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Gasters rated by how offended they would be if someone pointed out that they don’t have a nose hole:

Highly Offended

Undertale Wingdings- (”You- Wh- EXCUSE ME?! Do you blatantly point out the scars of every human you meet? And the proper terminology is ‘nasal cavity’ thank you very much.”)

Underfell Wingdings- (”You want your nose removed!? Didn’t think so. Fuck off.”)

Horrortale Wingdings- (*distressed illegible signing*)

Underswap Wingdings- (”Yes, I am acutely aware, and I did not need you to point it out.”)

Outertale Wingdings- (”You realize that’s a bit rude to draw attention to, right?”)

Dancetale Wingdings- (”I- Yes? Is that relevant?”)

Swapfell Wingdings- (”Is there a reason you’re pointing out the obvious or..?”)

Horrorfell Wingdings- (”…‘nasal cavity’…”)

Birdtale Wingdings- (”I know! And yet I can still smell, isn’t that strange? I actually have a theory about that-”)

Just a little offended

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Sherlock Holmes dating a Reader as smart and as observing as him [H.C.]

By “as smart and as observing as him”, I meant that the Reader knows how to deduce and is a smart person. (GenderNeutral!Reader)

  • He would be irritated.
  • Cause he didn’t know that there was someone who thought like him.
  • You first met when Lestrade asked you to help them in one of their cases.
  • And you met Sherlock and John.
  • John was hiding his laughter when you deduced Sherlock.
  • He deduced you too, but barely scratched the surface.
  • He would then ask Lestrade why he would invite such an irritating person to the scene.
  • “Why would you invite them? I mean, I don’t even know how to put up with their irritating mind.”
  • “Sherlock, we survived with you here.”
  • Fights on who they think was the suspect.
  • You weren’t particularly interested in this developing rivalry so you asked Sherlock and John out for lunch to get to know each other as coworkers.
  • It actually went pretty well.
  • He knew a lot more about you as you dropped the professional act as you weren’t on the job.
  • You would help him and John on their cases.
  • He couldn’t pinpoint the exact time which he thought was impossible when he fell for you.
  • And when I mean fell, he fell HARD.
  • I mean, he barely shows any emotion so when he loves, you mean a lot to him.
  • A LOT
  • This man would do anything to know that you (his discreet crush) and John (his best friend) were ok.
  • You were having lunch with your two best friends for life, Francesca and Cristanna, catching up on the thibgs you guys were doing these days.
  • He planned to ask you out when you got back to the flat and oh boy was he nervous.
  • He told John about this and he just told him to take deep breaths.
  • When you got back to your shared flat, you were greeted by a nervous-looking Sherlock as he tries to ask you out.
  • It was a bit hard to hear over all the stuttering and everything but you heard it, nonetheless.
  • Obviously you agreed.
  • And the whole Scotland Yard still thinks that you guys were just pranking them.
  • It didn’t stop the two of you from being the love of each other’s lives though.
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I’ve thought about this scenario before and I always make myself sad because the way it plays in my head is just

Carl: So there was this one time I tried to join their team and they kicked me out despite not doing anything wrong bc they couldn’t believe I could be good. And yeah it stung but hey, what can you do?

Yuck, remembering Upstanding Yuck:

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Kikaza : You’re so cute Merus!

Merus : Don’t call me cute.

Kikaza: But Merus, you’re really cute! Like you’re so adorable, I could just pick you up and hug you like a teddy bear!

Merus : Quit calling me cute! It’s demeaning and-

Kikaza looking like she’s gonna burst into tears.

Merus: Fine…you can keep calling me cute….

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Who said “I love you” first?
Luke does, Reggie is too nervous to say it first. 

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background? 
They both would, but they would have pictures of them together and not just the other person. 

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?
Luke, but Reggie can never read them. 

Who buys the other cheesy gifts?
Both of them would enjoy seeing who could buy the cheesiest gifts for the other person. 

Who initiated the first kiss?
Luke probably did, considering our little chemistry scene. He would be very nervous about it, though. 

