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smhalltheurlsaretaken · 8 hours ago
So do you guys remember my post about Jedi meeting their birth families and being chill with it? 
I’ve been thinking a bit - a lot, for like a year - about all the headcanons around Jedi’s biological people, and there are really only two possible cases that seem to get explored: the pure of heart, flawed but loving, desperate parents who ‘had’ to give up their precious child to the Jedi and didn’t feel they had a choice (most commonly seen from the more Jedi critical parts of the fandom, but not always), and the horribly abusive no good parents at all who gladly dumped their baby onto the Order (which appears to be the way of some Jedi fans to ‘justify’ the adoption into the Order as legitimate, which really shouldn’t be the point because adoptions are just as legitimate without abuse factoring in).
What’s kinda sad is how little we’re willing to explore all the possibilities, maybe because we don’t want to be perceived as on the wrong side of the fandom by our own pals. We all deal with just so much bad faith discourse that we smooth out any sort of human drama and nuance to try and have clear cut narratives that are so black and white that they must prevent bad faith interpretations. Jedi have to be perfect pure angels that have never done anything wrong to be recognized as good, because we’re afraid that if we write them in an interesting way people will jump on the opportunity to accuse them of all sorts of stuff.
Well, I’m tired of vanilla fics and good guys vs bad guys when dealing with purely human everyday stuff. Bad guys are for the galactic battles, the epic clash of eternal forces. When dealing with how Jedi younglings come to the Order, we can have plenty of amazing, heart-wrenching drama and warm, happy moments where all sorts of good and regular people have different goals and meet and clash without anyone being at ‘fault’ or being to blame for it. I want to see (*sigh* to write) complex, difficult situations that can’t be perfectly resolved but where people do try and everyone feels like a *person*.
With that out of the way, what about:
- the unanimously proud communities, so honored that their daughter will represent their people and traditions among the Order, wear their clothing and bear their name
- the desperate mother with proud relatives, who doesn’t want to give away her child, but feels pressured into it by well-meaning relatives. The Master feels her reluctance and tries to reassure her, but she insists that it’s fine - and it is, she wants it to be, she wants to believe it’s for the best but it’s just so hard...
- Stass Allie’s parents, who saw their niece Adi GAllia go to the Order a few years prior. Their two families are influential on Coruscant, but with Adi already in the Order, do they need to send Stass too? Will people think they’re making a grab for power? Will Stass be better off over there, with her cousin? 
- Tiplar and Tiplee’s parents. How many children do they have, besides their twins? Is it easier to let your children go when you know they will be together? Did they make the Master promise they wouldn’t be separated no matter what? Did they dress them in matching outfits, or were the Jedi the ones to come up with that?
- the teenaged single mom who cries tears of relief when she realizes her baby will have a good life
- the single dad who can’t bring himself to let his daughter go, because she’s his whole world. The Master presses, not fully understanding, because she would would give up everything for the good of her Padawan, including her relationship with him if need be. The dad still says no.
- the struggling addict parent who is glad to dump that kid (but who still wakes up at night crying, cursing the Jedi, cursing themselves - who get their life back on track for their next kid, maybe? Who meets more Jedi and is thankful after all, or who never does and stays bitter, but better...)
- the family using the adoption for clout, and the consequences for the Order PR-wise, with the younger Jedi having to let go of the bitterness and the anger
- the communities with their own customs surrounding the Force that the young Knight or the wise Master’s inexperienced Padawan struggle to grasp and accept
- the happy parents who are mildly Force-sensitive themselves but didn’t know (or did know, and expected some of their children to be sensitive too), with the Master or the Knight pondering what their own life would look like as a civilian, maybe a parent themselves, maybe giving their own child to the Order like those are doing now. Would they do it? If they could met that hypothetical version of themselves, what would they say about the life they have? 
- the superstitious, incredulous or religious parents who are just glad to get a real explanation for the floating rocks, instead of all the theories and the judging and the gossip
- the ones who are desperately poor, and so very grateful, and the younger Jedi struggling with this, wondering if that’s why they were given to the Order as well. Struggling not to judge, because they wouldn’t be happy to give up their own younglings no matter what, right? Learning to be grateful, and understanding, and compassionate. 
- the parents who decide to give their child away against the community’s pressure, finding comfort in the Jedi’s genuine desire to support them
- the siblings struggling not to feel betrayed by their parents’ choice - and the jealous ones, the proud ones, the amazed ones, the ones who were just toddlers and spend their life holding onto faded memories
And on the flipside to all of that, what about:
- the Jedi who find a baby among dead bodies, like Mace and Depa, and are so thankful they could save this one tiny light
- the Knights filled to burst with warmth and pride as the three of them get this little toddler to giggle on the way home
- the baby who has been screaming in the Force for weeks, wanting to go home, and who finally gets to feel a presence caressing his mind gently, telling him someone is coming
- the Masters who hold the little ones at night, when those who miss their old home feel lonely or sad, rocking them and singing to them
- the Jedi who have their niece, nephew, cousin, or sibling arrive in the Creche, who call their birth family to reassure them that it’ll all be okay, and yes, ‘the child will know who I am, don’t worry, we keep our names. I’ll help them along the way, I’ll keep an eye on them.’
- the Knight who shows up somewhere and experience a supersonic boom because that’s the one, this little one will be his Padawan, he knows it
- the Knight awkwardly trying to comfort the parents, but she can see that they can see that the baby has already latched onto her, and she senses their turmoil
- the Master feeling that the child won’t be suited for the life of a Jedi, and saying that, even as it’s so hard to turn away from those sparkling baby eyes and that little mental tug 
- the Padawan balancing babbling triplets on his shoulders, because they’re from a species that makes a lot of babies
- the Master-Padawan pair visiting a child a lot during the transition period, and bonding with the other siblings as well
... Just... a mess of relationships and love on all parts, with understandings being reached, people finding peace and joy, and the opposite of all that, all acknowledging that there are no bad guys here, just complicated circumstances.
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razputin-archetype · 2 days ago
sometimes augustus does extremely flexible stretching routines while talking to his kids. it's probably a perfectly normal sight for the aquatos because they're a family of acrobats, and the kids probably join in if they feel like it.
at the same time tho i just can't get over the mental image of him doing like, a scorpion handstand, while gently being like "what's wrong, son." and meanwhile raz is learning to open up to his father more while this is happening. like, he doesn't even question it.
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carlynn-writes · 2 days ago
Gojo Satoru Headcanons
So, this is what I feel being in a relationship with Gojo Satoru would be like :) No warnings in particular
Author's Note: So, this is my first headcanon post, so uhm be a little kind and I hope I didn't screw it :D, xoxo.
Tumblr media
So, maybe you're tall, maybe you're average heighted, but it's Gojo Satoru, so you're...
He's obviously gonna put things on the top shelf, so have fun doing anything, if you're short, or even average heighted.
If you're tall enough to reach the top shelves, you will be annoyed by yours truly :)
He will show up behind you, almost scare you half to death, he'll wrap his hand lightly around your neck, feeling your soft pulse or bury his face in your neck and tickle you till you can not tell him to stop.
"Oh, what's that baby?"
"Can't talk?"
"Didn't catch that, come again?"
His love language is touch.
He loves that your hands are so small in his. He loves that rings that are snug on his fingers are so loose on yours.
He is obsessed with running his hands in your hair. When he is done, your hair sticks up like how it's shown in cartoons.
He likes to call it mad scientist hair ;)
He loves kissing you, not just on your lips, your forehead, your cheeks, you chest, your waist and what not.
He will squish your cheeks and pepper your face with kisses until you are whining for him to stop.
When you're tired and you can barely make your way home, maybe after a shopping trip, he'll pick you up and put you over his shoulder and carry you home <3
"Toru put me down-"
"You said you were tired."
Gojo Satoru pouts, A LOT.
You won't play with his hair? He'll pout.
You won't stay home, and go to work? He'll pout.
You won't get up from your shared bed? He'll pout.
His pouts are the defination of >:(
But at the end of the day, he's gonna snuggle up close to you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, pressing sloppy kisses; extra-sloppy for you ;), falling even more in love with you with every word you speak, every move you make, every laugh you laugh, and every tear you shed.
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long-furby6 · a day ago
The Younger Brothers Realizing They Have A Crush
What I probably should be doing rn is getting through all the asks I have in my inbox but not finishing this idea was bothering me for the past few weeks so here. I also want to do one for the side characters sometime
Also @backalleykat since they asked to be tagged 👌👌
Tumblr media
Satan realizes he likes someone when he starts mimicking them
It doesn’t seem like anything important, but to him, a demon who spent most of his life searching for individuality, it’s huge
He pauses mid sentence one day, blinking in surprise as he realizes what he just said was the same thing you always did, and the realization that a few of his recent small habits came from you came right after
Did he really spend so much time observing you without even realizing it? Enough to pick up on your seemingly insignificant mannerisms?
