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❤️ : What are your muse’s thoughts on love? If they are not in a relationship, do they believe that they will ever find a perfect someone for them?

Gavin won’t admit it, but he’s a little bit afraid of love. He’s very insecure about himself due to all the workplace abuse he deals with and the possibility of being decommissioned. He sometimes daydreams about finding someone that loves and accepts him, but immediately represses all those hopes.

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ohhh this made my heart mushy and sad (╥﹏╥) , i hope you enjoy dear!

injured s/o overworking themselves

masterlist | kuroo tetsurou | ushijima wakatoshi | kenma kozume

kuroo tetsurou

  • when you get injured he can see the pain on your face- not from the injury, but from that fact that you can’t play or go to practices for the next three months. he can see how devistated you are and he feels it in his heart
  • he tries to help you practice as much as he can, but unless your sport is volleyball he’s not very good at it- also depending on the sport, you might not be able to even do the most basic of practices
  • he tries his best to reassure you that you’ll be okay, and that its only three months- him reminding you its three months makes you even more depressed though. 
  • when your injury is finally healed, he’ll be excited for you, but also worried because he knows just exactly what you’re planning on doing. “please take things slow.”  “I will, i will, don’t worry so much tetsu!”
  • but when you step into the gymnasium for practice and see your fellow team mates doing way better than they were three months ago, doing better than you- the co-captain of the team, you felt your heart break
  • everyone was so excited to have you back, finally their co-captain has returned and is completely healed! you played a practice game and felt completely useless, you kept messing up and tripping over yourself, getting out of breath quickly
  • due to this, you realized two things: 1, you were now the worst player on the team, and 2, you had to start working harder to regain your place in the team
  • so, for the next few weeks you had been staying after practice every single day, and going to the gym to practice even when there wasn’t practice- and when you got home? more practice
  • it was to the point that your cheeks looked sunked in, dark eye bags, passing out in class- you tried to hide this from kuroo, trying to remain positive, but kuroo could tell and he was growing nervous
  • “[y/n], why don’t you come over to my place today, let’s watch some movies and nap.” he says, “you can even sleep on my chest~”
  • “no, i have practice today.” your teammates had came to kuroo, begging him to convince you to take a break. 
  • he sighed, “[y/n]…you need a break.” you went to protest, stating you were fine, but he made you look into his eyes, “[y/n], your teammates, your friends, me- we’re all worried about you. you need to take a break or you’re going to get injured again.”
  • it was then you realized just how much you had been overworking yourself, you slump your shoulders and look down at your hands, before looking up at him with tears forming. “I just want to be as good as the rest of them!” 
  • “[y-y/n]…” he pulled you into him close, hugging you tightly and sighed. “to be better, you need to take a break. so, please, take a break.”
  • silence
  • “okay…” you say, “lets…lets go to your place…” 

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I’ve talked about this several times before!  Yes, I definitely headcanon that Grima is completely immune to degeneration, unlike the other dragons.  Honestly, though, I don’t think Naga would have believed it.  Grima is too big and too powerful, and should he degenerate it would potentially be more catastrophic than if Tiki were to meet that fate – it’s unfathomable to her that a dragon would be immune, so she would likely have discarded it as a possibility.  This might also have been part of why she chose to oversee Grima’s death rather than trying to talk with him, since you can’t reason with a degenerating dragon.

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“Most of the time pretty alright but I usually sleep bout 6 hours since I like to be up and about since early mornin. Especially if im campin under open sky “

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For this, the focus will be split in two: 18/20 and 21. In the former, he’s part of a gang and at the lowest part of his life. In the latter, he’s trying to redeem himself and clean up his act. 

Since the latter section is quite long, I’ve put it under a read-more!

Warnings now for mentions of an unhappy family life, alcohol, smoking, and violence. All of these are glossed over, but none go into proper detail!

