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hoe-smad · a day ago
Can we agree that Adam and Ruby would totally bond post-season 3 via watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and bitching about their ex boyfriends?
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cat-cosplay · 2 days ago
I have no issues with your headcanon. Just realize that when it comes down to it... my headcannon is real.
Tumblr media
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luckthebard · a day ago
This is perhaps a hot take but I picture Beau as the kind of note-taker who has color codes and charts and structured, ruler-aligned indented hierarchy lists, with perfect handwriting and proper capitalization and grammar for peak clarity.....
And Caleb as the kind of note-taker where everything is loose-leaf, he writes in shorthand and/or all lower case, his handwriting is absolutely atrocious, and notes about different topics are all jumbled together on the same papers.
(Beau of course hides all her notebooks and would deny the organization until her dying day, while Caleb doesn't understand why no one else can follow his "system.")
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akithesimp · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
kuroo as your boyfriend would give you surprise kisses. you'd be walking down the halls and kuroo sees you, he'd walk up to you skipping his way through, hands in his pockets. then stops when he gets to you to place a quick kiss on your lips. sometimes if it's secluded and he's feeling a little playful, he'll kiss you longer. after he does that, he just hops away leaving a very flustered you frozen in place. he gets so smug that he has that effect on you
plot twist when you do it to him he malfunctions because dang he didn't expect that you'd do it too because every time you see each other after the kiss, you'd glare and punch his chest, in all a good manner tho. he blushes so hard, red like a tomato and if it were a cartoon there'd be smoke coming out of his ears. you'd skip away too, and his eyes would follow you with a stupid lovesick smile on his face and a hand placed on his cheek down bad
all in all kuroo's really a menace sometimes, but his cute antics make up for it because he's so sweet and lovable
Tumblr media
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sparklingsad · 2 days ago
HCs ft. Baji, Chifuyu, Mitsuya
a/n: I just imagined being classmates with the boys because I miss going to an actual school :(( anyway relationship here is just platonic or whatever you think it may be ksajdhaks. My type of writing in headcanons will be more lax and just chill compared to full-blown fics :)) have fun my little sparkles ✨✨
p.s: send me asks or requests for more ideas <33 and do tell me if you like these kind of posts so I can gauge what you like!! reblogs and likes are highly appreciated <3
Tumblr media
[ How they greet you in the morning: ]
baji keisuke
Pats your head. This guy will def show his affection to you through the small stuff like like head pats, little back rubs, and a squeeze on a shoulder when he sees you! You guys will definitely see each other at school because he’s late and you’re early OR you will wait for him at the apartment complex and drag his ass out of bed OR the both of you will meet on the way to school running before the bell rings with your to-go breakfast.
chifuyu matsuno
Hugs. I believe that Chifuyu is a softie who will give you side hugs when he sees you! He loves making small intimate contact like that, prob given with how long you have known each other. If you’re an early riser then both of you will def go to school together (you guys can drag Baji too), if you’re a late riser he’ll def drop by your house to wait for you to get ready (he wouldn't mind if you're gonna be late as long as you go at the same time!).
mitsuya takashi
I believe Mitsuya can be a mix of how Chifuyu or Baji will greet you. He can either give you a side hug OR can give you head pats or ruffle your hair. This man is definitely ALWAYS ON TIME for school so he will definitely drop by your house early so you can go together and not be late OR you will get accustomed to his schedule that you get used to waking up early like a routine.
Tumblr media
[ How they spend class time with you: ]
baji keisuke
He wants to sit somewhere near the back. He doesn’t like attracting too much attention to him so he wants to be in a lowkey place in the class (that is if you guys aren’t arranged alphabetically).
If you are seated near him, he will definitely fiddle with whatever stuff is on your desk — your pencil case, the keychains on your bag — he will even open random things in your bag ( like your hygiene kit!) he will shove it back if feels like he should not have picked it up and you can see his flustered face :)
If you are seated away from him, he will definitely find a way to get your attention (cue flying small paper that he flicks to target your head or the back of your arm) you will definitely give him death glares but he just grins at you playfully.
He will ask you from time to time what time is it or ask stuff about the class when there’s an upcoming test. He can be annoying at times because he doesn’t listen in class and will ask you truck load of inquiries later on — but what can you do. You love the man 😩
chifuyu matsuno
He likes to sit somewhere at the back like Baji or somewhere near the window, but if you’re all free to choose your seats, he will def sit near you!
If he sits near you, he will constantly chat you about anything! The new comic he’s reading, something stupid he did with baji or takemichi, a new stray cat on the apartment complex —ANYTHING. The teachers will definitely give you a threatening look by the 3rd time they’d caught Chifuyu talking to you. You will nudge him and give him a mad look for looping you into the teacher’s attention.
If he sits far from you he will pass you some jokes or some notes he has written in a small piece of paper! If phones are allowed he will spam you with memes. FOR SURE. Some of them are really funny ngl, so there are times where you unexpectedly chuckle in the room and a classmates will turn their heads to you (lucky if the teacher did not notice!)
mitsuya takashi
Mitsuya is fine seating anywhere! Even if it’s alphabetically arranged he’ll definitely sticky by that.
If he sits near you expect him to pay attention to the class the whole time. I cannot stress enough how responsible this man is 😩 so unlike fuyu and baji there won’t be a lot of interruptions and interactions with him.
Unless he feels like you’re having a hard time or he feels like you’re distressed and not feeling better, that’s the only time he will talk as much to you. He will check up on you from time to time to make sure you’re alright, and if you’re not, he will definitely be the one to call the teachers attention and volunteer to bring you to the infirmary.
