originalwinnercheesecake · 2 days ago
Head cannon time
This Guy
Tumblr media
is these two’s dad.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The construction Head’s name is Steveholomule, and when he had sons he split his name up so he could name both of them after himself.
Matt’s prefix is either from a grandfather or maybe his mom is named Matilda or something like that
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the-salem-devil · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
-Him brightening immediately whenever you enter the room, i’m talking full scowl turns into a warm smile.
-He freaks out whenever your on your period because you being in the slightest bit of pain is illegal.
-Trying to cook dinner for you, (He doesn’t almost light the kitchen on fire I swear Doll, no please don’t come in-)
-The reason he loves Disney movies so much is because he loves the happy endings, you always see him smile goofily and snuggle closer when they happen.
-Holding your hand with his flesh arm so he can put his thumb on your pulse, it calms him down when you’re both stuck in a large crowd.
-He will never admit it, but he’s scared of The Cats movie.
-Snuggling late into the morning after a rough night of nightmares, he just holds you to his chest and strokes you hair silently.
-He is defiantly the type of boyfriend to tell you to put on a fashion show if you ever bought new clothes, clapping and giving you 10/10 on each outfit.
-If you’d introduce him to your friends he’d act polite but distant and would defiantly cling to you a lot.
-Would tell Steve everything about you, your favourite colour, your favourite food/drink, everything. (But he’d never share something your not comfortable with <3)
-The best secret keeper, you can confess about anything and his lips are sealed tight with flex tape.
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brokebonewritings · 2 days ago
A smol headcannon for you lot.
Steven really loves watching you in the kitchen. Every time you bake or cook dinner for them. He’ll come up behind you and press soft kisses into the back of your neck.
Once you finish dinner, Marc fronts and cleans the dishes for you. He always like taking care of you since you take care for them all.
By the time dessert comes around, Jake isn’t even worried about the sweets you made, he’s more worried about having you as his dessert on the dining table.
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tree-spright-reblogs · 2 days ago
Obey me and sleep
Yet another self indulgent post because I can!! Feel free to disagree though.
I think he’d like to sleep on his back and super still most nights. Doesn’t talk or snore in his sleep, but if he’s having a particularly bad nightmare, I think he’d mutter in his sleep. Definitely always the big spoon.
Not only does he snore, but also he talks frequently in his sleep. Sleeps usually facing the door on his couch or in MC’s bed facing the door. MC definitely has a video recording of some of the weirder things he’s said in his sleep. Some nights he is the big spoon and others he’s the small spoon. I also think that if he’s having a nightmare, he would thrash about in his sleep so good luck with that MC.
I don’t think he would snore or talk in his sleep at all, but he’s definitely the kind of guy who would toss and turn all night. Fall asleep with him by your side? Wake up with him at your feet kinda way. If he’s having a nightmare, I think he’d crunch up in his sleep. Good luck with being a big or small spoon, but maybe you’d start off the night with him being the big spoon.
This man goes to sleep at a certain time, has a face mask on, and in the cutest pajamas he can find. Usually sleeps towards you or towards the wall. If he’s having a nightmare, he clings to you really tight. I think he’d also like to be the little spoon most of the time.
He snores in his sleep and clings to you in his sleep. Wakes up super embarrassed because he was clinging to you all night. If you manage to convince him that you like him in a romantic way or don’t mind the clinginess; I think he would start shamelessly clinging to you before bed. Big spoon or small spoon, I think he doesn’t mind being either so long as he has a hold on you.
This man has slept pretty much everywhere and even in weird places like storage closets or under sinks. Good luck trying to get him to sleep in bed for once, but if you do I think he’d be shamelessly clingy to you at all times. Can be either a big or small spoon. I also don’t think he’d have many nightmares because most of the time his sleep is dreamless. If he does have a nightmare, be prepared to be woken up and have to calm him down for a little while.
I think he’d also toss and turn in his sleep, but not as bad as Satan. You could fall asleep with him facing you and wake up with him on his tummy for instance. Would try his best not to wake you up when he goes for a late night food run. If he does wake you up or if you’re already awake, he’d definitely offer to bring you something back! Likewise, I think he’d also try to not wake you up when he’s having a nightmare, but sometimes the nightmare is so bad that he’s crying and it wakes you up. He’s upset at first, but once you reassure him, I think he’d feel a lot better about it. He’d end up being the big spoon most of the time, but if he’s had a nightmare I think he’d prefer to be a small spoon!
Purgatory House 
I like to picture that you have lots of sleepovers at this house, so more often than not you’re sleeping in a big cuddle pile! Solomon mumbles in his sleep and sleeps away from the pile. Simeon sleeps toward whoever is sleeping next to him. Luke tosses and turns, but also not as bad as Satan or Beel. If Solomon has a nightmare, I think he’d accidentally have his magic flare up and wake up the whole pile. If Luke has a nightmare, I think he’d end up crying and you all would snuggle him to make him feel better/ reassure him to feel better. If Simeon has a nightmare, I think he’d try to keep it to himself and you probably wouldn’t find out about the nightmare until days later.
Other fandom writing
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princessmisssunshine · 2 days ago
Everything’s Clear Now: THE OWL HOUSE Clarifications
Here’s the things we know for sure -- and the headcannons that removed ‘head’ from their names:
1. Willow/Hunter (I honestly ship Edric/Hunter, but if Hunter is happy with her I’m all for letting them have a good love)
2. Darius/Alador (since Hunter’s shipped with Willow, not Edric -- it’ll make sense with Darius and Alador, who just divorced with Odalia, maybe shipped together in few upcoming episodes) 
3. Belos isn’t entirely a villain -- I know that deep inside he’s still Phillip Wittebane, who loved his brother, who were once a human, who were once a caring person -- and who wants to go back home.  
