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Hey guys! Here is a cute drawing I did of Inuyasha. Not a 100% sure why I drew this, but I thought it was cute.

I was just following the belly dancer thing for this drawing.

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Wow u…u like my posts?? R-really? (灬º‿º灬)♡

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I always think these type socks make my feets look cute and you can barely see my little heart design from Valentines Day 💝

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I made this of my dog in order to send to one specific friend after I was complemented, so here you all go

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No feelings

I never gave the impression that I was weak. You can’t hurt me. I’m built from bricks, I am a fight you’ll always lose. Don’t care if you love me, I’m crushing hearts to dust. You won’t have one when I am done. I get stoned, my dick gets hard. All the feelings I need I receive in sexual healing. It ends there feelings don’t go beyond my bed.


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More Roxas for you, my specialty is undercut Roxas. And don’t let me near glasses for him.

Band AU is my second favorite story to work on 

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Hearts symbols   3/3

And these are all O have until now. Thanks to people who commented on my post back in twitter for giving me more ideas to make!

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