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Hidden Mickeys: Heartslabyul Dorm Edition!
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Rose Maze:
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kimbap-r0ll · 2 days ago
HELLO HELLO I WANT TO REQUEST A RIDDLE SCENARIO, the reader is very very sad bc she feels like she doesnt fit riddles perfect future dream life bc she's not perfect like him and feels insecure so riddle hits with
 "My dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it."
Thank you for the request! Yes I love angsty stories so much :) I went ahead and made this gender neutral for now too btw!
“My dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it.” Riddle x gn!reader
You were sorted into Heartslabyul, a house that was notorious for the crazy rules it had. The previous housewardens had been relaxed with these rules but for some reason, it seemed that the current one wanted to be a dictator when it came to the queen’s laws. He would use his unique magic to enforce them and scare the first years, which you opposed when you first heard your boyfriend was going to become a housewarden. The two of you had started dating in the middle of your first years and he was already climbing the ranks by the second. 
You knew in your heart that he would be a model leader, except he was too strict. Even if he had you and Trey, it would only do so much to lessen the iron grip he had on all of the students.  
“No I will not be letting you off the hook simply because this was your first time, it’s the middle of the year and you should have memorized all the rules by now,” was his excuse to off your head for three days. The rule that you broke? It was drinking green tea instead of peppermint tea in the evening.
But he didn’t seem that upset after your clumsy mistake. He continued to hold your hand as you two walked in the hallways, and he would give you presents here and there. It was all very sweet of him, but you couldn’t help but see the large wall between the two of you. He was the top of his classes, the dorm leader that memorized all 810 rules, and he had the looks that made your heartbeat rise. Meanwhile with you, you were fairly average in your classes and you could only memorize at most 150 of those rules, they were all so specific to be honest. Sometimes it felt like you were losing him because of how “inferior” you felt next to him. It felt like you didn’t belong with him, especially when some students began to whisper “I can’t believe they’re dating him” or “his partner’s the complete opposite” and things like that. The pressure was becoming unbearable as the year went on for you, but Riddle didn’t notice any of it. 
Even after the overblot incident he had, he was still harping students over the rules. Though he used his unique magic much less, he still had no problem pointing out all of the mistakes the students made. He was perfect. He was smart.
He was almost unreachable to you. 
You felt like he deserved better, someone with the same brain as him. What good would it be for him to be around someone that just dragged him down? You weren’t sure how to approach him about this, but you had to tell him that perhaps it would be better for the two of you to just go separate ways. This thought began to gnaw at you more and more, and because of this you started to hang around him less. The two of you only talked for a few minutes a day and you began to avoid him in the hallways. 
Riddle didn’t like this, and he was confused at what was going on. Had he done something wrong? Was something bothering you? Well, of course something was, but what was it?
He tried to greet you at breakfast, walking in a brisk pace towards you but as soon as the two of you met each other’s glances, you jumped up from your seat and fled from the dining hall. 
“Y-y/n, wait!” he shouted, soon running after you. 
You were so busy in your thought that you didn’t notice the Savanaclaw student walking right in front of you and before you could turn around to Riddle and tell him to go away, you collided with the student. 
“Ah, I’m sorry!” you squeaked, realizing that you and the tray you were holding were on the floor and the Savanaclaw’s toast had also fallen. 
“Watch where you’re going you dumbass,” he spat, “unless you want to fight, is that what you want?!” You weren’t sure why so many people in that dorm were confrontational, but you quickly apologized again. He wasn’t having it though and grabbed you by the collar of your shirt. 
“You know what, I was feeling sour this morning and you just had to ruin it even further. Why don’t you go get me another one?”
You bit your lower lip, not wanting to encourage him to punch you but before you could say anything more Riddle butted in. 
“I think that’s enough from you,” he said, crossing his arms and standing right next to him. 
“Who are you supposed to be?” the Savanaclaw asked, not letting you go. 
“Housewarden of Heartslabyul, you should know this by now,” Riddle replied. 
“So what? Get lost, you couldn’t beat me even if you were a dorm leader,” the student seemed adamant to beat you up. You looked at Riddle with pleading eyes.
“Drop them, they didn’t do much harm. Besides, it was just a piece of toast, what are you, spoiled so much you can’t afford to get another slice yourself?” Riddle put a hand on your shoulder while glaring at the student. 
“I’m ashamed we have so many brash students in this prestigious school, is Leona letting you off the hook with this behavior?”
“Don’t bring Savanaclaw into this.” “I am just stating the fact, you’re disrupting the entire dining hall with this.” “Why do you care?”
“Because the person you’re holding indecently is my partner.” “That’s it? All of this high and mighty talk because you like this idiot?”
That stung you a bit. 
“If you call y/n anything more,” Riddle’s eyes turned dark. “I will see to it you won’t use your magic for a week.” “You couldn’t do that, you and I are in different houses!” “You are breaking school rules by harassing this student, and dorm leaders are encouraged to cooperate with school rules as a whole, thus there would be no issue. Now let them go.”
You were finally dropped by the larger student as he grumbled away. You weakly looked at Riddle who was still glaring at the other student. 
“S-sorry,” you mumbled, but he turned you around so you could fully face him. HIs eyes were a piercing blue, and they seemed to look right into you. It was like he could see all of your imperfections, all of your flaws.
“Don’t apologize y/n,” he replied, smiling. “At least you aren’t hurt are you?”
“Yeah I’m fine.”
The two of you headed out into the hallways, there was still some time before the first class started, and he had wanted to talk to you. 
“I feel as though there is something you are hiding from me, is this true?” he asked, looking at you with that same analyzing gaze. You froze.
“Don’t be afraid to talk to me, I’ll listen,” he continued. 
“...I feel like I don’t belong with you,” you blurted out. His eyes went wide, and you couldn’t stop yourself from continuing. “I feel like you’re so perfect, it’s like seeing an art piece at a museum, or like watching a celebrity. Then there’s me, a clumsy, average student who can’t even fight for themself at the dining hall! I feel like,” you bit your lip. You held back tears. You couldn’t keep going. 
“Y/n,” he gently placed a hand on your shoulder. “Is this true?”
You nodded. There was silence. 
“What’s your dream?”
This question brought you to a halt. What was he saying all of a sudden? Was he going to mock you for wanting to become something other than the greatest magician or so? You weren’t even sure if you were going to go on to magic university but here he was. 
“I don’t know, I don’t have any goals,” you say, looking at the ground.
“Well,” Riddle stepped a bit closer to you, you couldn’t meet his gaze again.
"My dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it."
You quickly looked at him, your eyes wide this time and a soft blush creeping up your face. He smiled, taking your hands this time. 
“I love you, no matter what your performance in your academics are. I admire you for your talents and flaws, and you were the one that helped me the most when I overblotted. I learned so many important lessons from you, and I look up to you y/n. You’re special, I can’t imagine being with anyone else.”
The tears rolled down your cheeks, his gloved hand gently wiped them away. He kissed you on your hands before asking, “so, shall we head to our first class?”
You smiled at him, “Sure, we can do that.”
He held your hand in his, walking next to you in the hallway. Riddle might be the definition of perfect, but in his eyes, you were. 
The classroom was near empty, Riddle always wanted to be early so this was nothing new to the two of you. As both of you sat down, he didn’t let go of your hand. You couldn’t help but smile again at how happy you were to be with him. Perhaps a dream where you and Riddle were together was your dream too.
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MC Who is Completely Aware of Disney.
I should be writing my book but instead this scenario has finally won over. Ever since I first heard about the game I've been thinking about this lmaoo.
MC doesn't know about TWST (that's a whole other beast) but they know Disney properties and make the connection very fast. Throughout the story comparisons are probably made, and these are the reactions (dome genuine some just funny) that I think could follow. (With a little bit of Polyam implications because I am that bitch)
Riddle is heartbroken.
You're telling him his whole life, the queen he's looked up to, has aspired to emulate in his every action, is the bad guy???
(^^Everyone else in the dorm kinda new this was coming tbh. The rules don't help the whole "dictator of wonderland" thing.)
Ace and Cater are just offended at the depiction of card soldiers and how that's what they represent.
But while Cater can at least understand, Ace will fight tooth and nail against this.
("I didn't follow Riddle, I punched him! I'm not his stupid soldier.")
Deuce may or may not question his entire life.
(^He stopped being a punk for his mom's sake but does that make him a card soldier? Is he a weakling? A follower? Existential crisis sinks in.)
Trey just wishes you never mentioned this please Riddle is having a breakdown.
Doesn't totally help if you tell them it's your favorite movie.
Ace may brag a little to the other dorms though.
Cater has no opinions but definitely likes the fact that his partner knows so much. He also likes this little bit of chaos because he gets you to himself for a while. Everyone else is too busy settling their life crises while Cater has accepted his turbulent existence long ago.
(Maybe that's what happens when you have so many sisters?)
Leona probably doesn't believe you, and if he does, he just does that little annoyed sneer that makes it hard to tell exactly what he's thinking.
(The fact that he is basically repeating Scar's various mistakes definitely weighs on him... but it also hits Ruggie and Jack hard too. Ruggie especially, who can't imagine how this schoolyard play could potentially evolve into full on murder)
Jack doesn't know where he fits in but for a long while he tries to keep you away from Leona and Ruggie.
It's an immature move. He knows it, you know it, they know it, but the dorm as a whole also seems to acknowledge that maybe he is right to be afraid.
Leona would much appreciate you not bursting into song. Ruggie, on the other hand, encourages such behavior.
Lion man might ask you to tell him about the other dorms. Something about hearing their stories makes him a little less self-concious.
(Especially Sleeping Beauty. Leona still has it out for Malleus lmao)
Azul probably doesn't believe you, and if he does, he probably makes excuses.
(The twins don't care all that much tbh.)
"Sometimes at the theme park Ursula's head comes off her animatronic"
^Melt down moment
Please just let him be the guy is barely surviving as it is don't shake his roots.
"My guy she literally kept merfolk against their wills I don't think she is who you should be idolizing."
He needs to rethink everything.
But Floyd and Jade kinda like the songs.
(Which is why I advise you not to even introduce them to the music, if you know it by heart. Jade might just absentmindedly hum it but Floyd can and will terrorize with it.)
Once Azul calms down he might ask you more about Disney marketing so he can possibly expand his buisness
It never stops with him 🙄
Jamil is the one with the most notable reaction.
Probably immediately recognizes the similarities between himself and Jafar. Whether or not he sympathizes is unknown.
Kamil just finds it funny and really wants to know as much as possible.
He's so interested!
But like any similarities go right over his head because he's way too focused on the emphasis you put on the genie.
Tbh it just feels like telling a story to a child and a maturing teenager. Both find interest in different ways and neither want to hear your version of a Robin William's impression.
Eple is fucking furious because he understands right away that he's basically a pun.
Rook teases him with this information.
(^^As he does with several others.)
Vil is incredibly upset with the suggestion he'll never be fairest in the land.
("You'll always be the fairest to me" *cue an insult about you being a potato whilst a fierce blush begins to spread up his neck*)
Rook tries to use any information you have and apply it to other students. Y'know, like a stalker.
