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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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送った “¿por qué respiras tan fuerte? no me dejas leer.” // @seo-joonki​ . 


¿respirar tan fuerte? eso era nuevo y poco probable pues su respiración siempre se mantenía tranquila y pausada debajo de su mascarilla. a menos que se presentara algún evento que causara lo contrario. frunció el ceño, de repente recordando los casi ataques de pánico que sufrió en medio de los pasillos semanas atrás, en frente de gente que apenas conocía. “¿me hablas a mi?” su mirada oscura dejó su lugar en el libro de su regazo y se enfocó en el emisor, arqueando una de sus ligeramente más oscuras cejas a la par que quitaba un mechón de cabello rubio de su frente. “dudo que me hables a mi.”

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Tag people you’d like to know better/catch up with.

Tagged By: @levinson-mannion

Last Song: Everybody Talks - Neon Trees

Last Movie: It’s been so long since I actually watched a movie, tbh.

Currently Watching: Nothing lol. I just finished Ratched and The Haunting of Bly Manor.

Currently Reading: Too much Turnadette fanfic. (Surely someone send me some fic recs - I’m pretty sure I’ve read everything…especially considering I’m back on looking)

Currently Craving: A coffee and a cigarette. (And of course Laura Main lmaoooo)

I’m Tagging: @h4t08 @anamarialujan @wednesdaygilfillian

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Hi, everyone! I’ve recently realized that while I do have a persona, I really haven’t taken the time to… y'know, make a reference or anything. In fact, she hasn’t been seen a lot. Maybe once or twice, but other than that, no.

So now I’ve taken the time to make a reference of my persona! Pretty straight forward stuff, but basically: my sona is a small wendigo who kind of sucks at being a wendigo. I mean, she likes eating pickles more than eating people, so yeah… she’s tiny and harmless.

Oh, and as I’ve said in my sona’s reference sheet, go check out my brother @pyschodelia if you have the time! He’s the one who shaded my Royalty AU poster for my bud Mels, as well as being that guy who drew


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When there’s a police car or ambulance or a fire truck (i live in Canada btw) I always wave at the driver because I know it will put a smile on their faces since you know they do really long shift and they save people lives so yeah give love guys

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I always forget which pictures I have and haven’t posted oop-

Anyways, here’s some lil notes! I should have my school notes soon in future posts! Although they won’t be quite as detailed, I’m excited to share all of my new subjects with you all!

What have you all been reading lately? I’m finally getting around to rereading Anne of Green Gables and gosh I love Anne so much! She’s the kind of positivity I need to have :)

<3 Melody

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