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See my muses bad memories

Harley is backstage waiting for her turn. This is one of the most important times of her life. If she can manage to do well here, her bid for the Olympics next year is almost guaranteed. The coach who had recruited her had told her there was a special interest in her. She takes a deep breath before going out to hear the roar of the crowd. She’s half way through, floor routine is next and she is confident. Everything had been going well, but as she is landing from a twist, she felt something wrong. She is on the floor and there is a metal rod through her leg. It doesn’t hurt at first. But then it does, white hot, firey pain that overwhelms her being. Later she is told that someone hadn’t correctly cleaned up the floor. But her career is over, or so they say.


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Hello! So um.. Could I request HCs of the bucci gang for a FTM trans reader feeling dysphoria?? I love your writing so much!!



Also thanks!💖💖💖

The ask didn’t state whether it was supposed to be platonic or romantic so I kept it at platonic but feel free to resubmit the ask if you’d like because I had a lot of fun doing this one!


  • He actually doesn’t completely get it at first
  • Like you’re so obviously a guy so what’s wrong?
  • Once he gets it he’ll feel bad and try to give you validation
  • He’ll cuddle you for a very long time mumbling things about how strong and manly you are
  • And my ‘cuddle’ I mean he kinda won’t let go until he’s 1000% sure you feel like the strongest guy on earth
  • Once you’ve calmed down he’ll run to the nearest store and buy you a bunch of your favorite snacks
  • He’ll basically just stay next to you for the entire day and do whatever you want to do


  • “Hm? I’m not the best with trans stuff but’re definitely a real dude. Don’t listen to them, alright?”
  • He’ll beat up anyone that purposefully misgenders you
  • He’ll also stay close to you for a while and validate you
  • He’ll put on some very bad and cheesy comedy or romance films to try and distract you from your dysphoria
  • If that doesn’t work he’ll either take you on a walk or if you’re feeling too dysphoric to go out he’ll try and find another activity you guys can do from home


  • “Hey, don’t be upset alright? You’re a man, those people are just assholes who only think about themselves.”
  • As the mother of 5 sexually confused angry Italian children he knows how to comfort someone well, so he’ll use that to his advantage
  • He’ll mostly give you a bunch of compliments on your physical appearance to try and calm you down
  • If that doesn’t work he’ll try and have a discussion about what causes you the most dysphoria and what he can do to help
  • After that he’ll probably take you out to lunch if you’re feeling confident enough to go out. If not then he’ll make your favorite food from home.


  • Feels really sympathetic and will listen to you rant and vent for as long as you want
  • Will give you a long discussion on how it doesn’t matter what other people say and that what matters is what really are
  • Will also beat up anyone who purposely misgenders you
  • He’ll let you borrow some of his clothes if it helps with the dysphoria, but that’s probably not a good idea because half of them have tiddy windows
  • He’ll just kinda keep comforting you throughout the day and will make sure that you feel like a real guy by the end of it


  • Isn’t completely sure how to react at first
  • He’ll start of by just listening and then start to try and comfort you as you go on
  • Isn’t the best at comforting people but he’ll try his best to validate you
  • “Wait, people are saying that you aren’t a guy just because you’re trans? Oh fuck them.”
  • “If Giorno can have a heart shaped tiddy window in his every day outfit and still be a guy then you’re a guy.”
  • Will beat up anyone who misgenders you, whether it be on purpose or on accident
  • Hurts them a lot more than he probably should


  • “Well, they’re just..wrong.”
  • Stays mostly quiet while you rant to him. He’s more than willing to share the extensive knowledge he has on how transgender people have existed throughout history but he assumes that you don’t want that so he just stays quiet
  • Once he’s somewhat calmed you down the first thing he’ll do is go and buy you a binder or a packer if you don’t already have one
  • If you already have them both then from the day you first talk to him about your dysphoria he’ll start to secretly pool money together to get you top/bottom surgery. It’s not much, but if he can eventually get you happy then that will make him happy
  • Won’t beat up anyone that misgenders you for the sole reason that he’s afraid he’ll get too mad and break some of their bones
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Fred Weasley x Slytherin Reader

A/N: Super sorry if the timelines don’t match up. I tried my best but I was having heaps of fun with this one :) Part 2 coming soon!!!

Warnings: None that I can think of, fluff maybe? 

