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#helmut zemo
creme-bruhlee · 2 days ago
baron zemo nsfw alphabet
surprise surprise, have a zemo nsfw alphabet hehe
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare
Zemo is totally into aftercare, and he’s such a good caretaker. Like, he’s got you in a warm bubble bath and is gently cleaning you off with a washcloth, and he’ll bundle you in one of his sweaters or an old t-shirt to cuddle up in and sleep in, and he’s giving you endless kisses and praising you.
B = Body Part
He likes your thighs. He’s always trying to find a way to use them as a pillow— you’ll be on your phone and he will settle his head between your thighs as he reads his book. Zemo also loves to kiss them and bite them while he’s eating you out; he likes to see the hickies on them later.
C = Cum
Zemo definitely wants to cum inside you, but he’s a little scared of getting you pregnant. If he’s wearing a condom, he’ll cum inside you, no problem, but if he’s not, he’ll pull out and cum on your stomach/back, depending on what position you’re in.
D = Dirty Secret
Zemo loves being praised. In pretty much every situation, he’ll blush a little if you praise him, even if it's non-sexual. He adores being praised in bed, though. “Fuck, Zemo, you look so pretty down there, between my legs, eating my pussy so well” type stuff really gets his motor running.
E = Experience
In my mind, Zemo was a little teenage heartthrob in Sokovia in the 90s, always in magazines and had “fan clubs” and things like that. He certainly had a lot of girlfriends in his late teens/early 20s before he went to the military and before Heike. And this man is a dilf!! Zemo fucks!!
F = Favorite Positions
I’m just gonna say it: Zemo loves doggy-style. He likes getting a fistful of your hair and tugging on it as he fucks you, or anchoring his strong hands on your hips and giving it his all. He would also like vanilla missionary, but it’s greatly improved if he can have your legs over his shoulders.
G = Goofy
Nah, not really. Of course, there are the moments where you can’t help but laugh, if his turtleneck gets caught on his nose or your hip pops really loudly, but he doesn’t actively seek out moments like that. If you gotta laugh, then you gotta laugh. To him, having intimacy and being comfortable enough to laugh while doing it is the sign of a good relationship.
H = Hair
He’s well-groomed, for sure. Not too long or wild. He’s got his hair situation figured out. Also, I choose to believe that he’s got one of the hairier chests of the Danny Bunch, and I can’t explain my thought process there, but he just Does. His necklace is nestled in a dark crop of chest hair every day. It drives me wild.
I = Intimacy
Honestly, I don’t think Zemo is an intimate man. He values it, but he just isn’t. He’s terrified of getting close to someone, so he tries to push people away. You’re the one person that he allows to get close to him, and, even then, he’s intimidated by his adoration for you. He’s worried that somebody will see you’re his weakness and target you. The most intimate that Zemo will allow himself to be is holding you at night and kissing you softly for what seems like no reason.
J = Jack Off
Not often, but it does happen. Usually, you’re asleep and he doesn’t want to bother you, even though he knows you’d say yes. If he’s away from you for any reason (on a mission or, God forbid, in prison), he’s fucking his fist and biting his tongue because he can only think about you.
K = Kink
He likes to be hit. Like, he has no idea that it turns him on until he encounters you sparring with Bucky one day, and you coerce him into going one round with you, and you land a solid hit to his cheek and he has to step back like “what the fawk”, because it didn’t hurt but he’s suddenly Very Erect. Once y’all figure this out, you’ll hit his cheek a lot. Like, he’s eating you out and is getting really greedy with it, and you’ll slap his cheek “Slow down, baby, you’re gonna hurt yourself”
L = Location
Okay, if we’re saying that Zemo is Daniel’s age, give or take a few years, then he’s roughly 45 during TFATWS. He’s not a spring chicken and he’s not as nimble as he used to be (he still is Very Capable, or did you NOT watch him hurdle himself off of a shipping container and snipe a bitch), but he can’t afford to be physically incapacitated, especially during a mission. All this to say, 9 times out of 10, he’s doing you on the bed. It’s easy on both of y’all and most comfortable. His second choice is against the wall, because he can just turn you around and take you from the back. Third choice is against the wall but holding you up. It’s not his favorite because his arms will get tired, but it’s better than nothing.