^^also very interested in romance scenes. He may try to recreate a few with you... or even worse (or better depending on how you view it) might give the others dating advice.
Rook doesn't know about personal boundaries, really.
Epel still can't give over that he's most likely named after a fucking apple. Probably resents apple carving now.
Vil is still glad he's in this dorm and not another.
Idia doesn't seem like the type to really care
Ortho makes up for that.
He's very excited to compare modern history with what you know. Also loves hearing about the music.
Probably gets more excited about properties outside of the realm of the dorms (Tangled, Mulan, Pixar, ext).
If you don't tell Idia, don't worry, somehow it gets back to him via Ortho.
An excited little brother talking about Disney movies is perhaps one of the most normal things you'll experience at that school
^That's how you might get Idia interested in hearing your tales. But he's never really looking forward to hearing Hercules
Mallues is APPALLED
Silver really doesn't care all that much.
Maybe Sleeping Beauty is not the best representation of their dorm founder.
Lilia assures you that's not what happened and he's well aware of this.
"Bro I didn't write the script"
Sebek is a menace he won't even hear you speak about this blasphemy.
Malleus might have an identity crisis.
^^ He's well aware of the fact that this doesn't change anything, really, but it's a lot to mull over. The worry that maybe the story you know has some truth, and he is destined for a similar path kinda screws with him.
Sebek grows a hatred for forest creatures out of fear they might be conspiring against the dorm. Silver is so confused.
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ikathousandflowers · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I didn't expect this to gain a lot of attention & was kinda unactive in the fandom that's why i only got to do heartslabyul. i also lost the pictures of the other dorms so feel free to send it to me since i might edit some more ~
kinda got stuck on deuce's & cater's part idk whether i should put "yes!" "all right!" or any other stuff. it's basically just an expression when you're excited but i think "all right" fits deuce the most! for cater, I'm not too familiar with jp slangs hnng was only gonna put "cool?" but it sounds and looks wrong since there's a question mark ಠ_ಠ so i just did "is it cool?" (but if it's really just "cool" I'll edit it!)
take note: if you're planning to make it an emoji to your discord server, the file is not 256kb so you'd have to decrease the file yourself (or i could make a separate one but idk)
thanks pion for helping me out <3(*^ワ^*)
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twisted-writing · a month ago
To the point of exhaustion
For Anonymous
Who asked: Dorm leaders (separately) reacting to their gn! s/o fainting in front of them? Like Crowley overworking them and s/o keeps brushing it off saying they're fine when the dorm leaders ask until they faint from exhaustion. I'm in the mood for angst. Have a great day!
POV: Third Person
Characters: Dorm leaders, gender neutral!reader, Dire Crowley (mentioned)
Pairing: Dorm leaders x gender neutral!reader (separate)
Warnings: angst, mentions of overworking, mentions of fainting, mentions of being deprived of sleep, Dire Crowley slander
What should have been a relaxing night of playing video games with Idia had turned into him, spending the night with y/n in the infirmary, he had brought them when they had fainted upon arriving at his dorm room in Ingihyde. As y/n slept peacefully, Idia couldn’t help but frown as he observed the dark circles underneath their eyes. They were worse than the ones he would have after a late night gaming session.
It had spoken volumes that as soon as y/n’s head made contact with the pillow, they were out like a light.
Idia was angry. Not at y/n. But at the headmaster. What was going through that head of his that he thought working y/n to the point of exhaustion was okay?! Not to mention that this was most likely the first night in weeks that they would get a full night of sleep. Instead of the headmaster giving them some sort of impossible task that would most likely take up so much of their time.
This wasn’t right.
Idia vowed that something like this would never happen again.
Malleus’ frown deepened as he observed y/n as they yawned for the fourth time. Normally, they would be listening and asking many questions about the different types of gargoyles, or they would just talk about their day in general.
It was something that they both looked forward to.
To be able to vent and get all of their frustrations out without fear of being judged or to be made to feel like they were complaining.
He watched as y/n took a step forward but then they began to sway, Malleus was grateful for his fast reflexes, he managed to catch them.
"M-Malleus? I-I'm…"
"Exhausted beyond belief. You need to rest."
"But the headmaster…"
Malleus felt his respect for the Headmaster dwindle bit by bit.
"Don't worry about him." Malleus effortlessly picked them up in a bridal style. "Focus on getting the rest you need."
"Thank you."
"Anything for you, y/n."
Leona had never felt such fear in his life than when he saw his herbivore about to faint during Vargas’ class. He had never moved so fast in his life. Holding them in his arms, Leona refused to let y/n go.
He would take them to the nurse.
And would be having words with the headmaster soon.
It was one thing if they had been given one or two tasks, but to juggle so many things at once up to the point they were being overworked? Leona wouldn’t stand for it.
“Don’t worry, herbivore. You just get all the rest you need.”
"Vil, I'm sorry. I didn't want you to worry."
"Oh love, I'm not angry at you." Vil assured y/n, his perfect y/n who despite being so exhausted from doing all kinds of tasks for Headmaster Crowley, wanted to accompany him to a photoshoot. "I'm worried for you."
"You need your rest." He gently traced the dark circles underneath their eyes. "You were literally about to collapse if I hadn't caught you." He pulled his hand away and gestured to them to lay down on the couch in his dressing room, after their shoes were off.
"Is this really okay?"
"Of course. You deserve to relax." He followed their gaze to their phone. "And don't even think about answering that if it rings."
"But, the Headmaster-"
"Will be getting a piece of my mind." He promised. "Now." He covered them with a throw blanket that was soft and of the highest quality which had been on the chair in front of his vanity. "Get some sleep and I'll come and check on you in a little bit, okay?"
"Good." Vil briefly kissed them. "Sweet dreams.”
It was rare for Kalim to skip out on a party that was happening in Scarabia, but this was a good reason. He couldn't enjoy the party. Not without y/n.
It just wouldn't be right.
The party was still going without the both of them, which he had insisted on, while he escorted y/n to his room so they could rest. It was clear that they were dead on their feet and looked as if they hadn't gotten a good night's sleep in weeks.
And they had almost fainted. Twice. Despite reassuring him that they were fine.
They weren't fine though.
He didn't blame y/n. How could he? It wasn't their fault. The blame went to the headmaster.
He didn't have to give y/n so many tasks to do.
They were going to burn out at this rate! Either the headmaster knew or just didn't care.
He would figure out what to do later, but right now he was going to make sure that y/n was taken care of.
In the VIP room of the Mostro Lounge, Azul briefly looked up from his new contracts and looked over at the couch where y/n, his precious Angel fish was getting some well deserved rest.
Earlier, they had finally confessed that they weren’t as fine as they pretended to be.
How tired they were.
How keeping up with the tasks from the headmaster, keeping an eye out for Grim, cleaning up Ramshackle, and the schoolwork was too much and they were close to burning out.
It was a miracle that they had made it to Octavinelle with how utterly exhausted they were.
His angel fish deserved to be treated as an equal.
And with this updated contract, Azul was making sure that something like this would never happen again.
For once, as he found himself reassuring y/n, his precious rose that it was fine with him, if they could spend the night with him, since they didn’t want to sleep alone. Riddle found himself not really caring about the rules.
In the soft glow of the lamp on the nightstand next to his bed, Riddle observed y/n.
They looked so peaceful while they slept. It spoke volumes to how tired they were.
They had to deal with so much.
And they pretended to be fine, completing the tasks that the headmaster had given them, no matter how much sleep they lost. And no matter how exhausted they were.
Wasn’t the headmaster supposed to help them?
It seemed like he was pushing the things he didn’t want to do onto them. And that wasn’t right.
Riddle was determined to help his rose, just like how they had helped him.
And if he decided to start by letting them sleep in, taking extra notes for them in class, and covering for them whenever someone asked where they were?
Well, no one else had to know.
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penofpenguin · 5 days ago
Can I request heartslabyul giving the reader their clothes and mabe down the line some of the other friends they make because aside from a few uniforms from Crowley they had no clothes. I could imagine ace or Deuce getting smug on days reader is wearing their shirt and jack is like why are you guys like this but also here's my shirt too. Vil would not be impressed by this but we don't talk about not having money. Also could you imagine downing in the twins long ass pants??
A moment of silence for our wallets
Speaking of that did we ever even get a canonical uniform now that I think of it 😭
But yes thank you for requesting!! I bet the Leech twins' pants alone would take up the whole washing machine.
Content Warnings: None
Heartslabyul give their s/o some of their clothes + reactions to s/o wearing it.
Riddle x GN!Reader, Ace x GN!Reader, Deuce x GN!Reader, Trey x GN!Reader, Cater x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
He would be too flustered to offer you his clothes so you have to ask him first.
Have the AC on when you ask him so he doesn't suffer from a meltdown.
Will say yes though.
He lets you borrow some of his school uniforms that you could wear in public too since nobody would know it's his.
Although, when it comes to things like distinct clothes that the whole school has seen him in, he'll be very hesitant on you wearing them out.
Once he sees you in any of the clothes...man literally gets dizzy.
You were just wearing one of his old cardigans when the man stops by to lend you one of his books.
When he sees you in that cardigan, he almost faints.
"Y/N...you look...so...breathtaking."
Man's face be matching the tone of his hair.
He wants to hide, but at the same time, he wants to hug you in those clothes.
He'll love it when you wear his clothes for him. He'll wear yours one day, with your consent of course.
Tumblr media
You would know damn well he'll laugh at you if you ask him.
If someone in NRC talks about your clothes though, he'll give them to you (and glare at that person)
Somehow, intentionally or unintentionally he'll drop his clothes on you.
He wants you to wear his clothes and show off to everyone how cool he is that someone wears his clothes(jerk).
If you won't wear them outside, he'll roll his eyes and get annoyed. But asks you to show him if you ever wear his clothes.
"Yooo!" He yells from the Ramshackle dorm's entrance.
You open the door for him and as soon as he lays eyes on you, he freezes.
"I washed your clothes so I can wear them. I didn't trust you when you said you washed them." You said.
"Forget that... you're wearing..."
He's shocked at first, but smug later on.
Deuce comes to you the next day saying Ace kept talking about it all night and wouldn't let him sleep.
Ace highly encourages it and wants you to wear his clothes more often for sure.
Tumblr media
He cares about you so much so he will give you his clothes no questions asked.
He'll even wash them for you.
He just wants you to feel at home honestly since Crowley only offered some uniforms.
Gives his Heartslabyul uniform only to be scolded by Riddle not to give their dorm uniforms away.
Poor guy didn't know. He doesn't want to ask it back from you because he doesn't want to sound like a jerk.
Just wear it privately so Riddle won't get to know.
Even if it's normal uniform blazers...he will have a reaction.
Honestly...his reactions depend on your gender.
He'll either be complimenting you manly or he'll stutter and cover his face.
If someone says that the uniform looks weird on you of some sort....
Deuce will throw hands.
Calm him down please.
Overall, loves it when you wear his clothes. Panicks and hides if he can't take the blush rush. He's so pure.
Tumblr media
Even if you aren't dating, the man will give you his clothes because he's definitely the most responsible of them all.
