘹đ˜Ș𝘹𝘹𝘭đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜Čđ˜¶đ˜Șđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜­đ˜ș, đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜±đ˜­đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘱 đ˜Čđ˜¶đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜Ź 𝘬đ˜Ș𝘮𝘮 𝘰𝘯 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜€đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜Ź.
â™ĄÂ đ˜đ˜” đ˜”đ˜ąđ˜Źđ˜Šđ˜Ž đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘱 𝘧𝘩𝘾 đ˜Žđ˜Šđ˜€đ˜°đ˜Żđ˜„đ˜Ž đ˜”đ˜° đ˜±đ˜łđ˜°đ˜€đ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜Ž đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜ąđ˜€đ˜”đ˜Ș𝘰𝘯 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜«đ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜” đ˜„đ˜Șđ˜„ 𝘣𝘩𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘩 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜§đ˜ąđ˜€đ˜Š đ˜šđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜Ž đ˜„đ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜„ 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© 𝘱 𝘣𝘳đ˜Șđ˜šđ˜©đ˜”, đ˜·đ˜Ș𝘮đ˜Ș𝘣𝘭𝘩, 𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘩đ˜ș đ˜€đ˜°đ˜­đ˜°đ˜ł. đ˜đ˜” đ˜«đ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜” 𝘼𝘱𝘬𝘩𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘧𝘱𝘭𝘭 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜ł, đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜ł 𝘱𝘹𝘱đ˜Ș𝘯! đ˜Œđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜Ș𝘧 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶'𝘳𝘩 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘰𝘯𝘩 đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜€đ˜Šđ˜Șđ˜·đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘬đ˜Ș𝘮𝘮 đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜„.
♡ 𝘐𝘮𝘯'đ˜” 𝘱 𝘣đ˜Ș𝘹 𝘰𝘯 𝘗𝘋𝘈 đ˜„đ˜¶đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜° đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 đ˜žđ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜”đ˜° đ˜Źđ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜± đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜±đ˜¶đ˜”đ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘰𝘯 𝘱𝘮 𝘱 "đ˜€đ˜łđ˜¶đ˜Šđ˜­" đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ "đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜łđ˜”đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜Ž" đ˜·đ˜Ș𝘭𝘭𝘱đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜Łđ˜¶đ˜” đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜±đ˜łđ˜Șđ˜·đ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Š đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜„ đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜ł đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜­đ˜Ž 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ !
â™ĄÂ đ˜‹đ˜¶đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜° đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜šđ˜­đ˜Šđ˜€đ˜”đ˜§đ˜¶đ˜­ đ˜±đ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜”, đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜€đ˜°đ˜Żđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜­đ˜ș đ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜„đ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜”đ˜° đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜Žđ˜¶đ˜łđ˜Š đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘾𝘰𝘯'đ˜” 𝘣𝘩 𝘣𝘩 đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜·đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 𝘮đ˜Șđ˜„đ˜Š 𝘱𝘯đ˜șđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘼𝘩 𝘮𝘰𝘰𝘯 đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ 𝘹đ˜Șđ˜·đ˜Š đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜” 𝘱 𝘮đ˜Șđ˜źđ˜±đ˜­đ˜Š, "đ˜ đ˜°đ˜¶'𝘳𝘩 đ˜„đ˜°đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘱 đ˜šđ˜łđ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜” đ˜«đ˜°đ˜Ł 𝘓đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜°đ˜łđ˜Șđ˜€đ˜Š 𝘊𝘰𝘰𝘬đ˜Ș𝘩!" 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘼 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶.
