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Vera usually tends to live a solitary life, depending solely on herself, so the idea of letting in another and perhaps even letting that person control her? It’s not ever going to happen. Vera values her privacy and her personal sovereignty.

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Surprisingly, Stefano is very traditional when it comes to dating, usually preferring to talk about finances, living arrangements, and the future as a couple at the beginning of the relationship. Vera, on the other hand, doesn’t like to live by society’s rules, instead preferring to take each thing as it comes and live freely.

The reason why they fight so much is because Stefano wants something more with Vera, while Vera shies away from it. Instead of being able to openly talk about whatever’s bothering her, Vera prefers to work through problems alone, which makes Stefano frustrated that he’s never going to crack the hard shell around her heart.

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fight honorably / fight dirty / prefer close-quarters / prefer range /  chat during /  go silent /  low pain tolerance / high pain tolerance / attack in bursts / attack steadily / go for the kill / aim to disarm / fight defensively / bait an opponent’s first strike / strike first /  provoked easily /   provoke their opponent / tease /  get visibly frustrated  / shout while attacking / use strategy / focus on their battle /  experience conflicting thoughts during battle / rush in recklessly / try to read their opponent before fighting / fight wildly /  fight calmly apathetically / fight with anger / fight with excitement / fight because they have to  /  fight because they want to  / fight without regard to wounds /  run away when wounded  / hide wounds / take a blow to protect another /   prefer a blade  /  prefer a gun  / prefer a bow /  prefer a shield  /  prefer a spear naginata / prefer a personalized weapon  / prefer magic or spells /  prefer brawling  / their greatest weakness is physical /  their greatest weakness is mental / their greatest weakness is emotional / transform for battle  / fight as they appear /  rely on strength  /  rely on speed / use everything they have / hide their full potential / exhaust quickly /  high stamina /  doubt their strength  /  proceed with caution /   behave arrogantly  / brag after landing a hit  /  belittle their abilities / use psychological tactics / use brute strength /  avoid civilians  /  strike down civilians / damage surroundings  / avoid damaging surroundings / signature fighting style / making it up as they go /  mastered skillset / learning their skillset / fancy footwork / sloppy footwork /  messy fighter / elegant fighter / accept defeat / refuse defeat / beg for mercy / compliment their opponent / insult their opponent /  use unnecessary movements ( flips, twirls ) / move efficiently /  barely move / prefer to dodge / prefer to block /  defend their blindside / has no blindside /  use all available advantages /  strictly use one main method  /  play around  /  hold back /  fight ruthlessly  / show mercy /  wait for opponent to be ready / strike when opponent isn’t ready  / fear death  /  fear pain / fear killing /  has PTSD / avoid fighting / has lost a fight / has won a fight / has killed / refuses to kill / want to die standing /  would succumb slowly

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Though Stefano has positive qualities such as being determined and acting as the perfect businessman, his negative traits can overshadow this. Stefano is a highly obsessive and jealous man. He does not like Vera’s best friend, Jackie, because he how that Jackie takes her away from him so much.

This is especially true because Jackie is of the opposite sex. Stefano always wants to know where Jackie is taking Vera at all times and when he plans on bringing her back. It’s because of this that Vera and Jackie have struggled to find a way to convince him that nothing is going on between them.

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So as a bird owner, this will depend on the case.

Ravens are MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE birds so fitting into sleeves? No. HOWEVER Arthur is the baby and loves to be tucked into Bloodhound’s jacket by them unzipping it and Arthur tucking into one side to be zipped up enough his beak can stick out.

On the OTHER hand, Muninn, Mama Bird that she is, likes to merely stand on top of Bloodhound’s head to assert dominance.

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Stefano has never once considered that he could possibly do anything to anyone that could cause a disturbance, so when suddenly his relationship or friendship is put to the test, it’s always and only due to the other party’s fault.

He’ll find fault in everyone but himself, and if anyone blames him, he’ll snub them for even considering this. Stefano blame others for everything that has ever gone wrong in his life, and owning up to his own garbage will never happen.

