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#hedge witch
halcyonseven · 2 days ago
this is a new blog, and i'm struggling to find people to follow. please like/reblog this post if you post any of this stuff and i'll follow you.
general witchcraft stuff
green/kitchen witchcraft
spirit work
deity work, especially with apollo, nyx, or artemis, but i am interested in learning about others too
otherkin/past life stuff
and if you're interested... this blog is bare right now but i'll be posting/reblogging all the above stuff. so if you're interested in hearing about past lives and my personal experiences with deities, maybe give me a follow too :)
(p.s. this account is new but i'm not new to tumblr. my old account was indiecrystal.)
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violetweaver · 10 months ago
easy witchy tips i have learnt through my craft
writing a protective sigil inside your door to avoid bad energies to enter your room
making sigils by yourself works better because you pour your intention into it and can be a great way to manifest
white candles can replace any candle when doing candle magick
clear quartz can replace any crystal
when drinking your daily coffee/tea, stir clockwise to manifest something and anti-clockwise to let go of something. repeat your affirmations as you stir
salt baths absorb bad energies so having a salt bath once in a while helps with having your energies balanced
write an affirmation in a bay leaf and burn it to manifest it
always keep iron on you for protection
work with the moon phases and transits to make your spells more powerful
keep a sigil in your phone case for protection/manifestation
after giving an offering to a deity, return it to the earth
drink mugwort tea for lucid dreaming/astral projection (don’t drink it if you are pregnant!!)
before you put a crystal under water or in the sun, research about it
keep a dream journal. it helps for lucid dreaming.
put an amethyst under your pillow to sleep better and to recall your dreams
charge your tarot/oracle cards by putting a crystal on top of them while you are not usinf them
mix moon or sun water with your cosmetics for a quick beauty spell
try to do an activity to connect yourself with each element everyday. (ex: a bath for water, walking barefoot for earth, lighting a candle for fire, singing for air)
make an habit of meditating everyday
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theskepticalwitch · 3 months ago
*grabs you gently* hey, let your practice and path grow. you deserve to explore your craft without the fear of not fitting into one neat path. let yourself evolve, you're allowed to change things up. *hugs you* in fact, i wanna see you checking out some new things, go research that practice you're curious about little bean.
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biancasiercke · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Trollhunters  -   ZoeAppreciationWeek #day3
The prompt for this one was Music I totally think Zoe and Douxie would be going to so many concert together 💛 Look at how much fun they're having 😭💕
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owls-hive · 6 months ago
Purity in witchcraft is overrated in my opinion.
"Make sure you're in a good state of mind" this, and "Don't be afraid" that.
Anger, fear, grief, exhaustion... are all emotions that can be used in witchcraft. Learn how to wield them properly, and see just how much power they hold in your craft. Just like a weapon.
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erin-meets-world · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today I decided to grab my favourite wig, elf ears & take my DSLR camera into the backyard for a mini photoshoot. I took quite a bit of photos but these ones are my favourite of the bunch. I had so much fun with it &the grass stains on my jeans made it worth every minute. Some people fail to realise how different fashion can make you feel menalty and emotionally. Personally, I believe now that the Cottagecore/Hobbitcore was really truly meant for me. No other styles I've tried in my life has ever made me feel as confident as I do at this point in time. I wish I found it sooner but I have it now! ♡ Camera: Canon 700D Lense: EFS 18-55mm (Image Stabilizer)
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tolkien-fantasy · 8 days ago
The Vibes different types of Witches give me
(This is all from personal experience. I have been or dabbled into these types of Witchery at some point)
Tumblr media
Divination Witch:
- I feel like they would like jazz
- Though that might just be because of that “Friends on the Other Side” song
- Probably a (not so secret) Harry Potter fan
- Very good at taking criticism (because they keep getting called out by playing cards)
- Believes in fate
- Appreciates the artwork on very pretty cards
- “Is this my intuition, or am I just anxious?”
- Probably likes Messy Buns
- Aloof when nervous, but very excitable and fun once they’re comfortable
- Incredibly Existential, probably has really deep conversations at like 3 am
- Very motivated, but so damn tired
- May or may not get paranoid a lot
- "You don't choose your deck/pendulum/runes. They choose you."
Tumblr media
Deity / Spirit Work Witch:
- “Teacher, (Y/N)’s chanting ancient hymns in class again!”
- Tired eyes
- Peoplewatching, probably studies humans a lot despite being one of them
- Wise beyond their years
- Has a hard time making friends because few people are “on their level”
- The type of person that people are either intimidated by, or everyone looks up to
- Making playlists for your Deities
- Has that bigger-than-life energy that attracts many people, for better or for worse
- Very respectful and knows how to not lose their temper easily
- History and/or Culture enthusiast
- Probably has a fascination with a certain part of the world or culture
Tumblr media
Pop Culture Witch:
- That fan who refuses to accept that their favorite character died
- Honestly tired of having to explain and justify their craft
- Probably has an Online Grimoire
- Almost definitely writes fanfiction (or at least reads a lot of it)
- I feel like they’d enjoy Buzzfeed Unsolved or other paranormal series (Gravity Falls, Paranorman, Over the Garden Wall, etc.)
- Stans like 12 different characters
- Enjoys Glamour Spells
- Daydreams a lot
- Owns too many books (or not enough)
- Very intuitive and has a good sense for what herbs/crystals go with a certain character
- Kinda got into Witchcraft by accident (like me)
- Very heavily influenced by their favorite series and such
- Probably likes Gay-coded Music (Mother Mother, Hozier, Lil Nas X, etc.)
Tumblr media
Hedge Witch:
- Very vivid dreams
- Very interested in Astral Travel
- Often attracts random animals and children because of their “good energy”
- Talks to their home, the trees, spirits, everyone
- I feel like they’d have very cool looking but functional shoes
- A lonely (but not alone) soul
- Has a good morning routine, probably a morning person
- Any day where they can watch the sunrise is a good day
- Really likes folktales
- Big reader, but probably collects more books than they read
- Really wants an herb garden
- Constantly researching new practices, their book of shadows is huge
Tumblr media
Storm Witch:
- Has really good intuition for the weather. Can pretty much feel when it’s going to rain
- Always has jars on the windowsill or pack porch to catch rainwater
- Enjoys the sound of thunder
- Really good at whistling (whistling up a wind)
- Probably really into Hopepunk or other punk subcultures
- Genuinely annoyed when it’s too sunny
- Either really outgoing or incredibly aloof. May be an Aquarius
- Angry 99.9% of the time, but does a decent job at not showing it
- Has a specific outfit for taking walks in the rain
- Has no volume control and accidentally talks to loud
- Very protective over loved ones
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this-hedge-witch · 3 months ago
Hi guys! This is my recipe to a simple calming spell Jar !🥰
some pebbles
small jar
To make the jar first I cleansed it with some rose insense, next i put some pepples and dirt at the bottom to help with grounding. i combined the other ingredients listed above in a mortar and pestle and put them on top in the jar. You can seal it with war or string and keep it with you! Blessed be my loves🥰
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theskepticalwitch · 4 months ago
The beautiful thing about witchcraft is that there are no rules to it. You can practice how you want, for as long as you want, with as much passion as you want. It's yours. You get to decide what you do with it.
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