â™ĄÂ đ˜‰đ˜łđ˜¶đ˜”đ˜Š, đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜‰đ˜ąđ˜”-đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜” 𝘱𝘭𝘮𝘰 đ˜­đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Š đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜”đ˜°đ˜°! đ˜›đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ș'𝘳𝘩 đ˜šđ˜­đ˜ąđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜° đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜·đ˜Š 𝘮𝘰𝘼𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘩 đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” 𝘼𝘱𝘬𝘩𝘮 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ș𝘳 đ˜źđ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜ł 𝘧𝘩𝘩𝘭 đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜±đ˜±đ˜ș đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜­đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜„. (𝘈𝘭𝘮𝘰 𝘮𝘰𝘼𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘩 đ˜”đ˜° đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜°đ˜± đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘼 đ˜ș𝘩𝘭𝘭đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ź-)
â™ĄÂ đ˜šđ˜°đ˜źđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘼𝘩𝘮 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ș'𝘭𝘭 𝘧𝘩𝘩𝘭 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜° đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜­đ˜¶đ˜„đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜źđ˜Žđ˜Šđ˜­đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜Ž đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜€đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜±đ˜­đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹𝘮 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜Łđ˜°đ˜”đ˜© đ˜„đ˜° đ˜Žđ˜°đ˜źđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘼𝘩𝘮 đ˜Łđ˜Šđ˜€đ˜ąđ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜Š đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ș 𝘧𝘩𝘩𝘭 𝘱 𝘭đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜”đ˜­đ˜Š đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜§đ˜” đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜” đ˜Žđ˜°đ˜źđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘼𝘩𝘮.
♡ "𝘕𝘖!! đ˜ đ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜€đ˜ąđ˜Ż'đ˜” đ˜©đ˜°đ˜­đ˜„ đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„đ˜Ž 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜¶đ˜Ž!" 𝘰𝘳, "𝘕𝘰 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜€đ˜ąđ˜Ż'đ˜” đ˜€đ˜¶đ˜„đ˜„đ˜­đ˜Š 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜¶đ˜Ž!"
â™ĄÂ đ˜ đ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜Žđ˜¶đ˜łđ˜Š 𝘓đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜°đ˜łđ˜Șđ˜€đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ș'𝘳𝘩 𝘧đ˜Ș𝘯𝘩 đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜žđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜­đ˜„đ˜Ż'đ˜” 𝘼đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜žđ˜° 𝘰𝘧 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ź đ˜«đ˜°đ˜Ș𝘯đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Łđ˜°đ˜”đ˜© 𝘰𝘧 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜© 𝘼𝘱𝘬𝘩𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘱 𝘭đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜”đ˜­đ˜Š 𝘱𝘯𝘹𝘳đ˜ș, đ˜Łđ˜¶đ˜” 𝘹đ˜Șđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜Ž đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜° đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜łđ˜Ž đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ș𝘳 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜Žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ž.
â™ĄÂ Â đ˜ˆđ˜žđ˜©, 𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘬 đ˜ąđ˜” 𝘱𝘭𝘭 𝘰𝘧 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜šđ˜¶đ˜ș𝘮 đ˜Łđ˜°đ˜Żđ˜„đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘭đ˜Ș𝘬𝘩 𝘱 𝘭đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜”đ˜­đ˜Š 𝘧𝘱𝘼đ˜Ș𝘭đ˜ș!
â™ĄÂ đ˜–đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜ąđ˜­đ˜­, 𝘓đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜°đ˜łđ˜Șđ˜€đ˜Š 𝘊𝘰𝘰𝘬đ˜Ș𝘩 đ˜­đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜„đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜łđ˜­đ˜ș đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ 𝘮đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Šđ˜­đ˜ș <3
♡ 𝘏𝘩'𝘮 đ˜šđ˜­đ˜ąđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜° đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜·đ˜Š 𝘮𝘰𝘼𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘩 𝘭đ˜Ș𝘬𝘩 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜žđ˜©đ˜° đ˜„đ˜°đ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜Ż'đ˜” 𝘮𝘩𝘩 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘱𝘮 𝘱 𝘧𝘱đ˜Șđ˜­đ˜¶đ˜łđ˜Š.
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helpimhyperfixating · 20 hours ago
It’s time for another one of my headcannons, you guys â˜ș:
Jotaro is the garbage can of the group. Not sure about the other parts, but at least in SDC; Whenever at a restaurant or hotel, anyone has some food left? Shove it over to Jotaro, he’ll make sure no money’s wasted.
I mean have you seen him? Teenager of that size and stature? Yeah, he definitely is the appointed food garbage can.
