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#hello i havent been here in a while
legovasavouchi · 4 months ago
lol a woman had opinions you don't like better encourage everyone to block and stay safe yall how dare a woman disagree with u amirite 😥😥
Tumblr media
okay for like 5 seconds i was really confused because i’ve been so busy lately i’ve reblogged like a dozen things in the last month at that’s it, so i was like. what i did wrong??
but then DUH this person is probably TERF adjacent, cuz the only ppl i advise my followers to block, filter & avoid are terves & the like
so yeah, whatever i said i stand by it. block TERFs. don’t engage. add their usernames to your filtered content (this is actually more helpful than blocking)
and consider this your reminder to get the shinigami eyes extension if you’re browsing on desktop
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machi · 8 months ago
miss teddy would like to not have a stomachache for ONCE in his life. please. mr stomach i am dying
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allonsysilvertongue · a year ago
I feel that now, if I were to rewrite Consortium, it would have been written differently. Especially the part involving Effie’s pregnancy journey now that I’m experiencing it myself 😂
For example, when Effie felt the babies move and she grabbed Haymitch’s hand and he felt it too. ITS FAKE NEWS. I now know mothers always feel it first before movement becomes strong enough for anyone else to feel it.
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toilet-bound-dates · 4 days ago
First meeting
Key: L/N = Last name F/N = first name
"so... the class room should be here..." you mumble to yourself as you look up from the slip of paper to the sign hanging above the door. "ah class 1-A!" you said as you slid the door open you took in the sight of the class room, it was different from the other class rooms you have been in so far with this one looking like it was from a high school. well that is because it was, you're now in the old high school division of Kamome Gakuen, years ago it used to be a junior and high school students but it was converted into a collage a few years ago.
"Oh hello!!" you jumped when a voice at the front of the class caught your attention. "hey! my name is Minamoto Kou!" the man said, he was tall with spiky ginger hair and when he smiled you can see two sharp canine teeth, around his neck was a safety amulet that looked like it has seen some hell. "you're L/N F/N right?" he asked as he looked at his clip board. "Yes sir!" you said after shaking your head and walked over to him as he stood at the podium.
"so because you're the first one here you get to pick your seat, i don't go by last names or anything so pick where you wanna sit" he said as he turned to the chalk board and started to write some things down.
'strange' you thought as you picked your seat near the window and sat down at it, you looked at the beautiful plants that lined the shelf you couldn't tell what they were but you can tell they were all well taken cared for.
as you started to wander off into space the door suddenly slammed open making you and Kou jump and look at the door, a tall curvy woman stood there panting as if she ran all the way there. "Kou!" she gasped out as he ran over to her.
'What happened Nene?!" he asked as he helped her stand up straight as she waved her hand at him. "Have you seen Hanako??" she asked as she gripped his arms. "N-no i havent!" he said as he put his hand on his head. "i haven't seen him all day" he said honestly as he rubbed the back of his head. "this isn't good! his class starts in a few minutes!" the woman called Nene said as she started to panic.
till a teasing sing song voice came from the back of your class. "Oh Yashiro my little Daikon" all three of you looked to the back of the class to see a handsome man in a science lab coat sitting at the back of the class, he smirked at the other two as he closed the book in his hand. "Hanako! you know not to call me that while we're working!" Nene said as she walked up to his and slugged him in the shoulder making him laugh. "Aww! but you are my little Daikon!" he said as he hugged her close. sighing Nene just hugged him back. "i know and you will always be Hanako to me Yugi" she said making the man laugh.
"Sorry about that L/n-san, but that is Yugi amane, our science teacher here" he said as he crossed his arms. "are they married?" you asked as you watched the two making Kou laugh. "no they are just good friends, we all are" he said as he walked to yugi and patted his back.
to you it was strange seeing teachers being this casual coming from boarding schools all your life, it was a nice change for once. when the bell rang Nene and Hanako both ran to their classes as Kou started to teach the now full class room. the day went on uneventful till you stared to hear stories about the school's seven wonders.
curious you went to the girls bathroom in the old school house. 'this is so stupid' you thought as you stood at the third stall, there are no such things as ghost's, demon's or anything paranormal but you found yourself taking a deep breath you knocked on the door three times.