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Naomi joined the football team when she started high school and the whole family would have gone to every one of her games but she told them they weren’t allowed to because they were easily the loudest family cheering in the bleachers and I’m going to die if you guys embarrass me in front of my friends like that ever again.

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Douglas just kind of became the Elite Force member’s personal therapist. Bree would talk to him about how she felt so obsolete, Skylar would talk to him about how she felt she was letting Caldera down, Oliver would talk to him about his mom and how badly that’s affecting him, Kaz would talk to him about his family issues, and Chase would talk to him about his crappy love life. Only, Douglas was terrible at giving advice, so he would just bake them cookies or something and occasionally offer an awkward/comforting hug, but it seemed to make the kids feel better and he was happy to help.

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Have some random HC’s for the Champions. Their all in different lengths and I’m on mobile, as always, so be prepared for a LONG post.


I love the very personal, and maybe a very heavy projected, HC I have that Ash is actually really tired all the time but his ADHD just gives him the drive to go Do Things because if he doesn’t he gets really bad anxiety and the giant need to Stim his arms off if he’s not moving. Like it’s hard for him to find the Zone to where he can sit still and not completely vibrate off his seat. So when he’s in Alola he like buys a bunch of different stim toys and Professor Kukui is kind of put off bu the amount he gets and the variety. Like I’m talking chew toys, the ones with silent buttons and tiny joy sticks, ones that just have weird textures that you just rub between your fingers, etc. Ash keeps them up in the loft near his bag of clothes and away from where Rockruff/Lycanroc can get to them and only takes one until it’s either destroyed/lost/or he ends up giving it to one of his friends who need to get some extra energy out and they usually forget to give it back to him until the end of the day. Kukui starts to see Ash’s grades rise pretty steadily and even starting to surpass a few others in the class, though he still lacks in certain categories like Math and Reading. Surprisingly Ash is excelling rapidly in the writing and history portion and during history lessens actually gently corrects Kukui on a few more really big recent events.


So like all the Champions father around for a more personal Q&A type of interview and one of the questions are “what’s your favorite type of flavor/food/dessert/etc? and why?”

Ash excitedly blurts out honey and that actually surprises a few of them, they honestly thought Ash would just say that he liked all foods. He goes and explains that his Grandma, before she past away, in Galar had this GIANT honey farm and she had stacks upon stacks of books ranging from dinner books to dessert books that use’s honey in the dishes. She had different flavors of honey, honey ice cream, somehow frozen honey that you suck on like a lollipop, this list goes on and on. She died when he was around 8 and all her bee Pokémon were donated to other honey farmers that she knew and wrote into her will. Delia wasn’t a fan of the bee Pokémon’s so she didn’t get one and Ash was really sad about that. He deflates afterwards and admitted he’s never had any of those treats/foods after her death besides plain honey sticks because he can’t find anything else that matches up to his Grandma’s honey and he’s not very keen on going and finding some bee Pokémon on his own since they need extensive care and constant attention which Ash can’t give with his lifestyle and work load.

Wallace soon pipes up that his favorite food of all time is actually mint chocolat ice cream because he and his dad, before he passed away from stage two Cancer, would go out each weekend in the summer tk a nearby ice cream stand and buy one come each before walking around the park that was right next to their house.

Leon adds that he actually likes food with lavender some how incorporated into it because his dad also liked lavender as well. He always brings a few lavender flowers every time he visits his dads grave with Hop when both are free to do so and that there’s only one restaurant in Wyndon that makes lavender ice cream and he and Raihan goes and get one after every match they have together. Even though Raihan likes stuff with Lemon in it instead of lavender.

Wallace jokes that Steven only likes plain stuff with vanilla in it but Lance fires back that Wallace always tries and makes homemade vanilla ice cream every year in Stevens birthday because he loves him.

Cynthia joins in that she craves mangos most of the time and she admits that she gets that from her Grandpa and even owns a giant cook book with all kinds of recipes with mangos incorporated.

Diantha likes dragon fruit a lot though she doesn’t have anything like a cookbook, she really likes this one restaurant that has a cooked dragon fruit dessert though.

Alder likes anything with cinnamon, he gets some light jokes at his dispense because of his hair color and him liking cinnamon, it was something he always loved from childhood.


