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Kissing Bruce Wayne (The Batman Headcanons)
Tumblr media
TW: suggestive material, etc.
Would be hesitant to initiate a platonic relationship let alone a physical one. Bruce takes his time when courting someone. He doesn’t want you to become a target.
Isn’t your typical billionaire playboy and wouldn’t make his entire ‘goal’ to his love interest into bed
In fact he’s quite the gentleman, holding doors and asking for your opinion. Hands brush and he lingers for a moment before apologizing.
First kiss would likely culminate on the sidewalk outside your building. Maybe it’s raining, and he finally confesses his feelings and Y/N pushes him to do something about it in frustration
Then his lips are on yours. Bruce is clumsy and awkward, slipping in the downpour. You deepen the kiss before both are pulling away breathlessly.
Has chapped lips that delightfully scratch at you
Tastes off peppermint
Would gently tip your chip up, smiling sweetly before kissing you.
Not a PDA type. Maybe holding hands. MAYBE.
Would pull you into his arms before swinging you around, peppering you with chaste kisses before burying his face in the crook of your neck. Not in public, though.
Definitely expect kisses in bed…
Total softy and loves lazily making out, giggling and talking in between. It’s a good alternative to his constant brooding.
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So I’ve noticed how in elf family structures, the children are given a similar sounding name as their father. Example: Elrond with Elrohir and Elladan, Celeborn and Celebrían, etc.
Except for the Oropherion line. You’ve got Oropher and his son….Thranduil. And then you’ve got Thranduil’s son, Legolas.
Which makes me wonder why Oropher broke from tradition like this and I have come to the conclusion: Oropher gave Thranduil a name similar to that of his wife instead of himself. And Thranduil carried on the tradition when Legolas was born.
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You know that kick me buddy? From poppy playtime that was rejected? I really like that toy solo can you do where the characters including bunzo pls react to reader just carrying a big potato and they refused to let it go?
Omg YES Paul. He is so shaped <3
Tumblr media
Also for hcs with multiple toys I'm gonna hold off on doing ones for Bron, Catbee, Boogie Bot, and Candy Cat until their living forms make actual appearances in the game. 
So basically Huggy, Poppy, Kissy and the Ch 2 toys will be in the hcs for now
He’s like “oh that’s Paul! Haven’t seen that guy around in a while!”
Although inanimate, you take such pride and joy in carrying him around, telling Bunzo all about him every time you enter Musical Memory.
Despite his namesake, you have no intentions of kicking him around.
The bunny sees how attached you are to him and just chuckles.
As long as you’re happy, he’s happy!
Mommy Long Legs
Really? Him?
Of all the toys you could possibly love and care for...you choose a reject??? He’s not even alive like she is!
But she can’t judge too harshly. As long as you’re smiling and happy (unlike the many bitter and tired adult staff members), then..she sees no reason to worry.
Even so she’ll wait for an opportunity to snatch him away from you when you least expect it.
One time you lost Paul in Statues and dug through the foam blocks for ten minutes to find him, only to see PJ emerge with something orange between his teeth.
“Good boy---wait, no get back here!!” You yell as he attempts to crawl away.
But you pried your beloved basketball buddy free from his mouth, huffing and cleaning the saliva.
“Shame on you!” You scold the swapimal as he gives you puppy-dog eyes. Those don’t work on you anymore. “He isn’t your chew toy! Show him more respect!!”
Next time you’re keeping Paul glued to your side.
Ever since you started walking around with Paul, you learned to stay 10 feet away from Huggy.
You did not want him to squeeze him “till [he] popped”.
Like Mommy he’d probably get a little annoyed by you showering this deflated basketball with affection instead of him.
If there’s ever a rare time where you’re not holding Paul, Huggy’s gonna swoop in and demand a hug.
He doesn’t talk or physically frown but you can tell from his eyes that he’s jealous.
After learning you saved Paul from a scheduled incineration, Poppy starts to realize maybe..you’re not all that bad.
You have empathy for inanimate toys, while she remembers the rest of the staff laughing when the idea was proposed.
You say there was never a “bad” concept in your eyes. You thought all the rejected toys had the potential to be loved by at least one child.
And if not, then you’ll love them instead.
Basically you tell Poppy “If Paul has a million fans I am one of them. If Paul has one fan that is me. If Paul has no fans I am no longer on this Earth”.
She just smiles sweetly every time she sees you walking around with Paul.
You're just so cute! She'd kiss you in a heartbeat.
You two can sit together for hours and talk about the elaborate backstory you've given him, and Kissy's all ears.
With your permission she’ll pat his head, convinced you two would be best friends forever if he was alive.
Huggy Buddies
They get super jealous, much like their father.
Why don't you share??? That's rude :(
You fear that one day a Buddy will snatch Paul and take him to their hideout, never to be seen again.
So you’re always on-guard whenever you enter Whack-A-Wuggy.
You just hiss like a cat and bop them with the Grabpack palms, showing them you mean business.
