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-Thursday 21 January

Hi um,, you

Im Artemis and i am 15. I dont know what to type, really. Whenever i dont know what to say in  cards or my art gcse coursework people tell me to say exactly what i think. Like, i know why i do/dont like my art coursework so i need to think why i dont like it and write that down. I think that’s sort of hard for me now and again  since im awful at being honest. Not in a moral way - i mean about myself to other people. 

So the question here is: Why did you start this? What are you typing for?

Well,,, um… (and the thing about being honest is that it is sUPER cringey) i have loads of words in my head and i like to tell people everything, every last detail, about my day and the things i love and why i love them and what annoys me.

The problem here is that i have nobody to talk to. My family wouldnt want to be bored by this stuff. I also have no friends. like loads of people say that but actually have like, one close friend or a group of people they hang out with but they think theyre the least liked in the group but ummm,, nope.

I literally have no friends. haha. 

The point  is that the only people who will stay and listen to me here will be people who want to hear me, so im not forcing it onto anybody and dont have to feel like a burden - it’s your choice whether you stay or go. 

For the record i dont think i am an entirely bad person. Just i dont know how to act around people. I stop talking and dont know what to say. It’s alright though. 

Um anyways, i suppose that’s all i really need to say right now. i want to launch into telling you about my day but maybe i’ll leave that for tomorrow. 

Sorry this was so long, tomorrow’s will probably be longer,



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found this shirt in my closet. i have no recollection of what it’s from or what ‘unus annus’ is, but it brings me a sense of clarity that everything is meant to end and life is never promised.

also the colors make for a nice makeup look 😜

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Hello stranger ✋🏻

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I feel like I am supposed to know what’s going on in the headspace but seriously I don’t have a clue. I feel like no one knows. Like everyone is just to dissociated to know anything and there is memory loss everywhere. What do we do when we are not fronting? It drives me crazy to have all these questions in my mind. And maybe we could go to a therapist, but since all the therapist we had where just sh*t we don’t trust any therapist anymore. So it’s not an option at the moment.

I feel like I am a caretaker but how do you take care of something you can’t really remember. I also feel like I am supposed to know all this but I don’t.


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help girl im being used as an iconographic motif to symbolize christ’s sacrifice that redeems humanity

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Hiii! 🙋🏽‍♀️

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good morning.. afternoon.. evening and night!

i hope you’re doing well, please don’t pressure yourself too much.. try to love yourself little by little… if you need me, i’m here!



Originally posted by yoonflower1

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Hello ! I’m peachy~

Peachy is not my real name but I like the word very much. Maybe when I finally find comfort here, I’ll introduce my nickname at least. However, I should tell you guys that I just turned 21 years old this week and my pronouns are she/her! I’m a Capricorn sun, Cancer moon, and Gemini rising ! 

Astrology, Tarot, KPOP, and Anime will probably be the main theme of my blog… But I’ll probably get sidetracked to fashion, art, and beauty from time to time as well ahaha.

 I know a bit of astrology and I most of the time talk about Kpop idols’ astrological placements… you can request some of your faves to me <3 

I used to be a part-time tarot and oracle reader too! but I had to stop because my guides told me to shift to a new thing.

I wish I can be consistent in posting stuff here since one of my dreams (and I believe my life purpose) is to become a content creator! (I have NN in 3h) I wish you guys can support me as I support you back !  (´。• ᵕ •。`)

I hope we can all get a long~

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Anyone up talking about Genshin OCs? I would like to get to know other OCs! I bet they are so cool and pretty!

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happy trombone thursday. i hope you like Ragtime

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