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“Grab your coat, leave a note and run away with me.” -William Chapman

Just days filled with anatomy, anatomy and did I mention anatomy? It would be more fun if we had more time until the first oral exam but honestly rn it’s just cramming information into my brain in as little time as possible, getting up to get some tea, sitting back down and feeling like all the information is gone already in a span of two minutes lol

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studyblr community challenge | tuesday, october 20, 2020;

tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

first off, i have been AWAY from posting studyblr og posts for so long, but fall semester senior has been kicking my butt. we are surviving and doing well, but online school sucks. inspirational posts and lovely aesthetics that keep me going is def by the one and only @stillstudies. so grateful for you mya!!

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tuesday, 20th october

felt weird taking a day off in the middle of the week, but i had a lovely time in london eating these ginger and chocolate cookies (both divine), drinking limeade and reading for pleasure. ft. writing from @scullymurphy and a new yorker profile on lucinda williams (also both divine). london in october makes me feel like myself.

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monday, oct 19

stills from my ~*journal with me*~ video hehe (september monthly recap edition!) also pls excuse my claw hands LOL. i’ve been having a pretty rough time, as per usual, these past few weeks and having this video to take my mind off of things has been helping. thank u to the kind people who commented on my first video i lub y’all lots ;u;

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featuring the chaotic reality and perfect ideal.

i’d usually be sitting at my desk right now but i’m dealing with an awful sinus/ear infection. hopefully it’ll lay off soon.

how has everyone been?

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Just got the grades back from one of the midterms I took this past weekend… I did amazingly! Not 100% but so close to that :) I had heard a lot of rough things about this course so I’m happy that the first major contribution to my grade puts me in a good place. 

I don’t think I’m really going to stop doubting my choice to drop a course at the beginning of this semester but I must say the number of positive changes I’ve been seeing afterwards have cut down those doubts a lot.

Fall 2020 Quarantine Challenge: Show us your annotations! 

Sorry, I’m not doing any reading for class at the moment so no annotations from me here… I do annotate my notes sometimes but not for this statistics class. 

Yesterday’s question: Do you color code? 

I have a base color (usually black or pencil) and an accent color (usually teal or maroon right now), but any more than that and it becomes hard for me to keep track of. Since I don’t rewrite my notes, picking between many different colors during lecture or reading takes too much attention for me and I would end up paying less attention to to content.

Listening to: (nothing… I’m actually in a zoom meeting right now but no one else is here! so I thought I would make a post)

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14.10.2020 // i cannot keep my focus today.. might just take a couple hours off, an early afternoon break sounds pretty inviting, hopefully it’ll help and i can get cracking on some physiology work

day 14 - What are some of your study essentials?

here’s a little what’s in my pencil case:) it’s what i’d be bringing to uni  if we had in person lectures… as it happens, we only have labs rn and i don’t need more than a gel pen and pencil with me, so most of these items have migrated to the drawers of my desk/pencil holders. other essentials i can’t study without include fuzzy socks, my ipad for note taking, and w a t e r (stay hydrated kids, be a hydrohomie (thanks @acadhr for expanding my vocab in the best of ways!))

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// studyblr community challenge - day thirteen

do you have an aesthetic? if yes, what is it?

i don’t really have that much of an aesthetic, but for studyblr i try to go for light, bright pictures with kinda pinky clouds for text post headers. i’m honestly really happy with my text post aesthetic, but i struggle to get the lighting i want for my pictures. if anyone has any lighting tips they would be greatly appreciated!

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13.10.2020 // adjusting to work life and study is hard…im not used to managing the two. i only have to keep this up for another two weeks before we go on summer break [im australian, so reverse seasons]. over the summer i really need to figure out a system for managing this, all while keeping up doctors appointments and social events. and getting enough sleep. and laundry. if anyone has any advice, feel free to slide it into my inbox / asks 🌷☀️💫

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// studyblr community challenge - day twelve

how much time do you spend on studyblr on average per day?

ooh i don’t know! i try to limit my screen time and i’m certainly not the best at taking pictures all the time, so i think i’d put my guess somewhere around half an hour? 

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Monday, 12th October 2020

Physics - Parabolic Motion Questions

Mechanics will be the death of me - it’s in physics, maths and further maths 😫 on the good side, I’ll get lots of practise. Here’s a snap of my desk, since we’re working from home today :)

🎵 On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons

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studyblr community challenge - day eleven

what’s something that you have learnt from studyblr?

i’ve definitely learnt some great tips for how to stop procrastinating, and i’ve seen a lot of posts about personal statements that will be very helpful soon! i can’t really remember anything specific but i’ve certainly learnt a lot, studyblr is such a great place for learning things and so many people are generous enough to share their knowledge.

(also yes, these notes are extremely old and i don’t even do history any more, but the lighting’s currently terrible and i don’t have any recent pictures that i haven’t already posted.)

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sunday, oct 11 

my friends i finally did a thing and made my first journaling youtube video (!!) hehe thank u to my friends on here for encouraging me to do so ♥ i think i’m going to really try to put energy into this to help ground myself during these next few months, and would love love to find a similarly warm & wholesome community on that platform as i did here a;sdfjaeiow;fj

hope u all have (had?) an amazing weekend, and i hope the sun is shining wherever you are !! ♥

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I got to go out for the first time in 7 months!!! it was only to school (signing some official documents) but I got to meet my best friend and classmates!!! I’m so happy you guys ★

also took a little walk around my appartment complex and took a few pictures! this tree in particular was so so lovely!

revision for mock tests has begun!

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oct. 7, 2020. a close up of my october monthly spread. a couple years ago i would have been the absolute last person to include something like an affirmation in my bullet journal, because i always looked at them and found them ‘cheesy’ or whatever, but a couple months ago i had a change of heart and downloaded an app for affirmations and added it to my phone and somehow seeing the short sentences of positivity has helped my mental health more than i’d expected - so i decided to choose one affirmation that relates to me personally and add it to my bullet journal each month

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