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HotchReid HC- Hotch makes significantly more than Spencer, I looked it up after seeing that post you reblogged and if Hotch is making on the higher end of that spectrum (which given how long he鈥檚 been unit chief, he probs is) then he鈥檚 making approx 100k more than Reid. I imagine Hotch likes to treat Reid quite a bit and spoils tf out of his lover despite his half-hearted protests. This doesn鈥檛 bother Reid and he honestly couldn鈥檛 care less what others think of their relationship or what their assumptions are (and there are plenty from those who don鈥檛 know them well). But Reid also likes to be able to treat Hotch once in awhile. Like that Rolex? People assume Hotch bought it for himself, but they forget that Reid is a Vegas boy who was banned from several casinos. So whenever Reid wants to treat Hotch to something that鈥檚 outside of his budget, he just wins himself the money because he can.
OKAY so before we get into the HC; that post always makes me think of adulting kind of problems/scenarios that I almost add every single time and don鈥檛. Because money, so聽
Because yes Hotch makes an obscene amount of money as Unit Chief. He also lives in either Georgetown or Alexandria, I can鈥檛 remember which, but cost of living there has to be through the damn roof. He had a very nice聽house at one point, now he owns a very nice condo/apartment, Jack probably goes to private school (that ain鈥檛 cheap I鈥檒l tell you what), I bet he鈥檚 one of those people that trades in their cars for newer models every couple of years (nothing flashy, just newer stuff is safer), not to mention later on he鈥檚 paying for Haley鈥檚 father to live with Jessica, and I can鈥檛 even IMAGINE what Jack鈥檚 college fund looks like.聽
I guess what I鈥檓 getting at is, yes he does have a lot of money, of which he spends most of it on other people聽-- so it would be so easy to see that he would spoil Spencer rotten聽if they were together. It鈥檚 just what he does. His love languages are gift giving and caretaking, always making sure everyone is happy and provided for and safe. The cost of it doesn鈥檛 matter to him. Maybe he even felt this way before he had the money to spend like that, because I can see that, too.
And when it comes to Spencer? He loves giving him things, taking him to nice dinners, private galas and museum benefits that no one else would really appreciate anyway but Spencer does and Spencer deserves聽it so Aaron will lavish him with anything and everything that makes him smile.
He loves that smile so much.聽
And Spencer, who isn鈥檛 used to someone spending money on him like this (or being around people who have the money to just throw away on him -- because that鈥檚 how he would see it) probably isn鈥檛 as comfortable with it at first. Always feels like he has to repay the gift, even though Hotch insists that he doesn鈥檛 (and gets away with it, he鈥檚 so endearing about it) but... Spencer likes to spoil him, too. One night at the casinos down by the river, maybe not even an hour but who鈥檚 counting, gets him enough pocket change to get something nice and extravagant for Hotch.
When he gifts him that watch, Hotch is almost speechless. It had to cost a fortune, he feels like he really shouldn鈥檛 accept it because Spencer shouldn鈥檛 be spending money on him like this. That鈥檚 just not how his relationships have ever gone. Spencer will be MORE THAN HAPPY to point out that Hotch spends that much on him all the time聽and Spencer is allowed to do the same. After a few little sly, pointed questions, Hotch can probably deduce that Spencer did not have to set himself back at all for this gift and it will earn him a look of reprimand. But Hotch also feels... flattered, and can鈥檛 argue with him about it, either. Spencer always talks circles around him.聽
So he wears the watch proudly, until it blends into his wardrobe seamlessly and becomes a part of his every day attire -- and Hotch decides that maybe he likes being spoiled a little, too.
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I鈥檓 curious, what are your thoughts on ABO verse and would you ever write it for Heid? I know it鈥檚 not everyone鈥檚 cup of tea so no offense taken if it鈥檚 not your thing!
Hello Anon! I am sorry to say I am one of those people where ABO verse isn鈥檛 my cup of tea. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the physical changes it is supposed to cause, outside of like a werewolf AU (I have read a bit聽of ABO when I was going through my Teen Wolf hyperfixation) and even then it鈥檚 just not my scene, I鈥檓 sorry to say. I have heard great things about the fics on ao3 surrounding it, though, so all the props to all the writers making the 100k fics so many adore.
But I can still give you my (probably very incorrect) thoughts on it <3 because I like to remind myself to be open-minded about genres, and it is very -- very -- easy to see how an ABO verse would play into a Heid story.聽
I don鈥檛 know all the rules, because I can never find all the rules, so I just kind of play it off like wolf pack dynamics (I blame TeenWolf)聽
So we all know immediately that Hotch is an Alpha and Reid would be an Omega -- because that鈥檚 just the best trope ever and even I can鈥檛 deny that.
I鈥檇 be very into scenting and marking, I think, because I do that in my fics typically anyway. Wearing each other鈥檚 clothes, using each other鈥檚 shampoo or body wash, just making it so they smell聽like each other is really intimate and sweet and I adore it.
Bite marks. Need I say more. So many hickeys Hotch all but spells his name on Reid鈥檚 neck.聽
This is probably super incorrect for ABO or whatever, but I feel like Reid would be a little pleased when he聽鈥榓ccidentally鈥 marks up Hotch in return. Like scratch marks down his back. It wasn鈥檛 on purpose, but anyone would know who left them there and that makes him secretly very proud.
A jealousy storyline would basically write itself. With how often they travel for cases? And how many Alpha personalities there are in police and sheriff stations all across the country? I honest to God don鈥檛 know the rules on Omegas, but I know they are supposed to kind of... smell sweet? Almost create an airborne intoxication, of sorts, where others lose their sense of self and if anyone came up on Reid like that -- especially after they鈥檇 been called in to work on a case -- oh Hotch would lose it.聽
I guess in that same vein, maybe it isn鈥檛 the bureau鈥檚 habit to hire Omegas for field work like that, because this kind of thing happens, but Reid鈥檚 knowledge and skill sets are too important not to, and they鈥檝e made an exception with him from the start.
But once Hotch and Reid are together, it鈥檚 no longer a formality obligation that makes Hotch lash out at anyone sniffing around Reid. I鈥檓 talking like near irrational outbursts, such a powerful force it makes everyone in the room cower. So overprotective it interferes with their work, sometimes. Gets him into trouble with Strauss, but every single time he doesn鈥檛 even flinch at the reprimands of consequences. It is always worth it, protecting what鈥檚 his.聽
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more-heid-plsa day ago
i wanna talk about hotch being really perverted towards spencer and just being all over him but also like lovey doveily like hes the one to plan dates really powerfully ugh
yes and spence 锟硷考feigns锟 annoyance cause he鈥檚 a brat but aaron knows he鈥檚 obsessed with the attention and god does spencer love the risk of it all. he calls hotch sir when they fuck to remind him of his superiority and that nearly makes aaron cum the first time he hears it. and we all know they fuck like teenagers which is why all hotch does is think about spencer鈥檚 tight ass and his screams of pleasure. it doesn鈥檛 help that when they鈥檙e the only ones left at the work spencer walks into his office and sits in his lap acting innocent but the boy doesn鈥檛 stop wiggling and it just pushes hotch to pick him up and fuck him into the desk, his tie stuffed in that pretty mouth to make sure no one in锟硷考 adjacent offices can hear his loud baby boy
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Correspondence, Chapter 03
Tumblr media
Pairing: HotchReid
Summary: 聽An AU where Reid never joined the FBI, but got roped into consulting for the LA field office while working and teaching at Caltech. Hotch gets his email referred from a fellow agent, and they start to work on cases together -- until they start talking on a regular basis. Regular becomes frequent, frequent becomes constant. They know nothing about each other, but they don't really mind.
