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sims2bellaswan · a day ago
Wedding headcanons | Genshin Impact x Reader
Headcanons for a wedding with Childe, Zhongli, Kaeya and Diluc [gender neutral reader]
TW: SFW, long term commitment, drinking, Zhongli’s immortality, ummm idk
Ever a family man, your wedding is more of a reception than a ceremony. You two spend a good few hours just greeting family and friends
The ceremony is traditionally Schneznayan, he really fought for that and you caved
It’s grand, it’s beautiful, you two look great together. He’s wasted no expense making this the most perfect day possible and it’s easy to tell
Your decisions resided more on your side of things like your clothing, traditional family choices, etc. And, while he picked the ceremony, you got to pick a lot of the reception and collaborated on the after party
He worked hard, so he gets to play hard! Hes going to drink and party with his family once you guys finish the wedding duties
The after party is simpler, by a long shot, it’s you and his closest friends and family all huddled in smaller room, dressed down and casually talking or dancing
The Honeymoon is where you guys fought a little more
He wanted to take a trip to Schneznaya and stay with his family and he was very keen on it. You begged for somewhere warmer or more reserved or more romantic! Anything!
You two could hardly decide, opting instead to go as many places as you two can within a two week period. Make a game of it
A smaller wedding is more his style
It utilizes a lot of traditions from Liyue that most people wouldn’t remember. Honestly, you had to scour history books while getting ready just to make sure you’re doing everything right
The reception is grand and lovely, but still very intimate. It’s more of a dinner than a party, which you can’t imagine Zhongli minds all that much
He’s very reserved during the reception, sticking closer to you or the table. Not that you mind, but you spent most of the night dancing with him
Your first dance is probably the most romantic moment of the evening. The lanterns dim, casting the room in a yellow-tinted glow. He looks at you with all the love in the world, you know because you could feel it coursing through you both.
You pushed for a longer honeymoon and for a nice, warm location. He pushed to stay in Liyue. You guys compromised by going to the beaches of Liyue
The honeymoon is when his immortality sets in. After all the excitement and fun, he’s left worrying that this’ll be a blip compared to his longevity. He loves you and that’ll last a million lifetimes but you won’t
You can calm him down if you know how but good luck getting thoughts out of his head long enough to enjoy your night
You hardly get a moment to yourself let alone to talk to loved ones! My man is all over you
The ceremony is sweet, you guys wrote your own flowery vows, how cute
The reception is a lot more fun, no kids, open bar, just dancing and partying. This is where we see Kaeya broing it up with his Knights friends, chug chug chug
The ratio of time spent dancing or sitting together compared to time spent doing anything else is way off. You guys dance together, you’re on his arm at the bar, his arm never leaves your waist, you know couple shit
He definitely wanted an after party, extra time to celebrate him and you? Why would he say no!
It’s giving crazy, it’s giving funky, it’s giving fun. The after party was you two and you’re closest friends finishing off the nights drinks
It would be very easy to say that very little of the honeymoon is spent sleeping. This is one of the more romantic of the honeymoons in the scenario so it’s a lot more couple time
Closer to Zhongli’s but somehow more intimate
There’s little partying, just the ceremony and dinner. Don’t get me wrong, people are having fun and it’s definitely a wedding but you aren’t seeing Kaeya and Diluc’s wedding being compared ykwim
The theme is very warm, very romantic. You find yourself leaning on him at dinner a lot, squeezing each other’s hand under the table as a quick “I love you”
The reception is a banquet at the manor. Close friends and family were invited and that’s it, you two wanted it to be very close knit and personal
The honeymoon is where it feels more like a regular wedding. You had to practically drag him on a vacation, but you finally got some relaxation with him
That doesn’t stop him from worrying about just about everything at home. Through dinner he’s whispering about grape prices rising and during your first dance you watch his face drop, probably remembering some paperwork or something
I’m seeing family planning during the honeymoon, I know what he wants. Secret family man, future dilf
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mikaelasbloodbag · 13 hours ago
heeyy, how are you?
are your request open? if so i want to request a sleepy s/o with whoever you one
so s/o are always leave them on read and reply their message three or more hours later
it seems funny to me bc i accidentally leave someone on read and answer them five hours later 💀
if your request closed you can ignore or delete this tho, no pressure <3
thank you and have a good daayy
haitani brothers, chifuyu and mitsuya when their s/o doesnt reply for 15 hours
warnings: none
characters: haitani rindou, haitani ran, mitsuya takashi, matsuno chifuyu x gn!reader
a/n: hi! im doing not bad, ty <3 i did my favourite boys aksjhdb look the haitani bros are soso fun to write for waahaa;;; also ignore the timestamps and how its like 15 hours later instead of 3- idk how to work the timestamps on this so we'll just deal with this 😔
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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unfinshedsentec · 2 days ago
Headcanons|| when you get seriously injured pt.1
tw: blood, gore, serious injures(as the title states), death, and curse words.
word count: 3.8k
reader is gender neutral!
character parings: manjiro sano x reader, draken x reader, baji keisuke x reader ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Being in a gang meant you got hurt pretty often. Your boyfriend did try his absolute best to protect you, but it was just unavoidable to not get hurt in fights. Because of this you, of course, got hit pretty often, but it was something you got used to and you eventually learned how to deal with it. But this time was different, much different. A burning, crimson liquid poured out of your mouth as you kept on coughing. The grip you had on you throat only tightened as you desperately kept trying to get any sort of air, but you could only get the smallest amount. You kept trying to breathe, but little to no air would get into your lungs. Tears started forming in you eyes as you were desperately trying to keep yourself conscious. But as each moment went by, you only fell deeper into the black dots that started appearing in your vision.
You kept trying to find someone, anyone that would help you, but all you could find were gang members from the opposing gang. Not one conscious Toman member was around you, making you panic even more. The person that punched you right in the middle of your throat ran away long ago, meaning you were all alone.
You continued searching for anyone that could help you, but you still didn’t find anyone. You were so tired and so weak that you just couldn’t keep going on, and you collapsed on the pavement, still desperately gasping for any sort of air. Any hope you previously had was slowly disappearing as the blackness was staring to consume you. Each moment that went by only allowed the darkness consume you more and more. Blood was now slowly running down your neck and chest as your wound broke through. As you started coughing, as you once again coughed up even more blood. An unsettling amount of blood. Your heart stopped as you looked at the amount of blood surrounding you. Your pace of breathing picked up even more at the panicked feeling you felt, making it even harder for you to breathe. You knew this was it, but you still couldn’t believe it. Was this really going to be the end?
As you were lying on the cold pavement, covered in blood and barely conscious, you suddenly started to hear the sound of footsteps. And lots of them. You weren’t sure who these people were, but you could only hope they’d see and help you. Thankfully, you finally heard a beautifully familiar voice from the bunch.
“Y/N!! HOLY SHIT!!!!”, Mikey yelled out before rushing to your side. You could feel yourself get pulled into his familiar arms. Finally, you could relax. You leaned into Mikey’s warmth as the dark spots in your vision kept getting bigger and bigger.
“KEN-CHIN CALL THE AMBULANCE!!!! Oh god, you’re ………….blue”. Your boyfriends face finally came into view as you looked up. The blonde had a terrified look on his face. His usual, bright black eyes were full of worry and sadness. You could see a nervous sweat forming on his face as he looked down at you. His eye brows were furrowed and a large frown formed on his face, along with deep, dark bags under his eyes.
“M-m-Mikey, I-I d-don’t know if I c-can stay a-a-awake any longer….” you barely whispered out, before coughing up even more blood.
“No, don’t you dare go to sleep”, he responded in a shaky, scared voice. Your weak, shaky hand reached up reached up to cup his face. He seemed shocked, but he soon leaned into the warmth of your hand.
