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i'm your one and only, only when you're lonely.
— the cab 'temporary bliss'
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romance isn’t dead ok?
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_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):
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Nice inspirational message Blitzø lol. I asked Brandon Rogers for an encouraging message from my favorite imp and this is it. I fucking love it lol.
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🔥🐎 Diabolical horses, inspired by the ones in “Helluva Boss” and “Villanos”
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She treats you cold and so mindless,
That she don’t see the setting sun…
Your eyes are open when you kiss her.
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Loona's rage
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The main 10 of my project sketches are done!! I’m so excited to work on finishing these. 💖 I’m definitely going to be asking some people I follow on Twitter for advice on how to make these into pins or even stickers once I have them colored.
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She's so.…
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Blitzo: Moxxie, what's the best kind of revenge you can give?
Moxxie: Technically, the best revenge you can give is to just move on and forget about that person.
Blitzo: Millie, what-
Millie: Knife.
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hope we get to see octavia and loona being friends in the show
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on Blitzø's wall
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The Ars Goetia finding out your Girlfriend abuses you.
Tumblr media
You waltzed into the Goetia estate like it were a second home. And thats because it was for you.
You adjusted your jacket, walking down an all to familiar hallway.
You quickly made your way to the family kitchen, that being the one most commonly used by the Goetia family.
Entering the room, you found each Goetia having there respective breakfasts.
"Hey Guys." You told them, walking into the room.
"(Y/N)!" The family practically cheered, although Octavia actually stood up. You walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a mug.
Going to the fridge, you grabbed some juice, pouring yourself a serving.
Stolas was standing by the counter, drinking coffee out of a white mug, the words, 'Hell's greatest Dad!' Crudely painted on the side.
Said lamp post of a demons struck up a conversation, the Owl telling you about the variety of new plants he'd recently acquired. A subject the two of you had been talking about for weeks now.
As you talked, Octavia came up telling you. "(Y/N), you'll never believe what I've got~" She told you in a sing song voice.
"And what would that be?" You asked, playing along.
The owlet giggled before telling you, "Oh, you know, just the brand new DethTallica III album!"
You instantly gawked, "No way!"
"Yes way!" She immediately responded, the girl getting all giddy. The girl asking you, "Ya wanna see it?"
"Is your Dad skinny as a string bean?" You asked playfully, turning to Stolas and telling him, "No offence."
Stolas just rolled his eyes, shaking his head with a chuckle.
"Well come on then!" Octavia told you cheerfully, running off, likely to her room.
Quickly finishing your drink, you told the girl you'd be right there.
Placing your cup in the sink, you began washing it, something you always did.
Both Stolas and Stella had told you many times you didn't need to do such, but you were insistent, telling them you didn't mind, it was only right you clean up what you could.
As you began cleaning your cup, you pulled up your sleeves, using a familiar scrubbing brush to clean it.
Stolas just stood there, happily drinking his coffee as he glanced over to you. But when he did, he almost spat out his coffee.
On your left forearm, was a splattering of bruise, only just covered by your rolled up sleeve.
"(Y/N), by Lucifer." He began, aghast at what he was looking at. "What happened to your arm?" He asked, tentatively reaching out to your arm.
Almost instantly, you yanked your arm back, staring up at him with wide eyes.
He knew that look.
It was the look of a child caught doing something they shouldn't be.
Yanking down your sleeves, you quickly looked away, clearing your throat.
"Uhh, don't worry about that." You told him, clearly trying, and failing, to sound nonchalant. "I uh, fell. I fell don't the stairs." You told him, quickly glancing up at him.
Stolas didn't believe it for a second, the owl gently reaching out, telling you, "(Y/N), if you've been hurt-"
But before he could finish, you quickly told him, "I fell down some stairs, Stolas. And well, I broke something important. To me. And I'd rather not talk about it."
Stolas wasn't sure he believed you, but, he didnt want to risk pushing to hard and causing some kind of schism between you.
So for now, he bit his tongue.
Placing the mug to dry, you turned and stifly walking out of the room.
Leaving Stolas in the kitchen, the whole encounter had left a bad taste in his mouth.
Octavia was already playing the album when you'd walked In. The young Owlet laying atop her bed.
As you entered, the young lady took note of how different you looked.
You looked tired. Not so much as to be concerning, but you clearly hadn't been getting enough sleep.
