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and uhh, i might’ve went wild with this one, but my love for this man is immeasurable

Masters Of Fear!Jon relationship hcs:

  • good lord this man is so touch starved
  • like honest to god, just hold him. p l e a s e
  • he has big problems with overthinking and separation anxiety, he has a hard time accepting the good things that come naturally to others because he’s been abused, add a terribly low self-esteem and fear of losing you, and there you have it - a big mess that is Jonathan Crane
  • a sucker for anything you give him - be it hugs, kissess, a touch on the shoulder - he will melt into a puddle at your feet, because for the longest time he only knew the bad kind of touch and associated it with pain. and then you came along and you were so gentle he almost cried when you first hugged him
  • pursuing a relationship with him is really exhausting and takes a lot of effort - he does not open up easily and every step of the way you’ll have to quite literally lead him by the hand
  • give him no room to misinterpret - after the whole shebang with Sherry, he doesn’t trust easily and whenever you touch him, compliment him or even say a moderatively kind word to him, he’ll immediately think that it’s all just another cruel joke and someone set you up for this
  • when you first tried to kiss him, even though his heart pounded and his head swirled, even though for a second he felt like the happiest, luckiest man on the planet, he couldn’t help but doubt - the memories resurfaced quickly, and in the last moment, he flinched back, almost jumped away from you. there was nothing, not a single thing that might’ve indicated this was some sort of sick prank you were pulling on him, but he couldn’t help it
  • his emotions were raging then, in a matter of seconds he went from terrified to sad to absolutely furious as he started accusing you of all the things you didn’t do and in order to shut that bullshit up you had to pull him back down and actually kiss him - it didn’t take long for the realization to hit him and he literally melted into you
  • he’s painfully shy at first, always blushing at the slightest touch, whining in the back of his throat whenever you kiss him and as much as he enjoys it all, he’s scared shitless when it comes to initiating anything because what if it’s not the right time, what if you don’t want him to touch you, what it he ruins everything-
  • it’s up to you to show him that it’s okay, that he could never bother you, that you’d never laugh at him
  • the first time he hesitantly slid his shaking hand down to yours and intertwined your fingers, you almost burst into tears because wow, fucking finally Jon
  • every time he initiates anything, make sure to express your acceptance of it - it’ll encourage him to do more, and in no time you’ll see him shyly leaning down to steal a kiss or two
  • every touch, every kiss, every hug from him is filled with a desperate kind of possesiveness, like he was expecting something to tear you two apart any second
  • whenever you both cuddle, it’s just a mess of limbs. he’ll wrap himself around you like a snake, every part of him has to be touching you in some way, no matter how difficult it might be. he’ll curl into a ball around you if he has to
  • oh, and he also clings. hard. sometimes he uncounsciously digs his fingers into you in his sleep to remind himself that you’re there, that he isn’t just hugging a pillow and dreaming about you again
  • but just so you know, he’s not a baby - if someone ever tried to hurt you he will literally murder them or at least bring them to the brink of madness with his toxins (i mean cmon, that motherfucker went and killed his old crush and completely ruined the life of his bully)
  • most of the time, he’s protective in the desperate way, but whenever someone dares to flirt with you or ever make fun of him in your presence, he can be protective in the dangerous way - he’s the Master of Fear and he knows where to strike for it to hurt the most
  • BUT if you ever defended him in a situation like this, if you ever turned down the person that tried to make any moves on you, he’s melting all over again, he’s got that stupid smile on his face, and he’ll come up to you and slip his arm around you and dear lord how did he get this lucky
  • also, i feel like this is one of the few Scarecrow iterations that will hold you in higher regards than his own research - it’s the thing he’s most proud of, it’s the thing he boasts about, it’s the greatest thing he could’ve ever achieved, but if you asked, if you really asked, he’d stop. He’d hate it, but he’d stop. Because at the end of the day, the only thing he wants to be is enough. Enough for you not to leave him alone
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So first off, I just want to start off by saying thank you for 802 followers!!! All of you guys are wonderful and the support for my blog from all of you means so much I honestly don’t know what to say!!♡⃛(´͈ ᵕ `͈ ღ

But I also need to address somethings before it gets out of control, and I also want to clearly state that this isn’t targeted towards anyone in particular so please don’t feel as if I’m specifically talking about you in this post ♡. 