Asmo’s just staring at him like ?? Cause he’s still standing there with his eyes wide 💀
After that realization, he suddenly can’t stop noticing every little thing you do. The way you walk, laugh, fidget, how you act when you’re nervous, or excited. He perks up immediately when he catches a sign of repressed anger, especially if it’s at Lucifer. Gotta see where that goes, ya know?
Eventually, you’re going to have to notice the amount of times he stares at you, only to quickly avert his gaze when you turn to look at him, a tint of red on his cheeks as he pretends to have been reading the whole time
Don’t bring it up though he will short circuit. He thinks he’s being sneaky
It’s also kinda ruining his life bc he’ll catch himself doing something he got from you in public or in the middle of a test and just… man he’s distracted now. How can you expect him to focus when the thought of you just entered his mind?
What’s worse, other people can probably see the flustered, panicked expression on his face as he scrambles to get back on task
You Are Killing This Man Softly
Tumblr media
Asmo realizes he likes someone when he doesn’t think about himself around them
Ok, let me explain. In most situations, he’s always subconsciously thinking about how he looks in the moment, the way he acts, the words he’s saying. It’s not uncommon for him to move into an uncomfortable position or stand a certain way to ‘play up his natural beauty’
He’s constantly analyzing how other people are seeing him without even having to really think about it, it’s just an ingrained response at this point
After all, what if he wasn’t pretty? What if he loses all the people that have ever looked up at him in awe? What if he loses his only source of validation? What if he’s completely alone?
And most of all, how would you, the one person he puts above himself, have to say about it?
However, those thoughts seem to just… dissipate, when you two are alone
It’s not like he’s suddenly not insecure anymore, it’s more like he simply doesn’t think about it. When with you, all he can really focus on is the way your lips move, or that small spark in your eye when he says something that makes you laugh, and oh god, that laugh
Within 5 minutes tops, he’s doing things he wouldn’t be doing normally. Snorting when he laughs, saying things that are most definitely not cute or hot but plain stupid, sitting in unelegant, but comfortable, positions, and a goofy grin on his face, one that could only be pure and happy and, above all, genuine
Things that he’s usually suppressing the hell out of come out when you’re around. Which is strange, wouldn’t you be the person he wants to impress the most? Aren’t people usually overly conscious of themselves around someone they like?
In any case, seconds after you leave when his excitement dissipates and the memories start coming back to him, he freaks
Gotta stare himself down in the mirror and scream bloody murder
Please just. Play with his hair and tell him he’s good enough. Let him have some fun and goof off without astronomical amounts of alcohol. Let him lay his head in your lap and dramatically rant about his day while you add in equally dramatic agreements
Not only will it be wildly appreciated and make him near feral, but he’ll definitely try doing a few favours back
Tumblr media
Beel realizes he likes someone when he wants to impress them
He’s not exactly the type to care about what others think of him, let alone wanting to show off around them. He’s not Mammon, of course
So he was, undoubtably, quite confused as to why that changes around you
Picking up large objects that he really didn’t need to, working out twice as hard, saying some joke in a group of people and turning to you to gauge your reaction, then feeling heat bloom in his chest when you laugh or smile along, or the cold disappointment when you remain unfazed
He doesn’t realize it at first, but it seems that everyone else did. Even Luke mentioned it, pointing it out while Simeon smiled and agreed
Asmo, of course, was the most ruthless, constantly on his case about it and lowkey acts offended that he doesn’t try to impress him, too
He just tilted his head in confusion the first time it was brought up. Impress you? Why would he want to do that?
It suddenly hit him what exactly he wants from you. For you to be proud of him, proud to have him, for you to run your hands down his sides and tell him so with nothing but love and adoration in your eyes. It’s an embarrassing thought for him, but also a quite enticing one
If only…
He doesn’t deny it like SOME of the others. Instead, he accepts it, and continues to show off around you, this time with more self awareness
Tumblr media
Belphie realizes he likes someone when he dreams about them
He’s said before that he doesn’t have many dreams, even with how often he’s sleeping. So when he does wake up with even the fuzziest of memories, it’s a bit of an exciting thing for him. Unfortunately, the only vivid ones he has are nightmares
However, lately, that began to change
It started while he was still up in the attic, when he would drift off after one of your visits, only to see your face again
He was confused at first. And, dare I say, a little angry. The only dream he had in the last few months and it’s about a human? A human that smiled down at him and laid next to him on the grass, looking up at the stars?
Why was he having these thoughts about you? Why would his subconscious throw him for a loop like this? And, most importantly, why did he feel so giddy when he woke up?
The more time he spent with you, the more he started to get it
With every evening spent napping in your lap, with every time you smiled and ruffled his hair, with that ethereal feeling he got just from seeing you first thing in the morning. Little by little, the realization was coming on to him
It finally hit on a strangely ordinary day, all but for the dream he just woke up from
‘Dream’ wouldn’t be the right word, it would be ‘nightmare’ or ‘night terror’. No matter what you called it, he woke up shaking, grabbing the nearest object and pulling it closer to him
He was too shaken up to fully he realize what he was doing, but he had already nuzzled into your neck and secured his arms tightly around your waist, eyes squeezed shut tightly that slowly relaxed when you finally reacted, sleepily burying your fingers in his hair
God, he hated feeling weak
So why did he feel so comfortable right now? Was he not at his most vulnerable?
He’s not stupid, he knows exactly what that meant
After that night, the dreams of you grew more frequent, but this time, they weren’t unwelcome. Through them, he was able to say and do things he would’ve never even considered while awake. No fear of rejection, am I right?
And let’s just say dream-you did their own fair share of things that left him not even being able to look you in the eye the next day
One day he’s gonna mess up and confuse talking to you irl as a dream, but that’s a story for another time
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running-withkn1ves · 2 days ago
Lady Dimitrescu X Maid! Reader
A/N:Ahh I apologize if this is OOC, I’m always afraid of making them that way when I write! But I tried to keep in mind all of Lady D’s quirks~
Btw I just wanna state that any mention of a “smaller/weaker body” is in comparison to how literally GIGANTIC Lady D is. The reader in this scenario does not have a predetermined body type other than human. Unfortunately not all of us can adorn the grace and beauty of all of Lady Dimitrescu’s 9 feet, therefore I left the reader as being a weak, sloppy lil human :0
TW: Blood/biting/ wounds mentioned, possessive behaviors, forceful behaviors, dubious kissing and touching
Tumblr media
“Now girls,”
The tall woman shook a finger in front of their faces, bending down slightly to reach their height.
“Yes mother.” They said harmonically. The girls’ voices were monotonous, but held a hint of mischief.
Your years as a maid for the Dimitrescu family gave more than enough experience to know that these girls were up to no good. No doubt you’d be in a world of hurt soon. Lady Dimitrescu stood back up, her cigarette flowing smoke near your face.
Despite your new role as a little ‘plaything’ for the three women, you still were given the dignity to wear your uniform. Well, what you assumed was for dignity was just a thrilling idea for the girls. A maid? All to themselves? To drink dry? It was a dream come true. How could they deny themselves of such a cute little helper, stuck in such a tight uniform, always being lower than the rest of them.
“Now, I leave them to you,” Lady Dimitrescu said towards you in her sultry tone. ”If they get a bit rough, just indulge them. Entertain in whatever way you must. Understood?”
You felt yourself shake under her gaze; the woman never looked at you, usually only calling you over when necessary. But now, she stared down at you with a piercing gaze, almost scrutinizing you.
“Yes my lady.”
You bowed lightly, showing respect as she swayed towards the door.
“I’ll be back soon girls, don’t break this one as early as the last, alright?”
“Yes mother!” The three girls giggled, whispering to one another as their guardian walked out.
Once Lady Alcina’s footsteps were too far away to hear, you felt the three girls’ eyes on you. Specifically Daniela’s; something about the unwavering hunger in her face unnerved you. She licked her lips, eyeing you down.
“Now sisters, don’t you think it’s time we play?” Daniela announced, pacing back and forth between her feet.
“Oh yes,” Cassandra replied. “I do think we should take hold of this opportunity mother has given us.”
Grabbing her sickle, Cassandra walked closer to you, her tall stature looking even more intimidating up close. All you were was a chambermaid; the most you came in contact with the masters of the house was to clean up their bedrooms and wash their clothes. So why was this happening to you?
