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soft-dazai · 3 minutes ago
Hi there! I hope you're doing good! May I request some headcanons of what Akutagawa, Tachihara, and Atsushi would be like when jealous. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!
Hello! Thanks for waiting 💕 Hope you are doing good too! Actually, it's the first time I write for Tachihara so it msy be a little ooc. Feel free to ask again if you want something more, I'll gladky do it ❤
Tumblr media
𝐀𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐢 would just look at the person you are talking to like he wants to kill them. He rationally understands that you are your own human being and you are allowed to have friends and he doesn't get easily jealous, but I also think he needs reassurance. He did have no loving and healthy relationship in his childhood so he might be afraid of people taking you away from him. He is not going to say anything, he will just ask a question or two but nothing more
Tumblr media
He is just going to stare at that person and doing nothing. A little voice in his head would actually want to kill them, but if you are close he wouldn't do that. He actually cares for you and your feelings so he wouldn't do anything to that person just because he knows you would be hurt. He does get jealous easily and he is quite... obvious. Like, you'll know when he is
Tumblr media
Here is another one who doesn't get jealous easily. He just trusts you deeply and he know he doesn't need to worry about other people stealing you away. But, he still can feel insicure and if uou menage to make him jealous, he is going to be touchy. You'll find his arm on your waist or arpund your shoulders while you are talking to this person. He is obvious, but at the end he doesn't care as long as that person knows ypu two are together.
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rjshepherd · 4 minutes ago
HC's for Karl being a cat mom?
i think the best pet for karl would be like. a rock. or a cactus. or something that can feed and water itself. He’s not intentionally bad to animals, he’s just such a workaholic who lives in a very dangerous environment. 
but i really like the idea of Karl with a kat (or anything that would give him the love he so clearly needs) so heres some hcs:
- He never thought he'd want a cat to be perfectly honest. seemed like a lot of hassle and he had better things to focus on. this is less the story of "karl gets a cat" and more the story of "a cat adopts a human"
- this cat just appears at the factory one day, pawing at his window to be let in. out of curiosity, he does and the cat immediately begins to act like it lives there. it eats his breakfast on him and then takes an 8 hour nap in front of his fireplace
- He was thinking that he needed a mouser for the factory, so he shrugs and accepts it. Karl isn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth and he's very laid back about pretty much everything except his plans for revenge, which technically the cat would be helping with. the rats were chewing important things and he was running out of knives to magnetically throw at them. He also had difficulty crawling through the ducts to find where the damn things were hiding.
- at first they have a sort of business relationship, if you can even do business with a cat. a sort of " you keep my factory pest free and ill let you stay here and eat my food" sort of thing. But as time wears on karl becomes impressed by the cats ability to avoid his experiments, navigate its way around the factory and keep the place clean, so he starts rewarding it with treats.
- he starts talking to the cat. it gets lonely in the factory and they're good company. they don't talk back and they pull their weight around the factory. He starts treating it like an actual companion rather than just pest control.
- Karl is socialising the cat as much as the cat his socialising him. He gives it treats and slowly it beings to let him pet it or sit on his lap. it comes to him when he's stressed and meows loudly for attention so he has something to focus on. Mouser and support animal in one, he really does love his cat after spending some time with it.
- what sort of cat would he have? its probably not a domestic cat, more likely a norwegian forest cat, or maine coon that escaped from the village and has been living wild for some time. actually i can definitely see him housing a scottish wild cat by accident because he thinks is a domestic cat.
- he really does spoil this animal. makes it a nice metal collar and tag, builds things for it to play with and gives it the same meat and fish that he eats etc. The cat can sleep on the bottom of his bed or on its own mini mattress. it also has its own armchair next to his so they can sit together .
there you go nonnie! i would like a cat but sadly due to family allergies i've never had one. oh well, ill live vicariously through karl.
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kazekade · 6 minutes ago
Xiao Toxic Traits
Tumblr media
Hoo boy.
We got multiple toxic traits here with xiao, unfortunately. But sweetheart, this poor boy has trauma so it's unmistakably normal that xiao has some toxic traits. Of course my boy doesn't really do those things on purpose, but he's been through a lot so you need to adjust for him. Be considerate for him. Give him the time that he needs, even if it takes decades.
First of all, Don't ever, EVER touch or do anything to him from behind. This man would instantly go into murder mode and he will not hesitate to break your arm by accident. Just don't do anything that will surprise him, okay? He actually hurt you more than once. (when you tried to hug him from behind and he punched you.)
His words can hurt. Like.. it really can cut deep depending on his mood. We all know that xiao has a blunt attitude, you know that xiao doesn't mean what he says or is sometimes insensitive of throwing a few insults back and forth. Unfortunately, Words can hurt.
He wants things his way, and he wants you to only listen to him. If things doesn't go his way then he'll be stubborn as hell.
He could snap at you for some reason, mostly if he's stress about something. He doesn't really mean it, but he could get really mean sometimes that xiao just doesn't think about your feelings. You're human, you have emotions but he would sometimes forget about that.
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atiny-thingz · 7 minutes ago
Dilf!Ateez taking parenting - childbirth classes
A/N: This is not an idol!au. I am trying to keep a storyline for the dilf series, so I would advise you to read the previous dilf! reactions and headcanons to understand better what’s going on. You can check everything out on the Masterlist. Also there's some spoilers of other reactions and headcanons.
You were into the 5th month of your pregnancy yet you have never thought of attending any type of classes.
Until one day, Hongjoong expressed that he didn't remember anything from the classes he took with his ex-wife for their son and that made him insecure as he wouldn't know how to act in case you needed his help with anything.