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May i ask for Luz and Raine headcannons (plz their interaction single handedly undid most of the trauma from the rest of the episode)
your so right anon. i love them. stepparent and stepdaughter energy to the max. desperate for more interactions between them in the episode tomorrow I'm begging
Luz, as evidenced, thinks Raine is the coolest person ever. partially bc they're really important to Eda, partially bc she has Heard The Tales and how can she NOT think they're cool?? the first hour in the new rebel camp is spent following Raine around and pestering them with questions. Raine was a teacher for some time and genuinely likes kids (obv they have like 3) so even when they were doing other work they were listening to every word while adding in their own comments/questions in brief brakes. at some point Luz apologizes for all the questions n Raine is like "??? we've been answering each others questions wym"
Raine was pacing in circles the entire time it took for everyone to rescue Luz after they nabbed Eda like "oh titan im gonna mess this up. im going to mess it up SO BAD" bc this is Eda's kid and they very much want Eda's kid to like them. course they ended up meeting King like 2 hours early cause Steve popped in with him and Raine managed to Mostly pull it off. they went through. a lot of different 'scenes' with themself in their head before they got Luz back. Darius may have bonked them over the head and told them to stop worrying so much, kids actually like them. this did nothing for Raine's nerves, but they hid it well
all the BATs kids swarm Luz whenever there's nobody else around. they have some of their own separate reasons (Katya knew Luz from her first day in the Isles, Derwin rlly wants to learn about glyphs, Amber wants someone closer to her age to talk to) but the base reason is This Is Eda's Kid and also Raine Likes Her. and back in their day, Raine deciding to hang around a kid usually meant the kid was about to be a new member of the BATs, so they kind of defaulted to the 'welcoming vibe' on instinct. Raine keeps trying to shoo them off insisting that the BATs aren't even a thing anymore please leave Luz alone but they are PERSISTENT. Raine tries to apologize for them but Luz is absolutely THRILLED bc the kids tell her all kinds of things Raine did as a rebel that Raine was either 1) embarrassed about and 2) forgot. it's an interesting time
Raine is vibrating in the corner trying to restrain themself from asking Luz if she wants to learn bard magic. Obviously she kind of had, shes in every track of Hexside, but Raine is quite actually One Of The Best and also they really want to see what kind of instrument she'd play best (they're best bet rn is a ukulele, but that might be the 'hey what if me, eda & luz all played strings' talking) until eventually they just. start playing their viola. its like late as hell and everyones still a bit high-strung so Raine plays something soothing to 1) help everyone out and 2) work on de-stressing themself. among some others, Luz is there who hangs out around Raine until they're done playing and then excitedly asks to b taught, cause she's still just in the basics of bard training. and Raine practically Lights Up
Eda was a little bit resentful that Raine got along so instantly and eagerly w Luz when it took her a while to get used to the kid. obviously it's not like Raine was trying to be the Better Kid Person™ that's just how they are but it still made Eda feel a little shitty for a bit. she tries to casually ask Raine when they got so good w kids, aside from the fact they're a teacher n Raine is like "first of all I had, like, 3 other kids before this. second of all I still genuinely have no idea what I'm doing. I'm just doing nice things and hoping it works I have absolutely no clue anything abt Luz I'm just trying to copy what I thought you would do" and Eda is in SHAMBLES over it
Luz and King have the whole "you BETTER make it up to Eda for lying abt remembering her she was a mess over it :(" and course that makes Raine feel even shittier but Luz is immediately plopping down next to them like "dw I gotchu we're gonna make SUCH a good apology gesture" and the first ten or so are completely over the top and not something Raine would ever do for obvious reasons and also bc they know that wouldn't do anything w Eda, but Damn if they aren't touched by how much Luz is trying. as if Raine and Eda weren't making longing heart-eyes at each other from across the room like half an hour earlier. points for effort
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Stealing a kiss from yours
Characters: Naruto, Shikamaru, Kiba and Gaara
A/N: It's my first time doing headcanons so please forgive me if this sucks.
Naruto Uzumaki
Tumblr media
This would probably happen in ichiraku.
He was really looking forward to it, so while you guys wait for the food to be ready, all he can look at is your mouth.
"You look amazing today"
He would suddenly say making his face redden.
You turn to him smiling and approach him giving him a kiss on the cheek
"It's now a never"
So before you can get too far away, he kisses your mouth
The kiss is tender and gentle, but fast too
He really thinks he's going to get spanked so he walked away from you
But to Naruto's surprise and happiness, you pull on his jacket for another kiss.
"Damn, I should have done this sooner"
Tumblr media
Shikamaru Nara
Tumblr media
You two were once again lying on the grass looking at the clouds
Well HE was looking at the clouds, you were talking nonstop about your last mission
Don't get me wrong, he loves your voice but today he just wanted to get some sleep with you next to him
"You had to see how-"
You are interrupted mid-sentence with soft lips pressed against yours.
He walks away with a cheeky smile on his face.
"But what..."
"Sometimes you talk too much baby, you talk too much..."
Tumblr media
Kiba Inuzuka
Tumblr media
Just like Naruto he was very much looking forward to it.
And he got even more anxious when you came running towards him, and hugged him tightly
And as the two of you walked and talked, he started to wonder if it was a good idea.
He wanted this kiss so badly, but he absolutely didn't want to ruin your friendship.
But when he looked at you, all your doubts were forgotten
You had your head tilted up, looking at the sky
This was the perfect opportunity and he couldn't pass it up.
Before his brain gave him reasons not to, Kiba leaned over and kissed her lips.
It was fast, but enough for him to want more and more
"Sorry I just-"
"Alright, I liked it."
And that was all he needed to hear.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"You have to give him a surprise kiss!"
Gaara felt his cheeks burn when he heard Kankuro say that.
"But… isn't that disrespectful?"
"Disrespectful my ass, that's hot!"
