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#helmut zemo
cazzyimaginesan hour ago
Headcanons for reactions of Zemo being with a reader that has stretch marks (legs or stomach,... because of weak tissue馃槀) and maybe is self conscious about them when he can see them (in different angles))? :)
As someone who has stretch marks, I've been looking forward to writing this as soon as it came into my ask box.
Tumblr media
- When Zemo first got to know you always wore trousers, leggings, anything that covered your legs and he didn't think twice about it. After all in the line of work, you were in being able to move quickly and easily was essential.
- But truly the main reason you wore them, even when you were in hot places was that on your knees and thighs you had stretch marks. They were dark and you felt that if people looked at you they would be able to see the marks a mile off. You felt ashamed of them though there was no reason to. You didn't know why they had appeared, and you hated that you had them, unlike your peers. You wanted to go back to the time before you had them but now they were stuck on you, they might fade in colour but the scars would remain.
- That's why even when you and Zemo finally started to date, you still were very cautious about letting him see them which meant certain activities were off the table for now. After all, if you found them ugly then surely Zemo would find them ugly as well. You didn't want to see how bad his reaction might be to them and you were ashamed for him to see such things.
- Zemo was a gentleman and understood that you didn't want to be rushed into things and so he never pushed you. He would wait for you.
- There came the time when he would eventually see them. You knew this but it came sooner than you would have liked. On one mission you were on with him you were shot in the leg. You were unable to get to a hospital so Zemo ran to grab everything he needed to help the wound and unfortunately that meant for you that you needed to take your trousers off so he would be able to treat you.
- You didn't like seeing them appear as you tug off your trousers and as Zemo sits down to wrap up your leg, you have to look away from him, not wanting to see his face as he looks at them. If Zemo notices them, he doesn't say. Instead, he reassures you about the wound and kindly treats you.
- After he had bandaged you go to pull the trousers over your leg, at least to cover up the scars but Zemo's hand reaches out to grasp your wrist, stopping you. Finally, you turn to look him in the eyes and you could tell by the way his eyes bore into yours that he had finally realised.
- You both don't say anything for a moment, you stare into the eyes of each other till eventually, Zemo's hand reaches over to your leg, tracing the scars upon them lightly. "They are beautiful" he murmurs and at that point, you almost broke down into tears.
- You still hated your stretch marks and though slowly in time you grew more confident in being able to wear shorts you still hated the way they looked and how Zemo could see them but every time he would reassure you that he loved you and that he didn't see them as ugly.
- One night he took off his own top and showed you the scars he got over the years, ones that he felt self-conscious about as well but he felt enough comfort from you to be able to show them to you.
- When you two first decide to sleep together Zemo spent at least ten minutes covering them in kisses, muttering praises against your leg and thigh about how you were more radiant than venus herself, that even the moon in all her glory couldn't compare to the beauty of you.
TAGS: @shrekboobies @arianalilyblack @wonderwoman292 @justreadingficsdontmindme @thehuiabird @that-stupid-head-tilt-thing @zemosimp420 @kadeuuijib @multiyfandomgirl40 @unbeatablecurlgirl @there-goes-thefighter @lieutenantn @neoarchipelago @cable-kenobi @edencherries @faustlyaccused @julyvegan @prestigious-tea @hannahbal-the-fannibal @my-blood-is-maple-syrup @competitivepomegranate @welcometothemxdhouse @flutterskies @rumblelibrary @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @sky-writes-stuff @barneswidow @checkurwindow @babayaga67 @spookycereal-s @hb8301 @mylifeispainandiloveit
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lemairepstuff4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So! I decided not to fail my German tests next year! So I'm going to learn German properly during the holidays thanks to Daniel Br眉hl! So I'm preparing to watch a lot of German movies and interviews, 馃崁wish me luck! 馃崁
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zemosimp055 hours ago
Daniel Br眉hl fans got two moods :
Sees Andrea / Alex : *gently holds* must protect this lil angel. 鈾ワ笍馃ズ馃槱馃グ馃挒
Sees Zemo/Niki/Lazlo : *wanna get choked* fuck me daddy. 馃枻馃サ馃槱馃い馃ぐ馃徎
Tumblr media
There鈥檚 no in-between 馃槍
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lesliehope725 hours ago
Zemo: Ah, I wish James took me out
Sam: Like, on a date, right?
Zemo: ...
Sam: On a date, right?!