You weren't feeling confident either as you have only read a couple of books, so you both decided to attend some prenatal and childbirth classes.
During the classes he paid attention only to what the instructor was saying, not caring what's happening around him.
This got you wondering whether or not he would notice you in case your water broke.
But you couldn't hide how proud you were that he was serious about this and that you loved looking at how absorbed he was.
After taking some classes he gained back his confidence which made you really glad and feel more secure.
"The problem now is, do you put in the warm water and then the formula or is it the opposite?", he suddenly asked on your way back home.
You and Seonghwa were together for almost a year but you were a bit hesitant to talk about the fact that his daughter kept asking for a sibling.
You couldn't avoid the topic any longer so you eventually talked about it and figured out that you should start trying for a baby.
A few months passed and you found that you were pregnant, making Seonghwa and his daughter jump up and down with excitement.
Not even a couple of days later, it was kinda obvious that something was wrong based on how different you were acting.
Seonghwa couldn't help but ask you what's wrong and you explained to him that you weren't sure whether both of you were ready to have a baby or not.
Hearing something like that made him feel sad but he knew that he had to be strong for both of you and the baby.
So he insisted on teaching you the basics about pregnancy and of course you gladly accepted his offer.
And even though you taught you everything that he knew you ended up signing up to a prenatal class in order to relieve pregnancy stress.
He accompanied you to every class, bragging about how he already taught you everything that the instructor showed you.
In the end you had to admit that Seonghwa knew everything and was ready to become a dad.
"You forgot to say that your husband is the best instructor.", he whispered with a pouty face, making you roll your eyes at him.
It's been a few months since you got pregnant, making everyone happy including Yunho and his daughter.
And while you would normally be the first one to start freaking out, Yunho was the first one this time and that made you think whether or not having another baby was a good idea in the first place.
But as there was no way back, you came off with the idea of signing up to some prenatal classes which made Yunho agree straightaway and feel a bit better.
On the day of your first class, you found it a bit weird that he insisted on letting you drive.
Not even a few minutes passed and Yunho took a book out of your bag that you obviously didn't put in there.
"Focus on the road, baby. I am going to teach you the basic stuff!"
His confidence made you burst out laughing and he looked at you puzzled in return.
During the classes, Yunho kept interrupting the instructor, sometimes bombarding her with questions and sometimes telling her to speak slower so he could take notes for something that he hadn't read in the book yet.
After a few minutes the instructor felt tired from getting cut off the whole time, so you had to excuse yourself and have a talk with Yunho outside.
You and Yeosang weren't together for a long time now but after hearing his daughter complaining about how lonely she felt, you really started thinking about it.
So you and Yeosang came up with the idea of testing your parenting skills by taking some parenting classes for a few weeks.
When you got to your first class you could tell that Yeosang drew everyone's attention, including the instructor and the fathers who were there to help their wives.
And even though the instructor was trying hard to focus on the exercises you could tell that at some point the instructions were a bit weird or unclear to say the least.
Anyway, it was time to work individually for an exercise. The one that you had to perform CPR on a baby doll who was supposedly choking.
The worst part of it was that Yeosang had to be the first one to try this and unfortunately after following every instruction, the doll ended up "dying" which made you glare at him, signaling him to leave the place instantly.
"At least I am good at following instructions.", he told you with a smile and once again you glared at him.
After a few months of trying, you got pregnant.
You were six months to be exact and even though San insisted that his knowledge from having another kid was more than enough, you told him to take some childbirth classes, as it was your first pregnancy and you were insecure.
He ended up coming with you as he didn't want you to go through this by yourself.
On your way to the place where you were going to have your classes he started lecturing you about the importance of some exercises and breathing techniques during childbirth.
So you ended up having a little fight telling him that the instructor knows better.
When you got there, San kept interrupting and correcting the instructor the whole time.
In the end, the instructor asked him to teach everyone some breathing techniques with your help while the instructor would sit down and take notes about everything coming out from San's mouth.
After the classes finished, it was his turn to brag about how good he was and that you should have listened to him from the beginning.
"I told you my knowledge is more than enough! When are you going to listen to your husband?", he asked with a sigh.
You had mentioned before that you should have a baby together as his daughter seemed so excited whenever she was playing around with her best friend.
To tell the truth, Mingi didn't get your point at first but after some time he noticed how happy his daughter was whenever she was spending time with other kids.
So after some talking you both decided to start trying and soon after you were pregnant with your first child.
But as your due date was getting closer and closer you couldn't hide how stressed it made you feel.
Mingi noticed that and he told you to rely on him as this wasn't his first baby.
And you made the mistake of believing him, so you ended up attending some childbirth classes.
When you got there, the instructor told you that you came pretty late, as you should have signed up for the classes around two months before the due date and you were already a few weeks away.
So you were advised to focus on some labor exercises and breathing techniques.
And you did, until you felt a little contraction which seemed different than the ones you normally have. So you told Mingi straight away how it felt and he ended up "diagnosing" that you were in labor.
"Oh my god! Baby focus on the breathing exercise-"
After that he passed out and was taken outside of the room, to the waiting area and woke up there asking what happened.
You ended up telling him how disappointed you were and that the contraction was nothing to worry about as the doctor told you that it was perfectly normal to feel like that as you were getting closer to giving birth.
Wooyoung was acting a bit weird these days, so you decided to ask him what was going on.
He couldn't hide it anymore so he expressed how much he wanted to give his son a little brother or sister which made you a little bit skeptical as you still remember how neglectant he could get due to his job and all the stress caused from it.
However he knew exactly how to convince you and after some time you gave in but only if you both took some prenatal and childbirth classes.
