chibirisa20 · 2 days ago
For as much as I’d love to see the ‘Leon vs Red’ in Masters to see who’s the “strongest”, but I also kinda wanna see them smoke at the back of a 7 Eleven ranting about how being the “child prodigy” can suck balls. Just seems like something they would do when there isn’t a crowd.
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2yara · a month ago
i have a great idea
What if Madrigal family swapped their gifts for a day
That would be a great episode if Encanto had a continuing serial
Dolores, with Tia Julieta’s gift: I don’t know how to cook.
Julieta, has Luisa’s power: That’s okay dear, first you need to— *tries to grab a plate but breaks it in pieces* oh dear.
Pepa, with Antonio’s power, gossips with animals: No way Camilo did that!- What?— Nooo, he wouldn’t do it,— he’s only 15!!- Wait, what did Bruno said then? Oh mY GOD—
Mirabel, shapeshifter: *mocks Isabela changing into her* LoOk aT Me! I’m sUpEr PuNkY iDeAl GrAnDcHiLd!! WHOMP WHOMP!! *smacks own butt*
Isabela, still tia Pepa’s power: *creates a storm cloud and zaps Mirabel*
Camilo, with Dolores’ gift: *sells secrets and periodically having a panic attacks because of all that noise he can hear now*
Antonio, having a future vision: *prophecies that there will be an explosion of plants and vines*
Bruno, with Isabela’s gift: *fricking MAKES A SUDDEN EXPLOSION OF FLOWERS AND VINES*
Luisa, having Mirabel’s power of being the candle of house: *chillaxes and having a great time of not doing anything for the first time after YEARS*
And Abuela, seeing this kerfuffle: There wasn’t that shit when Pedro was alive *leaves this mess and locks up in her room*
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alwerakoo · 5 months ago
Consider this, for the "Philza being married to Kristin who is death thing":
Fundy is born dead. He doesn't move or breathe, for about full ten minutes.
Until he finally does.
That night, Wilbur dreams of Kristin. And she's apologizing profusely, for scaring him so much.
But she was just so excited to finally meet her grandson.
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eldritchartbeing · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
King of the Dead
This is hella self indulgent but im so fucking proud of it specially since the digital part of it was done on my phone
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charmishprince · 4 months ago
{separate}diluc and kaeya x male cat hybrid reader :}
Tumblr media
i feel like kaeya loves to brag about his cute kitten boyfriend to anybody that'll listen to him go on and on and on about how cute you are and how soft your ears and tail are 
unlike most people... those one adopt and raise a baby players on roblox. AHEM 
i dont think that rubbing or stroking..not in a dirty way you pervs your tail will make you uhhhh horny i just think it tickles and i think kaeya loves to play with your tail when your alone
i also think that he loves to tickle your ears to calm you down when your nervous upset or just mad 
he really likes to listen to you pur when he pets you it makes him happy and i feel like he would make a sly comment about your purs “oh ho ho~ kitten do you like it when i pet you? well who am i to say no” 
dont sue me for his but i feel like lick your hand a lot when your bored or need something to do with your hands not so much to clean yourself like a real cat and he finds it a bit weird but it doesn't bother him that much
Tumblr media
i think diluc would be very hesitant to touch your ears or your tail in fear that he might hurt you but he noticed very quickly even before you two started dating that you would twirl your tail when you were anxious or upset he would be a little less hesitant to ask if he could touch your ears and tail
unlike kaeya diluc wont brag about you being a hybrid because he feels like it invalidates your identity as a person altogether just to focus on the fact that you have ears and a tail this doesn't mean kaeya thinks that your just a hybrid and not a person it just means diluc feels differently although diluc secretly finds your ears and tail cute 
please tell him you love him hes so sweet
because your half cat i feel like you have a lot of tendency's a cat does and that includes loving naps/sleeping and i feel like you do it a lot 
he loves it when you fall asleep on his lap wither your straddling him or laying down in his lap he finds it adorable and loves he fact that you trust him enough to sleep on him
sticking with the idea you lick your hand a lot he stares at you while you do it and doesn't realize it at one point he had to reassure you it didn't bother him because you caught him staring and you thought he was disguised with you he felt so bad after pls tell him you love him :{
{467} words thanks for reading<3
my masterlist :} ♡
part 2 with razor and bennett<3
part 3 with scaramouche and aether♡
Thank you for reading pls drink water and eat something you are loved have a great day! <3
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vivicanyounot · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Day 13 - Dance Princess Amy and Prince Shadow meet in certain circumstance. In that fateful night, they both danced their cares away for a moment. In this fictional universe, Knuxouge and Sonaze exists
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positivewitch · 2 months ago
Nesta: Are you gonna stop staring at Gwyn?