1. I try my best to read all of my comments that come up on my notifications, but I don’t see all of them and they end up getting lost, so please don’t put any requests that you have in the comments because there’s a 75% chance that I’m not going to see them, or I’m going to forget about it. It also makes it harder to respond to as well so if possible, please send requests to my inbox! ღ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )♡⃛

2. I’m not comfortable writing about extremely serious things such as s*icidal thoughts/tendencies, self h*rm, or e*ting dis*rders. Before people rush to send hate on me, I personally have trauma with this stuff (specifically ED and self harm) so its really hard for me to write this out. I understand some characters may be really big comfort characters to people who are also going through this stuff, but please understand its really hard for me to write. Prompts with an S/o or reader that may have anxiety and depression is fine, but anything that I listed on the more serious end of things I’m not writing :(( I really hope you guys understand, I’m sorry I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re left out, but I needed to address this.♡

3. I’m trying my best to answer everyone in my inbox, so please be patient and if you have a request please read my rules that are stated on my Carrd in my pinned post!! Again thank you for all the love and support!!!! °ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ°

That’s all for now!! Once again I’m not trying to target anyone but thank you for taking time to read this out!!°ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ°

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In this tumblr, I’m writing head-cannons
I only accept JSHK/TBHK, Kimetsu No Yaiba, and Boruto headcannons

Please read the rules before you send the request! (check my bio/description)

Right now I’m on hiatus so I wont write headcannons for a while… BUT it’s fine if you want to request it! Thank you so much <3

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These are headcanons for the Kaldorei that I’ve thought up or figured out with for a comic I’ve been working on. So if they are different from more widely accepted headcanons about the same subjects (or contradict them completely) that is why. Still I thought they were worth sharing! I divided them based on subject so I’m not posting them all in one massive wall of text. 

Some parts of these headcanons may already be known and accepted by RPers but I wanted to add some of my own ideas to them as well.

Here’s my headcanons for Kaldorei home and family life!


(creepy Nelf baby knows all your secrets and will expose your entire soul)

  • They are highly protective of their children and teach them to stay close to home until they become of age. The Night Elves are a reclusive race who have seen a lot of crap go down. They know the world they live in and want to protect their children from it for as long as possible. This usually means that many of them teach their children to stay as close to home as possible and they may keep them hidden away in their glens and meadows and homes. Of course, there is always the wild hair child with an adventurous spirit, but a majority of the children obey and are content to enjoy a quiet childhood and life in their forests studying various subjects. Some Kaldorei may not have left home until they were well into their 100′s. I also like this headcanon as a way to explain Blizzard’s laziness why there are never any really young Night elf NPCs running around. This would also mean that Teldressil was just absolutely FULL of children and young adults and I am honestly trying not to think about it.

  • Kaldorei who have settled in human cities like Stormwind may adapt to a diurnal schedule. Night elves are obviously nocturnal by genetics, but those who live among other cultures, especially humans, may become more accustom to sleeping at night instead. This can be done to just fit in more and participate within that culture/society in a similar way to every one else who is up during the day, or can be done out of necessity (eg, to get the most out of their profession). 

  • Any Kaldorei who hunt for food use all parts of the animal and will thank Elune in prayer, for allowing them to capture and kill the animal as sustenance/skin/meat/material.

  • They celebrate birthnights instead of days. Even if one was born during daylight hours, it is common to celebrate the night of that day the person was born. This is typically celebrated by gift giving and a feast of that person’s favorite foods, and them being surrounded by close family and friends. However because Kaldorei are taught to see one another as family in general, it is certainly not uncommon to see strangers and acquaintances giving gifts and attending birthnight parties.
  • Joining ceremonies take the place of weddings and most Kaldorei are joined for life. The idea of contractual marriage is a faux pas among the Kaldorei, as it is more focused on possessions and property than the union. They put so much importance in the actual union of two souls, that this bond is tied before Elune herself, and not meant to be broken. Parting ways and splitting up is not seen as wrong since many Night elven couples may go years (decades…centuries) without seeing each other for one reason or another. However, most rejoin as if they had never spent any time away, and typically won’t be out searching for another to love when apart. As far as the actual joining ceremonies go, I fully accept this headcanon for their ceremonies. But not all Night elves even have ceremonies. Some chose to have private meetings between themselves, a priest and druid, all before Elune. 