"Hanako, Hanako, Hanako are you in there?" you asked and waited a few moments. "well i was right there is n-" you stopped mid sentence when the stall door unlocked from the inside and slowly opened, only to scream when a hand came out and gripped the door. a sing song voice rang out as it did. "Hellllooooo" it said as you turned on your heel and ran from the bathroom. 't-this has to be a prank!'. you thought as you ran from the old building
"b-but if it was why would someone wait in that bathroom just for some one to knock on the door!?" you said to yourself as you ran to your dorm room and slammed the door behind you. you put your hand on your chest in order to catch your breath from all the running and soon shook yourself. "who ever did that has too much time on their hands" you mumbled to yourself as you tossed your bag onto the counter and started to look for something to eat.
but as you you can't shake the feeling of being watched and it was making your skin crawl, if someone is in your room you'll have to have a talk with the dean, you specifically said you wanted a room to yourself.
grabbing a kitchen knife you started to look around the little apartment for any intruders but found none. "guess it was my imagination..." you said to yourself as you pressed your back to the wall and just listened to the ticking of the clock in the hallway. "maybe a warm bath will help me calm down" you mumbled as you moved from your spot on the wall to return the kitchen knife to the chopping block.
when you had everything ready for your bath you tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge, with a groan you hit your head on the door lightly on it three times. "damn it..." you mumbled again only this time to hear the door unlock from the inside and was pulled open. "ok... guess it was just stuck.." you said as you went to walk in till a hand gripped your shoulder. "hey! that was rude running away the way you did!"
that was what finally broke you, you screamed loudly and spun to look at the intruder in your room. it was the science teacher! "h-how did you get in here!" you yelled as he just rolled his eyes. "Well you did summon me" he said casually as if it was a normal thing. "N-no i didn't!" you snapped at him till you noticed he was floating.
"h-how are y-you doing that?" you asked as you dropped to the ground fear now taking over your body, Hanako just smirked and grinned at you. "i am the seventh wonder of this place, Hanako the bathroom ghost, it is a pleasure to meet you" he said as he bowed to you his clothes changed to an old school uniform that was worn back in 1969. "Now what is it that you wish for?" he asked as he looked at you with a smile on his face.
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og-danny-dorito · 5 days ago
Hello! Absolutely no idea if you're the right blog to ask (point me in the right direction if not? thanks!), but I see you've been writing DD fic, and I'm desperately searching for one specific smut fic that I read a while back. Maybe your followers could help too.
I don't remember if it was on here of AO3 but it was Matt x reader, and the reader's ex had broken up with her in part because he was frustrated she couldn't reach orgasm, and Matt was like her friend or coworker or smth and overheard her on the phone talking about it and decided to show her that she just needed the right kinda person. It was very hot and I will be so sad if I never find it again. Thank youuuu!!!
hmmm, i havent ever heard of it but maybe someone else has?? id you find it, i’d love to give it a read sometime!
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sadtrombonemusic · 5 days ago
Overreaction in B Major
pair: billy batson x fem!reader
request: hello! can you write a long imagine about billy batson from shazam! when you are his girlfriend and he gets jealous and protective. (the reader knows his secret). thank you! :)
requested by: anonymous
warnings: none that i can think of
notes: hi so i havent written for shazam in a while but i got this request a few weeks ago (i think) and i suddenly got the urge to write it. i also haven’t been writing period so sorry if there’s mistakes or it doesn’t end up terribly long...enjoy anyway
you know what this is barely the request and has no direction whatsoever but...enjoy
yk what this is terrible and i wasn’t planning on posting but here anyway
“All that i’m saying is that being,” he looked around the two of them, noticing a fair amount of people all in their own conversations, “the person that I am comes with a lot of danger. Danger I don’t ever want you to be in.” He pushed open the doors of the school and walked straight down the stairs of the entrance. 
“You know, Billy, you can’t play the superhero card every time you get jealous of me spending time with other people,” Y/n shook her head in disbelief at her boyfriend. He was once again blind to his jealousy and she was trying to explain it.
