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It’s almost 6am and I’m sad….

I’m having a weak larrie moment, I suddenly had the urge to look up some el stuff and like some shit looks like proper relationship shit ya know….and like behind the scenes stuff….I’ll man none of this even makes sense lol.

I’ve been on this damn ship for 9 years it can’t all be for nothing. Someone hug me! Ha okay maybe I need sleep

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The virtue of thanking Allah after eating and drinking

الْحَمْدُ للهِ


The messenger of Allah (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“All Praise is for Allah”

“Allah will be pleased with His slave who praises Him (i.e., says Al-hamdu lillah) when he eats and praises Him when he drinks”.


al-ḥamdu lillaah

Sources: Muslim No# 2734; AT-Tirmidhi No# 1816

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Marinette was thankful that she had made a few nice formal designs for herself in the past, because two days’ notice was definitely not enough time to gather the materials and piece together a dress to an acceptable standard for such a high society function. And since her name was going to be attached to ‘The Jagged Stone’, she couldn’t afford to half ass this. The man has had enough issues from trying to support her designing, she refused to give people more reason to drag his name through the mud. Though thankfully his music and fans hadn’t suffered from the fashion society’s backlash, but that’s no reason to start tempting fate now.

She was just adding the last of the curls to her hair, sweeping them over one shoulder and setting them in place with pins and hairspray. When her phone chirped, informing her of a new message.

Quiet swearing fills the air as she turns off the curling iron and rushes out to her bed to grab her cell. Jagged was supposed to be picking her up in fifteen minutes. Of all of the times for the man to learn punctuality, why right now.

She flipped her phone over and read through the message, feeling both relieved that the man wasn’t sitting in a limousine downstairs and annoyed that apparently he had decided to go to the venue ahead of schedule, telling her that he would send the limo to pick her up in two hours so she didn’t have to sit around during his sound check.

Marinette sighed at her phone. It would have been nice to be consulted in this decision but at least now she didn’t have to worry about a lack of preparation time.

She tossed her phone back on the bed and headed back to the bathroom. She still had lipstick and mascara to apply. She hummed to herself as she tried to focus on not impaling her eye with the mascara wand and took extra care when outlining her lips before filling them in with the bright red lipstick.

She feels torn between happiness and sadness every time she sees the colour.  It’s a reminder of her time as ladybug, of running the rooftops and saving Paris from Akuma’s, of the time spent working with her team. But all of that was over now. Hawkmoth had been put behind bars, but the damage to her professional career had already been wrought long before the man was outed as Hawkmoth. Somehow even being revealed as a criminal hadn’t influenced his say in the fashion industry. Regardless of his criminal history the man was still the go to for high fashion. Which was something that she really couldn’t understand given the appearances he gave so many of his Akumas.  

But with no villain, there was no need for Heroes. Her and Chat had been required to return their Miraculous to Master Fu and continue their lives without their Kwami’s or each other since they never did get the chance to share their identities. She’s lost two of her best friends that day and her mentor had disappeared soon after. She couldn’t bring herself to reveal herself to the others since Chat deserved to know far more than the rest of the team. It wouldn’t have been fair to him.


Time had been moving steadily for the hour and a half following Jagged’s message as she lazed about her room in a robe, throwing nervous glances at the dress hanging off to one side of her room.

Could she do this? This event was far fancier than anything she had attended previously, even compared to the ones Chloe had invited her to after they had put aside their animosity for each other and forged a somewhat tenuous friendship. Chole had improved and matured somewhat with age and experience but while they may use the term friends, they would probably never be besties.

This was beyond Chloe’s little influencer parties. This was the high society of the rich and famous, there were a lot of people going tonight that could help or hinder her set up here in Gotham. Step on someone’s toes and she would be finished before she even got started.

Marinette shook herself out of the panicked thoughts and picked herself up off the small chaise, she could do this. Even if the idea was terrifying, this party would be a prime networking opportunity for her business.