4. King is mentally connected with The Collector’s subconsciousness, depending on how precisely it’s proven that King heard The Collector talking to himself -- and it’s gonna be really a problem.
5. Belos needs Hunter (whether he wants or needs)
6. Darius and Hunter interactions will (and must or I’ll be ready to tear Disney apart) happen
7. Something big’s going to happen -- for Belos knows for sure that there’s a rebellion in the midst of the Day of Unity
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nightly-ruse · a day ago
Goosefeather headshot because he’s currrently my warrior cats obsession! I liked him a lot before but recently just fell deep into the Goose brainrot and it’s awesome. GoosePine as well? Actually have the sketch for Pine’s matching headshot.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Did a little au verison that I thought of while making Goose and gave them a flower crown. Love @goobiestar ‘s goosefeather design with the little fangs. I used my bluestar design for their eyes and patterns to give the family a more concise look, though Goose is a lot shorter and fluffier than her and his sister.
Head canon him as mtf and in a qpr with Pinestar, tho I may be just mirroring myself onto them now. Also think they use he/they.
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theprongsletthatlived · 2 days ago
Remus would 100% be able to tie cherry stems in his mouth and it would drive Sirius crazy
Canon in ALL universes!
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Dating Montgomery Gator Would Include
Tumblr media
- So many mini-golf dates (like a million)
- If you don't know what you're doing, that's even better because then he can get closer to you by showing you how it's done
- Loves to have you hear him practice for his gigs
- Stealing his sunglasses and wearing them (he loves that)
- He can get a little jealous at times
- Anyone who tries to mess with you he will fuck them up
- Hanging out in his room in the PizzaPlex and listening to some rock music
- Whenever he needs repairs, he always wants you by his side because you make him feel happy and warm
- He, of course, would protect you with his life
- Has all kinds of nicknames for you, i.e., "sugar," "swampy" (more of a joke), "my biggest fan," "shorty," and "babe"
- He sometimes gets a little insecure, so he'll need your support and reassurance
- No matter what is happening to him, he would never, ever harm you
- He loves to carry you just to show how strong he is
- Hanging out in the catwalks of Monty Golf and watching the people down below (totally not to kiss and such, of course not)
- Gives you all his merch (especially limited edition and first edition)
Masterlist || Kofi || Ask Box || Five Nights At Freddy's Masterlist
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uwuwuuwubaccnpamcakes · a day ago
hcs: tua season 1 where wanda!y/n and five jumped back to 2019 to save his siblings.
they teleported successfully.. but something unexpectedly happened to both of them. they're nerfed to teenagers. siblings looked alarmed when they see their long lost young brother with a young lass. "isn't just me or.. do i see little number five with a girl?" , "...love." , "..shit."
five didn't even try to discuss more about his disappearance to his worried siblings. y/n just give him a disapproval look of his brief explanation. "love, can u hand me the butter?", "sure." the siblings finally noticed their weird behaviors to each other. "love?", ".. oh yeah. she's my wife." , "mama mia, five has a wife!?", "five having a lover is least expected." well, allison is not wrong. y/n sometimes questioned why he fell for him.
the couple are stressed.. looking for the probability of why they have to go through their teenage years again. they looked through the wardrobes for clothes to wear... "i hate puberty." , "same love."
"at least we're going to experience teenage love with these uniforms. should we exchange notes too?", "really y/n? right now?"
finally! wanda!y/n take an action with her husband. she could easily control those commissioner's minds and take them off but marrying the five hargreeves.. has it's cons. with his hobby on doing massacre is rubbing on his wife. but she's much worse because she sometimes put her life on line for the sake of her entertainment. "love.. you're hot and shit but pls don't let them put their gun on your forehead." ,"can't make promises."
the time when they have to pretend themselves as klaus' children, five was never been this proud to his brother and wanda!y/n being supportive sis-in-law. they acted like proud parents lol.
wanda!y/n questioned herself about their relationship even more when his husband decided to get his "ex". they're married for few years now, having each other's backs but the male couldn't help but being attached to his old companion. she understands that the mannequin is the one that kept him sane through those 50 years of his life on the apocalypse alone so she let him be.
right the couple has been sticking together for a while and y/n starting to get worry about five's siblings since that night when hazel and cha-cha somehow tracked them so quick. she starting to doubt if the eye would lead them to truth.
then the couple decided to work with the fellow hargreeves after knowing what happened back to the academy and klaus. anddd yes they successfully lured hazel and cha-cha with their broken briefcase and contacted the handler. the couple agrees to work for the commission once again and begin their plan. as much as five wanted to do the job, his wife is involved with the work anyway..
y/n starting to space out where the handler and five are on conversation. her husband didn't noticed that she suddenly got anxious when around the handler.
but she let it slide because they guys have another job to do.
they pretended to work under the handler in order to get some information about the apocalypse. they mostly end up in weird situations like pretend to busy snogging when they're trying to steal something on dot's desk, "teenage romance doesn't seem to be bad.", "is this even teenage romance to you? we're in the middle of something.", "rebellious teenage couple, currently commiting crime.", "we're adults-.. just shut it." or being trapped together in comfort room. "that's good you closed the toilet window or i end up soaking in the water..", "sorry about that,," (yes. the five hargreeves is soft for his wife.)
and yey!! they finally got the intel but the handler won't let them get away that easily. luckily, five has his own tricks on his sleeves. wanda!y/n launching her off with the bomb, then getting dragged by husband out of the room and shield her from the explosion.. she's kind of annoyed this trait of his but his desire of protecting her let it put aside.
when they made it out of the commission, they began to look for harold jenkins who is leonard peabody that is responsible for the apocalypse. but!! it seems that someone took their job after witnessing harold's corpse.
aside the siblings relieved about the news, wanda!y/n felt unease when learning more about the suspect (she celebrated when five decided to leave delores and focus his relationship with her). someone like harold isn't enough to make the whole world gone to ash but what makes him the reason of starting the apocalypse? big brain time.
that when five mentioned about viktor, everything clicked. "viktor is the bomb!!!" stressed couple rushing over to the family to stop viktor.