Rating: Mature/Explicit (eventually)
Chapter CW/notes:聽Mentions of alcohol, a very long conversation happens where Hotch is a little buzzed. Big, BIG focus on their age difference, and unintentional misinformation. Spencer has no idea Hotch thinks he鈥檚 older, or at least not OLD older, and gets a little panicky/clams up -- and yes I realize Hotch could just background check him and find it out but he respects the man enough to not do that. The chapter is linear, it just encompasses a lot of time passing so hopefully that鈥檚 not too confusing. Set in season 6, self beta鈥檇.
Word Count:聽5025
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Chapter 03
Early September 2010
And so, it begins.
The dynamic shift, the vast change in how Hotch and Dr. Reid had been corresponding for the past few months. Evolving from something so professional and academic to something鈥 looser. More freeing. More room for error, of course, but the risk turns out to be more than worth it for what they gain.
The texts are sporadic, at first. Short interactions, here and there, all stemming from that first, longer conversation about Jack. Hotch follows up the very next day, after he gets to talk to his son in the morning over pancakes. Jessica hovering nearby the whole time. She had apologized for her harsh words, and commended him after the fact how he鈥檇 approached Jack on the subject and led the little boy into a conversation rather than a lecture like his teachers had done. Because, as Spencer had mentioned -- there was no need for one. Jack already had the situation handled.
[]6/4, 12:39[] You were right.聽
[]6/4, 12:39[] He invited the kid that was bullying him over for a playdate. Trying to win him over by killing him with kindness.
[]6/4, 12:43[] My kind of kid.聽
[]6/4, 12:44[] You鈥檝e taught him well, Hotch.
And that was it. That was all it took to kick off what turns into a frequent occurrence. Slowly, as time passes, their quick texts turn to conversations that naturally revert to work. It鈥檚 where they spend most of their time, after all, and what they had bonded over in the first place. But unlike in their emails, it isn鈥檛 just about the cases or profiles or statistics required to crack them. It鈥檚 much more opinionated than that, erratic in it鈥檚 content and frequency. Commentary on Hotch鈥檚 team, ideas on the cases they work, case studies and research projects and sometimes even just office gossip that somehow always makes its way to Hotch鈥檚 attention despite everyone trying to keep it from doing so.
Or just Dr. Reid observing their antics. This is the beginning of the tonal shift, and Hotch can鈥檛 help but think鈥 it just might be a welcome one.
[]6/12, 10:03[] Your tech analyst always sends me rainbow font emails.
[]6/12, 10:07[] Yes, she鈥檚 doing that with everyone on the team. It鈥檚 Pride month and she鈥檚 being supportive.
[]6/12, 10:11[] She considers me a part of the team? How sweet of her.
[]6/12, 10:12[] You are, and as far as the bureau goes you might as well be.
[]6/12, 10:13[] I doubt I could sneak you into payroll, though.
[]6/12, 10:21[] I bet Ms. Garcia could.
[]6/12, 10:28[] Don鈥檛. Say. Anything.
[]6/12, 10:29[] But yes, she could.聽
It turns into a small reprieve, for Hotch, in the constant deluge of bureaucracy and violence that fills his work day. The single moment he allows a sliver of himself to appear through the cracks of his armor he has to wear to guard himself from it all. To be the stoic leader the team needs, the unmovable tree in the storm.
Only in his quick, typed under the table conversations he has with Spencer does he allow himself the slips of humor. Barely there traces of a smile. Finding the smallest spots of light in his dark days, in his work that can surround and consume to the point of suffocation. Hotch thrives in it, he always has -- while others have drowned. But he doesn鈥檛 mind finding this small self-indulgence. Making the decision for himself that he can joke and poke fun at his work and not feel guilty about it. That, for once, he can allow himself this.
Until one day, Spencer returns the favor -- and starts talking about his own work.
[]7/21, 16:17[] If I leave all of my Ph.D. applicants in a ditch in the desert, is that still murder?
[]7/21, 16:30[] Technically or hypothetically?
[]7/21, 16:34[] Different question, would you be my legal council if I snap and it happens anyway?
[]7/21, 16:37[] Of course.
[]7/21, 16:38[] But as your attorney, I have to advise you that we never had this conversation, and murder is wrong.
[]7/21, 16:40[] Hypothetically.聽
Spencer takes a little longer to open up, but when he does it is through this window into an academic world Hotch had never planned or thought he would ever be privy to. He begins to reveal pieces of it, bit by bit, until Hotch starts to form a picture in his mind of what shape this professor鈥檚 life really takes. Making deductions based on his speech patterns, what goes on throughout his day, his word choices, and profiling the man through text message without even meaning to.聽
He tries to put a stop to it as soon as he realizes this. Dr. Reid isn鈥檛 just a consultant anymore, he is his friend -- and Hotch will always do his utmost to not profile his friends. But it鈥檚 a little too late for some aspects that can鈥檛 help but stand out as time goes on. Such as the inkling that the other man probably isn鈥檛 senile with a cane and a stooped back, like Hotch had first thought. Certain parts of his day allude to someone who is a bit fresher to the academic scene -- instead of spending decades on a college campus.聽
But Hotch sets that aside, to be scrutinized at a later date, and instead turns his focus into enjoying what Spencer has to offer him. As his friend. The stories he shares freely, now that they鈥檝e spent all this time breaking down the barriers. He regales Hotch with his own daily problems, grievances, as well as the little bright spots that he just wants to share with Hotch so that it can lighten up his own days. Which were much more bleak, and crowded with danger and horrid things.聽
Hotch lives for those messages.
[]7/28, 20:42[] So I have a godson.
[]7/28, 20:44[] He鈥檚 four, and he just came to visit last week with his mother. Have you and Jack ever done science experiments at home?聽
[]7/28, 20:46[] Because I have some that are definite crowd pleasers. Do them right, you can call them 鈥榩hysics magic鈥. I can send you the instructions, it鈥檚 well worth it.
[]7/28, 20:47[] I鈥檓 not sure how helpful I would be in a scientific area, but I鈥檓 always willing to try.
[]7/28, 20:49[] I鈥檇 require video evidence of it, then.聽
[]7/28, 20:50[] But they are so fun, I鈥檇 forgotten how much.
[]7/28, 20:51[] No children of your own?
[]7/28, 20:54[] Never found the right person, but I always spent so much time on my degrees that I hadn鈥檛 really thought about being a parent.聽
[]7/28, 20:55[] My Godson really brought it to light, though. I love having him here.
[]7/28, 20:56[] I bet he loves when you come around, or when they get to visit you, too.
[]7/28, 20:59[] I work in a science lab, with lasers and telescopes bigger than my first apartment. My approval rating is pretty high when it comes to my godson.聽
Although Hotch finds that he doesn鈥檛 always start these interactions, the ones that lead to topics outside of work, he also isn鈥檛 against them in the slightest. They begin to start messaging at all hours, because of this; first thing in the morning, during their lunch break, whenever something pops up -- what used to be jokes that would just be kept to themselves, turn to conversation starters. And that development shifts the dynamic even more.
[]8/11, 10:31[] Coffee shops always make me feel old, and like I鈥檓 a grad student all over again.
[]8/11, 10:38[] You don鈥檛 have a T.A. to run and get you coffee?
[]8/11, 10:41[] Of course you would send out for coffee.
[]8/11, 10:42[] Well my order is two steps, not sixteen.