She would certainly be wearing the right dress for it. A high halter style neckline done in sheer material with a sweetheart styled underlay and a low open back made the top modest but interesting. With its hand stitched black floral vine embroidery standing out starkly against the vibrant red of the mixed chiffon and organza materials. The embroidery began densely at the halter journeying down the dress to appear more finely dispersed in the skirt. The dress’s layers of chiffon and organza flaring from the waist into a slightly ruffled high-low style skirt, leaving her unable to trip on the front of her dress as had happened to her at a previous event… Straight into the punchbowl.

She’d walked away licking her wounds and nursing her pride that night. She’d avoided Le Grand Paris for months after and had burned red in embarrassment whenever the incident was mentioned.

Finally, an alarm went off, letting her know she had twenty minutes till her new pick up time. She shut of the alarm and reached for her heels. The only downside to wearing a shorter dress was that she couldn’t hide inappropriate, though much more comfortable, footwear beneath the skirt. Which leaves her slipping to a pair of precariously high heels, their shiny back, almost new, state showing their lack of wear. She is going to break her neck tonight. She can already feel the dread pooling in her stomach.

Once she is comfortable that she won’t have a Cinderella moment and accidentally slip out of them, she stands and takes a few steps, trying to re-centre her balance, before heading over to her dress.

She pools the dress out on her bedroom floor, making sure to clear the centre before stepping in and stripping of her robe. She tosses the satin robe onto her bed before bending to pull up the dress. The material sliding over her body as she pulls it into place, she tries her best not to disturb her hair as she does up the buttons behind her neck.

Marinette turns to her mirror to make sure the dress is sitting correctly before moving to her vanity to put on her earrings. Wishing for nothing more that the simple back studs, that she used to see every day, even as she put in simple drop earrings with their brilliant ruby gemstones.

Everything would be fine, she could do this. The sound of her message tone caused her to jump in nervousness before she moved to read it. Five minutes. She has five minutes before her ride arrives.

She wastes no time gathering the few things her small clutch purse can carry, some lipstick, Band-Aids, mobile, identification, business cards and her bank card. Swiping her keys and the invitation from the stand beside the staircase, she begins her descent to the ground floor, ensuring she has one hand firmly on the handrail, her clutch secured over her shoulder, keys and invite in hand as she steps back onto even ground.

Marinette waits until she can see the limousine approach before, she steps out onto the sidewalk and locks the door behind her.

She see’s Jagged’s ride pull up infront of her store, it seems so out of place in her neighbourhood. It’s shiny paint contrasting the rust and peeling paint on the parked cars around the street. It seems to be drawing some attention also, some of her neighbours are taking turns poking their heads out of their windows.

Thankfully, the driver is efficient and had the doors opened quickly, relieving her of her audience. She sits awkwardly in the silence as the driver re-enters the car and they begin their ride. She’s never been in a limousine by herself. The gorilla had almost always driven Adrien around in a town car so the only time she had been in one had been with Jagged and Penny, or when Chloe deemed to drag her along as an extra to an event.


The drive to the event venue was not long enough to settle Marinette’s nerves. Though maybe that was a good thing since they only seemed to be getting worse the longer she was left to her own thoughts and the flashing cameras and reporters camped outside were definitely not helping.

“Any chance there is a back way in? stage entrance maybe?” Marinette asked the driver nervously. The man sent her a pitying look.

“Sorry, miss, can’t fit the limo through an alley. But at least going through the front entrance keeps security between you and the paparazzi.” The man was trying to be reassuring but it just earnt him a groan in response. They had a few more limousines in front of them, footmen releasing the passengers from their confines one vehicle at a time.

Soon enough it was her turn to step out onto the red carpet leading up to the venue. She recalls vaguely hearing the driver wish her luck as she tried to steady her nerves and reached a hand out to accept assistance from the footman.

The smile she sends the camera’s feels incredibly fake, but she does her best not to let it fall as she makes her way up the stairs, waving to a few people but declining to answer any questions on her way through the main doors.


She spots Jagged centre stage the moment she enters the hall and it calms some of her nerves, though she is filled with annoyance when she spots Penny off to the side of the stage. It didn’t take long for her to realise that she’d been played by the two of them.