It seemed the universe had no intentions of taking pity on you, as Bela and Daniela followed Cassandra.
“I get first cut, okay?” Cassandra said with haste, licking her sharp teeth.
“No way, I found this one, you got to tear the other one apart last time.” Bela argued.
While the two were busy glaring at one another, sickles at the ready, Daniela made her mark. Jumping atop you, she held your hands down, smiling devilishly from above.
“Miss! What are you-”
“Quiet now love,” She interrupted your words, pressing hard into your legs as she pinned you down. “We’re just going to take small bites now; it’ll be enjoyable...for us.”
The woman giggled, the blood dried to her face making her look even more terrifying.
“Daniela!” One of the sisters behind you screamed, her pouting causing the other sisters to look towards her.
“How dare you start without us; just for that, I’m going to get at least a leg.”
“Not if I get to it first.” Daniela responded, biting into your shoulder. You yelled out in pain, feeling each tooth dig straight in. The agony of your flesh being torn, grew to be too much for you to handle. She bit straight through your clothes, fabric tearing with ease.
“Damn thief.” Cassandra muttered, ripping your hand out of Daniela’s grip. “At least give me an arm.”
Opening your fighting fist, Cassandra dragged her sickle down your palm, bringing a rush of red and pain. As the burning sensation hit your shaking hand, Cassandra lifted the limb to her crouched position.
Her wet tongue gliding over the wound made you shiver, the grip being too strong for you to rip away from.
Bela got on her knees, ready to attack as well. She lifted her sickle back, ready to strike at your lower abdomen.
Before she could, the sound of a creaky door opening filled the silence. No longer was the slurping of your flesh or crackle of the fire ringing in your ears; no, it was the thunderous footsteps of Lady Alcina.
“Daughters!” Lady Dimitrescu entered the room, prying Cassandra off your hand. “What did I say!? Goodness I’m gone for a second and you can’t control yourselves.”
Daniela was pulled next, her teeth refusing to let go as she left deep tooth imprints on your shoulder. The girl whined, her arms reaching out to you again.
“But motherrr,” Daniela whined, stumbling back up on her feet. “We just wanted a taste, that's all!”
“No, you must learn to control your desires. You are all ladies of the Dimitrescu household, you must learn to manage your hunger!”
“We weren’t really going to finish the maid off, just a little bite is all.” Cassandra mumbled, gripping her sickle tight.
“I come back for a mere moment to wish you goodbye and this is what I come to.” Lady Dimitrescu sighs, pacing around the room.
“Well, is the human dead?”
Bela looks over at you, procuring a response. “I don’t believe so, mother. It’s chest is still moving. I didn’t even get a bite before these two did!”
Bela pointed at her sisters accusingly, sticking her tongue out at them as they made angry faces.
“Girls,” Lady Alcina said warningly. “I told you this would be the last creature you get to play with. And you’ve already broken the damn thing! It’s clear you need time to yourselves, without the temptation of a human.”
Walking over to you, Lady Dimitrescu peered downward, blowing smoke towards your face.
“Can you walk, maid?”
You didn’t respond, still in shock of the events that occurred seconds ago.
Alcina sighs, taking your wrist upward. Her abundance of power compared to your limp body, made you rise with ease. Tumbling, you nearly hit the floor again. Lady Alcina caught you quickly, her hand firmly pressed against your stomach.
“Be careful. I can’t have any more staff getting killed.” She mumbled.
Walking out, you were dragged with her, one hand in hers as your other gripped the wounded shoulder.
“Mother! Please!” The girls behind you pouted, throwing a fit. Daniela flopped on the floor, throwing her sickle to the ground. It was clear even though she got the most out of you, she was also the most disappointed.
Lady Dimitrescu didn’t respond, merely shutting the door to the bedroom after you walked out.
“Those girls..” Alcina sighed. Continuing to grip your hand, she turned away from you. She adorned her wide-brimmed hat, indicating she was going to leave the castle. Well, that she was about to, before the events transpired.
“Come with me,” She demanded, pulling your stumbling form towards her. “I can’t have any more of you playthings running away.”
You bumped into her back by accident, feet tripping over one another.
“Ah Miss I’m sorry!” You pulled yourself out of her hand, walking backwards from her. “Please I- I’ll take care of this myself, don’t worry.” You bowed your head, still clutching your shoulder.
“I promise the rest of the staff won’t see a thing. I just need to clean up…” Your voice trails off as she lifts your chin with her finger.
“Who do you think is in charge here?” Alcina demanded.
“You miss-”
“So why are you pulling yourself away from me, Hm? Acting against my orders?”
You stutter, unable to form a sentence as her long, pale finger digs into your skin.
“I really didn’t mean to…”
“If you know any better, you will do as I say.” She said through gritted teeth, hazel eyes burning holes into your own.
Reluctantly, you replied with a short “Yes, my Lady.”
This seemed to please her, as she looked away from you--gripping you by the cuff of your shirt. Despite your curiosity and fear eating away at you, you didn’t ask questions as to her plans for you.
Through the twist and turn of the halls, you recognized that she was leading you to the way of her bedroom.
Not long after the long halls, you found yourself in front of the infamous door. Her bedchambers were right behind it; a place you had never ventured. Sure, you were a chambermaid, but that was for every other room in the house besides hers. No one entered Lady Dimitrescu’s room.
You heard rumors from the other maids about the area; they said it was decorated with the spines of men who dared to reject her, and the eyes of pretty women she was envious of. They were terrifying rumors, things that made you shiver, and caused you to speed walk every time you had to pass by her room.
But now, a part of you couldn’t help but be eager to see if the rumors were true. Thankfully the pain in your arm and hand were beginning to dull as the blood dried. There was still a pulsing pain, but it was no where near as bad as when the girls’ had their teeth in you.
“Now, you are to never speak of this to anyone,” Lady Alcina ordered, twisting a key into the lock. “If you do, I won’t hesitate to let my girls do as they please.”
“Yes my Lady.” Even though the threats were not a usual form of communication from a lady to a maid, you knew better than to speak out of line. She’d kill you faster if you did so.
Opening the door, the tall vampire woman allowed you to walk in first. Giving a short bow, you scampered in meekly.
The gigantic room was intimidating; the ceilings were so high, filled with intricate designs. A fireplace burned brightly in the room, allowing some sense of comfort and ease to you. Despite the lack of attention from the maids, the room looked quite clean.
“Sit.” Lady Dimitrescu demanded, signaling to the end of her bed. Walking over to it, you patted the sheets beforehand. Dust flew into the air. The bed was beautifully made with embroidered patterns and gold lacing, but it seemed to be just for show.
It was clear no one had slept in that bed for years.
You watched Lady Alcina take off her hat leisurely. She moved around the room, digging in various drawers for something she seemed to be missing. Muttering under her breath, she finally found the item she was looking for. Pulling out a roll of bandages and a rag. A bowl of water was already waiting nearby on a desk across from you.
“Grab that for me.” She commanded. You scurried over to the bowl, trying to balance it between your hands. Your right palm was still cut, the stinging occurring every now and then. The weight and pressure of the bowl was agonizing; Your hand gave out. Thankfully, Alcina was there in time-- again.
Grunting in frustration, she grabbed the bowl before it crashed to the ground.
“Are you unable to hold things or are you too dimwitted to handle it?!” Her voice was only slightly raised, but it made you shiver ten times more than usual.
“I’m so sorry miss--”
Grabbing the bowl from her hands, you lightly walked over to the bed, ignoring the stabbing you felt in your hand.
The vampriric woman sighed, strutting over to you. “Sit.” She commanded once more.
You did as she said, watching her kneel on the ground before you. Even though she was on her knees, the woman’s height was still taller than your own. With the bowl in your lap, she dipped the handcloth in.
“This may sting.”
Her voice was gentle, but firm, like a mothers’.
You watched and tried not to flinch as she grabbed your hand. Gripping the side of the porcelain bowl with your non-injured arm, it took everything in you not to let it go out of exhaustion.
Lady Dimitrescu flattened your palm, turning it towards her. Pressing the handcloth against your cut, you felt the warm water seep into each crack and crevice. It stung a bit, but not as much as holding the bowl.
Once the rag was tainted with too much blood, Alcina dipped the cloth back in. She repeated this method several times, not speaking a word to you. Her eyebrows furrowed with concentration.
“Thank you miss but..” You tried not to sound ungrateful, afraid for what she might assume from your words. “I don’t understand why you’re helping me.”