Who kisses the other awake in the morning?
ither would, really. Luke would try it once, but Reggie sleeps like the dead (no pun intended) and it ends up being less than romantic. 

Who starts tickle fights? 
Both of them do, they’re both such little dorks. 

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?
I feel like Reggie definitely would. 

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?
Luke! He’s trying to be thoughtful. 

Who was nervous and shy on the first date?
Both would, but Reggie would be the more nervous one. 

Who kills/takes out the spiders?
Neither. They either get Alex to do it or they just suffer. 

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk?
Both would, absolutely. I think Luke would be worse about it, though, the man can’t keep his mouth shut when he’s been drinking. 

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𝕒𝕤𝕒𝕙𝕚 𝕥𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕘𝕙𝕥𝕤

✉︎request: there are very many things in my docs unfinished rn but i decided to ramble about sunshine husband instead
✰warnings: none, fluff
✎a/n: please keep sending me asahi asks im actually genuinely in love with him


☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆

✰ asahi

  • His favorite pet name for you is bumble bee!!!!!!!!!! 
  • He always makes sure that you’re warm when it’s even the slightest bit chilly outside, wrapping you up in scarves and coats and mittens and hats until you can hardly move, even if you’re just doing something like running out to grab the mail
  • Amazing pastries and hot chocolate like oh my gosh… he’ll wake up early to start working on danishes and eclairs and will have your iced coffee ready for you just the way you like it, a copycat from your favorite cafe that honestly tastes better than the real thing
  • Is very insecure about his size and appearance please kiss him please hug him and take his large hands into your own and pepper feather kisses on his fingertips and bury your neck into his chest and fist at his shirt until it wrinkles and give him hugs from behind, hell, slap him on the ass and tease him about it please just touch him and make him feel as beautiful as he is
  • I’ve said this here before but he gets overheated very easily and because of his anxiety tends to get really sweaty, even when he’s simply chilling at home. Sometimes he just doesn’t feel like dealing with it so he takes his shirt off around the house and the view? Mwah. immaculate, oh my god
  • DAD BOD?? Yes. in the perfect way. See like he’s strong but not muscular, right? He’s probably got some hard ass and firm moobs that are just absolutely amazing but also A SOFT BELLY??!? Please he’s so soft and strong and hard and yet so squishy and he’s literally the perfect teddy bear
  • In the mornings he likes to tease you by rubbing his scruffy chin against your soft skin after your initial good morning kiss, not enough to hurt but enough to make you jolt and squeal and push him off of you
  • NOTHING MAKES HIM FEEL BETTER ABOUT HIMSELF THAN YOU WEARING HIS CLOTHES. Like they may be so very big but they look so cute on you and you look so content and perfect and oh my god you want to wear his clothes?? You don’t think they smell bad or they’re ugly or it’s gross and oh my god is that his BUTTON UP? He dies on the spot
  • Fleetwood Mac stan?? Yes. I stand by that he loves them so much it’s such a vib and it’s so soothing to him and he lives for it, please turn it on for him in the car he’s too shy to ask to play his own music and always insists you take the aux
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Sometimes I’m like, “Skeletor is obviously gay! Evil-Lyn is his best friend! Stop shipping them ya damn heteros. It is possible for men and women to be friends without sleeping together, ya know! Why must everything be about sexual tension? Relationships can be deep and platonic, ya know!”

Other times I’m like, “Not only are Skeletor and Evil-Lyn sleeping together, but they’ve been married for 20 years and their kids just went off to collage. They’re experiencing ‘empty nest’ for the first time in almost two decades and decided that taking over Eternia together would be a fun couple’s activity.”

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Hisirdoux is not much a melee fighter– not that Merlin has yet allowed him many lessons on combative magic yet, anyway– but he did grow up on the streets. He looked harmless, but he had been forced to defend himself more than a few times. As such, he doesn’t own many weapons, nor quality ones at that, but he does have a small knife he’d swiped from a passing palace guard– he was quite sure the man had plenty of access to replacements. Hisirdoux wouldn’t claim to be a warrior by any measure, but if he had to, he could hold his own. Usually, he also had Archie’s help, so generally, his need to fight another person was tempered by his own familiar’s help. 