Plus, at home, it means Holly gets to cook a lot of food too, making them both happy 😌
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theangrycomet-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Finding the Nomicon- Mismasked AU
   Scowling, Randy was half tempted to throw his phone across the room as he waited for Howard’s significantly-less-funny-the-6th-time-fart voicemail to wrap up. Pacing back and forth across the bedroom, his sneakers smacked the wooden floor with each word
   “Howard what the juice?!” He snapped. Spare hand resting on his hip, he halted, though his foot continued to abuse the floor with an incessant tapping. “We’re supposed to study for the English test. You know, the one that determines whether we are still in the same class??? Why aren’t you here? Call me back, ya shoob.”
   Hanging up the phone with a huff, he glared at the contact photo.
   It was one thing to keep bailing on him at the Game Hole, but this? This determined if they pass the class. This determined if they would be able to stay together. P Slimms was barely giving them a second chance as is. How did Howard not get the importance of this?
   A sharp Buzz cut through the room and Randy snapped his phone to his ear, thumb automatically pressing against the screen in answer.
   “Dude, where are you?” He demanded before Howard could even start with the excuses. “You were supposed to be at my house over an hour-”
   The second Buzz cut him off, louder, angrier.
   “-ago?” Voice trailing off, red flashed in the corner of his vision in accompaniment as the Buzz persisted. Glancing around the room, his brow rose in bewilderment. A quick look at the phone itself revealed a pitch black screen and a frowning reflection as the Buzz flared again, growing in brightness and volume.
   What the actual juice??? If no one was calling his phone, what was ringing?
   Shoving his phone in his pocket, Randy turned as the Buzz blazed again. His toes tingled against the vibrations as he glanced at his ominously glowing desk.
   Or rather, the space beneath his desk.
   His computer gave off shadows far freakier than any piece of technology should be allowed as he approached.
   “Ooookay, so there’s a ghost haunting my desk.” Grabbing his chair, he kept it strategically in front of him as he crouched in the theoretically haunted furniture.  He took a breath, steeled himself, and extended his leg into the corners totally NOT dripping in blood tainted shadows. “Not creepy at all and definitely not a problem that my beds’ right above it.”
   The Buzz continued on, unperturbed by his commentary. Heck, if anything the light shined brighter as his toe made contact with some sort of... box?
   Pursing his lip, Randy gave the Buzz a skeptical side-eye.
   “Alright, whatever you are, if I get bit, I’m throwing you out, end of story.” he warned, squinting as he readjusted his stance. Kneeling, he extended his hand into the far too bright abyss, blinly shoving aside wires until his fingers brushed a smooth wooden corner.
   Though it took a few moments of wriggling, rearranging wires, and yanking, he eventually dislodged it from the hidy-hole it’d been jammed into. 
   Tilting his head curiously at his prize, Randy sat square and settled the chest into his lap. Curious, he brushed the thick layer of dust off of the stained wood, revealing a gold insignia. A plain stylized 9 carved through the lid of the chest like a Greek key. A near perfect square, it was enclosed in a thick gold circle. The smooth contrast of metal and wood were complimented by more of the greek-key-nine symbols carved into the legs.
   Beyond that though, it was a relatively plain and simple design. The only other thing of note being the broken latch and- as Randy’s thigh had the fun of discovering- sharply-bent-out-of-place hinge on the back. It was a miracle the chest hadn’t broke clean in two with all his tugging to free it; the lid was practically falling off as it were.
   It was, kind of sad in a way, Randy mused. He was no antique dealer but this box seemed old. And admittedly pretty cool. He didn’t think he was that careless with his things that he’d just toss something like this under his desk. Probably. Maybe?
   The Buzz rose again impatiently, brilliant light bursting from the seams of the box as his fingers played with the busted latch, flipping open the lid.
Randy finally finds the nomicon at the end of the first semester when Howard (once again) has bailed on studying with him for the English test that determines whether Principal Slimovits shifts their schedules so that they share 0 classes. (Of course with 0 parent teacher conferences).
Howard, having gotten an idea Hat Sword, has determined that the Ninja can easily handle their worries with a few false prophecies. He just needs to set everything up. With it involving the whole Ninja thing though- he has to keep Randy out of the loop for most of it.
And so the cracks begin to deepen between the two.
