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jester-writing-things · 3 minutes ago
All it takes is one miscalculation... one forgotten detail. Imp Reader escapes by using her tail to cut her bonds at night and makes an escape! She makes it a fair bit of distance! ....But not far enough... and no matter how loud her screams are behind the gag, no matter how violent her struggling, Striker will bring her back
Tumblr media
Yandere Striker (w/fem imp reader failing an escape attempt)
It has only been a few days, but you desperately wanted freedom, the rope around your wrist and ankles were burning it hurt like hell but you never stopped struggling
Striker would just watch you struggle and ask what you thought you were doing, he never stopped you though, you weren’t making any progress so what dose it matter?
He eventually got bored of watching you and told you he was going to shower and then he’ll get you something to eat. Once the door closed you rolled over trying to get more light onto the ropes, they look like you’ve worn them thin, but you couldn’t break them by hand
You knew he had his knife on him, that wasn’t an option. You sighed and tried to cut it with your tail, it might take a bit of force but you could do it, you had to, you wanted to escape
You heard a snap and knew you had gotten it to break. You quickly remove the ropes from your wrist and ankles, fuck your skin was so torn up it hurt like hell. You spat out the bandanna that was used to gag you and stood up.
Your legs were wobbling but you unlocked the door and hurried out, as quietly as possible. You looked around and saw no one, you were too tired to run you needed someplace close to get away from him, your legs would give out soon
You took one step on the stairs when someone grabbed you from behind and started dragging you back towards the room, you knew who it was, you shrieked and thrashed trying to get away, only for Striker to cover your mouth and carry you like you weighed nothing.
“Why do ya got to be so difficult?! I’m trying to make this easier for ya stop fighting me!” He shouted at you through gritted teeth. He dragged you back towards the room and threw you in it before slamming and locking the door behind him.
You tried to crawl away from him but you had nowhere to run, you choked out a sob knowing how hopeless this was. He stalked towards you, growling out. “Ya think anyone is looking for ya? No! I’m the only one looking out for ya and this is what yer gonna do?!” He as pissed, he punched the wall to try to ease his anger, only to punch a hole through it.
You were shaking so much, you just wanted to go home, you knew your friends were looking for you, that had to be the truth. He was distracted so you ran by him and before he could grab you, you threw yourself out the window, getting cuts from the glass.
You heard Striker scream at you, you wouldn’t make it down the stairs before he got you, so you jumped over the railing, knocking the wind out of you as you landed, he shouted at you, there was worry in his voice you didn’t know if it was real or not but you needed to get out of here.
You ran, you didn’t know where you were running to but you wanted to get as far away as possible. Maybe you could get somewhere and make a phone call?? You just ran towards a town, you could only see the lights in the distance, that was your salvation.
You had managed to get to the outskirts of the town before Striker pounced you, you managed to elbow him in the face and tried to get away but he threw his full weight onto your back. You couldn’t move.
“Now listen, sugercube, ya can either come back with me and we talk this out, or,” Ge flipped you onto your back and wrapped his hands around your throat. “I could strangle ya till ye pass out and drag ya back there. What will it be?”
You were doomed, he’s faster than you, stronger than you and he knows where you two are. You slumped against the ground. This was your one shot and you blew it.
“Atta girl, c’mon, I’ll carry ya, ya look tired.” He lifted you up with ease and carried you back to the motel room. He tied up your wrist and ankles again but left out the gag, he told you he’d speak with you after dinner, until then you would be alone, but this time your tail was tied along with your ankles, giving you no chance of escaping.
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gardenofgods · 3 minutes ago
Rayquaza tries to respect the territories of other legendaries, especially other legendary dragons. It would be rather hard for him to impose on say, Dialga and Palkia’s territories since those are in separate dimensions he can’t access, but he would never impose on a place like Sendoff Spring since that isn’t his business to be there. He doesn’t want to draw the ire of any legendary by overstepping in their space, and causing unnecessary conflict. Being extremely territorial himself, he gets it.
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orkidpayanke · 3 minutes ago
𝙏𝙔𝙋𝙀𝙎 𝙊𝙁 𝙋𝙀𝙊𝙋𝙇𝙀    :         𝙁𝙇𝙊𝙒𝙀𝙍𝙎    .
