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M does appreciate the things that the MC does for them. To think otherwise is a disservice to their character. They just have severe social anxiety— so no they wouldn’t be able to “stick it out”. That’s not something that you can just make them do. And if you try? They would more than likely have a full blown anxiety attack. By asking this you’re disregarding their feelings in favor of your own. M likes subtle gifts and gestures. They’ve never been ones for extravagant shows of affection. Nor have they ever been comfortable enough in crowds to receive them. It’s gotten to the point that they don’t even like grand gestures (that you would do in front of a crowd) even in private, because they can feel the eyes that would be on them. Feel the way their breathing starts to quicken, how their blood starts to roar in their ears and their palms become clammy.

And if you’re simply doing the act to get validation? To receive a response? (Once again disregarding the negative affects it has on the one you’re directing the gesture towards?) The gesture was never for M in the first place. It was for you.

(I do know that having a reaction is nice, but I also feel like you should do things within your partners comfort levels. Not getting mad when you’ve pushed past this and they push back.)

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You will learn more about the dynamics of the bond in later chapters of the story. The bond works pretty much like any regular soulmate bond. Which added quirks for HoF, of course, but you all will discover that in the game.

As for L? That scene was mainly an introduction to L. It wasn’t anything serious. In later scenes you will be able to tell L to back off (it will also either be a shyer— sort of— approach to L’s romance or you turning away from L’s path completely). L backs off if they notice you’re either hesitant or you step away from them. Most of what they say is harmless and should be taken with a light approach. As they would never seriously go after someone that was clearly uncomfortable. They may tease you, but they would have a lightness about them that would offset that— if that makes sense. For if L is really trying you’ll feel it. (Fun fact the last thing L said to you after you chose the option to step away from them was one of the first things they playfully said to Lauren upon meeting her for the first time. As they noticed her stiff posture and general feeling of discontent. There’s a reason they said it to you during that scene— besides what you may want the phrase to mean— which you will learn during their romance or friendship route.)

I’m glad you liked the demo.

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An anon just sent me an ask, that I accidentally deleted, about an obscure fact about HoF. Here are three to make up for it.

  • When I was first starting out with HoF— it was about Riders still, but they weren’t dragons. There were griffins instead. I ended up throwing out the idea and moving over to dragons.
  • In the original series— when it was still a novel— both Lauren and L died towards the end. In different ways, but they both died to protect their loved ones. Lauren being able to say one last goodbye to her lover. (Added on to that Lauren was an elf in the original series too. Something I haven’t implemented yet because I’m not sure if people would want that.)
  • Before I hammered down the concept for HoF— it was originally going to be set in space. (Minus the dragons… obviously.) Sort of like Mass Effect but with my own story thrown in. With various alien races to boot. I lost motivation with that idea however, and decided to go for medieval-type fantasy. Something that I absolutely adore.
  • An added bonus: Aziel was originally the MCs twin— not Kiera’s.

I’m sorry again for deleting your ask, but I hope these fun facts make up for it.

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Yes, you can’t become the Matriarch or the Patriarch. No, you can’t kill Irithiel (not that you would be able to do so).

There is no one better for the job. Irithiel is one of the best Matriarch’s that Haven has ever seen. She cares deeply for each of her Riders and their dragons. She makes sure that Haven is well looked after, and that Foalon’s pack has everything they could desire. She takes care of her people and Gallinia.

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The main cast will obviously be closer to you than anyone else, but everyone in Haven will end up being like family to you. Riders look after their own— they protect their own.

They stand united. It may not look like it but they do.

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Aeleanor/Aeson: “Of course, darling,” she murmurs with a gentle smile. Already crouching down as she runs her hands gently across your side. Golden-violet eyes sparkling with warmth as she does so.

Elaria/Ezra: A warm grin blossoms on his face at the sight of your excited expression. A gentle laugh falling from his lips as your head nudges his hand. “Well when you’re that persuasive how could I say no?”

Catherine/Caleb: “If it will make you feel better,” she says with a slight smile. Her fingers threading through your fur with a gentle touch. One that you could always equate to her.

Lydia/Luca: “I don’t know,” he teases with a grin. “I just got this outfit and I really don’t want fur all over it.” Though even as he said it he was kneeling down next to you. His hands smoothly running through your fur.

Samara/Silas: “I better get rides for this,” she pouts. Even though the warmth in her eyes belies the expression entirely. And with well practiced ease she runs soothing hands across your head and neck. Her gentle gaze never leaving yours.

Milena/Maven: “I don’t see why I wouldn’t acquiesce to this request.” A smile quirks his lips at your impatient whine. “Yes, I’m aware you want your cuddles.” He playfully rolls his eyes as he kneels down. His nimble fingers threading smoothly through your fur.

Natalia/Nikolas: “Hello my beautiful songbird,” she coos, running a hand through your fur. A gentle look painted across her features as your lean into her touch. “It appears you’re in need of a little attention. Lucky for you I’m more than willing to supply it.”

Lauren: “Of course, my love,” she says without a hint of hesitation within her tone. Whiskey brown eyes sparkling with adoration as she began run her hand across your head. Her other running down your neck with a soothing touch.

Faolan: A gentle laugh falls from his lips as he smiles at you. “I am quite familiar with that face, my moon,” he says with a small shake of his head. “Well, come here if you wish to have cuddles. I’d be more than happy to have you in my arms for as long as possible.”

Aidan: A small frown pulls his brow down as he watches you prance in front of him. His eyes watching your form as you rub against him— your head nudging his hand. After a moment, a gentle smile takes over his features. “Ah, I see what you want,” he says softly. “I’d be more than happy to give you some attention, my dear.”

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“It was just one quiz, my dear,” she murmurs with a soft smile. Whiskey brown eyes sparkling with warmth and adoration. “There will be many more to come, and I have complete faith that you’ll do amazing on them. You’re a very bright individual, my love.” She nudges your shin with her foot. “And you always have me if you need a study partner.”

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A confused frown pulls her brow down. “That shouldn’t be possible, my dear. There are wards to protect outside entities from entering the premises of the dorms.” A soft sigh falls from her lips as she stands. Her hands smoothing out the nonexistent wrinkles on her sleeping shirt. “It appears I have to go check the wards. I wouldn’t want them to be malfunctioning unbeknownst to us.”

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I hope to have a better day with you all tomorrow. I want this place to be a place of positivity and happiness for you all again— I hate the thought that it’s not. So I was wondering if you all would like to send in, in-character asks for me? Whether they be spoopy related is up to you. You can also ask about different AUs (like vampire, werewolf, etc). You can always ask different characters that aren’t the ROs too. I just want to do something to get away from all of this ❤️. I’m also working on the longer RO asks and I want to get something out quickly. Which is why I’m offering this.

I hope you’re all well.

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Not to the point where you’re unlikable, no. You can be sarcastic but you can’t be an asshole. You wouldn’t get anywhere with anyone in the story. Which wouldn’t work for said story because it’s romance based. The ROs (even if you’re not romancing them) are your family— they become as close as blood throughout the series. As does many others in Haven.

They’re your team.

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