Tumblr media
Gwyn: Huh? Azriel: (☉_☉)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cryinbroke · 6 months ago
Do you ever think how Sophie probably sat down one day and thought about the fact that howell gave her a flower shop, all-year round meadow of flowers and a nice house with a nice garden exactly as she wanted, and it kind of sank in and she realized how terribly in love with him she was and that she was loved back and instead of weed killer she probably made a water so kind it cured diseases and made flowers bloom
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aftonspogchamp · 2 months ago
headcanon of the day: william actually has ‘father-son bonding time’ with michael (like others go fishing together or do a sport) but his bonding time includes:
- learning to throw a chair at children from a distance
- ‘escape the police’ hurdle run
- luring in unsuspecting kids with candy trick or treat but it’s not halloween
- hiding a dummy in a springlock suit
- baking banana bread :) and setting the oven on fire
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a-muffin-full-of-poetry · 3 months ago
RFA + Saeran terms of endearment
I’m a sucker for terms of endearment. Joke ones and more sincere ones. This was meant to be short so I could be like, look guys, my headcannons won’t always rival Victor Hugo. There’ll probably be a lot of little hcs because my long one I had planned is at 2.4k and I’ve only just started Yoosung.
I also tried to make it gender neutral, so I hope I did do it correctly.
If he can help it, he will call you 'love' or 'my love'.
He just can't help himself, you are the love of his life, his spouse, and he needs to make sure you know it. So, he defaults to 'love' so you never forget.
Sometimes he'll call you 'my beloved', but it's more of a returned favour as it's what you call him.
And very rarely, only when he's trying to tease you, will he call you 'kitten'. As he becomes more open, it happens more often, but is still hardly used compared to the other two.
Well, it was just what all his friends had called their girlfriends and it conveyed everything he wanted to say just fine.
It was short, sweet and you always glowed every time he turned to you and simply uttered a "Babe?"
You might be able to get an occasional 'princess/prince' out of him, but it's almost always 'babe'.
Not that you mind, you also call him 'babe'.
You tried calling him 'my little meow meow' once, but it didn't go so well.
You probably shouldn't have said it to a person with such bad cat allergies, but his face. Oh, his face of pure disbelief and betrayal was hilarious.
Back in the early days, you came up with the dumbest nicknames you could think of.
Eventually it became a contest of who could come up with the silliest.
He won, unsurprisingly, but you did think you deserved a prize for your 'my favourite sugar honey iced tea with oreo scones and whipped cream'.
Most were food related, hence why you stuck with 'sweetie'.
He stuck with 'honey', after a while, taking after you.
Besides, the names stuck like glue and always served as a reminder of the chaos of your younger years.
Although, he does occasionally pull out one of the ridiculous ones he had made up and it still makes your face light up like a Christmas tree.
It was you who originally started calling her 'sugar' after you discovered her covered in cake ingredients.
In the early days, Jaehee was still rather tired and fumbled trying to make pastries, cakes and biscuits for the bakery.
But, calling her 'sugar' was a reminder of when your life as a couple began, so it always stuck in your mind.
Jaehee didn't use any pet names for a while, it felt like unchartered waters for her.
Eventually, she settled on 'dearest', after she saw the way you signed your notes. It was always, your dearest MC, which she thought fit you.
Because you absolutely were one of her most treasured people in existence and you needed to remember that.
Hands down, that's his favourite thing to call you. He might throw a '606' out there occasionally but nothing beats 'sweetheart' in his head.
Even when he pushed you away, even when he hurt your feelings, you had still been so kind and understanding.
You had the sweetest, kindest heart of anyone he knew.
Yours was less thought out and simply what felt right at the time and it just so happened to be 'babe'. You didn't really call him much else, besides '7' or, you know, his name.
For a while, you were scared it wasn't sincere enough because his was so well thought out but he was fine with anything. A pet name was something only you called him and that made it far more special than it had any right to be.
After he returned, the two of you were very cautious with how fast you went. You didn't even hold hands until your fourth date.
But almost a year or so in, you had both warmed up and the pet names began.
The pair of you never really stuck with one for a long while, just trying to find the right thing.
It was you who was the first to settle with 'darling'. For some reason, it felt the most right when you first said it and was the only one you continued to use.
Jihyun picked up on it pretty quickly and quickly fumbled to find a name, which you were quick to realise and stop him in his tracks.
That was when he first called you 'angel' and he just never stopped.
You find it far too flattering, but you can't say it's not cute coming from him.
Well, Princess/Prince. Definitely.
It had started in Mint Eye and he wasn't about to stop after he got out.
You absolutely were royalty to him and that wouldn't change after Mint Eye.
On the other side of the coin, you had a much harder time because you had to first reconcile with the idea of Saeran you had in your head.
As Unknown, as Ray and as Saeran.
It was a hurdle, a hard one at that but once you had overcome it, once you had got it into your head that Saeran was a bit of all of them, you were just as loving as you had been in the first few days.
You picked 'flower'.
It felt a bit strange the first few time, it wasn't what you thought you'd say.
But Saeran loved gardening, loved flowers and it just fit him. Fit him so well that he teared up when you first called him it.
That's when you knew it fit him perfectly.
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mikaylacarlierose · 15 days ago
So I just had this idea for a show/movie/story... I don’t know what it’s about, but honestly, who cares?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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allblueseeker · 10 days ago
Lately I've been wondering, with how caring and loving Sanji was towards animals during his childhood, if it wouldn't have been a possibility, at least when he started cooking, for him to refuse to kill? I know it's not practical to write about it but just imagine-
Like maybe the first time he was explained where did meat come from he would cry about it? Probably would get picked on by his brothers and refuse to eat any more for a while.
