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Originally posted by fly-on-my-sweet-angel

Михаил: архистратиг относится к своей сестре достаточно строго, но с любовью. Ему хочется быть для неё примером, на который она сможет равняться. Являясь старшим братом, Михаил всегда готов дать ей совет или наставить на правильный путь. Он огорчится, если узнает, что она не разделяет взгляды Чака и не хочет следовать за ним, но продолжит покровительственно относится к ней.


Originally posted by shirtlesssammy

Люцифер: он будет тем, кто научит сестру различным магическим трюкам, вот только не все из них хорошие с моральной точки зрения. Архангел несомненно постарается переманить её на свою сторону, так как ему важно, чтобы она находилась рядом с ним, потому что уже достаточно привязался к ней. Если же сестра пойдёт против него, то Люцифер будет прикрывать обиду саркастическими комментариями при встрече.


Originally posted by hankypranky

Габриэль: самый искренний брат, который больше всех проводил время с сестрой и также, как и Люцифер, обучал её различным фокусам. Если архангел видит, что она грустит, то сразу же пытается поднять ей настроение и ему это неплохо удаётся, поскольку Габриэль по натуре весельчак. Он всегда готов забрать её с собой, чтобы избавить от давления Михаила и Люцифера.

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drew this boy a week or two ago, and I just gotta say how much I loved drawing him, just, y e s .

i have a beautiful nickname made for him, Jupiter.

i also like to imagine that the stars in his scarf are shining, more brightly when he has strong positive feelings, and dimly when going through the negative ones.


Outer!Papyrus belongs to @outertale!

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They’re far too serious for tickling

If attempted to be tickled, they will just give their partner a stern look (although not quite stern enough to force them to stop)

However, they do actually have some small spots that are genuinely ticklish. Managing to locate these spots will lead to Cobalion’s rarely heard laugh. It will also lead to them getting grouchy, flustered and, depending on how often this has happened before, assuming their partner was attacking them somehow

If their partner enjoys being tickled, Cobalion will (reluctantly) tickle them, but they’ll seem somewhat humiliated throughout

Fortunately for the ticklish, Cobalion’s fur tends to be a bit too scratchy to tickle, although the same cannot be said for the fur in their fluffy “cravat”


Anything that tickles their partner will immediately have their attention. They’ll do whatever they can to remove the offending item or, barring that, try to ensure it doesn’t tickle their partner again

If the offending item is their fur, they’ll feel they need to be extra careful around their partner

That being said, they’re willing to engage in tickle fights and the like as long as they’re extra sure it’s consensual

It might seem like they’re too cautious about this, but they’re always trying to protect the people around them and that means ensuring their partner is as comfortable as possible, regardless of the situation

Much like Cobalion, they’re not very ticklish


Contrasting the other swords of justice, they have no objections to tickling someone for their own amusement

This might be because, unlike the other swords of justice, they’re more interested in building friendships and protecting those close to them instead of any high-minded idea of justice

This doesn’t mean they won’t ever be worried about it. If they’ve taken it too far (say, their partner is having trouble breathing) they’ll be quick to back off and help out however they can

They’re also more ticklish than the others, so revenge is possible

Their fur is somewhat leafy in nature, so it can be hard for them to tickle their partners on accident

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It greatly amuses me greatly thinking that Bucky Being the dramatic biotch that he is would listen to Olivia Rodrigo’s Driver’s License on full blast all because Sam wouldn’t let him get another cat.

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𝔾𝕖𝕟𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕟 𝕀𝕞𝕡𝕒𝕔𝕥 𝕊𝕔𝕖𝕟𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕠𝕤

𝔽𝕝𝕦𝕗𝕗, 𝔾𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 ℕ𝕖𝕦𝕥𝕣𝕒𝕝

a/n: this isn’t my best product but here it is! im kinda emotional abt this becoz i think i can write now. i hope this continues.