M = Motivation
Anything. He loves you, he’s frustrated, he missed you. You believe the best times, though, are when he’s jealous. His jealousy will push him to extreme lengths. If Bucky or Sam comments that you look nice or they like your sweater, he’s stewing over it all day until he gets you alone, and he’s grabbing you tightly and leaving marks that he hopes Bucky or Sam or whoever it was that complimented you will see.
N = No
I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on this one, but he does not like to share. He does not like it and won’t do it, unless not sharing would put you, him, or the mission at hand at risk. That, and being called Daddy. Brings up too many emotions, not to mention he thinks that’s fucking weird. If you’re calling him something other than his name, it’s Baron or Colonel (I’ll expand on THAT in a second).
O = Oral
Oh, he loves it, and he’s good at it. We’ve already established that he likes your thighs, and laying with his head on your thighs, like, always evolves into him eating you out. He’ll hold your legs open and soothe his thumb down your thighs if your legs start shaking, and he doesn’t mind if your legs snap closed around his head. He might click his tongue and mumble something “So naughty, draga, so naughty”, but he truly likes it. He likes the way you taste, no matter what, because any taste of yours is you.
P = Pace
Again, he’s older, so he’s not gonna, like, break you in two, but he’s got some strength and stamina from his time in the military. Even if it was a while ago and he’s been in prison for a while, he kept up a good workout routine because he didn’t want his physical self to go to waste along with his mental self. He’s got a slow pace, but every thrust in makes you gasp, and he’s gonna be holding you and kissing you the whole time, so who’s the real loser here?
Q = Quickie
He usually doesn’t care for them, but if it’s on a mission, and there’s like a 10 minute window where nobody else will be in the house, he’s gonna take it. He’ll throw you up onto the counter and go fucking bananas, and then, if there’s time left, he’ll clean while you lay down and recover from what the fuck Zemo just did to you.
R = Risk
Zemo likes some risk sometimes. Like, late at night at a safehouse, he might rub your clit and finger you and swallow down your moans so nobody will hear you, but like… If Bucky is asleep in his bed and hears a stolen little whimper, he’s not gonna mind all that much. It ties in with his I don’t like to share thing; if you’re his, why should anyone else see it?
S = Stamina
See above: he has stamina. Not for like, multiple rounds, but the one round you have, he’s giving it his all, and he’s gonna be exhausted by the end of it, but he’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy. With foreplay and aftercare and everything in between, it might take an hour or so, and he’s keeping up the energy the whole time.
T = Toy
He doesn’t like them, but he also doesn’t not like them. He’d rather be the one to pleasure you, but, in his absence, he’ll let a toy do his job. He strikes me as the type to get a toy made in his likeness (if you get my drift) so that you can’t ever forget the way his cock stretches you.
U = Unfair
Zemo has a complicated relationship with himself, and he’ll often forget himself during sex. He’s so focused on you that he neglects his own needs until he’s reminded (like, a lot of the tme, his orgasm sneaks up on him because he’s so focused on making you cum). Sex usually skews towards your pleasure and not his, but you try your best to balance it out. He doesn’t like when things are solely focused on him; blowjobs and handjobs are out of the question unless you absolutely beg him.
V = Volume
He’s vocal, but not loud. He’ll mumble about how good you feel and how pretty you are, and he’ll moan and grunt and make his little Man Noises, but it’s not loud. Even before you, he was never too loud. It’s just not in his nature.
W = Wild Card
Here it is: He. LOVES. Being called by his title. Either of them are fine, but he gets a fun little chill down his back when you call him Colonel. He’s just not used to people calling him that and he was convinced that nobody even remembered he was a colonel, and then you said it one night and he’s like cumming immediately. Even in everyday life, he’ll shiver when you call him Colonel. You’re teasing the guys all night like “alright, Sergeant Barnes” or “whatever you say, Captain Wilson”, and if you DARE to tease Zemo “hey, Colonel Zemo”, he’s gonna short-circuit and do the little head tilt but the confused head tilt (gif cred to @xcaptain-winghead)
Tumblr media
X = X-Ray
He’s true to life. Of course, the reference I have for Daniel’s dick (that sounds creepy) is from 2001, but we can assume that it’s relatively the same. He’s thick and about average length soft, and, when Zemo is hard, he’s gonna grow a little bit thicker and a little bit longer. I can also see his dick skin itself being very soft , and his hair isn’t, like, too wiry. It’s a Very Good Dick.