Lance surprisingly wears the least amount of sleep wear among the Champions while Ash wears the most.

Like the most Lance is willing to wear on his very rare days off is a see through tank top and like some basketball shorts and that’s it.

Ash on the other hand is wearing a pair of sleep shorts under some giant pajama pants he snatched from one of his friends, a shirt, thick ass sweatshirt, and two pairs of socks on his feet.


Leon has this thing where he swaps one of his pillows with one of the reigning champions pillows. Like he has a red silky one from Lance, a soft white sliky one from Diantha, a long tan cased one from Alder, a black one from Steven and Wallace, and finally a grey t-shirt cotton one from Ash.

R*se tried to sneakily switch those pillows out for ones that actually match Leon’s room decor and bed spread. Leon got really offended that Rose would do such a thing, let alone having a fucking spare key to his house when Leon knows for a fact he didn’t say R*se or Oleana could have one, and promptly moved all his stuff from his house back to his mum’s and then sold his Wyndon house. R*se called Leon a child but Leon had called him out over Twitter and started the trend #PillowSnatcher


Alder can sing and sing very well. He usually only does it when one of his fellow colleagues are stressed or panicked. It’s deep and ironically his favorite song to sing under his breath is Chocolate Rain.

He finds it worryingly that he sings to Ash most of the time after he joins them on the line up, that and Leon is also an increasingly new occurrence.


Lance is League DadTM and Diantha runs an account where she, Cynthia, Alder, and the rest of the League try and catch Lance being a DadTM to Ash, Leon, and younger league members. It’s always captioned with “League Dad Strikes Again!” And Lance both hates it and loves it so much because it means he’s getting soft but Lance also doesn’t want to stop being a League DadTM because of the way the younger League always smiles more brightly at him when Lance remembers what snack or drink they like to consume after a hard day or by even just remembering their name at all.

He especially loves it when Ash gets all tired, this happened when he was much younger and started out as Lance’s secondary Champion, and sways on his feet back and forth nearing the end of a social gathering or some other kind of high end event. He was Lance’s escape excuse and he also liked to pick Ash up and have the kid snuggle into him. That action always bright him some sort of comfort knowing that he’s helping Ash.


On Mario Kart night they always end off it with a short Disney movie. Ash always finds himself squished between Lance and Leon. They’ed take the deepest couch to accommodate both Leon and Lance’s shoulder width. Ash would be settled on Leon’s chest and Lance would be facing away from the screen and curled up in Leon’s side. None of them really remember when this started but it soon became their end of the night ritual.

Leon also had to carry Lance and Ash back up to their secret rooms and more often then naught Leon got pulled into one of their beds for continued cuddling.


Speaking of Game Night!

Ash is usually the first one to the house that they always rent, and by ‘rent’ I mean it’s Wallace’s passed Uncles house that was given to him through his Will and that Wallace let’s people rent it out because it’s big and fancy and really affordable, and sets up everything.

This is where Ash’s keen sense of smell comes into play heavily becaus to him if one Champions smell mixes with another it could cause him to go into a bad headache. Like if the two Champions are cuddling or standing together Ash is completely fine! It’s just the objects that reek with their smell.

Wallace and Steven are by the lover sofa closest to the fire, Cynthia and Diantha have their blankets and pillows spilling onto the floor off of the two person sofa because that’s how they usually end up, Lance is mostly on the floor or he’ll join Alder who has the longest Sofa in the furthest in the back because he likes to read and also people watch the other Champions having fun, and Ash and Leon mostly share the more deeper width couch since Leon likes to use this time to catch up and sleep and Ash likes to use Leon as a cuddle buddy.

All their stuff is color coded as well; Wallace has teal, Steven has gray, Diantha has black, Diantha has white, Alder had reddish-orange, Lance has a dark red, Leon has purple, and Ash has dark blue.

Usually at the end of the night everyone kind of steal one thing from everyone else’s piles throughout the night. Like Wallace and Steven would be sharing one of Lance’s blankets and Wallace would have stollen Diantha’s Pangoro Pillow Pet. Alder has taken one of Ash’s pillows that had fallen to the floor and one of Stevens gray weighted blankets out of his thirty-something spares because EVERYONE likes to steal his weighted blankets instead of bringing their own.