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Comforting the slashers after watching a horror movie :


~ Brahms Heelshire ~


Originally posted by boodalinski

  • He had gotten curious of what you were watching, so of course he hid in the walls and spied the movie . It started out normal with a girl walking in a school , then a zombie came out and started eating her face . That was what made Brahms squeal in fear .
  • He didn’t expect such a horrendous out come and yet you were laughing at the screen while saying how shitty the effects were , he was surprised by how brave and satirically you took it .
  • He went to his childhood room and laid down beside his doll , he hugged it gently while sobbing as loud as he could to catch your attention . Thirty minutes have passed and you were still downstairs laughing .
  • He went down the stairs to see you sighing in disappointment , you had such a fun time watching the shitty horror movie and now it was over . You were about to put on a different horror movie when you felt someone standing behind you .
  • You turned around to see the dirty man looking at you , he seemed to be shaking and you could still hear him whimper . You stood up from the sofa and walked over to him , he hugged you since being held by you made him feel protected .
  • He didn’t let go of you , in fact he picked you up and took you to his parents bedroom . He laid you down on the bed and he started cuddling you. You gave him lots of kisses cause he explained what happened , after that you never watched horror movies without telling him beforehand cause he definitely gets scared by those .

~ Billy Loomis ~


  • You two had arranged having a movie night alone , just the two of you cuddling , eating candy and making fun of bad horror movies. It sounded like a dream to Billy since he loved the idea of doing those things with you , he loved spending time together .
  • When you put on a new horror movie that came out , he was excited to watch it with you . So he comfortable but thirty in the movie and Billy was trembling in fear , how could you be so calm and collected when this was horrifying?!
  • “I’m bored let’s put on another movie” he said to you while acting like he didn’t care about the movie , but you noticed how he was acting and decided to pause it for a second .
  • “It’s okay to be scared sometimes , Billy . Don’t worry I’ll put on another movie that’s different , do you want to watch a Ghibli movie?” you asked him softly while cupping his face between your hands .
  • “okay” he finally answered .
  • “I’m not scared but I’ll take the offer , anything is better than this . Aaaaah!” he finished with a scream of fear when you put the movie back on , you felt bad and comforted him .
  • I’m sorry babe , I’m never scaring you like that again . Please tell me next time if you get scared by a movie and I’ll change it to another one that you want , okay?” you asked him kindly while hugging him .

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Wind Archer is a big brother/father figure of cookiemals,and will shoot if you try harm one hair on their heads.

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Chuck has a tendency to avoid sleep whereas Jules would sleep in for too long so it was an endless cycle of “Chucky go the FUCK to bed” and “JULES GET UP ALREADY.”

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Medic :

  • Never takes his gloves off
  • Enjoys voice acting and impersonations
  • Loves all animals
  • Knows almost nothing
  • Calls himself “handsome” in the mirror
  • At least acknowledges Canada
  • Plays and writes songs on the piano
  • Doesn’t actually know how he lost his medical license
  • Is a HUGE nerd, adores batman and superman
  • Is a fan of gore
  • Gives German nicknames to his tools
  • Is anti pollution
  • Enjoys talking loud as it is, quote, “not often that (he) talk(s) quietly”
  • Likes robots
  • SAYS NON BINARY RIGHTS, quote, “ ‘What is pyro’s gender?’ Ohoho, what a silly question, domkopf!’”
  • Likes to jig and dance and “do si do”
  • Has disfigured himself with a phone once
  • Likes carbs
  • With the heavy, quote, “had a good time working on him”
  • Says adopt don’t shop, as Archimedes simply flew to him and became his friend.
  • Is self proclaimed insane, quote “mad”
  • Takes great offence to being compared to an elf
  • Calls people “naughty” unironically
  • Is a surfer
  • Only occasionally has spy’s head in his fridge
  • Loves people with three names
  • Is a fan of The Clash
  • Is a macarena enthusiast
  • Is a fan of Micheal Jackson and claims he can moonwalk
  • Likes all medics, blu and red
  • Is either very body positive or a complete narcissist
  • Doesn’t like bashing the other team, just wants to fill the world with hearts and healing powers, though immediately follows this statement by saying that using a dull spatula is much more “fun”
  • Has… a possible secret friendship with Dr Eggman?…
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headcanon time, I like to think cogsworth never reveals his first name to anybody in the castle (with the exception of mrs. potts maybe) so lumiere finding out that Resident Killjoy Majordomo Cogsworth™ has an adorable english name like henry is the most hilarious thing since……whatever had happened 5 seconds prior cause lumiere finds everything amusing

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I still find it overwhelming that I ended shipping these two in less than a week after Zaina simply asked me to draw Kaho in my art style. And yes, it includes reviving a 2 year old shitpost and turning it into something more serious and well-thought of.