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waiting-for-motivation5 hours ago
pride and prejudice
summary: Every moment Zemo shared with his beloved (Y/n), gets interrupted by Sam and Bucky. They force him to keep his distance. But he can鈥榯. Because he loves her.
request: Hey! Could you maybe write a Zemo x Reader where he is in love with the reader but she doesn鈥檛 know because Sam and Bucky noticed it first and asked Zemo to stay away from her? Maybe he confesses to Sam and Bucky and the boys almost feel sorry for him? Idk maybe with a happy ending somehow? I鈥檇 read anything tbh haha ~ anon
pairings: Baron Zemo x Reader, Bucky, Sam
warnings: fluff with a bit angst, forbidden love
words: 1070
a/n: you were one of the first to request something for zemo, so I鈥榤 very sorry that I only wrote it now please forgive me :(
Tumblr media
鈥淪tay away from her!鈥
鈥淚f you touch her, if you even look at her the wrong way, I will break your neck!鈥
鈥淪he is too good for someone like you. So keep your distance!鈥
The Baron of Sokovia was never one to listen to threats. Numerous people threatened him during his life. But the second Bucky and Sam told him to stay away from their mutual friend, he actually tried to comply.
It鈥檚 not that Zemo never felt the urge to get closer to her or even touch her, because he feels like that every second he is in the same room as her, but the words of the two men hold some truth. He doesn鈥榯 deserve her. She is too good for him. He is a murderer, a bad person. And she is so good and sweet.
Nevertheless, every time Zemo sees (Y/n) his heart flutters. His hands start to shake. His breathing is deeper than usual. And above all he feels the desire to touch her gorgeous face, her delicate hands and her soft hair. Zemo is in love.
At first, the Baron felt guilty because of his dead wife and son. But they are gone, and he is still in this shitty world where no one cares about him. He should deserve some love after all those years of pain. But unfortunately, no one thinks like that. He is a monster in most eyes. Probably even in (Y/n)s bright eyes.
Zemo hopes his wife is looking down at him from heaven and even though he killed so many, gives him the permission to love and be loved again. She has to.
So when they are together on a mission, of course with Sam and Bucky, Zemo tries to stay away but get to know her better at the same time. It鈥檚 very difficult. Every time the two men enter the room, he takes a step back and almost ignores (Y/n) with a broken heart.
She smiles the moment she enters the big living room of Zemos safe house in Norway. There is a spare seat next to Zemo on the couch. Sam and Bucky are nowhere to be seen.
鈥淭hey are getting groceries鈥, Zemo explains as he sees the wandering gaze of his beloved (Y/n). She smiles and then sits down next to him. There are a lot more options to sit, but she decides to be next to him. Zemo smiles.
(Y/n) places her bowl of blueberries in her lap and opens her book. For one second, Zemo saw the cover - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Its one of the older editions he keeps in the bookshelf of the third bedroom in this house. With purpose, he gave (Y/n) this bedroom. She loves books, so she must feel comfortable there.
鈥淗ave you seen the last page?鈥, Zemo asks after some time. (Y/n) looks up with a frown and starts to browse through the book until she reaches the last page. An excited scream leaves her mouth.
Never stop believing in true love, Harrison.
Under these words is a signature, (Y/n) can easily identify as the one of the author herself. Jane Austen wrote in this book. She had this book in her hands. She gave it to the man from whom she rejected a marriage proposal - Harrison Bigg Wither.
Carefully (Y/n) places the book on the coffee table and presses her back against the couch to get as much distance as possible. Wide and tearful eyes stare at Zemo.
鈥淚 would have never鈥 would have never touched it if I knew鈥, (Y/n) panics. Jane Austen is one of her favorite writers, so of course she is caught off guard by this book.
鈥淚 have one edition where Shakespeare took notes in if you want to see-鈥, Zemo starts with a huge grin, but before he can stand up, Sam and Bucky return. As quick as possible, Zemo slides to the end of the couch and looks away from (Y/n). He misses the pain in her expression.
Their moment is gone. But their love is still there.
The following night is rather cold. (Y/n) wanders through the house, looking for another blanket. At one point she is pretty sure that she got lost, but then she recognises Zemos door and knocks. The sight that greets her takes her breath away. Zemo is wearing one of his silk bathrobes which reveals his chest.
鈥淒o you have a spare blanket鈥aybe?鈥, (Y/n) asks while trying to avoid eye contact. Zemo opens the door wider and lets her enter. His room is the same size as hers, but it looks more like it belongs to him. It looks like it belongs to a Baron. His overwhelming sent fills her nostrils and makes her feel dizzy.