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michaelmyersgf · a day ago
Tumblr media
please feed me with michael smut
 i beg
 god what do i have to do
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the-mostdiabolik-of-lovers · 17 hours ago
Can we get some Yandere Laito headcanons as Laito being a yandere and you being his fixation sounds like a nightmare I don’t wanna be in-
Tumblr media
『 Laito Sakamaki ăƒŒ Yandere Headcannons 』
Headcannon Masterlist
Tumblr media
  ❈  Even when you are all alone, you can never quite shake the feeling of eyes on you. Bathing, sleeping, eating, whatever you happen to be doing, you can guarantee Laito’s eyes are fixated on you from the shadows. He doesn’t care to leave this monitoring duty to his familiars anymore... He wants to keep you under close watch himself. Always.
  ❈  Originally, Laito did as Laito always does which is toy with you alongside his brothers. He let them get a few nips in here and there, or to comment on you and watch him sucking you... but eventually, all that seized. The mansion has become almost dead silent and their fate remains mostly unknown to you. He may have disposed of them... maybe not... either way, he won’t allow you to be influenced by them, or to even speak of them anymore.
  ❈  The only time he does allow you to bathe properly is alongside him. As his bride, he calls the shots. He doesn’t want his scent on you ever washing away completely. And so, anything besides his soap, his lotion, his shampoo? Forbidden. He wants his scent to be imprinted into your pores, that is how desperate he is to forever claim you as his.
  ❈  He still doesn’t hate resistance from you, though. A little bit of pull, each time, ignites a fire within him that makes him more and more passionate. Refusing his kisses makes him ensure they bruise, refusing his embrace has him crushing you in his arms, refusing to say ‘I love you’ leaves his hands inching closer and closer to your throat to squeeze.
  ❈  He is one hell of a manipulator. Your friends and family will quickly be cut off and you will become completely isolated with him and him alone before you can even question what’s going on. You really are nothing but a butterfly trapped in his intricate spider web.
  ❈  You will have a strict schedule. From being woken at an exact time to having meals at specific moments throughout the day, he wants to always know where you are. It really is similar to a prison.
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stabbershank · 2 days ago
My lovely new friend @collieflower215 asked me about my thoughts on The Lost Boys x an s/o who does ballet, and I've been scheming for HOURS since.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ballet and 80s punk vampires don't often mix, but sometimes luck just turns out that way. See, a popular way for a pack of vampires to hunt is by picking off strangers as they flood from movie theaters, schools, and anywhere where there's a crowd. So naturally, when there's a big ballet performance at the town hall, the vampires are expecting to drink their fill- they were not, however, expecting you.
As the group of boys stuck to the shadows, stalking in the unlit rafters and looking down at the unsuspecting crowd, they were only thinking about a meal. But then, the curtains opened, people clapped politely, and the prettiest little dove danced onto the stage. Their glowing eyes attached to you, following your movements. Their ears tuned into your heartbeat. When the act was over, they followed you backstage and listened from the dark as you mingled with your fellow dancers. As you threw a coat over your shoulders and changed into sneakers for the rest of the night, you couldn't shake the feeling that you were being watched.
After the show, you and your friends from the company decide to celebrate by having some fun on the Santa Carla Boardwalk. There's games, rides, concerts- and a group of boys who complement your dancing and invite you to take a ride.
That was a couple months ago, and oh boy, did your world turn upside down after that. For one thing, your dance coach is beginning to get weary about the hoodlums who come to pick you up on their motorcycles. Sometimes, during stage practice, one or two will even stand in the back of the theater and watch your recital. They'll whistle and holler when you're done, making you blush and making everyone else a tiny bit curious.
You've had to make the boys promise to not eat the people who come to your shows. It takes some convincing.
They get jealous every time you dance with a partner. You have to convince them to not eat your partners, as well.
As a joke, they like to "dance" with you, AKA picking you up, twirling you around, and falling on their asses. It's always a good laugh but an absolute travesty to the fine art of ballet.
Those punk tweens, bless their heart, come to all of your performances, but they're never in the crowd. True to their nature, they sit up in the rafters like bats, sharing bottles of beer with their eyes trained on you. No one ever notices them up there, but you always hear their shouts and cheering when you take a bow. The stage manager thinks that the theater is haunted.
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yuckydraws · 2 days ago
Skelly of your choice with a s/o pro player of just dance
Just as the last one, pls include who you want in your request. You don’t have to know their names, just saying “UF Sans” or “HT papyrus” is enough.
I’ll choose Papyrus, Blue, and Boss.
Papyrus: Wowie! He’s impressed! He’ll want to play along with you even if you win every time. He’ll be having a grand time dancing with you and being all silly. He might even ditch the game at some point and just pull you in for some fun dancing. He’ll get all giggly at the silliness of it all.
