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Kingdom of Ash (300)

why is NO ONE talking about one of the most amazing Rowan Whitethorn moments in Kingdom of Ash when he and Aelin are taking for the first time in the whole book, and this man has the audacity to break our hearts by asking Aelin “can I hold you?” Literally drown me nothing will compare to the brilliance of this one line, it is one of the cutest moments Rowan and Aelin ever have ugh I love it sm

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She kept her stare locked on his as she let go of his face and slowly, making sure he understood every step of the way, tilted her head back until her throat was arched and bared before him.

“Aelin,” he breathed. Not in reprimand or warning, but… a plea. It sounded like a plea. He lowered his head to her exposed neck and hovered a hair’s breath away.

She arched her neck farther, a silent invitation.Rowan let out a soft groan and grazed his teeth against her skin.

One bite, one movement, was all it would take for him to rip out her throat.

His elongated canines slid along her flesh-gently, precisely. She clenched the sheets to keep from running her fingers down on his bare back and drawing him closer.

He braced one hand beside her head, his fingers twining in her hair.

“No one else,” she whispered. “I would never allow anyone else at my throat.” Showing him was the only way he’d understand that trust, in a manner that only the predatory, Fae side of him would comprehend. “No one else,” she said again.

He let out another low groan, answer and confirmation and request, and the rumble echoed inside her. Carefully, he closed his teeth over the spot where her lifeblood thrummed and pounded, his breath hot on her skin.

She shut her eyes, every sense narrowing on that sensation, on the teeth and mouth at her throat, on the powerful body trembling with restraint above hers. His tongue flicked against her skin.

She made a small noise that might have been a moan, or a word, or his name. He shuddered and pulled back, the cool air kissing her neck. Wildness-pure wildness sparked in those eyes.

― Sarah J. Maas, Queen of Shadows

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An Insider’s Guide to Throne of Glass: Aelin’s Infamous Gold Nightgown, 3/?

She was still smiling when he asked, “Are all your nightclothes like that?”

“So curious about my negligees, Prince. Whatever would the others say? Maybe you should issue a decree to clarify.”

He growled, and she grinned into her pillow. “Yes, I have more, don’t worry. If Lorcan is going to murder me in my sleep, I might as well look good.”

“Vain until the bitter end.”

She pushed back against the thought of Lorcan, of what Maeve might want and said, “Is there a specific color you’d like me to wear? If I’m going to scandalize you, I should at least do it in something you like.”

“You’re a menace.”

She laughed again, feeling lighter than she had in weeks, despite the news Rowan had given her. She was fairly certain they were done talking for the night when his voice rumbled across the bed. “Gold. Not yellow- real, metallic gold.”

“You’re out of luck,” she said into her pillow. “I would never own anything so ostentatious.”

She could almost feel him smiling at her as she fell asleep.


Thirty minutes later, Rowan was still staring up at the ceiling, teeth gritted as he calmed the roaring in his veins that was steadily shredding through his self-control.

That gods-damned nightgown.


He was in such deep, unending shit.

- Chapter 29 of Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

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She had lied to him. She had wanted to save lives, yes. But she had gone out there with no intention of saving her own.

- Aelin, Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

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Judge: How do you plead?

Fenrys: [looks at Rowan]

Rowan: [mouths “not guilty”]

Fenrys: Hot milky.


Rowan: Please, just lock him up.

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First finished art of 2021:

“If only I could be so grossly incandescent.”

It really struck me at the end of Dark Souls that Solaire is definitely not strong enough to defeat Gwynn by himself. But, by the time the fire fades yet again, imagine how much stronger he would be. And for someone as lost and unsure as Solaire by the end of the game, what would be closer to the touching sun than watching the first flame be linked? “If only I could be so grossly incandescent.” I think, maybe he will.

Also, my whole experience with Dark Souls changed when I got killed by the Centipede Demon and realized I was not yet up to the challenge of Gwynn. It occurred to me that all the souls and discarded weapons from warriors and undead who fell before the chosen undead, like Tarkus, who died in Anor Londo, were all trying to reach Gwynn. I took Tarkus’s sword, and other items, more determined than ever to finish what they started. Solaire was the only other one who made it all the way to the kiln, but he never could have beaten Gwynn alone.

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currently crying because Dorian sent a messenger to ask the name of Sorscha’s burned village so he could add it to his personal map.

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*in the kitchen with Evangeline when something catches on fire*
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I have never understood the “I preferred her when she was Celaena” discourse.

Last year I reread the whole series in preparation to finally reading Kingdom of Ash (Yes I know it had been a while, but a girl needed to be mentally ready, and thank fuck I was), and I feel like the whole change from Celaena to Aelin is not as rough as some people make it out to be. 