The Lady didn’t respond immediately, thinking over the question.
You took her silence as annoyance, clenching onto the bowl harder.
“Because I must clean up after my daughters; their mess is my mess.” she said with dignity. “I don’t prefer you… weaklings as company, but I won’t let my entire staff get killed.”
You nodded in agreement, swirling a finger around in the warm water. Oh how you would kill for a bath at the moment.
“Thank you..” You whispered. The woman did not respond, but from the way her face softened, you could tell she heard. Finishing wrapping your palm, Alcina removed the bowl from your lap, onto the dusty, hard bed. You looked at your palm; it looked good as new now that all the blood was mopped up.
“Now, take off your blouse.”
You looked bewildered, immediately shielding your arms over your chest in defense. The woman stood up, putting a hand on her hip.
“Don’t be vulgar,” She sneered in disgust, looking down upon you. “I can’t reach the blood on your shoulder with a uniform in the way.”
Hesitantly, you looked down at the destroyed spot. It was shredded; your uniform was reduced to slivers of black and white fabric, dampened with blood. Touching the spot, you winced; it was completely raw. You looked back up at the woman innocently, hoping she would just leave it alone.
“Remove it. Now.”
You looked down, shaking. Unbuttoning the top buttons, you slid the shirt off your shoulder, leaving just enough of yourself exposed. Sitting on the bed, Alcina turned towards you.
“Turn.” She demanded. You did as she said, moving to face towards her so your shoulder was visible. The lady let out a sigh of disapproval while looking at the wound, shaking her head. Dipping in the cloth, you watched her slowly bring it up to your shoulder. She went at an unhurried pace, but the pressure was still painful.
You groaned unintentionally, feeling the pain sting. The warm water was nice, but it didn’t help hide the burning ache. Alcina continued to move slower; at first you assumed it was out of pity for you, but looking at her face you saw something much different.
She looked almost sickly captivated, eyes not daring to blink. Licking her lips, you saw her lipstick smudge just a bit. Her breath quivered, chest rapidly moving up and down.
Looking back at the wound, you noticed droplets of blood and water drip down your shoulder and chest.
“It’s exciting, isn’t it? Seeing blood.” Voice deep, she spoke in an almost intoxicated tone.
“Sometimes I just can’t help myself…” Alcina mumbled, releasing a low chuckle.
The woman gripped your face, turning it to the side. “Such pretty flesh. I can see why my girls want to tear into it so.”
Her tongue darted out lightly, merely brushing at your cheek. The test of the waters wasn’t enough; The vampiric woman’s mouth assaulted you, licking your entire cheek. She let out a light moan of satisfaction, looking down at you. Her hand forced your face upwards to look at her.
“Oh dear… I truly enjoy your fearful expressions.”
You couldn’t stop staring, from the blood on her cheek to her sadistic grin. Bending down, she lifted your head higher to expose your shoulder even more.
“I tried to contain myself when I saw all that blood, but it’s too hard to ignore now.”
She whispered against you, taking a light taste of the blood falling down your chest.
“M-my lady…” You couldn’t deny that this was strange; the whole town was filled with a strange cast. Yet, nothing like this has ever happened to you.
“Just enjoy it dear.. You never know when you’ll get to interact with someone so elegant and kind again.”
You quivered as the Lady brought your hand up to rest upon the back of her neck. She took several longing licks at your chest, each one getting closer to the wound.
Moving away, Lady Dimitrescu licked the side of her mouth, getting every inch of blood that was on her. Looking down at you, she smiled; you shifted uncomfortably under her gaze, refusing to look in her eyes.
“My dear… I have a small favor in mind.”
This piqued your interest; perhaps you’d finally get to leave the room? Maybe run away in time without getting caught?
“Yes, Miss?”
The woman continued to dab at your shoulder with the wet cloth, staring at your wound.
“The girls have already made quite a few tears on you; you don’t mind if I make a few more do you?”
The Lady moved to look at you, her hand stopping from cleaning the mess. Your blood ran cold; another torture session? From another vampire? You didn’t know if you could handle this job anymore.
“Uh, my Lady, that’s--”
“Ah, good. I knew you wouldn’t mind. Afterall, what are you to do if you don’t comply?” She feigned a remorseful tone. “We’ll have no choice but to throw you to the cold if you can’t do with our requests.”
The woman laughed lightly, grabbing the bandages once more. Beginning to wrap your arm, you could hardly focus on the pressure she was applying.
So, it was either: deal with getting nearly killed by her, or by the weather. You decided to take your chances with the tall woman; after all, there was at least a one percent chance you could survive.
“Yes...of course Miss.”
Alcina grinned widely at your hesitant response.
She wrapped your shoulder incredibly fast, tying the bandages to stay together. You felt your movement become a bit restricted, but it was better than bleeding out.
Lady Dimitrescu turned behind her, grabbing something you tried to peer over to see. Turning back around, you saw a small silver cutting knife in her hand. It was tiny really; at least for her size. Just a bit bigger than a pocket knife. And yet something about it was so intimidating.
“What uh… what is that for..?”
“For me, of course.” She chuckled.
You sighed a breath of relief, smiling a bit goofily at the idea, thinking she didn’t mean you. But the way she raised it so high, hovering above your upper arm, made you bring your hands up in fear. You cowered beneath them, shielding your face.
Lady Dimitrescu ‘tsked,’ a low sigh leaving her lips.
“Now now, you can’t do that or else I can’t eat. You want to serve your mistress don’t you?”
Lowering your arms lightly, you looked at her small smile of encouragement. Grabbing your fingers, the Lady brushed her thumbs over each digit.
“I can make sure you’re distracted, would you like that..?” She asked; you noticed the increase of kindness in her voice. Never was your Lady so kind. You feared whatever game she was pulling, but went along with it for the sake of staying alive.
Nodding your head, you looked down. Lady Dimitrescu gave you a small fake pout of sympathy.
“Alright my darling..”
Grinning, she moved forward quickly, faster than you imagined. Before you could stop it, her lips were on yours. She kissed deeply, smashing against your lips. She moaned in delight lightly against your mouth, occasionally letting go, only to move back in to attack your lips.
Her lipstick smeared against your skin, the taste getting inside your mouth. She sucked on your lower lip; before you knew it, she was running her knife quickly against the arm you held her with. Your hand shook in fear and shock as she pressed her tongue lightly inside of you. You hesitantly brushed your own with hers, feeling the saliva move to your lips as she separated.
You gasped for breath, but Lady Alcina was hardly phased, moving instead to your arm. She watched the blood run down your bicep, licking it up with seduction. Sucking on the skin, she drank from your arm.
You couldn’t help but moan out in pain and pleasure, seeing her twisted expression at the delicious taste of your insides.
“Marvelous..” She whispered, swiping the blade over your lower shoulder once again. You winced, but this time the cut didn’t seem as painful. Lady Dimitrescu sucked at the flesh once more, gripping your waist to move closer. With great ease, she lifted you onto her lap, your legs straddling her waist.
“My Lady I-”
“Shut it.” She commanded. Her voice filling with more desire than anger.
Licking at the two wounds, the tall woman glanced back at you.
You stared, tears pricking the edges of your eyes. Lady Alcina pressed her lips tightly to yours, giving a small peck. You could feel her lipstick drying upon your face.
“That’s enough...for now. Thank you, my little dear.”
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scaramucci · a day ago
A soft romantic hcs for scaramouche? Is it okay?
Hello! Yes, they're very much okay, as he is one of my favorite characters after all! I hope you like these ;3c
Scaramouche x Reader, Romantic hcs <3
· Scaramouche is… how do i put it in a nice way? The least romantic person you’ll probably ever meet; especially when it comes to things like PDA and any remotely romantic gesture in public, really, he’ll either refrain from doing it or he’ll feel and look extremely awkward in the process at least in the early stages of your relationship, which is quite amusing.
· But to actually be in a relationship with him you’d have to earn his absolute trust first, which means he’ll be willing to try and be more affectionate towards you if you want him to, because he cares about you that much to put his pride aside for a moment.
· His love language is quality time; if you’re a harbinger as well, your co-workers will absolutely tease Scaramouche for moving to your office so you can work together, or for asking you to visit his more often so you can get rid of that tedious paper work while simultaneously spending time with each other.
· He’s also big on acts of service; he’d rather do all of your work for you than seeing you slumped on your chair all day compiling reports, or leaving for some boring mission you don’t even feel like going on. He would never admit it, but seeing you happy and well rested puts his heart at peace.