Blue: He’s also impressed but he takes this as a challenge. He will beat you. Or at least he thought he might. He gets really competitive and he might get a little frustrated at how amazing you are at this. Eventually he’ll give up, but he’s kind of disappointed in himself. Give him a little smooch or a little reassurance, and he’ll be laughing at his own silliness.
Boss: Unlike the others, he will not play with you, but he will be impressed by your skill. He will watch you or peek at you while he works on making dinner or folding laundry. But he will always turn away when you look at him. He thinks he’s being sneaky but you definitely can feel his eyes on you. These dances aren’t his style, but he would love to slow dance with you to some romantic music
 though, he’ll never admit that. Maybe pull him in for some slow dancing and see how flustered you can make him before he relaxes and enjoys it.
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hermits-that-craft · 18 days ago
idk why, but i love the idea of ‘admin meetups’ for aus. not like an admin counsel where you go to get your ability or permission to be an admin, but just like a yearly meetup on a world (normally hermitcraft)
just, imaging the idea of xisuma going ‘okay whos here’ and people doing a roll call. Scott shows up (MCC) with Fwhip (Empires). Dream is five minutes late and Callahan stands behind him glaring. New admins show up and their names are written down but they’re often too scared to talk. Grian shows up and everyone thinks its because he’s a hermit but he originally went as force of habit from Evo and now shows up because of the Life series.
I just think it could be really funky. Also the idea of Callahan having to escort Dream around Hermitcraft because he’s been let out of prison for this is very funny to me.
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ss3890 · 2 months ago
Cayrie’s Guide to the House of Lamentation - ✹
Tumblr media
Heya, fellow MC’s! 
I’ve spent almost my entire weekend working on a simple floor plan for the House of Lamentation. I was trying to write some dumb fanficiton, realized that I had absolutely nothing concrete to anchor these characters to, and that was a problem for me.
Internet searches left me empty-handed. I found a lot of impressive Sim houses, but they didn’t really give me what I was looking for. So, I came to conclusion that I was going to have to make my own. 
There are a lot of small, often contradictory details about the HOL that made this a pretty daunting task at first. Then I just said fuck it and rolled with the punches. I took my liberties to make something that worked for me - and hopefully, it can work for you, too!
I like to imagine that my MC self actually did take time to create a map like this for her own benefit - and to the benefit of anyone else who might need it. (Potential spoilers ahead + map is not to scale)
Tumblr media
I took the time to scan my original drawings and upload them in a way that’s easier to read, (hopefully). From here, I’ll start from the Underground Tomb, and work my way up. The individual levels can be found under the cut:
Tumblr media
The Underground Tomb. Honestly, there isn’t much to say about this one. I added a utility room that you can access through a door that goes under the landing, and a secret passage that comes down from Lilith’s Room.
Tumblr media
The Lower/Basement Level. There’s a lot going on down here. 
As this is a “dorm house” with so many people living in it - they would need a large laundry room to accommodate everyone’s needs. They would also need a lot of bathrooms. I gave every resident their own private bathrooms with additional communal ones located on each floor.
I decided to split the brother’s rooms up between floors due to a few factors: 
1.) Mammon has a car is in his room. It’s on a level higher than his living space, which tells me that his space is below ground. It makes more sense that the car would be on ground level, rather than him having to drive up a ramp to the second level or whatever to garage it. He has his own private garage and entry door at the rear of the house.
Pretty much, his living space has been built around his car. 
2.) It’s unlikely that Mammon would be on the lower alone. I felt that Levi and the Twins would be the likely candidates to share the floor with him. 
3.) Levi’s room being in the lower level allows good support for the giant aquariums he has. In positioning it below the MC/Guest room, I realized that his ceiling aquarium could also feed the roots of the guest room tree. It’s a neat little headcannon that I enjoy quite a bit. 
4.) Putting Beel and Belphie down here would allow me to give them a sizable room for the two of them. It would also give direct access to the Underground Tomb for lost Chihuahua purposes (and make sneaking Luke around the house under Luci’s nose a lot easier to do, as Luci is on the second floor in my universe.)
5.) I put Lilith’s Secret Room down here next to the Twin’s for similar reasons. Lilith had a strong affinity with the Twins, so it’s a nice that that her tribute room would be next to theirs. 