Of course he accepted your offer as he admitted that even though he only knew the basics he had forgotten everything after so many years.
So you signed up for some classes and from the very first moment you had to work individually on how to hold a baby the right way.
You ended up being the first to try this as you felt more confident while Wooyoung would just observe your movements until it was his turn.
However he chose to tell you the whole time how you should do it even though it was obvious how clueless he was.
"Y/N, you shouldn't hold the doll like this!"
You glared at him, signaling him to sit down and leave you alone.
After a few minutes it was time for the instructor to evaluate how well you were holding the baby doll. Surprisingly, you were the best at it in the whole class, making Wooyoung sit in the corner and follow your instructions as the instructor told you to help him out.
Your best friend was pregnant and she expressed many times how anxious she was about having a baby.
So you promised her to accompany her and her husband to every childbirth class as they were both clueless.
Even though you didn't talk with Jongho or his daughter about having a baby, you thought that it would be a great opportunity to support your friends and at the same time learn the basics about having a baby.
After some time of trying to convince Jongho, he finally gave in.
"Alright, alright! We can go but just once."
You were glad to hear that to say the least.
As soon as you got there, you both sat on a yoga mat next to your friends and followed the instructions.
The instructor kept telling you how good you were while Jongho was deep into his thoughts and trembling the whole time.
Not to mention that you and Jongho had the opportunity to spend some time with another random couple who was expecting and the woman was like a few days away from giving birth.
The "best" part from the whole experience was the moment that her water broke which made Jongho run to the toilet.
Well, he didn't show up until the woman was taken to the hospital.
So you drove back home thinking of the fact that Jongho wasn't ready to have another baby at all.
"I-I don't want kids. Anytime soon...I think I am going to throw up again.", he said with a frown out of the blue.
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miwamai · 8 minutes ago
JJK Characters when you tweet “Who wants me?”
Tumblr media
A/n: Thank you for 202 !! have this little post. Also pls pretend I’m funny on Yuji’s. I just woke up. Also, I’m srry that it’s pretty short. I usually do 3 characters but I’m tired
Characters: Yuji Itadori, Noritoshi Kamo,
Tumblr media
Yuji Itadori
Two seconds after you tweet that, he’s already in your replies. Responds with “Hey?!! HELLO ??? 😃” with a selfie of you and him cuddling on the couch
He practically fills your replies with dumb comments. “So the kiss you gave me at 8:34 pm May 16, 2021 was a mistake, SKMAKSNAJSJ Y/N, now why would you tweet this 🤨, Guys I think I got re-rejected, This is why I’m the sexiest out of the both of us🙄”
You two end up getting reposted on a tweet with 78k likes with the caption “HELP ME ?!?!” Now, not only Megumi and Nobara is teasing him but everyone else is, too.
He’s hiding his face into your arms out of embarrassment once you tell him it was a joke. “You’re so mean to me, y/n” He’s pouting.
Noritoshi Kamo
Bold of you to do that while you’re sitting on his lap. It was because he was busy studying and you were sad that he wasn’t going to give you attention. It even took some persuasion for him to check twitter.
He’s so unaffected that it’s funny. Responds with “no one” as if he doesn’t have his arm around your waist and his chin rested on your shoulder as he works.
Setting the pencil down, he picks you up and tosses you on the bed. Then moves so that he’s hovering above you with you caged in.
“No one, huh? Is that so...” He whispers as his face inches closer and closer to the crook of your neck. You can feel his hot breath, expecting a kiss to be planted there. You’re suddenly so shy... until he doesn’t make a further move.
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silentknives · 8 minutes ago
emily is the kind of introvert that prefers to talk to animals than people and says sorry to inanimate objects when she bumps into them. 
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lostinthewiind · 8 minutes ago
If anyone has any Haikyuu headcanons or fic requests, PLEASE send them my way.
I'm FINALLY in a writing mood again and wanna write for my favourite volleyball bois.
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dabipbop · 9 minutes ago
Man the Dramaturgy vs Araragi was prolly one of the best fights I’ve seen in anime/tv in general. Everything about it is so good, the music, the expressions in Araragi’s face, the silliness of it but yet still being serious, the animation and the twists in it. I just really enjoyed watching Araragi’s reactions to it all happening and the sorta desparation as well and overall i just think it slaps 
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zorkaya · 10 minutes ago
important: what it means “to belong.”
Victor always belonged somewhere because he could emotionally connect with others since he was a kid. Since he was a child, he allowed himself to be a child and not let his own genius as a kid to be in the way of him having fun, being energetic, and trying to befriend people and surround himself with people. Victor can say with full confidence that he has a place he belongs to and that his heart and soul belongs to Margarita, his fiancée. This is why Victor is so laxed and laid-back when it comes to his ties, he is not afraid that he’ll never find someone to call a friend, he treasures his connections but he is not desperate to hold onto them for his humanity. He can feel safe around people, he is not afraid to show his true self to others. He can connect with people, understand them, be empathetic, ignite them with energy and be real about it. He doesn’t need to pretend to be someone he’s not to get what he wants, even if it’s his privilege as a boy and as a future heir of Sokolov family.
Zarina, on the other hand, has never truly felt like she belonged anywhere besides her connections to her family and then her chosen family, but unlike Victor, she cannot say that her heart and her soul belongs to anyone. Since she was a child, Zarina has only concentrated on improving her skills, her strengths, she has been secluded more often than not, spending time with adults instead of kids and being a kid - she didn’t allow herself to be a kid. She has always been a white crow, a black sheep, someone who didn’t belong, so that’s why she is so desperate to protect and to guard those connections that she does establish because for her it’s hard, it’s hard to trust someone and to be close to them. But even with her chosen family and her real family, she is still distant in her own way, keeping her image before both, not having a person who she’d devote herself truly. 