Now they’re literally my comfort ship that I will never get tired of even after years 😭💜





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I feel like Danny would 100% name his kids after space stuff. Like if he had a son he would name him Apollo after Apollo 13, and if he had a daughter he would probably name her after a constellation maybe? Oriana Fenton has a nice ring to it ngl

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Jung Jaehyun- ??dilf pt.2

-hii besties finally uploading a part 2 sorry for the long wait school has been keeping me busy. i hope you guys enjoy this!! pls excuse any mistakes and like always feedback is highly appreciated! thank you:)🤍


Originally posted by dojaeism

After your mom made you introduce yourself to your new neighbors, you and Mark started talking more.

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Alonzo was the type who, for the longest time, didn’t particularly understand the appeal of fatherhood, nor did he particularly want to be one (he grew up without a father, so to him, it’s unfamiliar territory). To him, being a dad was tying yourself down and making a huge commitment that he honestly didn’t know if he was ready for.

It wasn’t exactly something he was *opposed* to, persay, but more something that he - quite literally - had no idea whether he’d be any good at or not. He was always awkward with the very little kittens, but pal-ed around with them well enough when they got older (though his patience only stretched so thin for certain games involving his tail or rough-housing). Munkustrap had told him once that he would make a good dad, and Alonzo scoffed, shaking his head. As if, Munk.

Then he held his first kitten and looked into their little patched face and…

Oh. Oh. 

He understood now.

That’s what it feels like, he muses, to love someone so much, to want to do right by them *so much*, that you forget what life was like before them.

He calls both sons and daughters “buddy” and gets down real low so they can look him in the eye when they’re talking (He has no idea how to differentiate kitten cries from one another - which would be a useful skill - but he’s replied to plenty of intense toddler babble with “Oh, yeah? No fooling? That’s cool.” How much of that was tired parent delirium, you tell me). He’s on their side 100% of the time. Whatever they want to do, he’s in. 

He’s very protective, gets nervous when other people have the kid, but also tosses them up in the air, and wrestles them, and balances them up on his shoulders (hey, they’re with him okay at least he can supervise - he won’t let them fall ever if he has anything to say about it). He wants them to always feel safe with him, and he tells them that he loves them every night, so they never forget it. 

He’s also the practical advice dad and believes that kids should learn about things when they’re ready to ask - he doesn’t like keeping secrets from them, and wants them to be ready just in case they need to be. He’s actually pretty good at simplifying topics enough for them so they can easily digest it.

Granted he’s still figuring out the whole fatherhood thing so *sometimes* he says/does things that aren’t completely kid friendly (I am reminded of this ask from many months ago) or goes just a touch too far on the “this is what I would do”/dry humour/protective scale. He wants to be their friend but also wants to be their dad and he hasn’t quite figured out the balance there yet, but he’s learning and he’s trying and that’s what’s important. 

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Note: r-rex lapis you’re so sexy aha~ I watch zhongli trailer daily for serotonin and to renew my faith


  • If you’ve read my vision post, I think Zhongli is attracted to people with a sense of duty. To others, to themselves—he admires hard work, so his darling would be somewhere in that area. They could be anyone from a follower to a member of the qixing, the fatui, a traveller, or another citizen of liyue

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anonymous said: i can’t choose so mamihlapinatapei or retrouvaille for nanamin? 💓

a/n: ooo! both very good choices!! I decided to go with mamihlapinatapei since I had an idea for it first. I also added Gojo to the mix because I’ve been craving a good love triangle, and this was the perfect opportunity to write that. I hope you don’t mind; thank you for the ask!

tw: mentions of blood and stitches in Nanami’s part.

ask game: one-word ideas for when you’re feeling stuck (closed!)

disclaimer: I’m anime-only, so apologies if my character interpretations aren’t accurate!

❥ ┋ ❝ gojo, nanami, & how you know they’re in love!