He'll even give you a toothbrush but let's not get to that-
I bet he has hoodies. He definitely lends them to you when it's cold and before any summers, he gets you tailored shirts.
Of course, he'll lend you uniforms if that's what you need.
He's an all-in-one package.
Is also the calmest of them all when you wear his clothes.
Secretly wants to cuddle you ngl.
But on the outside he'll be all "Oh you're wearing my clothes. They look good on you!"
The next day a pile of clothes land on your doormat with a note from your boyfriend saying "I thought you needed more."
I doubt he has enough clothes for himself at this point.
Like Deuce, offers to wash them for you, but unlike Deuce, he actually washes it properly.
He really loves it when you wear his clothes ^^
Tumblr media
He approaches you-
Two things. He either wanted you to swap clothes with him for a viral challenge, or he thinks you're cute in his fit. Probably both.
Gives you all styles of clothes. Hoodies, T-shirts, Jeans, Sweatpants.
If you ask him for some uniforms, he'll look unenthusiastic but he'll give you some anyways.
Something like: "Ehhhh...you want my uniforms out of all these Caterific clothes? Isn't that kinda boring~?"
Wear them publicly. Please. He automatically lights up when he sees the fact that you're wearing his clothes.
He isn't even acting, he'll truly think you're adorable.
"OMG you're wearing my clothes!! You look so cute!! I need a picture! Ok look into the camera,"
He squeals. I'm not kidding.
Get ready for tons of pictures. He'll throw himself onto you and take pictures. He wants his followers to know he has a lover that wears his clothes.
With your consent, he posts it. If you say no, he'll do his best to convince you but backs off if your mind doesn't change.
If he does post it, there will be a caption of "my love wearing my clothes is so cute omg (*˘︶˘*).。*♡" with every romantic hashtag ever.
But in the end, He genuinely loves it. He'll smoosh you every time you wear his clothes. Good luck getting him off.
I hope you liked this one ( ◜‿◝ )♡
Have a nice day
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twistfantasies · 6 days ago
Synopsis: After attending NRC, our beloved characters suddenly find themselves transported to your world! The thing is, they have no idea where you are and have to make a life for themselves in the meantime. How would they adapt to life on earth? A/N: Hey guys! I had this idea during a 4am mind-dump and rolled with it. May reference it if I do any Modern AU writing. Just some general Headcannons like what their residence, settlement of choice, work, general modern interests, style, etc. would be Characters: Everyone. Mix of Sentient AU! and Modern AU! Warnings: None lol. This is for my own enjoyment! Part(s): Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Octavinelle, Scarabia, Pomefiore, Ignihyde, and Diasmonia You are here!: Heartslabyul
Nothing could have prepared the students of NRC for what lied beyond the mirror. A world unlike any of them ever known with magic being virtually non-existent ( or so it appears to the general public). With nothing but the clothes on their backs, falsified basic identification, personal items, and the small bits of knowledge gathered from your vessel Yuu; these young adults have one mission-find the player and stay out of prison. It was time to split up, cover as much ground as possible, and make a life in this unknown world.
Let us see how these fresh minds conform to life on earth, yes?
Heartslabyul Residence: United Kingdom
Riddle Rosehearts
Residence: Cambridge, England
Lives together with Trey in Cambridge, England. They share a two-bedroom apartment that's settled above the small bakery Trey works at.
Occupation: Government official. Likely somewhere in politics and law enforcement.
Riddle doesn't have a specific job listed simply because no one actually knows what it is that he does. He's very hush-hush about his personal affairs, which is understandable considering he respects the rules and confidentiality laws. Do not ask how he got a government job or how his falsified documents were overlooked. He has his ways, and that's all he is going to say.
Uses his job as a foot-in-the-door to try and find you. All they have is your data that was imputed into your TW account and phone app store, so he's going to cover all ground.
Very well off financially. He's taken more to the 'dark academia,' aesthetic going around on earth. Despite this he still shares his home with Trey, but is decorated like an academic's laboratory. Plenty of cherry wood furniture, plants, warm tones, and he surprisingly has pictures of the Heartslabyul gang everywhere.
One look at his clothes and you'll know who decorated the apartment. He loves corduroy pants, loafers, sweater-vests, turtle necks, and don't tell his mother but he got his ears pierced. Ruby red studs are his staple to match his hair.
Riddle easily conformed to earth's more mature audience. Just like in TW he struggles to understand recent trends and social media (Example: man will not go near Tik Tok). He picked up Linkdln and buisness platforms quickly, and not a week goes by where he doesn't have a buisness dinner. He's so well educated that he breezes through university life on earth and is on the path to get his Ph.D. in Political Science.
He loves the literature your world has to offer. He's collected so many new books that Trey had to convince him to rent a storage unit for them all (or get a kindle but Riddle likes to have the physical copy, so that's vetoed). He likes audio-books though because they're convenient, and he's taken up gardening
The one to consistently contact everyone with updates on your whereabouts. The leader of the UK gang in the search.
Ace Trappola
Residence: Cardiff, Wales
Lives together with Deuce in a one-bedroom apartment. They're broke as all hell and so they've got to make due. They've accommodated so that the living room is Deuce's room and Ace gets the actual bedroom. They're the tenants that constantly get complaints for being too loud and always scrape the deadline for rent. The type of duo to use bowls as cups because they fought over who would do the dishes. Now they've got angry neighbors, no clean dishes, and are at each others throats until the next day.
Occupation: Mechanic in training
Ace can't stand customer service but also isn't the type to do university. What is up his league is trade work, and the man wants a motorcycle so bad. At first he wasn't too into it but with time the field grew on him, and he gets along great with his mentors and coworkers. He's got the spunk and charisma to handle the job that's for sure.
He blends in so well, deadass. Yeah people know he's a foreigner and that he stands out appearance wise-but like, he's so outspoken that people take him for what he is. Basically the fresh youth on the block who's everyone's annoying little brother. The kind invited for after-work drinks (he is of age here. Remember they are all of age) and spend a couple rounds telling fun stories with.
We touched a bit on the living situation, but his bedroom is full of pop culture references from earth. He's a big marvel fan and he loves doing those lego-sets that come with instructions. He's got the infinity gauntlet model one on display and is eyeing the lego-store for when he can afford another big project. He's dreaming of seeing Disney world, and his room has lots of travel brochures for exciting trips
He often plays sports with the neighborhood kids and his friends and has random supplies thrown everywhere.
He's taken a liking to grunge fashion. Lots of flannel, skinny jeans, beanies, layered t-shirts, etc. He's a skater boy. Loves fashion jewelry and fidget rings
I feel that if Riddle or someone else had an idea of where you were, Ace would be the one they send to go see in person. Both himself and Deuce are confident that they'll know you when they see you without much work. Ace also has this disarming affinity where if he offered to buy you a coffee, it would just come off as a chill guy shooting his shot at a spontaneous date
Deuce Spade
Residence: Cardiff, Wales
Lives together with Ace in the one bedroom apartment mentioned prior. He's the one who tries to keep some semblance of order in the house. His space is generally clean but he gets super annoyed when Ace makes trips to the kitchen in the middle of the night. He's definetly the more responsible one of the two and the favorite if his neighbors had to choose. Deuce just wants some privacy and to get a full night's sleep, but knows that he couldn't afford a place of his own. He's the one who chose Cardiff on a whim, but ends up liking that they're close to the coast.
Occupation: Firefighter also in training
If coming to your world did one thing for Deuce, it was knock him on his ass in a good way. At NRC it was his focus to do well in school and make something of himself. He was doing it for his mom, but here he had to work with what he had to succeed. He gave university a shot for a semester before deciding that it wasn't getting him anywhere. Then he saw that dangers on earth couldn't be fought with magic, and was amazed at how firefighters, medical staff, etc. work to help others. All was history from that moment, and now Deuce is playing to his strengths AND doing something meaningful.
Like Ace, Deuce is loved by many people. He is the polite young man that all the grandmas bake sweets for in return for him carrying their groceries. He has amazing manners, and this pure aura that makes people want to help him. He's the guy you call when you need help during a move, or when you want someone to keep you company while building ikea furniture. He has such a genuine interest in people's stories, and often comes home with leftovers because he was invited to chat with the family next door over dinner.
He talks a lot about his mom and about the person he's in search for. He doesn't go in detail about you aside that you were friends and he moved here so you can be together. It's always a tear-jerker that pulls at people's heart-strings. He just loves and misses his mom so much, and he wants to see you more than anything. So touching~
Deuce is definetly a sports and social gathering kind of guy. In the living room there are many picture of events he's volunteered at and prizes from contests that he's entered. Like Ace, he wants to travel your world. He wants to go to all the famous nature spots and climb the highest mountains. He's also a gym jock. If he's not volunteering, at work, or socializing then he's at the gym
He's bought into the department-store aesthetic 100%. It's sweatpants, mesh shorts, dorky t-shirts, and too many different sneakers to keep track of. He actually let his hair grow out after coming to your world and now we have man-bun Deuce.
Trey Clover
Residence: Cambridge, England
The one who suggested splitting up in the first place. He wants in-and-out of your world as soon as possible (at least at first), and is by far the most lowkey of his the Heartslabyul gang.
Lives with Riddle in an apartment above his workplace. It's simple, really. He saw a 'help wanted' sign in the window of a family-own bakery. Strolled in, asked for an application, and then did a test run to show them his skills. He played a bit dirty and used his magic to cater to the owner's tastes but got the job instantly. The shop was run by an old couple that was conveniently looking to rent out the loft above their shop, and Trey jumped on it. Now he lives quietly and lets the others do the dirty work as he does what he knows best.
He lets Riddle take over the entire apartment aside from his bedroom. That he keeps very simple, and it's a complete contrast from the rest of the apartment. It has neutral whites with tinges of lemon yellow and lavender purple here and there. A bed, dresser, desk, and honestly it's so orderly that you wouldn't know someone was living inside. He often invites the bakery owners for tea and they're in awe of what the duo have done with the place. Trey and Riddle are the perfect tenants for any landlord to have.
He's by far the best at blending in with the common folk. Like Riddle, he does dress a bit more formally than the rest of his friends. He likes to stick to loafers, tan pants, and a button down shirt. Occasionally he'll toss in a sweater or a blazer to spice things up. However, one look at him and you'll think 'that's someone with their life together alright'
Occupation: Baker, if it isn't obvious by now.
As stated before, Trey sticks to what he's good at. He saw an opportunity and he swooped in. No doubts or questioning. The job was his before he knew it and he loves the quaint life he's been living on earth
Trey is also beloved by all in his neighborhood. Riddle is seen as someone to be highly respected and is slightly intimidating to the common man. Trey though? He's the cute baker boy that recently moved in and will happily chat about the weather with you over tea. He's mischievous and reads the atmosphere well. He's got a level head, and is very good at getting people to spill gossip. He balances out Riddle's imposing aura, making the two a good conversation topic for any passerby.
He uses this attentiveness to his advantage. If Riddle's the one snooping around the government and politics, then Trey is the extra eye and ear he needs to catch missed information. when Riddle gets home from work and Trey closes up shop, the two are good at working together to combine their formal knowledge with city gossip to find clues.
