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anyone can help me with that adhd thing where you want to take part in a challenge but you can’t find any that interest you, you don’t have ideas on making your own and also knowing that you probably won’t be able to keep the challenge up or finish it…? or is that just me?

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I’m scared that when I get married I’m going to have to stop lip-sync jamming out to songs while pretending I’m at a concert. Literally what else am I meant to do when I know I should go to sleep because it’s 3am and I’m procrastinating sleep because I feel like my day is wasted because of the harsh corporate grind I face everyday of my life because I live in this capitilastic society where I have to work myself too hard and be unhappy so I can feed my cat, Gary, and pay for funions and the time I spend doing that is literally the only time out of my day I feel remotely happy


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Sunan an Nasa’i: 14 The Book of Jumu'ah

‘Abdur-Rahman Al-A'raj narrated that:

He heard Abu Hurairah say: “The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: 'The best day on which the sun rises is Friday. On this day, Adam, peace be upon him, was created, on this day he was admitted to Paradise, and on this day he was taken out of it.’”

Sunan an Nasa’i: 14 The Book of Jumu'ah 1384

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Hi everyone! I’m seriously considering getting an IPad for graduate school and I was wondering if anyone has any comments (good or bad) about theirs? And also what kind/how much storage? I’m looking at the IPad 7 (128 GB) with the pencil and a keyboard.

Thank you!! 💜💜💜

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I Need Song Suggestions

So here’s the deal. I’ve been significantly Hard of Hearing my whole life, but in August I might be getting a hearing aid for the first time ever. Being HOH greatly affects the ways in which I listen to music. Generally, I have to find a song (usually with loud vocals and minimal background noise/ instruments) that I vibe with and then memorize all the lyrics for me to enjoy music. So needless to say, my musical knowledge is very limited.

But I want to make a boppin’ playlist to listen to once I get my hearing aid… So that’s where I need y'alls help. Send me song suggestions, preferably ones with lots of beautifully intricate melodies or instrumental portions.

Things to keep in mind:

  • I don’t like love songs (But if it really slaps, I’ll make an exception)
  • Songs with religious overtones are the bomb diggity
  • Gay shit (especially sapphic) owns my soul
  • No country music, plz

Thank you all so much!!!

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Chiron is more of a personal thing to you…like an area in the chart you are sensitive towards.  I would say Chiron in the 2nd is sensitive to being hurt over their values, ridiculed over their assets, made fun of for their voice or even the food they eat.  I think in your case it might manifest in sensitivity towards not having fun, so you may teach others the importance of financial responsibility.  It might just be that really understand the importance of practical handling of money…..

Saturn in the 8th…Saturn always waits to enter the house it’s in until one is older and has built maturity and resources of their own before entering.  Before you combine resources of another Saturn will make you have your own first. There can be a fear the first 30 years of life of giving up your hard earned assets and mixing them with someone else’s.  You could actually be fearful of taxes or anything that takes away what you worked hard for.

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Sun in 8th:…Something about the way your educated or how you uniquely express yourself can trigger someones psychological baggage. This can happen because the sun is a mild malefic and burns what it shines the light on.  When it shines the light on someones 8th house it can brighten their darkest secrets and emotional pains.

There can be other effects too.  Sun persons drive for external force in the world may trigger the 8th house person to go to extremes and transform.  The Sun can have physical body may be very attractive to the 8th house person and cause sexual feelings to arouse.  

Venus in 8th: The way the Venus person shows affection or portrays love can fall in love with the 8th house person seeks to feel safe.  The 8th house person can willing let the Venus person inside the fortress of their heart.  The affection Venus shows can trigger a need for intimacy closeness, signifying arousal and even a need to “possess” the Venus person for themselves.  Venus rules financially resources and assets and the 8th house person will want to combine resources with Venus.  

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Do you ever just want to quit? It’s something that drives me crazy and keeps me up at night.

Why do we quit? Fear? I mean, it’s scary to take risks. We always want to protect ourselves and it’s easier to stay where we know is safe instead of risking change, even if that change would better our lives. I could make a change and better something or get something I want, but it’s still change. Even if it’s something that’s clearly negative that I could change to positive, that risk of change weighs me down. So it’s easier to quit something even if it’s good if it means not having to change. There’s a continuous resistance to change in my head that keeps me where I am. With work, relationships and really everything I feel this. Quiting is comfortable because it means I don’t have to change. Help. Why am I okay where I am when I could improve things or chase things I want? How do I find the courage to make changes?