Y = Yearning
Zemo yearns a lot. If it’s not for you, then it’s for Heike. I can see, the first time y’all sleep together, he would accidentally call you Heike, and explain that he hasn’t had sex with anyone since her and that his mind sorta autofilled the name. You know that he’s constantly thinking about Heike and Carl, but you don’t mind. After all, they were his most beloved family. Zemo is the type to still write their birthdays down, and you’ll sit with him and let him tell you stories about them.
Z = ZZZ…
One more time, Zemo is middle-aged, and his stamina has limits. Like I said above, he’ll be pretty exhausted by the time y’all are finished, and he’ll take care of you until you’re asleep, but his blinking is a little sticky while he’s helping you clean off. He’ll get you back in bed and, as you’re cuddling into his warmth, he’s relishing in yours all the same, and he’s off to Snoozeville very quickly. He always dreams of you.
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brainrotsposts · a day ago
I love that the whole community decided that is the one go to Nickname for zemo
Tumblr media
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nev3rfound · a day ago
in another lifetime: part five - h.z / l.k
it seems that maybe all hope is not lost for your rescue, but Bucky, Sam and Zemo must act fast with news from Strange about your changing fate. (2.5k)
masterlist / permanent taglist / etsy shop - requests open!
warnings: elements of tfatws series and the alienist, injuries, health problems and disjointed info from doctor strange kinda au, brief mentions of a miscarriage. (this is all sort of an au so be mindful thank you!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New York, 1898
"How many times do I have to tell you not to wander without backup?" It's difficult to disguise the annoyance in your voice as Laszlo sits in front of you sporting a bruise and cut forming across his cheek.
Holding back a wince, Laszlo keeps his eyes locked on you. He didn't anticipate a surprise attack. No one should've been there when he joined John to investigate the abandoned house.
"John was supposed to be there." He mutters, silently thankful when you move away with the slightly bloodied cloth and place it into the basin, hiding it from his view. "But it's fine, my dear." Laszlo rises to his feet and approaches you in the bathroom.
"It isn't fine though, Las." Gripping the edge of the basin, your shoulders slump forward and Laszlo watches your eyes glaze over once more.
In the back of your mind you can hear them all, the family you once had telling you the same thing.
"You gotta take it easy, kid." Steve sternly tells you whilst perching on the edge of the hospital bed. "We're not invincible, well, except Bruce." He jokes, easing the tension building around you when other Avengers pour into the room upon hearing about your accident.
"I'll try," You weakly speak up, forcing a half-smile despite the concerned gazes crossing everyone's faces. "but I won't make any promises."
"Who am I, Y/n?" Laszlo speaks up, hopeful when you move to face him.
Releasing your hands from the basin, you bring them over your chest. "Is this one of your psychological questions, dear?" You raise a brow, clearly in no mood to pander to him this evening.
Reaching out toward you, Laszlo's fingertips brush over your hip in a weak attempt to entice you toward him. "Not at all my liebling, just tell me."
With an apprehensive sigh, you admit defeat and lean into his embrace, lowering your hands to your sides. "You're Doctor Laszlo Kreizler." You state.
"And?" Laszlo encourages you with a gentle look rising across his face, despite the small cut on his forehead almost pulsing.
"And," You chuckle, unsure what he is expecting of you next. "a genius?"
Shaking his head, Laszlo guides you from the bathroom keeping his arms around your waist. Now standing inches from you, his breath fans across your lips. "Your husband, who cares deeply for his wife and her safety." He finishes for you, lifting his frail hand up to brush your fallen locks aside from your face.
"And I too care about your safety, Laszlo." You sigh, moving your face aside and escape from his embrace. "Sometimes I can't help but worry you might not make it back one day from one of these investigations."
"Y/n, are you forgetting about your own past?" Laszlo retorts. "The life of being someone who is constantly put at risk, on the field and unsure if she will return home?"
