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Christina Marie Hicks
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Pieck x black fem chubby reader!
Smut 18+ Drabble
Synopsis- in which I write about two thick bitches suffocating each other while sitting on faces. Breath play, receiving, giving head, switch reader 
It was a simple job interview question. “What do you like to do on your off days?” One you couldn’t answer truthfully of course. Your real answer would be your roommate Pieck! The secret love of your life. Well her and her pussy. That’s why you push her further into face not caring if your breath supply is cut off. All those days she stayed plopping her fat ass and cunt on you face must’ve been training for a moment like this. One where she was simply using you for her own pleasure. Grinding her soaping pussy onto your face. Your nose felt amazing in her hole so of course she couldn’t remove it. She knew eventually you needed to breath but that would have to wait for now. So you focused on licking her bundle of nerves. She was greedy wanting to cum over and over again in the first place. But you did such a good job sucking on her already swollen clit until her toes curled and you felt her thighs tremble in your hands. Only thing was you where out of air. Her plump ass blocking you completely and your hands slipping from her thighs. Now you had no way to tap out being stuck being having your face smothered by her pussy juice until she came creaming down your chin. She got off of you realizing your state. “Shit I’m sorry are you okay?!” She would always ask. You just held a weak dumbs up pacing for the air finally given.
She would always fake it up to you allowing you to do the same to her. Your thick thighs flooding the sides of her head. Only this time you weren’t so desperate from the start not wanting to crush her head. But she insisted more and more pushing you down onto her. Until she her self began to suffocate. Your mind was filled with pleasure not with her needs so you rode her face harder. You didn’t stop until you squirted into her mouth that was open to beg for air.
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From /Heartland/Meadows/3661/.
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What does it mean for someone to be your sunshine?
It means that they can make you happy even on your darkest days. That they can make you smile even while you are crying.
It means that they pop up in your mind when that certain song plays on the radio or when you see a pretty sunset.
It means they make you laugh even at the most stupid jokes or make your day better in general.
When someone is your sunshine, they are your joy. They are the reason you get up every morning and the reason you go to bed with a smile on your face. They are the reason you feel like a part of you is missing when they are not around.
When someone is your sunshine, they hold your heart with care and make sure to not drop it anymore than it already has been. They stick around even on your worse days and stick around on your absolute best days. They are there for you every single time and are always happy to help you even if you don't want any help.
Having someone as your sunshine is hard to find but when you do find it, you will never want to lose it. You will try your hardest to not lose them because you know that you will never be the same without that sunshine.
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—Heartland, "Resolutions"
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Travel Diary: My journey to The South
Crossing the Mississippi River
St. Louis, Missouri
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“I hope this season is full of Lisa!“
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Anthony Hopkins with Lynn Farleigh and Gemma Heritage in Heartland (1989)
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Chief Cochise of the Chokonen band of Chiricahua Apaches + Goyaałé [aka “Geronimo”], a shaman of the Bedonkohe band of Chiricahua Apaches.
Art by Mer Plucks Flowers Young
“It is my land, my home, my father’s land, to which I now ask to be allowed to return. I want to spend my last days there, + be buried among those mountains. If this could be I might die in peace, feeling that my people, placed in their native homes, would increase in numbers, rather than diminish as at present, and that our name would not become extinct.” ~ Goyaałe
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18+ lesbian Drabble Multifandom x Afab reader ,Dom/sub dynamics, squirting, overstimulation, edging
Tumblr media
Smacks your ass
She can’t help it when you walk around those tight shorts bending down to pick something up she purposefully dropped. Or even when your wearing a pair of plain jeans they just fit your figure so perfectly so she just smacks your ass. You always yelp a bit surprised. She loves getting the reaction out of you. So when your busy lost in thought riding her strap in reverse cowgirl a simple slap brings it all together. And another until your ass starts to sting she’ll rub you later. But for now she keeps slapping watching your asschecks bounce even more while she increases her pace her hips grounding on your sore ass.