Zemo takes a blanket out of one of his wardrobes and hands it to (Y/n). Their hands touch and both feel a tingle running through their whole body, finally settling in their hearts. (Y/n) looks up and meets the soft eyes of the Baron. He tilts his head aside and smiles. Slowly, one of his hands finds its place on her cheek, which is even softer than he imagined.
鈥淲e shouldn鈥榯 be doing this鈥, Zemo whispers.
鈥淏ut it feels so good鈥, (Y/n) returns with a sigh and nestles her face closer to his warm hand.
Their faces move closer until they can feel the others breath on their lips. The moment Zemo can almost feel her lips on his, the door gets ripped open and Sam as well as Bucky storm inside with (Y/n)s name on their tongues. Bucky tries to rip her from Zemos side, but she holds the Barons hand too tight.
鈥淲e told you to leave her alone. You are a dead man, Zemo鈥, Bucky screams and walks towards the Sokovian but (Y/n) steps between the two men. One of her hands rests on Buckys chest.
鈥淪tep aside, little one. He is going back to prison. That was the deal: He does something slightly treasonable, and he is back in that hole鈥, Sam explains, but (Y/n) shakes her head.
鈥淏ut he did nothing wrong. Please鈥here is good in him鈥, the woman exclaims with a glance towards Zemo who looks rather intimidated.
鈥淎nd what makes you think that?鈥
鈥淏ecause I love him!鈥
taglist: @lightning-wolffe @gwenebear @luvzoria @writingletterstothefire @the-chocoholic-writer @b0nnyzz @tkachuk-dubois @killsandthrills @jlynlyn13 @victias @stressedoutsteph @whatiswrongwithpeople @inter-galactic-gay @multifandomgirl40 @starwarsworld @qevon @bearbear158 @carstaxrs @hunttheimpossible
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fxdetoblxckk9 hours ago
thinking about writing a headcanon about zemo and loki working together 鈥. hm
鈥 zemo鈥檚 dry humor in response to loki鈥檚 hit
鈥 loki demeaning zemo for his lack of powers and zemo pointing out that he鈥檚 been successful in his objectives while loki hasn鈥檛
鈥 also pointing out that zemo, not loki, managed to break up the avengers despite loki having powers
鈥 would be even better if this was back and forth banter, or if the two were forced to work together but warmed up to each other
鈥 not even a romantic pairing just a buddy one
i might need to actually do this
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orphan-with-a-stutter10 hours ago
I finally got a head on Zemo!!!
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 so happy about this!!!
And that hair tho 馃槏
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zemosimp0511 hours ago
Y/N: Okay its just a crush.. A tiny lil crush.... Nothing series.... I got this. Nothing to worry about... Just a crush...He's bad for me.... Yeah definitely BAD.... It's just a crush... CRUSH.... and it will go away once this mission will end.
*Zemo walks out of bathroom in a robe*
Zemo: Hello draga...
Y/N: I love you.
Tumblr media
this man should get arrested for being so effortlessly sexy馃槶
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strawberrypincushion11 hours ago
Sorry fam, gonna be salty here for a second about the marvel series and what either the writers (or execs) and / or the fandom consider to be "therapy".
Wandavision: specifically episode...8, was it? Where Agatha Harkness makes Wanda relive all her trauma - in the hopes of manipulating her / getting Wanda to divulge her "secrets of how she's running wandavision and other such illusions" - such as the ones miles away from town
Falcon (Captain America) and the Winter Solider: Now I have a whole seperate post for this one - but the gist here is - Bucky going to government court mandated "therapy" where he is also forced to relive past trauma and where he discusses his time as the winter solider and how he needs to "make amends" (*cough* for crimes he was forced to commit that weren't technically his fault).
Loki: not technically therapy - but I see some people discussing Mobius' interrogation / sassying of Loki - while he physcially (and mentally) pushes Loki around to a get him to a breaking point being talked about as though it is therapy.
Now - lets recap. What's going on in the Scene, and what are the character motivations etc.
Wandavision: As discussed before - Agatha's main goal and purpose here is to make Wanda forcefully relive her worst memories / past trauma so she can figure out how Wandas powers (as the scarlet witch) work.
Tfatws: Bucky's therapist has a specific ruleset that he must follow while "making amends to right the people he has wronged" as penance for his time as the winter solider.
Loki: Mobius walking Loki through some of the worst moments of his life via a vcr holo-projector only to then blame him for his mothers death (which he doesn't know about because this is supposed to be 2012 Loki) and THEN tell him that his entire purpose in life is well, to make sure others become their best selves in response to him existing because he is the adversary.