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Spirituality in islam: Yaqin (Certainty)

Yaqin (certainty) means having no doubt about the truth of a matter and arriving at accurate, doubtfree knowledge through exact verification. Used also to mean verification, seeking certainty, examining, and exerting strenuous effort to arrive at certainty, certainty is a spiritual station that a traveler on the path has reached and experienced. It is obtained only by those who have an innate capability to progress and develop inwardly. This term is not used for God’s Knowledge, which is infinite and therefore neither increases nor decreases. God does not have a Name by which he is known as “One having certainty or giving certainty.” In addition, certainty is a degree reached through study and verification of something previously doubted. The Divine Being neither doubts nor needs verification.

According to truth-seeking scholars, yaqin means certainty or conviction of the truth expressed in the essentials of faith, including primarily one’s doubt-free belief in God’s Existence and Unity. It is also defined as reaching that conviction through observing or experiencing the originals or truths of those essentials in which regular people believe, and discerning or penetrating the realms beyond this material one.

Certainty may also be regarded as a point, final in one respect and initial in another, reached by using all sources of knowledge and ways of observation and discernment. A traveler who has reached this point frequently sails for what is eternal, realizing ascension in his or her heart and reaching the horizon of: His sight swerved not, nor did it go wrong (53:17). He or she travels amidst Divine manifestations in the material and immaterial realms, and is favored with a tongue to speak, eyes to see, and ears to hear (the truths contained in) the Supreme Sign. That is, repeated observation and study of the book of the universe, of the things and events contained in it, allows the traveler to eternity to perceive the meanings of the inimitable seals on things and events special to God. 

By repeatedly observing and reflecting on the scenes presented for study in the outer world as well as in his or her inner world, truths beyond the visible realm are unveiled to the traveler. Also, by living in the brilliant, mysterious climate of Divine Revelation, namely the Qur'an and the Sunna, one feels the manifestation of the Hidden Treasure in his or her heart. The believer becomes aware of and experiences the tokens and signs issuing from the prism of his or her conscience, which reflects the rays of Divine gifts coming from the outer world, his or her inner world, and the Divine Revelation, and sends them to his or her senses and faculties. Certainty, in this meaning and degree, is a gift with which God favors those near to Him.

Even in its least degree, certainty is so strong that it fills the heart with light, removes the mist of doubt from the mind, and causes breezes of joy, satisfaction, and exhilaration to blow in one’s inner world. As pointed out by Dhu al-Nun al-Misri, certainty causes the heart to overflow with the desire to reach eternity. This engenders the desire to live an austere life, for asceticism allows one to think and speak with wisdom. One who takes the wing of asceticism and flies to the realm of wisdom never forgets what the end will be, always thinks of the afterlife, and always feels God’s company, even when with other people. 

In the early steps of certainty, the veil between the material and immaterial sides of existence begins to be removed and, a few steps further, the traveler discerns the realm beyond this material world. With his or her heart filled with Divine manifestations, which result in the attainment of peace and satisfaction, the believer is freed absolutely from all doubt about the truths of faith. Like ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib, may God be pleased with him, some who have attained this degree of certainty have declared: Even if the veil between the seen and the Unseen were to lift, my certainty would not increase. A few steps further on is the station where one journeys in the pure realm of Divine gifts, of which eyes have never seen, ears have never heard, or minds have never conceived.

To gain certainty, an initiate beginning the journey must try to do what is necessary to reach it. However, one can only reach this station when God bestows it as a blessing and gift. Without acquiring due knowledge of God, one cannot reach certainty. Knowledge of God is acquired through a correct view of and perspective on things and events; the ability to think in a correct and balanced manner; purity of intention; study of the signs of God’s Existence and Unity; and reflection on His acts and the manifestations of His Names and Attributes. Knowledge of God is a light illuminating the initiate’s inner and outer worlds, a light shining from all corners of existence. Under the rays of this light, the initiate sees everything as it really is and, being freed from the confines of multiplicity (of things and events), discerns Divine Unity and is enraptured with indescribable spiritual pleasure.