𝙍𝙊𝙎𝙀𝙎    -               true romantic, loving the classics, pricked fingers, perfect makeup done to impress, bruises easily, beloved but unknown, soul as old as time, overused and under-appreciated.
𝘿𝘼𝙄𝙎𝙄𝙀𝙎    -               clean linens, youthful naivety, family, wide open spaces, running barefoot, moving towards instead of away, trying to forget about death, sun blindness.
𝙎𝙐𝙉𝙁𝙇𝙊𝙒𝙀𝙍𝙎    -               standing tall, strong roots, a home to always return to, warm summer air, holding onto lost hope, belief in growth, painted overalls, split ends.
𝘽𝙇𝙐𝙀𝘽𝙀𝙇𝙇𝙎    -               the end of spring, determination for the truth, cold and cautious, moonlight on windowsills, the taste of ice, unnecessary shyness, quiet belief in the extraordinary, complicated morals.
𝘿𝘼𝙁𝙁𝙊𝘿𝙄𝙇𝙎    -               mom friend, sweets, the smell of baking, riverbanks, leaving behind a toxic situation, being happy with your reflection, believing in luck, moving in a pack.
𝙄𝙍𝙄𝙎𝙀𝙎    -               sour candies, unappreciated elegance, valour, crystals projecting rainbows on white walls, unintended organization, old royalty, refusal to bow, learning a new language for the fun of it.
𝙇𝙄𝙇𝙄𝙀𝙎    -               secret poison, perfect handwriting, crisp consonants, pressed and ironed sheets, open windows, infinite persistence, thick skin, colder hands.
𝙇𝙄𝙇𝘼𝘾    -               fleeting and fair, strong but delicate, radiating good vibes, the beauty of falling apart, the joy in being scattered, soft fabrics, whirlwind romance, keeping the door open.
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containsxmultitudes · 4 minutes ago
Headcanon, that somehow I’ve mentioned to people but can’t remember if I’ve ever written it out before-
Nick is dense as shit about monsters up front. Like he’s gotten better about it over the years, but not by much. The only monsters he’s not dense about are things related to angels (celestial), or things related to demons (infernal). Everything else? He might have inklings that someone isn’t human, but most likely he’s not fuckin’ knowing that. Not unless he saw something.
He went a year having a lover who was a werewolf and not very subtle about it, and didn’t fucking know. Still doesn’t fucking know. Because he can justify almost everything with something else. And that includes casual mentions that he was in fact a werewolf.
He thought he was kidding.
Like if someone tells him very seriously, or they show him, then yeah obviously he’s gonna believe it. He KNOWS monsters exist. He just doesn’t think it can possibly be that easy to find them if you’re not looking. So he probably has no fuckin idea up front. And will likely inwardly justify weird shit until he can’t.
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gatheringstars · 4 minutes ago
This was a fun watch.
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imahungrynacho · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Designs for Vegeta and Tarble’s Mother, I imagine they would have different Mothers for the simple reason of their personalities being so different.
Tarble is more quiet and pacifistic, Vegeta was more... ruthless and incredibly hungry for battle. Such a stark contrast.
I’d imagine both would have been part of King Vegeta’s Harem, choosing choice women for the part to beget a powerful heir. Once Vegeta is born, he chooses him as his heir while the rest of his children aren’t regarded as Princes or Princesses- they are considered Elite, a kind of born-into title where they still have to answer to the Heir.
Hopefully one day I’d be able to put more info as this is a Headcanon I found myself putting lots of thought into and some of my buddies on the Discord also have come up with ideas combining the original Z and Super timelines. Trying to make sense of it all was a doozy.
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weebswrites · 12 minutes ago
hi! can i get a headcanon of the brothers with an m/c who has an eye smile? the kind of smile that looks like ^∇^
The Demon Bros & ^∇^ MC
• He wasn’t expecting it, he wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but it wasn’t for his heart to melt every time you smile !!