Trey and Riddle's place is where Heartslabyul meetings take place. It wasn't hard for Trey to convince the shop owners to lend him the lower level for 'family gatherings' on days the shop was closed.
On earth, Trey loves the freedom he has. The planet has it's own issues yes, but there's something about a world without magic that is utterly calming to him. No spells, no competition, no worry of overblot, etc. He just gets to live the simple life that he has always wanted, and a part of him wants to stay once he's found you. He likes learning the world's history, exploring different cultures, and spending his time outside.
Cater Diamond
Residence: Aberdeen, Scotland
Now if anyone is going to last by themselves, it is Cater.
Riddle was initially supposed to go to Scotland alone but everyone knows that he needs someone for emotional support. Cater offered himself to the wolves in his stead.
Cater owns a studio somewhere around Aberdeen. It's confusing because while he owns it, he is never there. No one has ever visited his house or been invited over once. His landlord doesn't have to worry about paparazzi or anything because no one ever sees him enter or leave.
Just for an idea though, it is decorated very retro-chic. He's got everything you can imagine from the 70s and 80s. The style just really resonated with him, y'know? All the bright colors and fun textures. He loves shag rugs, lava lamps, chalk-painted walls, etc. He definetly has a water bed and incense burners. I think he would have a cat if he was home to care for it.
Occupation: Influencer
C'mon, this is to be expected. It's why he's never home! He's a travel influencer that runs a pretty well-known blog and many other media pages. There isn't a day he doesn't live stream his latest adventure and is the easiest to get a hold of out of everyone.
There isn't a single person that doesn't know of Cater Diamond. Need I say more about his social life?
Despite it all, he's still off by himself and he always makes sure to video chat everyone every day. Not to get too deep...but while he's loved he definetly has that outsider complex. Out of everyone, he is the one who is excited to go home the most. He's thriving but there is no place like home.
Just like Deuce, he tells people about you. He's had his friends appear as guests in his videos/streams (imagine the crowd when Riddle of all people appeared lol), but the one person they've never seen is Cater's supposed 'special person'. He's hoping by some miracle that one of his videos will reach you, and that you'll know it's your Cater. I mean, you must have noticed the missing characters in your game, right? Connect the dots hunny.
Cater's known for his exploration with fashion and hobbies. He's tried everything from gothic lolita to cottage core. The man flips like a light switch on the daily. One thing that's constant though is the color red. It reminds him of his roots, so he always has a splash of red or a hidden rose in his outfits.
I mentioned a travel blog, right? Well mixed in there he writes about new hobbies or discoveries he makes along the way. Imagine the first time he saw a rubix cube? He streamed himself trying to solve it and it's one of his most quoted moments. No one could believe that he had never seen one until that moment.
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Heartslabyul reaction to constant physical affection from their crush. Like face squishing hair ruffle hand holding and hugs for days
Heartslabyul With an Affectionate Crush
Riddle was shy of affection. It wasn’t an unknown fact. You- his crush- were the opposite..
Riddle was close to you, because his thought process was that if you enjoy his company then maybe, eventually, if fate would have it, you’d like him back.
It was so hard to tell because you were affectionate when around him from the start.
Riddle blushes every time you reach for his hand.
It’s not that he minds per say, it’s just that he’s so unused to the feeling of it.
Gets more used to it and while he’s still a flustered mess, even worse when someone points it out, Riddle enjoys it.
(If people think that you’re dating and therefore won’t go after you then that’s not his problem…)
Hair ruffling? Hugging???
Do you want to make him explode?
His hair is usually kept down, not up. But if you’re going to mess with it…then fine as long as you do it in private.
Go ahead.
Will do it back to you because no way you’re getting away with it.
You want to hold his hand? If he doesn’t need that particular hand then go ahead.
You want to ruffle his hair? Just please don’t mess with his glasses.
A hug? He’ll play with your hair for as long as you hug him.
Is lenient with you about it and enjoys it. It’s little secret though.
Only if you take a photo with him in exchange.
Has a secret album of photos he doesn’t post on Magicam, but he doesn’t tell you that.
Stop playing with his heart. No way are are you getting to hold his hand and make him feel like this when you- just- smile at him…
Would attempt to flirt with you and kiss your hand teasingly.
Please play with his hair, Cater doesn’t care if it gets messy when you ruffle it.
Kind of encourages it because he doesn’t wear his uniform the neatest in the first place.
So, along with messy hair, and his crush- you- holding his hand of hugging him, is wonderful.
It looks like you’re together and hopefully soon you will be.
Doesn’t worry about you getting any confessions because of it…
Ace + Deuce:
Doesn’t know how to handle it at the beginning but then gets so smug about it.
Doesn’t like you holding hands with anyone but him.
You’re his crush! He likes you! Of course he doesn’t want you to be whisked away by someone more charming and you’re already open to being affectionate so how can he tell??!!
Ruffle his hair, mess it up. He gets the same thought process as Cater.
Do it do it do it do it
Also your hand feels nice in his hair.
Because you hug him so much, he won’t hesitate to put his arm around your shoulders.
Wants you so bad it’s depressing.
Is in a noticeably grumpy mood when you don’t give him affection. Like a puppy.
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blueberry-skye · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Incoming Calls || Heartslabyul Phone Wallpapers
feat. Nicknames/Pet Names by Skye Theme: candid and rehearsed shots of your favorite NRC boys!
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queenscodex · 2 months ago
Taking care of you when you're sick
Charatcers: Heartslabyul; Riddle, Trey, Cater, Ace, Deuce
- Gender Neutral Reader
- Headcanons
- Warnings: Sickness
Hi so I'm sick, it's the reason I'm taking so long to get event requests out. But I couldn't sleep so I decided to write this in hopes it will remove all the sickness from my body. Not proofread, I wrote this half asleep
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
Riddle can be very dependable on days when you're sick!
He knows a lot of methods to make you feel better- though, he can come off as brash and strict during these times but it's only because he wants you to make a swift recovery. And when he's clueless on what do, then he does some research himself
Although he isn't one to get sick often, he does know some good remedies to help soothe a scratchy throat, tummy pains, and anything that is causing you discomfort. He'll ask Trey to make you little treats among soups. However, he does keep an eye on your sugar intake but the soup is easy on the stomach.
Riddle makes sure you take your medicine at the correct times, even going as far writing it down on a little notepad as a reminder for himself. He also assures your getting the right of amount of sleep and properly taking care of yourself, shooing you off to bed when he catches you in the hallway
He prepares you a lot of tea, many depending on the situation; he knows a good tea to help you sleep if your sickness is causing you discomfort, and he also can brew up some ginger tea if you're feeling particularly nauseous.
Places a warm or cold cloth over forehead and changing it periodically when he checks your temperature from time to time
Riddle is patient with you when you're sick. He'll help you catch up on your studies once you're feeling better and will stick close if you don't want to be alone as you rest, even propping up a chair beside your bed as he recounts the history notes Trein left.
" You must take your medicine, my rose. It's vital for your recovery. Perhaps a pinch of sugar will make it more bearable?"
Trey Clover
Tumblr media
Out of all the boys, Trey is the best at taking care of anyone who is ill. Like Cater, he was responsible for taking care if his siblings and his mother mode gets activated whenever a loved one gets sick
Getting sick in the first place is a challenge in itself. Trey always makes sure you dress appropriately for the weather, eat enough meals, and take care of other basic necessities. So getting sick was a surprise to him, but nonetheless he knows to handle it
Trey is patient with his partner, his movements are gentle and does everything with care in order to ensure a swift recovery.
He makes sure you take your daily medications and tries to make it more bearable by adding a pinch of sugar to conceal its nasty aftertaste- but not too much that the medicine loses effect entirely
Trey knows plenty of foods for someone who is sick. He prepares you good and healthy meals that are easy to stomach while also providing you nutrients and vitamins. He notes that you're getting your three meals a day while also having rest inbetween. He can be a bit strict with this, but he promises you to make as many tarts as you like once you've completely recovered from your sickness
He likes to give you massages as you eat, helping you relax as you down the food. Little praises are leaving his mouth with each bite you take, and once you're done, he tucks you to bed and places a cold rag to your forehead.
He will grab you anything you need, you will not be lifting a finger at all. Even if you insist you can do it yourself, Trey refuses. He's got everything; tissue boxes, little medicine candies, a weighted blanket, anything to make the whole process as easy as possible
" Lay down dear, right now you need to rest. I'll take care of everything else, call me if you need anything, alright?"
Cater Diamond
Tumblr media
Cater was responsible for taking care of his sisters who commonly asked him for things while they were sick. He despised it, since they bossed him around and was often running around in order to get what they wanted. But this is his partner and he does not mind getting you what you need. He is quite dependable when his partner is sick as a result.
Cater is observant and attentive to your body language, if you exhibit any signs of discomfort, he is quick to soothe you to the best of his ability. He rubs comforting shapes in your back whenever you start to feel nauseous or gross, even pulling your hair back if it's long.
While out and about, he keeps some medicine on his person in case you need it.
Cater sends you a lot of videos and pictures while you're sick, often being silly little things that easily make you laugh followed by the text 'how are you feeling?'
While you're sick, his Magicame feed becomes filled with pictures of soups, tissues, and other things he gets you to help you recover. He the whole process with his fans, even picking up advice people leave among the comments
Not the best cook, but he will try to whip something up if you ask. Though it has an odd taste and some bits are overcooked, it's enough to soothe your stomach for a while. But a lot of the time he buys those pre-made things that you just have to heat up.
He props up a chair next to your bedside, keeping an eye on you and making sure you're getting rest while his fingers gently run through your hair in an attempt to relax you.
" You have nothing to worry about Y/n! Cay Cay will take care of you, I even made you some soup~ wait don't eat it yet! Let's take a picture for the recovery album 'kay?"
Ace Trappola
Tumblr media
Surprisingly alright at taking care of his partner when their sick, minus a few moments of panic and slip ups
The first thing Ace does when he learns you're ill is making sure you're comfortable and getting you whatever you need. He has a glass of water on your bedside table if you feel dehydrated (which will be refilled every half hour) and some of your favorite treats when you get hungry.
He gets you a lot of soups that you can easily stomach and sticks to your favorites. He even is adamant on feeding you if you don't have the extra energy to pick up a spoon, though he's rather teasing about it- even if you fuss you can feed yourself, you will be met by hush on his part all while he tugs the spoon at your lips.
He is good at cheering you up. Ace dislikes seeing his partner under the weather. He'll crack jokes and act mischievous in order to make you laugh despite feeling all icky inside, it helps lighten the atmosphere. He may tune down the teasing for your sake, but he slips at some moments; mainly jokes about how you're going to get him sick.
Not the best at keeping track of your medicine, it tends to slip his mind at times as he is more focused on getting adequate rest.
Ace encourages you to get some fresh air from time to time. He takes your hand softly, guiding you to the nearby courtyard, his eyes attentive to any discomfort you may be feeling.