  • They exchange necklaces, often with moonstones in them, instead of rings. (as first mentioned hereNecklaces have quite a lot of significance among Night Elven culture, the most important being a symbol of connection between elves in a Joining Ceremony. However, necklaces are important in general for other reasons. Different types of necklaces are given to commemorate friendships, as a “thank you” or as a sign of respect, love, affection, or honor. A Thero or Thero'shan  may gift their Do or Shan’do with a necklace as a tolken of appreciation and respect. Children may also receive necklaces with their owl feather (tokens of good luck given to them at infancy)from their parents or parental guardian when they reach their pre-teen years.
  • Alcohol is usually saved for specific occasions such as birthnight parties and other celebrations like joining ceremonies, anniversaries, homecomings, new babies, and battle wins. Most do not drink casually.

  • Some Night elves naturally have more energy and are more alert during daylight hours and fall asleep during evenings and nights. “Morning Dove” Nelfs might often feel out of place among their kin, and may take on careers that accommodate their natural sleep cycle, or live among a diurnal race.

  • Kaldorei children usually partake in a “first hunt” ceremony where(similar to the first Nelf quest in-game) they learn the importance of the balance of nature and the cycles of life, overpopulation, and the role of the Kaldorei as presumed guardians of the natural order of things. For this ceremony, I coined the term Shand’mushu, or roughly, the “Honor Hunt".
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Okay so we all know that Percy didn’t want to become a God. He wanted to be with his friends Annabeth and his mom. He also kinda resented the gods. But in the lightning thief Chiron says, “‘Can you imagine that for a moment, never dying?…..” Percy thinks that sounds pretty good but then I quote goes, “but the tone of Chiron’s voice makes made me hesitate.” So could that add about her layer?? And the fact that this man is like 16 and has already seen more then even like a normal demigod, and has lost so much????? Like he thought back to that righ????? He knew it was all grand and dandy. Right???????

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*Techno didn’t do it with an enderman I will beat y’all up /hj*

So what about Techno adopting Ranboo because Ranboo saw his crown and went ‘(✧o✧)’ and ran up to him and basically attached himself to Techno’s leg

And Techno just kind of went with it, he got Ranboo his own crown so he would stop trying to take Techno’s-

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1st Gen OC’S || Hogwarts Headcannons


Originally posted by pixelins


  • Hufflepuff

My kiddo Chance is the EPITOME of a Hufflepuff, He is Kind, Hard working, loyal, and he is great at finding things, even if it’s on accident. He would rock that Hufepuff Uniform and he would probably be top of the class in Care of Magical Creatures


  • Slytherin

I was kinda stuck between Hufflepuff and Slytherin for this one but I ultimately decided on Slytherin for many reasons. Jasper is ambitious with every thing he does and if he finds something he Can’t do, he will work at it for hours and hours until he can, he is also extremely snarky and sarcastic and he is a trouble maker, but people tend to look down on him because of his stutter and his appearance. He is top of the Class in Potions and Arithmancy


  • Hufflepuff

Luca and Chance are VERY Similar personality wise, Both extremely Kind, Patient, Loyal, Hard working etc. But the thing about Luca, is despite being extremely Innocent and seemingly Harmless.. This boy would KILL for his family. And I mean ACTUALLY KILL. Definitely top off the class Astrology and History of magic


  • Gryffindor

My boy Oakley is a Gryffindor but- Imagine this….. Supportive Frat Boy. You heard me right, Oakley is the baby boy Gryffindor that everyone loves but he is also like a frat boy that plays quiddich and hugs beers with the weasley twins, but he would be such a supportive little baby and I love that for him. He is LIKE- agh- So protective over everyone and it’s fantastic, probably top of the class in Quiddich and also the seeker for Gryffindor quiddich team!