His bag is like doraemon's or dora's bag because they have almost everything you need. Hungry? he has a small snack you can eat without getting into trouble. Thirsty? he'll prob have a tumbler in his bag filled with cold water. Feeling sick? he's got some meds in his bag. Paper cut? He's got bandaids and he'll make you choose over a plain one or a cutesy one (usually he keeps it for luna and mana <3) Got your uniform stained? he's got a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide :D
Tumblr media
[ Spending lunch time with them: ]
baji keisuke
to the rooftop! I believe that he's the type to drag you to the rooftop. Not that he doesn't like people, he just wants the cool air up there! plus there are high chances that stray cats stay there so he can pet them while eating lunch.
You guys will probably talk about random things as you eat your lunch. If you're a talkative one he will probably love exchanging stories with you! If you're not the type to talk too much he will gladly share his stories with you AND if you do share he will listen to them intently!
He will share his food with you! No doubt about that. His mother probably prepares a lot for him so he can share some with you. Or his mom deliberately asked him to give it to you.
chifuyu matsuno
to the school grounds! I can picture fuyu loving the breeze under the big trees at school! He loves a peaceful surrounding while eating his lunch. Also like baji, there is a high chance that he can interact with cats or even dogs on the grounds if there are some!
do something leisurely with you! while eating you guys will watch some videos on his device like random stuff on youtube like cooking, anime, movie, etc. You guys can also share music on his phone! Either he'll put up a portable speaker or just use the earphones and you just listen to music peacefully!
will steal your food! he will probably sneak and grab some food off your lunchbox!! you wouldn't mind though because you'd do the same sjdhaskj you're just close like that and if you have a food that the other probably likes, you'd share it with them willingly.
mitsuya takashi
in the classroom! you guys will stay in the classroom and adjust the tables to craft something long enough that can cater to your lunchboxes (and so you can eat lunch facing each other!) the classroom is not that full during breaks so it's just the right type of chill for him!
do handicrafts! if there's something he would do during lunch it could be one of his handicraft projects -- the small stuff he's sewing that can be done by hand a purse, a scarf, mittens! he can teach you if you like! but if not you can just watch him and have a conversation! He would also love to listen to music while he eats lunch with you!
will give you food! Slight difference from baji is that it is him who made the food and he will probably share it with you especially if you like it OR he thinks that you're not eating enough or your food is not healthy enough. Expect him to cook a variety of food you can enjoy -- even small treats like cookies and cupcakes <3
Tumblr media
[ Going home with them: ]
baji keisuke
will wait for you! If you guys are classmates he will wait for you to finish fixing your bag and leave together, if not he will definitely go to your classroom and make some not so subtle peeks in the classroom door if you're taking too long to get out. -- you will get annoyed with how impatient he is being (scaring some classmates that you're still talking with)
will send you home! if you guys live near the same area he will send you home before he go to his and will probably bid goodbye the same way he's greeted you in the morning. If you guys live far apart he will make sure to walk with you until the station you need to be in and wait for you to safely ride in before -- but not without giving a death glare to the others so they don't mess with you.
chifuyu matsuno
will wait for you! If you guys are classmates he will wait for you to finish fixing your bag and leave together, if not he will barge into your classroom and chat you while you fix your own things or just sit near your desk while you finish your business with other classmates. But will send subtle looks that he is definitely waiting for you (like a soft baby he is :< )
will send you home! if you guys live near the same area he will send you home before he go to his and will probably bid goodbye the same way he's greeted you in the morning. If you guys live far apart he will send you to the station where you'll take a ride and he will tell you to take care and watch the bus or train or whatever to be out of sight before he continues on his own way home.
mitsuya takashi
will wait for you! If you guys are classmates he will wait for you to finish fixing your bag and leave together, if not he patiently wait outside with his headphones on and will ask you how your class was after he sees you coming out of the front door!
will send you home! if you guys live near the same area he will send you home before he go to his and will probably bid goodbye the same way he's greeted you in the morning. If you guys live far apart he will send you to the station where you will catch your ride home and he will remind you to update him from time to time so he knows you're home safe :))
Tumblr media
a/n: hmu for a part 2!!
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punani · a day ago
Mob!Andy pls mother ✨don’t wanna wait on it tonight I wanna get nastyyyy✨ type of beat
warning: there is slight ass play below.
succ&fucc saturday™
there are times where he gets into a mood
it could be from the stress of making sure the multiple family law firms remain legitimate in the global eye
it could be from him still having to clean up the mess neil logiudice left in his wake
it could be from having to teach someone else a lesson on respect and the definition of minding the business that pays you as well as not biting the hand that feeds you
for the most part, andrew barber was a calm and collected man, but there were times where he needed to ground himself in something else–someone else
there were times where needed release, and you were always more than willing to give it to him–let him pour his need into the solace of your soft body
'open your mouth' he gruffs out, holding your wet chin roughly as you look up at him with dazed eyes and swollen, slobbery lips
you look like a mess, but to him you look good enough to eat
however, you're too slow to comply with his request, causing him to tighten his hold on you and pull so that you move to kneel on your knees rather than rest on your haunches. the small whimper that leaves you is a result of him squeezing your cheeks, making sure that he has your full attention
'i said. open. your. mouth.'