Youd began wearing long clothes.
That in itself wasn't too weird. The girl herself was almost always wearing long clothing.
And on top of this, you began keeping your hair short.
Now granted, your hair was pretty short to begin with. But now, it's practically crew cut.
Long gone were your very well groomed head of hair she used to love Messing up.
But above all of this, she noticed that all of this happened when you'd gotten a girlfriend.
Now, being her best friend. Being her Only friend.
The girl was naturally a bit possessive of you.
This not having been an issue as she too was your only friend.
Of course that all changed when you got a, Girlfriend, And as unhappy as she was, the bitch made you happy, so she was happy.
At least that's what she told herself.
But honestly, she couldnt stand the bitch. The way she was always so smug, and treated you like a fucking servant.
It made her broil with rage. But there wasn't much she could, not while you were in love with her.
The two of you laid out on the bed, listening to music. But even as you laid about, hanging out like you always, but it just felt... wrong.
You were laying to far away from her.
That may seem like an odd complaint, but before you got your Girlfriend you didn't know the meaning of personal space, and while she used to complain about it. Now?
Now she missed it more then ever.
You just laid there a while longer, the two of you listening to music, relaxing with one and other. Octavia subtly inspecting every part of your body as she desperately tried to think of a way to fix a situation she didn't understand.
The girl was brought out of her musings when a knock came to the door.
The owlet was only just able to pause the music before her mother came in, the snow white avian holding a small pile of books to her chest.
Before she could chastise her mother for just barging in, her mother had quickly struck up a conversation with you, the two of you talking about some long dead poet.
You wouldn't have guessed based on your rather goofy nature, but you were quite the poet yourself, even having written a fair few poems of your own.
Something your Girlfriend had made very public she didn't like.
She watched how the two of you spoke, and even as you and her had what should have been a pleasant conversation, she noticed you were on edge, constantly fiddling with your jacket.
Eventually seemed to get tired of doing such, taking off your jacket.
As you did such, you pulled your shirt up ever so much, giving Octavia just enough to catch a glimpse of your back.
And when she did, the girl visibly recoiled.
"(Y/N), what happened to your back?!" The girl asked, visually horrified.
You quickly spun around, pulling down your shirt, staring at her with wide eyes.
The two of you just stared at each other, you breathing heavy as you seemed to stair her down.
You were scared.
The fact that you were scared.
In front of her.
In her home.
The place you'd spend veritable years living in. That was almost scary in itself.
Neither of you made a move for several seconds, but it felt more like hours.
With a very audible gulp, you opened you mouth.
Only to immediately clear your throat, you told her rather coldly, "That's nothing for you to concern yourself about."
You just stood there, taking deep breaths.
Neither of you daring to move.
But before she could do anything, Stella had reached forwards and raised up the back of your shirt.
The snowy avian gasped, seeing the large bruises on either side of your torso, with many darker splotches across your back.
In an instant, you'd spun around and smacked her hand away, glaring daggers at the woman.
That had been quite literally the last thing she had ever expected you to do.
You weren't a violent child.
In fact, you were the most docile, lovable and easy going child she knew. And you most certainly wouldn't get smack her away. Not like this.
You yanked the shirt down hard, stepping back from the both of them. "(Y/N). What happened?" Stella asked clearly concerned.
You stared at her for a second before taking a deep breath. Scratching your neck you apologised, "I'm sorry, really. I didn't mean to be so up tight."
You chuckled, putting on an awkward smile.
"I uh..." You began, fiddling with the hem of your shirt. Something Octavia knew you only did when you were uncomfortable.
"I've been doing these mix martial arts courses. And well, there rather... violent you see." You chuckled a weak little laugh. "I didn't want to worry you guys as it's kind of intense. Hence the... bruises."
You scratched your neck again, fidgeting on the spot.
Octavia didn't buy it for a second.
But before she could call you out on it, a new voice cut in. "I though you'd fallen down the stairs."
You froze, eyes going wide.
Octavia and Stella turned to find Stolas standing by the door, staring dead at you.
You didn't move. Eyes erratically zipping about as your breathing picked up.
Suddenly you went ridged, taking a deep breath, you snatched up your jacket, silently slipping it on.
Then you turned and just... walked away.
You silently walking past Stolas, heading straight for the door.
But just as you went to open the door, a hand was slammed against it, blocking you.
