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Entertainment for empaths

We already know that some types of TV shows jangle empath nerves. Action movies with guns blazing and explosions make me feel as though I am in the middle of an argument. Dramas with main character crying every episode makes me feel like i’m in a rocking ship.

Saying that, I still watch TV and enjoy them. My preferred choices are variety programs where the hosts enjoy themselves.


Examples of shows I watch to relax are watching people going around eating, or enjoying the tourist spots. I also enjoy watching shows where hosts make fun of things like popular landmarks and pop culture.

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Eda is banned from the local cryptid annual meetings for a reason. They do not Associate with her. She brings bad omens and people-eating w her. She hacks up bones like owl pellets. Shes the least favorite cryptid and is wanted in 23 different countries by humans & the supernatural. Go figure that the only human they have thats willing to heal cryptids and get actual medical supplies for them is also dating her

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And thats it! That’s the end of chapter one!

I hope you guys enjoyed it! I’ll most likely continue with chapter two after December!

Happy Holidays, and thank you for sticking with this silly little series of mine.

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Morning Affirmations

  • I‘m ready for a new day and new goals
  • I am excited about today
  • I am confident
  • I am worthy
  • Success, prosperity, and abundance, in many different forms have naturally found their way into my life
  • I have an abundance of energy
  • Today I’m a magnet of ideas
  • Whatever challenges come my way, I can overcome them
  • I enrich the lives around me

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am grateful for this new day. New day. New beginnings. 🪲

Keep showing gratitude!

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In this corona crisis time it is always useful to get tips, this time: 8 tips to get less stress in your life.

1. Make your life easier. How? This is by of how you organize your time differently, abour the things you do and how you can fill in your social life differently, which results in less stress.

2. Live in the present. What has been in the past … That has been. What is to come … Is what you decide now.

3. Keep control of your negative thoughts, which draw you back to your painful past. Therefore, do not dwell on negative thoughts, because you will not get any further, except that you will get more stress.

4. Stop worrying about what’s to come, about your future, what’s ready for you, that’s coming anyway. Trust.

5. Be grateful for what you have and who you are. Don’t always look at what you don’t want or what others have. Does it make you happier?

6. Practice saying “no” and that it will make you feel good, without feeling guilty. Do keep practicing. It becomes like saying ‘yes’ to yourself, stress resistant.

7. Don’t worry about how others feel about you. They already think something. Your happiness does not depend on them. You make that by yourself.

8. Just be yourself and do that every day, that makes you better and then relax …, without wanting to be too perfectionist. Relaxing means letting go.


Good night.

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The way you go to sleep and the way you wake up can really altar how your day goes. Make it a habit of doing something good for yourself each time before you sleep, & wakeup in the morning.

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