• Notices himself trying to make you smile more
• Makes you his favorite tea and lets you unwind around him, talking about your passions or anything you want as he lost himself in your beauty
• One time you notice him staring and ask if there’s something on your face (you know there isn’t)
• He blushes and lies that he zoned out, and you reply “sure, Luci” and give him a knowing wink
• The first time he sees you smile he blushes so deeply he has to shake his head to come back to reality
• “Mammon?” you’re confused
• “Sorry MC! Got distracted for a second!”
• You were confused but figured he was fine
• Started asking you to take selfies for the secret reason of wanting to look at you’re smile more
• He sees you smile and it reminds him of one of his favorite anime characters
• He soon realizes that the anime character now reminds him of you
• He sets a picture of you smiling as his lock screen on his D.D.D., and smiles a little every time he sees it
• Watches for your smile when the two of you are hanging out, and every time he sees it he blushes
• You’d never seen your smile have this effect on anyone before, so sometimes you’d smile around him just to mess with him
• He’s telling you about a character from a book he’s reading, specifically about the smile of the main character. He was complimenting the way the author described it
• “Like this!” you smile at him, your eyes bunching shut as you attempt to recreate the smile he described
• His heart fluttered, and he laughed a bit, “Yeah, just like that”
• “I could be an actor” you jokingly brag, lightly punching Satan’s shoulder
• He just smiles at you and continues describing his favorite bits of the story, but his mind kept replaying images of your smile in his head
• You’re doing makeup together before a charity ball that Diavolo was throwing
• Asmo applied his favorite shade of your preferred lip wear to your lips and instructed you to purse your lips together to fully apply it
• “Sooo, how do I look?” you stood up and spun a bit, showing off a 360 of your outfit for the evening, a smile crossing your face
• He blushed for a moment but didn’t skip a beat, “Amazing! If you aren’t careful you’re going to have everyone there falling for you” he winked
• His mind was full with thoughts of how cute your smile looked, though. The ways your eyes turned into almost arrows, and how your mouth moved. But he didn’t have a crush on you. Definitely not.
• You’re studying when you hear a knock on your door. Glad for the break, whoever it ended up being, and you ran your hand through your hair as you walked to the door
• You open it to see Beel, and a smile crosses your face, “Beel! What’s up?”
• He loved your smile, it’s the whole reason he came to see you. He pulled a bag of your favorite Devildom chips from behind his back and gave you a wide grin, “I thought you might need some study snacks”
• You sat and chatted for a while, Beel’s eyes lighting up each time he made you smile, and it made him never want to leave
• “MCCCC I’m tired, can we nap together” he pleaded, and who were you to say no to your favorite brother
• “Of course Belph, I’m tired too” you smile at him and your eyes close
• Seeing your smile makes his heart skip, and he’s suddenly very awake, his cheeks flushed pink
• “Mmmm alright, let’s go” he takes your hand in his and you walk together to his room in the attic
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starlight-writes-stuff · 13 minutes ago
hey! i sent in the ask for the party fic with ethan (which was so good holy shit) and i was hoping you could do the SFW alphabet for him? can I be ⚙️ anon, as well? (get it?)
⚙️anon (thats so clever ily for it) , welcome !! im sorry this took me forever , but here’s your sfw alphabet - this came so easy to me i spend too much time consuming ethan content - anyway ! i really hope you enjoy this ((: reblogs are always appreciated <3
AYO LOOK AT THESE : soft , fluffy ethan content , no tws ! also , yall rockin with the new blog theme ⁉️
a = affection (how affectionate are they? how do they show affection?)
ethan is incredibly affectionate in all senses of the word- big gestures, small moments, and everything in between. he brings you flowers or food quite often, just something small to show you that you were on his mind while he was out and about. you two would have a designated date night once a week where he’d clear his schedule to spend quality time with you; either taking you out to dinner or cooking and watching movies at home with spencer. also, ethan would definitely go out of his way to do little things around the house to help you out - washing the dishes, vacuuming, folding the laundry. however, ethan wouldn’t shy away from larger gestures of affection, either: he’d take you on surprise vacations or road trips for holidays or anniversaries. 
b = best friend (what would they be like as a best friend? how would the friendship start?)