Looking up you found Stella, the much taller Avain staring down at you.
"Was it your parents?" She asked firmly, pressing harder against the door when you'd tried to pull it open again.
You pulled back at that, "Wh-what?!" You asked indignantly.
"Then you was it?" She asked, moving closer.
"Where you attacked? Are they threatening you?" Stolas added, moving in beside her, coming to stand beside his wife.
Youd pulled back, "NO. It's-it's not like that. Can you just drop it!" You snapped.
(Y/N), if your being harmed you can tell us." Stolas assured you. But before you could respond, Octavia cut in.
"It was her, wasn't it?" Octavia asked, voice cold and harsh.
Stepping forwards, she put herself in between you and her parents. "It was that bitch, she hurt you, didn't she?!" She almost hissed.
Your reaction was instant, scowl turning your lip as you practically snarled, "You don't know what the fuck your talking about!"
And thats how she knew she was on to something.
"What's there to talk about?" She snapped back, crossing her arms across her chest. "If she's hurting you, I feel I'm capable to understand my best friend is being beaten by his girlfriend!" She told you, standing firm.
You stumbled back, placing a palm to your face as you took several heavy breaths, "Drop it Octavia, it's none of your concern!" You told her harshly, dew drops forming in your eyes.
Octavia moved forwards, telling you harshly, "Not my concern?! (Y/N), your my best friend! My only friend!" Emotion swelled in her voice, "Your one of the few people I care about in this retched plane!"
She was almost in tears, she hated the idea you were being abused. And she hated the idea of you being abused and not understanding, or even worse, you not believing you were abused even more.
She was backing you into a corner, literally. Her parents coming up besides her, the three avains pushing you on the back foot.
"We wish to help you (Y/N)." Stolas told you.
"Yes, we only want to help," Stella added tenderly.
With nowhere to go, being confronted with such a harsh reality, you hunched over, sliding down the wall and landing in a crying mess in the corner, clutching your head.
Octavia crouched down, telling you softly, "What has she done to you?"
You released a strangled sob, "She... she's helping me." You told her with heartbreaking honesty, "I-I'm not good. Shes teaching me to be a good boyfriend."
Each Goetia wore an equally horrified expression, a mixture of sympathy,
Octavia just got down onto her knees, reached forwards and pulled you into a deep hug.
The girl growing dew in her eyes as you broke down further, clutching onto her as though she were the last being left in Hell.
Stella moved first, gently getting down and holding the two of you close, quickly followed by Stolas. The three of them holding you close, each of them heartbroken to see you in such distress.
Eventually, your tears did come to a stop.
You were exhausted, sluggishly pulling back and wiping your eyes on your sleeve. You sat there, eyes puffy, sniffling once and a while.
After a few moments, Octavia reached out, gently cupping your cheeks. Having you look at her before asking you firm, but gently, "She abuses you, doesn't she?"
You stared at her for several seconds before looking away, giving a little nod.
And that, that sealed that bitches fate.
Pulling you into another hug, the young lady looking up at her parents. "What's next?"
Stella spoke up first, telling the both of you as she stood up, "Well first things first. I'm going to give (Y/N) a full clinical inspection. I need to ensure there is no serious ling term damage."
Stepping forwards, she gently placed a hand on your cheek, crouching down she asking, "Would you like to do it here or in the bathroom?"
You didn't say anything, instead just turning towards the bathroom. "Alright darling, come along." She told you, helping you to your feet and gently pushing your towards the bathroom.
Octavia stuck close.
She needed to see this.
She needed to know what that bitch had done.
You entered her bathroom, the room very spacious. Having everything from a full sink to bathtub and toilet. As a bathroom should.
Her mother quickly retrieved the first aid kit from beneath her sink, before turning to you, gently asking you to remove your upper layer.
You went to do such before glancing at her, crimson dusting your cheeks, hesitating for just a moment.
She feared you may ask her to leave for a moment. But you just slid your shirt off, revealing a horrifying sight.
You had bruises all over your stomach and sides, and not just there. You had large blotches across your forearm.
You looked thin. Far to thin and much thinner then the last time she'd seen you topless.
Stella, swallowing her own horror, quickly got to work, carefully inspecting each mark and discoloration.
While her mother had no formal training, after a malenia of personal study, she was as skilled in general care as near as any demon could be.