  • Hufflepuff Hufflepuff HufFLEPUFF

Okay- My baby boy- Child- adorable little man- HE IS A HUFFLEPUFF WITHOUT A DOUBT! He literally fits in Hufflepuff so well that he doesn’t fit in any other house at all. He would bake for everyone, and help them when they are sad and he is a plant momma- definitely top of the class in herbology!


  • Ravenclaw

Octavio is such a Ravenclaw, he is wise, smart af, invESTED in his work, If he isn’t in class he is studying in the common room and if he isn’t Studying in the common room, he is studying in the library. He forgets to take breaks to eat and sleep alot and it gets him in trouble with the older kids because they want him to be healthy. He can be considered a lone wolf, but he has friends. Probably top of the class in everything he is in

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so. about the detective’s blood.

i was replaying book 2 yesterday and i came across this bit w/ maaka and tane (😳)


and i may be dumb as all hell but i think that’s the detective’s blood that they smell. the scent is different for each brother, also food-related. so what if our blood tastes/smells different depending on the supernatural? something that draws them in, enticing them, tempting and teasing them to take just one bite.

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Je l’aime aussi! Welcome because I also love Toshi & Mine! Ugh, thank you very much. Spoilers. Photo belongs to @kirinuku.

  • Being more cautious than usual, Hijikata knows that with his position he risks the people in his personal life. It’s a huge factor as to why he left home in the first place, knowing he was pursuing such a unique cause. For this reason, your relationship is very quiet and you both rarely spend time together. He’s naturally so busy, you’re naturally more occupied in what you do.
  • Remembering the time period we’re talking about, it’s expected that the woman manages the household whilst the husband goes out and makes a living. All while being able to freely roam for sexual pleasure anywhere but not from his domestic partner at home. You knew that was the unconfirmed agreement between you both but he never did such a thing, mainly because he wasn’t that type of person. Fiercely loyal to his cause and to you. You always worried whether he did indulge in these things, even if he did you couldn’t really stop him as your mum had prepared you on how to deal with it. But, as mentioned above, he never acted on it. Despite the limited time you both spent together he refused to be entertained by geisha and never frequented brothels.
  • Your family owned a well known restaurant in Gion which you spent most of your day working in. Hijikata used this as a place to hold 1 to 1 meetings with his captains, even have that legendary discussion with Saito Hajime whereby he duelled with another captain. This would also be the place where he’d come and see you, telling the others he was getting dinner out in the city and would be back later on. In reality, he was eating with you and catching up with you. Your parents didn’t necessarily approve of the love relationship you both shared as alliances were formed more for propositional purposes, so they went out of their way to find suitors for you that you hadn’t seen before. Hijikata knew and would try and convince you to agree to the proposals, stating that marrying a merchants son is better than dating a samurai who might die. You disagreed and argued with his point, stating you’d rather be unwed than wed someone spineless.
  • You know how to make him smile which is rare considering he never does smile. Gently and sweetly, you call him Toshi whilst sat on his lap as he comes to visit. Affection isn’t common amongst couples of this time period, so being affectionate in secret is normally how most couples keep their courtship alive. He likes the sound of your voice, the way you smile at him every time you see him and the way you make sure he’s taken care of. He’s a grown man, he can do it himself but it’s nice to know that he can fall back to you if needs be.
  • Taller than the average man, Hijikata gained the eyes of many a woman. He knew he was good looking, people told him so and the fact that he knew how to wield weaponary made him an even more attractive man. Young woman all admired his stance as he walked through the city in his grey kimono and swords in his waistband, arms crossed with a frown. Whispers echoed all around him and very often it made you jealous hearing other women mention his name. It only fuelled the thought of him potentially engaging in polygamy which was further fuelled due to your age gap. He was in his 30’s and you were in your early 20’s. He did his best to reassure you constantly, sending you letters and ensuring you know you’re in his mind the entire time, that your souls are connected and your spirits are one.
  • You quite easily saw beneath his stale face and cold personality, he isn’t as strict or as stern faced around you but that’s because you don’t directly serve his cause. With you, it’s more intimate. He quite likes the way you tease him with his wakizashi, pretending to stab him but you never do. Though you did once by mistake which resulted in a strange visit from the doctor. Since then he hasn’t let you touch it. He adores how you sometimes let your hair down from its well tucked up do, the way you relax your shoulders and how you sometimes forget etiquette. He isn’t as lax, he’ll always sit on his legs and keep his weapons close by in case an intruder poses a threat.
  • You knew time was up when you’d received his wakizashi, a small letter, his haori and a few strands of his hair. He’d clearly been killed in the line of duty and you mourned his passing by wearing a mofuku despite not being married to him. It was painful knowing you wouldn’t see him again or even get a chance to provide him with a proper burial but you knew that this would be the way he wanted to die.
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Originally posted by squishypeterparker