In actual therapy - yes there is such a thing as having the patient go through exposure and reliving past trauma... to a small degree - for closure purposes. (Like EMDR and Cognitive Behavioral therapy).
Therapy should have some kind of catharsis for the patient - this type of "therapy" that Wanda, Bucky and Loki go through is not that. It is not for their benefit - it's essentially acts as a power trip for the other characters to assert their dominance over the situation. (e.g: Agatha, Bucky's therapist - and by extension the government (and I guess Zemo too) and Mobius + the time keepers.
What I'm saying here is that Wanda, Bucky and Loki all are forced to relive their worst moments + memories because it benefits the narrative of the story (and their enemies) - it does not result in a sort of turning point for them to accept the past and move forward in a necessarily positive way (Think of Wanda using the Darkhold - which is not a good coping mechanism btw).
For Agatha, 'the government + Zemo', and Mobius + the tva - its about one (well two) things: Power and Control.
If this was actually therapeutic then perhaps Wanda, Bucky and Loki would walk away with some sense of catharsis and growth - of healing. But the way the "therapy" is presented is "Character A is struggling. We want them hit their lowest point so they can change - we want them to fall further into the abyss of self destruction so they can come out a better version of themselves".
And in theory this would work - except that character A is already on their back and instead of character B offering them a helping hand, their handing them a shovel so character A can keep digging.
You do not make someone relive their worst trauma and then leave them there so they are stuck in that mindset.
Yes, maybe Wanda learned more about herself, and yes, maybe its realistic that Bucky would feel guilt over his time as the winter solider and would seek to fix it and yes, maybe Loki will come to the realization that his actions (reactions, really, to certain info - like him being lied to over being adopted) have led him down not a great path and will push him to do better, to be better (not for himself exactly, but because the tva + Mobius require him too to fix the 'sacred timeline').
Again, the character 'growth' happening here feels like it is not for Wanda, Bucky or Loki's benefit - its for their adversaries - so they know which buttons to push to break them further to get what they want from them.
If this is what Marvel and or fans think therapy is, then I am concerned. That's all I'm saying.
(And who knows, maybe I'm just spouting off bullsh*t because these are some of my favorite fictional characters and I want to see them heal and have healthy coping mechanisms and be able to live their best lives...maybe im just reading it wrong or reading into it too much, time or angry anons will tell).
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unlikelymilliner17 hours ago
Fic: One for the Dame (E) Bucky/Zemo
This is part of the series Black Sheep that @ex0rin and I are writing for @the-ravening for her birthday. Happy birthday again, you're still the best!
Title: One for the Dame
Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Helmut Zemo, Winterbaron
Rating: Explicit, NSFW
Tags: Glory hole, Deepthroating, Implied use of Bitcoin
Zemo disappears while they're at Sharon鈥檚 club and Bucky goes looking for him, but finds something else instead.
Superficially, this stall doesn鈥檛 look any different to any others. The white porcelain of the toilet, the smell of whatever pine scented bleach they use to clean it with and the anonymous raw concrete look of the walls. However, on the wall between this stall and the one furthest from the door, there is a hole.
Read it on Ao3
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neoarchipelago19 hours ago
Sorry, about my last ask: could it be sfw please? And could it be unestablished relationship between reader and Zemo please? Your blog is amazing. I hope you are not feeling too much pressure
From this ask:
Tumblr media
HC zemo x Ice cream seller! reader
Tumblr media
AN: aww thank you! You're really sweet! Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming but I try to take it easy. I'm always afraid to take too long to answer requests or not writing something the person would like .. but hey! It's life... I hope you'll enjoy these!
Warnings: shouting, rude behavior, slight violence but really slight.
Head empty just:
You had been working at the ice cream stall for some weeks now. You enjoyed the job, it wasn't too hard and seeing the children with happy smiles everytime they got an ice cream brightened your day.
Unfortunately not everyone was nice. You had the usual Karen's obviously but never anything too drastic.
This afternoon was particularly busy. The sun brought many customers in and you had been working almost non stop.
Finally when a little moment of peace settled in you sighed, taking a sip of your water bottle.
It was then that you noticed a man approaching. He looked different from your usual customer. He was tall, his brown hair nicely brushed in place, brown eyes shining with something different. He was handsome that you couldn't deny.
"Hello, may I get 3 ice creams please?"
His voice was tainted with an accent but oh Lord did he sound nice.
"Of course what flavors would you like?" You asked.