Looking around the room leaves her feeling slightly overdressed. Most of the men and women here tonight were dressed in muted dark shades, though she wasn’t sure if that part of an unwritten event dress code or if the dreary atmosphere of Gotham had worked its way into their wardrobes. Unfortunately, her bright colours only seemed to be drawing attention from the other guests. She shot Jagged a glare when she noted his thumbs up… and was that Luka on guitar? When did that happen? Luka sent her a smile from on stage as he moved with the music.

People around her looked torn between approaching or keeping their distance so she decided to ignore them for the moment and head towards the stage.

“Huh, looks like your previous plans got cancelled Penny.” Marinette said raising her eyebrow. “Surely Jagged isn’t enough of a man-child to require two babysitters?”

Penny shot her a grin. “Would you have come otherwise, Marinette? Make use of the people in attendance, Gotham’s high society are always throwing parties, galas and fundraisers for something. Get in with this lot and you’ll have your clientele set.”

Marinette sent Penny a thankful look for her consideration even if she was slightly annoyed at being kept in the dark about their schemes. She looked back to the stage where Jagged and Luka were playing back to back. “When did that happen?” She asked smiling. Luka suited the stage, he looked just as much at home up there beside Jagged as he did any time he played for her back in Paris.

“Luka? He mentioned you were friends. Jagged talked with Anarka about having him for the tour, he extended the offer to Juleka also, but she didn’t want to be away from Paris for so long. It was hard to convince him to keep quiet on our plan for tonight.” Penny smiled up at the duo as they moved about on stage.

“They look good together up there.” Marinette said sending the two a grin.

“He definitely has his father’s stage presence.” Penny said simply and wandered off to track down a drink, leaving Marinette’s thoughts a mess as she tried to process that information. She looked back to the stage watching the two move in sync for a while before deciding that, yeah. She really should have seen that coming.


Soon enough people started approaching her, usually asking for her name and family influence, the answers to which always lead to their disappointment. Most quickly moved on once they knew she had no money or power for them to use. So far, the people here had only seemed to be more intense versions of the types she had met at Chloe’s gatherings.

A few had asked about her dress, and she had happily chatted with them about their own fashion choices, easily picking their designers and offering up her business cards if they were interested in seeing some of her other work.

Once those ladies had made the rounds talking to others in their social circles she was once again swamped as others asked for her cards. Unfortunately she had only packed twenty cards, not expecting this level of interest, instead she pulled out her phone and started adding the women to her mailing lists with the reassurance that a one time email would be sent to each of them in place of a business card. What they did afterwards was up to them.

Things finally settled down for her when dinner was to be served. Thankfully she was seated beside Penny who only grinned smugly when she told her of what had happened.

“I suppose I should give you a tip, since you’re playing my business manager.” Marinette joked to the older woman who shook her head and was about to respond when the lights dimmed, and a spotlight was shone down on the stage.

An eldery gentleman stood by the microphone, she recognised the man since she had spoken with him briefly earlier in the evening, he was one of the few people who had managed to get one of her business cards. “My apologies Ladies and Gentlemen, the benefactor of tonight’s event has unfortunately been held up elsewhere, but on behalf of Master Bruce Wayne, I would like to welcome you all to the annual Martha Wayne Foundation Charity Gala. Any of the proceeds tonight will be used to support soup kitchens, orphanages and schools across Gotham for the coming year, so we implore you all to donate…”

The doors were forced open, banging on the walls as the small group of unknown people forced their way into to room. Guns waving in the air, before one man released a short burst of bullets into the ceiling above them. Small pieces of plaster falling to the floor.

Marinette heaves a sigh and observes the room. People look like they are beginning to panic but are currently too afraid to leave their seats as the four armed men secure the exits and pace the room.

Did these guys really think that four guys with guns, two of which were tranquilisers, would be enough to subdue an entire room of scared people. Someone is going to act out and the morons will get trigger happy. A final man walked through the doors and headed straight to the stage, the boss, she would guess.