Now seeing you beside him, he's not sure he can do it
"Are you okay Gaara?"
"Yeah, I just... I want to try something."
And before you can question it, you feel something soft on your lips
You look at him in surprise and see his cheeks as red as his hair
"That was..."
"Hot? Well Kankuro said it would be"
"Could I say yes?"
Tumblr media
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Somewhere up in the Sky [Mammon angst kind of?]
Based on : the drama and angst when Mammon has to go back to Celestial Realm leaving his brothers, and becoming an archangel.
He is shocked, he really is. He doesn't know how to react to this news at all. Was his pride so much that he pushed away his own brother and made him feel like shit?
He still couldn't get used to the truth or was able to digest the news. On surface he would be fine, but deep down he is broken.
He would remember all his memories with Mammon and try his best to keep tears at bay. He buried himself in work. He doesn't know how else to cope. How many times his Father will take his test and how many times he will lose his siblings? How many times he will take them away?
He is blaming himself for it, it was his fault Mammon didn't feel love, if he were better than he was then would Mammon stay? He doesn't know at all.
Video games and as such would be played continuously but that didn't drown the guilt which he carried. He wanted his brother with him rather than those angels. He wanted him back, he would do anything and everything to get him back. He wants his old brother back with him, not with angels.
His memories with Mammon were bittersweet, there were times where his brother did comfort him and time where he would insult him, he never though that he might leave them because of this.
He has too many questions and is wondering what had gone so wrong that Mammon had left them? Was it their insults or was it the fact that they mistreated him so badly or-
Satan's rage is too destructive he wants his brother back but doesn't know how. He tries every single way to contact to him or get him back. He is also angry because almost all his brothers have accepted that there was no scope of getting Mammon back. Why can't they try too?!
He misses his brother [parental figure], he wants to be hugged. He wants his brothers embrace. He wants him back.
Panicking and sending people to panic even more is his specialty sometimes. He first of all wants to know how did Mammon go back to Celestial Realm? And how the hell he is an archangel. Was it Solomon and Simeon the whole time? How? He has so many questions...
He also like Satan wants to find a way back for Mammon and is self destructing himself, everyone could see that. Lucifer at times had to drag him to sleep. His beauty routine is beyond ruined.
After some time he does lose hope of finding Mammon back in Devildom he has decided to stay in Celestial Realm and cut off his contacts. He goes to his sin for comfort. He still clings to Mammon's blanket, at least he still does have something of his brother after all.
He is the first one to jump in for getting his brother back, he is going to investigate about every single detail. What did Mammon do? How many times did Mammon interact with Luke, Simeon? If there was a behavior change, did they get him a feeling much more like family rather than them? Was it his choice to go back or-
He tries every way to get his brother back, Mammon was the glue holding all of them together and now he isn't there anymore. They had slowly started to get along and now? Everything was falling apart again. He had lost another sibling.
He doesn't want to give up, but a part of him wants to, he knows he might never see Mammon again. But there might be a chance he might see him and have a hug, but that's not sure too.
He is most of the times with Belphie when Beel investigate he does try but always wonders what had changed so much? He does try to investigate on his own but he knows Beel won't let him in fear of him losing too.
He tries figuring out things but in the end there is no answer, he tries to find to reach out to him or hell just bring him back somehow, but that never happens. Things just get worse.
Belphie never thought that this might have happened, never did he think of Mammon leaving. He wants comfort, the only thing[s] of Mammon's are in his room, where he seeks comfort. He sleeps on his bed as a way of escape, to feel like he still has his brother with him.
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Festival With Xiao
Tags: Xiao x Reader, Going To a Festival Together, Kissing, Slight Fluff, Headcanons
Warnings: None
Some headcanons about what taking Xiao to a festival would be like, and what you would do together.
* ˚ ✦ Read below the cut
Tumblr media Tumblr media
╭┈─────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-╰┈➤ ❝ [21/05/22] ❞
It took a lot of convincing before you could get Xiao to come to the festival.
When you first asked him, he muttered something about not wanting to be involved in mortal affairs. Even though it was obvious he also really wanted to go.
So here you both are, walking around Liyue Harbor together.
Xiao is still nervous when it comes to touching (especially PDA), so don’t expect him to hold your hand while walking around the festival
If he was trying to be kinda bold, he’d try to link pinkies w you and then blush cause he never tries to initiate 😭😭
He would see how excited you are looking at all the stalls and rides that he himself gets a little intrigued
Imagine taking him to a cotton candy stall and making him try some lol
I feel like he’d find it decent to eat since it melts in his mouth
Will literally vanish if you make him go on an extreme ride. He will compromise for something simpler though, like a Ferris wheel.
I think he’d find it lowkey peaceful since he gets to see what Liyue looks like from a high view, and it isn’t a fast-paced ride.
When you guys check out the marketplace, you buy matching masks and bracelets.
The bracelet is just something simple and beaded, but Xiao will never take it off
Later, you guys leave Liyue Harbor to go back to the inn.
You know Xiao has never been crazy about being amongst mortals, so you just wanted to show him around a little
You both are sitting on the rooftop, looking at all the colorful lights from afar.
Xiao doesn’t get startled easily, but you do. When the first firework flies up in the air and bursts, you flinch and move closer to him
Xiao freezes up when you’re squeezing his shoulder and leaning into his body.