· He’s not big on cuddles either, but he’ll oblige if you’ve had a bad day or he’s feeling worn out from work. Especially if it’s late at night and you’re both tired, he’ll climb into bed and lie there beside you, holding your hand and playing with your fingers until the both of you fall asleep.
· Whenever he’s affectionate with you, you’ll notice his cheeks and ears turning red, and if you mention it he’ll immediately look away or shake his head and walk a few feet ahead of you if you’re somewhere in public. But how could you ignore that if he’s so adorable sometimes?
· His kisses are unsurprisingly rough- they’re not bad, but he could slow down with them, and even though he knows this he’ll make sure to tell you how your kisses could use some work after every make out session. Don’t take him too seriously, what he means to say is just that he’d like to kiss you longer and more often, not because your technique isn’t good enough but because being so close to you makes the butterflies in his stomach go crazy :)
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doctorgerth · a day ago
Love, feel free to ignore this if this was not correct or came out a bit detailed! For a suggestion I am thinking of something like how would non-touchy people, the top three I can think of being, Law, Killer, and Zoro (of course you can switch characters if you can think of any more "aloof" characters who would fit this suggestion better!) deal with a partner whose love language is physical touch?
Tumblr media
a/n: this really hit home as someone whose love language is physical touch, and I am so obsessed with this idea, hence why it ended up so long (I'm sorryyyy) 🤧 It’s just cute to think about “no touchy” people actually loving sweet touches from their s/o <3 might have ended up a lil ooc? hope you enjoy it anyway!
featuring: Zoro, Law, Killer + gn!reader
warnings: soft soft soft with only a teensy bit of angst
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
of the three, I think Zoro would be the most readily accepting of an s/o whose love language is physical touch simply because he’s actually used to physical affection. of course it’s more platonic from his crewmates, but still, he’s no stranger to hugs, cuddles, hand-holding, and other forms of touching. plus he’s pretty handsy himself when in a relationship!
that’s not to say he isn’t a little bewildered the first time you express physical affection. after all, he didn’t realize even the simplest of touches could feel like that. he might be apprehensive towards your advances at first, but it’s only because he doesn’t know how to process the way the feeling of your hand squeezing his so adoringly makes his heart thump wildly in his chest. his hands are really sweaty and he’s so awkward about it but it’s endearing!!
he becomes much more comfortable quicker than you’d think. receiving and eventually offering physical affection becomes second nature to him as the relationship progresses. now remember he’s still a little dense, so you might have to spell it out for him if you’re needing a bit more than what he’s been offering. do so and he might grumble about it, but when it comes down to it, his arms are always open for holding you tightly. though he’s far less nervous-sweaty, the effects of your body against his remains the same and he’s not sure he’ll ever be able to shake the warm fuzzies he feels when you touch him so fondly. not that he’d want to.
likes pda in small doses. can handle hand-holding and a small kiss here and there, but he’s not going to drape himself over you, or make out with you in front of others (unless he needs to prove a point). but he is known to have a protective arm wrapped around you when you sit together! some of his favorite forms of affection include sleep cuddles, back scratches, and when you lay your legs across his lap. also the way you shiver when the pads of his fingers trace random patterns along your bare skin never fails to make him smile. it’s simply heartwarming to know he has the same effects on you.
he’ll tease you for being clingy, but you soon learn that he has a clingy side himself! after a rough day or when he’s feeling drained, he’s known for seeking you out to receive some mood-boosting cuddles. also plz he’s domestic as hell and loves to give you a quick peck to your cheek/forehead/top of your head as a greeting or departure, or even just randomly because you’re too cute. he can also be a pretty clingy sleeper. claims he can’t sleep when you’re not tucked into his side for “safety reasons” but it’s only because he gets the best sleep when he feels you right next to him (sorry not sorry if you get sweaty easy). overall, being with a partner whose love language is physical touch works well for him because I think physical touch is high up there on his own love language list!
Tumblr media
much like Zoro, he’s kinda used to physical affection from his loving crewmates, yet he tries his damndest to prove he “doesn’t like to be touched”. all arguments are fruitless once he meets you and discovers your love language - because let’s face it, this man is touch-starved.
though he’s quick to realize this, he’s still unable to accept your advances without being stiff and awkward. he can’t help it when your touch reminds him of long-forgotten moments; repressed memories of loved ones expressing some of the same affections. it’s a bittersweet feeling, so it takes Law a little bit of time to get comfortable. even though it doesn’t involve touching, Law expresses affection with you physically through his eye contact. longing stares from across the way, focused eye contact when you are speaking, or a secret language spoken through flickering golden irises is much easier and tends to have the same effect!
Law isn’t too big on pda as he has a “reputation to uphold”, but also like Zoro, he will use whatever means necessary to prove a point with zero shame. will groan and complain, but he secretly loves it when you grab his arm and cling to him. or when you run your fingers through his disheveled hat hair and massage his scalp. or when you whine and beg to cuddle him in his lap while he works at his desk. or when you grab his face gently between your soft hands and kiss him, miraculously making it feel like the first time every time. he rolls his eyes and teases you, but inside his heart is doing back flips in his chest!
some of his favorite forms of physical affection include discreet hand-holding (oh the hand-brushing tension!), impromptu massages, and small touches that notify you of each other’s presence. for Law, he much prefers the subtlety rather than grand gestures of physical intimacy. not that he doesn’t entertain the desire for cuddle sessions or passionate kisses from time to time, he just finds comfort in the small exchanges. anything more than that can be a little overwhelming if he’s not in the right mood, so you two have to find a balance. if he ever does recoil from your advances, you just have to remember to not take it personally! he really does love you, but poor guy can only handle so much.
overall, he’s quite accepting of your love language as it brings him a sense of love he hasn’t felt in a long time. though he might not want to give or receive physical affection nearly as often as you do, he's good about making up for lost opportunities in privacy - refueling your touch meter with loving embraces and the softest kisses, because some days, he needs those moments just as much as you. and thanks to you, he becomes more open to receiving affection (still within limits) which his crew is eternally grateful for and will take advantage of fully! <3
Tumblr media
of the three, Killer is probably the least prepared for an s/o who is physically affectionate. he’s had a hard life, and he’s not one to easily trust those outside of his pirate family, so it’s unlikely he’s really received any forms of physical love throughout his life.
is honestly a bit jumpy at first, just out of instinct, the first few times you make any physical advances. it takes him some time to ease up, let the trust build. he’s not used to being so vulnerable and doesn’t know how to properly express himself when being embraced so lovingly. he loves it, he really does, he’s just a little insecure! 
when he gets more comfortable with receiving, and you give him lots of reassurances, he starts to realize that something feels almost natural when he gives it back to you. like holding you in his arms somehow feels like home, no matter where the two of you are. then soon enough, it becomes habitual to make physical advances towards you throughout the day. whether it’s a good morning kiss, his arm casually draped over your shoulder, or smacking your butt in passing - he eventually finds confidence in expressing his love for you through physical acts! and he is more than happy to show off with a little bit of mild pda.
some of his favorite forms of affection include holding you in his lap, the types of hugs that last a little too long, and when you play with his hair; most especially when you brush and style it! he’s a nuzzler - loves to nuzzle his unmasked face into the warmth of your neck and sneak in a few kisses. also (& yes I know I’ve talked about this before) he fully believes that play wrestling and rough-housing go hand in hand with physical affection. he’s a violent guy surrounded by violent friends, so he’s going to want to put you in a chokehold for fun. throws you over his shoulder and body slams you onto the bed because he loves you and it always leads to silly, playful kisses. <3 lovessss it when you “fight” back or sneak a move on him!
he’s never given much thought to what his “love language” is, but he now knows that physical touch is high up on the list thanks to you! he’s never been the best with romantic words, so you helping him become fluent in the art of physical affection has been truly beneficial for the both of you. he adores that he doesn’t have to say a word, just a simple touch from either of you can speak volumes - especially things he’s still a little too embarrassed to say out loud!
Tumblr media
If you enjoyed this, let me know by leaving a like, comment, and/or reblog! Any form of support is always appreciated. 🌸
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heinzrat · 2 days ago
A "Captain America fan mail" service gets set up for people, mainly intended for kids, can send Sam letters of appreciation and stuff
Except Bucky starts using it himself as an excuse to send Sam "anonymous" love letters, even going so far as to stamp and mail the letters despite them living together
Bucky is as good at staying anonymous as he is at lying to Sam - ie. so damn terrible how the hell was this man an assassin.
Sam works out it's him immediately, since the letters are filled with things only Bucky would know about; Sam's singing when he's around the house, the voice he talks to figaro with when he thinks he's alone, that scar next to the birthmark on his thigh that only Bucky insists looks like a smiley face.
