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Guess who’s fuckin back-

It’s me.

Fluffy maki x fem reader hcs

-As a maki kinnie, I’m completely exposing myself here

-it’s pretty obvious when she has a crush on you if you’re not completely oblivious

-especially if someone has the audacity to make fun of u

-and if it’s a guy Tenko joins and becomes her wingman

-maki definitely didn’t want a wingman but tenko wouldn’t leave her alone

-once you guys start dating she’s pretty much loyal to the end, even if you guys go through a rough patch

-she would NEVER hurt you because you helped her get over some past trauma

-cuddling with maki is weird at first because you’ll just have blushy assassin for a couple minutes but she eventually gets used to it

- I feel like maki’s hands are blistered and scarred and if you kiss and rub them she is SIMPING

-If Maki gets injured, she’ll try to tell you it’s no big deal but you are her girlfriend and you will take CARE of her

-you guys are so powerful omg

-kaito is the best man at your wedding and Kaede plays piano

-Maki would not want to invite kokichi but if y’all do he def shouts “NO THAT’S WRONG” when the officiator asks for any objections to make fun of shuichi

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Hmmmmm I honestly have mixed feelings about this. I say this because, if Maglor- once he got angry- had a temper that rivaled Carnistir’s it certainly would’ve been noted in the Silm. As most of the Fëanorians rage is noted at some point in time EXCEPT for Maglors.

Maedhros’ fury burned like white fire in the heat of battle

Celegorm and Curufin attacked Luthien and Beren, reasonably Curufin threatened Ëol.

Caranthir is specifically noted as the quickest to anger (which I personally disagree with.)

We don’t see enough of the twins other than they’re reclusive and depending on which version you go with one is dead.

Then there’s Maglor.

While I’m not saying that he doesn’t angry or doesn’t have times when his anger can get the better of him. The likelihood of it being so extremely explosive beyond Caranthir’s is minimal. If it had been Tolkien would’ve noted it.

He made sure to imbue/note/write down each Fëanorians faults and flaws in anger. Except Maglors. He’s even described to have a temperament far more similar to his mother’s than his father.

Again not saying he doesn’t get angry! Just the likelihood of it being so explosive is slim. It would’ve certainly been noted, as that would be a major character point for him. As Fëanorians are supposed to be known for their rash and tempestuous nature.

Maglors certainly no saint, but I think complicity is his major flaw instead of intense anger.

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//Thinking about Yi and his reserved nature when it comes to relationships of any kind. Also thinking about how he has one normal, spontaneous interaction with someone, and then takes flight from the relationship immediately. He can’t really be told off for it unless someone chases after him one of the fastest humans alive uh oh, so it’s a bit of an issue.

  He really needs to be held accountable for his behavior for once in his post isolation life.

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Doe…doesn’t actually laugh. At least, not in a way most can tell at first. Their face keeps completely stays deadpan but Doe’s fingers start to tap against things and they have a shudder in their body that usually lasts for a couple minutes. Rhys knows he’s laughing when he feels Doe rapidly tapping his back and his chest heaving.


Doe doesn’t have finger prints! His hands are entirely smooth and so they often wear gloves or copies someone else’s prints to hide how smooth their hands often feel. Doe always makes sure that they wipe down any surface after Rhys’s touched it for the day and he likes to make his hands bigger so that he can marvel at Rhys’s hands in his own larger ones.


Doe’s smiles tend to show a lot of teeth and gum, mostly cause they never really got the hang of smiling?? Adonai also tends to smile with his whole body and by that I mean his freckles turn heart shaped and his entire body seems to take on more of a bronze hue and their pupils follow suit by shifting into bigger hearts and meaning closer to whatever is making them smile. People tend to get a big hit of the positive pheromones around this time.


They really love autumn due to all of the pretty colours and how everything seems so diffrent from home with the clicnal walls and constant brightness. Doe spends half of his time going “red leaf!! Ornage leaf!! Yellow leaf!!” And pointing them out. Also starts to collect the prettiest leaves he can find and spends time adjusting them….also eats leaves. Chances are that Doe will just grab leaves and eat them on the spot even though he and Rhys have plenty of food waiting at home. Autumn is also known as snack season for a reason.


While they know the basics of romance and how to charm people, Doe doesn’t exactly know how to feel about it. Usually when meeting someone he likes, Doe will try a series of normal romantic stuff to see what appeals to his interest more but it’s not exactly…heartfelt?? Just what gets this person to like him better. Of course, once Doe really likes someone, then he starts to think of more unique and nicer things to do because of how Doe truly wants to be liked and loved back.