You relax when the next firework shoots up, but Xiao is as stiff as a board. He’s blushing like crazy and you don’t notice until he coughs awkwardly
You turn your head to look at him, and you start blushing too when you notice how close you are
A pink firework bursts in the sky that illuminates his face. It paints his features in a gorgeous colour, that you can’t help but lean closer.
Xiao doesn’t know what to do and remains frozen in place. His blush legit gets deeper the closer you move in
When you finally connect your lips, HE’S LIKE COMBUSTING ON THE INSIDE LMAO
Kissing under the fireworks ?? LOORDDD
Kisses you back obvi, but he’s so nervous 😭😭
Moves your hair behind your ear when you pull away and kinda just stares at you for a bit while the fireworks keep lighting up your faces
You got this goofy ass smile on your face while Xiao is now trying to avoid looking at you, but trust me lol he loved that kiss
Fr just trying to hide his blush again 🙄🙄🤞🤞 he’s gonna be looking forward to all future festivals forever now 
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lucifer | satan | beelzebub when you're sad because you miss your dog headcanons
originally written on: 23/01/20
most of the time he’ll tell you to just deal with it since your unrelenting whininess is really not good for managing his schedule 
but on the inside he finds it really cute for several reasons 
the first being that he’s never seen someone so attached to their pet before (actually the only person he really knows who has pets is Leviathan but he loses his Henrys all the time so he doesn’t really count anymore) so it’s honestly quite endearing to listen to you talk so fondly of your pets 
the second is that you become so much more physically needy 
you’re constantly holding, touching or hugging a part of him no matter where he is 
while he may seem like he doesn’t enjoy it, Lucifer totally does 
and you can tell since he always seems to lean into you whenever you do so 
eventually he lowkey feels sad that you’re feeling so down all the time so he promises to bring you home so that you can visit your pets during a long weekend 
as long as you let him sleepover and experience normal human life, of course (with the former being more important than the latter)
never gets angry at how noisy you can get (much to the surprise of his brothers) but he does occasionally feel annoyed 
especially when you’re suddenly sharing the exact same story of how your dog walked into a glass door for the fifth time in a day while he’s just trying his best to read his goddamn book 
Satan doesn’t mind your clinginess all that much as long as you’re quiet but now you’re just clingy and noisy so it definitely takes a toll on his patience after a while
definitely snaps at you by accident and feels super bad about it afterward
feels like absolute shit when he sees you just being all sad by your lonesome 
apologises by initiating a cuddle session while asking you all the questions he can think of about your beloved pet
realises that you’re actually super cute when you’re talking about your doggo and has this “oh shit why didn’t I do this sooner?” moment 
promises he’ll ask Lucifer for permission to let you visit your dog every once in a while—even if it’s at the expense of his own pride
tries his best to lighten up the mood by making food-related jokes about your dog 
but it doesn’t end well since it just sounds like your boyfriend wants to eat your dog lmao 
backtracks super quickly 
he’s definitely very conflicted on how to help make you feel better since there’s nothing much he can really do except listen to your woes 
he does it very well, though!! only interrupts you when he needs to head to the kitchen to refill his snack supply 
even though it’s because you’re sad, Beelzebub finds that he quite enjoys spending time like this: eating while listening to you talk about something you obviously care very much about 
he certainly wishes you could do this again under much happier circumstances 
kinda feels bad he can’t say much in return, not realising how much comfort he’s providing you already just by listening to sincerely 
when you realise this, you wriggle into his arms and just cuddle the fuck out of him 
lowkey sheds a tear or two when you say, “thank you for listening, you’re my favourite Demon.” 
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Can I request a headcannon about reader being close with the big deal members during it's golden age more? Some Sinu, Jake and Samuel interactions along with the others if that's okay! if it it's totally fine
This is a bit of a mess because there’s so many variations.
Tumblr media
— Sinu thinks of you as a little sister. He’s a bit protective of everyone associated with Big Deal by default. Most of the times, he’s pretty goofy around you. If you have known Jake before this, you might realize you got another annoying gnat. His brand of humor differs from Jake, however. You can see that Sinu is genuine in his lighthearted manner, unlike Jake’s deadpan approach.
&. He’d be a bit relieved to see that you won’t get involved with their businesses. Nothing good comes from crew gathering, after all. However, he trusts you to have a good head on your shoulder. If you does decide to join, he’d welcome you with open arms in the beginning. The apprehension seeps in eventually, but he tries his best to not sound nagging. After all, he did a lot of stupid back when he was your age a few years ago. If he forbade you from it, he’d sound hypocritical.
&. Should you be close to Jake, he’d take notice of the other boy’s budding crush on you. He wouldn’t talk about it much to you, but he does work to nudge the two of you towards each other. He finds it hilarious that Jake is in the same position as him when it comes to feelings. The two of them often commiserate in their shared misery. At times, both of them get scolded at together by you and Yeonhui.
&. On another hand, if the one you have… romantic chemistry with is Samuel, oh boy. Sinu is very… shifty about this. He doesn’t think it’s his position to interfere, but at the same time, Samuel doesn’t have the best reputation with dating? Even if it turned out to be nothing… he can’t help how his eyes twitched behind his glasses whenever he noticed it. He wouldn’t say anything ever, but if you noticed how he got more jumpy, there’s your explanation.