"You don't have to remind me of my own past, Las." You snap back. "It's because of my past that I fear. Whenever my family left, I never knew if they'll come back. Nearly every time they did, but the one time they didn't I was abandoned, left to fend for myself for five miserable years."
Laszlo steps forward, ready to answer when you stumble over your own feet. "Y/n?" He mutters, watching you cradle your head in one hand whilst the other remains extended towards him. "Y/n, what's the matter?"
"My, my head," A mumble passes your lips as you hazily guide yourself to the bedpost, forcing yourself down to the mattress.
Sitting beside you with your hand in his, Laszlo patiently waits for you to show your face. "Where is this pain coming from?" He asks, knowing the medical kit is still open in the bathroom adjacent to him.
Lowering your hand from your face, you blink a few times. "It's just a headache," Attempting to brush it off, a half-smile is received from Laszlo. "sorry to have worried you, I, I'm still kinda forgetting I can't knock back some Adderal and take a nap like I once did."
"Alright," Laszlo helps you fully onto the bed until you're lying down, having gotten used to some strange words you use at times over the past few years. "I think it's best that you do take a short sleep, dear. I'll have Stevie fetch some water for you."
With that, Laszlo moves away from the bed and heads toward the door. "Laszlo?" You call out tiredly, glad to see him turn to face you. "I'll be alright, it's just a headache." You assure him, and he nods along.
"I know, my love." Laszlo answers, closing the door behind him as he heads towards his office, hoping a Doctor will be free to take his call.
"Really, it's nothing to be concerned over." You wave Doctor Connors off, closing your eyes at the sight of his light flickering across your vision.
Connors hums to himself before lowering his torch. "Have you been experiencing sensitivity to light for long, Mrs Kreizler?" He asks, rummaging through his bag and reveals his stethoscope.
"It comes and goes with the headaches mostly, I used to get warned when they were coming by Fr-" Cutting yourself off with a cough, you sit upright in bed. "apologies."
Placing the stethoscope across your chest and back, Connors turns to Laszlo with a nod and exits the room.
"I'll be right back, Y/n." Laszlo tells you, closing the bedroom door behind him.
"Yeah, and I'm from the Victorian Era." Muttering under your breath, you follow their footsteps as they descend the staircase, allowing you to hover above them on the landing.
"I can't be certain as of yet, but I fear it might be something serious." Doctor Connors explains to Laszlo.
"What can we do to find out, Doctor? I, I can't risk losing her too." Laszlo worryingly remarks, his cane hitting the floor quickly with impatience.
With a sigh, Doctor Connors averts his attention from Laszlo and peers upstairs, spotting you looking down on them both. "Bed rest and small doses of codeine if required. I'll be back in a few days if your symptoms worsen, Mrs Kreizler."
Laszlo whips his head up to see you leaning against the railing with a sad smile playing on your lips. "Thanks, Doc." You salute, heading back into your bedroom whilst Laszlo sees Connors out.
Once the front door was closed, Laszlo calls out your name from the bottom of the stairs.
"Sorry, am not meant to hear my own diagnosis?" You can't help the sarcasm rolling off your tongue. "Las, I told you, it's just a headache or at worse a migraine!"
"But what if it's not, Y/n?" Laszlo snaps back, slowly walking up the stairs with difficulty causing him to huff loudly. "What if it's something serious, I know you've been distant from everything since,"
"Don't bring that into this, Laszlo." You warn him, pointing your finger at him. "Losing the baby hurt me as much as it hurt you." Lowering your voice, you crumble into yourself and sit down on the landing. "And I can't imagine life without the pain of losing them."
With difficulty, Laszlo sits in front of you. "Pain can be defined as a sensory and emotional experience, my love." Laszlo starts, watching you slowly lift your head from your lap. "Like all emotions, they never truly go away, and loss always hurts, no matter how much time has passed."
"I, I'm just so tired of suppressing everything." The admittance echoes through the corridor, causing a tear to roll down your cheek. "After everything that's happened, I, I don't want to lose this."