Even though he's not the one sick, he whines about how he is unable to kiss you, but he may end up giving you a few pecks which ultimately causes him to be sick and now both of you are bed-ridden together.
" Say ahh~ I heard from Trey that this soup helps calm the nerves and stomach. Hey, don't give me that look, let me feed you!"
Deuce Spade
Tumblr media
Deuce knows how to take care of himself, but not so much when it comes to other people. He heavily relied on his mother whenever he got sick himself and picked up on her tactics when he got older. But when he got news that his partner was ill, he was clueless at what to do at first, unsure of how to apply that
He constantly asks you how you're feeling and if you want anything, whatever it was Deuce was set on retrieving it for you. Every five minutes you would see him pop his head around the corner, the same question falling from his lips every time.
Deuce tries to make you feel as comfortable as possible. He even offers to give you some massages to distract you from the discomfort being sick brings; although, he can be rough sometimes. But he does rub some very soothing shapes on your back if you're feeling nauseous and need to get it out of your system.
He takes extra notes for you if you can't make it to any classes because of your sickness, relaying the information to you later that day with some leftovers he saved for you at lunch.
He tries to get you everything you need. Tissues? He'll buy some! Can't stomach his leftover lunch? He'll try to make you a soup his mother made for him, although he may ask Trey to whip up something if he doesn't have the time. He always refills your glass of water, making sure you have something to drink.
In the end, Deuce ends up phoning his mother for advice and follows it thoroughly, making sure you're resting and taking your medicine at the appropriate times.
He's such a worry wart. It's reflected in his eyes as he encourages you to eat a little, his voice laced with concern as you weakly scoop up the goods with the spoon. Even when he's away, he can't help but think about your needs, hoping you're getting rest.
" Y/n, do you need anything? I'm about to run to the store to pick up some things to make you a soup- my mom said it helps a lot with stomach pains. Is there anything else you want me to pick up?"
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thehollowwriter · a month ago
Twisted Wonderland As Quotes From School (Part 3)
Crewel: Humour does not exist in my classroom. Fun died a long time ago.
Riddle: My mother says I'm unlikely to grow past this point.
Floyd: That's sad. Imagine being stuck the way you are as a teenager forever, no chance of growing. No chance of changing perspective. You're just... stuck.
Riddle: I-
Riddle: Did you just make an existential crisis out of my height?
Floyd: Yeah I guess I did.
Trein: It's nowhere near Friday, stop acting so happy.
Deuce: Damn I really wanna punch a baby chick- wait no-
Ace: Deuce the fu-
Deuce: Hug I meant hug!
Ace: How did you-
Deuce: Mental autocorrect
A/N: Here's a bit of everyday chaos from my school! First one was my English teacher(again), the second one was an interaction between my friend and my short self, the third one was a random teacher passing by my class joking around while waiting for permission to enter our classroom, and the last one is an interaction made up based off the quote of my friend. "Mental autocorrect" lol
Tagging: @cupids-chamber @twisted-wonderland-but-gayer @honey-milk-depresso
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starglow-xx · 4 months ago
— Oh Baby!
heartslabyul & savanaclaw x f! reader
synopsis: when the boys of heartslabyul and savanaclaw get turned to kids, who else is supposed to take of them except their beloved prefect? go figure. damn you crowley. oh, and you too grim.
fandom: twisted wonderland
type of work: part of my new mini series! : “Oh Baby!” ; a mix of head canons and a written segment, fluff / platonic themes
warnings: a stressed prefect
a/n: YALL I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM RN. im so biased for these two (heartslabyul specifically but shhh) and this is also unedited oops
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— part 1 ; a rough (and incredibly stressful) start —
so this idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while now and i have a three day weekend SO this was born
did i do this instead of my hw? yes. do i regret it? not at the moment
ahem anyways
i can explain this whole situation without any major spoilers for future parts in 3 words
chaotic as hell
which is unfortunate bc you were actually in a pretty good mood before the whole incident but bc of said incident any good mood you were in has been thrown out the window
it was a bit after the spelldrive tournament when you, grim, and the rest of your friends (some would deny) from heartslabyul and savanaclaw were either hanging out (again, some would deny) or studying for final exams when all of a sudden, poof! everyone but you and grim were 5 years olds
ace and deuce were swinging at each other with their now babyfied hands and fists
ace and deuce were swinging at each other with their now babyfied hands and fists
leona was chasing ruggie around as the latter was laughing in glee, jack not too far behind leona’s tail
leona was chasing ruggie around as the latter was laughing in glee, jack not too far behind leona’s tail
hah pun intended
trey and cater thankfully, were actually quite peacefully delightedly whispering and talking to each other on the floor then started playing a game of patty cake
riddle, the sight broke your heart slightly as the now turned 5 year old’s eyes were brimming with unshed tears as he sat on a couch cushion
you and grim (who was on your shoulder) exchanged a look and blinked at each other
“nope! im out! no way do i wanna look after a bunch of snot nosed braABJFAKF”
grim jumped off your shoulder and made a run for it while turning back to yell at you not realizing he was running straight towards the mini whirlwinds that were ace and deuce
you quietly say your condolences towards grim before rushing over to a blubbering riddle nearly getting run over by the three mini savanaclaw boys in the process
you picked up the red haired boy while murmuring whispers of “it’s okay i got you” and other reassuring (at least you hope it sounded reassuring) words to him but out of the corner of your eye saw leona and ruggie trying to pick a fight with ace, deuce, cater and trey, grim and jack in the background only watching
“grim! why aren’t you doing anything?!”
“why would i do anything?! if the two brats get in a fight then serves them right! they were yanking on my tail!”
“what about cater and trey?!”
“serves them right too! they were teasing me by keeping the tuna out of reach earlier!”
thankfully, everyone came out unscathed bc you swooped in right between them and everyone kind of froze bc they weren’t expecting the intervention
it was kind of cute actually
...for all of 2 seconds
bc they went and charged at each other anyways
“okay, okay now that you guys have settled down—hEY WAIT A MINUTE YOU GUYS ACK—”
immediately due to being caught in the crossfire, you try to set riddle down on a nearby chair so he wouldn’t get hurt but as soon as you let go of him, he started to cry
“riddle? riddle! hey look at me! do you remember me? it’s okay! don’t cry, im sorry for putting you dow—RUGGIE! we do not try to bite people!”
all around you is just absolute chaos as you try to defuse the situation while trying to calm down a crying riddle
you’re absolutely positive you can hear grim cackling in the background
but it doesn’t last long bc jack grabs him but the tail and runs straight towards you guys into the chaos
“MWAHAH look at that! serves all of you right! this is incrediADKCK”
again, mentally giving your condolences to grim, you use the new distraction to escape towards the other side of the room riddle still in your hold
well, it was more like you were in his hold to be completely honest
his arms were wrapped around your neck, and legs around your stomach in a koala like hold with his chin on your shoulder
for a brief second you find yourself interanlly squealing bc ohmygod who knew riddle rosehearts, the housewarden of heartslabyul could be so cute?
but the moment is short lived
you wince as you hear a side table come crashing down along with the screams of 7 five year olds having a war with each other and grim screams of agony
you fish out your phone from your bag and you stare at for a little bit not really wanting to make this call bc you had a feeling things would get worse if you do
but grim is gonna be soon out of commission and you’re out of options
you’d rather not have your dorm destroyed so there’s really only one thing to do now
Tumblr media
peace never seemed to be in the air around campus these days now did it.
the masked headmaster sighed before speaking into the phone.
“yes, (y/n)?”
“i-it’s the boys! the heartslabyul and savanaclaw boys! t-they’ve—AH leona no! you do not hit! put grim down! animal cruelty will not be tolerated at this dorm!”
crowley tilts the phone away from his ear slightly as the noises from your end get louder and louder. there’s a lot of panicked scuffling and shouts from you along with...crying? he raises an eyebrow at the sound and becomes baffled as he begins to pick up more and more details.
if he listens closely, he could hear more than one set of footsteps, but they aren’t as heavy as a human’s should be. it’s likely to be grim, but with all the ruckus, it can’t just be him. didn’t you mention you were with the boys from heartslabyul and savanaclaw? knowing them, they’d be coddling (not that they’d admit it) you the moment they find out you were distress (not that they’d admit it). what’s going on?
he waited a bit for you to come back to the phone, but after a few minutes all he got was a 
then line went dead.
he blinked before sighing again.
oh how he misses the peace.
but he guesses he shall go because he is gracious.
— time skip —
crowley stands dumbfounded on the threshold of your dorm as you stand in front of him nearly on the verge of tears, stress and panic evident on your face as children hang from...well everywhere.
you’ve got ruggie hanging off your neck giggling into your right shoulder as jack sits on your left, his arms also wrapped on your neck so he won’t fall over as he leans his head against yours slightly dozing off. 
you’ve got riddle and ace in your arms, the former looking like he had just finished crying and nuzzled into your collarbone and the latter grinning with a sparkle in his eyes clearly pleased with being in your hold. 
at your feet you’ve got deuce tightly hugging your left leg looking at crowley confusion written all over his face. on your right side, is leona who unlike jack, has fully dozed off and is currently tightly attached to your right ankle, head resting on your foot and the rest of his body sprawled out on the floor.
and last but not least, you’ve got a younger trey standing on your left side having the end of your cardigan tightly in his hold as cater stands on your right somehow avoiding stepping on leona’s tail holding onto your torso.
again, crowley blinks not fully comprehending the sight before him. if he looks past you, he can see grim sprawled out in the living room floor out cold.
“...i see”
“that’s all you have to say?!”
Tumblr media
AHH this is my first fic that ive posted in. long while, so im proud i found some time and motivation to write something hehe. stay tuned for the next part! YOU GUYS IM SO EXCITED !! hope to see yall next time!
as always, reblogs and shares are appreciated! i hope you all stay safe! and just in case nobody told you they loved you today, i love you! you are enough! <3
writing belongs to me! please do not plagiarize, repost, or translate on here or any other sites!
Tumblr media
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Polyam!MC Skipping School
When u date all the boys, you have to deal with all of their reactions to you skipping class 🥴
MC stayed home after staying up late. They don't respond when called or texted. Cue school wide *panic* because this entire fucking school is filled to the brim with drama queens.
Hope this is okay. I'm really ehsbxheisx8 about this one!!
Despite having perhaps the most classes with you, neither Deuce or Ace are going to notice you missing.
In fact, practically no one you share the first half of the day will until around lunch, when Trey points it out.
(^He makes lunch for you when he had the time and when he doesn't, he'll sometimes use his signature spell just to see you smile. So, it's easy for him to notice you aren't there.)
This is when you receive a million text messages at once. Rip you.
Deuce is most frantic. Probably sends you videos as if that would solve the problem if something did happen.
Ace and Deuce fighting over calling you "The call won't go through because you're calling, get off!" "No you get off!"
^^ They both fail to realize at least six other people are calling you rn.
Cater is the only one who just goes over to your house.
His signature spell is very helpful sometimes.
He doesn't get there first (Malleus and his dorm are a little faster. Same goes for Savanaclaw) but he does basically film the whole experience for his socials.