being ethan’s best friend would be so much fun. he’s definitely the kind of guy that would send you a text when he was 10 minutes away from your house because he was bored and wanted to go do something together. you’d never be bored around ethan- he can talk for hours, and would 100% know how to make you laugh, even if the two of you were just chilling on the couch. a friendship with ethan would be filled with adventures; concerts, midnight snack runs, campouts in the backyard and lots of fun with spencer. 
c = cuddles (do they like to cuddle? how would they cuddle?)
yes, 100%. thinking back to unus annus, ethan was a vvv touchy guy with mark, and i think that would only be amplified with his significant other- touch is one of his love languages, for sure. he’d be the type to always have some soft of physical connection; a hand on your thigh while he drives, mindlessly drawing patterns over your skin while your working, aways holding your hand in public type beat. if ethan wasn’t getting your attention when he wanted it he, would not hesitate to pick you up over his shoulder and carry you to the closest soft surface before plopping you down and wrapping you in his arms. i think he’s probably a fan of having you laying on your side, facing him so that he can hold you, but still see your face/ talk to you. he’d also love laying on your chest because he’s such a boob guy but that’s a conversation for another time ,,,,,
d = domestic (do they want to settle down? how are they at cooking and cleaning?)
i think that if you and ethan were committed and had been dating for a while than he would absolutely want to settle down- but i feel like dating ethan would also include being around each other all the time (constant sleepovers while you aren't living together) so it wouldn’t be that drastic of a change. while he was living on his own, though, ethan obviously had to take care of himself, so he taught himself to cook and clean and do general, domestic tasks. i think he’d be a really good partner when it came to things around the house like that; ethan would always do his fair share and would pick up anything that you needed him to. 
e = ending (if they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)
ethan just comes off as a very feeling, sensitive person (his brand is literally soft boy what do u expect), so i think breakups would be really hard for him. he wouldnt break up with his s/o until he was 10000000% positive that it as the right choice, and had thought through it multiple times. even then, it would rip his heart out to end things- he wouldn’t be afraid to show his emotions. ethan would definitely break up with whoever he was dating in person- he knows that he owes them that.
f = fiance(e) (how do they feel about commitment? how quick would they want to get married?)
okay, this one is up in the air for me. i definitely feel like ethan would settle down with his person and be completely loyal to them- thats a no brainer. i just don’t know how he feels about marriage? i feel like ethan wants a life partner, i just dont know if he would marry them. (this could 1792049384% be my personal bias peeking through because i think marriage is fkn weird, but for some reason i think he would too ????? maybe thats just me)
g = gentle (how gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)
ethan is just ,,,,, soft hearted, dude. he’s just gentle in general. i think emotionally he’s a total teddybear, and he feels all his emotions incredibly deep- he rules with his heart, for sure. he wants to make sure that everyone around him is happy, and if they arent, it would affect him more than he’d like to admit. physically, ethan can vary- like i said, he’s always touching you in some way, but i think he’d be down for getting a little rougher in bed when you guys want to. 
h = hugs (do they like hugs? how often do they do it? what are their hugs like?)
ethan is an envelope-the-whole-ass-person kinda hugger, hug-with-your-whole-body type deal. if you look at pictures from unus annus, even old old pictures from the tour he did w/ mark, ethan is always completely wrapped around someone, hugging them with everything in him. i think if his s/o was shorter, he’d love to stack his head on top of theirs, and if y’all were around the same height, he’d bury his face in your neck. he’s very huggy- when you’re out and about, he’s always hugging you from behind, pulling your body closer to his. i also think ethan would love koala hugs, where he was sitting and his s/o wraps their arms and legs around him- he’d sit like that forever, rubbing up and down your back.
i = i love you (how fast do they say the l-word?)
hhhhhhhhhh don't clock me for this one, yall- if ethan was feeling some type of way, he would tell you. i don't think the length of the relationship would matter as much to him as the intensity and depth of his feelings; if ethan really truly loved you and wanted to say it, he would. he’d definitely preface it with the fact that you didn’t have to say it back, that he just wanted to get it on the table and out of his head. 
j = jealousy (how jealous do they get? what do they do when they’re jealous?)