as soon as you present your tongue, andy's making you taste his spit, telling you to not swallow it just yet...not before he can slide his ring and middle finger past your wet lips and press down on your tongue. you try to mimic your actions from before–when he had you deepthroating him–by breathing through your nose and allowing him to fuck your mouth with his fingers
sometimes, you wonder if he's trying to punish you by not letting you touch yourself as he does this, forcing you to take him down your throat as you barely refrain from squeezing your thighs together to receive some relief to your clit
'such a good little slut for me, huh? always so desperate to please' he hums, but you can hear that small lilt of awe–you've been with him long enough to read beneath the most prominent layer. at his words, you're slobbering more around his digits and moaning, your own hands now circling his wrist as you get into it more
since you're looking up at him, you catch the way his eyes travel down to your wet breasts and slightly spread thighs that he will be burying his face between before he's through with you tonight
it's like being set free when he removes his fingers from your mouth and says he wants you to play with your clit; your mewl, from the initial contact of your fingers to your clit, is cut short by him making you wrap your lips around his dick again
'fuck yes. keep me right there, honey...right there,' he groans as you choke around him slightly, the vibrations from your moans causing your throat to constrict around his length
you feel full but so so empty as you rub your clit, your fingers grazing against your hole ever so often, and you can't help but feel desperate for more–for him to just break and fuck you already
you want him fully unhinged already...but his patience has always surpassed yours
'such a dirty girl...look at' he moans in a praising tone, but your small squeak still sounds after he leans over your body and spanks your ass
his fingers are still wet from fucking your mouth when he dips them between your cheeks, running the pads over your puckered hole as he continues to rut into your mouth
'god i love how you give yourself to me...shit that's good'
it's getting harder to remember to breathe through your nose...the tight circles to your clit, your man teasing your ass while making you choke around him, the way he praises you yet makes you feel filthy? you struggle to focus
you love it either way....let me stop.
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wrenqueenisboss · a day ago
DSMP x gn!reader headcanons (you wanting to put them in a corset)
This is a request submitted by a lovely anon. (say “hi” to 💜🕸✨ anon, everyone!) request: Hiii! I wanted to request the dsmp reacting to their close friend or s/o wanting to or managing to put them in a corset. No pressure or anything if you dont wanna do my request! I love your writing, btw ~💜🕸✨
Warnings: minor cursing Note: while I do say half-corset in this, it can also be called a corset belt
you were just on your computer when you saw a random ad for corsets
suddenly, you had an idea
completely forgetting that your boyfriend was streaming (nothing serious), you barged into his streaming/recording room/office
“Can I get you a corset?” you asked, completely serious
Dream froze, turned around to see you, and tilted his head on complete and utter confusion.
“Excuse me?”
meanwhile, George, Sapnap, and chat were losing it. 
you sighed. “I said,” patches brushed past your leg into the room with a purr. “oh! Hi, patches- as I said, can I get you a corset? I wanna see how it looks”
Keep in mind, everyone knew you were dating, dream just hadn’t done a face reveal yet (so they didn’t know what you looked like either)
Dream still hadn’t answered so you were just like: “Okay, I’m doing it anyways. Have a nice stream!”
you left the room and Dream was still kinda in shock.
“Yo, buddy!” Sapnap’s voice called through his headphones. “Send us picture!!”
Dream laughs sarcastically, but next thing everyone knows, there’s a picture posted on instagram of you guys in your matching half-corsets
you guys were doing a couple’s facecam stream where you open fan mail
one of the packages had a corset in it
you saw it and knew it was for George and not you
after much convincing, puppy eyes included, you finally got George to put on the corset
you had to help him lace it up (not light-lacing. be safe, people. Only tight-lace if you know what you’re doing)
chat was spamming “awww” because of how gentle your fingers were as you helpfully laced up the corset you low-key forced your boyfriend to wear
George definitely didn’t like wearing the corset, but he loved how it made you laugh
(just to hear you giggle, he did a fake cat-walk with dramatic faces and poses)
Wilbur would only say yes to wearing a corset if your promised to do it too
You styled a whole outfit for him prior to the stream:
you bought a cropped version of his yellow sweater
white turtleneck
the half-corset
his beanie
his glasses
You wore yours with whatever outfit you wanted
for the stream, you basically just tied the corsets on each others’ outfits and did a reading of a fanfic that shipped you guys
keep in mind, this fanfic was a royal!y/n x pirate!Wilbur fanfic that was really popular and really good so the clothes were a perfect addition
all in all, it was chat’s favorite stream with you guys as a couple
when you first met techno on the battlefield, he liked your fashion. The black half-corset you wore was fashionable but he was certain it had to conceal extra weapons
One day, he comes back after a long battle and mentions how his back was sore
You thoughtfully offer to get him a corset because if done properly, can help with back support
he agreed
with steady fingers, you laced up the black leather half-corset (he insisted that you match) 
you stepped back to let him test it out
Twisting his torso, he grunted in approval at the support it gave him
After a big battle, you guys were talking as you were taking off your corset and taking out the daggers you had hidden in it
“You were right, love,” he says. “these corsets really do provide support”
You smiled. “Not to mention, they’re pretty badass.”
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deathflm · 2 days ago
sharing an apartment with the tot boys!
warnings: obvious vyn favouritism i am so sorry🙁 vyn stans unite ig<3
characters included: vyn, luke, artem, and marius (in that order)
note: my art teacher told me to draw hairy balls /srs 😕
Tumblr media
v. richter
— vyn is a very pleasant roommate! he constantly respects your personal space and boundaries.
— you two would split the chores around the apartment, but vyn would be very understanding if you couldn’t complete a chore since you were busy. he’d probably take it into his own hands to do it himself and then prepare a cup of tea for you to have when you aren’t busy.