  • mamihlapinatapei (yagán, n.) - the wordless, meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something, but are both reluctant to do so.

gojo satoru.

  • to be honest, it’s hard to tell whether or not Gojo is romantically interested in you. he won’t treat you much differently if he’s pining for you. in fact, his constant attention isn’t far off from how he treats anyone else.
  • at least that’s how it starts. he’ll tease you and take your things to get your attention. but if you pay him mind, Gojo will escalate things in a much quieter way.
  • he invites you to spend time with him alone. it’s not that odd, it’s just a meeting between two colleagues. sometimes it’s to offer constructive criticism to your teaching methods, sometimes it’s because he stopped by the convenience store and the clerk “accidentally” gave him two custard buns.
    ↳ “by the way, what’s your favorite flavor? no reason, just curious!
  • then it starts getting more intimate. he’s a pro at making things seem natural. before you know it, you’re sitting with him in his office playing shogi. although it comes off as a friendly game between two coworkers, Gojo’s using it as a way to understand what kind of person you are. will you sacrifice your pieces in a valiant effort to win? will you play strategically to minimize losses? how much do you think before every move?
  • he can immediately tell that Nanami is interested in you, too. it’s not hard to pick up. over ten years of working together have shown Gojo that his partner is awful at hiding his feelings. but besides that, why wouldn’t he like you?
  • he tries butting in between you and Nanami. it starts as a way to tease his colleague (and as a very tiny way of getting closer to you), but like everything about Gojo Satoru, it escalates to something bigger. because while it may not seem like he’s envious, Gojo is horribly envious of the time you spend with Nanami.
    ↳ “oi oi oi, what’s going on here? he’s not boring you, is he?
  • most of that envy comes from being the most powerful sorcerer of his generation. for one thing, he has his own lofty goals to accomplish. for another, he’s responsible for mentoring the literal vessel of a murderous tyrant. there’s not a lot of time for Gojo Satoru to be a normal 20-something. and sometimes, he really hates that.
  • that’s why he’s continuously trying to maximize his time with you. inviting you to his office for a game of shogi, tagging along on your missions, interfering in your time with Nanami… it’s selfish sure, but can’t he have a moment to be selfish?
  • he realizes that you’re in love with him too while playing shogi. it’s shortly after 5 PM and you’re sitting in his office, playing shogi as you typically do. you make some comment about how the sun seems to be setting later and later, that you’re glad that spring is around the corner. it’s at that moment that Gojo looks up, ready to make some witty quip about your observation, when he just. stops. and looks at you. the sun casts a perfect gleam on your skin, hitting all his favorite parts of your face in a golden haze. your eyes reflect every bit of light, as if to cast the entirety of the sun back at him. you’re smiling. he always thought that romance movies were a bunch of mumbo jumbo. he never understood why Itadori seemed so into them, right behind action flicks. but sitting here, observing you, helps him understand them a little better.
    ↳ “hey, [Name]? let’s… let’s go do something. no, this isn’t an excuse to get out of the game. yeah — I know, you’re winning! that’s not the point, it’s, ah… I’m hungry. come on.

nanami kento.