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uwuowotf2ismylife · 12 minutes ago
Important facts for the mercs
Scout dabs unironically. He also vapes bEcAusE hE wAnnA bE cOol bUt cAncEr Is Gay (for legal purposes this is a joke)
Soldier has the iq of a housetrained cat, but is really good at poker. He isnt allowed to play poker with any kind of money involved since the Great Lake Incident
Pyro are very fluent in ASL and MSL and they are amazing at most fair games except the darts. They arent allowed to participate in Poker Nights due to the GLI (Great Lake Incident)
Engineer actually doesn't know how to cook. He knows how to grill, but thats where his knowledge about cooking ends.He makes the best sandwiches tho, even puts the mayo and the ketchup in a swirly pattern so you get more mayo and ketchup per sandwich
Heavy loves playing chess. He may or may not have beat the living shit out of scout with the chessboard one time Scout got yeeted and landed face first on Heavys Chessboard during a very heated chess game with Medic. Scout is traumatise now and wont even touch the board in fear of upseting Heavy
Demo, he can move his ears
Nough said
Medic he really likes to talk. Like a lot. Like please shuddup its 1 am you are doing surgery and half of my blood has been punched outta me, you are using your tshirt as a bandage and archimedes is peking at my stomach ulcers, please shuddup
Sniper is pretty good at poker. Especially strip poker.
He wears special undies those days
For 30$ hell even year Spys just to piss off Soldier
Spy... actually likes asmr, especially those licking and biting ones. He doesn't know why, he just likes em and they help with migraines. If hes truly in love with you hell jokingly bite you. He has no idea why but its soothing for him
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bukojuiice · 13 minutes ago
— genshin boys as your college roommates who are head over heels in love with you
Tumblr media
ೃ ft. childe, diluc, kaeya, zhongli, and xiao x gn! reader
ೃ 400-600 words per character!  ♡
ೃ warnings: mention of alcohol drinking ( but aside from that, just lots and lots of fluff!)
ೃ this is my very first writing contribution to the genshin fandom, so i hope everyone likes it!  after 5 months of playing genshin, i think it’s safe to say my brainrot for it has finally consumed me and i’m confident enough to brew something up! <3
ೃ if you want to be a part of my taglist, answer this form! ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
– You and Childe are the perfect embodiment of the best friends to roommates trope. Whenever you wanna sleep in for 5 minutes more and you’re about to run late for your first class, Childe never fails to slowly drag you out of your bed, laughing as he does so. “Wake up sunshine!” is the first thing you always hear in the morning and you don’t complain if you get to hear his smexy voice anyway. He is a confident flirt and is not afraid to show you how much he cares or how much he pines over you. 
–  He’s always always there to save the day. There was a time when your classmates stood you up on the group project you were making, and guess who comes up to you with glitter, glue, and colored paper? Childe, of course! He stayed up until the wee hours of the night with you just so he can help you finish it. He even promises to set things in a “very civil way” with your absolute jerk groupmates the very next day. You practically hang out with him 24/7 as most of the time he just barges in your shared apartment with some amusement park tickets on hand or to some expensive yoga or judo class. There’s never a dull moment with him and with each passing day, the more you fall harder for him.
–  After a morning jog with him and seeing cute little dogs frolicking around with their married owners, Childe suddenly had the urge to adopt a dog with you.  But, due to a no pets rules established by the landlord, the two of you opt to owning hamsters instead! Childe named his hamster, narwhal (after his favorite animal of course!) whereas you named yours bunny, to match his irrelevant pet name picking. your hamsters both share the same house/cage and even they are pining over each other.
  –  His siblings visit a lot, especially Teucer. At this point, there was never a day the little boy didn’t ask when are you and Childe going to finally become “playground playmates” (a term for lovers that they use in second grade apparently) since the two of you are living with each other and seem so close. Childe is always able to successfully change the topic and shift away from talking about the shared feelings that the both of you have for each other. But, alas, the day had finally came to be and during your monthly trip to the amusement park, Childe confidently confesses to you on top of the ferris wheel.
“So... everyone in my life knows that you’re my best friend. Yea, that’s pretty cool and all but... Can we be more than just that (Y/N)? Is there hope if I think there could be something between us?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
– Diluc is your posh and rich roommate who sounds and looks too good to be true. The fact that you’re roomies with the literal heir to the country’s biggest wine and beverage company sounds like something straight out of a fanfic. But, it was of his volition to decide to live in a penthouse near Teyvat University. It was the doings of his step-brother Kaeya who tricked him into getting a roommate so that he won’t be alone for the rest of his college years... aaand that’s where you come in. practically barged into his life, but, you were a blessing. an angel sent from the skies.
–  He’s quite cold and unapproachable at first, only greeting you whenever he sees you but never bothered to engage in small talk with you. Even if the both of you go to the same university. It wasn’t until your second month as roommates, when you accidentally had too much to drink after a friends’ night out. You come home to see him in the living room, drinking grape juice from a wine glass, and watching a rerun of Hannah Montana. You practically collapse at the front door, he rushes to you and helps you up as you drunkenly confess to him in tears how you wanted to become much closer to him especially since the  two of you are going to spend the rest of your college years together. That was when Diluc realized how distant and aloof he’s been and vows to make it up to you.