Summary: You’re in Slytherin, and on the quidditch team. You have developed a crush on Fred Weasley over the past few months, and are trying to uncover if he feels the same about you. 


The buzzing atmosphere in the dungeon was making you slightly itchy and totally nauseous. It was Friday morning before breakfast, and the common room was already bustling; green and silver paraphernalia was slowly covering the walls whilst excited students chattered amongst each other. 

“Knock ‘em dead, Y/N.”  

“Good luck tomorrow!” 

“I’m going to congratulate you now, I can just see the sweet victory! Divination has served me well.”

It was the first Quidditch match for the school year tomorrow, and being your third year on the Slytherin team, it made no sense to you to feel so nervous. You were a great Chaser – the best on the team, in fact. Your captain Marcus Flint made note of this regularly to bring the others in line.

But this morning, you knew there was something toying with your mind and trying to put you off. As you headed to breakfast, you tried to understand your queasiness, but couldn’t quite put your finger on it. 

“Y/N,” a voice called behind you in the common room. You turned around to see your best friend Adrian seated on the black velvet sofa in front of the fireplace holding One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi.

“Hey,” you greeted while sitting down next to him. He draped his arm behind you across the back of the couch. “Weird question, but are you feeling okay?” 

He looked at you, concerned. “I think so. Am I meant to not feel okay?” 

You shook your head. “I must be nervous or something,” 

“You? Nervous?” he asked mockingly. “Why should you be nervous?” 

You felt a tingle run down your spine as his fingers began to tickle your neck. You immediately snapped your head to your shoulder to make him stop, but his fingers kept wiggling, even with limitations. You let out giggles and ‘stop it!’s as protest and tried to pull his arm away until he let up. 

“What was that for?” 

“You not realising how great you are.” 

Adrian has been your best friend since you two were children. Your families had been good friends since they were at Hogwarts, so you spent plenty of time together, having sleepovers and spending summer’s at his parent’s place in the country, which is where you both received your Hogwarts acceptance letters. You would consider him you friend soulmate, if such a thing existed. But many of the other students saw you as something more. Like now, for instance, a group of girls in your year are sitting next to the windows looking out to the black lake, giggling and whispering while looking directly at you - obvious signs of gossiping. You knew nothing would happen with Adrian. You were too good of friends to let something like feelings come and ruin more than a decade of friendship. And besides, he was like a brother to you. 

“Let’s go. I don’t want to miss out on any of those chocolate croissants,” you said.

Adrian packed up his textbook and meandered with you to exit the common room. You snaked your arm around his to link you together, just for the fun of keeping those girls guessing. Adrian didn’t seem to mind, as he looked down at you with a smile. 


You sat with two of your other teammates in the Great Hall. The uneasiness still lingered, as if you’d missed the last step on one of the moving staircases, which was admittedly a frequent occurrence. It was starting to get irritating, since you never felt like this, especially not before Quidditch. 

Your friends were all making an effort to have a normal morning to try and take their minds off tomorrow, although you could tell the upcoming Herbology quiz and the latest news articles about Sirius Black were the least of their worries.

The four of you came to an agreement early in your first year on the team together — that there was to be no speak of Quidditch two days before a match. It came about after a rather nasty incident during your first game together, which was also to never be discussed again. Several Slytherin students came up to the group to wish you luck tomorrow, and you all thanked them. As soon as they left, it was back to non sensical topics before someone blurted out anything to do with Quidditch. At least it was making you feel better. 

“We’re going to slaughter them tomorrow,” a voice sounded from behind you. 

Draco Malfoy. 

He had a twisted smirk on his face, and placed a hand on your friend Cassius’ shoulder, which made him jump. By them, Malfoy was talking about your opposition for tomorrow afternoon – Gryffindor. “I’d give anything to wipe that smug look off of Potter’s face.” 

As you tore a piece of croissant off, the uneasiness began to scratch at you again. But this time, you could pin point the feeling. It was as if a pair of eyes were lingering on you, nagging you to turn around. You tried to ignore it, but it was becoming unbearable. You looked to your right towards the table of professors, but there was nothing. It was probably just those unusual nerves. But as you looked to your left, a pair of eyes locked with yours. 

Fred Weasley. 

You grinned at him as if it was a reflex. He smiled back with a glistening look in his eyes, then took a sip from his goblet. 

