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happy halloween week

pulling halloween pranks with them would include…


Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

steve harrington:

🎃 Halloween is a time for mischief and oh do you and Steve get up to some mischief

🎃 a little drunk, you were walking back from a Halloween party when you and Steve walked by the principals house

🎃 well if anyone deserved to fall victim to a practical joke it was that guy. So you went to whoever’s house was closest to get eggs

🎃 you and Steve nearly had the house covered in yokes before the lights in your teachers bedroom flicked on

🎃 by the time your principal rushed outside to yell that he was calling the police, you and Steve were long gone

🎃 luckily you got off scott free but it was hard not to laugh in the principals face when you saw him at school after the incident


Originally posted by tarasmaclays

robin buckley:

🎃 you not Robin had planned on Ora king anyone during Halloween. That was all over immature right?

🎃 you suddenly change your minds when a group of jerks bullies Robin for her sexuality so you decide to get back at them

🎃 the two of you wait in the bushes until the homophobes pass by you on the street, on the way to a party before you shower them with eggs

🎃 they’re a total mess and thank goodness Steve is nearby as your getaway driver because otherwise they probably would have caught you after the deed

🎃 “man that felt great!”

🎃 “you’re telling me. Step on it Harrington, would you”


Originally posted by maxiemayfield

nancy wheeler:

🎃 risking getting into a lot of trouble isn’t really Nancy’s cup of tea

🎃 messing with Mike and his friends on the other hand… well that’s completely on the table

🎃 if you asked Mike Wheeler if he thought his sister could scare him he would gave said no. On the contrary, with your help she definitely could

🎃 when Mike and the kids are coming back to the house after trick or treating you and Nancy jump out of the shadows to scare them and oh man do you scare them

🎃 Dustin nearly pees his pants. The only one unaffected is Max but she joins in with you and Nancy as you laugh

🎃 “what the hell?!”

🎃 “you should have seen your face Mike!”


Originally posted by lesbianrobin

jonathan byers:

🎃 who else would you convince Jonathan to prank other than Steve Harrington

🎃 this was back when Steve was still kind of an asshole. He had given Jonathan a hard time before the holiday cake around and you wanted to get back at the popular guy

🎃 Jonathan isn’t so sure at first because he doesn’t want to give Steve a reason to do something to him but you eventually convinced him

🎃 while Steve was at a costume party you cover his house in toilet paper. It’s hilarious and of course you take a ton of photos of you at the crime scene

🎃 “Steve will kill me if he finds out”

🎃 “but he won’t! So no worries”

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send a misconception people have about my muse and I will say whether it’s true or false || accepting


Bucky respected the hell out of Peggy. How could she not? Peggy is a savvy, determined, ambitious woman who will let nothing stand in her way. They’re sisters in arms, not rivals.

Bucky had no romantic intentions toward Steve, and while she did find Peggy attractive, she never even dreamed of acting on that. She was already in a relationship with her own fiancé , she didn’t want to get in between Steve and Peggy, she didn’t want to risk a blue discharge, and after everything that was done to her in the factory, the possibility of being intimate with anyone was off the table.

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I’m a sucker for Hargreeves Christmas headcanons, so here’s one I found in my phone’s notes.

Every year, Reginald would put up 7 decorations on the Christmas tree to represent each of the children. After Ben’s death, he stopped putting Ben’s decoration on the tree. But klaus would still try and find it and put it up on the tree.

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In the modern world, Sokka would be a stoner and you can’t tell me otherwise.

We all saw how he was with the cactus juice. And he just has that stoner personality. And he’s ALWAYS. HUNGRY. He’s like the Avatar universe’s version of Shaggy. He’d probably also try shrooms at least once.

I also feel like Aang would be a lowkey stoner. And he’d try shrooms too. You know, for the spiritual enlightenment.

Toph would get stoned just to say “fuck you” to her parents but she wouldn’t be a ~stoner~

Katara would just look at them with disapproval but then she’d try it once and be like “oh this isn’t so bad” but she’d never admit it.

Zuko would try it and hate it. Sorrynotsorry but I just don’t see Zuko being that big on things that alter his state of mind.

Same with Azula.

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She is so small, she is so beautiful, but she is so fragile.

Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki × Fem!Reader

Warning! I decided that your height is 5’ (sorry tall readers 😅)

Word count: ?

A/n: Um, continue it?? Also, I am aware I have, like, 4 other drabbles/imagines to continue and I promise to get to them….soon

The hero stared at the small woman in his arms. She had bruises adorning her face, the colours mixing into her skin horribly. His arms caged around her, keeping her in a vice-like grip. The tear marks on her face stained, rubbing off the dirt on her cheeks. Her small hands gripped his hero costume, and she tried so hard to muffle her cries. His eyes never left her face. He felt so broken for her.

Why is he crying?

His heart panged and ached. He couldn’t believe the pain he felt for her. She was just a woman who worked in the coffee shop in a building down the street from his work. She was just an extra, just another person, a citizen he had to save. So, why is he so broken for her? Why does he want to help? Why does he want to make her happy?