This is a room of secrets full of illusionary magic. It doesn’t have to take up a large physical footprint. 
Luke, after hiding in Beel’s closet, disappears into thin air, which leads Beel and MC to discover the secret room. I imagine that there is a false panel that leads from the closet to Lilith’s room, and additional secret passages leading both down into the tomb and up into the library. It makes sense to me that this is how Luke was able to move from Beel’s room, to the secret room, to the underground tomb so efficiently. (There is also some sus spying implications here, probably, if you want there to be. [Looks at Lucifer].)
Tumblr media
The First Floor. Iconic and communal. 
The HOL, being the mansion that it is, needed a grand porch and entry. I imagine that the door we see in the official HOL art is actually the garden entrance.  This would also allow me to have the long planes of house I needed to extend back to the Living room, which we can see from the Entrance Hall.
This being a large and full house, I gave them significant pantry space. Keeping it stocked is probably a full-time job with Beel around, though. Maybe Lucifer puts a magical lock on it ( so Beel can raid only the fridge at night and not eat them out of house and home every time they turn around.) 
I gave the Living Room rear doors that extend into hallways. The Guest/MC room is tucked in the far corner behind the kitchen, away from any of the other bedrooms, but with good access to the central stairway.
Mammon’s car is seen here at the rear of this level, along with his private entries.
I clustered the Common Room. Library, Music Room, and Observatory together, as this made sense to me. The Living Room seems more of a formal, receiving area, so that’s in the middle with a few ways to go around it. There are two half-baths located in a convenient place between the Dining, Living, and Common rooms.
Tumblr media
The Second Level. Here is where the grand staircases of the Entrance Hall take you. Lucifer shares this floor with Satan and Asmodeus. 
I totally didn’t forget all about the grand stairs in my first draft, only to have to redo this level and push Luci and Asmo’s rooms out to the side. You know, only one of the most obvious and prominent details of this house. Nope, not at all.
In making this image, I realize that the balcony could/should have come out a lot farther than I made it. Imagine it as you will - makes no difference, really. I do remember one being mentioned at some point, though.
Satan’s room is directly over the Library. I didn’t think to make him a “secret” passage down there, but he most definitely has direct access to the stores of books below him. His room is basically an unofficial extension of the larger library, after all. 
Asmo’s space is half bath room. I think it’s an open concept room, with plenty of windows, as he isn’t shy about sharing his beauty with the world. He can look out directly over the garden and observatory and watch who comes and goes.
Lucifer, being the Dad Master of the House, gets a significant suite to himself. His Office and Bedroom are connected by a master bath, allowing him easy access no matter where he is in the space - working or relaxing. I imagine the Office with big double doors. Having his rooms located here would also allow him to keep a watchful eye on the Central Stairway and the Attic level. It’s why it was such a pain for MC to try and sneak up there without him being right on their case about it.
There is dialogue in Lesson 20 that Lucifer’s Office is actually the secret study accessed by the Library. However, it doesn’t make sense to me that the office belonging to the head-of-household and Diavolo’s right-hand man would have been a secret. People know about it. They can walk into the HOL, go up the grand stairs, and walk right into his office and conduct business with him. (The Secret Study is one of those details I chose to ignore for the sake of my own logic. Though I do imagine that the library passage does contain Luci’s extra stores of demonus that he wanted to hide from his brothers.)
It is also why, when MC is coming down from the attic party to either [get a drink] or [take a breather], they have to walk directly by his study. To me, that makes sense how MC can hear Luci’s record playing as they come down from the attic, and why Luci can hear the all the ruckus going on in the attic with ease. 
Tumblr media
The Attic Room. Like the Tomb level, this one is pretty self explanatory. I added some defined storage in the rear, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I guess I was thinking of a designated living area for (an imprisoned) Belphie where he wouldn’t have to be surrounded by more junk than he wanted. Don’t ask me about going to the bathroom, go ask Luci how all that stuff worked. 
SO, I guess that’s all, folks. Use this as you will. It would make me happy to know that it helps anchor other people like it does for me! Feel free to use this as a starting point to make your own layout, if you wish. We all have our own way of imagining things - this is just mine. If you have any problems viewing the images, do let me know! đŸ™đŸ»
Go forth and stay awesome, you lovely people.
- Cayrie ✹
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