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BPRD: Hell on Earth Volumen 1 - Nuevo mundo (BPRD: Hell on Earth)

BPRD: Hell on Earth Volumen 1 – Nuevo mundo (BPRD: Hell on Earth) BPRD: Hell on Earth Volume 1 – New World eBook: Mike Mignola, Guy Davis, Dave Stewart: Libros


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Liam Neeson Still Thinks He’ll Retire from Action Movies, But He’s Got a Few More First

Liam Neeson Still Thinks He’ll Retire from Action Movies, But He’s Got a Few More First

Liam Neeson is one of the very best action movie stars of today, but his time in the genre might be coming to a close. Of course, Neeson is very well known for starring in the hit 2008 movie Taken, which stars the actor as a retired CIA operative who utilizes his “very particular set of skills” to save his abducted daughter. He’d reprise that role in multiple sequels and has since appeared as the…


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‘Bloody Hell’ Review: An Acrid Thriller Bites Off Too Much

‘Bloody Hell’ Review: An Acrid Thriller Bites Off Too Much

This noxious thriller makes a hero out of Rex (Ben O’Toole), a military veteran who served time after killing a woman in an attempt to halt an armed robbery. After Rex’s release from prison, he hopes to clear his mind with a trip to Finland — but his vacation is cut short when masked assailants attack him in an airport taxi and blast him with sleeping gas.
Rex wakes up hanging from a basement…

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I’m not the same person I used to be. You wouldn’t want to stay around long. I seem to hurt everyone’s feelings these days. What can you expect when you’ve been through hell though. Makes you cold

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One thing about having a Pentecostal Christian upbringing is that Christians really love mentioning Hell.

Everything about Hell.

There was a time my sister had a phobia of the end times. She used to have a really bad fear of the book of revelations in the bible.

I used to think she was yanking my chain because she doesn’t scare easy. The thing is I love apocalyptic literature.

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Life Is Hell (#2): The 7 Deadly Sins 

You can read up more on “Life Is Hell” here:

Click here to see the original:

Lust: Lust owns his own a nightclub/bar (there are others in Hell, but his is the most popular). He lives in a luxurious penthouse above the nightclub. His parties last for hours or even days at most. Lust is very playful, kinky, horny, persistent, impulsive. a playboy and flirty w/ anyone who catches his eye. Lust can be either very charming and polite, or he can be a real pain in the a$$ and very snobby (often depending on who he’s trying to whoo or what mood he’s in). He has various (often revealing) clothing and outfits. Can be stubborn and hard to detour, as once he sets his sights on you — run. It usually ends up being like a hellified version of a looney tunes cartoon w/ Pepé Le Pew where no matter how far you go, he’ll always be close behind. Lust is very open w/ his opinions (some would say too open), and likes to mess around w/ people. He enjoys trying out new things and creative/different ways to ‘make love’. Man, woman, teen, adult, doesn’t matter. He likes whoever he likes. Occasionally will ‘keep’ one of his sexual partners around before moving on to someone else. Wears a lot of latex clothing, boots, gloves, etc. Fashionable. Has had many partners in the past, and often moves onto someone else after a week or more. A month being the current record.

Has different rooms and different “tools” for different uses. He has swindled both demons and sinners out of their Hell equivalent to money many times before and continues to do so. 

Click here to see the original: 

Envy: A tall (almost skeletal) woman who lives in a shared manor (mansion?) w/ her fraternal twin brother, Pride. She continually adds more and more rooms and floors to it (same w/ Pride, who fills his side of the house w/ his mirrors to view himself along w/ other possessions) to keep herself occupied and distracted, often getting lost in the labyrinth of a house. She is envious of the beauty and youth of others, and is constantly wearing new “faces” (expressionless masks) to be seen as beautiful, or at least tolerate her own physical appearance as she can only perceive her true face as ugly. She and Pride have a love-hate type of relationship w/ each other. Often getting on each other’s nerves.

Click here to see the original sketch:

Pride: Pride is the fraternal twin brother of Envy, but is quite the opposite of her, as he finds himself looking and admiring himself in his many mirrors scattered around his side of the manor (like Envy, he too adds more and more rooms. Only he fills them up w/ either clothing or mirrors to admire himself in). He is very narcissistic and a total brat at times. He likes to dress up in an array of flamboyant clothing to compliment and show off his own beauty - something Envy absolutely hates and is… well, envious of. Pride has many skills that he… well, prides and flaunts in the face of others. He and Envy have a love-hate type of relationship w/ each other. Often getting on each other’s nerveS. 

Greed: In Hell, Greed is embodied as a chain of corrupt industrialists, businessman/woman and loan sharks. Most of that sinful energy is focused on one particular individual: Greed, the cigar chomping fellah you see above, who is the top dog of this empire of industrialism and profit. He is at the most ruthless of his fellow money makers as he is always looking for new methods of obtaining more wealth than necessary to remain in power. He owns many of the housing establishments in Hell that both sinners and demons live in. Greed is rather cruel, and doesn’t like it when people, demon or sinner, waste his time — especially when they are unable to pay their debt. He is the biggest & baddest of the current incarnations of the 7 Deadly Sins. His influence over Hell nearly rivals that of the ruler of Hell, Lucifer.

Click here to see the original:

Wrath: This is Wrath. He is currently the youngest of the Deadly Sins and is the most recent incarnation of the sin, Wrath. He is incredibly petty as anything can (and most definitely will) set him off as he takes everything very personally and gets upset easily. Wrath feels the need to assert his dominance over others as he believes everyone is out to belittle and mock him.

