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writingat2am · 2 days ago
“I'm just sad. You were so nice to me when I was having my problems, but now that you're having yours, it seems there's not a thing I can do for you. You're all locked up in that little world of yours, and when I try knocking on the door, you just sort of look up for a second and go right back inside.”
Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood
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feral-ballad · a day ago
Tumblr media
Alejandra Pizarnik, tr. by Yvette Siegert, from Extracting The Stone of Madness: Poems 1962-1972 ; “Works and Nights”
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aretherestarsinhell · 2 days ago
what does it mean, that i still miss you?
what does it mean, that i still want to be yours?
what does it mean, that yours are the only eyes i dream of?
what does it mean, that i would do anything to go back and time and fix what we lost?
what does it mean, that i cannot fathom anything more painful than never again being yours?
what does it mean?
-what did any of it mean, really? c.r.
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definegodliness · 2 days ago
Strange mirror In the water Murky; sans reflections It is not my image I see But the water lily Who spent all summer Rising To the surface From the sludge Through the darkness Of depth She bloomed one day It was the first day of autumn She was beautiful Now, encapsuled again A mere sliver of pink, revealed By green sepals, floating limp Upon the surface Unable to live, unwilling to die Decay, postponed by the cold She was not predestined To greet in her life Strange mirror In the water I see us
--- 15-10-2021, M.A. Tempels ©
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justaspilledwords · a day ago
Shattered heart
Tattered mind
That’s what your silence
Brought me my love.
Undefined feelings
I buried behind my tears.
I thought only words can hurt us,
Yet, your silent goodbye
Drift me into the deepest despair.
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morgansunflower · 2 days ago
Momma Bat 2/2
Requested by @animefan3223
Batman/Bruce Wayne X Wife! Reader
Batmom! Reader
Warnings: character injury. Angst.
Batmom recovering from a injury. Her new adopted son is recovering from a broken heart
Pic below is a moodboard I made for the story! I do not own the pics!
Tumblr media
Duke's P. O. V
I don't understand what went wrong? I thought everything was going so well. What did I miss? After Ana broke up with me, I went to the first person I knew somehow could make everything better. I was willing to take the bullet. I should be the one unconscious in the E. R, but I'm not.. I still remember the look on her face, sympathy, kindness. I feel so horrible. Why did she do that? I sit on the roof of my home aka Wayne Manor. Bruce made me come home to rest up. I feel the brisk wind hit my face. Dinner was depressing no one said anything or I was so wrapped up in my head, I couldn't hear. Bruce said mom's been through worse. How is that supposed to make me feel better? How can my life get more messed up? I should have known.. It was only a matter of time until everything fell apart again. I crouched up more feeling my gut sink.
"hey" Cassandra said
"hey" I sighed
She sat next to me laying her head on my shoulder.
"sorry" she softly said
I knew what she meant. "sorry" that I had to watch mom in such pain, for me and that things didn't work out between Ana and I.
"got room for one more?" Dick asked
He sat next to the available spot beside me. He placed his hand on my back, with his knees bent upward. I had lied to them saying that I was on a date with Ana. Now, she doesn't even to be with me.
"so everyone knows, huh?" I ask forcing my throat not to shake
"yeah, detective training and all that. You get used to it"
"great" I sighed again
I rest my chin on my arms further crouched. I hate this.
"Bruce said, Mom will be discharged day after tomorrow. He's here now" he scoffed with a half chuckle "I've got Damian guarding your door. He'll hold off Bruce until you're ready for the post-break pep talk. It's a doozy.. Besides mom is a lot better.. with well, everything"
"want to talk?" Cass asks laying her head on my shoulder
"no" I stutter under my breath, it's so hard to control myself.
"ok" she replied
I'm about to break "she wants to be friends. How am I supposed to go back to that after everything?"
"it's OK to need space. You're allowed to give yourself time to heal" Dick said
Holding myself tighter, I couldn't stop the tears. "it doesn't feel like it'll ever get better"
"it will, promise" Cass said
I started crying more uncontrollably "I should be the one in the hospital, not her"
Dick put his hand on my back as I cried "mom is gonna be OK. In the meantime, we've got you, Duke. We're here" I just want mom. She must be in so much pain.
Y/N's P. O. V
I hear slow but consistent beeping. I then feel intense pain in my shoulder blade. I groan and then remember the bullet that went through my shoulder. Duke! My husband? The kids? Alfred? How long have I been unconscious?
"Y/N" Bruce softly said
I open my eyes to see, my handsome husband. He lovingly kisses my forehead.
"how are my children? Alfred?" I ask softly with a sift wince
"their safe but concerned for you. Alfred is insisting that you are grounded for a month" I chuckled softly, so protective. Bruce's face drops sympathetically
"what?" I ask with a worried tone
He grunted "Duke and his girlfriend are no longer together"
"Aww no!" my heart sinks. I try to get up but my husband stops me
"no" he ordered
I scoff laying back down "is he OK?"
Bruce grunts "I would know if your children would trust me"
I hold my smile back, I then sigh "I need to see him, I need to see all of my family"
He kisses my lips and then parts "I know"
With my injured shoulder bandaged and in a sling I sit in the back seat with Damian. Bruce driving to the Manor. Dami had his head rested on my uninjured arm. It was when less eyes would see that, he'd show any affection to me. As Bruce parked in the garage.
"do not open the door!" Damian demanded
"ok sweetie" I replied
"tt, I hate it when you call me that!"
Damian swiftly moved away from me and opened my door. He holds my hand helping me out.
"thanks kiddo"
We step inside "MOM'S HOME!!" I'm instantly hugged by Stephanie. I chuckled kissing her head
"I'm glad you're home"
"me too sweetie" I said softly
Cass runs in "mom" she smiled.
She hugged me gently. I run her head and kiss her forehead. As we part Dick, Jason and Tim run in. They each smile.
"I'm the oldest I hug her first!" Dick says hugging me first.
"I hugged her first I'm the favorite!" Stephanie exclaimed
"tt you fool's I was with her first therefore I am her favorite" Damian proudly proclaimed
Barbara then rolls in with a, relieving smile.
"it's good to have you all home" I smile to myself. "where's Duke?"
Dick let go's of me "he's been taking a note from Timbers and been a shut in for the last day"
"hey!" Tim offended to Dick's statement, while hugging me.
Then my tallest son bends his knees and hugs me carefully. I hold Babs hand firmly, still remembering when she not in her wheelchair. I depart from my family to find my missing child. I step up the stairs. I knock on his door gently.
"Duke.. Duke honey it's me, are you ok?" I take a deep breath "I heard what happened.. I just want you to know that I am here for you, I can give you space if you--" the door opens, Duke clings to me carefully "oh kiddo"
He began to cry in my arm. I sympathetically kiss his forehead.
"it hurts mom, you should not have done that"
I rest my cheek on his head and gently rock side to side.
"I know, I'm so sorry about what happened to you. Now you listen to me... I'm going to get hurt sometimes. It's inevitable but I am not going anywhere. I will be right here for every low and every high, in your life"
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loved-ones · 2 days ago
The moral of this story is that no matter how much we try, no matter how much we want it…some stories just don’t have a happy ending
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ipserotic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
just came to say goodnight 💔
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