[]8/11, 10:43[] Tyrant.
[]8/11, 10:43[] Pretentious.
They start to tease, banter, and poke fun at each other. Comradery, friendship, and the more it goes on the more it seems to spiral towards something else. Something new.
But it鈥檚 these small moments, messages, conversations that can last a minute or an hour, that make Hotch鈥檚 chest feel so much lighter as the weeks go by. Hints of a smile easing onto his face, smoothing out and softening the edges in a way they haven鈥檛 in a long time. Garnering some attention from the rest of the team, or whoever is in the vicinity that felt brave enough to mention it.
鈥淲ho are you talking to?鈥
鈥淲ho鈥檚 the lucky lady?鈥
鈥淣o one,鈥 Hotch would answer, schooling himself and pocketing his phone. 鈥淛ust a consultant on a case.鈥
This is how it goes鈥 for months.聽
They never speak on the phone. Never even hint at video calls. Never send pictures. (Although Spencer does make a mention once or twice about that promised video when Hotch finally gets around to attempting the 鈥榩hysics magic鈥 experiment he鈥檇 emailed him. Hotch secretly hopes that maybe, one day, Spencer will just get to show them in person. Instead of Hotch having to record it for anyone to witness.)
But they talk like clockwork. Play chess on the regular, allowing them to talk more fluently with a laptop to aid the flow of conversation. It starts with once a week, then twice a week, standing dates after hours that meld so seamlessly with their messages every workday. They keep it to the weekdays, at first, since Hotch is busy with Jack on the weekends. But that doesn鈥檛 last long. Suddenly, without warning -- it becomes every night as well. That shift is such an organic, natural progression, that it slips in without either of them making comment on it. A silent agreement, because mentioning it would mean admitting why they were pushing this in such a new direction.聽
They just鈥 missed talking to each other. Two days was too long.聽
Now, it鈥檚 every day.
They text for hours; check in on each other at random throughout the day even when Hotch is on cases or Spencer is busy with his duties as the leading doctoral expert of Caltech. Times when they should be swamped, unavailable to anything other than their primary focus and work load, still littered with short messages. Before and after each flight, when Hotch gets back to his hotel at night, when Spencer has to lecture out of town and they just so happen to be passing each other during travel -- mere states away. So close, yet so far. It鈥檚 all the time, it鈥檚 constant, and it鈥檚 wonderful.
Spencer still helps with cases. Often, even more often than he ever helped the L.A. field office. But it鈥檚 not always through email, anymore. Sometimes it鈥檚 just easier for Hotch to shoot him a quick text. A detailed message in the middle of their everyday banter and dribble but no less out of place, knowing the good Doctor will answer him quickly. Time is of the essence when they are on a case, but they are always on retainer for each other. Waiting in the wings, ready to jump in with quick, snappy wit and bitten-back smiles, and Hotch feels so good. So light. Better than he has in years.聽
Hotch is happy, finding a friend in Dr. Spencer Reid, even if sometimes that friendship seems to transcend layers he didn鈥檛 know were there. Developing into something else, something he hadn鈥檛 touched in a long, long time.聽
Months pass. Months. Like a blur. Like they鈥檝e only just started this thing that鈥檚 anticipatory and comfortable and flexible in its medium and that is so easy -- everything Hotch needs in his life -- that he can barely imagine what his days and nights were like before this. Before Spencer.聽
But it鈥檚 months into this correspondence, this charged and bright thing, that he鈥檚 home late one night with a Scotch in one hand and a losing game of online chess long forgotten on his laptop screen. Lost in messaging Spencer, back to his phone instead of the chat feature of the chess game. Because texting is their comfort zone, now. He never thought it would be, had seen teenagers and adults attached to their phones like a lifeline and used to scoff about it, but he finally has begun to understand.聽
Because here he is -- not even looking up when he takes a drink -- lost in his conversation with Spencer. Making each other laugh, in a way he hasn鈥檛 in so long. Loud and high and afraid he might wake Jack down the hall so he stifles it with another sip of his Scotch.
[]9/8, 21:12[] If Jack wakes up, you know that鈥檚 it for us. He鈥檒l never go back to sleep.
[]9/8, 21:13[] Then stop laughing so loud. I honestly can鈥檛 imagine you laughing enough to wake him.
[]9/8, 21:14[] Usually I don鈥檛. I never laugh like this, but I used to.
[]9/8, 21:16[] Mr. FBI isn鈥檛 allowed to laugh, I thought. Didn鈥檛 they beat that out of you at the academy?
[]9/8, 21:19[] I was able to retain a smidgen of humor, it鈥檚 well hidden. You just seem to bring it out more than others.
[]9/8, 21:20[] I鈥檓 flattered.聽
[]9/8, 21:20[] You should be.聽
[]9/8, 21:21[] If my team saw me crack a smile I鈥檇 probably be forced to get a CAT scan.
[]9/8, 21:23[] Do you need one? I have an M.A. in Cognitive Sciences, I鈥檒l be your second opinion.
[]9/8, 21:24[] Probably, but I鈥檒l live.
[]9/8, 21:25[] Very stiff upper lip of you. They teach you that at the academy, too?
[]9/8, 21:26[] No, that would be Scotland Yard. I liaised there for a while.
[]9/8, 21:28[] Wow, you get around. Have you been anywhere else on your global exploration?
[]9/8, 21:31[] Hardly that, I just go where the bureau tells me. I鈥檝e already been bounced all over the country before landing at the BAU. All you can do is keep the 鈥榮tiff upper lip鈥 and adapt.
[]9/8, 21:31[] 鈥淜eep Calm & Carry On鈥?
[]9/8, 21:33[] Garcia gave me that on a mug last Christmas. I still don鈥檛 know what it鈥檚 from.
[]9/8, 21:34[] Your age is showing. Get with the times, old man.
[]9/8, 21:35[] You鈥檙e one to talk.
[]9/8, 21:35[] What?
Hotch bites back a smile, thinking about how for months he had been so sure Spencer was this elderly professor in his 60鈥檚 or 70鈥檚 that just happened to find their conversations interesting. That was鈥 very apparently wrong, Hotch can see that now, but he hadn鈥檛 had any evidence to the contrary for the entire time they corresponded those first few months.聽
He could have done a background check on the professor at any time, is sure Garcia already has one saved in a file ready to send him at his first request, but it鈥檚 more fun this way. The not knowing, the learning about each other piece by careful piece. Even the smallest bits of information, such as age.聽
He bet Spencer would get a kick out of his first impression of the man, though.
[]9/8, 21:37[] Oh come on, you know.
[]9/8, 21:39[] No, I actually don鈥檛. Congratulations, you鈥檝e stumped the super genius.
[]9/8, 21:39[] But really, what do you mean?
[]9/8, 21:42[] I always just assumed you are at least ten years my senior, maybe even fifteen. How are you more with the times than I am?
[]9/8, 21:43[] I work at a University. I am surrounded by hormones and the dribble of youth.
There鈥檚 a slightly lengthy pause after that exchange, enough Hotch starts to pay closer attention through the buzz of liquor settled over his skin pleasantly.
[]9/8, 21:49[] How old do you think I am?
[]9/8, 21:50[] I don鈥檛 know, is it rude if I answer?
Hotch is not laughing to himself, he promises.聽
[]9/8, 21:52[] Why do you think I鈥檓 older?
[]9/8, 21:53[] This feels like a trap.
[]9/8, 21:53[] It鈥檚 not.