It’s Morgana who notices that Hisirdoux carries the knife in a sheath on his belt, hidden from plain view by one of the packs attached at his hip. 

It is also Morgana who asks him if he knows how to use it. 

In an anxious, ramble-y way, he roundabout gets to his answer, which boils down to: yes, but no. (He was still new to everything, and could barely believe that Morgana was even talking to him, much less trying to learn something about him). 

Morgana offers to train him, then. Of course, first he needs a proper dagger. She almost throws out his knife, as it is considerably dulled, but he saves it before she does, unable to part with it. It is a rare physical possession of his that he procured on his own. (He is still afraid that if he gets sent away again, he will lose whatever possessions have been given him in his stay at the castle). 

Still, she makes him practice with the good dagger that she’s given him, and while it’s a touch different than some dull, glorified kitchen knife, he is able to adapt what he’d been doing on instinct into actual technique. He is not exactly planning on becoming a master melee combatant, but he can hold his own, and Morgana does not fear his competency with blades any longer. 

When he gets far enough in his lessons with the dagger, she begins teaching him staff tricks sans magic, but those are even more secret than the secret dagger training, because Merlin would kill her if he found out. She just thinks it’s sweet how excited he is at someday getting his own staff. 

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Okay so because I don’t have a name for Narcissa’s girlfriend atm, I am just making this called “Narcissa Headcanons”. Also if none of this makes sense it’s because I have a fever of 102.4°F and could be slightly delirious. But, without further ado, trans!Narcissa, her muggle girlfriend and her adopted/step daughter. Also, yes I know the timeline is messed up but shhhhhh no one needs to know.

  • Narcissa met her girlfriend in Diagon Alley
  • She was taking a baby/toddler Scorpius shopping and for lunch when she ran into a woman (literally) who turned out was muggle and taking her daughter shopping for Hogwarts supplies
  • Because she was a muggle she had no clue how to find her way around and didn’t have a clue as to what she needed to buy for her daughter
  • Narcissa offered to show her around when she mentioned this
  • She helped the woman and her daughter and in return the woman offered to buy lunch for Narcissa sometime
  • Of course Narcissa had no clue as to how they would communicate to arrange plans; but because the womans daughter had an owl, she figured she would be able to just write her when she was availble for dinner
  • But for this she had to learn the womans name, realizing now that they hadn’t introduced themselves properly
  • The womans name turned out to be Alexandra, and her daughter was Audrey
  • Alex has wavy black hair and green eyes; her skin is tan and she has some freckles on her face
  • Audrey looks like her mum, but her eyes are brown and she doesn’t have as many freckles
  • When Narcissa introduced herself and Scorpius the woman was surprised at the fact that he was Narcissa’s grandson and not son
  • They then left but owled shortly after to make dinner plans in muggle London
  • They met outside The Leaky Cauldron and then went for their reservation
  • It was just the two of them so they went to a more expensive restaurant
  • Alex was surprisingly forward and flirted the whole night, and eventually half-way through she was running her foot up Narcissa’s leg from under the table
  • They also shared dessert but when they left they agreed to keep in-touch
  • They saw each other again at Platform and ¾
  • Alex was dropping off Audrey and Narcissa was with Andromeda dropping off Teddy

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i used to, yeah. i had a lot on my mind, back then, so i’d just find someplace to sit and think. i was comfortable around iwai, so a lot of the time, i ended up hovering around there.

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Sterling has sworn off recruiting to SHIELD. He will re-recruit former SHIELD agents or recruit to his department from other departments but he will never again recruit a brand new agent. He has had nothing but bad experiences from it and 2/3 agents he has helped recruit or suggested for recruitment have died. 

He just doesn’t feel he is the recruiter type. He will mentor or become handler for an agent but he just doesn’t want to try recruiting for a while if at all.