— he’ll often bake and cook, offering you to join him. though, more often than not you end up accidentally messing up due to the rather complicated instructions of what he’s trying to replicate. he wouldn’t be mad though! he’d just chuckle and fix it the best he can, which usually ends up really tasty.
— the kind of roommate who seemingly has your entire schedule memorized, whether it’s intentional or not. if you’ve slept in, he’ll wake you up because he knows you have to be off to work in the morning. if you’ve gotten home earlier than expected, he’ll question what happened. if you’re spending more time in the washroom than usual, he’ll knock on the door and ask if you’re alright. he’s very observant in that way.
— the same goes for your mental state. it’s both a curse and a blessing to have a psychologist as your roommate. on the bright side, free therapy sessions every day. he notices how you’re feeling before you even know how you’re feeling. but on the downside, he can sometimes analyze you and bring out that psychologist side when it’s not needed.
— if you’re a messy person, vyn would definitely be a little passive aggressive when he sees you dirtying your common areas. he doesn’t care if your bedroom isn’t clean though, or at least that’s what he says but it isn’t exactly true. he would offer to clean it for you when he had the time but he feels that would be overstepping your boundaries so he’d simply avert his eyes while walking past your room.
— not big on take out because again, he’ll be cooking and baking a lot. when making a fancier dinner, he will tell you to wear something nice then prepare the table neatly so you two could have a sophisticated dinner together! though, that doesn’t happen often, his work still takes up a large portion of his time.
Tumblr media
l. pearce
— whenever he goes out, he’s the type of roommate to bring something back for you! even if he doesn’t go anywhere with any food or drinks, he’ll stop by a convenience store and pick something up for you whether you asked for it or not. there are times you end up with a pile of food—mainly sweet things, in your room since he kept bringing things back but you weren’t able to eat it all.
— despite this, he also will occasionally cook and when he does it’s really good! he cooks traditional meals and meals that a suburban dad would cook during the summer. there is no in between. either way, they both taste immaculate. you will always have leftovers from his meals since he eats so much and expects you to always have like three plates.
— knocking? he forgets that most of the time and settles for shouting your name then running down the hallway so you can hear his footsteps approach. you only really have a few seconds to spare before he flings the door open to show you something cool or asks you to help him with whatever. he doesn’t even realize how invades your privacy. in turn, he’s fine with you just barging into his room. he has his limits with the washroom, of course. he would definitely knock before entering if you pointed out how you felt your privacy had been breached.
— he would want a pet but knows very well the apartment complex doesn’t allow pets. even so, that wouldn’t stop him from randomly bringing in a .. “pet” then it’s just some pigeon who stole his food and he ended up bonding with it so he decided to take it home.
— he is a morning person and wakes up at ungodly hours, ready to start the day. he would try to be as quiet as possible during this time! he’d even leave most of the lights off in fear that the light would sleep under your door and obstruct your sleeping. if you preferred some lights stay on outside of your room, he would definitely leave them on.
Tumblr media
a. wing
— he wakes up early and doesn’t come home until late at night if he comes home at all. it’s slightly worrying. so, due to his stressful and time consuming job, you’ve taken it upon yourself to do most of the chores. though, when artem has time off he refuses to let you do any, in order to pay you back.
— when he’s able to, he cooks! he also likes to eat with you, he enjoys talking to you about certain cases (that he can talk about) and likes to hear your thoughts on them, even if they’re silly. he wouldn’t do all the talking though, he’d would absolutely want to hear about your day. he would probably be the most interested in hearing about your family and friends too. he would mentally take note of all their names in case they came to visit.
— countless times he’s fallen asleep on the couch, being unable to make it to his room after a long day. usually some documents will be scattered against the table. he’s grateful in the morning when he wakes up to a blanket around him and once tight tie having been loosened. along with that, his documents neatly organized on top of each other in the order they were spread out in. he’d bring back something he saw in a shop window on his way to work since he doesn’t know how else to express his gratitude.
— greatly respects your privacy, will always knock more than once, and won’t ever pry into personal issues. if he picked up your mail along with his, he would put your mail under his so he couldn’t even dare see where the letter was from. majority of the time it’s just your phone provider.
Tumblr media
m. von hagen
— if you work a stressful long day job, then i wouldn’t recommend rooming with marius! though he is respectful, he pulls a fair share of pranks that would definitely not help with your stress. his pranks are genuinely funny! being roommates with marius can only be described in one word: fun.
— obviously you both have your own things to do, but when you’re free he’ll force you to watch every twilight movie with him in one night. he was so team edward that he would get unironically pissed when bella was with anybody else. don’t like edward or pretend not to in order to spite him? he’s throwing you out of the apartment and locking the door as you can hear twilight continue on inside.
— he often stays up at night and is unintentionally loud. sometimes he’ll accidentally drop something or get too loud when immersed in a tv show but would apologize profusely the next day. though, when he does go to sleep early, it’s really early, like around nine or eight but once he’s out, he’s out until the morning.
— frequently leaves without telling you in person but will shoot you a text. he’s usually in a time crunch so don’t be too hard on him for being unable to tell you before he goes. he would bring something back, whether it would be a small thing he found, some kind of flower or food, he’s got you covered!
— contrary to popular belief, he wouldn’t be that messy. he wouldn’t care for what his bedroom looked like but would understand that places like the living room and kitchen are shared spaces so he should do his best not to cause too much of a messy and will continuously pick up after himself. still, his room never even gets very messy. he’ll also help with chores and would never let you do any of his. even if he was busy, he’d get it done. he believes that it would be unfair to you.