[]9/8, 21:56[] Well, honestly just from your academic achievements. Not everyone has that kind of time. And all your departments you run, you have to have a pretty level head and knack for maturity to keep that all in order. Especially doctorate students.聽
[]9/8, 21:58[] Thank you, I think.
[]9/8, 22:00[] I bet you鈥檙e the coolest old man on campus, though, don鈥檛 get me wrong.
Hotch does outright laugh after he sends that, manages to keep it a little bit quieter, and commends himself on having the upperhand in the conversation for once as he stares at his phone for a few minutes, awaiting an answer.聽
If he had to guess, Hotch supposes he鈥檚 held on to that stubborn image of Spencer being a stooped old professor out of habit. But the more the two have talked, after he'd gotten to know the man and his written verbal expressions and just the way his life runs day to day, it鈥檚 pretty easy to see that that is not correct. Spencer could be someone around Dave or Jason鈥檚 age, but more likely even younger than that -- closer to his own.聽
And that鈥 is an intriguing thought that sparks something in his chest. He smothers it with another sip of Scotch and realizes that it has been a solid five minutes of silence. With Spencer not even typing out a response.
[]9/8, 22:06[] Was it something I said?
[]9/8, 22:07[] No, I鈥檓 just鈥 contemplating my answer.
[]9/8, 22:07[] Answer to what?
Hotch hasn鈥檛 drank that much, but he doesn鈥檛 believe he asked a question at all. He scrolls back through their conversation and doesn鈥檛 see one. Spencer has asked a good handful, though, all about Hotch鈥檚 perception of his age.聽
[]9/8, 22:09[] Respond, not answer.
[]9/8, 22:10[] I鈥檓 all turned around now.
[]9/8, 22:12[] Flustered in your old age? Now I鈥檓 flattered.聽
This is almost like flirting. Skirts the edges of it, and Hotch feels more emboldened to try the more Spencer tap-dances around what is obviously Hotch鈥檚 incorrect assumption of his age. He had had no idea Hotch thought he was older, that is apparent, and it鈥檚 throwing the other man for a loop for some reason Hotch can鈥檛 ascertain.聽
[]9/8, 22:15[] I鈥檓 not old.
[]9/8, 22:15[] I鈥檓 not even older than you.
[]9/8, 22:16[] And how do you know that?
[]9/8, 22:17[] Just trust me on this.
[]9/8, 22:17[] Well, how old are you?
Another long, lengthy pause that Hotch waits for with baited breath. He knows that Spencer is there, that he鈥檚 staring at his phone and trying to decide the best way to answer without really answering anything. It鈥檚 only a matter of minutes, but that is a long time for them. When they are deep in a conversation like this.
Hotch isn鈥檛 laughing to himself anymore, but he鈥檚 more pleasantly confused than worried. He really has no idea what is making Spencer so hesitant.
[]9/8, 22:22[] Spencer?
[]9/8, 22:25[] I鈥檓 not going to tell you.
[]9/8, 22:26[] What, you want me to guess?
[]9/8, 22:28[] You鈥檒l never guess.
[]9/8, 22:29[] That sounds like a challenge. How many guesses do I have?
[]9/8, 22:31[] None. Listen, I don鈥檛 want you to know. I shouldn鈥檛 have said anything.
[]9/8, 22:33[] I鈥檓 afraid it鈥檚 going to change your perception of me, and we鈥檒l stop talking like this.
[]9/8, 22:34[] Just keep imagining me with wrinkles and a cane, I鈥檓 okay with that.
That drops the small smile right off his face.
Hotch is鈥 surprised by this turn of events. What could be so shocking about this that Spencer thinks they would stop talking to each other? They鈥檙e corresponding every night. How could he possibly stop on a dime like that?
It doesn鈥檛 make any sense. And that鈥檚 not the alcohol talking.
[]9/8, 22:37[] I honestly don鈥檛 see how that would be possible.
[]9/8, 22:39[] I鈥檓 not going to stop talking to you just because you aren鈥檛 the senior professor I imagined running Caltech with an Iron Fist.
[]9/8, 22:40[] Now you鈥檙e projecting.聽
[]9/8, 22:40[] You saying I鈥檓 too strict?
[]9/8, 22:41[] Tyrant, I think was the term I chose.聽
[]9/8, 22:42[] Pretentious.
[]9/8, 22:44[] But Spencer, unless you are somehow underage with five Ph.D.鈥檚, there鈥檚 no reason for us to stop talking.聽
[]9/8, 22:47[] You would not believe how many people treat me like I'm underage, to this day. So that doesn鈥檛 inspire confidence.
Hotch pauses with his glass halfway back to his lips, only a few sips left in the glass. Staring at his phone and struggling to make sense of what Spencer is saying. Hotch had been trying to joke and tease with him, but now the word 鈥榰nderage鈥 feels like a glaring beacon of a word on his screen.聽
He鈥檚 very suddenly more than a little nervous, even through the haze of alcohol. He is 45 years old, no matter what he keeps telling Spencer -- there is a limit to this being appropriate or not. What that limit is, he鈥檇 have to consider when he鈥檚 more sober, and it makes him feel like he should be reigning in the flirtatious notes that keep worming their way into the conversation.聽
But it鈥檚 not actually possible for him to be that young, and everything he鈥檚 learned about the man indicates he鈥檚 closer to his own age. Was he in his 30鈥檚? Even that felt too young for what Hotch had (subconsciously) profiled -- no, it has to be something else.聽
No matter what, he didn鈥檛 want to keep getting Spencer worked up like this about it. His age hadn鈥檛 bothered Hotch before that night, so maybe if he drops it they can revert back to how they鈥檇 been spending their late evening hours before this turn in the conversation.聽
[]9/8, 22:50[] But I鈥檓 NOT underage.
[]9/8, 22:51[] If that needed to be said.
[]9/8, 22:53[] Can you buy alcohol by yourself?
[]9/8, 22:54[] Yes.
[]9/8, 22:54[] See this is what I was afraid of.
[]9/8, 22:55[] Relax, I was trying to tease you.聽
[]9/8, 22:57[] You don鈥檛 have to tell me, Spencer. I鈥檒l just keep picturing Sean Connery, or John Steinbeck in the later years.
[]9/8, 22:59[] I see you have a type.聽
[]9/8, 23:00[] Well, who do you picture when you think of me?
[]9/8, 23:01[] Hugo Weaving, Matrix era. Or Richard Feynman.
[]9/8, 23:02[] Well now I feel typecasted. Who鈥檚 Feynman?
[]9/8, 23:02[] An American Theoretical Physicist from the 40鈥檚-60鈥檚.
[]9/8, 23:03[] Ouch. How old do you think *I* am?
[]9/8, 23:04[] I鈥檓 afraid to answer that.
[]9/8, 23:04[] O.u.c.h.
[]9/8, 23:06[] You鈥檝e been borderline flirting with me, and you just said you thought I was in my 60鈥檚! What was I supposed to think?
[]9/8, 23:07[] If you鈥檙e looking in that age bracket, I鈥檓 sure I can get you the Biology Department Head鈥檚 number.
[]9/8, 23:07[] He鈥檚 72 with rheumatoid arthritis.聽
[]9/8, 23:08[] You are hysterical. So funny.