“Y/N?” Adrian said, nudging your side. You returned to the conversation, going red in the cheeks as you finally understood the uneasiness.

To say you were in love was an overstatement. I was just a silly crush that you had on Fred, nothing more. He was in a few of your classes, and you have been good friends over the years. You were friends with lots of the Gryffindors in your year, actually. Despite the implications of being in Slytherin, and your friend’s morals, you were one of the friendlier ones and got along with people from all different houses, so it wasn’t surprising that you got on well with Fred, too. Maybe a little too well these past months, when this little crush emerged. You’d catch him staring at you numerous times in the day, and you always kept up a playful banter (which involved plenty of flirting) whenever you had the chance to speak with him. You always wondered if he felt the same about you, but knew it was best not to dwell on those things. You were just an ‘evil’ Slytherin, after all. 

“Are you ready for Potions?” Adrian asked you as the group started to head to the common room. You caught Fred’s gaze again with a side glance as you walked. You could’ve sworn he winked at you…

“Yeah. As ready as I’ll ever be,” you said mindlessly. A surge of heat rose to your face for the second time this morning, and you couldn’t help smiling to yourself.

“Great. I’m sitting next to you. I need to get out of Snape’s bad books desperately, and nothing will do that more than sitting next to our best Chaser. Snape loves you.”

You exited the Great Hall while you playfully elbowed Adrian. “You know the rules. No Quidditch talk until we get out of class. And gross.” 


“Postponed?” several voices chimed in confusion, which triggered an angry chatter to explode.

Professor McGonagall had summoned the Gryffindor and Slytherin Quidditch players to the courtyard an hour into second period to announce the terrible news. You shook you head and huffed angrily. 

“We wanted to let the teams know first. Malfoy was sent to the hospital wing with an injury to his arm around an hour ago, and it looks to be serious,” she explained sternly. “Tomorrow’s Quidditch game will be postponed until further notice. The next match is scheduled as per usual, with Gryffindor and Hufflepuff in a few weeks. I’m very sorry about this.” 

You turned to your Slytherin teammates and joined in ranting and cursing out Malfoy. After McGonagall finished speaking privately with Marcus and Oliver Wood, the two Quidditch captains, she sent everyone back to class. You trailed behind Adrian and Marcus back in the direction of Potions.

“Shame, huh?” a voice said behind you. You turned around to see Fred, and a small grin formed on your lips.

“Yeah, it sucks,” you commented as you walked together. “Malfoy’s such an idiot. Just wait until I get my hands on that slimy neck of his.”

“Tell me about it,” Fred said, rolling his eyes. “My brother Ron is always complaining about him. His whole family is pretty slimy, if you ask me.”

“Definitely,” you agreed, looking up at Fred to meet his eyes.

“Listen, if you ever need to send a rouge bludger on him any time soon, just let me know. George and I will sort something out for you,” he said kindly, winking at you for the second time today, which sent butterflies rattling in your stomach.

“I might have to hold you to that offer when he gets out of the hospital wing,” you grinned as you rounded the corner to enter the dungeons. 

“Say, it is a shame about the match, since we were going to totally beat you guys,” you say, poking your elbow into Fred’s arm.

“Oh,” Fred sung, bringing a hand to your side, tickling your weak spots. “A little bit competitive, are we?” 

You scoffed and swatted his hand away. “Well we can be, since, you know, we are the best team in the school,” you sighed confidently but jokingly. Fred shook his head while you climbed down the stairs. 

“Wow,” he sighed. “Competitive and cocky! No wonder no one likes Slytherin.” 

“Hey!” you exclaimed, playfully punching his arm. Fred knew you were sensitive about that topic, but he would say anything to get you riled up. 

“I’m kidding,” he laughed. “You’re different.” 


“You know, you’re not like the other Slytherins. You’re actually very likeable.” 

He looked down at you with that same sparkly look he gave you this morning. 

“Maybe you wouldn’t like me as much if we had beaten you guys tomorrow,” you joked. 

Fred playfully nudged your shoulder as you walked up to your classroom where Snape was waiting outside. 

“Took a detour, Mr. Weasley?” he asked rhetorically. You peered inside the classroom to see Adrian already seated at your table. He looked at you, then at Fred. Maybe you were dawdling? 