“……….I-i’m really s-s-sorry……….”, you slowly whisper out, before you finally gave into the darkness and your body went limp. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
An odd beeping sound woke you awoke you out of your deep slumber. All you could see in your vision was a fuzzy, white ceiling, that was unfamiliar to you. You weren’t sure where you were, or what happened, as your memory was fuzzy. The only thing you did in this situation was stay still and close your eyes once again, mainly out of fear. That was until you felt a very familiar warm feeling gripping onto your hand, and a smooth male voice.
“You better wake up soon Y/n. It’s already been 2 weeks……your really scaring me y’know”, your boyfriends voice said as the grip on your had tightened.
“WHAT THE FUCK!!!”, Mikey yelled, backing away from you. You turned your head to see what was happening, only too see a panicked, startled Mikey. “Mikey? What’s up with you?”, you said while sitting up, only to notice you were in a hospital room.
“What happened to m-“, you said before getting cut off by being engulfed in a hug.
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING Y/N!!”, he said while buring his head into the crook of your neck.
“Seriously, don’t e-ever scare m-me like that again”, he said in a shaky voice. “I though you left me too….”
“Huh? Why would I leave you?”
“YOU ALMOST DIED!!!”, he yelled out. You had never seen Mikey Mikey so upset before, which meant you were shocked. The only thing you could do in response is wrap your arms around him and run your fingers through his hair.
“I’m not really sure what’s going now, but I promise I won’t ever leave you”
“Promise……now can you tell me what happened?”
“…….you don’t wanna know……..I don’t think you’ll be happy about it…..”, he said, quietly.
You loved your boyfriend more than anyone else in the world. You’d support him in anything he’d ever want to do, and that included him being in a gang. You, of course, hated seeing him get hurt so often, but he loved the gang so much that you knew he’d never leave them, so you instead supported him. That said, you were always a little nervous that one day something would go seriously wrong. But, it never really did. Ohhhh, if only you had known that the day where something went terribly wrong would be today.
The dark, starry night truly memorized you as you stared up at the stars and constellations in the sky. Something about it was always so calming, despite your boyfriends nervousness.
“Hey Y/n! Cmon let’s go!”, your boyfriend yelled out, likely wanting to get you home because it was so late. “Sorry!”, you said before rushing too his side.
Walking home with Draken was something the both of you did everyday. Today, specifically, was one of the few days where he was free, so you both took the opportunity to go on a date with him and he walked you home as usual. But your date lasted longer than the both of you thought it would, and it turned out to be dark by the time you both headed toward your house. If you were being honest, you could tell Draken was a little nervous about this, but you thought as long as he was here, you’d be okay.
So, as men from an alleyway approached you both, you knew you’d be okay because Draken would protect you, right?
“Well well well, if isn’t big old Draken and his precious little s/o!!!!”
“What the fuck do you think your doing?!?!”
“Oh we’re just trying to have some…”, the leader said, while licking his lips.
“Yeah……What do you say boys, wanna beat the shit outta them?”
“YEAHHHH!!!!!!,”, they all yelled excitedly.
At that, all the people there started heading towards yours and Draken’s way. As a result, Draken stepped in front of you and took care of the guys that headed toward the both of you.
Many bodies fell to the ground, as the men fell unconscious. Draken had blood of others covering his face and body. The remaining men, including the leader, continued to fight on. Some landed hard punches on Draken, but for the most part, he was fine and you were too. It didn’t take long for the all the men to get knocked out. Or at least you thought……
As you stood behind Draken, watching him fight, you failed to notice the man behind you. You excitedly watched as Draken finally beat the leader, but suddenly, you felt an odd impact. Tingles shot through your spine and heat soon filled your entire body. The heat was like no other, and immediately left you sweating and dazed. But soon the heat and tingling soon turned into a cold, sharp, unbearable pain.
You turned around to see the source of the pain, only to see a man, with a knife behind you. The horrible sharp feeling only got worse as he dug the knife further into your body and then pulled it out. It was only then that you saw the blood. Blood covered your hands and clothes as you tried to stop the bleeding from getting too bad, but it was too late. The sweat ran down your face as you continuously coughed up blood. Even worse, the more you bleed, the colder and sharper the pain became.
“AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”, you screamed in pain, gaining the attention of your boyfriend.
“Oh fuck…..Y/N WHAT HAPPENED!!!”, he yelled out before catching your falling body. The pain was so unbearable that you couldn’t hear anything but ringing in your ears. You vision blurred as you lost more and more blood. You simply couldn’t take the enormous amount of pain.
“Please……help me! Fuck it hurts!! It hurts so m-much!”, you desperately sobbed out.
“Okay, don’t worry, I’ll get you to the hospital….you’ll be okay!!!!”, he said, clearly distressed. The dark bags under your eyes, along with your screaming and shouting only made the male panic more. As he got you onto his back, he could now feel how shaky, and cold you were. Draken could tell….this was bad.
Draken’s footsteps echoed throughout the streets as he ran to the hospital. Your desperate painful cries had slowly stopped, but not because you weren’t in pain, but you were too weak to cry.
“Draken……I can’t move…”, you whispered out as the energy you had was now completely gone. You could no longer see anything and the ringing in your ears died down, but the pain did not. The pain that was in your back spread throughout your whole body. Pain was in your legs, feet, stomach, back, neck, etc. It was just so unbearable.
“I know babe, I’m sorry, but hang on, we’re almost at the hospital and they’ll fix you”
“I-I……can’t take it anymore… hurts so much”, you said, shaking. Your paralyzed arms hung limp over Draken’s neck, as they were hurting too.
“…hahah don’t worry Y/N! You’ll feel better soon, so just hang on!”, he said desperately.
“…I don’t think……that I can…..”. You could feel any signs of life in your body leaving. The horrible pain slowly left, as you could no longer stay awake.
“I’m sorry…… my love…..”
That was all you said before collapsing on Drakens back. You were breathing, but barely. Your normally bright skin, turned pale and dull, despite your beating heart. Deep down, Draken knew you weren’t there….and he wasn’t sure if you’d ever come back.
Draken once again, entered the dull, white and blue hospital. The same one he visited everyday. The one that held you.
It had almost been a year since the you had gotten stabbed. A year since you were awake and with him. Although you lived through the mess, you managed to put your self in a coma due to blood loss and you still hadn’t woken up.
As he stared at your sleeping body, Draken couldn’t help but think of all the good times and memories he had with you. And no matter what people told him, he always blamed himself. He should’ve protected you right? And it was because of him that you were left here, stuck in a coma.
But no matter how long it took, how long you’d be asleep, no matter how long you’d be gone, he’d always wait for you. He’d always wait for the day when you’d wake up again. When you’d be here again. Because he loved you. He has always loved you and only you. So no matter how long he’d have to wait, he’d be here waiting for you.
The peaceful, warm sun beat down on your body as you continued running in hot, humid, heat. Your chest heaved as you desperately tried breathing, but running had majorly restricted your lungs. You see, once again, Toman had gotten wrapped up in another gang fight, but this time was much different………
You, Baji, Emma, and the other top Toman members ended up all going out for lunch. All of you had been wanting to spend some casual time together and catch up, so you suggested going out for a casual lunch. Everything was going great and you all had a lot of fun, until everyone started heading home. As you all were leaving the restaurant, an unfamiliar deep, male voice suddenly spoke from behind.
“Woah woah woah, don’t tell me all of Toman’s top are here?!”, he said in an amused voice.
“Huh? Who the fuck are you?!”, Mikey said, marching up to the taller male. The atmosphere had majorly shifted immediately as everyone there was already on edge. Instinctively, your boyfriend stepped in front of you in a protective way that shielded you from the unknown male.
“Hahahaha, so this is the Invincible Mikey…….I was expecting much more than a little shrimp”
“Hey, watch your mouth Shithead”, Draken said suddenly, stepping a little closer to the male.
