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Oh boy let’s see what I’ve got! I am literally making up these “useless headcanons” as I go!

This one is going to sound so super simple, but I have it in my head that Vergil is good at gambling, especially where bluffing is involved. So say, poker, for example. This isn’t really an idea because of Dante’s horrendous luck/skill with gambling, but because of Nero’s skill names. Granted, those skill names are halfway only for the sake of game mechanics (for players to have names for said skills), and thematically I think it’s to really drive home the “fortune and fate” theme… but heavens I just… it’s an odd connection for me to latch on to.

With that, I also think Nero is pretty decent at it, too.

As for another “useless” headcanon… being part demon doesn’t make your body entirely immune to fatigue or stiffness. Just different thresholds. But I bet these poor guys won’t ever find a normal massage parlor that can actually help them in that regard.

Thank you for the ask!!

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Okay, so I hardcore headcanoned Hector as an aro/ace during season 2. He didn’t seem taken in by Carmilla’s seductive attitude at all. He trusted her due to a combination of kindness to his pets, rational arguments, and the fact that Dracula was legit lying to him. He seemed like someone who was entirely focused on his work, and would be totally happy living a solitary life with his pets (which he was, until Dracula hired him).

So, when season 3 came around, I was like: Oh! Lenore is going to have to appeal to him from a business standpoint, since he won’t even be swayed by…





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COVID-19 headcanons!

To cope with the pandemic, I created headcanons of how Oasis would deal with corona

- Callan would most definitely take advantage of this situation. While the camp is technically non existent due to being off the grid, he’ll convince everyone there to stay even longer, buying him more time to convince the hesitant ones into staying

- August would most definitely get Jade to hide with him in his room. While the pandemic is far away in urban civilisation, he knows of every member that joins because of his occupation, and he knows that if anyone happens to arrive during the pandemics rise Callan would most definitely let them in. Jade would just get sick from the stress of staying inside, so August has no choice but to let her out before she goes crazy

- Jackie would discuss having a lockdown in the camp with Callan, to which of course he enacts on without hesitation

- The community is tightly knit, so it’s no doubt while there may be a panic, the camp itself is self sustaining, having their own garden to provide for food as well as a storage facility filled with non-perishables, so survival wouldn’t necessarily become a worry

- Callan would most definitely extend the pandemics rise through false statements if the pandemic happens to cut short, perhaps he’ll make it seem like the apocalypse is happening right outside the safety of Oasis, so that the community will become closer than ever

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I’ve seen a couple times in Omens art where an angel had golden ichor. Then I came up with a plot (though haven’t written) where Crowley was temporarily human and had golden blood - the rarest of all blood types. And that got me thinking what if Archangels or the original angels that were the highest of the high had gold blood.

In the show Lucifer they referred to Heaven constantly as “the silver city” and I thought what if regular or lower ranked angels had silver blood.

Silver tarnishes, we saw in Omens that Hastur had black blood, so fallen angels having blood that was tarnished to black seems plausible . Gold doesn’t exactly tarnish, but since it’s a corruption of the soul, I imagine fallen Archangels blood would also turn black.

I headcanon Crowley as an ancient angel, one of the first. Usually I refer to him as The Starmaker as opposed to committing to a particular Archangel, I like to leave it open to the readers interpretation.

I imagine Crowley assumes his blood has tarnished, but perhaps if he’s injured he and Aziraphale would discover it was golden. Perhaps he never truly fell…

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Merlin forbid anyone ever bring up Fenrir Greyback when talking about Felicity or her mother, but there is a certain similarity between them, in that they give more into their werewolf nature than some others of their kind. Unlike many other wizards with lycanthropy, neither Felicity nor her mother try to blend in with “normal” wizarding society. If anything, they wear their otherness with stubborn pride, showing off their fangs and keeping their claws sharp. Having largely lived only among other werewolves her whole life, Felicity never saw anything odd about this. It wasn’t until she went to Hogwarts and noticed how people stared at her that she remembered she was, in fact, part of a minority, and many still didn’t look kindly on people like her. She still refuses to hide it, though. If what she is, or how she looks, makes people uncomfortable around her, they can leave. 