ᵕ̈ ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏⁻ ⁻ ⁻ ✧ ༝ 𝔡𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 ☠︎︎ 𝔣𝔩𝔪 ⁹₉⁹ ❤︎
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ginneko · 2 days ago
sukuna request: s/o sukuna's child is only between 3-5 years old when s/o suddenly create Domain Exopansion and accidentally kills a maiden. With big eyes s/o looks at the corpse and then at sukuna and starts laughing and clapping her hands
Ryoiki tenkai
A/n: *sigh* I write it. It not so long but atleast I got some motivation to write. I hope you live it. And 'masterlist'.
Words: 641
Warning: mention of blood...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It still seems like a tomorrow when you were just a 1-year-old sitting in sukuna lap while motioning your fingers and trying to form a domain expansion. It was fully known that you need a lot of practice to reach that certain level. But it was cute, ok as you try for sukuna as how he sees your bubble voice.
You loved sukuna domain expansion as your eyes flicker every time you saw it with your own eyes and heard your guardian devil angel uttering 'ryoiki tenkai" with grace and flawlessly cutting the victim in pieces like tofu.
As you sat in the lap of sukuna, "ro..roiKI.. tankae" as your bubble eyes look forward while nothing happens and your mouth forming 'O' shape. While sukuna chuckle at your attempt. You were try to copy him and failed miserably plus when you looked at him with that emo face he seriously snickered at your experiment like a father, the side which only you were blessed to see.
As he gestured your finger in the same position as his and said 'ryoiki tenkai' behind you. But you pout as nothing happened.
But now here you were who understand the concept of it. Thinking about the old time. You understand that you can't have the same power as your father had. You can't cut or slice like your father. As of now, you were 3.
Sukuna was busy and focusing on something while you sitting in his lap as usual. You were getting bored looking at the maid you were standing near the pillar as you gesture your fingers, your finger placement was opposite of sukuna one, middle, and ring finger downward and other two upwards. You focused on the concept and said 'ryoiki tenkai'.
Before you could understand anything the word left your lips "black matter" as your domain cover the whole temple under and the maid in her view got pierces by the black rode a, she couldn't even scream as her throat got to pierce too while blood dripping. Your eyes got wide to see the blood.
Your all focus got distracted as you blink and the whole domain got disappeared you looked at the place where the dead woman was lying. But seeing that you successes you laugh with happiness and clap your hands. And then at your father, as her eyes twinkle. While sukuna was not believing what happened right now.
He was stunned knowing that you had talent but this much. But he collected his thoughts and looked at you.
"Papa! Did you saw that?" y/n said pointing towards the mess.
"It was magnificent, brat" he smiled at you and pats your head. He was surprised to see as he couldn't even sense it until the person die. Plus according to him, your domain was beautiful like her father.
Of course, he again wants to see it and study it as it was new to him too. Want you to try it again.
He even said you to do it right now but you had to admit that it just happened and you didn't remember how. But it didn't anger him he know for such age it was still impossible. But you did!
He was so delighted and proud that he witnesses his daughter doing the first kill in front of him. As other servants clean the mess. He wants to celebrate it or even demand offerings from villages who are under him for you. As his two lower arms set hug you tightly.
"You can have whatever you want today, brat," he said with happiness.
"Then.. can I have" you speak up but cut by him.
"No!" He said with enjoyment again.
"But!" You try to convince him.
"No animal in the temple, y/n," he said messing your hairs.
Tumblr media
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fic-dumpster · a day ago
Sanzu & Rindou = dumb and dumber
I firmly believe Sanzu and Rindou are besties. Same hairstyle? Do you all really think that’s a coincidence?
They fight like children and I can assure you that Rindou is actually happy to finally have someone other than Ran.
And I bet Ran and Takeomi look at each other like ‘these dumbasses are back at it again’ and shooting sounds can be heard in the distance.
Tumblr media
And the fist time Bonten saw their matching haircut
Takeomi: why the *points at his hair*
Ran with a tired face: *sighs* Rindou wanted a matching tattoo with Sanzu, but Sanzu didn’t want a another tattoo after how much the Bonten one hurt him.
Takeomi: *nods* so they went for a matching haircut?
Ran: yeah, they saw this kpop boy or smth
Kokonoi: *turns to Kakucho*
Kakucho: no, don’t even think about it.
Kokonoi: I didn’t say anything!
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hoe-smad · a day ago
Okay but imagine Adam and Ruby in Ruby's living room, dancing, jamming and absolutely YELLING the lyrics to Olivia Rodrigo's good 4 u sometime after the season 3 finale
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stardryad · 2 days ago
That's on @dimdiamond for hyping me when I told her this idea so here we go!
So, I'm fond of the idea that hobbits and dwarves lived near each other at the beginning of both their existences, making so they share some cultural aspects together like some foods, dance steps, festivals and: language!
My big take is that hobbits speak Khuzdûl but not in the same way dwarves do. They have a incredibly soft accent that may mistake it at first for another language altogether! Since they use mostly westron on their daily life, most people don't even know they have another language on their pocket. Not even the dwarves.
I imagine that over the centuries, with the hardships they suffered, some dwarves in power decided to brush it off and bury this bit of information, not wanting to link them with this apparently fragile race (traumatic events shutting them within their own society + over the generations there were little remembered about their value).
And when I mention them living together I mean the REALLY beginning so there were no suspicions nor need for deadly secrecy, these people respected and trusted each other (maybe due to the equal proximity of Aulë and Yavanna, because I'm also a sucker for the headcanon that hobbits are children of Yavanna of course), making their differences complementary so they thrived while living together.
