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This one goes out specifically to my chronically ill peeps: do not let able-bodied people judge your performance at being alive. They don't know what they're talking about; how could they? And if they don't understand, their judgment is moot. They could not survive what you are surviving. Remember that.
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miles-for-mickey · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I keep gaining and losing the same 2 lbs every day lol. It’s so obnoxious. I know if I just keep with it it will eventually go down but I’m just not in the mood to deal with that today
Leg hurt during walking portion of warm up. The second I tried to run it increased substantially so I had to walk most of it.
Nothing felt good today. Mind, body, and soul were all on different continents. Soul was the most enthusiastic and body quickly murdered it.
My max cadence was 184? Like? It’s usually around 220/230. Ok. Didn’t think I was slacking that hard but oh Kay
The breast and bra issue is getting out of hand. I tried some felt fabric to pad it out and I almost think it made it worse. The tissue padding seem to move less. The felt fabric just bunched up. I kept having to take breaks to fix it.
My leg pain following me through the day is one thing, the breast pain is another. The skin won’t heal because it gets agitatedconstantly. My high quality daily bras also agitate it now because it’s so raw from the running bra
Only option at this point is to try new ones but it feels like a waste of money. Again. Even my daily bras are cutting in now just because of how raw the skin in. I need to heal before I switch. But in order to heal I need to…not wear bras? Ok great. Then my back will snap in half. But maybe my arm/hand would stop being numb and in pain?So. That’s perfect
(Bras press on the nerve that’s causing my arm numbness blah blah blah)
Clearly I’m in a mood today lol I’m so sorry for my negativity my entire body is just disintegrating and I can’t fix it
Let’s end with a photo of Ollivander my sister just sent me. This makes me happy.
Tumblr media
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thereignclub · 5 days ago
just a reminder : taking care of yourself is productive. taking some time to rest your mind, body, and soul is productive. realizing that you need to give yourself some space to decompress and relax is productive. it is a good use of time because it will benefit you in the long run. we can’t constantly be straining ourselves hoping to be successful if we don’t let ourselves rest. it’s essential. don’t feel bad for giving your mind and body what it needs, it's necessary for your wellbeing and future success.
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lovelybluepanda · 2 days ago
How to eat nutritional food for cheap
Disclaimer: I'm not a nutritionist or med student. I enjoy self-studying things and asking my med student friends stuff so i thought to share some ideas in case you want to eat nutritional food but worry about the cost of this.
The basics
5 a day means 5 portions of fruits or/and veggies. However, have you ever wondered what 1 portion is? It's around 80g.
In regards to the fruit juices, unless you make them, be skeptical of them.
Now, let's jump into the more useful things.
I'm not talking about a specific type of beans but the whole family.
Anything from the beans category is cheap in any supermarket you go, unless you get some expensive brand. The brand of the store you shop in is usually the cheapest so get that. At the end of the day, they're dried beans, the packaging won't change the taste they have.
If you don't know which beans to get or what to cook with them, here are some suggestions:
Lentil soup is amazing and you need stock/water, lentils and some spices (salt, black pepper and garlic powder is enough).
Split peas can be great with some frozen or canned veggies in some stew imitation. You need veggies, split peas, water/stock and spices.
Green peas are versatile, you can make soups, stews or just make them with some butter.
Chickpeas can be roasted, used in stews, curry, spreads and many more recipes that i didn't research yet. (The Middle East has many recipes with chickpeas according to my YouTube search so you can definitely find something you enjoy)
There are also the black beans and white beans which can be used in burritos, salads and other recipes. (I don't cook these a lot so i gladly accept recipe suggestions if you have any)
These are the beans which you can find in any supermarket so take advantage of them.
Note: dried beans cook faster if you soak them overnight
Oatmeal is an option BUT if you grind the oats, you have flour and you can make cookies, pancakes, waffles etc.
You can also find savory recipes for this so if oatmeal isn't your thing, you can get the sweet or savory alternatives.
If you are from Europe, you have Lidl or/and Kaufland and the oats are very cheap there. (The beans too)
Protein alternatives
Meat is the most common category for protein but there are many great alternatives.
Beans, the reason why beans are great is because they are 1 of the 5 a day but also protein.
Soya, let's talk about this one.
Soya can come in different forms but the one which i want to talk about is the chunks one. They're tiny squares that behave like meat if you prepare them properly, the only difference is that they're at least 4-5 times cheaper.
The classic advice
Get fresh fruit/veggies only if they're in season. Canned and frozen work fine too, unless you serve your food to Gordon Ramsay.
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goodthingsarewaiting · 6 days ago
Things that don’t make you ‘weak’:
Expressing sadness
Expressing your needs
Being sensitive
Feeling anxious
Needing rest
Stopping at/before your limit
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politijohn · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You know you live in a capitalist hellscape when the priority during a public health announcement is to display the stock market’s live reaction. So bleak…
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thereignclub · 7 days ago
i am so happy and grateful for all of the blessings i have already received, and all of the blessing i have yet to receive.
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xo-indulgence · 6 days ago
If you cannot afford to keep up with me, then you and I should not be dating.
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