The other giveaway is Bucky's sudden obsession with if Sam's gotten any fanmail yet, in the couple days before Sam gets one of these "secret admirer" letters
As corny as he finds the letters Sam loves them and keeps them away somewhere safe. Sometimes he brings them along on his longer solo missions, for when he misses Bucky
Even through he knows its Bucky sending them, Sam won't tell him he knows just in case the letters stop
He does however take the opportunity to tease Bucky about this "mystery secret admirer" to see him squirm trying to decide if he should act nonchalant or if he should feign jealousy (although maybe some unreasonable side of Bucky is still somehow a little jealous of himself)
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theluckiestlb · a day ago
I firmly believe that Tikki and Plagg stand on opposite sides of the technology/web culture spectrum.
Tikki barely understands how a smartphone works—true boomer level abilities when it comes to using human technology.
In contrast, Plagg keeps harassing Adrien with berries and cream remixes from TikTok.
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animeomegas · 2 days ago
imagine dabi having a bad day and coming home, pissed off and angry and all those emotions just fading away when he sees his two pups and alpha, the pups running over to hug their dad’s legs and squealing about what they did that day. he smiles happily at his babies, accepting the dinner his alpha made for him and sitting down to do somethint the pups wanted to, while his alpha rub his tense shoulders with soft kisses
Cute cute cute!
Dabi eats dinner at the little kitchen table in the small flat while his pups show him the pictures they drew today, and his alpha is a warm and steady presence behind him the whole time, and the stress just starts to melt away.
And when he's done eating, it's time for a family cuddle pile in the bedroom. Dabi strikes me as a parent who co sleeps sometimes, even though his pups do have their own beds. So they all pile into the double bed and any bitterness, any anger, any stress just feels so trivial in that moment as his alpha strokes his hair and his pups each give him a slopping give on the cheek.
Thanks anon, this is adorable!
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fic-dumpster · 3 days ago
Sanzu & Rindou = dumb and dumber
I firmly believe Sanzu and Rindou are besties. Same hairstyle? Do you all really think that’s a coincidence?
They fight like children and I can assure you that Rindou is actually happy to finally have someone other than Ran.
And I bet Ran and Takeomi look at each other like ‘these dumbasses are back at it again’ and shooting sounds can be heard in the distance.
Tumblr media
And the fist time Bonten saw their matching haircut
Takeomi: why the *points at his hair*
Ran with a tired face: *sighs* Rindou wanted a matching tattoo with Sanzu, but Sanzu didn’t want a another tattoo after how much the Bonten one hurt him.
Takeomi: *nods* so they went for a matching haircut?
Ran: yeah, they saw this kpop boy or smth
Kokonoi: *turns to Kakucho*
Kakucho: no, don’t even think about it.
Kokonoi: I didn’t say anything!
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bigfan-fanfic · 2 days ago
The Sweet Kiss of Steel (Male!Reader x Karl Heisenberg)
Requested by Anonymous for “some nice touch-starved!Reader x Heisenberg (RE:V)”
Tumblr media
Sure, he might be a monster, but Karl has been your salvation in more ways than one.
He found you in the snow around the Village of Shadows, quite nearly frozen, and took you to the factory.
You awoke with no memory, but with a few quirks Karl took quick note of.
You would hold yourself close, gripping your own arms tight - at first he thought it was because you were cold, but you kept on doing it.
And there was a time when you bought a small stuffed teddy bear from the Duke and carried it everywhere with you
Karl couldn’t quite figure you out. But he liked you.
You were kind and tried to be helpful around the factory, and he led you take notes for him and dictated to you.
He makes metal dance for you with his powers, and does whatever he can to make you comfortable, apart from touching you.
Until one day when one of the Soldats explodes, shaking the factory to its foundations.
You are startled and Karl grabs you close, instinctively pulling a shield of metal around you both.
You realize quite quickly that your face is pushed against his shoulder, and you smell a soft warm woody scent through the oil and burning metal that pervades the factory. He is warm. He is stronger that he looks through that coat - you feel muscle and sinew that is far thicker and more solid than you were expecting. Your breath puffs against his ear and he shudders.
“This is nice, isn’t it?” he chuckles softly, pressing his nose to your temple and drawing a circle on your skin. “You needed this.”
You tremble and hold him closer, suddenly terrified that he will let go. Instead he simply adjusts. You’re cradled in his arms, your head tucked under his chin.
“We can do this more often, if you’d like.”
You nod, and he gives a little neigh as he stands, clip clopping with his tongue as he takes you towards the sleeping area, a little cottage-like structure atop the factory, under the stars. 
“You know I don’t like delays in my plans, but... I like having you around. So I’ll make sure to spend a few hours each day with you up here. No work, just us. I’ll return to get you after you sleep a while...” Karl shakes his head. “I might just stay with you if you need to be held.”
Karl carries you into the house, which is cozy. It’s been where you’ve slept the last few months - Karl himself does not seem to need sleep.
“Feel free to say no here, but...” Karl chuckles, sitting down. Still holding you. “May I kiss you?”
And you nod. Karl’s lips press against your forehead and you tremble all over.
He sighs. “We’ll talk about it later, alright? For now, you need to sleep. And I’ll stay with you. You need comfort like this, and I wanna be the man who gives it to you.”
“I... I want that too.” you whisper, nuzzling his chest.
“Heh. He speaks!” Karl jokes, before pulling a blanket over the two of you. “Now sleep. I’ll find us some breakfast in the morning. Maus.”
You smile a little at the nickname as you drift to sleep, feeling safe in Karl’s arms, feeling him kiss the top of your head...
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mmhinman · a day ago
Saw your Rus headcanons and was wondering if you had some for Blue?
For Blue... well:
Well it's already canon that he does have weird sleeping patterns. He's like a haywire battery that uses too much and then decides to take a quick nap to recharge
He likes collecting pretty souvenirs everywhere he goes (wants to have a gallery of random things to show how much he's seen the surface)
Has a twitch stream
Loves his "little" brother to death and would go out of his way to read even his favorite childhood books to him
the strongest of the household (and most of the skeletons hate that it’s true)
Is an awkward flirt - a natural flirt - a diehard flirt - an oblivious flirt - he doesn’t know when to shut off his charms (help him)
He will take you on his adventures in finding moth man 
He likes to do calls or facetime - loves to see your expressions when he talks to you (and flirts)
There’s always a competition to everything - always loves a challenge. And yes even to who can fall asleep first in a sleepover
loves watching adventure films or certain documentaries that involve celebrities, random facts - and mysterious creatures 
afraid of the sea but also fascinated by it
if he chose to be a different creature - he would be a mer-moth-man. Yes they exist. What do you mean they don’t? 
Goes to the gym with Al (loves doing weights)
Loves playing horror games -- especially puzzle games
His favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid
Also loves romantic comedy movies
Claims to be the big spoon but in reality he really loves to be spooned
simps hard - especially to those that flirt back at him
hates it when people are unnecessarily negative and just plop their baggage at strangers
claims to hate dogs - but dogs love him
loves vintage skull posters 
would love to have a scorpion - just cause he thinks they’re badass
Uses his batman voice to make fun of the fell versions 
LOVES THANKSGIVING -- baking is his PASSION (is he good? Prob not - but hey he’s putting his heart and soul into his work)
loves to squish your cheeks and make pff noises
LOVESSSSSS PDA -- expect lots of cuddling, oogling, bragging and kisses 
Loves to hike and go on walks with you. Anything he loves, he wants to take you with him. Spending time with you is his most favorite hobby~
Has LOTSSS of clothes. So sometimes when he wants to get rid of things, he would go to and see if you want anything (if they fit) and if not, he donates them. 
If he’s having a hard time sleeping he would try texting you. And hopefully if you answer, would ask to talk. The sound of your voice calms him down. You two would probably fall asleep in call together. (Or you might offer for him to come sleep over with you and you two fall sleep in each other's arms. Your roommates/family may get spooked seeing you hugging a skeleton but hey, Blue looks cute cuddling to you as he nuzzles into your neck)
And if you want more canon ideas about Blue - go to @owl-bones again XD He also writes Blue in the game~​
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amorgansgal · a day ago
Papa Arthur Morgan Headcanon
So here are some headcanons that @f--hawk and I talked about last night, because we both love the idea of Papa Arthur Morgan!
Arthur might have beautiful eyes, but if the baby has his partner's eye colour then he will be completely at the baby's whim. He was already a sucker for his partner, but a little kid with his favourite person's eye colour will just have Arthur Morgan wrapped around their little finger.