ethan would be very secure in his relationships, and i think it would take a lot to get him jealous. however, when he was,,,,,,,, it wouldnt be pretty. like, at all. if it was a situation where someone was hitting on his s/o, he wouldn’t step in until you’d already tried to get them to leave you alone- not because he didn’t want to, but because he knew that if he did, it would get ugly. when he did step in, he’d start by saying something (not kindly worded, but to the point), and if that didn’t work i don’t think ethan would be above getting physical- he’s extremely protective of you. 
k = kisses (what are their kisses like? where do they like to kiss you? where do they like to be kissed?)
okay- ethan loves to kiss you. he just loves kisses- they feel so personal and intimate to him, and he kisses you all the time, everywhere
he’ll dip you and kiss you in the middle of the grocery store aisles, he dgaf
but i think his favorite spots for kissing you would be your forehead, your lips (duh), collarbones/shoulders, down your spine and on your inner thighs hngggggg
but it goes vice versa too
ethan wants ALL your kisses . all of them , everywhere
He’s such a sucker for you kissing his neck and you cant talk me out of that (:
l = little ones (how are they around children?)
cute. literally so cute. i think that ethan would love other people’s kids, but definitely doesn’t want any of his own- at least, not right now. however, with other people’s babies he is S O F T; he loves to hold them, and would absolutely offer to try and calm a crying baby down, rocking them and singing soft lullabies to calm their woes. i also think that he would LOVE toddler aged kiddos- like 3-6. he’d be cool uncle ethan, playing catch with them, taking them to the park, finding games to play and always letting them win. he’d totally try to teach them how to ride their bike, or how to do a cartwheel, or how to jump off the swings for maximum height. ethan would totally bring them a fun lunch at school or sneak the kid’s favorite candy over to them and eat it together in a secret spot.
m = morning (how are mornings spent with them?)
mornings with ethan would be slow and lazy and filled with golden light filtering in through the blinds. if he woke up first, ethan would be as soft as humanly possible in order not to wake you up & would sneak downstairs to make coffee and start breakfast for the two of you, sometimes bringing it up to surprise you with breakfast in bed. the two of you would spend an hour (at minimum) in bed together, waking up and peppering each other with soft pecks all over. i think ethan would be extra soft™ in the mornings- he’d be super cuddly and affectionate. 
n = night (how are nights spent with them?)
nights spent with ethan would always hold a sort of unexplainable magic- there’s something about the thought of falling asleep next to him thats just so… comforting? he’d be so warm and easy to fall asleep with, all soft and hazy and gentle; he’d fall asleep holding you as big spoon, but when y’all woke up he’d be wrapped in your arms, laying on your chest. also, if you were having a hard time falling asleep, ethan would stay up with you, talking through whatever was on your mind even if he was barely able to keep his eyes open. 
o = open (when would they start revealing things about themselves? do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)
i think that ethan would open up more and more as the relationship progresses, going along with the natural advancement of things unless something happened that made it crucial for him to open up; if that did happen, though, you wouldn’t have to pry anything out of him. ethan is a pretty honest, open person and wants to be transparent with you always- trust is something that he values above all else and he wants to remain very truthful with you.
p = patience (how easily angered are they?)
ethan is incredibly patient and understanding- it would take a lot to truly upset him. sure, the two of you would get into little tiffs here and there about stupid things, but the small arguments would be resolved within the hour with lots of hugs and kisses and soft “im sorry”s. however, if yall managed to get into a big argument, i think it would take ethan a bit to calm down and he would want to put some space between you two while he did- not to anger you any further, but to make sure that he didn’t say anything he didn't mean. ethan has a bit of a temper while he’s angry, and he wouldn’t want to say anything just to hurt you out of anger. after he cooled off he would come back and be willing to re-examine whatever had caused the issue with fresh eyes. 
q = quizzes (how much would they remember about you? do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)
if you’ve watched ethan ever, you know that the sweet bby doesn’t remember shit (cue the instagram live thats purpose was to help him remember a word)- but listen. i think that ethan would go out of his way to hold on to little pieces of information about his s/o, and would put so much effort into trying to remember little details. he’d store them in his brain (things like your favorite flower, the brand of chocolate you like best, etc) and reference them when he needed. 
r = remember (what is their favorite moment in your relationship?)