It's said that hobbits lived comfortably at the upper Vales of Anduin and at the feet of the Misty Mountains until the populations of Men increased and Sauron occupied Dol Guldur. The dwarves had the protection of their mountains but hobbits were pretty vulnerable on the out open (and, the group in general, liked the sunlight and the greenery too much to join the Mountains) so they left. That was the beginning of their Wandering Days, which lasted centuries until they found the Shire.
So, during the events of The Hobbit, many things have changed as cultures tend to, but I just love the mental image of the Company staying in Rivendell for their quest and some of the elves come and ask Bilbo to sing a hobbity song... the absolute shock of the dwarves realizing they can understand everything he sings.
All the sweet situations where they compare changed words and pronunciations and gawd accents. Thorin melting over Bilbo's accent.
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lilxberry · 2 days ago
Water Balloons - James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes
Requested by: @halietigges​​
Hello! I was wondering if I could request a Bucky x reader where the Avengers are taking a day off at the pool and Bucky playfully hits his s/o (who has powers similar to Wanda’s) with a water balloon only to start running away as a barrage of water balloons come flying at him. 💀
I know you were probably expecting a whole ass fic but one, I honestly don’t have the will power to write long ass fics at the moment and two, I’m already completely overwhelmed with college work and it’s been two weeks lmao
You’ve waited so patiently for this request to be completed and I felt terrible not being able to get it out to you but I seriously have no free time to write a proper fic unless I do five minutes every day
I thought a nice headcanon would work, it just feels like a good fit for what you asked and I am so sorry if what you really wanted was a whole ass fic, I really wish I could produce the content I had usually done so
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
(A/N: I had just decided to make the readers’ powers purple because my brain won’t allow me to think of something else lmao.)
• So, it was a hot day
      • A HOT ASS DAY
• The team had nothing going on and you were all in dire need of cooling down and having fun
• So, of course, Stark suggests hitting up the pool
      • Obviously privately owned
      • Duh
      • He would rather be dead than be seen at a public use pool
• Anyways
• The team, plus Pepper, surrounds the pool
• Steve and Tony with Pepper rolling her eyes beside Stark are stood by the BBQ that Tony just so decided was a nessicary at this moment
      • (Surprisingly, the two were acting civil)
• Clint, Natasha and Rhodey were decidedly chilling near the edge of the pool, cool alcoholic beverages in hand, idly chatting
• Thor and Peter were competing who could swim laps the fastest
      • Pietro wasn’t allowed to compete, knowing he would win by cheating with his powers, so he sat pouting with his legs dangling in the water at one end
• Sam and Bucky were (also surprisingly) being civil, snickering as they load up on water balloons waiting for their chosen victims
• and you and Wanda were leisurely walking back from a small bathroom break together, laughing with each other
• Somehow, Sam had convinced the poor, dark haired super soldier to partake in his scheme, telling him that it would be top notch humour and would be absolutely hilarious
• And how it would make you happy to see him so carefree and enjoying himself
      • Of course, being absolutely whipped for you (simp), he would do anything to see you so happy
• So he agreed
• With a water balloon in each hand, the two waited, hiding behind the corner, waiting for the two of you to exit the luxurious building to join them back outside, a cooler overflowing with water balloons filled with freezing cold water sitting by their feet
• They hear both yours and Wanda’s laughter grow louder and louder and before they know it, the door is opening
• As you’re both unsuspecting of something so evil to happen to you both, it was quite the shock to have something hit the side of your head and your hip, a chilling sensation following straight after
• You both freeze, bodies going rigid and mouths hanging open as a gasp escapes you both
• You both slowly turn to look at the two idiots absolutely creasing with laughter
      • Like hunched over, loud ass laughing
      • Like that shit was the funniest thing in the entire world
• They fail to notice your change in expression and when you clear your throat, a scowl on your face, they immediately silence themselves
• When Bucky finally notices your unamused and quite frankly pissed off look, he audibly gulps
      • Like, even Tony on the opposite end of the large open space could hear that shit if he tried hard enough
• “Wanda.” “Hmm?” “You get birdbrain, I got the old man.”
• Before Bucky can even blink, Sam is already running away
      • His face just screams “Shitting myself. Running for my life. Move.”
• Half of the balloons are already gone from the cooler and are being pelted by Wanda at Sam
• Bucky looks towards you with pleading eyes, slowly backing up
• “Hey doll.” 
      • *hard ass gulp*
• Man already knows he’s fucked up so he does the next best thing knowing pleading isn’t going to work
      • And that’s blaming it all on Sam
• Water balloons are slowly raising up into the air before him, a slight glimmer of purple flashing in your eyes and a misty swirl of said colour dances around your fingers as you remain silent
      • Big oh shit moment right there
• The others are already entertained as it is seeing Sam try and fail escaping Wanda’s fury, evident by his whole body being absolutely drenched
      • Like a drown rat
• But oh boy
• They can’t wait to see what the old man is gonna do to get out of this
• Steve is proper cracking up honestly
      • Mandem HIGHLY amused
• The silence between you and Bucky is honestly scary but what terrifies him even more is when you finally speak, voice so level and monotone
      • “Run.”
• He doesn’t waste a goddamn second in bolting it away from you, already up half the length of the swimming pool in 2 seconds flat
• Bucky takes the risk of peering behind him and all he sees is the multiple colours of balloons filled with water flying at him
• One by one, the balloons slap against his form
      • Red skin for days
      • Possible bruising may occur
• “ow.” *balloon* “Ow.” *another balloon* “OW!”