“No, sir. It was just-“ 

“Five points from Gryffindor for being late, and five for holding up Miss Y/L/N.” 

You wanted to protest, but realised you shouldn’t defend a Gryffindor in front of your Head of House.

Snape made way for the both of you to enter the class, and resumed teaching. As you sat down in your seat, Adrian looked at you with the same concern he had on his face this morning. 

“What were you doing with Weasley?” he whispered. 

“Nothing,” you said innocently. “Just talking.” 

You both returned to the lesson about the properties of unicorn horns and it’s uses in different potions, but couldn’t help yourself. You caught Fred’s gaze from across the room. He poked his tongue out at you for making him lose 10 points for Gryffindor. You poked back, which make him grin that cheeky grin. 

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After the release of New Horizons, Villager and Isabelle invited every fighter to come visit the island once it was semi-ready for them. Many things occurred that day.

•Link taught everyone how to fish. Ness caught a marlin and was the center of attention until Marth almost got crushed by the shark he reeled in

•The Koopalings (and Bowser) all decided to take up the duty of shooting down all the balloons that flew over. A stray slingshot rock hit Ryu, who didn’t notice the welt until later

•Ridley got kicked out for terrorizing the villagers

•Banjo and Kazooie were very happy to catch some bugs, look at them, then release them. Greninja ate one of them and made the bear very upset

•It’s not clear who did it, but someone summoned wasps. Everyone scattered like rats. Pit fell victim to the wasps, and later, a scorpion

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Is it cool to request nsfw hc of Rohan pt4 Jotaro and Josuke with a s/o who likes to act tough but is a super softie and get flustered easily, rambles a lot as well thanks!

Yeah, of course it’s cool! Thanks for this suggestion btw because I needed to practice writing for part 4 characters.

Also I tried making this NSFW but it’s not as NSFW as the other ones I’ve written so I’m sorry about that.

⚠️Warning: NSFW⚠️


  • Was glad that you ended up not being as tough as you pretended to be
  • Although he could have just used Heaven’s Door to make you to submit to him he finds it more natural and intriguing that you’ll do it automatically
  • Is also really glad that you get flustered easily but it’s probably for the wrong reasons
  • Sometimes he’ll go through all the foreplay only for him to just start drawing you while you’re all flustered and needy
  • He doesn’t do it often because even Rohan has some small amount of human decency but on the days when you’re extra desperate or he’s working on a separate project where he needs a sex scene he’ll just start sketching
  • Will definitely tell you to shut up if you ramble on for too long. He finds it a bit cute but also finds it very annoying
  • He might even use Heaven’s Door to write a command that you won’t ramble on for too long

Jotaro (4)

  • Is also glad that you weren’t as tough as you seemed because he wants to be the dominant one in the relationship
  • Honestly when you get all flustered and rambly you remind him of his fangirls from highschool
  • But he tries to push that thought aside
  • He’ll get mildly annoyed at your ramblings but after a while he doesn’t seem to mind
  • Actually once you’ve been in a relationship for a while he starts to see them as a cute unique part of you
  • Speaking of cute, he finds it absolutely adorable when you get flustered
  • Like he feels like a school girl every time your face turns tomato red
  • But he will not admit it because he has to be the tough guy


  • Once he found out that you weren’t actually that tough he was a little conflicted
  • Because on one hand he has no idea what to do when it comes to being dominant during sex (josuke has more bottom energy than me and that’s saying something)
  • But on the other hand he absolutely loves when you get flustered
  • He’ll probably get flustered just from looking at you when you’re like that
  • He thinks your ramblings are absolutely adorable
  • He’ll just listen to them for as long as you keep spouting them out
  • Although he’ll probably ignore them when either of you are getting close to climaxing because that’s what he wants all of his focus to be on
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Hi there! Can I ask for some Michael and Herman headcanons with their survivor s/o who has a really terrible immune system and is prone to getting sick? And they still try and push through trials and what not? Even tho they need rest and their eyes burn? I recently got sick again and feel terrible otl - thank you so much!! Your posts give me life!!