The final post in his story is definitely a picture of you sleeping with the caption "Found them!" Before you are immediate dog piled by several men.
Later on you will receive a scolding from Riddle for not telling anyone what you were doing and not having your phone on sound.
Ace is just pissed you didn't ask him to join.
If Leona isn't with you, than he sure as hell has no idea where you are.
He has a hard time keeping track of people sometimes, and typically just relies on you to take care of yourself.
Imagine his surprise when he gets a frantic flurry of messages from his dorm mates and several others saying you aren't at school and no one is able to contact you.
Well, shit.
He expected someone to know something.
You're dating three people from his dorm alone. How does everyone lose track of one human?
Jack goes to find out while Ruggie basically harasses everyone for information.
Leona just waits until he hears anything before making his next move.
(He's like 90% sure you're fine, but that stupid 10% keeps him from falling back to sleep)
They'll all yell at you when they get the chance.
Well, yell as in scold with as much effort they can muster.
Jack definitely is going to be on guard for the next week. Leona might be as well, but Ruggie is much more forgiving. This is probably related to their more animalistic traits tbh.
They know you aren't at school pretty early on, but don't really assume anything of it.
Not until someone texts them that you aren't responding, then Azul enters full panic mode.
Floyd and Jade aren't nearly as concerned but they like watching the man loose his cool a bit.
(^Plus Floyd gets out of their next class to go to your dorm. Probably won't come back to class afterwards. You've emotionally damaged him MC ((Not really he just doesn't want to go back)))
Azul will definitely rant about you giving him a heart attack. He's a big baby.
Jade thankfully tells him to go to bed at some point.
Kalim flips into panic mode within seconds.
Jamil has to keep him from abandoning the rest of the school day.
Kalim will send you the most messages out of everyone. Videos mostly composed of him staring into the camera and telling you to pick up the phone!!
Jamil just sends you one text then spends the rest of the day trying to stop Kalim from draining his battery.
Tomorrow they'll both be following you like hawks.
Keeping track of you is a chore to Vil, one that causes him too much stress to be good for his skin.
(^Pick up your damn phone before he gets a wrinkle!!)
Rook will go searching for you the minute Vil looses his patience.
(Epel might join but he probably isn't that worried. Honestly, he could just be incredibly annoyed that both his dorm mates are such drama queens)
Rook spends the next hour sitting with Lilia as the rest of the fae dorm recovers from full meltdown mode.
Vil demands compensation for the potential grey hairs you might have caused.
Epel wishes he was in a different dorm ffs.
Dumbass Idia probably doesn't even know what happened until the next day.
But in the scenario that he does read the panicked Heartslabyul text, he probably isn't going to worry too much. He barely responds to texts himself.
Which is why Ortho probably doesn't bother filling him in since it's such a low chance you're actually in danger.
You should be thankful. One less to worry about.
Worst dorm to just disappear on.
Fae always jump to bad conclusions for some reason.
Lilia is at least a little chill, and perhaps that's the only thing keep the group together.
Sebek think you've been stolen or something.
(Apparently dating Malleus makes you a hot commodity.)
Silver probably is incredibly worried but feels like he's basically repeating the usual runaround for Malleus. Except instead of missing fae royalty, it's you.
Thankfully they're smart enough to look in the most likely place you'd be.
Lilia just laughs when they find you.
^Reminds everyone not to wake you even if they're on the edge of doing so.
Do they listen? For a little while, but eventually you'll get woken to the crowd in your room, and a very concerned Malleus asking if you're okay.
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twistedlovenotes · 2 months ago
⪩ 愛 ⪨ personal drabble for 500+ followers, thank you so much for all your support, i’ve never expected to get this far!!! i appreciate all of you angels, thank you thank you 💕💕💕
╰➜ this is my small gift to all of you for being so amazing and supportive sshdbdnd ( ´ ▽ ` ) ★
Tumblr media
﹒イ: tell me, is there a moment, when it all feels right?
◯﹒☓﹒RIDDLE • TREY • CATER • ACE • DEUCE 口ꜜ ⨳ ﹕slowdancing . . . ⿸﹒➜ | series [ 1 / 7 ]
upcoming: savanaclaw.
QUEEN OF HEARTS ! ── IN THE ROSE GARDEN . . . • ——— • ——— • ——— • ——— •
prim and proper doesn’t seem to comply with RIDDLE ROSEHEARTS’ rules as you took him by the hand, catching him off his guard onto the empty floor. the look in those jaded eyes strained hesitance, yet Riddle confided trust within your swift moves, knowing well you wouldn’t let him tumble. his stiff steps follow yours, letting the one (1) chance to have someone lead him to the unknown and be guided with pure reliance. you could feel how uncertain he was through the occasional squeeze of his hands, but your constant reassurance was enough to soften that tension; he’s quite the fast learner, i must say !
a sheepish smile tensed on TREY CLOVER’s flushed cheeks after offering you an open palm to the gentle harmony stringing you both along the hardwood ground with ease. though he hasn’t had much practice himself, Trey did experience a thing or two (2) about dancing slow and steady, knowing when not to rush things for the sake of balance. he did albeit lag a step here and there, but you both cavorted with the airless notes as if you’ve been dancing with each other for centuries. his hands were delicate with you like picking a blooming rose, a smile of his was worthwhile of a heart’s lovesick crisis.
CATER DIAMOND didn’t waste any time to whisk some time away and have you on your feet in the middle of the room, greeting you with a confident grin. whether or not you initiated the first steps, Cater pranced with your heart like he’s been your partner for a lifetime, in love with you for a lifetime; he never hesitated to sneak in a tease to have you smile or dip by your knee suddenly while he brought you close enough to stifle you with his prideful conceit. of course, he couldn’t hold himself from falling in love with you all over again — it all felt like the moment he laid his eyes on you: how you were still as drop-dead stunning as ever.
as much as soft moments like these weren’t his thing, ACE TRAPPOLA was surprisingly gentle with your hands and waist, pulling you close to him to loosen the gap. he continuously lingered around you with an unspoken desire to keep you all to himself for this very moment. Ace simply couldn’t bear the thought of you frolicking like so elsewhere; this was one (1) of Ace’s most vulnerable moments, but he’d never show it despite the hues of red pricking at his cheeks. never taking things seriously, Ace’s smirk was the definition of smug as he tried to impress: spinning you around and almost causing you to fall on the dip, he just wanted to steal a smile and a laugh out of you — the very sounds he’d like to wake up to every morning.
burning red like a wildfire, DEUCE SPADE couldn’t help but constantly choke up on a step or two (2), struggling to find a proper rhythm to keep up with you. it’s not that he didn’t want to dance, let alone dance with you — in fact, this has to be one (1) of the many daydreams Deuce wishes he’d never wake up from. he’s willing to set his pride aside and show you the side of all his weaknesses at hand; not even his past self could compare. this was the Deuce who was head over heels for you, the Deuce who was willing to go the distance for you. he’s struggling because he’s trying, but he’s a much faster learner if you’re around. don’t worry, your hands and lower back felt like it was being hugged by a soul who was in need of that familiar embrace . . .
──────────────── 〣﹐request | home | masterlist ╰➜ thank you so much again for so lovely sunshines !!! ♡ i wish you all well :^)
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twstmemories · 4 months ago
Is it ok to request heartslabyul dating/ relationship hcs?
--- ! of course it's okay! heartslabyul has such a precious place in my heart as the first dorm we get thrown into to fix-we're introduced to so i hope you found these headcanons enjoyable!
Tumblr media
✧ Heartslabyul dating headcanons
✧ gn!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧ Did your mom ever teach you anything romance related, Riddle? I'm pretty sure not, so with that thought, Riddle would be a fairly inexperienced lover in my opinion. But at the same time, I feel like how he usually carries himself is enough to mask that inexperience.
✧ Polite and treats others with the utmost respect. He's also quite quick-witted, so he's able to actually smooth himself into the role of a loyal lover quite easily once he first get into a relationship. The actions he would presume is normal in a relationship like spending time together and such is something he masters quite quickly.
✧ Ohoho, but his inexperience throughly shines when it comes to physical affection or any sort of the sweet talks reserved to the one you love. He can easily spend time with you even amongst the absurd amount of rules he has to follow. Study together after class, sign him up. Partner up with each other in alchemy, he's already heading towards you with the necessary ingredients and items in hand. But when it comes to physical display of affection?! (つ✧ω✧)つ
✧ Oh boy that's the only time besides when he's furious that people can see Riddle beet red in the face. Shy with initiating and receiving, the first few months of your relationship is truly the prime time to tease Riddle endlessely by just being a bit affectionate to him. And he can't deny you because you're his lover and truly it warms his heart that you openly show affection like this, but he's just so embarassed.
✧ And if you were to point out how red his face is, lord he somehow even gets more red and starts sputtering incoherent words: "I- No- It's not-" and his red face is just so adorable that you can't help but peck him on the cheek and Riddle's soul quite literally leaves his body. ( ̄ω ̄;)
✧ I personally believe that out of all 5, Riddle would be the one who wouldn't be so against physical touch, in public or in private. I really do believe he's been touch starved, growing up the way he did. So every gesture that has any part of your body touching relaxes him immensely. Your head on his shoulders, your hand around his own or just fleeting touches in general. It's a sign you want to be close to him at all times, and Riddle appreciates that so incredibly much.
Tumblr media
✧ Oh the urge to say that Ace will quite literally be the most terrible lover out of everyone. Because it's canon. Who ghosts their ex like that instead of ending things right you fool. But he's a boy that learns! Actually he's not that either in general, but he is the type to learn from previous relationships! I am obligated to defend this fool.
✧ So in order for Ace to even remotely think to even go into a relationship, you would have to be good friends before that. He will have to truly get to know you to see if you actually match together! He can't handle petite people, but he also doesn't like all too clingy people. I'm pretty sure boy is someone who wants a significant other than he can laugh with most of the time, jokes are jokes and don't be too sensitive, he's joking after all!
✧ So while he jokes around and such, Ace won't consider a relationship before he knows he loves someone. So that says a lot about how serious he will take a relationship. But being in a relationship with Ace won't be too different than being close friends with him.
✧ You still joke around, he still teases you and mocks you and he's still being a pain in the ass. But upon closer inspection everyone can see the difference as clear as day. The way he looks at you a bit more fondly, how he has an arm wrapped around your waist while laughing at your misery. And how his apologies won't be cheeky winks but instead a peck on your lips to make you quiet, followed with a small whisper: "You can't stay mad at little me for long, can you? Forgive me, pretty please?" ♡ ( ̄З ̄)
✧ He's mostly the one doing the teasing. But if you were to turn the tables on him, oh boy would you be introduced to a lovely new sight. A bright red in the face, Ace Trappola. No, he can't handle being teased back even after teasing you to the ends of earth. One partcular trick he always falls for is when you lean in to kiss him, and Ace will never say no to kisses, but when he never feels your lips on his he will open his eyes in confusion and be met with a knowing glint: "Naaw, were you expecting a kiss, Ace?" cue the furious blush forming and a harsh denial that: No he was not looking forward to being kissed! (メ` ロ ´)
✧ During all the back and forth teasing between you two, Ace comes to the scary realization that he truly does love you. And there are times when it just hits him that he loves you so much. And that's the only few times you'll truly see Ace at his softest. Staring at you with the softest smile. He will tap on your shoulder to get your attention and just whisper those few words he rarely says to you openly: "You know, I really do love you." ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡
Tumblr media
✧ Good lord help him. At least Riddle is able to mask that he's inexperienced, this boy can't hide his inexperience in relationships even if his life depended on it. Will stumble over his words, will tense up if your shoulders brush and still can't look you properly in the eye the first week at least of the relationship.