Hotch is smiling wide down at his phone again, feeling lighter and glad he got them back on track.聽
He can鈥檛 help but think back to what he just tried to drop entirely. Blame the Scotch, or whatever drive to know that makes him dig down and root out information in cold cases in his spare time, Hotch doesn鈥檛 think he can let it go. Not when it was something Spencer hadn鈥檛 meant to be a secret in the first place. Not when, knowing that it has created misinformation between them unintentionally, results in Spencer shying away and hesitant to tell Hotch anything more about himself.聽
Not when he鈥檇 said 鈥榝lirting鈥, because that had been what Hotch was doing, and he can鈥檛 even describe how disappointing it would be to quit while he was ahead. When the build up has been so gradual and easy and everything he鈥檇 been looking for and could never seem to find.
Now, this slight disruption is sticking in his mind, sharp like a thorn in his side. Always there, making itself known, and he wonders if he is lucid enough to try and draw the information out of Spencer via interview tactics -- or if the brilliant man would see right through any of his attempts.
Probably. Who was he kidding? Spencer had more degrees and college hours under his belt than Hotch could manage in a lifetime. Best to do this the old fashioned way, then.
[]9/8, 23:10[] 38.
[]9/8, 23:11[] Oh. Really? That鈥檚 kind of young to be Unit Chief, congratulations.
[]9/8, 23:11[] No, not me. You. I鈥檓 guessing 38.
[]9/8, 23:12[] Oh.
[]9/8, 23:12[] Incorrect.
[]9/8, 23:13[] I don鈥檛 even get a hint?
[]9/8, 23:13[] Nope.
[]9/8, 23:15[] We鈥檙e not playing a game. I鈥檓 not telling you.
[]9/8, 23:15[] So you won鈥檛 guess my age, either?
[]9/18, 23:17[] Chicken.
[]9/8, 23:17[] 45.
Hotch near throws his phone across the room. Almost makes a quip about how reading his file is cheating -- but he knows Spencer just made a stupidly accurate 鈥榚ducated guess鈥 because he knows fucking everything.聽
They really should just put him on the payroll. Hotch is being selfish keeping the man all to himself.
But God, is he enjoying it, too.
[]9/8, 23:19[] There鈥檚 no way you profiled that with that kind of accuracy.聽
[]9/8, 23:20[] How do you do that?
[]9/8, 23:21[] Black magic.
[]9/8, 23:22[] I鈥檒l get it out of you one day, I swear.
[]9/8, 23:23[] And as a man of your word, I believe that you truly believe that.
[]9/8, 23:23[] Full of jokes tonight, aren鈥檛 you?
[]9/8, 23:25[] I live to amuse.聽
[]9/8, 23:25[] And make you smile.
[]9/8, 23:27[] You are one of the few that do.
With a careful pause, nothing left in his glass, a thought perched on the edges of his mind that is already watery with cognitive dissonance, Hotch starts typing before he鈥檚 even fully made the decision.
[]9/8, 23:30[] You really think my flirting is borderline? I was going for subtlety, but I must be rusty.
[]9/8, 23:32[] Actually, I just thought I was projecting.
[]9/8, 23:23[] You were married, I didn鈥檛 want to presume.
The consideration is touching, and sobering even in the dimness of his home office, but it draws the softest of smiles back to Hotch鈥檚 face when he begins to type out his answer.
[]9/8, 23:35[] Thank you, for thinking of me first.
[]9/8, 23:37[] But Haley and I separated a long time before she died. We were actually divorced before she went into WICSEC. I miss her every day. But I did try to date for a while, before that.聽
[]9/8, 23:39[] No luck? I would have thought the FBI badge would at least garner some interest.
[]9/8, 23:40[] I鈥檝e been told I鈥檓 intimidating.
[]9/8, 23:41[] I don鈥檛 think you are.
[]9/8, 23:42[] You will if you ever meet me. I鈥檝e made underlings cry before without speaking a word.
[]9/8, 23:44[] The Hotchner stare. Have you coined that?
[]9/8, 23:45[] I should. It鈥檚 got a ring to it.
They banter and causally slip a few more鈥 flirtatious comments in, and Hotch realizes it really isn鈥檛 that much different than before. That he had indeed been flirting with the man long before he knew his age. Which was odd, he didn鈥檛 typically go for older men and women. But now that he鈥檚 aware Spencer is younger than he thought, possibly even his own age (he swears he is, would put money on it if he could), somehow there鈥檚 more of a charge in their correspondence, a warmth and buzzing elation that has nothing to do with his Scotch. Especially now that it鈥檚 long gone.
It鈥檚 all Spencer, and how they compliment each other, and Hotch finds himself near giddy with that information.
He tries, towards the end of the night where it tips over into the early hours of the morning, to imagine an image of Spencer again -- and finds that he doesn鈥檛 even care to. He鈥檚 enamored with the man and his wit and the way he makes Hotch laugh without trying. How he looks, his age, it doesn鈥檛 matter. Not really. Not to Hotch.
But he is still curious why Spencer won鈥檛 reveal it. He can鈥檛 be that young.
[]9/9, 00:43[] You really won鈥檛 tell me?
[]9/9, 00:45[] Maybe one day. When I鈥檓 feeling brave.
[]9/9, 00:46[] Well, I鈥檒l be there. Waiting.聽
[]9/9, 00:46[] 32.
[]9/9, 00:47[] You鈥檒l never guess.
[]9/9, 00:48[] There鈥檚 only so many numbers.
[]9/9, 00:50[] Goodnight, Hotch.
[9/9, 00:51] Goodnight, Spencer.
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fox-trot17a day ago
How am I supposed to write this 1000 word paper due tomorrow when novel length fanfics I鈥檝e yet to read featuring my favourite OTPs exist?
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willowrose99a day ago
congratulations on 800 will!!!馃グ馃コ you definitely deserves hon!!!
could you do a 馃挄 for either hotchreid or moreid??
congrats again babes!!!鈽猴笍
Jax! Thank you so much for sending something in and supporting me! I love your blog and I鈥檓 so glad to have you as a mutual! I hope you like this Hotchreid mood board. I did two very similar versions because I couldn鈥檛 decide on the perfect picture for the top middle square, hope you don鈥檛 mind! Credit to @cacoetheswriting for the picture help!
Love, Will x
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fox-trot17a day ago
I鈥檝e been reading a ridiculous amount of Heid fanfic lately but I鈥檓 looking for some recs right now.
Looking for whatever fics you consider to be the top Hotch/Reid or Morgan/Reid fics.
Also I feel like this is a ridiculous long shot but I read a Hotch/Reid fic 10+ years ago that I think was called Central America and I vaguely remember the description being something like 鈥淚f Reid were the American continent, Hotch would reside in Central America.鈥 Other than that I don鈥檛 recall anything about the fic or who wrote it just that I liked it and now I can鈥檛 find it. So if any of you know it, please send my way!
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hearteyedhotcha day ago
spencer is so spoiled because aaron literally grants him every wish. it鈥檚 what he deserves 馃ズ
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more-heid-pls2 days ago
currently thinking about how rich hotch is and how he spoils spencer constantly even if spence is adamantly against it cause 鈥渁aron you didn鈥檛 have tooooo鈥 but it makes him happy to see that light blush on his mans cheeks after he promises him a fancy dinner with a bouquet of flowers in his hands
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Ok but do you have any headcanons for how Hotch/Reid get together? I always think back fo the Chester Hardwick custodial as being a turning point in their relationship.
