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literarylupus · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
So, I keep seeing ωĥīṬÉ ⚪️washed fanart of the Madrigal family and it’s driving me up the wall in frustration. Please spread this. And, of course, feel free to use this and share it! You can also repost this as long as you source! Thank you! 🙏
(Also, I love Bruno, didn’t mean to leave him out—I hope to do Bruno later—but I was too tired to edit him into the family portrait today)
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mokutone · 8 days ago
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u dont see gai get mad often bc he really works hard to cultivate that friendly goofy passionate vibe but. theres been a couple of times where ive been like. ah. ah...this guy could scare the shit out of me. if he tried.
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sunnyd4ys · 5 months ago
please help me keep my home + van
remaking since my last post was getting lengthy and losing traction with no help for a few days so apologies if this is familiar ! hi !  im a 20 year old disabled trans guy currently unable to work and waiting to hear from vocational rehab for help. in the meantime however, im in the middle of moving and need help to get my rent covered, car payment caught up, and be able to afford groceries/utilities/moving costs.
i need to raise $350 for rent by the 31st, $235 for the car payment as soon as i can (less of priority than rent but it is over 2 weeks late and can technically be repo’d; screenshot below), and about $100 or so for utilities (not 100% sure since its a new place, do also have to pay city util’s now so it could be more).
Tumblr media
i was able to get just enough last week to cover an early week of rent to move in, but still need to raise about $675 to even just cover the bills, let alone have enough to eat or get gas to get to appointments.
if anyone is able to help, id be so so grateful. its genuinely terrifying not knowing if im going to keep my transport or my housing day-to-day, and to be in my worst physical+mental health yet on top of it. i just want to check in somewhere and rest and get help but i cant even do that right now, going to be a long week.
payp al[.]me/nyx1st1x 
ve n mo + ca sha pp : nyx1st1x 
ko-fi : nyxistix 
.carrd with commission info as well at nyx1st1x[.]carrd[.]co
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gaylittlezuko · 5 months ago
something about zukka slowburn friends-to-lovers in their mid-20s once they’ve both had years to adjust to their post-war lives and think about what (and who) they really want in life can be so personal
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senoleaf · a month ago
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Hey @hauntinghyrule ! Surprise surprise, I’m your Secret Santa!!
Happy Holidays! You wanted some romantic Vio and Shadow, so here you have ‘em holding hands and exchanging presents!
Hope you like it! :)
Also, thanks to @imaginefourswords for hosting this, it was quite a lot of fun!
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aliteralchicken · 21 days ago
Bernard: While most people categorize the third Robin x the first Superboy as ”Friends to Lovers”, more seasoned fans would know that in actuality, they have a “enmies to friends to lovers” dynamic
Bernard: to quote Jimmy Olson, when asked why Robin changed the iconic robin costume he said ‘they were his colors’ about Superboy, i think this would be the finally admitting feelings to himself phase
Tim: *oh I did say that*
Kon, who was invited to third wheel:
Kon: *sips milkshake*
Kon: you know what I can see it
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the-musical-cc · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Ahhhhhh I am BAD at designing clothes but I did my best jaknsajsa anyway have a grownup Ilia who lives in Kakariko and is learning to be a healer with Renado.
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sapphic-luthor · 8 months ago
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have we ever talked about how visibly hurt lena was when she realised she had disappointed supergirl
#this is like . very sad to me #at this point she only knows supergirl as 'the woman who judges me based on my name' by her own admission in s2 #but that kind of guilt and hurt in her eyes gives away that she clearly doesn't Really think that about supergirl #or if she does then she desperately hopes that's the not the case-- this is the hurt of somebody who thinks; i've let her down #and why would you care if you've let someone down unless you really hoped that they believed in you? #like this is . lena's cornered and outnumbered and they really fucked this whole situation up #because she was defensive and nervous and had every single right to be because she had been trying to save her friend #and then the whole deo and mon el and imra and supergirl and alex and people she otherwise 'trusted' sat her down and grilled her #and this is like a bad interrogation. she didn't do anything wrong and she knew that but #i think she kind of hoped that supergirl might stick up for her here; just a bit #might say 'hey let's hear her out; this is her best friend and she was just trying to help' #and honestly i think kara was pretty close to leaning that way anyway #and then as soon as lena had to admit she used kryptonite..... #and she KNEW. in this scene when she has to tell them she used it she delays and delays and pauses so much before admission #because she knows what it's going to do. #she knows it will cement her as a threat in the eyes of the woman she so desperately hoped would believe in her against all odds #but that was kara. kara was the one who would go to war with the world on the belief that lena was good. not supergirl. #and that's why so much of lena's s5 anger is reasonable to me #anyway! #supercorp #lena #kara #mine #one of these is way worse quality than the other but pls look away i cannot help it
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codenamesazanka · 3 months ago
Toga’s finally turning into a Villain, and what I mean by that is she’s realizing exactly what that the label entails - never having a normal life; irredeemable; lacking a future; not worthy of being saved; a person this society doesn’t need, just a beast in human skin. Heavy stuff. And she’s going to start thinking of herself as all this, which is the crux of the whole Villain thing.