(Hi! You sure can! And I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well, I hope you get better! And thank you! ❤️)

Weak Immune Systems and Sickness Headcannons: Michael Myers (The Shape) + Herman Carter (The Doctor) x Reader (Nuetral)

Warnings: Normal gore + sickness

Michael Myers (The Shape):

  • Oh, your sick? So what?
  • Seriously, Michael is an asshole who doesn’t understand not everyone is a super human like him that can literally lift people just by their necks.
  • When he sees you pushing through trials, sneezing, coughing, whatever, he simply sees it as an advantage to him. It’s hard to hide from someone when your sniffling and sneezing.
  • Even if you two are in ‘relationship’—if that even exists with Michael—he’ll still use your sickness as a advantage towards him. Michael isn’t exactly one to show mercy, so be prepared to be treated the same regardless of if your sick or not.
  • Michael would never admit it, but there is the tiniest, smallest, littlest, minuscule of empathy he’ll feel for you. But don’t expect him to ever show it.
  • If he sees you after a trial still sick, he’ll scope you up and put you somewhere softer to lay on. He’ll forcefully shut your eyes with his two fingers and grunt, his way of telling you to sleep and get better.
  • Michael says it’s only because prey isn’t fun to chase when it’s already wounded. But you know somewhere deep down he wants you to feel better.

Herman Carter (The Doctor):

  • Well aren’t you lucky! Your boyfriend is a literal doctor!
  • When Herman see’s you sniffling and sneezing and pushing yourself through a trial, he’ll definitely go a little easier on you. Pretends not to hear you sniffing while you hide behind that rock. Ignores those scratch marks going to go rescue a teammate on a hook.
  • Afterwards, Herman will scoop you up from the campfire and bring you to his study at Lery’s. He’ll plop you down somewhere soft, telling you to stay. Goes to his bookshelf and begins to pull novels about human ailments, just to make sure your sickness isn’t anything to serious.
  • Sits at his desk and begins to read off symptoms of sicknesses to you. When he concludes what’s wrong with you, he comes over to you and gently feels your forehead, before pulling away and giggling.
  • “Rest, now.” He giggles, petting your head.
  • Once your out, goes to Lisa to ask if she had any plants or herbs she could mash up to make a medicine.
  • Herman is more than happy to be taking care of you. He hasn’t been an actual doctor in what seems like a very long time. And it means more time to study you (and be with you.)
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I didn't even know about den of thieves until I found your tumblr 😍 BLESS YOU!!! I'd like to request a Ray headcanon where he's totally smitten for the shy reader who doesnt think he'd be interested in her

Originally posted by schreiberpablo

You’re welcome  💗

  • You’re adorable 
  • You’re shy and keep to yourself 
  • You’re sweet and have an aura of warmth that soothes Ray 
  • Between prison and being deployed, he hasn’t had much kindness as of late 
  • And when he receives it from you, he’s taken aback 
  • At first, it makes him wonder if maybe its an act 
  • But he figures out very quickly that it isn’t 
  • You just actually treat him well and now he can’t get over it 
  • You don’t say much, but when you do you treat him better than he’s been treated in a long time and he grows attached to you 
  • Rather quickly 
  • He feels stupid then because no way would a girl as sweet and shy as you would love or even care for a man like him 
  • His brute nature doesn’t let him think that you would go for him but he enjoys being with you nevertheless 
  • He ends up falling for you even more though and it doesn’t take him long to become entirely enamored with you 
  • He’s whipped and he knows it 
  • But he hasn’t felt like this in years and even though he feels you would never go for a guy like him, he plans on sticking around for as long as you allow him 
  • He takes you out on things that feel like dates but aren’t technically 
  • Out for lunch, ice cream, afternoon movies 
  • He just loves being able to spend time with you, getting to have you in his presence, being sweet as always 

Taglist: @a-dorky-book-keeper  @jigsawlover10  @titty-teetee 

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Ramble about bubba? Maybe some general headcanons on what he lives through, and how he acts, any tics, what his mind is like, anything!

