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cravefoodie · 10 months ago
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New update for Ibotta users, if you remember I posted about all the free Thanksgiving items you can get for free. Now they made it even easier to find the free items. Scroll down on your app and you can click “FREE MADE EASY” and you’ll see to click and it’ll show every single free item you can get. There is more listed than I put up above, I just showed a few.  How it works: 1. Download the app here: Click Here
2. Click the free banner. Select all the free items. Go to the store where it says (or do pickup at that store). Upload your receipt. You are paid right away, so if you do all the free items you can get the money straight back to your Paypal (or gift card of your choice). 
The big thing I want to stress is right now so many people are struggling. Even if you don’t need it, get it, redeem all the offers, and DONATE IT. So many families are struggling right now with buying food supplies, school supplies, etc. So if you can’t use the items donate them to a school, a friend you know that could use them, or find a organization that will help distribute the items. I redeem all the new free items each week on Ibotta and donate them to a local place that helps struggling families with any items they may need.
If you have any questions please let me know I am here to help:
Updated July 30th, 2021
Reblog this so we can help as many people as possible!
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detroitbecomeyandere · 5 months ago
Okay guys today's post is going to a serious one, I visited one of my life long friends today and I feel like her relationship with her husband has a lot of red flags and I want tell you guys about those flags so maybe you can avoid a relationship like her's. I know this blog is all about toxic relationships but that's all fun in fiction but not in real life.
So about 2 years ago my friend K met this guy, C. After they met he kept asking her out and she kept turning him down, one day out of the blue he starts texting her, even though she had turned him down plenty of times he took it upon himself to get her number from a mutual friend. After he got her number he continued to ask her out even though she kept telling him no and that she just wasn't interested, after a while he wore her down to the point where she said yes just to get him off her back.
The red flag here? Despite telling him countless she was not interested he kept going after her. Guys when someone tells you no, it means no. And guys, if you have to keep telling someone no and they won't leave you alone, block them or file a police report because that's harassment and it's not okay.
Another thing C does is when he makes a new "work friend" ( the guy is a prison guard, how many new friends can he really be making) he stops talking to her. He stops answering her texts and calls and won't tell her where he is going and who he is going to see and this last a week at a time.
The flag here? He's probably cheating on her.
At their wedding I was the maid of honor and after the ceremony where we all walked out I had the privilege to hear him tell her she's not getting her wedding ring and that he's going to sell it, while the groomsmen and her mother laughed as she was about to burst into tears.
During her first pregnancy she called me and told me that one of her exes was texting her and asking about getting together. Later that day she posted on FB that she was in the hospital with a concussion.
Also during her first pregnancy she and I went to lunch to discuss the baby shower and not even 20 minutes into the meal he showed up and parked in front of the window so he could watch us.
Guys all this is gross and controlling behavior, if you or someone you know are going through things like this please get help. Reach out to a close friend or family member you know won't tell them and ask for help. The number for the National Domestic Violence Hotline is  1−800−799−SAFE(7233) or TTY 1−800−787−3224 or (206) 518-9361 (video call is available for deaf or hard of hearing persons)
Remember abuse has no gender, no matter your gender if you see these kind of red flags or more get help, get away. You deserve actual love, not what these trash people tell you what is love.
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harper44 · a month ago
(tldr at bottom) Hello everyone! I'm usually ridiculous rather than serious on this blog, but tonight I come to you with a post that I feel is very important and that means a lot to me.
In 2019 I signed up for Be The Match Registry. It is a global registry of people willing to donate bone marrow to patients in need. In order for someone to receive a bone marrow transplant, they need to find a donor with the closest matching bone marrow tissue for it to work in their body. The more people on the registry, the more likely it is that patients will find a match!
This week I've been told that I matched with a patient! There are still a lot of steps to go through before I donate and it may be that someone else is a closer match so I might not donate at all, but it is still super exciting. The process to sign up for the registry is extremely easy. Just search up Be The Match Registry (or click that link) and give them some information. It takes ten minutes tops. After that, they'll send you a kit to swab the insides of your cheeks so they have a record of your DNA and proteins which will be used to see if you match a patient. Then, you forget about it. Some people may never get a call. But you might, and that's when you have the chance to save a life.
If you are a POC, please consider registering! The chances of someone finding a match are this:
· Black/African American          23%
· Asian/Pacific Islander             41%
· Hispanic/Latino                       46%
· White                                        77%
I don't know the explanation behind these stats, but I got them from Be The Match and the likelihood of POC finding a match can only go up if POC sign up for the registry.
