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#headless horseman

I’m making spooky valentines this year, only bad ideas allowed.

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50 IQ- The Headless Horseman is the villain
100 IQ- Braham Bones is the villain
200 IQ- The Headless Horseman doesn’t exist
400 IQ- Braham Bones is the Headless Horseman
800 IQ- Ichabod is the villain
1600 IQ- Katrina is the villain
3200 IQ- Ichabod is the Headless Horseman
6400 IQ- Ichabod doesn’t exist

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Recently joined a discord where they host drawing challenges from time to time, the prompt for this one was headless rider on an insect/snail

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ghosts of a hypomanic past, 2020.

painted & embroidered cyanotype on linen.


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Anyone want to help me solve the mystery of the horse in my backyard?

Crucial information:

  • I do not own a horse.
  • No one near me seems to own a horse.
  • I did not *see* the horse.
  • I did not *hear* the horse.

Evidence of horse:

  • Big Honking Hoofprints. Just, everywhere. I’m no tracker, but, I mean… hooves. It’s not hard.
  • What do YOU think the horse left in my backyard? Yep. Twice. Thanks, horse.

Additional information:

  • The unwanted guest seems to have wandered around for a while.
  • There were a couple of forays into the front yard, but it was mostly in the back.
  • Tracks near the road, but none on it.
  • Tracks near the back gate, but no disturbed foliage past the gate, so it couldn’t have come that way?


  • Human Intruder on horseback (but I didn’t hear them) (and how did they get here) (and why didn’t they get knocked off when they went under the arbor?)
  • Horse intruder (but how did it get here) (and why) (and where did it go)
  • Ghost horse. (No data against)

Other theories welcome.

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@build-a-buddy ’s Plushblr 2021 kick off day 6

Story time! Tell us a story about one of your plushies that makes you happy to remember OR show us your favorite fictional plushie


I still love Mr. Horseman and Alptraum so much. I don’t know if they’re my favorite fictional plush but they’re definitely in the top 3.

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“Send me a song you associate with my muse!”

Yes! That’s one I associate with him myself, actually!

Honestly at this point I’m considering Voltaire as a voice claim for him, since Horseman has no spoken lines of dialogue. He’s definitely my singing voice claim!

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“Send me what character shaming sign you would put around my muse’s neck”

I gotta agree with you on that one! Shame he doesn’t have much of a neck to put it on though

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Rock: I can relate to what you’ve gone through.

Same here!

Steel: I think you’re strong.

Thank you! Really don’t think I am most of the time though.

Water: I think you’re cool.

You too!

Electric: You surprise me sometimes


Psychic: We have a lot in common.


Dragon: I think you’re amazing.

I think so too.

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Ah, and a Horseman doodle, bc he lives in my brain rent free~ 🧡💞

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