So here鈥檚 my thing with them getting together, I have this problem where I like to play off canon very specifically -- and mold it and make it bend to my whim. I鈥檓 kind of evil like that. So I have a whole handful of HCs, and a whole bunch of places in canon that it could have happened. But with the show being complete, I always hit snags in the narrative that would fuck everything up. I like my manipulations to be plausible, I can鈥檛 help it. It鈥檚 an issue I鈥檓 trying to work through xD
So here鈥檚 my two favorites:
Before Foyet: There鈥檚 a lot of places I can pull from, if I鈥檓 being honest, but tonight? We鈥檙e looking pointedly at the Chester Hardwick interview like you mentioned, because that is a very very聽big HotchReid moment that we all covet and love for all the reasons. I think it was indeed a big turning point for them, and no matter when they get together I consider that a timeframe where Hotch starts to consider Reid more than just the junior member of his team. Their relationship begins to evolve a lot, after that. It would be easy to see how after this, with Hotch鈥檚 divorce in place, there鈥檚 a huge opening for a romantic storyline.
My problem? Foyet. Because that man stalked聽Hotch within an inch of his life and he would have known about Reid even if no one else did. So then we get a very, drastically different Foyet storyline. Which could be fun and I might write out one day, but a lot of things would have changed there.
After Foyet: This is usually my go-to, because not only is Hotch becoming obsessed聽with the hunt for Foyet, but both Hotch and Reid suffering injuries at the same time is a great place (when writing) to start planting seeds where they spend more time together. Where Reid gets to worry about Hotch more and more as he loses himself to the case he still works after hours, (oh the angst and pining y鈥檃ll), but it also gives us a jumping off point. I don鈥檛 like to take away from Hotch and Jack鈥檚 trauma and healing after Haley is killed, so usually I do the end of season 5/beginning of season 6 as when Reid and Hotch stop dancing around each other.聽
I feel like it鈥檚 a good place that leaves a lot of narrative openings to write scenes between them that develop a deeper relationship, without too much of the rest of canon getting in the way. We end up erasing Beth and Maeve, when I go this route, but they are casualties I鈥檓 willing to sacrifice in order to get my fantasy ship sailing.聽
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Hotch/Reid headcanon- Reid 100% gets turned on whenever Hotch rolls up his sleeves at work. Hotch is very much aware of this fact... it doesn鈥檛 stop him from doing it.
Oh God, yeah I can see him doing that. 100%.
So I know in those middle seasons Hotch starts to deviate from his usual suit and tie attire, but that鈥檚 just too easy a target. So I鈥檓 thinking more like those early seasons. 1-6. Because it would almost feel聽scandalous聽to have Hotch shed his suit jacket, roll those sleeves up to his elbows and expose forearms that are strong and corded with muscles and veins and -- dear God would Reid have such a gay panic moment the first time it happens. There should be nothing sexy about the way he can see the veins in Hotch鈥檚 arms, but he can鈥檛 help but stare every time Hotch does it.聽
It feels ridiculous at first, that just a little show of skin strikes Reid dumb and suddenly he can鈥檛 focus on anything for longer than a few seconds. We鈥檙e talking Victorian times with women showing their ankles kind of ridiculousness at how Hotch rolling his sleeves up makes Spencer suddenly feel too hot and his skin too tight and he鈥檚 swallowing thickly because he鈥檚 salivating聽and his mouth goes dry all at once. And because he鈥檚 Reid, it takes him far too long to realize that it鈥檚 turning him on when Hotch does this.聽
Hotch notices before Reid does. Because at first he starts shedding layers because of a case in Florida in July聽-- fuck serial killers and their shitty timing, seriously -- and then sometimes he just gets himself worked up about a case and he feels too constricted in his own clothes.
Now he just does it to watch Reid鈥檚 eyes go wide and dark, his mouth slack as he stares, and there鈥檚 a heat and a tension that builds between them that they don鈥檛 address for months聽-- but Hotch has no quarrels stoking that fire at every turn. Every chance he can get away with it, without the team noticing.聽
(After they get together, he still does it on purpose just to rile Spencer up across the conference table, but will deny it with the straightest poker face you鈥檝e ever seen. Because that鈥檚聽鈥淯nprofessional, Reid, we鈥檙e here working a case and it deserves our full attention.鈥 The whole time fight fighting a smirk, that he will also deny teases his lips.)
((Spencer pays him back when they get to their hotel in the evening. Each and every time. They are seriously the most passively secretive, unprofessional assholes, people are dead you guys grow up.))
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ao3feed-hotchxreid3 days ago
by Anonymous
They moved closer to the door, carefully looking into the peep hole before relaxing slightly and opening the door. 鈥淗otch.鈥澛
鈥淩eid, can we talk?鈥 Spencer nodded, placing the gun back on the table and moving to allow Hotch into their apartment. 鈥淪orry for barging in, you weren鈥檛 answering my texts or calls.鈥
鈥淚 was reading.鈥 They moved over to the sofa again, taking a seat and moving their books to allow Hotch a seat as well. 鈥淪it down.鈥
Words: 3672, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Criminal Minds (US TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: M/M
Characters: Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner
Relationships: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner & Spencer Reid
Additional Tags: Nonbinary Spencer Reid, (That tag will be populated soon), Bisexual Spencer Reid, Bisexual Aaron Hotchner, Coming Out, Coming out fics heal my soul, Fluff, This pairing is my favorite
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more-heid-pls4 days ago
When you asked for asks I dunno if you meant that you wanted like headcanons or something but
Do you think that Hotch and Reid would get married, eventually? When? Who do you think would be invited to the ceremony? How do you think their behavior would change afterward?
ok so hotch is really into marriage cause he鈥檚 stuck on the southern traditions he was taught. he believes if you find the right person, the obvious next step is to marry them.
but spence has a weird relationship with idea of getting married. it scares him. he loves aaron with his entire soul but he feels like marriage would only ruin what they have.
it take a lot of deep discussions and pleadings from aaron for spencer to say yes, but he鈥檚 happy he did. they do t get married until LATE into their relationship, as in 8+ years late.
rossi marries them, emily being aarons best woman and jj being spencer best woman. it鈥檚 not a traditional wedding, even if that鈥檚 what aaron envisioned. it鈥檚 small, the bau being the only ones present. sean is in jail and aaron doesn鈥檛 speak to his parents. spencer鈥檚 wants his mother to be there but settles for simply writing her a detailed letter of the occasion.
they dance for half the night. just being to hold each other so freely means the world to them.
their relationship only gets stronger
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fox-trot174 days ago
There is an unfortunate lack of fanfics featuring Hotch seducing Reid at the firing range. Like how is this not the perfect seduction scenario? It practically writes itself!
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IDK if you're still doing them but heid headcanons......I just really like the idea of hitch doing triathlon training (marathon? Can't remember which) and Spencer coming up with all these plans and statistics on getting better times and the most efficient way to run and all that stuff, and it actually helps hotch out a lot plus spencer likes knowing he can take care of hotch in his own way since he would Never Ever Do It, Hotch, Just Stop Asking.
Also second headcanon that hotch has recordings of spencer reading roamntic shakespeare or middle age sonnets or something else cheesy and romantic and he listens to it on the jet to fall asleep. Because he's a giant sap.
Oh oh oh Spencer would be so earnestly helpful, even if they weren鈥檛 together yet he would be stopping Hotch all the time with pacing tips and endurance statistics and things he鈥檚 read (spent all night reading about just for this very moment over coffee at 8am like he does every morning) and even though he鈥檚 over-enthusiastic about it Hotch would still stop what he鈥檚 doing to listen. Touched that Spencer is going to such great lengths to offer him help when he doesn鈥檛 possess a single fitness related bone in his body. It鈥檚 just endearing, and exhausted and aching from training he doesn鈥檛 mind being cornered by the younger man so he can explain the entire history of the triathlon and where it stemmed from and offers to help in anyway he can.