The idiot with a sack on his head quickly pushed the older gentleman and the entertainers off the stage and towards the rest of the crowds, Jagged and Luka making their way over to her and Penny while the obviously insane man took to the mic.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen.” The voice screeched through the sound system, “I have a new fear toxin to test, the great thing about this one is that it takes the form of a gas.” He laughs out as the coloured gas gets pushed through the air vents.

Marinette goes to get up. Only to have Luka place his hand on her shoulders, “this isn’t Paris, there are no second chances here. You need to be sure before you act.” Marinette meets his eyes as people around them start to scream and panic around them. She gives him a firm nod, the gas is reaching them now and she can see it starting to affect him. She can feel it affecting her, clawing at her insides, feeding on her panic and growing in her chest, trying to dull her thoughts and leave her nothing more than a huddled mess of paralysed fear. She sees the world pulsing and twisting around her but she pushes it back. She spent years pushing Hawkmoth out of her head. She would not submit now, it seemed that Luka was only just keeping himself together also. Just remaining aware enough to follow her lead. Good. Backup might make her crazy plan work.

She huddled beside him, not even having to pretend to shake to fit in with the crowds. Her body was already exhibiting the physical responses that come with fear so at least that would be convincing. “I need you to try to deal with the man with the rifle by the door. I’ll deal with Sack head and Machine gun. The tranquilisers are the least of our problems right now, they won’t do as much damage as a proper bullet so they are the last priority. Understand.”

Luka jerks his head down once before shuffling away slowly. Moving through the scared crowd as they pace between the tables and are herded back to their area by the tranquiliser wielding men.

She waits for Luka to get close to the door before stumbling towards the front of the group to face the man on stage.

“So, you have us afraid. Now what?” She asked. Scarecrow seemed shocked at her question, though considering the state of everyone else in the room, he obviously wasn’t expecting any lucid conversationalists.

“You aren’t affected by the gas.” He stated in surprise, jumping off the stage and marching closer to analyse her.

Marinette felt the tremors increase as she got a closer look at the rogue. She clenched her fists and forced herself to look at the twisting grotesque sack on the man’s head as he tilts it slightly to watch her.

“No. Dilated pupils, increased breathing,” He hums inching closer taking a moment to circle her, “and racing pulse, muscle constriction. It’s definitely in your system.” the man comes to a stop in front of her as tries to control her breathing and keep her mind from focusing on the chaos in the room and the hallucinations that are starting to creep about the room. “Tell me, I’m curious. I am after all a psychologist. How are you not a sobbing mess like the rest of them?”

Marinette did her best to ignore the trembling in her legs that was making it incredibly hard to stay upright in her heels. Eventually, she decides that everyone in the room was too far gone to care about her footwear, she slipped her feet out of the expensive death traps and left them on the floor beside her.

It made her even shorter in comparison to the tall lanky man staring her down, but if she was going to antagonise a villain, she would be as comfortable as possible when doing it… if that was even an option given the current circumstances. But regardless, running would be a lot easier if she didn’t have to over balance.

The Rogue was waiting for an answer. “I asked you a question. It’s incredibly rude not to answer.” one of the men came over carrying the machine gun. Good. That leave two threats for her and one for Luka to deal with.

Marinette hummed to herself for a moment before sending the man a forced smile. “Yeah, I’m being affected, but I’ve got some practice with shutting out negative thoughts. You see, I’m quite good at catastrophising things in my head, but I’m only really truly afraid of one thing.”

The Scarecrow was leaning closer in interest now so she continued talking, “I guess you want to know what I’m terrified of?” she asked, her eyes flickering across the room, taking in all of the panicked forms, hearing the terror filled screams as they tried to hide from their imaginary demons.

She turned back to the Scarecrow, who was gesturing for her to continue. “Look around. You’ve already made it happen.” She said, “What I’m most afraid of is not being strong enough to protect the people around me.”

“Then you should be even worse off than the rest.” The man snarled “So why are you standing there talking logically?” Marinette forced out a laugh at the man’s confusion.