Nami, Mitsuri, Sasha, Piek, Ino, Vanessa
Smacks your pussy
“Come on you can hold out a little longer.” Do it for me will yah,” she begged. But you came anyway squirting on her half sunken fingers. “Seems this pussy can’t behave itself huh.” She slaps your pussy hitting your swollen clit stoping your orgasm mid way. Tears fall from your eyes in defeat your mascara begging to run. “You look so pretty when you cry let’s try that again.” She continues to edge your pussy slapping it anytime you begin to feel relief. If only she found out about this sooner. At least she knew your new routine.
Hange, F.F, Shizuku, Joyelne, Robin, Mey Rin, Anko, Histora, Hina, Yuzuha
Slaps your face
She hit you and it felt like a kiss. “Open your mouth whore.” She demands her palm running across your cheek. You follow her commands opening your mouth to willingly accept her spit. “Damn how desperate could you possibly be?” Hmm that’s what I love about you such a filthy slut huh?” You nodded agreeing. “Answer me.” She slapped you again. “Yes Ma’am I’m everything that you say anything you want,” you smiled. “That’s my girl now suck on this.” She shoved her strap in your mouth.
Yelana, Quanxi, Makima, Shinbou, Temari, Miruko, Mikasa , Mereoleona , Annie, Ymir, Shoko
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Absolutely thrilled for the cast and crew to reunite to create some magic! ✨️📽 And to make it even better is we're getting 15 episodes this season! 🎉
Filming starts next week! I'll try to share any cast or crew's photos/videos from set in my Instagram Stories. If you miss it, I'll be saving everything in my Highlights.
Here we gooooo!!!
Video by Amber Marshall
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I love Heartland so much, it’s my comfort show, Ty Borden is my comfort character, some would say my Blorbo. 
AND HE DIED AND I AM STILL SO UPSET ABOUT IT. I literally do not think I can watch seasons 14 or 15 cause he’s not there :( 
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Found at /Heartland/Hills/2036/ on Geocities.
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Bad Business: A Heartland Murder Mystery
Tumblr media
Author's Note: This story has quite honestly been years in the making. It's been on my back burner, cooking away for so long, the world as we know it now is not the same world that my characters are inhabiting in this tale, as you will see from the timeline. This will obviously be considered an alternate universe, anyway, since things will happen that are clearly not canonical. That said, I try to maintain what we know about the Heartland universe in a general sense, as in people are still the same people, and the relationships they share are intact.
From the title, you can probably guess this will be a different sort of Heartland story, as it's a murder mystery. I will also warn there will be sensitive events taking place that might be triggering for some, so reader discretion is advised.
Abusive comments will not be tolerated. And now, onto the story!
Prologue: Distant Rumblings
Calgary Herald—Online Edition
Prominent Businessman and Wife Slain in Apparent Home-Invasion Robbery
Erika Volmeyer
Published March 25, 2018
Local businessman and oil magnate Lanny Barick and his wife, Paige, were found dead in their Rideau Park home early Sunday morning. Neighbours in the upscale Calgary residential area reported sounds of gunshots around 2:00 a.m.
Kenneth Pemberton, the Baricks' closest neighbour, says he was awoken by what he describes as two loud, explosive noises: "Two distinct shots. I jumped right out of bed, they sounded so close. Like fireworks going off. I was pretty much on the phone right away, calling 911."
Further inspection of the home revealed the bodies of the couple in the master bedroom. Officials say it appears the Baricks surprised their assailant.
Property records reveal the Baricks purchased the Rideau Park home in 2012. They had no children, and reportedly divided their time between Calgary and a residence in Hudson.
A family member who wished not to be identified revealed to The Herald that the Baricks had just returned from a vacation in Switzerland. No arrests have been made, nor did police name any suspects at this time. The Homicide Unit is currently investigating.
More details to come.
• Email: e_volmeyer
With files from The Canadian Press
"Something wrong, Lou?"
Lou Fleming shook her head once and looked up from her laptop, startled by her grandfather's question. "W-What?" she sputtered.
Jack Bartlett repeated his question, regarding his eldest granddaughter with concern. There had been a look of pure horror on her face he could not help but notice.
"Oh, I—I'm reading the news…" Lou mumbled. "Something awful has happened. You remember Lanny Barick?"
Jack paused for a moment, brushing his moustache with his thumb as he dug into his memory banks. "He's the 'weekend cowboy' who bought that dud of a bull for his ranch, isn't he?"