Constantly in the fandom I have come across with posts that talk about Celaena like she was someone Aelin is not or even with the “Liliana Gordiana” persona. And while I agree that names do carry power I do not see her embracing Aelin and her history as a dismissal of her “Celaena” self. Aelin is still Celaena and we can see it in her constant sass, her secretivenss, her one step ahead of the situation, her slightly selfish self (which after her trauma I can stand behind and can see why she was like that). 

When she went by Celaena, she focused on specific characteristics of herself and that was what she allowed people to see the most. But even then a lot of the characteristics that people atribute exclusively to Aelin appeared, her compassion for instance and her caring for those who cannot do that for themselves. Celaena was a carefully curated front and for many years it did work as a denial of the weight of being Aelin; but in Empire of Storms when she fully accepts her role in history and thus starts truly going by Aelin, she is not denying the traits that made her Celaena. The change between Celaena and Aelin I see it more as an acceptance of the past of her trauma and of her responsability, not a change of persona per se. Sure by accepting her leader role she must not be as selfish, but that might be the only thing she has to let go and it makes sense. However, her flair for the dramatic, which is a Celaena trait, and her sass are still there. Now those traits are interacting with the other characteristics that she is allowing to be, like being responsible for more than just your friends and being political and a team worker. 

And when I say a front, this by no means it is fake or less real or truthful than her “Aelin self”. Think of it as instagram, you still put things that are you, that represent you, only that you are very aware of what you are putting out; you know the idea that others have of you because you have had a clear intentional hand at creating it. It is not *all* that you are, but it is part of who you are.

That is why Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows are so crucial and interesting. In the first one you can see how the weight of her denial has actually shaped Celaena. HoF is the constant reminder of the pressure she has tried to escape. Nehemia’s death (we all know the big disservice sjm did to this character, but I won’t get into that today) reminded her that she cannot keep running from her path and just be a part of who she is. In HoF we have the full on (dead.. for now) weight that being who she fully is, represents. Now in Queen of Shadows we see the bargaining between being not just Celaena but Aelin as well. We see her accept her role but trying to figure out how to best be Aelin without denying all the growth she experienced when she went by Celaena. QoS is the negotiation between the front she was and the role and responsibilities she must now asume and that she wants to assume. But it never is a “okay I’m done being Celaena, now I’m Aelin”; it’s the finding of balance… that is why her identity in that book seems a little off here and there, she is in constant negotiation.

Now with Liliana… that was literally nothing but just a role to play, not an actual “persona”. The distinction between Celaena and Liliana is only in name, because Liliana was everything Celaena was, except open about her assassin background. 

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 Requested by Bella on Quotev

        After a few years of trying, Aelin was finally pregnant. When she told Rowan he was overjoyed as were all of their friends. Despite the struggles through the pregnancy, Aelin couldn’t be happier. She gave birth to a beautiful girl with green eyes like her father and blond hair matching her own. 

       Rowan had been a mother hen during the nine months, especially once Aelin started showing. He helped her whenever he could and tried to make her more comfortable. Upon seeing his daughter Rowan was reminded of the vision he had years ago when he was searching for his wife. 

        A few months after Evangeline was born Rowan and Aelin had taken her out to the garden to experience the sunny day and get outside. While the couple was sitting next to each other Evangeline rolled around and played with the grass and flowers. Rowan turned Aelin’s head to where Evangeline was crawling towards them. 

        “Come on baby you can do it,” Aelin cheered on her daughter. Rowan got up and walked towards Evangeline to get her on her feet. With her father’s help, Evangeline started walking towards her mother. The closer she got, the less she was relying on Rowan. Alein continued to encourage her.

        Hearing the encouragement and getting more excited Evangeline tried to get to her mother even harder. Only a few steps away, Rowan let Evangeline go, hands close enough to catch her. Evangeline, not deterred by the lack of support continued the last few steps and fell into her mother’s open arms.

        “You did amazing sweetheart!” Aelin picked up Evangeline and walked over to Rowan who wrapped an arm around her waist and used his other to help support Evangeline.

        “So amazing my little flame,” Rowan smiled. Evangeline giggled and reached her hands to her parents’ faces. Aelin and Rowan spend the rest of the day helping Evangeline get better at her balance and had a great time just being with each other as a family.

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Day 3 of productivity [3/100]

Went for a run, sent some emails, and read for the rest of the day. Fell in love with Rowan.

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I have no heart, i'm a ruthless witch who cares for no one
Also Manon
*chooses the bait beast because he protects her
*can't make the crossing because his wing is ruined
to hell with everyone else, i'm finding you the most expensive fabric so you can fly
*sniffs flowers
*glares at anyone who dares come close to Abraxos, promising death
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The wyverns sounded scary and all until Abraxos started sniffing flowers. Then that black scary dragon like creature turned into a cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs. 

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