“Draken too?! This is going to be fun…….so……WHY DON’T YOU COME OUT NOW BOYS!!!!!!!!!”
At that, tons, probably 150 people came out and stood behind the first guy, who was probably the leader. Each person had a wide, sadistic grin on their face. You could tell from the look in their eyes that this situation was going to be bad, very bad.
“Damn bastards…”, Mitsuya said from next to you.
“Y/n, take Emma and run”, Baji said suddenly, in a very serious, dark voice.
“Huh?! But what about you guys?!? I can’t leave now!!!!”
“Are you kidding, these guys are nothing!!! We’ll beat there asses!”, he said enthusiastically, but the nervous sweat and his shaky voice showed true, scared feelings. Baji wasn’t one to be scared, but you being here and that made him even more nervous because he really didn’t want you to get hurt, despite knowing how strong you were.
Not wanting to fight with your boyfriend, you reluctantly agreed. “Alright…..but if you need anything let me know….”
“Yup! I will!!”. And at that, you started carefully making your way to where Emma was. As you approached her, you gently grabbed the blonde girls hand soft, small hand. In response, her shaky hand tightly gripped onto yours. You could tell she was nervous, as she had nervous sweat running down her face and she held a terrified look.
“Y/n….I don’t like this….I’m scared”
“I am too, but I trust that they’ll be okay…”, you said while giving her a bright smile and squeezed her hand a little bit, to show her you were there with her.
“ALRIGHT!!!! LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!!”, the leader said, signaling the men to start attacking Toman’s members. This also signaled you to start running away with Emma.
“Y/n?! Where are we going?!”
“Away from here!!!!!”
“No arguing, we have to get away!!”, you said while dragging her through the large crowd of men. The tons of people there made it hard for you to work your way through the crowd, but you knew you had get out of there, you had to keep yourself and Emma safe, but you were still afraid for the other members.
As you vaguely looked back to the spot where they were before, you notice all of them were, thankfully, still conscious and beating up the men, but looked pretty beaten up themselves. Well, that was everyone except for Mikey, who was busy fighting their leader.
Lastly, you looked back at your boyfriend. You noticed he was quite beaten up, but you could tell from the large grin on his face, that showed his fangs, that he was definitely enjoying himself. But that was Baji for you. You just hoped he was going to stay safe and you continued running away, still holding onto Emma’s hand.
Although it was hard to push through the crowd of people, you managed to get you and Emma away from the fight. You didn’t get very far away, but it was at least something.
As you were standing with Emma on the sidewalk, searching for your friends that may come this way, you started thinking about going back. As much as you knew you had to stay safe, you really hated the idea of the people, especially your boyfriend, getting hurt. You had no idea how far those other guys would go, and you were honestly scared that they might even try to kill them. You were terrified of that idea and could only shiver at the thought. As you finally made your decision to go back, suddenly, a man appeared in the distance. And this man was not a Toman member, but was from the opposite gang like his white uniform showed.
“Hey hey hey!!! Don’t tell me you thought you could get away so easily?!?!”
“Shit….Emma stay behind me!!!”, you said in a panicked voice. Emma, noticing your distress, obeyed you. The guy immediately started rushing toward you and as a result, you started stepping forward too, only for the man to rush right past you and go for Emma.
“EMMA!!!”, you yelled out. The man had approached Emma and help up a knife to the terrified girls throat.
“Listen to me, if you don’t obey me, I will kill this girl!”
You were hesitant, but you went along with the man, as you were scared for Emma’s life. “Alright, I’ll listen to you”
“Good! Alright then whatever you do, DON’T MOVE”
“Huh?”, you said as you noticed the even more scared look on Emma’s face. Her pupils dilated as she looked at the spot behind you.
“Y/n! Behind you!”
As you turned around, you noticed another man lunging at you with a metal pipe, but before you could do anything, the man hit you in the head with a sharp piece, hard.
Your vision went blurry as your body collapsed onto the warm concrete. You desperately tried to get back up, but as you tried to move your limbs, you realized, you couldn’t move. You tried moving your arms and legs, but nothing worked and you were left there lying on the concrete. The blood that entered your vision only made things worse, because you knew that blood was from you.
“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”, Emma let out a horrifying scream as she saw the blood leaking from your head.
“Shit! We gotta go!”, the men said, before running off. You could feel Emma’s colder hands wrap around your limp body as she pulled you into her arms.
“……Emma….”, you whispered out. The all to familiar black dots entered your vision as you tried to look up at the blonde girls face, but instead, you saw nothing but blurriness. You weren’t dumb, you knew that a hit to the head was no joke. You knew that whatever happened to you next wouldn’t be good. For all you knew, this could be the end.
“Y/n”, Emma sobbed out as her grip on you tightened.
“I don’t know, but I’m sure he’s on his way over here! So you have to stay awake to see him again!”.
“I……don’t……know….hahah I’m really…….tired”, you said as each time you blinked, you could feel your energy fade away. Each moment that went by the black spots only seemed to suck you in more and more and frankly, you were so tired that you just wanted to let the darkness take over, so maybe you could finally rest.
“Y/n…..p-please d-don’t go to sleep! Y-y-you n-need to stay with us!”
You could tell from the desperation in Emma’s voice that the situation was much worse than you knew, but you really couldn’t care anymore. All you wanted right now was to sleep, no matter what anyone said.
“…but…I’m r-really tired”
“NOO!!”, another, familiar male voice yelled out. It was the voice you had been longing to hear. The only thing that was keeping you awake……your boyfriend.
“…….Baji?”, you barely whispered out. The ringing in your ears only made you feel even worse, but no matter what happened after this, you at least wanted to be able to be with Baji one last time.
“Y/n? No no no no… better stay with me!”, he said, while desperately pulling you into his own, muscular arms.
“……you’re here….!”
“Of course I am! So you better stay here too!! And don’t you start talking in that weird way!!!”
No matter how much you loved him, no matter how much you wanted to stay with him, no matter no much you wanted to continue making memories with him and everyone you loved, you just couldn’t. The slight ringing had now completely overtook your hearing. The sky, his face, Emma’s face were all blurry as you looked up. And at this point, any small amount of energy you had before was now gone. You could no longer resist the darkness.
“I……..l-l-love……y-y-you”, you said before letting the darkness consume you.
Those were the last words you ever uttered. The moment the darkness consumed you, your body went limp and cold in Baji’s arms. And after that, you were no more. You were simply……dead.
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sepublic · a day ago
Going with the idea that Raine was some type of teacher for the BATTs, I like to imagine something like this happened early on in their interactions, setting the tone for their mentor-mentee relationship that eventually evolved into rebellion against the system together:
Tumblr media
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totem-of-ungaying · a day ago
According to the c!Eret server; Eret got rabies from decking Schlatt, she is feral, she eats various poisonous "foods" as well as any light sources, she is a moray eel, she is a moth, she is The Mothman, she is cannibal Shia Leboef but revamped and also was the bane of Wilbur Soot's existence pre-betrayal.
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 2 days ago
Ahhh i love it!! Here some more Cookies for the peaceful human/witchs HCs!!
Rockstar, Vampire, Werewolf, Cotton, Herb, Fire Spirit, and Wind Archer-!
Although a bit wary at first, he totally vibes with you once you insist you're not evil anymore.
Ofc he doesn't hang out with you very long.
He's got fans to give autographs to (lucky for you, he signs one of your spellbooks) and concerts to play!
He couldn't keep his future audiences waiting. You can understand that.
But as a subtle reference to his encounter with you, he dedicates his next song to cookies who "believe anyone can be good if they tried".
Oh? You're a friendly witch? Cool.
He's the most chill about it tbh.
All he's really interested in is your stash of grape juice. Nothing more.
He was dying of thirst (no literally, he snuck in through the window as his bat form just to get a taste of grape).