18 - 20 - The Gang Years

  • After years of being told by his father that the greaser lifestyle is associated with crime despite this being little more than a movie stereotype, Yancy did indeed join a gang out of spite. In his head, he was going to do wrong no matter what he did, so why not make it official?
  • He had been involved in petty crime before this (usually fights), but it was at this point where his criminal record became quite full. He’s in and out of jail a good few times, but he’s had more narrow escapes than he cares to admit. It includes fights, kidnapping, possession of illegal weapons (such as knives beyond the permitted length and certain guns), and gang activity.
  • The gang taught him how to fight and how to obtain weapons he can legally carry. He began drinking heavier - even obtaining a fake ID to get into bars with other gang members - and took up smoking. 
  • Arguments with his parents (especially his father) became more frequent. Yancy would goad them, asking why they didn’t kick him out if they were so disappointed in him. They refused to fall for it. It’s important to note that while Yancy’s parents weren’t the best at handling him, they were good parents. They still loved their son, and knew that if he left home he would be dead within the year. Even so, no attempt to find middle ground was made. The bridge had been burned.
  • He’d regularly have bruises on his knuckles from fights and punching walls in frustration. It was a miracle his nose wasn’t broken from the amount of fights he’d land in because of his ratty behaviour. He constantly felt like everyone was against him, something emphasised by his belief that anyone he got close to would abandon him in time. This was something that happened to him several times, and cemented the idea that no one really cared about him.
  • He obtained his first tattoo at twenty - the abstract boxes on his left arm. You can read about the unusual circumstances of that tattoo here.
    (His second tattoos are the words ‘Dark’ and ‘Mark’ written on his fingers. While an unpolished fighter, he has a very good punch. The ‘dark mark’ would represent the almighty bruises he’d leave on someone after a fight.

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2/2 Before Donna/Kyle/Jay got together Kyle was having his bisexual crisis. When they got together Kyle was afraid that Donna and Jay were out of his league and would dump him. Especially with him being in space all the time. That was ultimately the reason they broke up. Then Donna and Jay broke up because Kyle was an essential to their relationship and hurt to much without him.


I have nothing to add here:) I’m not a great fan of Donna/Jay/Kyle - I will read Jay/Kyle if someone else writes it, but that would be about it:)

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I’m aware that elves love only one time and I am stickler for canon. Tolkien showed by making Miriel stay in the Halls of Mandos forever that it IS in fact possible for elves to have a second love if they’re so lucky and given the opportunity.

So clearly if an elleth or ellon decides to forever stay in the Halls of Mandos it leaves an elf open to having another partner at any time. If Eru wills that to be the case.

Then there’s also the case of Gwindor and Finduilas. While not married the two were engaged and on the verge of marriage and spending forever together when Finduilas fell out of love with Gwindor and instead fell for Turin.

Courtship and engagement is a very serious and long process for elves. (Especially in Valinor where there’s the luxury of time) and for Finduilas to decide that she suddenly no longer loves Gwindor is a considerably bigger deal than it’s made out to be..

So it’s possible either 1. Elves CAN in fact fall out of love with each other OR 2. They weren’t each other’s one as they so thought they were.

Oropher, Angrod, Aegnor, Finrod, Turgon, Fingolfin, Thranduil, Elrond, Maglor, Curufin, possibly Caranthir, Fëanor, Orodreth, were all married or have said to have found their one.

For most of these elves I write for were in love and I get that it contradicts the canon. But it’s fan fiction. Some of it is going to contradict canon to an extent, but I’m big on not stretching so far that it’s not believable.

I’ll leave the reader to decide which character fell out of love with who or which spouse or partner passed away. Or how they left the picture for Reader to come into the picture.

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 disney villian headcanon prompts, question asked by @rivclry


    It was late at night; the white-haired male was currently asleep in his room. Most people can sleep soundly in their beds; however, Niles was thrashing and wrestling with his sheet, his sweat making him stick to it.

          Night Terrors, they were plaguing him, again.

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headcanon that the Doctor’s Note™ for someone to sit at the apollo table during lunch wasn’t actually will’s idea. it was lee’s.

when will asked what some random girl was doing next to him at the apollo table, lee simply replied, “doctor’s note. works every time. chiron can’t say no to the professional opinion camp half blood’s best healer and head medic right?”, with a sneaky grin that made will giggle.

“how do you know it’ll work?”, nico noted from his seat on will’s desk in the infirmary. will looked up from his notepad with a somber smile on his face and said,

“doctor’s note. works every time.”

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Now that school is over for me and I have inspiration, I thought I might as well write something!

I’m most likely going to build headcanons or oneshots off of romantic tropes so keep your eyes out for ones that interest you and request it!

Certain things I will not accept as requests:

•Very bloody/gore themed
•Intentionally trigger-inducing

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msby bj headcanon: “family game night”

