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Since my work took a heck ton of energy from me and I’ve been itching to get back into the swing of writing I thought I’d do something fun that would have me stretch out my creativity a little more so:

Send me an ask with [character name] + [location] + [activity] and I’ll write a short one off! They might end up being NSFW or SFW depending on the idea that pops into mind! I’ll only be doing one per character so I’m hoping to get a nice collection to write! 

I’ll only be taking max 15 of these so I don’t overwhelm myself, but I wanna get the good ole creativity gears churning again while I’m back to looking around for work!

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[image description: a digital drawing of a brown bunny wearing a blue and yellow dress and a yellow hat. The drawing is a reference sheet for the character. The bunny is standing in front of a purple background. There is a view of the front of the bunny, and a view of the back of the bunny. Text on the image reads: “Adelaide”, which is the name of the bunny. There is also a colour palette on the image showing which colours are on the bunny.]


dni banner description

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if someone comes out to you and you respond :

“i don’t care” or “that doesn’t change anything”

you may think that is reassuring, and it is because at least you are not hateful …. but that person is sharing something vulnerable with you, and might want to talk about it

try to help them feel seen and understood not just tolerated

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A message from the bottom of my heart.

[image description: a colourful digital drawing of a blue-haired person balancing on some clouds. They are wearing yellow overalls and colourfully patterned socks. There is a rainbow in the blue sky behind them and a purple rabbit sitting by their foot. Text on the image reads: “thank you for being yourself!!!”.]


dni banner description

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