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#heart break

I knew I would never be with him, I knew that. I tried to stay emotionally as far as I possibly could, but i crashed, I crashed hard. He took my whole being not just the heart and I knew so well I shouldn’t let that happen, I knew so fucking well he was never going to be mine.

So why? Why does it hurt now that he was taken? Why did i feel my heart break?

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She said I drove her away with my emotions

Can’t take the pain anymore I’m feeling hopeless

In my head, she said it’s all in my head

But it’s not, think I’d rather be dead

Can’t forgive or forget what you did

-Iann Dior

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I don’t really recommend “RETAIL THERAPY” in most cases. I mean afterall, some people partaking in retail therapy when they are feeling down, might feel down every day! Then they are likely to put themselves in a bad position from shopping/spending.

Today was a bad day. A shitty thing happened. And that was on top of the shit show that my love life has become this week.

So, I poured a cup of coffee, settled in front of my iPad and spent some money. First, my best friend got a vacumn cleaner and a new rug as housewarming gifts. Then I treated myself to a new pair of shoes, a bottle of perfume, and a Pandora bracelet with two beads.

I don’t feel even remotely guilty. ❤️

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