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so these headcanons are generally for the college-dwelling ones in @tamrielbymemai ’s fic, crossed by magnus! if you haven’t read it already, highly recommend it. 

credit to mems and @shady-skooma-dealer for their awesome wisp headcanons! i don’t know how you turned floating balls of magic into something so cute, but it happened, so-

anyways, this covers wisps, wispmothers, and ice wraiths, enjoy!

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tw: voltron and anxiety

my brain has just accepted it as fact that Lance was most likely head hostage negotiator for his friends’ sanity while in space and let me tell you why

  1. first order of business: i must establish that Lance is cannocially a goofball. this is factual and cannon. he is confident and charming and assertive and always the first to make a stupid joke just to put everyone at ease or piss them off because he loves them and that’s his thing. he wants to annoy the shit out of them and make them laugh not only because they need it but because he does too.
  2. while i’ve seen a lot of posts suggesting Lance could have ADHD (and while i pretty much agree in that deduction and what i suggest in this post goes hand in hand with this disorder in particular, it requires a more thorough explanation that i as someone with adhd feel like they can provide a solid reasoning behind this theory) i think it can more simply be put as a headcannon that he has general anxiety or a generalized anxiety disorder that manifests in his self worth/esteem making him require more validation, affection, assurance despite his own portrayal of confidence and security (of which is a coping mechanism meshed with pre-existing personality traits). this is done through humor and affection for others, i. e. why he’s the “class clown” of which is a common example used for this type of behavior.
  3. i recognize that voltron is a team of TEENAGERS at war in and entirely new enviornment with none of their usual comforts who have lots of hormones and logical fears that they have to navigate all while tasked with an immense responsibility. that’s stressful in and of itself. but this leads my brain to come to the obvious conclusion that any time a member of voltron exhibited anxiety, so like showed symptoms that they were about to have a panic attack, were stuck in a pattern of irrational thinking, showed harmful coping behaviors related to irrational fear, etc. Lance would sus it out and be at their side immediately to talk them down. no funny business. no jokes until he was sure they were feeling better. his cockiness would disappear and instead he’d be calm, he was always so composed, so comforting. he wouldn’t leave their side until it passed. he’d check on them throughout the day to make sure they hadn’t gotten worked up again. he’d even probably recognized their individual triggers and symptoms and became the only one who could effectively talk them down. every single one. it didn’t matter if they were in the middle of a mission. if something happened to trigger them he would drop whatever he was doing to go to their aid. he had been dealing with this his whole life, and they had just been introduced to such an intense dose of it and were expected to perform. in a hostile environment! and Lance being the softhearted goof he is definitely wouldn’t forgive himself if they got hurt or hurt themselves when he could’ve helped.
  4. and so… Lance has assigned himself an enormous task because he’s Lance. everyone has sort of caught on to this and just accept Lance as being so strangely in tune with their well-being in this regard, all of them having varying degrees of understanding why, the general picture being it likely runs in his family and he is well aversed in both experiencing it and mollifying it. so when ever Shiro is hit by a flash back or has gone catatonic in a more intense episode of his cannon PTSD, it’s Lance and Keith at his side making sure he’s safe from hurting himself, they protect him from getting hurt if it happens in the middle of a mission, and from possibly hurting the people around him. Lance is a light sleeper and is often woken up by light cries and whimpers of his friends having nightmares, depending on which direction they come from warrants his level of concern (he goes by where their room is and the pitch of their cries, because they all get nightmares every now and again, they’re at ~war~ and it’s traumatizing, but some of his friends have worse reactions and tendencies in that state) and sometimes if they never quiet he’ll wait up to make sure they fall asleep okay and that no one hurts themselves in their delirium. and similarly, when Keith is rocked by a string of sleepless, nightmare ridden nights or occasional bouts of insomnia (neither officially established as cannon) and turns up to breakfast sleep deprived and sluggish Lance keeps an eye on him, takes it easy on him with his chiding, watches to see that he doesn’t over exert himself and end up snapping at someone and then crumbling from an exhaustion induced anxiety attack, especially when they’re out on a mission where the stakes are higher to maintain your composure. Lance is there when Hunk who is the most expressively anxious of the bunch is feeling particularly skiddish about a circumstance or on a dangerous mission or in anticipation of one of their teammates stumbling out of their cryopod in tact. he is especially good at knowing what’ll trigger his best friend and can usually manage some reassuring words before he goes full fight or flight and loses his lunch. but what’s most impressive is when he gets through to Pidge. she is a perfectionist, she needs constant intellectual stimulation to calm her nerves but the long hours she spends straining her eyes and her brain is also what makes her inclined to breakdown after a tough mission or during a difficult training session or from aparticularly tactless joke from one of the boys about her height and the like, but especially from frustration about not being able to solve a problem. but when Pidge breaks down it’s like next level bad, her usual practicality and composure utterly abandoned since when she’s lost her logical exterior it’s after a long time of surpressing her emotions, so if she has started crying she usually can’t get herself to stop, on several occasions hyperventilating and passing out. Lance seems to be the only one whose reassuring words she can prescribe to. he does breathing excercises with her to regain a normal breathing pattern and let’s her fall asleep on his chest so she can feel the rise and fall and emulate it.
  5. and the entire team is there to support Lance when he has an episode of his own anxiety. though he is really good at rationalizing his intrusive thoughts when he’s overwhelmed or panicked, it’s all of his good vibes only bs that helps him neutralize most of his anxiety before it builds. but when it does build up it usually manifests in him breaking down over the thought that he might never see his family again, it’s constricting, it’s the only thing he can’t rationalize. his team is very aware of this and try to comfort him before he spirals and usually catch it. Pidge even tries to do his own breathing techniques with him sometimes. and Hunk is especially good at calming him after a nightmare that he wakes up screaming from, usually about his family member dying or him dying before he gets to say goodbye, but Hunk is there whispering mantras in spanish to him until he calms down enough to go back to sleep.