He hates everyone and everything. So both sinners and demons better beware cause to him, it doesn’t matter. If he finds a reason to set you on fire or sick his dog on you (or worse), he will. Most days, Wrath can be seen walking his dog out on the streets of Hell. His loyal mutt follows the teen around every and is incredibly loyal. First meeting the day he arrived in Hell and became the representation of the sin of wrath. They’ve been inseparable ever since. In fact, his dog seems to be the only thing that can even calm Wrath down… well, more calm than he usually is. The dog’s loyalty to the boy is because the dog is the physical representation of Wrath’s anger/rage/sins from when he was alive.

Wrath is by far the one sin you’ll not want to encounter out of the other seven as he is the one you’ll most likely run into most often out on the crummy streets of Hell.

Click here to see the original:

Sloth: Sloth is an absolutely miserable creature born into existence from the slothness of man. His mind is clouded and plagued w/ dread, despair, and other existential thoughts, which has left him finding life as nothing but a cruel joke — in other words, depression. He’d much rather stay home on his couch in the apartment complex (owned by Greed) and not move for days and days. Sloth has incredibly lanky and flexible arms that allow him to reach his fridge and grab food or water w/o needing to get up or move. The same goes for his tail, but most often he forgets he has it and just lets it be. This is all the movement and effort he is willing to put into his daily routine. However, once his food runs out, he must force himself to get up and go to any of the local grocery stores. Death and decay is all anyone, both demon and sinner, can smell whenever he’s around. Some who’ve encountered the deadly sin have describe his fowl body odour smelling like a rotting carcass out on a hot summer’s day getting scavenged by buzzards in the african savanna. To say his apartment is unclean is an understatement. It is absolutely in complete disarray and cluttered w/ garbage and other junk. The same goes for his personal hygiene, as he has none. His body odour is very off-putting to all. He is very much aware of this, but doesn’t say or do anything. Sloth has the most self awareness of the other deadly sins, and, as mentioned earlier, filled his mind w/ questions about the afterlife and what lies beyond the boarders of Heaven and Hell. All of this has overwhelmed him to the point of having existential dread. Sloth is a dark reflection/parody(?) of that criticism older people give the younger generation(s). The current Sloth is born out of that hatred and stigma and has become the embodiment of it. Which is why he hates his own existence so much. Like, he thinks: “Those bast***s up there think of me as sloth? Fine, then I’ll be sloth!”. His damnation is the existential crisis he faces and his own existence as a sin is put into question. Like, is his depression what make him truly bad? Or should he be seen as sympathetic for his tragicness? Is his existence a mistake and for incorrect reasons? That sort of stuff. It’s a vicious cycle of self-doubt and self-neglect that keeps him stuck in Hell as a sin.

Out of all the other deadly sins, Sloth is the more… “nicer” of the 7 of them. 

Click here to see the original:

Gluttony: Unlike the other deadly sins, Gluttony is embodied as a luxurious restaurant & clothing/jewelry shop called: “The Sinful Glutton” that can (metaphorically) swallow you up, if you any lack self control that is. Unknown to most, Gluttony just doesn’t mean you eat a lot of food. It just means you’re very excessive w/ things. Like food, clothing, jewelry, etc. So in other words, excessive consumption of a product.

The food in Hell is rather grey, dull, and lacks taste or flavour. In the afterlife, sinners eat, sleep, and other stuff out of habit as their body/soul isn’t aware that they’re dead. They don’t necessarily need to, but they’ll be perpetually tired and hungry afterwards. It’s a rather cruel twist of fate honestly.

Anyways, there are many diners and other establishments in Hell w/ rather lacklustre food — but not here. This is a place where the food is the colour of gold and has the most delicious, intoxicating flavour. And the store is filled w/ all the finest clothing, beautiful jewelry and other things. Things most of the sinners, being middle or lower class, had never owned or could afford in life. Which is why many end up staying, for either the delicious food or try out all the nice and shiny things. The restaurant is one of the more nicer places in Hell w/ the exterior and interior being a many lovely shades of oranges, whites, yellows and other golden colours. Everything is free, w/ it being optional to pay w/ money. No one forces you to stay or leave. That is all up for the sinner to decide. All of this being a test on the sinner’s self control and morality. Many who stay in the restaurant grow fatter and larger in size. You are moved to a different area of the restaurant where they keep all the other gluttonous sinners w/ no self control are once you start reaching a certain size. What happens to those who stay remains somewhat of a mystery…

There are two entry ways, one to the clothing/jewelry shop w/ it leading to the main lobby of the restaurant and the other going directly to the main lobby.

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I hate knowing that the Wellerman song is super racist bc its like I read that and then my brain was like “i guess its time for this song to be stuck in your head on loop FOREVER” and i’m like “no!!! stop!! stop!!!”

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had trouble sleeping last night bc i couldnt stop thinking about how much antarctica gives me the creeps. 

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Drawing for Mystic Paradox; her character Abbadon !

Mystic is the rightfull owner and creator of Abbadon.

Follow her on:

Instagram: mystic.paradoxis

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Questa foto venne scattata in Oregon, circa un’anno fa, come testimonianza di ciò che gli incendi stavano causando. Terrificante quanto affascinante.

P.s. In tutto ciò i corrieri Ups continuavano indisturbati a distrug..scusate, consegnare pacchi

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Are you a fan of Bolin or nah?

Comic credits:

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Life is hell, and the sweet still night of absolute death is the annihilation of hell.“

Life is hell, and the sweet still night of absolute death is the annihilation of hell.”


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Doesn’t have to look like hell to feel like hell.

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A demon with seven long necks and seven heads tortures a church leader in the grip of its powerful tail while other town leaders suffer in a furnace. After an engraving from circa 1548.

Histoire de la caricature sous la réforme et la ligue-Louis XIII à Louis XVI. 1880. Internet Archive.

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