Doe has a rather set sleep schedule ranging from 10:00pm to 7:00am, ensuring that they get a full ten hours of sleep. Doe needs large builds of energy which means that he needs more sleep at a constant set time, unless on missions. If they sleep in longer or they get denied sleep then Doe becomes quite anxious and snarly for the rest of the day, often pacing around and keeping himself away from bad textures. He probably gets really sulky and hates having Rhys near admittedly since even Rhys’s smell/touch/nosie becomes really distressing to his senses. Usually this is when the Venus persona takes place in the main mindset to help make things more clicnal and easier to deal with.


Adonai is very good at sex. They know exactly what someone likes after just a few moments and they enjoy being able to tease their partner while commenting on how cute their partner looks too. Though usually they keep some form of skin shift on as Doe is quite sensitive to being touched in his bare form. Honestly Rhys could make Doe into a complete puddle just by gently running a hand up and down his back when Doe removes his cover skin. It’s a lot like having open nerve bundles honestly. Local shapeshifter can cum with a massage. Banned from too many parlours.


Like I said, Doe tends to show affection by giving things that they know their partner wants. Although, Doe also had a tendency to sing for his partners and musical numbers were quite common for him to do for Mordecai. Rhys absolutely gets romantic songs and tbh Doe finds out his favourite singer and adds traces of their voice into his own to add to it. Tbh Doe finds out that he loves being doted on too and I imagine he trembles in delight when Rhys makes him some milk and tucks him in blankets.


Admittedly, Doe feels no guilt towards their actions. There’s a reason they get assigned to killing and Doe doesn’t have much of a conscience about it. Guilt’s hard to place for them but the longer that they spend out of Iris’s control, the more often that Doe will either have a nightmares about past victims or remember certain details. It makes them wonder at times whether what they did was truly bad and why exactly it feels like this. Doe doesn’t enjoy feeling forms of guilt, it drags on in their head and makes Doe feel…sick and filthy.


Even if they don’t mean to, Doe tends to be a big keeper of secrets. Even the smallest things are usually kept secret and Doe often wants the people around him to keep things to themselves if its important enough. He doesn’t realise this, but a part of this is due to Adonai not wanting to possess any important info about someone he cares about in case Iris decides to go through his memories. Better to ensure that he knows nothing and can keep the people he likes safe rather than letting Iris get into his head and posisbly hurt everyone else.


Doe’s sense of smell is already quite good, but thanks to years of training it’s honestly at the level of Wolverine. Doe can scent out high detail scents and it capable of tracking stuff for days if able. In turn, that’s why he uses soaps that typically have no smell and will smell of utterly nothing, so that Doe doesn’t get distracted when trying to look for a certain scent. When he’s with Rhys and stuff, Doe will then use more gental soaps and often has either rose scented soaps or takes milk baths.

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Rain Headcanons Cuz I’m Bored.

  • He Loves The “What Do You Call A Fish With No Eye” Joke
  • He’s Been Frozen By Accident By Kuai Liang Several Times
  • In Addition, He Could Make His Own Hot Tub Because Hanzo Had To Unfreeze Him
  • He Loves Prince, Purple Rain Is His Favorite Album
  • Purple Is His Favorite Color Obviously
  • He Definitely Has A Fishtank With 20 Fish, And Named All Of Them
  • Man Behind The Slaughter I’m Sorry
  • He Wears Purple Eyeshadow
  • His Room Is Full Of Fish Stuff (Fish Posters, Fish Plushies, Fish Bed Set, Fish Walls)
  • He Loves Fishsticks
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Angst headcanon for Logan:

Logan is so used to get cut off or talked over he automatically assume someone will as soon as he opens his mouth.

Resulting in him not exactly paying attention when it’s actually his turn to speak, and in consequence the others chastising him for not paying attention or being out of it.

Focus is a question of practice.

Nowadays people’s attention span became really short because there’s so many distraction your brain cannot stay focused more than a few minutes because used to flip around activities.

And I think this happened to Logan.

He’s so used not to have anyone listen to him he just decide not to listen to them anymore.

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Headcanon: Ratchet has a very weak alcohol (?) tolerance and will get drunk after the first shot of engex. That’s why people call him Ratchet “the party ambulance”

He actually is a very wild party animal, knows how to have good fun, but only if you can get him to relax for a second.

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In canon, probably not.  She’s up in some tower drugged out of her mind.  However, that is Boring and Terrible and Not Fun and Stupid, so I have chosen to ignore that.

