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hahaha, fair enough. I’m not going to get into a long breakdown on my views regarding the Order right now (just because I’m short on time and I shouldn’t even be on Tumblr right now. Hopefully, I can come back to this post next week when life relents for a couple of days.) This being said, there are valid criticisms to be made of the Order without painting them as a “baby-snatching cult bent on government takeover.” (I can’t help but think of the wild conspiracy theories circulating around mainstream US politics, especially in regards to Pizza/children-napping/and Hillary Clinton and draw some parallels in terms of propaganda. The one thing I will say about the Order is that they lost the PR battle, badly, and that didn’t help their overall cause towards the end of the war. I mean, substitute pizza joints with Dex’s diner and Hilary with some Order member and you get some weird-ass parallels, right down to the religious cult aspect of it all. Life imitates art, or something like that.) 

And while Ventress doesn’t have the moral high ground, that doesn’t necessarily preclude her from making valid observations about the Order (or anything else, for that matter.) Same with Dooku and a host of other characters. The ambiguity of the Prequel-era is one of its most delicious aspects, in my mind. That, and Obi-wan’s hair, of course ;)

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