Imagine the little boy holding a knife and struggling to end the fresh catch of the day, until Zeff himself started to feel guilty about the whole situation. Maybe they would even have a couple talks about it until Sanji got comfortable with the idea.
Or what if he had the same old habits of leaving food and cooking for the rats at the Baratie? Imagine him being afraid of Zeff finding out, and thinking he was doing a good job at hiding when in reality Zeff and the staff always knew, they just never said anything because they didn't wanted him to stop.
What if after he left the Baratie Zeff had to take over all the little mices because they would start showing up looking for Sanji? What if they are all still waiting for him on his room?
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2yara · a month ago
What computer games would Madrigal family play in modern au?
Abuela probably wouldn’t play anything until Mirabel/Camilo introduced her to Zuma, Minesweeper and other old Microsoft games
Julieta and Agustin would play something like Sudoku and Mariokart(when kids ask to play together) in their free time.
Pepa and Felix like playing moving games! Like Just Dance, Kinect Adventures or Kinect Rush. Moving makes them gaining serotonin(which I don’t understand). Kids often join them:D
Bruno likes retro games like Pac-Man, Tetris, or something else on old console. But sometimes gets invited to play with kids online multiplayer games where he doesn’t understand what to do.
Isabela liked playing dressing games before. Now she plays RPG online and crush 13yo children like a punk she is now
She still plays games where you can decorate clothes and interior with plants.
Dolores likes to play Point & Click games. And escape rooms. She also likes detective games and tries to predict who’s killer
She hates playing multiplayer/online games because it’s annoys her even more due to her gift. And nobody calls her to play Fortnite because she hears where are everyone. But sometimes she likes playing Jackbox with family.
Luisa LOVES to play farming games. Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, all of it. Just relaxing and no hasting
Sometimes she plays multiplayer games with Mira and Camilo, but it often disturbs her even more so. No multiplayering.
Oh yeah. Mirabel and Camilo. Yes. Them. Those 15yo gremlins of the family. You often can hear them yelling at game or each other while playing a game. They play al sorts of online multiplayer games. Dota, LoL, Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Genshin Impact, you call ‘em! But they do want to play with fam’s too. So they call cousins to play multiplayer games. Or host Jackbox games to play with all of the family.
At last, but not least, we have Antonio. He probably not allowed to play computer games that often, but he likes games with animals.
Tonito would always watch how Luisa plays Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.
Helps Dolores in finding things in Point&Click games.
Likes to makes dresses with Isabela.
Loves to dance with mami Pepa and papi Felix.
Tries to solve Sudokus with tia Julieta and tio Agustin.
Doesn’t understand how Tetris works after many attempts of Bruno trying to explain it, but still likes to watch colorful blocks on tio Bruno’s screen.
And excitedly helps Abuela play Zuma and match those rocks together.
Everyone likes it when Antonio watches them play.
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alwerakoo · 5 months ago
So in one of the Howl's Moving Castle books, Sophie gets turned into a cat, while she's pregnant. She gives birth, while still being cursed, and later on they have a hard time un-cursing the child, because technically they were born a kitten.
And if that doesn't explain Fundy's birth, idk what does.
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mikamikenshin · 2 months ago
What is really insane about sasori's backstory is that his parents died whe he was an infant and that means it must have been before start of second ninja world war because he is older than konan and konan was a little kid in the war,i can estimate here to be 12 when the war ends.
Does that mean sakumo was a legendary/splendid shinobi even before the ninja world war?he was probably younger than the sannin (might duy was younger than them by a single year and if they were rivals like kakashi and guy well you know the rest).
If sakumo never fell into depression,he would've become the fourth hokage and believe me,he would've been the best hokage ever.
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sylvain-ia · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Stork - 14 years on the Far Side of Atmos
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vivicanyounot · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Day 12 - Friends Amy and Shadow teams up temporarily for a mission. Cream wonders why they're teaming up in the first place. I'd like to think that they're either secretly dating trying to protect their relationship from friends OR Amy's trying not to fangirl on how cool Shadow really is inside and out-- EITHER WAY IM HAPPY TO KNOW THAT SHADOW KNOWS WHAT AMY THINKS OF HIM KSSKKSKS
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fluffywing-e-tarot · 3 months ago
Last Life idea
When a Life is given Willingly the giver and receiver are bound by magic. When the receiver loses the life given to them the Giver has the phantom pain pass through them where the point of Death happened. It is a Phantom Death.
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loan-hh · 7 days ago
The fact that casita can make music is absolutely adorable. Like not only has it shown signs of sentience and empathy, it can make ART. IT COULD HAVE A HOBBY. Just- a happy little house composing a new song fully immersed in the flow. Picture that for a moment.
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aftonspogchamp · 3 months ago
todays concept: the pizzeria falls on hard times and william has to resort to onlyfans to make his money…extra points for everyone who includes a mask fetish for the spring bonnie mask
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