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Sussex (@ianbrierlyphotography IG)
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Villa Monastero, Italy
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My mood today: sapphic victorian paintings
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there’s bravery
in being soft
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#南里美希 #miki_nanri #写真集 #heavenly https://www.instagram.com/p/CXPr8YzPsKI/?utm_medium=tumblr
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🍥₊˚🎀 heavenly 🐇 ༘˖ ࣪☕️
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pairing: obi-wan kenobi x gn!reader
rating: teen and up
summary: as night falls over tatooine, two lovers sit on the sand and reflect upon their journey
warnings: vague depictions of guilt/low self-esteem, soooooft, fluff, there’s just a LOT of love in this story, it’s very self-indulgent :)
word count: 1k
note: i just love obi-wan a whole lot. he deserves soft moments. hope you enjoy this lil fic <3
read on ao3
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The suns, the moon, the stars, all shining and commanding in their heavenly dance above an unforgiving planet—none of them compared to Obi-Wan’s eyes, where history, love, personality, and sentiment merged, revealing the soul of the man underneath.
You had been staring into them for a while now and he, yours. Sand covered every surface, even drifting through the air you breathed, but you were swimming in an ocean. No—a lake, refreshing and cool, filled with incredible, intimate knowledge but simultaneously brimming over with love and complete acceptance. 
Your lips parted slightly, your throat projecting a soft, choked sound into the night. After all this time, it still amazed you—and utterly broke you open like an egg, so you melted even further into his embrace, into his confidence, into his love—how he could look at you like that: like he knew everything about you, loved you, and was determined to learn even more. To take on your strengths and carry your burdens. To become one body, one heart, one mind, and one soul. 
As had always been your story.
Over time, your experience of his steadfast love had turned you into the same, and his understanding and forgiveness had allowed you to extend it to yourself. 
Each time you looked into his eyes, more and more, it was like looking into your own reflection. 
A sudden smile lifted Obi-Wan’s cheeks—infectious, causing one of your own and igniting a warm spark in your chest. Sitting cross-legged on the sand, knees and hands barely brushing, the two of you spoke the same word at the same time: “I–”
He chuckled softly, and it reverberated in your own chest: the most beautiful sound you had ever heard.
A silent moment passed, Obi-Wan’s eyes twinkling even in the darkening landscape. Fingertips brushed yours, and your palms turned up for him, letting him run his hands gently along yours and drawing a contented hum from your throat. 
He smirked, and you gave him a good-natured eye roll. After all this time, all this vulnerability, all this enduring and hoping together, his confidence still soared to know how he made you feel. He had always been a cheeky bastard—another trait that had soaked into your own being. 
As you removed one hand from his embrace, he frowned. With two hands, you grabbed one of his and, closing your eyes, pressed the back of it to your lips. Simple, pure delight flooded your veins at its rough-and-soft feel, in the giving of open affection, before you slowly turned his hand over and placed a kiss on his palm, in between his thumb and index finger.
Obi-Wan’s sigh of contentment had you opening your eyes. Smirking, you placed one more kiss to the back of his hand. 
“It gives a teacher great pleasure to see his student master his technique,” he said, taking your hands in his once more, his thumb running across your knuckles. You only smiled, hearing his teasing for what it was—genuine love, beneficent pleasure—and delighting in its source: pure, true intimacy.
Obi-Wan intertwined his fingers with yours. As the appendages slotted together—meant to be— the urge to press your body close to him came suddenly upon you. 
But if there was another thing his love had taught you, it was patience. For now, you could enjoy the anticipation that rang in your mind like a bell. 
First, there were words to be said. 
“What were you going to say, my dear?” he asked, voice quiet and eyes kind.
Your fingers squeezed lightly, palms reuniting for one moment. Every part of your body was his; every part of his body was yours. Your bond was forged of sweat and smoke; you belonged to each other, fit with each other, were adored beyond all comprehension by the other. 
“I love you,” you said, with a matter-of-fact tone that could only come from years of not only saying it, but showing it, embodying it, and receiving it back. 
And you would never get tired of the tiny puff of air Obi-Wan always released at your confession: a tiny laugh that was also a thank you and an expression of wonder, as if every time you said it was like the first time, as if each expression added another layer to a truth that lived within the deepest parts of him.
“My love,” he said breathily, “I love you.” 
And to neither your surprise nor Obi-Wan’s, a smile lit up your face, an almost-delirious sounding “Hm” following. 
Early in your love, you had tried to hide it, to swallow it down, to reject the reaction born of pure joy, but you’d spent so many days before that time hiding away all the parts of yourself you had deemed broken and unfit. Once those had been laid plain on the table—all your guts and blood and bone—and once you saw his eyes, holding the same regard as they had before, what else could have stood, like a barrier of rock and stone, between you and that love, you and those eyes, you and that soul? 
Surely not you.
Oh, no, you thought, eyes swimming in his once again. Definitely not you.
The darkness now a blanket around you, your mind drifted to the weapons resting safely in an old chest. How you longed to see their light shine in the night, to hear that familiar hum, and to feel it, too, as your skin and nerves and bones connected to your lightsaber once again.
But you also had a light of your own. 
“Let’s go inside, love,” you suggested before disconnecting your fingers, only to place your hands palm up underneath his. 
Obi-Wan didn’t speak, instead hooking his hands on yours, and then the two of you rose together, the action bringing your bodies close. 
Hands still holding onto each other, forehead touched forehead, and nose touched nose, Obi-Wan nuzzling fondly against your skin before finally lips brushed against lips—an unspoken I love you passing through their gentle caress.
And suddenly, the suns, the moon, and the stars were at your fingertips, and you were the one shining, lost in a heavenly dance on an unforgiving planet.
In the arms of a forgiving man. 
Tags: @spotchka @justanothersadperson93 @laserbrains @misochip @princessxkenobi
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stay soft. it looks beautiful on you
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"The day I met you, heaven was weeping angels.. and hell was in my shoes, it's hard to believe that we were once strangers, but the day I met you my soul moved. Now I see heaven in your every smile, hell is falling in the past.. cause angels like you consume the bad, truly beautiful with open wings upon your back. You sing to my soul with every laugh, I see stars in every look.. who would have thought that you would be my infinitely favorite book."
Heaven has a way of being exactly where you would never think to look, and usually it is accompanied by a divine spirit such as yourself.. a goddess to some, an angel to others, but the truth is.. you are my soul lover and I'd never want another - eUë
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