Most of the day he's just lazing around, watching you bake with no desire to leave anytime soon. And he asks you what it's like being human, getting into a deep discussion about it.
You're amused at how other witches' mistakes result in the creation of interesting cookies.
He hid near your hut after accidentally hurting someone, changing back to normal once they were gone.
But as he laments over his actions, he hears the door open. You spotted him.
Out of instinct he transforms again, though your magic aura calms him enough to change back--which exhausts him and makes him pass out.
Once he awakens, he sees you reading a normal book and wonders why you helped him.
When he questions you, you reassure him you're a good witch. And while skeptical he decides to believe you.
Even a witch like you was nicer than his own kind
Lately she's been down on her luck with writing, struggling to find inspiration.
But when she overhears about you, a friendly witch, she grows to admire you (platonically of course) a lot! So she tries writing you sweet letters.
"Most witches are ugly inside and out, but you're not Most Witches...oh no this is bad."
After much trial and error she finally makes an...okay enough letter to send you.
It definitely warms your heart when you receive it, and you know the kind of cookies who'd write these.
So Cotton is shocked when a letter of thanks is sent to her this time.
When he's cornered by you, he's like "do whatever you want with me but PLEASE don't hurt my plants!!!!!!!"
And he's polite about it...even though he's sweating.
Man just wants to water his flowers in peace, but oddly enough you aren't threatening to eat him or anything.
Instead you ask about his plants and he awkwardly tells you about each one.
When he asks why you're so nice, you just calmly explain you'd like to make peace with the cookies, and talking to a gentleman like him seemed to be a good place to start!
Fire Spirit
He was definitely the most remarkable Cookie to come out of the oven (despite his claims of hailing from Dragon's Valley), being able to use the flames to his advantage.
When he confronts you in hopes of taking your kind down, he's caught off guard when you're just like "okay good luck on your quest, Great Fire Spirit!"
"...that means you, too!! I'm all fired up-!"
"I'm not your enemy. My neighbor, on the other hand..."
He's confused as hell when you speak ill of your fellow witches, but realizes you're serious.
He appreciates your compliment, so he decides not to burn your hut down. And instead burns your neighbor's.
Wind Archer
Witches are the main harbingers of darkness, so it makes sense that he seeks to eliminate your kind.
But to his surprise you have a change of heart, being humane and generous to cookies that you bake.
Even the Cookiemals seem to trust you a lot (they were naïve sometimes but would never be stupid enough to blindly trust their enemy), convincing him to visit you so he could see for himself.
He speaks to you with an abundance of caution, warning you to stay away from the Millennial Tree.
Of course, you promise and wish him luck on his mission.
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thetorontokid · 17 hours ago
I'm sure there are Temple barbers for all the various Jedi and padawan hairstyles we see (and ones we don't!), but there's also something infinitely funnier (and kinda sweet) about a master being in charge of giving their padawan the haircut.
I don't think we know what Qui-Gon's padawan cut looked like, but I hope it was like Obi-Wan’s... and can you imagine Dooku giving him that hairdo??
And I'm just imagining Obi-Wan so excited to be a padawan that he's just fine with whatever Qui-Gon is doing. Maybe his cut wasn't "official" but more like Qui-Gon going, "this is what I suffered thru so now you have to, too." (But no one told Obi-Wan til he looked around and was like, "where's y'all's buzzed heads and nerf tails??" [Obi-Wan is from southern Stewjon btw.])
And I imagine when Obi-Wan is cutting Anakin's hair, Obi-Wan is still rather sad about losing his master, but Anakin being the bright and bouncy kid he was, just makes Obi-Wan feel better by being excited about getting the same hairdo as Obi-Wan. (Even though it's ridiculous.)
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remuscore · a day ago
Virgil stims by meowing and that pisses him off bc he’s trying to NOT be cute and that is singlehandedly the cutest thing ever—
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minteyeddevil · 9 hours ago
MC Needing a Hug From the Brothers/Dateables
(I need a hug right now and hugging them sounds nice.)
When MC randomly walks up and wraps their arms around him from behind, he initially freezes, confused as to who is daring to hug him; though when he realizes it’s them, he will turn around and hug them back, asking if they are okay. What’s bothering his precious human, do they need to talk? Will have them sit down with him for a bit and talk out their feelings or at least let him know what is initially wrong. Would literally let them sit in his lap and continue to hug him while he does his work at his desk and give a death glare to anyone who looks at them funny.
A flustered sputtering mess when they first hug him per his usually, but will wrap his arms around them just as tight and cuddle them close. Of course they would want hugs from their favorite and number one demon, duh; but what’s wrong, MC, talk to him please. Lots of cuddling and nuzzling either in their bed or in his bed so they can be loved on and comforted. No one will be allowed to bother them until they feel better, he will do everything for them including their chores even. He wants his human to feel better!
It takes a while for Levi to get used to physical touch with MC, so if they come up needing a hug without saying anything initially, he knows something is wrong. Will pull away from his games and anime to give MC his full attention, as well as his affections. Either lets them nestle in his lap or lays down in his tub bed with them in all his pillows and blankets and just cuddles them while they softly talk things out with him. He sometimes doesn’t know what to say but he sure as hell is great at listening.
Satan is completely fine with random hugs from MC, but them silently coming to him and wrapping their arms around his middle usually shows him how badly they need said hug. He will wrap his arms around them just as tight and walk with them to the library to find a book to read to them to help distract them from what could be bothering them until they decide to talk about it with him. Will happily give them more and more hugs in between reading and let them cuddle in his lap if they feel like it.
Oh he lives for their hugs! He will happily accept any and every kind of hug they have to offer, even the silent ones where they just walk up and hold their arms open for him to jump right in. Lots of nuzzles and cheek kisses included with the hugs (if they allow them of course) and will have them spend the rest of the evening in his room just talking/gossiping to help them feel better. Pampering and spoiling is the game for the rest of their time together as well in hopes to raise MC’s spirits.
He’s a happy demon whenever MC wants to give him a hug, even if they catch him off guard with them sometimes. He’s walking down the hallway and MC just comes up to him and wraps their arms around him and buries their head in his chest: *confused Beel noises*. He asks them if they are okay while he of course hugs them back and they slowly begin to open up to him as he walks with them to the kitchen to make them something nice to eat. Lots of sharing food and little hugs while they talk together. After eating is a bunch of cuddles that sometimes also include Belphie if he isn’t sleeping.
It’s super easy to get into hugs with Belphie. Just crawl into his arms when he is napping and he will wrap them tightly around MC and cuddle into them. He opens one eye to peak at them and ask if they need to talk about it, and if they say ‘no’ just close his eyes and relaxes with them for a while until they are ready. If they catch him awake and need a hug, all they need to do is walk up to him and hold their arms open and he will walk right into them and hug them tightly. He is also always all ears for them, even if he is sleepy.
Another one who always accepts their hugs regardless of situation. Will literally put his work down to pull them into hugs or sit them on his lap for cuddles. Doesn’t even bat an eye at anyone if they walk in and see MC in his lap hugging him. They needed this hug so no one is going to stop them from getting it if he has a say in it. Will hound them a bit to talk about what has them down, and will definitely be there for them and help fix any issue they may have.
It’s hard to get a hug from Barbatos considering how busy he always is, but he does his best to make time for MC when they really need it. He can see it in their eyes with how they look at him, and he will stop what he is doing to open his arms to them and let them hug him. Comforting hugs and pets plus tea and treats are always provided by this demon while he tries to help them feel better, and he will always listen to anything they need to talk about.
Somehow Simeon seems to know when MC needs the hug before even MC knows they need it. He will walk up to them and hug them tightly, only for them to melt into his arms and start opening up to him about what has been bothering them. They find a little spot to sit and cuddle in while he listens to them speak and just holds them until they feel better. His hugs literally are heavenly, no pun intended.