Reaching out, you cup Laszlo's cheek in your hand. "You won't lose this, Y/n." Laszlo smiles softly, moving his head so his lips are pressed into your palm. "I promise you, we are not going anywhere."
New York, 2025
"What amazes me the most is how you've kept out of everyone's radar for nearly two years." Sam can't help himself, looking to see Zemo relaxing on the sofa whilst his butler hovers behind with a tray and an empty glass.
Zemo shrugs before sitting upright, accepting the glass and refills it with the bottle of whiskey resting between his legs.
"I'm a man of many talents, Sam." Zemo remarks. "I thought you'd know that by now."
Sam scoffs under his breath. "Sadly so."
"Don't be so disappointed. Here I thought you were now more than tolerable of my presence." Zemo jokes, glad to hear a light laugh from Bucky opposite him whilst his eyes remain glued to the laptop screen.
Bucky's gaze flickers from the laptop screen back to his phone beside him despite the screen remaining blank. For weeks he's been waiting on an update from Emilie about a small group within the now-disbanded Flagsmashers wanting to help.
"Well?" Sam walks over to Bucky, standing behind him to see what's got his attention.
Yet, when Sam notices the sight he pushes himself away.
"Why do you read those?" Sam thinks aloud, sparing Zemo a glance who mirrors the man photographed on Bucky's screen.
"It reminds me she's still alive, Sam." Bucky states, scrolling further down the old newspaper article about a case you worked on alongside Sara. "You know she loves him, right?"
Zemo tenses at the mention of him, this Doctor that he can't escape from.
"Not like you'll forget to remind us." Sam retorts, crossing his arms over his chest. "But Buck, it's not real!" He repeats, feeling his head pulsing. "Why don't you two get that? Y/n will be coming home, and this life as a detective and marriage and," Sam trails off at the thought of you having a family.
"She's getting the happy ending she never had here." Zemo finishes quietly, remembering how forcefully you had pushed him aside without a second thought, letting the unknown consume you.
Maybe Emilie was right, you went somewhere you could be happy, something guaranteed for once in your life.
Before Sam would retaliate, a knock at the door echoed through the corridor.
"No one knows we're here." Bucky looks at the two men, both equally confused. "Zemo, go hide in the closet or something and take him with you."
Muttering in his native tongue, Zemo abides and disappears out of sight with Oeznik whilst Bucky stalks to the front door and opens it ever so slightly.
Yet, the figure before him causes nothing but confusion to form across his face. "Strange?" Bucky steps back, opening the door allowing Stephen and Wong inside. "What, what're you doing here?"
Entering the apartment without a comment, Strange strides through to find Sam standing in the kitchen. "Zemo here too?" Strange asks and patiently waits as Zemo descends down the stairs, reappearing with a look of concern.
In Zemo's eyes, a visit from this Doctor was never a good sign.
"What's going on here, Strange?" Sam is the first to ask as they all stand in the apartment, focused on Stephen.
Wong clears his throat, nodding to Strange. "Something's changed in Y/n's timeline." Wong starts to explain. "The version we knew and saw when she disappeared has been altered."
"But how is that possible?" Bucky questions, but Wong ignores him and simply carries on.
"Originally, Y/n was to fall ill with Smallpox and die August 12th 1990. However, somehow, something has changed." Wong finishes with a frown settling on his face.
"So, what's changed?" Sam uncrosses his arms and buries them into his pockets, trying his best to remain composed.
Strange and Wong exchange a silent conversation before averting their attention back to the trio. "It seems that something has happened to Y/n's timeline. She no longer contracts Smallpox-"
"Okay, that, that's a good thing then," Sam starts.
"Sam," Bucky mutters, knowing this isn't going to be a positive situation his friend hopes it to be.
"November 23rd, 1898. Y/n Kreizler begins to experience headaches which quickly worsen over the next few weeks. By mid-December, Y/n is dying from a bleed on the brain."
"She has a brain haemorrhage?" Zemo finally comments, and Strange nods. "This, this can't be!" He yells out, slamming his fist against the kitchen counter. "Y/n is supposed to get a happy ending, she, she is meant to have a family with this Doctor Kreizler. She is meant to live longer than this!" Zemo cannot help but feel enraged, marching towards Strange with fury in his eyes. "You have to fix this, let her live."
