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#health ethics


here’s a dump of recent photos. 
things have been holding up well under quarantine i guess??? as of yesterday, my province has gone 5 days in a row without another active case of covid-19, which honestly feels like a sigh of relief. it doesn’t mean that that this is over but we had a steady climb here for awhile that was only contributing to my existential dread that the world was surely ending lol 

i have recently started using notion to see how i like it. it seems like a really flexible and convenient way to store whatever you want, basically. i’ve got a daily routine checklist, goal tracker and a bunch of other academic pages in addition to more personal things (e.g. journal, therapy notes, home projects, wish lists, etc.). i’m liking it a lot thus far. 

i have also been really good with keeping up with my C25K running training. its an 8 week program so i should be running 5k by the end of may! i’ve been really surprised at the enthusiasm i’ve had for running seeing as i’ve tried it many times before and it didn’t stick. i think self-isolation just has me extremely grateful to get outside, exert my lungs and legs and take in the sunshine. rebecca and i have also been doing a lot of walks and hikes (the above seascape is from a lovely 5k hiking trail we did at the beginning of the week). i feel very lucky that my province (and my location in the city) means i can drive a short distance and access very quiet and un-crowded places in nature. 

on another positive note i received notice that i passed my practicum course!! its pass/fail, and i was confident in the caliber of my submissions but its still nice to hear. another box checked on the road to finishing this degree (!)

today i:
+ have a supervisor meeting to discuss new RA tasks 
+ need to finish some house cleaning tasks 
+ have to prepare supper (i’m thinking a black bean soup in the slow cooker)

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slowly but surely getting settled away in our new place. our study was the last place to come together because we were waiting on R’s desk and so the room was functioning as a catchall space for our unpacked boxes and bags. 
but today i spent time transfer my relevant deadlines to my calendar and getting organized while also puttering away my readings. 
i’m currently working my way through the first two chapter’s of principles of biomedical ethics which is essentially the tome™ of bioethics. it’s definitely a very technical read thus far but i can see how it functions beautifully as a reference text 

i’m already feeling a tad behind trying to strike a balance between school, work and the like. i feel i’m doing my best to try and make sure i do other things besides reading to stay sane at the detriment of my school work, which obviously is not a great feeling. i’m hoping i’m going to get better in the coming weeks at creating an intuitive and healthy (re: flexible) set of habits. 

on a side note, i got an e-mail about a week ago saying that i made the dean’s list for the final year of my undergrad which is just???????? i’m honestly over the moon because i worked so so incredibly hard last year and had a looooooot of other bullshit on my plate during that time that honestly made me wonder how i succeeded as much as i did. i’m hecka’ excited to go the ceremony and celebrate this because honestly, i absolutely deserve that recognition. 

going to go make a cup of tea and hit the books once again 

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One of the basic purposes of human life is to make sensible decisions within a climate of freedom and love. God created human beings not only as His collaborators in the work of building the world, but also as free responsible agents. There are several areas of human life which demand that we make responsible decisions. Human reproduction is one such area which involves personal and social interests and a sense of resposnsibility. Planning a family is an inevitable moral responsibility.

Family Planning Defined

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines family planning as “a way of thinking and living that is adopted voluntarily upon the basis of knowledge, responsible attitudes and decisions by individuals and couples in order to promote the health and welfare of the family group” (A. Kiura, WHO, 1971).

“Family Planning” can refer to either the woman planning or the man planning. The WHO definition tells us that we are concerned with the health and welfare of the family group. The keyword then is “family” which is recognized as a group of persons.

Familiaris Consortio (F.C.) provides a fuller definition of the family…

In God’s plan the family has been established as an Intimate Community of life and love. This community of persons consists of husband and wife, of parents and children or relatives. This community has a mission to guard, reveal and communicate love (F.C. 17-18).

It is also tasked to form a community of persons, serve life, participate in the development of society, and share in the life and mission of the church (in any religion).

Integral family planning must therefore concern itself with and consider the health and welfare of every individual member, so that each will be able to carry out his/her individual mission and perform their tasks as a family.

The ideal family planning method may therefore be defined as one which is best for the individual couple with regard to their total environment: physical, mental, cultural and spiritual.


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JOHN Q; 2002
Denzel Washington
“Some love just can’t be measured”
This is one great movie! Haven’t seen a good movie in a while. Denzel Washington, he’s one of the best talaga.
*A father whose son is diagnosed with an enlarged heart, found out they’re denied a transplant due to HMO insurance issues. Decided to jack a whole hospital, for him to save his son.*
I searched for John Q on the net, and nalaman kong fictional pala. But Hey, nalaman ko na laganap din ang ganitong klase ng problema. Health insurance chuva haha actually nirefer lang sa akin ‘to ng friend ko na nurse, kasi pinanood daw nila 'to for Health ethics whatever. haha (haba na daldal ko talaga)

“I’m not gonna bury my Son, my son is gonna bury me!”
“Let go and Let God”
“It’s not goodbye, you know i hate goodbyes, See you later”
Ang daming quotables sa movie, and ilang beses din ako naluha, nagpipigil lang ako kasi i’m watching with my little sister. Alam mo yung pakiramdam na, sumasakit na lalamunan mo sa pagpigil? :D All in all, a great movie. The fact na 2002 pa yung film makes it good. Stop with the trollin’ na cliched ang movie, contrived ang plot, hanging ending etc. I was like, what’s with the hate? haha ang importante yung message na ipinakita ng film. Don’t get me started on this. ang haba na nito haha

“Maybe you don’t understand what I’m talking about, alright? My son’s gonna live! Maybe you guys haven’t figured that out by now. I’ll do whatever I gotta do for him to live!” ; “Here’s my will, it says that i’ll leave my heart to my son”.
Loved this part. :) Give a father no option, you’ll leave him no choice. Kung ako rin ama, gagawin ko din yun. :)

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