Tumblr media
She’s always been shown focusing on the things she likes rather than the things she hates. So she found commonalities with Uraraka and Deku despite them being Hero-trainees. She joined the League because it gave her a place to feel more comfortable in her own skin. Her goals weren’t about destruction, even if she’s going along with Shigaraki’s plan; nor did she have a particular grudge against Heroes. Toga wanted to live a happy, easy life in a world that’s nicer, better to her than this existing one which has left her disowned by her parents, and everyone else.
Tumblr media
I think Toga still thought, somehow, she would grow up, find love, live her version of a normal life. She didn’t think about the full consequences and implications of the League’s actions. It’s naïve, but she’s 17, had been by herself since 15; she’s a still kid, like any other dumb teenager who thinks they’re at the pinnacle of growth and maturity, future vague and far away. Life was hard to live, but Toga was braving through. The League was going to change things, and besides, Izuku during the licensing exam said he’ll save anyone, no exceptions.
The League - except maybe Mr. Compress whose full deal we don’t know yet - are characterized by their profound disillusionment, of having nothing to lose when they joined, recognizing they’ve been completely kicked out of society and Heroes enforce that banishment.
Tumblr media
Until Jin’s death, Toga hadn’t experienced the full, overwhelming force of this; she held out hope, even if she wasn’t conscious of it. It’s why she reached out to Uraraka, as a last ditch effort to not fall into total despair. Toga needed to know if she still could have a place, a future, a life in society. What she got from the conversation was a firm ‘No’.
Tumblr media
And now, she’s trying to comprehend the full weight of that ‘no’. It’s scary, believing life is only going to get harder and any effort is for an empty future. Good society has thrown her away completely and no one will help. She thought she was just another normal-as-could-be teenaged girl like Uraraka, but it turns out she’s not. Instead, she’ll continued to get hunted down by Heroes because to them, she’s not a person and they will kill her. Toga’s trying to accept this - once she does, Heroes have missed their chance, and it’s gonna be a lot harder to save her.
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ellbowart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Are you crazy?” a clone yells.
Fives takes a deep breath.
“A little,” he answers, and jumps.
I have once again drawn another scene from @meridiansdominoes because I honestly just cannot stop myself
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tea-and-la · 10 months ago
I’m obsessed with the fact that Zutara grows from being literal enemies
Tumblr media Tumblr media
to trusting the other person to protect their back from potential harm during battle preparation (this takes TOTAL trust and faith in the other person)
Tumblr media
to sleeping with their backs towards each other while traveling
Tumblr media
to showing up to the final agni kai side by side (looking like the badass power couple that they are)
Tumblr media
to literally almost dying trying to save each other
Tumblr media Tumblr media
to saving each other 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sleepybluesoul · 2 months ago
Lick-Gate and other Las Vegas Shenanigans, with Foolish_Gamers, Punz, Hannahxxrose.
There were a solid 40 Minutes of raw footage of just Foolish giggling.
(Also, Tumblr's video limit is a b*tch, so there are ~50 more seconds of this "uncut" over on Youtube)
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pallanophblargh · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m currently facing a second exposure to covid via another coworker I was just working with, and I’ll be seeking a test shortly. But In other news, Xmas gifts have officially been exchanged via zoom, and, if I do indeed have covid during this would-be vacation, I can do some reading, courtesy of this Xmas haul.
Next: good introduction book(s) for entomology. Additionally, more books on trees.
Speaking of reading, I intend to get (back) into Discworld, but I’m not yet sure of where I want to begin. Suggestions welcome!
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smittyw · 10 months ago
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something about these two i guueeesss what can i say!! somebody lied about being poisonous bc his hand sure is getting Held
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fismoll7secinv · 2 months ago
What if Guillermo died or was dying and they had to turn him immediately, but it was not Nandor’s homeland unfortunately so they can’t share the ancestors soil. Later on they are preparing for slumber and Nandor is all sad that they can’t cuddle together, so Guillermo asks if they can just mix the soil and see how it goes. They decide to try it out, Nandor prepares it and is adamant that Guillermo doesn’t bother. Finally, they lie down together, Nandor on his back out of habit and Guillermo snuggled to his side and partly lying on him, both cuddled and warm in a tangled mess of their limbs. Some soft talk ensues until Guillermo falls asleep with a blissful smile on his face, tired after all recent events and his awakening as a vampire, which he awaited for so long.