• Baby boy says fuck it and just fucking bombing it into the pool
      • Sam is highkey lowkey pissed he didn’t think of it first
• Everyone is dying of laughter
• Even you’re smirking victoriously, allowing the balloons to drop to the floor and walking to the spot Bucky had entered the pool at to wait for him to resurface
• When his head finally does pop out from the water, he looks completely terrified and so apprehensive
• Although, it takes you a lot to not crack since his hair is flattened, completely soaked and clinging to his face
• “Sweetie?” “Yes, doll?” “Come near me with another water balloon again and they won’t be the only thing that bursts on impact.”
      • Cue sweet ass smile from you
      • Instinctive covering of crotch area from him
• He will NOT take your threats lightly
      • “Understood doll.”
Man idek
I don’t have anything to say about this
Like, at all lmao
If you want to be added to a taglist lemme know
I hope you enjoy
As always, constructive criticism and requests are welcomed and greatly appreciated :D
Marvel taglist:
@thanossexual​ @iwazoomingouttahere​ @xxxtwilightaxelxxx​ 
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latinobipercy · 2 days ago
I feel like Percy and Annabeth would have a really hard time disciplining their kids. Annabeth, who grew up neglected and ignored, who wouldn't want to ground them or anything similiar, in fears of them feeling even the smallest bit like she did, and Percy who grew up with Gabe - which says enough on its own.
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thecharmedquill · 2 days ago
This totally happened. Don't deny it.
Ron: Hey, so I've been thinking-
Fred: *wipes away fake tears* Oh I am so proud!
Ron: Fuck you.
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turtle-babe83 · a day ago
This popped into my head! How about when the s/o comes into the lair to see their turtle, their turtle walks past them right as they are about to enter and the s/o slaps their ass flirting and says “Damn that ass be tight”
Turtle reactions coming right up! Hope this is what you were looking for.
Warning: Language and hints of NSFW
Did you-did you really just do that? His sweet, lovely sparrow? Love of his life? Who knows better than anyone how he feels about such displays in front of others.
The moment shocks him into a silent pause, before sly blue eyes turn to regard you. His lips are in a straight line, making it hard to read him.
You aren’t sure whether to be scared or turned on by the look on his face… decide on both.
The slap on his ass alerted his brothers and they all stop to see what happens next. Donnie is about to fall out of his chair from leaning over. Mikey is doing a horrible job at pretending to dust nearby. Raph is just openly grinning at the situation.
Leo leans in close to your ear, his hot breath eliciting shivers, and whispers low. “I don’t know what you are playing at, love, but I won’t tolerate such behavior in front of my brothers. My room, now.”
He then turns and walks away, knowing you will follow. He’s already mentally planning your ‘punishment’ and ignores the snickers as he passes his family.
Your ‘walk of shame’ is belied by the small smirk gracing your lips as you find yourself already growing wet in anticipation.
Mission accomplished.
Tumblr media
Poor nerdle was just getting himself another cup of coffee, when you scared the bejeezus out of him and he sloshed out half the mug.
Mikey just saw it from his place on the couch playing video games. He nearly choked on a slice of pizza in his fit of laughter.
His already amplified eyes are comically wide as he regards you with your shit-eating grin.
He’s thrown by the fact that you complimented his derrière when he thinks his arms and shoulders are more admirable.
Whoa, wait. Did you really slap his ass? Suddenly, his mind has wandered in a different direction and he looks you over. You can just see the wheels turning as he analyzes and theorizes. A decision is made.
Donnie clears his throat and places a hand on your lower back, gently guiding you towards his lab.
“You know, y/n, there are lots of good exercises to tighten the gluteus maximus. Would you like a demonstration of my favorite?” he murmurs softly.
You feign innocence but you know he isn’t buying it as he pushes you in ahead of him and pulls the curtain across the entrance.
Good thing your workaholic boyfriend is a genius. You plan to draw out his ‘demonstration’ for most of the night.
Tumblr media
Listen, Raph just reacts. It’s always instant and instinctual. The moment your hand connected with his ass, he was already pulling his hand back to return the smack.
His slap on your ass sends you stumbling before he grabs the back of your jacket to keep you from falling.
“My ass oughta be tight. I do enough squats!” he rumbles with a short laugh.
You yelp as his big hand connects with your cheeks again. This time he’s watching them jiggle with a tsk.
“Baby girl, we gotta work on that. C’mon.” He walks towards his room, when you expected him to go to his weight room.
Leo looks up from where he sits, polishing his katanas. He raises a brow, but refrains from saying anything. There’s a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth though. You aren’t sure if he’s amused with what you did to Raph, or what Raph is about to do to you.
You follow Raph into his room, where he shuts and locks the door. He has THAT look on his face and you’re a little confused.
“Uh, I thought you wanted me to work out?” you frown.
“Oh you will, babe. Let’s start with squats to warm up. You can do them right over my face.” he licks his lips with a depraved grin, as he pushes your pants down.
Well, if he insists.
Tumblr media
Oh yeah! Party dude is into this! He does a little dance, shaking his booty. Babycakes likes his ass? He’s gonna twerk it.
You better be prepared cause boy is gonna want you to join in. He’s encouraging you to ‘clap dat ass’ and his hands are going to be all over you.
You know you just opened a can of worms, right? The booty jokes and innuendos WILL NOT STOP.
“Oh my god, Becky. Look at her butt.”
His bros are going from amused to annoyed real quick. Finally, Raph has had enough and tells the two of you to take it elsewhere.
Mikey pulls you to his room, laughing as he dodges a smack on the head from his big brother.