a couple moments would stick out to ethan - when y’all first met being his favorite. he’d remember every detail of the moment he was first introduced to you; what you were wearing, where you were, what y’all had been doing that night. it was something that he though about a lot, actually- he loved to reflect on the way you’d blushed as he’d introduced himself, how you’d hugged him at the end of the night. 
s = security (how protective are they? how would they protect you? how would they like to be protected?)
ethan isn't possessive, but he is incredibly protective of you. he secretly hates whenever someone flirts with you, even if it’s strictly platonic- you're his s/o, and he doesn't want anyone thinking any different. like i said earlier (reference letter j), ethan wouldn’t be afraid to step in and put someone in their place of they were getting a little too friendly. he likes when you’re protective of him as well, even if its something very subtle to show that he’s spoken for, such as calling him a nickname or dropping a kiss on his cheek.
t = try (how much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)
romantic ethan my belOVED- he would try so hard. ethan would plan surprises for you for weeks before they would unfold, even roping your family and friends into his schemes. He’d be so creative with date ideas too; picnics, art classes, different seasonal excursions around california. For bigger occasions like anniversaries, holidays, birthdays and all that, ethan wouldn’t hesitate to go bigger- i definitely think he would take you traveling. he wants to see the world with his love :,)
u = ugly (what would be some bad habits of theirs?)
ethan bites his nails, which is why he’d had you paint them- he’s trying to break the habit
he’s a very sweary human, but so are you; the only issue is he has no filter and accidentally swears in front of kids all the time lmao
v = vanity (how concerned are they with their looks?)
eh. ethan is more particular about certain aspects of his appearance over others, but he’s generally well put together. he likes for his hair to look good, though- that’s the one thing that he’s picky about. 
w = whole (would they feel incomplete without you?)
ethan is his own person and is able to function on his own, but the two of you have developed a sense of codependency with each other, like any couple does. he can’t see his life without you at all anymore, and would much rather have you around than not. the two of you have fallen into a flow together- you and him against the world. life is much easier when you have another person on your team, and he’s honored that he gets to play that role for you. 
x = xtra (a random headcanon for them.)
(this may or may not be a lil hint to a fic i'm working on shshhshshhhhhhhh)
on the night unus annus ended, ethan was a wreck - rightfully so
he had a bit of an existential crisis , and started to spiral a bit
you were worried about him , and knew that he would just continue to get into his own head
so you got him out of bed
and took him on a v special date
thats all for now ;)
y = yuck (what are some things they wouldn’t like, either in general or in a partner?)
ethan wouldn't like smoking (nicotine), and if that was a habit that you were willing to budge on, he would really try to help you break it. 
overall, ethan is a very considerate and kind person, so someone that was rude or had a sense of entitlement just wouldn’t fit well with him.
z = zzz (what is a sleep habits of theirs?)
ethan can’t fall asleep without background noise. his brain gets too loud when he’s just in bed in complete silence, for better or for worse; sometimes this leads to great video ideas or new concepts for the channel, but other times it just lead to him overthinking his life. when it was that kind of night, ethan would fall asleep to soft music or one of those white noise apps- then he became dependent on it to be able to fall asleep. something about filler noise managed to calm him right down and lull him to sleep, and he pays $5 a month for the premium version of his favorite white noise app.
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strqyr · 14 minutes ago
i'm so very glad that i hc'd (for my strq fics) tai to not having unlocked his semblance before he attended beacon and maybe even never unlocking it, because the moment i actually locked in a headcanon for summer's semblance, the very next volume the show decided to explain ruby's semblance in depth and
very similar to what i had in mind for summer. just differently applied.
and now i feel like i need to change it.
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millennium-keyblade · 17 minutes ago
My queer headcanons for characters are either like “I think he’s gay because his values perfectly align with queer Kouha culture from the Meiji era (which is a tad archaic but his love of old-school tough things could be connected to participating in Kouha culture), showcased in his love of manliness and romantic indifference to women in situations when a heterosexual would display attraction” or “I think he’s Pansexual because he gives me Pan Vibes™️”
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pradasauvage · 18 minutes ago
Fushiguro Megumi with a special grade s/o
➺ characters : fushiguro megumi
➺ warnings? - none
➺ headcanon / imagine
✧ small a/n : as previously stated, i fully intend to post daily!! so, here i am ... ✧
i hope you all enjoy reading this, and i wish you all a wondrous day!
stay safe lovelies <3
Tumblr media
- whenever you've just completed a mission, you can guarantee megumi's the first one to greet you. honestly, you don't really need to go to shoo to get your scratches treated ... but that doesn't stop megumi.