"you know that locking him was a bad idea you idiot.", "i'm sorry ok!? i didn't know that his powers are that damn powerf--", "you already see that the way how he destroyed your house plus allison warned your arses- how tf you didn't know?" five is so done with luther too so he let his wife scolding him.
the family tries to approach viktor on his comcert and he unleash his powers. wanda!y/n tries to overpower viktor's mind but he sends her up flying across the room.
fighting him too was no use. damaging viktor might blew himself out, she thought so she swat the commission out to give the siblings an opening.
wanda!y/n seems to have her own plans, leaving the boys to do their thing.
but allison beat her to it. wanda!y/n realized her plan then prevented her from killing viktor by manipulating her mind, missing the bullet.
but things didn't ended up well than they expected when they saw parts of the moon flies down to earth.
luckily five came up an idea to time travel back to past to avoid the apocalypse.
and he managed to control his powers while bringing his entire family with him. "i'll see u there, y/n.", "we will meet again, love."
note: idk if ill continue this but eh
and english is not my first language so apologize for wrong grammars!!
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paxxiflcra · 2 days ago
reasons why you broke up - nct dream
mark - chose his career over you
renjun - he deserved better
jeno - still had feelings for his ex
haechan - you weren't his priority
jaemin - loss of communication
chenle - family disapproval
jisung - insecurities
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buggzilee · a day ago
So in light of Watching the Pirates of the Caribbean and common love for pirates
Here’s my Nico di angelo ramble:
Young nico loves pirates. It’s one of his special interests up there with Mythomagic.
Its also definitely one of those thing Nico denies he likes anymore, in the “im too old for that type of way”
just like he denies that he like mythomagic anymore.
(even if he still owns every single one of his decks and figures and probably has them hidden somewhere in cabin 13)
But he still very much likes pirates and finds them incredibly cool-
(and very limited number of people know this-)
So how does this come to light?
Well as you Nico is certified “im from the 40’s dude i have no idea what *insert pop culture reference /movie here* is”
Which can only last so long when, you have people like leo & the Stoll brothers making references every other sentence.
Ya know who else Has very little clue to many pop-culture references- not as much but still many.
Jason ‘I barely had any time for anything but the legion/ lost my memory ’ Grace
who also happens to be Nico golden retriever best friend crush.
So i think It goes like this:
Jason Suggests they starts watching movies, after nico complains not understanding some references someone made-
so they start doing that, getting dvds from the Stoll brothers every so often
Nico offhandedly mentions liking pirates once.
it’s was very insignificant, maybe some offhand comment.
Probably the answer to a question when Jason asks what he does like teasing, as nico complained about a movie they were watching.
‘I liked pirates when i was younger’
probably with a shrug as he continued to pick apart the movie they were watching.
Little did he know Jason latched on to that like a leech- Cause Jason grace is nothing if not a huge dork who takes things to heart.
So the next time movie night comes along, Jason asks the stoll brothers. for pirates of the caribbean-
And Nicos tries to cover his surprise and just shrugs- and tries to act like he’s not that interested-
but the usual comments and complaints/ or even questions that Jason’s used to hearing at times- are absent-
and Nico watches the movie and kinda gets sucked in- and he seems to enjoy it, even if he tries to hide it at first.
even when jason asks
if Nico liked the movie, and all nico does a quick hum and a shrug.
only when jason starts talking about what he liked, that nico opens up more on how he liked the movie,
and accidentally rambles about the logistics about the pirate curse- and so on-
And jason smiles as he listens and adds his own two cents, wanting to see the small sparkle of joy in Nico’s eye as he gets into pirates in general.
Jason decides that maybe watching the whole pirates of the Caribbean franchise isn’t such a bad idea.
Especially if He gets to see Nico enjoy a piece of his childhood love for pirates.
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yuckydraws · 14 hours ago
Hey, Bear! What's your favorite kind of flower?
Bear seems surprised to be approached. However, he answers pretty quickly, seeming very sure of his answer.
“… i like… baby’s-breath. they’re… just so small and… dainty… very beautiful too.” He says, fiddling with his jacket cuffs. “i… really like flowers.”
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My favorite thing about Batman is that he’s the best fighter and smartest person in the room…until a single one of his kids shows up.
Batman, normally:
*rattles off extremely smart plan with multiple contingencies*
*can beat Superman if given five minutes of prep time*
*is scary*
*can and will fuck you up*
Batman when one of his kids is within a half mile radius:
“Fuck if I know, ask Stephanie.”
*squints really hard* I don’t know that language. Talk to Nightwing.
“Red Robin is much better at these kinds of things.”
“Look, if you want an actually decent sparring partner, Cassandra and Damian are in the kitchen.”
*gestures vaguely* “Someone go find Duke, I need someone competent.”
“Jason, help me.”
*speaking directly into the bottom of his phone way too loudly* Oracle, comms are down. What do you want me to do?
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twstwonderlandstuff · 24 days ago
“What’s your type?”
Where the curious prefect asks their friends about the type of person they’d date.
Some students are omitted simply because I don’t know how to write them. Thank you.