  • for as stoic as he comes off, Nanami is much more obvious with his feelings. he’s still cold, but something about the way he treats you is somehow… less icy.
  • one of the most apparent ways is how he reacts when Gojo’s around. Gojo butts into the limited time Nanami gets with you, and he does it a lot. he initially tolerated it to paint a better picture of himself (can’t make you think he’s that cold), but. it eventually came to be too much. Nanami started shooing his colleague away after that.
    “we’re talking. can this wait?
  • he also starts doing more research before your missions. mind you, not missions that you’re teaming up with him on. your missions. he examines what kind of cursed spirit you’re up against, what pros / cons your environment can offer you, stuff like that.
  • but he’s not overbearing about it. he knows that you’re a capable sorcerer. he just likes to be prepared if, God forbid, something were to happen to you.
    ↳ “your binding vow might do well if you can bring the curse under the highway. something to consider.
  • on that note, he tries bringing you as close to your missions as he can. he always tells Ijichi that he’s going in that direction anyway, that Nanami himself can drive you to wherever you’re going. if either of you protest, he’ll tell you both that it’s not an issue.
  • however, he won’t offer direct help unless you ask. if you do, he’ll pretend to check his phone calendar, click his tongue, and say he that can make time. (it doesn’t take long for you to notice that he can somehow always spare an hour for you.)
  • Nanami would never admit it, but he hates how easily Gojo can make you laugh. he hates when he passes by his colleague’s office, because you’re almost always there. and he hates that every time you’re with him, you’re shaking at something stupid Gojo showed you. Nanami wishes he could do the same for you, but he knows that’s just not who he is.
  • that’s why when he is with you, he tries showing you as much of himself as what’s appropriate. that doting concern before you go off on missions, that availability when you need help, that wit around Gojo  — all equally apart of him, all equally for you.
  • sure, these are actions that he would demonstrate in front of the kids, too. yet he wants to emphasize that he’s not as unfriendly as he comes off. that tenderness is there and you’ve found it; he’s just bad at demonstrating it outwardly.
  • he realizes that you’re in love with him too as you patch him up. he stops at the school shortly after his first encounter with Mahito. Itadori is back in the dorms safe and sound, Ijichi has already clocked out; he just needs to stop by Ieiri’s to patch up. but when he gets to her office, she’s already left for the night, too. that’s when he sees you in the corner of your eye. you see his blood-stained shirt. concern immediately floods your face, and a sort of dread fills Nanami’s. he can’t take an earful. not right now. but you don’t say anything. no, you just unlock Ieiri’s office, sit him down, and begin dressing the wound. you handle it so softly, careful not to hurt him more than he already is. and God, it’s such an odd time for him to realize that you’re in love with him. you’re giving him stiches, and when you look up, you flash him the dumbest, most beautiful smile he’s seen. you’re sweating and you’re just as exhausted as he is, yet here you are, smiling at him.
    ↳ “you don’t have to do this. but I’ll, ah… I’ll return the favor nonetheless. let’s go out sometime. no, not with the others, just… us.

like this piece? here are some similar works! 🌑 🌒 🌓

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Heck ye! Lots of questions!

My favorite color is teal, I love blue and I love green and teal is just amazing.

As for my username: I’ve had a few different usernames before this one, all with a decent reasoning behind them. I am BittyDragon now because 1) Dragons are fucking awesome dude, love me some dragons, and 2) I really wanted a username to have something, anything to do with gt, and the word bitty is so cute and funny to me that I just went with it. And now I am Bitty!

Currently my favorite AU of mine is Minicraft. Minicraft was the original mcyt gt AU of mine. Fun fact, it was not originally supposed to be an AU. Those stories were truly supposed to be oneshots but then I began connecting them. And then I made a whole story planned out for them. And here we are!

The AU that started with Bucket is actually part of my Minicraft AU! And his trauma is sure to come back in later parts. Like main story parts. So yeah. I love Skeppy but I added angst. At least he isn’t the only one with issues.

As for the SBI one with Tommy and Tubbo: Tubbo was a rather careless borrower before his discovery. He also just didn’t care. He believed everyone could be a good person, so while he was scared when he first met Phil and Techno, he also quickly fell into the mindset of “They won’t hurt me, we just live together.” Tommy on the other hand is very distrustful of humans. They force people like him into hiding, so why should he ever trust them? He’s threatened to fight a human, but the one time he got the chance he was absolutely petrified. Good thing a certain someone was passing through the house that day.

And for the pocket AU, yes. Tommy does not get over it for some time. He becomes a lot pickier over where he settles down to take naps, especially for the ones he shrinks down for. And I believe this may be in a future ask (I don’t exactly remember what I’ve sent and what’s been answered yet) but I would think that Phil knows. Phil goes to check on Tommy only to find him missing. Panic ensues. Now whether Techno is 100% aware over what happened is a different story.

Whew! Lots of questions, all answered!

And I appreciate the love! Thank you!

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England being petty and fixing Frances dislocated shoulder slightly wrong.

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I love sexy & confident V but awkward-shy-tries-to-make-nice-ends-up-looking-creepy! V has my heart

V tries to flirt with Nero or give him a hint that he’s interested in him but V comes off as creepy and Nero just thinks he’s being Cryptic again and he has no idea V’s into him.

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