- but first, he'll be the one to put bandages on the places where you were cut .. and then he'll take you to shoko to see if you have more severe injuries. which you don't ... but you appreciate the gestures nevertheless.
- he likes it when you two are sent out on missions together. he doesn't request for the pairing ... but everyone knows he prefers it when he's with you.
- this is for two reasons. first, he like to be the one to make sure you come back safe. to be blunt .. he isn't too trusting of the other partners' that you're assigned with unless it's okkotsu. secondly, he ADORES enjoys watching you kill curses. something about it is so ... hot.
- when you're sent out to places with yuta, megumi cannot deny the fact that he gets jealous. your bond with yuta is strong, mainly because you two are the only special grades at jujutsu tech, and that's bound to create deep friendships.
- you're part of his reasons to get stronger. the true meaning is unknown ... does he feel the need to protect you? does he simply view you as inspiration to become powerful? it's unknown to you, but you never turn down a chance to spar with your boyfriend.
- gojo usually secretly supervises these matches, because he enjoys the look on megumi's face when you two land in provocative positions, thinks important to give you two advice and pointers for the weak spots in each other's defenses and such.
- occasionally, megumi finds himself doubting his own abilities. am i really worthy to be her partner? am i deserving enough to stand next to her? you flick megumi's forehead when he thinks like this. "you idiot. you think i care about power? sure it's nice to have someone strong by my side, and you fit that spot perfectly. but honestly, even if you didn't know a thing about jujutsu, and we had crossed paths, you'd still be the wandering though in my mind." you say, with a smile.
- megumi believes that you deserve respect from everyone around you. even the people who don't know a damn thing about jujutsu ... he still thinks they should have respect for you. you once saved fukushima with okkotsu, with both of you on opposite ends of the city. however, the power of both your jujutsu activated simultaneously resulted in the massive whirlpool in the pacific ocean...
- if ever megumi goes to zen'in estate (i'm talking like ... ever) he'll discreetly show you off. like, the head of the zen'in clan with a powerful wife? (hopefully lmao) unheard of. especially to naoya. you misogynistic asshole (but why'd you have to be so fine 😩)
- all in all, megumi views you above himself. he believes that he should become stronger, to at least match you. he privately adores you, and he knows that being with you is the best thing for him. he doesn't know if love is really the word for him to use so young, but the emotions he feels towards you are damn close to love itself.
- okkotsu the oblivious mf. he wonders why you two aren't a thing. it's literally inumaki that has to tell him in rice ball ingredients.
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 18 minutes ago
Hi, I always wonder about Aro and his relationship with the twins, yes I know he is a father figure to them but does he feel like their father?
Or can he succeed in not involving their feelings?
Is the feeling genuine or are they being manipulated by Chelsea like the rest?
I really enjoy your opinions even if I disagree because they are honest. I've always pictured the twins loving Aro like Renesmee loves Bella, because they had both protected them when the others were trying to kill them.
This meta summarizes my thoughts when it comes to the twins and Aro as a father figure.
For what it’s worth, I think Aro’s feelings towards them are genuine and vice versa, I don’t think it’d gain Aro anything to fake that regard and for that long. But then, while I think Aro’s complicated, I don’t think he’s the hammy villain that the films delivered.
Even if I don’t think Chelsea is omnipotent, and is generally given a lot more credit than she’s due, I don’t think Aro would fake the brief interactions we see with Jane (and presumably the same goes for how he would treat Alec). 
With that said, I think because I don’t consider Chelsea omnipotent, I think as you note the twins have very large reasons to be genuinely devoted to both Aro and the Volturi in turn. But, of course, especially Aro. 
As for Aro succeeding in not involving their feelings, to be honest, I’m not even really sure what you mean by this. I mean, I guess he could have kept that at arm’s length and remained emotionally distant, but I don’t think it would have been good for them and he knows that much so... No? 