The people who are turning to this registry for donors really, really need that bone marrow treatment. For them, the treatment is extremely dangerous and often their last option. Signing up costs you nothing and it could end up saving someone's life. Please consider re-blogging and signing up for the registry! Just go to the above link or search "Be The Match" for more information.
(tldr please sign up for "be the match." It is easy and gives you the chance to save lives by donating bone marrow)
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jupitertheegg · a year ago
friendly reminder that it’s rough out there right now so if you see someone shoplifting from grocery stores keep your fucking mouth shut.
that store’s profit isn’t worth more than people’s lives. people need to eat and capitalism has convinced you that stealing is a worse crime then letting someone starve to death.
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kairos-thehumanpoet · 22 days ago
Story Time!
if you want to make a difference in someone else's life, you can. All it takes is kindness and effort. I was on the phone today, calling my WIFI provider with some questions. I was connected to a sales rep (which is also what I do for work) and we ended up talking, and sharing some personal details. She had told me she was in a really bad car wreck a few years ago and is still recovering from it physically and financially. ( I won't go into detail because, you know, privacy.) She had been working with said WIFI company for almost four years, and had quit a few times, went back to the same company, and so on, and told me she would like to work from home. I asked for her personal email address and proceeded to find links to remote jobs that are hiring. I sent all these links to her, hoping she might find some way to work from home, make hella dough, and not be stuck in an office for eight hours a day. The moral of the story is, be nice to people, help someone who might need it, and spread some positivity.
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queergoblin · 22 days ago
So I just saw a post about how Americans shouldn’t use our bad schools to excuse our ignorance about the world. And I agree, however, I find talking down to people doesn’t make them want to change so.
If you are an American who wants to learn more about the world and help people: check out Free Rice!
Freerice is an educational trivia game that helps you get smarter while making a difference for people around the world. Every question you answer correctly in the game triggers a financial payment to the World Food Programme (WFP) to support its work saving and changing lives around the world! 
They have lots of different categories, I suggest checking out their Geography categories to learn more about the world!
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geezerwench · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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tklish-princess · a month ago
Hey everyone. I really need your help.
My fiancé is going to the same college as me, but there was a snag in his financial aid. His dead beat step dad got put in jail, and it has caused him a lot of pain trying to get the paperwork done. He is almost done, but he may not get it done in time for the deadline. The deadline is August 9th. In order for him to continue going to school, he needs to get $2000 to pay as a down payment. I know this seems like a lot. But he needs this help. Please, if you can donate even a little, I would greatly appreciate it.
I have organized a gofund me for him.
And if you'd like to help directly:
Venmo: @Jos-Claib-617
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ham-sandwich-lol · 4 months ago
that feeling when you relate to your favorite character's (headcanoned) trauma a little too much
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look-into-our-heart · 11 days ago
Staying Safe on the Spiritual Path
The Buddha tells us that the world we live in is a world of turbidities, filled with vices, perils, afflictions, and suffering.  To serve as bodhisattvas in this world is extremely difficult because there are obstacles, such as bad people, temptations, and negative influences. When we face those adversities, it’s difficult to carry out spiritual practice and be sincere, upright, honest, or maintain our faith.  Afflictions arise in our heart which can weaken our resolve to walk the spiritual path.  
The Buddha worries for us newly aspired bodhisattvas, people who aspire to spiritual cultivation, help people in suffering, and pass on the Buddha’s wonderful teachings.  Living in the world of turbidities, newly aspired bodhisattvas are like budding sprouts grown in the wild subject to the trials of the elements, insects, animals, etc.  To ensure that our journey on the Bodhisattva Path will be smooth and without obstacles, the Buddha teaches us the four rules for peaceful practice to protect us from harm.
The world is complex and always changing, newly aspired bodhisattvas have not developed the wisdom to deal with difficult people or solve complicated matters yet, so the way for us to cultivate at this stage is to learn to avoid troubles or negative influences so that we do not give rise to afflictions, which might cause us to lose faith or being led astray.
The first rule for peaceful practice concerns our conduct.  As our aspiration is to help people in suffering, we have to be friendly and approachable and make people feel at ease and happy around us.  Doing this requires us to practice the Dharma through our conduct.  If we can show people how the Dharma has helped us become a better person and be happy, they will be interested in the Dharma and want to learn more about it.  In addition, we need to take the initiative to go to people in need, help them, and alleviate their suffering.