Students that aren't written: Ruggie Bucchi, Azul Ashengrotto, Jamil Viper, Vil Schoenheit and Ortho Shroud (this one for obvious reasons lolol)
^ hope this clears up any misunderstandings!
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
“Me?” Ace, smug as ever, lets out a small grin. “What, are you interested in me?”
A second of silence passes, then he adds: “What if I said it was you?” Immediately after, he laughs nervously, quickly following up with a “I’m joking, obviously! As if you’d ever be my type, haha!”
Deuce Spade
“Me?” Deuce considers the question seriously, crossing his arms. “Someone strong and caring… kind of like you, I guess, prefect.”
“W-wait, no that’s not what I meant-! I mean, you’re amazing, but I- uhm-!”
(It takes you a while to calm him down.)
Cater Diamond
“What, are you curious?” Cater chuckles, phone in hand. “Here, someone like this!”
His phone illuminates a picture of you smiling serenely, enraptured in the moment and unaware of his presence.
Cater cooes at your flustered expression. “Prefect, you’re so cute, you know that~?”
Trey Clover
“Hmm? My type?” Trey laughs, adjusting his glasses. “Someone who’ll eat my sweets…I guess? I haven’t put that much thought into it.”
“But, well,” A cheeky smile rests on Trey’s face. “I’d pick you over anything.”
Riddle Rosehearts
“Type…? Do you mean a dating preference?” Riddle arches an eyebrow, looking serious. “Someone who has a keen sense for rules, of course. And someone who’s on par with me- I wouldn’t be seen with anyone lesser then that, I assure you.”
“But… having someone take care of me would be nice too.”
You tease him, asking if you’d fit that description.
“Y-you?! Well, with the display you’ve shown in your first days, you certainly don’t fit the former criteria, but for the latter…”
Riddle smiles and leaves it at that, leaving you to scramble at his words.
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
“Hah…? What are you on about, herbivore?” Leona grouses, letting out a yawn. At your insistence, he begrudgingly answers. “Someone who’d let me sleep on ‘em. Now come on, it’s your turn to be my pillow.”
Jack Howl
“Type…?” Jack shrugs, looking at you sternly. “I don’t need to think of things like that. So long as the person and I click and we care for each other, that’s all that matters.”
You tell him that’s quite romantic of him. He flinches then sighs, scratching his nape, tail downcast.
“Do I really look like I don’t have a romantic bone in my body?”
Tumblr media
Floyd Leech
“What~??? My type?” Floyd laughs, showing off his razor sharp teeth. “Someone cute that I can squeeze all day, of course~!”
“Just like you, shrimpy! Small, cute… Gahaha!”
Jade Leech
“Oya? You seem quite curious.” Jade, amicable as ever, steps closer to you. “I could tell you, but I’m afraid this information will have to be disclosed for now.”
The gleam in his eyes holds the answer to your question: it’s you.
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
“My type?” Kalim cocks his head, smiling when he hears his earrings jingle. “You, obviously!”
“You’re super nice, and you’re so fun to hang out with! Why wouldn’t you be my type?”
Tumblr media
Rook Hunt
“Trickster, what an unusual question!” Rook drones, his hunter senses as keen as ever. “I see beauty in all things, and all things have a shine to them. But of course,”
His eyes stray towards you. “You hold my attention more than all the beautiful things in this world, Trickster.”
Epel Felmier
“Type?” Epel grins, the dainty looks he has wiped off. “Someone who sees me like the man I am! Someone who ain’t gonna tell me how 'ta look pretty or how 'ta act!”
You tell him that he must have a person he has an eyes on, considering how confident he is!
“C-course, that, uh,” Epel grows a little shy, his cheeks growing a little red (much like the apples his adores carving into). “Doesn’t mean I got a person I’ve been eyein’ on. C-course not.”
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
“T-type? This isn’t a dating sim test you’re doing, r-right?” Idia sighs. “Seriously, I’m used to speedrunning dating sims, not actually reading them…”
“B-but I guess someone who… can take care of me and Ortho, or something….” His blue hair bursts into flames of red and runs away from you, much to your surprise and dissapointment.
Fear not, Ortho reassures you that the person he refers to is very close to him!
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
“Oho? My type?” Malleus chuckles at your question, like a starving wolf to a deer. “What a brave question, child of man.”
“But it would be someone who isn’t afraid of me. Someone who accepts me for who I am.”
Malleus eyes your neck, glittering in the jewelry he bestowed upon you yesterday. As per fae courtesy, it’s tradition to court someone by giving them gifts, and it’s even more rooted when you’re a draconic fae (much like our dear dragon prince here). It’s a shame you don’t quite understand his intensions, brushing it off as kindness from a very good friend.
A friend (how he wants to weep at this title you put on him).
“And perhaps,” He adds with a laugh. “Someone who’s a little dense.”
Lilia Vanrouge
“My type? Fufu, why are you asking an old man like me?” Lilia snickers in that deep voice of his, alluring and sultry. “Unless, you’re planning on courting me?”
You tease back, saying that you just might!
“Ohoho… I’m honored, love.” Lilia gives you a quick neck kiss and floats away.
You suppose that answers your question???
“My type?” The sleepy prince pauses to organize his thoughts for a moment, before answering your question seriously. “It would be someone who can stay by my side- whether if I’m awake or asleep, someone who feels like I’ve seen them- once upon a dream.”
(It takes your all not to swoon at the line.)
Sebek Zigvolt
“What answers do you seek from my answer, human?!” Sebek barks. “I shan’t have you use this to harm Lord Malleus!”
When you explain that you’re genuinely curious, Sebek replies with a huff. “Someone who respects and admire the Great Lord Malleus as much as I do, obviously!”
“…and perhaps, someone who’d look out for me, as I would do for them.”