  • She and Corin chat regularily.  Sulpicia has just gotten her to open up enough to chat about the last coven gossip… or listen to the gossip.  Okay, Sulpicia’s gossiping and Corin is politely nodding while feeling bad, but it’s fine.
  • Sulpicia absolutely helps Heidi by designing her outfits.  Someone whose job is to attract attention?  She was made for this.  (Heidi begs to differ after being forced to wear gold sequins for the fifth time, where did she even find these fashion monstrosity.  They have fun.)
  • Alec and Jane are Sulpicia’s scary kids™, and she’s so proud of them.  If you even think about looking at them wrong, she will hunt you down.
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Silver: What if we decide to break up one day?

Espio: If that happens, I’ll never love again.

Silver: What?! Why? I’m the only one you fell in love with so far.

Espio: Exactly.

Silver: I guess what I’m trying to say is you should give love another chance, that’s all.

Espio: I will, but only if it’s with you. I just can’t imagine myself being with anyone else.

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Headcanon: Optimus had joined a truck race once, after Smokescreen and Bumblebee annoyed him enough to do it, and showed the kids how it’s done.

Optimus Prime will never admit but he had fun that day.

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Here’s a post on her demon appearance as she grows: uwu

She has chestnut brown hair and light yellow eyes that glow slightly in the dark. Her skin is pretty pale but fades to a bit darker at her hands/feet. She also has a birthmark in the middle of her back/neck area that’s a sigil with strange writing under it.

Her nails are completely black, and she can sharpen them into claws (kinda like Killua from HunterxHunter). 

She’s still a toddler in this phase though, so she’s just a smol baby :3

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We talk a fair bit about characters and their portrayal on the server. Mostly @magixwitch’s headcanons have helped keep Stormy and Icy’s personalities accurate abs separate.

And of course, convinced me of Gay Icy.

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Well, of course, how else can he make it clear that he’s not at all impressed or intimidated by a god?

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Maybe I’m just being an annoying asexual, but does it annoy anyone else that whenever a character doesn’t have a partner so their automatically headcanoned as ace (ace not aro)?? Like obviously you can hc whatever you want, and if a character doesn’t have a partner hc them as aro makes sense! I’m not annoyed with that. It’s just that everyone assumes asexuals DONT want romantic relationships. Which isn’t true. Some do. Some don’t(aroace).

For clarification this is more of an annoyance with people not understanding the term. You’re free too headcanon whatever you like :)

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I just remembered my dream from last night and oh my god… I had a dream where a lot of things happened but basically somehow I ended up in a situation where I was with a couple friends and for some reason Tenya IIda.

We were supposed to be going to sleep and there was only one bed so one random person got the bed. The rest of us were just chilling on the floor and I had a square pink comforter type blanket that was given to me when I was a baby(I have this in real life it has my name quilted into it and a picture of me as a baby. I am pretty small 5’1 despite being an done growing it still fits me length wise). I was spreading it out on the ground bc the floor was uncomfortable. I had some extra space on the blanket so I offered it to Iida bc the floor was uncomfortable and he was sleeping closest to me(he was perpendicular to me my feet were meeting his ankles basically).

He turned me down but then asked me to come lay with him and so brought the blanket over thinking he just did not want to move. Instead he pulled me on top of him so I was laying stomach down on top of him. My legs between his. (I felt incredibly short) I remember feeling very awkward bc I was nervous about cuddling with him. Also I am WLW and I do have crushes on anime boys but they don’t count to me. Plus I admire Iida so… anyways he said something along the lines of protecting me from the uncomfortable floor.

I wanted to do my part so I tried to pull my blanket on us but he turned it down stating that his arms would keep us warm. He pushed the blanket away and then he cuddled me. The last thing I remember was feeling safe and secure and then drifted off to sleep again in my dream.

I think I lived the Y/N life in a dream. This is like an imagine or fanfic. I can’t believe I dreamed that. It’s almost like a headcannon bc I could see him doing this with a significant other. Imagine him doing this. Omg cute

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I’ve given a brief run down of all the gamma pets before and stated how there’s a family of cats but now,,,closed in on it by saying that Hulk let a cat have kittens in his room so main family is:

  • Mama - Red (Secret first name is Rebecca, everyone defernites her and Ross by calling him “Human Red or Second Red”)
  • Orange 
  • Yellow 
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple 
  • Pink
  • Baby Bow - The runt and only calcico
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Let’s just day- Papyrus was a chaotic child back then xD

Just a headcanon of mine, I have a lot of headcanons actually 7w7″

And yes, that is Gaster.

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