✧ And it doesn't matter if the two of you had been friends before you started dating. The moment the label of: "Lovers," is given to the two of you, Deuce just freezes up. His mother taught him to to treat a lover, he can't act the same way he did with you before, right?
✧ It will take you at least a few days to convince Deuce that, yes it is still normal for him to treat you like he did before. You're just closer than what you already were before. That explanation isn't going to help him, because he will look at you with a confused frown: "What do you mean it's the same as before? Does the mean we were lovers back then too?" Oh he says the sweetest things behind a stupid question you almost fall for him again. (。T ω T。)
✧ An example has to be given. So you will make him sit down because you're pretty sure he will need to sit down. "You see Deuce, while we will still act like we did before, there a few benefits of putting a label to our mutual attraction to each other!" and before Deuce can ask, you're already giving him a peck on the cheek: "You can't really do something like that to other friends, can you?" and Deuce quite literally stares blankly at you, his cheeks growing redder by the second. (ノ*°▽°*)
✧ As flustered as he is, he actually does a good job on being a good lover! Waiting for you when classes are over, and if your club activites were to end later than his, he would also be waiting nearby to walk you back to your dorm. Although he's very awkward and emabrassed at first with physical contact, the one thing he can do readily and without hesitation is holding your hand! It brings a small sense of comort to him to have your hand wrapped around his own.
✧ It will take months before Deuce is confident enough to display public affection. And even then it's quite rare. A quick hug before he's off to club activites or accepting a good luck kiss if he has a competition one day. The rare times he's not embarassed however, is the days where he's full of adrenaline. Maybe after a succesful test or a brawl he won (after getting pissed off). If he sees you while on such a rush he's storming over to you before engulfing you in his arms, blabbering on about what had happened. And even after the rush had died down, he's still swaying you back and forth in joy before pulling away and grabbing your hand. He's not the same shy boy from months ago after all! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Tumblr media
✧ I've written previous headcanons for Trey on a previous post that you can find here! But a few more never hurts anyone!
✧ Another flustered boy who will go beet red if you were to catch him off guard. It can be something you see as casual but will throw Trey into a blabbering mess. Wiping off the cream that had become stuck on his cheek or adjusting his dorm hat so that it's snugly on his head. It's not the overly big display of affections that gets him, it's the small thoughtful ones.
✧ To be honest, the longer the relationship lasts, the more people will see the relationship as an old married couple rather than young love. You're just that comfortable around each other. Even if you're not part of Heartslabyul, you're still well known by how much you visit. And you happen to also help Trey with baking before any big events. It's like the ideal relationship the rest of Heartslabyul envies.
✧ Is the most relaxed when you're both alone in his room. That's when Trey gets his quick nap before anything, if you're not in his presence and he's not physically holding you, he can't sleep. ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡
Tumblr media
✧ One would think Cater would be the partner that would make the most sense to be good in a relationship. And in a way, that is true. Cater would be a good boyfriend with how observant he is. But even in a relationship he has his guard up and is keeping a respectful distance away from you. I think that's more of an unconscious thing he does though. It's not like he wants to hide from you, but he's used to putting up such a happy facade that even when you're two alone he still keeps such a mask on.
✧ You would have to be quite the observerer yourself to figure out the different facial expressions of the usual smiley Cater. Similary to how Trey can figure him out by the sheer amount of time they spend together. You could always ask him for anything related to your lover, and Trey would tell you without hesitation. The fact that you noticed alone is enough of a pass for Trey to share information about Cater.
✧ Is the type of boyfriend to reguarly post selfies about the two of you or in general post pictures about you despite your embarassed squeaks to make him not do so: "Ehh?? But you're looking so pretty here that I just need to show everyone how pretty my lover is!" he will say with a big grin. ( ̄▽ ̄)
✧ Asks you out on dates to any new cafés he discoveres, saying that it's his treat, but only if you allow him to take a picture for his magicame! Won't order anything himself because of his dislike of sweets. So this is the perfect time to actually put your newfound knowledge to use! After eating the delicious treat, you're tugging him alone to a place that you have heard of serves quite good food! And since Cater can't deny you he will let himeslf be dragged, only to be pleasantly surprised when you stop by a ramen shop: "Since you treated me to a cake, I guess it's only fair that I treat you to something that you like, hmm?" And his guard slowly crumbles with every thoughtful action you do for him. ( ´ ▽ ` )
✧ You go along with his flow, but you also manage to ground him when he overexaggerates his gestures and cheerfulness. The two of you have to be at least a year into this relationship before he will let himself relax truly by just a small tug on his sleeve: "Cater, we're alone, not in front of the other Heartslabyul students. Come lay down with me, hmm?" and he hums and teases you that you just want all of his attention for yourself, but the way he hugs you closely and buries his face into your neck says otherwise.
✧ Has a secret photo album that's just filled with sneaky photos he takes of you during the time you spend together. Studying, you falling asleep while hanging with him or you covered in paint as you were once again dragged along to help him paint the roses. It's all filled with just pictures of you that he treasures. During days where he's exhausted he just scrolls through them to wind down for the day. Sometimes he sends a particular photo to you and he's rewarded with confused messages asking him when the heck he took that: "Now, now sweetie! You should know that your lovely boyfriend has his camera always ready to capture the lovely memories we share!" and although texted in a teasing manner, he meant every single word. ( ´ ▿ ` )♡
Tumblr media
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twstedstoryshop · 7 days ago
Shaking the rust off with writing fluffy headcanons. This is a very self-indulgent piece for me as I’m a rather touchy person who will hug and cling onto my close friends. -Shopkeep
Heartslabyul With A Super Affectionate MC
Tumblr media
“Prefect, I was just looking for you.” “Oh, hey! What do ya need, sweetheart?”
Never had Riddle gone bug-eyed and slack-jawed so fast. His cheeks immediately go red, rivaling the freshly painted roses the freshmen had just finished. He tries to find his words, failing for a good five seconds before he barks out, “Wha-what did you just call me…!?”
“Sweetheart?” “Yes, that!” You tilt your head. “I call everyone pet names, do you not like it?” “O-of course I don’t like it! I’m not some little child to coo over!”
You feel a little disheartened, but you understand where Riddle is coming from. You agree to stop calling him pet names, but the Dorm Leader feels a bit guilty seeing you look a little bummed.
Riddle wouldn’t lie to himself that he felt annoying knots form in the pit of his stomach when you’re openly affectionate with others, but immediately get a bit formal when he steps into the room.
It gets to the point where when the two of you are alone, he sighs, and admits, “I apologize for the way I yelled at you that one time… I actually don’t mind it when you, ahem, call me pet names… Only in private though!”
Physical affection is something Riddle has to work the nerve for. When you asked to merely lean against his shoulder in private, he said yes, but it was so uncomfortable by how stiff the poor guy was.
But in due time, he’ll ease into it, truly enjoying the contact. Especially when you two hug. You can feel him nuzzle against you when you embrace and you do the same, burying yourself in his clothes as you cling to one another.
Tumblr media
“Could you pass me that jar of sugar, Prefect?” “Oh yeah, honey, I gotchu.”
Trey would perk up at the little name and a small smirk curls on his lips. He’d playfully reply back, “Thank you, sweetie~” just to see your reaction. Be it flustered or pleasantly surprised, it would amuse him greatly.
Seeing the positive reaction to the pet names, you would edge into more bold moves where you gently bump your forehead against his shoulder or ask to lay your head in his lap.
Naturally, he would still poke a little fun at you, saying you remind him of his baby siblings. But he doesn’t stop you though! He even goes as far as to pat your head as you lean against him. You’d either lay your hand on top of his, grasping it gently or taking it to admire it.
Definitely one of the big candidates to cling onto his arm if you feel like you need security walking anywhere or need physical contact.
Tumblr media
“Heya, Prefect~!” “Hiya, Cay-bb!!!”
Takes to your affections like a duck to water. Is more than happy to envelope you in his arms, swing you around if he could, and is all smiles.
Doesn’t bat an eye if you wordlessly lean against his shoulder and clutch on his shirt or you press your face against his stomach as you lay in his lap. He either has an arm around your shoulders or lays a hand on your side, thumb idly tapping a beat stuck in his head while he scrolls through his phone.
Sometimes he lets you stare at his scrolling if you’re cuddling up against him. You both chuckle at any funny posts or you make some side comments of any of his posts.
You get to see a glimpse of his more observant side. Like: “I really like the lighting in this one.” “You think so? I felt like I could have gone for something more eye-catching.” “Nah dude, it looks pretty as hell.”
Another candidate to cling onto his arm if you need security. Will even allow you to interlock fingers as you hold hands.
Tumblr media
“Oi, Prefect, come sit with us over here!” “Ahh, thank you so much. You’re an absolute doll~”
Nearly chokes without fail every time that you grace him with a pet name. He sheepishly tries to brush it off like it’s nothing, but his blush and flustered expression say otherwise.
Another boy that turns into a plank of wood at sudden physical affection. He doesn’t stop it though as he will awkwardly return the affection. Please be patient with him as he adjusts.
The affection is more natural though during times where he feels a little downhearted. Be it after flunking a test or he’s just feeling generally homesick. He’ll rest his chin on your shoulder and slump against you. He just wants to be held and feel a comforting hand rub at the back of his head.
“It’s gonna be okay, Deuce… You’re gonna be fine babe…” He buries his face in your shoulder and can only give a little, “Mmm…” in response.
Tumblr media
“Yo, Prefect, wanna swing by Sam’s to get some snacks? Heard a deal is happening today.” “Would absolutely love to do that with ya, babe.”
Immediately clocks the pet name and his signature smirk dances across his features. Will tease instantly, asking if you have feelings for him or not. How you respond is all up to you.
Either way, it won’t stop the fact that you two are like glue to each other. You’re very much the obnoxious two that are constantly having some sort of physical contact with one another, unless someone physically gets in between you two.
You are each other’s respite during busy days. You take turns hiding your faces against each other, tuning out the world, and only focusing on each other’s warmth and scent. Ace particularly likes to keep his hand on your back almost in a protective manner if anyone tries to come over and bother you two.
Nap and cuddle homies. It’s so easy for the both of you to immediately relax and fall asleep in each other’s arms. Ace likes to curl up into a ball sometimes with you just so close to him, smothered right up against his chest.