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This is hard to answer bc I don’t see Izumi getting pregnant as a teen. I headcanon that she doesn’t have any really serious relationships until she’s around 18

It’s canon that she was young when she had Iroh (probably around 20-22years old) and he probably wasn’t planned lol

I think Mai and Zuko were probably shocked at how quickly it happened, they were expecting her to wait a few more years before but nonetheless they’re very very excited!!

Winter into Spring by allvilelysunk is a super cute and bittersweet fic and it’s exactly how I headcanon her pregnancy with Iroh II

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anon, i’m so flattered/horrified that you’re asking for this, one of my most absurd headcanons.

Answer: Accidentally gets the Azami route while aiming for Ryouta. Of all the birds, he seems like the most “normal” and is a total sweetheart to boot! Plus, you know Mayday Unfortunate Crush on My Childhood Frenemy Parker is a total sucker for the pining old friend trope. So. That’s how things are going.

Until Azami shows up. With her motorcycle and her kickass theme song. And May is just spamming the group chat (because I imagine, like, Wes and Jimmy talked her into playing it) with SHE’S SO COOL and CAN WE BE BEST FRIENDS nonstop. So she gets a job at the cafe. Then Azami’s awful ex shows up and May REFUSES to get them back together. It all ends with Mayday riding off into the sunset with her pigeon girlfriend.

(She does later complete the game. Ryouta is her favorite character by the end, because she too knows how it feels to be a nice person who keeps going through terrible shit. But her heart belongs to Azami.)

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I have a hc that 1010 has separate bodies so they can go outside without being scene. I feel like their most obvious trait is their height so the extra bodies are shorter think (5'8 to 6’). Haym zimelu and eloni has different hair, hyams hair doesnt have a traffic cone on his head and it kinda swoops in the back in place of that, elono doesnt have his ring, and zimelus mohawk is alot shorter. They also dont have the color coordinated on their cheeks.

They go outside in these bodies to visit other districts and go to meetings with the other nsr artists. The form is essentially casual wear for 1010.

They have a chip that helps them transfer their conscious to other bodies, it’s located at the back of their heads and only neon j can access and move it as it is very delicate.

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-Closeted bisexual(Due to NoCo and Nemma moments).

-Actually really insecure,his sarcasm is just a persona because he doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings.

-Actually really funny when you get to know him well.

-His sarcasm may be a cover,but his crankyness his pretty real.

-Since he has a lot of siblings he is often confused for them,this makes him really mad.

-Really likes dogs,not only the one he has…like…all of them.


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But what if…

Fall/Autumn is a horrible season for witchers?

  • Yes, the leaves are pretty in all their color variety and how they turn a forest into an expressionistic painting, but there suddenly is so much color! And it’s bright and distracting and they make your footsteps rustle loudly and wherever you go it smells like wet, rotting leaves and dirt.
  • Rainy days are beautiful if you can enjoy them from your window under a soft blanket with a hot drink, but if you’re living on the road and spend most if not all day outside and all of your clothes get wet and never really dry and the spell that waterproofs your bags wears off, then rain isn’t as nice anymore. Also your poor horse!
  • It’s constantly muddy.
  • It’s getting cold outside.
  • Most animals are going south or prepare for hybernation. There is less food to hunt. Mushrooms are okay and all, but not three weeks in a row.
  • Monsters that also hybernate in winter are most active now, trying to get as much food as possible. It’s a lot of work for little coin, since thw people spend most of it during the warmer months.
  • Just everything is more difficult even with witcher senses. There’s fog. The sun goes down early. It’s easy to lose a acent trail in rain. Rain and wind make scenting much more complicated. It’s bright, all the fall colors are harsh to a witcher’s eyes.
  • Sitting on a damp log in the middle of a damp forest, trying to use igni on a damp piece of wood to dry your damp clothing and cook a mushroom stew until you’re finally allowed to go home for the winter.
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Larrikin & Hopeless Headcanon’s :

We haven’t gotten enough info on Larrikin and Hopeless so I made some based on educated guesses and what little info we do have:

Larrikin :

  • Is Australian - The word Larrikin seems to have Australian origin so it’s fair to assume that’s where he came from
  • Larrikin is the youngest of The Dead Men, since the first use of the word Larrikin was from the 19th century, unless he made the word up himself, it’s safe to assume he would be the youngest.
  • He’s a red head with freckles
  • ‘Cunt’ comes after every other word he says
  • Anton immediately hated him upon first meeting after he greeted him with 'Ay-up, cunt’
  • His magic was probably some sort of conjuring, since he was the joker of The Dead Men, he relied on it to occupy himself
  • That’s also how he managed to get Anton’s birthday cake in the middle of a war camp.


  • “… and Hopeless, a man of one name and many faces.” was the only physical description we got, so I headcanon that he was a shapeshifter
  • He was the complete opposite of Larrikin; stern, quiet and taking things seriously
  • He knew Skulduggery before the formation of The Dead Men so probably knew him when he was alive - a childhood friend
  • He was Irish
  • He often used to get attacked from The Dead Men upon arrival because he would still be disguised as an enemy to get info
  • Dark hair and dark eyes

That’s all I have for now, feel free to add onto any if anybody has extras

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