— If you were his crush, Jake would like to keep you as far away from his Big Deal businesses as possible. Not because they were doing anything shady, but because rival gangs might target you because of your association. In general, he’s pretty open to the idea of you getting along with his brothers-in-arms, especially Jerry, Jason, and Brad. If you ought to interact with Samuel at any point, Jake will tease you about Samuel being your type and bemoan how you will pick the other boy over him. It’s all very lighthearted and meant to get a reaction.
&. Getting along with his friends is basically a must for him. You don’t have to be close, but at least, he wants everyone to get along. He absolutely knows that all three of them and Sinu had been teasing you about his crush. The fact that you always respond with a vaguely pissed expressions of confusion amused him immensely. Unlike Sinu, Jake is pretty tense about the idea of you possibly joining Big Deal. For the peace of his mind, please stay away from any crew’s violence possible.
&. On another hand, if you were only a friend, he doesn’t mind as much should you choose to enter Big Deal. There’s always a level of worry he has for all of his friends of course, but he has a tendency to especially prioritizes the one he loves. You’d think he messes with everyone the same but there’s a distinct difference between his friends and crush. With his friends, he’s far more deadpan and detached but with his crush, he smiles and touches a lot.
&. Jake decidedly doesn’t know anything if Samuel has… an interest in you. Likely, it’d have to be pointed out by someone else before he took notice. Even if he did, he wouldn’t really… do anything about it. Not his business, not his interest. And he’d like to believe that the two of you know what to do. Maybe he’d mention it then and there in vague terms only to get a glare from Samuel that was funnier than it should be. Other than that, it’s not really what he’d care for.
— Samuel is… testy, regardless of your association with Big Deal. If you weren’t a member and only stay close because you’re a friend of Jake, he’d ignore your existence most of the times. Unless you caught him on a bad day, you’re pretty much air for him unless you somehow proved to be useful. Then, he’d probably goad you into joining to cultivate your skill. However, he’d probably not push it if that got him into an argument with Jake. Now, that is annoying.
&. However, if you were a Big Deal member, that’d directly put you into his area of concerns. Depends on if you were among the muscles like the boys or you were among the sales like the girls. If you turned out to be another muscle, you’d get the same treatment as the rest of the boys. Arguably, he’d probably just chase you right out instead of hitting you like he’d do with the boys. You being one of the sales with the girls, however, received less of his harsh treatment.
&. However, you’d fly immediately under his radar unless somehow, you proved to be worth poaching. Without Jake’s adamant protection, Samuel probably got his chance to put a few choice words into your mind. He’d drill it further when he found out he couldn’t rely on Jake. In a way, your “friendship” began because he saw you as an equal. You’re included in his plan of venturing towards Gangnam.
&. Once you’re closer to Samuel, you realized the he has a sense of humor. It’s quite sardonic and often at the expenses of others. You’d get along with him well if you had one such as that. He doesn’t care how you get along with his subordinates, but he’s more lenient when it comes to any of your teasing attitudes. He’s not quite as receptive to any prodding in general, but yours is tolerated. One can even say he has a spot for you. Not a soft spot, just that you have a place in his life if you chose to stay.
— Yeonhui sees you the same as the other girls in Big Deal. Maybe with a touch more protectiveness because you are younger and a smidgen more impressionable. She does try to keep you from the boy’s rowdy attitudes and violence if possible. Even if you can handle yourself, it doesn’t sit well with her if you get hurt when she could’ve prevented it. She often tries to act the big sister to you and chastises the boys if they tried to mess with you.
&. Yeonhui does know it’s a bit coddling, but she can’t help it. For example, Jake is a good kid but if he’s the one having feelings for you, she gets a little shifty-eyed. He reminds her a lot of Sinu and while she knows he will treat you right, nothing is stopping her from wanting to conk his head when he beats around the bush with you by teasing. He often receives the “just be honest to her while you can” lecture from Yeonhui.
&. If you’re one of the Big Deal girls, she’s a bit closer to you in terms of work. She’s grateful for the help you provided and often encourages you to not work too hard. While it’s great that their street is turning a profit, money isn’t the end all be all of everything. Often, she pushes you to socialize with other girls more and helps you integrate with everyone. Depends on your family situation, she can even show to be even more welcoming and hospitable, willing to lend her help to you should you need it.
&. Something about the idea of you being with Samuel doesn’t… sound right for her. She knows that you can take care of yourself but her sisterly instinct often urges her to intervene. Not that she’d do anything while there isn’t actual problem to worry about yet. But every now and then, she often brings up the topic in a very vague manner to see how exactly you feel about Samuel. The thought that you don’t harbor romantic intention for him relieves her.
— How Jerry thinks of you depends on your association with Jake. If you ought to be Jake’s crush, he basically acts like you’re Jake’s wife already. Jerry often says out-of-pocket things which spell out Jake’s true feelings in clear letters for you. Often, this results in Jake scrambling to cover it up before the truth is exposed. It can be said that Jerry has been your biggest shipper since he asserted that you’re worthy of Jake’s undying love.
&. If you’re only a friend, then he treats the same as the rest of Big Deal. You’re a reliable comrade in arm and you’re nice to him. That’s enough for you to be in his good book. It’d be nice if the two of you developed a friendship independent of other people’s influence. Jerry is gentle and devoted to those deserving of his friendship, there’s no doubt you can trust him to have your back as long as it doesn’t conflict with Jake’s intention.