“Jealous? I don’t get jealous,” He scoffed, eyes focused on the rock that he was currently kicking down the sidewalk. It was ridiculous to him, not once has he ever been jealous about anything in their relationship. Maybe once, he’d admit that. It was only because she was paired up with arguably the most popular kid in their grade for a project. Perfectly reasonable.
Y/n looked at him, noticing how his hair seemed to flop over to cover his forehead. “Why are you so pressed about me going to a study group, then? We’re doing what the name implies...studying.” She adjusted the straps on her bookbag, the weight of the chemistry book testing the limits of her shoulder.
Billy raised a brow, “It’s well do you know these people? How do you know it’s not some psycho scheme of someone who wants to get back at me?”
She stopped. After a moment and realizing that she was no longer walking beside him, he turned around. She stood with her arms crossed, blowing a piece of (h/c) hair that stuck out from her hat from her face. The concerned expression on her face was hard to miss.
“Maybe this superhero thing isn’t that great of an idea,” she bit her lip. The harsh bite of the December wind didn’t seem to matter much in the situation she was currently in. “I’ve known these people my entire school career and as for the supervillian pretending to be in my study group conspiracy? Billy, I’m worried about you.”
She sighed and continued, “I’ve known you for a long time and maybe not a lot of that time was before everything happened, but you’ve changed. I don’t want your hero anxiety to get the better of you.”
The emotional whiplash was setting in for him. Had he really been one of those boyfriends that the overdramatic teen shows warned everyone about? The type of guy who is always asking where she’s been or if he can trust her to be around friends? Was all of this the truth behind his idea of being protective?
“All i’m saying is that your secret identity is still a secret. For now, nobody is infiltrating the school to get you. I love that you’re protective over me, but there has to be some boundary.” She was right, and that made hearing it that much harder for Billy. 
Y/n may not have been the first girl that he loved. That token spot is saved for Wonder Woman, but Billy would rather have his indentity exposed than let anyone else (Freddy most importantly) know. Y/n was and remains to be the one that he was head over heels in love with. Nothing was going to change that for him, but he can’t say that for her feelings about him.
“Y/n, you’re the most important person in my life. I get so caught up in scenarios where you’re hurt or worse and it’s all because of me. I never got close to people before and now that I have people to lose, the thought of losing them is excruiating.” He walked forward and took her hand in his. It was ice cold due to the lack of gloves and the winter Philly weather. 
“You’re sweet. Any more monologues or spilled feelings and I’m going to be late to the study group,” she smiled at him.
He smirked, “Maybe that was the plan all along.” He started to walk in the direction of the library where she was supposed to meet her study group.
“When I end up getting a better grade than you on the chem test, you won’t be so against the study group. Perhaps, you’ll want to join?” She raised a brow.
“In your dreams.”
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muffetsdonuts · 7 days ago
wow hello i havent been active here for a while
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chrisevansszn · 7 days ago
Valleys & Mountains🏔
1.2k words
Tumblr media
You straighten your back as you sat up on the couch. You and Chris are newlyweds but are waiting for your marriage counseling session to begin. You love Chris to the moon and back…you think. Chris is on one side and you all the way on the other. There is a lot of work to do. The therapist walks in and introduces herself. Her name is Dr. Grant, young woman….she better know what she is doing. Let’s just go back and recap on how we even got here?!
You and Chris have been officially married for 8 months. You dated for two years before he proposed. Everything seemed to be great until that day. You were sitting at home when your phone rang. The number you didn’t recognize but you answered it any way.
“Hi, is this Y/N?”
“Yes, may I ask who’s speaking?”
“My name is Cree.” It sounded like a young woman. It had to be.
“Ok, how can I help you?”
“I’ve been sleeping with your husband, and I wanted to be honest and let you know.”
You thought you heard wrong.
“I’m sorry. Say that again.” You stared off not really focusing on anything.
She repeated herself. She said the affair has been going on for about three months. She described Chris, his tattoos, his job, she said things she had no business knowing! You sat back in your chair. You could feel the anger flowing through your body. You kept calm and composed so that you could get all the proof you needed.