Remaining composed, Strange simply shakes his head. "If I could, I would, really." He tells Zemo. "But we cannot alter time like that unless we can take her out of that timeline what is now set will happen."
"You've already told us that we can't do that." Sam reminds Strange. "We've tried getting help, but it's useless."
Strange exchanges a quick look with Wong, one that Zemo doesn't miss. "You know something, don't you?" Zemo remarks, now pointing to Wong besides Strange.
"There, there may be a chance we can get to where Y/n is." Wong suggests. "It seems that the lock placed on her location is weakening, and whilst it remains weak we can overpower it."
"And get her back?" Bucky dares to ask, his mind racing with possibilities.
"If we had assistance." Strange counters. "Luckily for us, we finally managed to get through to some." A hint of a smile forms on Stephen's face as three portals appear in the room.
Emerging from them are several members of the Mystic Arts, including Emilie and a few familiar faces from years prior.
"Long time no see," Bucky nods to Emilie once the portals begin to flicker, disappearing into thin air. "how'd you manage this one then?"
Emilie spares a glance to those around her with a small smile before addressing Bucky. "When the Flagsmashers were disbanded, I was able to find a few old friends, ones who knew Y/n and what happened to her."
"We never wanted her to get hurt," One of the members pitches in. "Y/n was a powerful sorcerer and it was well-known information. Having her against the Flagsmashers and their beliefs was bad news, but no one wanted it to happen the way it did." They trail off, all of them still haunted by your screams and cries as you were stripped of your abilities, left in the dust.
"None of us could save Y/n then, but maybe, just maybe we can save her now." Emilie says hopefully. "We owe it to her."
"Well?" Bucky claps his hands together and walks towards Sam, patting his back. "I guess we better bring her home." He mutters, knowing this isn't how you'd want things to be, but this time there is no choice.
"How long does she have left?" Sam asks, quickly checking Zemo whose been too quiet for his liking, now hiding in the background.
"Just under two weeks." Strange states. "The sooner we bring her back, the more chance we have of saving her and restoring her health."
"Alright then," Sam sighs. "do your thing."
IALT SERIES TAGLIST: (if you would like to be tagged let me know!) @zemosbaroness @fillechatoyante @country-cowgirl-101 @kpopnena @telesynths @thebookisbtr @mybisexualheartbeatsforzemo @ajeff855 @somethingthatsaysbubbles @fangirl-inthe-us @marchingicenotes7 @graniairish @lol-im-done @cinna-minseok @sapphiredreamer26
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wenellyb · a day ago
So I'm watching the Emmys right, and I know TFATWS wasn't perfect (but in my heart was still snubbed lol), BUT in an alternate universe where it was perfectly written (and we're limited to the scenes we have in the show) I'm curious... what would be your chosen 'Emmy clips' to show when they announce the nominees? Like...Best Drama or Best Actor (Anthony).
Hi Anon!!!
What do you mean, it wasn't perfect??? It was, at least to me it really was perfect (Minus Lemar's, the worst writing choice in any show ever).
I'm not good at this but if I had to choose a clip for the Emmy, I would definely choose's Sam's speech in Ep 6, then Isaiah and Sam's hug at the end of the show, and this may sound random, but the shot of Zemo in front of his family tombstone, I really like that shot. And the final shot would be Sam arriving like an angel carrying Karli.
Tumblr media
What about you anon, what scenes would you choose??
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belyyv0lk · a day ago
I know Vindicta is far from over (Or is it? E h e h e h e h)
But I've decided once it's over my next work is most certainly going to be a tasteful serial killer story. Possibly a period piece because... really.... you know.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Or you know
Tumblr media
Kill me please
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adlerslut · 2 days ago
“So what’s your type?”
Me: Um war criminals 😁
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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marvelmusing · 15 hours ago
Little Darling
Helmut Zemo x Reader
WARNINGS: suggestive content 18+ • d/s & ddlg/lb themes (not explicitly stated), daddy kink, praise kink, oral fixation, a bit of dumification - Let me know if I missed anything
My Masterlist
Helmut notices you hovering at the doorway, your eyes flitting around the room as you fiddle with the hem of the sweatshirt you’re wearing. His sweatshirt.