All the rest of the adults are very worried for Ash’s mental health and would constantly ask if he’s okay or if there’s anything they can do to help support him or his friends. Like the kid could ask for anything and they’ll try their damn best to get it for him because Ash has risked his life for the world and their Region. It’s the least they can do for him.

This also causes Ash to get very awkward and uncharacteristically shy most of the time or to start crying softly because what their doing is a hell of a lot more then a lot of people back at his home town and this is including his mom and Professor Oak who prefer not to talk about Ash’s… Little Incidents.

The first crying session had Lance practically pulling tooth by tooth out of Ash until the older champion got the whole storie. Lance then preceded to pull every blackmail, illegal evidence, and use almost every advantage of his title and position to get the kid to be able to meet Lance’s therapist. Ash was floored and very shy through out most of it until the end when Lance’s therapist made a little headway into Ash’s obvious PTSD and problems.

It’s kind of become their thing that every time Ash is home for more then a few weeks he and Lance would go to their Therapist for a joint session over something they both share. After they leave they go to a nearby tea shop and talk about some much more lighter subjects.


Ash bickers a lot with most of the Legendaries. It’s gotten to the point of sibling like name calling. There’s videos taken of Ash calmly calling Zekrom a dirt eater or Kyogre a off colored off sized Wailord.


Back to the favorite food thing. Ash has this stupid fucking OP ability where if he consumes any kind of thing with honey in it, all his open wounds/big bruises would magically stitch back together. No one, and including Ash, knows where he got the stupid ability or when it started to happen but after every big Incident or when he gets hurt Ash, his friends, or a league member would go quickly grab him something with honey in it.

His favorite so far has to be some hibiscus tea with honey that Professor Kukui made him after they had come back from saving Lusamine. Ash had gotten large bruises at his side and Kukui worriedly watched them slowly disappear after like five minutes and Ash had gulped down three cups of the cold tea.

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repost + bold whatever applies to your character!


tough  shell,   bruised  knuckles, bloody  nose, eyes  rolling,  empty  bottles,   messy  hair,  sarcasm,    lip  biting,    unwashed  jeans,    coffee  breath,   loud  music,    broken  neon  signs,   chipped  nail  polish,    leather  jackets,    always  wearing  headphones,    swearing,   sneaking  out  at  three  am,    dark  lipstick,    frown  creases,   burning  cigarettes,    plaid  shirts,   under  eye  circles,   dark  colours.

soft  inside,   honey  tea,   flower  crowns,   giggling,    blowing  kisses,   dancing  without  worries,    white  lace,  soft  textures,    fluffy  throw  pillows,   using  too  many  heart  emojis,  empathy,    constant  daydreaming,   handwritten  letters,   fairy  lights,    bullet  journals,    designated  driver,    warm  hugs,    garden graveyard  picnics,    quiet,    smile  lines,    optimism,   flowy  clothes,    pastel  colours.

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Originally posted by ugh-my-back

