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#help me out

So… Ill be honest.. My kids and i have been staying in hotels since my place destroyed.

Im 50$ short on a room for tonight if anyone would please donate or buy some content from me id deeply appreciate you.

Cashapp: $jzombie666

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I’ve tried to work as hard as I could during these times. But not being able to afford groceries, gas, and other necessities is beginning to take a toll on my mental health even more. My hours at my place of work is not enough to help cover these costs. Ultimately being cut from COVID. I’ve been trying to sell my art to help myself and even will try to do more to help gather even something to help me. Sadly, no one wants my work -which is absolutely understandable. Down below is my PayPal information. Anything helps. I thank you all for your support and give you mine as well. ❤️✨ Yes this is my legal name-however please refer to me as Raya.

1.) Donating is optional -you don’t have to if you do not want to. Just know the payments received do go towards groceries, gas, and other helpful things.

2.) Please note that I am a hard working person/ artist trying to get by.

3.) Anything helps. It absolutely does.

4.) I appreciate everything donated and will absolutely love to give you all art in return for your gracious help.

🙏🏽 thank you.

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I don’t understand most of the emotions that other people have

But I’m here because I’m afraid for my living conditions if I wasn’t here

I understand that my family has to be important to me

I wonder if love is real because I can’t understand it Is it real? Does this emotion really exist?

I have my friends and if something is wrong with them I know that I have to help

I like my friends and want them to be fine but I don’t understand their problems

I understand when I’m angry

And I can understand that others are angry but not why

Ultimately, the biggest question I have is whether others are really that emotional?

Does it really exist or is it some secret?

Don’t get me wrong I know Happy and Sad

What I don’t know are extremes

I know that you can be so sad and broken that you don’t want to anymore

For me it was always like this: It takes an effort to kill myself, I have to take action for that

I’ve considered that i could but way would i make that effort?

So the best way I can describe myself is passive but I live and I have opinions

And I represent my opinion

I also have emotions that I can understand myself

Is it all just very bad empathy?

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can i use a bandana from the dollar tree to veil? im broke and cant find any cheap veils. :(

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I’m trying to get better at the craft. I’ve done the basics; protection spells, good luck spells, money spells. I’ve been working with tarot cards as well. are there any spells, rituals, or other things i should do, find, or buy in order to improve my witchy skillset? any things i should avoid (because its unsafe, or a closed practice?)? thank you in advance. 

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I have to write an essay on my favourite book:


I have to write an essay on my favourite book and ranting about Snape being an asshole is not an essay:

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Should I start posting my art


I just want to get your personal opinion. Would you guys be interested in seeing my fan art posted here?? I mainly draw for Voltron, Haikyuu and am starting BNHA. I would take suggestion ad other requests.

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Hey quick question peeps. Who wanted to be tagged in everything? I remember getting multiple messages when I was creating Cheated but I forgot 😭😅. If you wanted to be tagged in everything, can you do me a huge favor and respond to this post? I really do appreciate it!

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I’m seriously considering starting to stream. I think it would be fun! Thing is I have no idea what to stream, so this is where you guys come in. Help a fellow gamer out?

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tell me which of the boys you’d want to go on a date with the MOST (I know we all wanna go on a date with all of them lol but just choose one) and WHY

for research. 😇

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Help me get to 100 followers by reblogging this post and I’ll start posting some pretty pictures 😘 won’t it be fun? Help a girl out 🥺 I’m thinking fishnets and tails 😉

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Hi!!! So I’m new here and I’m thinking about writing. I will probably only write about OBX and mostly of JJ because he’s a handsome boy ;)… Anywayssss if anyone has tips please tell me I could use the help. Oh and how exactly do I make a masterlist????

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Do I put the recovery in the same fic as the escape? Or do I make it a series with some oneshots? 

Planning on updating soon, but I’m looking ahead. 

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Can someone agree with me that the queer flag gets wayyyyy to little attention/representation. As a person who just identifies as queer, I barely ever see it anywhere. Repost or like if you agree! 

(I know the 2 purple triangle stripe one exists too but this one is way prettier)

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Coping mechanisms for being made to move out of the house you’ve been in for fifteen years. Please suggest

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Can someone help me find the clip from that vampire parody show with the two child vampires who spend their nights luring child predators and then killing them? I think its calle what we do in the shadows?

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Does anyone do astrology ships with EXO anymore? I can do it myself but want someone else’s input haha.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Okay first off; I am disabled. I have never understood why the spoon theory is so significant and I don’t really use it, it’s not a common term disabled people use around where I live. I understand the meaning of it, but basing ones energy level in spoons seems a bit odd to me. Also chronically ill I find is just another word for being disabled, I feel like that’s said in the community when someone is embarrassed or ashamed to use the world disabled and disability about themselves, that’s the case in my country anyway. Can someone fill me in and broaden my mind and understanding a bit?

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yall should i get my nipple pierced??? im leaning towards yes i just need validation lmao 

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