He takes a miniscule look towards your direction- just enough so that you don’t see how enraptured he is towards you.
Tumblr media
Human! Grim (because I SUCK)
“Type?” Grim huffs. “You’re so weird! I don’t know what a type is or anythin’, but I wanna be with you, henchman! Ain’t that enough?!”
“Geez, weirdo.” Your partner-in-crime bumps his nose against yours, muttering. “You’re all I need, dummy."
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redadidassneakers · 3 months ago
Genie: you have 17 wishes
Regulus: isn’t it normally 3?
Genie: yeah but *vaguely gestures at Regulus* lot of issues here
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hermits-that-craft · 6 months ago
idk why, but i love the idea of ‘admin meetups’ for aus. not like an admin counsel where you go to get your ability or permission to be an admin, but just like a yearly meetup on a world (normally hermitcraft)
just, imaging the idea of xisuma going ‘okay whos here’ and people doing a roll call. Scott shows up (MCC) with Fwhip (Empires). Dream is five minutes late and Callahan stands behind him glaring. New admins show up and their names are written down but they’re often too scared to talk. Grian shows up and everyone thinks its because he’s a hermit but he originally went as force of habit from Evo and now shows up because of the Life series.
I just think it could be really funky. Also the idea of Callahan having to escort Dream around Hermitcraft because he’s been let out of prison for this is very funny to me.
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sxriusblxck · 2 months ago
remus during the full moon
he wouldn’t let anyone near you
not even padfoot or prongs
if anyone so much as dared to look at you, he would growl and pull you closer
he’s constantly giving you hickeys
and i mean constantly
your neck, chest, stomach, and thighs are littered with bruises for weeks
he fucks you every night
every single night
rutting into you deep and slow, growling in your ear with every thrust
he’d go on about how he wants to breed you and make you full of his pups
it gets you hotter than you’d ever admit
and after it passes, he’s back to his old self
and you can’t say you don’t miss it just a little
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ss3890 · 8 months ago
Cayrie’s Guide to the House of Lamentation - ✨
Tumblr media
Heya, fellow MC’s! 
I’ve spent almost my entire weekend working on a simple floor plan for the House of Lamentation. I was trying to write some dumb fanficiton, realized that I had absolutely nothing concrete to anchor these characters to, and that was a problem for me.
Internet searches left me empty-handed. I found a lot of impressive Sim houses, but they didn’t really give me what I was looking for. So, I came to conclusion that I was going to have to make my own. 
There are a lot of small, often contradictory details about the HOL that made this a pretty daunting task at first. Then I just said fuck it and rolled with the punches. I took my liberties to make something that worked for me - and hopefully, it can work for you, too!
I like to imagine that my MC self actually did take time to create a map like this for her own benefit - and to the benefit of anyone else who might need it. (Potential spoilers ahead + map is not to scale)
Tumblr media
I took the time to scan my original drawings and upload them in a way that’s easier to read, (hopefully). From here, I’ll start from the Underground Tomb, and work my way up. The individual levels can be found under the cut:
Tumblr media
The Underground Tomb. Honestly, there isn’t much to say about this one. I added a utility room that you can access through a door that goes under the landing, and a secret passage that comes down from Lilith’s Room.
Tumblr media
The Lower/Basement Level. There’s a lot going on down here. 
As this is a “dorm house” with so many people living in it - they would need a large laundry room to accommodate everyone’s needs. They would also need a lot of bathrooms. I gave every resident their own private bathrooms with additional communal ones located on each floor.
I decided to split the brother’s rooms up between floors due to a few factors: 
1.) Mammon has a car is in his room. It’s on a level higher than his living space, which tells me that his space is below ground. It makes more sense that the car would be on ground level, rather than him having to drive up a ramp to the second level or whatever to garage it. He has his own private garage and entry door at the rear of the house.
Pretty much, his living space has been built around his car. 
2.) It’s unlikely that Mammon would be on the lower alone. I felt that Levi and the Twins would be the likely candidates to share the floor with him. 
3.) Levi’s room being in the lower level allows good support for the giant aquariums he has. In positioning it below the MC/Guest room, I realized that his ceiling aquarium could also feed the roots of the guest room tree. It’s a neat little headcannon that I enjoy quite a bit. 
4.) Putting Beel and Belphie down here would allow me to give them a sizable room for the two of them. It would also give direct access to the Underground Tomb for lost Chihuahua purposes (and make sneaking Luke around the house under Luci’s nose a lot easier to do, as Luci is on the second floor in my universe.)
5.) I put Lilith’s Secret Room down here next to the Twin’s for similar reasons. Lilith had a strong affinity with the Twins, so it’s a nice that that her tribute room would be next to theirs. 
This is a room of secrets full of illusionary magic. It doesn’t have to take up a large physical footprint. 
Luke, after hiding in Beel’s closet, disappears into thin air, which leads Beel and MC to discover the secret room. I imagine that there is a false panel that leads from the closet to Lilith’s room, and additional secret passages leading both down into the tomb and up into the library. It makes sense to me that this is how Luke was able to move from Beel’s room, to the secret room, to the underground tomb so efficiently. (There is also some sus spying implications here, probably, if you want there to be. [Looks at Lucifer].)
Tumblr media
The First Floor. Iconic and communal. 
The HOL, being the mansion that it is, needed a grand porch and entry. I imagine that the door we see in the official HOL art is actually the garden entrance.  This would also allow me to have the long planes of house I needed to extend back to the Living room, which we can see from the Entrance Hall.
This being a large and full house, I gave them significant pantry space. Keeping it stocked is probably a full-time job with Beel around, though. Maybe Lucifer puts a magical lock on it ( so Beel can raid only the fridge at night and not eat them out of house and home every time they turn around.) 