Someone cleared their throat behind him and you almost rolled your eyes. another man stood there, frowning.
"Are you gonna take long? I just want an ice cream."
His tone was rude. You saw your initial customer raise an eyebrow before smirking. He stepped back, and with a sign of the hand let the man walk to you to order.
"Hi, what-" "get me a chocolate ice cream." He interrupted you.
You put on your best customer service smile as you answered ' of course'
As you scooped and prepared the ice cream you could hear the man sigh. You were trying your best not to roll your eyes. But you glanced at the other man patiently waiting. He kept scanning the rude customer.
"There you go, would you like anything else?" You kept your tone as charming as you could.
"No." The man added slamming some money on your counter, making you slightly jump.
You could have sworn you saw your patient customer almost jump to interfere but he simply eyed the rude man as he walked a few steps away.
You sighed and took back your attention to your only customer now.
"I'm sorry about that鈥" you tried.
"It's none of your fault. Do you often get rude customers?" He asked.
"Not always鈥 it happens'' you shrugged looking away.
Unfortunately it wasn't over for you. "HEY". You jumped, frowning a bit at the man who shouted. You saw your patient customer frown and sigh in frustration as he turned around to look at the man.
"What kind of crap is this?! You call that ice cream?!" "I'm sorry鈥 would you like a refund-" "I don't want your refund! Where do you even get these things?!" "I-I don't know ... I just work here I don't buy the-" "YOU NEED TO TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY"
The man walked closer, finger pointing at you. You tried to blink away the tears that were threatening to fall, as you held onto the counter.
Zemo immediately noticed the tears. He was already furious at the outrageous behavior of the man but now he was out of line.
"I'd advise you to lower your voice. She offered you a refund." He said in a warning tone.
"Mind your own business!" And a finger pointing at ZEMO was all that it took for him to act.
Grabbing the man's pointing hand he twisted until he spun around trapping it behind his back. His other hand held the back of the man's neck, pushing him down with force on the counter.
You yelped and stepped back. Eyes wide in shock. Did your patient customer just karate the rude man?
"I told you to lower your voice. Now apologize to the lady." ZEMO threatened in a low voice.
Your focus was stuck on ZEMO to even listen to the half hearted apologies.
"Learn some manners will you. That is no way to talk to a lady, even when you are not satisfied." He sermones the man still in his grasp.
Finally he let him go, pushing him away from the stall. You rarely saw a man run away as fast. ZEMO was seething but composed himself in front of you.
"My apologies. I didn't mean to frighten you." "It's alright鈥 Thank you for helping." You said with a little smile. He winked at you with a little smirk.
"So.. what flavor would you like in your ice cream?" You finally said.
"Oh of course." He suddenly remembered why he had come here in the first place.
"I'll add another free scoop for each. For my knight in shining armor." you said, blushing a bit. He chuckled.
"You are too nice. But please, just add a free scoop to this one. The other two aren't as deserving as me." He added with a mischievous smirk.
You simply smiled, wondering who might he be talking about.
Poor Sam and Bucky were oblivious when ZEMO came back with a bigger ice cream than theirs.
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Tumblr media
I'm obsessed with hands
I'm obsessed with Daniel Br眉hl
So of course I'm obsessed with Daniel Br眉hl's hands!!
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Tumblr media
Did I have an old Marvel OC waiting for his story to go on?
Did I expect to make him fall in love with the Sokovian Baron whom actually destroyed his life?
Clearly no...
Did I do it anyway?
Now Richie is hopelessly in love with Zemo
Don't thank me for that, Richie, it's nothing
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ikittiekat20 hours ago
Zemo | Drabble
Bucky clenched his jaw.
He saw the way you were looking at Zemo. He was talking to some kids and giving them Turkish delights.
You hadn鈥檛 noticed Bucky behind you. You were supposed to be keeping an eye on Zemo while they went looking for information, and of course you were doing that. You were mesmerized by him.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 he doing?鈥 Sam asked referring to Zemo. He stood beside you.
鈥淪ometimes I forget鈥 you whispered.
鈥淲hat?鈥 Bucky asked you.
鈥淭hat he used to be a dad鈥 you didn鈥檛 take your eyes off Zemo.
And that鈥檚 why you couldn鈥檛 hate him. You knew the Avengers had taken everything from him and felt guilty for it. He was someone you could understand. And these past days had brought you closer to him.
Zemo looked your way. He gave you a soft smile.
And you felt something in your chest you hadn鈥檛 felt in a long time.
Gif not mine
Tumblr media
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