&. Similarly, both Jason and Brad get along well with you should you be in the good books of Jake and Jerry. The four of them often stick together, which makes good friendship with one often extends to the other. If you were the object of Jake’s affection, expect meaningful looks and jokes from Jason and Brad. Sometimes, even obvious prodding from Jason’s side which makes Jake laughs in exasperation. It’s funny for the two of them to watch Jake dance around you, but you can always rely on them. Your importance to Jake is enough for them to want to protect you no matter what comes next.
&. On another hand, if you’re not Jake’s crush, the dynamic shifts a little. Both of them get along well with you, but you aren’t exactly close unless you make an effort to reach out and hang out with them. Jason might get a little flirty with you from time to time, especially if you can get teasing and sling retorts back. It doesn’t really get anywhere serious but it does make him a bit more protective should you get Samuel’s attention. He’d be far more open about any other members when it comes to confronting you about it, his worry won’t wane even after you reassured him that nothing is going on.
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p0tat0-nibbles · a day ago
Do you think you can do a Parental/Maternal!Reader & Mini Huggys?
also tossing my two cents in on the huggy budies hcs ^3^
Tumblr media
-ok so i wanted to say that it's canon that mommy killed the baby huggies because they failed to kill the player
-so these tiny colorful fluffballs deserve all the love in the world!!😤
-the baby huggies absolutely ADORE you
-they’re so used to cuddling each other for warmth and comfort, and now they have you taking care of them!!
-they will cling to you like a bunch of monkeys and won’t leave your side wherever you go
-and you finally gave them names!! the blue one is berry, the green one is gummy, the yellow one is honey, and the red one is cherry!
-they like to teeth, even though they just have little tiny gums that don’t do much harm! they just like chewing on your fingers and getting them all slobbery lol
-each of them have their own personalities too!
-berry is very quiet and shy, gummy is always sleeping, honey is the diva and cherry just wants to play all the time
-they want your attention ALL THE TIME, 24/7
-also they like to suckle and eat candy so there’s that, it won’t do any harm to them because, well, they don’t have teeth! so that’s their main food
-they love how much attention and care you give them considering they had been alone for so long
-they can only make noises but they try to call you by your name sometimes even if it comes out a jumbled mess of squeaks and purrs!
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bigfan-fanfic · 19 hours ago
With You To the End of the Line (Male!Reader x Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers)
Requested by anonymous for  Can I request a soft fluffy fic about Bucky and his boyfriend making dinner to surprise Steve when he comes back from running errands? And maybe talking about asking Steve if he'd like to date them?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's been pretty nice having Steve living with you.
He's helpful and likes to be around, and besides, he gives your boyfriend company when you're not around.
Sure there are some awkward points. It's a little hard for Steve to remember that Bucky isn't the same as he was back before the war, but he's gotten a lot better.
He's seemed a little lonely lately, but it gets better when you or Bucky invite him to hang out or to snuggle late into the night when Bucky can't fall asleep.
At some point, you started to wonder whether or not Steve really enjoyed your company. Because he started to pull away, seeming uncomfortable.
It took you mentioning this for Bucky to draw the connection - that Steve only really acted uncomfortable around people he liked.
You raised your eyebrow at him and Bucky suddenly went "o- OHHHHHH."
It started more than one conversation between you and Bucky.
First of all helping explain polyamorous relationship and then helping him realize that the two of you also are attracted to Steve, and that maybe... you can ask him to join you in a relationship.
And what better way to do that than, as Bucky says, "feed the punk first"?
Bucky's gotten pretty good at cooking in the last few years, and you've gotten a lot of ingredients so that you two can make dinner together.
Steve's been getting into helping humanitarian causes lately and works pretty hard, so it'll be a nice surprise to have dinner ready for him.
You and Bucky have a lot of fun making the food while Steve's out running errands on his way home
but it's still a time
you're both a little nervous
you know Steve won't think any less of you or of Bucky, but it's still making you both a little anxious.
"Wow, this a special occasion? Smells great, Buck." Steve chuckles.
"Well... it might be a special occasion." you smirk, and Bucky elbows you.
Steve raises an eyebrow but helps set the table and you all start eating.
You talk with him and Bucky, about your day, about your plans for the week, and you like seeing the way he looks at you both. It's almost too obvious now that he's in love with you two.
Bucky is too nervous to be tactful. You had made dessert too, but suddenly Bucky just blurts, "hey, Steve, you wanna date us?"
"What?" Steve yelps, glancing over at you.
Bucky looks so horrified, he buries his face in your neck, and leaves it up to you to explain to Steve exactly what you mean.
You tell him how you and Bucky have noticed him pulling away, and that you know he likes you both, and that you like him too.
"But... you both are together. I... I don't want to get in the way of that. I mean."
"Well, I won't say it won't be new for us all. But Bucky and I are willing to put in the communication and the hope to ask you to be our boyfriend. We love each other, and we love you too, Steve."
Bucky lifts his head and smiles at Steve's awestruck expression. "To the end of the line, punk. Right?"
Steve grins. "Yeah. Things, uh... work a whole lot differently nowadays, but if you both want this, then... I'd love to be your boyfriend."
Steve blushes hard as you and Bucky move around the table to kiss either side of his face.
The future will involve discussion and communication, and navigating your own unique challenges
But at the end of each day you get to be with the two men you love, and they get to do the same.
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iovnyu · a day ago
ೃ enhypen’s reaction to you getting a rose from a random stranger
Tumblr media
genre: fluff?
pairing: enhypen x f reader
a/n: i am back with another headcanon! i got this idea from tik tok a while ago LOL but i hope you guys like it! it is lowkey a little rushed but that is fine...  anyways remember to look at the request guide here before you ask for one !!
