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#helluva boss

“Get back here, you washed up comedian!” Fizz ran after the imp, who had painted him purple in his sleep.

“I’m sorry!!”

“Sorry isn’t gonna help when I kick your ass!!”

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Fizz kicked the imp out of the bed for the 3rd time that night.


“It’s too hot! Go sleep on the couch!”


“I banish thee.”

“You can’t banish me, this is my bed too!”

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New Hazbin/Helluva OC, sheep-goat fallen angel :p

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Wait, she picked him up? Hah, nice.

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He probably didn’t like being flung into the air, but was also too used to it to complain.

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Coloured an old Stolas sketch to make a meme template, feel free to use for your memey goodness :P Credit is appreciated!

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Verosika Mayday from Helluva Boss both by Vivziepop! A great show with amazing characters ^^ hoping to see more of Verosika soon!

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Helluva Boss Millie Stacking Plush For Sale


made of fleece

if interested or want something different feel free to message me or go to my etsy (roxychancrafts)

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Character sketch day 9 (yesterday) - Millie

Unlike my other sketches I’m posting this totally unfinished/unchecked. Because we die like men (and because I’m falling behind)

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My first animatic/animation! Mind you I did this on FlipaClip with my finger on my phone so it is a bit rough. But for my first time I think it’s okay. It’s husk from hazbin hotel!

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Vortex is into pegging

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Just a little PSA: If you think Valentino x Angel Dust (Valdust) is a ‘cute and valid’ ship…

You are disgusting.

The same goes for ships like Valentino x Vox and St0via.

I don’t care if you say “Oh!! I can ship whatever I want, they’re just fictional characters, you can’t tell me what to do!”

That is no fucking excuse to ship a r@pist and @buser with his victims and a middle-aged father with his teenage daughter!!!

If you ship any of these ships or ships similar to this…

Get. The. Fuck. Off. My. Blog.

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My Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss OC


(I may have just made her because I have some HH/HB F/O’s-)

Elisabeth Coldblood is a Pastel Pink spider demon

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Oh I’m sorry to hear that! I’m also autistic, so I’m going to write through personal experience if that’s ok? If not just tell how you’d like it done, since the experience is unique for each person.



Originally posted by theiconicgwen

  • She’s confused as to why you don’t want to go to her concerts or whenever she wants to go out to the mall or something you change your mind
  • When you tell her…she’s not the best. “Just don’t think about it!” “You trust me right? Then let’s go!” Or “Just put on a fake smile and you’ll be having fun soon!” Are what she usually will say, you have to remind her that’s not how it works
  • She’ll apologize and get you a gift to show she’s sorry. She really struggles with this, she CRAVES attention and to think it would actually bother someone is so odd to her
  • She’s not the best at it, but if someone else makes you uncomfortable or disrespects you? She’ll beat them within an inch of their undead lives



Originally posted by angelicapocalypse

  • He doesn’t think anything of it until you noticed how much you struggle with talking to people you don’t know. Where you always like this? Was he that oblivious??
  • He feels bad for not noticing sooner. He does most of the talking in public to help you, but if you ever want to lead he’ll let you, he just gently reminds you don’t have to push yourself and that he’s there to help
  • He privately ask you about it to get to understand what bothers you, he’d hate to upset you without knowing


  • She ask what bothers you right away. She apologizes for anything she may have done in the past to upset you, she wishes she knew sooner
  • She’s cautious around you. She keeps people who bother you a good distance away, fuck em, you deserve to feel comfortable
  • If some insults you? They’ll have a hard time repeating what they said when she rips their tongue out. She doesn’t tolerate that shit.


  • She’s never dealt with it before and is shocked when you tell her what it is. It’s not like being shy? Loud sounds bother you??
  • She lowers her voice and tells you to just say if she’s being too loud. She doesn’t mean to yell a lot she just gets excited. She tries to stay more calm around you, but you assure her since you’re used to her it doesn’t bother you
  • She doesn’t go out partying to the usually spots with you anymore. You notice it’s more calm, there’s still a lot to do but you don’t feel pressured as much.


  • Their indifferent. It’s not that they doesn’t care but them expects you to tell them whenever you’re uncomfortable or something is wrong. They loves you just be honest with them and they’ll help you
  • You’re safe with them, just know that. Can’t handle the crowd of people? Then we’ll do something else. Don’t like the blaring music? We can sit in the far back, we’ll still hear it but there won’t be a pounding headache afterwards.
  • They do most of the shopping for you two, they’ll go with you whoever you want. They always say how proud they are of you for handling situations so well



Originally posted by the-osmium-anarchist

  • She has no patience for anyone who tries to intentionally harass you. They are dead. End of story.
  • She does everything she can to make sure you’re comfortable in any given situation. Don’t feel comfortable saying it? Tug on her arm and she knows it’s fine to leave.
  • She is very protective of you. No one messes with you.
  • She loves listening to you’re special interest, even if it’s not something she’s interested in. But just how happy you get is adorable.



Originally posted by bitchinbadchoices

  • So…you aren’t crazy about crowds? She gets that, they can be annoying, not to mention ig sucks if you got to go somewhere and no one wants to move
  • She puts an effort in to try and understand you but fails often. She wants to make you happy and knows the best way to do that is to understand you better.
  • She’ll watch whatever shows/movies you watch, she struggles to fallow along but she ask you whenever she’s confused. It’s kinda funny, you look surprised and she turns to you and then the t. v. And ask “Should I know that character?” Directly to the main character often.



Originally posted by angelicapocalypse

  • He ask about it a lot. No one has ever bothered explaining it to him. He’s confused when you say it’s different person to person, if that’s the case, how is it the same thing?
  • He tries to find things you’ll like that don’t bother him so you two can watch it together when you’re upset. He also tries to have comfort food ready after really stressful days, he feels bad that there’s not much he can do
  • Just ask him for something and he’ll gladly help! You help him all the tine do it’s the least he can do, he tells you all the time not to worry about telling him if you don’t want to go somewhere, it’s ok to just chill from time to time
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