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would jughead ever wear his beanie in a different color? like if cheryl got him a red one for whatever reason? also does he wear it to formal events like weddings? would he wear it to his own wedding?

I do believe that  Jughead wouldn’t wear the beanie in any different color other  than grey.  I think there is more to that color other than the fact that grey wool is the least expensive and probably his mother didn’t have enough money to buy any other color.  Grey is a color and yet it’s not colorful ( referring to the fact that Jughead doesn’t fit in), just like when Jughead’s in a crowd, he is nothing more than a narrator, at most of the events he is narrating it looks like he is not present there, not part of the action. Also grey symbolizes his background in a way – the absence of a joyful childhood, finances and anything to be distinguished for? Yet again, despite the fact that grey is not colorful, it’s visible and despite the fact he is not fitting , Jughead is standing out in his own way. Another color would lose the purpose of his beanie which does not serve only as a safety blanket. It’s part of his identity in a way.

I think he’d wear it to all formal events if that’s possible. For him, that’s a hostile environment in a way? However, I doubt he’d wear it to his own wedding. The people who’d be invited already know him, the people who’d be there would create safety enough environment and I think it would be safe to say that’s one of the few times Jughead would be seen without his beanie.

Thank you for your question !

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Matthias is definitely an anxious/high stresser person, but how much this affects his life really depends on what’s going on in his life. Periods of sleeplessness, Mikaelson crises (or even just family in-fighting) and school/work can all contribute to making him more tense, jumpy, and generally just a ticking time bomb of anxious energy. Sleep (or lack thereof) is probably the biggest factor in this, because if he’s actually getting a reasonable amount of sleep, he’s much better at dealing with the other two. Something that definitely helps his anxiety is having people in his life (be they a romantic partner or friend) that will make him slow down and pull him out of his own head–Matthias tends to spiral, but rarely will say so, so he needs people around him who can tell when something’s off and either call him out directly or just casually redirect him. 

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Head Canon: Qrow’s use of dust (Or lack there of)

Qrow very seldom uses any sort of dust. Harbinger CAN fire dust cartridge shots, but it’s rare he’ll actually use that feature. When he fights, it’s with his weapon’s blade and his own skill and power. The shots are for when he has no other choice. 

It goes back to the days when he learned to fight with the tribe as a kid. It was drilled into his head that, although dust is helpful, it’s not infinitely available so one had to know how to fight and survive without it. 

When he was designing Harbinger, he actually originally did so without any way to use dust, but was convinced by the smith that made it to add the gun feature just in case.

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due to something coming up i was unable to do a celebration drawing for dhmis 4′s fifth anniversary but i did manage to draw something for trans day of visibility! 

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I love me some OTP babies. I can’t help it. So, since we’re all quarantined, if you want and feel comfortable, please send me your OTP baby head canons, pictures, whatever. I love it, and I don’t care what fandom you’re in.

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bruised knuckles. bloody noses. eye rolling. empty bottles. messy hair. sarcasm. lip biting. unwashed jeans. coffee breath. loud music. broken neon signs. chipped nail polish. leather jackets. always wearing headphones. swearing. sneaking out at 3 am. dark lipstick. frown creases. burning cigarettes. plaid shirts. under eye circles. dark colors.


honey tea. flower crowns. giggling. blowing kisses. dancing without worries. white lace. soft textures. fluffy throw pillows. using too many heart emojis. empathy. constant daydreaming. handwritten letters. fairy lights. bullet journals. designated driver. warm hugs. garden picnics. quiet. smile lines. optimism. flowy clothes. pastel colors.

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tagging: all of you i’m so shy please show me your OC’s 

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