And of course, because Hotch secretly thinks he鈥檚 very funny, will ask,聽鈥淪o, you鈥檒l be my running partner, then?鈥澛
Which would stops Spencer mid-sentence with his mouth open in a shocked o-shape and expression frozen because... no, no he will not go running with Hotch. Not a chance. He can barely run during pursuit chases when in the field. But telling Hotch no, when he鈥檚 been so earnestly trying to get time alone with him and offered him聽鈥榓nything鈥 to help and -- Hotch will laugh, a quiet laugh but still a laugh with the double dimples and rumbling bass tones, a combination that never fails to make Spencer鈥檚 heart melt. He鈥檒l flush in embarrassment, but smile and bite his lip and tells his boss to 鈥渟hut up鈥 in a mumble at the man鈥檚 teasing. Tucking a strand of hair behind his ear and then looking around to make sure no one is eavesdropping on Hotch laughing with him instead of at him.聽聽
And then maybe, because he鈥檚 feeling a little brave, he鈥檒l ask Hotch about maybe breakfast after one of his runs instead. And maybe that鈥檚 how they start having standing dates and Spencer starts timing Hotch in the park on his runs and swims and bike rides. He鈥檒l sit and read or work on case files until Hotch finishes his set distance and collapses in the grass next to wherever Spencer is set up with a stack of books, and the adrenaline alone will let his barriers fall away and they will joke and tease and (after they get a few dates in) Spencer will kiss him there in the middle of the park, damp with sweat and everything.聽
Oh I love this, I need a whole fic like this.
As for your second HC, Hotch totally does. He鈥檚 a very big Shakespeare fan, I believe that as canon after his date ideas listed the Folger Shakespeare Library, and maybe Spencer will read him sonnets and plays at night after hard cases. So one year for Christmas/Hotch鈥檚 birthday, while they are still hiding their relationship, he will record himself reading Hotch鈥檚 favorite sonnets, and gifts them to him to listen to on the jet whenever he wants.聽
It鈥檚 the most soothing thing, and Hotch loves it more than words can say.
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one night stand au for the ask game! (if ur still playing lols)
Yes I most definitely am! (Sorry this took us a sec, I had to consult with my better half 馃挄 )
This one has been unintentionally underwraps for months, but we work on it pretty much every night. This is a HotchReid roleplay fic, set in an AU where Reid doesn't join the BAU until season 3. And ends up meeting/sleeping with Hotch literally the night before his first day. But they don't know they will be working together when they do, not until Reid is walking into Hotch's office the next morning. And as hard as they try to have that be the end of it -- Hotch is his boss after all, they just can't be doing this -- they find themselves breaking the rules they set down for themselves. Again, and again, and again.
There's so much sex in this, we've already written at least 250k words and we're still going. It's so good. But it is... a lot of sex.
The lovely @spencehotchner writes for Hotch, and I'm writing for Spencer.
With +250k in my docs I feel like I kind of have to include a snippet, so it's below the cut. It's safe for work, sorry folks, just super long. Because I ramble like a mofo so my entries are so, so long. We still need to edit/beta everything but we do plan to post it at some point. Some day. It's too good to keep to ourselves.
Aaron smiles up at him goofily as Spencer tugs him up. "Mm, I'm coming, I'm coming." He scrambles up and follows him.
He would make breakfast if he could. He would make it so good, and kiss Spencer over coffee, and get to know him all day. He鈥檇 ask all the questions he wants to ask-- what makes him tick. What puts that beautiful smile on his face. What makes his brain whir, and his heart spin, and his body go electric. He wants to know all of the things that turn Spencer on, even outside of sex. He wants to know what he wakes up for in the morning. What he tastes like after a good cup of coffee.
Fuck work.
"What time do you get off work?" he asks.
Spencer turns to him, eyes wide and... hopeful. Fuck. Aaron is watching him, with this content and appraising look, like he's thinking of things they don't have time for -- not just the sexy things, but other things. He'd said something about coffee the night before, and for the first time since Spencer got word he'd been offered the position at the BAU, he really wished he didn't have to start today. He'd been looking forward to it for weeks.
But all he wants right now is to drink coffee with Aaron in his kitchen.
"Um, well -- first day and all. New team, new boss. Usually I'm nine to five, normal hours, but I don't know how late I'll be there or... if I'll be off early," he glances at Aaron from beneath his lashes, fingers still tangled together, shower beating against the tile behind them and steaming up the room. He pulls the man with him beneath the spray, straight into a kiss that's wet and slick as the shower warms them and sluices down their skin.聽
He tries to pretend he isn't still shaking a little, aftershock tremors of their morning sex, and nerves about what Aaron is going to ask him. If he's going to ask him.聽
"Did you have something in mind?" he dares to ask, and it's quiet and barely heard over the shower, but Spencer does ask it. He's proud of himself for that. The affect Aaron is already having on him is palpable, and Spencer likes it -- likes the way Aaron makes him feel. In general, and about himself.
Aaron hums, placing a small kiss on his lips, hiding a smile. "Yeah, well. There's this thing called dinner that people often do at night. I was planning on having it. Was wondering if you'd maybe join me."
It鈥檚 not subtle, not in the slightest, but Aaron is through with subtle for the moment. He鈥檚 ready to lay it out on the line, here. I want you, I know you want me.
Spencer's heart is about to beat out of his throat, and he smiles so wide he's all teeth and upturned lips and a deluge of pecks to Aaron's own smile that he tries to hide from him. They're basically the same height, the man can't hide a thing from Spencer when they are pressed this close.
"I'd love to," he beams, kissing him again a little deeper, a little more playful, and he's going to make them both late at this rate. But God, does Spencer love kissing Aaron. "I'd love nothing more."
Aaron smiles, pinching his side playfully. "Yeah? Well, I guess that means I'll have to get your number."
Aaron can imagine it now-- being on a case, seeing Spencer鈥檚 number on the device in his hand as he texts him good night. Them talking throughout the day today, in the future, little check ins on each other, because Aaron is sure he鈥檚 not going to be able to get this boy off his mind. It鈥檒l be a struggle to do anything but text him all day.
He runs a hand through Spencer鈥檚 wet curls, playing with the ends of the strands, trying to memorize the way the shower鈥檚 steam paints a blush on Spencer鈥檚 cheekbones. Watercolor. Aaron could see him as a work of art.
God, he had to be crazy. But going home at night with a random stranger was crazy for him. Standing in his shower the next morning was crazy for him. Asking for his number was crazy for him.
Crazy felt good.
"Play your cards right, you might even get my last name," Spencer says cheekily, giggling and dodging out of the way as Aaron tries to pinch his side again.聽
But he's... so happy, so delirious with it, that nothing could ruin his day now. Because he was going to have dinner with Aaron after his first day at work for the BAU, which he'd been dreaming about since Jason Gideon used it a lure to recruit him into the FBI just after his second Ph.D.聽
For the first time, in a long time, his life felt pretty perfect.
Aaron grins and steals another long, slow kiss from him, feeling light and airy and good.
Fucking hell, does he feel good.
They get out of the shower and Aaron dresses as quickly as he can, because he really does need to go. As soon as he's dressed, though, he's pulling a half dressed Spencer into his arms to kiss him again.