Honestly, he needs hugs too. Whenever MC comes up needing a hug from him, he needs it too. They just hold each other for a few moments before finally opening up and talking things out between the two of them. He happily listens to MC and they do the same for him. It’s a shared feeling and respect between the two humans, even if one of them isn’t fully human anymore.
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sierrascribbles · a day ago
vyn loves to brush his lips along your pulse point -- oh how your heart beats for him and him alone. it's intoxicating, and he can't help but move closer. his eyes are shut as he places warm kisses to the inside of your wrist, up your arm, shoulder, neck. he holds your hand lovingly in his own cold hand. under the low lamplight, his eyes look almost predatory, a creature of the night. but he is always gentle with you, asking you almost bashfully if he can continue.
he wants nothing more than to cover you in a physical reminder of his love, sucking bruises or you leaving gloss marks on him, but for now, he is content with only you being witness to his love. you are the only one that matters to him, after all.
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animeomegas · a day ago
So uh.. would you be willing to spear more Neji face sitting crumbs 👁👁 I’m so sorry but it’s just 😩
Hehe, it is a rather delightful topic 😉 I'm sure I can spare some crumbs before I head to bed!
N-sfw under it~
Neji loves loves loves face sitting.
As I mentioned before, he's very apprehensive to try it at first because he's scared of hurting his alpha by accident.
But once he gets into it, it becomes one of his favourite things in the bedroom, hands down.
It also fits pretty well into some of the roleplay scenarios he's into.
Neji likes roleplay where he's some sort of powerful person being ravaged by an underling or something like that.
For example, prim and proper prince being seduced by their bodyguard, or naïve duke be taught about sex by his dedicated servant.
Face sitting fits those scenarios really well.
Once Neji gets properly into it, he needs to grip onto something. Either his alpha's head, the bedframe, his own hair, doesn't matter but he needs something.
After he realises that he isn't going to hurt his alpha, Neji fully gets lost in the pleasure and definitely ruts against his alpha's face, lol.
After a face sitting session, Neji's legs get too wobbly for him to be on top for any further play. He has to lay down for a bit hehe
Neji isn't super loud in bed, but face sitting is one of the times he's a little louder.
Hope those crumbs were enough for you! 😉
Have a good day <3
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yan-stars · 14 hours ago
how about the fool + justice for diluc?
woo yeah woo yeah woo yeah woo yeah w
Tumblr media
twitter id for art credit:
the fool - how deluded is this yandere when it comes to their darling? are they self-aware on any level? 
at first, diluc is incredibly self-aware. when he first notices himself thinking of you, he passes it off as little to nothing; you’re kind to him, see him as himself- he doesn’t get that very often. however, as time goes on, and those images of you in his mind turn increasingly risqué and dark, he’s not so sure what he’s feeling is so innocent anymore…
justice - does this yandere ever feel conflicted about what they’re doing? 
very much so. while diluc knows that he loves you- oh, he loves you so very much- he’s not so delusional as to think it’s healthy. although over time, the longer he finds himself infatuated with you, the conflict and guilt will slowly begin to fade. he starts to justify it- you’re so fragile and innocent… it would be wrong of him to leave you to fend for yourself, wouldn’t it? he just wishes you would come to love him naturally, on your own, but… sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures, as they say!
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cockroach-anon · 14 hours ago
Tommy headcanons
- demonic in appearance, partially immune to lava, prone to taking baths in it (but if he's in it for too long it can cause burns)
- his horns grew in during exile out of stress, but he's always had his tail
- is missing three teeth, two of them being replaced with gold teeth during his time living with technoblade, the other as a result from his death
- has big, red wings
- wears an open back shirt for his wings to fit through
- has a green bandana tied around his left wrist
- arthritis in his hands, wears bandages to reduce swelling and cushion movement (projecting)
- SBI braid, using his long ass side bangs on right side of his head, with trinkets braided into it. a crow (phil), a crown (techno), and a.. what is that? its broken, so you can't tell.
- white streak in his hair from being revived. it doesn't go away, even if he cuts it off. it always comes back.
- fatigue and pain became chronic after exile, even more so after being revived.
- left eye covered with an eye patch
- underneath it, the eye is a pale blue color, sclera red and irritated, a permanent black eye around it
- slowly losing his hearing due to the explosions from dream blowing up his stuff
- only learned BSL because tubbo was deaf in his right ear (losing it in his left) and he wanted to be able to talk to him
- figured out a way for michael to sign with his hooves, taught him how to say "dad". tubbo cried when he saw it
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razputin-archetype · a day ago
Hallo! Unfortunately I have questions about Otto and not Ford - I wanna know what you think his mindscape looks like, since he was the only member of the Psychic 6/7 we didn't get to mindjump into, and I'm sorely lacking in headcanons. Please. :V
I'd gladly take questions about any of the Psychic 6/7, Ford's just my favorite. (My Fave Is Problematic: Grandpa)
I just remembered that I got another anon a while back talking about what they imagined Otto's mind looks like, and I thought it was a really interesting idea:
Tumblr media
I was working on a response to them where I expanded on their idea, but then I got Distracted, because I have the square brain. But now I am Actually going to talk about what I imagine Otto's brain could look like.
As usual I ended up rambling A WHOLE LOT because I think coming up with mindscape levels for Psychonauts requires a lot of thought, and also the potential for what Otto's mind could look like fascinates me.
The Otto level I came up with is intended to be post-game DLC type content, that requires all - or at least most - of Raz's powers to fully navigate. (Some parts might not seem very fitting for the character, but I tried my Absolute Best and even brainstormed ideas for it with a friend.)
- The overall 'theme' of the mindscape is "the marriage of science and art," hence the museum / surreal art ideas my friend and I came up with, paired with Anon's original filing cabinet maze idea. I think the theme fits Otto well, considering how he views his creations as 'dreams', seems highly artistic in his pursuit of science re: The Mind and The Brain, and his desire to expand his own understanding of both.
- Considering how obsessed he is with exploring the mind and how much mental exploration he's probably done on himself in his life, I could imagine that he has an extremely organized mental space. At least on the surface. Not quite to the point where it's like Sasha's, but in the sense that he's got this like, deliberate mental construct of a reception area to either greet, or turn away, anybody poking around in his mind.
- Another aspect of the 'museum-esque' mental construct is the fact that Otto's voice basically gives you a tour of his own mind in certain areas. There are parts that he doesn't want anyone to access, which he might try to steer you away from, and then there are parts that are fairly easy to access, that he might guide you towards giving a look.
- The level opens with a lobby, with a Receptionist type character at the front desk. The receptionist decides whether or not you can go into the 'museum.' He's kind of like a Censor, but with a different role. It's a similar mental defense, it keeps unwanted foreign entities out of the mind, but it's more organized and selective about it.
- It's a good thing that Raz has taken to asking for permission before going inside of someone's mind, because otherwise he'd get tossed out immediately.
- If Raz does gain access, he'd find that the level is divided into five areas, each very vaguely being based on / inspired by a particular part of the human brain. In the lobby, there would be a fancy diagram map with a "you are here" symbol, showing the entire map of the level. The map, while accurate, is also drawn in the shape of an artistic depiction of a brain.
- It starts off highly organized, give or take some of the natural unreal qualities that come with any mindscape. But the deeper Raz goes into Otto's mind, the more 'twisty' and surreal, more explicitly dreamlike and less 'organized' it becomes.
- I'm also going to link music for every area. For The Vibes™️. I think music can say a lot about a person and their mind. In Otto's case, the songs I chose to suit the vibe of every area are experimental synth tracks from (mostly) the 70s-90s.
- The maze is made up of filing cabinets in a sort of 'circuit board' pattern. Otto neatly files everything on the surface away for later use, and otherwise disconnects himself and his thought processes from anything that might disrupt his ability to work.