He cries when any of his children are born, he does his best but knowing his partner is alive and well, and their baby is healthy and beautiful just completely destroys the man!
He loves to carry the baby around in his coat, with their little head sticking out.
He loves to show the baby things and holds them up so they can get a better view. Arthur gets very excited and happy when he sees their little legs kicking and hears their squeals of excitement.
He's always a hands on father, no matter what, and will carry his baby around in town. All the other men are kind of judging him, but the ladies are all 'I wish my husband was like that' and he's like 'LOOK! THIS IS MY BABY! LOOK AT THEIR CUTE FACE! DIDN'T MY PARTNER DO SUCH A GOOD JOB?'
Arthur introduces his baby to his horse and dog if he has one.
Arthur regularly falls asleep in his chair with the baby on him in the evenings.
If the baby loves dropping a spoon on the ground and having someone pick it up for them, Arthur will do that every time! Even if his s.o is all 'They will keep doing that' and Arthur's like 'Yeah, but they smile so much when I do.'
If he lives on a ranch Arthur will show the baby all the animals. Much like the song where he says 'quack, quack, quack,' he will make all the noises.
'And this is a pig and a pig goes oink, oink, oink. Can you do that?' No matter what noise the baby makes his immediate response is: 'YEAH! That's it! You're so smart!'
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shinygoldstar · a day ago
What if Danny had ice core because in the portal accident, it was very HOT and Danny wants everything to COOL down so the newly formed ectoplasm in his body tried to follow Danny's thoughts and try to make itself cooler?
Conversely this would work for Vlad too: if he's getting chills from the cold ectoplasm invading his body, he would want things to be WARMER. His ectoplasm will be warm/hot by default - fire/heat related core.
also if we count PTSD, high heat or high voltage would give Danny flashbacks so the cool ectoplasm works sort of like subconscious attempt to protect himself => his core is permanently cold
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buckwilson · 10 hours ago
ok i can totally imagine sam getting invited to loads of formal events (charity galas, dinners with congressmen, etc.) after officially becoming captain america, and of course his plus one is always bucky. they’re at these dinners and galas dressed to the nines- bucky’s probably wearing an updated version of his formal military uniform, sam’s obviously going with a purple or red white and blue color scheme. they’re working the room, sometimes together, hand in hand, arms around each other’s waists, and sometimes apart, accidentally getting separated when a news reporter wants to interview bucky and some important government guy wants a picture with sam.
by the time they head out and drive home, it’s late, and they’re both exhausted from talking to so many people and having to be super professional and formal. sam’s a lil tipsy off of his two flutes of champagne, basking in the soul town music playing from the radio. he turns to bucky who’s driving and goes “…y’wanna get mcdonald’s?” and bucky just smiles fondly and says “i thought you’d never ask” sam just laughs, leaning onto bucky’s arm over the center console.
so that’s how they end up in the mcdonald’s parking lot at 12:37am, sharing an oreo mcflurry, bucky grimacing at sam dipping his fries into the ice cream, while laugh and giggle as they recount the funniest stories and people of the evening.
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enbyeddiediaz · 2 days ago
do you have any soft buddie hc you wanna share before the first ep of s5?
oh my god always
I've said this before but I'm saying it again, buck and eddie steal each other's clothes all the fucking time, even before they date sometimes they'll just grab something out of the others closet, whether it be bc they're spending the night and don't have anything else or just for comfort. but they wear each other's clothes all. the. time. bc it makes them feel safe and they like having the physical comfort there when they can't be together in person
I think they make it a point to take chris out on an adventure at least once a month, whether that be the aquarium, the beach, going on a day trip, etc. they make sure to take him out and have fun fairly regularly and as a family
buck makes the diaz family meals regularly. he comes over anywhere from 2 to 5 times a week and makes them dinner and eat with them bc "I have to make sure Chris is fed, eddie 🙄 we can't have him getting food poisoning" but really he does it bc he wants them to know they're loved and bc he wants to take care of them
eddie's the little spoon. I will die on this hill, eddie is the little spoon. but, it took them a while to figure out cuddling positions bc they're both pretty big dudes and so one night while they were trying to get comfortable, buck just started spooning eddie and eddie went "oh 🥺🥺🥺" and realized he loved it
they are. the most sickly sweet couple to ever exist. rot your teeth in an instant sweet. bc they just,,,,,love each other so much, and love being together, and love the family they created. and you can tell in everything they do
I know that it's common belief that eddie plans out when and why he buys flowers and buck does it on a whim, but I think it's the other way around. I think it might have been that way at first, but the second buck found out that flowers have meaning, he started planning out his bouquets and arrangements ahead of time (and he always gets a smaller arrangement for chris, too so he doesn't feel left out. it's not always the same one, but he always gets one) and eddie started feeling more comfortable and giving in to what he wanted more and buying flower bc "they reminded me of your eyes" while he was getting milk (he also pulls out a flower or two from the bouquet and gives it to Chris, bc he's a part of them)
going with the above hc, I think Chris got sad when his flowers died so buck taught himself how to press them, and then taught chris and so now they have a scrapbook with flowers from the different arrangements. some of them chris wanted hung up in his room instead, so he's got a space on his wall full of pressed flowers from his dad and buck
that's all for now but these are some of the ones I think abt the most, hope you enjoy 💜💜
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unholyplumpprincess · 2 days ago
For a headcanon/imagine, how about Donna Beneviento making her S/O her "puppet?" To clarify, I'm thinking about a situation where she uses her powers (and maybe a little bondage) to control their body like a marionette (consensually, of course!).
I've been holding onto this one for so long bc I just LOVED this concept so very much BUT IT IS TIME!!!
!!!Minors and ageless blogs dni or you will be blocked as this is adult content!!!
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Warnings: R18+/NSFT under the cut, Reader is gn and ambiguous, consensual drugging/use of powers, dom Donna we love youuu, Strap on usage mentioned but honestly works for if u got a vulva or penis (if u gotta penis, picture it more ABOVE or on ur belly!)
When Donna first used her abilities on you, her most loyal of maids, it had been innocent. She had simply wanted to talk to you, too shy to do it outside of her little realm she could twist and pull. She admits anxiously that she spiked your tea, but was unsure of how to explain to you what she was after. You forgive her, smiling and excited to see your Lady speaking with you at last. Excited to hear her input on things.
Of course, by the time morning came and you awoke from this dream like state, she didn't speak to you. But you could see how she paused in the hallway to look at you, her hands fidgeting and Angie greeting you with a, "Hey, hot stuff! Wanna go into town for us?" With a list of groceries and crafts.
Nowadays? Donna likes to use these abilities for...playtime for the both of you.
~Nsft under the cut~
When Donna wants her alone time with you, she always leaves out a cup of tea for you with a little love letter written. Sometimes it contains lingerie, or details of what she's going to do to you. Drinking the tea means consent, not drinking it and seeking her out means you have questions about your playtime. But for everything that is within you; You trust her.
So today like any other, you see her little letter. It details to you what she wants to try, making you burn red. There's also a note asking you to be nude when you come, her elegant handwriting detailing the reasons why.
When you drink the tea, you get ready for bed. Feeling a mist enter your body before you're lulled to sleep by a hand stroking your hair. You awake the very same, a hand stroking your hair. Except your head isn't on your pillows, in fact you're not even lying down. You're standing. Standing on the edge of the bed that she sits on.
"Hello, my sweet one," Her wispy voice sounds almost echoing in her realm. Her veil has been removed, leaving her only in her tight robes as you see her plump lips smile and her singular eye narrowing with said smile. "What a beautiful doll you shall make."
"On your knees." She continues, and your body jerks into motion, dropping to your knees without you even thinking about it. "Good." Her voice is low, pleased. Her hands coming up to grab her robes and slowly pulling them up. Showing off lace thigh highs with matching garters. Her pussy has thick hair over it, her lower lips dampening the hair there and making your mouth drool at the sight.
You whimper, fingers digging into your naked thighs as you tremble with the desire to touch her. If you could move, you would have already grabbed her thighs and reminded her the talents of your tongue. But instead, she sighs, propping one leg on your shoulder and spreading open her other, using her fingers to part her lower lips and showing how wet she is. How plump her clit is.
You want to speak, you want to tell her you want her, but your lips stay tight. You see the way she smiles at you, lighthearted and teasing, as if knowing you so desperately want to do things on your own whim. "My good little doll. How precious you are. You will obey my every word, yes?"