Well… with Bubba, even as a killer, he’s sweet all around

He wants to make everyone (be it drayton or his s/o) proud and happy with him! So it hurts when drayton goes and gets on him for nothing

He can’t talk. He can make squeals and pig noises for the most part. I don’t believe he was really given help (since he’s not the smartest) so if you try, he’ll gladly let you teach him things

He loves his family dearly, but if he meets someone he loves dearly as well? He’d probably disobey drayton and spare you. Letting himself love you

He has tics! When super excited he gets a bit rough with his surroundings and happy wiggles! Or his little happy dance from the second movie

Inside his mind is basically a puppy. I process all his thinking as a puppy. But at the same time he’s like a loyal dog. He’ll obey and attack on command. It’s basically programmed in him at this point

And that’s all I can really think of right now,,,

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uhm hii, this is my first ask lol buh heres mine [nsfwwww] what would Kino do if he was “going solo” in really curious and i haven’t really seen any kino headconnons anywhere 🥺 my fav boi needs love 🥺


『 Kino - “Going Solo” Headcannons 』

  • Kino is not openly sexual, really. He does know how to filter himself, but is no stranger to flirting and is quite confident in himself. This being said, he still does take care to not be caught out “going solo” anywhere other than his bedroom or the bath, and such. With his lover, however, it can sometimes be a different story.
  • Kino, having only to really worry about Yuuri and his lover catching him, gets heaps of time to enjoy himself. If he does happen to get caught, he will either play it off like an awkward, teenage boy with Yuuri, or demand his lover to watch and contain themselves.
  • It doesn’t take too much to get this prince off, despite what you may think. Especially not if his lover was dragged into watching. His lover is usually his main stimulus, visual or otherwise.
  • Some things are a big no-no for Kino. He will usually avoid anything that makes him feel vulnerable or does not give him too much control, such as anal. He does rather enjoy soft but quick techniques of storing himself, too, and can go for an hour or two if edging himself good enough. He enjoys keeping his favourite techniques a secret from his lover, however, and forcing them to discover them.
  • He does tend to avoid the scrotum, finding it a little too sensitive for his liking, but does not mind delving in deeply by teasing his own tip and other less sensitive areas. When he really gets into the mood, too, he does tend to get carried away vocally.
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Komahina for 7 please?

Who would haunt each other after death or chase away suitors.

 Komaeda would feel a bit too…unworthy of having Hajime’s attention on him, so if he died, I imagine that he would just be hopeful that the next person that entered in his life would be a good match for him. I do imagine if it was someone that clearly wasn’t good to Hajime, or Hajime couldn’t shake off the suitor that was neglectful, Komaeda may step in. As for haunting him? Komaeda doesn’t feel as though Hajime needs him to haunt him around, or be around. Hajime’s pretty strong and he admires that. So he focuses on making sure he stays safe, rather than to remind Hajime that he’s still around. (That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t leave hints. It doesn’t mean Hajime doesn’t know. He knows. He always knows.) 

 That being said, Hajime would probably be protective around Komaeda after death. He would want to try to soften the luck cycle as much as he possibly can (which to be fair, he’s dead, he’s not sure if he’s helping at all. He wasn’t sure of it when he was alive). He wants Komaeda to live the best life he possibly could, so I imagine that would be his reason to haunt. As for chasing away suitors, he would if he thought that they were trying to take advantage over Komaeda because Komaeda’s idea of self-worth isn’t all that great.

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May i have fluffy headcannon of Kanato please,,? ;v;

『 Kanato Sakamaki - Fluffy Headcannons 』

  • Stroke his hair as you fall asleep together, please. While he may not be the biggest fan of it to begin with (unlike Ayato), he will sincerely appreciate the affection and intimate closeness.
  • During his bath times, Kanato may occasionally dump a whole lot of bubble bath product into the water with him. Sure, Reiji might get made when he ultimately makes a mess of the bathroom with the bubbles, but he really does enjoy distracting himself with it.
  • Of course he enjoys whispering and chatting to Teddy, so it isn’t uncommon either to know he confides in the bear with more secretive things… if Kanato is to make any loving confession of any kind to his lover, he make sure to run it past Teddy first.
  • If he does not have both his hands occupied by holding Teddy, holding his hand is a sure way to remind Kanato of your love and to put at ease any anxieties he might have about you not being close. Of course, it might be wise to ask him first to avoid being scolded for it, but he will usually say yes if he is in a good mood.
  • What you eat affects the taste of your blood. Keep this in mind before Kanato demands another drink. Foods high in sugar will really satisfy his sweet tooth and his craving for blood. Not to mention he might reward you for making your blood so tasty with a kiss.
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So, I wanted to write nsfw headcannons about the characters as no one else was doing it and I love these characters to bits, I love them lot so I decided to start this blog off with just some general nsfw head canons about the main and major characters in both games, I hope that you guys enjoy.