– Diluc is very talented. Albeit in very discreet way, he makes sure to make use of his talents especially if it’s an opportunity to make memories with you. He is an amazing cook as much as he tries to deny it, He’s a secret virtuoso caught in 4k when you impulsively bought a guitar one time and you asked if he knows how to play, and he does so well. He practically serenades you in the most non-obvious way possible. Lastly, He’s very athletic. You invited him to play tennis one time, betting that if he won, you would do his bidding for the rest of the week. Before you could even blink, he wins. His “punishment” for you was that you accompany him in binge-watching TV Dramas. Grey’s Anatomy and Downtown Abby are just some of the shows the two of you would watch. It is absolutely adorable seeing him so invested in these dramas. and since the next on Diluc’s list were sit-coms, you were preparing yourself to answer his questions on the context of jokes that he didn’t get. In a poor attempt to flirt with you, he calls out your name and recites in the most Joey Tribbiani voice he could muster, “How you doin?” You were laughing so so hard that night because his pick up line actually worked on you and suddenly your realizations came full circle: you were very much in love with him too.
–  His naturally cool yet shy nature had always gotten the best of him.  He’s always wanted to ask if you wanted to carpool with him to school. Riding with him in his Tesla sportscar that goes 150 Mph? Heck yeah. However, it took quite a while before he could muster up the courage to ask you (4 months of being roommates until he finally popped the question) Since then, the two of you go home to and from University whenever you had similar schedules. Ever since then, Diluc had began to soften. His cold and hard facade slowly melted. Asking if you could help tie his floofy red hair then he’d let you play with it and let you style it in different ways. He takes you out on café dates during lunch breaks and take you out to watch a movie after both of your late night lectures. Everyone in campus thinks the two of you are practically together at this point. All that was left was to bare your feelings with one another through a fumbling and awkward confession.
“Words cannot not suffice these feelings I’ve been harboring for you since the very beginning. I L-like you a lot. Do you feel the same way too?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Everyone loves Kaeya. Your friends and family, The School Faculty, The owner of the Convenience Store from down the street, The old lady who lives next door, The little kids from down the hall, and even the angry brown poodles from the farthest apartment to your right absolutely loved him. it was hard to keep up with having a roommate that not only were you crushing so hard on, but also had such a vibrant social life. Kaeya interacts and socializes with a lot of people and he admits that it does tend to get tiring at times. But, if these sacrifices lead to coming home to his cute roommate who has captivated his heart since Day 1, then it’s all worth it.
— Despite how warm and friendly he may seem, Kaeya is a very private person. He’s brought two or three friends like Jean, Lisa, Albedo, or Rosaria. But, only to discuss school affairs. He wasn’t the kind of person who trusts others easily, even if he was giving off the impression that he was a trustworthy and reliable person himself. He’d much rather spend time with you on days off from school. He may be a party guy on the outside (he insists he does it for future connections when he graduates) but he’s quite a homebody. Kaeya is the type to watch korean dramas and anime with you, go on late night convenience store cravings, and these always resulted in a perfect evening spent with him. When the both of you are fully immersed into the anime and things get a bit cozy, you rest your head on his shoulder, huddling for warmth.
— Kaeya would always come home with a little something for you. May it be take-out food, A trinket, a board game, an accessory, and even skincare products. The indigo-haired man is very particular about self-care and you bet that he’s bought different kinds of face masks, ointments, and even matching cute headbands just for the two of you! He’s very flamboyant and flirts with you a lot. Trying to impress you with pick up lines and suggestive jokes, but you always thought that he was just joking around because that was always a part of his personality. It was always a part of him. For Kaeya on the other hand, it seems to him that you don’t take him seriously and it's possible that you don’t return his feelings at all. He had to set things straight and it didn’t take long until Kaeya found the perfect opportunity to do so.
— With the help of practically everyone in the apartment, Kaeya is about to surprise you with a candle-lit dinner up on the apartment rooftop. His sly smooth-talking quickly convinced you that the both of you were just going to go out on your nightly convenience store trips. Your curiosity grows when he takes you by the hand, covering you with a blindfold, and whispering to your ear, “Do you trust me?” Gripping onto his hand tightly, the both of you go up some stairs and you reply, “Yes Kaeya, I do.” He slowly uncovers the shield from your eyes and your eyes sparkle at the sight of the candle-lit dinner, complete with jazz music, and a romantic view of the city.
“(Y/N)... You are the most precious person to me. I hope you can take me seriously, especially my feelings. I am saying this with my heart in my hand and with nothing but genuine love in my soul.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— Zhongli is truly husband material. You’re saying this as his friend, as his roommate, and as someone who’s absolutely smitten over him. He’s a third year environmental archaeology student at Teyvat University. Gentle, kind, and has nothing but wise and intelligent things to say. your lovestruck self can’t help but just admire him from afar, not knowing that he too has been entranced by you ever since you moved in.
—He's always the first to wake up in the morning. The first thing he does is make you a cup of coffee. He's got your favorite memorized, (Coffee with cream. Not to sweet and not too bitter.) The both of you own matching mugs, (written in colored scribbled letters, “The Wise Roommate” for Zhongli and “The Cute Roommate” for you.) He always wants to spend his free mornings with you. Both of you have different schedules so you never see each other at Campus and this was the only blissful time of the day you can spend with one another. Once you get home for dinner, (Zhongli is always the first to get home if he doesn’t stay too long at the library or strolling around the city) If it’s your turn to cook or if it’s his, he never forgets to brew you oolong tea after dinner. A perfect chance for the two of you to just talk the night away and engage in deep and meaningful conversations.