- It's meant to reflect his way of coping with the aftermath of Maligula, a coping method that he's become very used to after 20 years. Even though everything's technically Fine again in the post game, he can't just instantly break out of it after so long.
- This area also represents the 'surface level' of his mind, it's where he stores invention ideas and inspirations and other such surface thoughts. Figments in this area look like invention ideas, schematics, blueprints, various machines, lab equipment. Stuff that Otto surrounds himself with on a frequent enough basis that it'd be at the front of his mind.
- The maze has numerous dead ends. Most dead ends are just normal dead ends, some of them with collectibles in them - more figments, at least one of the two half a minds, maybe emotional baggage or a tag somewhere.
But two particular dead ends are actually alternate paths that lead deeper into Otto's mind. Raz can find these alternate paths and jump into drawers that lead to deeper parts of Otto's mind - either the Museum, or the Factory.
- In the maze, the floor has wires of several different colors that lead the player to various dead ends, including the alternate paths.
- Here's what I imagine the first area of Otto's mind would sound like.
- This is the easiest area to gain access to, almost as if Otto wanted you to come here first. It's a very motion- and "aesthetics"-based area of Otto's mind. This is the part where the mindscape starts losing its' 'realism' and starts delving into more dreamlike aesthetics. It also has more platforming hazards than the previous area.
- It looks like your average museum at first, with paintings and exhibits, until you reach a point where you can't go further without platforming around. Segments are isolated on 'islands' separate from each other, floating in empty space.
- The platforming element comes in the form of needing to jump, connect, and float around from one exhibit to another, or navigate via jumping into the paintings - which, in this case, are portals - and solving puzzles inside of them in order to unlock the next area of Otto's mind.
- The paintings depict various abstract snapshots of things, events, areas and people in Otto's life. Like, you could jump into a rendition of Otto's lab, or a rendition of Sasha's lab at the Motherlobe, or a painting of the Psychic 7, or an anatomical chart of a brain, or blueprints for an invention. Stuff like that. This idea is a bit vague in my head.
- It has a similar 'five senses' theme to Helmut's level, without the eye-exploding bright colors. It is more about abstractions of the senses, particularly touch, considering you can jump into paintings and touch the objects inside. I don't know how else to put this other than "the textures in this level are highly varied."
- There are figments of indistinct people (without faces) looking at the pictures on the walls. Some of the figments are people that can be seen around the Motherlobe, but for the most part, they're completely indistinct.
- It might seem this way at first, but the area isn't really a 'monument' to his success or something, so much as it's just, a repository of the 'refined ideas' that made it out of the third area (the Factory).
- There is at least two tags and one emotional baggage here. The other half a mind is located here.
- Otto's voice gives you a tour of the area, having a line for a lot of the stuff you can see and explore. Otto can also react to your behavior in the area, such as jumping into a painting for the first time, or when Raz encounters an enemy for the first time. "Huh, that's... odd. How did Doubts get in here? I try to keep this place clean."
- Speaking of enemies, this area's most common enemies are Censors and Doubts, which are often found fighting each other before both going after Raz. Dealing with the Doubts can be tricky, considering the residue they leave behind, which can potentially inhibit Raz's ability to jump from one platform to another in the museum's hallway area.
- But also, to a less significant degree, pyrokinesis could potentially cause damage to the (non-portal) paintings, which makes Tour Guide Otto a little upset with you. Mostly just annoyed.
- Here's what the second area might sound like.
- The third area is the source of Otto's inspirations and the origin of all of his "dreams." Naturally, it is the most "dreamlike" area of them all, and is generally the origin of All Of The Weird Shit he comes up with.
- The entire area is a colorful, sprawling factory setting, operating a giant, winding, twisting machine. Figments in this area depict gadgets that could not conceivably exist in a real world setting, among other such surrealist imagery.
- Tour Guide Otto introduces it with a nice little flourish, but tells the visitor to be very, very careful in here. "The Machine can be a little... dysfunctional, sometimes. It's best to just steer clear of it."
- The machine produces unrefined thoughts, and for that reason, Censors are a notable presence in this area. They are basically like... factory workers, who make sure that nothing particularly awful gets out, and making sure that no interference gets in. Raz is, of course, a foreign entity, which pulls their attention away from their main purpose here and towards trying to stop him from fooling around.
- Navigating the area is a bit tricky, as it involves platforming in ways that are normally impossible - such as gravity reversal. It would also involve using Time Bubble to slow down various gears and other pieces of machinery so that Raz can safely bypass them.
- This area is also one of the more dangerous places in Otto's mind. Common enemies include Censors, Doubts, Bad Ideas, and Enablers. Like before, they are usually fighting each other before they fight you. (Well, the enablers don't fight, the enablers just do whatever the hell they want.)
- There is also a nugget of wisdom here. It takes the form of a spinning gear.
- Music vibes for this area would sound something like this.
- The fourth area involves going inside of the sprawling machine itself, which turns out to be an entirely new area. The inner workings of the machine present a different platforming challenge in the form of needing to perform precise movements and keep up with moving parts.
- The powers needed to navigate the area include mental connection, levitation, time bubble, psi blast (for mental barriers, of which there are quite a few), and projection (to solve certain puzzles that involve pulling levers and opening up partitions).
- The inside of the machine is a bit dark, though not to the point of being difficult to navigate. It's very low-lighting though, a lot of the light coming from the hazards in the environment, and the area has this very specifically 'dusty' atmosphere. There are platform hazards in the form of electrified floors and spinning blades and other machine parts.
- Tour Guide Otto advises you to turn back and to not go any further, stating that the area isn't exactly safe for visitors to roam around in. But the only way to progress is to go forward.
- The most common enemies found in here are Bad Ideas, Enablers, and Doubts. There are very few censors in this area, due to the fact that they're mostly operating the machine from the outside. The inside of the machine is unrefined thoughts and raw feelings, and all the danger that entails.
- The machine comes up with Otto's ideas for inventions, it's ultimately up to the rest of the mind to turn those ideas into something that could feasibly exist and function. You can probably blame this place for Otto creating a robot with the one purpose of Crying, All The Time. As such there's probably two more emotional baggage here, using one of the tags collected from the second area and a tag collected in this area.
- On the bright side, another nugget of wisdom is located here.
- Eventually, Raz reaches the end of the Machine area - a large steam pipe that transitions him to the final area, spitting him out into the form of a detailed 'miniature' Raz, walking around in a 'miniature' version of the file cabinet maze.
- Music vibes for this area.
- Lastly, the final area of Otto's mind is all about memories, as well as trauma, coping with past regrets, and a general feeling of being 'frozen in time,' for better or worse.
- Frozen in time in the sense that he might long for "The Good Old Days", but also, a sense of feeling a bit 'stuck' in a very painful moment of his life, even now, long after it's all over and everything's Okay again. I don't know how else to explain.
- Much more detailed scenes from Otto's life are 'frozen' in the form of miniature sets and dioramas. One particular scene is quite literally 'frozen in time,' a memory of that fateful, life-altering day in Grulovia that - despite having all of his friends come back together in the present - still haunts him.
- Raz wanders through more filing cabinet hallways for a little while. It steadily starts being overcome by nature streaming into the maze. He quickly exits the maze, and finds himself in a fairly accurate, yet idyllic diorama of Green Needle Gulch, with figures depicting the original group together again, hearkening back to the so-called Golden Age of mental exploration.
- Tour Guide Otto, now manifesting near Raz on occasion as a 'miniature figure' version of Otto, happily remarks about the memories he has of this place, somewhat unintentionally giving Raz a tour of the area as he walks down his own memory lane. (Music)
- Both of Otto's memory vaults are here. The first one, located in Green Needle Gulch, details how Otto and Ford met and his perspective on the formation of the Psychic 7.
- It's much smaller than the real place, a highly textured and visibly artificial recreation, not unlike what one would actually find in an exhibit at a museum. As you proceed you can use mental connection to find other dioramas of important milestones in Otto's life. Most of them are quite happy, or at the very least, neutral.
