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Okay so I saw you might be willing to write for Paz and dude idk what it is about that man but he makes me weak in the knees. I’m a short bitch, and I wouldn’t mind some size kink headcanons with Paz if you don’t mind writing that? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

— “vantage point”. (headcanons)

size kink but make it explicit! (18+)

paz vizla x (f)reader

warnings: mentions of sex, bondage, dom/sub undertones.

a/n: there are SFW and NSFW headcanons in here. i’m sorry in advance if these aren’t exactly/fully related to a size kink…also, if y’all would like a paz fic….just…let me know….thx. enjoy!


- Paz will make it a goal of his to pick you up as many times as possible in a day. Not only does it provide him with an arm workout, but it’s also entertaining to see you squirm; especially during inappropriate situations.

- He finds it extremely endearing that you have to look up at him when talking. It gives him a sense of dominance that he thrives off of when interacting with you.

- He knows you love when he rests a hand on your shoulder/upper back to reassure or provide comfort. He does this instinctively when you’re close enough, occasionally hooking his arm around your neck to pull you to him.

- Obviously, you’re never the big spoon. Paz likes to pull you deep into his chest and fold himself over and around the rest of you, cocooning your body and being your blanket for the night.

- He’ll often tease you about being small, and will use it as a form of praise for you being able to withstand his strength when he fucks you.

- His favourite thing to do during sex is to throw you around a little; manhandle you into any position he wants with ease and little exertion.

- Paz also likes to tie you up, specifically in a position that restricts all movement. It’s 100% a power/dom thing that he can’t get enough of.

- He always loves to drag you into his lap at the absolute worst times just because he can (and there’s nothing you can really do to stop it). You fit perfectly on top of his thighs and he will make sure you stay there with a firm hand on your stomach. He knows it embarrasses you (and that’s one reason why he does it) but he‘s indifferent.

- You enjoy grabbing hold of his hand/fingers whenever you can, simply because they’re always there, warm, and cause when he grabs back, he pulls you straight into his side, shielding you. Not to mention that his hand devours yours and he’s able to pull you around like that.

- It seems as though he likes to call you anything except your name (especially ad’ika). He has so many nicknames for you that sometimes you forget you actually have an actual name.

- In short: when you’re on your knees? Expect a sore jaw, throat, and ass. Nothing will get Paz going more than you submitting yourself to him.

- You’re very fond of him keeping the armour on when you fuck. It makes him look even bigger, wider, fuller, and he could never say no to you.

- Finally, expect him to be rather attentive overall and always looming around. He just wants to make sure you’re okay and safe.

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name/alias + age: emma + 25
pronouns + timezone: she/her + est
favorite aspects of a site: all the cute things 
favorite types of plots: stupid sad ones
things you want to see: interactive staff and members!!
these are a few of my favorite things: bad reality tv, true crime podcasts, sleeping
“most likely to…” superlative”: most likely to never text u back
gif or meme that describes you:

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I don’t know why I’ve made, in first place, an account here, I don’t even know if I will post stuff here, or if I will just keep liking stuff almost randomly. Why do I post this? Because I’m bored, there’s no other reason, this is what happens when I get bored, I just post non-senses.

Either way; I really hope y’all are having a nice day/night. Until next time.

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Hello, it’s your local gremlin! I just wanted to say that I make moodboards and my MOODBOARD REQUESTS ARE OPEN!

Send me a character from my fandoms list and a color (if you’d like) and I will try to get the moodboard out within five days of getting the ask!

You can find the list of fandoms to choose from in my FAQ.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have only read the original five Percy Jackson books, and will not be making any moodboards for characters only mentioned in the Heroes of Olympus series.


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I was tagged by @annawrites :)

I’ve been struggling to write recently but actually this was perfect timing because I managed to write 2k of tinder series today, so

Rule: Post the last line that you’ve written and tag as many people as there are words in the line.

Neil’s eyebrows raise to the top of his head, and Andrew says, “Have fun,” and pulls him back to bed.


fun! i dont know anyone’s tumblr names and most of my friends are artists. wait.

@knox-knocks @jeni182 @bloodydamnit @xlady-saya @scribbleb-red @alex-glasses @nightlyvoidforecast @psych0midget @autumnalpalmetto

ok that’s not 20 people I got tired consider yourselves TAGGED 

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I’m gonna be dumb and do blog challenges and write about different things for 30 days lol. I probably wont keep up with it but fuck it lol.

4/4/20 - Your blogs name

It’s the same as my instagram name, as well as a lot of my other social medias. I made it when I was in middle school, after seeing Adelaine Morin do it. I used to be a big fan, of course. Thats all there really is to it. I have another common name - cayleekilos, that i use a lot. It’s inspired by lana del rey, and a few spam accounts I used to follow and adore. I was thinking about starting another blog but I’m not that good at this one so idk why I’d start another one.

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