“Because I’m a Parisian, I grew up during a time where letting your emotions rule you was an invitation to let a mad man rule your mind. You are talking to one of the few people in Paris who never caved to that pressure. And do you know why?” She asked, receiving a motion to continue talking. Marinette smiled again before leaning towards the side of the man’s mask. “Because letting my fear paralyse me only makes it come true. So I’ve never had the luxury of giving into it.” Having said her piece, she forces her fist into the man’s gut, the punch forcing him to double over in his place.

She only has a moment to use the henchmen’s surprise against them. Spinning in a half circle and swooping down to collect her heels and launching one of them at the gun wielder’s face, distracting him long enough to slam the other one into the side of his head to knock him unconscious before throwing  across the room at the other gun wielder to give Luka an opening to restrain the man.

Scarecrow’s attempts to stand back up drew her attention and she quickly shuffled behind the man, restraining him as the remaining two henchmen pointed their dart guns at her, ignoring Luka as he silently subdued the man guarding the door.

The Scarecrow was struggling against her, and the gas was continuing to build up in her system, fighting it was getting harder as her exposure increased. This standoff needed to end soon because she won’t be able to hold on much longer. So far, she had been able to ignore the nausea and dizziness, but the ringing in her ears was growing along with the feeling of pins and needles in her arms and legs.

Just as her strength was leaving her, a new threat swooped in from above. The mass of moving shadow was tearing into the henchmen and leaving them on the ground in his wake. She had to readjust her hold when the Scarecrow had begun panicking at the new form’s entrance, which was somewhat reassuring since she had initially thought it was the toxin manifesting more hallucinations in her mind.

Her muscles burned with the strain it took to hold the Rogue in place. More so, when the black mass began approaching them, Marinette pulling the Scarecrow with her as she tried to step away.

She could vaguely see a mouth moving in the shadows, but she couldn’t hear anything over the ringing in her ears. One firm tug from Scarecrow and her arms were empty as he attempted to bolt across the room away from the darkness that gave chase.  


She hadn’t even registered falling to her knees until she felt a pinch at her neck and someone placing their hands on her shoulders, wrapping a thick fleecy blanket around her. The contact bought her back to reality as her eyes darted around the room, now filled with emergency personnel and recovering partygoers. They had large exhaust systems working to clear the toxin out and pump in clean air.

She shivered for a moment and pulled the blanket closer as she watched uniformed police officers cuff and remove some of the henchmen. “You handled yourself well.” A voice sounded from behind her. Marinette gave a sombre nod.

“Practice.” She said dryly, “Honestly, I hadn’t expected it to come in handy after I left Paris. But I guess that’s what I get for coming to Gotham of all places, for a new start.” She turned around to observe the speaker, only to be met with a mask and costume.

“Quite a radical decision. There are plenty of less dangerous places in the world.” The man commented.

“Maybe,” Marinette said, “But this place doesn’t care about the past. And I’d rather leave mine in Paris.” She gave a weak smile before trying to stand, eventually managing, even if her legs felt like they would give out again if she tried to take a step. She held her hand out to the man, “Marinette.” The caped man hesitated momentarily before moving to take her hand.

“Batman. We need your statement before you leave.” He quickly released her hand and turned to speak with one of the many law enforcement personnel who was walking away from the elderly speaker from earlier.

“Of course, Commissioner.” The masked man gave her a nod and the two walked a small distance away from her to have their conversation. She glanced around the room again, this time trying to locate Luka, Jagged and Penny. All three were together, Jagged offering what support he could as Luka spoke with the police.

Assured that they were fine for the moment she turns her attention back to the Hero who had swooped in to save them. She’d seen some of the emergency medics inject something into the necks of the people effected by the fear toxin, so she was guessing the pinch she felt was her receiving the antidote. It certainly explained the returning clarity she was experiencing, though the adrenalin was quickly fleeing her system leaving her exhausted. She slowly muddled her way to sit on the side of the stage to contemplate the city’s hero.