- But if you travel far enough, which you inevitably will, you can also find a 'hidden' diorama of the lake in Grulovia, with the Psychic 6 confronting Maligula. The music here changes, to something much more somber.
- The other memory vault roams around the lake, wandering around the damaged miniatures of the Psychic 6 and Maligula. It details the events of that fateful day, and the aftermath, from Otto's perspective.
- The reel shows him throwing himself into his work, focusing his efforts on the organization and keeping up appearances, and eventually, slowly shutting himself up in his lab.
- It becomes clear that he was the 'highest functioning' of the remaining original psychonauts, but that didn't mean he was okay. He was just doing the best that he could, opting to pack his own grief away for all this time.
- The most common enemies at the lake are Deep Regrets, Bad Moods, Doubts, and Enablers.
- The last remaining emotional baggage and tags are here as well. The first one is located back in the Gulch diorama, and the last one is at the lake.
- Upon coming to this area for the first time, Tour Guide Otto's reminiscence turns a bit sad, and resigned. He manifests in figurine form again, looking around and touching the broken figurines of his friends. "I thought I retired this exhibit."
- There's a scene where Raz and Otto talk about this, where Raz asks about the broken diorama and Otto tells him how he tried to fix the diorama, but couldn't. And so Raz tells Otto that he'll melt the ice and fix the diorama for him, but Otto shoots him down gently, and says that he can do it himself. Nonetheless, Raz goes off to melt the ice and retrieve the missing parts.
- Raz quickly finds that this diorama has moving parts. But the stage and the miniatures inside of it look damaged, and it's partially frozen by ice. Raz needs to clear away the ice with pyrokinesis to make a path to find the bits and pieces that are missing, solving puzzles along the way.
- The first time Raz comes back with a missing part from the diorama, Otto asks Raz to let him do it, stating that it's something he needs to do for himself. And for every time afterwards, Raz gives the piece to Otto, who puts it back where it belongs on each miniature.
- Eventually, the diorama is repaired - allowing it to move again. Otto throws the switch, and the scene starts playing out exactly as he remembers it... up until he finds that the ending has changed since the last time he saw it play out.
- New scenes and figurines are added to the diorama as it starts to expand and bridge the gaps between itself and other scenes, and the story starts evolving. It's basically retelling a shortened version of how the Psychic 7 were reunited after twenty long years.
- Otto quickly realizes that this tragic story is finally reaching a conclusion, after so many years of being frozen in time during one of the most painful parts of the Psychic 7's lives. This gives him the chance to finally make peace with the original scene and the mistakes of the past.
The lesson here, I guess, is basically, like... it's not healthy to ignore / bury how past trauma and past mistakes affected you, but it's also unhealthy to let it Weigh on you. And Otto, in the case of my idea for what his level could be like, was dealing with Both of those things.
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eggsdrawings · 11 hours ago
the funny thing about kaminari being the only 1A character shown to canonically know how to drive is that he probably has to chauffeur kirishima and bakugou when they go on dates
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puns-and-musicals · 2 days ago
BBC Ghosts Headcanons/Thoughts!
Was an invaluable gatherer bc of his neurodivergence
Learns new language and cultural shifts fastest
Hates change but is the most used to it at the same time??
Like he’d get annoyed if they put a new mat in the meeting room but if the house burned down he’d be like “eh houses come and go”
Everything’s Alright - Laura Shigihara
Nonbinary, uses he/they pronouns
Hears about gender identities outside of the cis norm and immediately goes “People can do that????”
Ace/Aro, sorry i don’t make the rules
Because Dreaming Costs Money, My Dear - Mitski
Hyper aware of how he’s perceived at all times
Would lay face down on the floor for hours waiting for someone to find him in search of attention if that’s what it took
Has no idea what he wants from other people at any time or how to ask for it
He gives really good hugs. Fantastic hugs.
Seeks out romance because it’s ingrained- how he thinks he’s supposed to treat pretty women, as opposed to necessarily how he feels or wants to act
When She Loved Me - Peter Hollens (This version specifically, although there are many)
The Captain
Touch averse
But like super awkward about it? He won’t Deny people contact because he wants to seem “normal”- Plus! He likes feeling needed so if someone wants a hug or something he won’t say no, he just acts super uncomfortable
His swagger stick is comforting to him- it’s an object he feels strong attachment to, and if he didn’t have it in death he would have found it incredibly distressing
None of the other ghosts even know how he died, none of them were there and he doesn’t talk about it.
Soldier - Fleurie
Tries to be really chill about schedules but gets Very upset when people change plans/schedule suddenly (or even sometimes with plenty of warning)
Rejection sensitive dysphoria
Needs to feel needed to feel loved/appreciated
Doesn’t understand why someone would want him around if he isn’t helpful
To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra
A bicon
Gets migraines but drinks anyways
Super perceptive of other people, very aware when he wants to be. (lowkey canon but sh)
Low empathy (whether from ASD or a personality disorder, you pick but the point is there’s a Reason)
Absolutely loves gentle physical affection like hands through hair and cuddling, he just doesn’t know it
Would probably cry if someone held him close, change my mind. You can’t.
Company Man - Dane Terry
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amorgansgal · 21 hours ago
I saw ur headcanon requests were open soo may I request some random cuddlin hcs w/ the boys if that’s alright?
Of course you may :) I've done Arthur, Dutch, John, Charles and Sean. But if I've missed anyone you really wanted let me know and I'll be happy to do an extra cuddle hc!
Arthur is not really one for PDA, so if you want a hug when anyone else is around it will be quick. If you have an excuse like him going out on a job or returning back from one then he will linger a little bit.
Don’t get him wrong though, he loves cuddling with you. He just doesn’t want to be mocked or teased by the other gang members.
If you’re alone together in his tent though, there better be a very good reason why you’re not on his lap.
He loves holding you and burying his face into your neck. He’ll spend half his time pressing light kiss against your neck and the other half murmuring that he’s lucky to have you. He’ll want your hands stroking over his shoulders and running through his hair.
Opposite end of the spectrum, if Dutch is enamoured with you then he’ll want you at his side, the closer the better. He likes showing you off and making it clear to everyone that you’re his.
It’s more of a side cuddling thing, he’ll have his arm around your waist, fingers slightly digging into you.
He’s not a fan of dramatic displays of affection when he’s about to leave on a job, preferring a kiss over a long hug.
But he does bear the weight and responsibility of running the gang, so in his quieter and more sentimental moments he will cuddle up to you.
Usually, it’s late at night when no one else is around to bother him or interrupt. He’ll tend to lie with his head on your chest and you still get the sense his mind is furiously busy, but he’s at least quieter and appreciates your touch more.
Is somewhere in the middle. He both doesn’t want to get teased, but also deeply yearns for your touch. He doesn’t tend to have the patience of either Arthur or Dutch, so will regularly pull you away from camp to have a cuddle.
The man is desperately touch starved so he does want you to touch him innocuously throughout the day. He lives for feeling your fingers on his shoulder, arm or brushing lightly against his cheek.
If it’s been a hard day or a job’s gone awry, John will not care about what anyone else thinks and will find comfort in your arms.
He’ll pull you into a hug and bury his face against your shoulder. If you run your hands up his back you can feel him shiver. When he gets like this, he often stays completely still and quiet. But he may eventually pull you away from prying eyes!
Like Arthur he doesn’t want to have any PDA around camp, even when you two are alone together in his tent. He much prefers going out with you and cuddling you in the middle of nowhere where no one can see!
Though he very much takes every chance he can get to touch you once you’re out of camp. To the point of lingering close behind you.
Lighting a fire? Charles is there with a hand pressed on your lower back. Eating some tinned peaches? Charles will nestle against your back and finish his own meal. Even if you tease him about it, he’ll tell you that he thinks it’s important.