Studying Headcannons

Peter Parker x Reader

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Warnings: FLUFF


-You and Peter were banned from studying in the library cuz you were too loud

-Not intentionally, but you’d start talking about nerd stuff and that would escalate into arguing about nerd stuff which would turn into yelling about nerd stuff— it was a slippery slope

-So you guys started studying in Peter’s room instead

-His apartment building was closer to the school than yours so it was the obvious choice

-Plus Delmar’s

-You and Peter would take turns paying and Mr. Delmar loved you

-You’d pet Murph while Peter ordered, and you’d scold him whenever he made sly comments in Spanish

-“Stop talking back, Peter. You’re upsetting Murph.”

-Mr. Delmar would hand you your sandwich and say it’s on the house before turning to Peter and charging him double

-Peter would pout and you’d laugh

-Your sandwiches would be gone by the time you made it to May’s apartment

-May never knew in advance if you were coming or not, so she learned to just expect you

-She was honestly more surprised if Peter showed up without you

-You’d always offer to help her cook but she would refuse, saying you needed to focus on studying

-She always ended up ordering take out

-You and Peter set up in his room and you immediately sprawl out on the bed

-You’ve known each other for years; shame does not exist in your dictionary anymore

-He lays on top of you in retaliation

-By the time you start studying, two hours have gone by

-You don’t know where the time goes, you just start talking and next thing you know: bam! it’s 7pm

-Somehow, you always seem to get less work done than you do on your own

-You and Peter are distractions to each other

-That’s why teachers won’t let you two sit together

-Whenever you do actually start to do work, you both end up sneaking glances at each other

-May notices, of course, but she’s a cool aunt so she can’t say anything

-So she just watches the pining and hopes she gets to see the wedding


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And yeah! I do! They’re still kind of a W.I.P., but I do have some I can share. The only thing to keep in mind about these tugs is that they’re alien robots, so they’re not native to Earth despite the fact that they’ve been on Earth since the 1920′s.

With that out of the way, I’m gonna list some headcannons now.

Big Mac:

- His real name is Macintosh.
- Is over 137 earth years old.
- Is over 7′6 in his “human” form.
- He first landed in Scotland with his younger brother, Warrior, which is where the Scottish accent came from. It’s more died down now, but it’ll slip through every now and again.
- People are often afraid of ticking him off, but he’s actually pretty hard to anger less you know what angers him.
- Is weary of Hercules beetles. It’s not as bad as it was back then, but he didn’t have the best experience with them. You can blame Zug for that.
- Is one of the best tugs when it comes to fighting, especially when it comes to protection. It’s mostly melee, but he can land a few calculated hits.
- Has a harpoon weapon built into his right arm. He doesn’t use it most of the time, but it does come in handy when it comes to scaling large buildings. Also, the rope does retract, it doesn’t have to be manually wrapped back into his arm.
- Gained a lot of his personality traits from his father.


- His real name is Willhelmus.
- Is over 132 earth years old.
- Is over 7′6 in his “human” form.
- He also landed in Scotland with his brother, but he found more of a fondness in London, which is where the London accent came from. Like Macintosh, his accent has died down a bit, but it does slip out every now and again.
- Just because he’s chill af doesn’t mean it’s impossible to tick him off. He’s actually scarier than Big Mac when he is angered, which is usually when the ones he loves are in danger.
- Is in a relationship with Top Hat since he’s always been so patient with the posh tug.
- Is slow in his thinking, but is actually really smart when given the chance.
- Has a huge water hose built into his back. No one knows where the water comes from since he’s no longer a steam tug, but despite it’s unknown source, it does come in handy.
- Gained a lot of his personality traits from his mother.

