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Everyone around the world is waiting for vaccines to fight against coronavirus. The virus who has threatened the world since February 2020, now people are waiting to get everything normal. Although all of us waiting to get injections, no one is ready to inject something unknown into their bodies. But it is advisable to the people with high blood pressure to take Moduretic like medications to keep it in control.


How Do We Know A Vaccine Is Safe?
This is the primary and most vital question scientists ask once they start designing and testing a replacement vaccine or treatment. Safety trials begin within the lab, with tests and research on cells and animals, before moving on to human studies.

The principle is to start out small and only ever advance to subsequent stage of testing if there are not any outstanding safety concerns.

• How will I get a coronavirus vaccine?

• How does the Oxford vaccine compare?

• What role do trials have?

As long because the safety data from the labs is sweet, scientists can make sure the vaccine or treatment is effective too. It is always better to keep our health well and continue take medicines like Moduretic to control high blood pressure.

That involves tests on large numbers of volunteers. Half are given the vaccine and therefore the spouse a dummy or placebo jab. The researchers and participants aren’t told which group is which until after the results are analyzed, to avoid bias.

The COVID vaccine trials have happened at breakneck speed, but they haven’t skipped any of those steps. The Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID vaccine trial was voluntarily placed on hold at one stage to research why one participant - out of the many thousands - had died. It restarted once it had been clear it had been not associated with the vaccine.

Who approves vaccines or treatments?

Approval will only be given for a vaccine if the government regulator is happy that it’s both safe and effective. After approval, checks still confirm there are not any further side effects or long-term risks. If anyone suspects they’re suffering a side effect from a vaccination, they will report it to the MHRA. Moduretic tablets are effective to control blood pressure. People with the same condition shall keep it in advance.


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[Question - Other] Fellow Healthcare workers; Covid vaccine?

If you would be included in the “Tier 1” vaccine rollout, will you get the vaccine?

I asked a few of my coworkers and was honestly surprised by the amounts of ‘no’s’. We are in CA and the governor has already stated they will do an independent review of any vaccine before distributing it. I feel comfortable with that extra step in place, to get it if I’m fortunate enough to.

Submitted November 25, 2020 at 08:50PM by CashDecklin
via reddit
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Education and Health Care are getting more and more costly. The two biggest thing that can change lives are a good education and affordable health care. Imagine: You drop out of High School to work to pay off family medical bills. Good job going back to school. Good job getting a higher education to get a high paying job. Capitalism provides the working class no social mobility. The rich stay rich, the poor stay poor. The rich are white, the poor are people of color.

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Yep got all the symptoms and everything

Less than a week back to work for the first time in eight months and I get covid. And they asked me if I still wanted to work my shift like are you fucking kidding me

Fuck healthcare bro

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[Question - Other] Mandatory reporting/notification for Covid?

Are employers required to tell their employees and other patients if they knowingly have had direct contact with a Covid+ person?

I’m not talking about weeks after, literally the person tested positive the day after being in the facility, told the employer, and the Employer kept that fact quiet.

Submitted November 25, 2020 at 03:07PM by CashDecklin
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