  • proposed by captain meian (2016) as a fun team bonding activity during the season every few weeks or so, where everyone participates regardless of how often they’re on the court
  • includes various board games, card games, charades, etc.
  • very difficult to coordinate with over ten grown men, so teams of 2-3 play together as one player or multiple decks of cards are combined to have a free-for-all
  • quickly morphed into competitions so intense that a team meeting was held by coach foster to forbid trash-talking, gambling, violence, etc.
  • (this was largely attributed to monopoly. the miya/sakusa pair was responsible for stealing from the bank & creating a mutiny in less than three turns. there was no teamwork. no one came out unscathed. again, this was monopoly)
  • added digital multiplier games when hinata shouyou joined the team, due to the rookie’s surprising connection to an influential tech mogul despite never owning a gaming console
  • (when sakusa learns of this, he asks for kozuken’s autograph. hinata does him one better by sending the youtuber’s friend code. kozuken visits the island of umeboshi & compliments the complete collection of fish in the museum. sakusa immediately saves the gameplay footage)
  • uses the nintendo switch as the platform of choice, played on a flat screen TV at coach’s house, with joycons from miya (4), sakusa (2), bokuto (2)
  • several months after its release (early 2019) super smash bros ultimate is as its name implies the Ulimate Game for the msby bj; sakusa has all the fighters unlocked as well as the upcoming fighter packs preordered
  • up to eight people can play at a time so they decide to do it tournament style, three groups, where the top2 advance. three stock lives each, no time limit, no cpu, all items with high spawn rate & big battlefield stage
  • miya mains ice climbers, sakusa mains villager, bokuto typically chooses random but mains ike for consistency. the rest pick fighters that look cool: inuaki chooses fox, thomas chooses palutena, meian chooses captain falcon, hinata chooses sonic, barnes chooses little mac, etc.
  • spoiler alert: it’s a shit show
  • bokuto doesn’t go easy on anyone, smacking them all with his sword and taunting. sakusa keeps towards the edge & back-throws whoever comes near him into the abyss. hinata doesn’t know how to attack & just runs around until bokuto tells him he can’t win like that. miya continuously sacrifices the blue ice climber to survive, though it seems intentional. barnes keeps falling off the stage for some reason
  • (“you must’ve given the guy the joycon that drifts, tsum-tsum” -bokuto
  • “asshole, they all drift” -miya
  • “but that one drifts the worst” -bokuto
  • “no, i just think he sucks” -sakusa
  • “fuck you millenials i’m over thirty” -barnes)
  • hinata, who has never played before, wins the tournament & miya almost punches him in the jaw
  • ssbu is subsequently banned from family game night until further notice
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hiya! Very first fluff alphabet request! Hope you like it! 

Fluff alphabet - Sosuke Aizen x reader - B 


Originally posted by everythingaboutbleach

B - beauty - What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?

Aizen isn’t the kind of person to be attracted to appearances. Although he does think you are beautiful, he actually admires your strength and intelligence so much more than their looks. He thinks intelligent remarks and the courage to sometimes question his motives and moves are beyond attractive, as long as his you don’t actually go against his plans. If you are able to command some of his hallows, Aizen will definitely be even more attracted. There’s just something in authority and strictness that draws him in. 

Another thing Aizen thinks is beautiful is just the general form you have when you walk and fight. He appreciates the grace and your general posture. Calm, confident, resolute. 

Lastly, something he’d never admit, but he loves your calm and peaceful expressions when you’re asleep. It’s his favorite thing to wake up to and might even take a moment to admire your features before actually getting up and starting his day. He’s got a lot to do, but luckily he can always keep an eye on you to admire all you are.

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((Tsubasa’s irrational fear of thunderstorms comes from when she was a child: she witnessed a tree getting struck by lightning not too far from her. Luckily, nobody was harmed but Tsubasa was scarred for life.))

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  • we’re bringing jake back? degrading and breeding jake? i think tf yes
  • jake has you on all fours, face down..ass all the way up for him
  • he tells you to stop running from his cock, be a good fucking girl and take all of him in your little slut pussy like he knows you want to
  • you’re whimpering and writhing underneath him, begging for god knows what at this point but your begging and pleading goes seemingly unheard by jake as he keeps on fucking into as if you were made just for this
  • ‘you want my cum?’
  • you’re in such a haze that you don’t even hear him ask the question, too off in your own world as you grip onto the sheets and let him use your body
  • ‘i said, do you want my fucking cum, you slut?’ 
  • gripping your hair, he pulls your head back and thrusts into you harder, harshly whispering in your ear and all you do is let your mouth fall open as your walls clamp down on him
  • you manage to choke out a small ‘yes’ that’s followed with a broken moan at the feeling of his hand moving from your hair to your throat in a quick fashion
  • ‘that’s all you ever want huh? just want me to keep on filling you up over and over again until you’re doing nothing but leaking everywhere, right baby?’
  • you’re nodding once again, not missing the way that he’s moving his other hand from your waist to dip his fingers between your folds– rubbing the pads right against the bundle of nerves that has you sputtering and spasming around him
  • ‘gonna fill you up, give you all of my kids. you want it?’
  • once again, you’re nodding for him as you cum once again and begging for him to cum inside you, make you feel him for days because it just feels so damn good
  • let me calm down
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