The second rule for peaceful practice concerns our speech.  We must be very prudent when we talk and try not to make mistakes in our speech.  We want to be sincere and trustworthy so we speak what’s true and fulfill the promises we’ve made to people.  Sometimes words can be like a knife hurting people’s feelings.  So, we learn to be gentle and kind in our words and speak in ways that can comfort people and make them feel calm and peaceful.  If people don’t accept what we say or have misunderstood us, we need to repent and self-reflect to see whether we’ve said something wrong, and be more careful the next time.
The third rule for peaceful practice concerns our heart and mind.  We wish to exert a positive influence on people.  To do this, we need to first take good care of our heart and mind by staying away from greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance, and doubt.  If we are greedy and self-centered, how can we be generous and help people?  If we have a bad temper, people will be scared of us, and if we’re arrogant, people will not like us; how can we be friendly and approachable?  After we’ve learned the Dharma and use it to purify our heart, the transformation of our heart will be reflected on our conduct.  We learn to serve selflessly without asking for anything in return, and are grateful for the opportunity to serve.  In removing greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance, and doubt from our heart, we will feel free, at ease, and joyous.
The fourth rule for peaceful practice is to nurture loving-kindness and compassion.  Our aspiration is to help all living beings.  To strengthen our aspiration, we need to keep nurturing loving-kindness and compassion in us.  Loving-kindness is to give people happiness.  Compassion is to alleviate people’s suffering.  These are the core spirit of being a bodhisattva.
By following these four rules for peaceful practices, we will be able to stay safe on the path of cultivation.  While we serve people, we gain experience of helping people and dealing with matters thus developing wisdom.  At the same time, we purify our hearts and nurture loving-kindness and compassion.  As we walk on the Bodhisattva Path, we’ll grow stronger as a bodhisattva and become wiser, more compassionate, and be able to help people widely.  
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on-fic-writing-spree · 10 months ago
Hey guys
A lovely person recently sent me this and wants to help this family. If you can share on other social media, via texts, or just simply reblog, that helps spread a awareness. If you can do more, please do! But anything helps
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bighomiewan · 2 months ago
Still pushing and pulling for support for this family. 420/5000 .. This family is in need of any donation, repost, share or just prayers anyone can offer.. A mother and her children have lost everything due to an unforeseen fire.
Please let’s try to get this family to their goal or close to it.
Share, Repost, Donate, Pray and Support
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thefuturelawyer · 10 months ago
İZEV - Yaşam Hakkı - Duvar (Roger Waters - Pink Floyd - Another Brick in...
Hello guys! I am going to ask for something very IMPORTANT but very SIMPLE. The video you see below is a music video by İZEV (A foundation focused to help people with mental disabilities), the copyrights of this song were given to the foundation by Roger Waters himself, the lead singer of Pink Floyd, BUT, it expires in less than 2 months. The song was translated and sung by very important Turkish singers and songwriters like SELDA BAĞCAN, FUNDA ARAR, KUBAT and KORAY AVCI. It was viewed over 5.5 million times. BUT WE NEED 10 MILLION VIEWS. 
Because if the video gets 10 million views the foundation will be able to build a life village for people with mental disabilities, where they will have the opportunities to get education, training and treatments tailored for their needs.
The world is chaotic right now, and the economy is worse than ever, and YOU CAN HELP MILLIONS OF MENTALLY DISABLED PEOPLE, by just WATCHING A VIDEO. It is less than five minutes and you all already know THE WALL is an amazing song. WE NEED YOUR HELP! You can CHANGE someone’s life, give them better conditions by just WATCHING A VIDEO and SHARING THIS VIDEO. 
Let’s help people get better lives, especially those who are not as privileged as we are. We are a part of a system where everything is able body-oriented, and we are enjoying this system without even realising it. It is time to help those, who have been excluded from this because the society was too lazy to make a better environment, more inclusive environment for all. 
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hasnain-90 · a year ago
Tumblr media
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itssrawberrydraws · 5 months ago
hi everyone, know I shared a petition before but this came to my attention and I would be most happy if you helped with this. if you do then I can't thank you enough.
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goodbi-bitches · 5 months ago
To everyone contemplating suicide:
I can’t claim to know how you’re feeling, but you should know, there is someone who will miss you. Even if it’s someone you would’ve known in the future, you can’t deprive them of the light you’d bring into their life, and the light they’d bring into yours. If you’re going through a rough patch, or this damn pandemic is sending you spiraling deeper into you’re depression, just remember all bad things will end. I repeat that to myself any time I’m not feeling good. 
Just always know you matter. I don’t know if this will help, but I hope it does.
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