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#heart break
desultory-suggestions · 7 months ago
You are not responsible for other people’s emotions. Sometimes the right choice for you will hurt someone else, and you can’t fix it. You just have to tend to your own garden and let them heal.
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idontloveher · a month ago
Nat to Y/n: Why are you crying?
Y/n: Shows Nat her phone*
Y/n to Wanda: Wanna hang out..
Wanda: I can’t tonight
Y/n: oh thats fine!
Wanda: Hey vis, I’m bored wanna come over? ;)
Y/n: ..
Wanda: Shit, Y/n I’m sorry..
Y/n: It’s okay :)
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eeeergh · a year ago
Being “ghosted” by someone you have been intimate with or close to has got to be one of the most degrading and hurtful moments of a person’s life.
The bare minimum in human decency is to communicate that you no longer wish to know someone; there is never a benefit to ignoring them and disappearing from their life.
Being ghosted leads to so many self hating thoughts such as believing you are worthless, forgettable, unattractive, boring etc. (side note: you aren’t any of these things!).
To somebody thinking of ghosting: if you are “done” with someone, please just kindly explain to them what is going on with you. Try and avoid disappearing from their life with zero explanation.
To somebody who has been ghosted recently: I’m so sorry, I know it hurts, but it has nothing to do with you and is 100% on the person ghosting you. Please don’t take it personally, you are amazing.
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wy-niszczeni · a month ago
Mogę się uśmiechać, udawać, że wszystko u mnie jest w porządku, ale jeżeli tylko spojrzysz trochę dłużej w moje oczy, wyczytasz z nich wszystko, cały ból i cierpienie, które przeżywam w ciszy.
— wy-niszczeni
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pol-ar-ity · 2 months ago
It’s really over.
I realize it at 11 pm on a Friday.
You are gone. We are done. This is goodbye.
Please know you are the love of my life. You always will be. And I’ve learned that when you find your person, you want them to be happy. Even if it’s not with you, you want them to be desperately, crazily happy.
I realized we’d never be anything again at 11 pm on a Friday.
Someday I’ll come to grips with that. I just don’t know when. But we said goodbye on a Friday, and that’s how it is.
And I hope you’re happy. And you’re my person. And I’m madly in love with you. And you deserve all the good in the world.
I just wish it could have been with me.
“Zoë pt. II”
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