LOVES it when you’re both lying on your sides, holding each other, the starry night sky overhead, the fire slowly dwindling down in your little camp and he just gets to look at you. He’ll stroke one finger over your brow, cheeks, nose, lips, jaw and he’ll gaze into your eyes.
Adores feeling your hands pressed against his chest against his beating heart.
You’ll be lucky if you can manage a single day where Sean doesn’t touch you. He’s constantly finding reasons to touch you. Little pat on the butt, squeeze of your hand, cheeky kiss on your forehead, at some points it feels like Sean has four hands rather than just two!
He’s very comfortable with having you cuddle him while the others around. If anyone tells him to get a room, he’s going to be even worse!
Likes having you sat on his lap, if there’s music or singing going on he’ll often sway back and forth, and maybe joke a little that he’s going to let you fall. But he never does!
A cuddle is not a particularly relaxing event with Sean, because he’ll just gabble constantly throughout it and he’ll constantly shuffle about if you’re lying down in bed.
‘Ah, don’ fall asleep on me now, this is when I have all me best ideas! I need you awake so you can convince me not to do any of ‘em!’
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scaramucci · 16 hours ago
hii there! how about hcs for reader whose love language is physical touch with scara?:0
Hi! ty for your request, sorry it took me a while to get to :)c
side note b4 you read: i don't think Scaramouche hates physical contact, it's just that he's never really experienced it (at least not the romantic kind). i felt like saying this bc he might come off as OOC? idk x') anyways, with that said, i hope you enjoy these! ^_^
Scaramouche with an S/O with Physical Touch as their love language!
· Scaramouche doesn’t like to be touched: he’s hated physical contact since he can remember, and joining the Fatui certainly didn’t help him appreciate it more. The only kind of hugs he will give are awkward side ones, and sometimes he might even forget hand holding is a thing when you’re dating/friends with someone.
· So it’s surprising even to him when the person he falls in love with turns out to be you: the complete opposite of all of this.
· Hugs, kisses, playing with each other’s name it! You love all of this and you’re excited to finally be able to do that with your boyfriend Scaramouche, maybe with some privacy since you know he’s not the most open person when it comes to this kind of things.
· But the truth is: it’s embarrassing to him even in private, and a part of him might even feel like he doesn’t really deserve you after declining so many of your affections, or telling you he’s busy when all you really wanted to do was sit on his lap or hold his hand.
· “Are you two actually dating?” is a frequently asked question at the start of your relationship, and most of the time it’s met with a “Yes!” and an attempt at some kind of physical contact from you, while he simply nods or tells the person to piss off if he doesn’t particularly like them.
· But he definitely tries harder as your relationship goes on, which shows that he cares; it’s not like he doesn’t notice how you try your best to make him happy and comfortable by being more quiet while he’s working, or just by respecting his boundaries, so him not doing the same thing for you would make him seem like an even worse boyfriend in the eyes of everyone else –and in his own eyes too-.
· He starts by holding your hand when you’re nervous, and seeing how him doing something so simple helps you feel better makes him regret acting so uptight and prideful for all these years.
· It’s always been hard to refuse all of your hugs and forehead kisses because of the pout on your face afterwards, so when he finally lets you wrap your arms around his figure and he actually wraps his around yours back, you’re overjoyed and his heart feels like it’s going to explode –in the most positive way possible-.
· He might complain if you mess up his hair a little while kissing his forehead, but his cheeks turning red is a dead giveaway that he’s not actually mad at you.
· And he discovers that cuddling with you might just be one of the best things ever, especially if it happens in the morning and you’re desperately trying to convince him to stay in bed.
· It also becomes a habit of his to lean his head on your shoulder when he’s tired or stressed, and finally the question everyone starts to ask you when they see him do this is: “Since when have you two been dating?!”
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lepusrufus · 2 days ago
Here it is fellas, my 4 page long ramble about different worms and trying to get the science behind Miranda's mad scientist bs.
Disclaimer where disclaimer is due: this contains a lot of my own speculation since we have very little concrete information and what we do have is a little all over the place. But either way, I hope you guys enjoy my nerd tangent and would love to hear any opinions/corrections you have on it (I'll make the option to comment on the doc available, don't abuse of it tho)
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halfelven · a day ago
Hey there! Happy 22nd of September! Do you have any thoughts on Thranduil?
no thoughts, only Thranduil
but no actually I have too many thoughts on Thranduil
he's 7'1" which puts him a full foot taller than Legolas
he has a scar almost completely encircling his neck from a dwarven garrotte, which he tends to cover with his clothes or chokers. (it's a necklace he can never remove)
he was hit by lightning when crouching for cover, and the lightning left a huge scar over his left hip and down his leg/up along his abdomen
his dancing is magic in a stronger way than most elves
his movements too hold a lot of power
he'll lift his fingers in a wave, and that's making the wind stronger somewhere
he tied so much of his magic to his land that he is part of the forest itself, and can use the plants, the fungi to see what is happening throughout the forest
he took a /lot/ of pain to protect his people, but he's still kind and loving
he's aromantic
and extremely bisexual
he was one of the last people to see Elrond and Elros at Sirion
he has chronic nose bleeds
his skin is almost see-through and catches light in terrible ways sometimes
(but they are still beautiful)
sometimes he thinks that gathering silver and gems will make all the horrors of his past worth it because that's what everyone wanted
sometimes he just wants them because he knows what people will do for wealth and it's a guarantee to keep his people alive
he's half Silvan, and views himself as Silvan
his script looks a lot like Bilbo's, and they were both delighted by this
I am going to make a separate post about /why/ I think this BUT
he paid a realm's worth for a mithril shirt for Legolas when he was a child (so nothing should ever happen to him)
when Legolas outgrew it, it went back to Erebor to be re-made but Erebor was attacked before that happened
this wound up as Bilbo's, and then Frodo's
he laughs a lot and tends to cover his face with his hands when he laughs
it used to be very easy to make him blush, but it's not as easy anymore so Elrond goes out of his way to make Thranduil blush around him
he likes borrowing other people's clothes because he likes just holding onto something that smells like the people he loves
he's tall but very slim so sometimes he borrows shirts from people and wears them as crop tops
he and Legolas still have adjoining rooms because Legolas never wanted to move out of what was once his little nursery
he has five dogs (think Karelian bear dogs) and will pat them all the time and still carries them around like they might be puppies
he went to visit the Shire a few times with Legolas and was Delighted by it
he and Pippin made an alliance
he still picks Legolas up all the time because he's smaller than him and so much younger than him that Thranduil has a hard time not thinking of him as a child still when they're not working
but he's very proud of Legolas
his favourite colour is green
he bakes apple pies and spice cakes that look a bit wonky and taste amazing
he made people who fell beneath his spell dream of feasting and happiness because he thought it the kindest way for them to die if die they must
he is not cruel, but he has seen cruelness, and he will not underestimate it
he slept in Elrond's bed, and then Celebrían and Elrond's bed, and then Elrond's bed again when he visited Rivendell
he also visited a long time when Elladan and Elrohir were born to help raise them because the amount of magic it took to stabilise them and keep them alive was intense
they had it better figured out when Arwen came, so he didn't have to help as much
in turn, Elrond came to help with Legolas, even though he didn't need help, he still asked Elrond for it
he is best friends with Gandalf and isn't afraid to hug him when he's being grumpy, which most of his friends are
he really loves sledding and goes out every winter with all the elf children to pull them up the hill and ride down with them if they're scared
he's just all the children's uncle/grandfather and will play with them whenever he can
also he has a lot of plants in his room
and he likes koi fish
he gets cold on his nose and ears easily and then they get flushed and his cheeks too and he wraps his face up in a scarf so only his eyes are showing
thank you I love him so much! <3
and I was surprised I haven't done a headcanons list of him that I could find
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