  • He was unsure about the idea, to say the least. If a stranger asked him what he thought of the idea he would tell them how the domestic life was far too boring and stagnant for the great outlaw Sean Macguire.
  • But if you asked as a friend? As a brother like Arthur did? He would admit that it didn’t sound terrible. Having a bed to sleep in, a place to go home to.
  • He would also never admit it, but after the weeks he spent in the custody of bounty hunters he was almost happy to go. Weeks of torture and abuse at the hands of those men was enough for him to think long and hard about his life.
  • But despite the terrible nightmares he still had about those months, he would never leave behind the gang. Sean Macguire is nothing if not a loyal man. If only he knew that he was a deciding factor in Dutch’s final decision to move to the ranch.
  • Dutch was one of the people who saw through his facade, saw the haunted look behind the younger man’s eyes. Dutch never wanted to see that look on one of the gang members’ faces ever again.
  • (And if Arthur and Hosea had asked him to go with them, without Dutch? He would have gone.)
  • While he would follow the gang wherever Dutch chose, he was never one to be silent. He questioned the decision a lot. Dutch told him to direct most of his questions to Hosea, and it took a long time for Hosea and Arthur to answer them all.
  • He asked why they were doing this, he asked if the gang lifestyle was really a thing of the past, he asked about Bessie’s family and home. After a long conversation with the two men his mouth finally stopped moving a mile a minute. Throughout the whole conversation he had kept a fairly jovial spirit about it all, acting as he always does. But at the end he got serious.
  • He took a moment to look to young Jack, who was poking the campfire with a stick. And then he took a far longer moment to look at Karen Jones, who was singing along to a song with Grimshaw and Uncle that night. And then he turned back to the men and asked one more question.
  • “If we move to this farm…are we going to be alright?”
  • Hosea can read between the lines. Sean wants to know if he will be safe, if Karen will be safe, if they will be able to do it, and so many more vulnerable questions he couldn’t say out loud.
  • “If we do this, move to this ranch? We will be more than okay son, we will be more than okay. We’ll be laughing in the faces of everyone who said we were nothing in this world.”
  • And fuck if Sean didn’t love the sound of that.
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When it got too cold at night, Chase and Oliver would sneak in Kaz’s bed because he was always super warm as a side effect from his powers. This was only proven to be an issue when Chase started glitching because he wasn’t sleeping in his capsule, Oliver got sick because his body couldn’t handle that much heat (‘cause ice-powers), and Kaz was starting to bruise because whenever they shared a bed he always ended up being pushed off.

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kinheriuhjeoruh Periods are a natural bodily function, and I’m a horny blog, u are a okay! Tis one of my things as well. Gosh I can’t believe I have to pull up the roster to remember all the characters!

I’m also going to answer this like ‘Who would be comfortable doing it’ but also not necessarily HAVE a kink for it, just that they’re down to be a vamp or have someone vamp em up.

Reaper, Roadhog, Junkrat, Mercy, Moira, Zenyatta, Genji, McCree, Baptiste, Ana, aaaaaand Reinhardt!

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Just the usual Friday night, junk food, nest of blankets and pillows and my stabby man 🥴…

Also had this silly thought I felt I should share:

Sex is great- but have you ever fantasized about cuddling with your favorite slasher and being able to hear their heartbeat while you watched a scary movie- and even though they may act like a jump scare didn’t startle them, you can hear their heartbeat pick up.

And then when the movie is over both of you are too tired to move so you fall asleep on the couch- smothered in blankets and pillows, legs tangled together, arms wrapped around waists- and nothing wakes either of you until the sun was hitting you in the face in the morning?

Yeah- sex has got nothing on that….

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YESS!! @a-writer-who-never-writes

  • Sleepovers are a MUST
  • All-nighters? Abso-frickin-lutely
  • So many QoY campaigns
  • So
  • Many
  • Better get the snacks ready, we’re gonna be here a while.
  • Laurel and Ian absolutely adore you
  • Expect many, many times when you guys are parked somewhere random, just rocking out to Barley’s music
  • Do not
  • I repeat,
  • DO NOT forget about those pillow castles.
  • They’re staying up, no matter what anyone says.
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  • In the span of six months total, Rayla goes from missing like she always has to hating them for her cowardice (or so she says) to mourning her parents properly. 
  • There hadn’t been time to think too much about the finality of their deaths, with Rayla’s so narrowly avoided, but in peacetimes, it eventually catches up to her.
  • (So does the guilt that she ever wished they were dead, even if she knew back then that she didn’t really, either.) 
  • Callum gives her both space and solace. He’s familiar with the loss of parents just as much as she is, including ones that left when you were very young that left a lot to both live up to and work through in the wake of their deaths.
  • They’re sitting on a ledge watching the sunset one day.
  • “I never really answered your question,” she says. “From the boat.”
  • Callum glances over, his brow furrowed. He remembers, of course, but - “What do you mean?”
  • “I told you what my parents had done. But I didn’t tell you what they were like. And I don’t totally know, either, but…”
  • Callum takes her hand. “Tell me anyway?” he requests softly. She needs this.
  • So she does, and he listens. There’s grief and love in her voice. When she tears up, he holds her and she leans into him.
  • He joins her into holding onto their memory, too.
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