I gave the Living Room rear doors that extend into hallways. The Guest/MC room is tucked in the far corner behind the kitchen, away from any of the other bedrooms, but with good access to the central stairway.
Mammon’s car is seen here at the rear of this level, along with his private entries.
I clustered the Common Room. Library, Music Room, and Observatory together, as this made sense to me. The Living Room seems more of a formal, receiving area, so that’s in the middle with a few ways to go around it. There are two half-baths located in a convenient place between the Dining, Living, and Common rooms.
Tumblr media
The Second Level. Here is where the grand staircases of the Entrance Hall take you. Lucifer shares this floor with Satan and Asmodeus. 
I totally didn’t forget all about the grand stairs in my first draft, only to have to redo this level and push Luci and Asmo’s rooms out to the side. You know, only one of the most obvious and prominent details of this house. Nope, not at all.
In making this image, I realize that the balcony could/should have come out a lot farther than I made it. Imagine it as you will - makes no difference, really. I do remember one being mentioned at some point, though.
Satan’s room is directly over the Library. I didn’t think to make him a “secret” passage down there, but he most definitely has direct access to the stores of books below him. His room is basically an unofficial extension of the larger library, after all. 
Asmo’s space is half bath room. I think it’s an open concept room, with plenty of windows, as he isn’t shy about sharing his beauty with the world. He can look out directly over the garden and observatory and watch who comes and goes.
Lucifer, being the Dad Master of the House, gets a significant suite to himself. His Office and Bedroom are connected by a master bath, allowing him easy access no matter where he is in the space - working or relaxing. I imagine the Office with big double doors. Having his rooms located here would also allow him to keep a watchful eye on the Central Stairway and the Attic level. It’s why it was such a pain for MC to try and sneak up there without him being right on their case about it.
There is dialogue in Lesson 20 that Lucifer’s Office is actually the secret study accessed by the Library. However, it doesn’t make sense to me that the office belonging to the head-of-household and Diavolo’s right-hand man would have been a secret. People know about it. They can walk into the HOL, go up the grand stairs, and walk right into his office and conduct business with him. (The Secret Study is one of those details I chose to ignore for the sake of my own logic. Though I do imagine that the library passage does contain Luci’s extra stores of demonus that he wanted to hide from his brothers.)
It is also why, when MC is coming down from the attic party to either [get a drink] or [take a breather], they have to walk directly by his study. To me, that makes sense how MC can hear Luci’s record playing as they come down from the attic, and why Luci can hear the all the ruckus going on in the attic with ease. 
Tumblr media
The Attic Room. Like the Tomb level, this one is pretty self explanatory. I added some defined storage in the rear, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I guess I was thinking of a designated living area for (an imprisoned) Belphie where he wouldn’t have to be surrounded by more junk than he wanted. Don’t ask me about going to the bathroom, go ask Luci how all that stuff worked. 
SO, I guess that’s all, folks. Use this as you will. It would make me happy to know that it helps anchor other people like it does for me! Feel free to use this as a starting point to make your own layout, if you wish. We all have our own way of imagining things - this is just mine. If you have any problems viewing the images, do let me know! 🙏🏻
Go forth and stay awesome, you lovely people.
- Cayrie ✨
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dontsaypetertingle · 4 months ago
AHH I'M SO GLAD YOU WRITE FOR TASM NOW okok what if the reader has to go away for a few days and Peter can't come with cause he needs to stay in New York for Spider-Man business. He keeps bugging you about phone sex and you finally do it? aj;df ja;wifj wef it's been so long since I requested -🥦
Miss Your face
The way that I've had a phone sex fic just sitting in my drafts and then u request this.... I need to bring back emoji anons for this reason.
A/N: This can be interpreted for any Spider-Man! I kinda wrote this in my mental image of Andrew's Peter Parker but there's very little external plot so you can imagine it how you please!
Word count: 2.5k (Part 2 coming soon)
Pairings: TASM!Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Summary: When you have to go out of town for work Peter gets lonely and a bit needy. An innocent call home to check on him becomes a lot more intense than originally planned.
Warnings: (NSFW! 18+) MINORS DNI, soooo much dirty talk, pet names (Angel, Dove, Baby, Bunny, Pretty girl ect.), Peter is referred to as daddy twice, mutual masterbation. Dom!Peter giving orders. (Casual drinking and slightly tipsy characters??)
Your shoulders slumped and you let a heavy sigh escape you as the hotel room door shut behind you. You truly loved your co-workers, but an entire week with them was a bit too much. At least corporate got you all semi-nice rooms. All you really cared about at the moment was the queen bed on the far end of the room.
You quickly kicked your heels off at the door and your work clothes went on the floor beside it. Left in only panties and a bra, you step to your bag in the chair next to your bed. You dug Peter's shirt out from the bottom and slipped it over you. Not only was it comfy and smelled like heaven, but it was also funny as hell. A little bit after Peter told you his secret you saw a man on the street selling Spider-Man t-shirts. You bought it and gave it to him as a funny little gift.
Finally in some comfy clothes, you flopped on the bed like a starfish. You loved Peter, but he was a total bed hog. Having a queen bed all to yourself was incredibly satisfying. After taking it all in you checked your phone for the time. You were exhausted and it was only seven o'clock. You unlocked the screen to see a message from Peter.
'Hey baby, just checking in. Totally bored tonight. Went swinging for a bit, but it's quiet out. Miss you.'
You smiled at your phone. Peter was the kinda guy who needs to tell you every detail of his day before bed. The text was short, but you could tell by the 'totally bored' that he was looking for some attention. You decided to call him up.
"Hey, baby!" He answered before the second ring.