“What proof do you have? I need something tangible.”
“Check your phone.”
It was a photo of her and Chris laying a bed together. HE HAS FUCKED UP!!!
“Did you know he was married.”
“No, I did not.”
You could feel the tightness in your throat. You were about to start balling.
She told you everything. How they met, Chris approaching her, and so on.
“So why come to me now? It sounds like after a bit you were aware that he had a wife. Why did you continue?”
“I was stupid. I thought he would leave you and be with me.”
You paused. You had to or all hell was about to break loose.
“Cree…thank you for the call. I’ve got a lot to process.”
You hang up and go back to the photo. She immediately sent more. Chris embracing her at some restaurant, and she sent a fucking photo of them kissing! As mad as you want to be at her, you know you can only confront Chris.
You paced back and forth in your living room waiting for him to get home from work. You pour a glass of wine while you are waiting. You finally heard his car pull into the garage. Okay…how do you go about this? Act crazy the moment he walks in…pretend everything is ok then BAM….photos. You could hear his steps come down the hall.
“Y/N….baby I’m home.”
“Baby my ass..”
He walks into the living room; you are sitting in the recliner. He walks up to you and kisses you on the cheek. You pull away instantly, he can feel something is right.
“How was your day?”, Chris asked.
“Oh yeah. What happened?” He begins to loosen up his tie around his neck.
Tumblr media
“Cree called me today and told me about the affair you are having with her.”
Chris eyes almost jumped out of his head. That’s all you needed to know. You went in to slap him, but he caught your hand.
You swung with your left hand and connected to his face.  He instantly grabbed your other arm and held tight. You’ve never laid a hand on Chris…ever.
He pushes off of you a little and let go of your arms.
“I didn’t mean for it to go that far. I promise. You are my world!”
He runs his fingers through his hair. He is about to lose it.
“I’m your world?! That’s a fucking joke. Explain Christopher…explains to me how you met a woman and left the need to stick your dick in her.”
Chris hands are shaking so had. He keeps backing up away from you.
“Ok.” He takes a deep breathe. “I met her at a work conference. We were just sitting and chatting up at the hotel bar and exchanged numbers. I was so stupid.”
“So, you’re just walking around the earth with no wedding ring on? She said she didn’t know you were married until recently.”
“I broke it off with her last week. I told her I could not do it anymore. I wanted to be with you forever and I knew I was fucking up.”
“Did you have sex with her the first night you met her?”
“No, I did not.”
“So, you pursued the bitch?”
“Y/N please. She only did this because I broke it off with her!”
“Did you tell her you were going to leave me for her?”  You could feel your fist ball up.
Chris just looked at you. He didn’t want to answer.
“DID YOU????”, you screamed out.
“Yes.”, he whispered.
Tumblr media
You lunged at him again. You both tussle for a few seconds, but the then grabs you in his arm and held you from behind.
“Let go of me!”, you screamed!
“Baby please! Whatever I have to do to fix this please let me!”
Chris finally let you go, and you turned around.
“It’s best for you to go get your shit from our bedroom and move it to another. I will be filing for divorce from you.”
“Baby, are you serious? Whatever it takes for me to save this marriage, I will do it. I promise, please I am begging!”, Chris pleads to you damn near on his knees. His face is turning red, voice is shaky, and tears are forming in his eyes.
“Go get your shit out of the room now. Do not talk to me, look my way, or anything.”
You walked to the kitchen to our you up a stiff drink. Fuck it…a couple of shots. You ended up downing some Absolute vodka. You leaned over the sink with your mind racing a mile a minute. You finally heard Chris walk upstairs to the primary room.
What to do? You love Chris, but you don’t think he can correct this. An affair for an entire three months. How did you miss all the signs? You have sex with him a few times a week, you tried to be the best wife you could…how did your marriage get here?
“Chris & Y/N, thank you for coming in today. This is a place where you can express exactly how you feel. Now, who wants to go first?”
“I will.”, Chris said. “I think a divorce is the best option.”
Tumblr media
Your head swiveled so fast in his direction. The nerve of that son of that bitch!