A moment passes before Nandor opens his eyes and looks softly at Guillermo, then his gaze briefly shifts to a small bag lying somewhere to the side, hidden behind a piece of furniture and emitting a smell of soil. Only Guillermo’s soil was put under them and it was making Nandor feel completely awake.
But it is fine.
He looks back at Guillermo sleeping in his arms, and one of his hands moves to the chubby cheek, cupping it for a moment before his finger puts a strand of dark hair behind Guillermo’s ear. And so he lies with his beloved in his embrace, one hand caressing the smaller man’s back while the other softly plays with his hair then gently touches his nose and mouth and soft skin. It is going to be a long night for Nandor, but a night which he wouldn’t want to miss even a second of.
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mayasaura · 10 months ago
What you think would have happened at the end if Cytherea hadn't showed up to kill everyone and the house heirs had worked out the formula, and noticed the same thing Palamedes noticed in canon, that it's not finished? What happens when they phone up the Emperor and he realises that left unsupervised they collectively pulled an Anastasia? Now he's got to find some way to spin one new Lyctor Classique (Ianthe), a small handful of Perfect Lyctor sets, and one pair of sulking human teens because "Abigail and Magnus say we have to wait until we're finished growing >:("
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bisexualreginaldpeters · 6 months ago
alex finds out gay marriage is legal gets excited until he remembers ‘oh yeah i’m forever 17 and dead so i still can’t get married anyways’ obviously he’s still happy about it but he gets mopey that he can’t do it. so willie decides to do a proposal. it’s not really a marriage proposal per say but he does give alex a silver band, it’s a promise ring. willie tells him that ‘i know it’s not the same but we have the rest of forever to figure out what kind commitment we want make to one another and figure out how make it happen until then we can keep having fun together’ it’s so simple and sweet and alex nearly cries and says he will literally never take the ring off
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spectral-honey · a year ago
Guys it just really kills me how badly tubbo needs support and how little he gets it.
He didn't ever ask to be the president, and when he gave his acceptance speech he asked tommy to be his VP, to support him, to stand by his side because it was them against the world.
He needed the support of his best friend, he needed the support quackity and Fundy as his cabinet. He was always asking for their opinions and what they thought should happen and he kept saying he was trusting them to have his back, to help him make decisions too hard for him on his own.
And then when they were negotiating with dream everyone just kept comparing him to schlatt. The dictator. The guy who made Tubbo decorate his own execution. The guy who forced him to turn on his friends.
When he made a decision (that was, arguably I suppose, the only option that wouldn't put them in an equally bad if not worse situation) no one supported him in it, quackity and Fundy both actively told him he was wrong and were pissed at him for it.
Quackity is caught up in his own things with el rapids. After today's stream Fundy seems to be leaving for a 'long long time' as well. Besides Ranboo, who is doing his damnedest to be literally everyone's emotional support boi and therefore can't always be around, tubbo doesn't really have anyone backing him up.
In the end, it really is almost like Dream's been the most present support for Tubbo. And he's actively manipulating him for his own gain.
Tubbo's situation is as bad as Tommy's is, and no one seems to see it.
#dream smp #tubbo #im not trying to character bash at all or anything like that! #its just so sad to see tubbo constantly reaching out in little ways and yet never really getting a response :( #its like. he and tommy have so many parallels with their situation right now and i think its very obvious that tommys not doing well but i #--think its not acknowledged nearly enough how this is affecting tubbo terribly as well #i guess its sort of that people are like 'canonically tubbos the evil one for kicking out tommy!!' and i mean. creative freedom always its. #i just very much think its not canon at all and you are wrong? in the nicest way possible #tubbo has agency of course but hes in a pretty impossible situation too!! hes trying so hard please be sympathetic to the boy :( #ive been thinking about this for a while but the fact that fundy is going off with nikki and possibly ranboo as well (?) thats like. #literally almost everyone whose been allied with tubbo??? #im so distressed about the boy #also like!! with the decision to exile tommy #they had a trade yknow? tommy exiled & dream having this invisible control over everyone being solidified #in exchange for the (at least for now) safety freedom and a solidification of tubbo as the leader of an independent nation #which like. it was NOT a good option but it was sort of the /only/ option besides being trapped inside lmanburg or everyone inside lmanbur- #-g getting killed. #which. i mean isnt this exactly what you would expect with this sort of political power struggle?? #a choice that isnt really a choice that also causes about as much harm as it does help? #i guess i just feel like tubbos doing his BEST and he needs help too but no one is :(
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polyamorouspunk · 2 months ago
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oetravia · 4 months ago
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"So, you brought Nyxly out of the dream world, in exchange for seeing your mother?"
Every Brainia Scene Ever: 6x11 [4/14]
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