—Zhongli fell in love with you because you just quietly listen to him. Sometimes, you would share your thoughts and insights, even sharing your own personal knowledge that Zhongli had not known prior. You were one of the very few people in his life whom he could talk about absolutely anything with. Well, who wouldn’t listen to a handsome man who has a voice as smooth as butter? He is very passionate about his studies. Taking a lot of extra courses and spending a lot of money on his research. and so, most of the time, he spends all of his Mora on his extra studies (excluding the money he needs to pay for rent) and other interesting antiques. You understood why though. So, instead, you ask him to accompany you to do mundane chores. Going grocery shopping, doing the laundry and cleaning the apartment. He always helps in any way he can. The prying eyes of people around you and the old lady fr next door boldly coming up to you to ask if you and Zhongli were a married couple. You blush profusely whereas Zhongli coolly denies the woman's claims. It hurt quite a little but who were you to complain?
— It was during one of your night strolls with Zhongli. He had invited you out after dinner under the guise of wanting to have some fresh air and find a clear spot for the fireworks from a nearby festival. Your heart was thumping loudly to a non-existent rhythm, blissfully unaware that Zhongli was feeling a burst in his chest too. He clears his throat and his shoulders straighten. Zhongli puts his hand on your shoulder and breathes deeply. His cool and gentlemanly aura still radiating off of him as always. A wonderful array of colors fill the sky as his lips began to form the words he's always wanted to say:
"Tonight is beautiful isn't it? I thought that this would be the perfect time to open my heart up to you... You are a diamond in the rough that few see the beauty of. My beloved– Will you accept my feelings?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—  Having a popular twitch streamer as your roommate was a one in a million chance. Especially if you’re not even an influencer or internet figure yourself. But, how did this come to be? Why have you developed a crush on Xiao aka VigilantYaksha without knowing who he was? A gamer with over 6 million followers on different social media platforms? Simple, a high-end apartment near Teyvat University had a special discount if you were willing to be roommates with someone. It’s an amazing deal, near your school, cost-efficient, and you believed the 10% chance of scoring a hot roommate as seen on reality TV and romantic comedies. It was like rolling through a Gacha Game and getting a 5 star character. As that “character” is soon to be revealed as Xiao.
— Things started off rocky at first. On your first day, he flatly welcomed you by the door, introduced himself, then quickly retreated back to his room. As soon as you locked eyes with him, he gave off a certain cold and unfriendly aura. You wanted to get to know him better. Maybe with a little love and care, he could open up to you and you could become friends! That same day, you had mistakenly thought of your room as his and you walked in on him streaming a horror game. He wasn’t spooked by the jumpscares. But instead, he was looking at you in horror because you’ve just exposed yourself to thousands of people. You wave at the camera, apologize, and left. Since then, his fans, (called the Anemo Tofus) have been shipping the two of you together. Creating fanfiction and fanart of Xiao and the mysterious roommate that accidentally walked in on him. They practically begged Xiao to at least talk a little bit about you, to which, he declined. When you surprised him with dinner (as a little treat since this was your first week with him) He sits across the table from you, his eyes gazing deep into yours, as he pops the question, in a very tsundere tone: “Would you like to appear in my streams? T-the Anemo Tofus wanna learn more about you. B-but, if you don’t want to, it’s alright! You don’t have to-” You cut him off before he could continue his doubts, “Xiao! What are you saying? I’d love to!”
  —  There was something blossoming between the two of you after that particular dinner with him. Starting with your first “roommate video” that you had thought of when you were brainstorming for video ideas. It was an Almond and Mapo Tofu mukbang whilst the two of you answered questions from fans! The viewers noticed how visibly comfortable he was around you despite his usual reserved attitude. He was cracking up a lot more sarcastic and self-deprecating jokes whilst Tofu filled both of your mouths. Outside of the confines of social media and inside the comfortable space that was your apartment, you and Xiao grew closer. Wearing matching hoodies, going on midnight snack runs, playing in arcades, and stargazing with him up on the rooftop as you contemplate about life and talk about the mysteries of the universe. There were times when you would stay up late doing school works and would accidentally fall asleep on the sofa. Xiao would come out of room because he periodically had cases of insomnia. When he sees you on the sofa, he can’t help but smile at your sleeping figure and admire your beauty. First. he brings all your clutter back to your room then slowly picks you up from the couch, into his arms, and brings you back to your room. He places a blanket on top of you and your stuffed plushies next to you so you can hug them any time. 
— On a particular night, you fell asleep on the sofa once again and begun to  have recurring nightmares. Xiao was there to witness you whimpering, muttering to yourself, and shivering to a mental image that he could not see. (He wishes he could erase all the pain that these nightmares were giving you) You subconsciously grab onto his hand, murmuring to yourself: “Xiao, please don’t go.” He whispers back, “I won’t.” Your nerves slowly relax when you feel the Yaksha squeezing himself to lie next to you on the couch. Holding onto your arm, he continues to reassure you that it was going to be okay. You grab onto him, hugging him from behind. He feels your heartbeat revert back to it’s normal pace and you return back to your peaceful slumber. “I’ll always be here for you, (Y/N). I’ll be here to protect you. Forever and always.”  Turning to you to plant a kiss on your forehead, you nestle your head on Xiao’s chest. He watches as you cling to him for love and warmth until he is slowly whisked away by his weariness, rewarded with a peaceful sleep he hasn’t felt in a while.
Tumblr media
“And they were roommates.”
