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#healthy food
threekeysandkiwis · 19 hours ago
Yo .. don’t starve yourself ..
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Fuel your body !!
I do eat this all the time , but there is a reason..
Cayenne pepper
Sharp cheddar
Top with avocado tomato and garlic
Multigrain toast or corn tortillas
Sooooo gooooood ❣️
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newt-wolf · 9 months ago
I had a dream lastnight that I was Willy Wonka's twin sister named Winnie Wonka and instead of having a candy factory I made healthy food like protein bowls and fruit smoothies and stuff and I had a gym with a salad bar inside where his oompa loompas went to stay fit
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nutritionveganfood · a month ago
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Foods that calm the nervous system
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disabledprincesses · a month ago
Me, a chronically ill college student: I feel like crap and I feel like theres nothing I can do about it while I live on campus and don't make my own money
Doctors: just eat healthy
Teachers: just eat healthy
Media: just eat healthy
Healthy people: just eat healthy
Parents: just eat healthy
Every on-campus food place:
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Yes these are actually from one of the places to buy food on campus)
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