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Hi anyone in healthcare willing to talk to me about why they chose to go to peaceful socially distanced protests or not? I’m a receptionist for a building housing approximately 200 people with an average age of 85, of which most do not understand they have to distance from me. And I can not physically keep my distance from my co-workers who’re mostly age 60+. Also my own physical health is best described as a dumpster fire.

I personally believe it’s important to go to a BLM protest tomorrow, as the world can no longer be quiet about what’s happening everywhere but especially right now in the US. We must go out to protest.

But currently I’m literally only going to the grocery store and to my job, same as my co-workers because we’re so scared to bring covid-19 into the building. Failing to keep it out would most likely be a death sentence for most of our residents.

But protesting would mean public transport as it’s in the middle of a city aka European city aka even if I wanted to I couldn’t drive my car there. It also would mean being in a large crowd even if I wear a mask and we have to socially distance or risk a criminal record and a fine.

I’m really torn between staying home to protect these 200 people who count on me to make safe choices to keep them safe. Or going out to protest the death of so many black people, which I feel is my duty as a human being.

If anyone has any thoughts, especially from people who work with vulnerable populations as well I would really appreciate them

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As a medical student, you are taught to look at all the signs and symptoms of a patient and use those as clues to come to a diagnostic hypothesis, then use tests and evidence to confirm that diagnosis in order to treat your patient. You are being taught to be a medical detective.

In the course of my three years of medical school thus far, I have been trained to work through thousands of medical vignettes as a detective. In these vignettes, the race of the patient is never mentioned unless it is relevant to the case and points you to a certain diagnosis. The African American patient almost always has Sickle Cell Anemia or sarcoidosis. The Asian patient will always have nasopharyngeal carcinoma or alpha thalasemia. Otherwise, race is not mentioned in the vignette. It is deemed irrelevant. Through tens of thousands of questions, my brain is being primed to use race and ethnicity as a sign of disease. Yet, during my clinical rotations, I came across hundreds of patients of color who didn’t present this way. Not one of my African American patients had sarcoidosis. It was not beneficial to me as a student clinician to walk into the room, see an African American patient, and immediately have sarcoid, sickle cell, diabetes, heart disease run through my brain, like a subconscious bias. In fact, that probably closed me off to a multitude of other things that should be on my differential.

Yes, there may be a racial correlation with certain disease, but often times its more than racial, its socioeconomic and beyond. Why have we not discussed the socioeconomic determinants of health? Why do I not get any UWorld questions on that? Why is race only relevant in questions where there is a “racial disease”? Why do these questions not acknowledge the patients of color who get other diseases like regular old lung cancer?

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The impact of COVID-19 varies by Race, 2020 

A CDC study of multiple datasets offers insight into characteristics of COVID-19 patients in 14 states hospitalized in the month of March, 2020. Each characteristics has a different data sizeSources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Pew Research Center / APM Research Lab
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A successful quit attempt starts with the decision to try. Making a firm decision to stop smoking will fuel you with determination and motivation.
Say Yes To Life, Say No To Tobacco.
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i have watched a film that go’s about the medical healthcare in different countries. This film was made in India. I wrote a summary an some feedback about he film.


I have seen a man. I think the man is someone from the government who oversees the medical facilities in the country.

In this video he tells something about the medical healthcare in India.

You see different people in this video. I have seen a man who has a boil. He was there with a women. The woman tells to the camera that they were here yesterday, but the haven’t seen any doctor yet. The people there tells theme that they can go back today at 7 o’clock.

Also they have filmed a doctor. I think maybe he was a general practitioner. He has a own practice. He telling something about what is he is doing. How make he a diagnose. And wat he is doing at a day.


You getting to see the reality of de healthcare in different country’s. In ths video you see India. In India do you have a long queue. You see a man that having a boil. He was there yesterday at the hospital, but he have not see any doctor. Now he can going back today.

Also the people have not a privet appointment. As I understand, the people going to a big hall or something, where they are seen by the doctor. So no privacy or a good check-up by the doctor.

The doctors have no stuff to stet up a good clinic. They have not enough money to stet up a good clinic. Also for the children isn’t good health care.

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Non Emergency Medical Transportation | Call 516-333-7483 | 2009 Ford E350 Wheelchair Equipped Bus

Every section of the human population needs healthcare services. But weaker members of our population face a lot of transportation challenges that prevent them from attending their appointments with medical professionals. Many of these weaker people need a family member, a friend or a member of their local community organization to transport them. When these options become scarce, rare or maybe not available at all then Non Emergency Medical Transportation can be helpful to fill in the gap for these weak people.

It’s not that only the vulnerable people of the population will be affected. Even a healthy person who is suffering from an injury or has gone through a recent surgery may need the help and assistance of Non Emergency Medical Transportation. After surgery, patients are not allowed to drive any vehicle unless they have been cleared by their healthcare provider. This is a compulsory requirement even if the surgery did not take place on the limbs of the patient. The muscles need to drive any vehicle are weakened after surgery. Also, the pain medication will make driving unsafe hence it is illegal to drive vehicles after surgery. Hence alternative arrangements have to be made to help these people commute from their homes to their respective medical professionals. Attending these medical appointments is extremely crucial for the recovery of the patient. Imagine a patient boarding a public bus with a cast on his or her arm or leg. Similarly, can you imagine such a patient driving his or her own personal car? Now you can see how important is Non Emergency Medical Transportation for patients post-surgery or those with serious injuries. NEMT also called non emergency medical transportation is the answer and the solution to these people.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation is defined as a transportation service that is extended to people who are not facing any medical emergency. After all, when there is a medical emergency one has to call an ambulance. Non Emergency Medical Transportation comes into play when there is no emergency and the traveler has special needs that cannot be met by a regular taxi service. NEMT service providers have special equipment to transport people in wheelchairs, on stretchers and other medical equipment.