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akame-jpg · 8 days ago
oh hello love i havent seen u in a while! how are u?
i’m doing great! i decided to revive my account since I missed editing stuff! i’ve been having a lot of fun on here lately lol I hope all is well with you!
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actualbird · 8 days ago
🥺🥺 omg ive been thinking abt ur longdistance michael in the phillipines bmc fic for Years...... please if u have an ending/more content/any thoughts do share!! i havent been into bmc for a long time but that fic just pops into my head all the time its the quintessential bffs to lovers (god i HOPE) experience
michaelmeal Today at 8: 04 PM i think we’re lost
michaelmeal Today at 8:46 PM oh man
michaelmeal Today at 8:55 PM gps is FUCKED says we’re INSIDE the mountains and that roads are FAKE
michaelmeal Today at 9:06 PM oh hey that was kinda a haiku
michaelmeal Today at 9:40 PM mom just went full spooky and talked about how we’re being tricked by a kapre which is basically a big dude that lives in a tree and smokes and messes w/ people if he feels like it what kinda goals except he likes making travellers get lost and we’re the travellers he’s messing with which is not goals it is i just broke my brain trying to think of the opposite of goal dark goal
michaelmeal Today at 10:12 PM 11:11 MAKE A WISH I HOPE WE DONT DIE FUCK goddamn slowest internet speed in asia
michaelmeal Today at 10:30 PM the view is great tho image.jpg
michaelmeal Today at 10:51 PM not only did my wish come true via the gps finally bucking up and telling us we exist again but we just passed by this shop thing and sjfdhfkjdsf wait it’s best if youre online im a patient boy i can wait maybe
michaelmeal Today at 11:18 PM hey uh lord i dont talk to you anymore but please make my dad stop using big probably fake color words while we play i spy amen and rock on SARCOLINE??????
michaelmeal Today at 11:32 PM i see the ocean!!!!!!!
michaelmeal Today at 11:40 PM we fuckin did it image.jpg
juruhmuh Today at 4:33 AM Glad you didn’t get lost forever! And shit those pictures look lovely.
michaelmeal Today at 4:38 AM why in the FUCK are u awake rn
juruhmuh Today at 4:39 AM Hello would’ve been nice :/
michaelmeal Today at 4:39 AM do i look like a normie to u kidding kidding hello jeremy good morning jeremy you are the light of my life jeremy why in the fuck are you awake rn jeremy
juruhmuh Today at 4:40 AM Sdgdhfsdhfshd I took a nap. That just ended up as regular sleep.   So now I’m awake because I’ve lost control of my life.
michaelmeal Today at 4:40 AM hey waking up early is a good marker of people who do have control over their life also eating a fruit at breakfast or something and yoga
juruhmuh Today at 4:42 AM You sound like an article a mother of six wrote.
michaelmeal Today at 4:42 AM i am a mother of six the gang is my children
juruhmuh Today at 4:42 AM SGFJSDHFJH. There’s seven of us tho?
michaelmeal Today at 4:43 AM i didnt include you doofus thatd be weird on like a billion different levels
juruhmuh Today at 4:43 AM For some reason you have a point. How’s the beach?
michaelmeal Today at 4:44 AM AWESOME like the waves arent huge or anything but u can still surf and it’s fuuuuuuun dude it wouldve been really fun if you came like you’d get hella sunburn and become a peely tomato but itd still be fun
juruhmuh Today at 4:44 AM It’s not fun when you’re the one with the sunburn, Michael!!!
michaelmeal Today at 4:45 AM PEELY TOMATO
juruhmuh Today at 4:45 AM Unfriended.
michaelmeal Today at 4:47 AM :’( image.jpg
juruhmuh Today at 4:51 AM Well, you’re definitely shirtless.
michaelmeal Today at 4:52 AM oh thank god just when i was worried you couldnt see
juruhmuh Today at 4:52 AM Put. A shirt on.
thats  what else i managed to write of always toward!!! as for the ending of the fic, because this was a chatfic, i sadly didnt outline the plot very extensively. but here is what i have written down for chapters 2 and 3 anyway
Tumblr media
i hope this helps, anon!
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