"Hey, Peter." You smiled.
"Can you video call me? I miss your face."
"Yeah, hang on." You rolled over on your tummy and propped your phone on the nightstand next to the bed. You hung up and called back on a video call.
"There she is!" He smiled at the sight of you upon answering. Peter was sat on the couch in your living room. He sat his phone up on the coffee table in front of him. All he had on was a pair of grey sweatpants that hung low so his boxers peeked out of the top. Totally not up to anything. He was sat back on the couch with his knees apart so you could see everything through the thin fabric. Your table wasn't much taller than your couch so his phone was angled up towards him between his legs while he slightly looked down at it.
You knew exactly what he was doing. He'd asked for it a million times, but you'd never had a good opportunity until now. You played innocent and continued to lay on your belly facing the camera. Your feet were in the air behind you casually swaying.
"Hey, Pete." You smiled. "Full warning, I have a little bit of tequila in my system from the hotel bar and I'm not responsible for anything I say."
He moved his right hand into view of the camera to show you a beer he was sipping on. You cursed his camera quality for not being sharper as he took his final sip from the bottle. His jawline was on perfect display as he turned his head up, his pink lips rubbing together when he pulled it away. "Yeah I'm done with patrol tonight so I figured a beer wouldn't hurt." He set the empty bottle on the table behind his phone.
Sitting back up he observed you on his screen. "Are you wearing that shirt you bought me from that street vendor? You know, I've been looking for that thing."
Now was your time to really start up your innocent act. You sat up on the bed with your legs in the 'w' position."Yeah, I took it with me so I had something to get cozy in." You grabbed the collar of the shirt and pulled it up to your nose, exposing your panties and the lower part of your belly. "Plus, it smells like you."
You could hear Peter take in a sharp breath. "Did you remember to lock the door, Dove? Wanna make sure you're safe. Wish I could be there."
That nickname made you swoon, he knew it did. You were so entranced by his low voice that you almost didn't realize you had in fact forgotten to lock the door.
"Oh shit, yeah hang on let me go do that." You got off the bed slowly, making sure Peter got a good look at your ass when you got up. You locked the door and then came back to the bed. You slowly crawled up, again, giving him a nice view of your ass as you did so.
You heard a little impatient groan coming from the phone.
"You okay Petey?" You smiled cutely as you returned to your seated position with your legs in a 'w'. Something you knew turned him on. He'd always ask you to tuck your legs in like that when you rode him. Made things easier for him when he wanted to take control.
He let out another sigh. "Take off that shirt."
You blushed and looked at your phone innocently as you grabbed the hem. "You want me to take off my shirt?"
"No, bunny. I want you to take off my shirt. Now."
Shudders went down your back from his stern voice. With your hands still grabbing the hem of the shirt, you very slowly snaked it over your torso, revealing you in your bra and panties. Your cheeks were stained a pale red from the slight embarrassment and tequila.
A sly smile crept on his face as you so quickly followed his command. You noticed a bulge forming beneath his sweatpants. His eyes were glued to the phone. "Good girl. Don't be so shy bunny, you look so pretty." He reassured.
The back of your hand came to your face to soothe your burning cheeks.
"Uh-uh." He protested. "Dove, look at me. Let me see your face."
Reluctantly you moved your hand and looked at Peter. You rested your palms one on each thigh.
"There's my girl. Are those the panties you bought for my birthday? Let me get a better look."
You scooted yourself closer to the phone so you took up the entire screen.
"Good girl. Such a pretty body. Why don't you touch it, angel?"
You let out a flustered sigh. He knows how wet you can get when he speaks so sweetly to you. Pet names turned you into a puddle. He wanted you to be a mess on display for him.
You kept your hands on your thighs and lightly massaged them. Your right hand lifted and gently grazed your belly. Every touch of your fingertips on yourself made you ache.
"Like this?" You asked looking into the camera with doe eyes.
You heard a quiet "Fuck" escape Peter's lips under his breath. "Just like that baby."
Your left hand shifted closer to your inner thigh while your right continued further up to cup your right breast over your bra. You lightly massaged and let out a small breathy moan.
Peter's right hand rested on top of his crotch, you could tell he was rubbing himself just a little.
"Fuck sweetheart" he started "Go ahead and take that off."
You freed up both your hands and reached behind your back to pull open the clasp. You let your bra slowly fall down your shoulders and arms before you laid it on the bed next to you. You were left only in soaking panties, your chest bare and exposed to him. You resumed where you were. Left hand massaging inside your thighs, dangerously close to your aching core. Your right hand gently massaged your exposed right breast, taking a moment to gently play with your nipple between your fingers. Your left hand migrated up so you were playing with both tits. Eagerly massaging and playing with your nipples. You let out a high-pitched moan and huffed his name "Peter."
Peter was now palming himself through his pants very obviously. "Keep going, bunny." He cooed.
You continued to massage your breasts, making sure to put on a good show. Pressing them together accentuating your cleavage, giving your nipples a gentle tug as you whined his name again. You were getting needy and started to wiggle your hips to relieve the pressure building up between your legs.
"What's the matter, baby?" He chuckled watching your figure twist, aching for relief.
"W-wanna t- need to..." Your voice trailed off in a combination of shyness and neediness.
"C'mon angel use your words."
"C-can I touch myself?"
A grin spread across his face and his hand dipped below the elastic band in his pants. "Only good girls get that. Are you a good girl?"
The way he spoke to you only made you wetter. You could feel yourself soaking up the blanket below you.
"Yes sir, I've been a very good girl. Haven't touched myself the whole time I've been gone."
Your response was obviously a good one because Peter's hand-picked up pace under his sweatpants. "Such a good girl. Go ahead, Dove."