Spencer manages to get into briefs and slacks and is trying to color coordinate some kind of dress shirt and sweater combination with a tie (literally everything is clean, this shouldn't be this hard) when Aaron is there pulling him into a searing kiss. Still damp from the shower, dressed in his clothes from last night, smiling against his mouth and Spencer can't help how he huffs out a laugh and kisses back with just as much enthusiasm.聽
He really didn't want the man to go. But it was quickly approaching 7:00a.m. and D.C. traffic had to be hell, even with a cab. Spencer had always taken the train when he was at MIT, the East coast had a well established system. So he'd decided the week prior he would just do the same here and save himself the daily morning anxiety attack of trying to make it to work on time on his own. That's what public transportation was for. Regulated, mass transit. Set arrival and departure times. A soothing balm if there ever was one.
"Give me your phone," he says with a smile, still so close he basically speaks against Aaron's mouth. He takes the offered iPhone and puts his number in under his name, just his first name. Ready to make the man earn the rest of his personal information.
Maybe, if dinner went well, they'd have... all night to get to know each other. Was it too much to hope Aaron would stay the night again? Probably, but Spencer was in a dreaming mood. Reach for the stars, might as well. With everything going so well, it was only a matter of time before something happened to interfere.
God, he hoped they didn't catch a case on his first day.
Aaron smiles down at the name on his screen. Spencer. He pulls him into one more final kiss, his head spinning pleasantly.聽There will be more where that came from, he reminds himself. Prays hard in that moment to whoever is listening that he鈥檒l be able to make it to...聽
"Tonight," he promises. "I'll see you then."
The BAU Section Chief, SES Erin Strauss, is the one to greet Spencer when he arrives at the FBI building in Quantico. She's a stern woman, but friendly enough for someone in such a position of authority, and she seems very pleased that Spencer is there to join the team. Calls him 'Dr. Reid' often enough he knows either Gideon or his former team leader had mentioned it was something he was particular about -- or she was more concerned about his appeal politically than what he can do for the team.
He didn't let it sour his mood, though, because the morning had just been... too good to be ruined by something as trivial as that. Spencer had gotten the job, he was there in the building, had just received his badge and his gun and his ID card for the key-padded doors and a whole slew of other orientation day milestones.
And now he was on the seventh floor, about to walk into the Behavior Analysis Unit, where he can see people milling about busy as worker bees and his chest swells with nervousness and excitement and too many emotions to name.聽
If not for Aaron, and their amazing night and morning together, Spencer would be all nerves and worry -- but the morning sex alone was enough to knock a lot of that tension out of his spine and shoulders. He was ready for today, more ready than he'd ever thought he'd be.
Chief Strauss leads him into the 'bullpen', as she calls it, a lower level agent holding the door open for both of them, and then she's leading him to a cluster of desks that must be part of the new team he's joining.
"Good morning," she says, startling a trio that was talking animatedly over coffee -- and then all eyes are on Spencer. "This is Dr. Spencer Reid, I'm sure you were expecting him. Is Agent Hotchner in, yet?"
The three standing there very obviously fight rolling their eyes, and Spencer gets the feeling it's not about him or his title as 'Dr. Reid' -- or he hopes not anyway. His hopes are confirmed when a pretty, petite blonde smiles sweetly and sincerely at him and introduces herself as "Jennifer Jareau, but call me JJ", the communication liaison for the unit. A position Spencer wasn't aware existed, but he could definitely see the merits of it. Then, she addressed Chief Strauss.
"Hotch is always here by 8:00 a.m." she says, in a way that was somehow not condescending, but probably should have been. "He'll be up in his office waiting for you, ma'am."
"Thank you. Agent Morgan. Agent Prentiss." She nods to the others, and Spencer merely waves and grimaces a smile, wanting to actually introduce himself and hoping the others understand at least a little bit. He isn't sure he can actually say no to the woman who was his boss's boss.聽
"Erin, are you going to let him meet anyone?" says a voice from above them, just a half a level above the bullpen where offices line the walls -- and it's fucking David Rossi. Standing there, in the flesh, and Spencer is actually a little starstruck. Since when had David Rossi come out of retirement? He knows he's gaping a little bit, mouth parted on a million and one questions to ask the man, but at Chief Strauss's huff of indignation, he lets his jaw snap shut.聽
Later. He can ask later.聽
"Is Agent Hotcher ready for Dr. Reid? I'm sure you all have a case to go over," she says in a drone, and Spencer's stomach drops at that. Fuck, he hopes they don't have a case. He... has a date. That would probably be a bad excuse.
"I don't know," David Rossi says in a teasing lilt, then merely turns to the side and speaks into an open office door. "Hotch, you ready for Dr. Reid."聽
Spencer is blushing down to his roots, and Rossi merely winks at him to show he's joking. Apparently, Chief Strauss was being over the top and not just like this all the time. That kind of makes the situation worse, in his opinion.
Strauss doesn't wait for an answer, and starts up the stairs with Spencer following and trying to get used to the team dynamic. David Rossi actually pats him on the shoulder as he tries to slip by. "Don't worry, he's all bark and only a little bite. And I'm pretty sure he still hasn't read your file yet."聽
Well, that's not exactly promising.
Aaron still manages to show up about 15 minutes earlier than he had planned on. He had an extra suit at the locker in the office, and just went straight there to get dressed.
Which, of course, meant he had to run into David.
"So," David says, a shit-eating grin on his face. "Someone didn't need a ride home last night."
Aaron keeps his face stoic as he adjusts his tie, sitting down at his desk. "Do you need something, Dave?"
"Who was she?" David just barrels on, raising an eyebrow. "I wasn't under the impression that you were on the prowl last night, but I was apparently wrong."
Aaron stares him down.
"That good, huh?" Dave just grins, and grins and grins, and Aaron doesn't let the fact that he's had the most amazing morning in years show through on his face. Nothing can take away the fact that, on his phone, there's a number with the name Spencer beside it.
"I'm an adult," Aaron says, simple as that. "Now, can you leave? I still have to go over the--"
"Oh, he's here!" Dave says, looking out the door. Aaron's blinds are closed, and he raises an eyebrow. "Oh, he's young. Erin are you going to let him meet anyone?" David says as he steps out of the door.
Aaron laughs to himself, straightens his tie again, prepares himself to meet the newest team member. He hopes whoever this is will be good for him-- good for the team. He's nervous. He loves his team, thinks they have a great dynamic. Change is... different. After Elle had left, things had been rocky. No one could replace her, but this new kid was supposed to be something special.
Aaron would just have to see about that.
"Come in," he says, busying himself with some files to look like he isn't anticipating the worst, when a knock rasps at his door.
Chief Strauss knocks at the Unit Chief's door, the team leader that Spencer would be directly under for the foreseeable future, and just walks on in -- in fact, the knock seems a little last second. Like she doesn't usually announce herself when she comes in, and is on her best behavior in front of Spencer.
He's not sure why, it's not like he wouldn't find out how everything works around here eventually. He isn't going anywhere.
"Aar- ahem, Agent Hotchner," again, with the hesitation, acting formal. Spencer looks around the dark wooded office lined with books on Law and sadism and serial killers alike, until he turns to the desk against the wall. "This is Dr. Spencer Reid, your newest team member."
Sitting there is a man in a dark suit, broad shouldered, black hair, bent over some files spread on his desk and seemingly very intent on his work. Finishing whatever he was making note of before looking up at them.
Dark eyes. Darker lashes. Tunnel vision stare that pierces through Spencer, and all the breath escapes his lungs.
Strauss turns back to him with a tight, friendly smile; unaware of the bomb that has just gone off inside Spencer's head.
"Dr. Reid, meet your new Unit Chief: Supervisory Special Agent, Aaron Hotchner."
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