A company offering NEMT services will normally have specialized software that can be operated from a smartphone. The rider has to enter his or her pickup point and drop off location. The software will show all the vehicles that are available nearby and a predetermined fare based upon the distance to be traveled and the type of medical assistance requirement. When the rider agrees to these terms, the ride is booked and the vehicle reaches the pickup spot at the specified time as shown by the software. This software works just like that of an Uber app.

Major Vehicle Exchange has a huge selection of used buses for sale that are equipped with electronic wheelchair lifts and are the perfect vehicles for NEMT or Non Emergency Medical Transportation. Our NEMT buses or non emergency medical transportation vehicles are fully reconditioned from bumper to bumper, are fairly priced and easy to buy compared to brand new vehicles. Visit our website now by clicking on the above link or call the President at 516-333-7483 today!!!

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Now, I am aware that I am echoing Pobedonostsev in the literal sense of the phrase, “democracy is the greatest lie of our time”, but contextually I am in no way inclined to support his century old view that traditionalist and absolutist monarchies are the best form of government.

Democracy does work, theoretically.

In many cases, theories are often far more rosy than realities, and the same can be said for democratic politics, particularly in the West. Ever since such milestones as the ideology of the League of Nations and the creation of NATO and the EU, Western powers and governments have deluded themselves to believe that they are the peacekeepers and wisemen of the world. This is simply not the case. 

The issue with democracy is not its theory, which in the sense of fair elections, nationwide opinions and equal opportunity is not at all flawed, but in its execution. 

UK citizens can claim to live in a democratic and fair nation, but upon inspection this is untrue. Our leader bases ethical and moral judgements on his own personal needs, with his desire for the continued employment political aide Dominic Cummings seemingly casting an immoral shadow over the value of upholding standards and banishing hypocracy. When a nationwide lockdown is imposed and enforced by a government, that same government cannot hold men who’s status allows their personal defiance of those regulations and standards. 

It opposes any sort of social equality, and endangers the lives of citizens such ministers are sworn in their profession to serve and protect. 

How is a society democratic in each aspect, when one or more of such aspects is breached and therefore flawed? It is correct that we try to sustain human rights, host free elections and practising ‘equal opportunities’ in the contracts of many workplaces, but ministers are corrupt. It cannot be ignored.

Harassment of men and women continues on our streets, and yet the UK Parliament makes no concerted effort to change policy to protect citizens. According to (Aug 12 2019) in a graph of date by Daniel Clark, reports of harassment to the police in England and Wales in 2018 reached a total of 214,075. This figure is an increase from 2017-18 of 6,611 reports. 

The education system is in constant need of reform, with schools underfunded and understaffed, and University tuition leading to student debt that has the potential to financially cripple young workers. Yet, the government still makes no change, despite the UK now being “one of the most expensive places in the world to get a degree”  (The 3 Biggest Problems With The Education System In The UK | Shout Out UK, 2018).

The NHS is under an amount of strain it is struggling to handle, and the fact that on publicly shared media platforms including the BBC, politicians are ignorant on the subject of and avoid issues such as PPE shortages. This could clearly be seen even before the pandemic, when Matt Hancock (Health Secretary) failed to clarify the nurse recruitment scheme proposed by Boris Johnson’s manifesto (Milward, 2019) .

The global pandemic may have brought these issues of failing democracy and political corruption to light through increased media and public pressure, but it would be foolish of society to assume that these problems are new and not evolutionary. From Prime Minister to Prime Minister, from government to government, the principal problem of corrupt political leaders failing to correctly reform, protect and serve is as clear as ever. The international crisis may have exacerbated the issue, but we as a nation and as a global community cannot pretend it didn’t already exist.

Democracy is not a lie because of its principles, it is a lie because those who lead a democratic nation in the name of equality continue to reject reform and oppress areas of society. 

Let’s speak up for political change.

Let’s speak up for an end to corruption.

Let’s speak up for true democracy.

Use your voice. Make change real.

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‘My mother was murdered’: how Covid-19 stalks Brazil’s nurses

More nurses – 157 – are thought to have died in Brazil than anywhere else, while Bolsonaro and his supporters continue to downplay the crisis


At the casualty department where she worked on the outskirts of São Paulo, Maria Aparecida Duarte was the nurse everyone loved, known for her dedication, her jokes and her smile.

But as the coronavirus pandemic swept through Brazil, claiming hundreds and then thousands of lives, the 63-year-old’s mood began to sour.

Four colleagues had died; countless were off sick. More than fear, Duarte felt resignation: she was certain she would be next.

On 10 April those premonitions were confirmed. Twenty-four hours after her last shift at the casualty ward in Carapicuíba, Duarte was admitted to hospital with Covid-19 symptoms and put on a ventilator.

Over the coming days two of her four children would join her in the intensive care unit for treatment. They all made it out, but their mother died on 3 May.

“She was the backbone of the family, the great matriarch,” said her daughter, Andreza Reina, who blames her mother’s government employers for requiring her to keep working but failing to equip her with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).

According to the International Council of Nurses (ICN) that means more nurses have died in Brazil than anywhere else on earth – including other coronavirus hotspots such as the US, where at least 146 have died, and the UK where the number is at least 77

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The truth will be filmed

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