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chanticle · 21 minutes ago
      𝚅𝙸𝚃𝚃𝙾𝚁𝙸𝙰 𝙳𝙾𝙴𝚂𝙽'𝚃 𝙲𝙾𝙽𝚂𝙸𝙳𝙴𝚁 𝙷𝙴𝚁𝚂𝙴𝙻𝙵 𝙰𝙽𝚃𝙸𝚅𝙰𝙽 .    she doesn’t consider herself tevene ,  either ,  though she lived the first years of her life there .  if you ask her  what  she considers herself ,  however ,  she’ll flounder .  depending on just  when  you’ve asked the question ,  she might simply reply  “ a crow . ”
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goodbye-my-cruel-world · 22 minutes ago
Soul Evans with a Short S/O
🥴 He finds it really cute if you have to tiptoe to hug or kiss him, he’ll absolutely melt
Tumblr media
Why cant you be real- 😭 I am such a simp for this man it is not even funny like why cant I just like REAL MEN 😭
This man is such a gentleman like wtf- every time you need to reach something he got u 😩
He LOVES being taller than you it really fills up his ego-Teases you all the TIME like bitch I will fight you
Standing next to him? Now you are his person arm rest. “Soul..” “Huh? What is it babe?” “ *sigh* I AM NOT YOUR PERSONAL ARM REST!” 
Feels like he needs to protect you. He knows you can look after yourself, but he gets worried so be ready for cuddles
BIG SPOON he loves to be big spoon when cuddling just something about having his arms around you feels comforting like he is protecting you.
He finds it really cute if you have to tiptoe to hug or kiss him, he’ll absolutely melt 🥴
He will tease you about how short you are compared to him but if you are insecure about your height he will make sure to tone it down.
OVER PROTECTIVE i just feel like overall even if you weren't short he still would be. Like he knows you have a good Partner whether or not you are a weapon or Myster but he is till scared something would happen to you after all you are the love of his life. I-MARRY HIM 💍
Maka actually really likes you. She thinks that you are a really good influence and sometimes questions why someone like you would want to be with her partner. Like your strong and talented and soul is-well is he is soul. Damn Maka the shade 👀💅
He would totally play piano for you if you asked it one of his favorite things to do and if you want to learn with him he will fall in love with you all over again😳🤲💍 hand in marriage please
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swordsxsakuras · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
                                  MODERN HEADCANONS 
Like in the DS school shorts, Nezuko works in her family’s bakery. But she does not hold bread in her mouth like the canon gag. She actually does talk. 
Her aesthetics are pastel goth. The majority of her looks are black and pink. Her hair does remain short with her signature pink ribbon. 
She does have a small silver nose ring and an eyebrow slit. Her mother and her teacher Giyuu do not approve but allow it since both are small. However, without her mother’s consent, she has an arm tattoo of her late father’s name. She often has to cover it up during school. Yes, her mother punished for her this.
Once Nezuko was in middle school, she learned martial arts from Urokodaki and Giyuu. Why she is a star athlete the rest of middle school and high school. However, her favorite class is art with Tengen. She is secretly good at drawing. 
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incorrect-vrains-quotes · 27 minutes ago
Respectfulshipping childhood headcanon: what if they decorated pet rocks together? Ryoken maybe lost interest in them pretty quickly but Spectre still has them in a special place (maybe in one of his pot plants?) and still pets them from time to time
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hikasufumiko · 29 minutes ago
Iwaizumi : What has the galaxy ever done for you?! Why would you wanna save it?! Oikawa : Cause I’m one of the idiots who lives in it!
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cinnakinnieforlife · 29 minutes ago
Cinnamoroll headcannons :3
♡ his hobby is cooking <3
♡ he texts his friends good morning and good night texts <3
♡ he listens to music on his house's rooftop ☆
♡ his favorite song is: notice by moe shop.
♡ he likes extracurricular activities.
♡ he always has bandaids w/ him incase anyone got hurt.
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moonyxpads · 31 minutes ago
Sirius: there are four ways to argue, words, proof and-
Remus, quietly: homicide
Sirius: what-
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