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what are you most proud of right now? :)

today it’s just getting up and kinda just getting my work done! sometimes it’s tough for me to get up and live through the day, so I’m proud of myself for living through the day :)

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Welcome to the exe family @nightycute26 

You have seen to be already trying to reach the top 4! >w<Good luck! We are really happy to see you here! Feel free to interact with us whenever you want! The Exe Family welcome you with open arms! 

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🥃 [Just if you want too =)]

Drinks’re on me!┇[x

There’s an ethereal nature to the girl that’s been sitting some ways away. He’d noticed her from the moment he’d taken his first shot; a face like porcelain in stark contrast to the dark hair framing her face. The more he’s had to drink, the more his questions multiply, insistently gnawing at the back of his mind until he gives in.

Majima’s thoroughly aware of his own imposing demeanour, and while it serves him well with his lifestyle and those he chooses to surround himself with, he  is  more than capable of making an effort to tone it down where it’s unwarranted… and quite frankly, he’s not out to terrorise an unfamiliar woman minding her own business.

Unceremoniously, he downs the remainder of the drink he’s been nursing before getting up, crossing the bar to slide into the empty stool beside her with a grin. Of course, he’ll respectfully back off the second he’s shooed away — - he expects to be told off, but there’s no harm in attempting inane chatter.

  ❝ You’ve been sittin’ there a while now. ❞  It’s none of  his  business, naturally, and normally he wouldn’t be bothered to strike up conversation with a stranger (let alone pry into other people’s matters), but his curiosity makes it too enticing.


  ❝ Did’ja get stood up? 

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[ sniffling ] ❛❛ Sorry- Sorry… I’m just… really happy. ❜❜ - lil obi-wan

Qui-Gon had been gearing up to give his Padawan the usual lecture about mastering your emotions before they became your masters, but Obi-Wan’s words made him do an abrupt one-eighty, making him mentally chuck the lecture down the drain.

The Jedi Master knelt in front of his student, tipping Obi-Wan’s face up with a finger. 

“Look at me,” Qui-Gon said in his softest voice, the one he used on scared animals. “It’s alright. I’m here. You’re safe.”

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“Wherever you are, I’m coming, I swear.”

Qui-Gon sighed into his comm, leaning heavily against the wall. As far as hiding places went, hiding behind a column was a rather abysmal one, but beggars can’t be choosers, especially if said beggar was bleeding profusely from a shrapnel wound in his thigh. 

“Please hurry,” the Jedi Mastered told Obi-Wan in a hushed whisper, wary of attracting more attention to himself. “I need out, fast.”

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|| @sarahxsonne​ —- x

“Before I came to Devildom, I was tempted to murder my parents. Instead, though, I decided to go on a nature walk to try to clear my head.“ A sigh left her lips as she traced the outline of a hunting knife she always carried with her, “Being ignored and compared to an elder sibling for over twenty plus years gets old after a while..”


||—- T-Twenty years? There’s shock—- no, horror in the girl’s voice when she speaks, eyes wide and mouth agap. That’s… That’s horrible.

Parents were supposed to be there for their children. All of them. To ignore one for the sake of the other was unthinkable, unfair—- at least, within her own viewpoint. Either way, Cecilia was certain that her classmate had persevered through quite a lot for a rather long time in the Human realm.

Do you still feel that way now?

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“Hello! I’m NCT’s maknae and only female member, Jiao!”

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↳ @vulpxss​ sent, Wall and Knife


     It was rare that the sage could be caught off guard, but somehow, this woman had done just that. Avallac’h froze as she pinned him to the wall, felt the blade bite into his neck. Not deep enough to do any lasting harm, but enough to where he could feel the warmth of his own blood trickle down beneath the collar of his robes.

     Without skipping a beat, he unleashed a wave of force to send her flying backwards, the dagger’s pressure immediately relenting. He pressed a hand to the wound, muttered a few words of healing, and pushed away from the wall before summoning his staff and pointing it at his attacker. 

      I suspect you have a very good reason for accosting me, he said in smooth, even tones. Either that or you are incredibly stupid, but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

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❝ don't you look excited, did something good happen? ❞

✣ ——— “Huh?” Looking up at the guy who spoke out to him, he’s seen him around for sometime, but this was the first time he’d spoken anything. No issue taken at all, it was odd that he was commenting on his expression which he was right, he is excited. Ecstatic was more the right word. 


                    Grinning back at the stranger, “I guess I just have a lot of good happening in my life for once that I can’t help but to smile. Do I look creepy or odd?”

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