You immediately slipped your dominant hand under your panties and ran a finger up your slit, coating it in your arousal. You used your slick fingers to rub your aching clit. A begging whimper tumbled from your lips as you finally broke the tension between your aching thighs.
Peter removed his hand from himself and slid his bottoms down to the middle of his thighs. His length bobbed up and rested on his stomach before meeting his right hand again.
"Fuck, Princess. Get those panties off let me see what you're doing."
You quickly obeyed, sliding your panties down your thighs and off your legs you were now sitting with your legs open, propped up on the bed with your non-dominant hand. You returned to your aching core, sliding two fingers up your slit and spreading it with your fingers. Peters whimpers and moans as he tugged on himself only made things more intense.
"Jesus, Angel. That's perfect. Tell me all about it."
Peter loved making you vocal while you were a flustered mess. His favorite was pounding into you in missionary and making you talk. 'What's the matter, baby?' 'You gonna be able to take it?' 'Tell me how good it feels baby.'
You propped yourself up on pillows to free up your other hand. The two fingers that were running up and down your slit were now slowly pushing inside you. You made sure to inch it in, giving Peter a front seat view of just how wet he could make you. After a moment you began to pump your fingers in and out. "F-feels so good. Wish I could feel you, Peter." You tried your best, but you could barely get out a word.
"Look at you." He mummed between moans. "N-not even there and you're soaking wet moaning my name. M'gonna ruin you when you get home tomorrow."
Your thighs clenched together over your hand as you listened to his words. You had barely started this and he had you thinking about tomorrow night.
Peter abruptly stopped stroking himself. "No, no, no baby. that's not how this works. Open your legs and show me that pretty pussy."
You whined at the loss of pressure as you slowly opened up your legs. Just enough so he could get a good look.
"Hm-mh not good enough. Wider Bunny. Let me see everything."
His demands had you dripping and you did as you were told.
"That's perfect, good girl. Fuck, you look so good dripping for me like that when you're all alone. Keep going. I wanna see you use both hands."
You eagerly brought your left hand to your clit, slowly circling as your right resumed pumping into you. Your walls tightened as you continued to pick up speed and fingerfuck yourself for him. Your thighs were slick and all Peter could think about was stuffing his head between them and lapping you up.
"Ugh, Y/N. Talk to me, Angel." He pressed again for you to be vocal. His grip on his cock tightened as he watched you.
"It's so good." You whined breathlessly as you kept your pace. "Wish it was your cock in me, daddy." You moaned.
Peter's dick twitched as he discovered his new favorite nickname you've given him.
Your speed increased until you couldn't take it anymore. Your walls tightened as you curled your fingers inside yourself. It was so intense even your thighs were throbbing. "Peter I- I think I-." You let out an ungodly moan. The person in the room next to yours surely heard.
"You're gonna what, baby?" He teased, about to reach release himself.
"I'm gonna- oh god can I please cum daddy?"
Your words melted him into the couch and started fucking his hand faster.
"Go ahead and come, Angel. I wanna hear my name."
Your legs shook and your toes curled as you were finally allowed to release, you continued working your fingers as your head fell back and a pornographic moan slipped from your lips. You sputtered out a slew of curse words along with the occasional "Peter".
Peter came just after you. You heard him through the phone as his head fell back. "Oh shit, y/n. Oh fuck, Bunny. Baby, you're so beautiful."
You laid back against the pillows catching your breath. When your release finally ended you took a few breaths before slowly removing your fingers from yourself. Your knees were weak and shaky.
"Damn." Peter huffed picking his head up and catching his breath. He wiped the sweat from his brow and took some final glances at you. "Okay baby I gotta uh, I gotta go clean up. Holy fuck though, I wasn't kidding. Don't wear any panties when you come home. It's over as soon as you walk in that door."
Should I do part 2? Like, when y/n is coming home to Peter the next day?
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cyborg-franky · 3 months ago
One Piece Characters Reacting To Their S/O Sleeping With A Plushie
Tumblr media
I was thinking of doing this awhile ago based on how pissed off my wife is that my plushie has it's own part of the bed and they hold resentment for him. I also had a request recently for HC like this so here you go. @missallsundaes gave me a hand.
Tumblr media
Defiantly resents the plushie because they want all your attention. Sanji, Nami, Ace, Roger, Barto, Buggy Lets the plushie have half the bed Brook, Usopp, Corazon Ends up taking your plushie to sleep with Luffy, Robin, Ace, Thatch, Roger, Shanks Also has a plushie Franky, Robin, Corazon, Crocodile [it's a plushie bananawami] Boa [does a giant snake count?] Perona [make that 500] Thinks it's cute and doesn't mind Jinbei, Thatch, Marco, Rayleigh Ends up having a staring contest with your plushie wishing that was them. Usopp, Ace, Marco, Barto, Buggy, Corazon Throws it out the window Nami, Izou, Buggy, Doffy Pretends to hate the plushie but secretly wants one Ace, Sabo, Kid, Law, Lets you have a plushie because they have a body pillow Sanji, Brook, Thatch, Barto [its a sfw Luffy] Boa [also a sfw Luffy] Holds it up like it owes rent Nami, Izou, Crocodile, Kid Does not give a fuck and just sleeps on the sofa Zoro, Kaido, Killer Gets drunk and confesses their sins to your plushie Roger, Sabo [oh plushie, I killed a lot of people] Shanks, Kaido [oh plushie all I wanted to be when I grew up was a stripper] Killer [Oh plushie I love my captain] Is the plushie Chopper, Marco [phoenix form] Makes you and your damn plushie sleep on the sofa Mihawk, Doffy, Crocodile,
Tumblr media
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