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#healthy living
fitness-by-suzie · a day ago
I was talking to a lady after one of my classes last week.
She was asking about how I'd given up refined sugar, low quality things like bread, white potatoes, biscuits, chocolate etc.
A little earlier, during the class, I said something light-hearted about being hungry and that I couldn't wait to get home for my boiled eggs.
She looked aghast as she asked "So what on earth do you eat, apart from eggs??".
It's a terrible thing to think someone might believe the junk I've given up are the only things someone can eat!
So I listed all the things I do eat....
Oats, fruit, veg, wholemeal wraps (MUCH better quality than bread), every conceivable dairy product, every possible protein source, nuts......
I eat well, and I eat lots! My level of activity demands a diet running at 2,000 calories per day at least.
That's quite a lot of food, and not a single bad carb in there!
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odinsblog · a year ago
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PSA: less diet culture, more dietitians like this
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babytimemac · 3 months ago
PONYO Drink // 崖の上のポニョ いんりょう
✨comfort drink✨
- Honey
- Cinnamon
- Milk
- Water
1. Add two teaspoons of honey and a pinch of cinnamon in your mug
2. Pour boiling water till the half way mark
3. Add warm milk on top and stir
Serve warm!
Creator's tip: This recipe tastes great without milk as Tea and is a great substitute for Coffee
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Health Benefits :
- Relieves fatigue and body pain as the cinnamon reacts with prostaglandin which relaxes muscles under stress
- Anti Inflammatory
- Reduces risk of heart disease
- Lowers blood sugar levels
- Helps blood flow and reduces cholesterol
- Helps you sleep
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fortheloveofnutrition · a year ago
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Now that pumpkin spice is back in season, and so are colds and flus, let's talk about some of the other common Autumn spices - cinnamon, clove, and ginger.
Cinnamon is known to be antispasmodic as well as antibacterial. Some people do take cinnamon in capsule form as an herbal supplement to help control blood sugar.
Clove is high in antioxidants, may alleviate tooth pain, and also may help support healthy blood sugar levels.
Ginger has gained popularity for it's anti inflammatory properties as of late for arthritis and other ailments. It's also a common anti nausea fighter and stomach settler. Also useful for easing menstrual cramps!
And why not stir all that goodness into a warm cup of tea on a chilly autumn day?
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awholevibex · 3 months ago
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start your mornings off the right way 🌱
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gymandcoffee · 12 days ago
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still waiting for my new suits to get here 🥺🤍
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manifestsoul · 29 days ago
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blkgirluxury · 3 months ago
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Femininity Tip 7:
Voice/Tone. Babe, soften up that voice. You know that voice you put on when you’re talking to your crush, yeah, that one. Use that voice all day, everyday. This voice is the voice that makes you a feminine woman in any room. At any time.
If there’s any thing that exudes femininity, it’s the soft, knowledgeable voice, leaving your luxurious lips. It’ll make everyone around you see you for who you are, the feminine woman you long to be.
Feminine woman have kind eyes, kind mannerisms and extremely kind voices. Soft voices pull you in and make people extremely comfortable around you. It also makes people want to respect you because they see you as a warm, kind and seductive woman.
Women who “seemingly” apply this to their everyday careers: (Ari Lennox, Jhené Aiko, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé.)
Your voice doesn’t have to be extremely high but you don’t want it to be too low. Find your balance and picture yourself speaking with your favorite person/crush. That voice is your feminine voice.
(Do’s: Hum, drink water, speak slowly and softly, speak quieter to reach your seductive tone)
(Don’ts: speak too loudly, speak too lowly, speak too quickly.)
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