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(Ants Talk) Lynda Tregoweth Coach​ had a miscarriage at 40 leading to a long period of extreme pain. She then was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had a full hysterectomy at 44. During this time her mother passed away from breast cancer and the next year she lost her father. For most people this would be a huge feat to overcome, though Lynda Tregoweth has endured and managed to use her pain to turn her life around and is now a leadership coach.  
Lynda works with people to unlock their full potential. Tune in to hear more!

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How do obese people fare when infected by Covid-19? How does an acupuncturist diagnose and treat patients who are obese? Hear how from a board Certified Doctor of Acupuncture! Are you interested in learning more about acupuncture and how it can benefit you? Subscribe to my channel:…

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Things I have had done to me for my health ranked by how horrible they are (1 being the worst, 10 being the meh-est)

1. An iv placed in my hand without any kind of numbing agent. Wasnt bad after the initial shock of sudden pain but still deserves to be up here because nobody warned me and I nearly slapped the nurse

2. Pap smear. Wasnt as bad as I thought but despite the fact my doctor heated the metal crap thing up it was still cold

3. Vaginal exam. Different from a pap smear in the fact that there is only a glove and a finger

4. Rectal exam. …was extremely awkward but not as bad as I expected. Only lower than vaginal exam because I’ve had those more often and will probably continue having them

5. External ultrasound. This shit hurted. It doesnt hurt normal people but shit fuck. It left me hurting for hours. This isnt even mentioning that they need a full bladder which ngl makes this 20 million times worse. Literally teared up and the doctor didnt notice

6. Internal ultrasound. This shit didnt hurt much but was awkward. Didnt need a full bladder though which is a win

7. Strep throat test. I gag. Like no throw up but omg please stop.

8. Having someone take dry ice or whatever the heck the cold crap is and burning the bottom of my foot. Was painful but not too painful. I’ve had worse. Bothersome in that it made walking hard and I had to walk home

9. Having your blood drawn. Literally a prick in the elbow. After the initial prick there is nothing stopping me from watching my blood fill up the vials. Can and have done this for hours and with different sized needles. I lost track of how many times people have done this to me

10. X-ray. Boring. They put weird padded things where your sex organs are which like okaaaay

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Facing COVID Without a Home, Without Health Care


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“We’re witnessing tonight the start of a long, hot, dangerous summer in America. 40 million unemployed, racial tensions unresolved, guns everywhere, Covid-19 everywhere and a President uniquely unable and unwilling to heal or lead the nation.”- Simon Marks

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Coronavirus Was Already Spreading in U.S. in January: Study


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