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surohsopsisofclouds · 14 minutes ago
Dream can bake. Can't cook to save his life, but he makes little cookies, and guards them with a mixing spoon while they cool, to make sure they're perfect, and only once their ready it it time to unleash the found family with sprinkles and icing.
ajdhxvs I love this
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cruelhighways · 16 minutes ago
kaz and inej get a cat when they move in together and kaz first realises he’s getting better when he wakes up with a soft, warm creature asleep on his chest one morning and doesn’t freak out
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erensmommy · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
<3 erenxblackfem!reader (anyone is welcome to read)
<3 contains: slight mentions of racism, slight nsfw, major fluff, some angst?, mild language
<3 setting: 1950’s
<3 summary: you and eren’s relationship is forbidden due to the time period you live. in and it was easy to keep hidden until one quite night in your home.
The school bell rang as you gathered your books holding them to your chest tightly. You placed the extra books that you didn’t need for homework tonight in your locker before meeting up with your friend Darcy. 
“Did you hear about that black boy that got murdered a few weeks ago?” Darcy said holding up a newspaper as you both walked down the hall. 
“Yeah my momma had the news on all night listening about what happened” You sighed as another young black male was tragically killed at the hands of a white man. 
This wasn’t anything new to you living in the south in the middle of the 50’s was one of the worst places you could live at as a colored girl or any color at that. As long as you weren't white nobody cared about your well-being nor your feelings or how you were treated. 
You grew up regularly being called slurs and many other derogatory names a woman of color could hear. 
“You got any plans?” Darcy said as you walked down the dirt road to your small homes. 
“I think Eren is coming by later to take me somewhere” You smiled at the thought of him.
Darcy laughed a little as you looked at her concerningly “By coming by later you mean sneaking you out of your bedroom window just to sit in his car” 
“Darcy stop you know we can’t do much” You rolled your eyes at her. 
It was true you and Eren couldn’t do much why? It was simply because you were black and he was white. Jim Crow laws prevented you from showing your relationship out to the public. This meant no drive in dates, dances at the teen club, or burgers and fries at the diner together. 
You didn’t mean to fall for someone the opposite skin color the way you met just happened out of no where really. You remember walking down the busy street to get milk for your mom as she was making cornbread with the rest of your dinner tonight. Walking down the street getting weird stares as if you were the outcast. 
You just walked with your head down and stared at the ground as your feet moved against the chalky pavement. Clutching your purse in hand you pulled open the door to the small market. Upon opening the door a body hit yours as fast as the wind did knocking you to the ground. 
Eyes widening you quickly tried to pick yourself up as a pale hand reached out in front of you. Taken back by the kind gesture you pulled your hand away from theirs quickly continuing to look down. 
“It’s alright I won’t hurt you I promise” The voice was soft and kind. 
Looking up your gaze met a boy with brown hair and forest green eyes. His hair was pulled back into a bun which was something that made him so interesting to you. The green haired boy extended his hand out, encouraging you to reach for it. Taking a leap of faith you put your hand in his immediately feeling the softness of yours and his. 
“Thank you so much kind sir I best be on my way now” You spoke, wiping off your knees and then your skirt. 
The boy didn’t say anything back, he just stared into your eyes as if they were the most beautiful things he had ever seen. 
“Wait let me help you with groceries, it's the least I can do” The boy shrugged his shoulder a bit. 
The rest was history after that, you learned the boy's name that same day he went by Eren and you simply adored him. At first you had to keep your friendship on the low for obvious reasons. You didn’t feel yourself start to have feelings for him until the day he mindlessly knocked on your door while your parents weren't home, thankfully you were an only child. 
Snapping yourself back into reality you realized you had made it to your house waving by Darcy you stepped in quietly. Your momma didn’t usually get home from work until the early mornings leaving a few minutes before you came home from school. And your dad was on his usual business trip he had said he went to New York in a letter he sent a few days ago. 
Night had hit unexpectedly as you were deep in your studies with books sprawled around you in your upstairs bedroom. Picking up your books and placing them on your desk so you could have them ready to pick up in the morning as you rushed out the door. You sat down on your bed with a sigh looking at the clock it was around eight thirty and you decided to get ready for bed until you heard a knock on your window.
Going to the balcony you opened the doors stepping out to be met with the silence of the night. Your breath hitching as you felt two strong arms wrap around your waist from behind. 
“Hi darling” The voice said softly in your ear. 
“Eren you can’t keep doing that” You relaxed your muscles placing your hands over Eren’s. 
Eren turned you around in a swift motion before placing his hands back on your hips. 
“I know I just like seeing you jump” Eren smiled a little. 
“You're an ass, you know that right?” 
“Just for you” He smirked, taking your hand and leading you back into your room. 
He sat on your bed pulling you next to him after you closed the balcony doors and the curtains so no one could see you with each other. Getting caught was your worst fear, of course things would be bad for the both of you but more so you getting caught was worse than Eren. You had only seen each other during the night as it was easier for him to sneak out and come over since your mom was at work and your dad across the country. 
“So I aced that math test you helped me study for” Eren said, turning to you and bringing out a paper with a huge A+ on the front. 
“I'm so proud of you baby you did so well” You cheered for him putting your hands on his cheeks. 
“R-really?” Eren said softly with red cheeks. 
Eren’s family didn’t give two shits about his school life; they just wanted to marry him off to another rich white woman and have kids with her just to keep the family business running. No matter how hard he tried to show his parents that he wanted to graduate high school and become an engineer they denied it. 
“Of course I am Ren” Smiling you caressed his cheeks pulling him in for a sweet kiss. 
Eren dropped the paper bringing his hands to your waist as your arms settled on his shoulders connecting at the nape of his neck. 
“You're so beautiful” Eren groaned, leaning down to attack your neck in kisses. 
“Eren” You whined as he continued to trail them down your neck. 