The Batman didn’t seem so terrifying now that she could actually see him and think straight. The swirling mass of darkness she’d seen had just been his cape and mask. Though she was slightly concerned considering she couldn’t feel the slightest bit of magic or supernatural power from the man. Which meant he was running around fighting Gotham’s underground and nightlife with nothing between himself and the various sharp objects and bullets except for a bit of spandex.

How was the man still alive? Then again, could she talk? It was hardly on the same level as their old heroics, but she and Luka did just attempt to take on several lunatics with guns while under the influence of a madman. She choked out something caught between a laugh and a sob. What a walk down memory lane, but now she just wanted to go home and crawl into bed and curl up among her quilts and pillows and sleep for a week.  

That sounded like a plan. She dropped the blanket and made her way over to where Luka was talking with the officer. But was stopped as she approached by another officer requesting a statement. Marinette sighed but consented, allowing herself to be led over to a chair.


The statement took longer than she liked, but eventually she was free to go. Batman had taken his leave shortly after he had begun speaking with the commissioner and Luka was waiting for her with Jagged and Penny not too far away. Unfortunately, she had to walk back to the limo bare footed, apparently, they wanted her shoes as evidence and she would most likely not receive them back. It was annoying, she might not wear them often, but they were her special event shoes, they were her only pair of Christian Louboutin’s and had required her saving up for months for the splurge. Perhaps she shouldn’t have been pulled in by their Ladybug red soles and just bought a cheaper pair.

She had been wedged between Jagged and Luka as they headed back to the limousine, walking past the numerous news vans that had replaced the Paparazzi from earlier. She did her best to tune out the questions, flashing cameras and crowds gathering as Luka guided her into the Limo, leaving Jagged and Penny to say a few words to the press before joining them.

Marinette had curled up against Luka as soon as they settled into their places in the back seat, feeling limp and drained as she pushed her head to his shoulder.

“You’re ok, Marinette. We’re all safe. Even without your spots you are still our Hero” Luka mumbles into her hair, low enough that the others wouldn’t hear. His words make her tear up and throw her arms around him.

“I’m so sorry Luka.” She cried, and she was, she was sorry for so many things. For not stopping Hawkmoth sooner. For making Luka live through all of the horrible versions of their battles, she new if must have been hard for him. Afterall, she had nightmares for months after Timebreaker. For Ladybug disappearing without telling any of the team. For running away from Paris when everything got too hard. She wasn’t strong enough. She was never strong enough.

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” Luka murmured as he ran his fingers through her hair “You were an amazing hero, kind and brave with and without the mask. You always did everything you could. I’ve watched countless times as you sacrificed yourself for the people around you. Now it’s your turn to do something for yourself. No one has a right to ask you to do otherwise.” he said before humming a soothing tune to her.


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Star wars fans! Help!

I just Got a large canvas and i want to start a project of painting a beautiful scenery scene from one of the movies, but i am unsure which one to Pick!

Please leave screenshots or tell me which ones you think would be cool? Thanks!

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That awkward moment when you’ve started 3 seperate Spinaraki fics in one night and have deleted them all because they suck but you said you’d do it but your creativity block is smacking you across the face but you want to do it but you have a lot of Dabi energy tonight so writing Spinner is hard and everything hurts and it’s only 1 am but it’s okay because Spinaraki

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yeah i do love you

but i don’t want to

you did me dirty

and now it’s all a blurry

so if you’re gonna lie to me

you better make it sound fine

i’ve always had my tongue tied

never said a word

(the begging of a song that i will never sing)

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Hey y'all I need some help finding something

There’s this short animation of a scene from TAZ Balance

It was the first I ever saw and was the main reason I started listing to TAZ

I thought it was saved in my drafts, but I can’t for the life of me find it.

It was the iconic abracafuckyou scene. Their hands we’re just… Balls for most of it? When Justin said ”excellent” Taako in the animation sat up. Magic Brian fell over in time with the dice roll.

It was amazing and I really want to see it again

Does anyone know what I’m taking about?

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