Although an initiate may feel uneasy during the early steps of the way to certainty, he or she will be lost in inconceivable pleasure and peace at the end of it. Those who cannot distinguish between what is felt in the beginning and what is experienced at the end wrongly conclude that certainty is risky; however, those who constantly feel God’s company and the resulting spiritual delight enjoy peace and security from all spiritual trouble and possible deviation. Uneasiness and trouble are felt only in the beginning. As for certainty being risky, all stations confront the traveler with some degree of risk. The Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, declared: Even I would not be able to be saved (from Hellfire or God’s punishment through my own actions), if God did not embrace me in His mercy. As for being secure from trouble and deviation and gaining peace, these are fresh fruits that God causes certainty to yield.

As referred to in some verses of the Qur'an, Sufis classify certainty in the three categories:

- Certainty coming from knowledge: Having a strong, firm belief in or conviction of all the essentials of faith, primarily God’s Existence and Unity, acquired through correct observation and study of the relevant signs and evidence.

- Certainty coming from direct observation or seeing: Having an indescribable degree of certainty and knowledge of God acquired through unveiling and observing the immaterial truths invisible to ordinary believers and on which the essentials of belief are based.

- Certainty coming from direct experience: Being favored with God’s constant company, without any veils and in a way that only the one receiving this favor can perceive. Some have interpreted it as self-annihilation in God and gaining subsistence by Him.

These three degrees of certainty can be summed up in the following example: A person’s knowledge of death (before he or she dies) that is acquired by observing or studying the body in a biological context can be an example of certainty coming from knowledge. Witnessing some metaphysical phenomena, such as seeing the angel who has come to remove one’s soul and catching glimpses of the intermediate world of the grave, may be regarded as a kind of certainty coming from direct observation. The certainty gained by actually experiencing death is a certainty coming from direct experience.

Certainty about abstract truths, such as the nature of God’s Names and Attributes coming from direct observation, for example, pertains to one’s personal experience. It is therefore beyond my ability to explain.

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To begin, I have like one friend.

We went to middle school together in Taiwan. We then both moved to the US (different parts), but I left a year earlier.

I left on much better terms than her. I’m constantly miserable in high school here while my last year in Taiwan was the best year in my life. For her, it’s flipped. She was absolutely miserable in Taiwan, but when she moved here, she went from a low ranking student to a top one and school has become a happier place for her (yes, schools in Taiwan rank students and announces the rankings).

Her biggest gripe in Taiwan was being involved in a cheating scandal. In Taiwan, we were part of a friend group. The year I was gone but she wasn’t, the other people in the friend group accused her of cheating after they peer reviewed one of her essays. This ruined her friendship with them.

In the beginning, both sides wanted to complain and drag the other to me. It sucked for me. I lost connection with the other people in the friend group by now, so it’s just her now. She would complain about how manipulative and backstabbing students and parents at the school in Taiwan are, basically trash talking the whole place.

I want to be a supportive friend. I am trying very hard to keep in mind what other people have said on the internet: don’t bring up your own experiences when people are venting and just because you don’t see it happen, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

But that doesn’t change the fact I had a much different experience than her. I find the people here at my new school much less friendly, more manipulative and competitive than Taiwan. I see my school in Taiwan almost like a safe space. I don’t want to bestow the sort of judgement that she’s portraying on it without proof.

And yes, rereading what I wrote, seeing things more objetively, it occured to me now that I held a more privileged position than her at the school in Taiwan (higher ranking, more friends) which could definitely make me biased and only see the school’s good parts. The school might have been truly a bad place for her and I don’t want to belittle her experience. And I understand it’s important to not let privilege and bias blind you.

But I don’t doubt that she’s biased as well. I saw the paper she wrote also, and I secretly believe she cheated as well. Which I’m not too hung up on to make it a dealbreaker in our relationship (though she would if she knew I thought that). And I don’t think the other people turned her in to be backstabbing manipulative bitches but because they genuinely believe it’s the right thing to do.

I started this post about to ask for advice on how to explain to her that I don’t want to join in trash talking a place I loved without making it sound like I’m making it about me. But by the end of this post, I think I’m just asking for what’s the right thing to do.

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Should I make a Modern AU fic for Atla? Cuz like, everyone makes these AUs but instead of them being Modern it’s more writing it as a normal everyday highschool drama, ditching what made it special. There are so many cool ways to add in the unique functions of this world in a modern setting! Would y'all read it? I need validation

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