"Yes," Lou confirmed. "Grandpa, he and his wife were murdered early yesterday. Police are saying it was a home-invasion."
"You're joking," Jack said with a deep frown that intensified the wrinkles on his forehead.
"I wish I were."
"I'm real sorry, Lou," Jack uttered with sincerity, thinking of the easy-going man with whom he'd crossed paths some years ago. "I know he was a good client."
"And his wife, Paige… Amy taught her how to ride," Lou sighed. Lanny and Paige had not been particularly close friends of hers, but she nevertheless felt an oppression of spirit at the tragic news.
"Do the police know who did it?" Jack asked.
"No," answered Lou glumly. "The article says the Calgary Homicide Unit is investigating, though. Not a whole lot of details, really."
Jack expelled a breath. "Well, that's a shame. I hope they catch the guys responsible."
Lou shut down the laptop, having read enough. "Yeah. Me, too."
Calgary Herald—Print Edition
No Suspects in Double Homicide
Published April 8, 2018
Erika Volmeyer
Calgary Homicide detectives are still without suspects in the slaying of a prominent Calgary businessman and his wife. Laurence and Paige Barick were shot to death early on the morning of Sunday, March 24 by what police allege was an armed burglar.
"We now believe we're dealing with a highly sophisticated thief," Chief Millar said. "The alarm and surveillance systems were disabled, indicating a technical skill set not typically held by your average smash-and-grab thief. It is possible the Barick home held something of particular value to the killer. It could also be the home was being watched before being hit, as it was not widely known that the Baricks were out of town."
Police have canvassed the Rideau Park neighbourhood where the slayings took place and obtained several street-view camera video files. A single black Ford Explorer has been identified as a vehicle of interest, as it appears to be fleeing the general vicinity of the Barick home. No driver or license plate could be identified in the videos due to poor lighting conditions. Police are still hopeful with the release of these images someone will come forward with more information.
"We know this is a common model on Calgary streets," Chief Millar said, "but it is a lead, and we'd like anyone with more details about this SUV and its driver to please contact us."
A funeral was held in Calgary last week Wednesday for the couple.
• Email: e_volmeyer
With files from The Canadian Press
One Year Later
Calgary Herald—Online Version
Family Seeks Justice in Couple's Slaying: Reward Being Offered
Erika Volmeyer
Published March 25, 2019
The family of slain couple Lanny and Paige Barick held a memorial service and press conference today in Calgary to mark the one-year anniversary of the as-yet-unsolved murders.
Conrad Boucher, father of Paige, spoke to reporters about how his wife and surviving children have been hoping someone comes forward with information in the case which has stymied authorities.
"It's been a year, and no concrete leads," said Boucher. "The police are saying the trail has gone cold, but somebody out there knows something. We just want closure. We want justice. Paige and Lanny, they didn't deserve this."
A group of wealthy investors and business friends of Barick attending the memorial service took the opportunity to announce a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.
Tanner Gunn, self-made millionaire and long-time associate of Barick spoke on behalf of the private investors' group about the offer: "Lanny was a good friend of mine and Paige was a sweetheart. With this reward, it is our hope that anyone with information feels further compelled to speak up. Bring the suffering of this family to an end. If you have information that can help the police catch this killer, please come forward."
The slain couple was returning from a vacation in Switzerland last year when police say they surprised a thief who had disabled the alarm and security camera system before entering the premises. The Baricks were found shot to death in the master bedroom. Police were called to the scene when a neighbour reported hearing the shots around 2:00 a.m., but the killer escaped capture.
Calgary detectives who canvassed the Rideau Park community at the time obtained some surveillance from the street-view cameras of several neighbouring residences. A black SUV believed to have been driven by the shooter was seen fleeing the area, but neither the driver nor a license plate could be identified.
"The case has unfortunately gone cold," said Homicide Det. James Prescott. "It is our hope that with the reward being offered there will be renewed interest in the case and that some memories will be jogged."
Individuals with information are asked to call Calgary police or local RCMP.
• Email: e_volmeyer
Chapter 1: Calm Before the Storm
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—Heartland, "After All We've Been Through"
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