「 heeseung 」
immediately grabs it out of your hand and chucks it into the nearest trash can. he will grumble to himself and furrow his eyebrows. he can’t believe a man had the nerve to come up to both of you and decided to only give you a rose. he rambles on about how if the stranger wanted to give you a rose, he should have received one too. he doesn’t let that bother him though because next thing you know, he is driving you to the closest grocery store to get you a bouquet of flowers. 
「 jay 」
this man will stare at the flower like it is the damn devil. he will poke at it with a stick when he finds out someone else other than him gave you a flower. he loves to gift you flowers anytime you want so its weird knowing that you got that flower from a random stranger. he won’t be mad at you just frustrated that the flower lowkey looked prettier than the flowers he gives you. he would put on gloves and quickly dispose of the flower, remembering the tag that showed where it came from. he’ll get you the prettiest flowers you have ever seen the next time he sees them.
「 jake 」
becomes sulky. he sees you with a flower in hand and his heart just breaks. he becomes quiet for a little bit before asking you where you got the flower from. once he figures out that a person gave you the flower because you are attractive, he becomes even more sulky. he will ask if you would accept his flowers if he were to give you one. of course you said yes and immediately threw away the flower the random person gave you. next thing you know jake is back to his old self and runs to a flower shop to get you an arrangement of flowers. 
「 sunghoon 」
he is literally flabbergasted. as soon as he picks you up from wherever you were and sees that rose, he immediately asks questions. he will keep saying he doesn’t care and it doesn’t bother him that some man gave HIS girl a stupid red rose. he won’t admit he is jealous or mad but he will keep trying to convince himself that it doesn’t bother him. he would tell you that if you wanted a rose you should have told him and he would go out to get it for you. he becomes sad for like a few seconds until you kiss his cheek or something. 
「 sunoo 」
he is honestly so shocked because a random person on the street gave you a rose and winked at you. you’re shocked as well because anyone else would have taken one look at you two and immediately know you guys are a couple. you look at sunoo, with the rose in hand, and tell him to not overthink it. but let me tell you, this man is already fuming and staring down the guy who gave you that rose. taking it from you, he throws it in the trash and tells you that he will deliver flowers to your doorstep tomorrow. 
「 jungwon 」
jungwon seems to be the one who is more civil about it. but on the inside he is screaming his lungs out. when he saw you walking towards him with not just one flower but a whole bouquet of them, he’ll simply tell himself to breathe before asking you anything. he will ask you a couple of questions about who gave it you and when they gave it to you. once he sees you put the bouquet down, he quickly grabs it and tosses it in the trash. he did not want to see that anymore. he’ll ask you if you want flowers, tell him and he will deliver them to you himself. hell, he will buy a whole flower shop for you if you asked.  
「 niki 」
this one sassy mf. he’ll just glare at whoever just gave you the flower. he saw the person coming from a mile away, having their eyes set on you. when the person comes to your guys table, niki immediately holds out his hand to shut the person up. he tells them that if they want to gift you a flower, he would have to have one first then he will see if they are worthy of giving you a flower. the person actually gives niki the flower and runs away. niki will just look at you and tell you to not accept any flowers unless it is from him. 
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Fact: the Mirkwood elves have two materials in abundance: leather and cork (from wine bottles)
Fact: Birkenstock’s are made from leather and cork
Conclusion: the Mirkwood elves wear Birkenstock’s.
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 10 hours ago
This may be self indulgent but how bout headcanons for a reader who took home the toys in that roommate scenario/lh
Just the toys getting calmed down enough to be able to be explained to that the Reader is taking the 'poor things' home
Maybe specifically Huggy Mommy Poppy and PJ for em?, if that's too much feel free just to do who ya wanna/lh
- Salt anon
Doorways don’t accommodate him too well.
But does that stop him? No. You’ve seen him squeeze through the vents. This wasn’t a problem.
With Poppy acting as a pseudo-suppressor, he’s a lot more docile when interacting with you now.
He forgives you for what happened on the catwalks after you helped patch him up.
Now he gives you gentle hugs every chance he gets <3
First you nearly kill her with the grinder..
Now you wanna take her home and keep her safe???
She thinks “wtf make up your mind, employee”.
Ofc she won’t easily forgive you for severing one of her arms and cheating at her games (though out of slight guilt she says she “might” have rigged them).
But she does appreciate the nice home you set up for her and the others.
Freedom from the facility?
It sounded almost too good to be true, up until you let her see your home and realized this was all for them.
She can’t help but shed a tear.
To live in a cozy home, like a real girl, is what she dreamed of all her life.
He’s confused but happy to have more “wiggle room” underneath your house.
You’ve dug some holes for him to pop out of (but only in his room, which is a huge place reminiscent of Statues).
Alongside Mommy he becomes the tripping hazard of the household, though he’s big and colorful enough for the others to notice.
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starnightcat · 2 days ago
hii id like to make a request it’s that alright.
what would be the reaction to c/n to seeing reader naked for the first time, the reader always wear loose clothing so it hides their curves, but one day it’s just like a mind blowing moment for c/n seeing us naked
um if it could be tsukishima, bokuto and then you can add whoever you’d like
thank you <333
Tsukishima & Bokuto seeing s/o naked
Tumblr media
He had never seen you wear anything other than loose clothing. You were home alone changing. You didn't hear the sound of Tsukishima walking into the house. He made his way upstairs and walked into the open bedroom. He froze. His eyes slowly traveling up and down. His cheeks turned red, the front of his pants growing. He said nothing but quickly and quietly as possibly made his way to the bathroom, far away from you so he couldn't be heard. He hoped you had not seen him and he would never speak of this incident.