“Yeah baby” He continued to kiss your neck as one of his hands came up to squeeze the flesh of your chest. 
“I want you” You breathed out as he pulled back from the crook of your neck with wide eyes. 
“Are you sure?” 
You nodded your head and pulled him in for another kiss, this one rougher than the other. 
An hour later you were in your bed covered in a sheet of sweat and the covers of your bed as your chest rose and fell. Eren next to you in the same position as you snuggled into his side stroking his chest with the tips of your fingers. 
Never in a million  years would you imagine lying naked in a bed next to someone of the race that was supposed to hate you. You felt so lucky to have Eren at your side just hoping that one day you could reveal your relationship to the world without being in so much fear. 
Your eyes fell heavy as you felt Eren’s lips pressed to your forehead and felt sleep take you over.
“What in gods name is going on here!” 
Your body jolted up along with Erens as you held the covers to your chest only to be met with the eyes of your angry mother. 
“Mom I-” You tried to explain but she was already beginning to yell again. 
“What the hell is a white man doing in your bed matter a fact what the hell is he doing in my goddamn house?!” 
You looked to the side to see Eren with the same wide eyes as yours as he looked at your mother who had obviously gotten off work earlier than you expected. 
“Um I'm-” Eren forced himself to say he would be lying if he wasn’t scared out of his mind right now. 
“I don’t care who you are get the hell out before I call the police” Your mom tried to calm her nerves as she gritted her teeth. 
Eren hurriedly pulled on his clothes even putting on his socks backwards in the process. Even though he was scared shitless he still managed to give you a peck on the lips before going to your balcony and disappearing into the night. 
Moments after your mother didn't say anything to you she just shook her head and slammed your door shut after leaving. When she left you felt tears stream down your face like hot springs thinking this would be the last time you'd see Eren you sunk back into your bed. 
Your eyes almost closed until you heard your balcony window being opened again as Eren stepped through your eyes widened. Sitting up Eren looked around the room for your mother and seeing that she wasn’t there he came and sat on the edge of your bed. 
“I thought you left for good?” You smiled through tears caressing his cheek just like earlier. 
“I would never leave you darling” Eren kissed your lips but this time he kissed them with passion and with love like no one was watching. 
“You promise?” You spoke through tears. 
“I promise” 
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jisungsuniverse · 18 minutes ago
today on reasons i should not be allowed to wake up in the morning. i cannot stop thinking about hyunjin’s collar bones, like they are so fucking pretty i wanna cry. like i just wanna kiss them or lick them or something idk. like can you just imagine him laying back while you cover his collar bones in pretty bruises. like he would be moaning and whimpering while you mark him up and i-
i’m gonna die i cannot get these thoughts out off my head,,,
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retarded-kasugai-crow · 18 minutes ago
It’s Giyu lovin hours now. Go ahead and send in your requests with other characters but if I don’t see at least one with Giyu I’m gonna spontaneously combust
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anonymousstinkkat001 · 19 minutes ago
Hello! Your blog is like a dream come true. Idk why but omegaverse is one of my favorite AUs. May I ask for a scenario where Tim makes an omega he’s been dating/close to for a while his mate? Thank you!
Hey. Oh, why thank you as just reading this made me smile so much and no problem as I love this ask. Same here as Omegaverse is my absolute favorite Au and I can just babble on about it if I want without it boring you guys. Of course, constructive criticism, advice and feedback is welcome. Ask box is always open to be flooded upon with either Omegaverse requests or anything else in particular
Alpha! Tim: 
• For an eternity almost - at least in Tim's worried nature - he couldn't find the right words to say to his Omega that he wanted to take their relationship to the next step  
• Finally, after some time and gentle coaxing, reassuring words from his best friend, Brian, he had decided to make it an simple yet intimate date where he tells what's on his mind
• The date would mostly consist of a simple night in just the two of you together possibly having a dinner made by himself and a movie of his s/o pick without interruptions 
• Midway trying to gather through with the words spoken in his head, Tim with reddened cheeks just abruptly asks if his s/o would want to be his Ome and for all
• It quickly unfolds from there and to his instant relief, his Omega immediately says yes without question and with an ecstatic smile; bearing their scent glands on their neck to him 
• His eyes are blown and his sharp canines are out and ready to take a nice, deep bite out of his Omega's tender neck
• Further shock to his Omega is him doing the same bearing his neck to them so they can bite down too if desired and it happens to with a startled but blissed gasp
• Nice, gentle aftercare is given to his Omega after with tenderly licking up the remaining blood given to by his mating bond left colorfully deep showing anyone that he's his s/o's mate
• Afterwards, once everything so small to even intimate is settled down and they're bonded a wide, pleased smile written across Tim's face
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cruelhighways · 19 minutes ago
the first time kaz allows jesper to hug him after several years of healing jesper almost breaks down crying but he holds it together bc he cares too much about his brother to fuck this up
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coch1 · 23 minutes ago
Stupid things that I did and that I think the boys would do (don't juged me) part 2
Baji and chifuyu: stealing a cat that belongs to abusive owners (the kitten had its mouth blown open by fireworks, what were you expecting me to do?)
Takemichi: call a pizzeria at night and say good morning
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zorkaya · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
ALWAYS REMEMBER !!  Zarina is not warm to the touch in almost all verses. She’s actually cold/chilly to the touch, like a cold side of the pillow. Only during summer she’s finally getting kinda warmer but only in verses where she’s full fledged human. In other verses where ice powers can be implemented (or it’s Arkn.ights because I can say that), she is cold to the touch, she’s NOT warm. You’ll be thinking she’s freezing, but for her that’s a normal temperature. 
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