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Because I’ve been playing way to much and he’s one of my favourites


During your travels you quickly learn Razor does not get enough sleep, nor does he sleep well. He always stretches his nightly watches out in the wild, opting to let you and your teammates get more sleep.

Very protective of his friend, his lupical, and every fight he vows to keep you safe. Sadly this has sometimes lead to him taking any injuries and accidents on his shoulders,

Super curious about everything you do. Making a flower crown? Curious. Cooking an new food? Definetly curious. As long as it’s not about city life or vegetables, of course.

Not a fan of spicy food. With a sensitive sense of smell and taste and longstanding diet of raw meat and hashbrowns, it really isnt for him. Xiangling quickly learned to make sure theres always something for him to eat that hasnt been near the Jueyun Chilis
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Author’s Note: One Gonta x Tomboy! S/O coming right up! Assuming that the reader is AFAB in this situation, as well :D

Gonta Gokuhara x Tomboy!S/O Headcanons 

– Gonta was surprised when he met you in the killing game! 

– You weren’t very ladylike in comparison to the other girls, given your behavior and your outfit

– Gonta was pretty sure that you were the only girl wearing pants out of the members in the killing game 

Now that Gonta thought about it.. why didn’t girls like Tenko with physical Ultimates wear pants?

– However, given your tomboyish behavior, you were one of the only people in the game who wasn’t scared of his bug friends!

– He was positive that the moment he fell for you was when you picked up a grub you found without hesitation and showed it off to Gonta with a toothy grin

– Gonta loves to show off the grossest of bugs to you cuz he knows you wouldn’t be fazed by them!

– That makes Gonta very happy :D

– Gonta still tries his hardest to be a gentleman for you 

– Even though you’re a tomboy, you’re still a lovely lady in his eyes!

– And lovely ladies get the best treatment from their gentleman :)

– It takes some convincing but Gonta will roughhouse with you sometimes if you ask nicely!

– He tries not to be too rough but if you tease him enough, he can flip you with ease 

– And if your roughhousing gets out of hand and you get hurt, Gonta is there to shower you with love and apologies

– He loves you and all of your tomboy-ness :D

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Cleo’s mind has wandered. I want to open my requests for a few days! Woohoo!

  • Remember to specify your character.
  • Remember to specify whether it’s headcannons or a fic.
  • Remember that if I don’t like your prompt I won’t write it.
  • Remember that it’ll be written the way I want.
  • Can people please send me some ishin requests?
  • The one above is a plea.
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Hello again~! I’ve come to grant you simps more content! If you have sometime you want me to write just ask! -boop man

Present Mic, aizawa finding you dancing and listing to music with your headphones in

Present Mic

  • He thinks it funny when he finds you
  • He’s tempted to join you in your dance session but decides to record it instead.
  • He will sneak up behind you and wrap his arms around you laughing softly
  • He will take one of your Bluetooth headphones and put it in his ear so he can hear it to and the dance session resumes!

Hizashi walked in through the front door of you guy’s house carrying a few groceries “honey I’m home!” He said setting the bags down in the kitchen. He raised his eyebrows when he got no awnser <Her car is outside. Maybe they just didn’t hear me> he walked around the house looking for you and finally finds you in his personal studio in the house, bluetooth headphones in while dancing and singing. He chuckles and fishes his phone out of his pocket to record it finding it absolutely adorable. After of minute of recording them he puts his phone away and slowly sneaking up behind them. Once he’s close enough he wraps his arms around thier waist pulling them to his chest. He takes out one of the headphones “That was a wonderful performance there” he chuckles.


  • He was coming home from a long days work and just wanted to cuddle
  • He went straight to y'all’s room to find you but you weren’t there.
  • He walked around looking for you and finds you in the kitchen singing and dancing to one of your favorite songs Sasageyo while doing the dishes
  • He would chuckled softly even though he would be tired beyond relief but would watch you untill you notice him

He chuckled in slight amusement when he found you in you guy’s bedroom, dancing to your music with your headphones in. When you finally notice him he chuckles softly at your embarrassed look “I didn’t know you could dance”

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