so basically Lance is voltron’s emotional support animal and no one can convince me otherwise.

i digress.

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Oh you know I do!



  • He admires his grandmother a lot because of the stories his father used to tell them when they were little.
  • He is a winter person, without a doubt.
  • When people become too much to bear around him, he sneaks away with a book to look for peace where there is no one.
  • Although he will never admit it, he secretly enjoys the warm company of his younger brother when he is in the mood.
  • Full moon nights are his favourite for meditation.
  • When he first unlocked his Sharingan, he was really scared of his own eyes, it took him a while to get used to his new sight.
  • Only healthy food, his body is a temple.
  • He spent years travelling the world after deserting his village.
  • Control freak.
  • He doesn’t like to be touched, doesn’t trust anyone after being betrayed by his family.
  • When he is alone and distracted he makes little braids in some locks of his hair without realizing it.
  • He takes his time with his physical appearance every morning. Being imposing and respectable is not only based on power.
  • One of his greatest desires has always been to meet his mother, he wonders if anything would have been different if she had been present.



  • He has an enormous appetite for sweet things, in fact, Madara keeps scolding him for the amount of sugary snacks he eats.
  • A bottomless barrel, this Uchiha can devour anything and his physical build does not change.
  • Spring or summer for Izuna. No cold, it’s sad and depressing, according to him, it doesn’t suit him.
  • He loves to make Madara angry, he knows that his brother needs to get loose a little.
  • He hates responsibilities. Where are the laughs in all these formal people?!?
  • He attracts people naturally, his daring and challenging personality makes him fun and interesting.
  • He has a soft spot for kids, it’s not uncommon to find him helping them improve their fire techniques instead of attending to clan affairs with his older brother.
  • He gave up on his hair. Long, straight and spiky? A ponytail is the best thing he can do to try and tame it.
  • His smile is his best attribute and he is very aware of it.
  • People have difficulty believing that he is Madara’s brother because of the differences in their personalities. Izuna abuses this and gets into trouble using the advantage.
  • He would like to know how to cook. That way he wouldn’t have to face his brother’s reprimands when he finds him wandering around the Uchiha market with candy in his hands.
  • He is really sensitive when it comes to his dead brothers, but he will never let anyone know, only Madara has the chance to see him in that state.
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