Max Caulfield:

  • Max is insanely shy during sex and she’s hella vanilla but she’s open to try a lot of stuff with her lover, she prefers to have soft and romantic sex and she doesn’t like having meaningless sex. Max doesn’t like to have sex too often, she has sex probably once or twice at week.
  • Max enjoys worshipping and or praising her lover during sex, she’ll sometimes murmur and or whisper little things to her lover whilst they make love, she’ll sometimes murmur sweet little nothings against their skin before kissing the area and she’s just really soft and loving during sex.
  • Max loves tattoos and or moles and freckles on her lovers body, she’ll often kiss and or compliment her lover on their freckles and or tattoos, she finds them to be sexy sometimes and she loves people with unique appearances even if it’s just a mole in the corner of their eye, she finds them to be unique and beautiful.
  • Max is incredibly good with her hands and is great at pleasing her lover with her fingers, if you’re a girl then she knows what you’d like as well as your sweet spots and if your guy then she’ll probably understand what places you enjoy her touching, she’s just hella good with her hands.
  • Max is quite loud during sex and let’s out these soft moans that sound higher-pitched, when she’s approaching her orgasm she’ll probably scratch and dig her nails into your skin, she might even kiss you before she’ll cry out your name a few times in a scream that sounds super high-pitched and it almost sounds like a screech.
  • Max prefers to be on the receiving end during sex and she mostly prefers to be submissive during sex but she doesn’t mind giving you pleasure sometimes, she’ll do it if you ask her to do it. But she doesn’t pay too much attention to whether she’s on top or bottom, all she cares about is pleasing you and showing you how much she loves and cares for you.
  • Max can be hella needy especially after you tease the hell out of her, sometimes it could be just seeing you in an amazing outfit or you just rubbing her thighs, she tries to remain patient but when you keep teasing her it makes her hella needy for you and she grows impatient, if you don’t stop then she might just take control of the situation.
  • Max enjoys taking a few photos before and after sex, she’ll take a pictures of her lover half-naked (With their permission of course) and she’ll take pictures of their goofy and or lustful expressions and she’ll probably take a selfie right after with her lover in the shot and some flirty and or excited expression. She loves keeping memories of her sexual encounters and would probably masturbate to the picture when she can.

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Hi ;) can you do a headcannon Rio and the reader spending time with marcus and admiring the new baby.

I have this one here that’s mostly the same idea, it just doesn’t really include the mom/reader so I just added on 

  • He’s never been happier 
  • He’s got both of his children plus the love of his life together 
  • He never thought that something like this would be a part of his future
  • Yet here he was, sitting on the couch with you, Marcus in your lap and his new pride and joy asleep in his arms 
  • He stayed staring down at the baby
  • He had been in awe with Marcus and he was in awe again now 
  • How could he create something so beautiful? 
  • So precious? 
  • He looks over and finds both you and Marcus staring at the baby as well 
  • Marcus’ eyes full of wonder and excitement while yours hold love and joy 
  • You’re raking your finger through Marcus’ hair and he’s leaning back against your chest
  • And now Rio doesn’t know what he loves to look at more 
  • His new addition to the family 
  • Or the woman that made it possible
  • He’s just so full of joy with the way things have gone 
  • How he’s getting to enjoy fatherhood all over again 
  • How happy you are with your child 
  • How excited Marcus is to be a big brother 
  • And Rio realizes he has everything he’s ever wanted 

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Ok omg, it's the Rio A-Z anon back at it again. I just read the NSFW A-Z and I'm literally melting about the degradation. Would it be possible to request a one shot with some degradation after he finds you super wet eventhough he hasn't touched you and he over stimulates u. Thanks boo x

Originally posted by amyperalt

Whew girl 👀 *insert Spongebob out of breath meme* My requests for stories aren’t open yet so I did this one as just headcannons but you wanted mild degradation and that’s what you got💕 Obviously has sexual content 

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Haaaaaay! I found your blog through your fic for Rio x plus sized reader & effin' loooooved it! Can you do one with same scenario but reader is black & someone makes a comment about her weight or her being a pic around him causing him to lose awwwwwwwl of his shit?

Originally posted by amyperalt

Thank you mamita  🥰 Could be a trigger for some people in relation to body shaming so tread carefully if that’s a sensitive topic for you 

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