You can't speak, but you want to tell her you'll be good. You'll treat her so good. Please, please, please-
"Cum." Her voice demands, and you sob out as your body is suddenly stabbed with an orgasm without any build up. Your hips jerk, your nails dig into your thighs and your eyes roll back. Your lips part in a silent cry, tears pricking your eyes, able to see the way Donna's lips curl into a cheshire-like smile. "Good. Now again."
When you cum again, it's with a sharp cry this time and your back arching. You're making a mess under yourself, you know you are, and you sob out pathetically.
"Good. Now come show me the talents of your tongue." She speaks smoothly, leaning back one one hand and using her ankle to drag you closer. You don't need any more encouragement when you bury yourself into her, moaning at her scent, her taste, working her over until she's pulling your hair.
You wind up fucking her with a strap on. Panting in her ear, fucking her to the beat she tells you to. When she says cum, you cum, no matter how little to no stimulus you have. When she says bark, you do. When she tells you to tell her how much you love her, you do so without question, no matter how much you burn from it.
And in the morning, when you're rested and wake up in your bed nude, you meet her for breakfast as you always do. Feeling her smirk behind her veil when she makes a come hither motion and tells you to come.
Your legs tremble at the memory.
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sepublic · 13 hours ago
Malphas and the Coven System?
Tumblr media
I have to really wonder what Malphas’ relationship is with the coven system... Given how he let a known criminal Eda continue to check out books, and amidst being pretty chill, it’s usually libraries who are targeted by dictatorships when censoring.
And it stands to reason that a well-educated reader who wants to protect and preserve historical texts would have some issues with the coven propaganda, and know enough to realize its flaws. The coven hides the truth from people, and someone whose occupation centers around letting people access knowledge isn’t going to appreciate that.
Tumblr media
Malphas has access to plenty of accounts from centuries before Belos, people talking about life before him; Which makes me wonder if the Forbidden Stacks are only forbidden because they’re contraband, necessitating that Malphas hides it from the coven system?
Tumblr media
Hence why he takes it so seriously when Amity breaks this rule, as much as he adores her; The Forbidden Stacks contain a LOT of knowledge and information that would get the entire library shut down and the contents inside destroyed, so Malphas really can’t take these risks. He has to crack down on any breaches of security here.
Tumblr media
(It doesn’t help that Amity DID end up destroying a book while in the Forbidden Stacks, which would just contribute to Malphas’ disappointment here.)
Considering his possession of Philip Wittebane’s journal, Malphas probably has a LOT of information in those Forbidden Stacks that Belos would prefer hidden. And for all we know, this section might be some compromise with the coven system;
Tumblr media
Malphas doesn’t want to destroy these historical records, so the most he can do is lock them away in the Forbidden Stacks, where they still exist, but can no longer be accessed nor used by the public anyway... Making them functionally non-existent to the coven system, and as good as destroyed.
Tumblr media
Which just adds to Malphas’ policy on the Forbidden Stacks and firing even Amity over this, because opening them to outsiders could be seen as a violation of that agreement- Given the coven system’s parallels to the American school system, I wouldn’t be surprised if Belos saw knowledge as similar to magic, as something reserved only for the ‘best’.
Spreading it all willy-nilly for anyone to use decreases its value, makes it mundane; Which for magic is a sin and insult to the Titan’s sacred work! I wouldn’t be surprised if Belos and members of the Emperor’s Coven had exclusive access to the Forbidden Stacks thanks to government authority, and Belos even treated them as a necessary ‘evil’ for him to use; In case he ever needs to access the texts within for reference...
(AKA a certain journal that he might notice has been destroyed, perhaps frustrating Belos but also alleviating certain fears, unaware of the Echo Mice?)
And again, if Malphas is in some precarious agreement where he can still keep this contraband, but only for the reference of the system... Then of course the system will hold him and his employees accountable for any breaches.
Tumblr media
(Maybe that’s another reason why Malphas fired Amity, so she’s not considered to be underneath his jurisdiction, and wouldn’t be involved in any consequences that the library might face; Its a precautionary gesture to protect her, but obviously still hurts the both of them. Wishful thinking, but I just want Amity to have that caring adult that she can always trust!)
But yeah, Malphas might have a lot of controversial texts that he’s only allowed to keep because it’s not like the public can access them anyway, and/or so the Emperor’s Coven alone has access, in case they ever need it. Which would make Malphas a lot like Bump, as someone who IS beholden to the coven and cautious of its rules, but out of genuine concern for others as a necessary evil he has to tolerate;
Plus, to further the parallels to the covens and the American government, who knows? Perhaps libraries are already massively under-funded the way schools are, with discussions that they aren’t “needed” and should even be made private...
Tumblr media
Which like Bump, places Malphas into a dilemma where he doesn’t want to deal with this censorship and oversight, but he really does need those snails to uphold the library, so that future generations can benefit and learn from it. Wishful thinking, but maybe one of the cancelled Season 3 episodes could’ve involved Malphas finding his own way to rebel against Belos, the way Bump did?
Being inspired by Luz and Amity especially, the former of whom convinced Malphas to let Amity back in (kind of like a parallel to Gus giving up his HAS leadership for Luz’s Hexside enrollment), while the latter has always been someone that Malphas has valued and respected.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As a young blood, Amity could appeal to that moral compass of Malphas and make him more inclined to listen as someone he knows and has guided throughout the years, a really personal example of the kids he’s affecting with these decisions, and how he wants them to flourish.
Plus, if they bring up funding, perhaps Malphas might get that support from the Emperor’s Coven revoked, only for the Bonesborough community to really come together and show their appreciation for the library, how much they used it, and contribute donations? Bonus points if the Blight kids leverage their own family wealth to make the library set, which given Amity’s own involvement here, would be incredibly sweet to see; With Malphas looking after this kid, and her paying him back literally as a result!
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
During Your Pregnancy - Tom Hiddleston
a/n: i absolutely adore writing about these guys being dads... i've noticed that i have posted some for other guys, including Seb. I figured Tom deserved one too *insert crying emoji*
Tumblr media
• You got pregnant shortly after your one year wedding anniversary
• Tom and you had possibly been trying, but in reality, you two were just having as much sex as possible (cause who wouldn't have sex with that man? them snake hips really get ya going)
• loool, you already know that sex was definitely unprotected
• Realizing your period was super late
• "Tom?" - "Yes, my love?" - "I'm late.." - "You're what?"
• Taking six pregnancy tests just to be sure
• "Oh my God, Tommy, we're having a baby."
• He picked you up and spun you in circles, his eyes glowing with tears
• Morning sickness = you thought you were gonna die
• Tom is always there to rub your back and hold your hair back for you because he's a gentleman
• "I look awful, no." - "Darling, you're pregnant. This is supposed to happen."
• Decorating the nursery together was the most fun you two had as a married couple in a while
• It may have also wound up becoming a... paint war
• "Did you just splatter paint on me, love?!" - "Yeeeeeaaaaah," *splatters more paint on him* - "Oh, you are going to get it!"
• The most gentle sex you two ever had together, was while you were pregnant
• Tom absolutely adored your body in its growing state, so he only ensured you were pleasured out of your mind
• "Oh, Tom," - "Have I ever told you, that you have become even sexier since carrying our baby?"
• The baby was of course born in the United Kingdom
• Tom and you researched all sorts of birth plans
• "We can most certainly have this baby in the hospital, I want you to feel safe, darling." - "Yeah? But it'd also be intimate to have the baby in the comfort of our own home..." - "Are you sure?" - "No... heh."
• You decided to go along with your plan
• When labor officially started and was really going, Tom was the only person able to keep you sane
• Constant words of affirmation, reassuring you
• "You are doing so good, my love. I'm so proud of you." - "Babe, this freaking hurts." - "I know, I'm right here. I've got you."
• You settled on delivering this kid in the water, not because you wanted to, it just decided to happen there. Tom was right behind your back, coaching you in your ear as the midwife instructed you
• "I can't do this!" - "Yes, you can, darling. Lean into me, you're doing this."
• Your midwife was amazed at Tom's calming nature and how in tune he was with you
• After an hour of the worst pain of your life, your baby was handed to you from the water, you and Tom both bursting into tears
• It was a girl
• "D-Did she just come out of me?" - "Love, you did so great."
• You both nuzzled in your own bed together, your little girl nestled on Tom's chest. He looked so hot as a dad
• "Does this mean the fans are going to start calling you a DILF?" - "Only woman having sex with me is you, silly."
• You decided to name her Olivia Grace Hiddleston and she was Tom's absolute twin
• "I can't believe we're parents, Tommy." - "I know... thank you for giving me her." - "No, thank you."
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