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twistyprefect · 3 months ago
Hello! So this is an uhh specific request but like I got ran over by a golf cart yesterday (I’m all good! Just sore!) and was wondering if I could request the heartslabyul boys (+grim!) taking care of an MC who got like into an accident but is in good spirits about it, cracking jokes, regaling the story while laughing cuz like bro it’s hilarious. Romantic or platonic it’s up to you! Either fem or gender neutral please
{hullo! i'm glad you weren't seriously hurt but i hope you're less sore soon ;~; i decided to do both platonic and romantic HCs & gender neutral MC so i hope that's ok!}
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
Ace is a bit concerned at first, but once MC starts to crack jokes, he does the same
he might be a bit teasing or mean about them getting hit by a golf cart of all things
still offers to do stuff to help them out a bit, like getting their favorite snacks or carrying books to and from class
if MC is his S/O, he'll be a bit more involved with helping them (even if they ask him not to)
he expects payment in kisses and help studying for their next exam or quiz
Tumblr media
Deuce Spade
Deuce goes into overprotective mode, asking if MC knows who was driving the cart
once he calms down, he's actually a bit irritated with them making jokes; they could have been seriously hurt, it's not funny! (it's funny)
asks constantly if they need help doing something and tries to 'protect' them from somehow getting hurt again
if MC is his S/O, his overprotectiveness is bumped up to ten, and he'll probably end up enlisting Jack and Ace's help in figuring out who was involved
definitely distressed when they retell the story and laugh about it, but doesn't say anything about it
Tumblr media
Cater Diamond
Cater actually thinks it's just as hilarious as MC does, laughing along and asking to share the story
puts MC explaining the story on his Magicam story so other people can enjoy it too
he does make sure they're ok with it first, since he doesn't want them to feel like he's making fun of them
if MC is his S/O, he's still pretty jovial about it; it's not like he can rewind time, plus MC seems pretty chill about it
he'll likely do smaller things to show his care though, like making them their favorite tea or coffee
Tumblr media
Trey Clover
Trey is pretty worried at first, even if MC jokes around or says they're perfectly fine
after the initial worry, he's probably laughing along with them because it's a pretty ridiculous scenarios (who even knew people on campus HAD golf carts?)
seriously, only MC could manage to have something like this happen, and that itself makes him relax a bit
if MC is his S/O, he has a similar reaction but is more involved in their 'recovery'
makes them small treats, carries their stuff to and from classes, pulls chairs out for them, everything
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle initially freaks out completely, threatening to use Off With Your Head! if needed (by needed, he means if MC will let him)
once he calms down a LOT, he's concerned that MC is joking about it, even if they're mostly uninjured
he hovers around them for a few days just to make sure they're actually 100% ok and just a bit sore
if MC is his S/O, even they can't stop him from hunting down and punishing anyone involved
as soon as he's calmed down though, he spends the next week or so spoiling and doting on MC, until he's sure they're no longer sore or in pain
Tumblr media
Grim definitely tries to be caring and considerate but he busts out laughing halfway through MC's story
he listens to the story and immediately starts laughing and making fun of them, but not too harshly
asks them to re-tell the story when they're around the other freshmen, just do everyone can enjoy the kind of hilarious misfortune
if MC is his S/O, he has basically the same reaction as before, but he laughs less and asks them if they're ok repeating the story to their friends
he also tries to get into less trouble so that MC won't have to worry about him as much as usual
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mlk082 · 5 days ago
If MC/Yuu was a part succubus/incubus, who do you think would fall victim to their charms immediately, hold out for a bit before falling, or try their very hardest to resist?
Ace, Deuce, Cater, Jack, Kalim, Epel, Idia, Sebek, Silver
Holds out for a bit:
Riddle, Trey, Ruggie, Leona, Floyd,
Tries their very hardest:
Azul, Jade, Jamil, Vil, Rook, Malleus, Lilia
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blueberry-skye · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Valentine Special Phone Screen! Heartlsabyul Edition! If you want a scenario or headcanons about the Heartslabyul boys or about any guy of NRC, send us a prompt or request as part of our 100 follower special! from Feb 14-28!
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zackcrazyvalentine · 10 months ago
We all know a kid's first words are an important milestone in their lives... or in their parents'
Most times, their first word is a way to call either of their parents. However, I don't wanna focus on that...
Here's what I think would be the
First words (different than a way to say "parent") Twst boys' kids say when they begin babbling a bit more coherently
Some are words, others are sounds, but I hope you enjoy regardless
Riddle - "rule" we all saw it coming. Probably was uttered after Riddle chided a visit for not following a certain rule in the house. Bab probably tried to mimic Riddle's stern tone of voice and frown. Papa had a proud smile afterwards
Trey - "sweet" Baby yelped it after tasting one of their favorite cookies. Trey couldn't help but chuckle at the choice of word, very fitting for the child of a baker. He probably picked the cutie and gave them a kiss on their crumb covered cheek
Ace - "uh-oh" IT WAS HONESTLY SOOO ADORABLE!!! You were scolding Ace after he did one of his tricks and ended up scorching the neighbor's hedge. Once you angrily called their papa by his full name, your baby went "uh-oh" because they knew daddy got in trouble. Ace commonly says so once you realize what he did, so it stuck to your child
Deuce - "birdie" Because apparently all other words to say "chicken" were too complicated. You're unsure from where they caught the word, but soon found out it was due to a nursery rhyme Deuce likes to sing to your child. It's cute to see them babble the word and mimick little wings with their arms
Cater - "cheese!" It came as a surprise after their father took out his phone to snap a picture with his chubby little munchkin. Normally, to get his kid to look at the camera and giggle, Cater would say "cheese". This time, it was the baby who said it. Diamond couldn't help but lightly pinch their cheeks and spoil them with a little extra serving of their favorite snack afterwards
Leona - "play!" While Leona enjoyed spending time with your cub, he sometimes really needed his afternoon nap. It was while laying down for one of those naps when his little one crawled over to where he was and slapped his thigh "play! play!" They uttered, the most adorable pout on their face. How could he deny them now?
Ruggie - Aside from "grama" being a word they learned quickly (granny Bucchi is so happy), another of their favorites is "up". Your baby loves being carried around, so they're constantly asking Ruggie or you to lift them up. They're very affectionate and end up nuzzling against your neck. Other times they like to ask "up" to examine any makeup or accessories you put on, they're a curious little soul
Jack - "fluffy!" And your baby pronounces it in such adorable way, it's impossible not to "aww" at them! They picked it up from you, as you're often complimenting Jack's wolf form and the many warm fluffy blankets you have around your home in the Land of Pyroxene. Your kid followed daddy outside and yelled "fwuffy!" at the white snow covering the land
Azul - "pay" I suppose your baby has been frequently hanging around Azul while he works (・o・;) Definitely picked it up after hearing Azul rant about how his victims customers are unable to pay the price set in their contract. What was amazing, though, was how your little one worked out that giving something to someone can lead up to a "payment". One time they handed their father one of their toys, they held out their hand and said "pay". Azul was scandalized and embarrassed because he knew it was his doing, no doubt.
Floyd - "wanna" Which they took on after hearing Floyd say "don't wanna" so many times. Your child has two different tones in which they say the word: a drawled out one when they are displeased with something you told them to do/was time for (e.g. time for bed), and a more lively one when they want to do something or help with a chore (e.g. bath time, organizing their toys)
Jade - "indeed" Jade's doing. Remember how I said he would listen attentively to what his baby babbles when trying to speak for the first time? Yeah, "indeed" was one of Jade's most used words when conversing with baby. It's funny how they chime into your conversations with Jade by saying a random "indeed". It always leads to Jade smiling and pinching their cheek at the cuteness
Kalim - "chin chin" "bling bling" Your child very much likes shiny, jingly things. Kalim's way of dressing and decorating played a part in this. Whenever Kalim is around and is moving a lot, making the metallic charms on his clothes and jewelry clink, your baby will "chin chin" at him. Papa finds it super adorable and has video'd it a handful of times
Jamil - "rest" This one they picked up from you. Jamil is often hurrying with his chores revolving around Kalim, so you have to remind him to slow down and rest properly. He tries to cram as many things in the morning so he can spend the rest of the day with you and his baby. Your kid is as observant as his father, they notice the tiredness in his eyes. "Rest" They say while patting their dad's arm (or knee). Jamil becomes emotional at that, promptly carries his treasure and kisses the top of their head. "I'm sorry for not having the energy to play right now. I'm sorry... Can you forgive me?" Viper whispers. Bab's deep gaze into his eyes is all the answer he needs.
Vil - "pretty" Must've stuck with how frequent the word is used to describe your husband. Whenever your child sees either you or Vil wear some sparkly makeup or glimmering jewels, they will ask up and touch what caught their attention while going "pwe~etty". Vil finds it super endearing
Rook - "Beauté!" C'mon, Rook's always throwing the word around, of course they would pick it up. Much like their father, they exclaim it loud and clear! They don't really have specific situations when they use it, it morphed into their way if saying they're happy and excited. It's also your baby's way of saying "yes"
Epel - Aside from different farm animal sounds, your little one learned to say "juice" very early on. After all, the Felmier family's fresh apple juice is their favorite treat. Baby sometimes tries to say "juicy" when grandma Felmier gives them a slice of apple to suck on and scratch their gums on, but it comes out as "ju-ji"
Idia - "pew pew" "[insert videogame victory medley]" Baby finds the colorful flashes on your husband's videogames extremely attractive, and with how often Idia plays his games, it was a matter of time your bundle of joy learned some sound effects from games. Idia's one comment was how they learned the victory medley and not the losing one because he always wins. Now you have a victory song baby and a "Pam pa-pa-pa pam! Level up!" husband
Malleus - "gao/roar" This one stems from Malleus often playing the role of dragon in your kid's adventures and mock roaring, and from Malleus' precious Gao-gao kun toy. Quiet frankly, you both find it extremely adorable and always shower your baby in affection when they say it. Malleus can't wait until they eventually learn how to roar like a dragon, proud papa
Lilia - "fun" Oh, Lilia.... He often carried your child when doing pranks, but before going away to prepare said trick, the bat would as "Are you ready to have some fun?" Now, whenever they and Lilia are left alone (since this is when the pranks happened, when you weren't present to scold Lilia), they exclaim "fun!" Anticipating what's going to happen next
Silver - "sleepy" Like father, like child. Your baby resembles Silver on how sleepy they often are. Whenever Silver noticed them nodding off in the middle of the day, he would ask "Are you sleepy?" It was a frequent question that the word stuck with them. Now, whenever they're drifting off, a low mutter of "sleepy" leaves their lips. That's when you or your spouse carry them and lay them on a comfortable (and safe) surface to sleep on
Sebek - "stay" They picked it from you. With his duty of serving Malleus, Sebek often had to leave at random times or remain away from you for prolonged periods of time, depending on the matters to attend with the crown prince. It lead you to asking "Won't you stay a little longer?" more times than you would've liked. Now, as your child's growing and learning their vocabulary, when you throw the question Sebek's way, they will butt in and firmly say "Papa, stay" while throwing the biggest puppy dog eyes and trembling lip pout at him. Always a tug on the heartstrings, it surprised you both greatly when they first said it
-- --
Thank you for reading another installment of my domestic life with Twst blurbs~ ❤️
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