Stella calmly reaching out, pulling you into a tender hug. You leaned into the woman, the tall Avian gently asked if there were any marks on your lower half.
You just shook your head, Stella calmly telling you, you could put a shirt on.
You did as much, face scrunching up in pain ever so much as you did so.
And... and that broke her heart.
She stood there, hugging herself.
She could help it, a cabal of negative motions swelling her chest.
She felt awful. She felt like... she'd failed you.
She almost didn't notice you approach her, and looking up, she definetly hadn't noticed the tears building in her eyes.
"V, are you alright?" You asked softly.
She shook her head, wiping her eyes before telling you, "Am I alright? No (Y/N), I'm not."
She looked up at you, "I failed (Y/N)." She told you tearfully, "I knew she was rotten. I knew that girl was no good and I... I did nothing."
"You were my best friend and I did nothing."
She just hugged you, holding you close as she apologised profusely. Leaning into you as she apologised over and over.
You just held her, the girl crying into your shoulder, begging for forgiveness.
After a while she pulled back, you cupping her cheek and telling her, "V, you've got nothing to be sorry for."
You placed a gentle kiss atop her head, "You were there for me. Here for me. That's all I could ask of you." You told you, pulling her into another hug.
Despite the sadness and joy your words brought the girl, she couldn't help the light flush she got from such a simple act of affection.
After that tender moment together, you pulled back, the both of you feeling a bit better about your relationship.
You spent another minute in there before stepping out, where you found Stolas by the door, speaking to an Imp outside the room.
Noticing your return, he quickly sent away the Imp, turning away and closing the door.
He and Stella exchanged a silent look before turning to you.
"What happens next?" You asked softly, almost too quietly.
"You'll be staying with us." Stella spoke firmly. "We've already got a fair amount of clothing and personal effects, and whatever else, we can acquire on your behalf."
Stepping forwards, Stella placed a hand on her daughters shoulder, telling the both of you gently, "Now we can have a guest room made up for (Y/N). Ooorrr, he could always stay in here, bunk with you as the saying goes~" she finished almost coyly.
In spite of the blush that crossed her cheeks, Octavia knew what this was.
Her mother had always been quite vocal in her wish for you and her to be together, the woman getting quite vocal when she'd heard you entered had relationship with that bitch.
And while a part of her would scold her mother for making such move, less then an hour after finding out about your abuse.
An even Bigger part of her was eager for the chance to be with you, the young lady having always held a special place in her heart for you.
A part place that had grown even bigger since your, now former, relationship started.
You spoke up first, telling them all rather timidly, "I-I'm fine with it. That's if you don't mind, V?" You told her, a dusting of red across your cheeks.
Octavia herself blushed, before bumbling out, "N-No. No, not at all. Besides, we've shared a bed before, remember the sleepovers when we were little?" She asked scratching her neck.
You laughed, the sound of your laughter seemed to raise the whole families mood.
"Darling," Stella began to her daughter, "why don't you help (Y/N) settle in, I'll have have someone come along with some new furniture shortly."
"O-Okay," she told her mother all flushed.
Turning to you, she signalled for you to follow her as she led you to the bed, the two of you having a happy little chat.
Stella stood there, a proud little smile crossing her lips as she watched you and her daughter happily talking back and forth.
"What were you doing when we came out?" She asked her husband, not looking away from the two of you.
The Prince adjusted his coat, stepping up beside her and telling her equally level, "I was making the necessary arrangements to... eliminate the our newest issue." He spoke in a cold, aristocratic manner.
Stella just nodded, seemingly satisfied with the answer.
"Good." She told him Bluntly, "I don't care how rich the little bitches family is. She screwed with the wrong young man." Stella told him coldly, the stain of a scowl crossing her lips.
Stolas just nodded, the two of them watching the two of you getting along.
Octavia knew what her parents were likely talking about, and while she was happy to be with you, she was still hooked on sing goal.
Kill the bitch.
But for now she was sticking close to you.
She wasn't going to leave you, not when you needed her so much.
And besides, she loved spending time with you. Especially now that you seemed to ever so simply, be shifting back to normal.
Hey Hey. Hope you enjoyed the angst. I think I'm on something of an Angst bender, so prepare for more eventually.
Anyway, hope you enjoy Bye Bye.
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I wanted to do one more character cause I have a love and hate feeling for Verosika...
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country fizzy pop
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