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body-knows-best · 6 hours ago
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It’s race day eve! I’m so excited and nervous.
My only hard goal: finish
Soft goal: run every bit (minus water stations), even if it’s a shuffle
Tonight I’m just relaxing and hydrating and hoping for a good night of sleep.
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cannibalgh0st · 11 hours ago
I cannot believe even though the delta variant is on a surge right now and L.A basically told us that the mask mandate is in practice, people are crying about it??????
Like wearing a mask is worst then catching a virus that can possibly kill you and others.
I can't believe people's thinking skills right now. JUST WEAR A MASK.
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ababypotatowithpcos · 17 hours ago
PCOS and Weight
Being Asian, I would say that I am blessed with one positive trait which is being petite. BUUUT I have all the other bad genes too like having bad eyesight, being one of the shortest in class, and having squinty eyes >.<
I have been pretty skinny all my life except during the time in University where I put on a couple of kilos. I am only 155 cm (5.1") and putting on 5 kg does make a person look different. In my graduation photo, my family back home would make comments such as wow, you have put on weight! your face looks so round! you got chubby cheeks now! what have you been eating in Aus! I was sad but I couldn't figure out what was happening to my body. I thought I was just overindulging in food and alcohol lol.
Little did I know that this was all due to my body not being able to break down the excess sugar leading to insulin resistance and hence I was putting on weight. With insulin resistance, blood sugar may be normal, but insulin is high. Why? Because the pancreas has to make more and more insulin to try to get its message through. Too much insulin generates inflammation and causes weight gain. It can also lead to Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Too much insulin is also an underlying physiological driver of PCOS.
Bam, I learned this after a visit to my doctor after being diagnosed with PCOS. This explained why I was putting on weight despite being healthy. The doctor casually told me not to worry too much, and taking the Pill should help with this. Was this really the only way? I did a whole heap of research after my diagnosis and decided to take matters into my own hands and not rely on medication. This was what I have done to lose weight and to feel good about myself and my body again.
| completely cut out alcohol | exercise 3 times a week. I did a combination of strength and cardio workouts | get a solid 8 hours of sleep a night | meditate for 5 minutes everyday | cook from Monday to Friday and eat out only on the weekends | reduce intake of sugary products. That's right, consume fewer desserts! | take supplements such as fish oil, evening primrose oil and hair, skin and nails
And just like that.....the weight started dropping and I felt content, happy, and energized! I hope I can help someone else in this world by sharing my story who is currently struggling with weight loss! Please know that you are NOT ALONE :)
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spainonymous · 21 hours ago
Qué milagro que llevemos casi año y medio de pandemia y no haya habido ni un solo contagio en un centro de trabajo. What a miracle that we have been in a pandemic for almost a year and a half and there has not been a single contagion in a workplace.
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Hi! Can you do something for me?
Relax your shoulders. Let them fall down. Now tense them up for a moment really hard. And relax again. Use your hand to massage them gently
Relax your jaw. Open your mouth, stick out your toungue. Let your mouth hang open for a bit. Now puff your cheeks. Relax your jaw again
Relax your neck. Move your had side to side slightly. Stretch your neck muscles a little
Relax your arms. Let them fall by your sides. Wiggle them! Now stretch them a little
Take a deep breath. Hold it for a moment. Breathe out
Straighten your back. Tense it up for a little. Relax
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jluxsymone · 5 days ago
Today get in check✅
Get your health in order! Work out , go on walks , eat healthy and drink water 💦
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Keep up with you looks, hygiene and all. Your Beauty matters!
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Hustle ! Make your money , save and invest into yourself! Your education, your business! You won’t regret financial freedom !
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Keep your mind right 📖
Never stop learning! Network! Educate yourself , talk to people, gain some culture and vibe !
Tumblr media
Make this life the best life you have ever lived ! You are in total control of how you live your life! Start today 💎
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etherealmeditation · a day ago
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“Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.” —  Wayne Dyer
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minecraft-pics · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
who else wants to watch the sunrise in a minecraft forest? 🌲 🍄
remember to drink water, hydration is important  ❤️
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angeltreasure · 4 days ago
Please pray for J.S. He has cancer. He will be having surgery on the 28th of this month to remove a kidney.
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i learned that tampon companies test the absorbency of their products with a synthetic vagina called a Syngyna (x)
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typhlonectes · 4 days ago
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More snakes, less Lyme disease? Science says yes! 
Snakes play an important role in healthy habitats around the world. While tick populations have exploded in certain parts of the U.S., posing a threat to human health, snakes can help control spread of this troubling disease by eating tick-infested and Lyme-positive rodents. It’s just one of many ways snakes like this timber rattlesnake make people’s lives better. Thanks snakes!
photograph of Timber Rattlesnake by Grayson Smith/USFWS
via: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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body-knows-best · 3 days ago
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2 miles and my foot feels fine!!! Idk wtf that was but I’m glad it’s better!
First mile was with the pups, second by myself. And I cut like 30-45 seconds off my mile times 🥰
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