Tumblr media
He was always loud when he came home. It was something you were used to. You were in the middle of changing when you heard the door slam. There wasn't enough time, the door to the bedroom was thrown open. You looked at him surprised. What an unfortunate situation to be in. He didn't notice. He flopped down on the bed and started talking about his day.
"Bokuto.. um.. I.." You were at a loss for words.
He sat up to look at you. "Are you.. oh."
He slowly looked you up and down.
"You look great!" He said happily with a smile.
You took your clothes and went into the bathroom to finish changing.
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headbitchruby · 9 hours ago
So like-- Hunter, Gus and Willow definitely went on a shopping trip.
Cause they’re not just gonna like--- let Hunter walk around in spare clothes he had/clothes he might’ve fished out of the trash or whatever.
But also like, Gus and Willow are def not his size so like--- the only logical way he got new clothes is they all went shopping.
And while they were out Willow and Gus decided to also try on some new clothes cause like-- ya gotta ya know??? How could you not! Look at all these neat duds! And it HAS been a minute since they updated their clothes. (also it makes it feel more like a group thing and less like another normal thing that Hunter has never done before in his life and thus doesn’t know how to do)
So yeah they all went shopping and bought new clothes together and had a changing room montage where all of them tried on different crazy outfits and had a lot of fun and went for ice cream after cause no better way to end a day of shopping then ice cream.
that’s my headcanon and you can not convince me I’m wrong. 
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klonoadreams · a day ago
I am sorry but I am just obsessed with Rook right now after the Savannaclaw drop.
Since freckles can sometimes fade in the winter and return in the summer, I'm thinking Rook's summer "skintone" is just freckles all over his face. Every once in a while, he becomes a lobster.
Also not to be autistic on main, BUT ROOK CONTINUES TO HAVE THE VIBES.
Between him choosing comfort over style in the past when it comes to clothes, and the fact that the only THING that seems to have remained unchanged is his boots....
Oh boy, I know that feeeeel, where you can make exceptions for clothes, but when it comes to footwear, NO FUCKING EXCEPTIONS.
This, paired up with his his tendency to talk a lot and the fact that he often just says and does stuff without thinking twice about it (like with Ruggie and how he kept touching his tail)....
Again, I'm just feeling validated with the headcanons I've had. :D
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luxmberg · 5 hours ago
"bo sinclair does this" and "michael myers does that" can we all just agree that every slasher wears socks to bed???
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sohotthateveryonedied · 5 hours ago
Could I perhaps bother you for some Tim sees ghosts AU headcanons?
(most of this is just copy-pasted from the discord with my friends because i'm lazy)
duke in the tim sees ghosts au, seeing some weird shadowy energy surrounding tim at all times: o_o
tim in the tim sees ghosts au, sensing that duke can’t die: o_o
since duke has the ability to amplify other metahumans' powers when he's in close proximity to them, i've decided that this applies to tim too even though he's not technically a metahuman and is just a weird kid with weird powers, but it's my au and i make the rules
so whenever duke is near tim it makes tim's abilities stronger, e.g. he can sense more stuff, do more creepy death stuff, and the ghosts around him are more present/detectable
normally only tim is able to see the ghosts and that is still the case, however when DUKE is around then if you're looking closely enough (or have super cool vision powers) they look like creepy blurry shadow people that you can see out of the corner of your eye
and with duke's light-seeing powers it means he can see the ghosts too and WAY better than other people can, almost to the point where they're fully visible to him. which is how he finds out about tim's powers because hmmm he's pretty sure normal people don't have creepy ghosts following them everywhere
we know that tim’s siblings all find out before bruce does, duke included, so after breaking the news tim tells duke he has to keep it a secret from bruce and duke canNOT handle that
duke: “how am i supposed to keep a secret from the batman!! he’s the fucking batman!! he can read my mind!!!”
that night at dinner duke won’t look bruce in the eyes and of COURSE bruce knows he’s hiding something because Fucking Batman
bruce: “spill. what did you do.”
duke: “i didn’t do anything!!”
bruce: “if you tell me now i won’t be mad”
and duke’s eyes keep darting to tim who’s doing his best to look innocent and bruce obviously notices that too
bruce: “tim, what did duke do”
and bruce doesn’t let up and duke is sweating so eventually he panics and yells “OKAY OKAY YOU GOT ME. tim uhhhhhhh…….killed your fish”
bruce: “i don’t have a fish”
duke: “yeah. but uh. we got you a fish. for your birthday. and tim killed it”
and bruce looks at tim who figures welp, it could be worse. “uh….yeah. i killed your fish. sorry bout that” meanwhile he's giving duke the death glare
bonus: when duke's parents finally die (yes i feel bad for this but i really want them to die so duke can be adopted by bruce officially) tim suddenly sees two new ghosts near duke and his stomach just sinks because oh no
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iamzoesblog · a day ago
Jayme might be the black sheep of the family. She’s described as a loner and Alphonso is her only friend so it’s likely that she’s Reginald’s least favorable child.
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