“What’s wrong Liebling?” You look up at him, shaking your head.
“It’s nothing.” You mumble. But he notices how your fingers flex with the urge to reach out for him. He hums, unconvinced. He rests his elbows against the desk in front of him, before beckoning to you with a finger. You fidget slightly, your eyes lingering on his outstretched finger, until you decide to make your way over to him.
“What is it, love?” He repeats to you, his voice gentle as you settle into his lap. He waits patiently as your mouth attempts to form the words.
“Just,” You sigh. “Just feeling a little needy.” You mumble against his chest. He squeezes you reassuringly, knowing how hard you sometimes find it to admit when you need help, especially during moments like this.
“Is my darling needy? Or my little darling?”
“Little.” You say in a small voice. He hums in understanding, adjusting his hold on you. He watches the tiny smile flicker across your lips when he bounces you on his leg like a child.
“What do you need?” He asks, but the words you need to say avade you. His eyes are drawn to your lips, puckered into a small pout, which are currently being torn at by your teeth. He notices the slight frown of frustration when your lip escapes the hold of your teeth. “Is my little darling teething?” He coos softly. You duck your head, nodding, your face burning at the confession. “Would you like me to get you some toys to chew on?” Your grip on him tightens as you shake your head. “No?” He reaches out to lift your chin up, only to notice how his hand caught your attention. “Ah, I think I know what my little one needs.” Your wide eyes meet his, as he smiles warmly at you. “Just need your daddy’s fingers to suck on, don’t you?” You nod shyly. He extends his two fingers towards your mouth, the end of them lingering against your parted lips. You take his fingers into your mouth with a delighted hum. “Make as much of a mess as you want little one.” He knows you enjoy sucking on his fingers, and in all honesty, he enjoys it too. He wants to see the drool coat your chin and drip down to a puddle in your lap. He wonders whether you’d get that far, or whether the embarrassment would snap you back to reality. You sit with his fingers against your tongue, saliva gathering in the corners of your mouth as you stroke your tongue along his digits. He hums at the sight of you. “This is what you needed wasn’t it, darling? Just needed to sit in your daddy’s lap, drooling over his fingers, with not a thought in that little head of yours, yes?” Your eyes roll back a little at his words. He always knows exactly what you need to hear. He strokes your cheek with his other hand. “Such a pretty little baby.” As he pets your cheek and hair affectionately, he continues to move his finger inside your mouth, drawing all kinds of pretty sounds from your throat. Once your eyes flutter closed he pulls his finger from between your lips. You whimper in quiet protest, but he’s quick to shush you, “You can have it back darling, don’t worry, daddy just wanted to see your pretty work.” He looks down at his wet fingers with a proud smile, before watching as the small smile lingers on your face, and admiring the glossy look in your eyes. To your satisfaction, he soon slides his fingers back into your mouth. “There you go.” He coos as you eagerly take them back. He would usually want to hear you thank him, liking when his baby is well-mannered, but he knows you’ve gone too silly to think straight so he lets you off this once. He does love to spoil you. “So good for me. Such a good little one for daddy.”
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monsieurbruhl · 2 days ago
it’s really interesting to see all these titles like “he’s playing the villain”. okay, to you… to you he’s playing the villain. i don’t even know what the plot is, i’m rooting for him though.
Tumblr media
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dailybruhlfic · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
There was a soft scent of mint & cedar throughout the air.. The candles in the large room flickered and reflections bounced off the enchanting stainless glass windows.. you took a long slow sip of whiskey till the sound of flowing water finally stopped.. you placed your glass beside you when the floor creaked and the magestic hardwood doors began to open..
Your Baron appeared, draped in his royal blue bathrobe.. lips pursed, a lock of hair resting over his brow... he had a towel in one hand... bath oil in the other..
There was a darkness to the look in Zemo's eyes, a glint of something mischevious at play.. your mind flashed with risqué thoughts ... your eyes widened & your cheeks began to flush. The Baron took a soft step towards you through the broad doorway.
His eyes narrowed... his voice smooth...
"Your bath awaits my darling.... As do I"
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Tumblr media
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