Seeing his bed gets him thinking about other booty stuff. His face breaks out into a wide grin, as he turns to you and starts doing a goofy striptease.
“Don’t leave me hanging, girl. You know what’s up. Get outta those clothes!”
You laugh and shake your head but his energy is infectious and you find yourself swaying your hips as you cheekily take off each article of clothing.
Mikey grabs his phone and searches his playlist for the perfect song to drown out the upcoming noise. Found it.
🎶 Let me see that booty wurk, booty wurk (left cheek, right cheek) 🎶
You climb onto the bed with your ass in the air, and Mikey gives it a hearty slap.
“Now that ass be tight!”
Tumblr media
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otp-holic · 2 days ago
So I just saw this post with those incredibly cute white pups and a headcanon was born. Oops.
Ok, that was THE CUTEST ON ITS OWN, but imagine…
Bucky arrives home to five little balls of white fur on a box by their doorway with a note from Shuri: “White Wolf, please take care of the cubs.”
Of course he takes them inside, and Steve’s smile is brighter than the sun, letting the dogs climb and lick all over him. Alpine just jumps to the top of the library and observes suspiciously.
They are tiny orphans, they learn from Shuri a little later, found during her latest trip to the States. She asks them to please please please find them a home.
They take care of the dogs falling in love with them: little bottles of milk, a fence so they don’t go full force on Alpine, tiny colored collars with matching leashes.
They name them Nat, Sam, Tony, Bruce, and Clint because they are funny that way and because they are planning on guilting their friends into taking one each.
Bruce gets Sam, Sam gets Tony (he will have to find out on his own that Tony is a lady), Tony gets Bruce, Nat gets Clint, and (since Clint already has Lucky) they keep Nat.
And when all of them are in their forever homes, Steve and Bucky are left cuddling on the sofa with a mass of purring white fur warming their feet (where does Nat end? Where does Alpine begin?).
“Another successful mission, White Wolf,” Steve whispers as he smiles broadly and kisses Bucky’s lips.
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amorgansgal · 5 hours ago
Papa Arthur Morgan Headcanon
So here are some headcanons that @f--hawk and I talked about last night, because we both love the idea of Papa Arthur Morgan!
Arthur might have beautiful eyes, but if the baby has his partner's eye colour then he will be completely at the baby's whim. He was already a sucker for his partner, but a little kid with his favourite person's eye colour will just have Arthur Morgan wrapped around their little finger.
He cries when any of his children are born, he does his best but knowing his partner is alive and well, and their baby is healthy and beautiful just completely destroys the man!
He loves to carry the baby around in his coat, with their little head sticking out.
He loves to show the baby things and holds them up so they can get a better view. Arthur gets very excited and happy when he sees their little legs kicking and hears their squeals of excitement.
He's always a hands on father, no matter what, and will carry his baby around in town. All the other men are kind of judging him, but the ladies are all 'I wish my husband was like that' and he's like 'LOOK! THIS IS MY BABY! LOOK AT THEIR CUTE FACE! DIDN'T MY PARTNER DO SUCH A GOOD JOB?'
Arthur introduces his baby to his horse and dog if he has one.
Arthur regularly falls asleep in his chair with the baby on him in the evenings.
If the baby loves dropping a spoon on the ground and having someone pick it up for them, Arthur will do that every time! Even if his s.o is all 'They will keep doing that' and Arthur's like 'Yeah, but they smile so much when I do.'
If he lives on a ranch Arthur will show the baby all the animals. Much like the song where he says 'quack, quack, quack,' he will make all the noises.
'And this is a pig and a pig goes oink, oink, oink. Can you do that?' No matter what noise the baby makes his immediate response is: 'YEAH! That's it! You're so smart!'
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merelhyn · 2 days ago
Five favorite Lin Shu headcanons
Ahaha, ok, let's go!
In no particular order
Since they are double cousins… Lin Shu was the spitting image of Xiao Jingyu, just, you know, younger and more mischievous. Prince Qi looked more like his mother Lin Yueyao than his father.
Since the novel has a scene where MCS plays the guqin to deal with his feelings (we were deprived in the show, seriously), and since the narration emphasizes several time how weak his wrists are post-surgery, it was obviously something carried over from his Lin Shu days. Lin Shu totally was an emo kid, and you can't change my mind. Related: either Nihuang or Jingyan teased him once about his love for dramatic music and Lin Shu avenged himself by getting under their windows at night and serenading them. That time it was not Lin Xie who punished him, but his mother, because Jinyang takes music seriously and "are you telling me you climbed walls and ran from guards with a badly-wrapped guqin on your back?".
Lin Shu once tried to run away into the jianghu and was caught not even one hour past the gates of the city. It was, in fact, one of the main reasons Lin Xie decided to send his 13-years-old son to patrol the borders: Lin Shu, even that young, took his duties seriously and would not have deserted. Also that's how Wei Zheng came to serve under him; he was already in training with Yaowang Valley, and knew something of the jianghu. If Lin Shu decided to try again, when not under the supervision of his elders, at least one of his men would be able to follow… At least Lin Xie hoped.
Lin Shu was not terribly bad at weiqi, he was honestly decent it's just that seeing how brilliant he was at everything else, and particularly being lauded for his tactical mind… everyone was surprised he was not better. Lin Shu was very annoyed with that and disliked the game as a result. Some people then underestimated him at xiangqi, which was a mistake.
Lin Shu had the most hilarious puppyish crush on Meng Zhi when the latter was in the Chiyan Army. And Meng Zhi was completely oblivious to it. You know I'm right.
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